Sannata ~ Episode 14 Review


Love is cruel. Love is selfish. Muhabbat khudgharz hoti hai. Muhabbat andhi hoti hai. How often have we read all this? How may times have we seen this happen in real life? Innumerable times. Nonetheless it still comes as a shock, to say nothing of how saddening it is, to see age old games being played out again again. Looking at them today, I could not help but wonder if Ruqqaiya and Azam were any better than those cruel beloveds of classical Indo-Persian literature. Was Pari any different than those poor lovers who were used and abused at whim – jab dil chaha khel liya jab dil chaha utha ke phenk diya. The guise maybe new and the context different but at the core of it all we still have stone-hearted beloveds toying carelessly with besotted lovers’ hearts. 

Pari was sick, we knew that from day one. From Apa Bi to Naseeban to Salma, all tried to help her as best as they could. Of all those who tried, Azam seemed like the one who was truly concerned about Pari for Pari’s sake.  As it turned out, however, Azam’s altruism was not without reason. He loved Ruqqaiya but his beloved came with baggage. Smart enough to realize the only way to get though Ruqqaiya’s defenses was through Pari. He deliberately played on the younger girl’s affections and got her to trust him. Pari held the key and Azam was left no stone unturned in his quest to unlock the door to Ruqqaiya’s heart. From arranging for medical consultations to hastily promising that Pari would be a pat of their lives forever, Azam did and said all the right things – and won over Ruqqaiya. The instant he got his prize though we saw a new Azam. This one, though still mouthing politically correct thing in public, is privately thinking along very different lines.

As for Ruqqaiya, her bond with Pari is a very complex one. But unlike as was easily assumed by those in the haveli, Pari was not the sole beneficiary here. Infact if one were to look beyond the obvious Ruqqaiya gained more than she gave in this relationship. This imbalance, though, was never as clearly manifested as it became when things got heated at Azam’s house, when he confessed his love. Forgotten was Pari’s ongoing treatment and her ill-health, all that mattered was that Ruqqaiya felt uncomfortable. From then till this latest episode, we have seen Ruqqaiya using Pari as a shield – ruthlessly playing on Pari’s dangerous obsession for her to ascertain the veracity of Azam’s claim, that he loves her. It was only after Azam assured her that Pari would be a part of their lives that she agreed to his proposal. While consciously she might be doing this all for Pari, subconsciously it is Ruqqaiya looking to protect Ruqqaiya. Pari sees herself as Ruqqaiya, but have we ever really paused to think about how Ruqqaiya sees herself reflected in Pari as well? Pari is sick … but is Ruqqaiya 100% there?

Even though it was all about her, Pari was remarkably absent in all the back and forth between Ruqqaiya and Azam. Azam accused Ruqqaiya of treating Pari like a child, did he ever treat her like the tween she actually was? Even though the psychiatrist had underlined the gravity of Pari’s condition, we saw no real effort on Ruqqaiya’s part to push Pari to take her meds regularly. After that one time, did Azam take Pari to the doctors again?  Did we see any serious attempt on Ruqqaiya’s part to prepare Pari for what was to come? Why then was she acting so surprised and shocked at Pari’s behaviour?  It is now that Pari is coming in the way of her relationship with Azam, we see Ruqqaiya talking of Pari’s childishness and resorting to inanities like ab tum bari ho gayi ho … what about the part Ruqqaiya’s part in all this. She acknowledged her complicity once, but that was that – all empty talk.  Can mere words fix all the harm she’s done to Pari? Who is going to pay the price for all of Ruqqaiya’s wrongdoings? Now for her to spout off filmy lines like hum yahan hain aur hamari saij par koi aur baitha huwa hai… sorry lady, you lost my sympathy vote a while ago!

While I am still enjoying the arc of the story I have to say this latest episode was the weakest one so far. To begin with, it started off abruptly with a scene that had no connection with the last week’s cliffhanger. What was the be-izzati that Azam’s mom was going on and on about. The 2+ minute scene was painful and seemed to stretch forever and set the tone for an episode filled with long-winded moments. In a serial marked by brilliant performances, Amber Wajid and the girl playing her daughter are simply unbearable. The conversation between Ruqqaiya and Pari came a little bit too late in the day for me. Ruqqaiya knows Pari better than anyone else in this world so why wait till after her marriage to have this Reshma jawan ho gayi talk. Forget about Pari, even I tuned it out as bhains ke aagey been bajaana. Pari is sick, she needs meds not lectures about improving her harkatein. The pool scene too went on too long. Since we did not see the scene that apparently caused the hullabaloo, Azam’s outburst seemed to come out of nowhere. The so-called romantic moment between Ruqqaiya and Azam was one of the unemotional scenes ever, Saba and Danish have zero chemistry as a pair. The scene where Azam carried Pari to another bedroom seemed uncalled for. On the one hand they keep telling her she is grown up, but in the next instant we see Azam carrying Pari around as if she was a five year old child. Wouldn’t it have been easier for the newly married couple to go to the next bedroom? On that note, hello people! Learn to lock doors!!

Pari’s infatuation for Azam is now taking a dangerous turn and the cliffhanger hinted at all kinds of dark possibilities. While I am eager to know what happens next, I have to say the impact of that particular scene was somewhat diluted because we had already seen it happen earlier. I so wish that they had edited out that first scene, or done it differently so as to maintain the shock value of the final scene. And on editing, why not cut down the torturous Ambar Wajid scene, trim the long Ruqqaiya and Azam scenes and give us more of Shauki’s back story? Why were we shown only one scene? That one sequence, starting with Shauki at the dargah going to the flashback and returning back to Shauki at the dargah, was the one wow worthy moment in an otherwise ho hum episode. Mehar Bano, Adnan Shah Tipu and Rashid Mehmood were simply outstanding here. Not be forgotten, Kashif Nisar’s direction and Rashid Abbas’ cinematography had a lot to do with the brilliance of the sequence. The way the scene was shot, framing Shauki behind the bars of the dargah underscoring his sense of being punished, to the near perfect pitch of the background qawwalito the scene at taaya’s house, to Mehar Bano’s stunning beauty – everything came together just so- loved it!

So yeah, apart from that one sequence, Shauki’s back story, I was not sold on this episode… What about you all?

Written by SZ~

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  1. @SZ ufff im in hysterics here!!! thank you for such a refreshing review after what I found to be a very disturbing episode!!
    The opening was scene was enough to put me off, with Nafeesa and Fatima together in one scene.. At one point my sound went off and it seemed like our Umrao jaan was actually doing a mujra..!!!??

    And then we saw the two brides.. I thought worse is over.. but then we get the pool scene!!! WTH was going on over there??!!! The blue light/reflection was actually so ”not’ romantic but rather off.. and then we get the line of the episode..I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that ”saij” jumla!!!… uffff!!!.. This whole scene was totally lame…Im sorry but SQ was totally flat here,… and R’s aik se barh ke Saint R jumle ooper se A’s 360 degree turn were beginning to drive mad here…… did we really hear them talking about ”saarey rishtey tor dein” on the wedding night??!!!… Now it couldnt get more filmy..could it..??
    but it did!!!.. i saw our dulha bhai carrying his dulhan.. hold on that wasnt R.. it was P!!!!???
    ROFL @ hello! lock the doors!!

    and an even bigger ROFL@ reshma jawan ho gai & bhains ke aage been bajana hahahahaha …. I really needed that laugh to clear my head!!

    And i didnt realize orange is such a big thing at the moment.. after the bright orange suitcase we got orange overload in the tea-in-Azam’s-bedroom scene..

    And Pari should be thankful to Fatima for not making her look like R.. Shadi make-up, tou chalo i let go, haveli isnt in near fancy beauty parlours and then there was the blue light but R’s valima make-up has no excuse!!! lagta hai wigs ke scene kam the tou make-up artist ne ruqaiyya pe iss episode mein kasar poori karr li!! Seriously that make up artist needs to be fired!!

    Totally with you.. I mentioned last week too most intriguing bit for me is shauki’s story for now.. but I felt cheated this week… Atleast we go to know her name..(is it Gul Mina??) and that she is mute, but obviously not deaf.. and i liked how the whole sequence was linked and placed.

    I really hoped I could say something good.. but I’m really struggling here this week..

    What is the future ahead? perhaps lets start on the mumkinat.. I think i need some reeling in so I can come back to Sannata..If this kinda disturbing behaviour goes on I’m not sure how long I can hang in there..


    • @FA i will be back with my comment but so wanted to reply u that even i am with u and SZ.. I am sooo very much hating this pari/ruqaiya/azam track.. Its seriously going no where.. What i used to enjoy previously about them is very much fading :/

      I too had a ROFL moment on lock the doors and reshma jawan hogaye.. SZ is her at hilarious best.. Nhn


    • @FA, haha itna ghussa 😛 lol..! yaar I don’t think that was a wig at walima’s day, that were real curls and what was off there, just dopatta on her shoulders, why was’nt on her head?? walima ki dulhaan thi koi 6 maah bad ki nhi :/

      haha lol for pari should be thanx to fatima.. but fatima ki harkaat?? she was sounding a bewakoof 12 years old girl at that time who has locked her in a room so that she would’nt be able to disturb them.. baqi k sary options khatam ho gaye thy jo usy ye karna para.. this girl deserves a slap from my side :/ stupidity at peak… seriously she’s at the topper character jis pe itna ghussa ataa hai mujhe..!
      but Azam here, deserves my waoo..! when he say ”pari tou nadaan hai mager isne us se bhi bari bewakofi the” n also he mentioned her children literally badtameez bachy lol I can imagine maa he aisi hain tou bachon ka bs khuda he hafiz 😛

      btw how u know about Gul-e-mina?? have they stated?? yani k how’d u come to this mumkina name lol ..! I think its again ur mumkinaat zone I really enjoyed it btw name is beautiful if it would be, its beautiful..! but again, why Gul-e-mina?? koi khaas wajah?? lol sorry sorry but just can’t stop my smiles 😛
      yeah however, all was not beautiful, but I think that Ashfaaq Ruqayya’s scene was beautifully done, ufhh Ashfaaq’s conciousness, why he was trying to under-estimate Ruqayya?? beta apna nhi sanbhala jata aur chilla us pe rhy thy :/ but that was superb click.. and Ruqayya’s jhoola scene also.. as if she’s now realizing that Azam has fought with all his near-world to have Ruqayya in his life and now Ruqayya can differentiate Azam n pari’s mohabbat in which she was confused till the barat’s day?? is it??

      haha lol for mentioning orange colour, I think ts Azam’s favourite colour 😛

      lol Dulha bhai carrying dulhan 😛 saali aadhi ghar waali but here our special saali is ready to become pori ghar wali at no cost expect to live with her own Appa 😀
      btw, pari n fatima scenes were excellently done by Sajal, her ”yaar” n ”han meri dost ban gai ab tou”.. awww Sajal was too cute there but her cuteness was less than fatima’s stupid expressions..! poor pari had only Ruqayya to love n trust upon but fatima’s such harkat has now turned her to against to Ruqayya in an extreme extent 😦
      btw what about pre-cap?? shouki’s forcing to pari.. have u noticed something disturbing as if he’s gonna over-protective and possessive?? he knows well that he’s not able to have pari like he’s her ghulaam than what was that?? do U think that Maulvi sahab’s reminder in two episodes back that ”yahan jis kam k liye ayaa hai wohi kar”.. and he’s doing ..! well only time will shown, but mumkin hai he’s gonna mistaken again.. don’t know what he has done to ”gul-e-mina” haha 😛 yaar this name is noe perfect for Maher bano here n ab jo bhi naam ho I’ll call her Gul-e-mina 😛 what u say??


      • @Ayesha aray bhai ghussa tou aana tha naa!!.. To be honest i have been on and off Sannata recently, and I had been blaming it on my busy holidays etc.. and this ep I sat down thinking ill enjoy it aram se but but it was such a huge disappointment..

        To start off with, fatima and nafeesa started the episode which irritated me to begin with then the pool scene, A’z 360 degree turn around all that bakwas (sorry if i may say so..) and then R’s non-stop saint R attitude kept making me more and more mad! & the whole P handling was so disturbing that by the end of the episode I was fuming!!.. abb ghussa kahin na kahin tou nikalna tha na! lol ..

        re wigs: i didnt mean SQ was wearing a wig. What I meant to say was because there werent many scenes with aapa bi, Naseedan and murshid, the make up artist didnt have feild day messing up ppls get ups.. so he/she decided to wreck R’s make up instead.. her hair was fine, I thought her make up was really off..

        re P should be thankful to fatima: that was just a joke yaar!!! oh i really dont like the actress playing F nor do I like the character.. ive mentioned that loads of times..
        Re sajal good in the fatima scene: yes she was good but to be honest the whole sequence felt so stupid that i just couldn’t see beyond this absurdity..

        re Gul-e Mina: im pretty sure thats what I heard the taya ji calling her.. He used this name a few times..(atleast i thought he did.. am i earing things?) It wasn’t too clear but thats what I made out to be.. dobara dekho aur batana zara! Cant believe u missed it though! lol

        re precap: yes it does seem yet more disturbing.. I don’t think Shauki is doing what maulvi sahab had asked him to do.. Id say he is doing rather the opposite.. I’d say Shauki is at the dargah for some sort of redemption.. He seems frustrated and a bit manic in this scene…perhaps he has indeed lost his raasta?..
        To be honest I think Ive had it with the R, A and P track now.. I just wanna know whatever happenned to Gul-Mina and shauki that brought him here..
        and btw the doctor really needs to work on Pari’s border-line personality disorder with some serious therapy sessions asap!! yeh khali khoolo dawaon se kuch nahin ho raha! lol


        • @FA, shukar hai tum ayeen tou 😛 this thread is very soona soona this week.. 😦
          haha sb se pehly tou holidays khatam hony ki mubarik ho..! lol
          haan this episode was a bit off as compared to rest of the others but Disappointments nhi the yaar.. n pata hai what I think, this shoor sharaaba and Azam’s mansion is annoyed :/ haveeli was haveeli.. nothing is compare able to haveeli’s sanjeedgi n Sannata as well.! Ruqqaya narrates her own that ”udaasi meri saathi hai” n I also now think k udaasi Sannata ki he saathi hai this fatima Nasfeesa are putting down the deepness here.. :/ but, have to wait I’m damn sure ur ”ghussa” will be finished next week lol..

          hahaha a big LOL to Azam’s 360 degree turned around all that bakwaas 😛 nhi nhi ur ghussa is jaaez here, they both were reacting as if something is new.. mera tou bs nhi chal rha tha Azam ko 8th, 9th episode dikhaon k bhai tb nazar nhi ataa tha k pari baachi hai :/ tb tou Ruqayya se jhagra tha k pari tou nadaan hai, uska elaaj chal rha hai abhi.. kara lo tum ilaaj.. pehly apni behan ka ilaaj karaye 😛

          the make-up artist here, surely needs to give up I think she has weak lenses lol 😛 she can’t see over or less makeovers needed at times..! indeed she’s also a part to disgrace the charm..! Ahhh Ruqayya could be look more beautiful (mujhe wesy abhi bhi buht lag rhi the lol) 😛

          Gul-e-mina, haha yaar honestly i missed the name.. I just watched this shouki’s part, just now n clearly heard Gul-e-mina.. have heard 4-5 times u were right.. I seriously missed at that time (Ammi abbu’s comments for shauki, was the reason lol 😀 ) haha tum ne jab ye naam mention kia I thought its one of ur mumkinaat and i wondered OMG itna surely mumkin name lol 😛 that really suits her na…

          hahaha that doctor ”ye bhi Ruqayya appa hain”, pata nhi what had happened to him but is pari ilaaj now possible?? I think NO, she’s not at the stage to be cured.. pehly kam thy jo ab yahan Asfhaaq, Nafeesa aur ye fatima ne pori kr di hai :/ now have just wait for ”toofaan” which is own its way shayd.. shouki ki qawaali wesy kuch kam thi this week.. if they have accepted our request 😛


          • @ayesha lol@ mujhe wesy abhi bhi buht lag rhi the… awww Abb iss ka kiya karain.. muhabbat tou bedharak hoti hai lol.. I think u beat Pari to it when it comes to loving R!! lol.. I wonder what Pari would make of it – aik aur muqabla for her! lol

            I can’t believe u missed Gul-e-mina.. lol i had to go back and double check, ke ayesha ne miss kar diya tou i must be hearing things lol.. but yes lovely name, and i hope i’ve recoverd from this disturbing ep so I could be up for more sannata this week to find more abt her and shauki..

            re ilaaj mumkin hai?: Well as for Pari’s Ilaaj, she needs for it to have it under control.. We have been told she hasn’t been getting her fits any more so i guess, be it on & off, but shes probably taking her meds for that, but remember the doc did say they would have to come back for personality disorder issue etc.. That issue needs to be dealt with asap! It may not be curable but it needs to be addressed with some therapy sessions..and whatever it requires.. gosh! Im sounding like such an expert in this field lol

            As for Azam bringing up Fatima’s bratty kids in convo.. isn’t our A bhai one too.. bachchon ki tarah zidd kar ke shad ki.. then gave up on the first night! he was a acting like a baby throwing his toys out of the pram in!!..used and abused P to some extent along the way.. thats annoying me so much!! Hope he pulls his socks up and start acting like a man

            waise i found it really strange ke all of a sudden hes calling R tum and vice versa.. That aap janab was rather nice i thought.. why kill it as soon as rishta tai ho gya..why does a husband always have to be aap and wife a tum.. why cant they both be aap??

            would love to hear what everyone else thinks abt all this? or is it just me being too picky now?


            • @FA, haha apko kesy pata that I come to beat it to pari while comes to Ruqayya?? 😉 haha yeah wesy bhi U know how much I love Ruqayya and this mohabbat be-dharak k sath dharak dharak k hoti hai 😛 hahaha lol for pari’s ik aur muqaabla.. do U really think it so?? 😉

              now come to believe yaar I really missed it, told u na, (Ammi abbu’s comments passing for shouki n pari)!! chalo koi baat nhi apne yaad dila diya then I checked and yes.. hayee what would happen to innocent Gul e mina 😦 can’t bardaasht..

              oh haan her fits were not born, that comes to her after Ruqayya’s first yaadgaar thappar (I personally loved that clip lol) but my take was here for her broken-personality as if is it possible now for her to realize that she’s not Ruqayya she’s pari?? lol i enjoyed ur suggestions for her ilaaj.. Miss expert in suggestions 😛 doctor tou I think pari aur Ruqayya k pyar se pehly he mutaasir tha pata nhi elaaj ka kary ga.. lol

              yaar Azam in this scene,, ufhh koi yaad na dilayee.. exactly he was reacting like a ziddi bacha I think all of them are in competition who’s more ziddi and badtamiz, fatima?? Azam?? pari?? Nafeesa or fatima’s kids lol 😛

              ”Ruqayya, pari tumhari zimydaari nhi hai” as compare to ”ab me aa gaya hon na apka gham apka bojh baantny”.. yeah sure, look, aap was more suitable here.. but I think bacha is trying to be grown-up now and that’s why he’s using ”tum” hahah..!! Im with U for this..

              btw, what about ur say for haveeli’s lil part in the recent epi?? did u missed haveeli’s khamooshi n gehrai or am I the only one again??
              but seriously I missed haveeli alot alot alot.. sara rola he Azam k bangly ka hai shayd lol


            • @FA: yea you are right, these sudden changes in Azam’s character is not going so well… Plus their track now needs a serious dhakka.. Else it will completely loose its charm as i think still quarter percent charm is remaining 😉


  2. Oh haan btw We can add Samina Ahmad after Samina Peerzada as zabardast nani material.. She made one great gran!! she was fab in her only scene today too..from her posture, the way she had her arms behind her, to her walk, and the roab and piyar balanced together.. she was perfect!
    @SZ btw agree with you what could’ve been a great cliff-hanger was actually spoilt by the scene earlier…


    • @FA, agree with u totally.. this lady is exceptional here.. Ruqayya and Appa bi’s scene was very beautifully done.. I think here’s the first hug from Appa bi to Ruqayya, have shown..?? Is it??
      loved the combo of piyar n roab together yaar!! that was one I think the most beautiful clip of this episode..!


  3. @SZ, wao.. always seemed as if u have read all our thoughts and penned them in together..! brilliant review as always..!
    uffhh bhaee is episode pe tou buht ghussa nikal rha hai lol 😛

    Agreeing with U that Ambar and her so-called daughter, both seems ik he thaali k chatty batty, eeehhh.. these both are un-tolerable.. can’t understand why they are over-reacting, ”besatii” means as if they never knew that all this gonna be happen.. Ashfaaq mamaa’s words for her own niece were too much of bitter.. this scene indeed starts abruptly and a wastage of time and dialogues :/
    then, Ruqayya was not justified here in ”Reshmaa jawaan hogai talk” lol SZ.. waqai she was behaving as if she don’t know pari?? what she was expecting at that moment that pari will say ”han han Appa tum kehti ho tou me yahan se chali jati hun” this baari hogai ho talk can’t make any didd to pari she knows very well but I think she was cheating her ownself at that time.. having none other option, can’t leave her at Appa bi’s haveeli, in Asfaaq’s mansion, but.. whatever it is, Ruqayya was disturbing too much..!
    After pari get slept, Ruqayya went to Azam, OMG.. this ”seij” wali line give me yanks that WTH she said.?? ufhhh can’t expecting this one.. And Azam miyaan was more unbearable.. abhi shaadi night’s he’s suggesting k ”aap donu k beech me aa gaya hon aap mujhe chor dain sb theek ho jaye gaa”.. yani k hadd hai itna he shouq tha churwaany ka tou tamasha banany ki kia zarurat thi :/ and that was completely off-romantic scenes, fully agree with U..! Azam’s shouts once was like he’ll atleast not responds to Ruqayya for 24 hours, but sudden hands were in hands.. hahaha.. Ruqayya’s defending pari at that time, and Azam’s such ghussa for pari at that time.. Azam might have been forgotten his own comfort he gave to pari first, for Ruqayya’s sake, he’s one of the responsible of pari’s condition.. and now, when he has find Ruqayya., he’s saying k ”pari baachi nhi hai tum ne usay aisa bana rakha hai”.. oh waoo.. Mr. Azam Ruqayya was tou chalo her bachi Appa, but whats wrong with him now?? SZ, As much I opine, is that less Ruqayya, and more Azam has used pari as a shield.. but I think being a human being, this reaction was not out of the world.. such situations, suffered by anyone, can make him to react in such a way..! as he scolds pari, I think he pay for it, when he argue with his sister for that cheap bachon wali harkaat.. whatever it is, Azam also have harmed pari as rest of others have done.. though at some moments, if he seems unbearable, he also gets tension and attention for pari’s ilaaj and medications..!

    as for her ilaaj and doctor’s scenes, I think it is going on but not showed before us.. Azam and Ruqayya said to Salma that iska ilaaj chal rha hai abhi jb theek ho jayee ge tou hum khud lay ayen gy..

    hahha guys, SZ, big ROFL and lol lol lol for ”hello peopl!! locks the door”..
    now what was that?? yani k Azam just get her to another room and at the next moment she was behind him with full fresh eyes, even in the last scene they shown clearly that pari was in gehri neend she even not opened her eyes for a while..! and yes if Azam was saying that she is not a baachi than why holds her like a baahi, Ruqayya can leave her to this room but Azam ko shouq hai sb ka abba ban’ny ka 😛

    Oh for shouki’s tale for 3 mins :/ eehhh..! the moment qawwali sounds begin I was just struck off lo aa gayi qawaali 😛 but only one scene in the whole 39 min of episode?? that was really na-insaafi.. Gree with U totally, that Maher-bano, shauki and Tayaa, they all are at the peak.. ohhh when Tayaa je was dancing and he forced to laugh Maherbano, shauki’s rooti shakal 😦 its surely one of the most interesting turns and I want to see it more than Naseeban’s..!

    so, SZ, yes I was not completely sold off to shauki’s tale in present epi.. probably the reason is shortage of time for his part..

    having some more points yo be discussed will share them after a while..!!
    n once again, thanK U SZ for such a splendid forum and review..!!


  4. SZ, The “bezatti” scene Nafisa was talking about was when Pari also came between the wedding scene of Ruqqaiya and Azam.

    The Shauki track is ok and Noor Bano looks really scary.

    Sanatta has really stretched the scenes of Ruqqaiya and Azam, for so many episodes the story is revolving around how Azam wants to be the sole part of Ruqqaiya and wants Ruqqaiya to not give much significance to Pari.

    Hey SZ, did u catch Ru Baru on Hum tv, just two episodes took place and till now, it’s really interesting and fast paced.

    Also, did u see Aashti, I had posted the links when u were talking about telefilms.


    • @Aisha: Salaams. I think you perhaps missed my response to the Ashti question the last time around .. no, sorry, not yet .. just have way too much going on at the present moment… but will def get back to you when I do watch. And no, had planned on catching up on Ru Baru but haven’t had a chance to do that either.. I hear many people are liking it.


  5. Here I am my Ayesha 😛 and looks like I’m the only one who sympathizes with Ruqayya and has turned anti-Pari.. details later, ATM this comment is exclusively for Ayesha 😛


    • Api, na naaaaaaaaaaaaa.. plzzz Ruqayya is one of the ”most” loved by me.. bs itna sa difference hai that u are turned anti-pari but I’m not 😛 kia karun dil nhi maanta ab :/


    • Dia Api, ohhh hahaha details remaining still?? ahhh me tou samajh rahi the aap samajh gai hon ge my love for Ruqayya 😉 bs still can’t blame Ruqayya’s pari 😀


    • but Dia Api, jo bhi ho all my sympathies are on Ruqayya’s side also, but as ”samajhdaari bhi ik buhat baari neemat hoti hai”.. Ruqayya has shown intelligent here, far from her age she can think and accommodate, then she’s still saying that pari is mine responsibility while Azam claims that Ruqayya pari is not ur responsibility..! not of Appa bi?? Salma?? Naseeban?? and last but not the least, Babban?? who tried to soled Husna in bazar-e-husan??
      it seems as if Ruqayya herself don’t want to be sympathisized..! but those who have a deep analysis of her character (I am one of them), we are here to love the girl for all sacrifices she done all of her life, still doing, and have to do further..! the problem here is just her endless love, her intense affection, her opinion that nobody can love pari as she do (and she’s so right in this), if she would want that she had the right to remain happy in her life and now after married life, she could be apart from pari, but she did’nt this..
      so to say, i never forget Ruqayya’s sacrifices, love, affections and all what she has given to pari, but defends pari just on the behalf of all of other blood relations of pari.. the very day of her birth Ruqayya says to Appa bi me samajh rahi hon mager apko qn nhi samajh aarha k pari ka koi qasoor nhi hai, but unfortunately still Appa bi is’nt able to understand.! That’s what makes Ruqayya more sensitive about Pari, and ”over” in any term leads to destruction..! No doubt that what will happen to pari, it will be the reason of pari’s own reaction, but she’s not to be blamed too..!
      btw, love is only for Ruqayya as well as Saba Api 😀


  6. SZ this was fun review.. Your all intense reviews on one side and such funny sarcastic reviews on other side.

    I wonder why Azam have to literally shout in scene where they found fatima as guilty… I mean thats fine if ur angry and pissed but why to trouble our ears.. It was so irritating..and height of over acting by Danish Taimoor..

    About pool scene, the less said its better.. They both have seriously zero chemistry, it seemed so robotic.. Worst scene i would say..

    Rukaya very confidently said to pari that she will take pari along with her when rukaya agreed on marriage.. That time she didnt made pari understand about ‘reshma jawan hogaye’ LOL.. Now while sitting on SAIJ she is uttering this nonsense..

    Shoki only scene was literally only scene better in episode, it arouse more curiosity of what actually happened.. Beside mehr bano’s beauty i loved her smile too 🙂


    • hahaha @Rehmat, I think Azam was revenging fatima’s childhooh na-insafiyaan she would made to Azam bhaiyya 😛

      Maher bano’s smile though beautiful ye it was so depressing yaar 😦 I mean Tayaa and Gul e Mina as husband wife God..! it was too disturbing.. and Maher bano is a true depiction here as really a zarr khareed ghulaam for Taaya..


    • @Rehmat, but i would say, that they both have a good chemistry, being Azam younger than Ruqayya.. they both are too good!! as we see previous convos, that were flawless, the izhaar-e-moahhabt scene,Appa bi’s chappa scene, upstairs and mayoun night’s clicks were too perfect..! but here, surely, something was missing..!!
      and all this disturbance I guess, here’s for the change of haveeli to this bangla.. the play is not accepting now chamakta damakta bangla.. I think like me, all of u, are also missing haveeli’s geehrai n khamooshi?? or am I the only here being in love with Haveeli?? 😛


      • @Ayesha: u see in previous convos there were other factors too that were so impactful that i would say i didnt noticed the chemistry spark… Here those all factors were missing.. Thats why i could observe the lacking chemistry factor 🙂
        Yes haveli had that intriguing thing which is so missing from this shaandar ghar.. Loved the haveli’s udasiian 🙂


      • yes haveli is def charming.. remember I voiced my concern even the very first time they went to this palacial house with zero character?!!.. but to be honest if the story is gonna go haywire like this i’m not sure if havelis charm alone can keep me interested.. sigh!


        • @FA, nhi nhi daro nhi I’m sure this disturbing n off-mode is going to vanished next week in sha ALLAH!!

          yeah I remembered at 9th epi’s review u mentioned that Azam miyaan’s banglaa is not as much of charming..

          @yf, Indeed! Sajal is exceptional here.. she did every part with so much excellence.. flawless.. especially in the recent epi, with fatima..!! (ohhh ik ye fatima k yaad aaty he my nerves start to pull with ghussa 😛 )

          @Rehmat, han han me samajh gai the what off-chemistry u were talking about.. not only chemistry, ATM, their bio, physics and maths were also off lol 😉


  7. @ Ayesha: I too love the Haveli and miss it. There is something very ethereal about it. @ sz: Loved your review. I agree this episode was the weakest so far. Loving the Shauki track. SQ was not very impressive in this episode and DT was screaming a bit. I was never a great fan of DT but am loving his portrayal as Azam. He has acted very well. Sajal has been amazing I think.


  8. Guzashata say payvasta
    apnay last comment main me ne objectivity ki bat ki thi us ko zra explain kroon gi objectivity literature ki ek terminology hai(may be philosophy main bhi use hoti hai) jis main kisi object/idea ki existence per baat ki jaati hai lekin us k true/false right/wrong honay per koi final verdict nahi detay ye reader per deapend kerta hai k wo kia decision leta hai is say us piece of art ki relevance ka level increase ho jata hai kiun k her school of thought us say connect ker pata hai i hope itni complex cheiz ko main simple words main explain ker saki hoon ye hi objectivity(in my humble opinion) sanata main hai ex: psychology aur parapsychology ki existence per baat hai lekin writer judgmental nahi hai aisi aur bohat cheizon main nazer ati hai jo time shortage ki waja say main nahi discuss ker sakti ye ek complete different topic hai lekin ek baat sajji gull ek intellectual hain ya me between the lines bohat read ker rahi hoon
    now very quickly me characters per ana chahti hoon first of all RUKAIYA heroine han akhir drama ki sanata ka main theme ager ek line main describe kren to abnormality abnormality ko ek complication kayee complications ko aur extremism extremism ko (jis ki intensity pehlay say kahin ziada hai) janam deti hai i think present scenario ki better under standig k liay humain in characters k past ko achi tra analyze kerna ho ga isi liay first 4 epi sirf R aur P k childhood per bassed hain to start R say
    R ek aisi bachi jis ka single parent hai khud single child school nahi jati friends nahi hai han most important siblings nahi han aap ko aisay bachay ki loneliness ka idea bhi nahi hai meri niece single child hai apnay childhood main oos ne imaginary friends/siblings bna liay thay jin k naam thay un say batain kerti thi kisi guest k sath aanay walay baby ko grab ker leti hugs aur kises say oos ka hasher ker deti jis say kafi embarrassment hoti oos k class fellows oos say dertay thay lekin proper guidance say wo thik ho gayee mera personal experience share kernay ka matlab ye hai k koi cheiz jisay hum less imp samjh ker ignore ker detay hain un ka impact kisi aur ki life per bohat gehra hota hai
    husna ki waja say haveli k rehnay walay outer world say completely cut of han family/relatives/ neighbors say nahi miltay lastly in sab ki aapis main koi bonding nahi hai sab saath rehtay han mager kisi level per ek doosray say connected nahi han is tanhaee ko ek 12-14 saal ki bachi k liay jhelna asan nahi hai isi liay kabhi books main to kabhi pets main faraar tlaash kerti hai
    unusual circumstances
    R k father nahi han grand father suicidal death maamoon murdered khala love marriage aur jo details hum jaantay han aisay circumstances ka impact adult ki nisbat ek child per aur tra hota hai aur oos ko jis guidance ki zaroorat hai wo kahin nazer nahi ati as s result of this hum dekhtay han ek to wo pre mature hai oos main apni age k bachon wali koi baat nahi bul k wo baron ki baaton main interfere karnay ko bura nahi samajhti ex:maamoon ka letter chori perr lena oos ka buchpan haveli main kahin kho gya hai
    exreme kind nature
    R ki kindness ek extreme level per dikhayee deti hai aur excess kisi cheiz ki ho harmful hoti hai wo dunya ki kisi bhi cheiz chahay wo kitten ho koi beggar ho koi bird ho bus takleef main paa ker us say sympathy kernay us k liay feel kerti hai aur is main extreme level per janay say guraize nahi kerti ex: beggar ko daily apnay ek time ka khana dena sab say chup ker
    up bringing
    “main tooti phooti guryon main bari hoi” summed up every thing is line ki meri interpretation hai k its about the three women of the haveli apa bee salma husna jin ka apna past hai jo in characters k ziman main discuss kren gay lekin un sab ki broken personalities ka indirect impact R per hoa as i said earlier ek complication kayee complications ko janam deti hai pari ki tra R ki up bringing main bhi bohat say flaws han “meri maan to mujhay dekhtee hi nahi main khud hi apnay aap ko sambhalti hoon” ek aisa bacha jo life ko without kisi proper guidance k apnay tor per understand kernay ki koshish ker raha hai oos ki soch aur samajh main kitni mistakes hon gi aap khud samajh lan

    last factor jisay ignore nahi ker saktay wo R ka mistrust hai baki family members ki tarf again bachay apnay barron ko ghalt kaam kerta dekhan to un ka trust level buri tra damage hota hai “ager baray bachay ban jyn to bachon ko bara banna perta hai” (R) haveli walon ne husna k sath jo kia wo sab R nay apni aankhon say dekha aur oos zulm ziadtee ka aisa asar hoa k hamesha k liay oos ka aetbaar khatam ho gya ab apa bee ya salma koi sahi baat samjhatee ya ghalat baat say rocteen wo un ki koi baat samajhnay k liay tiyyar nahi ex:apa bee “sab ziddi han yahan jab mun ki khyn gay tab samajh ay gi” R ko P ki terbiyat say roktay hoay another one”R tum P ko badtameez bana rahi ho”salma lekin R kisi ko nahi sunti us k unconscious main ye baat hai k husna aur pari k liay apa bee ka behavior ghalat tha salma ek weak personality honay ki waja say is zulm k khilaaf awaz nahi utha saki to wo bhi ghalat hoi ab ye kaisay thik ho saktay han lekin naseeban oos ko kisi baat say nahi rokti jis ki reason hai jo sanata ki story main imp factor hai jis per end main baat ho gi
    in halaat main R ki life main P aati hai ek isolated extremly kind pre mature aur apni family say different vision rakhnay wali R jo khud abhi bachi hai ko P ki up bringing kerni hai jo khud kayee complications ka shikar hai wo kis had tak pari ki normal upbringing krey gi aur P ki apni life main bhi bohat problems han ye aagay jaa k pta chalay ga main yahin khatam karoon gi kal pari aur azam k chharacters ko jitna main ne samjha hai share karon gi
    R ko itni detail main is liay discuss kia hai kiun k R wo foundation hai jis pe sanata ki contruction ki gayee hai R ko samjhay bina sanata ko samajhna imp hai baki kal


    • @RJ: apkey pichley comment ka jawab udhar hai … abhi going there in a minute .. but wanted to say I loved reading your interpretation of R… very well argued and presented really well… I dont know if you had the chance to read our earlier discussions about R when we discussing the conversation b/w A and R , but you and I are indeed reading R the same way… would love to have others’ take on R before I add to your analysis 🙂

      Re: objectivity … @Saji Gul had the same thing to say … that as a writer he is presenting his story as an objective observer letting the characters tell their own story without pushing his own judgement or biases on any of the characters ..


    • @RJ: yaar seriously aapka comment parh k dil khush hojata hai.. Very much detailed and clear in your thoughts you are 🙂 kash me itna well defined likh pati.. But please comment karti raha karain..

      Aur time waste karne ki baat hie nahin he.. We all love to read all types of analyses/discussions.. And humain bhi acha lag raha he so keep writing 🙂 and love u too


    • @RJ wow what an in-depth analysis! We had discussed alot of stuff that u’ve mentioned but it was very interesting to see ur take on this. I found it particularly interesting how you’ve compared R’s brought up to P’s and its effect on their characters… I hadnt looked at it like that.
      R’s extremely kind nature on one side, we also saw her vulnerable side with Azam’s entry, where we got to see her martyrdom status.. We saw quite a few jhalaks of those in the latest episode too. Have u read our discussion on that? It was the episode where we saw R breaking down followed by the iqrare muhabbat.. It was a very interesting discussion on Rs character. Well worth a read


  9. one more thing mere analysis main kuch diff nahi ho ga bohat kuch discuss ho chuka hai aur yahan repetition feel ho gi lekin ager kisi ko kuch different ya aisa milay jis per koi positive discussion ho sakay to parr lan werna time waste mat kren 🙂 aur secondly mujhay yahan ye sab share kerna acha lag raha hai is liay berdasht kren love u all 🙂


  10. @RJ: No need for this tamheed 🙂 We love reading and discussing … and bardasht tau parayon ko kiya jaata hai .. ab tau you are one of our own so no judgement whatsoever .. keep sharing and discussing 🙂


  11. @RJ, first of all, welcome to such disussing mode of Sannata, which we loved to read and discuss it on..! No sorrys at all, its the demand of this thread to have deep details and thoughts.. in last week epi’s, I really admires ur take and again u have done Ruqayya’s character in a very convincing way and with all facts n figures.. we have had long convos for Azam and Ruqayya’s character as well as the situations going on with them.. But I always loved to discuss Ruqayya again n again as much as I can lol (yahan sb ye baat janty hain I thought apko bata bhi bata dun)
    then, as for a sake of purely discussing her character with U would be very pleasure able for me..!!

    As for first, subjectivity is concerned, in Ruqayya’s context.. Though the writer had very clearly leave it to the audience that we make choices from all subjectivity and her own struggles she did.. and I think thats why Sannata has being loved by everyone who understand it!!

    Re: writer judgemental nhi hain.. qn nhi hain?? writers loved to see the discussions on their characters, as we have here, three main characters.. and their are lots of things, hidden to us, nothing is complete infront of our eyes.. U were not here, but I wanna share with U, that we’ve discussed almost all convos’ between Azam n Ruqayya.. and in those contexts, we judged them on our own behalf, not what the writer has made them all. though the main focus is’nt diverted here but we just see, we want ro say.. diff of perceptions.. and its always nice and good to have other’s views like an addition to our takes..

    I start with the beginning as u had from Ruqayya’s childhood to till she is..!! as u said, Ruqayya too had lots of lacked elements in her life earlier.. we see her as an alone child with all elders, Appa bi, Salma, Naseeban and Husna.. her longing for anyone to whom she can give her love, and an object to whom her life get revolve, yani k she needs like ”zaat ka mehwaar”.. Ohkk tou ab jo main kkehna chahti hon.. apne jis tarah apni niece ki example di its really a fact, aisa waqai hota hai k ik bachy ko kuch aisa chahiye hota hai jahan wo apni self ko involve rkh saky.. Ruqayya had’nt a father n family.. usne bs hamesha apny ird gird apny baron ko dekha jinki bateen man’na us per farz hai, aur usay pata hai k aisa karny se sb us se mohabbat karen gy.. we see in 1st episode, k wo ik billi ka bacha ghaar lay aati hai, ta k koi aisa ho jis me wo gumm rahy.. Naseeban utters ”ab mil gai hai na isay maa, apni maa bhool jaye ga”.. That was clear before us, k pari apni maa ko yaad kar k kabhi nhi royi.. usne hamesha Husna ko ik ”ghar se bhaagi” hoi larki k context me dekha, aur jb utni he respectable apni Appa ko dekha tou wo baqi ki hamdardi apni maa se khatam kar chuki…!! Ruqayya, jb pari uski zindage me ayi, ik baachi the, magar uski feelings, usk ehsasaat uski needs ik bachi wlai nhi rahin the.. jesy k waqt ne usay buht pehly apni umar se bara kar diya tha.. aur ye sb qn tha?? Usko apni maa ki wo care wo comfort naseeb nhi hoi jo ik bachy ka huq hoti hai.. ager Abnormality ko yahan liya jayee, tou haveeli me koi bhi character Normality me nhi dikhaya gaya.. Ab subjectivity yahan hamla awar is tarah hoti hai, k hum ager kisi ko ilzaam dena chahen k jee pari aur Ruqayya ke sath ye huwa, usne ye kiya, usne wo kiya, tou hamari subjectivity dhaari ki dhaari reh jati hai, aur hum un-conciously unk pichlay haalat, unki zindage aur ye sb hum is liye karty hain as we all believe k subjectivity chahy jitni bhi strong ho jayee, external halaat matter karty hain aur buht zada karty hain..

    Ruqayya jesy halaat me thi, aisy me pari ka wajood shayd usk liye wo objective tha jis me involve ho kar wo bhi us udaasi se chutkaara pana chahti the.. ager wo apni umar se 4,5 saal chooti hoti, kuch zada samajhdaar na hoti (jo ke halaat ne usay bna diya), aur usk pas pari na hoti, tou wo bhi shayd ik khayali duniya bana he leeti jahan usk paas ik mohabbat karny wali maa aur chotay behan bhai hoty.. but Kismat ne pata nhi suk saath acha kiya ya bura, k usy pari mil gai.. pari ka wajood milty he na sune apni maa ki laparwaahi pe tawajja di, na Appa bi ki saakhti per aur na he pari ko deny di.. usne pari k saath kuch ghalat kiya tou wo is liye huwa qn k usay he nhi pata tha k wo kiya kar rahi hai.. ik 12 saal ki baachi ko nhi pata tha k bachon ko har cheez nhi dety jo wo mangy.. usne tou apni taraf se yehi kiya k pari jo mangy usay dy dy qn k usy khud ko aisa kuch nhi mila tha.. ager yahan per subjectivity ko dekhein, tou Appa bi aur Salma ager pari k sath apna attitude normal rakhtin tou kabhi is halat me na hoti jis me hum sb usy dekh rhy hain… Ruqayya ne jee jan laga k pari ki parwarish ki, mager sad afsoos k Appa bi ye nhi samajh sakin k pari ko buht kuch chahiye tha.. but Appa bi aur Salma ki sakhti aur laparwaahi dekhty huwe Ruqayya ne us blank ko fill karny ki koshish ki jo k ik misguide step tha.. wo misguide step, Ruqayya ka har chez k liye extreme ho jana, Ruqayya k bachpna ki abnormality the..

    Abnormality hamesha koi pagal pan, ya bewakofon k saath nhi hota.. har insaan apni life me kabhi na kabhi kisi ka kisi mour per abnormal hota hai.. yahan Ruqayya ki abnormality uski had se zada achaai, uska naram hon, usk compromising quality, loving nature aur aisi he buht se chezen hain.. Ruqayya ne pari se hamesha kaha k ”tujhe kisi aur ki kiya zarurat hai me hon na tery pas”.. Ruqayya k pas kabhi koi aisa nhi tha jo usy ye kehta.. aur wo pari se jis had tk mohabbat karti hai usne nhi chaha k pari ko kabhi wo kami mehsos ho jo sune khud ki hamesha.. wo jitni achi baten pari ko samjh sakti the usne samjhayen, jesy baron ki izaat karna, badtamizi nhi karna.. mager Pari ye sb Ruqayya se adopt nhi kar saki.. qn k pari ka jhukaao zidd aur cheena jhapti ki taraf ho gaya.. Ruqayya ka had se zada sacrifice karna, yahan usk liye he wo mushkil ban gaya k even now pari is asking ”jan mang lon tou?”.. Ruqayya ko jan deny mein bhi koi dukh nhi hoga, hargiz nhi hoga qn k jb bachpan me usay apni guriyaan aur apni moahhabt dety huwe dukh nhi hota tha bal k khushi he hoti the tou ab waqt k sath sath ye mohabbat ka darakh aur ghana ho gaya aur ab ager baat ”jan” ki aati hai tou ye ik alternative hai bachpan ki un sb chezon ka…

    me kabh is baat se agree nhi kar paai ager kisi ne ye kaha k ”pari ko Ruqayya ne he bigara hai”.. ager tb Ruqayya pari k sath wo sb na karti tou shayd wo a[na ik ye objective bhi khoo deti..

    then finally, apne kaha k Ruqayya ka trust-level damaged hai apny baron k liye.. ye tou hona he tha.. Ruqayya ne Husna ko marty huwe dekha tou wo ye bardaasht na kar paai k pari ko Babban k hawaly kiya jaye.. sune Appa bi ki Husna k sath ki gai har ziyadti ka badla pari se be-inteha mohabbat kar k level karny ki koshish ki.. uska ghussa apny baron k liye, wo space-line ban gaya jahan wo khud he un sb ko bhi baari-uz-zimma karny lag gai.. uska trust hamesha miss-trust level per he rha.. ye level kabhi low kabhi high hota rha aur hamesha Ruqayya what to do, or what not to do ki stage me rahi.. even Azam ka proposal accept kary huwe bhi uska trust miss rha jb usne ye kaha ” pari mery bagher mar jayee ge, Apa bi nafrat aur Amma ki doori ne usy toor phoor k rakh diya hai”.. abhi bhi wo isi stage me hai k wo pari ko apny ghar walon k rehm-o-karam per nhi chor sakti..

    so, extremism, abnormality, extra-conciousness, unusual happenings, etc.. in sb me Ruqayya ne phir bhi jist tarah khud ko aur pari ko sanbhala hai.. ye waqai buht mushkil hai, mager jesa character Ruqayya dikhaai gai hai, usy aisa he hona tha..!!

    Ur this sentence made me happiest k ”Ruqayya ka character samjhy bagher Sannata samajh me nhi aa sakta”.. me 101% agree karti hon ap se is baat per… Ruqayya is the main stream jis k zariye hum har kirdaar ko samajhty hain, halaat ko dekhty hain, achaai aur burai k contexts me faraq karty hain aur Haveeli k halaat, waqiyaat, waqt sb kuch Ruqayya se sunty hain..!!

    to me, Ruqayya is the most loving and admirable characters i ever read..!! I’m accepting it before U all, k mein ne kabhi bhi kisi character ki personality me itna jhaankny ki koshsish nhi ki, jitni Ruqayya k liye hai.. aur mazy ki baat pata hai kiya hai?? The more I analyse her, The more I love her..!! she’s the purest soul, she’s haveeli’s breeze, she’s Pari’s centre of gravity, Azam’s rooshni..!!!! SO, this is just for Ruqayya :).. Love her a lot!! (@FA, I accept hahaha)

    and once again, thanx to U, for giving me another chance to discuss Ruqayya.. ary ary buht he ultaa seedha likha hai @RJ, aur baqi sb, @FA, @SZ, @Remat, jo jo mera comment parh k samajh jayee usy ”salam from my heart”.. aur jo na samajh paye she’s justified lol..!!
    you guys are really awesome..!!


  12. @sz and dear friends thanks for ur love and support abhi just ek 2 batan clear kerni hai pk main December k first week say winter vacations start hoti han aur meri sisters with their bacha party hamaray gher ayn hoi theen aur me itni busy thi k almost three weeks tak no tv no internet no apni koi life aur ab free hoon to jo kaam pile up ho gya hai usay catch up ker rahi hoon recently sanata ki 4 episodes ek sath dekheen han so the point is k abhi time shortage ki waja say main just reviews perhay han comments nahi jo ziada detailed hotay hai aur mera analysis reviews per based hai secondly me ne deliberately bhi comments ko avoid kia hai kiun k me apnay first impression main influenced nahi hona chahti but once I ‘ll complete this main definitely saaray comments aur aap ki interpretations perhoon gi and after that main aap k previous aur ab k comments per apna POV doon gi one more thing main apna sara input roman urdu main day rahi hoon because though I can understand English very well but my writing skills in english are not very good aur me comfortable feel nahi kerti to meri request hai aap apna reply eng main diya kren taa k jo readers roman Urdu read/understand nahi ker saktay atleast aap k reply say unhan idea ho jyee k kia discussion ho rahi hai is baat ko me ne tab realize kia jab ek aur site per ek indian friend ne mujhay kaha k reviewer aur aap ki honay wali discussion main reviewer k answers(jo eng main thay) say me ne assess kiya k aap ne kuch valid points raise kiay han us k bad unhon ne kafi effort ker k mera comment perha(jis k liay me thankful hoon) to me ne socha ye baat yahan bhi share karoon gi kiun k ye problem yahan bhi ho sakta hai
    sanata ko raat ko continue karoon gi kiun k story telling k liay raat k time sab say best hai


    • @RJ.. You are really a very nice addition to this thread.. Keep on visiting as much as u can. We are really enjoying from the start again. Even loved or simplicity and honesty.. Take ur time dear and for Urdu comments no issues.. We all here are used to discussed either in Urdu or English.. So be easy n relax.. Be blessed..


  13. guzashta say payvasta

    free of filler ones
    sanata ki ek aur specialty hai k is main koi filler scene character dialogue nahi hai it is absolutely free of filler ones her character ki chahay kitna hi chota ho significance hai her dialogue ki diff interpretations han her scene story main kuch na kuch add kerta hai aur uss k main theme ko aur firm kerta hai for ex:R aur P k dreams R k childhood k ek dream ki mujhay samajh nahi ay thi ab R ko analyze kertay hoay me us ki significance samjhi if u remember jab P bohat beemar thi R ne husna ko dream main rotay P ko bachanay ki request kertay aur beggar ko ishara kertay dekha hum jantay han hmara unconscious hmari unfulfilled desires hmaray beliefs hi hmaray dreams main visual form main nazer atay han R k unconscious main tha k 1-haveli k residents husna aur P k dushman han aur 2-apni extremely kind nature ki waja say khud ko un ka wahid well wisher samajhti thi 3-mannat ki bird per us ka belief tha k is say problems solve hoti han ab itni cheezon ko sirf ek scene say explain kia hai jo first time dekhnay per ziada important nahi lagta very very briliant ab kal wali discussion ko continue kertay hoay hum characters per aatay han

    R k baad P per aatay han why because P ki present personality ko us ki apni life history say ziada R ki personality us k direct/indirect actions reactions ne form kia hai P childhood say R ko idealise kernay us jaisa banna chahati thi R us ka knight in the shinning armor thi is liay P ki present form R k past ko reflect kerti hai aur most interestingly P ki present form hi R k future ko bhi form krey gi aur R ka future P k future ko form kray ga bohat complicated ho gya in simple words in dono ka relation ek circle ki tra hai jis k ek end pe R doosray per P hai start R say hota hai P say hotay hoay ghoom ker phir R per aa jata hai aur isi tra chalta rehta hai is liay jahan R k character say P k character ko understand kernay main help mili hai ab P ka character R ko aur detail main explain kray ga

    husna a
    P is a sharp intelligent girl oos ki life history childhood etc ko ap bohat detail me discuss ker chukay han is liay us tarf nahi jaon gi sirf ek point just as a thought process main hamesha sochti thi k log pagal kiun ho jatay han accidents problems to sab ki life main atay han in my opinion kuch logon main pagal pan ki tendency hoti hai aur us main internal/external factors k sath sath genes important role play kertay han yahan bhi external factors aur pari ki super sensitive nature jahan P ki mental condition ki waja hai wahan ek reason aur bhi ho sakta hai jo drama main kahin show nahi kia gya but according to my intuition first episode main husna ko pregnant condition main jis mental turmoil say guzartay dikhaya gya jis main complete isolation/family boycott regret on her past etc shamil han seriously mujhay usi time feel honay laga tha is ka baby normal nahi ho ga meri ye baat science bhi proof kerti hai me ne ek book perhi thi jis main war zone main paida honay walay babies ki mental condition per scientific researches thin according to them war zone main paida honay walay babies ki mothers ager super sensitive thin to war ka effect un per doosry mothers ki nisbat million times ziada hoa and as a result of this un k babies by birth mentally retarded thay ya bohat si mental problems k sath hi paida hoay thay considering this ager ye theory P per apply kren to by birth us main tendency thi pagal pan ki aur koi bhi aisa incident jis ka effect P k dil o dimaagh per million times hota us k ander mojood is virus ko activate ker daita and after 10 yeara drama main ye hi incident show kia gya hai again very intelligently very smartly near past ka start hi ek turning point say kia gya hai

    turning point of pari’s life
    in my opinion pari ki life ka turning point R ka slap tha “jissay apa bee ki lathiyan na tor sakeen usay mere ek thapper nay kirchi kirchi ker diya the” Rukaiya
    R pari ki zaat ka mehwer thi her center of gravity her only hope her protecting shield mujhay nahi lagta apnay past history ya haveli residents ki extreme cruelty P k epilepsy fits ka reason bani aisa hona hota to pehlay hi ho jata aur apnay childhood say ye sab suntay dekhtay P ab used to ho gayee thi ye sab us k liay expected tha lekin unexpected the R ka slap because R nay kabhi usay kisi baat pe maar ek tarf daanta tak nahi tha hamesha piyaar say rokti is slap say jahan P ki mental condition worse hoi wahan for the first time R per us kay trust ki dewaaran hil gayee(mera shehzada ho mujhay her museebat say bachati ho:pari) aur jo unique bond wo share kerti thin damage hoa “pari un dino mujh say bhi door chali gayee thi” rukaiya lekin ye sab one sided tha yanee pari ki tarf say R ki side say koi change nahi tha again ye bohat clearly nazer nahi ata but very subtly P ki life main anay walay next change ki base ban chuka hai as a said earleir P ki life R per aur R k actions ka pari per direct effect hota hai yahan say circle wali symbolism bohat important ho gayee hai plz ab pari aur R ki life main anay walay sab incidents main is ko yaad rakhan is scenario main AZAM ki entry hoti hai

    Azam hmaray hero han unlike P and R azam k past k baray main ya is k character k baray main koi detailed introduction nahi milta hum is character ko nahi jantay shayed is ka link story k suspence say hai aur Azam slowly and steadily story k sath sath hum per zahir ho ga P aur R dono complex personalities thin in ki bonding say ek complex bond wajood main aya ab ye dono apni zaat aur relation ki complexities k sath azam ki life main enter ho rahi han jis say over all situation bhi complicated ho gayee hai aur jaisa kal kaha tha ek complication kayee complications ko janam deti hai jin ki intensity ka level pehlay say bhi ziada hota hai is k sath hi story next phase main enter ho gayee hai
    ok time for fajar salah me try kroon gi k kal morning main hi continue kroon ye meri umeed say bhi ziada lamba hota jaa raha hai bye bye


    • @RJ, oh wao.. that’s brilliant… really nice take on Azam and pari after Ruqayya..!!
      aur u don’t have to worry for lamba choora comment.. your comment is always a pleasure to read out.. very well explanations and points.. all cleared in their ways with a very satisfied way..!!

      Re: turning points of pari’s life..
      you’re so much right about the turn of Pari’s life, and we see her worst condition n fits she have, after Ruqayya’s slap to her.. As she was very stubborn and laadli of her Appa, she did’nt expect that Ruqayya can slap her.. and when it had happened, it must make Pari to react in such a way, the situation never come to her before.. for this slap, yeah you are true Indeed when Ruqayya narrates ”jis pathar ko Appi bi ki laathiyaan na tor saken, usay mery ik thappar ne kirhci kirchi kar diya”..
      and Pari’s mental condition ad u relates it to Husna, of course, before birth events affect babies in a very strong way.. Husna have to face lots unusual situations before pari’s birth.. now, pari’s present condition might be an extraction of Husna’s condition, even pari is absolutely healthy, in spite of having such an immature conditions, she don;t have any physical problem otherwise babies can have any abnormality of body, heart n brain.. but here the blank is filled by Pari’s mental condition.. her abnormal attitude for everything, taking herself as ”Pari”, ”Appa ki pari”, she thinks she can have everything cuz she’s pari, shehzaadi.. Appa will never refuse anything to her.. ab all her disturbing mental state, her longing to be like Ruqayya, her wish to have love like Ruqayya, her dream to be loved by everyone like Ruqayya, All these were the mistakes of external circumstances, herself inablities, and her abnormal birth have made it all possible to divert her to the edge of destruction..!! Ahhh.. poor soul.. here, now pari’s character is to be hated, but no.. I can’t hate her still.. she too deserved lots of things which, she did’nt have.. and hatred, envy, ignorance from such closest relations, can easily turn anyone to this much jealousy, but.. fate intervenes again, and she’s hating even Ruqayya, un-fortunately,.. she’s now tired of absorbing ignorance, and on the other hand, all her insecurities, are again dominates her that someone is taking Ruqayya’s love..! Sigh and sympathy ofr her.. Ahh 😦

      @FA, @Rehmat!! yaar hamara Sannata buht khamoosh nhi?? 😦 plz guys be there, and lets have some chit-chat or takes on any topic.. my heart’s kicking again lol.. what u guys say??


      • @ayesha sorry been busy lately and apna sannata requires some sannata and loads of time! lol
        btw i dont think P’s character s to be ”hated”.. I have a lot of sympathy for her! have to admit Ive always felt more sympathy for her than your R aapa lol.. and ab tou aur bhi ziada lol


        • @FA, hahaha nhi yaar my sympathy is with pari all the time but Ruqayya se tou be-dharak wali mohabbat hai na 😛

          koi hai jo samajhta hai that I love pari more than Ruqayya.. plz tell her FA, that it’s not it so.. ap tou sb jaanti ho na?? 😀


  14. Guzashta say payvasta (disclaimer:very complicated read at ur own risk 🙂
    pari ko very briefly and very precisely math ki simple equation ki help say define kia jaa sakta hai
    1+1=2 is equation ka first part haveli’s residents han aur pari =2 hai that’s it yani haveli residents k past un k actions/reactions thinking her cheez ko goond(knead) dalan to pari ban jati hai is ko ek aur tra explain kren to extreme love+extreme hatred =pari in dona elements k combination say pari wajood main aye hai ab ye dono factors is ki zaat ka hissa han wo mohabhat extreme level per kerti hai aur nafrat bhi extreme level per jaa kerti hai in dono main balance kerna ussay ata hi nahi secondly pari ka apna koi wajood nahi hai wo dosraon k characters ki extension hai ab kal wali discussion per chaltay han
    The triangle
    azam ki entry k baad hum ek triangle banta dekhtay han lekin sab say pehla aur important question hai ye teeno ek doosray ki terf kiun attract hoay I mean in teeno ki personalities aur back ground totally diff tha is cheez nay mujhay itna confuse kia k me ne epi-5 3 times daikhy kuch clues milay lekin complete satisfaction k liay is episode ka review aur comments perhay jis k baad mind kuch clear hoa(special thanks to SZ /Fa/ayesha ) is bat k understand kernay say present scenario main in k relation ko understand kernay main help milay gi ab meri story ye hai R aur P k azam say relation k 2 phases han
    Pari towards Azam phase:1
    azam k anay k bad P ka first reaction curiosity hai unlike R jo introvert reluctant aur reserved personality rakhti hai P ek dum prompt reaction deti hai aur her new cheez ko explore kerna chahti hai isi liay A k sonay k baad chup ker dekhna out of curiosity tha na k attraction lekin R k liay us ki possessiveness aur apni insecurity ki waja say next day hi azam ko janay k liay keh deti hai kiun k childhood main honay A R aur pari ki mulaqaat main R ka ye kehna k”mujhay to ye shehzada bohat pasand hai me to isi say shadi karoon gi” P k dil per naqsh ho gya hai aur ye us ki nature hai k wo kisi ki achi buri bat nahi bholti lekin R k naraz honay auy A say apologize kernay k kehnay per jo gap P aur R k dermian aa chuka hai wo berta nazer ata hai this time pari ka shock level pehlay say ziada hai kiun k haveli residents k liay R ka P ko danta samajh ata hai but A ek out sider ek intruder hai us k liay R kay reaction say P ka belief firm hota hai k R change ho rahi hai actually P change ho rahi hai apni misunderstanding ki waja say aur is change ka effect R per ho ga again circle wali symbolism this shows that phase one main P azam ko apni nahi R k hwalay say dekhti thi
    R towards Azam phase:1
    R is a thoughtful intelligent philosophical kind of a girl aur haveli main us k mental level say koi bhi match nahi kerta pari us ki companion hai lakin us pet ki tra hai jisay hum piyar to ker saktay han lekin kuch share nahi ker saktay ab yahan jo me ne R ka character analysis kia tha yaad kren actually P k anay k baad bhi mental level per R aaj tak alone hai wo P ki her bat understand ker sakti hai lekin P inturn R ko aisy companionship nahi day sakti reason age difference and pari’s mental abnormality aur A main R ko wo soul mate nazer a jata during thier conversation about books jis k bad R ka interset develop honay lagta hai lekin R azam k liay apni feelings k baray main abhi khud clear nahi hai hum isay attraction keh saktay han lekin ye mohabat nahi hai yahan phase-1 complete hota hai koi bohat ziada change layee bina aur haveli residents ki life waisay hi chalti rehti ager phase-2 na hota jo azam ki second entry say start hota hai second phase start kernay say pehlay hum azam ko under stand kerna ho ga
    Azam towards R in phase-1 and 2
    Unlike R and P azam is very clear in his mind A ko apni intentions/ desires/objectives/goal sab ka start say hi andaza hai isi liay in objectives ko achieve kaisay kerna hai wo achi tra janta hai according to A(in his first trip) wo by chance haveli aya hai but according to me Azam miyaan haveli ayee hi R begum k liay han aur A apnay childhood say R ko like kerta hai is bat k bohat subtle clues miltay han koi clear cut incident is terf ishara nahi kerta first time epi dekhnay per mujhay ye hi laga tha k A by chance haveli gaya hai ya shayed apnay family problems say frar ki khatir but again like pari itnay saalon main A ko bhi used to ho jana chahiay apnay haalat say ab achanak aisa kia ho gya tha kiun k wapsi per wo apni family say normaly milta hai ab me un clues ka ziker karon gi jo me ne notice kiay han

    1-A ne apnay childhood main R ko jis tra dekha tha wo aaj bhi waisy hai means saba qamer to R ki jo picture A k dil main thi us main koi change na ayee is liay director ne R ki young age main koi young artist lenay ki bjayee saba hi ko rakha jo mujhay oos waqt ghalat la raha tha k saba 20-22 year girl ka character kaisay ker rahi hai is ka ziker dono apni first meeting main kertay hain
    R:badal gayee han aap baray bhi ho gayee han
    A:lekin aap nahi badleen waisy hi han (passionately dekhtay hoay)
    R:kis tra (azam bat badal deta ha)he is very intelligent kab kia kisay reveal kerna hai janta hai
    2-first meeting main hi…A:baron k saamnay cigg peena acha nahi lagta
    R:bari to main bhi hoon
    A:(very confidently) aap ki baat aur hai …….is say andaza hota hai k A ne R ko khabhi baron wala status dia hi nahi now first meeting k second sentence main hi itna clear cut vision hai is ki kuch to history ho sakti hai abhi R oos ko elderly treat ker rahi hai

    3-next morning salma:azam shadi ki… koi lerki pasand ki
    A:ap dhoondhan naa mere liay lerki
    ab hmari society main bohat hi common hai k boys jin girls ko fancy kertay han un ki moms ko kehtay phirtay han khala ji hmaray liay lerki aap hi ne dekhni hai again very subtle clue
    4-apa bee main apnay experience ki waja say forsee kernay ki ability bohat ziada hai unhon ne hi R ko warn kia tha k P ki mom bannay ki waja say ek din wo suffer krey gi (sab zidi han yahan jab mun ki khayee gay tab pta chalay ga) this time again apa bee hi han jinhan A ki story per yakeen nahi raat ko salma say baat kerti han morning main A say poochty han but A again very intelligently baat badal deta hai phir sirf P ki baat kerta hai R ka ziker bhi nahi kium k wo janta hai ye bohat hi conservative log han is liay R apni true desire ko chupa leta hai aur age diff ki waja say apa bee ko R per to doubt nahi tha pari per tha ab A k kehnay wo shak yakeen main badal jata hai jis ka ziker wo coming episodes main salma say kerti han
    4-A ki R say second meeting main confirm ho jata hai
    R:preshaan han aap… aap ne kaha tha aap preshan hotay han to ciggi peetay han
    according to me A is waqt apni childhood attraction ko koi clear cut dimension dena chahta hai lekin R aur apni family aur doosray factors ki waja say confused hai aur us k ander ek struggle ho rahi hai next dialogue is ki confirmation kerta hai
    A:mujhay koi preshani nahi bulk ab soch raha hoon koi ghum paal loon
    R:kia matlab…..A phir baat badal deta hai
    ager is theory say aap disagree kertay han to i am dead sure meri next baat say aap 100% agree kren gay wo ye hai actually mujhay A ki R say love at first sight hai wali bat digest nahi ho rahi thi is liay just khud ko satisfy kernay k liay me ne ek story bna li jis main A ki R say bonding kayee saalon per muheet hai ….. end of story
    ab jab ye fact established hogya hai k A ko R say first phase say hi mohabat thi isi liay janay k baad letter/poem bheja mager R abhi A say feelings develop ker rahi hai wo process main hai jis ki completion second phase main P ki life main anay walay change say hoti hai
    Pari towards A phase-2 second phase main A full planning say aya hai us ka first goal P say close hona hai ta k baad main P R say is k relation per aitraaz kray but P is a very difficult girl us say close hona asan nahi jo incident P aur A k relation main turning point hai wo A ka P ko jaali peer say bachana hai ab P ka knight in the shinning armor change ho gya hai actually P k dil main slap k baad say ye baat thi k R change ho gayee ab wo P say pehlay jaisa piyaar nahi kerti jis say P k ander for the first time ek space paida ho gayee thee R k ilawa kisi aur k liay jis ko is incident k baad A ne easily fill ker dia abhi bhi A P k liay R ka substitute hai yani jab R us ko choray to left out na feel kray lekin jis tra R ka slap P ki life ko change ker giya isi tra P ki life ka change R per dierct effect hoa circle wali symbolism
    R towards A phase-2
    A aur P ki closeness nay R ko azam k liay apni true feelings ka pta dia wo clearly us say mohabbat kerti hai ab jab teeno ki equation complete ho gayee hai R ki most “vulnerable side” samnay ati hai jo actually itni bhi vulnerable nahi meri interpretation aap say different hai.. to be continued …….


    • Waooo @RJ..! Again, perfectly plausible point u discussed in the contexts of Ruqayya, pari and Azam..
      In addition to ur points of Azam’s feelings for Ruqayya, also it was clear when Azam tells Ashfaaq and Nafeesa, that he wants to marry Ruqayya, Ashfaaq says: ”dimaagh theek hai tumhra, tumhen kiya lagta hai k meri itni asaani se apni jaeedad tumhri 2 din ki aashqi maashqi me luta don ga”..
      Azam: ”araay bhool gaye apne he tou kaha tha ik baar k ager apka beta bara hota tou ap usk liye Ruqayya ko maang lety”/
      Ashfaaq: ”ye buhat purani baat hai”.
      Azam: je je tou main apko yahe bata raha hon k ye 2,4 din ki baat nhi,..

      this convo as the last nail in coffin..!! and Azam accepted his long lasting love for Ruqayya..!

      I really enjoyed all your perceptions regarding pari and Azam’s phase and Ruqayya and Azam’s phase..!! Keep it up..! you’re going very well!! 🙂


      • @Ayesha: completely forgot it … thank u so much god bless u yaar..meri zindagi asan ho gayee
        Re:going well… kehti raho dear bari zaroorat hai is waqt …LOL


        • @RJ: hahaha itni se baat se zindage asaan hogai?? 😀 LOL…
          N Ur warm welcome my dear.. any time..!!

          Going well bal k very well tou yehi kahon ge na.. aur I wish k ap full full discussion karein with all of us.. after the completion of ur previous perceptions.. !!

          N yeah I’m reading ur each n every comment and thoroughly enjoying it too much..!! 🙂


  15. guzashta say payvasta (last part)
    the “maha confusion”
    some times urdu bohat confusing language ban jati hai (may be every language) urdu main words k literal meaning aur hotay han aur idiomatic use main meaning change ho jatay han is liay kisi ki baat say ye pta kerna k dono meanings main say us nay kon saa use kiya hai is k liay language say ziada us context/background ko understand kerna perta hai jis context main wo conversation ho rahi hai lekin ager conversation ambigous hai ya symbolised way main hai to sahi baat tak pohanchna aur bhi mushkil ho jata hai ye hi mere saath hoa
    A aur R ki conversation about mohabat main A ki line “mohabat be-dharak hoti” hai say meri confusion start hoi (love at first sight wali) be-dharak ka literal meaning hai fearlessly aur idiomatic use main is ka ek meaning rashly hota hai yani jaldi taizee phurtee ab azam ki is line say dono matlab nikaltay han mager us k nateejay main sari conversation ka matlab aur drama main over all situation change ho jati hai aur viewer confuse ho jata hai jo me hoi is confusion ka valid reason baad main pehlay in dono meanings k sath is conversation ko analyze ko kertay hain
    dual meaning of be-dharak mohabat conversation
    be-dharak first meaning rashly tezi phurti
    conversation ka start najma k dialogue about kangaal aashique and dewaalia ashique say hota hai jis k is jawab main R kehti hai “mohabat naap tol ker kerni chahiay” is sentence k bhi 2 meanings han jo dono situations main differently fit hotay han first meaning:ye jumla directly najma say yani mohabat hisaab say naa bohat kam na ziada kerni chahiay to avoid extreme results aur indirectly azam say kaha gya hai k soch samajh ker mohabat kren k kis insaan say kerni hai us k sath aap ki compatibility hai bhi ya nahee azam us ko deny kertay hoay kehta hai mohabat be-dharak(rashly- tezi) bina sochay samjhay hoty hai means love at first sight ab azam aur R ki conversation ka context dekhan to R phase 2 main azam aur P ki closeness ko mohabat ka naam day ker usay warn ker rahi thi k un dono ki compatibilty nahi hai to azam soch lay kiun k bina sochay ki janay wali mohabat sailab ki tra sab kuch destroy ker deti hai (reff husna) A selfish ban ker sirf apnay baray main na sochay jab k azam ka reference P nahi R hai jis say love at first sight ka izhaar ker raha hai yahan mujhay 440 volt ka shock laga k A miyan ko R say love at first hoa hai(main convinced thi k A R ko chahta hai) jo mere liay is liay acceptable nahi k R ka character on paper koi extraordinary charming beautiful lady ka nahi jis ka izhaar drama main diff scenes main hota hai to ye kaisy hoa aur us k baad wo sari theory bani jis ziker kal kia tha lekin ab dearest ayesha ki confirmation say wo theory sahi proof ho gaye hai in short be-dharak k first meaning say A R aur P ka triangle banta hai jo drama main nazer a raha tha
    be-dharak second meaning fearlessly
    R mohabat naap tol ker nahi kerni chahiay second meaning: soch samajh ker kren concequences ko zahan main rakh ker( ref: apni aur A ki mohabat) A usay provoke kertay hoay mohabat be-dharak means fearless hoti hai k results k baray main na socho just jump in R fearless mohabat ka anjaam husna ki sooret main A ko dikhati hai aur selfish bannay say inkar kerti hai aur ye conversation agay chalti hai second meaning main pari ka ziker tak nahi ye sirf A aur R k baray main hai ab in dono main say kon saa meaning thik hai is per mera POV ye hai
    the conclusion
    drama situation k POV say ye dono meanings thik han apni jaga perfect han jab meri maha confusion door hoi aur mere senses nay thik kaam kerna start kia to main ne is conversation per ghor kia aur ye khayal dil main aya k itni perfect dual meaning conversation ka drama main itnay perfect point per ana k her cheez jis meaning main chaho fit ker lo ye ittefaq nahi hai phir zara sa ghor kia to pta chala k writer/directer nay very smartly brilliantly bal k geneiously viewers k sath trick kiya hai drama makers k mind main story k sath sath viewers bhi hotay han aur viewers sab say ziada suspence element ki waja say kisi bhi drama say hooked rehtay han
    yahan bhi ye hi cheez hai azam ki entry k baad say delibirately ek love triangle banta dikhaya gya jo mere POV say aaj tak yaani A aur R ki shadi tak nahi hai lekin A k R say aitraaf e mohabt kernay tak (epi-8) sab viewers confused thay k ho kia raha hai kon kis main interested hai actually jo story show ki jaa rahi thi different thi aur between the line story different thi show kia jaa raha tha azam P main interesred hai (bohat clear evidences han) jis k hisab say is converstion ka first meaning thik hai aur between the line story main A R main interested tha (very subtle clues) jis k hisab say 2 meaning thik hai now kuch viewers nay first aur kuch nay 2 meaning nikala ho ga aur dono excited hon gay k kia honay wala hai ye ambiguity deliberately create ki gayee hai sirf suspence element ki khatir ab ya to ye theory thik hai ya analysis kertay kertay main over confident ho gayee hon 🙂 ager aap main say kisi nay ye conclusion nikala tha to plz share ker k meri zindagi ek bar phir asan kren 🙂
    ye baat mujhay drama aur apnay personal dilemna k hwalay important lagi to share ker di ab kal wali discussion per atay han is say pehlay very shortly ek editting blooper ya shayed me ne kuch miss ker diya hai R azam say kisi shert ki baat kerti hai wo saajh nahi ayee mujhay ye scene A ki second entry k baad ata hai1 scene pari ka gift then ye walla scene A nay first time janay say pehlay R say kon si bet lgayee thi ya ab anay k baad ye show nahi kiya gya plz koi mujhay bta day main kia bhool rahi hoon mujhay scene adjustment main problem lag raha hai

    The revenge of nature
    we…the human beings try to defeat nature but can not and nature is very cruel in its “nature” it always takes its revenge…. (wah.. wah kia sentence banaya hai RJ ek dum phillosophy mari hai shabaaaaaaaaaaash.. 🙂 on a serious note insaan nay jab bhi nature ko defeat kernay us k against jaa ker kuch kernay ki effort ki bury tra nakaam hoa hai in return nature bhi kabhi insan ko nahi chorti apna revenge laiti hai but in a very brutal very cruel and very mercyless way how? ye insaan ko completely chor deti hai jo chahay krey jitna agay jaa sakta hai jayee jo mistakes kerna chahta kray khud silently tamasha dekhti rehti hai aur insaan jab aisy jaga pohunch jata hai jahan say wapsi nahi tab achanak charon terf say usay gher laity hai terpati hai us ka mazak urati hai ek ek ker k us ki sari mistakes us k samnay lay ati hai us ki sari positivity cheen laity hai jis say pain regret loss deppression jaisy negative emotions insaan ko gher laitay han jis k nateejay main us k achay kam bhi us ki nazron say chup jatay han aur yehi kuch hamari R darling k saath bhi hoa apnay childhood main kia gya ek wrong ya ek unnatural decision after 18 years na sirf apni sari holnakiun k sath us k samnay aa jata hai bul k in 18 years main kiay gayee saray wrong decisions sari mistakes bhi apni sari bhayanak soorton k sath us k samnay aa ker kharay ho jatay han kis ko blame kren hum as viewers shayed sympathy kren lekin R khud kia kray gi self pitty aur blamming jaisy do opposite emotions aisay kisi bhi insaan main paida ho jatay han jo insaan ko ander say khokhla kertay han ye sab R k samnay tab aya jab A k sath usay apni mohabat ka ahsaas hoa mager ye ahsaas akela nahi aya apnay sath bohat kuch laya
    the most vulnerable side of R jealousy or self-realisation
    R main anay wali changes ko bohat briefly me ne explain kia hai meri khwahish thi us k monologue ko bohat detail main facts k sath likhoon gi isi liay kal chor diya tha lekin aaj doosri cheezon main itna time lag gaya k ab mere pas bohat kam time hai is liay jo keh rahi hoon plzzzzzzz maan lan 🙂
    1-P k sath apnay actual relation ka ahsaas kehnay ko aam si baat lagti hai ek ghlat fehmi thi door ho gayee lekin mager kisi insaan ko acanak ye pta chalay k 18 years say wo jis bat ko reality samajh ker us k sath jee raha hai actually wo mahaz us ka khayal thi is say jitna deep sense of lose paida hota hai k umer mahaz sarab k peechay guzaar di us ka andaza sirf wo ker sakta hai aur guzree hoi umer waapis nahi aa sakti ye deep sense of lose actually wo khali pan hai jo R ko feel hota hai P us ki beti nahi wo us ki maan nahi bal k cousins han dono ki physical psyclogical emotional needs han aur ager in ka clash ho to kia ho ga is say fear paida hota hai
    P say constant comparison: jab ek bar realisation ka process start ho jayee to agay hi agay berta rehta hai aaj say pehlay p us ki beti thi lekin ab un ki actual equation samnay anay say P ek new form main us k samnay hai jis say first time in life wo P ki teen age say apni teen age ko compare kerti hai to andaza hota hai k apni teen age main wo kuch bhi normal nahi ker rahi thi ek bachi ki maan bani hoi thi khud shadi nahi kerna chahti thi etc etc ye sab us sense of lose ko aur deep kerta hai apna chehra ajnabi lagna is context main hai kiun k ye emotions kabhi young age main bhi us nay feel nahi kiay thay aur confused bhi hai k ye sahi han ya ghalat
    3-P k relation ko A k reff say dekhna kiun k ye change A k anay k baad aur us ki waja say aya hai isi liay is liay apnay P k sath us ka ziker kerti hai
    4-lonliness of soul ager P R ko possess kerti thi us ko kisi say close nahi honay dena chahti thi to R k unconscious main bhi ye hi tha wo bhi us ki closenss kisi k sath berdasht nahi ker sakti thi dono k reactions diff thay bus ab P k A say close honay per wo usi childhood tanhayee ka shikar hai lekin ab ye tanhayee soul ki hai (me aisy tanhayee mehsos kerti jo tanhayee main bhi nahi isi terf ishara hai
    5-the substitute P ager A ki soorat main R ka substitute dhoondha tha ab akelay reh janay k khof say R bhi budhay nawab ki soorat main ek sahara talash ker rahi hai
    6-insecurity R ko achi tra ilm tha k A usay pasand kerta hai ab P k us ko link kerna mere khayal say jealousy say ziada insecurity thi kiunk initial baaton k baad A ka sara focus ab P per us ka dil jeetnay per us k treatment per tha aur mohabat her din yakeen dahani chahti hai werna insaan insecure ho jata hai P ko azad kranay ki baat yaani mera ziker kiun nahi kerta wo sunna chahti hai
    7-saray relations ki equation normal hona R salma say P ki waja say door hoi saray piar per is nay qabza ker lia ab P ki apni asli jaga per janay say saray relation thik honay lagtay han mager ye bhi regret bhi hai gaya waqt wapis nahi aa sakta
    8- itnay negative emotions k paida honay bitterness aa jati hai aur P us k liay rival say ziada ek pitching bag hai jis per wo sari frustration nikal rahi hai
    9-jab ye frustration aur A say apni mohabat ka izhar sunnay ki khwahish exterme level per pohanch jati to A k samnay jaan boojh ker ye kehti hai k P aur us k dermian say chali jayee gi ye nahi keh sakti k kia tum mujh say mohabat kertay ho sirf sach sunnay k liay ye kehti hai aur A k kehnay per next day normal ho jati hai
    in short A k anay k baad R ab normal ho rahi hai jo super normality ka khol us nay apnay uper churr ha lia tha utaar ker humanize honay lagi hai natural feelings good/bad first time in life feel ker rahi hai is liay ye R ziada real hai ok bus finish coming epi main ager chance hoa to clearly likhoon gi
    yahan R A P k characters ka analysis khatam lekin 2 charac abhi baki han Naseeban shouki lekin in say pehlay main last 4 epi k comment perr ker ap ka opinion jaan ker decide kron gi k mujhay yahan is baray main kuch share kerna bhi hai ya nahi as a responsible person mujhay khayal kerna k meri kis bat ka kia out come ho sakta hai kia reaction ayee gaa relegion bohat sensitive issue hai ab main ap next epi pay milon gi ek most imp topic P ki transition ka ha jis link shouki say hai lekin ye topic next epi per looking forward to ur feed back god bless u


    • @RJ: Lol ur ”maha confusion” reminded me of the ever long debated comments we had here relating to this ”be-dharak mohabbat” wali takraar.. ”takraar” is our term used for this argue..!!
      N I must say that after having ur views, this is an addition to our discussion and theories..!!
      @SZ, @FA and I have discussed it with diff point of opinions and it was varied from person to person, but it was a great pleasure and to me ”memorable part”..!!

      No when U have discussed all ur personal points, I suggest u to go on the review of 8th episode, and check it out,, than U’ll get some more things to understand easily..!!

      Re: love triangle.. I wanna share some points here…
      I too opined from the 5th episode that Azam’s visit ti haveeli was not un-planned.. Like u said yesterday, me also like have a ”khaatka” there.. other, Azam;s eyes were reflecting enough to have feelings for Ruqayya.. his ”lekin aap bilkul nhi badli” give me a jerk and the point become more strong to my senses that Azam is in love with Ruqayya from a long time.. then after 5th episode, and Azam’s first visit ti haveeli, the poetry he sends ”ankhoon me basa ik dard sa hai”, they were enough for me to prove his love..!! and then, we see his incline towards pari, more than Ruqayya.. ”tumhari Appa itni achi nhi k unk liye kuch laya jayee”.. probably he wanna say here ”tumhari Appa tou itni achi hain k koi chez bhi unk liye kaafi nhi hai, unk liye tou me khud hon yahan”.. well, its all my personal opinion but I just extracted it from his body-language, his eyes, his feelings and his smile at that moment..!! So, here we see him, attentive to pari, ye tou ab ja k we’ve cleared but those episodes were awesome in which nothing was open to us, and it has left to us, what we want to take it as.. then I take it as:
      Azam has sensed the danger from the very beginning that Pari tou pari, Ruqayya is also very ab-normal in her attitude with pari.. but he thought that Ruqayya is not more difficult to handle.. So, here he focus all his attention to Pari.. Pari, who’s seeking love from anyone to quench her thirst of love, when see Azam’s affection and care, her inclination was must.. but here the thing to be understand, that pari was not in love with Azam.. she has just seen a friend in him, who’s taking care of him, who’s concerned that why she’s not talking, smiling etc.. @RJ, can u recall 5th episode scene of photo session, in which Azam was trying to take a single pic of Ruqayya, but pari did’nt let him to do that?? she even did’nt left Ruqayya even for a while.. Azam’s reaction and attention were there, just to be noted.. That was the MAIN reason that when he returned to haveeli again, the point of his attention was pari, more than Ruqayya.. ab people comment here that ”Azam’s attention are taking wrong by pari”, but to me, his intentions were only taken wrong by Ruqayya, regarding to pari.. so, lots of people were expecting the usual love triangle here, but as I’m concerned, I had taken it as from the first to the last, by taking all the facts in mind, I come to the decision that Azam and pari, both are only the two corners that comes to the same point, Ruqayya.. here it can be called as an Issocles triangle in mathematics term..! even my Dia Api, was expecting a fir of epilepsy to pari after Azam’s izhar-e-mohabbat to Ruqayya 😀 (Awww Dia Api, missing u)..!!

      well, now comes to the point , Re: ”Achaaaa tou ye wajah hai, janab shart jeetny ki ser toor koshish kar rahy hain”.. yaar as for as this scene is concerned, you’re rightly confused.. even when Ruayya utters this, I get back myself to the previous episode to check it out of what bet she’s talking for.. but then, (again all what I opine, self structuring u know lol), khair.. when Ruqayya asks him the reason for his chnaged behave, he says ”waqt anay per apko khud pata chal jayee ga”, ”aap jayye yahan se, wo apki pari mujhe aisy dekh rahi hai jesy mujhe khacha khaa jayee ge”.. and then we heard Ruqayya’s uttering about the ”shaart”.. I think the director had’nt shown this dileberatly here but just given us a tid-bit, as for Ruqayya and Azam’s ”bet” would be a damage to their characters, ,means k both the characters, especially our intelligent Ruqayya does’nt suit in this regard.. and here, but cutting of with this scene to shown to audience was just to save her character.. (God, haha Im sounding like im a co-worker of director or Ruqayya), but seriously, I had just decided after thinking Ruqayya and Azam’s character from the very beginning.! And many things, keep hidden to us, just for the character’s sake or our own as well..!!


      • @Ayesha: LOL my maha confusion and ur takrar lekin chalo ab main relaxed hoon ye jaan ker k kisi confuse honay wali cheez per confuse hoi werna mujhay lag raha tha k shayed main hi duffer hoon and yes mere liay bhi memorable part ban gya hai and I am sure A aur R k liay bhi memorable ho ga credit goes to sajji gul 🙂
        RE:love triangle well kuch points say 100% agree kerti hoon like picture taking scene actually jaisa kal kaha second entry nain ek editing blooper hai scene adjustment main problem hoi hai (bet wala) kal main ne apni theory likh ker delete ker di thi k shayed me kuch bhool gayee hoon to pehlay ap say pooch lon ab ap ko bhi idea nahi hai to mere POV say
        A second time full plan ker k aya tha k ab R ko jo us ka true love ban chuki hai kaisay hasil kerna hai first entry main R k positive responses say wo 100% sure tha k R us ko like kerti hai apni aur us ki family ka bhi itna bara issue nahi tha biggest problem P thi picture scena ne usay P ki R k liay possessiveness ka bta dia tha A aur R k kisi bhi relation main janay per P sab say ziada problematic hoti aur wo R ko emotionally black male ker sakti hai is liay first step main P say be friend hoa jayee is context main A nay P ko R say close honay k liay as a trump card use nahi kia isi intention say wo P k liay gift lata hai P A aur R k hwalay say insecurity ka shikar hai is liay poochti hai k R k liay kia layee ho ye baat A bhi janta hai is liay baat bna deta hai k wo to is qabil nahi means mera koi interest nahi so plz be relaxed now the blooper is k P ka A k pas rat ko aa ker apni badtamezzee k liay excuse kerna fits ana R say A ki P k treatment per baat us ko convince kernay wala scene hona chahiay jis main shayed bet lagti hai kiun k R k convince ho janay per bhi wo usay kehti hai P nahi manay gi A k sath sheher jaa ker treatment k liay to A kehta hai k main usay aisa kernay k liay razi ker loon ga ab yahan say A ki intention P k liay change hoti hai pehlay wo sirf R k liay kerna chahta hai ab apni kind nature aur p k problem ki intensity ko samajhtay hoay us k treatment ki khatir us say friend ship kerne chahta hai again wo usay use nahi ker raha bul k us ki betterment kliay ker raha hai is scene k morning wala scene jis R say plan main help kernay ko kehta hai ana chahiay lekin drama main ye terteeb nahi hai isi plan k tehat anay wali epi main R ko comp avoid kerta hai kiun k P say close honay ka ye hi tareeka hai apnay hisab main R ki terf say comp satisfied hai lekin R bohat reasons ki waja say jo kal kahi thin insecure ho jati hai phir wo verbal spat hota hai A aur R main jis say a ko R ki inner feelings ka pta chalta hai p say apna relation clear kerta hai p ye sun ker k A to actually R main interested hai R k liay insecure aur A say phir door ho jati hai ye meri story hai jo again khud ko satisfy kernay k liay bna li hai kiun k is her cheez sahi sahi adjust ho rahi hai


    • @RJ just read ur comment again… Would def recommend u read the discussion/comments on this takrar.. U will get so many more POVs.. Its not just two meanings.. And the rest of the convo is connected too so they r def discusssing P too..
      looking back at it now, we now know A loved R and R thought A was interested in P so some of the options could be ruled out and some might make more sense.. But it is still well worth a read…


      • @RJ: yeah you are so much right about this scene adjustment theory and it might had happened to the same but then we would not be able to analyse in own ways so as the writer and director has left it to
        Us and see when we take it as our own ho much we get satisfied.. But I agree with u for all these points.. Keep sharing..!!


        • @Ayesha:sorry jaldi main thi is liay reply complete kiay bina hi jana para here’s my full take
          RE:scene adjustment: my dear friend scene adjust kernay say interpretations suspence element on screen story and between the line story per koi effect nahi ho ga sab kuch waisa hi rahay ga sirf ye confusion door ho gi k bet ki timing kia thi ab ye weird lag raha hai k first time A ki R say itni closeness nahi thi k P k baray main ek intruder say koi bet laga laity ya koi personal cheez share kerti wo to ye bhi expect nahi ker rahi thi k wo kabhi wapis bhi aye gaa A normaly wapis jata hai letter bhejta hai mager R ka koi contact nahi hai is say second time atay hi P ko gift deta hai phir R ko ignore kerta hai R k poochnay per taal deta hai yahan tak sab thik phir R ka kehna acha aap shert jeetnay k liay ker rahay han to viewer confuse hota hai bet lagi hi kab thi right after that fits wala scene jis main A aur R detail main P ko discuss kertay han is liay mujhay laga k ek scene agay peechay kernay say confusion door ho sakti hai suapence element rahay ga kiun k viewer ko nahi pta k bet kis baat per thi aur P A kay sath next epi main doctor k pas jati hai ager ye nahi to bet wali baat blooper hai kiun k ye aaj tak nai pta k bet kia thi I hope ab clear ho gya hai
          RE:relation between A P R:hum dono almost 90% agree kertay han so iam happy about it
          lastly aap ko bhi thanks kehna tha aap ki is journey main constant support aur feed back ek terf mujhay cute lgti thi dosri side mujhay encourage kerti thi k main isay complete karon so I iam really grateful to u for ur love and support .God bless u


          • @RJ: Ur warm welcome any time my dear.. 🙂 and pleasure was all mine as I’m used to discuss Sannata in depths and details it really makes me happy..!!! and it was a great time I had with U, hoping that now U will make this journey with all of us..!!

            and for scene adjustments, you’re right that it doesn’t affect to the story, but I was justifying the bet scene approach.. as there was no missed or cut of scene here, and I also get pinch to what bet they’re talking about, might be any problem as u declared, but honestly, I enjoyed everything here even those things which made me confused at instants, I even loved and enjoy them..!! So, for this scene is concerned, I enjoyed my own guesses hahaha Lol..! 😛


  16. @RJ really enjoyed ur in-depth anaylysis on all the characters and situations.
    re the takrar: Im not sure if u read our discussions on that, we all had very different opinions about it at the time and they all fitted in perfectly. And i agree totally here that takrar was more means to capture the viewers attention and almost confuse them to create suspense, than to clarify anything.. For me that takrar, those lines are the most interesting lines from this serial so far. (and u will find us still going back to the bedharak and khudgharz muhabbat from time to time). I personally quite enjoyed working out what was going on in A and R’s heads and who loves who.. and personally speaking, I think the play has lost its magic since it has all come out in the open..
    Apart from that I was enjoying Naseeban’s track but unfortunately, it finished so abruptly.. Its a shame.

    Re the shart/bet: yes i raised the question at the time too.. not sure what she was referring to specifically.. perhaps she was referring to the bachpan wali baat/shart ie agar R se shadi ki tou maar daloon gi.. or something along those lines..

    Re the characters: again i enjoyed your in-depth analysis..
    U mentioned we dont know much abt A’s character/background.. I’d just like to add my two-pence here.. He comes from a wealthy, well to do family. He got everything on a plate.. hence we see this ziddi streak in him. He would go fight for what he wants whatever it takes… He is obviously frustrated with his father’s crooked ways which has almost made him rebellious in nature.. He is more attached to Najma, who probably had more to do with his upbringing and alot to do with the softer side of his nature.. but he is in fact more like his father & mother than he would like to admit, in terms of going to whatever extent it takes to get whatever he desires.. We’ve seen him using P, black-mailing his father, to throwing tantrums, non-stop persistence with his letters, to even his dhamki of breaking all taaluqs on the wedding night….We’ve also seen his khud-gharzi.. Whatever he did for the haveli, haveli wale and P, was out of his ghud-gharzi so he could win R’s love.. (it was more like bheek/charity/sadqa that he mentioned in the takrar)

    i totally agree with ur theory of R’s insecurities and her journey from being super-natural to natural/human.. but the only person suffering in this whole process is P. R’s got her nijaat, from the haveli, and from the loneliness.. she’s found a companion but P has lost everyone now!
    Id like to add one more thing here: yes R couldn’t connect with anyone at the haveli, however there were alot of ppl who understood her. Naseeban and even Aapa bi, (and even Salma, in her own way, did care for her).. Aapa bi is a woman of wisdom.. she pbbly never said it out loud, but she was one person who could understand her to some extent..We saw her reading to Aaba bi, even giving her opinions about matters…She did enjoy alot of privileges too..So she wasn’t as lonely as she had convinced herself to be. I felt it was more self-pity on her part here.. Her agreeing to marrying the buddha was also part of this self-pity streak in her… and although we see some shukr, we see more of this self-pity element in this latest installment..

    yesterday u mentioned P either loves or hates.. there is no middle-ground.. i’d disagree there. eg. We don’t see that with Aapa bi. Although she doesn’t always like her, we saw her defending her in front of the rishte wali.. Then we didn’t see any major reaction with Fatima, or the doctor.. etc..Yes she is very abrupt in general, but I think that extreme love-hate factor kicks in whenever it concerns R.

    Ok i thought i was over sannata now, but looks like i’ve still got too much to say! lol … but having said that, for me, the initial charm and suspense seems to have phased out and its more of a chore for me to sit and watch it now. Right now I’m not intrigued enough about any of the tracks that will compel me to rush and catch up with it asap! I really hope the todays ep is worth it!


      • @FA, awww don’t get so much hurt dekhna today U’ll enjoy it in sha ALLAH..!! Ahhh all my wishes are with u.. warna to whom I’ll discuss 😦

        west have to say, awwww what episodes were those yaar! takraar, izhar-e-mohabbat, aur wo khuwabon me rang bharna, Naseeban ka tree and tree-man lol.. Indeed that were the most charming episodes ever!!

        ye sb fatima ki wajah se huwa hai :/ aur baqi, uffhhh Azam’s koothi.. plz koi haveeli waly scenes dobara lao I don;t wanna say haveeli in so lil time, 😦 dekha I was saying na k haveeli ka charm lose hoty he Sannata charm lose huwa 😦


      • @ayesha itne lambe comment pe sirf hello? lol
        btw abt the love triangle.. yes P was never in love with A, but she had considered him as a replacement for R.. she even mentioned that at the docs.. i even said at that point it was the R within P (referring to her personality disorder here) that loved him, and now that we see this R taking over P, we see that love element coming out.. Infact the R in P admitted to A’s love before we saw R admitting her feelings.. (i hope im making some sense lol)


        • hahaha @FA, I though ap bhaag na jao is iye pehly hello keh lun than comment, see I’ve commented along with the first lol 😀 sorry for that wesy..

          but I think its not love element still that is coming out.. This is the competition, as our pari’s mental stage, the birds reference, two episodes back, love is here is hidden by pari’s over-dominating wish to Ruqayya always.. as she thinks k sirf Appa he tou hain wo nhi dain ge tou kon dy ga.. lol.. btw pata nhi qn i never admit that pari can love anyone else..ab pata nhi what’s the matter with me lol..
          but might be possible as u said that she’s seeing Azam as a substitute, haan pari hai kuch bhi kar sakti hai, wesy last episode she was saying ”Appa ab hum yahen rahen gy na”.. chalo jee lol wo tou kahen jana he nhi chahti.. wesy I request plz pari return to Haveeli this mansion is completely irritating me :/


          • @ayesha lol.. Jj
            as i said its not P that loves him but its the R that reflects/mirrors in her personality…. I also see it as : When R has given her some space (like RJs door qareeb ka vision) she can see other ppl around her and now she doesnt quite know what to do with herself so she is ready to shower that love / find comfort in the first person she lays her eyes on or trust and that happens to be A. She is used to this almost suffocating love & now shes feeling lost in this gap/space. She is used to holding on to someone (R) all of the time. she needs to fill this khalaa asap so she grabs A. But during this struggle her personality disorder is surfacing and R within her takes over who loves A..this is my theory lol
            Abb kia karein remember u werent even convinced ke R could love anyone alse either lol


            • @FA, ooppss apko yaad hai, I thought ap bhool gai hoge lol 😛 well wo tou Ruqayya the aur Ruqayya tou Ruqayya hai na yahan ager pari hai tou me convince hony ko ready hun lol.. 😀 aur wesy tab Ruqayya was not in love with Azam, aur abhi bhi she loves pari more.. 😛 (m jealous lol)

              ufhh U ki theory itni difficult as if m reading Love triangle philosophy, hahaha..!!
              acha jokes.. aj I’m sounding too much naughty awain he..

              Oh haann might be possible pari is seeing him as a gap to fulfil but she’s trying to be Ruqayya, so as much as I opine, that Pari is loving and trying to be loved with Azam, as Ruqayya.. not pari…. ab pata nhi how much I’m right or wrong lol 😀


    • @FA first of all replies
      RE:azam’s character/background actually aap ne meri bat ko second kia hai ma ne kaha tha is character ka “detailed introduction” nahi dia gya bul k drama main is ki entry sudden hai ye sirf epi 5 k hwalay say tha aur ye k is ki characteristics siowly and steadily story k sath sath reveal hon gi ab jo cheezan ap nay kahi ye sab next 6-7 episodes main humaray samnay ata hai ye hi mera point tha aur ap ne A ko bohat achi tra define kia hai kuch points say me agree nahi kerti lekin wo phir kabhi

      RE:R’s lonlliness again ap ne meri bat ko ek aur tra kaha hai 1- actually hmaray action/reactions un perceptions beliefs per based hotay han jin ko hum reality man latay han ab actually wo reality han ya nahi is say haman ferq nahi perta like R said zarori nahi aap ka sach mera sach ho R k unconscious main tha k wo alone hai actually wo apni family say apni waja say door thi aur A P ki closenass k baad jab apni ghalti ko realise kerti hai to khud apni mom k paas jati hai lekin is say pehlay apni lonlliness k perception main ussay A main soul partner nazer ata hai 2-A ka kehna hasraton k maray (haveli walay) aur khawahishon k maray(A’s famliy) is sentence say R mentaly us say connect kerti ager us ki family say koi ye bat kehta wo attention na deti mager ek stranger ka us ko perfectly read kerna usay chonkata hai ye bhi common hai hum family say apnay baray main bohat kuch sun ker unsuna ker daitay han lekin kisi stranger ki bat per immediately react kertay han 3-her gender ki specific emotional mental physical needs hoti han A say mil ker R k ander wo needs jo kahin so gayee thin ab full intensity say jaag gayee han
      RE:self pity as A said hasraton k maray to aisay logon main self pity hoti hai bul k P k sath us ki insecurity jealousy say ziada self pity thi
      RE:P’s extreme emotions ye R ki line thi jis say main ne evaluate kia “ek terf apa bi ki be-inteha nafrat aur ek terf meri be-los mohabat ” some thing like that is ka detail answer P ki transition main milay ga
      rishta wali incident i think ye show kerna tha k she is not stupid mere opinion main kisi character ki characteristics ko evaluate kernay ka best way hai k hum dekhan most of the time us ka behaviour kia hai ek do incidents ko ignore ker dena chahiay
      lastly meri bongiyon ko itna seriously lanay ki zarorat nahi 🙂

      i hope saray ques finish ho gayee han
      okayy.. ab me relaxed hon to jo sab say pehlay kena chahiay tha ..thank soooo very much mere analysis ko itna attentively pernay aur deeply understand kernay k liay i know itni heavy reading kerna specially ek bar phir start say sari cheezon ko dekhna her bat ko recall kerna phir us ko mere POV say compare kerna na sirf asnan nahi hai bul k bohat time ki bhi zaroorar hai ager main hoti to shayed na ker pati is liay ek bar phir thanks ab main ap sab k last 5 episodes k comments pernay jaa rahi hai kiun k ab mera mind influenced honay k liay 100 percent ready hai i hope ap ki meaning full aur detailed conversations say meri understanding main izafa ho ga


    • @FA: another bongi maar di hai main ne 🙂 pta nahi kaisay lekin aap k comment ka reply neechay chala gaya hai plz check ker lan thanks


  17. Breaking news: epi 1 say epi 10 tak k saray reviews aur comments parr liay han …. thoroughly enjoying and so happy…. past say near past main aa gayee hoon near past say present main kal tak aa jaon gi.. I’ll give u my feed back in-sha-allah kal


    • @RJ.. Awww u know u have won me for this beautiful compliment for taking n giving respect to everyone’s notions as it become so difficult sometimes to bear un wanted criticism to which we love. Aj he m so much hurt for a same reason vice versa.. That why people don’t think before saying k unki ik baat se humein kit a suffer karna par sakta hai.. But now m relax k duniya me ap jesy achy log bhi hain who know how to give n take respect.. I just wish n pray k har koi apki tarah sochnay lagy tou kitni respect n love could gain… You’re soooo nice.. I just.. May God bless u always.. Ameen..
      Once again.. Don’t know what to say but you’re really awesome!!


  18. Meri khushi ko kisi ki nazer lag gayee….so tensed and disturbed….completely changed my mind after reading comments of epi 11…..but still confused..thinking….thinking…kia karoooooon…. mujhay ek bar phir apni athanee ki zaroorat perr gayee hai ab jo wo kahay.. shayed pehlay remaining characters per likhoon aur apna feed back abhi hold per rakhoon aur end main ek sath saray points per baat karoon .. let’s see..hoping for the best 🙂


  19. @Fa/ Ayesha: thanks for ur support feeling much better now..pehlay to literally ronay ko dil chaa raha tha..depression ki waja say 🙂
    RE:freedom of speech well ye apni apni values ki baat hai I strongly believe k freedom of speech k naan per offensive/controversial baton say perhaiz kerna chahiay sab k emotions hotay han aur apnay liay ager ye pasand kerti hoon to khud bhi bolnay say pehlay soch leti hoon kiun k lafaz wapis nahi atay
    ok decided… aayye lo phir 🙂
    shauki ki story abhi share kerti hoon typing speed miserably slow hai 2-3 hours lagan gay is liay have patience


  20. shauki’s story and its relevance (part:1)
    latest episode main shauki ka background us ki complete history k samnay anay say P ki story say us ki relevance bohat ziada obvious ho gayee hai lekin bohat ziada careful hotay hoay me sirf drama chunks ki help say is ko explain kroon gi me full effort karoon gi k is story k characters jin metaphors aur symbols ki help say conversation ker rahay han un ko apni observation understanding aur jo mehdood bohat mehdood knowledge rakhti hoon us ki help say decode kerkay aam zuban main aap k samnay rakhoon main intellectual nahi hoon relegious scholar to bilkul nahi hoon is liay in interpretations k sahi honay k jitnay chances han ghalt honay k bhi utnay hi chances han last thing apna personal opinion(ye concept right/wrong acceptable/unacceptable/ believable/unbelievable)hai apnay pas rakhoon gi aur readers say bhi bohat humble request hai k plzzzzzzzzz aisa hi kren readers main har school of thought say belong karnay walay shamil han freedom of speech k naam per kisi k emotions/beliefs ko disrespect nahi kren i am sure aisa hi ho ga is blog k readers ka maturity level bohat high hai thanks in advance
    coming back to shauki’s track is k liay hum wahin chaltay jahan say shauki ka character drama main introduce hota hai jab P ko fits ki waja say naseeban aur R spiritual treatment k tor per ek “dergaah” per lay jati han wahan S ek mysterious man jis k past ko hum nahi jantay introduce hota hai wo P ko dekh ker us ki terf attract hota hai
    P k second visit main wo phir is lerki say aisa fascinate hota hai k us ko apni terf attract kernay k liay”dhol” bajata hai jis ka effect P per us k mental condition ki waja say hota hai lekin S apnay beliefs ki waja say usay aur tra interpret kertay hoay “wajad”(trance like condition in sufism) ka nam deta hai yahan say S ki P say emotional aur spiritual connectivity start hoti hai again hamari personality hmaray perceptions/beliefs form kertay han aur jo raah wo suggest kertay han hum ussy per chaltay han P ko dekh ker S k dil ne us ko pasand ker liya tha us k nafas nay us ki khahish ki thi aur ye batan us k unconscious ne note ker leen thin jin ki khber abhi S ko bhi nahi thi kiun k hmari unfulfilled desires ka asli gher hmara unconscious hi hai aur is main chupy hoi ye desires kisi khas incident jo un ko provoke kray say bahir aa jati han ye hi S k sath hoa jab us k dil nay P k liay apni feelings develop keen
    feelings emotions concrete ya physical form nahi rakhtay jin k anay ki forun khaber ho jayee in ki pehchan insightful person ker sakta hai aur ye character “murshid” ka hai “murshid” ka literal meaning hai guide kernay wala aur terminology main us insaan ko kehtay han jo spiritual rastay per chalnay walon ko guide kray in short aap isay spiritual doctor keh saktay han jo spiritual diseases ko diagnose kerkay un ka treatment suggest karta hai aur naam ki munasibet say drama main ye character ye hi kerta hai ek spiritual doctor ki tra apnay patient ki actual disease ko diagnose kertay hoay us ka treatment suggest kerna S ek patient ki tra apnay doctor say apni spiritual journey main anay wali problems share kerta hai jis main past main kiay crimes/sins specially kisi baray sin ka ziker ker k apna regret restlessness anxiety depression ko express kerta hai M us ki actual problem diagnose kerta hai k wo apni “main” yani zaat main gum hai aur ager us ka center of attention apni zaat yaani nafas ho ga to is journey ko kabhi start bhi nahi kar sakay ga kiun k is raastay ki sab say bari hurdle nafas hai so firstly is ko overcome kerna ho ga is problem ka treatment ye suggest kerta hai k kisi dosray ki zaat ko apni center of attention bna lay jis main goom ho kar wo apnay ap ko bhool jayee ye hi wahid ilaj hai kiun k S as a person bohat weak hai us main wo will power strength passion determination nahi hai k apnay bal bootay per is raah main anay wali problems ko face ker sakay wo jald hi thak jayee gaa ya bhatak jayee gaa
    is liay us ko kisi ki help leni ho gi actually M ka kehna tha k us ko is raastay per kisi companion ki zaroorat hai kiun k ek aur ek do hotay han is liay koi aisa companion jo isi rastay ka musafir ho aur jis ka passion S say bhi ziada ho aur spiritually S say better condition main ho aur wo us ki inspiration banay S us ko idealize kray us jaisa banna chahay aur rafta rafta us ki characteristics ko jo completely khuda k pasand kerda saanchay main dhal chuki han as it is apna lay is tra is mushkil raastay ki tanhayee bhi kam ho jayee gi aur rasta asaani say kat jayee gaa hum jantay han humara ideal jitna buland ho gaa hum utnay hi buland honay k baray main sochan gay aur zahir hai S ki mohabat aur affiliation us zaat say kisi materialistic cheez k liay nahi sirf khuda k liay ho gi like allah k liay prophet p.b.u.h say mohabat kerna bus is say ziada detail main nahi jaon gi jis ko interest hai khud research ker lay ab ye question ye hai k main is conclusion per kaisay pohnchi is ki confirmation drama main epi 10 main ho jati hai (apnay ap say bongiyan nahi maar rahi paka proof milta hai drama main ok yahan part 1 finish koshish ker k part 2 abhi likhti hoon pehlay isay digest kren 🙂


    • but @RJ: apne bataya nhi why u were confused soo much?? n now how much ur confusion has been finished?? bhaee me tou kal parishaan he hogai the apko itna confuse dekh kar 😛


      • @ Ayesha: kuch batan unsuni rehnay do …. kuch batan unkahi rehnay do….sab batan dil ki keh din ager phir baki kia reh jy gaa…. sab batan dil ki sun lin ager phir baki kia reh jy gaa …is iojhal undekhi dunya per ik khirki un kuli rehnay do 🙂


        • hahaha @Rj:.. Lol.. kahe un-kahe.. mujhe nhi pata tha wesy k ye wali khirki nhi khoolni so is liye poocha tha 😛 but as U wish me tou bs chahti the apki confusion door ho jayee aur ap khulllllllllllll k muskurayen now when you’re smiling.. so let it behind.. 🙂 keep smiling..


          • @ Ayesha hahaha good sense of humour 🙂
            RE:confusion smjha karo naa yaar fasad e khalaq ka khatra hai ….waisay bhi raat gayee so baat gayee ab sab set hai 🙂 S ko discuss kren gay lekin zara baad main aap abhi yaheen ruk jyn ap ne kuch bohat valid points ki terf ishara kia hai in ko clear ker k agay jyn gay waisay hum bhi isharaon kinayon main batan kernay lagay han kia ye sanata effect hai 🙂


            • @RJ: ohh sorry yaar I read this, after commenting but me ne shouki ka complete analysis nhi diya.. mae fully facts k sath conclude karny pe believe karti hun warna na insaafi ho jaati hai itni mehnat se likhy gaye characters pe, so Its just an extraction of provided material..!
              Okie than I have to wait now for your worth reading answer..!! 🙂

              haha lol sense of humour 😛 no doubt buht achaa hai..
              ishaaron kanayion me baat karny me jo charm hai wo direct hony me kahan bhaeee 😉


  21. shauki’s story (part:2)
    main ziada depth main janay ki bajaiy sirf kinaray kinaray per reh ker baat ker rahi hoon jis say kayee swalat aur confusions paida ho saktay han lekin hamara objective bus utni under standing hai jis say drama characters aur story main un ki relevance obvious ho jayee aur wo ho jayee gaa ab S ki story per chaltay han
    Apnay Murshid ki ye baat kay usay is rastay per kisi companion ki help leni ho gi S ki life ek turning point leti hai humain S k background ko bhi zehen main rakhna ho gaa wo ek rural background say belong kernay wala simple lekin illiterate insaan hai aur us k aur M k mental level main zameen aasman jitna diff hai aur is main itni samajh nahi k aisi complicated cheezon ko discuss ker k fully understand ker lay finally humain yahan dramatic license bhi dena ho gaa werna story agay kaisay jayee gi
    M ki ye baat wo incident ban jaati hai jis say us k unconscious main dabi hoi desire yani P activate ho jati hai ab S ka unconscious is message ko conceive kertay hoay usay symptoms dena start kerta hai jis say wo apni desire yaani P ko recognize ker lay lekin S in messages ko decode nahi ker pata ek bar phir M say consult kerta hai wo apnay experience aur intuition ki base per S ko ek bar phir actual problem btatay han k us k dil main kisi doosry zaat ne ghar ker lia hai yaani usay mohabat ho gayee hai sath hi is rastay ki problems ka ziker kertay warn kertay han k abhi bohat azmayeshan/negative forces ayn gi in ko successfully compete ker kay mehoob k ishq main doobay hoay S ki apni zaat yani nafas khatam ho ga aur sirf mehboob ki zaat yani us ka ishq S k wajood main reh jayee gaa aur ye ishq waja banay gaa us power ki jis ko use ker k S mehboob ki purified characteristics ko apna lay gaa jis say is journey ko continue kerna asan ho gaa aur final destination tak pohanch jayee gaa jis ki usay talash hai
    S ka batin (inner self) abhi pervert/unpure hai batin purified ho to dil per soul (jo pure hai) ka effect hota hai aur batin pervert/unpure ho to dil per nafas ka effect hota hai is ki pehchaan insight full person ker sakta hai k us k dil per guzernay wala kon sa khayal soul ki terf say hai aur kon saa nafas ka dhoka hai nafas usay soul ki terf say hi bana ker paish kerta hai aur satan hamesha nafas k zeriay hi insaan ko behkata hai
    kisi bhi disease ko exactly aur perfectly diagnose kernay k liay most important factor ye hai patient apnay baray main doctor say kuch na chupayee apni har feeling problem each and every thing apnay doctor say share kray kiun k expert doctor hai patient expert nahi hai ye hi mistake S say hoi M ki baat sun ker S ghor kerta hai k wo kon si zaat ho sakti hai aur yahan wo apni zindagi ka sab say bara dhoka khata hai wo dergaah per P k fits attack ko wajad samajhtay hoay P ko bhi isi rastay ki musafir samajh leta hai aur M ki kahi sari baton ko us per apply ker k is baat ka yaqeen ker laita hai k ye hi wo zaat hai actually S ka conscious us ko ye yaqeen dilata hai k P bhi apni spiritual journey ki completion k liay dergaah per ati hai lekin ye S ka unconscious ya us k nafas ki lust hai jo P ki demand ker rahi hai aur nafas ne is ko dhoka is liay diya hai kiun k at heart S bura insaan nahi hai us ki lagan bhi sachi hai apnay past per sherminda hai isi liay P k liay koi bhi direct bura khayal anay per wo bilkul is rastay per nahi jayee gaa aur satan waisay bhi insaan ko chupkay say hi behkata hai aur pervert nafas us ka hathyar hai

    apni pervert nafas ki desire P ko is raastay per apna actual partner ya companion samajh lenay k baad sab say bari mistake ye karta hai k M say ye sab share nahi kerta k kia meri pehchan sahi hai aur M bhi insaan han dil ka haal to nahi jantay jo un ko bataya jata hai sirf usi ko nazer main rakh ker solution btatay han aur ishq jis bhi tra ka ho symptoms ek jaisi hoti han ye main is liay keh rahi hoon k drama say koi ye na samjhay k M ne S ko kaha hai k kisi larki say affair chala lo ye S ki misunderstanding hai jis ki confirmation agay jaa k hoti hai epi 12 main
    S P ko hi apna soul mate samajh ker kabhi us k gher jata hai to kabhi dergaah per hi us k dobara anay ka intezaar kerta rehta hai doosry terf P ab psychiatrist say apna treatment kerwa rahi hai is liay dergaah per dobara nahi jati tang aa ker S hi us k gher jaa ker usay dergaah per milnay ki request kerta hai taa k “p say us kunj(khzanay) jo S k ander dafan ki chabi lay sakay ” aur us per clear kerta hai us ki intention pure hai wo us say koi materialistic matlab nahi rakhta P us ki koi bhi baat nahi samajhti aur obviosly usay dergaah per jana bhi nahi hai
    S P ka wait kertay kertay jab hopless honay lagta hai tab P jo A aur R k relation say apset hai wahan jaa ker uasay apnay father ko dhoondh ker lanay ki request kerti hai S usay apnay M
    ka shagan(gift) samajhtay hoay promise ker laita hai her tra us ki help kernay ki actually P us k liay muqadas hai us ki baat talnay say usay lagta hai k kahin wo apni manzil kho naa day ye sab M dekh aur sun ker S ko is raah(P) say roktay han “tu jis kaam k liay yahan din raat ek raha hai usi per dhayan day raah(spiritual journey) mat badal ” say saaf zahir hai k M ne usay P k peechay nahi lagaya aur jaisay hi un ko asal baat pata chali forun ghalt kaam say roka sath hi S ko samjhaya k us ka tareeka bhi sahi nahi “madad kerna chahta hai ya madad khareedna chahta hai ye ishq ki nagri hai yahan beopari ka koi kaam nahi ” means maadi gherz o ghayat say azad(nafas say) ho ker hi insaan apni manzal tak pohanchta hai mager S dil k hathon majbor ho ker P say phir milnay jata hai jis ki khaber honay per M phir us ko samjhatay han k baaz aa jaa yahan S P k sath apni actual connectiviy ka ziker kerta hai M us ki misunderstanding door kernay ki pori koshish kertay han “mohabat ko hawas main tabdeel hotay ek second nahi lagta” means ye teray nafas ka dhoka lust hai divine isq nahi “is raah per bhoolnay walay ko manzil mil jati hai bhataknay walay ko manzil bhi nahi milti” means tu rasta bhatak gaya hai “tu jis main waseela talsh ker raha hai wo bechari to khud ” means teri pehchan ghalat hai jo apni madad khud nahi ker sakti wo tujhay kia paar lagayee gi lekin S itna agay jaa chuka hai k ab M ki baat per bhi yaqeen nahi M jo k ek spiritual insaan honay k natay destiny per full faith rakhtay han ko sahi baat ka andaza hota hai k ye sari misunderstanding create hi kiun hoi “main janta hoon tu baz nahi aye ga shayed tere naseeb main ye azmaish likhi hai”
    yahan main ruk jaon gi aur latest developments ko hum is episode k review main discuss kren gay aur S ko manzil milay gi ya nahi is ko predict kernay ki koshish kren gay
    lastly me ne jo bhi likha hai na kisi school of thought ko promote kernay na kisi ko targaet kernay ki intention say bul k drama aur entertainment k Pov say likha hai ager dearest SZ ko koi cheez is forum k hwalay say namunasib lagay to full right hai wo is ko remove ker dan me complaint bilkul nahi karon gi thanks and love u all 🙂


  22. @RJ: just WAO..! fabulous.. aur why are u getting sorry this much?? my Dear I’ve just noticed your ”careful” way of describing it, your words are reflecting that how skilfully u managed to not let any big diff here among other with this context..!!
    I haven’t find the chance yet to discuss Shouki’s part, as now we’ve completed it, So your take sounds complete in itself too..Though I’ve no objection at all from any of ur view point but it would me pleasure for me to discuss it with U.. Almost u have taken it all and thoroughly so let me start same as u did..

    In the last of 4th episode, we’ve seen a person at Dargaah, who was like lost self-man.. As pari was running before (BTW guys, I wanna share one thing, as for this scene I’ve adopted, pari was first to get shocked by looking at shouki, shouki didn’t.. It might be wrong observation as Shouki’s part have to begun but I think they should be careful while capturing this click as it was a bit confusing for me)..
    khier leave it, it might be a diff of adaptation..!
    As we see, shauki’s from the very first sight he have started to take pari as someone ”special”.. his reaction while taking pari’s feet dust in hands was even more shocking.. the way he stare at pari, all his action and reaction were very much of powerful that it leads many times too much confusing for me that why, how he can be..!!
    RJ, convos between Murshid and Shouki are very beautifully and convincingly discussed by U so m not going to revise them.. I just go on with the main theme and his personality, will take only major reasons..

    As we now know that what redemption shouki is making up off, but back to 6 or 7th episodes we never knew what had happned to him.. ohkay mine personal opinion was not too much far from his real story, even the way he looked pari, sounded like he’s seeing anyother’s face in Pari..
    Murshid laims him time n again that not to divert from the real purpose for which he’s here at Dargaah.. he utters ”Murshid saeen’ me chah k bhi dhool nhi baja paa raha aisa qn hai mery sath”.. Murshid saeen suggests him to focuss on it but he couldn’t.. now, when he sees Pari at Dargaah, he started to beat the dhool with full power, I just focussed on his ”power” behind it.. he was trying to attract pari and Dhool was the only source for him.. the way pari attracts and get herself lost for this beating, along with Shouki tells them that she has got a ”wajad” not ”doora”.. ab Wajad is a very diff as compare to ”doora”.. I was collecting the clues that how and why pari can get a state of Wajad.. After having her character’s analysis and Husna’s past, when i hadn’t come to any strong conclusion. I left it and waited for the more to come.. and now I realized that was not a ”wajad” at all.. it was her over-dominating feeling and extra actions she did like too much dance at a time, and at the same time, her mental condition so she suffered an abnormality, not a wajad’s state.. but as now shouki’s rural background is clear, its so easy to decide why he was taking it as Wajad.. he’s too much admiring pari instead to love her..

    at this point, when people take anyone they love, more than admirable, sufferings and abnormal attitude starts to lead.. shouki has admired Gul-e-mina for her beauty, than to love her.. love is though blind but the stage to be white-blind only comes in extra-admiration.. Gul-e-mina was using him, he didn’t knew that.. he was overwhelmed for Gul-e-mina’s love and bebusi she’s facing.. a very young girl under old Tayaa’s custody.. So, he did a blind and over topped love to Gul-e-mina.. he killed Tayaa, by the over dominating love and admiration of Gul e mina that was the extraction of his sympathy towards her.. ab the point he developed in his personality that he has to pay for what he has done.. he finds pari, a source of redemption here.. though he don’t know about pari’s background but it doesn’t matter to him.. only what matters to him, that by helping pari, he can be put on his mistake.. Again he tries to repeat his mistake, behaving with pari not like a lover, but an admirer, like her slave and she, a Queenn.. to whom he’s ready to serve upon for each n every purpose.. As, in this play, none of the character is normal in his/her way, so we see shouki, also like an abnormal reactor..

    ”khazaany ki kunj”.. RJ you and me, having too similar opinions about every part..
    here the khazana he meant, was actually a real, intelligent and a man in him which he has lost after the incident.. he want to be purified from all his sins but un-fortunately.. pari says ”nhi mery paas kuch nhi hai”.. poor pari knows that she has nothing but shouki, here forcing that no.. u have all what I need..!! ”daro mat! na me tumhei choun ga, na he tumhe koi takleef pohnchaon ga”..
    and in last two episodes, we see him, committing both claims he did.. than now what is leading him to be like this?? It is his inner and extra conciousness that is forcing..Now, when pari starts to imagine that shouki can do any thing for her sake, she goes out and demands for her father… ”tum ne kaha tha tum mery liye kch bhi kar sakty ho”.. as before time, it was easy to claim that he’s able to do any thing but up to the time, it was not possible for him to make pari complete.. There it lies what he was searching for.. he wanted to help pari and at the same time he want his purification from his Dr/Murshid/purifier/..

    the problem here’s that he don’t know how to make a balance between two extremes.. Actually, when a person, apart from sins and intentional mistakes (a pious man), commit any thing, the punishment feeling in him emerges like hurricane and it remain extreme till to have a jerk or obstacle in his way.. even Murshid warns shouki that not let urself to come at the point where its difficult to differentiate between love n lust, but shouki believes in himself that he’s not even interested in touching pari.. and Murshid’s this warning was the reason to utter ”me tumhen nhi chuwon ga”.. so, as he was a nice man to a great extent, and when he has committed a murder of his own Tayaa, the guilt in him, emerges out with a very great extent that he seeks a far ”Dargaah” and ”Murshid saeen” for his punishment.. he didn’t get married as he see himself as an un-purified soul.. than its a fact we all know that, spiritual treatment is more needed than physical… So, here shouki’s taking pari, as an easy way to reach at the point, he’s trying..

    (RJ: I’m agreeing u with full heart for this soul and spiritual take)

    it’s half take guys, I have more to say for his transitions and personality, but will continue it at night..!

    thoroughly, I don’t know what and how much sense m able to make, but plz apologises if anything isn’t understand-able 😛


  23. So, the remaining part of Shouki.. I’d finished it up that shouki is being too much towards extremism as he was an extremist in his esteem for Gul e Mina, he was an extremist in murdering Tayaa je, he’s shown at extreme level of being such a punished and then an extremism for Pari..
    So, like all other characters with their extremism and intensity, like Ruqayya pari and Azam, shouki is perfectly fit in this scenario..!!

    Again, what’s the reason behind his harsh behave with Pari, that he’s even ready to be at a distance from her, but he’s not able to listen another’s name from Pari. Gul e Mina’s beloved, Gul Muhammad was the reason that Gul e mina betrayed him.. n now his self is actually revenging it indirectly with Pari.. a complete human nature.. that shows that still, he’s having all the weaknesses like human beings.. but his being and reacting like other people, m convinced otherwise it was a bit disturbing for me that plz don’t spoil an important character and leading him to such a spiritual stage which is not easy to shown or follow..!!

    being shouki, a claimed person for pari, he thinks pari has used him like Gul e Mina did and this revenging nature ”mujhe phir kabhi dhooka deny ki koshish na karna”.. this was an essence of all his normal/abnormal/extreme actions n reaction like he’s a bitten person, and all the efforts of a weak man remain with him in any corner to come up with a pinch whenever it is needed..!
    though he’s not justified in his reaction with Pari, but he’s justified in mental psyche.. not up to psyche level after spending years of redemption here in Dargaah..!!

    by summing up (RJ, I’ve left all those convos ad u had a very detail comment about that and m with u on this take),
    shouki’s character is still in its way.. its not complete as Ruqayya , pari and Azam’s personalities are fully before us.. But as much I think that shouki is having some more to conclude.. So, my take and analysis for him, is to be continued till it all comes to us..!!

    but one more thing I want to share, pata nhi is it right or wrong but here, something disturbing..! I am not satisfied with Murshad Saeen’s presence here..! this is the only one point i disagree in this play that even if shouki is a spiritual purifying seeker than why Musrshad Saeen instead of Quraan..
    ishq-e-haqeeqi, though I agree that almost so many times, not possible without Ishq-e-majaazi, so his interaction with Pari is justified but Murshad Saeen.. but @RJ, when I read ur comment and take Murshad Saeen as a Dr/well wisher/ guide, it makes me so much of satisfied but not completely.. this is no doubt a very delicate issue, I touched but.. forced by my heart.. but as I said that my analysis is summed up, not conclueded, so I’ll wait more to come.. !


  24. @ Ayesha: ok kuch batan clear kernay ki koshish kerti hon
    RE:Mushid Quran etc no doubt ye bohat sensitive issue hai is liay real life main chor ker sirf drama main is ki presence per baat kren gay k kiun ye wahan hai see ek hota hai art aur ek terf morality/ethics/principles hoti han true artist jo create kerna chahta hai ker k rehta hai is per us ka control nahi hota phir society morality accept kray na kray aur critics bhi us piece of art ko artistic point of view say judge kertay han na moral POV say like nude art .. form of art hai lekin on moral grounds reservations ho sakti han isi tra literature main erotic category hoti hai ye hi baat us per bhi apply hoti hai isi tra music wo kajraray song discussion to yaad hai na aap ko aur bhi examples han yahan bhi ye hi hai actually writer nay apnay theme ko establish kernay aur phi usay mazeed firm kernay k liay society/culture main say most possible ways ko search ker k hamaray samnay rakh diya hai aur is main parapsychology psychology Sufism etc ko use kia hai that’s it writer ka main focus ishq per hai aur religion main sirf Sufism wo school of thought hai jis ki base hi ishq per hai so witer ka objective yahan religion ko preach kerna nahi bul k apnay main objective ko best way main achieve kerna hai ta k at the end of the play drama ka theme with full force and clarity viewers k samnay a jyee
    acha ab jab sifism ko use kia hai tu is ki true soul ko represent kerna tha ta k us specific school of thought k followers offend na hon Sufism ka imp part murshid hai trainers apni spiritual journey M k pas reh ker complete kertay han aur sari religious teachings quran hadees etc usi say hasil kertay han is liay drama main us ka hona must tha second objective drama main M ka wo hi character/role hai jo tree man aur old naseeban ka hai means ishq k meaning kisi na kisi ko samjhana in other words drama theme ko clearly viewers k samnay lana is liay writer is character ko use ker rahay han apnay objective k liay na k Islamic teachings ki preaching k liay ab jahan say baat start ki thi waheen atay han ye sab objectionable ho sakta hai k writer ye na kertay kuch aur ker latay so tareekay han mager artist ko jo create kernay ki urge hoti hai wo kerta hai hope kuch clarity hoi ho gi
    RE:S spiritual purifying seeker I think u r misreading him he is just like young naseeban R A and P
    main wait ker rahi hoon to sirf SZ ka un ki wisdom understanding per kafi trust kerti hoon un ka POV jannay k baad hi apna POV samnay rakhoon gi let’s see review kab ata hai meri gut feeling hai may be wo bhi wait ker rahi han story thori aur unfold ho jy ya time nahi mila


    • @RJ: yeah much better now..! these points were in my mind in very jumble way and I couldn’t let them into an organized way as u done.. so a big THANK YOU to U.. much of the confusion is now vanished away..

      but I have’t misunderstand him but my confusion was just related to Murshad saeen’s presence here and now I’ll take him in the context of Sufism and Ishq.. which isn’t possible without such source.. so ohkaayy yeah agreeing with u..!! 🙂


  25. Just to break the silence 🙂
    aj is blog per itni khamoshi dekh ker main ne socha chalo koi baat kren aur koi nahi to ayesha to respond ker hi dan gi 🙂 so main apna experience share ker chahon gi jo myjhay ap k meaning full aur valuable comments pernay k doraan hoa
    Well mere late kernay ki ek waja to meri uncalled “confusion” thi secondly mujhay literally samajh nahi aa raha tha k kin words main aap ko tribute pesh karoon bus ye samjhan k completely “speechless” hoon, totally in awe of u, fully impressed,bilkul “floor” ho gayee hoon( ye mera sent nahi famous book aag ka derya say lia hai mere POV say sab say better aur appropriate ye hi hai 🙂 chalo ji meri vocabulary khatam bus ye hi kahoon gi u guys r really really awesome
    main ne approximately 650 comments perhan her comment ne mujhay kuch diya hai kisi na kisi hwalay say aur main ne koshish ki thi ye reading just for the sake of reading na ho puri effort ker k har comment ka meaning context mood her cheez ko understand karon aur is k liay mujhay aap commentators ne force kiya apni dedication devotion consistency aur intelligence say so a big round of applause for all of u
    now itnay comments pernay k bad ye decide kerna k kis comment per kaisay reaction dena hai aur kis pe nahi dena ye control kerna bhi difficult tha ye hi meri confusion thi kher ussay to hum ne peechay chor diya hai bohat soch ker main do categories bnayee han first jo comments mujhay itnay achay lagay k mujhay yaad reh gayee is main ap ko mere “motay” dimagh ko thora margin dena ho gaa jo wo yad nahi rekh saka hai us per 🙂 is ka matlab ye nahi k mujhay sirf ye hi achay lagay secondly jin ko me ne bohat enjoy kia funny ones
    1-Ayesha aur FA sab say pehlay meri terf say apnay aap ko ek ek hug day lo plz 🙂 undoubtedly ap k saray comments ek taraf aur baki sab k ek terf aur is say bara proof kia ho gaa k writer ap ki tareef ker rahay han ab bohat shortly in cooments ko mention karon gi
    2-ayesha ki cosmic word theory out class thi comp agree with it off course words have power positive words positive negative words negative rays generate kertay han scientifically proved hai common life main jab kisi insan say koi vibes feel kertay han words ki waja say hota hai is say spiritual treatment bhi hota hai
    3-again A ki interpretation about P’s dream was outstanding mind blowing three types of conscious ko jis tra explain kia aur P k dream us k fitts attack k doran condition ko the chimgader ref psychiatrist k sath us ki conversation ko bohat satisfying aur convincing way main describe kia brilliant work ayesha mere to uper say guzer gya tha sab kuch 🙂
    4-FA ne naseeban’s track main background score ko disney aur fairy tales say resemblance di thi kamal thi N ki story ko fantasy ka touch denay k liay makers ne ye kia tha mager is ko notice kerna ek keen observer ka kaam tha aur phir human pta chalta hai k N’s track scary say ziada fascinating isi waja say tha very well take
    5-ek discussion evolution of languages k baray main thi i thoroughly enjoyed it aur us main sab say convincing comment FA ka tha definately language evolve kerti hai khatam nahi hoti society/culture change honay k sath sath apnay survival k liay ye bhi khud ko change kerti rehti hai kiun k creater society hai language us ki production hai is liay society k accordingly change hona bhi chahiay
    6-A ka comment people’s perceptions are based on thier norms and values ne mujhay kuch chonkaya well mere khayal say ye diff of nature pe depend kerta hai extraverts k liay ye thik hai k dunya kia kahay gi etc lekin introverts k liay nahi wo sirf apni observations experience aur knowledge per trust kertay han aur society main change lanay walay bhi ye hi hotay han
    7-sofia ka ques writer say k P aur R ek doosray say resemble nahi kertay to ek dosray ko reflect kaisay kertay han i think is ka jwab us circle wali symbolism main bohat achi tra milay ga word reflection yahan literal meaning main nahi scientific way main use ho gaa
    8-sofia’s comment writer seems to reject superstitious ideas on one hand and at the same time he confirms them well is comment ne mere liay ek thought process ko start kia ab mujhay pta chala k hmaray 90% dramas main subjectivity koot koot ker kiun bhari hoti hai aur viewers k saron per baqaida “hathoray” maar maar ker “message” of the play ko kiun thoonsa jata hai kiun ye dramas food for thought provide nahi kertay kiun ye irritating had tak judgemental hotay han KIUN K ye masses ki demand hai as simple as that aur thinking audience(thanks to the numm thread for this word) pk main minority main hai to us k liay kon risk lay aur ye hi waja hai k in dramas say koi change nahi ata kiun k change hamesha insaan k ander say ata hai jab kisi k kehnay per nahi bul k khud kisi cheez ko realize kray is k liay society ko educate kerna perta hai per is ka time yahan kis k pas hai anyways mujhay is ques ka ans to mil gya werna mere opinon main shayed in main ye ability hi nahi thi but sadly very sadly ability hai neeyat nahi hai sigh
    ab short karoon gi the heera coila converstion was very hillarious specially zindagi main koilay nahi heeray talash kren wow mind artist ap to bohat artistic mind rakhti han aur smiley haha lols discussion bhai ap ne kuch chora nahi lekin me ne bohat enjoy kia heavy long comments k dermian aisy light chit chat mood fresh ker deti hai aur R ki shadi main clothes getup per discussion perr ker laga jaisay main kisi relative ki shadi ka aehwaal sun rahi hoon LOL gulmeena k mute honay ko jis tra ap ne notice ker k us ki reasons discuss keen again main hairan hoi me ne socha bhi na tha aur ab samnay a gya hai wo reasons thik thin and THE EPIC TAKRAAR DISCISSION simply mind blowing secondly tree man’s dialogues ko jitna brilliantly interpret kia amazing time shortage ki waja say me ne bohat short ker dia hai werna kehna to bohat kuch tha 🙂
    ap k comments pernay k sath apnay bhi perhay and suddenly realised k through out apa bi ko kitna ghalat spell kerti ayn hoon me ne likha apa “bee” bee means makhee means makhee apa ROFL itni achi respected apa bi ko makhee apa bna dia lol main apni be-wakoofi enjoy ker rahi hoon ager ap ne kerni hai to ap bhi ker lan 🙂 aur plz ye na kehiay gaa k hum to pehlay hi ker chukay 🙂



    • @RJ: awww that’s so sweet lol apny apko ik hug apki taraf se… lol, chalo mery ilawa bhi kabhi kisi ne silence break karny ki koshish ki, mujhe bhi is thread ka silence acha nhi lagta as if thory buht he commentators hain FA pehly kafi regular thin but she seems too busy these days otherwise mera buht memorable time guzra hai yahan aur sb se zada inhe k saath guzra than aap ayen jo ke intehai superb cool addition hain is thread per.. well @FA, this thread miss you and me, your comments..! hope k ap kuch time hum logon k liye bhi nikale lol..

      RJ: ufffhhh itni tareef n heavy heavy titles OMG.. seriously ye sb ap khud bhi deserve karti hain ap kisi se kammm nhin 😛 M so glad that u enjoyed a lot and read comments with such attention k ufhhh count bhi kar liye.. that’s exceptional of u me tou kabhi na kar paati seriously..

      hahaha apne kuch buht achi bateen yaad dila di.. happy that U enjoyed cosmic world theory that was a very great experience for me aur me sharing per believe karti hun ta k humen apny surroundings me buht kuch leeny aur deny ko mily.. haha comments ik taraf karny ka big THANK U..!!

      Naseeban’s flash-back was too precious for us aur hum ne us se insaaf karny ki pori pori koshish ki the.. lol.. that tree and tree man.. U know me ne aur FA ne tou tree ko ik AWARD deny ka bhi socha tha lol..

      aur wo memorable takraar tou buht he memorable the for all of us.. aur ironical tou ye that k we three, SZ, FA and I were relating it to diff contexts aur sb me he fit the.. but jo bhi that too much..

      heery aur kooely ki behas.. lol lol.. that was too funny and I think yahan buht garma gaarmi hogai the bs heery aur kooely ki kaan ki khudaai tk baat pohanch gai the, ab contract sign karny ki dair the.. hehehe..

      hahaha bs dekh lein hum ne Ruqayya ka bridle dress kiya, Sajal ka kajal aur eye’s rolling movement bhi nhi choori even 10th episode me along with all emotions meera focuss Sajal k kajal aur eyes rolling per tha.. hahaha.. aur ik baat yaad ai.. 10th episode k starting me when Appa bi caught Azam and Ruqayya red-handed tb hamari pyari @FA, un steps per focus kar rahin the where Appa Bi was standing.. that was too cute.. aur tree k sath sath hum ne Sajal ki eyes ko bhi nominate karwaany ka socha hai for AWARDS..

      Aur Ruqayya k bridle dress.. hahaha actually is dramy ko itna itna itna discuss kiya n deeply deekha hai k ab ye sb apny rishty daar he lagty hain that’s why FA said k walima ka make-up could be more good but me kiya karun bhaee mujhe tou us me bhi achi he lag rahi the Ruqayya Appa lol..

      RJ, ROFLLLLLL.. ”bee” makhee.. uffhhh that reminds me of Queen bee.. hahaha kiya kamal matching ki hai apne wesy mujhe waqai nhi pata tha k ap ”bee” wesy likh rahi hain.. Appa bi, Appa bee.. hahaha.. enjoyed a lot nhi nhi pehlay nhi kiya tha ab he kiya enjoye..! 😛


    • @RJ Hats off to u for reading all the comments and keeping the count! Im glad u enjoyed it and made some sense out of alot of mumbo jumbo. lol
      @SZ I’d like to extend this cyber hug to you for providing this forum and bearing with all this lol.. If it wasn’t for ur recommendation/ review I would never have watched Sannata in the first place!


  26. RJ: let’s recall all fellows of this thread and have some light weighted discussion aisy he just for the sake of fun… Ammmm.. what to point out?? aj kuch naya karty hain apart from serious arguments.. Sannata ki koi memory ya kuch funn experience ya kuch bhi.. what U say??

    @SZ, @FA, plz guys kuch time yahan bhi dy do 😦 m really missing it


    • @Ayesha: Been preoccupied with a whole bunch of other stuff so aap logon ka itna detailed discussion to abhi parha bhi nahin hai :/ I think I’m going to take a break from sannata for a bit and then regroup…I havent sat and properly watched sannata last week either so I think ab do teen ek saath kar ke dekhoongi … till then the threads are open.. aap discussion jaari rakhen 🙂


      • @SZ, yeah sure me is thread ko jeeta jaagta rakhun ge lol bs zara Sannata followers aa jayen yahan..! FA especially..!!

        Ohh I hope U’ll be free soon and back with all the potentials as it was.. M anxiously waiting for it but ab I understand your busy schedule so take your time dearest SZ and I believe ab ap free hoty he yahan ayeen ge as if meri udaasi ka sawal hai na.. 😦

        baqi behnein aa jayen lol..


        • @SZ: I hope and I pray k ap jaldoo jaldoo free ho ker yahan ayn aur apnay valuable aur deep analysis say nawazain hum to unt shunt likhay jaa rahay han wo bhi non stop 🙂


          • @RJ: seriously mera tou abhi bhi dil nhi bhara itna ant shant likh kar bh 😛
            I wish aj hum again kuch discuss karty hain kuch light n memorable..

            SZ ki taraf se fully allow hai jo marzi jitna marzi discuss karen 😉


            • @Ayesha: LOL@ ant shunt likh ker bhi dil nahi bhara so so true 🙂
              definitely aaj kuch discuss kren gay kiun k ager SZ 2-3 epispdes ka gap den gi to phir ek sath cover kerna difficult ho gaa main raat ko shauki per apna take doon gi aap bhi ready rahan
              RE:fun discussion us main to expert han aap hi start kren hum thehray dukhi ghumzada log 🙂


    • @Ayesha sorry been busy with things lately.. But i was reading ur comments every now and then. U guys carry on, I’ll add my two pence wherever and whenever I can! 🙂


      • @FA, awww I know u seem too busy these days chalo koi baat nhi if U are reading comments ye bhi enough hai.. I just hope ur pence consists of 40 or 50 lines each lol 😛


  27. @RJ: hahaha bhaee me bhi buht ghamzada hun apne mujhe fun expert bana diya lol.. fun karny ko m always ready but koi saath deny wala ho tb he na.. ab meri ”saathi” missing hain.. yeah yeah @FA.. lol mery har comment me inka zikar lazim hai chalo acha hai jb ayeen ge tou she’ll believe k I’m really missing her 😦

    yaar I’ve borrowed my rest of the take on shouki, at next episode tb tk me apka take enjoy karun ge..! apka comment mostly subha he parh paati hun.. salam to load-shedding 😛

    but aj mera ye minor minor aspects discussion karny ko dil chah rha hai so plz mera sath dy koiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. me kb se keh rahi hun.. mera saath dy koi.. LOL Sannata’s affect..!

    warna Ruqayya aur pari ka analysis karty karty me bhi in me ya Sananata me zamm ho rahi hun 😀 hahaha..


  28. @Ayyesha: Okay okay main ne to pehlay hi kaha hai main ready hoon ap start to kren abhi bhi ap ki ghumzada pukar per sab kam chor ker online aye hoon 🙂
    ap apna koi experience share kren kiun k aap ki sanata journey mere say ziada lambi hai ager nahi to koi films ki baat off topic hai lekin main films per achi discussion ker lati hoon waisay khud nahi dekhti lekin mukhatib ko pta nahi chalnay deti k jis film ki baat ho rahi hai main ne nahi dekhi 🙂 ager bohat achi ho koi recommend krey to dekhti hoon .. acha derh ishqia dekh li kaisiy hai big fan of nassir ud din shah suna hai achi nahi meri fav film rain coat hai
    acha books per bhi baat ker saktay han main ne aag ka derya ki bat ki thi ap ne perhi eng translation bhi hai river of fire kaisi books perti han aur ek personal bat poch sakti hoon ap R A P main say kis age group say han zra ap k interests aur taste ka idea ho jye ga main R ki 🙂
    ager ye bhi nahi to fav dramas bta den ya khud koi idea dan ap jis topic pe bat kren gi main bhi start ho jaon gi dey duna dun acha ab 2 hours k bad ati hoon time for isha salah 🙂


    • LOL! Ladies, lets just keep personal stuff out and keep this as a Sannata related thread and discuss only drama related stuff here! thanks 🙂


      • @SZ, sorry. I read it after posting the comment.. if it is, then delete the comment as I’m not able to delete there’s no option.. Next time I’ll take care..!


    • @RJ: hahahha.. OMG.. M having loud laughters.. abhi aap mujhe keh rahin the k I’m fun expert aur ap ghamzada log ufffhhh itna bara ilzaam 😛 ap per bhi fun expert tag hona chahiye lol.. along the whole day me shayd itna hansi hun apka comment parh k.. lol lol kuch nhi chora apne movies novels.. hahaha River of fire..God..

      awwww ap meri pukaar per aayne that’s really so sweet of U.. big Thanks..**
      Sannata experiences tou buht hain lol sun sun k thak jayen ge ap.. hahaha me Sannata journey me sb se lambi uffhh.. seriously first time apk kisi comment ki har bat pe ik adad qehqaha choot rha hai.. lol..

      Rain coat. hahaha wesy apki tarah I’m also not very much fond of movies like koi buht attract kary ya achi lagy tou dekh li otherwise I prefer novel and dramas more.. aur novels me tou I don’t think kisi writer ko bakhsha hai me ne.. lol.. Naseem Hijaazi, Manto, A-Hammed aur Mustansar Husaain se lay kar aj tk ki har female writer I mean, Farhat ishtiaq, Umeera, Faiza, Rukhsana Nigaar etc etc sb he paarhti hun but ab Sannata dekhny k bad I felt my taste has changed a bit means ab ye psychological aur inter woven stories zada attract karti hain.. hahaha me tou start he hogai Lol..

      wesy Sannata ne mujhe aura batooni bana diya hai bolti tou hamesha se thi but ITNA zada nhi ab tou bss.. hahaha..!

      ohhh Question of the day lol.. no no I didn’t mind at all I think itni assumption tou honi he chahiye 2 achy blog partners ki.. hahaha.. wahhh kiya style hai apka that to which character my age is related lol.. aj tk kabhi kisi ne itny pyarr se nhi poocha.. awww ap Ruqayya ki age ki.. hayee Ruqayya tou bs. ❤
      kheir ab tk apko andaza ho chuka hoga k me kis age class se belong karti hun as if for all my fazooliyaat aur ye har bat pe hahaha karny ki adat aur betahasha bolny ki.. lol phir bhi apki confirmation k liye that me Pari se zada but Azam se kam I mean in donu darmiyaan latak rahi hun.. yun Samajh lijye k hamary Azam bhai mujhse bs ik saal he bary hain 😛


  29. Oye Hoye parri hai hamain sahi wali 🙂 Oh my God kia timing hai kia timing hai LOL mujhay kuch idea tha k aisy forums personal discussion k liay suitable nahi per Ayesha ne kal bhi kaha tha main ne ignore ker diya tha lekin aaj mera dil narm perr gya (don’t worry ayesha main ap ko blame nahi ker rahi ye aeyzaaz equally mera bhi hai 🙂 bus khud ko zara mautabir bana rahi hon ab meri age jo sab k samnay aa gayee zara bharam to rakhna ho gaa naa 🙂 main ne socha SZ ko jab tak pta chalay ga hum gup shup ker chukain hon gay bad main sorry sorry u know.. mager nahi janab hum to on the spot rangay hathon pakray gaye LOL lekin SZ ager ye comment dekhan to main zaror janna chahti hon ye itefaq tha ya…in ko new comments ka kaisay pta chalta hai 🙂 waisay ye bohat hi memorable bat ho gaye main ne to khoob enjoy kia apni chori pakray janay per 🙂 hahaha
    Coming back to shauki (I swear ayesha ye S the neglected child ki bad dua thi after 14 epi us per discussion start hoi thi ab yoon chor dena usay acha nahi laga 🙂 on a serious note mera khayal tha hum dono S ko differently read ker rahay han lekin ap ka comment 3 times pernay k baad mujhay laga dono batan ho sakti han ab depend kerta hai writer ka S ko create kernay k peechay kia objective hai 1-P ki life main problem create kerna aur drama main koi naya twist lana to ye kam bohat achi tra ho chuka hai S P ki life main sab say bari problem la chuka hai ab H ki tra us per bhi affair etc ka blame lagay ga means is character ka role khatam further kuch add nahi ho ga aur story next phase main enter ho jaye gi 2-S ki relevance drama k main theme say ho yani ishq say ager ye case hai to abhi is character ki journey complete honay main time hai bohat kuch add ho ga well ab ye analysis to assumptions per based hai k kia honay wala hai lekin last 14 epi jo suggest kerti han us k hisab say point 2 ziada relevant hai meri theory ki ek reason N’s track bhi hai N ki story ne dono kam kiay story main new twist (A R’s marriage) layee sath hi drama theme ko firm kia aur mere POV say end bhi is say linked ho ga
    ab main point wise ap ka comment aur apna POV ek sath rakhti hoon 1-P ka S ki terf attract hona: again ye us ki curious nature thi har cheez ko explore kerna may be life main first time haveli say nikli ho kisi ‘Malang’ ko dekha ho dergah per bhi N say pochti hai about ‘Tabaruk’ and the other ‘malang’ boy 2-S’s reaction towards P taking her feet dust etc: seriously I don’t know aur main interested bhi nahi 🙂 3-S’s relation with gulmeena: yahan main ap say disagree kerti hon S ko G say love nahi ye us ki lust thi reason obviously G ki beauty aur G ka us ko encourage kerna wo samajhta tha k ye love hai sympathy hai mager aisa nahi tha aur mujhay lagta hai aj tak usay nahi pta wo sirf G ko blame kerta hai us nay usay dhoka dia actually asal dhoka us k nafas ne us ko diya nafas ko jo chahiay by hook or by crook hasil ker hi leta hai aur aisa hi yahan hoa in short ye love nahi tha mager S ko abhi ye realize kerna hai 4-Redemption S ka regret us ka past usay derga per lay aya thats it dergah per anay k bad us ka objective totally change ho chuka hai ya wo redemption say ek step agay a gya hai sirf first scene main apnay past ko yaad kerta hai us k bad kahin koi ziker nahi P us k liay source of redemption say kuch ziada hai as i said before P us k liay wo source hai jo usay us k present objective yani ishq e haqeeqi tak pohnchaye gi obviously ye us ki misunderstanding hai is point ko clear kernay k liay hum S aur P ki conversation ko analyze kertay han (ayesha ab ghor say perho yahan meri reading diff hai)
    Kunj discussion:S “na hi main tumhain choan ga na main tumhain koi nuqsan pohchaon ga main to tumhara ghulam hoon” abhi tak S ko P k past k baray kuch nahi pta ager redemption ki bat ho to us ko kaisay pta k p zarorat mund hai us ki help kernay say wo purified ho ga jye means objective kuch aur hai confirmation agay ja ker hoti hai P “tum chahtay kia ho” S “ye to mujhay bhi nahi maloom mager tum hi mujhay wahan lay k ja sakti ho” ager sirf redemption hoti to saf kehta k btao main kis tra tumhari help karon malom nahi means khud confused hai lekin ye assurance hai tum mujhay meri manzil tak pohncha sakti ho manzil kon si ye agay pta chalay ga “mere ander jo khazana dafan hai us kunj ki chabi sirf tumharay pas hai wo mujhay day do” ab yahan ayesha ki bat thik ho to kehna chahiay main ne jo khazana kho diya tha tum hi mujhay wapis dila sakti ho lekin ye nahi kehta in my POV mere ander jo khazanna yani isqe haqeeqi dafan hai us khazanay ki chabi tumharay pas yani tumharay ishq main hai means tumharay ishq ko rasta bna ker apni manzil ishqe haqeeqi tak pohanchna chahta hoon S”is k badlay main tum jo kaho gi wo main karon ga” isi liay M bhi point out kertay han k madad kerna chahta hai ya madad khareedna chahta hai ye ishq ki nagri hai yahan beopari ka koi kam nahi meana allah k ishq ko dunya main give and take ka bussinees ker k nahi khareed saktay
    last thing is drama main 4 diff tracks k zeriay ek hi bat ishq ko establish kia gya hai aur ek track k essence ko dosray per apply nahi ker saktaay in ko alg alg samajhna ho ga means parapsychology sirf N ki story main P ka problem madical hai P ki abnormality (obsession) ko S k isqe haqeeqi say mix kerna thik nahi yahan stop karon gi post kernay pehlay sara comment pernay per phir wo hi bat hansa rahi hai aur urdu ka muhawara yaad aya khisyani bili khamba nochay ab do “khisyani bilyan” khumba noch rahi han i mean sanata per discussion ker rahi han 🙂 (SZ please don’t mind ap ki kind nature say faida utha ker thora sa mazaq ker lia hai 🙂


    • @RJ: LOL.. sorry but I think it has been taken wrong by both of us.. Mine mean was not to discuss this ”light stuff”.. As I haven’t mention in last comment but I was saying to discuss Sannata’s light stuff 😛 LIke pari’s reaction and actions.. I think pari’s character can be analysed with somewhat light weighted material…. but Lol.. bad luck to me.. Now I realized why I had too much laughters as baad me sari kasar nikal gai..


  30. and yeah I mostly agree with U for lots of points but on some, I have to disagree.. I’ll might be able to continue him from tomorrow’s episode.. lots of more..

    But the last part, I really enjoyed it..! Indeed that ishq has been shown in diff versions and all these dots have to be connected on the same point.. soon it will be.. But I think shouki’s part is not completed yet.. My confusion is not removed so defo he’ll have more before us.. something is still hidden..


  31. @Ayesha @RJ read ur discussion on Shouki which was very interesting. To be honest S/P track never really intrigued me maybe that’s why i never read too much into it. But ur discussions def made me see things I had never picked up on before.

    I’d just like to add one thing: What’s common in all the tracks:
    I’m seeing two patterns emerging:
    1. Bedharak Muhabbat sailab ki si hoti which leads to tabahi/destruction.
    2. Hawas aur hasad (the tree talk)

    What we saw in Gul Mina’s track was also Hawas. How taya’s, gul mina, and shouki all showed hawas and khudgharzi and the dark ending, similar to Naseeban’s story, where Naseeban’s hubby had killed N’s lover and N killed him. We also saw that with Husna’s story.

    Now question is, does all muhabbat lead to such anjam? If so what can we predict for A & R. We know R is speaking from a dark place. Do we think we will see some hawas taking over somewhere? or will it be the doings of their bedharak muhabbat?

    As for Shouki: All i can say is that he does’t know what he wants. he is one seriously confused person. he didn’t love GulMina, (it was lust and hawas) but does he love P? Is that love or is this another kind of hawas? He has already vowed to kill her if she tried to run again..


  32. @FA, waoo nice addition here.. both ur points seems plausible in Shouki pari’s context..

    as For Shouki and Gul-e-mina, yeah might be I’d taken it as ishq but now after having ur points in minds, I’m realizing that yes it must be that.. as Gul-e-mina herself utters that Tayaa aur ab shouki has destroyed her that she couldn’t go back to her Gul Muhammad..!!

    Be-dharak Mohabbat, wesy if it had been taken, I think k Azam Ruqayya’s mohabbat is also be-dharak with full intensity and we are judging from the very first episode that all characters here in the play, are not normal in their feelings as Ruqayya and Azam’s mohabbat was also raised like a toofan and its still going same but if the question is that may it lead to a happy and calm end.. I think, after giving us Husna’s experience, Pari Ruqayya’s mohabbat experience, its not too difficult to suggest that possibly this mohabbat will also suffer some destruction.. rest, as u mentioned Ruqayya’s dark gloomy background, (that is off-screen from previous two episodes) I think it speaks a lot but to which context?? Ruqayya’s start was from pari, and might be it would ended to Azam..

    Indeed shouki is a confused man, he even calimed that he would always been here to help out pari and izzat saari duniya se pyari etc.. and now he becomes the reason that others can allege pari as awaara and ghar se bhaagi hoi.. yani he did this salooq with his Queen?? and being her slave he’s pulling the string of her life?? No.. he don’t deserve love at all..

    But chalo ab baat cheer he di hai tou what U take about Ruqayya’s narration yaar?? we haven’t assumed it still 😛 interesting topic na..? let’s have views on this!!


    • @FA: ap k comment ko mera dimagh accept ker raha hai dil nahi 🙂
      RE:R AND A’s anjaam i think R will die (sorry Ayesha) first reason R previous epi main thousand times keh chuki hai R mer jaye gi aur P ne bhi kaha tha ager jan mang loon aur present main R ka white dress dark place sab is ki terf ishara ker rahay han secondly N ki story ka end jis baat per hoa tha k nafrat mohabat say jeet gayee N ne ye story R ko sunayee thi that means is ka koi link future main ho ga may be P jis ki R kliay mohabat nafrat main badal gaye hai end main is ka samna R ki P say mohabat say ho aur is bar mohabat khud ko maar ker nafrat say jeet jaye aur nafrat ye dekh ker apni mout khud mer jaye yani P thik ho jaye aur A jo P main R ko dekha kerta tha isi waja say P ko accept ker lay is tra P ko bhi life main first time wo mil jaye jis ki usay khahish hai


      • @RJ: why sorry to me?? 😛
        Yeah I assume too that Ruqqayya would die in the end
        As at instants she uttered Ruqayya appa mar jayee n ye WO.. But Ruqayya’s death isn’t making base here.. I think pari also can die


      • @RJ interesting… somehow I don’t think R will die.. I think she will be one of the (only) survivors here, much like N and S, narrating this story to someone else..


  33. by assume I mean that we haven’t discuss or shared our views with each other, this fact purely of ”Ruqayya’s narration” that what can it meant by.. would love to discuss it as I’ve assumed a lot about it chahy jaisa bhi ho 😀 but seriously her narration is too much attractive form me..! 😛


      • @FA, Ruqayya’s narration, her story-telling.. in addition to the dark gloomy background and her white dress, I’ve noticed even her wrinkled face and purple lips.. ab such purple lips.. she don’t looks alive throughout her story telling..
        n ”woh meri dayan the”.. Ruqayya used ”thi” and it made me to think that pari is also not here


  34. Finally caaught up with sannata and shakk. For some reason, i hate azam’s character. I hate how he used pari to win over ruqaiya and now that she is his, he has decided that pari is not ruqaiya’s zimmedari………..pari’s character is at times confusing for me. When she interacts with ruqaiya, she reminds me of a kid with mental disability but when she interacts with azam she behaves like an adult……..or at least tries to. And can someone explain to me what is the deal between shauki and pari?????


    • @umeazehaan.. Welcome to Sannata’s thread..
      There’s as such no big deal between pari and shouki but shouki has made some hard mistakes in his past and now he’s seeking any source to pay that.. And here.. He takes pari as his redemption resource and promised her to always her hand in difficult time.. To save her but unfortunately he becomes the source of his destruction..


  35. Did anyone think R is turning into the daen? I mean she has wrecked P’s life, by suffocating her and then suddenly letting her her go to loose herself & finally driving her away,.. and now Aapabi.. Will she be the one leading to the final destruction/ ultimate doom? .. even A?


    • Nhi I don’t think that anyone is turning into daen here.. this daen means the extreme part of one’s own-self.. now if pari’s junoon will over, the daen might be vanished from herself and same with Ruqayya..
      and she, herself accepts in her story narration that she’s the reason of pari’s destruction and if it would any daen in her, she would never accept that..


  36. Just to keep jeeta jagta this thread 🙂
    Pari R’s mannat ki chirya:last two epi main R ka over reaction baki family members ki terf aur baar baar P ki bad-dua ko mention kerna aur us ko sach samakh ker durr jana mujhay hairan ker gaya k P kon si “pohnchi” hoi hasti hai k wo bad-dua day gi aur wo pori bhi ho jaye gi to R k itnay over react kernay ka kia meaning ho sakta hai I think yahan R ki psyche samajh ati hai wo ek superstitious girl hai aur us k beliefs(right/wrong) bohat firm han childhood main mannat ki chirya per us ka belief tha aur beggar nay ussay samjhaya tha k qaid honay k baad hi ek chirya mannat ki chirya banti hai means apni zaat per sufferings/problems ko bravely/patiently face kernay say ap wo cheez achieve kertay han(khuda k qareeb hotay han) jahan dosron k liay ap jo mangan wo pori ho jati han aur us waqt R ne P ko mention kertay hoay us ki terf apni khud gherz mohabat jis ne P ko qaid ker liya tha ka izhaar kerti hai aur kehti hai “shayed hum dosron ko azad kernay k liay hi qaid kertay han”
    now after so many years whatever the circumstances R ne P ko us khud gherz mohabat say azad ker diya hai jis ka ahsaas R ko bhi hai aur ye us ka guilt ya jo bhi hai us ko lagta hai k P bhi apni sufferings k baad us manat ki chirya main badal chuki hai is liay jo acha ya bura wo kahay gi wo pora ho ga that’s why bar bar bad bua ka ziker kerti hai ap kia kehtay han?


    • might be its possible for what all haveeli people are shown superstitious here so Ruqayya too can’t be off from this school of thought..!!

      Mannat ki chiriya per belief.. I think you’re rightly assuming here for pari’s qaid by Ruqayya, but I think she’s not making anything clearly here.. she’s broken n confused, not able to take decisions but we see, here Ruqayya ne pari ko azaad nhi kiya ab tk.. pari left haveeli not for Ruqayya’s decision as she said me usko usk haal per choor k uski zindage se nikal jaati meri khaatir wo ye bhi kar leeti… U think she can do this as she’s claiming?? I don’t think so.. she could never left her on her halaat.. yahan abhi pari ka kuch ataa pata he nhi hai aur Ruqayya ka claim abhi justified nhi hai (according to me) ab if they would be able to find pari, (surely they would) than we’ll see Ruqayya’s reaction or decision.. tb me apk is thought ko yaad rakhon ge 🙂 but I must say you’ve connected it very very convincingly..!!


    • btw, what’s your opinion for, when pari sees herself before her eyes?? will we see a changed pari now??
      I assumed here that junoon wali pari and appa ki pari lost in that place.. her senses were not able to listen anything else after listening the word ”dayaan” from her Appa.. like Ruqayya’s slap broke her once and now again she has done a complete affect to pari in any sense either, and here I think this change is in pari’s personality.. ik he mohabbat karny wala koi ho aur wo bhi aisi baat kar dy jo kabhi expect na ki ho, plus her mental state.. I strongly get a feeling of lost and changed pari here.. jaisy k ab she’ll never get any fit, like uska ziddi pann and laadla pann towards Ruqayya will get finished..! the way she was leaving that place, as she’s missing Ruqayya and waqai she’s letting herself out of Ruqayya’s world where no one can again snatch anything from Ruqayya… if she would be ”dayaan” she’ll never leave to go, she would go back to destroy Ruqayya.. but she didn’t.. I think pari has sacrificed here..


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