Sannata ~ Episodes 12-13 Review


Love – an emotion with manifold manifestations. Love – an emotion which evokes myriads of responses. Love – an emotion as cruel as can be. Love – an emotion where the afflicted oscillate between extremes – from scaling the heights of ecstasy to plumbing the depths of despair. Love – an emotion which on the one hand can lighten up an entire universe, but on the other give rise to a silence so dark that it can engulf the soul. Love – one emotion but so many ways of describing it, explaining it, defining it.Truly love is a many splendored thing, and who would know this truism better than the afflicted inhabitants of the purani haveli in Sannata.

With Naseeban’s track coming to a somewhat awkward end, this latest episode opened up yet another window to the past. It had been intimated before that Shauki had been driven to his present day condition because of a love that had not played out to its natural ending. That he had not been able to complete his journey left him desolate and despondent. Redemption now lies in completing the journey, and it would appear that Pari is the one who can walk that walk with him. Before he moves forward though, we are offered a look back to understand what led to this present day state of affairs. Enter his elderly taaya and his teenage bride.

sannata-640x360Could there be a pair as unlikely as the old taaya, Rashid Mehmood, and his bride, Mehar Bano? Just the visual is enough to convey the atrocity perpetrated on this mere teenager in the name of marriage.  Add to that scenes which saw her trying to flee her “husband” and it is easy to understand why Shouki would feel protective and develop feelings for her. Don’t know about you all, but I had goosebumps as I watched her coming down the stairs, dreading what awaited her in the bedroom. Similarly her expressions in the final scene where she  pleaded with Shauki were  spot on. Rashid Mehmood and Adnan Shah Tipu are seasoned actors who have spoilt us with their fabulous performances through the years, but it is Mehar Bano who surprises here with her powerful performance  – girl, you rocked it! Now this track has me really intrigued and I look forward to seeing how it unfolds. Just hope it doesn’t get wrapped up as abruptly as Naseeban’s track did. 

Saji Gul and Kashif Nisar have done really well in handling the intricate transitioning between three temporal zones: the past, the near past and the present. It is the present from where we began, with Ruqqaiya narrating the story of all that had happened to the residents of this haveli. sannata ost ary digital pic 0It was through her eyes we saw Husna eloping, returning home in disgrace, giving birth to Pari and then dying shortly thereafter. It was through Ruqqaiya that we hear the story of how Pari grew up as a spoilt child who grew up to be a very troubled teenager. Her obsession with Ruqqiaya so strong that she wanted to get married alongside her Ruqqaiya Api.  Too late in the day Ruqqaiya realizes how much damage her love has done to this young girl. The moment when Pari walked in wearing Husna’s wedding outfit, and continued on to with her qabool hai alongside her aapi  was a very disturbing scene, one that does not augur well for Ruqqaiya and Azam’s marital life. 

While this wedding was a union of two people who were marrying each other with the blessings of those around them, it also served as a reminder of an earlier wedding, one which had not culminated as happily – Husna’s. sannata-episode-10-December-12-2013-by-Ary-Digital-640x360Her elopement was an unfortunate event that changed the lives of everybody who loved her. The scene where in a rare moment of weakness, Apa Bi lets it slip as to how much she envied Salma. While everybody around her saw her as a curmudgeon, her ill-temper and harshness was no more than a cloak to shield her vulnerabilities. Unlike Salma, who could be weak and lean on her and Naseeban for support, Apa Bi had no choice but to plod on. No wonder her eyes had gone rusty… when did she ever  have the luxury of time, to indulge herself and cry over her situation? Someone had to man up and take care of everybody, and she did just that. Samina Ahmed is brilliant, we all know that, but every so often there come moments when one is once again compelled to stand up and applaud her – much respect!

Along with Samina, Seemi Raheal and Nadia Afghan were the other standouts. Sajal is growing as a performer and doing justice to the multifaceted Pari. My only complaint with her is her tendency to put on way too much make up and do too much with her hair. She is young and beautiful, why the over-reliance on add-ons? And on makeup, whoever was incharge of Nasreen Qureshi’s atrocious wig and chalky makeup needs to be fired. And its not just her wig, Murshid Sahab’s beard too seems like its seen better days. Back to the actors, while the main cast is doing an overall great job, I really wish we could be spared Amer Wajid’s scenes. Another girl, the actress playing Najma’s daughter, too sticks out like a sore thumb. 

x240-AQUApart from the story-tellers and performers, Rashid Abbas’ cinematography is an important aspect of the overall Sannata experience. The faded colors of the past, the brighter colors of the near past, and the darkness of the present all make for a stunning visual experience, providing clear demarcation between the three temporal zones.   

While all this is great, I cannot help but end my review on an extremely annoyed note, as in two thumbs down to the sound people. Not sure who’s in charge,  but could someone please lower the volume of the background music ASAP. Why do we need the now irritating music in every scene? The qawwali is nice, as is the OST, as is the alaap, and I see the attempt to give each character/scene/setting its own signature sound, but all this needs to be handled aesthetically, in a way that does not involve blasting viewers’ ears.  It was almost impossible to hear any of the dargah dialogues with the loud music, and then when there were no dialogues the volume was turned on even higher. I appreciate that the lyrics go well with the onscreen narrative, but I don’t get the need for the overkill. Why over tell the story – either use dialogues or music. When the text is doing a fabulous job on its own why do we need to be hit over the head with the subtext? Why are they competing with each other?

Written by SZ~

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  1. @SZ, awesome, brilliant and grand review.. caught all my senses up and m in completely its charm!! spot-on, for bringing each n everything to light, u are a true and honest reviewer that all the negative points and positive u mentioned, i agree maximum of them..!!
    firstly, to the loud background of qawali and ost is damaging the charm of the play to a great extent! especially regarding shouki’s convos with Maulvi and Pari in the last episode were too difficult to understand by such heavy music!
    secondly, Re: Sajal’s makeover sometimes seem OTT but not always.. as in this scene where Ruqayya was blushing her face was a big over but as what I think that it was for her upcoming bridle outfit that she looked over than her age.. otherwise, her simple two ponnies and kajal with simple make up was perfect! but as in some scenes, it had happened! Then, agreeing completely with u about Naseeban’s Wig and gharara which never suits her.. I assume that in recent epi, her wig was changed and that was more annoying and the shiny dopatta was just not suited her! so as u mentioned the name of make-up artist here, she has to pay more attention to these facts!

    I think there’s a mitake of Pari’s name instead of Ruqayya in the last third line of 4th para.. Pari was in Husna’s outfit but here’s Ruqayya’s name..! ohh seeming that it is an editing mistake!! made me confused first but ok now 🙂 have understand! and that scene where Pari was walking in Husna’s bridle dress, these few moments were the most depressing for me after hUsna’s death scenes..! from the moment she stepped, till the last moments she finally utter ”han han qabool hai” i was yanks.. OMG, that were hilarious for me.. sunked into tears fully!

    Loved the whole review but first para is just.. fab! how beautifully u take up diff definitions of love, and love in diff terms! yes the Haveeli’s people are the victim of love in one way or the other!! everyone is struggling in this world for something, and this struggle takes sometimes jerks, faces ups and downs, and then reaches at a final destination, all elements can be lost but love is probably the lost long lasting passion!! Love can be emerged in both ways as u mentioned and it depends that how it can turn into which situation..!!

    for the new entry, Meharbano!! This girl just won me here after Sajal’s fantastic and excellent act.. Maherbano even did’nt utter a single word but oh her eyes her eyes!! can’t believe that she can do such job.. i did’nt watch her Daagh but following “miss fire” and I must say, that after Danish taimoor and Sajal Ali, Maherbano have given the best of her career! Oh this Taaya reminds me of that Budhaa chahduary sahab and it was so annoying! but must say that both this tayaa bhateeja were excellent in expressions and uttering the dialogues when sitting on the chaarpai..!! along with this, I must say that Indeed DOP have won me..! wao what a fab trick, how skilfully he handled the scene where maherbano was standing and shauki was upstairs, the way she looked him and her eyes at that time, were giving me twitch! so as to 100% agreeing with U, this scene was the best of the epi..! Loved Maherbano, her character and director’s choice here!! excellent! to me, shouki’s tale will open lots of hidden issues and the dots might be connect to present characters after having Naseeban’s flash back and now his.. ! must say that the writer has made each n every character from beginning to its completion..! whether they are past characters or present..! but 97% agreeing with Kashif Nisaar’s choice, after Naseeban’s mother role and now this Fatima is just too much to be disturbing! her accent was not to the point according to thrice situations she get in.. ”ye pari hai isko pari bolty hain”,, in Azam Ruqyya’s mayoun scenes and than finally at barat day, she is completely off and hell that she’s coming further :/ disappointing choice for fatima, especially at barat’s day i was saying, ”itni badtamiz larki aur Azam ki behan” lol 😛 but i don’t know what happens to kashif Nisaar at some points that he did’nt take much attention to the side roles as he did for Samra of UBFN.. same is fatim..

    as in these two episodes, the most important turn is here before us, Ruqayya’s marriage with Azam, and pari’s complete misfit personality in this scenario.. how exceptionally Sajal did in last epi, when she was rolling on grass, the way she slapped her own face, and then looked a calming wave in Ruqayya’s embrace! that scene between these two, from Ruqayya’s utterance that pari bs kar me thak gai hon, to, the moment she took her after the entry of Najma and fatima, that was absoluetly admirable!! don;t know how many of us, But Im completely in love with this, and still, after pari’s such state that she’s longing her own self as a bride, I can’t make myself angry with pari..! to me. she’s still such innocent..! The mirror scenes completely get me off, and literally i was weeping when she says ”mujhe bhi apny saath ly chalo Ruqayya appa”..! the extremity is now seeming at its peak, and now the disaster is ready to come..!!
    have lots of material and things to be discussed! will be right back after a break..!! 🙂

    thanK U @SZ for such a brilliant review, just loved it as u already know 🙂


    • @Ayesha: Sorry! I don’t know where your comment went 😦 Agli baar hit copy before you post so that you dont have to spend another hour re-typing.Thank you for all your generous words, I am glad you enjoyed it. Also yes, that was a typo and I have changed it to Pari – thanks for pointing it out.


      • @SZ, pleasure is all mine, u know na my craze about it, bs I think excitement me kuch garbar hogai 😦 but it was really a complete analyzation of two episodes 😦 at the same time had an injury on my hand n now its sounding difficult to re-type but phir bhi I have to do 😀 can’t help it…!!

        n not only enjoyed, but loved reading n commenting it.. Now, Sannata seems in-complete to me without review 🙂
        awaiting for other fellows and takes from all of them!!


        • Ayesha tumhara pehla comment parnay kay bad meri sharati rag buri terha say pharak rahi hai. SZ kini achi hai na kitni jaldi tumhari bat man li usnay. Aisa karo tum SZ ko maska lagao main tum ko lagati hon. Ab mujeh kiya kehna chahiye.Kuch yeh:

          Bacho! Bacho! Ayesha meri pitayi karnay lagi hai. 😀

          Piyari Ayesha please bura mat mana main sirf mazaq kar rahi hon. Mazaq bhi usi say kiya jata hai jo kisi ko acha lagta hai. 🙂
          Ab please ko achi si bat kar kay mujeh bhi hansa do. Shukriya


          • @Sofia, ohh ye riddle tou mujh pe aaj khuli k apko ”me” achi lagti hun.. ab ye nhi pata k sirf mazaq karny k liye ya whatever 😛 but me har bat ka bura nhi maanti..
            aur Afreen Afreen! mujhe lagta hai k apko hansany k liye zada mehnat nhi karni parti ap wesy he buht khush mizaaj hain 😀 qn k mery pehly comment me he koi aisi bat nhi the jisay sun k hansi ayee :/ it was a lose for me 😦 but does’nt matter!!

            kheir mujhe SZ ko maska lagany ki kia zarurat hai she’s above from that aur me ne koi aisi bat nhi ki jo maska lagy..! apko kahan se aur kesy lag gaya bhaee..?? 😛


            • Kiya hi bat kar di ap nay! Shandar, zabardast! Muqarer Muqarer! Ap nay bilkul sahi kaha sab kuch. Main waisay hi keh rahi thi sab kuch acha hai apkay comment main or SZ kay review main bhi jo main ab parnay ja rahi hon. Waisay main bimar hon aj is liye sara din ghar par hi guzra hai.


            • @Sofia, ohh that’s sad..get well soon!
              chalen khush mizaaj hona waqai achi bat hai aur ager me ne sahi kaha hai tou aur bhi achi bat hai 😉 haha mery 1st comment me kuch nhi tha bhaee khasaara tha bs jo comment gumny k bad hissay me ayaa 😛


            • @Ayesha Yeh achi rahi jab khud bat karni ho to kar lo or jab dosra ka jawab na chaho to reply tab khatam kar do. 8/
              Ab meherbani karo or mujeh bhi bata do keh aisa kis terha kartay hain. Yeh mat kehna kay tumko nahi maloom. Tum sab janti ho. 🙂
              Mujeh hansi kiyon ayi? Bohjo to janay! 😀 . Nahi main bataye daiti hon. Tumharay comment ki lambayi deikh kar mager mara bhi koi kam lamba nahi hai 🙂
              Dosra tumhara nam partay hi wo meri tumhari behas yad a jati hai jis main tum nay mujeh or main nay tumhain qayal karni ki nakam koshish ki thi. 😀


          • hahaha @Sofia, hamari tou buht bar behas hoi hai mager kia tum us special behas ki bat kar rhi ho per jo ki the?? kheir wo behas kam aur gool meez confrence zada lag rhi the 😛
            aur ye reply tab wali baat me samjhi nhi even me kal se 2 bar apki tabiyat ka pooch chuki hun but u did’nt reply tou kia ap bhi reply tab off kar chuki hain after my comments??

            haha acha aap gol gol ghom rhin the tou mera bhi kuch aisa he haal tha 😀
            aur mera 1st comment just ik line ka hai isi liye I was amazed k us pe ap ko hansi qn arhi the tou ap lamby waly comment ki bat kar rhin the.. but me is se bhi lamba ik comment gumma chuki the kal 😛
            btw wo behas mujhe nhi bhooli ab tak 😛


            • Batain goal karna main nay ap say hi sikha hai. Meri tabyeeat ab thik hai. Apki tabeeyat naik matloob jahti hon. Thik na hoti to apkay smileys computer kay shishay main apna hi muh chira rahay hotay. 🙂
              Yeh to mazaq tha magar tabeeyat puchnay ka bohat chukriya. Muj say shayad wo bat mis ho gayi hai. Aik bar phir shukriya!


            • @Sofia, chalen its good k ap theek hain 🙂 Im fine too..! hahaha baaten gool karna aur mujhse seekhen hain, kuch pally nhi para yani k me bateen gool karti hon:P phir bhi ye bhi ik art hai ager apne mujhse seekha hai tou 😉 mery smiley sirf achy mood me he banty hain warna munh he chaarhaaty hain 😀


        • @Ayesha hope ur hand getter better soon IA.. Waise Sannata review ki khushi mein kuch der tou dard bhool gai hogi lol..

          Im with u guys on DOP and make-up.. but I quite like Naseebans gharara, seeing she was originally from just adds that bigger than life touch to her grand character… btw as far as i remember her wig has always been the same annoying wig.. no??

          ur so right abt Meherbano’s eyes..def such intensity in her scenes yet not a single word!! there was so much expression in her eyes!!!.. .. the pain, the disgust, the fear, the plea… her eyes were doing all the talking..beautiful!

          & yes i also enjoyed the rolling on grass scene.. the intensity..but if she carries on I’ll start loosing my patience even if R doesn’t lol.. uff she really needs to grow up now! lol


          • @FA: Oh I loved the gharara too, I think it was the total white look, or perhaps the brighter lights, but something was seriously off and Nargis Rashid looked very powdery, steely, and washed out. 😦


            • @SZ, I agree.. something is disturbing here but @FA, Naseeban’s ghararas we come through, were after 10 years has passed and Ruqayya is 30, pari is 18..! before it, Naseeban’s outfits were not ghararas.., Lucknow ki tou wo shoru se he the na.??


            • @sofia i think i mentioned before, its a word press thing.. After a certain number of replies to a comment it remeves the reply button itself.. As far as i know we cant choose to remove it.. Thats what i understand anyway..

              as for smileys, i googled em.. U can get all kinds!!
              Hope this helps


          • @FA, aww that’s really sweet of U thank U soo much 🙂 haha nhi jald baazi review k liye he ki n get the finger cut 😛

            achaa Naseeban’s wig was shining much more in shaadi scenes, may be that was light affetc but it was striking in eyes.. and about Gharara, yaar they could have been made it more convincing to change some style up, btw I had forgotten Lucknow term lol 😛 thanK u for reminding now its better 🙂

            haha pari’s rolling was much more a mental person than a child..! remember her hands she was putting down to grass, she was literally looking mad 😦 needs to grow up he tou masla hai :/


  2. Ruqaiya’s wedding has resurrected the dilapidated Haveli of Apa Bi along with all its inhabitants with the exception of “the shattered Pari” who is on account of her medical condition unable to let her Ruqqaiya-self uproot from her Pari-self.
    What will come of Pari? This is the question that afflicts Salma’s concerned mind. Ruqqaiya is the only one who can deal with Pari. Though she marries Azam on the condition of his letting Pari live with them, she still seems to be ambivalent. Through Titli metaphor she expresses her guilty conscious. Accordingly she has afflicted pain to Pari by approving Azam’s proposal so much so that Pari has cloistered herself. In her emotional condition she seems to have lost the track since she contradicts herself by accusing herself of destroying the bit independence Pari has at her disposal. Pari’s emotional and other obsession for Ruqqaiya is beyond dispute because Ruqqaiya has, in fact, never educated her to independence. The scene with Ruqqaiya in wedding dress that could have been impactful exposed itself as mare ludicrousness because of the dialogues being melodramatic to extraterrestrial.

    Coming towards Pari, the scene where she observes the whole ceremony from above indicated her jealousy, her possessiveness as well as her attachment to Azam and hence her rivalry for Ruqqaiya. The second-mentioned has been later on clearly corroborated by Apa Bi as well. In addition, she cannot reclaim her rights from Apa Bi, but to spoil Ruqqaiya’s happiness is within the realms of her possibility.

    A lot of grief has been added through the “aaaaaaaaaa” in the background to already darkened scene showing the narrating Ruqqaiya. Additionally it was too loud making the dialogues almost inaudible.

    The conversation between Bi Jamalo from the neighborhood and Ruqqaiya’s mother-in-law during the marriage ceremony was very amusing. She has sufficiently provided for fuel between Ruqqaiya and hence more complications are bound to occur.
    Apa Bi’s remark “Yeh to Daiyan hai Daiyan! ” allows two interrelated interpretations:
    A) Paris wounded soul is rebelling against the “cruel world” that surrounds her through all complexities of her person.
    B) She is actually slipped into the role of a Daiyan since she has been talked into believing by Apa Bi of being a one.
    Names that we give to our children play an important role in shaping their personality. This is the reason why morality demands giving the children names with positive meanings.

    Too much of time was dedicated to Shauki’s story. He is fascinated by the beauty and charm of his newly related aunt numéro deux . While standing in courtyard her mysterious and manic looks seem to have totally shackled him. The last scene also indicates his loosening control over himself. On her side her outwardly inappropriate approach towards him in the night rather seems to have been meant as just a desperate appeal for help.
    What disturbed me was the immorality of this new and predictable story since she is his aunt by relation and his fascination for her is therefore illegitimate.

    Mujhay apnay sath lay chalo” Again Sajal clearly exaggerated while embracing Saba Qamar and delivering her dialogues. Her voice sounded erotic. How can the director ignore this striking mistake on her side?

    Keeping my question in mind I am quite sure that the director is deliberately and subtly guiding through a “Lesbianism-Erotic-Mixture” as supposedly a “permissible shade of love”.


  3. In 13th episode. one dialogue has just summed up the whole of this serial which is uttered by Ruqayya to Appa bi that ” ager apne isko iska huq diya hota na tou isy mujhse chen’na na parta”..
    many of opine that pari is responsible for so many un-fortunate happenings, and further she will be more to be blamed, but as far as she’ concerned, herself is not in control, neither by Ruqayya nor by her own..! and the situation is gonna be dangerous for all of them, especially for Ruqayya.. we see Ruqayya’s love journey here started almost from 6th episode, and then finally her marriage in 13th..! In this journey, her feelings, thoughts, experience, concern and finally acceptance of this proposal.. but in all the elements, she remain intact with pari.. whatever the matter or problem she had to faced, she just tried to relate it whether it will be affectable for pari or not..! but atleast, she has to do what is natural, she has to get married, but for how long will she able to take care of pari now?? pari’s strict and complete refuse to Ruqayya’s marriage with Azam (still her chichondar), after Naseeban bi’s lots of tricks to let pari accepts the situation, but it seems that now her senses don’t want to understand something.. Ruqayya knows pari very well, she knows her each n every action n reaction, in last episode, she utters ”khud he usk par kat diye, aur khudi usk paron pe urny k liye usy chor diya”.. now what was her mistake?? was her mistake that she loved pari whether conditional or un conditional?? pari, if gets mental or suffer any abnormility than who has to be blamed…Azam narrates that self mistake never let to forgive our own-self and Ruqayya, here knows that she had done lot of harm to pari’s self, as they both can’t apart their selves from eachother, so what Ruqayya done to pari, she blames herself for it, and what pari is doing, she would have been blaming herself, only if she would be able to understand that what’s going on in her life..! gradually pari’s mental state, her broken-personality and her weaknesses are coming before us, for me, she’s fully out in present picture of haveeli.. she was forcing Ruqayya k ”mujhe bhi apny saath ly chalo”, and we see in pre-view that she had done so as pari says.. the time where Appa bi holds her arm and take her into room, this was Appa bi’s weakness.. from the shouki’s presence with pari in 10th epi, Appa bi’s behave is more rude to pari ever we had.. really feeling harsh and sorry for Appa bi at a same time that still she’s not realizing pari’s self innocent! now as salma questioned Appa bi that what will be for pari, after Ruqayya left the haveeli and we again see such a strict reaction from Appa bi that if she would have known about Babban, she would never late to send pari there..! Ahhh… it is painful, whoever and whatever the circumstances in which pari was born, she was out of fault.. Husna’s elopement and Pari’s birth are complete different situtations but unluckily Appa bi have’nt ever differentiate between them! and all this reactions are now they have to face to..!

    Pari is used to have full love, care, comfort and affection from Ruqayya and now when she’s seeing that Azam has came there to share her Ruqayya appa, she did exactly what a person can do in such condition..! you’re so true SZ about shouki’s redemption as if might be he would not able to help out Maherbano, because he and his mother were under the tayaa ji’s ehsanaats, so, he’s now trying to complete the in complete picture.. last episode starts with shauki and pari’s most long conversation we had in present 13 episodes.. as pari was asking for her father Babban, shauki’s concern for pari after late night, and we see him giving promise to pari that he will get a clue of his father, I think that shauki is going towards another unfortunate happening and he would do if he find out Babban and hand over pari to him,..! well all of this have to happen to pari.. whether the source will be shauki or she herself will go to Babban.. that will must be the epic disaster!

    btw shaadi completed but what for now.. like that story is going to unfold very soon, if not thoroughly but pretty much!!

    on the other hand, @SZ, you’re so right about naseeban’s story with abrupt ending, it had lots of direction mistakes but now just hoping that shouki’s story will not face such abrupt ways.. this tale seeming as powerful as Naseeban’s!

    by summing up, all the characters here are equally responsible and equally innocent..! Azam, Ruqayya and pari, the three corners of one triangle, but they’re not able to put their selves up in the present scenarios, seeming that movement is now beginning in Haveeli.. as haveeli was in still like stop watch and time is now started to turn as Appa bi says ”ya hum he qabar me murdah ban le lety thy”.. oohhhh this fact screamed and at the same time suspects, but as much as i had taken, that may be movement is bot god for these haveeli people, as when their lives were moving rapidly, they faced the huge disasters, then time seemed stop for a while, just for the haveeli people, and now with the entry of Azam, Haveeli’s time is gonna again ticked against that stop watch, and now again a tragedy is waiting!!

    but all this team, this serial, this narration, these dialogues have just won me to the last extent..! desperately waiting for the more to come but at the same time dun want that the story opens soon 😉
    but team Sannata, u all have done literally a great job..! from writer and director to every character (except those I’ve mentioned earlier), all here are just fab!!
    bs now waiting to hear from the writer @Saji Gul, about Naseeban’s in complete part as shown in the serial, that he said last time he’ll surely cleared it up..! (aur kuch bhi yaad ayaa tou I’ll not hesitate lol)


    • @Ayesha: good you pointed about naseeban’s incomplete part…i am looking forward to read what was more to it 🙂 i liked ur overall take on both episodes


      • @Rehmat, awww Thanks..!
        Naseeban has started her story when Ruqayya asks ”Bi batao na yahan kesy pohnchi”??
        but except this, Naseeban’s each n every part has shown, but is sawal ka jawab nhi mila :/


  4. The first 4-5 episodes of Sannata were fast paced and interesting but since the love story between danish and saba has started, the drama has become really slow and boring. Hopefully it gets interesting.


    • @Aisha: Hello! Lovely to hear from you on this thread 🙂 The pace did seem to stall for bit, but for me Shauki’s track has brought the interest back. How are you liking his story so far? What do you think happens here?


  5. @SZ Wow!! now dunno if it was the busy holiday season or something else, I thought te Sannata spell was beginning to loose its enchantment.. but ur review has reeled me right in!.. beautiful review as always!

    I had literally skimmed over the last two episodes so i cant really go in the depth of all that was said (in all the signature falsafa), (which sounded beautiful btw, i just didnt have the time to watch it again to understand what it all meant).. but they story has def moved on..

    now last week we saw Pari going out to look for her father..I thought that would be our new track.. but this week we got nothing on that front

    I was feeling the withdrawal symptoms after naseeban’s story when we got the shauki’s glimpse into the past..I am so glad we keep getting these connections.. Meher Bano was fab! remeinded me of the silent movies..btw is she supposed to be mute?? or just cant speak the lingo? This has def taken over as the most intriguing track for me for now.. ishq-e-mamnu..who is she, and how this ishq-e-mamnu brings him to the dargah..what he sees in Pari that reminds him of her.. loved the stares on stairs scene… intense!!…btw isnt this house the same as young Naseeban’s house??..

    Will this also become story of another be-dharak muhabbat and ”hawas” like Naseeban’s story?? (hawas that our tree defined)?..or will we see another aspect of love here here??.. Its amazing to see how the writer has played with muhabbat against the hawas, the khudgharzi, using various characters.. We are introduced to various traits of muhabbat then exlained with different flavours in different times..@Saji Gul well done!

    @SZ totally with you on the DOP’s work.. lovely indeed! the sepia in the past just lovely.. but how Meher bano seemed so vibrant even in this sepia!.. the red and pink outfits worked beautifully.. If anyone’s make-up did work in this serial it was meher bano’s!.. her jet-black locks against her pretty face and kohled eyes were just enchanting! no wonder shauki fell for her!!.. Is it just me or does she actually resemble Rekha here?

    The shadi scene..ok i wonder what would rishtey kuch adhoorey say team would say to this nikah.. Pari ka nikah ho gya ya nahin?? lol.. would be interesting to see where the story goes from here..
    btw don’t they usually take the bride’s permission privately and main nikah and groom’s approval in main mehfil?? (ive seen both together but groom’s nearly always in the main gathering at the time of nikah) How comes Azam was indoors at the nikah time with only a few ppl and R’s was in main gathering??..

    re wigs: The wigs have been doing my head in from day dot! Whats going on there?? Murshid sahabs beard was even worse! Pari’s over done eyes, and even Ruqaiyya’s at times..@Sz you also mentioned Salma’s racoon eyes earlier.. Make-up artist def needs a sack!.. but whatever happenned to the rest of the team on the set to let all this go on unnoticed??

    the BGS def needs to come down a notch or two.. The dargah scene was BGS overload!

    Azam’s sister and mum.. I think donon bachon ne soteli ammaon ka asar le liya hai!! Azam’s sis is just as annoying as Azam’s mum! How annoying was she playing on her fone in the shadi!

    @SZ thanks for bringing up aapa bi again..I mentioned a few weeks ago too, how I admire her! Shes one hell of strong lady!

    bohot lamba ho gya lol


    • @FA, wao!! beautiful! always get extra happiness to read ur comments out especially on this thread..!! ab ye i dunno why but it is as..!!

      Re:yeah Meharbano is dumb here as u assumed, it’s right she’s mute and t has clearly stated just as the way she behave here..! about house, not sure but a bit was yes..! might be possible as I noticed the courtyard was somewhat same..! hahaha Reekha 😛 btw in that dooli scenes, she was out-class yeah now I re-called she was looking like old heroines so can had a look like Reekha.. 😉

      Re: shaadi scene.. hahaha nhi yaar RKAS even can’t understand their selves that kis ka nikkah huwa tha kis ka nhi 😛 but there, signatures were given by Kiran not Geeti, here we have the signature from our asli dulhaan.. n yaar it was like all of them at shaadi know that issue is going to become as Salma says ”qn hamara tamasha bana rhi ho pari, sb k samny”.. tou if all know, Maulvi must have known.. me tou shoru he hogai lol 😛
      N about this,Azam’s indoor, I too can’t understand but the way Naseeban take him to the drawing room was.. pata nhi qn.. does Nikkah could’nt be together?? n u are so right that if this might be happen, it must have to happen with Ruqayya as girls usually sit inside and groom’s enjoy the gathering but migh be it was for tamasha pari is going to made ander tou kisi ko pata na chalta.. hai na?? possible??

      hahaha Loved this Azam’s sis n mum.! eeehhhh fatima is not comfortable here :/ she’s annoying much.. indeed Azam najma pe gaya n fatima, Nafeesa pe.. i dunno what was her problem k ik se barh k ik ajooba hai is ghar me.. chalo pari pe ghussa banta hai but sb ko ajooba kehna, and same time Najma scolds her she says ”amma plz”.. Azam Nafeesa ki nhi sunta, ye apni maa ki nhi sunti :/ I think both the mothers needed to exchange their children 😛

      Ohh sorry, i forget to mention Appa bi.. yes she’s absolutely the perfect admiring choice here.. each n every ghussa wala expression she gave, screamed me as much a lil from it done to pari lol 😀


      • @Ayesha awww thanks lol@ ab ye i dunno why.. hahaha

        Have they stated that Mehrbano is dumb and deaf ? or are we to assume so? Just wondering because as i said this time i kinda skimmed over alot of stuff so just in case i missed something out..

        Def in the doli scene she looked like rekha alot.. i think its the right side of her profile that resembles her.. no? even wheres shes without dopatta with just her locks down, the right side of her face..


        • @FA, hahaha chalo kheir hai if we dunno not matters 😛

          yaar they have’nt stated yet, but surely she’s dumb.. let me confirm 😛 ur skimming is not as such in the case you are going very accurate still 🙂
          lol U have totally resembles Reekha to her and now mery mind me Reekha he aa rhi hai yeah some of her features especially the doli scenes.. yeah so she’s shouki’s Reekha, as well as us! hahaha


          • I believe she’s not mute, her husband said to Shauki “Na zaban samajhti hai na isharay” so probably the barrier is language. Her looks and the clothes she wears suggest she’s been portrayed as Pathan.


            • @Dia Api, probably he meant here to say her ”anjaan” like she’s much more younger and as if she would’nt able to understand ”na zabaan na ishaary”, tou its the matter of this ‘anjaan pana’, aur if she’s not mute tou understanding these ishaaras, is diff thing..! is it not possible for a mute person to understand?? lagata nhi btw that she’s able to speak..Pathan usually sale their girls as brides to these people and yeah may be she’s a pathaan here!!


            • @Dia yes i assumed it was the lingo barrier.. I thought she must’ve been pathan or afghan.. She certainly didnt seem deaf..


            • @Dia: ahaan nice one on lingo as a barrier because i thought she just dont want to talk.. Lets see what tomorrow unfolds for us 🙂


    • @FA: I agree, Sannata is something that requires one to be in the “zone” to fully appreciate the nuances and subtexts.. and yeah I too found it hard to get into it last week. And uff that music was not helping one bit!

      So so true about a Rishtey Kuch Adhoorey Se deja vu LOL!!! And yes, now thsat you bring it up, it is usual;y reversed as in the bride being in the room … btw, I kept waiting for the maulvi to scold Pari for speaking up like that, magar lagta hai woh bhi kuch hairan pareshan ho gaye they 🙂

      Re: Bano, Idk about her resemblance with Rekha, but if ever there was a face made for the silver screen it is hers …. unconventionally beautiful and so expressive .. her eyes are stunning MA!
      And so right about how the DOP has played with colors for this track . and if you noticed Naseeban’s track had a very different color palette .. darker, more somber. Waisey, what do you say, going by the brighter colors should we anticipate a less sinister track?


      • @SZ, @FA, I loved the shades of Maherbano dresses here and the complete dark rest of the things here.. Maherbano’s lipstick and even hairs were too pretty and true to the light!! the purple frock, the red dopatta, white dopatta and in last scene..! excellent that were! .. I think Maherbano’s worked get in much more better than young Naseeban but @SZ as Naseeban’s tale was much more older than Shauki’s so it might be going of with such dark colores we’ve seen.. As much I can re-call, dark brown, grey and black..


      • @SZ I know but thanks for ur lovely in-depth review that i’m back on track lol

        RKAS dejavu.. defo! I was like is this for real?! hahaha.. the whole shadi was crazy lol.. And A’s sherwani was soo off! and the haar uss se bhi ziada off!! Guy has strange taste!! pehle bright orange suitcase then gold leaf sherwani!!.. i hope R ko jahez mein sunglasses mili hain!! hahaha

        lol @ maulvi sahab scolding Pari.. hai na!.. I mean noone could stop her!!! What a spectacle our madam Pari has managed to pull here!

        Re: Bano, pata nahin i keep seeing a rekha look-alike.. I cant pin-point but there’s something there..def the right side of her profile.. and her eyes r stunning MA.. and shes doing a great job using em here! But yes ur right def a face for the silver screen..

        U r right def the colour palette was a lot more sombre and much darker than this..even Naseebans red shadi suit was covered with black chadar, so we never really saw the vibrancy coming through.. so yes, could be less sinister.. but i think Naseeban’s story had a great deal super-natural kinda mystery involved..Naseeban was supposed to be a brave person so perhaps that darkness also added to the mystery and highlighted her courage.. It was darker in the tree and tree-man scenes than the rest.. whereas so far they have established Bano’s beauty and attractiveness,.. so perhaps the the colours r used to highlight that…?? Personally I have a feeling that this track might be more sinister but pbbly less mysterious.. Wot do u think?


        • @FA, ahahaha 1st para of ur comment OMG< kia yaad dila diya, that anookhi shadi of this anokha laadla.. eehhh uski sherwaani aur haar..! n remember his ghussa jo actually usy aata nhi tha it seemed zabardasti ghussa dilaya tha Director sb ne 😛
          ROFL.. Ruqayya ko sun glasse.. hahaha yeah usko milny chahiye Azam k red suitcase ki dangerous waves se 😉

          Moulvi scolding pari.. I think he would have known whats going on wesy bara zaabt tha maulvi ka bhi 😛 after Ruqayya's zaabt..!

          you guys are perfectly right ohh her eyes her eyes lol her eyes reminded me this song ''her eyes her eyes''. but FA, Indeed, if any one's dressing and makeover is perfect here, she's only Maherbano.! chalo like u both ma sha ALLAH for her spelling eyes, btw if she would gone through this review and comments.. kitna khush ho jati lol 😛

          Loved ur take for these sombre and dark colour of Naseeban's past with reason.! yes, I too personally opine that Naseeban's tale had pretty much cold and distress phase that's why colours would have more dark there.. n perfectly plausible about highlighting Maherbano's pinky reddish shades for making her attractive.. I did'nt know that thanxx alot for pointing this out 🙂


        • @SZ,Ayesha and FA: very nice observation on colour palette being different from naseeban track, i agree with FA that naseeban track was full of mystery.. Where as this one seems more like ( dont know whether its right word to use ) lust from shokie’s side and Indeed its more brighter than naseeban’s..

          I didnt saw RKAS but know the story so i can also share a LOL on deja vu moment 😉 i couldnt notice her resemblance to Rekha as i was just smitten by her beauty and grace..

          Moulvi sahab ko batadya hoga na k tyar rehna kisi bhi ajeeb cheez k lye so he was least bothered..


    • @FA a big Rofl on dono bachon ne apni soteli maaon se lye he.. Clearly thats the case.. I dont know why i thought najma had 3 daughters.. Lol shyd having 3 daughters is kept as standard..


      • @Rehmat, Fatima is so much irritating really :/ can’t understand what she actually want 😛
        I think in previous episodes, there was a comment from anyone that Najma had 3 daughters after that, Ashfaq get married to this actual ”mizaaji mother” of fatima, Nafeesa 😛 ufhh ik behan aisi hai baqi ki 2 kesi hon ge can’t imagine..! lol


  6. @ SZ
    Yes, redemption is the key word regarding Shauki’s track. The last scene indicated that Shauki would make a huge mistake. He seems to be atoning for his sins through confining himself to Dargah’s premises.
    I cannot sympathies with the new entry. She is a dumbo who knows nothing not even that she isn’t suppose to approach him in the night like this. There is nothing wrong with it if she meets him during day time in the absence of her husband without coming too near to him. She can use sign language in case she is deaf.
    I totally agree with you on your thought about music.


  7. A bautiful and poetic review !

    On one thought of yours I would disagree, the three temporal theory because the past track ended during last episode. How can it NOW still be three temporal or you were referring at the story as a whole?


    • @Sofia: Thank you 🙂
      Yes, I did mean the story as a whole were we have Ruqqaiya in the present narrating, then the past where we see the Pari, Ruqqaiya story unfolding, and the past where we first saw Naseeban and now Shauki’s story taking place.


  8. Brilliant review SZ as always.. Specially the first para and the way you have put it 🙂

    Coming to last two episodes so like @FA said it was about to loose its sparks, i had the same feeling until last week when shoki track started, i am liking these sides tracks more than Pari track as if now.. Aage ka you never know 😉 Mehr Bano was indeed a stunner, her outfits and specially her eyes…totally killer i would say.. Very few ppl have this art of saying it all from eyes.. Just except one scene where i found her scary and not beautiful.. When she was going to room after staircase scene and the final look she gave to shoki looking upwards.. It didnt go well with me but when talking about staircase scene..that was scene of episode for me.. Director,writer and actors very effortlessly conveyed what they wanted to show.. Amazing piece of work!! All other scenes between Tayya’s wife and Shokie were catchy.. This one is entirely different from naseeban but equally intriguing.

    In whole wedding event, the moments that apaa bi and salma shared were absolutely beautiful.. The way she said ‘ i envy you salma, you can atleast cry or vent out but thats not the case with me ‘ made me feel for this lady so deeply.. Her experience and foresight can be easily trusted only if haveli ppl think of it.. Saba Qamar looked gorgeous in wedding attire and Sajal looked equally awful in that jora, ofcourse not her fault it was meant to be like that as it was Husna’s jora..

    Re: qawali music playing to nth time in 12th epi.. Arrggg that was horribly horrible.. I so so agree with you SZ they seriously dont need to overdo with qawali or songs.. The writing itself is so wonderful, then why to make the charm decrease..

    Having said that, i am again all fully charged to watch Sannata 🙂


  9. @Rehmat, hello 🙂 yeah yaar agree..!! Saba Qamar’s bridle outfit was awesome as same of pari, even Husna k zamany ka jora which was’nt of her size but phir bhi she was lokkin very cute true pagal dulhan lol 😛

    very anxious for more to come.. seems that things are gonnna make their right place and check n balance.. I think shauki’s again gonna do something, Mualvii sahab’s hinting to shouki and his deep intention to pari..! ohh pata nhi ab konsi tragedy reh gai us bichari k liye 😦 I feel sorry for pari..!
    haye u noticed her accent ”Appa bi aap kahan leke ja rhin hain mujhe aaj meri shaadi hai” :O hilarious ..!!

    ohhh so u counted qawali’s mins .. 😛 really its much annoying shauki ki shakal bad me aati hai firstly qawaali aa jati hai 😛


      • @Rehmat, haha ab koi hamari request pe dhaiyaan dy aur background qawaali kuch kam karwa dy warna mujhe dar hai k shouki ki shakal bhool jaye ge ge humein but qawali nhi lol 😀


  10. brilliant awesome fabulous review aur kya kahoon ap to han hi kamal 🙂 dil chaa raha hai drama pe koi bat na karon sirf ap ki tareef karoon waisay ap ki bohat speed hai masha allah 🙂 is bar main literally bhaag ker ap kay sath shamil hoi hoon werna her post per mera comment sub say end main ata hai actually mera mind kuch bhi new experience kernay per pehlay total blank ho jata hai and after some time wo cheizon ko analyze kerna shroo kerta hai jaisay ap kisi manzer ka hisa hon to her cheiz unclear mager manzer say thora het ker dekhan to her cheiz clear honay lagti hai ap kahan gi ye rj ko kya ho gya hai well ya to ye sanata effect hai ya aap kay sehar angez review ka karishma 🙂 hum ne bhi thori si poetry ker li ha ha
    sub say pehlay apni khushi ka izhaar kerna chahti hoon main bohat khush hoon 🙂 kiun k pk drama industry main bohat achay writers a rahay han bee gul,myra sajid,khaleel ur rehman(ye nam apni sis ki mohabat main likha hai wo fan hai in ki ) amna mufti aur ab saji gul wow
    coming back to sanata main drama ki over all feel pe bat kerna chahti hoon 1-this is my first comment on sanata 2- main mently ek book reader hon aur book k her page pe nahi bulk complete ker k analyze kertay hain bus meri bat samajh lain jo bhi nonsense bol rahi hoon 🙂 aur yahan ap ko aur dosray friends ko drama k doran hi ek ek point discuss kertay dekh ker bohat impress hoti hoon aur ap k style ko adopt kernay ki effort kar rahi hoon
    story/script kisi bhi drama ki backbone hoti hai aur mere literature say lgao ki waja say mere liay most imp factor sanata ki story diff nahi (love triangle) is ki specialty is ka style hai jo viewer ko excite kerta hai 1- three temporal zones jis ka ziker ap ne bhi kya(ap her waqt excited rehtay han past aur near past ka connection kia hai aur near past main honay walay incidents ka present pe kia impact hoa ye tino zones bohat well defined/well connected/well presented han) 2-kitna suspence rakhna hai kitna reveal kerna hai us main balance ka khayal bohat achi tra say rakha gaya 3-drama ki over all feel philosophical nahi poetic hai kiun k philosophy heavy aur artificial look deti hai lekin poetry insaan kay ander hai is liay is ko samajhnay k liay kisi science ki zaroorat nahi bulk just feel kerna hi kafi hai aur her insan apnay taste k hisab say matlab akhaz karta hai yahan bhi dekhan kitni interpretations han 4-objectivity well is point ko describe kena thora difficult lag raha hai writer ne koi chiez fix nahi ki aur her cheiz ko open for discussion rakha hai ye is drama ki sab say khoobi hai meri nazer main yani tree man ki soorat main paranormal side dikhai to pari aur psychiatrist wala angle dal ker modern science aur realistic approach bhi apnai hai mohabat kay naam pe pari ka obsession dikhaya to darga boy ki be-gharz mohabet aur azam ki dunyavi mohabet to murshid ka isq e haqeeqi aur us ki haqeeqat per izhar e khayal yani itni chiezan han k her koi relate ker sakta apnay hisab say aur beauty ye hai kuch bhi fixed nahi
    ok time for fajar salah baki batan bad main bye bye


    • @RJ, welcome to the discussion and its really good to see ur thoughts for Sannata..!
      Indeed, the writer has almost discussed every issue there, from mysticism to medical sciences and from lust to love!! even the characters here are speak up of their selves as much as we can read a book..! I too m a book reader and have this opinion to give conclusion after all the facts and figures, but Sannata is something to be more discussed and understanding! I mean every dialogue here, can be expanded to literally long debates (lol ye hum actually kar chuky hain isi liye keh rhi hon 😛 )

      but the points u highlighted, perfect..!! agree with ur 1 & 2 points, and for 3rd, yes the writer has given it a poetic touch even at a times, romantic touch and as u said poetic imaginations are present in our inner selves so jb poetic structure me main philosophy ko dekhty hain tou samajhny me, aur points ki discuss karny me acha feel hota hai.. ager yahan poetic version na hota just philosophy hoti tou shayd discussion reh jatin but poetry ne heavy philosophy ki space pori kar di… (lol mujhe lag rha hai M Aristotle’s jansheen jo poetry ko defend kar rhi hon philosophy k circle me 😀 )

      Re: 5th point, I think writer ne buht sari diff chezen dikhai hain but he has adopted the common way otherwise audience object he karti hai.. yahan ”love triangle” (jo 80% of our audience demand) nhi dikhai gai.. ye triangle love me kis tarah change hoi hai, pari ki birth se le kar uski ab tk ki mental state hamary samny hai k how she had to faced the black horror side of envy n hatred from her own grand-mother and other people.. and at the same time, Ruqayya’s love is relief and enlightening for her, she’s the victim of confused personality, broken personality a spoil child aur ye bat Ruqayya bhi maan chuki hai k usne pari ko spoil kia hai, tou yahan love triangle ager bani hai tou uski back pe har wajah present hai, and then Naseeban’s flashc back, shauki’s, husna’s, Salam, all of them have a common character and speciall as well! ager sb kuch yahan ik ”different” way me hota tou might be possible hum logon ko adoptation me problem hoti isi liye writer ne heavy-dose of philosophy k sath sath poertic version rakhna, Naseeban aur pari jesy intriguing characters k sath sath Salma aur Ruqayya jesy light characters rakhy, Ashfaaq aur Nafeesa k sath sath Azam aur Najma ki purity rakhi so as we can compare them to one another at get relieve at a same time..!!

      lol kuch zyada he lamba ho gaya again 😛 but it would be nice to hear more from u 🙂 ab ap aati jaati rahiye ga.. 🙂


    • @RJ: Thank you for such a mazedar comment .. itna acha suljha hua hua comment parh kar bara lutf aaya .. and more than that I loved the organization and clarity of thoughts – Made me think of a very well-written/well-argued term paper 🙂

      I loved your analysis of the overall feel of how Saji Gul has presented his story: the weaving in of different tracks, the intermingling of various temporal zones and the ability to maintain dramatic tension between characters all is working really well here. and yes like you I too had noted in my first review of Sannata that it was not so much the novelty of the story, as it was what the writer’s take was which made this one stand out from the crowd.

      Now coming to this point you make of waiting till the end to analyze to the overall story is very well-taken. I agree that’s how I would approach a literary text as well…read the whole and then analyze rather than picking apart each chapter as I read. But this is a different medium and therefore needs a diff mode of analysis. And b/c it is a visual medium so its not just the story we discuss but more often than that the presentation of that story. And it is of course a lot of fun second guessing the writer… ab kiya twist ayega kaise hoga…. even if you know the basic story, as we do in the case of novel based dramas, it is still interesting to see how and where the story has changed, how does a particular director envision the story, and of course how the particular actors are playing their characters.

      And I absolutely agree with you on the script/story being the backbone of the story, but lets not forget the directors as well. They are ones who take the writer’s vision and bring it alive on screen. Who is doing what when where in a scene, kon kaise baitha hai, kaise uthta hai kaise chalta hai all bring so much to a story. In recent time we’ve seen a very simple story like Humsafar do phenomenally well, but then we’ve also seen a potentially great story like Numm fail, just b/c the writer and director had different visions. Ab add to this the producers, who might commit to a fab story, but then lack the resources to back it, or when there are extenuating circumstances which end up messing up fantastic stories. Also editors, have a huge role to play in maintaining the pace of a story or building up tension in a scene.Even an extra 30 secs can kill a scene. The phir usse agey channel heads who want 25 episodes. Ab if o take a brilliantly written short story or a novella and stretch it out or ask the writer to add 500 namoonas to pad the story to kharabi to hogi hi….

      So basically what I am trying to say in my very incoherent ramblings is yes, absolutely story has to be fantastic, but then it is equally important for the team executing the story to be on the same page as the writer. And in that regard, Sannata has been very lucky so far (although I do have problems with the latest episode) in that we have gotten a very well-presented, well written story. Talkhiyan is another one where I think Bee Gul and Khalid Ahmed were magical together.

      Sorry, bohot lamba jawab ho gaya and I hope you were able to make it through to the end! Agli baar chota jawab likhoon gi – promise! 🙂
      Ab I m looking forward for your comments abt this latest episode and awaiting your take on the various characters 😀


  11. @RJ I really enjoyed reading ur comment and had been meaning to reply to you, but never got round to it
    @SZ basically uve said all i wanted to say here..
    just wanted to add one little bit.. I can relate to @RJ’s unclear qareeb se aur clear door se bit to some extent.. I used to watch my dramas all in one go.. so it did feel like a long novel come alive..i used to skim over loads of stuff..wouldnt even notice lots of other things, but would only analyze it later.. but now the experience of watching dramas is very different..I feel I do look at things in more depth and perhaps weekly instalments mean I have more time to notice more details too…
    We were having this chat on another thread abt adapting novels and how they can be so same/ different even if they can be justified to the book.. As for Talkhiyan, i had loved the original book it was based on, (which has a very dark mood to it).. but wasn’t sure if i actually wanted to watch such a dark tale on TV.. but the screenplay was really quite colourful and alive.. so like @SZ said alot depends on the vision of the director too…(and yes of course the screenplay writer too)..


  12. @SZ and dear friends thanks for replying mujhay idea nahi tha k meri random aur almost stupid thoughts per itnay meaningful aur thoughtful comments ayn gay surely the credit goes to all of u:-)
    firstly jis pe sub ne comment kia i-e diff approach of analysis towards drama and book actually i was praising and acknowledging your ability of analyzing each and every aspect of dramas before end actually me ne kahi nahi socha tha k dramas ko itnay meaningful way main discuss kia jaa sakta hai but last year kuch review sites nazar say guzreen to ahsaas hoa k oh ye to bari achi cheiz hai infact dramas ka effect hmari life aur life style per books say ziada hota kiun k hum daily basis pe in say connect hotay han after that me ne dramas ko seriously dekhna start kia and becauce its a diff medium so needs a diff approach or style aur wo hi adopt kernay ki koshish ker rahi hoon secondly apnay kuch personal prpblems ki waja say me tehreer aur taqreer dono say ek arsay say door hoon aur ager ye ap ki practice main hon ya ap in say in touch na rahan to in per ap ki grip weak ho jati hai ab jab main kuch kehna chahti hoon to sometimes mujhay appropriate words nahi miltay both in eng and Urdu as a result of this sometimes meri thoughts confused/contradictory/ambiguous nazer ati han reader ko us khichri main say kaam ki baat nikalnay k liay kafi mehnat keri perti hai(ager kuch niklay to) is k ilawa bohat kuch between the lines read/understand kerna perta hai is problem ko bhi thik ker rahi hoon bus yahan sirf ye point clear kroon gi sanata ko continue kerna hai lekin next epi pe
    and sz don’t worry about the lamba comment ghalib ka ek misraa perfectly fits on u
    wo kahain aur suna kray koi
    lastly ek confess me ne jab ap k reviews perna start kiay (after shehr e shat) to ap ki 80 percent baton say disagree kerti thi lekin famous saying k misdaaq you can like or dislike me but you cannot ignore me hamesha check zaroor rakhti thi i used to say “me ne agree to nahi kerna per chalo dekhan mohterma kia kehti han” actually pk main general perception hai k abroad rehnay walon ko pk ki society haalat etc ka nahi pta jis ki waja say bhi bohat misunderstandings create hoin but slowly and steadily wo gap kam hona start hoa and i admit k ap ne apni honesty apni unbiased nature apni thought provoking conversations apni practical realistic yet balanced approach facts and figures pe based arguments say mujhay convince kia aur me ne bohat saray issues ko reconsider kia jo life me mere liay bohat helpful sabit hoay ek aur bat me ne notice ki hai human nature aur psychology k baray main ap ki better understanding ap her commentator ko us k mental level aur background k hisab say respond kerti han ager mere mind main hai k ap ko meri bat samajh nahi a rahi ap kitni hi correct hon me kabhi ap ki bat ko believe/agree nahi karoon gi to trust aur understanding ka relation hona zarori hai aur comments say kisi ki personality ko asses kerna aur wo bhi sahi ap ki baseerat ka sabot hai aur shayed ye hi waja hai k diff celebs yahan aa ker apni baat kerna pasand kertay han one more thing ab me ne practically participate kerna start kia hai to andaza hoa k kitna time hard work dedication ki zaroorat hai is kaam k liay pehlay review kerna phir her commentator ko individually answer kerna jab tak wo satisfied na ho jayee is not an easy job aur ye sub kuch not for money or other materialistic means just to provide pure healthy entertainment to others much respect for that
    ager kisi ko lagta hai ye comment lamba hai to i disagree ye bohat kam hai jitna sz deserve kerti han all i can say that god bless u


    • @RJ: Apologies for the late reply but I wanted to sit and araam se respond to you …

      First of aap ka bohot bohot shukriya for all your very kind and generous words … aap itne arsay se aur itna closely mujhey parhti raheen that alone is a huge compliment and more than that it say a lot about your own open mindedness and willingness to read the other side of the story– Is ke liye to mein aap ki bohot shukarguzar hoon. You are absolutely right in that we all have our own biases and to see beyond them is a very difficult thing to do .. I will happily confess and say yes I have my own very firm views about certain issues to .. and so I am really touched that despite our different viewpoints you stuck around and were willing to hear me out.. and I am grateful to you for giving me that kind of time – really appreciate it. This is of course not to say that we will from now on we will always agree. Rather, I am sure we will continue to agree and disagree all the time but hopefully it will be in an exchange where we both respect each others’ viewpoints and learn.. I know I have learnt so much from our friends here …. each of whom brings to bear a perspective which is as unique as individual as they are .. so yes, looking forward to lambey behas mubahasas, many dandas and hopefully some thumbs up too along the way 🙂

      Re: your being away from tehreer and taqreer for a while….I hope all is now well with you and that you are back in a place where you are able to enjoy reading, writing and sharing your views…. baqi rahi baat saaf likhney ki and apna point of view clarify karney ki tau I can tell you from personal experience that is really really hard to do … many a times when I’m reading comments I have to go back and re-read my reviews so many times, ke yeh tau main ne kaha hi naheen.. ya mera ye maqsad tha hi naheen so than ek non-issue ko kiyon issue bana kar discus kiya ja raha hai .. but this where I too have learnt that is the thing about writing … it is not as much about the writer as it is about the reader. So in that regards you are doing a fantastic job. I would’ve never known that you had taken a break ..waisey bhi kitni bhi practice ho, bhai likhna bara hi mushkil kaam hai …and aap ki likhaee se tau aap kaafi manjhi hui writer lagti hain … aisa na ho ke kisu din yeh pata chaley ke ji apni RJ tau asal mein XYZ famous writer hain! Agar aisa hai to please pehle hi bata dijeya ga!


  13. @RJ, you’re all perfect in saying about @SZ.. this is not such as she deserves.. we can’t say that this comment is so long, even I have to confess that i start watching many of the dramas just to comment on her reviews and loved this forum for the reasons u have mentioned, that its the best thing to enjoy, discuss and adopt lots of things, from one another’s perceptions and point of views.. And all the credit goes to SZ for such a brilliant work..! yes she’s awesome..!

    and ur comment was very much of organized it was not any random approach u are just under-estimating 🙂 and discussion happens in the same way, so be cool its always pleasure to have any point to discuss..!
    Ur take about dramas affect o real life is true to life..! perfectly plausible.!


    • @Ayesha: LOL! Itni ziada tareef .. zara haath haula rakho please! But on a serious note, I am very touched ke you are watching non SQ dramas for the sake of sharing in our conversations .. thank you 😀


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