Shuk ~ Episode 12 Review

ShukkI am enjoying the way Samira’s turning her characters left right and inside out here. Up until a couple of weeks ago Ali seemed like the most uni-dimensional kaanon ke kaccha, maa ka dulara, mashriqi mard, for whom mommy dearest was the be all and end all. It had seemed like he heard with her ears, saw through her eyes and when he spoke it was her words that lashed out at Sania and Rumi. But surprise, surprise in the past couple of episodes we’ve seen a different Ali emerge. He might not say it with words, but hidden from his mother’s prying eyes is a heart and brain that has not lost its ability to untangle right from wrong and good from bad. This is excellent direction by Yasir –  he’s paced his narrative just right. Just when we thought we had these characters down pat along come twists that turn our previous notions on their head.

Last’s week’s precap had us all wondering about Ali’s response to Sania’s bombshell, but wah! Yet again a potentially explosive situation was nicely defused. Despite her trepidation Sania bit the bullet and shared the details of her past with her husband, who surprised her by taking it all in stride. Communication is the key indeed! Nonetheless unlike what we see in films, real life marriages are never easy as 1+1=2, neither are there any guarantees that an issue which was easily overlooked yesterday would be just as happily ignored today. Looking forward to Ali’s response this time around. He says he doesn’t want Sania to quit, but will hold on to his word once he hears the details of ‘Sham’s accident? I like how we are seeing Ali evolve as a character. Though he doesn’t get as much screen time as the other three, his presence in the story  adds that much more tension to the story. Jibran is very effective in portraying the various shades of Ali’s character.

While Ali gets my vote for acting maturely today, Sania is a different story. Yaar… itni bewakoof kaisey ho tum?!? The look on her face, as she walked in at work, was as if she was guilty of a murder or something. Arrey baba jab kuch kiya nahin hai tau darna kaisa? Sania is a perfect example of someone who’s spent more than half her life being stressed about what others think and the rest of her time she’s spent trying to please others. I can only wonder how different her life would’ve been if from day one she’d been respectful but firm with Aunty khaoon khaoon. It is this darpok, ghabreela facet of her personality that caused her to freeze in her spot when Sehrish walked into the hospital room. Sanam was fabulous in that scene… her deer-caught-in-the-headlights expressions were spot on.

Now for my favorite parts … all of ‘Sham and Sehrish’s scenes. How fabulous were Ayesha and Adeel today! The confrontation in the house was perfectly pitched and timed. The high point of that scene has to be ‘Sham’s hurt and angry accusation and Sehrish’s reeling back under the force of that explosion. Finally it was out. No more pussyfooting around the issue – yes, he blamed Sehrish. If Adeel was amazing as the hurting and angry ‘Sham, Ayesha was not lagging behind for even a heartbeat. I said it last week and am happy to reiterate, it is great to have Ayesha back in her groove again. Where do Sehrish and ‘Sham go from here?

From the sublime to the ridiculous – Maham and Atif.  Kiya jori banaayee hai rab ne…ek sair tau doosra sava sair! I have yet to come across such a no-lifer, loser couple.Never have I seen an executive stopping so low as to stand around gossiping with coworkers about a senior executive. So busy are they with all their meddling ke lagta hai apney bacchey ko tau bhool hi gaye hain – where is their child? Methinks they should be turned in for parental negligence and sent off  somewhere far, far away. But since that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, ‘Sham and Sehrish are pretty much stuck with this aisey-doston-se-tau-dushman-behter couple. Meher Jaffri and Vajdan Shah are so good they make me wanna do some serious harm to Maham and Atif. 

While all this is great and I am totally into the Shuk mode, I do feel there is an opportunity lost here. I’m not sure if Samira will bring this up later, but for me Sehrish’s present situation provided a perfect opening for a broader conversation about postpartum/postnatal depression. Having his mother or sister casually talk to’Sham about the importance of seeking professional help would have be fabulous. Granted Sehrish was insecure to begin with, and is now allowing herself to be played by Maham, but still her depression needs to acknowledged and addressed.

This issue aside, I am counting down to next Saturday. What about you all? What do you forsee happening between Ali and Sania? Will ‘Sham and Sehrish be able to find a band-aid big enough to fix this rip in their relationship? And speaking of band-aids… how cute is Rumi! 

Written by SZ~

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  1. @SZ brilliant review as always!!
    Ali def turning out to be a surprise character here.. I loved how this character is evolving..but we always see this in our dramas i-e he’s just too good to be true here!.. This is just the calm before the storm!! next ep he will b back to square one for sure!! btw loved our Rumi’s faith & the super-hero perception of his abba, ke mama aap ko abba bacha lein ge.. I really do hope ke bechara disappoint na ho jai phir se.. loved that scene with Sania & Rumi.. This kid is getting better & better in each episode.. Love,love, love him!

    AH & AK scenes esp in the house were ”zabardast”!! And I also enjoyed that brief chemistry between AH & SS esp in the hosp!.. Car driving in that zakhmi halat went a bit far I thought! Ambulance ko phone kar lete yaar!

    Waise phone se yaad aya, why didnt saania call her family from the hospital.. or even used Sham’s phone??

    But throughout this episode I was just loving to hate our mr & mrs jamalo!! Uff both of them r just sooo awesome!! they r so entertaining in every single scene!! @SZ ROFL @ apne bachche ko bhool gae hain! Haina! I was thinking that too.. def aisi jori tou shayad hi kisi ne dekhi ho! Waise Allah bachai aisi jori se!! I wouldn’t even wish them on my worst enemy!!

    Sehrish is def suffering from post-natal depression!! Waise billi ke gale main ghanti kon dale? btw our shaam also needs some counselling.. he needs to get over his loss too.. bechari sehrish wanted the baby more than him!!!.. he needs to start supporting her a bit more.. no wonder she’s getting it all wrong!!

    Mr & mrs Shaam, Take our advice… ditch mr & mrs jamalo and go see a shrink!!! Shayad wahan se koi aisi band-aid mil jai!


    • @FA: Oh haan!!! OOPs totally forgot to write about the car driving scene … wth was that?? Karachi ki sirf security nahin traffic bhi bohot sudhar gayee hai …People usually have a hard enough time driving with two hands and here he was driving with 1 or 1.5 hands?? I thought her phone was gone when the crooks attacked her …
      Exactly, Mr Ali will seesaw again, but I have liked the unexpected softening we’ve seen here 🙂
      And yes, ‘Sham also needs help, but more of a couples therapy where they can sit together and talk to each other about their shared loss. It was pretty harsh of her to have pushed him away when he had tried to talk to her earlier. Waisey I do like that here for once we also see the father suffering the after effects of a miscarriage .. usually in our serials the fathers are conveniently left out of the picture.. Mora Piya was another one that beautifully depicted the man/husband’s feelings of helplessness and sense of incompetency in such situations ..


      • @SZ ROFL @ Karachi ki sirf security nahin traffic bhi bohot sudhar gayee hai … hahahaha

        I know her phone was gone but that Allah ki bandi could have used the hospital’s phone or Shaams phone to let her hubby know… no?? I mean she was stressing enough abt der ho gai hai aur sub pareshan honge..

        Agreed! they need couple’s therapy! & yes its def nice to see the father suffering too for a change… But like u’ve said it would be nice for atleast someone (perhaps Sham’s mum) to have dropped the token hint ke both of u go for some counselling! .. (‘be-shukk’ wo naa jate – warna kahani kasie barhti lol..)


        • @FA: exactly! that’s why I think Sania is buddhoo number one .. anybody else would be calling home first, magar yeh larki gets so flustered ke she forgets everything… and that haan judge sahab main gunehgar hoon look she had when Sania walked in to the hospital room was so brilliantly done that not just Sehrish but anybody would be forgiven for thinking the two of them were up to no good…


          • @SZ hahahaha that judge sahab main gunehgar hoon look…. uff thats too good! bhai bechari sehrish tou post-natal depression mein mari gai, warna koi bhi hota yahi sochta! I mean poora hospital, poora office, mr & mrs jamalo tou apni jagah hain hi, tou bhala sehrish kiss khet ki mooli hai!! hahaha

            SS is actually playing the enlightened dumbo brilliantly here! I was comparing her to the gayee from MSKSH.. If only SJ had displayed a fraction of SS’s acting skills, maybe we wouldn’t hate R as much!.. but having said that there is absolutely no comparison between the gadhi and our budhdhu Sania here.. Atleast our Sania does have half a brain!..agar iss bar isey woh apne bag mein rakh ke bhool gai thi tou chalo iss baar maaf kar dete hain lol..

            Waise whats up with the receptionist dishing out all the info abt the patient over the counter?.. I mean total disregard of confidentiality or what??!!!!


          • Religion manifests itself in every aspect of our lives. Since the characters of all serials have lives as human beings, it is applicable to them as well. Even atheists, who don’t believe in God, follow moral values that have a religious foundation. Some writers like Umera Ahmad Saji Gul emphasize the influence of religion on the life of their characters. Umera Ahmad sometimes directly addresses religion. I hope you remember the scene where Kiran quotes Quran verses or Naseeban who quotes verses as well. In those cases where the religion has been directly addressed like Sanna and Kankar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, you simply cannot elude this topic. However, someone who lacks religious knowledge will perceive the religious aspects addressed in a serial in another light, but I don’t belong to those. I would request not to close your doors on other schools of perspective.
            I would appreciated it if we tolerate our views instead forbidding each other to express our views which is anyhow not lawful according to the law here in Europe. For me it is a disappointing aspect of this forum. I had been criticizing an Indian serial on an Indian forum for more than a year. Although my criticism was hard to digest for Indians still they were tolerating my views more or less. The same had been the case with British Christians. I had been praising and criticizing one British serial. Out mental development depends mainly on our tolerance. If we don’t show it we will be left far behind. The world is already thousand miles ahead.
            Nevertheless, as I have already said it, I have no intention to discuss my quotations. I can understand that you don’t want debates here, but I simply cannot understand that I am supposed to refrain from expressing my views on the religious aspect of a SERIAL.


          • Again it is unfair to say something to someone without giving her possibility to answer directly by leaving out reply tab.

            I am sorry to say, you have made my position at this forum quite unpleasant by demanding from me twice that I should refrain from my views through those I don’t harm anyone.
            The result is that most of people avoid answering me and those who do, do it rather impolitely. Meanwhile this whole thing sounds like a discrimination to me.

            Besides, it seems as if you don’t believe in freedom of speach. If you really do than you won’t demand from me to refrain from my religious notons regarding a SERIAL. Neither am I an extremist nor you. It is a pity that the whole world tolerates us Muslims with the exception of our own people.


            • @Sofia: As @FA said there is a limit of six replies to a particular comment.. hence the reply tab “disappeared.”

              Re: my comment, I would suggest you give it a second read …It does not stop anybody from discussing religious “aspects” of a serial…. My comment clearly asked for refraining from “citing/quoting religious texts” and “indulging in religious debates”.. something very different from your take on what I said. I have stated my stance on this issue and you have made your point clear as well..I do not want endless debates on this so will respectfully agree to disagree with you and end this conversation here.


          • @SZ. I have forgotten to write @SZ.

            Again it is unfair to say something to someone without giving her possibility to answer directly by leaving out reply tab.

            I am sorry to say, you have made my position at this forum quite unpleasant by demanding from me twice that I should refrain from my views through those I don’t harm anyone.
            The result is that most of people avoid answering me and those who do, do it rather impolitely. Meanwhile this whole thing sounds like a discrimination to me.

            Besides, it seems as if you don’t believe in freedom of speach. If you really do than you won’t demand from me to refrain from my religious notons regarding a SERIAL. Neither am I an extremist nor you. It is a pity that the whole world tolerates us Muslims with the exception of our own people.


        • @FA waqai i did’nt understand why she had’nt make a call to Ali.. its so strange she can easily call to her family but…. daal mein kuch kalaa hai I mean tha… lol

          hahaha be-shakk! loved it 😛 be-shak will never happened before the last episode tab tak shakk shakk he rhy ga, warna ”kahani kesy barhy ge” lol lol 😛


        • @SZ: They first they exaggerated the Kudurat issue and in the end they gave it a “they live happily ever after” ending. I don’t think Shuk will go the Apki Qasam rout, but even if it went, it would occur rather realistically than in a filmy style. I am quite sure of it and of its NOT being inspired by any movie. Shuk is a reality-based story. Moreover, everything in this regard is pure Pakistani with the exception of lifestyle and some circumstances at home and work that sounds a bit western.
          In real life women mostly suffer from the effects of a miscarriage. But of course men feel bad as well, however not that much as showed in Shuk.

          He would have felt incompetency if she had not been expecting.


          • Since some of us here sharing their view on Zindagi Gulzar Hai, I will share mines as well: There you go:
            Umera Ahmad made two big mistakes while writing this novel. She became the opportunity to correct them, but unfortunately she didn’t take advantage of it;
            No ungrateful and impudent person like Kashaf can ever receive any kind of blessings in his or her life, no matter what blessings they are, whether it is success or love of mother, sisters, friends and of husband etc.. God says in the Holy Quran;”And remember also the time when your Lord declared, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely, bestow more favours on you; but if you are ungrateful, then know that My punishment is severe indeed.”(14:8 )
            Gratefulness is a possibility to gain Allahs pleasure; “If you are grateful, surely Allah is Self-Sufficient being independent of you. And He is not pleased with ingratitude in His servants. But if you show gratefulness, He likes it in you. And no bearer of burden shall bear the burden of another. Then to your Lord is your return; ….”(39;8)
            I just want to share them and have no intention to discuss about them. 🙂


            • In short:
              Umera Ahmad made two BIG MISTAKES;

              1 Ungratefulness leads to His blessings

              2 Impudence leads to love (of mother, sister etc.)


            • @Sofia: Sab se pehley, hope you feel better soon … rest karein and enjoy your day off 🙂 And thanks for sharing your take on ZGH with us .. just one thing, can I please request you, and everybody else as well, to refrain from citing/quoting religious texts and indulging in religious debates. This is an entertainment forum, not a place for religious discussions.


      • haha @SZ, @FA, bhaee ye sary heroes tou ik se ik barh k hain itna brave how he would managed the car in spite of a bullet :O like sehrish ” sirf bazu me tou lage hai gooli”.. lol

        lol @SZ, ROFL, karachi ki traffic 😛
        why our serials show that father is missing a baby more than a mother?? but i loved this way they portray a father’s feelings! sehrish was crazy for a baby and Ehteesham knows it very well, but how he was shouting! ahhh isi liye ghussa haram hai… just ghussa have made her to lose the biggest gift!


      • Though it was seriously meant I found the scene where Sehrish and Ehtesham were having a quarrel rather cute. On the other hand Aisha Khan has unfortunately not given her best in the scene in question, she surely has more potential. Her face was in some points deadpan. Adeel Husain in comparison to her was too good. When he aggressively breaks something, she shows almost no reaction. She should have backed off a bit. There was a smile on her face when the ended.
        Maham has a poisoned perspective and she has polluted Sehrishs as well. Ehtesham should have fired Atif straightaway instead of having a confrontation with him, especially if he already has a solid business reason to do it. The mischievous Atif has revenged him immediately afterwards. I am quite surprised of Atif being such fearless creature. I mean, Ehetesham is his boss. He CAN terminate him. He is as much poisonous and a tattletale as his wife.
        As far as the cheap gossip in the office is concerned, there is a parallel between MSKS and Shuk. Though in Shuk the issue is deadly serious, especially for Sania against whose dignity and sovereignty Atif & Co have violated. No wonder Sania gets into panic. Her sms has confirmed the accusation that has been raised by Atif against her and Ehtesham. “I have told you, please be careful next time” Even her boss numero due has also assumed it. Driving away with Ehtesham is the her second grave mistake. Ehtesham’s intense concern for Sania during his conversation in the car is “cha maini darad”. Also Sania who had been reserved and objective towards him suddenly shares her confidential marital issue with him. Her confidence in him surprises me even if correlates with the situation. They talk like two close friends.
        As opposed to Ehtesham and Sehrish, Sania and Ali’s relationship is getting better with every episode. It is wise of her to confine the engagement issue to him. Ali’s trust in her is appreciative too.
        Under such difficult circumstances how can someone concentrate himself on his work? Kudos to those who despite the severity of their situation still remain calm.
        I have no words to praise this episode. I couldn’t let my eyes off from the screen. The whole ambience was thrilling and full of suspense but unfortunately I have not had time enough to watch it to the end, but tomorrow I will. 🙂


      • if you don’t want to answer me than it will be okay with me
        You mean there were six responses to me comment. I wonder why I couldn’t see them or people were replying me without addressing me with @Sofia?

        You are differentiating religious aspects from religious texts. Religious aspects are based on religious principles that are available in text form. Both things are associated with each other so much so that it is hard to impossible to discuss about religious aspects without referring to some religious texts, especially when a specific moral (another term that has religious basis) of a serial makes it necessary. For example Umera Ahmad has clearly given “Islami based” moral messages through Wojood-e-Laraib, Kankar and Zindagi Gulzar hai. Sannata accentuates Sufism which is mystic movement in Islam, a great religious topic in itself. However, Sannata has put a wrong complexion on Sufism. Shuk in contrast to them does not emphasize religion, but it conveys a moral message as well.

        By the way beneath one of Sannata’s previous episodes you told me to refrain from my views while I was just referring to Sufism without quoting any Quranic verse.


    • @FA: oh yes even i was wondering k ary larki call tou karo ghar me.. Nhn to phir phasogi and that time is near that she will pay for this irresponsibility..


      • Etesham seems to be caring for more his ex-fiance than his wife who burning like hell in her suspicion. What is actually more important to him Sania or Sehrish or is it rather his ego that he is giving importance to? At first he had kept his engagement secret and then he lied to Sehrish about his being with Sania in the car and to top it all off he blowed “car trip in company issue” out of proportion. Why the hell has he lied to her? I think Sehrish has been dominating him and has deprived him of space he needs. Men don’t like to be controlled by their wives. His lie may expresse “I won’t let you exert power over me”. Sania’s supposedly innocent “kiya hua?” brought me to seethe with rage. They are behaving like two children who are playing a dirty trick on a third child called Sehrish. If Sania and Ehtesham are inculpable what does this slyness mean? It rather suggests that they are up to no good which is on the other hand in fact not the case. Sehrish’s suspicion runs parallel to his secrecy.
        The assault scene was filmy and funny at the same time, the hero got shot while saving his ex-heroine from bad guys. That this incident will lead to another lie was not difficult to predict. The most amusing part was when he seemed to be attracted by her attention while lying injured on the street. It could have been resulted from misdirection or non-serious behaviour of Adeel Hussain towards this serious scene.
        Someone here said that insecurities accumulated for too long within Sehrish and has been expressing themselves in obsessive suspicion. She may be right.
        Maham and Atif inflated the Sehrish vs Ehtesham issue so much so that it almost seemed as if they wanted to literally blow the initially sweet couple out. How could have Sehrish overheard the “pata nahi kiya lafra” conversation between both offenders, Atif and Maham? The dining table scene suggested Sehrish being a good hearted person. She positively speaks about Ehtesham or even shows affection and concern for him every now and again (car conversation between Maham and Sehrish), but is pushed back in the old position of suspicion by our well known offenders. Adeel Hussain’s eyes really shine like stars while looking at Sanam Saeed. If this is what his character demands than Sehrish may not be completely wrong in her suspicion. After saving her ex-heroine from bad guys Sania should be quit with him, her indisposition for him should be finished once and for all. Aisha Khan vs Sanam Saeed scene in the hospital was amazing. Both girls seemed to be in competition as to who would do her best. Both did an excellent job. Sanam Saeed’s voice becomes bleating and shaking mostly when she delivers dialogues expressing unhappiness. She can surely be referred as a versatile actress. Aisha Khan’s voice becomes bleating as well, but it does not quaver.
        Doctor’s statement about Sania indirectly conveys that Sehrish should be thankful to her. The unpleasant conversation between the doctor and her was obviously disturbing Ehtesham since it indicated her being in same old, distrustful and ill-mannered mood. I can imagine how much and how far such a control freak and monarch like her would make a husband feel, but nevertheless I feel sympathy for her because she is suffering more than she is making others suffer. The doctor seemed to have been reading her dialogues.
        In many of the scenes of this installment Sania and Sehrish are depicted as competitors, whereby the first mentioned proved her to be a good human being, a good wife, mother and friend, particularly from Ehtesham’s perspective whereas Sehrish’s love for Ehtesham is rather characterized by selfishness.
        This is first time Sania avoided telling Ali the details. Is she infected by Ehtesham? No, she is afraid that he will probably not understand the situation in case she confides him the details. However, she entrusts them to her child since she is sure of his being sensible enough to understand her. I liked the way she tries to build up a positive image of Ali as his father in Rumi’s mind. Sania’s acting in mother-child night scene was flawed. The child was doing far much better than her.
        The promo leads to the question whether Ehtesham is going to venture his marital life for a third person. He may be punishing Sehrish for the death of “his” child.
        I enjoyed each and every scene of this installment. Kudos to its director, writer and producer! 🙂


    • @FA: I think the characters of Kankar were not weak, but they rather failed to attract us. They were such as they have to be according to the circumstance in the story which were obviously different than those of Shuk. The protagonist, Kiran was from middle class family. She was a cheerful person in the beginning, but her negative experiences in life turned her into a serious person.
      The most shining personalities in Shuk are Sehrish and Ehtesham and both belong to well-off families. So, the energy you are talking of evolves normally under good living conditions like those unter which Sehrish and Ehteshan grew up.


      • @Sofia The energy i was referring to was the energy we see in the confrontation scene… How it was very intense yet strained.. there was no physical abuse as as much they were trying to lash out they both contained themselves.. the energy was being transferred in other directions.. walking from room to room, the glass breaking etc.. and the director/ DOP catching just the right amount of that to keep the viewer glued to the screens.. (me going on a tangent here but im recalling the science lesson kinetic energy transforming into potential energy lolol)

        Whereas we saw plenty of confrontations in Kankar, they were never as exciting as this and always left a bad flavour.. As for Kankar’s weak characters, i was referring to Sikandar and his abusive nature and how that affected the confrontations..


        • @FA to the first part: Very well said! Most of people have aggressive energy inside. It depends how they utilize or transform it into positive energy or even alleviate it. The best method to alleviate the negative energy is to do sports.

          Could you please explain your “kinetic energy trransforming into potential engergy..” since it sounds very interesting. My dictionary says kinetic means movement. What do you exactly mean by it?

          Yes, you are right Sikandar was a weak character. However the guy who was performing it did an excellent job. The only thing that disturbed me a bit was his extreme make up which was totally unnecessary.


          • @sofia hahaha it was just supposed to be for some fun..if i start going into kinetic and potential energy it will end up being a boring science lesson but in short, here goes:
            Energy transforms its forms.. Kinetic energy is the energy used in any motion/movement.. Potential energy is the energy used to maintain ones position. So going back to the context, i meant the kinetic energy in the scene going here there and everwhere was being transformed into potential energy which kept us glued to our screens.. (Nothing sceintific here.. Ofcourse! Lol)


  2. @SZ, awesome awesome kamaal review!

    uffhhh as much i loved the mohabbat between this couple now m equally enjoying these jhagra party! yaar maza aa jata hai really! Adeel Husaain and Ayesha’s chemistry is A-1..! they both are fab! loved sehrish’s questioning and the way she shakk ahhhaaa..! ”tum bs itna batao tum akely ho ya nhi”?? n Shaam’s white lie my God.! haha he’s true bahadur hubby! n Ehtasham’s expression where he shouts that ”tumhari is ghussy ki wajah se we lost a baby”.. he was marvellous there! after Maatae jan, MSKS and now in Shakk, he’s making me amazed! guys he’s fab in all!

    oyee hoyee again i just loved the sheetano ka toola Maham and Atif! waoooo Atif’s hair style lol 😛 and maham’s assumption made me utter laughters k kahin Ali ne fire na kia ho and her care for her dumbo hubby k tum ruko me jati hun lol 😛 seriously SZ they have forgotten their baby jis ki wajah se itna roula dalaa tha 1st epi me tab tou Maham bib goud se nhi utaarti the ab pata nhi kahan chupa k rakha hai :/

    Another amazing couple Sania and Ali,complete family! Ali is fantastic how calmly he reacted for Sania’s engagement with Ehteesham! just wao,, just like Sania, me too was waiting his cheek-o-pukaar like his mother but ye tou hero nikla yaar! and ab tou Saaso maa ki khaon khaaon kuch kam nhi ho gai guys?? I think Sania ki khidmaat rang laa rhi hai itna sara bolin amma je aur khaansi nhi all my focus was there 😛

    Rumi is such a sweetheart! I loved this child when he says ”shorou se batayen pori story sunayen” hahah Sania bichari ne 3 times bataya usko phir bhi he was asking awwwww really he’s pakka wala future FK.!

    on the whole, its going brilliantly and catching strength every week! All these 3 couples are awesome in their own! especially this devil couple is roonaq for me lol 😛

    btw, Sehrish’s stupidity is at peak that she’s sharing all her matters with maham koi andha bhi bata dy maham kitni sincere hai kitni nhi :/
    n that hospital scenes where the Dr asks apko inki condition k baary me bhi jan’na hai ya wo bhi rehny dun n Sehrish’s expression there jesy abhi Dr k munh pe tape laga dy ge 😀 loved them!


    • @Ayesha: haha even i loved that son-mother scene.. And the way rumi said shuru se batain.. All i was saying ‘aray mera bacha’ lol.. Toooo cute waqai mw 🙂


      • @SZ, haha ly rha nhi ly chuka hai bhaaee.. ! hugs for this baby**
        @Rehmat: awww when i see any these type of bachas i wanna take them out of the screens..! as like our lil pari of sannata… but Rumi is so young thats why he’s catching the hearts but our touch is a bacha wali pyar ki fellongs I think his age-fellows will take him as their chocolatey hero lol 😛


        • Our reaction to an issue depends on our mental and emotional condition. Regarding Aisha Khan vs Sanam I would vote for Aisha Khan. I would in your place put myself in Sania’s position then it will be easy for you to understand her reactions. Here your capability of empathy will be applied in practice. Sania has been publically humiliated. In Etesham’s case it is mobbing and in Sania’s it will become mobbing if it continues for 6 months. As we all know mobbing is defined as follows:

          “Mobbing contains that someone is bullied, harassed, marginalized (excluded), offended and discriminated by colleagues, executives or coworkers (individually or collectively) or given a mortifying task at work (or other places) and..” (Mobbing am Arbeitsplatz by Josef Schwickerath, Volker Kneip)
          My translation may not be good, but it is good enough to understand the main message. (Here I would like to thank you for making me recall something I had long forgotten though it only dates back two years.
          Thus, the offender Atif is killing two birds with one stone.

          “…S’s reeling back under the force of that explosion” I have watched the scene in question more than twice, but I was unable to see anything of that sort. Instead I saw Aisha Khan as Sehrish just calmly twitching her eyelashes once.

          “..sublime and ridiculous..” They are dangerous. I envy you if you have not yet come across such couples. Come to Europe if you want to see some. In every fourth medical office you will for sure find one. Those who mob others are in millions.


          • I don’t agree that it is “bulling” on Sehrish’s side since she is not the originator of the whole scenario. More over it has not been happening for long. On Atif’s part it is mobbing as well as verbal and relational bulling. Relational bulling conclude amongst others spreading of rumors, exclusion of the victim from social activities of any kind. Imbalance of power is important as well.


  3. Hi SZ n FA (only two of you here so far)!
    @SZ: A very well-written review as usual. But this week, I have a slightly different take on an issue—two, because my difference is about the two women in question here!
    First—Sania—-In my opinion, she is not a “bewakoof” or a “dumbo”.
    Second—Sehrish is no bechari suffering from pure postpartum/ postnatal depression.
    From the beginning, these two ladies have been beautifully sketched/ written, well-directed and excellently acted by this team.

    It has been brought out very efficiently that Sania has been a top performer in all fields at every level in school/college/university and has a suitcase full of trophies and certificates to vouchsafe for this. Then why is she like this now? A “broken engagement” is shown to be not such a simple, small thing after all, at least in the social context of the countries in that part of the world. After this incident in her life, her own family has short-changed her. First they got her engaged to Ehteshaam, who was equally well-qualified, came from an enlightened family background, doing well for himself in life, perhaps their and Sania’s equal in every way. When that rishta broke-up, her family gets her married to Ali who is less-qualified than her, the saas-beta duo make it eminently clear that they do not hold enlightened views about marriage/bahu/biwi—a necessity to look after the ailing saas in the beta’s prolonged absence, a man who has not proved even to himself that he can do well for himself, their and Sania’s inferior in every way. Why did they do this?—ek rishta tootney ke baad kaun issey shaadi karega sentiment—-so poor Sania has faced a double dose of rejection—-one at Shaam’s hands and one from her own family who sent an intelligent girl like her into this future!! This sense of rejection, of being not good enough, of being nothing more than a necessity can take a heavy toll on an individual. She has become subdued, lost her confidence, lost her self-esteem more than anything else. She has been driven into a shell….to break out of this will take time and effort and support…..a new birth itself!!!

    Now we come to Sehrish. She is an only child, pampered, having everything go well for her and having everything go her way always. She is shown to be sparkling, beautiful, set in beautiful surroundings, exuding confidence, good cheer and leading a dream-existence (making the likes of Atif-Maham envious)!! But is she all this only?? or inspite of all this what is she?? Two things from earlier episodes come to mind. First, in that famous midnight stroll she tells Sania, “pata hai Shaam ki toh himmat hi nahi ho rahi thi apne ammi se kehne ki, lekin maine bhi uski mangni tudwa kar hi choda” (Shaam-Sania were engaged a good six-month period)—what does this say about Sehrish and Shaam? Second, even more telling than this—remember the time when her m-in-law is talking to her daughter late in the night and Shaam joins her—m-in-law says “tumhare biwi ki toh antenna itni tez hai ki kahin woh suntey suntey yahan na aa jaye” Shaam replies “nahi woh so rahi hai”. Lo and behold, Sehrish turns up there, all suspicious, inquiring in accusatory tones who they were talking to?!! Again this says something about her, Shaam and m-in-law and their relation! She is a woman good only while the going is good! Even “SHUKK” / suspicion is a pathological malaise—-as capable of destroying individuals and all around them totally as any other harmful disease. She was suspicious, over-possessive, willful, aggressive and demanding much before Sania appeared in her life, much before the pregnancy and miscarriage!! So in my opinion, blaming it on postpartum depression is too simplistic. In fact, going that route will give a pat excuse to redeem her character and make it all hunky-dory for her and will make this story too filmi !! Perhaps for the first time in their relationship, Shaam is actually facing up to her and refusing to back down to her bullying.

    Hope this story takes the malaise/ malady/ disease called “SHUKK” seriously and handles its fall-out with due understanding and showcases its unacceptability and potential for destroying relationships and families. Hope this purpose won’t get diluted in the urge to make it all look good in the end. Anyone remember an old hindi film “Aap ki kasam”—-Rajesh Khanna, Mumtaz, Sanjeev Kumar—-based on Shukk—-good one—-does not have a typical bollywood ending—-Rajesh Khanna’s shukki character is not redeemed and given a happy ending!! Was a superhit!

    SZ, you are very right in saying that Samira is turning all the characters left, right and inside-out and our previous notions are being turned on their heads—loving it—-there’s more to come I am sure—waiting!! Even both the Ms-in-law have some turning to do also I think….for all you know the “khaoon-khaoon” m-in-law may be better equipped to handle and contain the rift between the beta-bahu as compared to the enlightened, friend of a saas!! Who knows!!

    The story is being paced and brought to life beautifully by Yasir Nawaz. Every actor is playing his/her role with proper understanding of the nuances of the character being portrayed….Jibran, Sanam, Ayesha, Adeel, Meher, Vajdan, little Bilal too….none falls short….feel satisfied as a viewer so far, hope this show stays its course. Definitely counting down to next Saturday….


    • @RR: loved your take on sania and sehr and agree with you on how you perceive sania.. I too have similar thoughts about her character.. That she is lacking in her confidence and living with ppl like Ali and his mother, she has grown to an inferior and a coward or what i say in my way ‘phatuu’ person thats why she gets very much tense..through out watching the epi i was thinking if Sania was shown brave how would have she reacted on these circumstances.. Because clearly the way she got pareshan after seeing sehr in hosp shows the X factor that maham and sehr have is missing in her..

      About being a satisfied viewer.. Tou yes again completely agree with you.. On all accounts its been very much satisfying 🙂


    • @RR: Hi back 🙂 Aah! Loved you detailed character analysis, and you are right in your reading .. I don’t disagree at all.. rather I see your analysis filling in the richer details of all that we’ve not had a chance to discuss since we jumped in at ep 11. Thank you, I’m glad that you opened up the conversation about these two … and here we go 🙂

      Let me begin by clarifying that I did not mean Sania is a bewakoof (as in Romaisa kind).. that was my in the moment exasperation with her badhawasi .. she’s too easily flustered, which as you have nicely detailed is b/c of her past history.. and that’s where I dovetail with you in that all those rejections and bad experiences have turned her into someone who has lost confidence in herself and has turned into someone who is constantly worried about everybody around her and has over time turned into a people pleaser. She has paid a heavy price for it– we see her as standoffish, a little curt in the begining, someone unable to assert herself, she has a somewhat distant relationship with her son.. in short a woman who has retreated in her shell.. but as you put it, there are now signs that the shell is cracking ..Like you I too am hoping to see the character arc fulfill its promise and not get lost somewhere along the line.

      Re: Sehrish again completely in concert with you about all that we have been shown about her personality in the past 12 weeks. Yes, she is someone who thought the world was her personal oyster and she had it al and then some. Unlike Sania, Sehrish is no people pleaser, rather someone who expects people around her to bend to her whims and fall in with her vision. What I would add here though is that despite all this, her inability to conceive is something that needs to be factored in as well in our reading of her past behavior. How much did that inability drive her suspicions, her clinging, her insecurity? Was she at some level afraid that ‘Sham would leave her? Was she afraid that no matter how nice her MIl was, how long would she be able to overlook the fact that her only son is childless? We heard snippets of these fears being verbalized here and there in term of jest and humor. Like in Sania’s case, Sehrish too is now confronting her insecurities head on…. And its not just these two ladies, ‘Sham too is waking up to so much that had earlier been left unrealized – all the problems, as rightly put it, which have been so easily swept under the rug for so long. And this is where I recommend couples therapy. Perhaps too western a concept, but I have seen it work wonders where it is precisely such situations, and once again a pat on the back to Mora Piya!

      Re: going the depression route as too pat an answer, and designating Sehrish as a mazloom aurat just b/c she is diagnosed as depressed, I would have to disagree… we have now moved far beyond that stereotype. But given that this a Pakistani serial, and this is how depression is commonly seen and portrayed in our dramas, on second thoughts I agree with you .. might as well let it be…why bring it up and then have a serious issue played around with so frivolously … we’ve already seen what a mess they made out if in Kadurat :/

      Totally agree with you on please dont go the Aap ki Qasam route .. and with you on having very high hopes for this serial!! @Team Shuk: Please do not disappoint!! Ameen 😉

      Would love to hear more from everybody. @Samira Fazal’s given us some very rich characters to analyze, so lets hear it… not just about this episode but all that has gone down in the past 12 weeks!


      • @RR & @SZ now this is what i love abt this blog! The book club is back! Reminds me of Numm days!

        Loving all the in-depth character analysis here by both of u!

        Totally agree.. Like ive mentioned before although some of sanias bewakoofana harkatein reminded me of romaisa, we cant really compare the two characters.. And credit goes both to both Saniya the character as well as sania the actress..

        As for Sehrish totally agree with @SZ.. She has had her insecurities from the beginning.. The reason why she fell out with maham in the first place, and how she wanted to befreind Sania was all part of that.. The child/baby missing in her life..

        AH although we saw him acting as if he was not too bothered initially, inside he was worried. How he was reluctant to go to the docs and how relieved he was to find out it wasnt him.. And then to loose the baby after all that.. I think it all contributes to him current state of mind.. So yes couples therapy would help them out in real world..

        I’d like to add my two pence here.. Im also loving how we see Rumi’s character evolving. How we saw him some-what unsettlled when he was missing the father-figure around him..and how we are seeing a more confident Rumi in last few episodes. This child was longing for some TLC and attention initially and now we dont really see him wandering off on the streets and in his neighbour’s bedrooms.. So we a more settled/ satisfied child.

        Absolutely loving the depth in Samiras chatacters.. I guess the frustrations we r voicing r not towards how the are written but how they are reacting to the situations.. I mean they have us engrossed so much so that we cant help but voicing our concerns for them.. Its like a match that we watch on TV.. Shouting out at our players as if they can hear us but regardless of the outcome we find ourselves glued to the screens.. So well done samira and team shukk!


    • @RR: waoo.. thats really impressive that how u analysed both characters! perfect!! I think Samira fazal must read ur comment to know about her own characters! very well done..!!

      so,to me, sania and sehrish are not far from reality and truth! they both are true to life as u justified Sania, me too opines that her circumstances does’nt let her to emerge as her education and personality demands.! Ali was apart from him, in abroad so she’s lacked from a husband’s confidence and at the same time, her saas is enough to let her remain like a ghareelo type woman.! I think SZ have’nt relate her with Romaissa, or she does’nt deserve to be called dumbo, but Sania’s character here is a comparison with sehrish in one way or the other!
      U have said it all, n its very justified in every aspect I think complete here as sehrish is like mann mooji, blunt, out-spoken, fearless, and all the more, she’s loved by her husband, she’s given respect and confidence by her husband that’s why now she’s having such courage to face on Ehteshaam in such a way! As for shaam, he ever agreed before every bachkana zidd of sehrish but now he’s trying like to act some maturely that’s why he’s getting strict to her warna all of us knows that he loves serhish, with full concern!

      about the movie u mentioned,, never gone through it! but Shakk is not something to be a reason for huge disaster and Shaam is not enough to be a fool that he’ll not clarify truth before sehrish, he’s just trying to let this reality accepted herself on her own and I think he even expecting from shehrish to come out of this childishness, high temper as they have lost the biggest gift for them!

      btw to me, Sania and sehrish, both are the loving characters, it seems as if Sania would get matured after her broken-engagement, how much lil issue it was, but being a sensitive girl it matters a lot that why a deserving girl have to face rejection whatever the reason would have been in past! As for what is Sehrish’s luck worked here that she had’nt face any abnormality of such concern or rejection from anyone, so a baby in hers, never sleep or fade..!! Loved the way Samira fazal portrayed these two girls..!
      Indeed! agree with U plz team Shakk don’t let our interest out from these beautiful characters and let us say in the end Be-shakk they were brilliant be-shaak (Be-shakk in @FA’s term) lol 😛


      • @Ayesha: LOL! Bilkul sahi kaha aap ne …main Romaisa ke saath bilkul identify nahin kar saki .. thats why called her a dumbo … if that girl has any depth to her I am yet to see it ..
        but if you were referring to my calling Sania a bewakoof, I did explain above ke it was meant in that particular context .. not her character as a whole …


        • @SZ, hahaha no apologises its all ok 🙂 ho jata hai kabhi kabhi 🙂 bs me shocked hoke dhoond rhi the mujhe Romaissa kahan se bhaa gai mery he comment me lol! this was purely for Sania and Sehrish!
          even I agree with U to call Sania a much confused person and her darpook pana mein tou bs yeh keh rhi the the reasons might be as i mentioned, behind her confusion!


      • @Ayesha: Sorry! Totally misread your comment! Abhi dobara ghor se parha to understood the point you were making .. I was so confused ke aap ko Romaisa main kiya dikh raha hai??!!! Again, my apologies!


  4. @Ayesha: Its you again!! You managed to get in three comments before I got in one!! Haaa! hello to you too, said hi to SZ and FA only in the earlier comment!

    Wanted to add, I too loved the confrontations between E and S! After Sultana Siddiqui in ZGH, Yasir Nawaz seems good at and uninhibited about showing full-on jhagdas! “Kankar” missed out on this aspect, with every ingredient in place and marriage ending in divorce too and second marriage almost going the same way….there was not one good, full-on confrontation ever between the lead characters!!!


    • Bang on on about confrontations being shown.. Indeed all takrars between Z-K were full on amazing in terms of acting and direction.. Loved their takrars more than romance 😉 and even here the kitchen scene was too good.. Didnt saw kankar but i believe you on not having power packed confrontations


    • @RR: yes, ZGH and Sultana Siddiqui did get the confrontations just right. I was watching a random drama last niht and the OTT fighting b/w the couple gave me such a headache ke poocho mat! So yes, a huge round of applause to Yasir for getting the pitch just right.. kudos also to Adeel and Ayesha for playing it just so.. the glass that ‘Sham swept away from the kitchen table was so naturally done!


    • @RR, hahaha last time the situation was a bit same as again! hello 🙂 I think when u would always been typing the comments, while, there I am lol!

      ZGH was a complete fab serial, everyone there was so natural and as u pointed out, ”kankaar” though I have’nt watched it with full concern as it got me bored at instance! instead of kankaar, ZGH was complete in all aspects.! this rapid fire jhagry of husband and wife were missing in kankaar and now after ZGH, enjoying the same in shakk! so, Agree with u completely!!!


      • So agree with all of u how these confrontations were superb.. I loved how it opened the new episode with that powerful scene which walked us through the house.. Just the right amount of energy & chemistry… The confrontation was attention grabbing! And it had me glued to the screen for sure!
        Kankar. i personally felt that the characters were weak! The hero to zero in a minute factor was so off!! & Confrontations always left a bad flavour.. In contrast here we saw an energy that flowed but it was contained.. And strained.. (Not sure if im making any sense at all here lol) Yet managed to capture the viewers attention! Brilliant direction here for sure!


      • @Ayesha; I don’t quite understand what was the reason for comparing Rumi with Pari. They are totally too different personalities of different ages.


        • @Sofia, yes I did with lil pari..! I was just talking about child stars and I know that diff age diff personalities, but it was just mine opinion as I was saying all for the cute child stars who attract me, so I have shared..! and I don’t think that there’s something that is quite disturbing for U..!


            • @Sofia, Oh that was impolite but I thought apko meri har bat per hansi aa jati hai tou shayad yahan bhi aa jaye but did’nt work this time 😛 chalen kheir… tou I was saying that child stars attract me too much as our Rumi, pari, hareem, etc etc..! almost I love all child stars but some are superior but jo bhi ho Loved em 🙂 ye keh rhi the ab theek hai??
              btw how are you now?? apki tabiyat theek hogai??


    • @RR: It depends on the person who has experienced the breakup of his or her engagement. I can say for sure that boys almost in all cases understand it as an insult. However, an engagement has no legally and religiously valid position.
      I wouldn’t reduce Sehrish to “beauty, suspicious, willful, and aggressive”. It was Sehrish who helped Sania in breaking her “shell”. Moreover she is brave, helpful, caring and loving as well. She has been very nice, kind and respectful to her mother-in-law, treating her like her mom. Let’s express it that way; Sehrish was more susceptible for postnatal depression. However, I am not sure of really being postnatal depression.
      Coming to the relationship between Ehtesham and Sehrish, they had already been in progress when Sania’s proposal came. Insofar the engagement had been broken anyway.
      In our society mostly men suffer from Shukk rather than woman. Normally it happens in relationships that are unequal with regard to education or otherwise.


  5. Interesting review! I am very much enjoying Shak journey and how characters have been sketched.

    Realistic shades of human nature is what im loving in both lead pairs, Where sania is shown a coward and with low self confidence girl but one who is not at all dumbass.. Sehrish is someone we can call as full on bindaas who dont even think twice for saying the way it is but with her insecurities rooting so deep in her, she is making everyones life a living hell. It would be great to see the consequences they have to face after shak does its poisonous job..

    AH is as always brilliant in portraying Ehtesham and his scene with Sehr in kitchen was classic and shown so naturally. Scene with Sania in hospital was amazing too.. Both actors did some splendid work there.

    Ali may now seems a calm and cool husband surprisingly with his understanding nature but want to see more to this pal me masha pal me toola jaisa attitude..

    Definitly cant wait for next week episode.. Must say direction and writing are top notch!!


  6. Great review:) Loved loved this episode!!! So amazingly acted and directed! From the very beginning I was excited about this one, so glad it is absolutely riveting stuff now. It really keeps you glued, Adeel and Ayesha were just wow!!
    Everyone is so into their characters, beautiful performances that just draw you into this shukki world! Even Atif ganja khabees and wife mad -hum and no its not a typo she drives me mad are giving anazing performances!!
    You all have interesting theories on character traits, was fun reading! Love that no one is black and white except for the losers! Also really want to know what Atifs secret is as sham knows something about him … Can’t wait to see Mahum get a taste of her own medicine!!
    Lol about where is their baccha??? Who toh ghaib lol!
    Looking forward anxiously to next week!!


  7. SZ: Your reviews and the comments from fellow guests on all dramas are so very hilarious and in fact I get more enjoyment out of reading them than watching the dramas.

    As hard as I tried to get into this drama, I could not in spite of it having my favorite star, AH. I left it after the 2nd episode since I had had enough of Kasaf kind of acting from SS (she had similar role in EKRG as well). In spite of reading positive reviews on other blogs, it still held no appeal to me. All this changed after reading the in-depth analysis of SS’ and AK’s characters from @RR and @SZ in today’s forum and so once again I started watching this drama and I can now honestly say that I truly am enjoying it. So thank you guys.

    It is really heart warming to see such close camaraderie among all the participants. Thank you SZ for giving us a platform where we can come and have fun.

    P.S.: I have started watching SeZ and as I go along, I’m re-reading your review on each episode to better understand it. Will revert once I have completed it.


    • @Nargis: Awww! I am glad that you are enjoying all our crazy convos, and I am so glad to know that our discussions are helping you understand the characters and their motivations better. Waisey this week’s credit lies with @RR. Chhaa gaye tusi tthaa kar ke 🙂
      Will now look forward to hearing what you have to say about these 4 people….

      Indeed, we here are very lucky to have such a fantastic group of friends…actually I should be thanking you all for all the great serious discussions as well as those crazy moments of hilarity. A huge round of applause for you all for being such rockstars .. none of this would be possible without you all 🙂 🙂


      • @SK: Atif has been trying to gain the overhand while doing a specific project whereby he actually should only assist Etesham. Etesham was smart enough to see through him and maintain his control over the project. There must have happened something more serious than this. Since Atif is the mober, I guess he might have stolen Etesham’s idea or even attributed his achievement to himself


      • @SZ, @FA: Thanks! Waisey its all thanks to you SZ that we all have this wonderful forum to discuss these dramas… FA puts it—Book Club…..does feel like it!! So Kudos to you, SZ!!


  8. I started following Shukk 6 to 7 weeks ago and I was thinking why aren’t you following this but then I saw your review 🙂 Sanam Saeed is so maasoom. kaun larki road per apna duppatta utaarti hai? just saying! Adeel Hussain and Ayesha Khan were excellent and so was Jibran, the story would have been very dull if Jibran wouldn’t have been there. Rumi is such a cutie, “poori story sunaen kia hua tha” I loved this dialogue of Rumi :D. Shukk is my favourite these days and I am looking forward to more exciting episodes. hats off to all the actors, writer and director and thanks to you too for the amazing review


    • @Abeer: hey glad you are enjoying this one too 🙂 Now that it has taken off in some ways these not-perfect characters are so interesting to watch. Doesnt it remind you of all our discussions during Silvatein when we were throwing chappals at Natasha and wondering why Auntyji was so clueless 🙂
      And yes Sania bhi ek alag hi cheez hai 🙂 Btw, wonder when was the last time Sania had a free moment to watch a film? Saara waqt to Auntyji ki khidmat karne mein busy rehti thi 😉


      • yeah still remember Natasha and his chotu 😛 really enjoying Shukk. Yeah I wonder when did Sania get time to watch movies 😉 Aunty ji ki khidmat and Rumi ke cute questions 😀


  9. Hello I am new here and I must say I enjoyed your review. I have been trying to find people who I can discuss too. I have to say the writer has done a brilliant job with the characters. They all are so ib depth and not just 1 dimensional characters. I enjoying it. I think a lot has been discussed about the 2 couples, but my question to everyone reading, what and how do you feel about Sania and Ehtishams relationship?

    I personally love their interactions. They arent friends but they arent just colleagues either. Their relationship doesnt have specific label but their is a bond there especially after seeing the hospital scene. I feel the Ehtisham had estimated Sania so much that he keeps on getting suprised by her.


    • @Noor: Hello! Lovely to hear from another friend who loves discussions .. looking forward to your detailed thoughts 🙂
      Yes I too love the ‘Sham Sania combo, and if it weren’t for the fact that both already had spouses and there was a child involved as well, I would love to see the two together ..
      And yes so far Sania had been in her own shell, as @RR aptly put it, so it was not just’Sham everybody around her kinda just took her for granted… but now that things have started heating up we are seeing glimpses iof a new Sania emerge .. one who is attractive not only to us but to ‘Sham as well… Now am really looking forward to seeing where they go from here, as you said they are not friends, but more than colleagues .and both of the spouses, b/c of their behavior, are continually pushing thenm toward each other .And earlier, I had called Sania badhawas and bewakoof, but ‘Sham is no prince as well. He knows he should stay away from Sania, but the more bitter his arguments with Sehrish get the more he goes towards Sania, this unwittingly dragging her into a mess which has nothing to do with her. And that is unfair to Sania. Lets see what happens next. ..


    • @Noor: I feel Ehtesham should for sure be friendly to Sania, but he shouldn’t start a friendship with her, especially if he knows that it will cause pain to his wife. Instead he should remain objective which he has failed to be so far (car conversation). Yes, you are right, Sehrish has disappointed him and Sania has positively surprised him. He may think that he made a mistake by marring Sehrish.
      Sania couldn’t have phoned from the hospital since she didn’t want to confide him the details. The majority of people in Pakistan don’t go for a couple therapy or counseling.


  10. @Noor hey! its lovely to have you here..
    re Sania and E’s relationship: Good u brought that up.. Quite a few of us have already mentioned how we r loving their chemistry.. Personally, I am more intrigued about their track.. I do wonder if they will end up together at some point.
    I dont think they ever really saw each others as friends up until now..They were just getting along because of Sehrish and then as colleagues.. but there has always been some sort of bond there..

    I feel he is definitely appreciating more and more about her. His fixation and love for Sehrish never really got him thinking about any one else. After they became neighbours, his perception about Sania was that of a simple ghareloo aurat. But now Sehrish being away and the distancing relashionship, has allowed him to see things he never had a chance to look at.. especially in Sania’s case.. You are right that she keeps surprising him..
    E also had guilt which made him uneasy…wanting to distance himself from her.. however, I feel that same guilt has created a soft spot for her.

    We had also seen a brief talkhi/grudge initially from Sania based on her rejection.. there is def some old flame there buried deep inside her.. At the moment she is married and is loyal to her husband, so she wouldn’t let that surface.. however the way things r going, mumkin hai Ali will get bad-zann and that might just leave this relationship to flourish… ok i’m in my mumkinat zone again! lol

    I think both of them being on the same boat may also play a big part bringing them closer to each other.. They are now becoming friends and who knows that might lead up to a whole lot more..(i think im conjuring up a story here where SS and AH are together lol..)

    I really enjoyed their interaction at the hospital.. there were def some teeny-tiny sparks!.. Also liked how E looked at Sania attending to his goli-zada arm on the road, without her even realizing it.. very subtle.. but he def seemed impressed!

    btw how many of us learnt first aid from the movies?? lol.. that made me laugh so much!! I was laughing at them driving the car in that zakhmi halat.. but hollywood ka that ehsan was just too funny! lol


    • @FA: I completely agree with how you have analyzed the situation between Shaam and Sania. This is a mumkinat that would be interesting to watch….but will it turn into something serious?…..I wonder!! Going by what happens in our serials usually…..after all hungama…..all will be fine between both couples and…..happy ending!!!

      Hey! It was funny here but we do pick up quite a bit of General Knowledge from watching films…..remember all of us thought we knew how a gun should be held better than Wali…..that is hollywood/ bollywood/ lollywood ka ehsan, nai??

      @Abeer Jawed: “Sanam Saeed” is not trying to act “maasoom” by removing her duppatta on the road….she, as an actor is following the director’s instructions…, the character of Sania she plays is using her common sense (as gathered from hollywood films)… help a man with a gun-shot wound lying on the road…..


      • @RR like @SZ said credit goes to u for initiating the character analysis.. Its sooo reminding me of the Numm book club days..

        lol@ Wali’s gun reference.. thats so true, we all sounded like such experts there…i guess we do owe it to hollywood big time! lol.. .bass i just found that ref really funny.. esp the fact that she admitted it too lol.. & like someone said earlier where did she get the time to watch a film?? lol … i guess that was a way to show E that Sania does have a fun side too..


      • @RR and FA and Noor: very interesting convo going on.. You mind me pooping in 😉

        I think both Sham and Sania are equally being dragged in this mess.. Like sania can control not to ask her everytime k sab theek he and sham also could control not saying very aggressively that if anything wrong happened to sania’s marriage life it wont be good.. This will actually and by all ease with increase sehr’s shuk..

        Regarding when sania got time to watch movies LOL i guess that would be before marriage and since she is quite intelligent, she kept that in mind and used her quality of present-minded in such situations..

        I am equally interested on how their track shapes out, but more than that i am keen to know what will be the end result of this Shuk..

        Since i never shared my bit of mumkinats during Numm, i so want to do that now.. 😀
        Mumkin he that there is sad end to this drama, like One of the leads going to die in order to show the most disaster consequences of shuk..
        Im bit weirdo in mumkinats but hey can i know about ur possibilities 🙂


        • @Rehmat

          About Ehtisham, If seen ideally than he should not talk about another woman so defensively especially if it causes his wife doubts but one should look at Ehtisham’s perspective. 1) He already has some sort bond with Sania (what it is, is unknown) but it seems that he does care about her. 2) I find this to be a major possibility, but i think Ehtisham might be feeling guilty because this mess is due to 2 of his mistakes: a0 HIm agreeing to being engaged with Sania and b) him not telling Sehrish about it. He probably feels responsible for anything that might cause Sania problems and therefore he is acting the way he is.

          As for the movies, LOL I agree with what you said.

          About the mumkinats, that idea did cross my mind and I feel if a character were to die it would be Sehrish but I doubt it is going end like this.


          • @Noor: hey ! Yes i agree on Ehtisham ‘s mistakes and siince he is good hearted person he dont want that lady to suffer..
            I know that possibility of making a character die is rarest one can think LOL … Just wanted to share 😀 but i dont want a happy end even.. But oh well happy ends always fascinate me too 😉


        • @Rehmat lol at wierdo mumkinats.. but nooooooo!! i really dont want any of em to die!…. but if one of them must die then i’d say (with a very heavy heart) it would be Sham.. We’ve already heard his ”jab mein marr gia tou” prophecy.. now how many times have we come across dramas with such prophecies coming true??!!
          but like @SZ says the way Sameera’s characters are ‘turning left, right and inside out here’, it is very difficult to predict anything at this stage…anything is mumkin..


  11. @Noor, Hello and welcome to this beautiful forum 🙂 hope u’ll enjoy the journey!
    yeah u are right very much that Sania is keep surprising Ehteshaam and all of us as well! the way Ehteshaam asked ho did she know that what to do after bullet’s injury as may be he was expecting Sania’s bad-hawasi here at that time that like other ghareelo women she would now weep, shout afraid but yeah she amazed him! As what I take, that all characters here are surprising one another and audience at the same time! if Sania surprised E and us, Ali also surprised Sania and us!! well expecting more surprises :p as SZ puts on that Sameera is beautifully taking the inner of characters gradually..!

    @FA, haha koi aur kary na kary i really enjoy ur this mumkinaat zone, literally 😉 maan lo k tum is se bahir nhi aa saktin 😛 wesy today M really missing Sannata’s talk shalk and debates 😦 yaar I really think that this holly wood aid can’t be apart from ou heroes 😛 i have mentioned in my comment also.. our heroes are more than the super heroes, i was just wondering and passing comment to my sis ye ik baar tou behosh ho jaye, koi chakkar he ajaye, zara takleef se chilla he lay but na je.. Ehteesham tou bhaeee sb ka baap nikla 😛 Ehteshaam Sania, both were in that scenes like ”ik se ik barh k” 😀


    • Yeah I was really surprised at Ali’s reaction. But I personally think this is the calm before the storm. And he did have a little bit of Shukk when he told Sania that she wouldn’t have told him anything if Sehrish hadn’t stepped forward. So there is a very small seed already planted, but I think he wants to show her that he is not backwards thinking typical husband and remained calm and trusting.


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