Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai ~ Episode 4 Review

1472776_611006732294341_2062779459_nAfter watching Romaisa for four weeks – vacant eyes, deadpan voice, robotic mannerisms, inability to process basic information, and below average IQ – I have come to conclude that our gaaye  is on some serious dope…there is no other earthly reason why a regular person would behave like she does. Romaisa needs serious help…can someone please check her in a rehab facility? Thank you!

As if Romaisa isn’t bad enough on her own, we have her ‘ishq mein andha boss Nabeel. The fact that he gifted her a Blackberry makes me question the soundness of his mental faculties as well. Theek hai, he is totally smitten by this new hire, but surely even a blind man can see this gaaye is simply incapable of operating such a complex phone … dher saare button aur woh bhi itne chote chote! Add to that the fact that he chose to give her this pyaar ki pehli nishani in the tackiest gift bag ever has now sealed the deal for me. Romaisa and Nabeel deserve each other. She wants a Prince Charming and dreams of living in a swanky castle and he wants a woman who is pure as driven snow. Does a functioning brain figure anywhere this equation – no it does not!

Like last week, today too I was gritting my teeth at all the office scenes. Rather than a respectable place of business, Nabeel’s office seemed like a hotbed of cheap gossip and sleezy pickup lines. Going by the fact that Nabeel spends so much time shooting the breeze with Rabia, ghaur-karing over Kaukab and Nayyab, playing business adviser to Hamna, riding horses during business hours, buying gifts for office help, making late-night calls to secretaries, and sharing every thought that flits through his pea sized brain with his much saner brother, I seriously wonder where and how our hero sahab finds even a second to think about his much vaunted successful business!

Unlike his bubble brained elder brother, Zeeshan is so much saner. Looking at his family it’s not hard to figure out why he prefers to keep his distance from the rest of the loony toons. Ever since we’ve met them, all this khandaan thinks and talks about is the used car and Nabeel’s shaadi! Kiya yaar, have these airheads forgotten the really important stuff – what to wear at the next ladies lunch or worry about which designer bag to buy next?! As if his family is not bad enough, becharey ki biwi is also off in the head. Every single conversation of theirs invariably begins and ends with Nabeel. Why can’t these two talk about something else for a change  – aur kuch nahin tau mausam ka haal?  Zeeshan, my friend, here’s a muft mashwara – dump her. I can assure you there will a long line of women at your door within seconds. Trust me not everybody is as blind as she is! Yes, blindness is the theme so far…. we have an oblivious to the world heroine, her khala’s family blinded by the smell of money, the hero blinded by love, and his family by greed.  

But khair, all is not lost. Apart from Zeeshan, the other character shining brightly is Aliya – love her pragmatic take on life. No bekaar ka sharmana, ghabrana, thandi saansein bharna for this girl. Nope, none of that. She is a straight shooter and has no qualms whatsoever. I loved the scene where Aliya took Romaisa’s new phone to show her mother and then cleverly manipulated the situation such that she ended up with the phone. You go girl! You certainly deserve that phone more than your gaaye of a cousin! Sanam Jung is very flat here, making it impossible to feel an iota of sympathy/empathy for Romaisa. Mansha Pasha on the contrary is fabulous!

In terms of the bigger picture, the story did move a bit and scene is now set for Romaisa and Nabeel’s relationship to take off. I refuse to call their track a love story because for me this is as far removed as can be from the purity of that particular emotion. While I am not on board with the story and have a huge problem with the ever-present background music, I enjoyed  the flow of the narrative, as it transitioned smoothly from Romaisa’s family to Nabeel’s. The scenes involving the two brothers and Aliya’s moments were very well done. The thing I find interesting here is the movement within scenes. Even if the dialogues are repetitive, the director tries to make sure scene itself is not. For instance, today we saw Hamna and her mom talking about Tayyaba and Nayab, and though one side of my mind shut down upon hearing the same old, the other side enjoyed the fact that we saw them walking though the hallway then moving on to the couch, adding some much-needed visual interest to an otherwise boring and long scene. Similarly, in his first phone conversation with Nabeel,  Zeeshan walked through the sliding doors, bent down to pet the dog, and the scene ended with him seated on the reclining chair.

Unfortunately though, despite these touches from the director and her DOP, and some great acting by Mansha, Farah Shah, Adeel Husain and others, the overall impression is that of boredom. Moreover, in a story like this it is vital the heroine come through big time – sadly so far Sanam Jung has failed to deliver. So yeah, I’m not sold… how about you all? 

Written by SZ~

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  1. Once again a fantastic review. While watching this drama every few minutes I am very much tempted to turn of the computer but the only reason I continue watching it is because of your review and the ensuing dialogues.

    I have heard in many of UA’s dramas (ZGH, MUA, as well as this one) about committees. What is it? Is it some kind of a saving bond?

    Those of you affected by the blizzard of 2014, please stay warm in the frigid temperatures and be safe in the icy condition.


    • @Nargis: Awww! I am so touched that you sat thru a boring episode just to join in our discussion – much appreciated! Lets all hope and pray ke these are just initial hiccups and the story will sort itself out sooner rather than later.

      Re: kameti : I dont know how to exactly define it, but from I have seen it is like the kitty parties that many middle/upper middle class participate in in South Asia. Its basically a group of women who come together to form a kind of a saving club, where everybody contributes a fixed, previously agreed upon amount on a monthly basis, all of which adds up to a larger sum. Once a month a name is pulled out and that person gets the lump sum value. Women usually join these groups as a way of saving up to buy a big ticket household item, or to save money for a wedding etc. I hope thus makes sense? If anybody else can explain this in a more coherent fashion, please feel free to jump in!

      Yes, the snow’s been pretty bad, We’ve had over a foot and the roads are a mess! I hope nobody loses power and stay safe!


      • Nabeel is by no means “Ishq main andha” boss. He is flirting with our sweet Cinderella because he knows she is the best suitable material for a flirtation of this kind. Both of them share a culprit-victim-relationship. Her stupidity or low IQ whatever you may call it is necessary to expedite the story. Let’s wait and watch how much time she is going to take to fall for it. When did she actually dream of living in a “shanky castle”? I might have missed this point.
        Illegality is most probably the key to his “vaunted successful business”. This is what 99.9% businessmen pursue in our beloved homeland.
        As I have already said, they are “Nowdolatiye” and their behaviour is precisely in accordance with this circumstance. I have seen with my own eyes similar half Panjabi half English speaking “aunties flower bodies” in Karachi. This is the reason why this aspect of MSKS intrigues me. 🙂

        I was annoyed with Sannata’s reprehensible issues and you are annoyed with the greedy behaviour of MSKS’s characters which is in fact worthy of condemnation, however in my view not as much as the issues in question of Sannata. (Now you would most probably say “Not Again!”. 🙂 ) By the way it is unfortunate that you are not reviewing it anymore. I enjoyed reading your reviews. 😦
        Our Cinderella is not blind, she posses the goodness (so far) and a bit of wisdom not getting involved in idiocies.
        Zeeshan seems to be the hero to me. Nabeel is rather antagonist. Your sympathies for Alia are not understandable for me. Apart from her tiny little positive side she is quite the villain type.
        I find background music always annoying whenever it is played during dialogues. If you watch some old Ptv’s classic serial, you will realize that quite lack background music. I call them “Khamoosh drama” which says a lot without being loud.


        • @Sofia: the “swanky castle” phrase was meant to refer to the pictures of fancy houses she was looking it 🙂
          LOL! That ref brought back so many memories of Athar Shah Kan as Jaidi teasing Arsh-e Munir as her translated her name Gulbadan as Aunty Flowerbody! Thanks for the laugh!


  2. @SZ OMG!! Im in stitches!! Now this is what i call entertainment!! Brilliant review!!!
    ROFL @ andhaapann!!
    And thanks for picking out the change of scenery while topic remains the same old same old.. So although our main theme is andhaapan here, yes it is visually sound!.. Plenty of eye candy! Lol… And yes wah wah to DOP… Magar uss mein bhi repition.. Over-kill of the pool or what!! Every other scene was by the poolside..Going green jahan tak ho sake.. Itna pani kharch kia pool bharne ko tou ail aik qatra wasool ho!!

    Uff ROFL @ blackberry & itne chote chote dher saare buttons dekh ke to apni gadhi chakra hi jai gi!.. How on earth would she even dream of even handling such a complex thing!! She cant dream beyond the sitaras! Btw i literally gagged when N asked R abt her phone number.. Na tv na radio, na film, na hobbies, how did he even think ke she could own a phone!!

    along with all eye candy yes we got to see ‘the tackiest gift bag’ ever!! Thanks again for echoing my sentiments here..along with andhapan there is just as much chichorpan!!.. N, his kull khandan aur unn ke mehman..khala aur unn ka kull khandan aur un ke dost ahbab.. Even our Aaliya! Kis kis ke phone ka intizar tha bhai??

    And how chichori is the secretary at office.. Everyone can see that except our andhi gadhi.. I refuse to call her a gayee!

    And yes!! how can Our hero sahab do so well with his business.. Well i guess he is not just a hero – he is a super-hero!! Just needs to wear his underpants outside his trousers lol.. Btw Perhaps he is Bat-man.. (As blind as a bat!)..

    Khuda ke liye abb gari ka peecha chor do yaar!! 4th ep in and we r still talking abt the car!!?? And next topic seems to be the niya business… Wo agli 5 ep tak chale ga.. Any bets on the third topic??

    Along with R, N’s sister was so totally doing my head in ke i felt I was switched off half the times.. Same old topics.. I didnt feel the story really moved forward..

    Enjoyed the mobile-snatching!! Now thats what we call din dahare ghundagardi!!! Hahaha.. Our Aaliya is def the show stealer here!!

    AH is hot.. Even on the phone! Cant wait for him to come down and get into the nitty gritty!.. Def the only sane character! @SZ haina! he just needs to dump this girl and see ke kitni lambi line lagi hogi hahaha

    Looks like this is the play where i will have lots of fun ranting!! .. I hope we do move on from the chichorapan soon.. But next week’s lunch and the car scenes seem to be the sleeziest and the creepiest so far!! Yeh romance aur mohabbat kab nazar aae gi?


    • @FA: hahaha! glad you enjoyed it… yaar kiya hai yeh?? I was all set to enjoy a love story magar yahan to kuch aur hi story chal rahi hai!

      ROFL@ superhero in undies, aka aap ka apna aankho se andha BATMAN!! Too good!
      Yes, the pool does seem like Nabeel’s favourite hangout spot. Actually, come to think of it I have yet to see his bedroom.. wonder if Nayab is using it and that’s why bhai sahab is always loitering around the pool…

      Oh, your question about the third topic: I can bet you it will be the tried and true ghareeb larki ne hamarey ameer betey ko phansaiya hai … do you even need me to tell you how riveting a topic that will be?!?


      • lol @ N’s bedroom.. Uff waise that Nayab ke liye chinese khana banawane ka hukm jari karne ke sath sath he must have offered his bedroom too..?? flirt ki bhi hadd hoti hai bhai!.. and that on the dinner table infront of whole khandan!!!??…but Hamare super-hero sahab ko biwi chahye doodh se dhuli, aur aqal se paidal!?.. btw if he gets anyone with half a brain then he would get caught everytime.. abb aankh aur aqal dodnon ki andhi hogi tabhi guzara ho ga na Nabeel sahab ka!

        oh haan.. chalo ji..then third topic will the go on for the rest of 20 ep…but I have a bad feeling they will squeeze more of such lame topics to stretch as much as they can..


      • @FA: LOL on cant dream beyond sitare ..haha too good and i cant control my kehkas while reading your theory on every scene beside pool k pani ka ek ek katra wasool ho…:D


    • @FA, its always a fun to read ur comment! 🙂
      hahaha loved ur Nabeel aur usk ehbaab and khala aur usk kull khandaan lol 😛
      my God, batsman, pehly hero than super hero and finally batsman 😀 too gud yaar!
      I think like taraa issue this car issue will be discussed for decades 😀

      absolutely the phone snatching haha that was justified bhaee jisy use karna ataa he nhi wo Aliyaa waly nokia se start kary bichari ko life me pehli bar he blackberry thama diya ta k ager kuch usne B.A me ghalti se parh liya tou wo bhi bhool jaye lol 😀

      loved ur AH wala part haha lambi line 😛 OMG

      haha I too am fed up of this chichoorpana and I think real mohabbat will seen only with the entry of AH in Romiasaa’s life! Nabeel ka tou koi haal nhi 😛


  3. Grrrrrrrrr I wanted to hit the airhead man for getting besotted with a dumb girl who is nothing but saccharin sweet moves around like a new bride despite being covered by chadar only. With a writer like Umera Ahmed and a director who herself is a very good actor how can they show something like this in this time and era. I think I will give the serial a miss till Zeeshan comes into the picture, yes I am fond of Mikhal but unfortunately I am allergic to the likes of Nabeel Sikander.


  4. SZ , brilliant review and u r so right about Romaisa , waisay I wouldn’t call her gayye , even gayyes are smarter . This girl is the dumbest budhoo ever , a complete imbecile , she can’t be on dope , if she was her dimagh would be a little roshan, there would be some spark somewhere , she’s as dull as a door knob .
    What does nabeel see in her
    I loved what u said how would she ever tackle a blackberry !!!


  5. I laughed out loud at “our gaaye is on some serious dope.” Seriously Though!!!! Characterization is a little too extreme for the female lead role of this drama. Ima still watch it hoping for it to get better.

    Hilarious Review!!! 😉


    • @Rima Hassan: Hey! Geat to hear from you .. glad you enjoyed the review 🙂 Yes, I too am hanging in there to see where it goes ..
      I hope you’ll continue to drop in and join us in our discussions.


  6. ughhhhh hahah wao @SZ what a fantastic review I swear sari bharaas nikal gai dil ki after having review.!

    yaar what Nabeel’s flirt and Romaissa.. want to shoot her seedha panaa uffhh this much tension on getting a phone.. loved ur ”phone k choty choty buttons” bichari Romaissa.. she really deserve Aliyaa wala Nokia lol 😛

    Nabeel n his flirty tricks God.! seriously is he the Talented guy by whom ik jahan is impressed?? me ne tou abhi tk usy koi aisa kaam karty huwe nhi dekha jo impressive ho :/ he’s trying to help out the girl or an object for flirting! unbelievable!!

    The only interesting object here is Aliyaa.!! Agree with U, she’s a complete human not like a khalai maqhlooq as Romaisa 😛 i love her colourful dressing though its not so much to be praised but the colours just make this girl like a butterfly lol 😛 and khala’s cheikho pukaar on the phone was just awesome! i laughed at the moment when Khalu scared with a jhatka after khala’s scolding that now don’t make Romaisaa’s proposal issues that was real dara sehma shohar!

    the dining table scenes were eehhhh! Nabeel line mar rha hai openly in front of all his family kitna khush ho rhi the uski bhaabhi and the chinese food’s suggestion haha his mother was like bs nhi chal rha tha 😛

    AH is so reasonable here! his decency must be a role model for his brother and our hero sahab!
    Agree with U! Sanam jung is totally failed and on the other hand, mansha Pasha is fab! AH is Fab! so, the only few reasons to watch this drama is firstly to comment on ur review, then Aliyaa and the AH bsss 😛

    hope agay jake this gayee atleast turn into a baakri atleast ”meeenn meeen” tou kary 😀
    so keep it up @SZ.. review is hilarious and brilliant equally! yeahhh! 😀
    btw again Sannata missing?? 😦 😦 😦


  7. @SZ, loved your review. It was much “wittier” than the episode. Waise I agree with many of the comments that doped people may also react more than what our seedhi saadi heroine does.

    And why at all the “so called prized catch of the century” is after her. I think he likes the stupidity and blind obedience he sees in her. He seems intrigued by the fact that she does not try to impress him. So it seems to be the case of “How dare she not impressed by me or by the new 50 hajaar ka mobile, see my entire family is still fighting about the car. And mom is telling sister, next time she will get my old car.. :)) My sister can ask me 50 lakhs for business but not 4-5 lakhs for a new car. ”

    As already predicted, if N’s family ever gets over the topic of old cars, from next episode onwards it will be all about “humare seedhe saade ladke to phasa liya” topic which will be stretched like a rubber band till around 10 more episodes.

    The promo for the next episode does not hold much promise also. What was that “Aapko boss kaise lagte hain” Trying a little too hard for cheeky and looking more as sleazy.

    In one way, such kind of dramas are good as there is so much to discuss…


    • @PG: With this one I am just going with the flow and am planning to enjoy our discussions… and if this shapes up along the way all the more better 🙂

      I agree, I too think he wants her for what she represents.. a challenge, something completely different from all the other women around him. And I don’t see him as a hero either…I think Z is the stand up guy here. As for R, I think the character is being let down by the actor here… there was some potential here, but atleast I can feel nothing for this very seedhi saadhi girl as she steps out into the big bad world for the first time on her own…
      Btw, did her endless car rides remind you of all those endless safars (pun intended) in Numm?


  8. Your first three lines sums it up!! The worst extreme characterization of a heroin ever! I know of nobody like that in all the people I know, forget BA pass, she doesn’t even look the part for a simple village girl. They should have really given her some kind of charisma or personality. I’m sorry to say she looks like she is just plain dumb! Nabeel is not the hero we thought he would be, so now this potential romance is not as exciting as I thought it would be, a damp squib or what!!
    Aaliyah brings life to the whole drama, and agreed Zeeshan seems the most normal one!
    Lets see how it goes, right now just whatever and a not so great time pass!


  9. Yesterday’s episode of MSKSH was the only one I sat through from the beginning to end and it was agony seriously. The idiocy of Romaisa, her hypocrite colleague, Nabeel and Rabia are too much to take. Oh and of course, Humna and her husband as well. You are right, the theme of the serial is andhapan. Good review as always 🙂


  10. Oh and what is up with the tent like chaddar she wears to office. There’s a proper way to dress when going to work yar, if you want to cover your head take a proper hijab. ganwaroun ki tarhan chadar mai chal parein madam. Bawli na ho to. I can’t fathom how anyone can fall for a girl like her.


    • @Farwa: ROFL on bawli na ho tou… That was spot on.. I mean like seriously is there any limit to bongapan.. As @SZ put it so well vaccant eyes and deadpan voice… She is literally sore to eyes :/


      • No. Not ‘har larki’. Some women and girls do wear chaddar when they go for grocery or bazaar, or if they travel by public transport. Women who cover their heads at work wear hijab/scarf.


  11. I had to agree with @PG that your review is more fun and interesting followed by heck lot of hilarious comments than drama itself.. How do even khala family bear this anokhi makhlooq named Rumaysa.. Nahin matlab dont they get frustrated.. Her character is literally unlikable.. Itna gusa aata he iss slow motion larki ko dekh kar :@

    And to make me relax and chill is always Aaliya 🙂 her scenes are like fresh breath of air.. The way she was not showing new blackberry to her sisters was too good.. Totally bindaas and full on.. Love her..

    Again how do i go in ewww mode, by watching Nabeel/Romaysa scenes.. Ok we got it he is flirt.. But the way he enacts its not working at all.. This is not that subh ka sitara wali mohabat sorry to say :/ his scenes with nayab., tauba choti behn lagrahi thi uski.. Even the way he was talking to her it so looked like abhi sir pe haath rakhega and bolega khush raho nayab…. Still yet to see who is tooba.. Uska bhi jalwa karado…

    Transfering from ewww mode to Awww mode.. Its Zeeshan 🙂 my hot, decent and sincere hero.. You dont deserve rabia my boy and as @SZ said please dump her and save your life for good :).

    Sikander family needs a new topic for discussion and they will get it by next week when nabeel will drop this bomb of marrying to romaysa most probably.. I still want to test my patience and see when does it gets better 🙂


  12. All actors are exaggerating with their acting with the exception of Mikal Zulfekar and Adeel Hussain, especially Farah Shah and Sethi through frequent use of their hands and heads. Even those who are considered as good actors are not doing justice to their characters. It is the responsibility of the director to highlight their potential.
    Cinderella’s pronunciation of Assalam-o-Allaikum was completely wrong. Story isn’t progressing either. I hope the producer will not drag it out like Indian serials. We Pakistanis are not found of prolonged serials. Nevertheless, MSKS is still enjoyable because of it witty dialogues. In particular I really like Cinderella’s naivete and simplicity. I have a soft spot for both things.
    Does someone know what “Bi Jamalo” is called in Englisch?


  13. somebody please give Sanam Jung some acting lessons. I was watching this serial with my ammi and she was like “ab itna bhi koi bhola nahin hota aur aaj kal ki larkiyaan tou aisi bilkul nahin hoti” I don’t even like Mekaal Zulfiqar in this serial, I loved him Durr-e-Shehwar. Mansha Pasha and Adeel Hussain are way too good and they are the only reason why i am watching this uptil now boring serial. Salary 15,000 aur cellphone 50,000 ka! Sanam is one lucky girl 😀 anyways i hope Nabeel’s family gets over with the puraani gaari issue and romaisa’s family with the money and prize bonds and the drama picks up more pace otherwise I won’t be able to watch more of it.
    Excellent review like always 🙂


    • @Abeer: LOL @ lucky girl.! This is Hum TV drama, so I am not expecting the story to pick up pace abhi se, give it some time and hopefullt it will shape up eventually… dekhte hain


  14. Fantastic Review as usual SZ. I so agree with EVERYTHING you have said. I watched the episode and was shocked at the almost zombie like expression of SJ! Compared to that, I was looking at Mansha in the grab-the-phone scene. From amazement at the expensive phone, to curiosity as to who had given it, to greed at how to steal it , to chugulkhori to khala and the final victory at bagging the cell phone, each and every emotion was displayed on Aaliya’s face. However, through out our heroine had the same expression. There was another long shot of our heroine in the car. The car sped on and on , the heroine gazed outside with a vacant look -the scene went on and on and on. what was the point?? I mean if she is sad , all we see is a tear trickling down her cheek, where is the expression girl? She even moves as if she is a zombie! Why does she move in that slow stiff manner? Why is she not nervous when he calls her inside in his office? Why is she not panicky about khala’s reaction when she brings the phone home. Through out the episode her face and expression remains the same. I am desperately searching for Umera Ahmed in this story and script. I find her only in Aaliya.. The witty dialogues, the unabashed selfishness and the forthright manner that spares no one is one lovely character created by Umera and thankfully this is portrayed in a perfect way by Mansha Pasha.I specially loved the scene where she is refusing to show the phone to her sisters ( probably making sure no one else grabs it 🙂 ) One needs to fall in love a little bit with the hero and the heroine for a serial to take off. I am sorry that is not happening here. The girl is retarded and the boy is sleazy. I may only fall a bit in love with AH but shart yeh hay kay woh MS say jald uz jald jaan churain!


    • @yf: I so agree with you on the zombie like looks … I think it is the inexperience of the actor that makes the character so unrelatable. The car scenes.. uff! those reminded me so much of Numm days. and now all our responses to R are bringing memories of our complaints about Neelam.


  15. Seriously! Such a true depiction of how I feel about ‘our gayee’- vacant eyes, deadpan voice. I wonder how they made SJ’s eyes look SO big, bigger than she had in DeM probably :O And her extra soft voice really turns me on. It’s totally void of any feelings or emotions. Well, I was all geared up to watching a light and romantic serial this time, but this one sadly hasn’t been able to pique my interest so far. Even if I watch this drama while loitering around I always find nothing hasn’t happened much. The only characters worthy of attraction are Adeel Hussain and Mansha Pasha or you can say they are close to reality may be and not over the top. For Mekaal Zulfiqar I think his acting here in way better than Ek kasak Reh gaye. SJ however failed to win me over.
    Can anyone please elaborate such a badly besotted behavior of Nabeel? For I can’t think of any plausible reason for it. And now he’s even thinking of marrying this bandi. That’s interesting!
    Interestingly enough, I have a small weird memory attached to Rumaisa’s name and now I fret the protagonist’s future too. I know of a family who changed their daughter’s name from Rumaisa because they thought she cried a lot and that was somehow pertinent to the the name Rumaisa that was having such negative repercussions for the girl. May it was because of ‘Ru’ in rumaisa- uhhh close to rona I mean :-p Extremely weird, I know. But people here do believe name has effects on personality. Having said that, I hear knells ringing for our oh-so-wonderful Rumaisa. Good luck girl!


  16. Great review for a poorly done drama SZ!
    I had quite a lot of hopes for Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara, but its pretty disappointing. I think that its going to be very similar to Mata-e-Jaan.

    Cheers to 2014, another year of drama repeats!


    • @Habiba: I have a feeling that this one will be a down up down kind of a serial… Well MeJ, hai bhi aur nahin bhi 🙂 Lets keep guessing where the similarities and dissimilarities are 😉 How many others think this one is like MeJ? And how many think this going to a happily ever after for N and R?
      LOL @ drama repeats … itni jaldi verdict de diya? How did you like the first eps of Ru Bar and the other one with Samia mumtaz, Nauman Ejaz (another one of those recycled titles with Zindagi in it)…


      • @SZ hahaha well ive read this one so i think id better stay on sidelines with this one.. But as far as MeJ is concerned, i feel the characters were very strong and deep.. Here we see stereotyping! The characters seem very shallow..
        I loved MeJ the drama and thats no secret! Lol.. But everyone who had read the novel seem to have loved the characters and the story.. And like i said on another thread, The drama has a somewhat different flavour to, it the strong characters make the story work!

        As for MSKSH all i can say that unfortunately i felt the original story is some-what weak with weak characters.. So i am hoping for a great twist or addition.. I can dream on i guess lol..


        • Eeeh, I don’t have much hopes for it now. Its quite obvious that she will marry Nabeel and they both will love each other to pieces and then he will die. And then she will marry another guy (possibly Zeeshan).

          I am not watching any of those “Zindagi” dramas, however I am watching Sannata, and I LOVE IT!


          • @Habiba : Looking forward to hearing from you on Sannata now .. dekhen how much of a stir your comments cause there 😉
            Btw, if yuo like you scould check off the box where it is says notify me of comments via email .. you will get real time notifs of all activity on that thread


      • @sz mujhay nahi lagta habiba ne story wise similarity ki bat ki hai MeJ ne casting,acting aur direction wise fans ko kafi disappoint kya tha (by the way I loved it) jab kay novel best seller tha agar me sahi samjhi hoon to unhon ne is hwalay say comparison kya hai k MSKSH bhi waisay hi disappoint kray ga warna donon ki stories characters main zameen aasman ka farq hai koi bacha bhi bata sakta hai
        Secondly R ko writer ne deliberately itna stupid,dumb dikhaya hai ta kay bad me anay walay incidents viewers kay liay acceptable hon is say ziada nahi bata sakti is liay have patience aur is allah mian ki gayee ko bardasht kren waisay meri gut feeling hai ye gayee end main tarzan ban jai gee aur ye hi message ho ga UA kay dramas ki entertainment value low lekin message bohat strong hota hai bulkay baaz dafa sirf message hi hota hai you know what I mean 🙂


  17. @SZ, nhi i seriously don’t think that they are going to the list fo MeJ.. Met was matae jan!! no comparison for that eben with it! never! Mej has the strongest characters ever and apart from characters, the story had a complete diff background from MSKS..

    @FA ki tarah ab I m also ready to defend it that in a play as now Im in love with the serial!! yeah really these characters are weak and shallow Indeed!!

    to me, its not a bit like Matae jan! neither Haniyaa was a mazloom gayee like Romaissa nor Aabi was an un-predictable guy like Nabeel or even Adam was not much greedy like Nabeel’s ghar waly are :/
    and it can’t be like Matae jan further as Haniya was only one true hero, Romaissa got two ik saath lol 😛 so,, to conclude, naaaa! its not like Matae jan n M warning that don’t dare to be like Matae jan, MSKS’s team 😛


    • @FA and @Ayesha: LOL!!! Ladies have to say I love your passion for MeJ! Abhi @Rehmat ne shayad parha nahin hai .. warna woh bhi zaroor izhar-e khayal karteen 😉

      As far as I understood @Habiba’s comment, I don’t think she was going for that kind of a comparison, rather more like a comparison in the sense where Aabi’s family was against Haniya (they have another candidate in mind, she’s had a diff upbringing etc) nonetheless he goes against their wishes.. then after a whole bunch of twists and turns eventually Haniya is accepted by his parents …

      That said, how many think this is how MSKSH will play out? And those who’ve read the novel, no spoilers please .. this is merely an exercise to see what and how many scenarios we can come up with… Numm kept us challenged till the last ep … mumkin hai ke yahan bhi aisa ho??


      • Ok now as ive already mentioned ive read most if the story ill try my best not to spill any beans here..

        Now if u put it like that i can see how story-wise it seems very similar.. However i feel its still very different to MeJ..

        MeJ was a story of some very honest and intense relationships and how they affected everone involved.. Hajra Aabi, haniya, And even Aabis friend adeel, uzair and to some extent uziars brother and his family.. Their intense love and most of all their sincerity every step of the way..(Walking on eggshells here..) now here we see none of that infact quite the opposite. Every character bhai, behen, bhabhi, behnoi, even maan baap seem to be chichore.. They r all matlabi.. All after N’s money, car, business and charm etc.. Even our R is dreaming of her palatial house!! The only sincere character is Z.. Magar uss ki biwi bhi hai nadidi!!

        Haaniya went through all ordeals under the sun.. But she never came across as a mazloom aurat.. Yes she was qismat ki mari but She was a strong woman who fought her way through her halat with her intelligence , sincerity and also in MSKSH R may have had similar fate and ordeals ie losing her family etc but our R is not only mazloomiat ki intiha but also aqal-bandi ki intiha!! She is not just qismat ki mari but also khala ki maari, andhepann ki mari aur aqal-o-samajh ki mari!!! Here we can only expect miracles to sort her affairs out! ..khud tou kuch nahin karne wali..

        Although Aabis family didnt accept haniya we never saw the typical saas bahu jhagra etc.. Now judging by N’s khandan one doesnt need to be an einstein to work out Hamari gaye agar iss ghar mein aa gai tou iss gadhi jaisi gayee ke saath poore ka poora chichora tabbar kia kia kar sakta hai! Kuch nahin tou they can use R as a seedhi saadhi seerhi to get N’s car, business and money etc…so i assume we will get a very different flavour here no matter what..

        If i say any more I might be in danger of entering the red zone lol.. So id better stop

        Btw what im looking forward to next is Z and Rs first mulaqat.. And if and how and when we get see any sort of chemistry developing between these two on the screen..

        Will there b a happily ever after for N and R? And what twists can we expect along the way…Mumkin hai N ki itni saari secretaries mein se aik ex aa ke masala khara khare? Mumkin hai khala N ke khandan ko seedha kar dein.. Mumkin hai R and N go to Specsavers and get their eyes checked and then eventually see the reality and fall out of so-called love.. Or Mumkin hai after going to specsavers they both find the sitara in the sky…
        For those who are not familiar with specsavers just watch this ad on YT from their hillarious ‘should’ve gone to specsavers campaign’ (the train station) to know exactly what i mean…


        • @FA, I agree with u completely in all the facts u highlighted for the diff between it and MeJ… like u mentioned the characters names, catagories and difference here, especially no comparisons for Haniyaa and Romaissa.! As, like Romaissa, Haniya has to loose her parents but she never let herself be used by others!! than completely agreeing with u again, the diff b/w shallowness and sincerity!!

          haha loved ur Mumkinaats and really possible they might be!
          specsavers.. well I also did’nt get this!! campaign of what?? n the taraaa.. 😛 ufhh jaan nhi chorny wala 😛
          oh ho lost one comment 😦 but yaar ur long comment is here on m replying!! typos hoti rehti hain don’t worry 😉


          • @Ayesha Specsavers is a company and they ran this ad campaign with a series of ads with various scenarios saying ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers’

            Ok now i think something like this will/ must’ve happenned to N and R… They shoul’ve gone to Specsavers..Check out this ad: (just a word of warning here: Sorry if anyone finds this offensive in any way & one must watch till the very end….)


            • hahaha @FA, I agree, they must go to check their eyes, Romaisaa and Nabeel and in this add waly also.. lol lol lol 😀 itni bari ghalat fehmi lol 😛 wesy aisi eyes se sitaraa dekhein gy tou wo bhi Subha ki bajaye koi aur he sitara hoga lol
              na na I just take it as light humour m not gonna make this serious bs hansi nhi ruk rhi 😛 but ik bat batao?? apne itna serious hoke qn comment kia?? 😛 sorryy i think m getting much funny!!


      • @SZ, hahaha, yeah totally in loved with MeJ..!!

        may be @Habiba was’nt talking about such kinda comparison n yeah as if u’ve mentioned, might be possible that Nabeel’s family will refuse to accept Romaissa, but will Romaissa can done s marvellous job Haniya did?? and secondly, she have’nt face to harsh situations further as I assume that Umeera ahmed’s agony for her heroine lasted for one phase, if once, Romaisaa will leave this world of her khala, she’ll be ready to enjoy life ahead! so, the differences between Romaisaa and Nabeel’s family will never turn out such harsh, they’ll accept her soon,!
        N I think we have not had wo wait till last episode, the knots will soon untie!!


      • @SZ: lol mene parha tha but couldnt get in what terms MeJ and MSKSH are similiar.. Islye izhaar e khyaal nhn kya 😉 now u have elaborated it to @habiba no not at all there similiar in any way 😀

        Mumkin he k zeeshan help kare romisa ko sudharene me aur gharwale isse kisi aur angel se dekhain aur nabeel shak kare :p


      • LOL, I didnt realize my comment would arise so many other comments 😛 Its after I responded to SZ, and then I scrolled down to so many people comparing MSKSH to Mata-e-Jaan.
        Well I am not speaking in a sense that Haniya is completely similar to Romaisa, and Abi is Nabeel. I am speaking story wise, I feel that Nabeel will die eventually after falling in love with Romaisa, and then she will marry another guy (probably Zeeshan).


        • @Habiba lol but hey u got us all going!!
          i can see exactly where u r coming from but even if narrative-wise they do turn out to be very similar, i-e even if Nabeel does die etc… I still think there is a very different feel and flavour here. Dunno if u’ve come across the OKB’s Humsafar parody video, but the point he raised was very valid.. didn’t MZZBN and HS had the same story at its core??.. yet they were still very different.. SO like @SZ puts it, aik jaisey hain bhi aur nahin bhi..
          abb kia karien we can only have so many stories with a triangle!! lol


  18. LOL I love this review! I really liked reading it, the way you’ve put the whole, although bechara drama becuzz I love the characters, haven’t watched all episodes ab tk ki but it’s greaaaaaat.
    Another lol for the ‘pat his pet and sit on that seat’ part, how they showed “movements” so as to not bore us with the repetitive dialogs. And seriously, when does he get time for his business when all he’s doing is that? Maybe ye sab breaks ke doran hota ho. #verylameiknow
    Rumaisa’s cousin is Villian hi. :/ Though her acting’s good. Awesome work, SZ. will be looking forward to reading more from you.


    • @randomly abstract: hey! welcome aboard.
      ROFL@ business must be happening during during breaks.. too funny!! Yes you fit right in 😀
      I hope you and your sense of humor will be joining us regularly from now on. Looking forward to hearing more from you!


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