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Let me begin by saying that this review has been sitting on the back burner for the past eleven weeks. I had drafted the post even before the first episode aired, but the first few installments, despite a lineup of some of my favorite stars, did not quite do the trick for me. Samira Fazal’s story, of two married couples, who happen to be neighbors, and their intertwined lives, did not seem to bring anything new to the table and Yasir Nawaz’s narration seemed to miss the mark quite a few times. There were quite a few hiccups early on as the writer and director tried to set up a context for the main story within the space of a few episodes, thus leading to many a head-scratching moments – where exactly were these two houses situated in context to each other, how does a child run around unsupervised in the streets of today’s Karachi, how does a ball thrown by the said child bounce so high as to go over an entry gate, since when do people in Karachi, particularly women, go out for leisurely strolls and chat in empty parks at midnight, why does a seemingly intelligent woman have such poor taste in friends, why would a sensible guy go and spill his guts to a loser of a coworker (who just happens to be married to his wife’s loony BFF), and finally why does an otherwise smart woman not buy some meds to silence her evil mother-in-law’s incessant khaoon khaoon… More than anything else Ma ji’s coughing drove me nuts!

But that was then, in the past four weeks or so Shuk has come into its own. While I remain unconvinced about the need for yet another shohar-biwi ke beech mein jhagra kind of a story, I am enjoying Samira’s  approach to an otherwise hackneyed formula. Shuk offers an intimate look at marriages and examines how conscious and unconscious insecurities transform otherwise forgettable moments and  minor misunderstandings into issues grave enough to tear a once happy couple apart. Yasir has been great in his handling of the narrative where tension is gradually built, suspense created, and just as you think ke is baar tau qissa khatam, we get an unexpected resolution. What I like is that issues are not dragged out, neither do we have a scenario where after a resolution all is good forever. Rather, much like in real life, where forgiving is easy but forgetting harder, we see older insecurities and misgivings resurface under different guises every step of the way. 

With the initial frenzy, to establish a past history and justify the present context for the two couples’ story as quickly as possible, now behind them, Samira and Yasir have settled down to a comfortable pace and the narrative wrinkles of the earlier phase have been nicely ironed out. For those who have not yet watched this one, here is a bare bones recap: Shuk is the story of a happily married couple Sehrish and Ehtisham. While all is generally well between them, the fact that that they are childless even after 7 years is something that keeps coming  up time and again in different ways. Though they both deny it, this issue was creating invisible cracks in their otherwise strong marriage. Things come to a head when Sehrish and Ehtisham suffer a devastating loss. In this latest episode we see them trying their best to come to cope with the aftermath.  

The other couple, Sania and her husband Ali, along with Ali’s mother and their son Rumi, have recently moved into Sehrish and ‘Sham’s neighborhood. Sehrish first meet this other family when Rumi walks into Sehrish’s house looking for his lost ball. Since Sehrish does not have children of her own she is very drawn to Rumi and this in turn leads to her friendship with Rumi’s mother, Sania. As the story progresses we learn that Sania was once engaged to Ehtisham. Their engagement, however, was short-lived and broken off when Ehtisham chose to marry Sehrish instead. In and of itself a broken engagement is not that big of a deal, but the fact that Sehrish did not know that Sania was the girl in question is yet another issue that tests ‘Sham and Sehrish’s now wavering marriage.  

While this is primarily Sehrish and ‘Sham’s story, Sania and Ali are not idle bystanders here. We see how Sania and Ali’s marriage too is being tested, but by different stresses. What is great here is that like Samira’s other characters none of our four protagonists are black or white. they all have their moments. There is a well-defined character arch as all are growing and learning from their experiences and interactions with each other. Ail who had initially appeared cold, distant and kaanon ka kacha, is now showing himself as a person who given time does see with his own eyes and think with his own brain. In this latest episode Ali’s scene with Rumi was to die for. The splicing of that particular scenes was a perfect illustration of what I said above. Just as I thought chalo once again Ali Sahab is being a loser, we were later shown otherwise. Another well-timed moment was when ‘Sham walked in to Ali and Sania’s house just as Sehrish was about to spew venom about Sania and ‘Sham.

The most annoying among all the other characters, apart from Ali Ma ji who is in a class all by herself, are Atif and Maham, Sehrish and Sham’s loser friends, both of whom need to find a hobby ASAP. I have no clue why anybody sane would even consider discussing the weather with them forget about sharing the most intimate details of their lives. Khair, I’m glad that ‘Sham is now on to them and hopefully it won’t be too long before Sehrish too will see through  Maham. I was so thrilled when Sham first fired Atif and then later blew up at Maham – wah! what a fabulous scene! That I hate Maham and Atif so passionately is an indication that the two actors in question, Meher Jaffri and Vajdan Shah, are doing their job well.

As for our protagonists, Ayesha Khan is back with a bang and it is good to see her do well after a run of lackluster serials. She is very good as Sehrish. Sanam Saeed, though good, is now starting to sound monotonous. There are so many times when her Sania gives off a very strong Kashaf vibe. Badar Khalil is totally wasted here, but Jibran is very effective as her son Ali. Shamim Hilali is as endearing as ever as the loving mother-in-law. While these actors are great, it is Adeel Husain who shines  here. After his eminently forgettable Jiya Na Jaye (why Adeel?!?)  it is great to see him back in form here. Earlier Mora Piya had tapped into his sensitive side and here we see Adeel doing justice to ‘Sham. The scene where he breaks down while on the phone with his mom was beautifully done. He shares great chemistry with Ayesha and their scenes together are very good, but he is electric with Sanam Saeed. From Daam to Mera Naseeb to Mata-e Jaan to Shuk, their equation just keeps better and better. Standing head and shoulders above all these experienced actors though is Bilal Khan, the cutie playing Rumi. He is simply adorable. The looks Rumi gave to his father when he came back to help him with the ball was fabulous! A huge hug from me to him!  

So yeah overall I would say that after a shaky start and some settling in issues Shuk has picked up pace and is now chugging along merrily. Here’s to hoping it stays the course!

Written by SZ~

Shuk ~ OST


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  1. Spot-on review @SZ.. its brilliant ohh u captured 11 episodes together… its fab review..!!
    I had left the serial after 4 or 5 episodes bcuz as u say, lots of things were disturbing and bot accurate but i back on it from last two weeks, now the story is on tragic turns and really unexpected things are happening there and its seeming interesting after a jerk of being bored..! Ayesha khan is awesome here..!!
    Sania’s saas with her khaansi and ”sania! kahan marr gai”.. OMG, its so irritating pata nhi qn 😛
    n yeah the child star is sho cute really.. awww his hug to his father..!! Romi’s expressions looks so cute and his dance in Shaam sehrish’s bed room, his misbehave with his father, all of her scenes were quite fab according to his age..!! Future ka Fawad Khan 😀
    nice review and brilliant briefing on characters and story SZ.. keep it up!! 🙂
    btw 😦 Sannata’s review is missing this week 😦

    • @Ayesha: Apologies abt the missing Sannata review … to be very honest I tried to watch it but the first few minutes with the overloud qawwali playing the background was a huge turnoff and then after that I could not get back to it .. IA next wek will try to do a combined review ….
      As for this one, I’m happy to see you here .. chalo yahan to bat hoti hai 🙂
      Ayesha is indeed doing a great job! And I’m so thrilled to see her back in full form .. agle haftey see we will discuss each episode in great detail so we will come back to discuss how wll Ayesha is doing as Sehrish …

      LOL@ future ka FK!

      • @SZ, hai na isi liye me yahan chali ai 😛
        chalen koi baat nhi only two days left for next episode of sannata 😀 but im really really missing it 😦
        u tou know na 😦

  2. Hey!! Am I really the first one to comment here……well done to Me!!

    @SZ: Hi to you! A very well-written review. A good, concise summary of episodes 1-11. In sync with all your “head-scratching moments”, especially, the mid-night stroll in the park and the unattended kid on the street!! Actually, this is the right point to start reviewing this story… just started heating up since a week or so.

    Somehow from the beginning I kinda liked the feel of this story, primarily because of Samira Fazal (I have always felt she is one of the more balanced writers) and Yasir Nawaz (one of my all-time favs) and of course the cast….all are among the ones I like…..the surprise deals are Meher Jaffri and Vajdan Shah (I hate them too, so agree with you that they are doing full justice to their roles) and the amazing cutie Bilal Khan (such a heavy name for such a tiny one). This little one absolutely stands out amongst the stalwarts! His scene with his dad and the ball was “to die for” as you have put it! Thumbs-up to the director for the way this whole sequence was shown! Both Syed Jibran and the kid Bilal did very well here.

    I am loving the way the story is being developed. A mature story, played by mature actors—hope this won’t fail us. We have two “kaanon ka kacha” characters here—Ali and Sehrish—both have begun to turn—hmmm…..waiting…..without starting off on “mumkinats” just yet!!

    Hey, on an aside, is Meher Jaffri, Ainie Jaffri’s (Maira in Aseerzadi) sister?

    Hope the others get on board soon too!

    • @RR: Hey! So glad you’re following both the dramas we are discussing aajkal .. fun! Like you I too am a huge Samira F fan and tried to watch this but I guess I am too much a bakhiya udhero viewer as Samira once called me so I just couldnt get with the flow .. but now Im happily on board 🙂 I guess I was looking more for a Silvatein tyoe sparkling opening, which this one did not have. Don’t know about you but I was a huge Silvatein fan till it derailed around ep 18 or so …. phir to dawa aur dua donon bekaar ho gayeen! But yes, totally agree abt the maturity of her scripts and more than that her progressive story lines are very refreshing.. that said I still cannot get myself to follow her Kabhi Kabhi .. are you watching that one?

      Yes, as @Sanam Saeed _FP shared, Meher is Ainy’s sister..they sound alike dont they?

      LOL! After watching the precap for the next ep, I too was going down the list of mumkins…Above and beyond everything else,I love that this is not a novel based script so no one knows whats in store for us . kya khayal hai.. should we start mumkins here too? 😉

      • @SZ I think lets start that mumkinat run! That was just so much fun with numm! so what do we all think!.. but i guess in that respect no one can beat numm.. wahan tou writer bhi predict nahin kar saka ending lol.. (sorry i went off track there.. but had to let that one off my chest lol)
        but yes mumkinat marathon will be good fun!

        and yes def love the fact that its not novel based.. so much more fun when story is unpredictable!..everyone at the same level..

          • @ayesha lol no no not a fan of numm but more like Numm has scarred me for life! Lol
            But Seriously, numm discussions were just hillarious.. Too much fun! ..If u read the older comments there ud know what i mean by starting the mumkinat run!

            • haha @FA i know that, i have read lots of Numm reviews just for ur superb cool mumkinaats that were really really out-standing 😛 but unfortunately i missed the golden chance to be a part of such mumkinaats as i loved to made guess on my own 😀 chalo kheir still have lots of threads ab hum bhi apni salahyatoon ko istemaal karein gy 😀

      • @SZ: I did watch Silvatein and I did like it a lot…..till it “derailed” as you put it…..don’t know why this happens….so many serials start with a lot of promise and then????…..never expected it to happen to Silvatein…..but I was wrong!! Even then I stuck to it till the very end hoping for something special with no luck!!

        I find Kabhi Kabhi pretty boring (when I have caught it once or twice) so I don’t see it…..there is a tired look and feel to it.

    • hahaha @RR, sorry for i did in first 😛 but well-done is absolutely to u as if the length of mine comment would be equal to u then u would be the first one so, on the behalf of my choota comment, credit is urs completely 😛 Well-done to U at all 🙂

  3. @SZ
    When I start reading your review I though she seems to reject my favourit serial, but as I read further I have to change my mind. Yes, there were two episodes wherein the Ali and Sania’s story was emphasized. The writer has juxtaposed the lives of three couples making a comparison possible and illustrating correctitudes and errors of marital life. Trust is the key to success in this context. This is what Sania is prudently doing. She is confiding every important issue to her husband what Ehtesham had been missing. All positive developments (her compromises) in her relationship with Ali are attributed to her. Not all of them four are learning from their experiences. Ali, Sania and Ehtesham are learning whereas Sehrish is unable to learn since she is swayed by Maham.
    I also hate Maham and Atif so much so that I have to sometimes fast-forward their scenes, especially when Maham incites Sehrish against Ehtesham. Sania just envies Sehrish whereas Maham is jealous of her along with her cheap thinking.
    Aisha Khan is doing fabulous job whereas Sanam Saeed has been a bit disappointing so far. Badar Khalil is doing great as well. All are doing great including Bilal Khan, Meher Jaffri, Vajdan Shah etc.
    I never cared about who makes a good couple with whom, but since this serial is about the life of couples, I need to say that I love Adeel Hussain and Aisha Khan. Their acting is so natural that it seems quite real in most of their scenes. I disagree with you on the point that Adeel Hussain’s chemistry with Sanam Saeed is “electric”. To me they don’t look even mediocre together.One thing is quite unusual in this serial; A mother-in-law loves her daughter-in-law. I consider it as the most amazing part of this serial.

    • @Sofia: glad to hear from you here and so good to know ke aap bhi yeh drama enjoy kar raheen hain….I like Ayesha and Adeel too, but somehow ever since day one I have really wanted to see Adeel with Sanam in a proper pairing and also see Adeel with Mahira, but that’s just my personal opinion.. I am sure there are many who will agree with you.
      Re: the good saas.. Shamim Hilali was a very cool saas in Silvatein as well… did you watch that one?

      • @SZ hai hai AH an MK.. kia baat karr di yaar!! waise maza aa Aise kuch hai kahin pipeline mein kahin??
        the scene where AH was comforting SS with that glass of water was quite nice i thought.. I do wonder if they will end up as a proper pair later on.. mumkin hai yahan aap ki aik murad poori ho hi jai!.. uss scene ke baad mujhe kafi shukk ho gaya hai! lol

      • I enjoy all serials that I like including those I criticize. There aren’t many that are worth watching. Yes, I watched Silvatein. It was one of my favourites, but I had lost interest some episodes before it ended. It had been dragged out for too long.
        I find it fascinating that Shuk shows the realities of life. On the other hand the households, the working environment and the employment rate it is showing is rather western than Pakistani.

  4. @SZ
    To your questions: As far as I know they were not in a Park. They were walking down the street they live in whereby according to Sehrish Ehtesham had been watching them. In Karachi women do go for a walk in a park, mostly in company. My sister had been to Karachi a couple of years back, she saw Marina Khan in a park doing her evening walk.
    Sania’s evil mother-in-law is drawing in her reins almost all the time. She, the household and last but not the least Sania’s son don’t leave her time to think anything else.

    • @Sofia: I absolutely agree ke Sania’s mother-in-law doent leave her alone for a sec.. uff kitna dil gurda hai us ka ke she put with such a cranky saas …but I still am not sure about the midnight stroll. I was just in Karachi in the summer and nobody was walking on the streets in the middle of the night.. even in the so-called posh areas… but I guess it was one way of showing the two women alone where Sehrish could bring up ‘Sham’s broken engagement … in any case the story has moved on from there and given where they are today I dont think they are going to be talking any more strolls, midnight or otherwise!

  5. Thanks SZ for reviewing Shukk. It’s a good light drama. Meher J is quite irritating yet doing full justice with the role & Yes she is a younger sister of Ainy Jaffri & a producer of movie Lamha -The Seedlings.

    Rumi is such a sweetheart. Not only his scenes with Jibran are awsome, the chemistry between mother n child is too cute as well.

    • @SanamSaeed_FP : Hey! Good to hear from you here 🙂
      Thanks for helping out with Meher Jaffri.. now if only Maham was just one tenth of the person that Meher is then I guess we would have a whole different story on our hands!
      Bilal is such a cutie, and from now only he knows how to use his big eyes to his advantage, do you remember Rumi’s look when him mom slaps him, or when his dad spanks him with a ruler 😦

      @Samira Fazal: Yeh theek nahin kya aap ne us bacche ke saath .. itni maar parwayee hai usko!

  6. And its quite normal in Karachi especially the locality and society they are referring, women/girls do late evening walks. Balkay they do whatever they like 🙂

    • @SanamSaeed_FP Just finished typing my comment then saw urs! Thanks for joining in!

      Aha @RR u got it right!

      Def love the mother-child bond.. how Rumi supports his mum in his own lil ways.. esp when u were explaining u had to go for work and all i thought that was just too cute!.. and the bandage scene too.. but the way we see the relationship building up between the father and the son here is really well done!

      lol @ girls do whatever they like.. so true… but dunno… i havent really seen them going for midnight walks on streets lately.. yes we def see them in parks and clubs, but not exactly chilling by the roadside.. no?

        • My goodness girls its a gated community like navy housing scheme or askari or creek vista. And i have walked there at 2:00 am all by myself please so its not fabricated.. 🙂

          • @Samira Fazal. glad to see u at this thread..!! ur serial is again on the apex of suspense which we want to enjoy.. Well done, all characters are real and true to life but loved Sehrish and Ehteshaam.!!
            Good luck to U for its further success, lots of best wishes and prayers for U..!! Be blessed!! 🙂

            • @Ayesha
              Shak mera favourite drama hai. Agar tum chaho to muj say badla lay sakti ho is par kub si tankeed kar kay. 🙂
              Mazak kar rahi hon!

            • @Sofia, pehly batana tha na that it is ur favourite 😛 me tou mazak bilkul nhi kar rhi first offer is much cool badla ly sakti hun wesy 😛

          • @samira fazal thanks for dropping by!
            Chalein if u say ke creek vista or askari hai tou manna pare ga! Lol
            But dont let us get to u..we do like to rant a bit just for fun lol..As u can see we have got over that one and really enjoying it now.. Especially as things are hotting up!

          • Samira: was about saying the same thing “Its a gated community” samjhain naaa…. ab kya deeewaarain aur gate dikhain tu yaqqeen karain gee 😀

          • @Samira F: Hello! Lovely to hear from you 🙂 And yes ab dekh lain hai na saboot ke hum kitne interest say dekh rahey hain, ke ek ek cheez ko question kar rahe hain 🙂 But, yeah all kidding aside. thank you as always for being so fabulous and helping clear up confusions.. looking forward to hearing much more from you in coming weeks 🙂 🙂

  7. excellent review good job sz. jahan tak meri rai hai well I love adeel hussain,ayesha khan and sameera fazal aur mohabat hmesha andhi hoti hai

      • @samira fazal: wow The great samira fazal replied me “yaro me nashay main hoon” well mushkil main dal diya ap ne lakin chalo jawab day datay hain first pr to ji aap hain adeel aur Ayesha main say second kon hai aur third kon is ka faisla to “athanee” (coin) hi kray gi

  8. I was literally having laughter fits while reading first para of your review… Too good 😀
    Sania’s MIL ki khaaon khaaon used to collide with Mahjabeen khaaon khaaon in Numm.. Tauba kaan dukh jaate the 😉 I just saw 2 episodes and it gave me such a depressed feeling while watching that i decided to quit.. Dont know where the flaw direction or in writing.
    . But then out of curiosity saw 11th epi.. And i must say, I was totally blown by Adeel Hussain’s acting.. 🙂
    His chemistry with Sanam Saeed is rocking.. Like you said SZ ‘electrifying’..totally second you on that.. They dont need to come as a couple.. Just sharing the same screen creates magic for them..
    Ayesha Khan looks older than him.. But yes she is acting well and so is Syed Jibran.. Ali’s character graph i dont know how it went in past.. But in recent epi it was quite nice to see him as supportive husband.. And the scene which stood out for me was father-son scene.. Too emotional for words.. That kiddo is extremely cute.. The way he said nhn baba ne mujhe milk shake pilaya.. I so wanted to hug him 🙂
    Other scene which i thoroughly enjoyed was ehtishaam’s bajofying maham.. Lol that was epic..
    I am now literally interested in Shuk 🙂

    • @Rehmat: You remember na those khaoon khaoon weeks .. I think once I watched Numm and Shuk back to back and I was like uff ab mujhe bhi galay main kharaash ho rahi hai..LOL!
      So true abt ‘Sham bajaofying Maham.. that was fab! But Maham ko dekho phir bhi she refused to back down! Ab lets see madam kya gul khilati hain next week!

      • Lol.. Yea it was you who pointed this common khaaon khaaon between them 😀 yup so looking forward and as u said original scripts are really so much fun to watch without any expectations and knowings 🙂

  9. @SZ absolutely agree with the initial hicups.. no one in Karachi, (and esp not in the defence etc) goes for walks on the streets.. yes they do go for their walks in parks and clubs but def not for midnight strolls in the streets!! and absolutely no-no to sitting on the road-sides! Ive never ever seen that in them parts of Karachi!!! lol.. and the kid left unattended, roaming on the streets was just too alien to take it all in!.. and all the gates and main entrances seem to be open invitaion here.. anyone can barge in at any time??.. woh bhi In karachi??!!…I don’t think so!!..

    getting that off my chest.. yes the story is def hotting up now… What I like best abt Sukk so far is that story seems very focussed.. we dont see fazool ke charecters just for time-fill..

    Absolutely loving AH and AK.. SS def too much of a Kashaf..(and that tooti chappal was dejavu from ZGH.. btw she was just outside her house.. why didnt she go in to chage it.. when the car stopped i thought here comes the mochi! lol.. shukr hai it didnt come to that lol).. but anyway coming back to the point, SS still still doing a fine job.. But for me the real stand-outs here r the two villains.. where did they catch them!!?? they r an absolutely delight to watch lol.. esp maham! is this her first venture?? reminds me of sara from HS whom we hated to bits because we loved her performance! And the kido is a sheer delight to watch!.. its very rare to see children performing so well..

    loved, loved looooved the ball scene!!.. and so right abt direction here! like u, initially i was like chalo ji Ali sahab.. and bechara kid left longing for some TLC again.. but narrating the full story to Sania later more than made up for it!.. a beautiful beautiful awwwww moment! a big hug from me to bilal too! mmmuuah!

    The total annoyance here is Badar Khalil.. I too think she is completely wasted here.. the character is OTT and BK is totally getting on my nerves! At times I realy wish we didnt get to see much of her here!.. I do get the feeling there is an unnecessary overkill of her the annnoying saas presence.. and uff the khoon khoon was totally unbareable at times!..

    btw what was wrong with the other girls when they were going shopping?? apart from the dopatta i couldnt see much difference between them and saania.. they certainly didnt look like models!
    btw was looking at AK’s short kurtas with her cropped pants.. seems like short is indeed making a come-back!

    I still feel there are quite a few loopholes in the story but neverthless its kept me interested.. and i kept coming back for more!..

    btw yes WTH was the Jiya na jaye??.. what a waste of time and talent that was!! total disappointment.. good to see him here and in MSKSH..btw he is looking hot in the lawrencepur ad too!.. hes back with a bang this season!!

    • @FA: Hain na!! Those open doors! Every time I watch that, and it happens in pretty much every episode, I always think wah mera shehr to 5-6 mahinon main bilkul hi badal gaya hai!

      Yes, that whole mall scenario escaped me completely .. the oter girls did not look like models and Sania looked fine .. Sehrish knew they were gonna be there but she still freaked out.. but then I also couldn’t get why ‘Sham had to have ice cream with his secretary while wandering about, why not wait and get it together as a group when they were about to leave…. I havent seen that happen here so was kind of surprised to see that ..

      • @SZ lol@ mera shehr bilkul badal gaya hai.. hai kash aisa ho!
        hai na!.. why couldnt they all hace icecream together.. and exactly Sehrish knew so whats the fuss all abt??.. its gotta be Post Natal Depression.. can someone please take her to a shrink and keep her away from her crazy freind! lol..

    • @FA: Yes! Sehrish and Maham are tres chic .. now if only they could put their hatred for her aside and teach Sania a thing or two about how to dial down her inner Kashaf pana a bit, chill and stop wearing her hair in that tight bun and buy better quality shoes!
      Btw, I am totally loving Ayesha Khan’s hair here 😀

      • @SZ ROFL @ teaching Sania & kashaf pana.. Chalo now shes had a chaska of Sehrish’s shoe for a day, shayad kuch asar ho?? magar sania bhi kashaf ki tarah dheet hi & uff that bun really drives me nuts!
        so with u on AK’s hair.. lovin it!

        • @FK and SZ: lol.. Itna tou acha bun he sania ka.. Tum log bhi na aiwain bechari ke peeche pargaye 😉 jokes apart i too loved maham and sehr dreeses.. Wthever maham was wearing in mall scene.. She was carrying even tht casual outfit so well.. Baqi sham bhaisahab ne sania ki tareef kardi tou matlab sab set he 😉

          • @Rehmat aap ne bhi mujhey FK bana diya lol!!!
            I tell u my fav is this emerald green and cobalt/royal blue top.. i’ve spotted maham in it twice.. but having said she looks super cool in every scene!

        • Ladies, probably you have noticed, stuff they are wearing not provided by production house, mostly, & i am very much sure about SS and MJ. So it is not actually “Kashaf-pana” you can call it as ‘SS-pana”! 😉

          • @SanamSaeed_FP, asal me we just used to discuss each n every thing 😛 that’s why were just making out the guesses but ur character fits on U and sania, a lil bit looks like kashaf.. 🙂
            i never knew that mostly stuff is carried by actors on their own.. is it not the responsibility of production houses to make it up??

          • @SanamSaeed_FP: LOL! Not talking so much about clothes but more abt Sania’s attitude, which is fine with her character, but there are shades of Kashaf in the way Sanam plays it that show up here and there and thats why I was saying ke Sania needs to lighten up her standoffishness a bit, har waqt baal itne tight na baandhe and literally let her hair down and relax a bit .. and haan not go to work wearing abt to rip chapals 😉
            But yeah, you are absolutely right, mostly these clothes are their own, I too have seen Sanam wear some of these on other occasions…

    • @FA, me too loved her wardrobe even i think that all ladies have managed such appropriate taste fo dressing and they are holding it with great ease..!!

  10. Yay!! Glad to see a review from you! Thought you had got off the bandwagon lol. But yeah it’s definitely gotten really interesting last few episodes with just the right amount of melodrama! I am loving Adeel as Sham, he is brilliant and the pairing is pretty realistic with Ayesha.
    Well hope it keeps the momentum, I loved seeing Ali finally bond with Ruminant…what an adorable scene!
    It’s hotted up, and that final climax was too good, everything was perfectly timed expressions and everything were great!
    Oh and find I miss something or a clip…Sham fired his friend??
    I wish Sehrish would now fire mahum as her stupid advisor. I also can’t stand her but obviously means she is doing great!
    Looking forward to more:)

    • @SK: Bas dekh lo! All your tareefing finally worked and here we are 🙂 LOL no not fired him fro the job (although he deserved that!) but fired him as in got really mad at him and daanto-ed him.
      Yes! I too am waiting for that moment when the light bulb will go off in Sehrish’s head and she will get rid of this nuisance of a Bff – what a loser this Maham is! Wonder who takes of her kid b/c she certainly has her hands full trying to ruin Sehrish’s life!

    • @SK: haha! You know how imp your typos are to the drama industry.. a surefire way to know if a drama will be a good one or not! So lets see now, you’ve typoed which means this will be a good one…. .. LOL! I’m sure Samurai Fazal and Six Sigma will be very pleased! 😉

  11. First of all great review summed all the episodes quite well.
    The show is nice if you have nothing else to watch, having said that it has some really cute and sweet moments like the scenes with sehrish n her mom-in law, sehrish and sania’s late night walk too was fun to watch and not to forget shaam watching them from the balcony… Sania and Rumi scenes are so adorable too

    but like everyone else sania reminds way to much of Kashaf, epecially in the office scenes ..SS has beautiful hair she should really try new hairstyles.

    Im enjoying AH and AK as shaam and sehrish, they’re doing a really good job. and that weirdo couple atif n maham, god they are creepy, creepy to the extent of being funny, they dont deserve to be anyone’s friend, dont know how sehrish can be so dumb not to realise that maham isnt really her true friend.

    I really feel about sania she is working so hard, she goes to straight to kitchen after coming back from work, its nice to see that Ali is finally recognizing all her “khidmats”.

    One thing i would like to know, that is this ehtesham and sania’s story? will they end up together? If yes then it would interesting to see how the writer would justify it or is it just the story of “shukk” b/w ehtesham and sehrish, which will be resolved in the end and they will be back together as a happy couple ? Although a part of me wouldnt mind seeing shaam and sania in the end together.

    Sania’s MIL is really a torcher, im glad we see her lesser in last 2-3 episodes, oh and talking about saas’ sehrish MIL is a treat to watch.. she is adorable, i hope i get a cool saas like her 😀 Lol

    • @Huma: hey! Glad you came to share your thoughts 🙂 I so so agree with you, infact said the same thing above, that Sania should let her hair loose once in a while.. it would be a nice change. But yeah, her life is really tough… full time work then come and listen to the MIL and deal with hubby and kid 😦 Waisey didn’t they have a maid before? Was she let go?
      Yes, at this point Ali is acknowledging her hard work but from the precap it seems like there is yet another twist in store for us … how do you think he is going to react when he hears of her past engagement?

      As for your question about whose story this is .. aap @Samira Fazal se khud pooch lein, she is not only the writer of Shukk, but also Dastaan, Mera Naseeb, Silvatein, and so many more!

    • @Annie: I hear you 😦 I too remembered how much we had enjoyed those till they got crazy, and that’s why I too waited for 11 weeks.. but hey this ones started off slow but is shaping up peetty well… no harm in trialing one or two eps .. check this eleventh one .. it was good! Who knows you just might like it!

  12. I’ve been literally dilly-dallying with the comment since the day I read your review so finally thought it’s about time I should not delay it further and pour my thoughts. :-p So here I go.
    As always an amazing review. Perhaps that’s the reason your writings are always graced with the feed-back from drama writers and actors. Needless to say they’re in itself too good 😀
    Though the story somewhere gets predictable, it’s still better than many of the dramas running right now and that is what makes me sit through this serial every week. What I like about Sameera Fazal’s writing is that each character has a very balanced personality, and as you said no black and white, similar was the case in Kuch Pyaar Ka Pagalpan. Glad there are no “Naik Parveens” or “ALLAH Miyaan ki Gayee”.
    The young boy, Rumi, is a treat to watch, and I empathize with him because for some odd reasons I can relate to the kid . Bechara :-p Sanam Saeed is great with Adeel Hussain and I think it comes out of their vast experience of working with each other. Pretty much done with such bold characters, or a woman whose not wavered by the circumstances ever I think she should choose different roles now. She unconsciously begins to sound like Kashaf from ZGH or Shazia from MS on several places. Bus kar day ab aisay roles.
    Above all, Adeel Hussain is perfect as Shaam. He outshines everyone. Hoping aagay ki story is engaging too.

    • @Fizza: kyon bhai itna socha kyon para? :p
      But hey, glad to know ke you are also watching this one.. will befab to have you join in and haan ab is haftey say we are going to start mumkinats .. so do think of those as you are watching 🙂
      Here’s to hoping this one does not disappoint us and stays the course, because as you said @Samira’s dramas are fun because there are no naik Parveens and no allah miyan ki gayes,.. so lets see what’s in store for us his week.

  13. Hi SZ
    Finally read this , I’ve been following the show from day 1 and enjoying it for the most part.
    The new website design is good to look at but more difficult to read from. One needs to use the scroll bar more often now i.e. lesser text visible on the screen.

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