TUC the Lighter Side of Life ~ Shoaib Malik ~ Review


Popular Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik was Mahira Khan’s guest today on The Lighter Side of Life. Unlike the living room gup shup style of its predecessors, today’s episode looked and sounded more scripted, a lets-sit-down-and-interview-you kind of a show. The questions were more organized and the transition from one topic to another, personal to professional, was quite smooth. With the help of guided questions and some gentle urging on Mahira’s behalf Shoaib gradually opened up, sharing stories of a childhood passion of kite flying and his ongoing love affair with Ludo, thus offering an up close and personal look at the little boy from Sialkot who’s now an international celebrity.

While all this was well and good and we had more substance and structure, I kind of missed the spontaneity of the earlier two shows. image_14Shoaib, bless his heart, is a great cricketer but sparkling conversations are just not his forte. It was evident he had an agenda, to showcase his lighter side, and had many answers prepped and ready to go.  Unfortunately though, the lightheartedness he wanted to showcase got lost in translation and we ended up with quite a few stilted answers. While his wit and humor failed to score a boundary with me, I will say that I enjoyed  his particular brand of dorky charm. I was laughing as he plodded through a very off key version of Atif Aslam’s Pehli Nazar Mein. Sania may have loved it, but it is a good thing ke Bushra Ansari  and the rest of her Pakistan Idol gang were not there … warna tau Shoaib bhai ki woh durgat banti ki poochen mat!

Unlike Koffee with Karan, where the suave host has absolutely no qualms about stirring the pot and asking pointedly leading questions, image_6after three shows it is evident that the producers and directors of this show take the “lighthearted” part of their title very seriously. We see a conscious attempt to steer away from anything even remotely controversial. The questions are easy going, and we are yet to see Mahira pick apart her guests’ responses or make them feel uncomfortable. Today for instance, when asked about his marriage, Shoaib responded that he had always wanted a life partner who had seen the world. While a good answer in and of itself it elided over the hullabaloo surrounding his earlier nikaah, with a gharelu girl of his own choosing. Similarly, we did not see Mahira push Shoaib to talk about his place in the team and his equation with Misbah, Shoaib Akhtar, Shahid Afridi, or any of the other senior players in the team. And it is at points like this where I have to applaud the team behind this show for standing their ground and not giving in to the temptation to court controversy.

Overall, while I was not gaga about this installment I enjoyed the halka phulka banter with Shoaib Malik. What about you all? How many thought Shoaib hit a sixer here? 

Written by SZ~

TUC the Lighter Side of Life ~ Shoaib Malik


36 replies

  1. @SZ, the phone call with Sania was so so scripted. Actually, dont you think, she would have made a better guest and had better conversation. All of Shoaib’s answers seemed so well rehearsed.


    • @PG: Yes, i dont think that was a spur of the moment call at all … and LOL yeah Shoaib had clearly come with his answers all prepared, but despite all that taiyari he still seemed uncomfortable… I hope to God that he never does that film he was talking about … there is a reason why he is a cricketer not an actor!
      Indeed Sania is so much more comfortable in front of the camera and a lot more articulate as well


  2. Mjhe is show ka season 2 chahiye har halat main sun lain saare producers n MK bhi (plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)…Ali Zafar epi k baad mjhe shikayat thi k Atif ko kion nai bolaya ab shikayat hai k Pakistan ki Jaan yani humare Boom Boom Khan ko kion nai bolaya….matlab kuch A+ category k guest bhi bola lete..is season main toh saare ya to A waale hain ya B (not degrading any1..buss Pakistani awam main makboliat k lihaz se bol rahi hoon..mean Ali Zafar sahi hai star hai but Atif phir Super Star hai i thnk same for Malik ya Akhtar )..Is show k end takk mene poori list tayar ker leni hai ache ache guest ki (well actually apne favs ki…lol)..toh plzzz producer log Season 2 toh banta hai……
    Ab agar is epi ki baat karon to sachi main i was nt at all excited for this 1…buss MK k liye dekha but unexpectedly enjoy kia..Saniya k apart bohat fuzool laga but TBT aur Cricket aur team ki jitni bhi batain hoi..woh achi lageen..warna i dnt care k SM k sania ko kese PATAYA (acha ok i m a fan of MK n this shw is supposed to b “LIGHT” but language plz…kitna bhi light ho but hai toh “TV” aur guest bhi nahi Host aise bol rahe hain -.-)
    And aapke review se hamisha ki tarhan thora thora agreee thora thora disagree..BTW i m lvng ths new layout but kon kisko rpl ker raha hai yeh samaj nahi aaraha….lol…agar isme thori improvement ho sakti ho??


    • @Aiman: LOL!! Aapki itni zabardast request ke baat to Atif ko bulana banta hai .. I hope they listen to you 🙂 Waisey I wonder if AA’s absence is more due to his beig busy with his concerts and tours abroad … b/c otherwise tau we know ke Atif and Mahira are friends so he would’ve definitely been on the guest list. What do you think?


  3. I totally agree with you that there was no spontaneity in this one unlike the last two interviews. The conversation seemed to be a very hesitant one at times and I was bored in the middle of the show but Mr. Khan’s TUC advertisements kept me glued to the screen hahaha :-p
    Khair what I despair the most is why is everyone stumped when it comes to telling the meaning of “turki-be-turki”? I mean I see every guest taking pride saying that they don’t know the meaning of this Urdu idiom. Why? It’s so unfortunate when we have Urdu as our national language. They would simply consider it embarrassing for themselves if this was the case for an English word then why not Urdu?? :/
    Done with my qualm now, I have to say I’m loving the new display of the website. It’s giving a really organised sort of a neat look. 🙂


    • @Fizza: so with you on meaning of ‘turki ba turki’ and when Bushra Ansari gave the correct answer.. Khushi check karne jaisi thi MK ki LOL 😀


      • @Fizza: Yaar, aapke barey mazey hain .. you watch it live so you get Mr Khan’s ads .. hum bahar waley tau muft main maarey jaate hain 😉
        Also, yeah, never knew turki-ba-turki was that difficult to understand :/


  4. Totally agree with you SZ.. This was so far the boring interview.. Ek bhi segment enjoy nhn kya., so formal and turki ba turki segment me mostly tou ye sentence tha ‘phasane ka irada he’ ary bhaye kuch tou jawab do :/
    Just loved MK’s smile or laugh whatever we call.. 😀 btw who is coming next week??


      • hi aiman meri friend ne mujhay btaya tha me ne wo message as it is quote kar diya kyun k nadia kafi blunt aur strait farward hain. aur main ne un ki isi honesty ko appreciate kya hai warna ek field k log kafi diplomatic ho jatay hain. ab ap k point out karnay k baad me ne un k twiiter pe ja k check kya hai and yes you are right thanks for correcting me much appreciated lekin khushi is baat ki hai k main ne ap kp hansaya plz future main bhi ye imdad jari rakhna thanks once again


  5. Sorry guys mujhay maloom hai yahan mahira k dieeeee hard fans mojood hain lekin mera problem hai k main bad soorti bardasht kar sakti hoon be wakoofi nahi. mahira yahan cute honay k chaker main irritating had tak stupid lag rhi hain. hosting is not her cup of tea.


    • Totally agree… She sounds so dumb. Plz usay koi btaye k ayenda se hosting ki attempt na karay tau us k aur hamaray dono k liye behtar ho ga


        • haha @Atty, RJ, m with u guys, though I’m not against Mahira as she’s very talented but this hosting, its not her job Really.. even this is kinda boring show difficult to pass the time with her.. just yesterday’s was good and thora buht fast with Adeel n Shehryaar.. but I have given it up..!


  6. Yes mahira is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery pretty,stylish,cute,decent and blah,blah,blah, But come on guys ap 40 minutes tak sirf aik banday ki khoob soorati nhi enjoy kar saktay jab k show main koi solid content na ho. ya ya I know k show ka format light aur soft hai, but main masla feesa ghoras discuss karnay ko nhi keh rahi sirf itni guzarish hai k show ko interesting hona chahiay. yahan to time hi dekhtay rehtay hain k kab ye khatam ho aur jan chootay ji han jan chootay. ab ye bat k jab itna napasand hai to dekh kyun rahay hain. to is ka jawab to pehlay hi day diya sz ki mohabbat main jis chiez ko wo review karty hain wo zaroor dekhty hoon. i an addicted to this site. mahira say bohat expectations hain unhon ne bohat disappoint kya. ab hamaray dil jalay hoay hain aur dil jalay to aisy hi batain kar saktay hain.


  7. @SZ spot on review like always!
    The show didnt feel spontaneous. and at times felt a bit dry… kuch to controversies discuss hotin..and turki ba turki mein hi the anari number one and dil phenk ugalwa leti .. kuch tou jaan aa jati!!.. sometimes a touch more probing would have been nicer to give the show that real zing it lacked…

    Sania mirza convo was so rehearsed.. i felt too ke if she was there would have made a much nicer viewing..
    @SZ def Shukr hai ke hes not going for the film! uff can we imagine!! yuk!

    last week i wasnt the biggest fan of MK’s Sari, this week she seemed much more relaxed! looking forward to her monochrome graphic print sari.. that looks really cute!!.. piyari tiu khir hum hain hi.. lol..

    btw did we hear anything on twitter abt ludo winner at the end???..


    • @RJ: Thank you for watching a show you did not like, for my sake .. much appreciaetd 🙂 chalein hopefully we can be on the same page with some other show!
      And no need to apologize .yahan har koi apna apna izhar-e khayal kar raha hai.. there is no wrong or right and we all have a right to express our likes and dislikes.. only thing I do request of everybody is not make personal comments… baqi sab khair hai 🙂


      • @SZ thanxs for replying. I am really very sorry if I hurt you it s not what I wanted. some times hum kehna kuch chahtay hain keh kuch jatay hain aur main to most of the time. any ways main khud bhi personal comments k haq main bilkul nhi hoon. miam mahira ko stupid nhi keh rahi aur keh bhi nhi sakti main un ko personally bilkul nhi janti aur na ye jaga hai aisy batain karnay k liay. sirf show k hawalay say ye bat feel karti hoon k mahira ko jitni preparation ki zaroorat thi wo unhon ne nhi ki jis k nateejay main bar bar atakna,alfaaz ki tlash,haathon ka be-ja istemal aur is tra ki doosri baton say show pe un ki performance ek dum flat aur dumb lag rahi hai soory mery vocabulary main yehi word hai shayed ap kay pas koi behtar word ho. jis se frustration hoti hai k ye A category celebs veiwers ko take for granted latay hai k bus hum screen par a jyn aur kuch bhi Karen log pasand hi kren gay. Fk ki missal hai numm main. aur main ne numm k saray reviews plus comments parhay hain aur writer ne to khud kaha 424 scenes main say 350 scenes picturize hoay baki director aur fk ne kha liay. what I am trying to say that in superstars ko feedback dena chahiay jab ye us standard say neechay ayn jo inhon ne khud apnay liay set kya hai. aur main ap ki bohat respect karti hoon kyun k ap hamesha bohat bravely aur honestly feed back deti hain even popular opinion k against ja ker like zgh. akhir main mahira fans say ek bar phir mazarat main apny veiws k liay apologetic nhi hoon lekin janti hoon k ap k fav stars k baray main negative comments ap ko hurt kartay hain. its natural meray saath bhi hota hai. bohat lamba comment ho gya baki sz gi tusi great ho ap ki tareef kisi achay say time kisi achay say comment main insha allah .aur zindagi rahi to next week phir aaon gi ap logon ka sar khanay AH


        • @RJ: LOL! No,no, I was not hurt at all! Mujhe acha laga ke you shared your thoughts… what I was trying to say was ke aap khul kar apni rayee ka izhar karen, you have every right to your opinion, just as I or anybody else here does…
          My remark about personal comments was meant in a broader sense ke mujhe kisi ki bhi coment par aiteraz nahin, magar woh jo FB type comments hotay hain jahan logon ki shaklon par ajeeb ajeeb remarks hotey hain ya un ki personal life ke baarey main comments hotey hain …bas as long as we all refrain from those types of comments we are all good .. and aap ne to clarify bhi kar diya ke aap ko khud ko bhi aisey comments pasand nahin hain to bus then to koi masla hi nahin 🙂

          Looking forward to more interesting convos 🙂


        • @RJ I completely agree with you that Mahira needs a little more practice in terms of interviewing. She seems uncomfortable in a lot of places and that’s where we see her stumble and unpolished. There is a certain poise which is necessary from the person holding the reins of the show and unfortunately we see that lacking quite a bit at times.
          I think this more of a case of Hum asking Mahira to do something and having a young child she probably thought it was a good and different opportunity to take up and hon her skills. For her sake I hope we do see some improvement the next time around she does a gig like this.


      • @SZ haina!! that is proper chic! ..
        waise just realized we will see her and AH together here on tuc too..aik drame main nahin tou chalo aik saath aik screen pe hi sahi lol


  8. Agree with most of what you said SZ. The point I was going to make has already been mentioned by Aiman. I totally agree that this ‘pataya’ business is rather unclassy. In a culture where women often have to struggle to find respect, the media plays a pivotal role in helping or negating that effort. If the language had been more like ‘how did u win her heart or aap nay unka Dil kaisay jeeta, it would have sounded much better. Or may be I’m just old-fashioned. Overall it was good and though Shoaib was a bit awkward in the beginning, he did relax towards the end. Mahira was eloquent as usual.


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