Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai ~ Episode 3 Review


Three weeks ago, when I decided to review this serial on a weekly basis, I promised myself I would watch this one with my brain in the off mode. Having learnt my lesson well, I was not going to harp on the predictable plot, omnipresent stereotypes and black and white characterizations. Nope. Instead, I decided, I would sit back and enjoy this just as much as I had those long forgotten Harlequin romances. Remember those? No matter how intelligent, good-looking or rich the hero might be, there was never a doubt that he would fall for the dumbest, read vacuous beyond belief, girl to cross his path. That the girl in question was beautiful was always a given. As any dedicated reader of such fluff would tell you, the only way to fully enjoy these stories was to never question the logic of anything – go with the flow… that was the mantra.

Now to today’s episode… As per my decision I did not question the boy meets girl premise, will not tell you how aggravated I got seeing hamari gaaye of a heroine get the job while other qualified candidates went home, just because they were not pretty enough. Nope, none of that. See, I was determined. I was just going to go with the flow… or so I kept telling myself … but seriously, there has to be a limit to how far we the audiences are expected to go with the flow. Even if I overlook that jaw clenching moment of Romaisa’s interview, I still can’t swallow that all of Nabeel’s family are going bonkers over a used car. Yes, I get that it was a fancy car, but hello! I would’ve gotten it if Nabeel were handing out keys to his summer shack in the Hamptons, or an old condo on the Upper East Side, or even a ratty old flat in Knightsbridge, chalo aur kuch nahin tau apney Defence mein hi ek bangla… but a used car?? Sorry, even my almost switched off brain refused to cooperate here. Added  to the car issue we have Nabeel sahab lecturing his family over dinner, doolha bhai hitting on Nabeel’s secretary, bhabhi inviting her sister, Hamna going on and on, aur tau aur even naukars and secretaries bitching about their bosses ….Nope, not going down as easy as I had envisioned. Despite my best efforts I am having issues with Nabeel, his family and his help staff – the only saving grace here is Zeeshan. Maybe he too will have his moments later on … after all ussi khandan ka hai. So far though he is the only one who seems “real” and relatable to me.

In sharp contrast to Nabeel’s family, I find Romaisa’s side of the family so much more colorful and fun to watch. Yes, they are crazy coots as well, but at least the khala was nice enough to let Romaisa keep a couple thousand of her earnings... na bhi deti tau Romaisa ne konsi shikayat kar leni thi?! I so agree with Aliya … gaaye … yes that’s the perfect way to describe our OTT masoom heroine. Compared to her soti jaagti cousin, Aliya is so alive and her  joie de vivre a pleasure to behold. Aliya has an opinion on everything and anything. From Romaisa’s job and how she deserves a cut from her cousin’s paycheck, to telling Shabana off for complaining about the mangni stuff, this girl just refuses to shut her trap for a minute. And its not just Aliya, her mother and three sisters make for such a welcome contrast to Nabeel’s leechar family. Haan theek hai ke  these ladies are not going straight to jannat, but at least they are the seena thonk ke greedy types … not the ghunna meesna kinds like you know who.

Overall, while the story stalled after the first takra, as in nothing else happened, and all we got was further solidification of already established character traits, the narrative remained  smooth, no jumps in continuity or over long scenes, and the story transitioned easily from one side of the track to the other. Saniya Shamshad was good in her brief outing, but  her character brings nothing new to the story. Even before this episode we got that Nabeel was the catch of the century, so why add more weight to an already sagging ship? I very much doubt the story will be able to do justice to all the namoonas in Nabeel’s family.

In terms of acting Mansha Pasha and Farah Shah were once again the stand outs, closely followed by Mehreen and Javeria, the girls playing khala’s other daughters, Shazia and Asiya (?) respectively. I am yet to be swayed by Sanam Jung’s Romaisa. I am so glad that unlike last week, this week’s flashback moment showed a younger Romaisa, thus retaining its poignancy. Mikaal looks the part of a debonair businessman, but something about his Nabeel remains off for me. By contrast I really like Adeel’s Zeeshan. The scene between Nabeel and Zeeshan was very nicely done. Mira Sethi is yet to make her mark and her inane dialogues are not making her task any easier. Last week it was SRK and this week Nabeel. Woman, you need quit drooling over aira ghairas, borrow my nazar ka chashma and take a good hard look at your own hottie of a husband ASAP … itni naaqadri theek nahi hai! 

Given that this one is almost certainly going to be 22+ episode serial I am not holding my breath for too much to happen too fast, but that’s okay, just give the two hunks more screen time and I might just be able to convince my brain to shut off completely.

Written by SZ~


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  1. Love the new design of your blog. It is so much easier to navigate. I had more fun reading your review than watching the episode itself. If Mira Seethi and Adeel have gone thru the nikaah ceremony, why aren’t they living together? Isn’t “rukhsadie” (I hope I have it correctly), done the very next day of the nikaah ceremony or is it done differently in Pakistan?

    • @nrashid2013: Thanks! Difficulty in navigation was the precise reason for switching from the older format – glad you are enjoying the new layout 🙂
      Hai na! Glad to know that you also thought this to be an off episode.. I had wondered if it was just me. I couldn’t find any reason for this episode other than to elongate the serial.Yes, typically rukhsatis do take place the day of the nikaah, or the day after, but I know of many instances when people have chosen to delay the rukhsati because of exigent circumstances. Here, I’m not quite sure why, except that this arrangement makes sense later on in the story ..trying not to give away spoilers 😉

      • I found the previous design better than this one. Could you please reverse it?

        “Even if I overlook that jaw clenching moment of Romaisa’s interview, I still can’t swallow that all of Nabeel’s family are going bonkers over a used car.”

        This is how the majority in our society is. The writer is representing rather ironically as well as humorously and strikingly its true picture. The accentuation of good and bad forces the provoked audience to dispute with the issues addressed in this serial such as greed, injustice towards orphans, disrespect towards women etc. What I find objectionable is TOO MUCH of emphasis on Remaisa’s goodness making her incredible of a character.
        As far as acting is concerned, among others Adeel Hussain and his co-star were quite convincing whereas in my view Farah Shah and Mansa Pasha are rather suffering from overacting. 🙂
        Yes, Remaisa is Cinderella typ, but she is so cute character.
        Saniya shamshad is playing the same role she performed in Azeer Zadi. I loved Azeer Zadi mainly because of Sakina Samo who was doing an excellent job in it.

  2. @SZ hahaha you’ve echoed everything I felt!
    Thankyou for bringing up the ”namoona”! I think this drama is getting very close to Numm in terms of offering us namoona after namoona and ufff! itne ziada characters!!! I mean itne bare bare tabbar and then har hafte nai freind aur rishtedaar ka izafa!! ???? Please team MSKSH spare us all the dost ahbab and get to the story of the two hunks (ok! and and the gayee…)

    And i honestly felt like giving our gayee a slap!!.. shayad neend se jaag jati! I mean SJ was worst today!! SJ’s blank face aur sone pe sohaga her ”Allah mian ki gayee” character.. do we still get such species these days??? really?? but Thank you Zeeshan for spelling it out.. ! I was laughing at his Allah mian ki gaye comment! He has gotta be the only sane character and AH is also doing a decent job so far..

    Agree MZ is good but hasnt quite hit the hero vibe yet.. I mean who the hell is he to summon the whole khandan to the table..and one call and they all turn up!!??? Yeh tou abba ka role hota hai naa? and was he flirting or was he flirting??… ofcourse he was! phir bhi larkian nabeel pe drooling like mad?? Lagta hai aaj kal sub larkian aqal ki andhi ho gai hain wahan!! lol

    The daydreaming seq was ok.. the child Romaisa was better than the adult gaye version lol .. but again will we see the same seq in every episode? And what was Nabeel looking at afterwards?.. didnt look like he was looking at the sky, more like looking at the balcony or something.. no? & Wasn’t the pool indoors earlier?

    ROFL @ flat in Knightsbridge,aur apney Defence mein hi ek bangla.. I mean seriously that car issue is so getting on my nerves…. Honestly if it was a type of car that we only see in the summers when the Arabs bring over for their holiday to their knightsbridge appts lol.. only then all the fuss could be justified!!.. i really hope they move on from the car next week or that would be it for me!!!
    Aur haan Aik ghar mein gari ki baat khatam nahin hoti aur doosre ghar mein zaban gari ki tarah chalti hai!!.. although yes, the khalas house is colourful and def more interesting one.. certainly added a few laughs along the way.. but the laqu daqq khandaan aur sub ki farmaishein and stories dekh dekh kar bas yahi lagta hai ke its a ploy to stretch the story to the nth limit!.. and to top that its such a shame that whatever strong characters that we r getting to see now, wont even last for that long!

    And haan it doesnt all end at the car.. mian nabeel ke liye larki ke liye alag larai!!…the bro-in-law ki gandi nazar alag.. larai larai maaf karo…!! lol

    And cant finish without mentioning the interview of the century! the lamest candidate ever or what!!??? and if it was anywhere else in the world, Nabeel would be in serious trouble by now.. u know what I mean!!?? lol.. btw last week I was quite excited at the end and was kinda looking forward to the interview.. but have to say it.. it was quite an anti-climax.. that moment was lost completely in all the fazooliat.. I gueass I was smitten by the look and had forgotten all the bakwas questions (that I had read in the novel) that were to commence lol..

    Im still hoping ke it will pick up.. Shayad ke iss baar itni disappointment naa ho..!? (I know I might be too optimistic here!)

    • SZ: Thanks for your prompt response. Will wait to find out why the rukhsati was delayed and if I need any additional clarification, will pick on your brains.

      • @Sofia: I get what you are saying abt the juxtaposing of the good and evil… I am not questioning that. My problem is with the “used” car part. If they were fighting about the latest model brand new car N had ordered it would have made sense, but for a rich family to fight over an old car makes no sense to me at least. Also, who gives their brother a used car as a wedding present?!

        • I am referring at the same car issue. May be I have not precisely expressed myself. Nabeel’s family is what we call in Urdu “nowdolatiye”. A nowdolatya remains such even if it is long since he has become rich. Hereby his way of his enriching himself is determinative. There are countless families like this in Pakistan. I have met two in my life. Umera Ahmad has accentuated their greedy behaviour so that it immediately attracts unpleasant attention.

    • @FA: hahaha loved ur comment yaar.. I dont know but i liked that fb scene of younger R with her father.. The way she was loved.. I felt for her.. But when saw SJ again i was like ahh yaar aisi shakal banaogi tou kuch nhn feel hoga tumhare lye bibi 😉

      • @Rehmat yes that’s exactly what i meant with that scene.. nicely done but ruined by SJ.. my other fear is ke baar dikha dikha ke bore na kar dein!.. and then the scene followed by it, with Nabeel’s flop scene..

        • I guess ye tab tak dikhate rahainge jab tak nabeel se pyar/shaadi nhn hojata/hojati as in phir use subh ka sitara miljaaye ga LOL .. Gosh how filmy 😉

          • @Rehmat and @FA: Nahin phir woh sitara dekh kar yeh sochegi ke arrey bhai yeh to khoda poahar nikla chuha …. is leecharon key tabbar main rehney se to behter tha ke main khala ghar ki rehti .. at least Aliya ki mazedar baatein to sunney ko milteen! 🙂

            • haha @SZ, @FA and @Rehmat, this toota taraa scene could be so much sweet but 😦
              Rehmat ho sakta hai pyar / shaadi k bad ye log siatara ikathy mil k dekhein 😀

            • @SZ @ayesha @Rehmat lol @khoda pahar nikla chooha! Yes more like nikle chichore!! Lol …aasman se gira khajoor mein atka taara! Lol

              Ufff donon mil key dekhain ge!.. Aur agar larai jaghra ho ga tou dejh ke yaad karein ge! Yes we will b watching it throughout.. Agar sub ko mila lein tou 2 ep tou nikal hi jain gi atleast lol..

  3. @SZ Oh haan like always forgot to mention something… thats becoming my trademark now lol..

    Absolutely lovin the new space here!! Everything so organized and easy to much more user-friendly..And a ‘contact us’ button too!..Good luck with all ur ventures!

    • @FA: lol same here yaar.. Even i forgot to mention.. SZ this is one awesome change.. Absolutely love it 🙂 and totally agree with FA k its very much organized

    • @FA, Muqarrar Muqarrar wah wah kia muhaawry use kiye hain bhaeee 😛
      Asmaan se gira Romaissa k khuwab me atka lol 😀 n just imagine ager Nabeel ki family ko pata chal jayee tou issue will be ”ye taara zarur branded hai”, ”ye taara humein ly lena chahiye”, ”ye taara Nabeel kis ko dy ga”.. 😀 qn @Rehmat??

  4. @SZ, after the episode got over, I went back to see whose story is it and had to take a double take to confirm it is written by Umera Ahmed. Yes, I like Cinderella stories, many girls do and I had my share of Mills and Boons, Harlequin romances too but then how much dumb of a girl can you accept? The interview, I am very very pissed with the writer…a dupatta clad, dumb girl just because she is pretty, she catches the fancy of the ‘malik’, it shows us working women in very poor light. I mean she can be simple but she need not be dumb and to show her being simple is it required everytime to show her covered from head to toe? I like Khirad’s characterization in Humsafar and maybe that is the reason why Humsafar became a huge hit despite of having a predictable storyline. Sanam Jung with her wide eyes is making the character look more dumb.

    As you have rightly pointed out the story is predictable and Khala’s family is more interesting and to be very frank I am now waiting for Zeeshan’s angle in the story already for I think Nabil and Romaisa will make me diabetic with their over sweetness.

    Oh another point, I did not understand this Zeeshan has his nikaah done but why doesn’t he stay with his wife? Nikhaah means marriage isn’t it?

    • @Tinni: Agree with you on every count. That interview had me gritting my teeth and Nabeel’s later interaction with Romaisa was also crossing all limits of decent interaction between a boss and his coworkers. Absolutely with you in that these scenarios make mockery of all those hardworking men and women out their who perform their jobs with decency and honesty. Btw, this interview is where the story starts from in the original novella… go figure!
      Yes, Sanam Jung is really not able to carry off this innocent babe-in-the-woods kind of a role at all. I’m sure a better more experienced actor would have done a better job with Romaisa.

      As to your question about the Nikaah.. as far as my understanding goes, the nikah is the formal contract of marriage between a man and a woman, after which the couple are legally married. The rukhsati is the formal handing over of the bride by her legal guardians to her new husband, Usually the rukhsati happens right after, either the same day or the day after, but in many cases the rukhsati may be delayed, b/c of exigent circumstances. For instance there are financial constraints or the groom might time to establish a household or as it happens these days visas, travel permits need to be arranged etc. Here Zeeshan and Rabia are legally married but not yet living together as man and wife. As far as I can recall we have not been told the reason for the delayed rukhsati,

      If anybody else has further info about the nikaah and rukhsati issue, please do feel free to share your insights.

      • They are only legally married after the Nikah forms are filled out, and the Nikah is publicly announced and witnessed. I understand Nikah as marriage ceremony performed by a lawful Islamic authority that recites the Nikah sermon and asks for the consent of both parties. The groom gives his consent personally whereas the bride is represented by a Wali. The Nikah ceremony ends with prayers.
        The law in some European countries obliges your future husband in Pakistan to do a language course before he applies for the visa. Besides, he has to provide for proves such as wedding pictures for his being married to the girl who has invited him in the land in question.

  5. @SZ, I watched the third episode as I was intrigued after reading your first two episodes review. I love romance stories quite a lot but what was that interview and the later interaction. More than romantic, it felt downright sleazy.
    And what exactly was he looking at up in the sky. I think they wanted to show he is also looking at the stars same time as her but the scene did not work at all. Looking at SJ, she seems so lifeless, being innocent is fine, not being able to say no is also fine, what is not fine is being a complete idiot, not being able to stand for oneself is not sweet, it is irritating.
    Probably thats why Humsafar worked, Khirad was shown innocent, sweet, naive but never an idiot. even when it was shown that she got taken in by Sara’s acting and Farida’s saazish. She seemed bewildered at the happenings. Thats why we all loved her so much. even when her MIL kicked her out, she somehow managed to reach her former home.
    Romaisa cant seem to find her own home only. Imagine how she will be eaten alive by the leechar relatives after the marriage. Guess we know, what the future story is going to be. Nabeel will propose marriage, R will say yes under pressure from her greedy relatives. Comes to face another set of greedy plotting relatives who for their own reasons will try to keep the two apart. Z being the only sensible one in the serial will support her and in the process will get labelled as the other man. And we will reach episode 22 going on this bumpy ride and the in the end hopefully it will end happily ever after. Hows my version of the story?

    • @PG: lol nabeel was looking stars na.. They want to show k they are such a soul mates that on one side R is looking for star and here nabeel :p 😉

  6. Forgot to say, simply loved the new look. 🙂 🙂 Looking at the promo, i found the perfect word to describe R, that is bewakoof

    • @PG: Hey! I hope you are not mad at me for getting you intrigued about this one 🙂 I have to say though that I am delighted to have you on this thread .. by now we know that it is the discussion that makes a drama that much more memorable, so I hope you will stick around 🙂

      As you and @yf and @FA say so rightly the N and R moment was sleazy rather than romantic.. even after a second and third look I still can’t see anything in N which would lead R to think of him as her Prince Charming. By the way, I was checking out the FB page for this serial and this post made me think of you 🙂

      I don’t have hopes from the story itself but do have hopes of the director and her handling of the narrative. That said, I have no clue what MZ was looking for up in the skies ..:/

      And oh yes, absolutely true abt Humsafar and Khirad. I have said this before as well, but its worth repeating that all these new actresses are making me appreciate Mahira, and Sarmad for all his efforts in helping MK become Khirad.. aah those good old days!

      Re: your mumkinats, hey anything is possible, but going by the novella on which this based, you are in for a surprise, I think around ep 13 or so (?)… so hang in there!

      • @SZ, So there is a twist in the story. Lets wait and see if anyone of us who has not read the novel can predict it. Looking at the promo again ( I caught episode first then went and looked at the promo), N sounds more intrigued and in love in the promo rather than the stupid interview scene.

        I cant read urdu script so do you know any place where I can read Humsafar in English script. On a blog part of the novel is there but that has simply whetted my appetite more for reading the full thing. But do you think that dramatization of novels work or the essence is lost somewhere.

        Looking at most of the dramas today, I so want to go back and watch HS allover again for the wonderful acting, direction, dialogues, editing and most of all the characterization which does not waver. All of these dramas which have “wife being misunderstood and labelled as adulteress” look so much like HS wannabees.

        Waise, I was missing Numm yesterday, not the serial so much but the satisfaction of discussing about it, analysing each and every gesture and dialogue. Thanks for your blog for helping us vent our frustrations and going ga-ga over some of the best and worst.

        • @PG: So true about missing Numm .. me too! It was a weird weekend.. actually in many ways our involved discussions reminded me so much of Humsafar and to some extent SeZ days, where we would seriously discuss each and every nuance, and after they ended then too it felt like there was a void. It took some time to get over them as well. but the weird thing is that Numm wasnt even that great but I think the whiff of something different kept us all so very engaged. Ab lets see when the next big one, discussion wise, comes along.. till then I guess we will have to make do with these..I am hoping we will have some fun discussions here as well.. Are you following Shuk as well? That one has a ton of discussion worthy things, a namoona couple and the best part an original script so no one knows where its gonna go!

          Re: Humsafar, I dont think there is a complete translation/transliteration. Our dear friend @Afia had done some parts for us here and you can find it under the Humsafar ~ Kuch Yaadein thread… also somebody on India Forums had started a transliteration thing..those links should be under the Humsafar thread as well..

          Re: novels and their dramatizaion… thats a fantastic question .. and I would love to hear from others as well.. but I personally do not enjoy it at all. For starters, there is no suspense left. You know the ending and the overall graph of the story before the drama even starts. Secondly, no matter how well done a story might be, it can never be the same as you had imagined it. Thirdly, so many stories are stretched out to fulfill the producers/channels demand for a 20+ episode serial.. Zgh was a nnovella that was stretched to 25 or 26 eps, similarly this one too is a novella stretched to 23-25 eps. This in turn means that we get additional characters, existing characters given facelifts, ages of characters are played around with – in Humsafar Ashar was an older man in mid-late thirties whereas Khirad was in her earlier 20s which helped explain A’s insecurity vis a vis Khizar, but all that was lost in the serial, in this one Romaisa is an 18 yr old high school graduate, which is a very dif thing than a 20/21 yr old undergrad. MeJ was another one where it was changed around to the extent that die hard fans of the novel rejected the serial completely. Aunn Zara too was stretched in the middle to accommodate the requisite additional episodes. So yeah, I personally do not like this recent development in PK dramas at all.

          and yes, HS has spawned off a whole long list of wannabes…. and therein lies the tragedy of PK TV dramas, any story that becomes a hit is then copied so many times over ke you feel sorry that you ever said you liked the original…

          • @SZ @PG I had never been an Urdu novel reader.. the first one i read was the kankar one only because i had started watching it weekly and i am not the patient type and i went ahead and read the story online.. and then i did the same with MSKSH.. this time around i was a bit more wise and so far I have convinced myself not to read the ending.. (lets see how long that lasts lol)

            but like @SZ said I found that the drama had lost the suspense.. and you never feel satisfed.. but my biggest issue was that both of these were actually more like short stories/novella.. and they seem to be stretched so much so that the real story was lost and then my interest was lost somewhere along the way .. (im mainly talking abt kankar here and i can just see the same happenning with MSKSH with all of its extra namooona characters)

            Now I love MeJ the drama.. havent read the novel.. but absolutely love the drama!!! but recently I was really surprised i found out that those who have read the novel hate it!! I guess its to do with the fact that screenplay can very rarely match the reader’s imagination and expectations..But for me the most interesting revelation was (from what i’ve heard abt MeJ), the extra bits that were added to the screenplay were some my fav bits and couldn’t believe that the original story didnt have those parts! so i guess if the additions and twists are done well, they can still work!!..Im gonna try and read it now that ive heard how good the original novel is..

            Ive seen it in movies too.. its very difficult to please every reader..going bit off track here but even my kids being massive harry potter fans, were somewhat disappointed with the movie…

            I think ill lay off reading the novel first, next time around (if i can resist)

            • @FA: so agree with you.. Even i loved MeJ as a drama.. Though i have read the novel but i very much enjoyed.. All aabi scenes, his chemistry with Adeel (his friend) , haniya scenes in pak..and SS track.. And the OST.. Hajra scenea.. Matlab kamal tha sab kuch 🙂 bhale leadpair didnt share the chemistry tht was required still i loved aabi 😀

            • @Rehmat Im glad to find someone else who shares my passion for MeJ lol.. I dont wanna go totally off the track here but i was so surprised to hear that the original story didnt have that much of Hajra in it.. Thats my fav track of the whole drama!!! And yes the SS track and the freind track..and i loved how they had kept it all a suspense until the very end abt what happenned at aabi’s visit to pak.. for someone who hadnt read the novel, that had really hit me big time!!..

    • @PG @Rehmat I think they were trying to show that were both trying to find their shining star.. but like R’s father had said woh tou zameen pe utar chuke the.. R and N.. both apparently great and ”naik” ppl with their inner beauty that shines through and all.. but for me the way that N’s scene was executed didnt work at all.. I went back and checked again.. doesnt even look like ke hes looking in the sky!!
      btw why was he checking the time? .. any ideas?

      • @FA i wanna tell u something, after my last discussion with u on the behalf of Matae jan, i start watching it (apart from my disappointments) and have wacthed 8 episodes, yaar its soo good.. when SZ told me that she has read the novel too but she enjoyed the drama also, than i decided to give up n now i must say, yeaaah, its really good.. halan k sb pata hai phir b m enjoying it too much.. all credit goes to u @FA and @SZ 😀 thanxxx for clearing my mind and all characters r doing indeed a great job.. wesy sara roula he meri expectations ka tha lol 😛

          • haha @FA dekho ab rola khatm 😛 really as drama is too good and promos showing that further episodes will be much more cool. wesy Hajra and Uzair’s job is great here, even than Aaabi Haniya’s chemistry i like them much more.. Mamaa jani too is a perfect choice, Adeel is also good.. yamina’s part is however an addition but its is also perfect!! so on the whole, yeahh 🙂 enjoying it too much yaar seriously..!!

  7. Hi Guys!
    @SZ: Agree with your take on this episode. Even with the brain in the “off ” mode it takes a lot of effort to sit through this story. There is no spark yet. There is such an overload of greedy characters! One can understand this grabbing mentality coming from R’s family but from Nabeel’s?? After all they are shown as a rich family and yet one car can make them all go bonkers!! Why are his parents so ineffective and why does Nabeel alone exert so much clout in his family, just because he has an used car to give away?? Too OTT.

    So far everything seems OTT…..the heroine’s masoomiyat, the amazing amount of greed all around, the hero… you have said only Zeeshan looks real…..again what’s with his marriage/ no rukhsati situation with yet another greedy character Rabia!! Ufffff !!!!

    Hope this show picks up a bit in the weeks to come…..can’t believe UA could have written such a weak story…..above all hope SJ can define masoomiyat a little more differently!

  8. @RR: Totally agree with you. SJ could have defined masoomiyat a little more differently. I mean instead of looking dumb and a case of border line IQ , she could have played it as if she is a nervous confused and bhulakar sort of a girl. I mean if a girl grew up in that sort of a household there would only be two outcomes. Either she would be very tez taraar or she would be very self conscious with low self esteem and a nervous wreck , very unsure of what to say at any given moment. If she would have played it as if she is too frightened feather brained and nervous , every body would have accepted her. But she has played it as if she is stupid and dumb. Aaliya could have been a total bitch. But because that character has been played with undertones of comedy and a ‘ I know I am best and don’t care what you think’ attitude , it has come out as very interesting and amusing. I wish SJ could have added a little extra and not gone towards the most predictable and easy way of playing it.
    The Interview scene: Should have been very romantic and we would have swooned over MZ BUT sorry he just looked Sleazy! I wish they could have done it a bit differently.The way she was hired was downright shocking and I think it reflects very badly on working women. Already girls have issues getting permission to work. Now people will get the impression that this is what girls are made to do in offices. Make hairstyles and do make up for the Boss. Not one single sentence was said about office work and neither did the other girl tell her to open one file.
    Also I hated the lecture over dinner. Just because Nabeel is rich so he calls the shots and even the mom and dad are impressed and remain silent spectators.Where is the lehaz and izzat for the elders?In our society even if the elders are not rich they are given due respect and asked for advice. Have we really come down to this?

  9. So far no one has commented on Aliya accompanying Romaisa for an interview. Is this a standard practice? Even the HR Manager was taken by surprise when told to hire Romaisa and he did question the boss on this decision thereby it is made very clear that normally hiring is based on merit and not on whim. Coming of the siblings and their spouses to the dining table on Nabeel’s say should not be surprising since they are leechers and are dancing to Nabeel’s tune.

    Could it be possible that Nabeel started his business from scratch which in turn means that the family was not always rich and hence the fight over a used car?

    What I found unacceptable was Nabeel telling his mother in the presence of his sil’s sister to take care of the guest. Since when does a son teach the mother etiquettes? Seems like the power of money has gotten into his head and he considers himself a Mr. know-it-all or is it that he wants to throw his weight around all his family members and does not care even if it happens to be his own mother?

    • @nrashid2013:To me Aliya accompanying R to her office didn’t seem like that big of a deal because we have all seen how lost she is, so it made sense for A to go with her to help her figure out bus routes etc, and also given how A needs to know everythng it is quite feasble that she wanted to know where A was going and what exactly she was doing there. Even otherwise I know of so many families where girls do not go out alone unless accompanied by a friend, sister or another chaperon etc. Remember in the first ep too Aliya went with her when she had to go get her exam results.

    • @yf I agree with you so much, infact instead of saying I don’t see films, read books she could have given hesitantly some names looking shy but throwing some light of her intellectual level, a person hesitant of opening up but has knowledge, a bit shy but intelligent. I don’t know why in many shows of this sub-continent the lead girl is either shown hyper active or dumb, nothing in between.

  10. waoOo @SZ.. Brilliant review once again!! n taken out all of the points all of us watched n noticed..!! first of all, WTH for ”gaari gaari gaari”.. >_< OMG this is is disgusting seriously i agree with U Khala's family is much better than these upper-class Namoona jaat of Nabeel's family… Nabeel is like role model for all of them, the one n ONLY topic for all his family members.. U are absolutely right about the job vacancy as the rest of others would be deserving can't get such thing from Umeera's novel..!! well, the serial is coloured just bcuz of khala and her rang birange daughters 😛 these girls are just fab n Aliyaa tou bs Aliyaa hai Romaisaa's seedha pann is still not able to win sympathy well her hair style for just a minute in office, was so cool 😛
    I can't believe that i'll like the character of Adeel hussain here, but surprisingly, he's able to win one of my favt characters.. sounds so much interesting that how both of them will be interested in Romaissa.. instead that he loves his wife pory dil o jan se.. but honestly i did'nt like Nabeel Nabeel from these husband wife as if he's a khalaai makhlooq 😛 Meekal is too good here.. Otherwise ik se ik barh k hain sb 😀 Btw play is light weighted and good, not too much superb but expectations are still here that Umeera Ahmed's serial will prove itself soon..!! So keep reviewing it SZ u are superb cool and dil ki sari bharaas nikal jati hai apka review parh k 😀

    • @Ayesha I havent read any of UA’s novels (except this one)..have only watched a couple of dramas.. but wasn’t Zaroon supposed to be a flirt too??.. if Zaroon was in an office and not at the uni, he would have done the same, no?…. I’m not sure what u meant by not expecting that from UA’s novel..? lol

      • haha @FA, i have read Umeera ahmed’s lots of novels except this one 😀 lol.. what a co-incidence..Zaroon was pakka ik num ka flirt >_< but as what i extract about UA's writings that she's very insaaf pasand so it was not easy for me to digest Romaissa applicable for this job she even denies all of his demands but.. As kashaf passed CSS than started her career so my point was just R's job here 😛 chalo kheir itna chalta hai warna hero ko ''gayee kisi mily Allah miyan ki'' 😀 i just expect insaaf from Umeera 😛

  11. and u told on the last instalment of MSKS that u have changed the format, sorry i could’nt reply there.. @SZ this format is much more cool than previous.. its somewhat more fast than that as if page reloading is much better now so no worries this is not disturbing rather relieving and easy way!!! 🙂 thanK u for a beautiful change..!!

  12. These 40 mins seemed like never ending.. At a point i was like “Ya Allah ye khtm kyn nhn horaha”.. Totally disappointed..of all the things i cant believe howcome anyone neither watches tv/films or read books.. Atleast koi ek tou shouq hota hoga.. Rumaysa in this case is Alien and no no she is not gaaye.. Gadhi he poori ki poori.. Ulte haath ka ek chaanta lagane ka dil karta he and to add more on it is SJ’s acting.. :/ khirad was bliss literally.. No comparasion 🙂

    Meekal’s nabeel is flirt in nature so i found him strictly ok in his interaction with R.. Meekal seemed good.. And yes so about car.. Khudaya gaari na hui bala hogayi.. 2 episodes se in bhai behen ki shikaayatein sun rahe hain.. Alright guys we got it.,move on!! Meera sethi’s wardrobe i loved it.. Acting wise she was making me recall natasha lol..SZ i so agree with you on k apne shohar ko bhi dekhlo.. Kaisa hottie he 😉

    Zeeshan’s character is so cool, his lines are so realistic and sone pe suhaga Adeel Hussain is playing 🙂 along with his scenes i enjoy Mansha pasha’s Aaliya…maan she very conveniently have taken spotlight from lead actress.. So in short right now zeeshan and aaliya are saving grace of the show and hopefully direction too 🙂

    Sz.. I simply loved the way you started your review 😀 too good (y)

      • hahaha @FA and @Rehmat I agree with u both 😛 ufffhhh ufhh Rehmat inna ghussa 😛 haha bichari ko alien gadhe kia kia bana diya OMG 😛 Romaissa smile karty huwe aisa pretend kar rhi the as if hum pe ehasaan kar rhi hai 😛 aur her ronaaa.. eeeeeeee.. aisa laga ab hansi k tb 😀

  13. Love the new layout!! Hopefully will do less kicking out too!
    As for the episode, very disappointed! It irritated me very much for all the reasons pointed out and as Rehmat said, the only two characters worth watching are zeeshan and Alia, they are too good!
    Adeel Husain always picks awesome characters, loving him in Shukk too! Will watch for him and maybe some improvement in story hopefully!

    • Hey @SK. Long time 🙂 i stopped watching shukk after watching 2nd epi.. But then saw yesterday epi.. I actually liked it and to be honest i was literally going gaga over adeel hussain 😉 to me his scenes with SS were more enjoyable as compare to AK..

  14. @All: Just a request to all those who have read the novel… could we all try not to give out spoilers or drop hints about upcoming twists .. I know I’m bad about this, so this is for me as much as for everybody else who has read it .. lets try to keep the suspense 🙂 Thanks!!!

    • hahaha lol @SZ, get relax from my side warna me shayd ab tk kuch kar he chuki hoti 😛 cuz i have’nt read this book 😀 so i can’t play the role of a spoiler 😀

  15. Love the colorful new look!!! 🙂
    Your review is spot on and a lot of fun to read which the episode was not. This was def. a filler episode and there will be probably 10 more of those. Even Cinderella’s 3 evil sisters and step mother on the bed scene after the job got on my nerves today. SJ’s blank stare look is getting boring and we’re only on episode 3! You’re right that AH seems like the only normal character in this whole mix of extremes. Khair I have zero expectations from this one so watching it like you with my brain cells turned off (like ZGH) chaltay phirtay.

    • @Annie: I think all that is missing here is a large tub of popcorn and soda.. eye candy to kaafi hai yahan 😉 Lets see .. how this switching off ka experience pans out ..mumkin hai koi surprise ho aage chal kar?

  16. hey guys, have u watched the promo of Zara n Mehrun’Nissa on ARY?? Mansha pasha with the lead role 😀 yeayyyyy M soo happy lagta hai sb ki duaen qabool ho gayin aur usy lead role bhi mila 😛 who was Merun’Nissa?? @SZ, i think that was Mahira, i just saw for a single sec that’s why m not clear..

    • @Ayesha: Sorry, was going to respond earlier magar zehen se nikal gaya 😦 Its not Mahira, rather it is Moomal Sheikh … Dont know if you’ve seen her other dramas, but lets just be kind and say she has a very very long way to go. In case you wanted to check out her serials, here are a few names: Kadoorat, Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai, Mirat ul Uroos, Aeitraf…

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