TUC the Lighter Side of Life with Mahira ~ Bushra Ansari ~ Review


This week the multi-talented Bushra Ansari was Mahira Khan’s guest on The Lighter Side of life. A mellower episode as compared to the one featuring Ali Zafar, this one seemed to flow a lot more smoothly. Not sure if it had something to do with her personal equation with Bushra, but this time around Mahira appeared a lot more comfortable and sure of herself as she invited Bushra to share her memories of her rise to super stardom.

Most of their conversation revolved around stuff we’ve heard Bushra talk about many times before. The insight into her personal life was something new today. The thing I appreciated here was the positive vibe of the interview. I have seen other interviews where Bushra has invariably ended up dissing some writer or actor, leaving a bad taste in viewers’ mouths. Here, there was no such opening provided as the show focused solely on Bushra, her life and career and highlighted her many accomplishments.

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 9.03.59 PM 1

Though I agree with most of the tareefs that Mahira lavished on Bushra their mutual love fest did get tiring after a point. The one place where I felt Mahira went overboard was when she was more than generous with her comments about Bushra’s writing. Yes, her Dil Hai Chota Sa and Kuch Dil Ne Kaha were indeed meritorious, but then what about her utterly disastrous Aadha Din Poori Raat (starring Mehreen Raheal and Mikaal Zulfiqar) and Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Mile, where her characters went through ever misfortune known to humankind? Definitely did not agree with Mahira there!

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 9.04.10 PM

While overall the show made for a pleasant enough watch, I had two specific favorite moments. One, when during the turki-ba-turki segment Bushra nominated Fahad Mustafa for the title of Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman (so true!) and the second was when Bushra hummed Geeta Dutt’s evergreen classic from Guru Dutt’s Kaghaz Ke Phool. How cute was Mahira as she hummed along with Bushra – loved it!

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 9.04.49 PM 3

Finally, because its Mahira one cannot end without talking about her “look.” I loved her pinned back hair, subtle makeup, and the pink saree/gray blouse combo, but was not a fan of the way she draped it. Mahira, who is usually so comfortable with her sarees, seemed somewhat out of sorts here. What did you all think? Did you like this episode better than the last one? Looking forward to your comments! 

Written by SZ~

TUC the Lighter Side of Life with Mahira ~ Bushra Ansari ~ 

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  1. I totally agree with you on all accounts. Mahira seemed more comfortable while conversing with Bushra Ansari rather than Ali Zafar.And she conducted the interview with a good flow plus she looked sweet and simple. Coming to Bushra Ansari, I haven’t been a great fan of her writing so I too think MK went a bit overboard here. May be that’s because she’s MK’s friend’s mother. Khair kuch dil ne kaha was indeed a famous play but many others have simply been forgotten. Though she’s a great actress no doubt about that.. And for sure everyone loves Saima Chaudhry. So yeah, overall, it was good. 🙂 Plus hamaray Fawad ki tareef kr di, what else do I want at the end of the day. It’s the most over-whelming of all. 😀


    • i didnt know she wrote dil hai chota sa! i quite liked that one.. and again i didnt know until now that BA wrote MDKJZM.. now that was a huge disappointment! initially I was wowed at the subject. I thought it would be interesting to watch a desi play about a deaf kid/man.. how totally wrong was I.. and how totally off track this serial went! In terms of disappointments its gotta be worse than Numm!

      havent watched kuch dil ne kaha.. cant find on the net either.. is it worth a watch? If it is @SZ will u be uploading it on ur youtube channel?

      and haven’t watched the adha din poori raat.. so cant say much on that front.. i take thats no good either…??


      • Yaar Kuch dil ne kaha was actually a drama based on extra- marital affairs where both the husband and the wife are interested in someone else after many years of marriage. It goes on to show the complications in their relationship and something like that. The main cast was Javed Sheikh, Bushra Ansari, Maria Wasti and some Indian actor( I don’t know the name). Khair I cannot assure you that you’ll love the story but what made the drama famous was that it was able to stand out in those times when our people were too much into Star Plus stuff. So you can say it was better than the Indian stuff running at that time.


      • @FA: Aadha Din Poori.. was a complete and utter disaster ..I couldn’t sit beyond two eps! Kuch Dil Ne Kaha is on yt, but sadly could only get one dvd (2 parts) uploaded, the second dvd refused to upload even though it plays fine on the lt or the dvd player…but yes, it was an interesting play ..

        @Fizza: the Indian actor was Kanwaljeet. He had appeared in quite a few Indian movies as a hero in the ’80s..


        • @sz yes watched some clips of adha din… Looked like it was from the 70s…Couldnt believe it was only aired last yr!
          Will check out the other one if u recommend it

          @AK hey! Fk antenna kis ka week hai lololol?? Btw shosib malik next week.. Mmm from jawaids chakka straignt into cricket.. As far as i remember, didnt the first promo show another guest with him??


          • Hahaha I loved the way you said ‘FK antenna’ 😛 waisay I THINK Fawad will be there towards the end of the show… VIP you know. They’ll make us hang onto the show till the end.


    • @Fizza: LOL! I was so waiting for your comment to see ke what u said abt the FK comment .. tumhara antenna waqai bohot strong hai .. not even a casual comment goes by you 🙂


  2. Nice review @SZ.. wesy I was not much interested or excited about the show but ur review catches the attention.. 😀
    yeah Mahira’ dressing and make up was too much decent and her lovely saree.. my Ammi and Abbu are Bushra’s fans and i was just staring at her red nail paint 😀 yeaayy it was nice!! Mahira’s spot on questions answers here were better than last week!! up to all, she was comfortable with Bushraa Ansaari and when asked bout the first crush, Bushra’s ans was the same as it expected to be lol 😀
    well! Nice review and great effort once again.. 🙂


  3. @sz spot on review!
    Mahirah looked cute as usual.. But so right abt not at ease in her sari.. Im not a great fan of The front palloo style and unfortunately even our MK couldnt quite pull that one off.. Apart from that loved her & btw loved the pink lipstick too.. Red or not, MK looks lovely lol

    Interesting to see BA talkimg abt her personal life and being so honest abt the marital life.. Unlike most couples who go on abt it as if they are bffs..

    Def enjoyed raju ban gya gentleman! I enjoyed turki ba turki more this week.. Comparisins were harder to choose from too..


    • Haan FA, you’re so right about the marital life part. Like all the media people nowadays go like they are bff with their spouse and that they share all the nitty gritty details with each other but here BA was very candid in admitting that husband and wife can be anything but friends. I liked that because it was totally contrary to what other actors say.


      • @fizza yes i thought that was very honest of her..

        Btw everyone sitting around her listening to her like she was a nani amma was quite funny.. (Ref credits)

        And i also enjoyed her comment abt samina perzada being a cute old nani.. So true!


          • @ayesha yaar sannata ke liye sannata chahye.. and in this holiday season, its manic out here! sorry yaar.. but ill respond to ur comments wherever and whenever i can.. tum lalkaro gi wahan tou Ill come by lol..


            • haha @FA, bs mery lalkaarny ka intizaar karna phir jb jb zarorat hoi tumhari, I’ll call 😀
              n no sorry at all enjoy ur holidays koi bat nhi tb tk hamari Ruqayya aur Azam ki shadi b ho jaye ge lol 😀 will discuss a new turn 😛


        • Bushra Ansari is also as good as a nani so she needs to calm down. “cute si nani” To me it sounded like she was saying ke SP is perfect for naani roles now while she’s still too young.

          Also she called MK out for the red lipstick, saying thank God she isn’t wearing it today. That was messed up.
          She can wear whatever lipstick she wants, waise bhi red looks great on her.
          The pink went well w her saari! 🙂


          • @Ash oh def BA needs to calm down! lolol but to be honest SP did look absolutely gorgeous in those sweet nani roles! loved her!! BA def has more of a bilquis kaur and saima chaudhry type ”electric” personality.. somehow I dont think i will be able to quite gulp her more sober sweet nani amma roles.. (not too fond of her role in mera naseeb.. and cant remember any other serious roles..or atleast none of her sober roles impressed me enough to remember)

            I heard the red lipstick was pbbly a backstage issue that BA was playing around with.. I might be wrong though.. @SZ or anyone else have u guys heard anything on that front?

            @SZ btw forgot to mention earlier.. the Salma Agha bit in ur numm video reminded me of the BA’s Salma agha moments.. Salma baji ko kafi hichki aai ho gi iss weekend par.. itne logon ne yaad kiya!


  4. Granted this episode was better than last week’s however there is still a lot of room for improvement. At least, imo, the production house has been successful in drawing viewers’ attention to MK’s outfits rather than the substance. When BA mentioned the age difference between her and the older and younger siblings (four and five years respectively), MK should have been more attentive since the discussion was leading towards the impact of being a middle child had on BA (within an extremely short time – I will be kind to MK and not mention within how many minutes – MK mentioned the difference being 4 & 4 and BA had to correct her). Secondly, when discussing the doctors’ convention in Orlando, a little into 11 mins, MR mentioned there were “proper logs”, I am assuming she meant to say professionals and why was it necessary to mention people were using forks and knives at dinner? Also when discussing BA’s participation in some program, MK mentioned 25 years celebration and BA had to correct her and say TV 20. Since this subject was brought up for discussion by MK herself, it should have been researched better.

    @Ash, I am glad you brought up the SP and nani discussion. Being a Tanzanian, my Urdu and Hindi is self taught and therefore at times I misunderstand the meaning behind the dialogs. After watching this episode, I did go on Wikipedia and found out that the age difference between BA and SP is less than a year but then as @FA mentioned, the remark might have nothing to do with age but characters portrayed by each one.

    Can someone please throw some light on the opening discussion. What was that all about? It was assumed that all the viewers knew of the subject.

    I also did not like that a lot of the dialog was in English.


    • @nrashid2013: The opening convo referred to an iconic moment in PK pop culture when Pakistan defeated India in a one day match at Sharjah in ’87 (I think!). The song they were referring was a parody done by BA which highlighted the fact that of the two players vital to that win one walked away with the greatest of accolades while nobody even talks abt the other guy, This was a time when BA was doing some fabulous parodies… and so she parodied Salma Agha in that song, and her Tahira Syed and Mussarat Nazeer parodies are very famous as well. See below for the SA parody along with the original ….

      Re: the ref to Mk’s clothes.. MK is one of the biggest style icons in PK, so everything she wears is a matter of discussion, not just here but in other shows as well. Her outfits in SeZ made Sania Maskatiya into a household name almost overnight. Her clothes for Humsafar too are still remembered very fondly today 🙂


      • SZ: Thanks a lot for the explanation along with the clips. I loved Salma Agha’s acting in Nikaah as well as the songs. The DVD and CD are part of my collection. I also have the DVD’s of Kuch Dil Ne Kaha and Dil Hai Chota Sa. These are not the originals, but copies made from the originals and therefore the prints are very clear. Unfortunately here in NYC, I cannot find a store that sells Pakistani dramas and therefore I get mine mailed from Toronto/Canada. Do you have a mailing address for your blog? I can send you the DVD’s in case you want to upload them for the others.

        Once again thank you very much for the trouble you have taken and enjoy your holidays.


        • @nrashid2013: My pleasure .. hope that explanation helped put that intro into context 🙂
          Awww!! thank you so much for offering to lend the dvds.. that would be absolutely fab!!! Dil Hai Chota Sa is already online, I just need the second disc of Kuch Dil Ne Kaha..if you dont mind mailing it. if you email me at
          desirantsnraves@gmail.com ,or inbox me on FB, I can send you the mailing address.
          Thanks again for offering to do this!
          And happy holidays to you as well 🙂


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