Numm ~ Episode 18 ~ Finale Review


By the time this final episode ended I had a steady stream of tears making its way down my face. Never in a million years did I ever think ke a serial I had raved and ranted about with just as much passion, a drama I loved and hated in equal measures would end on such a note. Wali’s death was as foregone conclusion but I never thought it would affect me so.

Thank you Team Numm! Thank you for these 40 minutes of non-stop laughter … you just made it so much more easy to bid farewell to one of the most bipolar serials of recent times! 

So yea, if it isn’t clear already, I am way beyond  disappointed at how this serial ended. No, I don’t mean the story itself, that reached its logical conclusion, rather my beef lies with the way it was executed. I know direction has gone up, down, left, right and center all throughout, but up until today every episode had a few brilliant moments scattered here and there which would help assuage my general annoyance. This time around though the finale was just a complete washout.


 Lets just take Wali’s death scene for instance …. thanks to the teasers we already knew Wali was going to be killed, but what the heck was this harking back to the ’70s to show people climbing over walls and taking aim from behind convenient hiding spots. And if it was so dark the shooters couldn’t distinguish between Wali and Qasim then isn’t it surprising as to how they got in a perfect shot? Though Fawad looked absolutely adorable propped up against the pillar, I have yet to see such a neat and perfectly positioned shooting victim, only one bloody blob, smack dab in the center of his chest, marring his otherwise pristine white kameez. Qasim climbing over the wall and calling out to the by now long gone shooters was beyond funny. Did he really expect Baray Sahab’s goons to be still hanging around, waiting to hand him their calling card from the other side of the wall? 


Nothing from the calm that followed Wali’s death hinted that there was any immediate danger to Mahjabeen or Qasim’s life, otherwise Wail’s shooters could have just as easily stormed in the house at that time and killed everybody in sight. So why then was Mahjabeen in such panic mode when she arrived at Rahat’s house? Everything that followed from thereon defies any kind of description or explanation. This was Kanza’s worst performance to date. Before we got to that epic scene, however, we had to spend a lot of time watching poor Neelam suffer through labor pains. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t she say in the previous episode that Dr. Baji had asked her to get admitted in the hospital?


And yes, while on Dr. Baji, we of course could not say goodbye to Numm without seeing Dr. Baji flick her hair back one last time. I rewound her scene twice to confirm that she actually had the temerity to ask Rahat to have Wali to come see her! Dr. Baji, yaar aap ne tau had kar di! Jokes aside, please please, please, refrain from showing us working women on TV if such caricatures are what we’re going to get.

The one good thing that did happen today was that this was a Minahil free episode. photo 2This absence then begs the question as to the point of all those useless scenes: Minahil recording conversations on the sly,  references to her being such a gadget guru.. sab bekar? All loose ends leading to nowhere? And why just Minahil, there were so many questions, unfulfilled promises, tangled threads … all just conveniently shoved under the rug.

What happened to Qasim? How did Mahjabeen end up as Wali’s vani? Was she ever married to Alamgir? What happened to Dilawar? How did they keep Qasim’s existence a secret from Baray Sahab? How did Neelam’s dad die? Who was Allah Rakhi whose grave Wali was offering fateha at? Who was this man we saw walking in the promos? How come Neelam never got the two dogs that Baray Sahab had promised her? So many questions Team Numm walked away from..


The biggest question that remained unanswered was undoubtedly the one related to Wali and Mahjabeen’s relationship. For me personally the exact status of their relationship was a moot point. To me theirs was a bond that needed no spelling out. They shared something which went beyond words and labels. Even in the disaster of an episode today, the one thing that stood out was Mahjabeen’s heartbreak. Of all the people in Wali’s life, his vani was the only who actually mourned Wali’s death.

Talking about Wali and Mahjabeen brings up the reason why I and many others did not give up on this serial. Sania and Fawad were pure magic together. While Fawad Khan did a fabulous job bringing the very complicated Wali to life, it was Sania Saeed who stole the entire kit and caboodle as Mahjabeen. No matter how bad Numm got, no matter who her co-actor was in the scene, Sania always managed to shine. I just wish Team Numm hadn’t turned Mahjabeen into the butt of so many jokes by their padding of episodes with her walking and looking in the mirror scenes.


Amid all the repeated scenes, lame scenes, long scenes, OTT scenes … har qisam ke bekaar scenes, there were also those scenes that many of us remember fondly. The chess scene, one when Wali was being whetted by Baray Sahab’s political cronies, another where Wali asserted himself by firing Mahjabeen and the servants, the anchal scene, Wali standing behind Mahjabeen when Neelam was being a brat on the wedding night, Amtul in the opening scene, Amtul, Neelam and Wali together, the scene where Mahjabeen waited on Wali, Neelam and Baray Sahab as they ate their meal, the phone call scenes between Wali and Mahjabeen, the clarification scene … I’m sure there are many others that I am forgetting here, but the line that will probably stay with me longest … ek shohar apni biwi ki muhabbat lauta raha hai …


To wrap up, suffice it to say that for a serial that started on a very high note, Numm oscillated between extremes a bit too frequently, not to mention too comfortably. A very promising story, some of the best actors in the business, a lovely OST, and an experienced director at the helm, all these elements together should have made for a mega hit.

Sania Saeed, Fawad Khan, Usman Peerzada and Farah Shah brought their characters alive so very beautifully, essaying all the complexities ever so exquisitely. Unfortunately though, production problems, editorial snafus, technical shortcomings, inexperienced actors, all played a large part in dragging this serial down. While we will never know how and when it all started going wrong, it is sad to see a potential mega hit concluding on such a lame note.

As I sign off, a huge round of applause out to all the dedicated ranters and ravers – you guys were absolutely fab! What with all the mumkins, the Numm-oonas, the fazooliyat, I don’t think there was a single muscle twitch that went unnoticed and un-commented. A big thank you also to the Numm FB page -good, bad or ugly, the FB page admins never shirked from posting the reviews. Their active interaction with all Numm fans made for a lot of hilarious discussions here on the blog, and added that much more spice to our discussions. 

I am now looking forward to our last big Numm discussion as you all share your take on this 18 week journey with Numm, and rant and rave about your memorable Numm moments, and talk about your favorite Numm-oona  I am not sure how many from the Numm team were following our discussions, but for those who were, we would love to hear from you…. let the Numm after-party begin!  

RIP Numm…

Written by SZ~


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  1. Kudos to your patience and Himmat on continuing to watch the Numm to completion. I gave up on it somewhere on episode 12?!!?!
    I didn’t think there was a story at all. At least I didn’t see the story unravel. It was a drag which ended abruptly.
    Expected something of a better judgment from FK and SS.


  2. Posting this comment on behalf on AK ….

    Love Fawad…he looks and acts great even in dying (tauba tauba). The episode had flashbacks like anything…what a waste of time. The only quick one with some effect was after Wali dies in MJ’s arms. It showed all close interactions and meaningful glances but seriously did the night really happen?! I am still not sure.

    Bechari N …now i understand what her role was – to get rid of BS by none other than himself. Lekin please somebody tell me, where did they find this doctor from. She was swaying as if singing a song in her heart thinking she will get to see Wali.

    MJ was excellent with her expressions but i somehow felt there could have been more….the one moment which broke my heart was “mera Wali, mera Wali” … And what was with her bright pink lipstick and pink cheeks in the last scene? Like a bride coming home with a new baby. For a moment i thought Wali played a scene part to get rid of BS and Neelam but alas that was not to be. Kaash woh itna samajdar hota tu woh, MJ aur AB saath saath khush rehtay

    Loved Wali’s expression in the end…sort of him approving his son to be raised by MJ just like he was…the smile said it all. The show was wrapped up quicker than i wanted it to. N grew up and the only scene in the entire play i liked of her (can’t believe i am actually saying it) was her seeking forgiveness from MJ. She probably thought she was the one who led Wali to this end by exposing Qasim. I wonder if she will stay away to get higher studies forever

    What a lovely, hat kay story that was not put across as well as it deserved to be. FK was brilliant in emoting his feelings, dilemma..everything. He really did up his game to match and i truly believe surpass SS in some scenes and UP in many. My favorite line from the play will be ” aik shohar apni biwi par….” Followed closely by FK’s expressions while looking over the newspaper. Will miss talking about the play and hope to see FK in actin soon.


    • @AK @SZ oh yes def fav line was the aik showhar apni biwi ko… Will remember that fir a long time!

      @AK lol at fk looking great even while dying tauba tauba lolol .. I think this is the first time we’ve seen him play a death scene.. One more reason why ppl would hate numm hahaha .. But yes u gotta admit he still looked damn cute! Lol Waise Koi bechare ka sarr hi utha de..

      The door scene.. Wasnt that the same when he opened the door for N when he returned from Murree??

      So true abt repeats.. Adhi episode tou flashback mein guzar gai! .. I really wished ke us ke bajae we got to see something new.. Loose ends..


  3. @sz ROFL.. im in stitches!! Now tonight was a def chashme numm night!! Tears of laughter.. And also dil ke arman jo aansuwon mrin beh hai!!
    Todays episode tou dont know where to start.. Ur spot on abt the shootings.. What i dont understand is that this khandan has had so many deaths yet noone knows how to react..UP has been so good but today he was soooo lame!! Whats with Q just sitting next to W doing nothing..? For heavens sake someone pls call 911 or something!!!…???? ,.. Ok lets make sure he dies first! ..?? WTH!!

    Btw the only thing that did worked in W’s death scene, was FK.. He played it really well.. Even in all that circus going on I went ‘ awww bechara W’.. Unfortunately soon afterwards i noticed Q sitting next to him like an idiot..

    And bilmey!! whats with so much kajal on the baby?? How comes N let anyone di that to her baby??

    And biggest laughter moment for me: Mj mustve lost her mind too.. She was seeing FK im saleema..??? Really?? No wonder so many of us liked saleema!!! Lolol

    And yes n is karoron mein aik.. Apna bachcha mj ko deke chali honeymoon pe london…?? What kinda mother is she?? .. Def one of a kind!! And how was she holding the baby.. Darr lag raha tha ab gira ke tabb.. Bachara ali bakht!

    And why not show the khandar/ ruins scene??

    And ofcourse so many loose ends.. Perhaps it would be nice to hear from one from team numm why we never got to see the rest of the picture… I really hope there is some logical explaination.. (Ok i sound like too much of an optimist.. Lol)

    Thanks @sz for mentioning wots the point if that stupid MAnahil… Now shes gotta be mamoona number one!!

    Numm has given us so much of ground-breaking stuff ke its next to none! Thinking audience ka poora poora imtehan tha! Sari skills ke sath sath sabr ka bhi!

    But having said all that i will miss our hillarious discussions.. No matter what I used to look forward to numm every saturday… Thanks to everyone here and @sz for letting us go wild!

    Loved FK and SS and SS was truly flawless.. I too feel team N let them down esp SS who wasnt even phased by Ns attrotios acting.. So well done SS ! U truly deserve a life-time achievment award here! And whoever wrote the lines for the OST deserves a huge round oc applause.. They were a sheer delight!

    Ps: how can i end this without mentioning our dr.baji.. She actually asked to see him.. I nearly fainted.. I was in stitches!! Chalo ji un ke dil ke armaan bhi …, lololol


  4. ShukarAllah, it’s over. I stopped watching a while ago and was biding the time until I knew the actors would be released from this abonimation to intelligent storytelling. And thank goodness FAK and everyone else on this project can now move on. No more need be said. A highlight reel of the scenes you found worthy would be nice, but I’m in no rush to search that out either. On to the next!!


  5. OMG.. just watched the video.. didnt realize at first ke wo kia tha.. just checked now on pc..
    @SZ honestly now my ribs are hurting!!! hahahaha….too bloomin’ good!
    hum wafa kar ke bhi tanha reh gae.. hai!!! so true.. 18 hafte wafa ke baad yeh mila..??
    perfectly synced.. absolutely hillarious!!!
    now thats my biggest highlight of Numm now!…numm ne kiya kiya kara diya hum se..
    uff thanks @SZ for making me laugh so much!!


    • @FA: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I don’t know about you all but I need something utterly nonsensical like this to help make sense of what we saw in the final episode!


  6. The last scene when FK opens the door and SS smiles and shows him the baby was just perfect. I guess most of us wanted that perfect ending even though it turned out to be only a ‘khayal’. So many unanswered questions and so many loose ends.


    • @WKA: True! But alas like it was throughout in Numm, here to the khayal flattered to deceive .. aankh jhapki tau Wali ghayab aur Salima hazir!!


  7. I have not watched this last episode knowing fully well I have too many questions which will never be answered in one episode and reading SZ’s review only confirms the same. Being a story teller myself I hate when people in a bid to make something unusual ruins the whole thing. Tell a story in a simple way, keep it straight and simple. SZ remember the scene where Wali finds MJ’s hairpin on his bed and then he picks it up, goes after her to return in back but never actually does i.e not in front of us and then another day we see MJ wearing the same hairpin and going around….grrrrrr they could have shown that tentatively and shyly he clips the hairpin in her hair, symbolizing a boy becoming a man, a husband…instead we got to see many half baked scenes, I never knew one day what was Wali doing in the graveyard…since I don’t read Urdu, whose grave was it to be precise? We understood Wali had a difficult relationship with his mother maybe because he felt cheated as a child that with his father gone his mother too lost her wits but what prevented him from keeping his mother with him? Amtul never liked Bade Sahab, she compared him with white ant…Wali questioned Bade Sahab if he sees his mother? He was not happy with the replies maybe feeling his mother was being neglected…then why didn’t he keep her? And the biggest question I have why the hell was Badey Sahab made a villain in this serial? It was Dilwar who killed his two sons and after losing his sons if a father is behaving difficult then what is wrong in that? We never got to see Alamgir asking his father permission to marry MJ or stating before his family MJ’s delicate state, then where is their fault of not accepting MJ and if MJ in her free will became Wali’s vani as her repentance then why blame Badey Saab? Silence and hints through various gestures might be interesting to see but the director should realize that we are watching an audio visual medium and it should not be expected that all our thoughts will be align with his, if we fail to understand his message than it is his fault and not ours as he had a wonderful set of actors but he chose to waste precious screen time with non actors and meaningless scenes which did not convey anything in the end. Thank you Numm for introducing me with Fawad, Sania and Usmaan’s talents rest was all bakwaas!


  8. Now I know why Fawad ran away to India. After doing the lame Numm (climax et al) he probably had no hope left for Pak drama and took the next flight out!


  9. Cannot believe I wasted my time on this serial. Week by week I would fool myself that the show will get better but who was I kidding. Honestly this was a torturous show, it literally tested my patience. Acting wise I think SS was okay. In fact, at times I found her boring. FW was good given the complexity of his character. I have no words for the rest of the cast members. Why pick a career in acting if you can’t act. Another thing that bothered me was MJs feeling for Wali, was she attracted to him? Shouldn’t he have been more of a son to her given that she raised him….makes me so sick to think otherwise.


  10. @SZ lol at the Salma Agha’s song….rightly depict feelings of fK fans also i think 😉

    @FA the door scene….he was wearing a blue shirt when he opened it for N.


    • @AK haan ur right! Thanks for pointing that out warna I was fuming ke iss scene ki tauhin karr di by recycling the N scene! Lol.. Chalo phew!! Lol


  11. SZ, I literally had to re-read the 1st paragraph! lol…I was like is everything ok with SZ!!? (I am dog tired, isliye dimaag sarcasm pakad nahi paaya) haha But I was just agreeing vehemently with eack of yr sentences as I kept readin on

    What an avalanche of disappointment this last episode was..This was worse than the shock of the 9th episode with N returning right after the only best episode of Numm…Seriously Numm broke its own record of its worst episode ever..All the while I was wondering..why waste everything on the whole drama…they might as well have just made the 1st & last episode with bonus scenes bein MJ & W..Those two pretty much sum up the whole story…what a bad execution and waste of a really captivating story..

    I did have a tear start to trickle by for when MJ holds W’s hand while the reality sinks in…but then even I noticed the stupid Q watching like an idiot lol..What was that?? Bas kuch bhi karta but aise nai beth ta! Plus what was the FFWed flashback of the MJ-W’s scenes?! They were trying to please the N’s fans (if they exist in this universe) by not really showing anything..I was so waiting for THE night clarification but they chickened out! lol…They used that as a pawn to keep use coming back every week when everything started going haywire in the later episodes…..i’m really mad about that.

    SZ, I really want to dedicate this video to you! 😀 😉 Listen to what she says in her first sentence ROFL…then also if you are patient enough, watch the whole’s humorously pathetic lol But seriously, I just wonder….Agar tum na hote…! toh Numm mein itna mazaa kahan hota.


  12. I am very upset with the way this show turned up, it looked so promising in the beginning, it started out so well but the climax is equally disappointing. So many questions left unanswered, especially the Wali-MJ story. It was too messed up, first they tried to show “romance” b/w them then later turned it into Mother-Son relationship, i didn’t understand what the hell was that? Anyways im glad they didn’t stretched it to 22-25 episodes, that’s probably the only thing the makers of this forgettable show did right.

    Great review SZ, very well written.


  13. Never did I think through out these 18 episodes that I’d be this sad when the drama’s gonna end. surprisingly, I was… especially, in the scene when MJ goes like’ mera Wali’ I felt like hamara bhi Wali tha bhayee hamain bhi dukh hai 😦
    Putting aside all the loose ends, I tremendously loved loved loved Fawad in the death scene ( Having said that makes me feel like saying ALLAH TA’ALA Fawad ho lambi zindagi dain. Ameen 😀 ) With sharaafat dripping from his face even at that time, that helpless last look in his eyes and that luminous face our poised Wali’s soul comes to rest. Hayee! The sole reason why I watched this drama was Fawad, so I think I’ll reserve this one for him only. He was superb as Wali for me. And I’m going to miss him badly before any of his new drama airs. I hope he comes back with a bang sooner.
    And yes, how can I forget this Numm journey was so amazing because of you guys with all the mumkinaats and funny comments. It made the drama entertaining:-P


    • @Fizza: ” I was… especially, in the scene when MJ goes like’ mera Wali’ I felt like hamara bhi Wali tha bhayee hamain bhi dukh hai 😦 ” too funny!!! and LOl @ sharafat dripping from W’s face even in death..lagta hai Numm has turned us all upside down inside out and ab andar se pata nahin kya kya talent is oozing out of all of us.. aur kuch nahin tau drama ka script to likh hi sakte hain mil mila kar …


      • Hahaha we can definitely write a script! with all those mumkinaats gushing in our mind and those math calculations I think we can come up with a much rational and intriguing story, itna tou dimagh pe zor daala hai hum ne keh Shakespeare uncle ki rooh be-daar ho gaee hai! 😛


  14. What was that? I was too “Numm-bd” after the episode to react. I think, most of us have taken more time to review and react to the drama than what the director, writer and editor have put in. And to think, once upon a time I thought ZGH ending was too abrupt. It did not answer all the questions. Numm makes ZGH look like a masterpiece to me. The best part in ZGH was the interactions between the various characters.

    Where was the interaction here? If the earlier Alamgir and Jehangir killings were lame, then what do we call Wali’s killing. Didn’t want to act in a stupid serial anymore? Probably FK was tired of the substandard plot and was afraid of coming in any more scenes with N or Dr. Baaji. He thought dying was easier.

    I have never seen such an abrupt ending before. Why would N leave her son with MJ to go abroad. What sapna of Wali was that? When did he mention that? It would have been so much better if he had told her of this sapna of his earlier and she had gone directly from school to abroad for long awaited honeymoon sorry studies abroad. I thought the whole idea was to send Q abroad? What happened to him by the way in the end, will he now have to hide from Ali all his life?

    Like all of you, the dialogue that stays with me is also” Ek shauhar apni biwi pe muhabbat loota raha hai” Whether the makers wanted or not, this dialogue made W and MJ the leads in this serial.

    Hats off to the FB page moderators. To lie so much day after day and to take so many abuses is also not very easy. But they did it sportingly, day in and day out even till the last day. They kept trying to sell us N and W Jodi even when I am sure everyone in this universe and beyond, it was the most useless Jodi ever. To defy the world and live proudly and proclaiming this drama may not be easy to understand, true enough, mere mortal like me cannot understand it

    @SZ, after watching the episode,when I read ur review, I thought I had reached parallel universe of Numm where you were moved and were crying. It took a second or two to realise that you were being sarcastic. We are very grateful to you for providing us this forum to rant and rant and rant about “Numm-b”


    • @PG OMG what a finale.. Summed up Numm.. Fazoolyat and namoone and filling out with even more useless flashbacks.. Even more unexplained answers!!! Lol..

      Did u see the newspaper cutting on the fb page abt team numm having private party? More like team numm nazarband /in hiding from awam because they knew what rubbish of a finale this ep was… Lol


      • Waise, looking back at last few episodes, did it not seem very disjointed. Nobody had scenes with N apart from the fazool family together. It was as if everyone was deliberately trying not to be seen in same frame as N.

        Wali’s death scene was so lame (FK and SS were very good in the scene), it was as if plane pakadna hai bhai, India jaane ke liye. Hope his movie does well(June 2014 release; omg another 6 months wait). It looked like, “I am sick of this drama, the fazooliyat, the lame smiles thinking about N, if MJ and Q leave I have to go and stay with N, I better die”.


        • @PG i thought so too! Even SS looks sooo bright on N and mum scene that it almost looks like shes been super-imposed into the video/scene..maybe she refused to do the scene too.. Lol and Pbbly thats the reason why BS killed himself.. Couldnt take the final scene with KW hahahA..


    • @OMG PG you are hilarious and you have echoed my thoughts exactly. I even did not bother to see the last episode for I know it has not answered to my many questions are not brought the story to a logical ending. At the same time must congratulate Numm-b FB page of creating such a halo around the serial and making it sound as if it was the best thing happening in the TV. By the gracious of God it is over, amen.


    • @PG: Indeed that was the most memorable dialogue of the drama. MJ and Wali had better be the main characters of this serial. It would be a slap in the face if N walked away as the main character.
      Also didnt understand why Neelum had to leave her child behind with MJ. Agar jana itna zaroori tha, why not her leave him w her mother and crazy sister.

      @FA – haha what urdu clip is this? Please do share, with translation of course for us, who cannot read urdu..please!! 😀
      Numm team partying ke thank God this disaster we made is finally over.


      • @Ash here’s the fb post:

        Transaltion: (very roughly)
        Today, drama serial Numm’s last episode – Artists will watch it together

        The curtains will finally be raised from many mysteries/ secrets when the final episode will be aired today… then it breifly goes into the plot and some mumkinat..followed by:-
        ”Being different from the glamourous shows on other channels, for its unique topic, (plight of a vani mentioned earlier) viewers have shown their ”great admiration” for numm. The cast and the production team have planned a secret party to watch the last episode together in a restaurant in karachi, so they can watch the last episode (in peace), ”fans ke rush se mehfooz rehte hue”..(sorry just had to copy it like that in urdu.. i just found this phrase soo funny!.. they made it sound like there were so many fans they had to go in hiding!!.. .. in reality its more like jo thore bohot followers the wo bhi joote marte! hahaha)
        then it goes on to say what other programmes were on that night.. (not following any of those but perhaps they were trying to say numm was just a notch or two better than those lolol)


    • @PG: Your comment summed up all of what we ranted and raved about all these 18 weeks … and I’m not sure, but weren’t you the one who started us off on the mumkins … if that is so, then a huge thank you to you for adding to our drama watching vocab as we now look for the mumkins in everything we watch 🙂
      Btw, what did you think of the AnB blog about the “reception and worship” accorded to Numm ….


      • @SZ, I read the blog and realized that there is a parallel universe in which “thinking” audience believe that Numm is a masterpiece. Each character is well written, and well nuanced. Kanza acted beautifully and will get all the awards this year. The story was great and did not meander, the editing was crisp. All the side actors were great and made meaningful contribution to the story.

        And then I woke up!!!! Ha Ha. While reading the blog, I was just wondering do they really believe by writing such stories or articles they will change audience perception about the drama. They are just looking like fools by doing this.


        • Was flicking through channels and came across these few clips from an acting talent show on ptv.. Guess who was the guest?? ..ahson Talish!!… And ppl who were getting thru were such namoone ke it totally reminded of numm!!!
          Now i know his inspiration behind casting a namoonon ki fauj! Lolol

          As for the blog all i can say is total delusion!! @sz they mustve only read the first few lines of ur review and got trigger happy!! In Typical numm fashion they pbblu decided to ignore the rest and used their own imagination to fill out the rest…lol


  15. Hi Guys!

    @SZ: Great review! Agree with every word!! I was “way beyond disappointed” too!! I mean what was that they gave us as the finale?? Even if we were prepared to be left with a lot of loose ends, they could not even offer a decent, well-connected, un-choppy last episode to the serial we were so loyal to. That was the ultimate nail in the coffin!!!

    Instead of giving us some answers and tying up a few at least of the loose ends, so much time was wasted showing us fazool flashbacks…..even in that MJ’s flashback comprising of some very beautiful moments in this story passed by in a few seconds and N’s flashbacks were long-drawn, showing her dialogues completely…..for what?? Akhir tak bhi N ko ‘heroine’ bananey se baaz nahi aaye yeh log!!! I was so put off!

    The killing itself was so, so lame! What kind of goon is that who kills the first person on the scene and does not even search for his intended victims who are unarmed and just in the next room and khud apni jaan bacha kar bhaag gaya?? The whole execution of the killing and sequence after were so poorly executed.

    As you have asked, when the killer has run away why did MJ run to Rahat for refuge? The scenes after that…..ohho ho, the less said the better!! Throughout the episode Rahat, N, Dr. Baji, the nurse to whom R hands out some tip at the hospital…..all of them were so stilted in their performance, so amateurish…..grrrrr!!

    Even if the serial was being abruptly cut short and taken off the air suddenly could they not at least include some scenes to show what happened to poor Q? For me the only good thing in the whole episode was FK in the last scene…..that look of his so beautifully conveyed his acceptance and satisfaction that MJ had taken charge of his son’s upbringing. That was so well done. There again I was put off by MJ’s look…..gone was her mature, dignified get-up…..instead as @AK put it, they gave her a young look… if a new mother was coming home with her baby…..not in keeping with her story so far!!

    I can go on and on ranting…..the entire episode was a trash….at every turn I kept thinking something good will come now only to get a little more of the same…..too bad! Can you imagine, they even cheated us of the much awaited “walk in the ruins” scene!!

    One must say—a fitting finale to a badly told, poorly directed, stupidly edited, loopy, droopy story……now all Numm-haters can have their last laugh!!!

    @SZ: Thank you for this forum where we ranted and raved jee bharke…..will definitely miss this…..not in a long time will we come across such a serial which will give us so much scope to “rave” and “rant” as NUMM did…..hmmmm… something good did come out of this for all of us!! At least for me!! Had been a silent reader for a long time….but NUMM made me participate actively. So should I say thanks to Numm too?? Hilarious!!!!

    Hope to keep meeting you all at MSKSH or Shukk or Sannata pages.


    • @RR uff yes! The nurse! Now how lame was she.. If she was a drama student no wonder faail ho ho kar boorhi ho gai!! Lolol

      Like u i have to give it Numm for introducing me to this forum.. So chalo thanks numm!


      • @RR and @FA, atleast one thing, for which we all have to be thankful to Numm for, introducing all of us to each other. Making us better writers, editors, mathematicians etc.

        Inspite of criticizing the drama, we all have watched it so minutely for every twitch and turn, for listening to every fazool dialogue and rewinding and listening to all the fazool dialogues which were not audible due to bad sound editing. Thinking of all the mumkinaats this drama brought, we can drum a better after story for it. And we still have to give award for the best Num-oona character in the drama. My no.1 contender is Manahil. Please nominate your favorite Num-oona


        • Oh defo! As i mentioned earlier for me the biggest namoona has got to be manahil! Esp after realising all her bratty behaviour, spy ganes, tech knowledge, showing off, choc cravings, etc (the list can go on forever!) was for nothing but just to drive us mad further!! 18 weeks of pure torture from her with no real reason!.. The biggest and the most fazool numm-oona!

          Dr baji close behind her! ..

          And the most memorable moment has gotta be Dawoods smirk hahaha!


          • so @FA (and the rest of others 😛 jinhe me bilkul nhi janti phir bhi hello ) ur favt serial’s finale 😀 just read the review and comments, trust me hans hans k bura haal hai really 😀 itna dukh for Wali’s death and equally disappointments from the climax 😀 can’t believe aisa bhi hota hai 😛 I just missed this thread and Numm but after viewing comments, i wish i could be there especially u all saying ”crazy mumkinaats”.. chalo btw it was really fun to go through the comments from all of u especially the last comment here, hahaha all – and + points summed up by the girl 😛
            @FA ap tou ho he cool 😀 and @SZ, review is well-written and great i think ap review k sath sath drama writing start kar do.. 😀 wesy as i did’nt watch the serial so im not able to share the dukh sukh of all characters, but to my dear FA, giving u a warm shoulder for Wali’s death and ur coolest actor FK’s hiding from public.. enjoyed ur page wali newspaper cut lol lol 😀


            • @ayesha this us just a teailer.. U gotta watch and read the rest of the comments from before.. Honestly i dont think ive ever enjoyed a drama that much.. An absolutely hillarious ride! Kabhi bohot hansne ka dil chahye tou dakhna numm follwed by the comments..

              Btw Did u watch SZ’s RIP video in the post.. Its a must-watch!


            • @ayesha btw thanks for that shoulder of u… So sweet! But to be honest W ke marne se ziada tou i was sad at such an attrotious ending to such a potential masterpc.. Sigh!!..


            • haha still can’t control my laughters @FA, I can imagine abhi my mood was too off n dekhny wala tha but after these comments, i have to poke my nose lol 😀 which video?? these two in the review??


            • @ayesha the first one that sats RIP (rest in peace) lol
              Yeh tou abhi kuch nahin dekha ayesha! Peeche wale comments parho gi tou andaza ho ga.. Hamari dedication aur phir hamare armaanon ke khoon/janaze ka! Honestly must watch and read all the comments just for a laugh! Then u will know what i mean why we’d be way too numm-ed to come to the sannata thread! Lolol..
              Aur sannata only demands literary skills yahan tou aisi aisi skills darkar thin ke theres absolultely ni muqabla lololol


            • @FA isi liye me chali ai yahan 😀 chalo u have much enjoyed the journey na so let the end what it was… destination matters but not more than the journey.. chill and enjoy also the end just as u enjoyed all mumkinaats and don’t be sad kismat mein yehi tha na ;).. chalo ab smile plz 😛


            • haha @FA phir bhi sannata me we extract all like plato, ghaalib, einstein 😀
              yaar could’nt find the video, there’s only Ost and last epi.. paste the link in ur comment plzz!!
              achaaa ab dekhun?? btw its ended up now and i wish i could be the part of this thread 😦


            • @ayesha the first one isnt the OST.. U gotta wait for the soundtrack to kick in.. Thats where all the fun is! (U will hear salma agha lol)
              Let me know if that works.. If not ill send u the link


            • @FA, chalo thats more much cool 😀 warna me tou darr gai the k wali’s death will pata nhi give u how much sighs!! 😛 n this very thing is now punching me to see k akhir aisa tha kia 😀


            • hahaha @FA, yeah i got it!!! OMG Rofllllllllllllll… lol lol lol i thought it was Ost but!! haha Salma Agha beautifully summed up wali and Mj’s love story ”shayad unka akhri ho ye sitam”.. 😀 the sitam was reflecting from wali’s face.. wesy after n during the video hansna tha na?? 😀 it looked too much funny yar!! m continously laughing.. perfect choice of song! haha.. thanK u for this much qehqahy.. 😛


            • Not just sums up W and Mj but our feeling too.. U dont kniw hum ne kia armaan / mumkinat bunn rakhi thin! .. Hamare arman aur 18 hafte ki wafa bhi bekar gai lol


            • haha@FA, well ye tou tumhein pata tha na k mumkinaat beekar jayen ge 😀 chalo i must watch it again and this time, will take it as ur armaano ka khoon / janaaza Lol 😛


            • @FA chalo tum itna enjoy kar rhi ho tou keep my warm shoulder ”udhaar” 😛 i’ll seriously need it now n further for Sannata 😛


            • Hi Ladies, sirf aapke hi nahin, tamam Numm dekhne walon ke arman aanso mein bah gaye. kya kya socha aur nikla kya, neelam aur uski fazool family happily ever after rahi. N to chal di UK W ka so called sapna poora karne aur bechari

              MJ Bakht khandan ki official aaya ban gayi. Pehle Wali aur ab ali…


            • @PG, sorry i dun know about all this dukh dard but phir bhi me ap sb k ghum me barabar ki shareek hun 😛
              FA se afsos kar lia lagy hathoon ap se bhi kar leti hun 😀 hosla rakhein kismat mein yehi tha lol 😀 hai na @FA?? 😛


        • @FA, @PG: Absolutely agree with your sentiment that NUMM brought all of us together. We have made lots of friends here. Aur hamey kya kya banney ki training de di!!! So at least for this group with @SZ at the helm, lot of positivity has come… one mustn’t crib……the NUMM journey was indeed good!!

          About the Nummoona award…..arre yaar kis kis ko award den aur kis kis ko chhoden?? Its a loooooong list.

          @FA: True….that nurse was definitely not young…..kab drama degree pass karegi kab naukri par lagegi??


    • @RR: Well said! Like you I too waited throughout the episode ke ab kuch hoga, ab kuch hoga … but alas!
      And yes! now that you are here, dont go back to being a silent reader .. so much more fun this way, no? I think MSKSH will give us plenty to discuss … 25 eps I hear.. and looking at all of Nabeel’s leechar relatives I think we will have plenty to discuss there … looking forward to more gup shup! 🙂


  16. Hi SZ and friends, virtual group hugs…
    Numm for me is so dark, so sad, and so bad that it’s so good & so much fun thanks to SZ reviews and reviewers. I think the whole eps. of Numm reviews is like guidelines for directors or producers who have a dark drama project in mind to see the audience POV.

    And here’s my take on NUMM:
    – Wrong casting of Kanza, Wali-MJ-N should have been a better triumvirate
    – Storyline DOES matter, some mysteries left unfold and confused us
    – Weak subplots: Neelum & Co., the maid & Qasim
    – Instead of the long flashback, mirror watching, etc. why not invest more to story?
    +Interesting topic
    +The dark and gloomy vibe
    +Wali, Amtul, SS, BS

    Let’s do this again, what’s next SZ? 😀


      • @Ash: LOL!!! I was just checking the Numm FB page and somebody was asking if there would be a sequel starring Ali Bakht! What do you guys think???? Can we sit through a Numm sequel???


        • hahaha… good idea! the story would be about Qasim as the new Baray Saab feel threatened by a young and handsome Ali Bakht. Q being greedy and paranoid afraid that Ali would seize the crown, etc. etc. you know like Hamlet 😀


    • @IamFarahz: Come and watch the newly started Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai …. Can’t promise that its going to be a great watch, but should be a good one to discuss.. are you following that one?


      • @SZ no I haven’t, you see after ‘Ek Kasak’ I’m a bit trauma with Mikaal Z. haha, is he good?
        but will try to keep up… MSKSH or Sannata?


  17. Hi SZ . Great review. I was numm while watching W and M that was very touching . There are so-many things that we’re not clear . once Rahat Kazmi said everything should be right at right place than only the drama will be sussesful. But UP , FK, SS and Amtul were great. SZ is it still happening like this to women, are there women who are suffering? I cannot imagine. I am so thankful to GOd , when I think about “vani” I cannot sleep , why women has to suffer. Ok enough of this.
    I thank you so much for all your help. I enjoyed the discussion and learn a lot. SZ your are great. Hope to hear from you. Mary Chirstmas and Happy NEW year.


    • @Ranjan: Happy Holidays to you as well 🙂
      Yes, Numm left us with a tom of unanswered questions and I think we’ll just have to reconcile ourselves to never knowing what exactly happened to whom when …
      As for Vani: Not an everyday occurrence but still does happen.. and its not just vani there are so many other crimes that perpetrated against women in our societies, all in the name of preserving patriarchal honor..
      There was another drama called Vani that aired a few years ago.. have you seen that? Check it out if you havent …Its a well done story…


      • Hi SZ you are so nice!!! satisfying all my curiosity and I am thankful for that praying to god that we meet someday. Thank you very much. I read about women who suffer in India a lot to so I guess it is all over the world women and children are the victims. So sad. I will visit your forum because I love the way you write.
        Thanks again


  18. Hahaaaaa , your review cracked me up! really thought you loved it!!! Wah wah what a finale!! Very surprised that there was no minahil, so what was that 18 wks of Minahil about? What was her role for, to torture us?
    But A big LOL for Dr Sahiba, so agree with you. She actually did say I wanna see wali when he comes!!! Yeh kya cheez thi!!!
    Kanza was awful, what should have been a powerful Neelum bade Sahab scene was ridiculous.
    Poor wali shot before he could even say a word, no wonder the finale stank, ek dialogue toh de de yeh, we could have remembered him. But yes he was awesome as the dying Wali.
    Mj was great too in mourning him, but now she is basically the cause of 4 Bakht men dying!!!and they go give her another one to raise!!!! Say what!!! Why would Neelum who loved wali so much give mj who she hated her only son of Wali!!! Am sorry does not make sense to me!!
    So basically nothing made sense to me in this drama, mj and Wali just were confusing throughout the whole drama. Oscillating bw maternal scenes and romance… What was the point of all those hair clip scenes??? Someone plz explain!!!
    I know answers are very hard to come by, so am glad it’s finally over!!! The comments were the best part of this whole experience:)


    • @sk(original) ROFL @ mj responsible for deaths of 4 badbakht men.. Yej tou socha hi nahin.. And yes I cant gulp yhe fact that n just handed obr the baby to MJ just like that! .. Karororn mein aik hai akhir!!! Lol


    • @SK .. bas yaar … at the very least we got some beautiful moments here and there and had some good laughs … now on to the next serial 🙂


  19. Yahan to sab ne mere mu ki baat cheen k bar bar bayan kar di hai. Despite the extremely lame death scene, i.e., Wali’s too-neat-to-be-dead posture, Qasim’s monkey jump, yelling ‘oye, oye’, SS and FK’s expressions made it bearable. MJ’s grief and W’s teary eyes as if he was saying that he had repaid all the years she spent on him (am I reading too much in his gaze?) and the fact that it was FK doing a death scene did affect me…
    I thought KW was better in this episode, the only actor I didn’t find convincing this time was….wait for it…UP!
    Agree with the gazzilion loopholes and unanswered questions. I actually feel pity for the writer who wrote such a beautiful story which didn’t receive the applause it deserved because of bad execution. Heck, I feel cheated ! I expected and wanted this serial to be big because after such a long time there was a diff story and it was spoiled so badly.
    That being said, I loved MJ’s grief especially when she held his face in her hands and later cried ‘Mera Wali’ in front of N and her mother…there was too much emotion in these two words. And of course the last scene where a khayali Wali opens the door for MJ.


    • @ Farwa B Naqvi Lol @ Q’s monkey jump yelling oye oye.. Uff that was just hillarious! I was like its an open invitation.. Aa bail mujhe maar!! .. Hey u got the wrong guy, im still around!.. Come and get me!

      Thats so true.. Feel sorry for the writer.. But i hope we get to hear the real story from him! Shayad kuch sabr aajae lol


  20. I also can’t get over the fact that Wali could say absolutely nothing to MJ as he died…kuch to kehta. What disappointment. I bet htey cut all the dhang k scenes and replaced them with useless Minahil and Mali scenes. Ok that sounds wrong….but whatever.


    • lol they replaced all the dhang ke scenes, with naukers, and drivers and every other useless character in the book. Thats why so many loopholes all over the place


  21. Why don’t we start off by thanking God ke this didn’t stretch forever like Ashk.

    A very apt review for this finale. Although i didn’t follow this drama as closely as others, made sure to never miss your reviews! They were a lot more interesting then the episodes anyway! 🙂
    At times wanted to chime into the discussions but with so much going on i’d always get lost so gave up!
    Well happened to catch the last episode and it looks like Neelum has finally forgiven MJ , What a surprise there. Wali dies, BS shoots himself and Qasim and the rest of the characters are no where to be found. Why did Neelum give her child to MJ to raise? Is MJ a nanny for the entire Bakht khandan..jeez.
    Seriously wondering what happened to Qasim. Did he run off with Manahil??

    I guess my favorite part of the episode was when MJ returns to the haveli with the child and is greeted by, well the “khayal” of Wali at the door. FK looked mighty fine in that scene.

    Everything else, like you all said, left no impact whatsoever. Honestly speaking, don’t have a single clue what went on in this drama.

    Hopefully FK’s next project is a more complete one! 🙂


  22. I took break from my marathon Xmas cookie baking to watch the show. Should have just kept baking. The ending was like like a bad french movie that goes “FIN” and leaves you with so many open ended questions – I was like WT&%$#.

    Hoping that FK’s Khoobsurat is fun movie. He finally commented on Khoobsurat in his instagram @

    SZ – loved your reviews and hope to follow you in some other drama…


    • @RR2 (LOL! you remembered!) Awww… hope your disappointment with Numm didnt affect the rest of your baking 😉 Yes, wishing FK all the best for Khoobsurat,
      Oh that iFawad on twitter and instagram is a fake acct … he is not on any of the social media platforms.. his FB page is the only authentic source and that too is mostly updated by his management team.
      Even if you are not following any other dramas regularly, do keep in touch. I hope you will drop in from time to time to say hi 🙂


  23. Hey fellow commentators please note that Numm team had said that this drama was for the thinking audience, so let see what and where we needed to think.

    1. How did MJ become a vaani, what happened to her brother? The story writer may not have any plausible explanation for that so we need to be a thinking audience and use our imagination as to what happened and connect the dots.
    2. What was the actual relation between MJ and W, W and N? Who loved who and who felt passion for whom. I think the story writer may have numbed her brain figuring this out so as thinking audience we need to use our imagination play out who we preferred with whom.
    3. BS was deemed as the villain from the start, but the actual perpetrator was shown as MJ’s brother, now if we were the thinking audience we should use our imagination and see that BS had a hand in forcing MJ to be a vaani.
    4. What purpose was served in killing W? A thinking audience would be able to figure out that they were trying to punish BS for crimes that he did not start.
    5. What was the reason to leave AB with MJ, a thinking audience would easily figure out that what would MJ have to do without AB to maid over.


    • @db: LOL!! And here I was happy that we were the “thinking audience!” I seriously hope somebody comes and gives us some answers….
      And thinking audience or not,we, here on the blog, were some of the most vocal supporters of Numm right from the get go, but the final episode….I think your questions sum it all up so well!!


    • @db lol.. i think we, the thinking and like @sz puts it the most loyal audience, have numm-ed our brains trying to work out everything so far.. we def deserve some answers.. thanks for listing those questions. I’d like to add a few more to ur list in hope that someone might just come forward and relieve us of our misery lol

      6. What happenned to Q? If he was a bakht male, why did they have keep him in hiding all this time? why was his life in danger if he was Alamgir’s akhri nishani and heir? Only one male heir isnt usually enough for our fuedals…no?
      7. What happenned to Dilawar?
      8. Was there any prupose of Manahil in the plot at all?.. her hijacking every other episode?
      9. why did we see Mj walking by an empty pool. Did it have some hidden meaning that we completely missed?? .. that pool is still bigging me!
      10. What happenned to N’s father?… We were lead to believe had something to do with the bloodshed and N got involved.


      • @FA Thanks for adding the other questions.
        @SZ A big shout out to you for sticking with us and giving us those wonderful reviews. If not for your reviews and this forum I would have given up on Numm a long time ago. After this disaster I think it will take me a long time to get back to seeing drama’s again


    • I will have to disagree with you this was simply a badly made drama as to thinking audience well I am sure that is just a clever psychological trick to cover their own shoddy work . As in: who wants to admit they are not a thinking audience so hey ofcourse we understand it otherwise it would be an admission of our own lack of intelligence. The points raised by every commentor on this and other blogs including yourself are valid . This director lost the narrative around episode 8 but let’s face it we were watching it to see Fawad ka mubarak chehra every week. I for one refuse to be manipulated by such rhetoric


  24. “waiting to hand him their calling card from the other side of the wall?” this line in your review made me laugh. I gave up watching Numm after the 4th or 5th episode I think and when I saw the promos I thought of watching the last episode. After watching the end I think the script was very well written but it needed an experienced director and good co-actors. Sania Saeed, Farah Shah, Usman Peerzada were awesome in their roles. Fawad Khan was good too but he would have been better if he spoke more clearly and in a bit louder voice, this was his problem in Humsafar too. I felt sad for Wali but I agree with you, there are still some questions about this story which need to be answered. your review is awesome like always 🙂 got some picture of this serial in my mind as I missed out like 14 to 15 episodes 😛


  25. I stopped watching ‘Numm ‘ after the first few episodes. I found the Mother- wife issue too distasteful. I watched the last episode because I thought if I like it then I will catch up on the rest of the episodes online. BUT ! Shocked and sad is how I felt after watching this joke of an episode. Shocked because I did not think that a serial with such good actors and with an experienced Director would end up like that. Sad because this is FK’s second serial which has been very very disappointing and I am worried that if this continues then maybe it becomes a trend and the level of our dramas will slowly start deteriorating and that to me would be very TRAGIC! I really feel that our Directors and actors must start being serious about the script and its execution. My biggest problem was the casting. WHY KW? Just because she was pink complexioned /trying to look sexy by pouting her lips??? WHY Minahil???
    Why ?? Was it because these two were ‘parchi/ sifarshi girls? if so , should not the Director have put his foot down? After all it is his status and position that is at stake here?
    My advice to FK: Run away when ever you hear the word NEELUM. This name is a curse for you. First Ashk and now Numm. Also anything to do with wetness too 😉
    ( Ashk and Numm)
    At least this proves one thing. Good looks, a grand cast, a good story or the name of a Director alone does not make a good serial. It has to be cohesive along with dedication and hard work from the Director. I am sure Ahson Talish just dropped by on the sets off and on and left the work to his assistants because I cannot imagine how could we have this ‘Haleem and Khichra’ served to us week after week.
    Please will some one let me know once it is diagnosed whether W had the hots for MJ or not?? This one factor still gives me sleepless nights! Can some one contact the writer to let us know the unanswered questions? That is one good deed I will always be grateful for!


  26. @YF, You have asked that one question the answer to which every avid watcher of this drama has been asking from episode 1. If we go by last 3-4 episodes, it looks like a platonic relationship which is in stark contrast with the smoldering looks between the two and the iconic hair clip. Wasie the makers might have thought that FK and hair clip have a cosmic connection and may make the drama a hit.

    If someone knows the writer, even i desperately want to know about the relationship between the two.


  27. I think this drama was cut short as it was a total flop, the last episode was hatched together and that is why it was so disjointed and unsatisfying and left us with so many unanswered questions.


  28. Geo network is quite capable of that. They turned ‘ Viraasat’ into a soap and changed the timings and days suddenly. I think they are past masters in ruining their dramas and serials by being quite disinterested once they go on air. They completely ignored the remarks about the background music and the muffled dialogues!


  29. Salaaam !!!
    AK, PG, DB, FA, Nur, afia and Sz and many
    After your call “writer Hazir ho” so here I am. Been reading ur thoughts and Mazaydaar reviews 😉 kehna yeh k yeh wo script hi Nahi Jo execute kya Gaya. To ab kya poochna hai mujh se bhai. Mr. Khan se poocho ya director se because in Dono ko Bhook bahot Lagti hai jitna khaatay hain Allah jaanay kahan jata hai…:O)


    • @Myra ka sajid walikumassalam
      First of all thank you so much for stopping by and taking ur time to read our comments.. Honestly im really excited to see that we can finally get some answers!

      Most of us here had fallen in love with the initial pitch and the idea of the story and were faithful to numm throughout hoping to see some answers!.. Right till the very end..But for obvious reasons we were utterly disappointed!

      Sorry to hear that the script was massaccared.. Its really sad to see such hoshposh of a job done to something that could’ve been a master-piece!

      We have listed a whole load of questions above regarding real relationship of W and MJ, how Mj became vani in the first place, what happenned to dilawar, why Q’s life was in danger?.. What was the maqsad of manahil in the story, N’s dad’s role in the killings, who was allah rakhi? and so forth… And im sure more questions will follow! Lol

      I think we will all be able to sleep bit better if we could atleast get some explaination to these.. Screen pe dekhna tou abb naseeb nahin hua!… Lol


    • @Myra ka Sajid:


      Lovely to see you here! Thank you so much for heeding our request and responding, and for taking the time to read through our comments.. much appreciated!

      Sorry to hear about the story getting lost somewhere in the execution 😦 As must’ve been obvious from our weekly comments, most of us initially latched on to this serial primarily for the promise of the story, and the richness of the characters, and then continued watching in the hope of seeing a worthwhile resolution to all hte issues raised in your story. That the serial did not pan out as we had hoped will always be a source of disappointment for me. Obviously a lot went wrong, but oh well, ab raat gayi baat gayi so no point in rehashing all that.

      If you have the time and don’t responding, I think most of us here would love to get answers to a few questions that we asked week after week :

      1. MJ and W’s relationship … did the stormy night really happen?
      2. What happened to Dilawar?
      3. How was Q’s existence kept a secret for so long?
      4. Where did he disappear in the end?
      5. Why was Minahil there? Was there a reason for why she got so much screen time?
      6. How did Amtul go mad?
      7. Were MJ and Alamgir married?

      LOL! Sorry for the avalanche of questions .. but we’ve been carrying these questions with us for so long ke even really short answers would be really appreciated!



    • @ Myra Sajid walaikum assalam.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and giving all our unending queries a read. It’s sad to know that the script had not been executed the way it was written, and our furore on this forum about the loopholes in every episode clearly goes on to show how frustrated we all were with it. No need to vent it out again.
      Apart from SZ’s and FA’s question, there’s one more I have. Could you please tell who ALLAH rakhi was? Wali visited her grave once but then again there was no semblance of character in the drama. This is the only question I have other than than the ones asked already. Anyways, your presence here is really appreciated. I hope we get to see a powerful and a finely- executed script of yours in future because we desperately need dramas based on new ideas. Thank you.


    • @Myra, Thanks a lot for taking time out to reply . I just loved the promise of the story. It seemed so good and then it got lost in translation. As someone else has mentioned below, can you share the script so that we can all enjoy the promised story. Characterisation was fab although the wrong choice of actors brought down the quality of the drama.

      Looking forward to the real Numm story.


  30. Hmmm W+M relationship is more than a mother child relationship which turned, that stormy night and director deliberately skipped the scene from last episode i guess. For reference you guys have to read last episode 🙂 lol. “Aap log zaroor sochain gey namaz maaf karwanay Gaye aor rozay galay perr Gaye ” bulkay Mai to kahoon ga pooray 21 episode perrho. Lol :O). Khair Qasim’s life was in danger because he was a symbol of disgrace on Bakht Khaandan. Moreover for Minahil’s character you have to read script again. Neelam’s dad was killed with Wali’s father but they showed something else. As usual. Kya karain budget hi Nahi tha 🙂


    • Oh wow!! 21 se 18??

      Such a shame!!…if only we got to see what actually happenned instead of all the flashbacks shayad hamain kuch qarar aa jata!

      Would love to see/read what actually happenned.. Would be great if u could share it.. If thats not possible aap hamain khud hi bata dein pls… Get us out of our misery lol..


      • @Myra S
        Thank you for answering so many of our questions.
        My heart goes out to you for having such a good story line hacked in such a way.
        Please May you answer two more question. Who did Wali love, MJ or Neelam, and did Mj and W had only that one stormy night or more?


  31. @ Sz
    Amtul got mad after Alamgir and jahangir’s sudden death.
    M and J didn’t get married.
    Unlike Minahil and Neelam and her mother if they were played by actors. Their relationship must be in different shade.
    Mj came to old wali house with Ali Bakht and Qasim Bakht in last episode what is written by me. Hence they got 30% of the script.
    Aor Allah jaanay Dilawar kahan Gaya.


    • Oh Acha! Thanks for that insight!

      Waise Allah ke baad aap hi kuch bata saktein hain ke Dilawar kahan gya lolol..
      Aur manahil agar asal wali manahil hoti tou kiya dekhte hum…?

      Aur most of all W aur MJ scene mein hum se kiya khayant ki gai??.. Honestly we really need to know! Lol

      Btw while we r at the budget issue, was that swimming supposed to be empty in the Mj scene.. Or was that a budget issue too? That empty pool is still haunting me lol

      & Thanks again for getting back to us.. Much aporeciated!..


        • Wsalam, writer Sahab jab aap aa gaye hain, toh zaroor Hume 21 episodes ki script de den..koi baat nahi, hum namaz ke sath aaye roze bhi bohot khushi se rakh lenge 😉 asal mein itni powerful story ka aisa anjam hazam nahi ho raha lol

          Waise aap ki kahani bohot dumdar thi 😀 jab hum log itne pareshaan ho rahe they aadhi pakai gayi story dekh kar toh samajh sakte hain aap ko kitna Sabr ka muzahera karna pada hoga! Lol


    • @Ayesha: ROFL!!! You are too funny!!! Thank you for adding so much drama to this thread … and woh bhi itne josh aur jazbe se, two emotions completely lacking in this final episode! How could you not see this epic episode?! Yehi tau dekhney wala tha! Na sar na pair.. apart from Sania’s moments, this has to be one of the lamest finales ever.
      But seriously, all jokes aside, I totally get what you are saying about getting attached to the drama. I think all of us here were in the same boat. We ranted about so much, but despite all our complaints something about Numm spoke to us. And it is truly sad that such a promising story came to end on such a silly note. I’m sure you read the writer’s comments, and these do explain a lot about the unfulfilled promise of the story 😦
      Chalo, ab dekh hi lo, and do come back to share your thoughts. I will eagerly await your take on Q’s reaction to W’s death and N’s track….


    • @Myra ka Sajid: Aah! Thank you for taking the time to respond .. much appreciated! If you are still following the thread, and if its not too much of an imposition, it would be great if you could answer the couple of other readers’ questions. In either case we really do appreciate your responding to our queries with such good humor – thanks!


      • @SZ: Wah bhai wah! An all new look to this forum…..very smart…..and more colorful…..great!!

        @Myra Ka Sajid: Thanks for responding to many of the queries on this page. Very sporting of you! Sorry to hear that your original script was never executed fully. I support the views of all here who have requested you to share your Numm-story on this page if it is possible for you to do so. All of us here on this forum believed this story could have been a masterpiece if it had been well-executed. Sad for the way it turned out.

        @All Friends Here: @SZ has made a great start to bring in 2014 by giving this page a new cheerful look. Wishing all of you a Happy, Healthy, Successful, Lucky and an altogether AWESOME 2014!!



  32. @Myra S Thank you for sharing on the forum. If you are asking us to read the script, please share it also with SZ so she can review that too. Then we will know all the answers we’ve been looking for. There is no need to repeat how terrible some actors were and while it was at the expense of the story but if I had to see less scenes of Kanza and company, so be it. Kahani apni jaga aur acting apni jaga….pata nahin direction bara azaab thi ya kuch actors. Apologies for ripping the play apart but expectations from plays with a strong team have gotten higher over the last couple of years.


    • @RR: Hey! Glad to know that you are liking this new look 🙂
      Indeed, a very happy, healthy, prosperous new year to all our friends here … you all made 2013 so much fun… here’s to hoping for a merrier 2014!


      • @SZ and @All Thank you all for making this yr so much fun.. Although I joined this forum late, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
        As Numm fb page have put it happy winter season.. lol
        but seriously happy holidays and hoping to a merrier 2014 for everyone..!

        And I hope we r not over Numm just yet.. Im still counting on the full story to come out (and perhaps its review too 🙂 ).. Afterall, we did think we were all part of a book club at one point…So fingers crossed!


  33. Salaam. Thank you for responding. I am feeling so sad for you. Aap ki story ka to kabara kar diya! It had so much potential. I think they gave the entire budget to Fawad khan and then left everything to the assistants kay ‘ bas abb FK daal diya to serial tou hit ho hee jaye ga! Hence, they filled the rest of the cast with the kachra party! So sorry to hear that they changed/ignored/cut so many of the important parts. No wonder there were so many unanswered questions.. Would love to read your actual script so do post it if you can. There must be some consolation in the fact that so many of us felt frustrated and angry at the way they made a mess with the serial and mauled your work. But waiting to hear more from you…..


  34. Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ****smashes chooriyan against wall****……upon reading of Wali’s death.

    Yes, I still haven’t watched epi 17 and 18. God bless you, SZ, for telling us in the very beginning of your analysis that Wali dies. Now I will definitely stick to my decision of not watching Numb to completion. You have saved me time.

    I perused thru the rest of your analysis with hopes for just 2 things:

    A) Wali and Mahjabeen expressing their love for one another. But I came across nothing of the sort in your review. Thus my heart sustained another sharp blow after being severely wounded by the news of Wali’s death. Nevertheles, I proceeded to scroll down….in search of my 2nd hope:

    B) Neelum’s death. That didn’t happen either 😦 Maybe they’ve offed Manahil, I mused. But by then I was to mayoos to find out if Numm team entertained this mumkinaat of mine.

    This was a haunting drama. I’ve skipped endings to other dramas because I got tires of the rona dhona…..or my interest waned…or I got distracted. But this is the first drama that I got attached to in a strange way…I guess you can say I attached a hope to this drama that I hadn’t with the others. Maybe one day, I’ll watch the ending….it could even be as soon as next week if curiosity gnaws at me enough….but for right…I am not at all eager to see for myself how it all played out.


  35. @db @yf and @Ranjan: No yaar, havent read the story .. and waisy bhi I think the writer shared all that he chose to share … lets just chalk this one up to the could’ve been should’ve beens and leave it at that ..


    • @SZ u gotta give it to them..they r still trying and this time they r right…well they r right as far as the ”ufffff” goes!.. warna muhabbat? best jori? Wali & Neelum made a marvellous couple???? they both look miserable!!!! hahahaha


  36. So I’m three years late to this party, and I’m pretty sure this comment will go unread altogether, lol. But I just finished watching Numm and I have too many random thoughts that need to be expressed somehow.

    I didn’t know about Numm until recently when a friend turned me on to the show and I became interested in it primarily for Fawad Khan-shaped reasons. The friend did warn me that this was a different sort of FK drama and that I’d be tempted to throw my laptop at the wall whole watching it. She wasn’t wrong!

    Anyway, the sound and film editing in Numm were terrible, and the random continuity errors were made worse by the fact that I binge-watched all 18 episodes on YouTube. Still, I found the show fascinating partly because it asked viewers to think about love not as a romantic ideal but as an act of sacrifice. It is Mahjabeen’s initial sacrifice that makes Wali’s life possible, and in turn, it’s Wali’s sacrifice that makes Mahjabeen’s life possible.

    W is right that his relationship with Mj defies convent labels, but there’s no doubt in my mind that he loves her, and not just with the filial devotion of a son/brother. She was not just a caretaker, but also a friend, a companion, and yes, I think also a lover. Beyond a point in the show, nearly everything W does is designed to give Mj the dignity of being his wife and not his vani, first in his own eyes (the night of the storm), then in Mj’s eyes (the bit where he frees her dupatta, restoring her honor but also making himself the protector of that honor), in the eyes of the world (giving her lands and status, specifically noting that it’s her right as his wife, and having the estate agent and the lawyer refer to her as his “begum,” and finally in the eyes of Barrey Saheb (with my favorite line of the whole show: “ek shohar apni biwi ka mohabbat lauta raja hai.”)

    That said, the fast-paced plot resolution of the last few episodes felt way out of place given the initial slow pace and general progression of the plot. It felt like the showrunners skipped a couple of episodes in the middle. Also, the shoehorning of W’s “romance” with Neelum into various episodes was annoying. It kind of struck a false note in a show that wasn’t really about romance. Maybe they were trying to capture the Ashar/Zaroon magic from Humsafar/ZGH? The failure of the romantic scenes in this show probably proved something though: it turns out Fawad Khan can’t actually romance a tree. 😉

    That brings me to Neelum. As a character, she had real potential. A girl too young and immature to be a wife, much less the wife of a man who is already married in a way, could have been really interesting. Imagine, for example, if instead of just bulldozing everything in her path, N was sufficiently self-aware to realize the way to Wali’s heart is through Mahjabeen.

    N seems drawn to odd and broken things: a gnarly tree, her grandmother, and Amtul. Maybe that’s because she’s an odd and broken thing herself? I never thought about it while watching Numm, but she’s a fatherless child with no male role models so it’s hardly a wonder she gloms onto Barrey Saheb and Wali with such childish fervor. Barrey Saheb likes it and Wali tolerates it, so she does ultimately grow as a character. I found her decision to leave her baby with Mj at the end kind of odd, but I’m guessing she’s afraid of ending up like Amtul.

    I was really disappointed that Wali died because he had a lot to offer that world, but I also think it was a logical end to a show where nobody really escapes from the cycle of violence and misery, not even the jagirdars themselves. (Also, if nothing else, at least Wali’s death gave us that fabulous fantasy shot of Wali opening the door to Mj and the baby).

    Sorry for writing a whole novella! If anyone reads this, please to recommend other stuff I can watch!


    • @RK: As they say: dair aye durust aye 😊
      Our threads are always open and you will pretty much always find someone willing to discuss the would’ve and should’ve of a particular drama – welcome aboard!

      As you can see you are not alone in getting frustrated with a potentially very interesting story and if you’ve read through the reviews and comments then you’ve see our growing frustration with this one … there was so much that went wrong with this one that it’s impossible to even begin a listing. All I can say is that we all felt very very let down and cheated by the makers.
      You watched it in one go on YT, imagine us waiting a whole week and then getting such wonky eps! I agree with some of the commentators on the various threads that by the time it ended, we all had come up with so many more logical scenarios than what unfolded on screen.
      So invested were we/I in this one that three years down the road I still couldn’t get over it, hence my question to Sania Saeed ( Mahjabeen in Numm) about her take on the project .. if you haven’t already, do check out her response in the fifth part of her interview ..
      I agree with your read of M and W’s relationship and that is precisely the reason why this serial was so intriguing. Neelam’s character was half baked at best, and from what I’ve since learned is that there was so much going on behind the scenes that a lot of the latter part of the story was kind of shoddily put together to bring it to an end .. a ton of things did not make sense and I think we pretty much discussed the heck out of everything .. but despite all that went awry, the superb acting- Sania and Fawad- did keep us coming back week after week …

      Re: what else to watch: if you like hat ke stories, then I would highly recommend Pehchan, Talkhiyan ( God of Small Things) Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahin, Sannata ( heavy on philosophy), Preet Na Kariyo Koi, etc. For a fun romcom, Aunn Zara is a perennial favorite .. there are also some very intelligent telefilms that you might enjoy – check reviews under menu item telefilms. In the current lot, Sang-e MarMar is airing these days, 20th ep on today, so you might want to catch up on that .. I’m behind with my reviews but SeMM should be up in a few days ..

      All: please feel free to jump in and suggest other faves you all might have ..

      And, now that you’ve found us, do join in our ongoing convos. We enjoy discussions with like-minded friends who enjoy watching dramas just closely and seriously 😀


      • Thanks so much! I went back and listened to Sania Saeed’s comments on Numm. She’s clearly as frustrated and disappointed about it as we are. I wonder what happened though. Budget ran out? Writer and director didn’t get along? Who knows. The weird thing is that this show had real craft in certain subplots. For example, Mj’s hairpin is a pretty good McGuffin, showing up symbolically as and when needed. It’s a neat trick, and the writer and director pulled that off pretty well. But much of the plot was a disaster, and actually knowing the whole thing may have derailed for reasons other than poor writing is weirdly satisfying.

        Thank you for the recommendeations! That’s a great list of shows. I look forward to watching (and reading about them here). You wouldn’t believe how much more Urdu I feel I know now than just a few weeks ago. Everything I know in Urdu comes from Hindi, and everything I know in Hindi comes from Bollywood, lol.


  37. One more entrant in this forum after finished watching Numm all bcoz of our handsome hunk Fawad Khan . Awesome story , enormous potential and amazing acting by three leads FK , SS & UP . Watched it full first inspire of all the above discussed flaws n got very disappointed especially in the very last episode.
    But I watched 5 times again till the 8th episode n part of ninth episode where the so called pouty mouth N enters the house.

    I wish director must have some episode on FK n SS developing feeling for each other rather than showing N and her nonsense family .

    The famous Stormy Night when Wali Consummate his marriage with MJ had so much potential to make this an epic episode , people would cherish for years. That was the time we wanted to see Wali’s gaze ( gahari bolti Nazar) at MJ , their nervousness, dezires , confused developing feelings for being with each other . Who followed whom and how it all started on that night. Director has no right to take all those moments from us and what a waist of talent like FK & SS who has all the capabilities to depict all those feelings beautifully that viewers would’ve had so many sleepless nights after that.

    Still can’t believe why did director do this to all of us.


    • Yay, more Numm comments! 👏🏼👏🏼

      It’s a running joke now that I will use any opportunity to bring up Numm, but I think it’s because, like you and many others, I thought this show had SO much potential, but ultimately, that potential wasn’t realized and we were all left frustrated and wanting more.

      I have a couple of theories on why Numm was so disjointed and incomplete. While I can’t really speak for the writer, the director, or the actors, I can speculate and I think the project fell apart because the writer and the director (and maybe the lead actors) were never on the same page.

      The director, armed with such a talented cast, obviously wanted to highlight the Wali-Mahjabeen relationship, i.e. a highly transgressive (and intense and deeply felt) relationship between a younger man and an older woman, two characters who fundamentally don’t communicate or confront each other. To the extent that the director was in control at all, his vision really showed in the Wali and Mahjabeen scenes. That these were among the best scenes in all of Numm kind of bears this out.

      The writer had something different in mind, IMO. I think this was meant to be about how the feudal system robs women of agency, and whether the woman is a vani or a wife really makes no difference. Neelum and Mahjabeen are equally powerless in the face of real male authority, but it takes a particular type of woman to effect change. Mahjabeen, a woman who grew up in a world of men, learns very quickly to submit to authority. Neelam is raised in a household with no men, and what we see as her badtameezi and lack of lehaz is actually just her freedom and questioning of male authority. There’s a scene in one of the early episodes where Minahil tells Barrey Sahib that she’s researching a new world order where women are in charge, and I think this is where the writer was headed. To have real change in a feudal context, women need to take matters into their own hands. Men like Wali can help to an extent by respecting and empowering women, but that’s not enough.

      The problem is that women taking things into their own hands was relegated to the last 10 minutes of the final episode, and what we were left with is the Numm-oona we finally watched. Sigh.

      I wonder what Numm would have been if it was written by someone like Bee Gul, lol.


    • @DS: Hey! Hello and Welcome to DRNR… thank you for visiting reading and commenting …

      Haha! Sorry Im laughing but honestly your comments remind so much of all our shared pain as we went through this serial, one painful week after another, hoping against hope that it would improve, but alas! It took a while but now, after so long I;m truly over it .. gone are all the whys and hows .. so yeah, I can tell you for experience ke just hang in there ..this feeling of frustration shall pass ..

      There were a lot of reasons why this serial derailed as badly as it did but its all in past now so my take is ke chado mitti pao ..

      But now that you’ve found our little corner of the web, I hope you’ll stay in touch and perhaps join us on other threads …. what else are you watching these days?


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