Sannata ~ Episode 11 Review


Life was so much easier when we were children. There was this perfect picture in our minds. A vivid picture of how things will be. Of how they should be. As children we had all the answers. What, when, how, who? We knew it all. As we grew older the picture remained, but it got murkier. The answers which were once easy are no longer as simple; in fact answers don’t seem to exist any more. What we have instead are more questions. More than we can handle. More than what we want to have. We wish for answers but it is hard when the questions are being changed all the time. It is no longer a question of what, when, how, who. It is why, for how long, how much, with whom, where? We lose ourselves in the myriads of questions, drowning in an ocean of unanswered hopes and unfulfilled dreams…. 

Theher jao
zara kuch der mat jao!
Abhi palkein nahin bheegeen
abhi lab bheench lene do
nahi khud ko chhala ab tak
kahaani seench leney do
zara mein khud ko uljha loon
wajeh paa loon udaasi ki
udaasi ko zara koi sabab de doon
theher jao….
Zara mein khud ko zakhma loon…
tau phir beshak chalay jana…

Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, all are stories of our childhood that began with “once upon a time” and ended with “they lived happily ever after.” Fairy tales. Woven of dreams and passions and desires. Covered by hopes. They made us want to be loved. They made us want to love. They made us believe in love. True love. The one with a happy end. The one with taking breath away. The one we used to hear about when we were six. The one we used to read when we were ten. The one we have been waiting for since we turned fifteen. There is only one problem. A tiny problem. Love as described in these fairy tales doesn’t always happen.

More often than not real life stories are about broken promises, unrequited feelings, tremendous pain and immeasurable suffering. Ask Husna who paid the ultimate price for following her heart. Ask Naseeban who killed her husband when she learned it was he who killed her mystery lover. Ask Azam who suffers because his beloved spurns his affections. Ask Pari whose inner demons won’t let her rest now that the once remote possibility of her beloved Ruqqaiya Apa’s marriage is almost a certainty. All are lovers and all have suffered… theirs is not the kind of love we see described in fairy tales. 

Conversely, the unparalleled joy lovers find in their pain is also something not  to be found in fairy tales. Yes, Naseeban suffered, but would she give up the time she had with her mystery lover? Definitely not. Ruqqaiya pushed back at Azam every time he tried to come close to her, but did this stop him from pursuing her? Absolutely not. On the contrary her rejections firmed up his resolve. He proved himself to be a rather resourceful young man he first tried to win Ruqqaiya’s heart by going through Pari, and has now blackmailed his father into asking Apa Bi for her granddaughter’s hand.

While what had once seemed impossible, Ashfaq coming to ask for hand for his son, has now happened, Ruqqaiya still finds herself torn. Her love for Pari, which was once a source of utmost joy, is now beginning to feel like a vise round her neck. All those years of bitterness and pain that both these girls suffered through made then turn to each other for solace and comfort. If Ruqqaiya loved Pari, then Pari returned her Apa’s affection a thousand times more intensely. The problem now is that while Ruqqaiya is ready to move on to the next phase of her life, one which does not necessarily involve Pari, the younger girl is not willing to do so. Severely affected by all that has been going on around her Pari had internalized so much over the years that all the pent up darkness within her is now manifesting itself in the form of mental disorders.

Picking up the threads from the final scene of the last episode, where we got a chilling visual of the disaggregation going on within Pari, this latest episode confirmed that last week’s exquisitely done swing scene was not an isolated incident. Pari’s crazed look and manic actions, when she insisted on showing Naseeban her newly acquired dance skills, and her screaming fit, at the end, confirmed that the young girl was now at a point where the darkness within was now in the process of engulfing her exterior self as well. Ruqqaiya has made it clear that her acceptance of Azam’s proposal was predicated on the premise that she would not leave Pari behind, and has assured Pari of the same. While this is very noble of Ruqqaiya, I cannot help but wonder about how much more damage such short sighted promises will inflict on Pari in the long run. Azam is already battling his father, to get him to accept Ruqqaiya as his bahu, does he have the wherewithal to fight to keep Pari with them as well? In making such a big promise has Ruqqaiya changed the fate of her love story – are she and Azam lucky enough to enjoy a “happily ever after” ending?

Story wise Saji Gul’s Sannata is an absolute winner and Kashif Nisar does a great job understanding the nuances and does justice to the powerful script. The actors, Samina Ahmed, Simi Raheal, Nargis Rasheed, Nadia Afgan, Saba Qamar, Sajal Aly, Danish Tamoor, Shabbir Jaan, Yamuna Zaidi, all are doing an excellent job with their characters. Sticking out like a very sore thumb among all this talent were Amber Wajid and the actor playing Asghar Sahab – suffice it to say they were really bad. The living room scene with these two, and the one later where Nafeesa and Ashfaq were talking in the bedroom, were so out of sync with the overall ambiance that it almost felt like a cut and paste from some other serial. A couple of other scenes, Azam conveniently removing the property papers, and Ashfaq capitulating so easily to Azam’s blackmail were too pat to be convincing. Another actor/voice that failed to impress was that of the tree. How I wish the producers had found somebody with a deeper and more importantly an unaccented voice. It would have added so much more to the other worldly aura if the tree did not have a Punjabi accent. That said, the tree scenes were once again very well done.

With Naseeban’s story, or at least the tree part, coming to an end, I wonder who will be next? Will it be Shauki? Or is time for some other unforeseen mysteries to unravel? Looking forward to the next installment!

Written by SZ~


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  1. Have to say your reveiws are brilliant and look forward to thwm as much as the episode. I do not remember watching such a dark drama which is totally ingrossing before and i have been watching for a longtime.

    Seems there is some effort in the Pakistani drama industry to address mental health issues which is great as in our communities it is always looked on as jaddo or jinn and no other possibilities.

    Keep it up 🙂

    • @Salma: Hey! Good to hear from you 🙂 Aww.. thank you for reading and enjoying my reviews.. much appreciated! You are so right, much like Talkhiyan, but even darker, this one has managed to fully capture our attention. I
      Totally agree with you that there is a very slow but steady discernible change in our dramas. Though the majority still tend to be the usual commercial claptrap, there are a few that are attempting to break free of the mold and break new grounds. On the issue of jadoo jinn.. did you happen to check out any of those Express telefilms I had reviewed. If you havent then you must watch TUM. The link is provided in the post.

    • Azam has started becoming active against his parents and their machinations.
      To the conversation between Azam and his father: On the one hand Ashwaq clearly indicates that Apa Bi & Co. are financially dependent on him and on the other hand Azam negates their financial dependency by mentioning the possibility of his coming as a provider into question. “Unhi ki dolat ki Zakat par nahi palay ga.” This statement indicates that Ashwaq has enriched himself at their expense and whatever he earns is to a greater part entitle to them.
      Naseeban is in wedding mood, but Pari doesn’t understand it. Now guys what would you say to it? Naseeban too has branded the famous cheap “kajray” song as “bayhooda”.

      Main karon gi biyah apni Ruqqaiya apa say” Paris bound with Ruqqaiya is quite abnormal. It is an expression of Boderline Personality Disorder. In addition unawareness can be a curse. She is unaware of the fact that she cannot marry her Ruqqaiya apa. Sometimes it seems as if the writer has tried to address homosexuality, however not critically. I thought at first I might be wrong, but after watching the last scene of this installment I have become surer. All religions including Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc. consider it as reprehensible.

      Shaban admits to have killed Naseeban’s “suitor”. His soul has slipped into the tree! However, right from the beginning of Naseebans story the writer had been depicting the “mysterious suitor” as a ghost. How can someone kill a ghost who is already a spiritual creature? One can kill a body but not a spirit.
      Azam “the hero” vs Ashfaq “the villain” confrontations seem to be impressive which they are in fact not. “We are conditioned by the circumstances of our birth.” The writer has not counted this common factor. There may be exceptions, but they don’t make rules. 
      Azam has been successful in defeating his father by his own weapons. On the other hand Apa Bi would not reclaim what actually belongs to her, especially because the personal circumstances have changed.
      “Imaan bacha liya..”The belief of a person shouldn’t be that weak that it begins to totter on account of trivialities in life. Kabhi Kabhi Kushi dhoka day jati hai. The Naik Parween heroine seems to succumb into self-pity, pessimism to depression, always ready to sacrifice herself. She has all the qualities of heroine of sixties.

      Initially Ruqqaiya stood between Azam and Pari, but Azam has solved this problem by expressing his intention to accept Pari as his responsibility, but on account of the diseases she is suffering from she will be unable to undo her bound with Ruqqaiya. SZ was right in the point that Azam wants Apa Bi & Co to accept Pari as person in her own right. He wants her to let go of Ruqqaiya and become independent. On the other hand Ruqqaiya isn’t much of independent either and now she is moving from one dependency towards the other.

      Unki nafrat or doori ki inteha kay badlay ap nay mohabbat ki inteha kar di”. Kaloos-e-dil say ki gayi normal mohabatt kabhi kisi ko bigar nahi sakti. Isi liye Azam ka Ruqqaiya kay Pari kay liye ehsasat ko mohabbat ka nam dayna ghalat hai.
      To catch at a snake like this is nothing but a stupidity. His not harming her couldn’t have been possible since she was not pressing his mouth while holding him.
      “Yeh sara tera ghusa hai ye tera khoof hai. Tera khoof zehar say ziyada zehrila hai….. Kab tak Pari ko chupa kar rakhay gi tu…Ja tera bandobast kartay hain” This sounds like parallels between Pari, Ruqqaiya and the snake. Thus, Naseebans character is indirectly explaining Ruqqaiya and Paris situation to Ruqqaiya and to the viewer as well.
      I consider it as immoral to compare a snake with human beings.

      Overall, Sannata is losing strength with every episode. It is steadily becoming a serial for masses.

      • @Sofia,, Kajray song: Naseeban’s reaction there what we all called ”generation gap”.. whether u deny or accept, it is a universal truth that generation gap matters.. m not personally refusing Naseeban’s reaction but I just take it as generation gap.. and between Naseeban and pari, their is double generation gap.. (Husna and salma were brought up by Naseeban, and then Ruqayya.. so they have double generation gap) pari herself says ”han tum gaao tou koi behayaai na hoi hum gayen tou behayaai”.. the same song was heard by Ruqayya at the same time then why was not singing?? bcuz she can differentiate but pari can’t.. This is the point which has shown that pari’s self is in so much near the edge of destruction..!!

        I don’t know what u are taking it as but ”mein karon ge apni ruqayya appa se biyaah”.. she knew that what she’s saying and what it meant by?? in our present society many of little children, like cousins sometimes uttered the same for their api and baji then what they can be called?? its just a sign of childishness as far as pari is concerned, u must first of all remove from ur mind their is anything inappropriate, writer is showing there.. to discuss problems, reasons of problems have to come out and he’s doing it..!! u are saying that pari’s border-line personality is clear now, she’s not normal, then why u are not understanding that it was not to ”promote false intentions”, its just to point out them.. Now, pari’s abnormality and possessiveness for Ruqayya, is at its peak!! she’s getting medicate now, but of no use.. and one more thing, pari and Ruqayya’s relation is more than a mother daughter, best friends or sisters.. mohabbat mostly succeed but ”ishq” never leaves without destruction, and the relation between both of them is ”ishq”.!! reasons are too much but just one to be noted here is that, both of them had not the one who could teach them to have their feelings limited, Ruqayya herself was 12 years old, and being a part of today’s society i hope u can understand that what a 12 years girl can do, but she did more than this..! the term u used for their sweet relation is not appropriate n kindly, plz try to understand the depth between both of them!!

        • Different factors made me think that her relationship with Ruqqaiya is inclining towards lesbianism. Her statement about marring Ruqqaiya is just one of them. The way both girls were embracing each other was also striking. On the other hand it can be interpreted as misdirection or overacting.
          “…their relation is ishq…” This is what you think. In my opinion on Ruqqaiya’s side it may be love, but on Pari’s side it is neither love nor ishq. It is abnormality with a tendency towards lesbianism according to those circumstances that have been revealed as yet.
          If this had only been abnormality and no lesbianism involved, her looks should have been different. There should have been a kind of simplicity in the hug which it unfortunately totally lacked. If this is really a messages that has been conveyed between the lines than I would consider it as dangerous, approving something that is clearly rejected by morality.
          “…Ishq never leaves without destruction…” Yes, Ishq-e-majazi which is in my view SHIRK and only exists in the world of novels. Ishq-e-Haqeeqi (love for God) never causes destruction, but rather leads to inner (spiritual) satisfaction and towards normal love for human beings as His creatures.

          • Hahahaha uffff! I cant believe we r even discussing this!
            @sofia rest-assured theres no such message here lol.. U can look at it however u want to see it but majority of us saw it as a very innocent sisterly /mother-child hug and paris statement as a very innocent childish behaviour…

            • Ahhhhh!! @Sofia,, khuda k liye ap samajh jayeen warna, things seems just the way we want to see them!! I completely agree with u yaar @FA, this is shown just as a simple sweet and beautiful mother / sisterhood, nothing more than that!! ur this ”criticizing point” is not digest able.. i request u to refrain from such issues!! feeling very bad 😦

            • @ Ayesha and FA
              “..i request u to refrain from such issues…” Are you forbidding me to express my views about something that I am to almost 90% sure of and therefore have to criticize. It would be morally wrong FROM MY SIDE to leave it uncritical. Do you really think I will refrain from expressing my views if want me to do so? 🙂

              I am to the above-mentioned extent sure of its being between the lines addressed in this installment. On the other hand as I have already said it can be the result of overacting or misdirection.

              I tolerate your views. Why are you unable to tolerate mine? Have you read me saying that you should refrain from your views?
              Guys please don’t accept from me something that you shouldn’t and I cannot fulfill. I have my own mind and I simply cannot thing from your minds. 🙂

              Let me explain why I have said you shouldn’t: It is one of my basic rights JUST LIKE YOURS to openly express my views. I am not living in Pakistan where some issues are considered as tabu even if they happen.

            • “approving something that is clearly rejected by the majority”.. I think you are assuming it all wrong. For a moment if we even believe that the writer is hinting on lesbianism, there is no way an APPROVAL of it in any of the scenes and neither the writer nor the viewers condone it. You underestimate everybody else’s morality and thats unfair!!!!!

        • @Sofia, ur this ”criticizing point” is not digest able.. i request u to refrain from such issues!! feeling very bad 😦 ho saky tou meri request samajh k he don’t do this again n don’t even think,, just take it as we are taking, baqi k points ap jitny chahen against kar ljiye bhaly se!!

        • @Dia
          I have explained the whole issue in detail. If you still don’t understand my point then I am sorry I cannot help you. Who do mean by everybody else’s morality? If you mean those who have disagreed with me then it will suffice to say that if they have the right to disagree with me then I have the same right as well. To them their opinion and to me mine! Discrepancies between human beings are normal should not be taken as an insult, especially if they refer to A SERIAL. By the way, I consider it as unfair to doubt someone’s intentions and at the same time indicate disinterest regarding an answer. Yes, there isn’t any reply tap above or beneath your comment.

    • I just want share my views on Sannata episode 12:

      “Ashq nay tujhay ulta barbad kar diya shoki” This sounds like “Ishq nay Ghalib nikama kar diya, warna hum bhi admi thay kam kay”. Ishk in this form only exists in movies and romantic novels. The guy who is performing the character of murshad had been delivering the tree dialogues. Murshad has misguided Shauki and now the same murshad is forbidding him to get involved in Pari. “Madad karna chahta hai ya madad khareedna chahta hai” He understands his helping her as bribery. In his view Shauki can only reach God if the involvement of his beloved in him happens without any worldly effort on his side. The only effort he is supposed to do is to pray. His prayers may force Pari to turn towards him and only then he will have achieved his goal. It was hard to understand the next dialogues of murshad. He was probably saying: “Yeh ishq hai yahan biopari ka koi kam nahi!”
      “Mera watan jaisay pahar hai koi mera bhoj uthaye na” expresses the difficulties to establish a close relationship with God. He needs support on his way to Him. His “Tum murshad saayin ki mehman ho?” sounds ambivalent to me because it is not clear who exactly he is referring at, at God or at his humanly murshad.
      Now coming towards Naseeban, she looks like a vampire with white cloths, face powder and wig on her head. On the other hand besides Ashfaq she is the only character that provides the audience in her older version a bit comic relief. In addition every character offers one or more peculiarities and is therefore important in itself. Those who will do justice to their characters will emerge as winners.
      The new entry, Azam’s sister, is a pointless addition along with her dialogue delivery which was terrible. Wondering how can be the daughter of such good looking parents so unattractive? Naseeban and Samina Ahmad have failed to convince as well.
      Salma made Apa Bi remind the unpleasant phase of her life and break hard façade showing her emotions behind that she is under normal circumstances rather too proud to do.
      Pari inflicts pain upon Ruqqaiya by slaping her Pari self (in SZ’s language her “exterior self) because she considers Ruqqaiya as a inseparable part of it. Since I have seen the last scene of the last installment I am unable to sympathize with any of the girls.
      Azam is excited for his eventually obtaining his beloved’s approval whereas Ruqqaiya is concerned about Pari. His feelings for Ruqqaiya are not less childishly extreme than those of Pari. Ruqqaiya admits for the first time in front of Azam her making Pari dependent and being dependent on him. She hopes he wouldn’t disappoint her as she has disappointed Pari. Since Azam has accepted Pari as his responsibility, she is not actually detaching herself from her. Therefore, her concerns for Pari are for the time being unfounded.

      Pari has only used Shauki to distract Azam and Ruqqaiya. Since Shauki believes, God manifests Himself in her, her hug, her touch puts him in a state of trance which is in his case in fact not spiritual but corporal, however he understands it as the first-mentioned. This is the reason why he starts dancing out of happiness. He thinks that he has achieved the true blessedness whereby in reality it is just an obsession that will temporarily intoxicate him, but will neither bring along pure spiritual satisfaction nor contribute to his self-improvement. Conversely it normally dissociates from God and consequently leads to spiritual downfall. According to all basic teachings of religions true blessedness can only be obtained by correct forms of worshiping God. Every religion has its own correct forms that are accepted as such. Those Shauki as a Muslim is applying is widely considered in his religion as Bidah (innovation) which is in this case polytheistic as well.
      One of the serials that addresses the same topic rather differently is pyas by Asghar Nadeem Saiyad.
      To the promo: Another new character will be introduced in the next episode which seems to be inclined towards Shauki. The writer is polemically overheaping Sannata with fictitious, obsessive and polytheistic “triangle love stories”. The latest one seems like the last nail in the casket. It’s graph smoothly and steadily moving towards zero.

      • As far as I can remember the serial Shehr-e-Zaat addresses equating a human being with divinity as well, however critically and not affirmatively like Sannat. Shauki and some of other characters are unable to differentiate between Haqeeqi and mejazi, ascribing attributes to the second-mentioned that are only reserved for God.

  2. just ”Wao”.. Awesome, brilliant!! peerless.. supreme and magical affect.. It is much more than Great yaar!! once again, review has revised the story in mind and at one hand, it has answered lots of questions and on the other hand, it has raised lots of questions..!! Splendid and spell-bounded words u wrote which completely filled the merit of this grand drama serial..!! The way u took the start by an impact of childhood ,perfectly plausible..!! poetry addition seems something new here!!
    wao.. fairy tales and realities’s difference here, shown by u, have cleared many facts related to it..!
    its all brilliant.. after watching and feeling Sannata, ur review makes it more n more beautiful..
    Indeed!! All the team has done a marvellous job..!! Saji Gul, the creator of such beautiful and ideal piece, deserves an applause from all of us who’re understanding its purpose..!!
    some names u mentioned here.. Nafeesa was not natural in her meeting with Asghar sahab..!! n yeah the most un-tolerable fact, such week voice for the great and brilliant dialogues of this tree.. Wish that may they could make it what it deserve!!
    This was just for U @SZ (discussion is still left 😉 ) and really appreciate your concern for ur readers as u have posted it very soon (i was expecting it tomorrow but now M thinking ‘;dar gayin the ap” 😛 haha)
    But Brilliant, beautiful and golden words in which u have wrapped Sannata..! Hats off to U..!!
    thank u for bringing it out.. its pleasure to be a part of this blog.. U rocked!! 🙂

  3. what to say about this drama!! can’t find words for it!!
    how beautiful and perfectly u have started that life was so easy when we were children.. life was not so easy for Ruqayya and pari when they were children but also was not too much difficult at this time they both are facing such happenings that have to happen.. Now the can’t satisfy their selves as u say that we would in our childhood..

    Azam’s letter to Ruqayya for convincing her, still was’nt able to made her to say ”yes”.. though Azam’s words are enough for her, yet still, her issues are not less to make her to think in this way.. Azam’s words were so much painful as he is fighting on lots of spots, even his love is not with him to make him strong but his intense feelings and most probably the trick, he has played, that was something ”everything is fair i love n war”.. to me, Azam’s trick was not mean at all, as tit for tat.. Azam’s depression, he felt for his father n mother seems absolutely correct.. Ashfaaq’s decision for selling the haveeli, just give me the jerks and Azam’s reaction i just said ‘shukar hai’.. ”kooriyon k moul hai wo haveeli” and Azam’s reaction ”wo sirf haveeli nhi hai, log basty hain wahan”.. Azam’s admiration and attachment to haveeli, as in the 9th epi, convo with Ruqayya, here it cleared that he just not love Ruqayya, he loves everything relating to her.. This episode was just for Danish Taimoor.. he has won here, true depiction of the peak of pain in love, and his sufferings.. Danish was out-class here with all his skills to make his father down to hands and go for Ruqayya’s proposal himself.. his defending of love, by saying ”apko yaad dila rha hon k ye 2,4 din ki bat nhi hai”.. that was just to be amazed as he has cleared for the first time that he loves Ruqayya since years passed away.. the arguments between Azam and Ashfaaq miyan were true to light.. Azam’s suggestion for third marriage makes me laugh at that point 😛 well done Danish taimoor but while reading out the poetry, he could be more good.. my opinion that ”ishq ne nikamma bana dia Azam ko” is totally changed as if ”ishq ne samajhdar bana dia Azam ko” 😛

    feeling so much sorry and sad for pari.. her border-line personality in few last episodes, is now coming much more to the surface.. the way she narrates ”me karun ge Ruqayya appa se biyaah”.. uffhh.. that just made me tensed.. she’s at that point where there’s no way to return back.. the fire of possessiveness burning in her, is now at peak as she’s forced to react in the first suchi khushi in Ruqayya’s life.. pari’s dancing and innocent question, ”mera baabul kahan hai bi”.. that was heart wrenching!! frequent rememberence of Babban from last two episodes is now making the mind that he’ll coming soon with pari.. Pari’s last scene shoot with Ruqayya and her loud painful shouts, that was too touchy.. as u said that Ruqayya is promising to take her with herself but she won’t able for this.. Pari just want her 100% and Azam’s suggestions, Ruqayya’s new intentions are not fail to make her back to normality.. the black aspect of her personality is dominating now her love.. upcoming episodes will lead her from innocent pari to cruel pari.. yeah, quite depressing..!!

    after a long time, infact, after the entrance of Pari’s life in Ruqayya, Azam’s entry is fresh breeze for her but how poor she is that she can’t enjoy this moment completely.. salma asks ”tumhen khushi nhi hoi?”.. she’s still concerned just for Pari, if she accepts it, it is also for pari.. Azam’s description of ”khud-gharzi” that she will be selfish if she’ll not let her to make new relations, this point made her for acceptance.. she’s not willing to enjoy the most important phase in which her love won.. one n only, she’s thinking for her pari.. but ohh.. disaster will have to come 😦 the way Naseeban took snake in her hands, at that time it was unnatural to me, but at the same time when she says ”tera ye ghusaa aur khoof tery zehar se bhi zada khatarnaak hai”.. i relate it as if pari’s ghusaa and khoof for Ruqayya, at its peak and Naseeban’s utterance that let pari’s self out of this haveeli, was the point where Ruqayya finally understood why it is compulsory to start a new life.. Azam and Ruqayya’s letter chat with each other, for pari’s sake, especially the way Azam was convincing her to let pari’s self do something for, ”wo maazor nhi”,, ”maa ki goud he ucki qabar na ban jaye”.. yup that was splendid… but as now what I opine, ”’pani ser se guzar chuka hai”.. but here the dialogues were just beautifully written and uttered!!

    The most important and tragic turn of this episode was, Naseeban’s flash back..!! Ohh shabban was the murderer of her lover 😦 quite amazing.. Naseeban’s cries for coming him back, were heart touching!! again, the tree has given lots of beautiful pieces.. ”mujhe apny qaatil ki mout ka gham jheelna para”.. Nasseban’s intense reacton killed her husband and vanished the source by which she was living happy.. the misfortune of her luck must be that..!! the scene under the tree, lightening and photography were beautifully done.. Nasseba’s cost of love, she paid, is realistic and true.. waiting more for her past that what she actually wants Ruqayya to learn!! @SZ i think, something more will be appeared relating to Naseeban.. Ruqayya when asked to tell her the story, she uttered ”tum yahan kesy ayen”.. Naseeban’s chapter of her love and lover is finalized but Ruqayya’s question is still there.. n hope that question will be answered!!
    Shouki and pari’s story, much more wandering than Naseeban.. but Naseeban’s past will help a lot to understand pari’s interaction with shouki..

    on the whole, serial is going perfectly, all the events are complete and characters are attending these events so naturally..!! Appa bi and salma’s part for Ruqayya’s proposal is just as it could be.. salma’s reaction when she heard husna’s compliment, so disturbing! waiting more desperately for the upcoming episodes..!!
    marvellous work Sannata’s team!!

    • @ayesha re: the snake scene..i quite enjoyed that scene.. i love how N is playing a mentor for R..i thought Saba’s screams were a bit off here.. why didnt she run back? but I thought Naseeban playing the super-woman /captain planet, did pretty well.. that snake looked real, and how she was handling it with all her power and then saying her lines with all the expessions…i thought it was pretty fun-tastic.. but honestly id love to hear how nargis picked up that thing like that.. she must’ve practiced like mad.. or must’ve had some experience in the past.. she looked like a pro from a natural goegraphic show there! lol .. def takes courage!!

      • hahaha yaar u are much impressed by Naseeban’s bahaduri 😛 but never try it at home it might be dangerous lol 😀 wesy i never knew that she has doen it in real :O yup the snake was looking real to me also as artificial snakes can’t move the way its movements shown.. yeah that was pretty fantastic.. Saba’s screaming expressions and her ”cheikh”.. haha enjoyed alot yar 😛
        haha natural geographic lol 😀 another nomination for Naseeban’s bahduri k muzahry?? 😀
        I think lost love has made her fearless 😉

        • no no.. not impressed by N’s bahaduri, but nargis’s bahaduri lol.. I thought the snake looked pretty real, esp the way it was moving etc.. if it wasn’t real then boy that sake is one hell of a good one! lol.. and actually if it insnt real, the way Nargis seems to have breathed life into it is amazing.. (I mean how she made it look so real)..

          • haha Naseeban’s or Nargis, bahaduri is bahaduri 😛 wesy must say that was first time in the history of dramas (as much i know), a woman talk to snake even shared its dukh sukh (abhi tou wo i think uski khidmat karny ly gai the thora humen aur heeran kar deti 😀 ) lol 😀 hahaha ”the snake is one hell of a good one” 😀 lol lol lol..

        • Originally the scene was placed in a storeroom where Ruqqya gets trapped as snake appears at the door… Naseeban tells her that u cud hav died… U hav no control over yur own life so stop thinking too much about Pari… As u rnt the one who can write her future

          • Naseeban’s intention to convince Ruqayya was there quite clear too but the lil confusion is all cleared now.. Naseeban still asks her that ”chahy bhi tou sb kuch nh dy sakti pari ko”..!! this was the point where Ruqayya get convinced and it seems as if she gets agreed still for pari’s sake first!! well, thank U @Saji bhai for clearing the original take..!!

          • @saji gul oh thanks for that.. That makes so much more sense now!
            Btw any tidbit abt how nargis handled that snake in real life… Shes def got me going lol

            • @FA, hahaha this snake will now lead u to make another debeat 😛 wesy pata lagao how she did but don’t try this ”natural geographic” lol 😀

            • @Sofia, he’s saying that the snake scene was originally took place in the store room where Ruqayya get trapped by a snake and get screamed, she called Naseeban bi, and Nasseban narrates that u have no control on ur own life, (as she could be died by the snake), so stop taking this much care for pari.. ALLAH will surely help her to start a new life even without u. and the lines you quoted means that, she’s not aware of her own future than how she can decide about pari’s future”…!!
              Naseeban is trying to convince Ruqayya to say ”yes” for Azam’s proposal and all of them know that what is the obstacle in Ruqayya’s way.. so she says ”ALLAH nhi hai tu, insan hai! chahy bhi tou sb kuch nhi dy sakti pari ko”.. as Ruqayya was in convo with Azam she says ”pari ki apni khaas zaroraten hain”… bs at this time, all of them are doing their best to make better choices not only for her own self but also for pari.. Naseeban says ”qn apni tarah pari ko bhi is haveeli ka qaidi bana k rakhna chahti hai”..!!

  4. And for Sajjal, want to clap really.. she’s out-standing here..!! wining the hearts by her skills.. never saw her as flawless as she intends to be here..

  5. @SZ, thank u for uploading it more soon from my expectations 😀 yester night i think u were afraid that if u’ll not upload i’ll gonna play the role of spoiler 😀 sorry for that but i was just kidding there 🙂
    @FA, for u, m sure ”araam se” dekh lia hoga 😀 waiting for ur comment n yeah lots of stuff to be discussed so be there yaar 🙂 i have digested lots of dialogues just to discuss them ‘araam se’ with u 😀

    • @ayesha.. sorry yaar.. life seems to have turned upside down with the holiday season kicking in.. just seems like got no time.. and as much as I love sannata it needs that undivided attention.. will try and come back to discuss but abhi tou that aram se seems like a million miles away lol.. but pls do discuss i’d love to read ur take on the go..

      • awww no yaar my discussion never emerges out without u 😛 so take ur time i think choti moti discussion are possible na?? koi bat nhi will wait for million miles lol 😀 wesy Azam’s firaaq finally comes to an end now i’ll miss his letters n our latter’s ”jawaaz” 😀

  6. @SZ Beautiful review! Each week i’m finding muqabla is getting real sakht between u @ Saji Gul lol.. Im lost for words!

    Love the fairytale connection.. & oh yes the tiny problem.. ‘love as described in these fairy tales doesn’t always happen’. and will R & A enjoy the happily ever-after?? somehow it doesn’t seem very likely.. perhaps its the darkness where R is narrating from suggests so.. but got a feeling its a long way to go and there’s lots more to come before we get to that stage..

    Absolutely loved the signature wow lines when watched it somewhat ‘aram se’.. the poema and the letters were just beautiful..

    I think this was quite a happenning episode.. the haveli, the A-R track, P questioning abt her babul, and the Naseeban track..

    The Naseeban story- this has been the more intriguing track for me.. we got to see how she lost her love forever,.but i’d like to see more.. i’d like to see how she got to the haveli.. and again something suggests to me there’s more to come.. probably the way her language has evolved to kahe and bitya also suggests that??,.. but boy oh boy!! this girl is more of a super-woman than I thought she was.. aik dhakka and job done!!!???.. that was a bit unreal no?.. but nice to see that the man was there for real.. and not just a fragment of her imagination.. as for the talking-tree i wonder if we will get an explaination for that too?.. the way she was handling that snake..! id love to hear from Nargis she actually did it in real..

    Thank you for highlighting the tree voiceover.. for me that was the biggest let-down so far.. and ydays episode had quite a few not so great moments.. the umraojan talk and the creepy uncle ji were a total turn off.. think that whole scene was bit out of sync..acting was terrible too..
    Dunno why kept getting the Numm-taking-over feeling.. the cupboard and the files and then the charity trust lara lappas by ashfaq mian kept reminding me of BS and… and the hand-me-down namoona uncle ji from numm too.. lol .. sorry just had to let that one out..
    and haan needed to get my sun-glasses out.. that suitcase was just way too bright lolol

    WIth some rants out of the way, cant appreciate the cinematography enough! the shots of the haveli are absolutely fab.. the jaffereies, although falling apart.. have so much character.. Such a pleasure to see such shots.

    As for next week promo, the guy running in the dark.. seems like hes in a t shirt and jeans.. is that A? if so why is he running like that?
    btw we get to hear more and more abt P’s father.. looks like his entry is on its way too..

    • @FA,, haha Naseeban is, no doubt our super woman, but just remember it out that when Naseeban came in front of shabban, she took the axe from his hands, by which he was cutting the roots of the tree in a very harsh manner.. Naseeban took that axe from his hands and throws at left side.. Tree spokes out “Naseeban is jesi na ban” but our Naseeban, unfortunately kicked him to the left side (where axe was lying) and he died away by falling on it..!! that was not one dhakka, but ”one dhakka on the axe and job done” lol 😀

      yeah same here for the difference between Fairy tales and Azam Ruqayya’s onwards life.. u are true as Ruqayya’s gloomy mood speaks much of it and Azam’s parents are another addition to imagine that they must face lots of ups n downs but as far as ”end” is concerned, i think half of the serial is speaking itself but rest of other will be decided almost for pari’s aspect.. Ruqayya can’t live happily withou her.. uffhhh so many things are still not predictable..!!

      God no.. i never knew that she did such thing with snake in real?? :O its realy amazing.. but the snake’s furious mood here when Naseeban utters ”tera khoof aur tera ghussa teri zehar se zada khatarnaak hai”.. i was comparing this ”khoof” and ghusa to pari.. what u say??

      and in pre-cap i though it was shauki?? did’nt noticed the jeans n t-shirt but how he could be Azam why he would run away?? yaar I think he was shauki as now he has to come for pari’s help!!

            • oh haan! you’re right.. it could be.. We see R questioning P so made me think its from the present.. but actually could be before the recent past.. maybe bit before the dargah visits.. ie before shauki bacame the dhol wala/dargah boy..

            • i still don’t understand!! present and recent past, how both can be connected here?? shauki visits pari in his real look and pari ruqayya are in present time.. than how it s possible ofr shauki’s past at that time??

            • @ayesha i meant he could be shauki before he went all spiritual..he could’ve seen P here first.. he might’ve been a t-shirt guy before lol.. not saying it is but it can be a possibility..but to me he looked just like A.. just can’t explain this behaviour..
              btw he wasn’t standing with P.. seems like he came running from behind, P standing to the side, watching him run past her..

      • @syesha re pre-cep: exactly why would A run? so who is he? .. hes def not sahuki! or atleast hes not dressed like shauki! .. what if hes babban mian.. now with a more urban attire? but jeans and t-shirt.. not so sure..? ..

        • then he would be now pari’s mystery man 😛 haha!!
          yar i did’nt noticed that jeans n t-shirt.. but Babban, surely not.. Babban could never come there for pari’s sake..! and Azam?? exactly No… my guess that he was shabban but u waqai noticed jeans??

          • Haan haan defo! It caught my so i rewinded a few times yo check.. Def a navy and white raglan t-shirt! And almost certainly dark denim

            • yeah he was in white shirt but his physic was surely not as Azam’s.. shauki could’nt wear shirts or jeans and def babban could not be so young, he was looking not tall nor aged..!! chalo ji!! hahaha now another mystery man 😛 can’t guess yaar but can change his dressing?? the way pari was standing with her, was not giving the stranger impression..! ab??

    • @FA: Thank you!
      LOL @ needing sunglasses..seriously that red was quite blinding wasnt it?! I wonder it was UJ’s luggage he borrowed? The red was much more in keeping with her character! :p

      Yes, the cinematography has managed to add so much more to the story by making the rural and urban settings so very distinct from each other.

      • uffhhh @SZ, @FA, i hated that red it was neither red nor pink or shocking pink ko anookha tha but was just!! 😛 pata nhi whats wrong with Azam’s taste here 😀

      • @sz lol@ borrowing from UJ… Poor Azam.. Have u seen his floral room with big floral painting.. Def not a guys room!! Lol ..his mum got no taste whatsoever!!

        • but guys where he was going?? 😀 i waited the whole episode that whether he’ll go to haveeli or any other place but…!! O_o packing tou he was doing as if will not back for atleast 3,4 months the suit case was big enough 😛

    • Oh btw, what did you all think of Shaban trying to fell down that huge tree with such a puny axe? Bekaar men N got all excited …do teen maheney laga rehta tau bhi he wouldnt have been able to bring that huge tree down that with that axe!

      • haha @SZ he could’nt do that at all but he was just furious and this leads him to act in such a way as his senses were caught up by hatred at that time..!! warna 2,3 tou kia he would’nt be able to cut it out even 6 after 6 months lol 😀

      • @sz hahaha wo teeny tiny axe.. What was he thinking! Lol but bechare ka khud hi khatma ho gya uss se! Lol., dou dou qatl ki zedar thi!

  7. Ohkay so this is the review Ayesha was all praise for, and was rightly so. Reading the first two paragraphs, I felt they were a part of Ruqayya’s insightful narration where she not just shares the events from her past but also analyses, opines and states. Absolutely splendid.
    This episode belonged to Danish Taimoor I’ll be giving him 9.5 out of ten, half mark deducted for his not up to the mark delivery of the verses. I’ve already been acknowledging Sajal and Saba’s performance (so has everybody else) but now I’m finally convinced of DM’s acting skills. Shabbir Jan’s expressions in the rishta scene were spot on, I can’t believe at times how good of an actor he is. Nadia Afgan was another win in that scene.
    Amber is so bad I’ve actually made myself believe she’s there for comic relief. Tou aur kya 😛 her expressions at Umrao Jan wala compliment (not quite sure if it was actually a compliment) made me LOL.. she just can’t act!
    I’m confounded about Naseeban’s track. I thought I had finally been able to connect all the dots but I was wrong. See my interpretation of her tale was, we’re introduced to this girl who loves playing with dolls and fears the man she’s getting married to (reasons for fear? He’s violent, bad tempered and she feels he doesn’t love her) and has a friend who has a lover and dates him. On one of those dates Naseeban tags along and hallucinates about a mystery man…a temporary relief from harsh reality she so fears. As the wedding approaches, her fantasies grow stronger. All that seemed pretty okay till Shabban blurts out his secret. So the man we got to see was actually a g-g-g-g-ghost :O :O waise ghosts should be wise enough to know the facts -_- I didn’t quite like him being judgmental of poor little Naseeban. She didn’t kill Shabban it was an accident! How unfair Mr. Tree..

    • @Dia Api hai na?? This girl deserve such praise..!!
      Danish and sajjal have made their career from sannata.. Indeed!!
      haha yeah right that cheopo budhhaa was un-tolerable >_< baqi kasar his dialogues of Umrao jan adaa.. Amber was reacting as if she's really Umaro jan… haha can't decide how to laugh.. 😛
      Api, Naseeban's track will interact to Ruqayya's story as far and still it needs the answer of Ruqayya's question ''Bi tum yahan kesy pohnchi''.. it will add more details to her track..!! she did'nt kill him intentionally but she did so.. the tree was trying her to realize that let this hatred being finished and forgive him for what he has done but unfortunately ''nafraat jeet gai Nasseban. mujhe apny qatil ki mout ka ghum jheelna para''… he was trying his best to stop her but her intense reaction made the tragedy..!! 😦

        • Unfortunately few tracks have being deleted from the original script (due to some valid issues with tb audience mindset)… So Ull not b able to see more from Naseeban’s track…its resolved… Ull need to read the novel after i write it… I feel its seriously needed… There was a narration to resolve naseeban’s track… Im waiting for it.. If its not onaired in next ep ill share it with u guys

          • @Saji Gul: Oh no! I was hoping that we would get a proper wrap of the Naseeban track 😦 Yes, please do share the narration if they choose not to air it next wek. It would helps us understand things so much better.
            A novel is a fab idea! I know I’ll def get myself a copy 🙂

          • @Saji bhai, ohh! i was waiting for more to come about Naseeeban’s track it was quite interesting.. 😦 yeah plz do share it next week, will wait for that!!
            N novel tou must hai u have to write now 😛 can’t wait for it!!!!!

          • @saji gul novel is a great idea! & yes please we would def wanna hear more abt naseeban! I was really looking forward to more insight into her past.. That track has been mist intriguing so far!

          • Nothing could be greater than a novel. What more could one ask for (specially after having read a short story by you) 🙂 cant wait. I did feel something missing which I thought to be my own concentration. Plus I also misinterpreted about the murder of the mysteryman which Ayesha clarified last night.

    • @Dia Api, he was not a ghost, as Shabban narrates that ”maar dala tha me ne usy jo bolta tha, yahin pe dafna dia tha usy isi kulhary se mar k” its not possible to kill a ghost.. and then Naseeban realized that why she’s attracted towards this tree, and where his tree-man vanished..
      when Naseeban were out of her senses for 3 days and did’nt find her lover, probably at that time, shabban has killed him.. her mother also tells her that ”main shabban k sath gai the tujhe wahan leny”.. so, shabban was not unaware of Naseeban’s background.. he just posed as if he did’nt know and reveals his own crime!!

      • Yes my dear now I know, thank you 😀 I thought shayed he killed somebody long time back and that somebody’s ghost had befriended Naseeban 😛 mera kya qasoor, horror fans ki samajh boojh aisi hi ho jaati hai 😀

    • @Dia; Hello! Welcome to our little Sannata thread … glad to have you join us in our discussions. Thank you for your kind words about my review .. glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      Absolutely, Danish Taimor has a done a great job here as Azam. Standing up and making his character felt amidst such strongly written female characters is not easy, but he has done really well here!

  8. hahaha @FA.. the spirituality is’nt come too soon?? yaar to me, shauki’s past can’t be related here it’s not possible.. past track is only Naseeban’s and Ruqayya pari’s time is present here.. he might be Azam somehow, but if he would, why he was running?? n what i observe is that pari was in some action, but u are quite obvious his ”dour” was not as if he is running after seeing Ruqayya..?? but his race was just as if he’s gonna champion in olympic race lol 😀

    • Sorry for I jumped in with a far fetched idea 😛 I thought that were 2 different scenes (for I haven’t seen the promo) but it was one as you all say. So it cant be Shauki :S chalo we have another mystery to look forward to 🙂

  9. If this is really a matter of survival, why does she always expresses her doubts by „duniya kiya sochay gi“? Either those are wrong who thought that the emphasis is placed on survival or the producer is misleading the viewers. I personally haven’t yet found a clear hint of his doing so.

    “Ap na bhi ayin to main apki rah takta rahon ga…” Tooooooooooooooo filmy! “Main shayar , to, nahiiiiiiiiiiii! Magarrr aye hasinnn, jab say dekha manay tumko mujko shayari aaa gayi..” is applicable to sannata scene two part one (action! 🙂 ). I hate melodramatic scenes in serials!

    Azam is desperately trying to impress Ruqqaiya by his mediocre poetry. “…bay shak chalay jana..” Sounds similar to “kuch din to baso meri ankhon main. Phir khawab agar ho jao to kiya”. Azam depicts himself in his poetry as a victim of his circumstances in order to gain his beloveds sympathy. His basic message is that he “a babe in the woods” has gone through numerous hardships in his life and therefore needs to take refuge with her. In other words he wants her to accept his proposal and thus award him with the comfort and satisfaction he longs for even if it is on temporary basis. He hasn’t left her other option than accepting his proposal.
    EEEEEEEEEEEEE Azams mother behaves like a prostitute. Ashwaq uses her or better to say misuses her to achieve his business goals.

    “Ap bhi na!” This phrase clearly sounds Indian.

    Now I understand why he despises his family since his father is not only a cheater, he has sunk extremely low in his greed as well.

    To be continued!

    • @Sofia, ab apko Azam filmy lag rha hai pehly Ruqayya lag rhi the O_o emotions are a part of lfe, sannata is though a very logical play, and emotions depiction here, are not out of logic!! These emotions must be arouse for someone like Azam.. poetry was not mediocre at all.. ”me shaiyr tou nhi”.. u have changed the whole aspect between both of them.. he’s not trying to impress or to attract her, he’s just trying to convince her, to make wise choices and let the suffocation to be vanished, to live a more peaceful and satisfied life and the same for pari..!! without emotions, nothing completes!! Not Azam, but the society has’nt left any option for Ruqayya to make other choice except him.. she have choices like ”budhhaa” and over-aged people, but Salma, will never let her to do that.. thats why her choices are finished.. and on the other hand, she’s still more concerned to make this for Pari, apart from her own wish, her first choice is pari’s well-wishing, and except Azam, no one can take pari as his own responsibility!!

      • Filwaqt to main tumhain yehi keh sakti hon kay waiham ka Ilaj to Haqeem Luqman kay pas bhi nahi tha. 🙂
        Baqi batain parnay ka abhi waqt nahi hai. 🙂 Kaal par kay jawab don gi.

        • haha @Sofia, ab mujhe konsa weham ho gaya jo mujhe he nhi pata?? 😛 kheir i was just defending Azam and Ruqayya and their ”mohabbat”.. rest of the other points u have, are true.. Nafaeesa’s attitude was just as what they wanted to show!! the lost values in family, Azam is in search for, and this very thing lead him to get attached to Haveeli people.. and about language,, u have noticed the right flaw it was that!! ab meri bateen weham tou nhi hain 😀 just ik point pe atak gai the 😛

            • Yani kay tumhari nazar main jawab sirf sawalon kay diyay jatay hain. (Yeh smily kay honton kay upar kiya hai? Kiya muchain laga din hain tum nay? Thori si or gehri karo ta kay nazar to ayain. 🙂 )
              Kitna acha lagta hai jab tum aik jumlay main bat karti ho Urdu main. Tumharay lambay comment parnay kay liye mota damagh chahiye jo kay afsoos kay meray pass to nahi hai. 🙂

            • na na ye mocheen nhi hain @Sofia, actually me ”:)” is smiley se zada ”:D” ye smiley use karti hun na tou 😀 esi ban jati hain, ye asal me smiley k teeth hain kuch zada bahir jo apko pata nhi kahan se beard lag gai 😛
              ohh achaaa apko lamy comments parhny me problem hoti hai na tou ap parho he mat simple 😛 me ne konsa gun point pe kaha hai k aplo lazmi parhny hain 😀 😛

    • “Aap bhi na” is definitely indian. Many others like kya hai na, raayeta phailaana, ko le lar (regarding), thori na, faisal lena, yaqeen hona, shuroo-aat etc are rapidly becoming a part of our lingo :-/

      • Kuch serials main to main nay actors ko “keh” kay bajaye “ki” kehtay bhi suna hai. Log na sirf Indian serials dekhtay hain balkay unsay mutasir ho kar apni zaban ko bhi badal rahe hain. Mujeh fikar hai kay hamri piyari Urdu zaban kahi badal kar kuch or na ban jaye. Jo log linguistic science partay hain is bat say bakhubi waqaf hain kay zabanain mar bhi jaya karti hain.

        • I know we r completely off the track here but this comment just caught my attention.. I can see where u r coming from but i think languages dont just die, they also evolve.. Urdu itself was born like this.. And i think its still evolving.. Its not just the indian factor, but angrezi too. I was really surprised to read so many english words in UA’s writing.. And that wasn’t just the dialogues.. How these words make way into an existing language and settle pretty well is pretty amazing.. In this global village we r living in, this is inevitable..

          • This is the fact that our language has adopted lots of words from others, especially hindii and english, but @Sofia, only drama serials are not to be blamed, Urdu has always been the combination of many languages.. and what people utter, is not something they do intentionally, when it get mixed in words these words uttered by people but it does’nt matter to them any more as if they don’t realized this fact.. especially the words ”mann” ”deedi”, ”anaap shanaap”.. etc!! i read all these words in novels and digests and it make me furious >___< eeeeeeeee!!!!

            • my half comment is missed dun know how >_< but guys i don't know whether these words, would be the part of that time when urdu hindi were mixed.. but what's the pint here is just as our writers know very well, that some of these words are mostly used in Hindi, then why they are promoting it.. all these words, i read in novles and digests and its just.. bewkaofi.. especially the word ''widhwaa'' is too much un tolerable and most of our women used it by getting in touch to hindi serials, one of my mami, used this one.. @FA, yeah u are right that world is global village but writers should be concerned to these subtle facts.. as if people adopts words from society.. for me, English is tou chalo tolerable btw hindi….:/

          • Linguistic science was part of my studies and I know quite well what I am saying. You may call it progress, but I for sure wouldn’t. If this was the case no institutions would have been created mantain the languages in their original form. Even in Pakistan there are societies that are striving after this aim regarding Urdu.

    • @Salma: Saji gul.. The writer of this play is himself the poet of that poem.. Even all the poems in this play are written by him..!

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