Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai ~ Episode 2 Review


After a relatively ho hum opening last week I wasn’t exactly holding my breath for the second installment of this latest take on the Cinderella story. But after smiling my way through this latest episode I am happy to report that I thought this one to be a vast improvement over the previous week. Yes, there was still way too much talking in Romaisa’s ghareeb family, and all the brouhaha over a used car in Nabeel’s ameer family was too much to swallow, and not to mention also brought back bad memories of Mirat ul Uroos. Nevertheless I enjoyed the juxtaposing of the loud OTT politicking in Romaisa’s family with the subtle but equally insidious planning and plotting taking place in Nabeel’s house. While I am yet to be swayed by this oh so routine story, stereotypes n all, I am enjoying the fresh, crisp manner in which Sakina Samo is narrating this one.

After all the beating around the bush last week I’m glad we didn’t waste more time and right off the bat were introduced to Nabeel’s younger brother and almost-wife, Zeeshan and Rabia. Though too early to tell how Adeel Husain and Mira Sethi will shape up here, I liked the first look at this fresh pair, although I did keep expecting my beloved Chotu to stick his head around the corner somewhere somehow. Adeel Husain seems a good fit for his character of a police officer, this career choice also helps explain Zeeshan’s reigned in, intense personality, glimpses of which we saw in the promos. At first glance Mira’s Rabia sounds a bit too close for comfort to Natasha, the choti behen from hell in Silvatein. Hopefully there will be some more nuance to Rabia’s so far uni-dimensional character. That said, I liked Mira’s more polished look here and loved the red outfit she was wearing in that first scene.

Like Romaisa’s khala’s bursting at the seams house, and unlike most of our other serials, Nabeel has not just one younger brother, but an older brother and younger sister as well. While I am not looking forward to watching all these leech like relatives in action, it is good to see a more representative family on TV. Ali Tahir and Tara Mehmood made a good pair and while Ahmed Hassan is good, Hira Tareen has a long way to go yet. It is always such a pleasure to see Naeem Tahir and here too he leaves an impression. Annie Zaidi has been away for a long time and it showed in her stilted performance. Nonetheless it is good to see different faces and I am glad that MD cast a wider net when it came to selecting actors for this serial.

Wrapping up the introductions, the episode ended with a quick look at our hero sahab, Nabeel. Mikaal looks appropriately haseen, as his mother calls him, in his new bearded look. Even from the little we see of him today, it is evident that Mikaal has turned in a good performance here. A director’s actor, Mikaal tends to vary a lot depending on what is asked of him. His lackluster outings in the ongoing disaster Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai, the recently concluded forgettable Ek Kasak, and the earlier dragged out Mirat-ul Uroos, are in sharp contrast to his more memorable performances in Shehr-e Zaat and Durr-e Shehwar among others. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to see some great moments from Mikaal and Adeel here.

Alongside Nabeel’s story, deftly woven into the narrative was a closer look at the Romaisa’s family. Though completely mad and totally OTT, khala’s tabbar is hands down the winner for the more interesting, not to mention fun family. Gone are the niceties and polite rivalry we saw in Nabeel’s family. Here its a free for all and each woman for herself. It is hard to pick who is the zaniest one of them all, but Mansha Pasha’s Aliya is a complete scene stealer here, with Farah Shah’s khala running a very close second. These two ladies are simply fabulous and do complete justice to their sparkling lines. I love the way the director has gotten them to step out of their skins and go wild. I wish these two ladies make it to the very end, where their kooky take on life will be much needed to provide comic relief from the tears that are sure to come.

Now on to the part that so far is just not clicking with me. Romaisa, the pivot around whom the story revolves. Sanam Jung has yet to make any kind of an impression on me. She looks the part but that’s about all. The scenes where she heard her father’s voice and woke up to look for the subh ka sitara, were beautifully shot and the ambiance was just right, but Sanam failed to deliver. In other scenes too, she was too forgettable, too easy to overlook. There is nothing about Sanam that compels one to focus and feel for her Romaisa. I sincerely hope that she comes into her own sooner rather than later.

To wrap it up, this was a much more happening and entertaining episode than last week. The pace was appreciably faster. We not only met Nabeel but his family as well. The web of familial  relationships was laid out well, and their character traits were spelled out in quick succession. In Romaisa’s family too we got a closer look at where Romaisa stood in terms of family hierarchy and her khala’s priorities. What did come as a pleasant surprise was a hint of goodness in Aliya’s character. She is self-centered for sure, but whether she is intentionally mean is something that remains to be seen. The episode ended with a shot of a very smitten Nabeel. Given that our heroine sahiba is such a babe in the woods I wonder how much mehnat hamarey hero haseen sahab will have to do here – Nabeel certainly has his work cut out for him next week!

Written by SZ~


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  1. Cool! that was quick!
    Like always u r absolutely spot on with ur review!

    soo glad we got to see ‘both’ of our heroes today.. i was beginning to think aaj bhi Meekal nahin aae ga?? btw hum didnt upload complete episode on their channel..i hd to go hunt another version for precap with a hevy heavy, much disappointed heart when i realized that i had missed the best bit of the episode!

    AH was fab as an off-duty police-wala..
    and meekal was good too.. this catually reminded me of Saiqa… so right abt few of his recent ventures that were pretty flat.. i really enjoyed him in KPKP too.. but looks like here we r in for a much hotter Meekal.. lol

    Anyway, before nabeel was introduced, i wasn’t feeling so sure abt this episode, rants: well, first of all the big tabbar getting bigger and bigger on either side.. i really hope we don’t get to see too much of them… that will really bore me to the n’th extreme..
    uff that car issue was getting on my nerves.. aren’t they supposed to be loaded?? that was really hard to gulp..
    as much as Im enjoying Mansha Pasha, i didnt quite get the ”charle-us’ and ”dairy” instead of diary.. im sure an FA fail bhi charles theek se pronounce kar sakti hai..shes not in a village.. shes just in malir which is still in karachi…lol
    And def.. amongst all the hulla baloo R was totally lost… Atleast we saw an emotion or two with a tear or two.. but why the hell was she crying on her shadi ki khabar..?? was there any need for the aansoos there?? this girl is def not just Allah mian ki gae but a ‘buddhu bhains”.. as Aaliya puts it lol

    btw Quite liked the area where AH was making the phone call.. that was quite charming.. and the dream seq defo.. shame abt SJ..

    I was really looking forward to this play and i really hope it lives up to our expectations.. not too much filling out with useless characters and all.. with story now on its way i hope we just get on with it!!

    lol@ babe in the woods & work cut out for our hero sahab.. Thank God ke we ended on that smitten look, warna tou i was thinking abhi 4 episodes aur na lag jain kahani pe aat aate..

    • @FA: Agree with you on almost all that you said. That car issue was a huge turn off.. and the tabarr too was an issue …but you what is funny is that in almost other drama where we have heroes and heroines who are single children we’ve always complained that they show unrealistic families and here we have the complete opposite LOL! But, yeah these siblings coud have been more toned down. I thought khala’s kids were loud but chalo theek hai maa i aisi hai . ghareeb hain … what I could not get was MZ’s side of the family was difficult to digest, apart from AH, who seems to have issues with the rest of his family.

      LOL the pool and the jhoola sitting by the pool reminded me of our convo on the Sannata thread the other day … seriously, whats up with these pools and then placing a wooden jhoola next to it .. I cannot even begin to imagine how humid it must’ve been in that room!

      And yes, to give credit where credit is due they did surprise us with a very quick introduction to he two boys and even managed to get the first takra in.. I enjoyed that last freeze shot of MZ loking at SJ. Now, I hope the story continues at this pace and does not get bogged down.

      • @sz i know good to show that hero aint another anokha ladla lol.. But what i mean is i really dont want the whole tabbar taking over the story with their pathetic lil issues like who gets the car..for absolutely no reason..

        Re:pool its the same pool recycling from Sez & MeJ.. I think ive seen this same pool in soo many dramas now! Funny noone ever swims there- max we get is a feet dunking lol.. Ya tea party lolol

      • Hello @FA, M here alos 😛 bs I thought kuch light wait bhi ho jaye 😀 ahahah…that car issue 😀 lol lol 😛 that was also making me furious as almost in 4-5 min my ears were just like pakk chuke thy for car car car.. i wish i had the key n bs roula khatam ho 😀
        Ah… the pool also reminded me off Sannata’s so called pool 😛 I thought that was the lounge where the mother n son were taking the tea, but pool, in lounge?? might be i have’nt noticed it clearly what was that??
        n tell me plz, is blog’s setting changed?? o_O ya bs mery pas he new form me hai??

      • @FA, what I thought, is that, the car issue was not without reason (however irritating for me 😛 ).. if we take a comparison between both of the families, on one hand, lower-middle class, and on the other hand, upper-class.. what was trying to show there is that, rapacity among all of them.. khala’s family make it from Romaisa as she’s the only available source, and Nabeel’s family (his sis n bro) is making it through Nabeel.. from the 1st epi, where the need was a prize bond so issue was there,and car is the need here so issue is here.!!1

  2. I thought Mansha Pasha was FABULOUS!! She had me smiling throughout. Her dialogue delivery was just amazing. She gave me a lot to smile about. The witty dialogues and they way she rattled on with the eye expressions and body language made me feel she IS Aliya! She has totally owned that character and so steals the show completely. Romaisa is slowly emerging but though Aaliya’s character is totally believable- a loud mouthed, materialistic girl who spares no one – be it her mother, friend or sisters , Romaisa is a character that is not very believable. A graduate giving an answer ‘ Khala kay ghar say’ to the question ‘ Kahan say aati hein? is something that is very hard for me to stomach. But I suppose, pretty looks are all that men look for. Intelligence and multidimensional women are not very popular probably. I would love to see a herioine like Aaliya. A colourful character who has a ready answer for everybody and is totally comfortable in her skin. Mikaal is a treat to watch and we desperately need a good Romantic serial now. I did not like the girl who has been paired with AH. I think she came out as being very flat. The greed of the two families was overdone I think. Could have been more subtle. Just because Sanam Jang is playing an innocent girl does not mean she has to give this wide eyed vacant look in every scene.

    • @yf: Hai na! I too am enjoying Mansha Pasha as Aliya, though she could dial her volume down a bit, but overall she is spot on! Now if only Sanam Jung’s Romaisa could snap out of this daze of hers..”wide eyed vacant look” is just about right!
      And yes,totally second you on that ke why cant we have heroines who have some spunk about them and are not afraid to call it like they see it… so bored with all these bland and boring sati savtris….

    • @yf def MP is great.. Nice to see her in not a tiny side character with impeccable manners, yes would def wanna see her as a lead role after this!
      Lol@ khala ka ghar.. Exactly WTH was that coming from a BA pass.. Lol

      • @FA hay na?? they just over do the “masoom haseena” totally. I mean at least make it believable. To be a Graduate would require some amount of intelligence. Did she pass her exams with the ‘kartoos culture’ prevalent in most of the colleges here in Pakistan , or did some teacher help her in the examination papers after falling in love with her masoom cute face??

  3. Totally agree with you SZ! I think we MUST have heroines with some colour. They can have a touch of chalaaki in them. It would be great to have a lead who is street smart. No harm in that. Why does every heroine have to be mazloom? Why can’t she call a spade a spade? Why can’t she rattle on like Aaliya? I mean she does not have to be negative and bitter like “Kashaf” but a colourfull character like Aaliya would be really good. I am feeling sorry that we will not be able to hear the amusing dialogues and the way they are delivered by Mansha right till the end. I don’t know about you all but I am going to miss aaliya once she fades away.

    • @yf: yes, Aliya will be missed if she disappears … but maybe she might make random appearances here and there throughout.. looking at how buddhoo our heroine is I imagine that she will need someone strong to guide her through all the trials and tribulations that will come her way … Warna tau it will get seriously boring :/

        • @ FA : haan Allah khair karay. I don’t know what she will teach her as a mentor 🙂 Though why she has been unable to knock some sense into the dumb girl all these years is something that is beyond me LOL

  4. SZ, very nicely written review once again. Now for the story, I am in love with Ailya already for she is a bitch but a nice bitch who keep Romaisa updated in her own way! Khala is modern version of cruel step mother but what I am bugged about is there is no sparkle in the actress playing Romaisa. She looks her part, very cute and pretty, manages to look sad but at times she should have some spark of anger and happiness in her eyes, obedient does not mean you will not have any other feeling. In the promo I see Nabeel asking ‘kaha se ati ho and she replies khala ki ghar se…grrrrrr areh you are graduate and this is dumb. Oh I thought Zeeshan is Nabeel’s friend, did not realize he is his younger sibling. Yes though the story is quite predictable I will watch it because all said and done we girls love Cinderella story 😛

    • @Tinni: Seems ilke we’re all on the same page as far as Romaisa is concerned ..but I guess now we are pretty much stuck with her … hopefully she will get better.. otherwise I guess we will just have to learn to bear with her … after all we put up with Neelam too didnt we!?! 😉

      Yeah, Zeeshan is younger and will go on to play a very important role in this story .. a twist or two thrown in to the Cinderella story .. desi ishtyle 😉

  5. @Tinni: I so agree with you. This is taking innocence and meekness to another level. I love aaliya because she is something you cannot understand. She is sharp, rude but maybe not cruel. She is ‘bindaas’ totally in love with herself and makes no bones about it. I so agree with you that Romaisa could at least express a look of bewilderment, hurt , shock SOMETHING! she is just blank! except in one scene where she is crying. that too with wetness on her cheek and blank look in her eyes. I don’t think good looks take the serial very far. We all have seen what has happened to Numm! I also was not much impressed with the Mira sethi. She was again very artificial and one felt she is acting..not really into her character. May be later she becomes better. MZ was prince charming even after a 12 hour flight. His entry after such a dhoom dharaka was also a bit flat.
    @ SZ: I SO hope that Aaliya continues till the end! I just love her matka jhatkas and the way she really GIVES it to everyone who crosses her. Totally adorable!

    • Mira Sethi is not spontaneous and I am watching the serial for the boys now and of course Ailya, she is the spice and should stay till the very end what say YF?! 🙂

    • @yf haina MKs first entry was a bit flat.. Glad im not the only one who thought so.. But shukr hai they got to the smitten look.. Ending on a high!.. Now im soo looking forward to the romance.. Kafi din ho gae acha romance dekhe hoe.. I just hope they dont fall flat and become a lame jori like Wali and Neelum..promos look good so i have some faith!

      • @ SZ Tinni and FA: ya want a good romance now. Neelum totally ruined it for me in Numm. I just could not stand her for even 5 min. Her pouting and the way she pronounced ‘ wwwali’ was something that made me grit my teeth. So stopped watching that. Then started watching ‘ Aseerzadi’ where the ‘bibi’ of Peer Jalaal was dressed up like a prostitute and the strange culture which belonged to some country (not Pakistan I am positive) where Aanee Jaffery had the same tone, same pitch same expression that she had in ‘MBM” Come on yaar you are in a different getup completely. Jump out of your set pattern and become a different person. But like I said, in the end it is the looks more than the talent here. I stopped watching Aseezadi too.
        I HOPE the romance blossoms here and we like what we see. Though Mira was quite flat and not spontaneous at all. Hope that jori becomes more vibrant. The saas bahu/, sister saga/ rich bitch and mazloom ghareeb girl is getting too much.Lately the TV channels are flooded with the yateem children and their various tragedies ..
        However. I loved Kankar as it was about Domestic violence and we need strong social messages on that front. So many of our women bear this BS every day just to keep up a facade. I totally loved that. Now we need a light hearted Romance desperately. to change our zaiqa!:)

        • @YF I am loving Aseer Zadi knowing fully well that the story is quite hypothetical but I am watching it because of the acting by the cast specially Pir Sahab, I love Amna bibi too and now have come to know that Amna is the director of this serial. You said it, SJ is better than Neelam atleast we will be spared from hearing her wwaaliiii hahaha…Yes looking forward to some good hot romance 😉

          • @Tinni and @yf: Here’s an update on the Aliya front… I was chatting with MP last night and she told me that the khala and her family track will be phased out once R moves on in life … so A will not stay with us till the end :/
            The dir. Sakina Samo had also alluded to this in her interview in the JPJ promo show for this serial..

            • @sz oh no!! Really? Mmmm that will b so disappointing! Such a powerful character only to phase out… What a shame! Chalo khair hopefully the story will move on much quicker that way..

            • That is so sad:( Totally puts me off. But I will watch it till she is there atleast. Would be great to see her in a central character soon. I sooo love her as alya

            • 😦 so sorry to hear that. I really wanted Aaliya to stay till the last epi…BUT Sigh! what can one say. In the end it is the writer and Director who decide. And Mansha is time and again doing side roles. I wonder why? I was shocked to read the comments of the writer of ‘NUMM; Becharay writers ki bhee bari gut banti hay. The whole story has been mauled by the low class acting of some of the lead characters and the kachra party! The Director has shown massive indifference and the side roles were totally bongay. Here we are crying about a side role done brilliantly! Tau Allah ka shukar kar kay is serial ko dekhtay hein. At least we are spared from the Numm team and the various mumkinaats jo aakhir men bulkul bhi mumkin na huay!

            • Aliyaa is the most enjoyable character here 😦 her role is perfectly acted upon and if her track will be finished up it would be a great damage to the show 😦 don’t wanna let her go seriously!!! 😦

  6. I couldn’t catch the whole of it this time. Just watched it while lingering around, so up til now it’s definitely not a drama you’ll give up everything for. But let’s just see how the story unwinds…
    Have to say I loved Mansha Pasha in both the episodes. It’s so good watching her in such vibrant and full-of-beans roles which are easily distinguishable from her old characters. She totally nailed it! The protagonist of the story however seems to be, as you mentioned, a forgettable character in most of the places. That girl has such a mellow voice which sounds sweet and cute at times but not all the times. Is it me or SJ actually has that chickened- out expression on her face? Pata nae 😛 Khair now I’m really looking forward to AH’s character hoping that the drama churns out well. Bas they should add a lesser tinge of Cinderella in the show…

  7. hey on review like always 🙂 thank God nabeel’s fimily was finally introduced, although it is difficult to digest adeel and mira together after watching silvatein but both of them looked awesome 😀 Mansha Pasha and Farah Shah are the best! I love the way they have delievered their lines. Sanam Jung really needs to show some expressions, she was so blank in all the scenes. I hope the pace of the drama remians the same and it’s not dragged like most of the other dramas.I still wish it would have been the same story as the novel but it’s good to new faces in MD productions after a long time.

    • @Abeer: Yes, that was a pleasant surprise ke they didnt drag out Nabeel’s entry .. ab lets hope we dont have to deal too much with the leechar relatives … and yes, not liking SJ here, hopefully she is better in the more emotional parts.. haha! yes Adeel and Mira were too much of a silvatein reminder weren’t they!

  8. Mansha stole the show this week! Agree with you that a much better episode than week 1 and much better edited as well (I think Tanveer the editor is the same as Humsafar’s?) I do like the chemistry between Farah Shah and Mansha – they do look and act like mother daughter and you can see where Aaliya’s Taizee comes from.
    Apart from that, the rest of the episode was pretty bland. Mikael does look good in the beard. So far I’ve only liked his acting in DeS. Not sure how much performance he will have to give here in his short-lived role.

    • @Annie: You are so right about the editing … Sakina said that last week’s review got her to back and re-edit this second ep again! At least koi to sunta/parhta hai! She also confirmed that it was indeed the same Tanveer from Humsafar and SeZ..
      As for MZ’s short-lived role… dont think its gonna be that short LOL! its MD after all! So figure around 25 eps, and I hope he’ll make it to ep 15/16 at least .. so abhi tau kuch hafte hain to still has time to show his acting chops here ….

      Baqi to yes, I am not expecting it to be a game changer kind of a serial.. I’m watching it purely for the entertainment (of which I hope there is some), not gonna even try and figure out how many issues get addressed and resolved how, and kitne stereotypes are in place where.. been there done that with ZGH….

  9. Brilliant Review @SZ, perfectly plausible.. and yes u have taken my heart’s voice, this episode was far much better than the last shukar hai warna i was too disappointed..!! Mansha Pasha has overwhelmed the show as much as she can, i like her earlier but now, just loved her.. Spot on dialogues, peak of uttering them with full skills and her teiz tareen accent was just too GOOD.. especially her ”daayry” instead of dairy was laughter arising..!! Romiasa.. as she’s in the beginning of her character and she’s doing a good job but still fails to catch up attentions.. really yaar, the star scene was written and directed beautifully i just though that she could me much better there..!! especially in rishta scenes, OMG, she was looking more mazloom maskeen than cyndrilla 😛 her Khala’s un-necessary cheikho pukarr.. eeeehhh my ears were just 😛 but this lady is superb, proving herself as Aliya’s mother..!!
    you are absolutely perfect with the comparison between both families, the lower middle class and upper class major problem is the same.. especially Nabeel’s brother with his laptop and games.. ahemm! that was quite annoying like ”biwi tou bateen sunaye ge he phir” 😀 Humna’s chirchira pann was as same as most upper-class’ girls carry.. 😛 Nabeel’s first intro was too much impressive and no doubt, Meekal is lookin great here..!!

    Btw guys, to share one more thing, in Umeera’s drama serials, there’s always a comparison i find.. among ”ayesha, saweera and sana” in Uraan.., between ”aiman and saman” in Maat, ”Sara, kashaf and Asmarah”, in ZGH, and now here between ” Romaisa and Aliyaa”.. No doubt comparison take place in all serials btw Umeera’s comparison seems sharp than others.. and it sounds more interesting to see the heroine much different from the others, and then it becomes easy to conclude that who wins our sympathy.!

    Any how, 2nd epi has left great impact and now expectations are again getting strong from MD and SS together..!!
    keep on reviewing @SZ, its a pleasure to discuss a light stuff material like MSKS here..!!

    • @Ayesha: Good to hear from you on this thread as well — thanks for taking the time to share your insightful thoughts 🙂
      I agree with you that Umera always has comparisons in her scripts and it adds an intersting dynamic to the story, but as you’ve pointed out, its a technique that is used again n again in her stories, which makes it very predictable. As for the parallel drawn between Romaisa and Nabeel’s families, absolutely true, but here while one part of the comparison worked, Romaisa and her prize bonds, the other side, Nabeel’s family and the second hand car story, did not work. Given how well off this family is, I coud’ve understood if they were fighting over a brand new car, but this much drama over a second hand car was a bot too much to swallow. Also, this car issue was something that came up in Miratul Uroos as well, so it seems repetitious as well. But, chalo lets see how it pans out in tomorrow’s episode. Hopefully the story will carry along at this pace!

  10. @Ayesha: Oh haan, it’s not you, I did change the layout of the blog. The previous layout made it very difficult to search for old post etc, so I decided to go for a new format. I hope the change hasn’t caused too many problems!

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