Numm ~ Episode 17 Review


After seventeen weeks of ranting and raving – counting every step Mahjabeen walked in her garden, making note of all the times she checked her reflection in the mirror, criticizing every word that came out of Neelam’s mouth, trying to understand why a sprained ankle needed a never-ending hospital stay, being amused by Dr. Baji’s flop attempts to flirt, wondering why Minahil was the twit she was, 1184901_631718226875161_778554567_nlaughing at our rich, aloo gosht eating feudal’s failed audition for the next James Bond thriller, bewildered by Dawood’s smirk, keeping track of what each and every servants was up to (and fretting about the mali’s absence), and sighing endlessly over the sheer magic of the Mahjabeen- Wali scenes – it was with bittersweet feelings that I sat down to watch this penultimate episode. Feeling somewhat senti I decided ke chalo second last episode hai, lets just go with the flow and not question anything … ab jaaney waley musafir se kiya gila …

Magar alas! Itne hafton ke baad bhi I had not learnt my lesson. In all my senti-pan I had forgotten that buried under all the nonsense is a very compelling story, add to this some of the best actors in the business and what you get is something that cannot not be taken seriously. The flip side of the coin though is that with all the omni present Numm-oonas it is hard to take this serial seriously… So yeah, ten minutes in I knew exactly why I was sad and happy about Numm ending next week.


The episode opened with a beautifully done phone conversation between a solicitous Wali and a reluctant Mahjabeen. After all those years of reconciling herself to living her life out as Wali’s vani, here she was yet again being expected to uproot herself and start all over again. After her initial misgiving she concedes, less out of fear for herself and more out of her giving in to Wali’s concern. Moreover, even though he puts it that way, it is less about her than him. Her being there and Wali’s undeniable closeness to her is causing Baray Sahab more than a few sleepless nights. She knows the old despot well enough to know that he is more than a little furious at Wali’s sleight of hand regarding the transfer of property. Hence the longer she sticks around, the more danger there is to Wali’s life.


Abhi tau I wasn’t even done savoring the exquisite Wali and Mahjabeen conversation ke it was back to the twit of a twat Minahil and her inane conversations. Neelam’s character seems to have evolved in the past few months, the bratty teenager we met in the first episode is now an almost mother. She is no longer the same girl who was coerced into marrying an already married man. Today’s Neelam is more mature and in love with her husband. Unlike before, when she took pride in spurning Wali’s efforts, she now wants his attention and looks back with regret at all those wasted could’ve been/should’ve been moments. For her sake I hope its not too late.

Along with Wali and Mahjabeen, Neelam’s character has to be one of the more interestingly sketched out characters on TV these days, sadly though Kanza has failed miserably at conveying Neelam’s complexities.


She was slightly better today, but now after seventeen weeks its a case of too little too late. More than her, I also wonder about the director’s role in working with Kanza and the other two ladies in Neelam’s family. In what should have been a very emotional scene, Neelam with her mother, rather than being moved by Neelam’s vulnerability all I could think about was how ridiculous the mother was and what the heck was this jhanjhat that she was so busy with, so much so that she didn’t even have time to go shopping for her first grandchild – seriously?? No wonder Neelam and Minahil are crazy, un ka qasoor hi nahin hai!    


More than Mihahil and Co. (if that is possible) what first perplexed and then annoyed me were Wali’s expressions in the car, when he was thinking about Neelam. So far we have seen no emotional connect between Wali and Neelam. Other than that one breakfast in bed and perhaps the so-called “romantic” moment, there has been nothing indicating the existence of a warm bond. Wonder what must’ve happened between the two that the memory of it would bring such a sweet smile on Wali’s face. This again brings up the issue of choppiness we’ve been complaining about for so long. If there had to be scenes cut then I wish the director and editor had hacked away at Minahil, Mom, Rukhsana, Salima, Dawood, mali, Mahjabeen walking in the gardens, Mahjabeen looking in the mirror, or the endless car ride scenes. Was there a point to those painful, not to mention repetitive moments?      


Now to the scenes that made sense… I LOVED the Wali Mahjabeen conversation. Sania is just so brilliant and Fawad has upped his game that much more to be able to meet her standards. Whether there is a name to their rishta or not, will they ever come out and say what they are for each other, or where their safar will end, can they ever be together, are all questions that I feel I don’t even need answers to…. there is so just much raw emotion here that to put any kind of a name to it would do injustice to the depth of what they share. I was literally swooning when Wali was trying and failing to come up with the appropriate words to express how betrayed he felt when he came to know all that Mahjabeen had kept from him. Responding to unsaid hesitation, the way Mahjabeen sits very close to him, and invites him to open up and share his thoughts, and how she tells her side of the story.. all that was said and unsaid in those five minutes was something that I will go back to watch many more times – simply brilliant stuff! 

While Mahjabeen and Wali have a bond that transcends words and worldly labels, Qasim and Mahjabeen still have a long way to go. Mahjabeen’s unthinking leap to Wali’s defense and slapping Qasim said so much about the depth of her feelings for Wali. Her own son came second to Wali. 1474625_631722103541440_1123069318_nQasim’s belligerent questioning brings up stories of past hurts and in the process clarifies so much in the process for all of us. All this tragedy came about because of a feudal patriarchal mind-set still prevalent in various parts of South-Asia, wherein a woman has no value on her own merit, but becomes an unwitting, not to mention an invaluable pawn in the hands of male family members when it comes to games of one upmanship played in the name of preserving khandaani izzat and shaan.

From the way Mahjabeen was wailing about mera ghar ujaar diya I wonder if Alamgir and Mahjabeen were secretly married and this is what caused her brother to go ballistic. We also saw how Wali’s father died and Mahjabeen is dragged out and packed away to Bahawalpur, where she presumably gave birth to Qasim, and that’s where he was living till he found out about his mother and came looking for her. What was left unexplained was why Mahjabeen chose to be a vani. Was this her way of extracting revenge on both feudals, Dilawar and Baray Sahab? I hope more clarifications are coming our way in the final episode.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. After a seemingly long time we got a relatively cohesive episode. We had the typical jaw clenching, teeth grinding moments, read Minahil, mom, and the lame as heck Qasim pointing a gun at Wali, moments, but then these were offset by some very powerful Wali and Mahjabeen moments. Heck maybe I’m going senti again as I wind up my second last review of Numm, but even Neelam seemed more likable today.

Now that the countdown has begun for next Saturday, lets hear it from you all and lets start listing all the mumkins for what’s going to happen with Mahjabeen, Wali, Neelam, Qasim, and Baray Sahab…

Written by SZ~


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  1. Mumkin hai mere saar ka dard teekh ho jai is dramay kay baad. Excellent review as always. Ummm so why does Neelum blames Mehjabeen for her fathers death a few or many episodes ago? :S


    • Hey Maria! LOL! It is Neelam after all so kiya maloom kiya kyon bola tha 😉 But seriously, I don’t remember her actually saying that .. All I recall her saying is ke mujhe MJ ke baray men pata hai, meri mama ne bataya tha,,, and we are told that her dad and W’s father were friends .. but then again maybe I am forgetting.. perhaps someone who else who paid more attention to Neelam’s words can help out here .,..


      • @SZ ur right….but W had also said ”phir baba chale gaye aur jab wo aye tou tumhare abu…aur wo… mere samne… iss baat ka maan pe aisa asar hua ke wo hon ya na hon…”… and N had said afterwards ” mama ne bataya tha, wo to sirf baat karne gaye the lekin Mj aur uss ke bhai…”… so in that light in true Numm fashion anything was mumkin.. I guess we had convinced ourselves ke she was talking abt her father, when she was alking abt his.. and that W had seen his dad alive.. mumkin hai he meant his laash came back.. so the N’s did is pbbly still a missing link.. even Mj mentioned N in the khoon abaha ki qeemat dene walon ki list in this episode..
        i think this drama is a serious go back and watch it all again dekho type.. will pbbly mean alot more..all in a new perspective!


        • @FA: I agree about this one being a go back and watch in one go kind of a drama .. I too am guilty of going back and watching the first three eps and have to say that even though I had enjoyed them the first time around, they now made sense in a very diff way than they did before …
          I was also re-reading my reviews and it seems like the first four or five eps were a lot more coherent than the rest that followed, which is when the repetition started and Salima, Dawood and Mr. Mali made their entrance… I dont expect any answers from the Numm team, but it sure would be nice if we got some!


          • @sz everything means so much more when u know wgats to come.. Was watching my fav.. Mataejan just now and boiling my eyes out yet again! .. Bit after the shadi but before the accident.. Even all the happy romantic moments were making me all teary!!! My freind jiss ne nahin dekh pehla kept saying magar iss mein kia rone wali baat hai??!! Its a totally diff experience when u know the whole age piche sari picture…

            I think first few eps werent bad.. Its only after the W MJ scene kicked off along came the mali and all the rest of the shabang.. Lol..aur N & co ofcourse.. Lol but i thought ur reviews were still coherent.. Our discussions and mimkinats went mad! Lol

            But must say it was numm that brought me to ur amazing forum.. So must bt grateful to numm.. !! This was the first weekly watch in years.. Aur u can imagine the sabr i needed!! Its for u and the gang and the sautan club lol that i actually watched the whole thing Otherwise tou numm kabb ka perchhhe chor diya hota..! So thanx guys!


  2. @sz bari der ki mehrbaan aate aate.. Magar shukr hai ai tou lol
    I thought this was pbbly the best episode of numm.. Satisfying
    Im glad im not the only one liking N a lil bit more
    Trying to get on laptop for detailed comment.. Just lost a lamba taranga comment for sannata! Grrrrf


    • @FA: Yaar, my sincerest apologies! Life just got in the way and then bas likhte likhte shaam ho gayee .. sorry!
      Awwww that sucks and oopar say sannata ka coment .. sucks even more!


      • @Sz phew! just manage to salvage that!! otherwise dobara tou na likhti!

        no worries yaar.. iss weekend pe tou aap ne sahih ayyashi hi kara di.. loooved all the indulgence.. lol.. bass num mumkinat ko miss karna shuru kar diya tha! lol


        • @FA: Haina! I too was thinking abt how miuch I would miss the crazy mumkinaats and the even crazier convos … We’ve become such a gang here ke I’ll be really sad next Sat 😦


          • i know i was thinking abt next sat too!!! lets pick up another good one to seriously rant abt lolol jo maza rants mein aaya wo wah wah mein kahan.. lol ..

            numm will be missed for sure!!! there were so many highs and lows.. and so much of ground breaking stuff (kiss kiss ka naam lein) …mayteries.. literature.. maths.. logic… sub ke liye sub kuch tha iss mein..itni versatility..itna mawad discuss karne ko aur itni engagement shayad kahin aur na miley!


            • @FA LOL @the ground breaking stuff … waqai we can all now claim expertise in any no of subjects 😉
              Re: what to do next after Numm… I was waiting for this to end so I could pick up Shuk… are you watching that one? Def not as “exciting” as this one, but a good one to engage with … how many watching it?


            • @sz yes im watching shakk.. Has some engaging type mawad.. I really hope MSKSH picks up after AH and MZ and MS entries..

              As for all the skills we needed to qualify to watch numm.. I think we all passes with flying colours! Next week convication hahaha


  3. love ur review as always.. love how u pick up on tiny lil details..

    now i thought this episode must be a really good one.. i dont have the usual urge to rant abt this installment..

    Shukr hai ke we got to see so much of W & Mj ke baki sab ki khair hai ..lolol

    the confrontation abt Q.. the rishte ka naam.. kab se intizar tha,.. id like to say that again.. bari der ke mehrban aate aate.. par shukr hai phir bhi ae tou.. kitna intizar tha iss ka!!! sub scenes aik se barh ke aik.. the expressions.. and Fk living upto SS.. all absolutely fab.. def baar baar dekhne wale scenes hain!

    i was a bit worried.. i was thinking seriously am I immune to KW or N now?.. a new numm affect?? or was she actually better in this episode.. glad to see u felt she had improved and numm hasn’t affected me that badly yet..

    even Manahil didn’t bother me too much.. i think W MJ ko dekh ke uss ko bhi maaf kia..

    totally with u abt the N’s maan.. i mean doc ne kaha admit ho jao.. wo wahan tehel rahi hai..i mean looking at her i thought she was abt to pop.. mera dil band ho raha tha N ko dekh ke.. what the hell was mum upto?? koi fikar nahin..?? aave ka aava hi bigra hai yahan.. btw yday watchin tuc /Ali zafar MK bachcha chat i kept thinking abt this lot and all the comments abt parenting..lolol . sorry but.. pata nahin kion.. lol …

    I thought Q was really good too.. apart from the gun handling.. i think yahan kisi ko gun-handling nahin aati.. sub ko crash course pe bhej dena chahye.. lagta hai next week alot of dhishin shison hone wali hai.. lekin guess what , iss week numm ne mera dil khush karr diya lehaza atleast meri taraf se tou aam maafi ka ailan!!! lol

    i hope next week we get to see the MJ A nikah, and also the real reason why Q’s life was in danger all this time..

    as for why she chose to be vani ; i think thats what she was trying to explain to Q that her brother must’ve offered her as vani to save his own life.. thats why he must’ve spared her in the first place i guess.. her brother used aurat as a dhaal and all..

    btw where is the bro now? and what happenned to N’s dad.. didnt he go with J to MJ’s house for revenge?

    loved her ‘meri zindagi bekar nahin gayi’.. (ref W) & her purpose of life was an aha moment.. bhai se badla liya W ko acha insan bana ke.. but apne bete se mehroom rahi.. atleast abb uss ko bhi kuch insan bana de gi..

    now mumkinats:
    as for ur is N too late question? . i think she is.. i dont think she will be seeing W again..

    isn’t that N in mourning in the promo??? picking up on that.. mumkin hai W will be taking the maan beta to the airport and there will be firing and W get caught?? mumkin hai Mj N ke paas madad ke liye jai.. aur wo karoron mein ki tarah uss ki madad kar de.. mumkin hai MJ’s bro phir se aik entry maray aur mumkin hai wo W ko maray ya BS ko jalsay main??. mumkin hai iss baar phir vani banne ki naubat aajaye.. waise W ki tou kher nazar nahi aa rahi either way.. i think we’ve solved all his loose ends now.. ab it will be gun vs gundasa ending… who dare wins!.. who will be the last man standing.. dhishon dhison ka waqt aa gya hai..

    seriously im gonna miss all the hillarious mumkinats..and these oh so crazy discussion!..


    • In regards to why Mahjabeen became vani, she said she did it to punish Dilawar. Dilawar killed Alamgir and prevented them from being a family and raising their son, so she raised the enemy’s son (Wali). I think she thought of this as izaala for bringing such despair and bloodshed to the families. I am assuming Dilawar died at the hands of the Bakht henchmen. Quite frankly, he probably knew he was going to die, he just wanted to help MJ escape before she was found out. The road to vengeance for “lost honor” traditionally ends in death. Dilawar took Alamgir’s life to avenge his sister’s honor, and in so doing set the ball in motion for this feud/bloodbath. MJ was right to say that Dilawar had the biggest hand/fault in this whole issue.

      I also don’t doubt for a second that Jehangir would have killed MJ, the only thing that prevented that was Dilawar shooting Jehangir first. Jehangir taking MJ’s life would put him in the exact same category as Dilawar. In the end, the feudal code of honor and the violence that they perpetrate in its name overtook any education and sensibility that they possessed.

      BS probably agreed to MJ as vani so that firstly, she would raise Wali and secondly to show the people his power to punish and exact revenge. It was a show of his strength/power/tyranny – he made an example of her. Seems like BS is fueled entirely by his quest for power and land – as Amtul reminded MJ, he shed nary a tear for the death of his two sons – maitaining power/izzat/control was more important to him.


      • @Nur ur so right they were all the same.. dilawar, Bs, J..and thats why she was scared of Ws reaction I guess..D was the def biggest ‘buzdil’ and the instigator ..,.. but I believe it must’ve been Dilawar who must’ve proposed the vani thingee to Mj and then pressurised MJ into it. Otherwise it doesnt make sense for her to step up on her own accord, while leaving her own son behind, just to raise the someone else’s son just to take revenge from her brother.. However, I believe, once she was forced into this situation, she must’ve thought raising W well would be a good way to get back at his own brother in her own way…

        She was offered in khoon baha, (possibly along with some land, since there were two deaths) so they must’ve waved Dilawar’s death penalty.. unless BS went back on his word and had him killed anyway..
        waise mumkin hai, mumkin naho.. lol

        theres so much to wrap up, from the present as well as from the past.. I wonder if the last episode will be an extra long one? hopefully there will be no fazooliat in it… lol


        • @FA, but I am afraid that fazooliat is so much a part of Numm, that we will have more of it in the last episode. Why MJ agreed to be A vani and left her own son to raise someone else’e son may forever remain a mystery. What was the relationship between W and MJ.. Was W ever really in love with N or was the sudden burst of emotion in this episode a compromise.
          When W dies in last episode, (that seems to be certain) most prob. saving MJ or Q is it b’coz he cannot live without MJ or cannot live happily ever after with N. It seems to be heading towards an end where no one will be happy in the end.
          The preview seems very misleading and so out of character. MJ coming and asking help from N’s mom. I am sure thats the same way of misleading us as couple of episodes back when they talked about “did W kill Q”..
          A couple of months back, my pet peeve was long silences and extra long scenes and now it is that they are hurrying towards the end without giving proper explanation of many tracks…
          Mumkin hai shayad kabhi mujhe ye kahani samajh aa jaye
          Mumkin hai aakhri episode bhi maayoos na kare


          • @PG: Yaar ab fazooliyat na hon to numm numm na ho … I think these fazooliyat will be what we remember long after Numm ends lol… just think all the Numm-oonas (thanks SK!) who are now a part of our shared blog memory … just think of mali and rukhsana and Dr Baji and mumkins and dawood and Minahil … wah!

            Ok, enough silliness, now back to why MJ agreed to be a vani, I just proposed to @FA ke I think she agreed to D;s proposal so that he would not spill the beans abt Q to BS… Going by the kind of person D was I dont think he would’ve cared if Q had been killed off by BS’s goons, but he used Q as a bargaining chip to get Mj to agree …. of course this my versions of what possibly happened, mumkin hai yeh na hua ho …
            I also agree that MJ going to N’s mom is out of character, but N is in black clothes .. so wonder if they’re all there b/c W is already dead .. N is looking down to the side at something .. ab it would be too much to hope ke somebody shot Minahil…

            Re: relationship b/w W and MJ I think/hope that will be clarified in the last episode .. cause so far we have not gotten anything except W saying that he does not know how to describe their rishta …many on FB are saying that this ep clarified that MJ and W had no more than a mother son relationship? Do you guys think that’s what he meant when he talked abt their rishta? Would love to hear your read of what you think of their relationship after this ep..

            Finger crossed for your last mumkin!


            • @SZ ROFL @ shooting manahil…. Kash ke aisa ho..

              Mumkin hai wo spy kids khelte khelte baddies ke hatte charh gai ho..
              Mumkin hai woh apne hi-tech gadgety phone se james bond banne ki koshish kar rahi ho phir se.. But N wouldnt have it any more.. After all it was her game first! Mumkin he N ne ghusse mein M ko khali pool mein dhakka de diya ho?

              As for W MJ relationship.. Abb tou bilkul hi confusion hai uss fromt par.. I think the night did happen..thats why they cant name the rishta..otherwise how can we explain the clip and MJ halat after the stormy night with dopatta dragging and all.. Plus she was worried abt W’s reaction on the honour issue..

              Btw Ws smile at N’s thougt shown alongside a more somber reaction at Mjs.. Says to me he was thinking abt both his wives.. One who brought a smile to his face (chahe uss ki pouting hi pe ho) and the other who had sufferrrd and sacrificed his life for him..


            • @SZ: I think your explanation of why MJ became a vani is most plausible. Might even mean D is alive!

              About the rishta-talk, would love to believe that there were undertones to what W said but the Numm-makers ne apne theories of something more between them ko trash karne main koi kasar nahi chodi… @ FA, put it ab uss front pe toh bilkul hi confusion hai!!!

              Cannot understand….agar maa-bete ka rishta hi dikhana tha toh why did they even have that stormy night scenario to make us all imagine all those mumkinats??? Do you remember that Dabangg song scene where W is smoking and MJ is all nervy getting the tea-tray ready? The official Numm facebook page had their ‘official’ comment that the scene was the beginning of “their second night together”…..why would the Numm-makers ‘officially’ mislead their viewers about a pure maa-beta relationship??

              Lagta hai hamse zyaada Numm-makers confusion main hain!! Ab dekhte hain ki 38-40 mins ke andar yeh log kis kis confusion ko door karte hain……reminds me of the last episode of ZGH…..although wahan par mumkinats and confusions Numm se kaafi kam the!!!


            • @ SZ, FA, PG, Nur, RR…very plausible explanations reg MJ becoming vani

              Reg MJ-W relationship clarification, the makers have made many mumkinaat possible owing to the pal mein told pal mein masha sentiments of the main characters… I’m preparing myself by thinking tht there was no spousal bonding..just so tht I am prepared for whtever they may throw our way lol


          • @PG ur soo right yaar! I think i got too excited this week seeing some of the much awaited confrontations and long awaited answers ke i forgot its numm i was talking abt.. Fazooliat ke bagher to woh DNA hi nahin rahe ga lol..
            Chalo lets hope ke hamari itni mehnat ke badle mein team numm hamein sarey answers faraham kar hi dein!! Magar mumkin hai mumkin na ho…

            Like @sz said if anybody’s out there from team numm pleeaase we would love to hear from u guys!!!


      • @Nur: Hey! You were gone for so long ke thought you stopped watching this one, but i guess not… good to hear from you 🙂 I agree with your reading of the reason why MJ would choose to be a vani ….

        @FA: Seeing what little we have of Dilawar and having seen BS in action ( both men cut from the same cloth) I think you maybe right that it was D who suggested the exchange in return for saving his life . and probably threatened MJ that if she did not go with his script then he would tell BS about Q’s existence … I think tha is abt the only thing that couldve made MJ agree.. and once she became a vani, rather than going all bitter and turning inwards, like Amtul, he chose to take her revenge in the most dignified but lethal way possible, teach Wali to be someone who knows the diff b/w right and wrong and is as diff as can be from all the feudals around him.. and that she did succeed remarkably well…


        • @SZ: Hey back 🙂 !! I was a party to the Numm-fest although my intrigue lost steam about 4-5 episodes back. I watched it, but sometimes a few days late, for all the reasons that you have all stated over and over again. The fazooliat got unbearable at times. But I was reading your review (often before I watched the epi), and like usual your reviews almost always affirmed what I took away from the episode. Life got busy and i wasn’t able to comment, but then I will also admit, I was not exactly highly motivated once Numm lost sight of the story that ** it should have told **. But, like you I am compelled to complete it – however, I already have no faith that we will reach an adequate/sensible resolution at all.

          Honestly, the preview showing MJ at Rahat’s house is ridiculous! Why would she seek shelter with three defensless women, knowing BS is out for blood. She decided to stand up to BS in the last episode “agar roksakti thi, to 15 saal pehlay na roklayti?”, and then she’s running frightened for her life and selfishly bringing death to their door?!!!! This single act would completely turn me off of MJ – and I can’t chock it up to this is who she was, because this is totally out-of-character. MJ was shown time and again as a woman of dignity, sacrifice, principles. I understand if she tries to save Qasim’s life, but what could Rahat possible do to help her – she would be going against BS; and Rahat has always been ‘willingly’ part of the system. BS was her benefactor/protector and the one that provided her with security after her husband’s death as well as the one that promised that her daughter would become the khandaani bahu.

          I was on the W-MJ bandwagon from the get-go, but the mishandling and lack of screen time for the couple, as well as the ambiguity that surrounded their relationship, even made the few moments they shared less satisfying. It’s hard to get behind a couple when after the aanchal scene and Neelam’s arrival they switched tracks completely, so that we couldn’t tell whether W was in love with MJ or despised her.

          Well we’ll see how things unfold, but I have the worst feeling about this ending. I am prepared for W to die (seems the writing is on the wall), but very concerned with how they will handle MJ. And I don’t believe for one second that we will get any clarification as to W and MJ’s true feelings, Dilawar/Akbar Khan, why MJ became vani – I think we are meant to put together the bits and pieces and draw our own conclusions – which sucks, because I want Maira Sajid’s story, what was supposed to play out on screen to make it a complete and coherent story.


          • I would have liked your comment if there was an option! 🙂 You summed up very well the mishandling of MJ-W relationship as well as the Numm sliding off the actual storyline.


  4. @SZ, the bittersweet journey comes to an end next week. Looking at the preview and today’s episode, it seems like W will be killed. Sad but oh so predictable.
    I never thought I would ever say it, but I felt for N today. Her loneliness, her love for her husband, her longing and her acceptance in some unsaid way that he is not hers alone. But isn’t this a sudden change in character. What about her pathetic attempts at sleuthing and wannabe James Bond moments trying to oust MJ from W’s life.
    Is it only me or anyone else also feels that the story is just being wound up at warp speed. Was this drama always supposed to be 18 episodes or is it producer- director’s way to cut losses and escape criticism.

    And how lame was the killings. How did MJ’s brother get into the haveli. How did W’s father know who had killed his brother? Why did he not take the fauj BS is always surrounded with?

    Why did the director waste so much time in the initial episodes? Why was the twit family there? Why were there so many servants who raised questions which were never answered? .Why were there incomplete scenarios?

    Even i remember N saying b’cpz of MJ my father dies.. When ? where? Why?

    Anyway, all the mumkinaats have come to an end as the curtains are about to fall. Now is is only why… Why such a sheer waste of such talented actors? When will we see FK again … sigh… and a big sad sigh for what all Numm could have been and was not..


    • @PG ur so right abt the lame kilings.. & how did they get into each other havelis and houses and landed in ”THE’ rooms.. but I guess we would never find out.. but mumkin hai someone mustve seen him come in or go out who must’ve informed BS….


      • So , MJs brother killed alamgir and walis dad .
        So who killed MJs brother ? And MJ became a vani due to all this ? Why didn’t BS take on MJ as vani/wife ?


        • @deeba i have a feeling he’s still alive, in exile perhaps?? or atleast not killed by the bakht khandan..natural death.. thats why Mj compared him to BS.. khoon baha mein aurat ko hathyar banane wale mard..he must’ve got away… the bro pbbly offered MJ as vani so he could be let off.. mumkin hai!!

          and as for BS not taking her a vani for herself.. that would be incest…no? Mj and her bro pbbly made sure somehow that didnt happen..

          i guess there r still alot of mumkinats that need to be laid to rest.. next episode seems to be an all-happenning one!


          • E Thanks FA .
            Haan u r right , it would be incest , I just thought the whole point of vani is to punish a girl fromt
            the culprits family by marrying her to anyone and then she can be treated/mistreated as they please .
            MJ became a nanny /wife with all the comforts of the bakht home , so she didn’t have it that bad , but I dont understand how her pregnancy was kept a secret from BS ????


    • @PG and @FA: Yes! those killings were beyond lame, although I did like the way they shot Sk sleeping in the room with the shadow of the ceiling fan on his face, it was a very well shot scene, but apart from that the way all these men handle guns is really ridic.. they should’ve all watched an ep or two of some crime show or the other to get their grips right.. I was laughing at the scene when J was waving his gun at MJ and the D stepped out from behind the door to shoot him.. it must’ve been well choreographed on paper but the execution made it look like a scene from a middle school play … or no, I think middle school plays are better … so maybe elementary school..


      • @sz oh yes that fan effect was really well-done.. But thats our numm.. Age preche kuch nahin, bass achanak beech mein we find this spark of brilliance.. Abb thinking audience uss spark ko dekh ke khud hi age peeche kahani imagine karr le lolol

        Gun-handling pe bhi aik award category honi chahye next week.. Spoilt for choice for nominations here! Hahaha


        • @FA, thinking audience (hamare jaise) ne to aage peeche kya, poori kahani hi bana lee hai. Which by the way , i feel is much better than what is shown on screen. Isiliye shayad, FB page par naye writers ke liye vacancy aayi thi. after unke writers ne to “thinking audience” ko Numm-b hi kar diya.

          Waise iss drama mein itno fazooll baatein thi ki “best fazool character” ka award bhi de sakte hain. Maali, Dr. Baaji, Dawood, salima, Manahil, Neelam etc etc etc.(In ascending order)


  5. Good review as always….this was a mixed bag again. Some v bad scenes and some better scenes and some scenes which may be good but I-am-now-over-Numm-so-can’t-be excited-about-them-scenes.
    As you said : Jaaney wale musafir se kiya gila?
    Gila ussi se kiya jaata hai jisse koi umeed ho…..


  6. btw didnt get the BS’s sadqa/ shikar/ panchayat/din bit.. liked the spinning wheel referring to him weaving a jaal.. but he went in the day and raat came.. nothing happenned..? wo kia tha? any ideas?


    • I took it to mean ke go and kill Qasim and MJ, as in his shikaar as soon as possible, and the panchayat had to be called so that he could announce some faisla again … resurrect some old faisla .. and I think this has to do with W .. all his talk abt politics and W being a man who wanted to bring in new ideas .. I think all point to BS planning some kind of public gathering where he wants to push W into a corner publicly so that W has no other choice but to accept BS’ bidding.. but I think this is where W will take a public stance against BS…
      Waisey all these scenarios that I’m churning out need more than one episode to bring some kind of a proper closure to Numm… lets see what team Numm has in mind ..


      • @sz haan thats wot i initually thought he meant .. But din tou guzar gya aur raat ho gai thi when we see W mj and Q.. Pbbly editing issue ho ga?? Wot u think? Scene aage perche ho haye hain?


      • @SZ: Nahin yaar… you remember Amtul’s “do bete mar gaye sar par joo tak nahi rengi…..”dialogue about BS?? It has to mean something. All that BS cares for is land and power…..has no emotional attachment to people or rishtas!! I think, now that the next heir to the Bakht name is coming….W , with all his toppling of BS’s well-laid plans and giving away of all lands which BS acquired with all his cunning…..has made himself dispensable and put himself in great danger…..BS intends to remove W from his path…..kill W and Q making it out that Q killed W…..blame MJ for it and bring her back for yet another stint of punishment!! BS is capable of doing this. We still don’t know who killed N’s father!!


  7. SZ thank you for writing this review Thank God Numm-b is ending. I mean this could be a such a wonderful drama but they have ruined it to say the least. First and foremost if MJ’s brother was the culprit why are we seeing Badey Sahab as a villain here? The poor man lost his two sons and that means he justifies his actions thereafter. The point I am harping over and over again is how come the Bakt Khandan did not know about Kasim’s birth? The woman who checked MJ is it believable will keep quiet and not want to make a ransom with this news from Badey Sahab? Anyway such news in villages travel fast. If the news was not out then the killings then don’t stand justified just because Alamgir wanted to marry MJ…he was not even eloping with her, he killed in his sleep instead…pathetic …khuda pahar nikla chuhiya…and as you rightly said, the brother came killed and went out of the house as if he happened to walk around in the park? Where is Neelam’s father who also was killed alongwith Wali’s father? And how did Jahangir come to know so soon that MJ’s brother is the culprit? I think in one episode Neelam was ranting about losing her father young because of MJ? and the biggest joke of a storyline is MJ agreeing to become vani to Wali? The once again what is Badey Sahab’s fault eh? MJ and Wali were supposed to be together for 15 years…wasn’t Wali out to study in England for 8 years? and mother and son relationship…initially yes but then why did Wali give her those longing stares?
    I am with Kasim, why should he run away? If this story is about the ills of vani and how relationships suffer because of someone else’s mistake then the best way to end is Wali giving the rightful status of a wife to Mahjabeen and if it was her free choice to become a vani then what was she ranting about her sufferings for so long? Initially I watched it for FK but got to see two more wonderful actors in Sania and Usmaan but the production values, direction etc leaves a lot to be desired….please Fawad, Sania and Usmaan before you sign on the dotted lines ask for the full script and don’t let your talent go waste…


  8. A strange thing has happened to me. Usually when I’m really into a drama, I don’t prolong watching the last episode;I watch it right away. But somehow…..I got pretty attached to Numm……and I’m avoiding the last epi. It’s weird…this hasn’t before. It’s not even the greatest drama I’ve seen, so it’s odd I feel this way. I had read on another site that W returns to N and that his and that nothing of a romantic nature develops between him and MJ. Maybe this is why I am not so eager to watch the last epi. I really wanted them to draw closer.


    • @Aisha: You forget ke this Numm so sab kuch mumkin hai… dont go with what people are saying b/c everybody is just shooting in dark like we are :p
      Also, i totally get what you are saying abt Numm… I feel the same way too..its def not the best drama Ive ever watched .. no.. not by any stretch of the imagination.. but ther is something that makes me take it more seriously then I did say Ashk for instance.. for that one I used to write my notorious [not]reviews .. but for Numm, no matter how aggravated I get, I still engage with it seriously…
      So, yeah just watch the last ep and come join us in the Numm after-party..and we’ll say good bye to Numm in a very Num-oona way 🙂


  9. Another thing SZ in this part of the country that is in India atleast if honour killings are taking place, in such a case where the girl has become pregnant I think both the girl and boy would have been killed or that is what we get to hear from the newspapers….


      • @Tinni and @PG: I absolutely agree.. and I think as @Nur aid J did come to kill MJ and wouldve killed her if D hadnt killed him first. and I have a feeling that we are not done with D quite as yet, since we still haven’t seen the negotiations b/w D and BS about he vani arrangement … so I am guessing that there is still quite a bit of the past yet to be revealed and the present too is all murky and needs to be sorted out … just dont know how they will manage all this in 40 mins!


        • Exactly!! U think they might do an extra long double episode next week?? i mean a 40 min numm episode can just about show a misplaced clip, let alone solve allll the loose ends from past, present and the future… Plus of course the fazooliat..


      • You’re right, often families kill their own daughters first – but will also avenge their honour by killing the guy. I’m pretty sure that Jehangir also wasn’t aware of MJ’s pregnancy, not that that would have necesssarily stopped him. Dilawar probably planned on taking MJ to a “baray shehr kay aspataal” where he would have forcibly aborted the baby, but never got the opportunity.

        I think BS killed Dilawar when he finally caught up to him, but the rest of MJ’s clan could have offered her up as vani to prevent a legacy feud. Dilawar offering her up as vani is also plausible like suggested earlier, but then why kill all of them in the first place?


        • PLEASE LET ME ADD, that so called honour killings are deplorable and barbaric. I thought I would state that as my comment might have made it seem as acceptable or expected – I vehemently oppose such violence.


  10. @SZ N, Minahil, Mali, Rahat, Dawood’s look (that i can’t get over still) , poor editing, Rukhsana THE maid, Qasim’s “sureeli” awaaz aik taraf, aur Wali & MJ aik taraf. Needless to say that their scene about his afsoos/gila/shikwa was brilliantly enacted by both the stars. For once MJ also shares her fear, besides the constant “yeh baat ziyada der tak chup nahin sakti”, that in Wali she thought to be the same man her brother and his dada were. Of course I truly believe she felt that more once N came in Wali’s life and he became more formal and at times frustrated with her (or maybe the situation). This was the time the grown up man that Wali had become was back from Oxford and was probably when MJ would have been able to understand the man he had become. In doing so she might have seen what he really was like and not had to wait for the circumstances to what they are today. But alas that was not to be…N had to come in his life and that was that.

    I feel sorry for N’s character on paper but just cannot make myself feel anything for the N i see on TV. You are a product of your upbringing and we see that both in Minahil/N as well as in Wali. No comparisons.

    The exact circumstances in which MJ became Wali’s vani are still not clear but a lot more makes sense now than ever before. She became vani as a payback to her brother who instigated the killings and like she said made so many pay for their actions.

    I am convinced that Wali will be shot dead by BS’s goons in place of Qasim by mistake (since Wali has been hanging out at their house to take them to the airport). The black clothes N is wearing in the promo and also MJ shows someone is dead and N wearing it can only mean one thing- Wali will die 😦 In the end I think MJ will go crazy just like Amtul did and the man walking the ruins will be Ali Bakht….20 years later (total filmy style) 🙂


    • @AK:Enjoyed reading your take on all that we’ve seen.. and yes!! The scene!! I could keep going on and on abt that scene on the charpai …. moments like these are what kept me glued to watching, reviewing and endlessly discussing Numm.. just brill stuff!

      Ok so if we go by your mumkin ending, where do you see Q going? Manchester jaa ke waheen reh gaya? Or married Minahil and lived [un]happily ever after?


      • @sz hahaha hai bechara itne dinon baad mj ke saath sukh ka saans le raha hai, bechare ko Manahil ke hawale kion kar rahi ho?? Kuch to rehm karo yaar! Warna yahan inspector gadget vs rambo scene chal jae

        Btw thanx for all ur hillarious comments .. Ive come out of my MJHT senti mode.. 😀


  11. Loved your review SZ. And I must commend that you’re an all- time optimist. You put light on the ‘very few beautiful moments’ so eloquently that it makes the episode worthwhile. However unlike you, I’m really glad that this bumpy ride is finally coming to an end :-p Numm had become more of a prescribed medicine by a doctor ( rather than an addictive drug) which we needed every Saturday, and now that it’s no more required I’m happy. But I’ll really miss your reviews! They’re awesome! 🙂 Thank you for providing us a space where we could vent out our exasperations 😛


    • @Fizza: ROFL @ prescriptive meds vs addictive meds .. yaar kahan se aisi baaten soch leti ho??! I will say ke yes, I enjoyed it a bit more than you did, but I too am showing signs of PTSD after sitting through all the Neelam & Co. and the naukar brigade scenes… kaafi tme lage ga to get over this Numm-ooona induced trauma!

      Ok, so I saw your RSVP for the Numm after party .. good, glad you are bringing chicken pie 🙂 Waisey I hope you wont be a stranger after Numm.. Im sure we can find some other dramas that we both like .. warna toh who’s gonna make me laugh with their zany take on all the crazy stuff that goes on in our dramas 🙂


      • Nae nae inshaaALLAH. I’ll try to catch up on your reviews in future too. In fact I even read your ZGH and armaan reviews but felt a bit reluctant while commenting, I don’t know why. 😛 However when numm came along I thought there was a dire need of expert opinion on the issue you know so… 😛 * unfolds her collar and struts all over the place*


  12. Hi Guys!

    @SZ: A very good, well-written review as always. It is indeed a bittersweet moment. Numm kept us all loyal to it…..all of us kept ranting more and raving less….but at least some of us never had the thought of jumping off the bandwagon… had a major role to play in this!! So Kudos!

    I liked this episode. Liked all the W-MJ scenes. After watching the episode, I did not feel like watching anything else that night. Although this serial defied logic and confounded us at every turn….there was still something nice about it too!!

    @SZ, @FA: I can guess why you guys feel charitable towards N after this episode—she did not screech, she was nowhere near W in the whole episode, W and MJ were with each other unknown to N, W’s entire focus and concern was MJ!! I did not notice any improvement in her acting prowess at all but I was in charity with her too for the above-mentioned reasons!!

    @SZ: Agree with you about the issue of choppiness…..where was there ever anything to show warmth and growing love between W and N as you say and what about all those scenes of something growing between W and MJ…..they are adding some caricature scenes here and there like W’s flashback with N and his “annoying” smile as you have put it! Right till the end the editors have failed in choosing properly what they should cut and what they should keep! Its almost as if someone is sabotaging this show willfully!!

    @PG: Agree with you after wasting a lot of time in the initial episodes this serial is being hurried through to its end at great speed. Someone is definitely cutting their losses, must be GEO TV. Sad indeed! As you say there are going to be a lot of incomplete scenarios here, many unanswered questions! The killings are all “so lame” as you put it…..imagine people surrounded with their fauj of henchmen get into each other’s bedrooms and happily kill….wah, wah!

    @PG: Agree about the preview being misleading but they have no more time to play games with us as it is the last episode….so it could be the actual way things happen. Yes, I always believed W will die and it is his son (also played by FK ) who will walk in the ruins but what surprises me is he dies and MJ and probably Q too escape!! The questions the preview raises for me are:–

    a) Is there a twist that the unethical, unemotional, tyrannical BS always meant to kill W who was thwarting and over-turning all his plans… that the next heir is about to arrive to take his place??

    b) Will Q also be killed and MJ left alive to be blamed yet again for the killings and made to bring up the next heir too??

    c) Someone is likely to take Amtul’s place…..who will it be— MJ or N? If it is the kismet of the “khandaani” bahu, it should be N….but we see her sitting fine even though in mourning attire probably after news of W’s death….so what else can drive her out of her mind??

    d) N’s expression is not favorable towards MJ so will she/ won’t she help MJ??

    Wah, wah to me!!… we await the last episode of a logic-defying, filled with loose-ends serial and I am still conjuring up “mumkinaats”!!!

    Must get out of this mode and see what kind of mumkin–namumkin end awaits us!! So until next Saturday…..


    • @RR: Bari lambi umar hai! I just responded to you on the other thread, sayig ke we were missing you here 🙂

      Wow! I really like your mumkins! a) is particularly interesting ….never even thought of it that way! But then here’s thought.. why would he want to kill W … the heir is still unborn (although the way N looked I think she mustve rushed to the hospital right after the ep!) and eben after he is birn BS will still another 25 some years for him to be of any use to him and surely even BS cant live that long? But yeah it is weird ke BS has stopped liking W way too easily … considering how complex all the characters are here I dont see BS being thwarted that easily .. lets see what is the faisla that he is going to announce in the panchayat..


      • @RR and @ SZ, keeping the preview in mind, and the genius of promo editing team of Numm, kahin MJ ko us scene mein pagal to nahin dikhaya ja raha. As you said paagal hona khandani bahu ki kismat mein hai, to W ki dead body dekhkar Mj paagal ho jaaye.


        • @PG: Yeh toh socha hi nahin maine…..could be yaar…..pagal MJ remembering her last tragedy and running to all and sundry desperately seeking refuge…..good God!!…..bilkul ho sakta hai…..and the “karodon main ek” N actually keeping her once-soutan with her and looking after her…..this is definitely a possible mumkinat!!


  13. @ SZ good review and how different takes we have even before the last episode! Only everyone agrees on W’s death. Although almost everyone agrees on the logical flaws of the drama, I am trying to understand what is the message of the writer? I thought she was trying to bring change! What is the meaning of Mj’s sacrifices if W dies? If he lived he could transcend the goodness to his off spring. Did she brought him up to die for her? Then what’s the difference between 15 years ago and now. Blood will be shed for her cause again?

    Next what is the relationship between Q and D? Did D raised him? Then Q would be a typical male like D. What about N’s father? Why should Q live? Only because he is Mj’s child? Or does he uphold a different philosophy about women and can take it with him to the future generation? Does he trust Mj? Is this just a story of revenge?


  14. “We always admire your deep thoughts…Numm is a refection of a dark side of our society..and we r grateful that we have some viewers who actually appreciate our work and understand the underline message of the show”

    Ok can somebody tell me what is the underline message of this show. I am sorry but even after watching 17 episodes, i am not able to bring myself to appreciate the effort made by the production team. I do appreciate the flawless acting of some of the actors and I do agree the story was engaging but ………….it also left a lot desired.

    What could have been… A great play without any fazool characters , never ending silences, a parade of unrelated characters who had no connection to the story but just confused the proceedings more, The criticism or ranting is there as we can see the potential and we also see the mess that is created.

    I am actually dreading the last episode as I am sure there is no happy ending.
    it looks like Wali may die trying to save MJ or Q. MJ goes mad. It is the dark side of society but there seems to be no sign of light at the end of the tunnel. Then what will be the message from the serial. MJ’s entire qurbani would have gone waste.

    I dont think people should take ranting as bad but rather involvement on part of viewers. I have never enjoyed myself more than I have on this forum discussing and dissecting scene after scene and expression after expression. Sometimes I feel , the director, writer and actors may not also be dissecting so minutely each gesture, each expression.

    Ciao eveyrone as the countdown BEGINS


    • @PG hahaha that Numm fb page tou bass..
      its true.. if W dies.. or theres more bloodshed tou MJ ki qurbanion ka kia faida?? didnt look at it this way.. mumkin hai yeh generation tou khatam ho jai magar next generation mein hope ho.. jab BS nahin rahain ge Ali Bakht ko manipulate karne ko? mumkin hai Mj raises AB like W and they all live happily ever after without BS, W, N& Co…and then AB returns after all those years..

      Aik aur khayal aaya waise.. what if the man in the ruins is Q after returning from manchester after his parhai likhai… ? just a thought.. mumkin yeh bhi hai?


    • @PG oh haan abt the ranting.. def jitna maza ranting mein aaya wo bhala wah wah mein aa sakta tha?? honestly I had a blast here!
      & yes we pbbly also know more abt the characters, their ages, their moods, and who should’ve been where at what time etc than the Numm team themselves.. lolol


    • @PG: You know more than anything else I think I will miss your take on Numm’s FB page … along with all the comments and what not, I would wait to see what you had to say abt the FB page.. just too too funny … thank you for adding so much masala to our discussions 🙂
      And as for this latest comment .. lol I think you said all that needed to be said!


  15. SZ: Eloquent and detailed review as always :)I echo yr sentiments exactly reg the bittersweet feeling.. I lost my comment when I was typing 2 days ago! 😦 Seems to be the Numm curse going around! lol

    Anyways, Although this was one of the good episodes with the least number of bakwas filler scenes and the one shedding most light on the past, I think I am distracted awaiting the conclusion of this whole charade. You aptly described…ab jaane wale musafir se kya gila! I agree there was this brilliance in Numm but it was like grass covered under snow waiting for spring to come out and shine..Too much weight of the unrelated and nowhere relevant scenes made me feel impatient for letting the beauty get lost..I know I will definitely rewatch Numm during cold winter days when you feel like reading a good book by ffwding all bakwas scenes and enjoying the fantastic acting..

    Plus the preview of the final with N & MJ in black does point towards tragedy..Did anyone else notice that Raahat looked like she didn’t want to see MJ there? Although thanks to everyone here I did expect the end would be tragic, now I feel like sab theek hote hote it shouldn’t be for nothing..there has to be a positive outcome of this all..otherwise what is the point of this dark side of society? Wohi hoga jo hote aa raha hai..

    SZ: Beautifully described W’s hesitation and the MJ-W scenes. And yes, I was also irritated by Raahat’s response to N…Arey yaar, yr brat of a daughter is FINALLY realizing her mistakes and is feeling so alone and sad, and you are thinking abt going and checking yr “bigda hua baby” Minahil!?! Seriously?! Raahat’s sympathy could have added punch to the N’s realization but prolly even she thinks yeh N ka kuch naya nakhra hai or something. Sometimes I feel like there was altogether a diff director for the other scenes, since its hard to digest the brilliance of MJ-W scenes, juxtaposition of flasbacks throughout the drama and other good things with the crappy scenes when I see N’s family act however they like..not at all evoking any response from me at least..

    For me, the big question is how efficient the makers will be in wrapping Numm in one episode now especially with their fondness for stupid scenes…Isn’t it odd that we jumped 5 months ahead from ep 16 to 17…and will be in on the same/next day with respect to the story in ep 18? That choppiness of timeline and the emotional development of characters was one of the problems with Numm…

    I am definitely awaiting the Numm after party 🙂 It’ll be fun to share thoughts on the Numm’s roller-coaster of a ride!!

    @ FA: Been meaning to ask this for a while now, what does Wadera saaein and gun-dasa mean? lol sorry for the stupid questions but I wanted to know the colloquial meaning of them..


  16. I watched the drama because I cherish Fawad Khan as an actor. I was disappointed that he chose to do this role because it seemed very confusing from the start. The screenplay and momentum could have been better. I watched one episode after another thinking it will get better but sad to say it did not until the 17th one! I am glad that it is ending. I would very much see Fawad in a good meaty role! He is a great actor and I felt he was wasted in this story!!!


  17. @YBM oh Wadeira Saein is a feudal lord in sindhi, (but this term is also used sarcastically at times to express the typical feudal behaviour in our society)..
    Gundasa is sugar-cane and we typically find men in old punjabi movies, ready to take up fight in feilds with their gundasas .. Gun-dasa was just a play on words here.. The way N had the big gun in Bakht house (in an earlier episode) , reminded me of these OTT hillarious characters from those punjabi films.. and ever since I see those big guns, reminds me of that gun-dasa moment.. lol


      • @YBM: Here’s the wiki info on the origins of the term gandasa ..

        “A Gandasa is a Haryanvi and Punjabi implement primarily used in cultivation and farming. It consists of a long stick of wood (roughly the height of its user) with a wide blade attached to one end. It resembles a very large axe, although it is used in a different manner. The use of the gandasa as a weapon was made famous by the Lollywood film Maula Jatt, in which the implement was portrayed as an Excalibur-like weapon used by the film’s namesake, Maula Jatt.

        And yes, as @FA says, sometimes sugar cane is also used in place of bamboo sticks.

        And here’s a visual for Maula Jutt with his gandasa 🙂 Click on the link at your own risk … I bear no responsibility for the nightmares that might follow 🙂 🙂

        btw you should check out the Punjabi movie Maula Jutt on YT .. its hilarious!!!


        • You know Bilal Lashari’s making Maula Jutt’s remake! Hahaha ‘maulay nu maula na maaray tey maula nae marr da’ – This famous line I guess everyone remembers! 😛


          • Hia line mari hai!! Nahin karo yaar!! Really? Chalo abb thanks to N ke abb tou Maula jatt has another layer to his character lol.. Abhi tak tou maula ne character ko zinda rakha hua tha, ab rebirth? allah rehm kare!


  18. OK peeps! Dil thaam ke dekho!! Here’s the explosive promo for the finale!
    So what do you think is happening here? They’ve certainly stirred the pot with this one!


    • as for our mumkinat.. mumkin hai Bs might blame Q for W’s death and make Mj vani again to raise AB? N goes cuckoo.. and Mj raises AB but by the time AB grows up, BS has died so they all live happily ever after.. the end!

      but honestly our W is looking like such a bechara!!! a big awwwww!!!


      • Chalo, so W is dead, MJ has gone mad, next N may bring up Q , BS controls Ali and N, M, Mother and all the fazool naukars and sundry characters are well and end up happily ever after…
        Who said .. Life is fair…


    • @Nur: I dont remember a pic, but I do remember a quick shot in the promos or OST I think where they showed a man (just his legs) walking amongst dead leaves …
      If somebody remembers the exact promo please do help …


    • The man in the ruins was in this promo:

      btw just listening to those words again:

      mumkin hai mera vehm ho mera khyal ho
      mumkin haimujh mere haal mein bhi tera qusoor ho..

      uff yeh vuhm aur khyaal.. yeh mumkinat!!..

      btw looking at these, Mj ka vehm aur khyal hai ke shes got her freedom back.. mumkin hai W ‘s death might take her back to being a vani again..

      btw did Myra Sajid write these lines too? whoever wrote these, they r absolutely brill!!


  19. nooo oooooooooooooooooo! don’t kill wali. please. I hate them. bahooooo hooo hooo hoo.

    well, actually this had to happen. since mj and wali’s relation cldn’t fit the bill for moral watchdogs, and now that qasim was there too; either w or mj had to die. mj’s death is no significance to the sheme of things and hence here goes our wali.

    also, I thought wali was going to die after giving everybody their rights and setting change in motion. so now the women (with their properties and all) have more power and will be able to raise Ali in a better position.

    regarding; w and mj relation; i think it did grow into one of spousal love. just that mid-way the makers lost guts to portray it that way under back-lash from the moral brigade. I have no qualms that mj raised wali. all relationships cannot be defined by strict paradigms and there’s cldn’t.

    sigh! they wasted so much of what could have been with this serial. and sigh! as someone said, when will we see fk again on screen :((b


    • @shaz: ROfL!!! After your last comment I was just about to send you a virtual hug, ’cause you sounded so upset … but looks like you’ve recovered just fine… drama – Numm ishtyle! 😉


  20. @SZ: Not only that, I have come up with new mumkinaats. I think, for any positive change to happen, in Numm world, BS also also has to die. First, I thought may be Q will kill BS after that. But Q is too lame. I think Neelum will kill BS. She will honour wali’s love and emerge as a hero.


      • @Ash: How is she useless? she is giving birth to Ali Bakht isn’t she?? 😉
        The only possible scenario where I see N killing BS is when and if she remembers that he never delivered on his promise to send her a pair of dogs … bas phir tau N ko ghussa aa hi jaana hai… and this also gives her a chance to utilize her gun-dasa skills .. after W, Q, J, D, woh kyon pechey reh jay!


  21. Honestly, the only reason I lasted this long was completely because of the relationship between Wali and Mahjabeen. They both moved the show along for me. We still can’t put a label on the kind of love they share but it’s a very deep and strong connection.

    I wish they’d focused more on the two; whenever they were onscreen, their scenes felt impossibly short and not enough. Mahjabeen might have been ahead of Wali in years but Wali had become so mature that it felt like they were both on equal footing.

    I found that blatantly apparent when Wali was sitting opposite to Qasim with Mahjabeen next to him. It looked like two parents persuading their immature child of something when Wali only has 9-10 years on Qasim–Wali seemed that mature.


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