TUC the Lighter Side of Life with Mahira ~ Review

Collage5Just got done with watching the first installment of TUC the Lighter Side of Life with Mahira Khan, our homegrown version of Koffee with Karan, and have to say I walked away very entertained – I know I’ll be tuning in every week!

I had never seen her host before, but after watching this episode I thought Mahira was a good choice for this kind of a lighthearted show.


Though she is THE Mahira Khan, I appreciated that she was able to put aside her own celebrity and allow for the spotlight to be trained on her guest, Ali Zafar in this case. Her gentle probing allowed for Ali Zafar’s innate charm and wit shine to through brilliantly. I’m not quite sure as to how scripted the show was, but I enjoyed their aiwaein shooting the breeze kind of repartee; made me think of the every day nonsense chats we enjoy with our friends, except I do not know how many of us have a sit down with a Mahira or an Ali Zafar on a regular basis. The little sing song was sweet, but for me the best moment of the episode was Ali and Mahira’s impromptu dance bit –  loved it! Mahira! Bas, ab bohot ho gaya, we 1489234_573397966074731_701026532_nneed you back on our TV screens! 

While we wait for Mahira Khan the actress to make a comeback, I enjoyed watching this vibrant, glamorous host Mahira – thank the lord she decided to stick with her signature elegant style and not go the Christmas tree route. The host’s elegance was carried over in the clean lines of the set design as well. Given that this was a sponsored show I was leery of being hit over the head with sponsorship banners and logos, but thankfully the directors and producers were able to strike a happy balance and the advertising element was incorporated within the set design in as unobtrusive way as possible.


While there were a lot of pros, the show had its fair share of cons as well. We saw stilted segueways, a not so happening turki-ba-turki session, and quite a few what do I do/say now moments from Mahira. I am hoping, however, that most of these issues will get sorted out over time as the show finds it footing. For now I thought this was a good opening chapter and offered a welcome break from the mind numbing chatter of our morning shows and the distasteful mudslinging seen in the evening political talk shows.So yeah, give or take a few issues, I enjoyed this episode and am now looking forward to the next installment. Did you guys get a chance to catch this opening episode? What did you all think?

Written by SZ~


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  1. Hey! Busy weekend!! Keep surprising us yaar! Waiting for sannata we get MSKSH and waiting for numm we get tuc… 3 reviews in a day and 4th on its way… Girl u got some himmat yaar!! Mashallah mashallah Lolol.. Keep the good stuff coming!

    Watched it. Loved it! Im not a morning show type but this was good fun!

    MK was fab!

    Dance was good fun.. And our MK was better than AZ! She was in her element there!
    Also enjoyed the bachcha chat..mmm not sure if thats the way to go…
    Enjoyed the lighthearted gup shup.. Loved ur ainwein!

    Yes MK wanted u back on our screens badly!

    Btw Loved her top.. Waise iss pe sab acha lagta hai lol

    @AK thought of u everytime they mentioned Fawad! And more so when they showed the pic lol

    • @FA: LOL! Good na, would hate to be predictable 😉 Waisey, I think this is payback from above for all the times i have complained ke ab dikhney ke liye kuch nahin hai 😉
      Haven’t caught up with Numm as yet .. hadn’t thought of doing this one but I enjoyed it so thought ke chalo dekhtey hain aap sab ko kaisa laga..
      yes, MK looked fab and her tunic, Muse for those who are interested, and her sophisticated ponytailed look was lovely. You know the one thing I love about MK, and AZ commented on it as well, is her innocence, her girl next door aura (although mujhe aaj tak aisi koi parosan nahin mili hai! ) and I am so glad to see that the directors/producers have allowed her to be herself rather than put on an act and be formal and fake.

      • What do you mean by “thank the lord she decided to stick with her signature elegant style and not go the Christmas tree route”? Could you please explain.

        • Just means shukar hai ke MK kept her elegant style and did not over dress like some other morning show hosts who look they are decked up for a shaadi subah subah …

    • @FA aap ki zara nawazi….what a compliment…FK aur main saath saath .lol. happy happy!

      @SZ I loved the show…what a breath of fresh air this was in the talk show world. For me what worked was:
      a) MK hosting it … she always comes across as pure, simple and natural. I think I got to see her also besides just the guest
      b) Light hearted questions and camaraderie between the 2 (am sure it’ll be the same with the rest of the guests too because of MK’s personality)
      c) the set, production value, MK’s wardrobe reflecting her personality and the way I could relate to her more than anyone else on tv

      If I were to pick a couple of things I did not necessarily enjoy was the on going girl talk and a bit OTT filmy interaction …. it was a fine balance between keeping it casual, honest and light hearted and this. i felt once or twice they went overboard but I would still prefer to watch this than anything else on the tv right now. While you got to see so much of Ali’s wit, humour and charm, a little bit more about him would have been nice. BUT i loved it….and can’t wait for FK’s to be aired!

      And yes, i was thrilled to hear his choices, ali azmat and FK. ( I love Atif Aslam also). I remember AZ saying on ZGH ‘s live show that in his view FK has so much potential and he is made for the big screen. You don’t get to hear that very often and it was very nice to hear that. I also recall someone commenting (maybe MD) on the show Ahsan Khan did on Humsafar that no one wanted to do the show maybe coz they were insecure after HS’s success.

      • @Ak lol.. abb jabb bhi FK ko dekhein ge aap zaroor yaad aaein gi hahaha.. Akhir ko aap hamare liye payties aur uss ke liue shami kabab nosh farmaein gi lol

        Yes girl talk did go a bit OTT at times.. I enjoyed the fact they were talking abt their bachchas .. Like we all end up doing with all our freinds..but they couldve picked a better topic there.. I mean talk abt setting bad example here haha i thought they did go ever board there..

        Re MK haters: And im really surprised to hear abt MK haters… Really?? They have gotta be the jealous ,keep my husband away from her, types lolol otherwise who can hate her and esp not for going plastic…content-wise it did go overboard at times with the girl boy talk and i was wondering how it will be recieved.. But we do have all these cheap dramas with larka larki ko patana and all tou chalo why not have a few laughs here too..

  2. Hello! Spot on Review! Enjoyed the show as well.

    Have always loved Mahira Khan’s style, from her tunics to her very vibrant red lipstick, Glad she went with her own style and not those decked out shalwar kameezes, (read: morning show hosts), like you said in your review.

    Ali Zafar looked really good. Loving his long hair, beard look. He seemed very laid back and chilled out with Mahira.

    Loved their dance bit. Was fun to watch.

    Boring at times, but def enjoyable. Especially compared to the lovely dramas currently on air.

    Looking forward to next week , with a new guest.! 🙂

  3. Aha will checkout MuSE now!

    Girl next door: hahaha my freind would say agar aisi girl next door aa gai tou wo apne mian ko le ke move put ho jai gi lololol
    But yes def enjoyed totally chill mahol!

    Catch up with Numm boss…Wont b disappointed!

  4. HI SZ loved the review. Reminds me of Koffee with Karen . Was fun to watch. At list I have something to look forward to see something on Saturday because Last episod of Numm and I am going to Miss BS W and MJ .i was thinking what next after. Numm.

    • @Ranjan: Hi! Yes, totally a PK version of KwK, but maza aaya 🙂
      LOL! It is funny isnt it, now that Numm is ending we will have to find something else which is fun to discuss and dissect … are you watching Shukk?

  5. Was like a breath of fresh air.Mahirah looked fabulous and immaculate-such a change from from the the shadi-mad chichoori/chichoora morning show hosts.Even the set was not bad,in fact classier than KJ’s latest tawdry do .
    Ali Zafar was great, laid-back and casual – unlike most of our mascarraed and lipsticked heroes.The line-up of guests looks promising as well.Saturdays are interesting again!

    • @Fariha: Hey girl! Good to hear from you 🙂 LOL so true abt AZ being a welcome change from some of our made up heroes….Bushra Ansari is up next week .. so lets see how that one goes …

  6. Hey All,
    I liked the show, it has a very soft feel and ofcourse Mahira’s glamour gives the show a good balance.. but i wasn’t completely impressed, as you mentioned there were lot of “what do I say now” moments. I liked AZ’s answers about FK, it’s great to see someone praising their rival/competitor. One thing which slightly irritated me was the constant “talk about girls” and AZ telling his 3 and half yr old son how to score with girls, was a bit too much. Having said that i am really looking forward to more episodes.

    • @Huma: Hey! Glad you enjoyed it as well… Yes, I too liked Az’s sporting spirit and liked that he wasn’t insecure or felt threatened by FK.. Re: girl talk, when I was watching it didnt bother me, I just chalked it up to AZ ‘s sense of humor, the game show part irritated me more lol! In any case like you I too am on board and looking forward to more ..a much needed break from all the serious dramas 🙂

  7. Not being a pakistani, i have very limited idea abt ur celebs-the few i know are thru the pak dramas ive watched and some like ali zafar thru Indian movies. Read the review here and caught the episode coz i really like mahira. First things first-she was looking smashing!! Regarding the interview, I enjoyed it. Very light. Did i come away knowing more about Ali zafar-No! was that the intent-Maybe Not. There were definitely a few, i dont-know-what-to-do/ask-next moments and awkward pauses coz i guess, mahira still needs to find her rythym but overall it was a fun 40 mins.

    However, i have a diff question to ask here…WHy does mahira attract so much hatred??? I was reading the Fb page of dramasonline, the site where i catch all these shows, and was astonished to see the amount of criticism this show has attracted for being non-muslim in tone and content ( i wont touch that subject) but more so, Mahirah herself. Being called, behuda, shameless, a daag on society etc etc is too much. And then being described as pakora nose, cheap dresser! I for one like the fact the gal is fine with her pakora nose and untouched eyebrows and hasnt done cosmetic surgery at the first opportunity ( which is something i believe even the saintly FK has succumbed to). She is one elegant woman and has charm that crosses barriers..unlike a lot of the other actresses who dont have that international appeal-that “X” factor.

    • Haha yaar there’s A HELL of criticism for Mahira on Facebook, and it even makes me wonder sometimes that how does the lady manage to gather so many votes on award shows when ostensibly she has so many haters. But you know I’ve noticed it’s usually the other actresses’ die-hard fans who are badmouthing her all the times. People don’t understand like you cannot draw comparisons between Mahira and sanam baloch just yet when the latter has done plenty of dramas and Mahira Khan just two! They both have their different places. Sanam Baloch is really good, I agree. But people don’t need to place her image on a pedestal by letting Mahira down. MK herself keeps on saying that she isn’t worthy of being called the best actress just now and that there are many better actresses. If she’s admitting it herself isn’t that enough?!? :-/

    • Don’t take them seriously, they’ll criticise everything and everyone who dont conform to their view of modesty. They still dont get the fact that Mahira is Mahira and not Khirad. Aadat hai hum Pakistanio ki criticise karne ki 🙂
      I for one really enjoyed the show, it was really fresh, despite, yes, being OTT at times. Looking forward to the rest.

    • So agree with u all.. Those egoistic haters are intolerable..but jo bhi fact remains fact she has something in her that cant get ignored 🙂 of all the guests coming im waiting for FK, AH, SS and Strings guys 😀

    • @indepgirl: Hey! Long time! I’m with you on that while this program will never help find the cure for cancer it can def provide entertainment LOL!
      Re: the question abt MK haters… I am just as perplexed as you are .. its not just now its been going on forever .. somehow she rubs people the wrong way I dont know why. I think Fizza, Mani, Rehmat all make valid points. I agree with Mani about Mk being equated with Khirad and people not accepting in her any other way.. I was never a Khirad fan so I dont get that part at all. But Falak I liked, infact loved, and I remember so much of this criticism even during SeZ time and I never quite understood even then….
      After the controversy of the first episode it will be interesting to see the response to the second show and the series as a whole. Its Bushra Ansari on Saturday so there definitely wont be any flirting, lets see what ppl have to say abt that show!

      • hi SZ!

        i personally think,the reason Mahira is bashed so much is coz a lot of women feel threatened by her. She has a luminous innocent beauty and elegance which is rare n only very confident women wud appreciate that quality…she isnt one of the masses even though she has played a role like khirad..she is a cut above the rest and hence, a bit scary for women with image issues ….plus she seems to have hit the jackpot with HS and i guess some die hard fans of other actors may resent that…but why pull down someone to pull ur favs or urself up? thats very immature

        • @indepgal: True that too… MK is lovely! And moer than that she is so down to earth and genuine! And yeah, I dont get why fans of other actors have to pull her down, but I have seen the arguments on FB, Twitter and other places … and yeah ppl do resent her for hitting the jackpot with HS.. I personally thought she worked really hard in SeZ and proved herself there, but somehow ppl continue holding HS against her .. and again probably the gender factor, but we dont see FK having to deal with such resentment…

  8. Glad to read a positive feedback of the show after a deluge of criticisms I came across yesterday! It was like everyone disliked the show. Itna bhi bura nae tha. Wayyy better than our morning shows. And apart from the superfluous talk on girls I did like it in fact, and loved how it had Fawad everywhere from the beginning to the turki- be-turki session to the photos part. Uff waiting anxiously for Fawad’s appearance on her show 😀 And I totally agree with you SZ keh shukar hai Mahira adhered to her elegant style and did not dress up like she just walked out of a khandaan-ki-shaadi like our morning show hosts do 😛 I really liked their dance too and now looking forward to the show on Saturdays. Btw I stumbled over this “good news” yesterday on fb that it was numm’s second last episode. Is this true? That means only one more week of making myself sit through that excruciating one hour. Yayyy! 😛

    • @Fizza: Hahaha! Trust you to notice FK from beginning to end.. main ne to itna ghaur hi nahin kiya! I was too busy admiring MK’s clothes, her total look and appreciating ke for once we had an elegant set… that the FK factor totaly slipped me by .. LOL so glad you are here to keep the record straight! 😉
      LOL! For all your complains abt Numm I am pretty sure you must not have missed a single ep so far 😉 Haan ji aap mithai tayar kar len … agle Sat ko party.. Numm ends and lets hope we don’t end having to read fatiha for dear departed Wali!

      • Hahaha if you want me to recall AZ’s words about FK, I can do that too 😉 I’m a complete ‘rattu tota’ in that case 😛 and about Numm I think a one-dish party would do. Like we used to have on the last day of our school exams. Whatsay? Okay done! I’ll make chicken pie 😀
        ALLAH khair karay fatiha ki zaroorat nae paray gi, Wali hamaray dilon mein zinda hai aur rahay ga ussay kuch bhi nahi ho sakta. Hahaha
        Oh yes! I’ll bring party poppers too. Maza aaye ga 😀

        • @fizza ROFL @rattoo tota hahaha

          Re numm: haan convocation with degrees and then the after-party hahaha

          @sz lol @ fatiha … Iftatah fatiha se karr lein ge taqreeb ka.. True apna desi style lol

          Haan numm awards nahin bhoolna yaar!!

          Im soo looking forward to next sat now!! 😀

  9. Ahhh..thanku soooooo much fr this +ve review…warna FB per logo ko comments perh ker mjhe aisa lag raha tha ya to mera taste bohat kharabh hogaya hai ya kuch ziada hi acha hogaya hai jo aam logo k buss ki baat nahi..lol…i dont knw y ppl want it to b like old boring talkshws…koi keh raha hai Faisal Qureshi ko lete ya Saba Qamar ko lete woh better kerte..excuse me…shw ka name kaafi nahi samjhne k liye keh iski theme kia hai..”Lighter side of Life”…hum subko koi Ali ki life per thesis toh nahi likhna na…bt ya i do agree thr were sm “wat do i say nw” moments..jo i hope aagey improvement aajaigi…BTW twitter ki awam aur FB ki awam dono k responses opposite hain bilkul..aur Interesting baat yeh hai keh subho shaam bollywood main doobe howe logon ko yeh VULGAR lag raha tha…#Hypocrites
    BTW isko dekh ker mjhe Atif ka Interview yad aagaya jo MK ne VJ days main kia tha..aur woh isse 100 times ziada maze ka hai…kash inhone Atif ko bhi bolaya hota..

    • @Aiman: Hey! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts ..bilkul, mujhe bhi itna strong reaction dekh kar kaafi jhatka laga … I know that we all have diff tastes and like diff things, and the show had its share of shortcomings, but this kind of a vicious reaction is very difficult to understand… ab dekhte hain agley show ke baad hamari awam kiya kehti hai …

      Main ne Atif wala interview nahin dekha, in fact this was her first interview that I saw … do you happen to have a link? Would love to watch it 🙂

      • Mene dramasonline k fb page per dobara ja ker comments perhe….bt ths time apne cell se..toh 10 comments @ a time..i realized k 45% ppl didnt liked it at all as thy were expecting koi serious sa interview…but baki k 45% loved it…aur 10% HATERS the MK k…aur phir u cant ignore the no. of likes…..toh actually ppl loved it..itna bura bhi reaction nahi tha..aur twitter per toh mjhe 95% positive reactions mile……..but FB per na….kabhi kabhi mjhe lagta hai saari industry k actresses k die hard fans ne ikhatte ho kar koi mahaz bana liya hai MK k khilaf…lol
        Acha interview is divided in 23 parts(2,3 mints k parts )….jinko mene 2,3 yrs pehle dekha tha tab toh poore parts the but ab kuch parts mujko utube per mile baki dailymotion per.. jinko mene tune.pk per upload ker dia hai ek hi jagah …..bt still P13,15,16,18 missing hain…
        ..toh aap ko irritation hogi but surely u gonna have fun..isko dekh kar hi main MK ki fan bani thi (Humsafar se kaafi pehle)…….aap agar poora daikhen toh bataiye ga porani MK aur aaj ki MK main koi fark hai ya nahi…mjhe toh lagta hai same hi hai buss ab thori calm ho gai hai pehle k mukable main….
        P1 : http://tune.pk/video/1485672/Atif-Aslam-on-Weekends-With-MahiraPart-1

      • Mene dramasonline k fb page per dobara ja ker comments perhe….bt ths time apne cell se..toh 10 comments @ a time..i realized k 45% ppl didnt liked it at all as thy were expecting koi serious sa interview…but baki k 45% loved it…aur 10% HATERS the MK k…aur phir u cant ignore the no. of likes…..toh actually ppl loved it..itna bura bhi reaction nahi tha..aur twitter per toh mjhe 95% positive reactions mile……..but FB per na….kabhi kabhi mjhe lagta hai saari industry k actresses k die hard fans ne ikhatte ho kar koi mahaz bana liya hai MK k khilaf…lol
        Acha interview is divided in 23 parts(2,3 mints k parts)….jinko mene 2,3 yrs pehle dekha tha…tab toh poore parts the but ab kuch parts mujko utube per mile baki dailymotion per..jinko mene tune.pk per ek sath upload ker dia hai…..bt still P13,15,16,18 nahi mile…
        ..toh aap ko irritation hogi but surely u gonna have fun..isko dekh kar hi main MK ki fan bani thi (Humsafar se kaafi pehle)…….aap agar poora daikhen toh bataiye ga porani MK aur aaj ki MK main koi fark hai ya nahi…
        P1 : http://tune.pk/video/1485672/Atif-Aslam-on-Weekends-With-MahiraPart-1

    • Waslaam Aisha, How are you?
      Nahin, havent had a chance to watch it a yet. I dont want to watch it chalte phirte so I am saving it till I have a chunk of time where I can watch it one go, Will def give you my feedback once I am done 🙂

  10. Your review came as a surprise.. Like really 🙂 so wanted to share what i thought on this one…and i loved it.. Reason..only because its our dear Mahira Khan 🙂 very casual and light.. She was looking as usual pretty, she carries such dresses so well..made me remind of Falak in SeZ.. I too wonder like Ali Zafar how she have managed to keep her innocence intact.. Some of Ali’s tidbits were hilarious.. And those moments of ‘what-to-say-next’ was highly because of two reasons.. Ali Zafar was continuously praising her to n limit.. Koi bhi embarass hojaye.. Plus it could be that frankness between them took time to come along… Set was superb. Segments were entertaining….over all a must watch saturday program 🙂

  11. Like the others I was pleasantly surprised that you reviewed more than couple of dramas this week. I always look forward to reading your excellent reviews. In my opinion the hesitation seen on MK’s part at times should not be attributed to AZ since this was a scripted program and therefore there was no element of surprise. There has to be another reason for it. AZ’s responses were very smooth and not at all stilted – could it be that MK was not that well prepared and therefore AZ’s responses were throwing her off? The dance was done beautifully and both of them were in sync which makes me believe that they had spent some time together to practice it which should have put them at ease with each other had this been their first interview together, however this was not the case. Since MK had interviewed AZ prior to this one, she must have been aware of AZ’s flirtatious nature.

    • @Nargis: Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read .. much appreciated 🙂 I had time this week so ended up doing more reviews then usual. This one actually was not something I had planned to review, but I enjoyed it so thought to share my take and read what others thought as well…. discussing always makes the whole viewing experience so much fun 🙂
      I would think there was a script , and as you aptly point out the dance looked smooth, so there must have been at least some basic practice/discussion involved, but what I don’t know is how much they deviated from the script…I guess we will have to wait for a couple more episodes to see whether it is Mk, who is not well-prepped, or if this was a one off b/c of AZ’s quirky sense of humor. Bushra Ansari is another one who is quite the talker .. lets see how that one goes 🙂

  12. Great review SZ, wouldn’t have known about this show if I hadn’t come across your blog. I also agree with many of the readers’ comments, specially Huma S’s. As far as criticism for Mahira goes, it’s beyond my understanding how anyone could be critical of her after seeing her work. People will criticize anyone. The world has acknowledged Malala, yet her own people have done a lot to malign her intentions, and she is a sixteen-year-old who took a bullet in the head. Do you think it’s hard for them to criticize MK?
    Sorry for the tangent, looking forward to watching this refreshing show.

    • @Lara: Hey, Good to hear from you! Thanks for reading the review and following up on it and watching the show. Very well said about Malala … totally agree!

  13. @indepgal i so agree wid u…this is the case i too find.I sometimes visit some of the pakistani drama pages to knw more abt the celebrities and whenever u see a pic of mahira there i see so many comments scolding d gal for no reason simply calling aunty,vulgar n wat not..such cheap comments abt a lady.I just love MK the way she is..her bubbly nature.I just watched this show for MK… MK IS JUST WOWWWW.
    Lootts of love for MK from d other side of d border..just love the gal:-)I love her more from her personality than from her on air characters.I sumtimes think dat they shud be proud that they hav such a gr8 actress.Anyway thatz my POV:-)

  14. SZ! Thank God a new thread has started and for once I know what is happening on the television :p I had been receiving updates of each one of your reviews but never jumped in the middle of discussions because I hardly knew any of the dramas. Gone are the days when I knew every bit of television soaps/plays 😀

    I am sorry for not joining in the discussions but I surely missed them terribly!

    Coming to TLSOL, I was thoroughly entertained by this launch episode. It was fun, entertaining and not once did I feel like getting a hold of my remote controller! A win win!
    Since her VJ-ing days, I have loved Mahira -the host. She is very candid, very honest and very spontaneous. Not a slave to script or at least the written verses. She is lovable as a host, hence I do love her 😉

    Ali Zafar was a great guest too, he was honest and came clean about everything, didn’t have airs in his style of conduct/speech. Again a lovable hunk, hence I did love him 😉

    Looking forward to the next episode and then a review from your side 😀
    I am so excited to be back!

    • @Heela: Hello hello ji! Baray dinon baad! Ab to waqai MK ka shukriya ada karna chahiye …this thread is sounding like a SeZ reunion 🙂 How’ve you been? hows parhai going? Glad to know you will be watching this one 🙂 Ab ghaib mat ho jana! Are you also watching Muhabbat subh Ka …?

    • Hi Heela
      I finally saw this talk show, read the review and then saw your comment. Hope all’s well with you? Been busy with studies I guess…good to have you around again 🙂
      SZ, mazaydar show tha! Apart from a comment here and there- it was all good. MK is gorgeous and so ‘sweet’ that it’s just relaxing seeing her converse.

  15. AOA. Hats off to your consistency in keeping feet in two boats at all times. Rave review of program here but agreeing with all the rants that are being expressed on tweets.
    You are obviously trying to do damage control for all the hate you showered on Mahirah Khan in your reviews on Humsafar. As you have said so yourself on Twitter, you are now feeling bad about having done that.
    Expecting all your fanclub members to attack me now with sarcasm. But truth will always prevail, make no mistake, as many readers can see through your blatant contradictions. KH

  16. @ALL: Here’s a question for you all… do you think we should have a review for every ep. or should we do a biweekly double review? I’ll wait to hear your thoughts and take it from there…..

    And for those who havent yet seen it … here’s the promo for the second show

    • Ahaa next week seems cool 🙂 i would suggest go for biweekly double review.. Will be much easier for u and zyada likhne me mazaa bhi aayega 😉

  17. Since this program is not a continuation of a drama but stand alone show with different guest each week, it makes more sense to do the review on a weekly basis. Moreover with the depressing winter months (more so after the holidays), your in-depth beautiful reviews and discussion forum thereafter are something very much to look forward to.

  18. If you have time then weekly review would be better because the guests will be different every week..

    Promo of the second show looks fun …i like bushra ansari since i watched ghoonghat.

  19. Glad you asked! I think a weekly review will be more fun.. Since each show has a diferent guest and in some cases two guests, a weekly one might work better! 🙂
    hopefully its not too much pressure!! 🙂 🙂

  20. Yes I think a weekly review will better too! With different guests I think we will get a very different flavour each week..
    Bushra Ansari show seems like fun,. she always cracks me up! Mk looking lovey as usual but Im not so sure abt her sari this week tho.. poora dekhein ge tou pata chale ga!
    With Shukk, MSKSH and Tuc.. three reviews a week.. we are in for some great fun weekends ahead!! thanks @SZ! Keep the good stuff coming! .. mmmuuuaahh!

    • Thanks, Ash, @FA, @Huma S, @Nargis R and @Rehmat for your feedback… cool! weekly it is then … looking forward to all the discussions 🙂

  21. Hey , this show was awsome! I loved it, specially mahira khan. Such a talented girl mashallah !!
    Well can anyone tell me that ye kis designer ka dress pehna ha mahira ne, i really loved it and wana buy it ! So plz tellme i’ll be thankfull 😊😊

  22. Hey SZ!!!!
    weeklyyyy! Weekly! We would never be sure what to think of it before we see its review go up on this blog 😀

    I am great, studies are coming along well too but very tiring. I never get time to sit in front of the Television screen that much but I have made an effort to catch up on sub ka Sitara and MK’s show…as they serve as flashbacks to 2011-2012’s Hum TV…a very,very positive change. I wish, I wish we see more of such great work on TV in the future and do not enter a phase of ‘NO QUALITY SHOWS’ 😀 iA!

    I had missed you all more, the discussions and the debates. MK Keliye tou Anna tha, and very true about the SeZ reunion! Yay!

    I will be trying my best to contribute to this thread and I promise not be M.I.A this time around 😀 looking forward to some great fun and entertainment! Let the show begin!

  23. just recently discovered your blog after getting into Numm. Im not really a blog reader, but I thoroughly enjoy yours b/c they honestly sound so much like ME! you are very good at putting the review together and hitting all the highlights. As for this Mahira Khan show, I enjoyed the episode. Mahira surprised me with how good she was at the host thing. She is a wonderful actress, but sometimes the way she speaks can sound so monotonous. Its nice to see this perky side of her. As for Ali Zafar, he was oooooozing with flirtation, which was kind of shady being that hes married, but also makes for good tv I know. overall fun episode. looking forward to seeing the next episode and reading your blog. 🙂

    • @MR: Hey! Lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words, I am glad you are enjoying the reviews and our crazy convos 🙂 LOL@ sounding just like you .. I hope that’s a good thing! 😉
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this episode. You know, way back when Neeyat was airing, my biggest complaint about MK was her monotonous voice, so yeah totally agree with you on that criticism. But since then I think she has worked very hard and since Humsafar I have noticed a gradual improvement in this area. In any case glad to have you on board, and I hope we will hear more from you on the Shoaib Malik episode this week. And haan, since you found us via Numm, how come we haven’t heard fro you on that thread? Any last, lingering thoughts you want to share. Any comments on what the writer had to say about Numm?

  24. I still think about Numm from time to time. Im a big Fawad Khan fan, and Sania Saeed is fabulous. It actually saddens me to see how the drama deflated, bc like you said, it just had SO much potential. For me, the moments shared by Fawad and Sania were worth watching again. I understand the criticism of the drama, and that newcomer actress was absolutely horrendous, and I cant believe poor Fawad had to act with her, but I dont understand why people were critical of Fawad and Sania. I think I read online somewhere that Fawad wasnt too happy with the Numm shoot, but not much explanation given. I mean I could guess, but I would have liked to hear more from his and Sania’s perspective. What did the writer say about Numm? I think I missed that… (btw this Masooma aka MR )

    • @Masooma: Re: Numm, the writer commented on the finale review .. and as per his comments, the story we saw had been so heavily edited that they cut out 3 eps worth of scenes … the question as to why it was done remains unanswered as yet .. plenty of stories around it but nothing confirmed so not worth talking abt… but yes, for all its drawbacks Numm was memorable because of Fawad and Sania, and since this was perhaps his last tv serial for the near future, it becomes all the more memorable because of it. I know the majority of the viewers hated it, but we here on the blog have very fond memories of it .. and oh you might be interested to know that Barey Sahabs haveli is making a reappearance in Laa .. another potentially fab serial that started last Sun on Hum .. check out the first ep and see if you care for it .. but that thread has been a lot of fun, and a lot of Numm convos going on there…maybe we’ll meet there, no? 😉

  25. Your review was nice. I am a bit late but I want to say that this is not the homegrown version of Kofee with Karan. KWK is itself a huge copy. In the west, David Letterman and Craig shows are completely same but they are never told of copying. KWK do not have the copyright of such themed show and anyone who has such theme should not be blamed of copying.

    • @namrawajid: Hello! Good to hear from you and thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

      Enjoyed your comment and I get what you’re saying, and agree ke if you see it that way then there s nothing really “original” out there, everything is inspired from one thing or the other. That said, I think whereas KWK was “inspired” by David Letterman and other US talk shows, TUC did borrow a bit more heavily from KWK, … And on those lines, I don’t find HSY’s talk show anything extraordinary either .that one too is no more than a composite of a bunch of other popular talk shows ..

      Would love to hear more from you on the other serials I am reviewing … are you watching any of those?

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