Sannata ~ Episode 10 Review


That love is a many-splendored thing is something of a universal truth. Since time immemorial poets have been exhausting themselves trying to describe this multi-textured emotion we know as love. One benevolent gaze and the besotted lover is forever lost to those around him, that fleeting moment of joy being enough to last a lifetime. Conversely one harsh word from the cruel beloved is all it takes for the despondent lover to sink into depths of despair. Whether they enjoy the highs of ecstasy or suffer the lows of agony, lovers of all ilk are common in that once afflicted their lives are no longer their own. Their pleasure and pain, laughter and tears are beyond their control as they oscillate between emotional highs and lows. Looking in from the outside this might seem like an unenviable position to be in, for lovers, however, this is the point from where the journey towards the goal begins, where the world is eventually left behind and all that remains is the love of man for his Maker.  

Seamlessly picking up from last week, this latest episode found Ruqaiyya and Pari back at the haveli. No matter how much he tried to convince her otherwise, Ruqaiyya refused to heed Azam’s passionate entreaties and adamantly rejected his outstretched hand. For Azam, this rejection was a bitter pill to swallow. Once home, for the first time we hear Azam’s side of the story. In proposing to her, he’s not just seeking a wife but also looking for a way out of a particular way of living, the foundations of which are laid on immorality and corruption. Needless to say his boldfaced denouncement, of the very values that his parents held so dear, is not looked upon favorably by his cheat of a father. Caught between a lifestyle that he wholeheartedly rejects and a beloved who refuses to succumb, Azam finds himself in a very difficult position. He’s come far enough that there is no going back, but then the way ahead is not so clearly marked either. Simi Raheal is such a fabulous actress and its such a pleasure to see her play the quiet and understated Najma. She and Danish Taimoor were very good in the bedroom scene. 

While Azam suffers through agonies inflicted by Ruqiyya, the few stolen moments that Naseeban once shared with her mystery man have left a profound impact on her life. The once easily scared girl is no longer afraid to push back at her husband when he tries to stop her – nothing and no one is allowed to intrude on her time with her beloved. But, as her tree-man chastises her, it is she who knows and understands the mysteries of love, not her husband. Hence her expectation, that he understand her, was a futile one. It was, therefore, up to her to show him what love meant and illustrate to him the lovers’ way. Naseeban’s is definitely one of the most intriguing tracks in the story and I cant wait to see how and where it intersects with Azam and Ruqaiyya’s track. The younger couple could definitely use a leaf or two out of Naseeban’s story. The DOP Rashid Abbas has done an excellent job in maintaining the aura of mystery around the tree scene, and Yumna Zaidi looked stunning as the young Naseeban.   

Coming to another thread in Saji Gul’s exquisitely knit story, Azam’s no-holds barred declaration of love has brought about a sea change of difference in Pari’s behavior. No longer is he counted as a friend, who was once placed on a pedestal almost high as the one Ruqaiyya apa occupies. Rather, Azam is now the enemy, one who was threatening to take her beloved Ruqaiyya Apa away from her. Hence we see her plotting, telling Bi Apa about Ruqaiyya’s presence in Azam’s room and later snooping around for his letter to Ruqaiyya. Sajal is going from strength to strength as more facets are revealed to Paris personality. Her gradual devolvement, the crazed, almost manic look in here eyes and her continuous fidgeting with Ruqaiyya’s hair, when both were outside eavesdropping on a conversation between Salma and Bi Apa, was beautifully directed. Another scene that literally sent shivers up my spine was the last scene, where Pari/Ruqaiyya was swinging on the swing in the darkness. Stunningly directed and shot, this swinging back and forth, between light and dark,  provided a beautiful visual to underscore Pari’s rapidly deteriorating mental state.

Shauki’s was another track that left me wanting to know more. A wanderer, as much a seeker as any other other characters here, Shauki cannot but stop himself from seeing Pari. Though scared by him for now, I can’t help but wonder how long before Pari succumbs to her inner inquisitiveness and wants to find out more about this man. Who is he and what does he want with her?

An entangled tale of lovers and beloveds and pleasure and pain, Sannata continues to draw us deeper into a world where the play of light and dark is such that it makes it very difficult to separate fact from fiction and myth from reality. Looking forward to more next week. 

Written by SZ~

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  1. Now!! Thats what called ”sabar kha phaal meetha hota hai”:D
    @SZ.. superlative, out-standing, matchless, splendid, magnificent and Alaaaaaaaa….!! last time i have discussed the review first, but now, m not going to repeat my mistake again!! this first comment is just for U..
    As much Sannata is beautiful,, this review and ur words made it more than beautiful.. yaar, wesy tou all ur reviews deserves to clap on for U, but as for me, the way u give light to all the happenings in the play, ur description, ur selection of the words, and above all, the sequence u follow by discussing each n every character in a limited way and time, according to the readers that we don’t face any problem while reading….M thank full to U n ur superb blog for taking out Sannata, to ur precious words and wore the golden colour to this play..
    Firstly, lovin and just lovin the description of the term ”love” u made by referring it to the poets and writers as to me, no other feeling can be as huge as Love is.. characters explanation, is admirable..!! yumna ziadi is indeed,doing the best part of her career..!! Seemi raheel is a legend and a true honoured lady!!
    Sajjal and Yumna, both are doing splendid jobs..!!
    Also loved the description of last, swing scene.. it was breath-taking!! even, except the white dots at pari’s shirt, and black spots at Ruqayya’s shirt… and yes, the hair styles, uffhh.. that cleared indeed pari’s mingling with Ruqayya!!

    What i loved ur review, is that, along with the characters, with story, with dialogues.. u put all the team in the lack of ur spell-bounded words.. really,, DOP has done a supreme job, and the way u recount the names of writer, direcor and actors!! there is no any other person except U, who sketch out the real strugglers in their reviews!! they used to circle round the story n characters!! So from the depths of my heart, a big big big hand of admiration to U @SZ.. no doubt, u have made it more beautiful!! don’t know how to justify with ur golden words.. im speechless!! can’t able to collect words for ur struggle for all of us.. just two words BE Blessed ever!! i dont know how much our appreciation is reasonable for U, but nothing can paid the effort u did!! splendid yaar!! awesome awesome awesome!! I wish i could have more words but m just nothing to say!!
    will back after some time to discuss the review!! this was purely just for U!! nothing as U deserve!! Loved loved n just loved ur review 🙂


    • def sabr ka phal meetha! sahih baat hai maza aagya!

      didnt pick up on the dots and prints.. was just taken in by the whole toing and froing from R and P..but thats what i love abt Sannata the attention to detail!

      and yes seemi rahil was splendid.. R has some hope, she can escape the screeching from her saas and go to najma.. lol and sajjal was is absolutely flawless! Ive seen her in too many of these demented type roles and always found her a bit unbearable to watch, but here shes in a league of her own! the subtle facial expressions when Azam is leaving, the manic look in her eyes and all.. and all the layers in her confused personality.. never thought id say it , but you’ve won me over sajjal!


      • yaar that scene was justttt.. what to say! really ever beautifuly created.. 5 times repeat dekhun ge tou dost notice me ayen gy he 😛
        waqai Sajjal is toooo gudddd.. she has also won me.. before Sannata, she was just achi hai but as u said, she’s flawless in it!! Sannata will lead her career!!


  2. woww!!! @SZ such a beautiful review! Its not just Sannata growing from strength to stength to strength, your reviews for Sannata are drawing us deeper and deeper into your beautiful words.. I’m floored – yet again!

    I wonder if everyone else is speechless after reading this… I had to finish off at work and thought i’d join the party before the Chasm-e numm night begins.. but where is everyone??

    Now u’ve said it all here.. summed it beautifully

    The scene of the episode was the Najma Azam bedroom scene.. u can really see Azam’s pain… Last week u said u Danish wasn’t shining through.. i felt this episode was Danish’s episode!

    I also loved how Amma bi can feel for R.. she can feel she is in pain. I love this character. And that takes me to ur statement u made a few weeks ago ‘her hesitant affection’.. She is the one who has actually kept this place going, and not let everything fall to pieces.. she is one strong-willed woman! We can see how these 5 women are so strongly knit together.. they are not just each-other’s strength but also each others weaknesses…. and R and Amma bi can foresee the domino effect if any one of them leave is removed without much thought and care.. one little and knock in the wrong direction and they would all fall..

    And R/P jhoola scene.. the pendulum.. to-ing and fro-ing.. we will see the R surfacing P in the coming episodes.. P has been taking A’s raction as he made my R apa cry, but it R in P who has been dealing with the A’s love factor.. So far R in P was the shock absorber.. but now thats R is ready to be leashed.. nice to see R mentioning the medication.. I wonder what will happen to her ilaaj now that A is back

    I did get a feeling of R’s bezaari in this episode.. the hair play bit was done beautifully.. bezar from her halat, her standing, her position,.. longing for love, even winning her love in return, but not being able to take the trophy.. and same kinda goes for A

    But heres the difference : A is willing to let go of everything.. infact he wants to escape that everything.. whereas R is too scared of letting go of anything else. She feels she must carry the burden with her.. (SO she can carry on being the Saint R, the naik Parveen she felt she had to but this burden is way too much to carry around..

    Naseeban’s track.. def most intriguing.. but id like to see it move on.. i didnt feel much happenned on that front n this episode..

    after a long time we also heard abt P’s father.. so hopefully we will hear more on that soon too..

    Like previous episodes, this episode had some beautiful lines too.. and they kept coming to wow me! For me, these lines r the biggest strength going for Sannata! love em!

    All in all loved it! …
    @Sz yes pbbly kafi kuch bhool gayi hoon.. but not to worry will come back for that.. im sure everyone else will highlight some of them issues..

    btw started dil diya dehleez the other day.. and OMG almost fell over.. spotted Danish in it.. a teeny tiny character but looked hillarious in his long sleek hair..


    • sorry one more thing: re A & R and them willing or not willing to let go.. whether they are willing to let go of everything around them or not,, it is who they are and where they belong thats is the barrier/ obstacle/ hindrance .. For R its her family and the haveli, and for A is his lifestyle and asaishein & even his family etc.. Although R is scared of taking the plunge, its the irony for A that he wanted to get out of that daldal..the very thing he wanted to escape and was longing to leave behind, abb uss ke aare aa gayi hai.. ‘aaj mere baap ki daulat ne bhikar ba diya hai mujhey &
      ‘wo khud ko mere qabil nahin samajhti..” i really felt for him – hai bechara!


    • yaar! lovin ur ”jhoola scene, pendulum to-ing, fro-ing!!
      Indeed! Danish was awesome with it.. waqai ”baap ki dolat ne mujhe kuch nhi dia”….. mohabbat can’t buy with doolat.. proved!


      • @ayesha.. muhabbat daulat se khareedi nahin ja sakti.. true.. magar yahan tou is dolat ki wajah se Azam ki muhabbat uss se chin rahi hai, khareedna tou door ki baat.. wo tou bhikari bann gya hai iss dolat se, aur rukayya use bheek mein bhi muhabbat nahin de rahi.. jagah jagah bati hui muhabbat bhi nahin..


        • awww itna dukh 😦
          but mohabbat in sb se guzarny k bad he milti hai yaar! Ruqayya bheek dena he nhi chahti, mohabbat dena chahti hai aur dy bhi rhi hai, mohabbat kar b rhi hai but.. Azam tou zindage bhar k sath chahta hai na.. it is still not possible for Ruqayya 😦 yaar Azam, pari n Ruqayya, all deserve mohabbat but mohabbat.. pata nhi kesy milye ge in sb ko mohabbat..!! me bhi sad 😦


  3. oh hhaan.. picking up from last week.. i really enjoyed A’s reaction to R’s sainthood /martyrdom , and playing hard to get.. ”mujhe hadd se ziada suljhe logon se ghanrahat hine lagti hai”.. ”aur aap mere samne drame baazyan matt keejye,.. ” and then his empty threats of never returning.. yeah right! lol

    and the floating staircase in that scene was lovely.. i cant quite put it in words but i thought the whole floating steps and then amma bi ka ooper se sunna aur aana.. i thought that was beautifully done..


    • yeah that was really beautiful 😀 all credit goes to pari for being such careful for Ruqayya appa ”mein janti hun Azam tumhen tang kar rha tha mein he appa bi ko wahan leke gai the” 😛 haha i really enjoy pata nhi qn rather to being furious on pari.. she was so cute with her stappo and ”Ruqayya app mery sath khelo na” like Ruqayya k sary masly ik taraf pari ka khel ik taraf 😀


      • lol @ Ruqayya k sary masly ik taraf pari ka khel ik taraf… so true.. P and her lil games.. lol.. so true abt enjoying P, otherwise sannata is so needs P’s puryas.. lol


      • @ayesha.. btw i was focussing on the steps here lol ..must admit first time around i missed some of the dialogues i was so engrossed in that.. had to rewind and see what was being said that made amma bi shout out lol


        • haha no worries chalta hai 😛 see i have shorted my name to ”ayesha” for ur ease 😀
          the dialogues were something that made appa bi to shout n even their meeting wo bhi rat k us pehar was enough more to make appa bi shout..
          yaar i watch pari, as some source of relief otherwise Ruqayya had se zada sanjeeda pann is too depressing :/


        • haha achaa really?? 😀 then thanK u zaror zaror daliye smileys wesy m too much used to make them and at this page my comments show smiles more than any one 😀 sorry guys if it irritates n enjoy if it looks gud ^_^


          • @ayesha nahin yaar love em! Better than my lols and hahas .. I must get used to typing em.. Im too used to using emicons on the fone but they dont work.. 😦 need to get used to typing them now! 😯


            • haha awww thanK u sweeite 🙂
              no yaar ur hahas and lol are just too gud infact i used ”hahaha” more than using ”lol” like natural hansi 😛 by cell phone waqai its a lil bit difficult but when i read comments thoroughly uffhh my comments have yellow colours and rest of others (especially urs) looked too much decent and mine just bachkana 😀 haha


  4. “Ap phir say shuru ho gaye Azam miyan” The way Ruqqaiya talks with Azam is quite irritating. She obviously exaggerates with her politeness so much so that it almost sounds ridiculous and cheap. It wouldn’t be the case if she were polite towards Apa Bi & Co as well, especially towards her mother. (Ayesha I am really sorry to say this, but I can’t help it. This is how my heart responds to this aspect of this serial. I need to follow it.:))


    • come on @Sofia.. u know very well why Ruqayya is being too harsh with Azam.. she wants to reserve herself before him as a lil attachment with him, will be questioned n it will make the situation more worst.. distance. rudeness, harsh behave, as what she’s doing, is the demand of time!! she’s not doing it for fun n to enjoy!
      ”ap phir se shoru ho gaye Azam miyaan” was not cheap at all.. she’s struggling on lots of places, even with her self.. n u know that its very difficult to give up mohabbat but she’s doing for those people who need her,.. give her some space then u’ll know that there’s nothing wrong in her.. otherwise, weaknesses are a part of human being.. i just ignore her faults by just ”she’s a human being”.!!


  5. The scene between Ruqqaiya and Azam was toooooooooooooooo filmy. Romantic scenes in serials should be at least a bit natural.
    Ruqqaiya “the Naik Parween” behaves like a heroine who sacrifices her love for Apa Bis honor that she is not permitted to infringe. Thus, Ruqqaiya might have saved her sovereignty, but implicitly suggested inferiority complexes to Azam. On the other hand she knows that sooner or later Apa Bi will give in.
    Azam describes his world as “daldal” which shows his reluctance for it. He is attracted by Ruggaiyas world and vice versa. He is courageous enough to leave it whereas Ruqqaiya “the Naik Parween heroine” lacks the courage to do the same.
    Pari has not realized yet what has happened between Ruqqaiya and Azam. For her the whole issue has only one title “he will deprive me of my Apa Ruqqaiya”. She is extremely possessive about Ruqqaiya. Pari has three personalities, her evil-self, her real-self and her Ruqqaiya-self. The promo indicates that she is unable to separate real-self from the other two. It seems to be a matter of life and death.

    Again shirk has been emphasized in two forms in the night scene between Dhool Wala, Pari and Co. In first variant it has been glorified whereas in the second rather questioned that has to be assumed keeping those facts in mind that have been narrated as yet. Dhool Wala sees Pari as personification of God. He believes that the access to God is only possible through her. This is what I am referring at as shirk or as an utterly hindu concept. Since this is in fact happening in our society, it should be addressed, but rather critically than affirmatively, particularly because the majority of Pakistanis are practicing Muslims. In this sense I am not against giving an account of it, but only against its glorification.

    “Na wasal mila na judayi..” It says that she has neither confessed her love for him nor they have departed as lovers. This scene sounded a bit melodramatic. Besides, it made clear that Azam is quite unsatisfied with his situation and his empty world. He is not less isolated than Ruqqaiya, particularly because of his otherness. This episode also underlines the similarity between them both.
    To Naseeban’s story: In todays episode it sounded more fictitious. The writer seems to be uncertain as to whether he should depict it as pure fiction or rather as myth. The first mentioned is rational and impossible whereas second mentioned is reality based, still irrational.
    This installment was not as poignant as the previous ones were. The story is slowly progressing.


    • @sofia id say border-line filmy… but to be honest thats what i felt the character is asking for.. it just shows R’s struggling within herself between what she really wants and what she doesn’t want to wreck and loose..

      i don’t think its just apa bi’s honour is at stake that she and apa bi are trying to save here..the havelis kharcha pani is still coming from Azam’s father.. She has seen implications of Husna’s khud-gharz muhabbat.. and she knows if she goes for it too, anything these ladies managed to salvage at that time and have been struggling for all those years will be swept away in that sailaab too.. R has played a major part in this and she would not want to see her struggles gone to waste either.

      for Azam the letting go is somewhat different.. he never played any part in getting the aram and asaishein.. creating the daldal.. so he is not bothered what happens behind him.. but R fears that if she gives her hand to him, instead of pulling him out and saving him, she might get sucked into the daldal , and since everyone is holding on to each other so tightly inthe haveli, they will all get sucked into it.. sab tabaha ho jae ga..


      • @FA
        By Apa Bi as head I actually meant the honour of the whole family. It is their sense of honour that has led to all incidents including the death of Apa Bis son and husband and her misbehavior towards Husna, her death etc. Honour is the most valuable thing for them. Husna infringed it and you are right that Ruqqaiya has experienced the implications. Therefore, she wouldn’t do something that has similar implications, more for their sake than for her own. Apa Bi’s character has a blurred perspective. She sees most of the things in the darkness of that specific “incident” (Husnas elopement). I mean Azam is Ruqqaiya’s uncle (risthay main), there shouldn’t be anything wrong with his marrying her.
        I think, our points are not contradicting but rather complementing each other. On the other hand what would exactly be the implications if Ruqqaiya marries Azam without his parents and Apa Bis approval?


        • @sofia yes we r not contradicting.. but i dont see this as just an honour isuue (which it is anyway) but its also a survival issue.. i mean their livelihood is based on whatever A’s dad spares for them.. He is their only hope outside the haveli. The women of the haveli are too sheltered to earn for themselves. Apa bi knows too well that there is no way he, and especially his wife will agree to take R as their bahu. she fears losing not just her brother but also the support that the whole haveli is relying upon..
          so its not the mamoon or bhanja issue, nor it is an age issue in reality… these r just the bahanas.. but the underlying fact is that the haveli can’t survive without the current support system its standing on.. whether its the support from inside or outside the haveli.. Apa bi was happy to take A’s support for Pari, but she wouldnt have it on everyone else’s expense..


          • On the other hand Apa Bi knows that Ashwaq is administrating her fortune. Ruqqaiya knows it as well. In one of previous episodes she refers to a letter of her grandfather that declares him as owner of the whole property. If they weren’t financially dependent of his father, Apa Bi would still not approve this marriage without Azam’s parents asking for Ruqqaiya’s hand on his behalf. Thus it would remain an issue of honour as long as Azam’s parents don’t comply.
            However, since it would be hard for them to take back what in fact belongs to them as you have said their life has never gone beyond the premises of Haweli, it might be a survival issue as well. 🙂


        • @sofia but dont we all struggle with our nafs and what we want.. that doesnt make us filmy.. does it? its natural…human nature.. weighing out pros and cons.. and we often find that we do end up choosing whats right for everyone around us.. no?


          • @FA.. exactly what i just opine.!! every one in this world is struggling for something or some one and struggle is in the nature of human being! heroines are the makhlooq of our world, they dont live on mars n jupiter that only heroines can filmy.. is tarah tou we all will sound filmy in our own ways


            • Piyaaaaaaaaaaaaaari Ayesha tum asal bat say bohat door ja chuki ho. Tum khud wapas aao gi ya main madad karon?
              Tum mujhe hasanay main kamyab ho chuki ho. Bohat shukriya 🙂


          • Kiya ap waqayi serious hain? Kis struggle ki ap bat kar rahi hain? Struggle to tab hoti jab wo Apa Bi ko razi karti kay wo Ashwaq Mamoon ko razi karnay ki koshish karain. Wo “baychari mazloom Naik Parween heroine” to apnay hi dil kay khilaf ja rahe hai or koshish hi nahi kar rahi Apnay haq kay liye larna to Jehad hai.


            • @sofia with struggle I meant her inner struggle.. her heart telling her to go after her love, but her mind is telling her to weigh out all the factors and stay put.. (thats why i mentioned our struggle with our nafs and that not being so filmy but being part of human nature) ..
              she can only go to apa bi etc once she has come to a decision herself..

              as for apnay haq ke liye larna is jihad.. well R obviously thinks khud ki khwahishon ke khilaf doosron ke liye larna uss se bhi bara jihad hai..


          • Even if you meant her inner struggle, I wouldn’t call it as such since she has given it up by clearly rejecting his proposal. She has already made and announced her decision. This is the reason why she is suffering. However, as we all know that she will change her mind when Azam’s parents ask for her hand.
            Secondly, in religious terminology the struggle bin Nafs means that one fights against his or her evil self that tempts him or her to commit sins. This is the biggest struggle. Therefore I wouldn’t use the term struggle of Nafs while describing her situation because it is not applicable to her. Her inner desire to marry him is not a sin that her good self is struggling against.
            By the way who is she struggling for? As far as Pari is concerned, she has spoiled her so much so that her decay is inevitable.
            The whole scenario she sacrificing herself for others sounds still filmy to me, especially because of the melodramatic scenes. It would sound a bit natural and real if she at least talked to Apa Bi and her mother about her desire. Filmy in this context just means away from reality. 🙂

            Please ab mujeh bhi bata dain kay reply tap ko kis terha khatam kartay hain.


            • @sofia re reply button: im not sure but i assume its a word press thing.. It goes after certain numbers of comments in a thread i guess.. Perhaps @sz or someone else might have a better idea


            • @sofia sorry, I think we r going round in cirlcles here.. lol.. perhaps it was my mumble jumble not making much

              now first of all the filmy scene u were referring to in ur initial comment was before the refusal..

              secondly, yes she would accept the proposal if A’s parents asked for her hand.. but they all know that ain’t happening just like that.. they fear the backlash from him and his wife on finding out the very inkishaf, resulting in not just ”aanch” on their honour but also the survival factor that we were discussing above.

              thirdly, re nafs: as i mentioned above R obviously thinks that letting the haveli wale (her own ppl) suffer would be ”more wrong” vs going after her love.. or supporting them would be ”more right” vs going after her love.. now whether religiously its correct or not is not the issue here. It’s what ”her zameer” is telling ”her” that matters… & what her zameer is fighting for.. hence i used the term nafs.. and we all do this everyday.. weighing out one good vs the better and vice versa and so forth.. no?

              and lastly ur question who is she doing it for: as we both agreed earlier, for the honour and survival of the haveli / haveli wale.. P might have been a major factor initially when R thought A was interested in her etc., but now her main focus is the matter of survival..(& the honour which is connected to survival anyway)

              i hope i make more sense this


          • “..know first of all the filmy scene you were referring to…” I have no idea what you are trying to say. To you second point I have nothing more to add since I have made my point quite clear.
            Do you want me to agree with you on the following points? Please answer with yes or no.
            1. She is struggling against her own desire to go after her love.
            2. The term struggle of Nafs is applicable since she considers it wrong to abandon Apa Bi & Co to their bad fate.


            • @sofia lagta hai hum bhi A aur R ki tarah parellel roads par sath sath chal rahai hain.. magar yeh raste milte hi nahin hain.. lololol..

              btw would love to hear ur take on the letter too..


  6. It was not easy to understand what has been said because of loud background music. I wish there wasn’t any background music in serials. What do they write dialogues for if they shouldn’t be audible to viewers? I am sure most of the viewers don’t watch serials to see actors’ faces.


  7. I know my comments are full of criticism, but I follow my heart while writing the comments. If I feel like I should praise it than I will do it. I will never force myself to say something which contradicts my inner inclination.


  8. Azam rishtay main Ruqqaiya ka mammon lagta hai.
    Jo kuch bhi Apa Bi nay Azam say kaha wo us nay anna ka masla bana liya or bad main gusa sara apni maa or bap par nikala.
    “Main nay jo bhi faisla kiya hai bohat soch samaj kar kiya hai.” Sochnay ka waqt hi kahan mila Apa Bi ko bator kirdar kay.
    Har maa ko apni baiti ka faisla karnay ka haq hota hai.
    Kahan hoti hain isi larkiyan jo bay tharak larkon par martin rahain? Aik hi dafa martin hain ya bar bar?


  9. To the review:
    Indeed a very deep and informative review! I would put the beginning phrase in inverted commas since it sounds like a quotation.
    “He’s come far enough that there is no going back…” In his letter he has already taken the possibility into account that she may continue refusing his proposal and hence his agony will go on.


  10. Yay! Without your reviews, watching Sannata wouldn’t have been so great! Your analysis always makes a lot of sense and gives a great perspective to the the story. And you are a gifted writer but I think you know that already 😀

    As far as the story goes, I simply love the way Pari’s role has been written. And I am stunned at the outstanding acting of Sajal Ali, she has come into her own here. Except Azam’s mother, everybody has been spot on with their roles.

    It would be interesting to see how the drama develops now and where it goes from here. How does Shauki comes into the scheme of things would make for great viewing I guess.

    I am loving the dialogues as much as anything about the drama too. From the simple language of Pari to the beautiful conversations between Ruqaiyya and Azam, one can get a taste of everything really.


  11. Now back to the story and review!
    this episode was again a hit! however, Azam n Ruqayya’s closeness is too early and intense for each other.. Now, when Ruqayya has released the tension after Azam’s izhar e mohabbat, a number of problems are waiting for her.. she’s not getting her self to depend on Azam in just a lil bit manner.. her rudeness, her stubborn attitude was just her fight with the foreseen consequences her family would have to face, as their over-protection and over sensitivness is leading them to.. haveeli’s people are struggling wo wash out husna’s badnami, in their own way n thats what Ruqayya is doing most of all! ”ye apka shehar nhi, yahan tou ahaat bhi sunai deti hai”.. yani k they are becoming more careful and concious to the happenings! Azam’s frustration as at its peak which has made him to giving such comments to Ruqayya, with whom he’s admired, whose intellect has attracted him, to that person he’s forced to say ”mujhe hadd se zada suljhay huwe log achu nhi lagty”.. where was this thought when he admires each n every aspect about Ruqayya.. the most important, like the mojbori of moahhabt, that he’s criticising the element, which was the reason to love her.. now thats called the edge of helplessness that his statement was reminded by his tension and he proved himself ”asaaishon ka mara huwa, jicko ye nhi pata k krna kia hai”.. Azam is trying to convince Ruqayya, but Ruqayya?? does this character n this girl don’t deserve our love?? what she’s doing?? she’s constantly struggling for those people who need her, she has always become the source for all of them to not to give up! Azam longing for Ruqayya is just for himself, to complete his love… but Ruqayya, even after loving him, but still is not considering him as her life-partner.. thats what mohabbat called and demands.. she’s seeing all happenings that would damage their rahi sahi izzat in their relatives..
    Appa bi’s class of Azam and Ruqayya was too touchy.. appa bi was like having ”jhota n naam nihaad bharam” for her brother which she dont want to loose.. Azam’s angriness was come to light finally that his father is exploiting them but still Appa bi… just.. ”Ruqayya tu ne he apni umar ka kuch khayal kia hota”.. I really wished at that time that Ruqayya must become ”kia huwa hai akhir meri umar ko”’.. but she can’t.. Azam’s utterance at that time in a loud shouted manner ”ap chup rahein, bilkul chup, ager khud faisly nhi kar saktin tou kismat ko karny dijye ya baron ko”.. yani k he also knows the reason why Ruqayya is getting hesitate.. Appa bi’s hand for Azam were not easy to accept! Ruqayya’s ans to him ”mujhe apka jewan sathi ban’na manzor nhi Azazm”.. that just bring tears to my eyes.. hoe much obessed, how much helpless she is for herself.. she can easily take any decision for salma, nasseban bi and for pari, but for herself?? n this is the most worst thing she’s facing..

    Salam’s arguing with appa bi that why she has refused this proposal, was really a question to be! Appa bi, was looking soo much sympathetic there.. ”Ruqayya k dil pe jo beet rhi hai”.. all of them are true but hopeless and helpless..

    Azam’s leaving haveeli in such stage of agony, Ruqayya’s tears for the refusal, and pari’s reaction to see Ruqayya’s weeping for Azam.. all were beautifully blended with one another!

    Azam’s feelings of remaining ”khaali hath” and ”kanglaa” without his mohabbat were just too gud! Danish taimoor, i guess, was at the peak of his best with his dialogues he utters with Najma ”bari ammi mujhe roshni chahiye, bari ammi mujhe Ruqayya chahiye”… she needs a light to take him out from this artificial shine, form which he as fed up and find ”sakoon” in haveeli just bcuz he finds ”roshni” in haveeli.. Azam’s frustrations and helplessness also justified him that he’s not wrong if he is wishing Ruqayya as a life-partner!

    what make me laugh was pari’s ”Ruqayya appa mery sath khelo na”.. yani k Ruqayya appa’s all tensions on one side and pari’s game on one side.. cute she was! pari’s acceptance that she was the reason to make aware appa bi, meeting between both of them, was for Ruqayya as if a mother punishes herself for her child’s mistake.. pari: ”wo dawai nhi zehar hai, Azam chahta hai k mein mar jaon”.. once again her words give me another jerk, that whether she’ll die!! 😦

    Azam’s letter to Ruqayya and pari’s reaction and salooq she did with her letter was as same as expected..! at the same time, shauki’s entry in pari’s sitting and his dialogues!! uffhhh!! mystery mystery mystery… cant help to get disturbed by shauki and pari’s meeting every time, infact his one sight is enough to disturb pari as well as me.. it makes that what he actually wants.. pari: ”mery pas kuch nhi hai”.. the way she was getting afraid, was perfect.. Appa bi’s sudden entry and abuse to pari, makes me much more sad n disturb and the rahi sahi kasar was completed by Ruqayya’s ignorance to pari at that time.. i was expecting that now Ruqayyaa wil say Appa bi pari ko kuch mat kahein even een she says: ”Ruayya appa mein ne kuch nhi kia me tu wo”.. But Ruqayya was busy in collecting the torned pieces of letter.. it was not accepting for me:/ Azam’s all words were full of self-torturing stage!! that wisaal and hijar..

    Again, the flash-back of Naseeban’s story.. uffhh.. Naseeban’s even not getting under shabban’s pressure.. the way she smiled after having the first thappar from her husband! shabban’s reaction was as if he’s getting afraid of her confidence.. Naseeban’s inner talking and sharin with the tree, all her feelings.. the whole conversation, that needs several claps.. ”mohabbat ager muqaddas na hoti tou khuda insan se kabhi ucki moahhabt na mangta”.. that was just heavenly beautiful diff of mohabbat n need.. any how, this comparison of young Naseeban with Ruqayya, was above the past episodes.. she’s even careless of her husband for her tree,, but Ruqayya?? Ruqayya can’t even imagine to give harm none of her relation..!

    Salma and Naseeban;s argue for the Jin was just to laugh at that time..”kia pata rhi ho”.. appa bi’s commenting on pari, husna and babban was… ”ager pata hota uc babban ka tou khary khary wahan bhijwa deti”.. and what she thinks that Ruayya let her to do that.. she was 12 when she save pari and now when she can take any decision for pari, so she’ll let her to go?? poor appa bi’s ghalat fehmi! salma’s argument: ”pari ko dekho kabhi Azam miaan tou kabhi”.. was too irritating for me.. was not expecting this from salma’s side.. Ruqayya was like bs nhi chal rha tha appa bi k munh me kuch thoons dy or to make close pari’s ear for sometimes.. the way she looked at pari, pari’s pain was reflecting from Ruqayya’s face.. pari’s cuteness was not eough to enjoy even again n again,.. the way she was touching her hairs, her dopatta.. and Ruqayya’s chirchira pann was on urooj.. n lastly when pari swings in front of her!! Ahh.. sajjal, u made that scene!!

    the swinging scene was really as u said, showing pari’s distraction ti Ruqayya, her mingling to Ruqayya.. that was breath-taking and curiosity is now at peak!!


  12. @ayesha thanks for shortening ur name just for me lol.. u too sweet!

    love ur insight.. been waiting for this.. and glad to see it!

    so right abt A’s frustrations.. and danish did a great job here.. we can see the bilkul haara hua, bokhlaya hua Azam.. desperate! from him trying to work out why R uss se door ho rahi hai to, his empty threats.. mein kabhi lout ke nahin aaon ga.. his attemps to win Apa bi at any cost.. he was throwing his toys out of the pram alright! and its funny we keep getting the bachcha reference for him.. even in the last episode in Najma R talk.. and today zidd, khilone, and then Azams desperate chat with Najma.. he was almost crying like a baby.. that does make me wonder is A mature enough..??
    but when R asked A to leave and never return i must admit felt for A more than R.. bechara!!
    i really enjoyed the letter.. poor A wrote his heart out..his disappointment.. the feeling of being lost.. no reason, no rhyme, again just shows his frustration…. (haan waise magar uss ko sochna chahye tha.. agar yeh kisi aur ke hath lag hi jata tou?? )

    ur right abt R’s reaction to ganda khoon and all.. but i picked up on R’s frustration in the sene.. esp after salma voicing her concerns for the ”bechari R”… we can see the change in her attitude at that point.. these cute gestures are now beginning to suffocate R…no?? i think we’ve seen not just P stepping into her sub-consious R, but also R distancing herself from P..

    loved Naseeban’s shahe jinnat se wasta line.. bechari salma ko kia pata.. lol

    also glad to see reinforcement of meds here..dawa khai tou daure nahin pare.. @SZ tum aur dr jahanara ka asar hai abhi tak mujh pe.. lol


    • hahaha ur welcome my dear 😀 n Bigggg biggg thaNx for being glad 🙂
      yeah yaar i have noticed this chirchira pann but what i sums up as if she’s maintaining the distance as if she’s going to marry with that old man?? after shadi bhi tou door ona hai tou abhi ho jao.. like.. n pari’s halaat in next epsi 😦 it will make me cry.. other wise her care or love is not changed at all but as u were saying in last review, her body language, that is something showing her as new Ruqayya.. but dekh lena it is just her waqti ignorance :/ abhi pari’s fits in the next epi Ruqayya have to changed her body language that is hurting me too much 😥 as if M pari lol 😀

      ishq ne nikamma bana dia Azam ko bhi :P.. now really the ziddi bacha in him is matured but mohhabbat has become and made him more ziddi na 😛
      hahaha Ruqayya ki aqal pe tou matam karny ki dil chah rha tha when she was hiding the glasses in her dopatta 😀 but what i was wondering that pari ko parhna kahan ata hai?? ye kia parhy ge?? isko tou bs Ruqayya likhna ataa hai”.. n jb letter ki halat dekhi tou samajh aya k ”achaaaaaa” 😛
      aur she was easy bcuz no one in haveeli is able to read, salma bhi bs ”makoron ka janaza nikalti hai” 😀


      • hahaha makoron ka janaza,..hai wo hamari pehli Allah mian ki gae hai.. KSKS wali ki rumaisa se bhi pehle.. abb kian kahein yeh to fa fail kia balke alif be bhi nahin janti

        haan i was thinking abt P’s reading skills too..

        lol@ ishq ne nikamma bana diya, warna azam bhi admi the kam ke.. kia karain.. im concerned abt P’s ilaaj.. uss ka kia hoga abb.. bechari

        re R’s body language: accept it yaar.. shes not the same R.. abb wo baat nahin rahi apki R main.. pehle wo mohabbat belos / be-loss thi.. ab uss ko iss mein apna loss bhi nazar aa raha hai.. hahhahaa …hence the frustration..


        • haha Lol right Salma is our top of the all gaae 😛
          nhi yaar! to me, Azam is not only bichara here.. all are bichaery here 😦 i feel sorry for Ruqayya, I feel sorry for Azam, I feel sorry for innocent pari..!!
          hehe belos / be-loss mein ucko ab loss bhi nazar arha hai 😀 han shyaad aarha hai n when mind with the whole body get disturbed, it comes out through chirchira panna.. halat he esy ho gaye hain but i just wish k jo bhi ho Ruqayya pari k sath esa mat kary 😦 meri Ruqayya thori se change hoi hai but bs oper oper se.. she’s just trying to be careless warna wo esi nhi hai na…


  13. been meaning to say this for sometime but harr baar bhool jati hoon.. loved the tree dialogues.. but here i must say – the voice of the tree is not doing much for me.. i really wished the voice had more depth in it, that would make these beautiful lines even more worth-while.. i got a sense that they didnt have enough impact.. words were absolutely beautiful though…not just abt muhabbat but nafrat too…


    • yeah that voice if would more strong, it would become something more attractive than it is, as dialogues tou out-class hain but narration is a lil bit weak..
      haye.. Ruqayya’s narration ❤ 😛 sll much pretty voice..!!
      So @FA.. this week's debate topic?? ya koi irada nhi 😦 m dying to discuss it more.. dil nhi bhara abhi 😛


      • @ayesha lol @ dil nahin bhara.. U choose this time.. There was too much of those signature deep dialogues.. The letter, the tree talk, the najma azam scene.. Iss dafa tim choose karo!

        Glad to see im not the only one thinking that.. Such a shame abt the tree voice.. Couldve made some epic statement scenes..


  14. sorry for getting a bit late yaar, was busy for a short time.. hmm finally here to start 1st discussion.. 1st take bhi mujhe di n choice b.. awww @FA.. yaar! kia kahon bs.. thanK u n thats what make me to talk u more! u are more than sweet (as if u says m sweet, so u are more than it 😉
    chalo bachon, aj ka 1st topic, Azam’s letter to Ruqayya 😛 (bichary letter pe ki guzri the pari k hathon qatal hoke) lol

    Azam is getting too much emotional and weak, n it has reminded of all his statements, true to light that he is indeed the victim of mostly upper-class children are.. ”hasraton k mary huwe logon ko pata hota hai k unk sath masla kia hai, mager asaasihon k mary huwe logon ko pata he nhi hota k unk sath kia masla hai”.. and ”samundar k darmiyann bhi pyasa”..
    now it can be divided into several terms.. these statements are no more difficult to understand..
    @FA, this bichara is waqai on the edge of disaster..! Apart from Najma and his discussion., just his letter to Ruqayya.. his letter was not too much difficult to understand as his worst condition is before our eyes.. Ruqayya and Azam’s last argue, has filled the holes and summed up or inter-relating in this letter..

    ”Ruqayya me ne buht koshish ki, k apny apko ic bat per qail kar lun k hum donu alag manzilon ko jany waly musafir hain”..
    uffhh.. kahan koshish ki hai bhai abhi apne :P.. kheir.. ”waqt k 2 bilkul mukhtalif safhy”..
    Azam aur Ruqayya ka age diff, class-diff, status diff, family diff, relation diff.. uffhhh! just disgusting for me.. believe me, before Azam and Ruqayya, i had always been against of all these differences but yahan dekh k tou like.. bs buht ho gaya (akhir kb tk esa hoga seriously feeling sorry for my ownself, for everyone, who’s passing and victim of this cruel stage which our ALLAH has not created for us, but we, our selves have created it and now, are’nt able to give it up).. i don’t even imagine k Azam ne apny apko abhi ye samjhany ki koshish ki hai.. ager koshish ki hoti tou wo ye letter he na likhta.. ye tou apna aur apn mohabbat ka bharam rakhny wali bat ho gai.. ucki ye na-kaam koshish wesy he bekaar hai jesi ho sakti the.. mohabbat ki ic stage pe abhi ye koshish ho he nhi sakti ye tamheed bs mohabbat ki bat start krny aur mohabbat ki shiddat batany k liye kahi hai.. Azam:”alag manzilon ko jany waly musafir”… yani k Ruqayya ki manzil wo ”budhaa” aur mujhe koi bhi larki mil jaye ge (jesy Ruqayya ne kaha tha).. its really to hurting for him no doubt.. yani k ager esa huwa tou me kia karun ga?? me tou apny apko ye samjha he nh paa rha tou amal kesy karun ga.,,

    ”mager shayd mukhtalif simton me safar karny walon k rasty bhi kahen na kahen kici na kici mour per ik dosry ko chooty huwe guzarty hain”..
    now thats called such confused stage!! obviously in mohabbat.. mohabbat k ilawa kici bhi aur chez k liye itna confuse insan kabhi b nhi ho sakta.. ik taraf hmara bichara Azam apny apko samjha rha hai k hamari manzil tou kia rasta bhi ik nhi hai.. aur dosri taraf (hope with being hopeless), ye soch rha hai rasty hamesha ik dosry se jur kr he banty hain aur nikalty hain, tou chahy manzil ik ho na ho at least rasty me he kabhi ik dosry se milty jayen.. ik taraf complete hopelessness hai tou dosri taraf hope hai.. ik lafz mein mayosi nazar arhi hai mager dosry me umeed.. like, ye diniya gool hai, ik na ik din apny mehwar pe aa jata hai b kuch aur mehwar per any k liye ik dosry se guzar k ana parta hai.. tou ye shayd ucki khush-fehmi hai jo ke ghalat-fehmi se har haal me behtar hai..

    ”Log mil kar juda bhi ho jaty hain, mager me kesa bad-nasseb hun jo lazzat-e-hijar se bhi mehroom reh gaya”..
    Ahhh.. peak ov pain!! kia khayal hai?? mil kar,, juda hona zada mushkil hota hai ya mil bagher?? As far as Azam is concerned, he’s just too much weak and broken.. shayd samajh nhi paa rha k mil kr juda hona aur bhi mushkil ho jata hai.. Ruqayya ka had se zada ”suljha pana” jis se wo attract huwa tha, ab tease krny laga hai.. yani k his ”mohabbat khud-gharz he hoti hai” aur waqai he’s standing with his opinion..
    lazzat-e-hijar se bhi mehrum reh gaya.. (ufhh Azam ki confusion ne mujhe cunfuse kr dia hai).. yani k yahan he’s longing at least one izhar e mohabbat from Ruqayya’s side?? he knows very well that Ruqayya do love him.. ” is se pehly tou ap bh mujhe toot kar chah rhin the”.. mohabbat apna pata khud dy deti hai aur Ruqayya k dil me Azam ki mohabbat ne apna rasta bana k khud pata dia hai k wo itny yaqeen se Ruqayya se ye keh gea.. mager Ruqayya ne na apni mohabbat se inkaar kia na iqraar.. yani k ik bar iqraar kia hota tb hijaar ka he lutf mil jata.. iqraar k bagher tou hijar nhi mil skta..mager here, he’s showing himself as a passionate young man who hwabt to get his mohabbat at any cost, and on the other hand, Ruqayya’s mohabbat and intellect is more than that her age.. her maturity and conciousness is nt letting her to do something!! and Azam’s halat, k bs kuch na kuch ho jaye.. ye nhi tou wo, wo nhi tou ye.. koi rasta koi mour kuch tou mily jeeny k liye ik he jugnu sahe mager umeed tou mily..

    ”na wasal mila, na judai mili, mujhe phir se meri be-saro saman tanhai me loutna para”.. Ruqayya: ”mujhe apka jewan sathi nhi ban’na Azam”’.. uffhhh thatt clear inkaar has hurt him to lots of extent.. jesy Azam chahta ho kahen dil he dil me k iqraar na karen tou oir inkaar bhi mat karen ic darmiyan ki condition me confused condition me he rehny dein but kuch bhi nhi huwa.. ye itna alaa mehal type ghar jhan per hazar ha roshniyan hony k bad bhi uck liye andhery he andhery hain qn k mohabbat k inkaar ne umeed k taman diye tou bujha diye, aur jb umeed k diye bujh jayen tou andhera he dikhai deny lagta hai har taraf..aur ye jagah tou wesy bhi khalaa wali nhi hai like haveeli, jahan kam se kam reality nhi tou wo khuwabon ko he enjoy kar saky.. apny khuwabon ki wusaa’ton mein haveeli me reh k tou wo sadiyoun rang sakta hai mager jahan khala he nhi wahan khuwab b nhi.. Hijar bhi nahi wasal bh nhi.. umeed bhi nhi mohabbat bhi nhi!!

    ”jahan na-umeedi hai, na mayosi, na ghum, na khushi”…
    na umeedi hai ager tou phir (mukhalif simton me safar krny waly kahen na kahen ik dosry ko chooty huwe guzarty hain) ye kia tha?? ye tou umeed ki ik kiran the na?? confusion! Azam’s lost self! umeed k sath he na-umeedi ko mila dia.. iqraar ki tamanna karty karty khud ko ye baaw’ar karwa rha hai k me waqai khaali hath reh chuka hun yani k umeed tou kia mery pas na-umeedi bhi nhi hai (bd-kismati)… jb umeed aur na-umeedi he nhi tou gham aur khushi kesy ho sakty hain!!

    ”jesy mery ehsasaat ko laqwaa mar gaya, jazbat sunn ho chuke hain, soch shall ho gai hai”..
    dard k nhi mohabbat k ehsaas ko laqwa mar gaya hai.. dard k ehsasat tou ab bhi yun he ser utha k khary hain jhukny pe nhi aarhy.. ye mohabbat k zakham shayd mandmil hona he nhi chahty aur Azam ko batana chahty hain k dekho umeed khatam hoi hai mager na-umeedi khatam nhi hoi.. shayd he ehsaas mazak uranaa chahty hain aur hansna chahty hain, tanzan ye kehna chahty hain k chaly thy na mohababt karny,, ab dekho mohabbat! jazbat sun ho chuky hain aur soch shall hogai hai tou mohabat ki naqami itna dukh qn dy rhi hai?? ager jazbat he sunn ho gaye hain tou ab koi b jazba nhi hona chahiye na.. phir ye hijar or wasal ka faraq qn sata rha hai?? soch shal hogai hai tou khud ko samjha nhi sakta mager samjha bhi rha hai.. ye jazby jo ubhar rhy hain ye jazby shayd ic liye mehsos nhi ho rhy qn k mohabbat nakaam ho rhi hai aur nakaami apny nader munjamid kr deny ki salahyat rakhti hai.. ye nakami un jazbat ko mar chuki hai jinki khuwahish ki gai the tou ab jb tk nakaami khatam nhi hoge ye mity huwe he sahe, mager jo jazbat reh gaye hain wo mehsoos hon gy!

    ”me apni ic bad’naseebi ka sabab dhondny se qaasir hun”.. jo asbaab Ruqayya ki nazar me hain wo Azam mant he nhi.. all these diff.. mohabbat ka diff manta hai aur wo deny se Ruqayya majbor hai..bad-naseebi ka sabab dhondy bhi tou kia.. k Ruqayya umar me zada qn hai, donu k darmiyan rishta kia hai,, class me faraq kia hai etc etc! ye sabab tou in logon k khud k banaye huwe hain ALLAH k tou nhi phir me kia dhondon??

    ”Dua kijye sabab mil jaye”.. ab ye kia hai?? umeed hai mager mayousi k daman me lipti hoi umeed jic me lakhon girhen hain.. aur ye girhen kholny ki abi uc me himmat nhi hai.. himmat ho bhi tb bhi nhi kholna chahy ga… jic se mohabbat karo, usy mohabbat bhool jany ka kehna kia umeed hai ya na-umeedo?? hony ko donu he ho sakty hain mager Azam ic waqt mukamal distract hai ”ya phir ye k mujhe ap se nafrat ho jaye, shadid nafrat”.. ab kabhi mohabat mangna kabhi nafrat, kabhi wasal kabhi hijar, kabhi umeed kabhi na-umeedi, ik taraf roshni aur ik taraf ghata topp andhery me rehny ki khuwahish.. Ahh.. mohabbat has made him ”kangla” this time 😦

    ”ya phir sooraj apna rasta bhool jaye, chaand apny waqt per ugna chor dy, ye kainaat apny qanoon se mawra ho kar be-hungam be-sab’bi ka shikaar ho jaye, phir shayd be-sabab hamari rahen bhi ik manzil ki ore chal paren”..
    a big UUUFFHHHH.. (Azam miyaan letter tumhara aur shamat meri).. chalo je, yahan tou bat he khatam k kainat he be-hungam ho jaye…frustration, disappointments and depression is now at its unbelievable hight.. esi bat tb he ki ja sakti hai jb insan ko pata he na ho k kia likha rha hon.. wo kehty hain na k ”naya sooraj, nayi umeeden”.. tou sooraj rasta bhool jaye yahan aye he na ta k apny sung umeeden bhi na laye.. jb chezen buht zada be-tarteebi ka shikaar ho jati hain tou phir fana ho kati hain aur fana ho ka hr chez apny asal me lout jati hai.. be-sabab nadiyan aur darya bhi jb mukhtalif jaghon se guzarty hain tou ikathy hoke samundar me he aa k girty hain.. tou ager kainat aur ye tamam jazby, ye nizam is trah be-tarteeb ho jaye tou phir ye umeed bach sakti hai k shayd isi be-tarteebi mein hum donu ki manzilen hi toy rahen he mil jaye chahy ucka koi sabab ho ya na ho..!!

    letter completeed :D… ufffhhh… Azam ne tou theek likha tha but mery andaz-e-bayan ne bichary ka wo haal kia hai jo pari ne bhi nhi kia tha 😛 yaar pata nhi kia kia likha hai ulta seedha i dont know ye buht confusing tha start tou bary shouq se kia mager.. uffhh.. apko buht mushkil hoge parhtu huwe i can feel but hazam kar lijye ga i know lots of mistakes but apk wala (neend ka ghalbaa) tha 😛 Azam miyan ”ab sochta hun koi ghum paal he lun”.. 😛 chalo je, apni he khuwahish the ghum palny ki ab bhugtoo 😀 hehe.. @FA, waqai m sincerely saying mein buht confuse hogai the ye sb likhty huwe itna tou shayad Azam bhi na ho 😛 so all gustaakhis’ plzz maaf?? i hopu u will na?? just waiting ofr ur take ta k mery comment ko kuch saram ajaye” 😛


    • @Ayesha yaar maza aa gya! No gustaakhis at all.. lovged it! I knew Azam was down in the dumps and really felt for him but after i read ur peice, i realized i had underestimated his suffering!
      Ok let me get back to you on this one.. i think youve said it all really well.. , Ill see if i can add anything else to it.. but we are def on very similar raste lol


      • @Ayesha and FA: hey guys.. Sab se pehle tou sorry couldnt interact with u guys last week.. I so wanted to lekin har baar kisi na kisi waja se rehjaats 🙂 but i must you both are actually making it more interesting to discuss.. Uske lye thanks to SZ for her reviews 🙂 its fun to read different perspectives


        • @rehmat hey! Good to have u back.. Chalo so long as we r not getting on ur nerves lol.. But pls jump in with ur thoughts this time!
          In the middle of a lamba chora explaination of the letter.. Would love to hear ur take on those lines and the tree ones too..


          • @FA: aww thts sweet of you.. This time will inshaAllah try to peep in.. Ohhoo ye tou mushkil kaam dedya tum ne larki.. My take on those lines n tree man convo.. Im not good in analysing it like u guys are 🙂 i love to read analysis lekin khud karna.. Aisa hoga jaise sardi me lawn ki dresses pehnana lol 😉


            • @Rehmat, haha lol what example u have given with sardi me lawn k dresses!! so funny!
              n last week, we both missed u at that diwaan type duscssions 😛 really it was too much fun but ur absence were missing as few observers are here for sannata and when any of them don’t make the presence it get a lil bit sad for me but yaar no worries ab aa gai ho na 🙂 lets have a gud time!! bs ur nazr e karam that we r making it more interesting otherwise i think that my words don’t do as much justice as it demands!! but @FA is really cool.. (FA ab last epi dekhon tou discussion kam aur kajrary pe zada dhayan deti hon aur tumhry comments yaad kart hun lol)
              chalo Rehmat u bhi dive in aur bs sannata k liye sardi me lawn bhi pehn lo not a big deal 😛 as FA said would love to hear ur takes!!


            • @rehmat hahaha sardi mein lawn.. Hum ne garma garm heating on ki wi hai.. Lawn shawn sub chale gi haha
              Nah honestly like i say meri jhakk se barh ke jhakk mar sakti ho kia yaar?? Would love to hear how u read these lines..


          • haha @FA.. raste are if similar then destination will also the same 😛
            thanx yaar for appreciation warna was much confused Azam’s letter has turned me to distraction at that time as if all his sufferings are speaking in his words and thats why t was difficult to pick up the reason behind his tooty phooty words! but tum samajh gayin hats off to u really 😉


            • @FA!! yar come on dont be like this!! there’s no jhakk at all:/ itna achaaaaa awesome discuss karti ho ab ye kehna tou negative exaggeration hai apk liye!!


            • @ayesha re: itna achhaa: yeah tou aap ki zara nawazi hai !! Lol honestly sometimes even i cant make head or tails out of my own comment when i go back & read it.. Tou mere mumble jumble mein se kuch bhi nikal lena bari baat hai yaar! Hats off to u really!


            • @ayesha re sajjals eyes: defo.. I think i mentioned in another comment too.. Not just eyes but also slight change in facial expressions too.. All coming and going at the same time.. P’d happiness and relief.. Also trying to understand Rs feelings.. and then mirroring R’s sadness and dispair..

              As for kajal – that really puts me off.. Actually even R’s kajal i find a bit OTT at times.. I wish they go easy on that! Lol


            • Ayesha and FA: shukrya mehrbani for encouraging 🙂 chlo i will try.. Tum logon jitna acha tou nh likh sakti.. Balke likh he nh sakti.. Hehe


      • @Rehmat.. don’t underestimate ur self dear!! bat likhny ki nhi samajhny ki hai aur bs enjoy karny ki.. do it, it will be awesome m damn sure..
        aww thanK u for appreciation yaar bs kuch na kuch logic bana he lety hain hm donu mila jula k 😀


  15. SZ you are on roll with your reviews 🙂 maze aagaye hum readers and commentators ke tou..let me repeat.. I am loving your sannata reviews 🙂

    What makes drama a worth watching one.. Story, acting, direction, bg score, cinematography, editing and a balance way to keep the pace of show intact.. These things we can actually see here and This week it was one of episodes that needed some kind of thehrao.. Azam and Ruqqaya conversation which lead to azam’s bursting out at his parents and then sharing his sorrows with bari maa was shown in really nice way specially scene with Seemi Raheel.. Danish Taimoor is doing great as Azam miyaan.. Loved the way he said to ruqaiya app tou chup hie rahen.. Lol.. Good going chote miyaan.. I liked the letter part.. Full of romantic lines 😀

    It was good to see them mentioning that after taking medicines pari is not getting those fits.. And like sz, fa, ayesha have said about her expressions while azam was leaving that they were superb.. I also like her moment with shouki.. Now this is really getting interesting as finally they both interacted.. Pari playing with her ruqqaiya apaa’s hair and dupatta was an excellent shot.. These kinda little showings are enough for viewers to get the hint.. While they were listening chori chupe ladies talk.. I so loved when naseeban bi said to salma about kya pataa jino se raabta raha ho and her expressions.. Totally class 🙂

    And now younger naseeban.. SZ again agree with you on Yumna Zaidi looking stunning.. She was shown exactly like a new bride with whole lot of roop on her.. Ab no wonder ye roop kiski waja se tha but the look she gave to shaban after being slapped.. My my.. Absolutely spell bounding.. There was something terrifying in her looks that not only poor fellow got scared even i was like oh goodness isme koi ghus raha he kya.. The tree man conversation i liked the most in epi.. Talking about muqadas mohabbat and how true it was 🙂 Saji Gul have written beautifully.

    Next epi precap showed some interesting clips.. But agr vo na bhi dikhate.. Sannata tou ab behraal most awaited drama he 🙂


    • @rehmat lol@ good going chote mian!! Loved him!

      And uff that Naseebans look after shabbans thappar! Now that was one crazy look! This girl is gutsy! Yeah i got that is she possessed feeling too! Yumna was superb here! Her eyes just ever so slightly rolling.. Perfect!


      • @FA.. yar mumble jumble sb ka he hota hai but all this is not at all.. otherwise my mumble jumble is more forward to u:P
        yaar what about pari’s eye gesture when Azam was leaving the haveeli?? uffhhh ik tou her kajal then her expressions, like speaking from eyes.. that was great!! I think sannata will include sajjal’s eyes for ONE nomination lol 😀


      • @FA nhi nhi Ruqayya’s kajal is also too much cute (mery liye tou hona he tha 😛 ) but just loved sajjal’s expression!! actually this serial is emerging lots of best skills to do like she’s presenting best of her career! ooh yes have read ur point in one of ur comment! really true!


  16. @ayesha let me start with saying good chioce! and great start!! im glad u picked this one first.. indeed too much confusion here lol

    @SZ and @all pls if u guys can make any sense out of A’s words please help us out!

    I wasnt sure how to read those apart from confusion, desperation and defeat..and u covered it really well.. but ill try and add whatever extra i can..

    Ok here goes:

    Let me start with the previous scene:

    A : ‘insan se agar bila jawaz uski muhabbat chheen li jae tou wo sari zindagi yahi jawaz talash karte karte airya ragar ragar ke marr jata hai”

    R’s spontanious and woriied response ” Allah na kare”

    A: aap mere liye zindagi ki dua matt kijiye, aap ko koi dua karni hai na tou meri maut ki dua kijiye.. ya phir yeh ke mujhey aap se nafrat ho jae, shadeed nafrat take mujhe iss karb se chutkara mile

    Now i feel this letter was connected to this convo..

    in his letter he is saying that after R’s flat out refusal and apa bis inkaar and leaving the haveli with an ultimatum of no return.. he feels he has lost his muhabbat.. uss se uss ki muhabbat chheen li gai hai.. aur ab woh sari zindagi is ka jawaz aur sabab hi talash karta rahe ga..

    This letter was also an effort to evoke that spontanious be-ikhtiyar response that he saw from R in the conversation mentioned above when he mentioned his ‘maut’..

    What I also loved about this scene the torn letter.. shows how torn azam mian is.. his thoughts are all over the place, his heart broken.. someone who always talked sense and was so sure f himself was now so confused and unsure of himself..completely lost..and not just lost his way but also lost his will..he is also a hara huwa musafir…(lost his battles) and then we see R trying to put together the peices of his letter, read his thoughts, making sense out of his scattered words…

    what i found interesting was that i got a feeling of connection here.. just when R was reading about their raste being juda juda..

    btw even before that when A was going on abt his feelings, N’s expressions were priceless.. she could see him shattered…completely broken down.. loved seemi!

    anyway coming back to the letter..
    ”Ruqayya me ne buht koshish ki, k apny apko ic bat per qail kar lun k hum donu alag manzilon ko jany waly musafir hain mager shayd mukhtalif simton me safar karny walon k rasty bhi kahen na kahen kici na kici mour per ik dosry ko chooty huwe guzarty hain”..
    he has tried to convince himself to understand R’s reasons for not accepting him.. but the more he has tried to understand the more he has found himself confused..
    he has tried to convince himself fthat they r on two ”parellel” roads..going in the same direction but their destiny cant be the same.. they will never intersect each other, no matter how hard he tries..
    i am totally with u but im just throwing in another angle we can look at it:-
    alag manzilein: he knew R’s problem was P’s attachment and haveli and her ultimate aim in life would be helping Pari..whereas A wanted to escape the daldal / asaishoun ki maar situation he was in..
    raste milna/ choote huwey guzarna : A tried to help P and the haveli wale in the hope ke shayad un ke raste mil jayin..

    ”Log mil kar juda bhi ho jaty hain, mager me kesa bad-nasseb hun jo lazzat-e-hijar se bhi mehroom reh gaya, na wasal mila, na judai mili, mujhe phir se meri be-saro saman tanhai me loutna para ”
    He tried.. uss ki sari koshihein nakam ho helping P, (like he said in the last episode)…
    if R had showed her willingness, perhaps he would have something to hang on to.. but her flat refusal and asking him not to return, has shattered all his hopes..If she hadn’t refused, perhaps wo is umeed ki lazzat se hi hijar aur wisal ki takleef mein khud ko behla leta.. but he had to return to his ‘daldal’ without any hope.. abb uss ke paas karne ko kuch nahin hai.. sochne ko bi kuch nahin hai..@syesha like u said bilkul kangla reh gya hai
    be-saro-samani: now heres another irony – he is sent back to his asaishon ki dunya that he was trying to escape.. he has all the wealth in the world around him, yet he is feeling be-saro-saman..he is back on the rasta of escaping this daldal that he originally set out on..and it it seems like more he tries, the more this daldal sucks him in..

    R had dropped the letter after the wasal, and hijar talk.. Words following this shows how shattered he really is..

    jahan na umeedi hai, na mayosi, na ghum, na khushi, jesy mery ehsasaat ko laqwaa mar gaya, jazbat sunn ho chuke hain, soch shall ho gai hai
    @ayesha def with u on all accts.. just goes to show he empty he feels.. how his thoughts r everywhere..
    laqwa: he wants to see umeed, but he cant even see mayusi.. he wants to see khushi, but he cant even see ghum.. jaise laqwa mein insan jo kehna chata wo tou kia kuch aur bhi nahin keh pata hai..aur jaise laqwa mein damagh bol chal ka sath chor deti hai .. waise hi his brain can’t connect with his feelings..
    he can’t even think straight anymore..

    ”me apni iss bad’naseebi ka sabab dhondny se qaasir hun..
    from here onwards i found strong connection to the previous scene.. like he said before .. ”insan se agar bila jawaz uski muhabbat chheen li jae tou wo sari zindagi yahi jawaz talash karte karte airyan ragar ragar ke marr jata ha”… he cant find the jawaz hence the iztarab and mayoosi..

    ”Dua kijye sabab mil jaye” :
    compare this to his earlier statement ”aap mere liye zindagi ki dua matt kijiye, aap ko koi dua karni hai na tou meri maut ki dua kijiye.. ” .. then he goes on to explain the sabab..

    ”ya phir sooraj apna rasta bhool jaye, chaand apny waqt per ugna chor dy, ye kainaat apny qanoon se mawra ho kar be-hungam be-sab’bi ka shikaar ho jaye, phir shayd be-sababi hamari rahen bhi ik manzil ki per chal paren”..

    ie agar sabab nahin miley to qiyamat aa jae.. maut aa jae.. like he had said before which had made R jump.. perhaps this was another attempt to make her jump..

    also agar dunya berabt/ besabab hui.. zalzala aaya tou shayad these parellel roads end up touching/meeting/ intersecting each other.. and that point of intersection will become their destination/destiny… and that will become the sabab and eventually his reason to live..

    so basically he wants either the sabab and jawaz / his reason to live or ”maut”…

    so there u go! my take on the scene..(infact the series of scenes).. i thought i was only adding lil bits.. but yeh kafi ziada add ho gya… ab iss me sabab aur be-sababi dhoohd lo.. lol

    @SZ would love to hear ur well-grounded take on this one


    • @FA.. waooo.. thats beautiful yaar really loved it!! every word is the solution of my confusion (chalo mila jula kar letter ka jawaz ban he gaya lol) 😛
      ohh yeah thats really perfect analysis of Azam’s ”bilah jawaz mohabbat ka chin jana” indeed! all the other reasons are nothing to him.. true!
      torn letter.. torn Azam!! wao beautiful.. awesome..yani k all these disappointments lead him to shatter and broken like the pieces of letter..
      surely! ur take is perfect to what Azam tried just for Ruqayya’s sath and still he’s not able to win this..
      loved the comment of be-saro samani and the word u have chosen for his world ”daldaal”.. as if the more he’s trying to coming out of this, he’s forced to back in it!
      yeah that ”laqwaa” word is much enough to pick out his thoughts at the edge of disaster he has won in mohabbat! certain picking of laqwa u done yaar!
      obviously true! as if he’s praying to have some parallel collision of the destination of them both and after this collision all the elements will find or make their own way and a chance, a ray of hope, a roshni aur like umeed out of na-umeedi will then able to make his feelings alive which are scattered to a dangerous extent!
      his broken and ghum feelings proved that ”insan sirf khushi aur rony se he nhi, bal k kici ko kho kar ya haar kar bhi buht kuch seekhta hai”..
      ahhh loved ittttt! ‘maut’ and ‘qayamat’ like if there’s no room for my mohabbat then there would’nt be any room for any thing else in this world!!
      haha no yaar all this was full of sabab and asbaab and have picked up all of them! all solution cleared and now ”yeahhh @FA hum ne Azam k letter ko amar kar dia” hahaha 😀 na na ye zada nhi tum ne aur likha hota tou i would enjoyed it more even than enjoying this time!!

      n yess one more thing (ur words)”.and then we see R trying to put together the peices of his letter, read his thoughts, making sense out of his scattered words”…. the way u stated that Ruqayya was collecting the pieces of this torn letter, like she’s collecting shattered Azam before her, loved it seriously!! as if she wants to give this one feelings to Azam’s broken personality like ”sameet lena chahti ho” .. (dekho meri ruqayya itni achi hai na lolo :P)


      • @ayesha chalo glad ke meri confusion se aap ki confusion kuch door hui aur haan hum ne mil jul ke kuch na kuch azam ke letter ka jawaz bana hi liya .. Kuch raste kuch manzileon mila hi leen.. hahaha

        Loved ur azam ka sametna! Excatly! If only she can go out and do it for him now.. Bechara bohot tarap raha hai ab!

        I do wonder next week wo kaise apne maan baap ko bold ga? And if P is upset abt R marrying the budhdha or accepting going to A??

        And ji janab aap ki R bohot achi hain lol


      • Haan btw forgot to tell u i nearly had a heart attack last night when i thought i had lost this lamba taranga message when my comp crashed on me! Sigh of relief when somehow managed to recover it.. Otherwise dobara likhna tou pata nahin ho sakta ya nahin!!… Shukr hai ke bach gya!


        • @FA obviously for that budhha Ruqayya says yes:. n pari will get another fit as her junoon!! uffhhh the way she was shouting.. too much bs!! 😦
          n pari is not concerned still to ”whom” Ruqayya is getting married, she is concerned to Ruqayya’s marriage” and like ”tum mujhe chor k nhi ja sakti”..
          hehe Ruqayya tou bs Ruqayya hai 😛
          O_O OMG!! pata hai when i was commenting last night it was vanished suddenly and at that time i have completed even 75% n my heart stop to beat i just ufffhh ye kia ho gaya but by pressing Ctrl+Z it come back! same with u O_O amazing!! might be any prob would going on


      • @ayesha btw i didnt choose the word daldal.. Remember A’s convo with N.. Thats what i was referring to.. How A described his world and his state od dospair…So all credit goes to A and @saji gul..


      • my confusion was really vanished after @FA’s description..!!
        @Rehmat, tumhri smilies dekh k thora buht hosla huwa tha kal warna mery yellow yellow comments were lookin very bachkana 😛


      • nawazish! lol
        @Rehmat waiting for ur take on this letter too…
        @ayesha love ur smilies yaar.. they bring some colour to our somewhat gloomy dark sannata.. not bachgana at all.. keep em coming.. if only i could too.. 😉


  17. Thnk u SZ for breathtaking review of Sannata n providing these amazing viewers a platform to express there love for the play.. Woe Ladies u guys rock… Itna toa shayed mujhe khid smajh nhi aya jitna yeh play aur is k characters apko smajh a rhe hai 🙂 thats why i say its not the writer or the director nor actors but the characters themselves who create their own parallel world n its impact on the screen n eventualy viewer’s mind.. Hence. Its between u n the characters now so its better for me not to spoil it by dictating my thoughts on u guy 🙂 stay blessed all of u…. Including the one who has a very strange way of apperiaciating… Smajh toa ap gye hon ge 😉


    • Glad to see U here @Saji bhai! and ways of perceptions diff from one to another may that it is!
      aur ye ap thanx mat kijye even we are thankFul to U for such a splendid work u have done! its really a brilliant stuff and we r enjoying it to our fill, and sorry i we’d mistaken
      in any of ur character as if u are the creator of them and we’re not able to understand them to such extent that u can., but trying our best to get from it as much as it is possible!! yeah the parallel logic is now cleared that how characters speaks for themselves!! by my side, thanxx for appreciating Saji bhai, first thanx to U for giving such extra-ordinary stuff, than to @SZ , for such beautiful and supreme review and blog to discuss.. than to all my dear fellows (@FA, rehmat and Sofia) for being there!! its my gratitude to be a part of Sannata!!


      • @ayesha awww thank u too for being my partner in crime in dissecting every single word and every lil detail in every scene! Loving this journey with u!!


        • me too loving this journey 🙂 thankxx to u too yar 🙂 suchi our dissection is more than enjoyable than to argue 😛 after being so serious while commenting when arguments turned complete i read all the comments and these bring a smile to my face ^_^


    • @Saji Gul thanx for dropping by and thanx yet again for creating such amazing characters and even more so for giving us such amazing lines to enjoy and explore..This episode was just a treat where we had those special lines in every other scene.. We will be going mad here this week lol

      As u can see we r well and truly hooked!!! Perhaps we do go a a bit far out but we r absolutley loving it! And thanx again @sz for giving us this space and letting us go wild! Lol

      We did miss u last week tho in our adabi mehfil. Lol

      Understand the parellel universe for the viewers etc.. So why not give us some behind the scenes gossip..We would love to hear some insiders tidbits if u can drop some…That would add even more to our sannata experience!


  18. Hatts off SZ .. Keep writing sucj awsum reviews… 🙂 readin it is like getting full reward f the efforts i did as Sannata’s writer


    • @Saji Gul: Thank you so much for the kind words .. much appreciated! Thank you also for following the review and the comments .. it maes he discussion so much more interesting when ppl associated with the team interact with us readers .. I hope you will continue following and dropping in from time to time to share valuable insights into these fascinating characters’ motivations.


  19. @FA!! yaar kahan ho?? abhi tou buht kuch discuss karna tha where are u all guys?? 😦 @Rehmat?? @SZ ,make ur entry here too!!


    • @ayesha hey! Hazir janab! Haan tou ab kiya discuss karna hai? 2nd choice bhi aapki hui! Lol chalo take a pick and start.. Ill join u in a bit..
      I need to come out of my insane numm mode… I think @SZ bhi baqi threads pe hazri de kar farigh ho kar yahan chakkar lagain gi lol.. Sannata needs that particular state of mind u see.. Lol warna azam wale letter jaisi confusion aur confusion paida karr deti hai hahaha


      • na na yaar ab 1st choice tumhari hai 😛
        hahaha Azam ka letter yeeeyy bichara letter like bechara Azam.. pehly pari k hathon zakhmi huwa baqi kasar me ne pori ki 😀 chalo @SZ have to make her presence at several threads i understand yaar but ap jaldi se Numm k mood se khushki pe ayen aur sannata k gehry samnudar me ghoota zann ho jayen 😛 haha lol uffhh ye urdu adab 😛


        • @ayesha hahahaha wah wah!! kia numm ke mode se Khushki.. Sannata ka samndar aur ooper se ghota zann!! Aaj tou phir mukarrar mukarrar kehne ko dil kar raha hai! Hahaha

          Chalo what abt the tree talk?? Ya azam najma scene? Ya R A before being caught scene?


          • hahaha @FA loved ur Muqarrar Muqarrar!! ammmm.. chalo pehly tree talk.. start ap karo ge aj me pehly enjoy karun ge yeahhhhh 😀


            • @ayesha acha chalo ji whatever u say.. I need to catch up on some stuff.. Give me a few hours and ill be with u.. In the meanwhile if u want u can go first and i can catch up.. Offer is there lolol


    • @Ayesha: hello hello… yaar, I was gone all day today isliye just trying to respond to all the friends on various thread 🙂 Sannata araam se kal… its already 2;30 am here 🙂


      • no prob at all @SZ wesy bhi u have proved k ”sabar ka phal meetha hota hai” 😛 chalo best of luck for ur all threads me actually baqi sb dekhti nhi warna sb per aati.. MSKS bhi watched just to comment on ur review 😀 koi bat nhi kal tk aur khazana jama karty hain FA aur me ta k ap aur enjoy karen yahan ake lol 😀


  20. haha nO @FA i’ll wait for U bs this time want to read u first!! and i can wait take ur time and be easy! after all jo bat hijar me hai wo wasal me kahan 😀 hehe lol 😀


    • hahahaha lagta hai zam ke letter ka bohot ziada asar ho gya hai.. hijar aur wasal ki batein!!!! hahaha .. chalo mein ne umeed ki shama to roshan karr di thi lolol

      sorry yaar hijar aur intizar bohot baha diya lol.. got caught up in stuff and took longer than expected.. should have my paper with u shortly lol


      • yaar @FA tum ne sahe firaaq dikha dia wesy 😛 lagta hai meri wording se impress hogai ho bs ye letter ka asar tha hahah 😀
        intehaa hogai intizar ki 😀 hehe no worries yar be easy jb bhi ao 🙂


          • hahaha abhi shall hoagi the tou itna kuch likha hai 😛 gham-e-firaaq me hr koi wesy buht out-standing sochta hai!!
            chill yar me wesy bhi complete ”weehli” 😛
            wesy na ye hr comment me kehna zaruri nai k ”its not appropriate” :/
            loved it!! u have done complete justice enjoyed it thoroughly and must say ”la-jawaab”.. alaa..
            me ki kahun ge ab wesy O_o its really really beautiful described yaar!


            • yeh tha ghame firaq ka shour.. (waise pata nahin kahan suna tha yeh phrase.. damagh mei atak gya hai lol)
              soch shall ho gai this iss liye der ho gai sochte sochte
              likhne pe aae tou likhte hi chale gaye
              yaar had a long day today.. shayad ghame firaq se ziyada ghame rozo shab ka asar tha.. lol had a mental block..
              phir jo likha tou pata nahin kia kia ulta pulta likh diya..

              kher abb aap ki bari.. mein ab aap ke sath hoon lehaza aap ko ghame firaq nahin hona chahye.. ziayada intizar na karwana meri tarah pls. waise iss paper ko parhne ke baad tumhari soch bhi shayad shall ho gayi ho tou i wont blame u lolol


  21. I just went back and watched the scene again.. and the lines are just so beautiful that I really don’t think I can do justice here.. im really struggling with this one… @Saji Gul honestly lovely stuff there!..

    Ok ill try and see what I can do.. i felt the lines are generally self-explanatory and universal.. but i’ll try and find a different perspective here.. We know naseeban’s story, but ill try and connect it to the present scenario…

    N is somewhat like A jo muhabbat pa ke bhi use hasil karne ki koshish karr raha hai.. and the tree is like R who is asking him to go back to his own world..& not hate the people responsible for their situation, (and in A’s case that would be his parents), because hatred leads to distruction.. and she feels A is on the verge of destruction.. (ok abhi se it all this pbbly sounds totally dumb and makes no sense

    T: Shabban se nafrat matt karr..
    N hates shabban for not letting her come to the tree..being a hinderance.. and the tree has sensed it

    N: kaise na karon? na jane konsi zaban samajhta hai wo
    as in ive tried being nice and listening to him.. she had been honest and upfront about her commitment and love to the tree but he still stops her. he doesnt understand her love for the tree..just like A.. zalim samaj khas tour par his own world esp his parents are failing to understand his plight and leading him to hate them..

    T: Wo na-samajh hai. wo nahin janta ke wo khud jall raha hai. nafrat harr aik shai ko phoonk deti hai. samait apne. nafrat se kuch hasil nahin hota. nafrat se koi shaks kuch hasil karr bhi le to wo khud hi jalta rehta hai.. sulagta rehta hai, andar hi andar koile ki tarah..
    Shabban is reacting like that because he is jealous.. jealous of her love for the tree. so tree is asking her not to hate him for his jealousy.
    nafrat is a negative emotion.. its almost illusional / saraab.. hatred can lead to nothing…even a small spark of nafrat can slowly and gradually lead to nothingness. koila raakh bann jata hai.. jo phoonk se bhi urr kar fana ho jata hai..

    btw here i found jalna (jealousy) = nafrat (ki aag) is very interesting.. jealousy leads to hatred and then rahi sahi muhabbt ko bhi nafrat mein hi badal kar fana kar deti hai….

    before this we see A’s state.. it seemed like he was at the verge of destruction too.. he was talking abt duaa karein karein shadeed nafrat ho jai take main uss mein fana ho jae..

    lekin mein usey kaise samjhaun ke tum kia ho.. tum kon ho..tum mere liye kiya ho..
    similary A cant explain to his parents ke R uss ke liye kia hai

    T: use muhabbat deti ja..itni muhabbat ke wo khud apne aap se ulajh pare.. (loved how they show the uljhi hui tree branches here).. wo khud apni nafrat se nafrat karne lage..
    don’t worry about his jealousy, or nafrat.. uss ko apni muhabbat se hara do.. ur muhabbt will work like pani on the sulgte koile/ nafrat ki aag .. itni muhabbat do ke wo apni nafrat aur jealousy bhool jai.. wo nafrat muhabbt mein badal jai.. then he would have to hate his own hatred and jealousy.. nafrat ka aik hi ilaaj hai and thats muhabbat!

    aur agar wo na samjha tou?

    tou uss ko uss ke haal pe chor de.. magar apni muhabbat ko khud pamal na karr..apne raste se matt bhatak..uss ki nafrat se ghabra kar too apni muhabbat ka rasta matt chor.. tera rasta wo nahin rokta.. uss ki nafrat rokti hai..

    and if this ilaaj doesnt work, then leave him to it.. but dont let ur muhabbat turn into nafrat.. for even a small spark of nafrat for him (or his jealousy and nafrat for the tree) will eventually destroy ur own muhabbat.. like the sulagta koila turning into ash..
    N’s muhabbat for humanity and all creation was given to her in her shugun..(ref the scene where she saw the tree man for the last time).. she must not let his nafrat destroy this great gift.. she must preserve this and thats her rasta..

    what stops her in her rasta is not shabban himself, but his jealousy and nafrat within him.

    too nafrat se use hara bhi de gi tou nafrat hi jeet jai gi..
    absolutely love this line!
    tou asal muqabla tumhari muhabbat ka shabban se nahin, shabban ke andar ki nafrat se hai..maqsad tumhara jeetna nahin, balke aik nafrat ko harana hai.. the real issue is ”muhabbat vs nafrat” and the real objective is not just to beat nafrat, but let muhabbat win! and thats only possible if u never let any nafrat come near u..

    tum kehte ho ke muhabbat muqaddas hai.. phir shabban ki muhabbat kaisi hai? jab wo mere kareeb aata hai tou mujhe uss se ghin aati hai.. shabban ki muhabbat itni makrooh kion hai?
    if shabban is jealous of her mohabbat for the tree, then Naseeban is failing to see the reason behind his jealousy.. ie shabban can only be jealous if he loves Naseeban in the first place.. but she cant see any love in him…she just feels disgust.. and if love is muqaddas, then she should never feel this disgust and revulsion..

    aksar hawas muhabbat ke behroop mein insanon ko dasti hai.. bhes badal ke faraib deti hai.. magar phir wo korh ki tarah insan ki por por se phoot parti hai.. kiun ke wo muhabbat nahin hoti..muhabbat tou muqaddas hoti hai. agar muhabbat muqaddas na hoti tou khuda insan se kabhi uss ki muhabbat na mangta..
    the tree confirms that shabban doesnt love her…its the hawas/ wanting more / wanting her that makes him feel that he loves her..but in reality its just an illusion .. and when u come near that sarab/ the faraib, u realize its not actually muhabbat.. ..
    korh ki tarah por por se phoot parti hai: jabb hawas ke mare uski raal tapakne lagti hai.. wo ”bekaboo” ho jata hai..thats when u get to see the ugliness of this hawas and greed.. just like leprocy which starts from a small spot but it spreads and covers the whole body in its ugliness..
    in a way A’z parents hawas can be seen like that.. ooper ooper se tou aapa bi aur haveli walon se mohabbat ka libada orhe ke faraib karte hain magar ander hi ander lalach ke marz ne unki shakhsiat ko itna badnuma kar diya hai ke A ko un se ghin aati hei..

    Phew!! now thats one long paper.. aur most of it is absoloutely nonsensical.. yaar @ayesha hijar aur vasal ne mujhe bhi A ki tarah ki paper likhne pe majboor karr diya hai..
    i know how he mustve felt now..hhahahahaha aur hamdardi ho gai hai uss se.. lololol


    • woww thats was impressive FA 🙂 u are understanding is well… ill just explain one thing here… Ruqqya and Azam no matter how mature they think they are they still view things from a limited view… specially for Ruqqya her perspective is limited to the haveli, its sufferings, books and the the stories that are being told to her… Naseeban’s story interprets the meaning of love to Ruqqya.. as being addicted to books Ruqqya always needs theories to step into practical appplication… Her age difference with Azam is quite disturbing for everyone around… so Ruqqya its one of the major reasons why Ruqqya is hesitant… Naseeban is indirectly convincing Ruqqya to accept this proposal cuz Naseeban’s love story is far more stranger than herself…


      • @Saji Gul Oh thanks for that.. of course! I can see what u mean now,.. interesting insight,.. especially how Naseeban is actually trying to convince R in her own way.. and how R’s perspective is limited and how she needs theories.. didn’t look at it like that at all!
        thanks again for such beautiful lines and for this new perspective!


  22. Ammm wesy tou i think u have almost discussed the whole stuff relating these dialogues n yaar, perfect! another great work u done! how nice it is that it gives so much of things or ways of perceptions to see one thing from lots of sights and put them altogether in their contexts!!

    Really!! this stuff is heavenly beautiful, the more i heard them the more i loved them!!
    all Nasseban’s flash back can be compared to all the present characters, ruqayya, pari, Azam, Appa bi and last buy not the least, Husna begum!
    so here I opine!!

    Tree: shabban se nafrat mat kar..
    the most closest man to Naseeban here, is Shabban.. tree knows that why naseeban is going to hate him but still suggesting that don’t do hate to Shabban it seems as if it is trying to say that never do hate from any body.. (his lover was a complete human friend as he could feel the pain for people) and yet it seems, as if this tree is the absorption of that man’s words.. so to say, that everything in this world is to be loved as if she can love with a tree than how she’s not able to love the person who’s her life partner, who deserves to be respect in spite of all what he do, he’s confrontation will be before ALLAH, not people.. so, nafrat is not the solution here even its never be a solution. as the tree tries to teach Naseeban, various aspects of life, so here, I think it has done a perfect job to say ”nafrat mat kar”.. as we see Naseeban love each n every tree, plant, rain, cloud, apart from humans..

    Naseeban: kesy na karun?? wo kia koi aur zuban samajhta hai??
    Its natural reaction Naseeban is having, as if if we loved something we ever not want to hear any thing for that one.. as if Ruqayya can’t heard any rude comment for pari, Azam cant’ do the same fr Ruqayya (when appa bi scolds, Ruqayya kuch apni umar ka tou lihaaz ka hota, Azam says me inhe leke gaya tha) he was shielding Ruqayya, Appa bi, in spite of all her complaints to Husna, is’nt able yet to hear anything wrong about her, Salma can’t do this even for pari.. yani k one statement here is able to imply on all these characters that can’t be apart from one another… talking about the flash back, this tree isn answering all of them for this term ”nafrat” they want to escape from.. nad Naseeban’s question is here, like all of them are asking that how we can give up with that nafrat, breeding in the hearts for the one, their selves loved!

    Tree: wo na samajh hai, wo nahi janta k wo khud jal rha hai..nafrat hr ik shay ko phoonk deti hai.. sameet apny.. nafrat se kuch haasil nhi hota, ager koi kuch hasil kar bhi ly tou hmesha sulagtaa rehta hai.. ander he ander.. kooily ki tarah..
    ( really amazing lines yaar)
    see?? its sounding as if this tree is answering to all these characters who are getting frustrate, disturbed like ”sulaag rhy hain”.. Shabban, is’nt able to understand that what he’s doing but he can’t be blamed as if the era, the ignorance that have shown, to do with spiritualism, is not possible for such a man.. thats why tree is defending him bcuz the time for him to understand, is not come yet.. ”nafraat” destroys very thing that comes to its way (as if Appa bi’s hatred for Husna is spoiling pari, her evil side is just the outcome of this nafraat and taany she heard always from appa bi)..
    ”sammet apny”.. nafrat tooks everything in its way but at the end, nafrat also have to die at least at some time.. like no other feeling in this world is everlasting and nafraat is completely NO.. so, its of no use to do nafrat bcuz after that, it also finished along with all the destruction done..
    Nafrat se kuch hasil nh hota aur ager koi kuch hasil kar bhi ly tou hmesha sulagta rehta hai kooely ki tarah: if it gets anything, that will not reliable.. like sand castles on the beach looks soo much proudy fr the one who makes that ”yes i have done” but he is also aware that it will not remain for so long, like the relation or achievements that becomes our haasil after nafrat, it will only hurt our selves and will irritate always like after burning coal, its sulagna..

    Naseeban: tou me shabban ko kesy samjhaon tum kon ho, tum mery liye kia ho..
    Azam is not able to make Ruqayya realize what she’s for him, Ruqayya is’nt for appa bi Bi to realize what Pari is.. means its never easy to make others realize that what is someone or something, for us.. ho much it s valued and precious.. so the way, an ordinary man like shabban is’nt able to understand what the tree is for her!!

    Tree: ”usy mohabat deti jaa, itni mohabbat k wo apny ap se ulajh pary.. apni nafrat se nafrat karny lagy..”.. now its like a universal truth ”to win something, love it”.. as love is the only weapon to win everything even nafraat.. it will be difficult for Naseeban to survive if shabban would sensed that naseeban don’t like him for any reason than he’ll try to get her over, to dominate her, by his false steps or by strictness.. like the tree is teaching her at one side, and making the way smooth for her!

    naseeban” ”ager wo phir bhi na samjhy tou”… samjhana, its the step where we can teach someone, just what he has the ability to understand.. naseeban has not tried to win him through love and respect yet, so, try to make him able to understand and Naseeban’s reaction is here somewhat afraid that if he would’nt understand then what will be the consequences, whether he’ll get me far from the tree..

    Tree: ”tou ucko uck haal per chor dy, apni moahbbat ko pamaal mat kar, apny rasty se mat bhatak,uski nafrat se ghabra kar tu aoni mohabat ka rasta mat chor., tera rasta wo nhi rokta, ucki nafrat rokti hai”.. (beautiful)
    to leave him at the time and time will learn him the truth.. her way is get hindered by shabban’s nafrat and by shabban himself, and its easy to defeat a feeling instead of defeating a person.. so here, depneds on naseeban herself that whether she’ll comprise her best to defeat this nafraat that is an obstacle here, or how she’ll make the choice to leave him on his own..
    ”tu nafrat se usy hara bhi dy ge tou nafrat jeet jaye ge”.. (this tree will get an intellect award yaar hahaha 😛 )… like devil when wins, whether in frend or enemy, the winner is never the friend or enemy, but devil.. as the same, if Naseeban would try to hate him, to finish over shabban’s nafrat, hatred will win in both cases so why not defeat it by love??

    Tree:”tum kehte ho ke muhabbat muqaddas hai.. phir shabban ki muhabbat kesi hai? jab wo mere kareeb aata hai tou mujhe uss se ghin aati hai.. shabban ki muhabbat itni makrooh kqn hai??”……. mohabat is always pious in any case but when nafraat tries to dominate, mohabbat becomes selfish and egoistic at that time.. this nfraat zada mohabbat always looks irritating and furious..shabban’s mohabbat is totally wrapped in the cruel ego of manliness and he’s not in senses as if his senses are being caught up by this dominating nafrat, and this nafrat is making the mohabat, something not to tolerate..
    ”ager mohabbat muqaddas na hoti tou khuda insaan se kabhi ucki moahhabt na mangta”… (loving this ahhh toally charmed)
    relation between man and His creator is more than the words.. the farmer who grew crops, loved them, the teacher who taught his students, loved them, the writer who creates characters, loved the.. same like ALLAH love all His creatures and love for our maker, reflects in our hearts! true mohabbat, apart from nafrat and selfishness, is always pious.. piousness is the 1st step to prove love, and mohabbat must be pious form all greed, hawas, selfishness, materialism, etc!! and if it could be done, mohabbat will achieve the destiny.. the mohabbat ALLAH taa’ala demands from His creation is just like that.. free from mean..
    means ALLAH demands pure moahhabt and so as His people demands pure mohabbat.. not as compared for our creator but it should be free from atleast hawwas.. so, Nasebn bi u have to loved Shabban if u want to win him or the evrer lasting love..!!

    chalo!!!!! finally,, completed yaar..!! tried to explain in my own words what I personally get from these lines and yess.. haha all gustaakhis should maaf na?? 😉
    yaar sajjal ki eyes k ilawa ik is tree ka bhi nomiation hona chahiye.. hahaha Lol 😀


    • @ayesha ROFL@ award for intellect for the tree!!! hhahaha thats too funny.. no wonder Naseeban total fida hai iss darakht… waise iss darakht ne tou aaj damagh dahi bani dali yaar!!

      I like ur take on muqaddas muhabbat : pure from all impurities for Allah.. For if it had the impurity of hawas and greed, it wouldnt be muhabbat at all.. it would be faraib..

      love how uve linked P and apa bi etc..

      Chalo ji bi Naseeban abb love Shabban mian!!


      • hahaha @FA shukriya nawazish buht buht!! haha waqai darakht ne dahi bana di the seriously.. tb he tou kaha award milna chahiye 😀
        naseeban bi k shabban ka tou ab door door tk koi nam o nishann nahi 😀 tree ka hai 😛 lets see kia hoga.. just one day left ^_^ yeeyyyyyy


      • hahaha 😛 lol @Saji bhai offer is well 😀
        this is just the extraction and essence we picked up from ur stuff!!
        seriously must say that these were extra-ordinary as if the more we’re discussing it, the more we are getting in love with it.. totally charmed and spell-bounded by these words!! I think we both are lucky as if its our honour to discuss such beautiful stuff!! thanX to U bcuz that was ur creation 🙂


        • @FA..haha yaar mery dil ki bat keh di 😛
          aur where is @SZ?? she had an appointment with us today at 2:30 am but did’nt appeared 😦


  23. hahaha chalo me ne bhi gahm-e-firaaq karwa dia yar hisaab barabar!! 😀
    haha nhi tumhara comment parh k shall hoi soch khul gai the na actually 😛
    n no ulta pulta .. ik tou chun chun k madam words layen ge apny comments k liye :/ yaar its really cool.. jan ka azab tou ye parh k aye ga jo likhny k bad me ne khud nhi parha.. hahah 😀


  24. All of you guys and girls 😛 are doing splendid work as I am learning a lot from your review @SZ and the special takraarz of @Ayesha and @FA. The beautiful manner of your survey really energize me 😛 to write, to suspect the dramas and to take the stuff more than enjoyment. And @SZ your way of writing is inimitable and unique. And more happy to see that you are also writing on TUC the lighter part of life 😀 @FA your lovely funny and free spirit comments are full of fondness. and last (of those, I read lovingly) but not least is @Ayesha I like the way you are demented for sannata 😛 and your depths of the depth walay comment, I really like to read all of them again and again 🙂 you have enough stuff to write by yourself on your own blog or sannata fan page as I realized this drama is much more than anything else for you 🙂 I like to check this blog and you guys having fun 😛 Keep going on our most beloved SANNATA :*


    • @sadiashakil19 hey! nice to hear from u! Would love to hear ur take on some of these scenes too.. pls do join in our convos.. its always nice to hear out some new perspectives!


      • Sadiashakil.. I think u are the one who visited there with a name ”mind artist”?? sorry may be M wrong but just the style of ur comments was the same like her.. nhi nhi i don’t need any blog when it is here for me!! review writing is not my department i just try to analyse what i extract from it!! and all sannata fans extracts deeper meaning from it.. im just a commentator and i wish to remain be a commentator!! This blog is awesome that is revealing lots of logic to our minds especially with my sweet partner here @FA.. we enjoy it alot and we expect from u to give more views about these scenes, we’re taking for it!!


    • @Ayesha: Ji! Main yahan hi hoon 🙂 Yaar, aap itna ziada falsafe main chale jatey ho ke phir kuch kehney se pehle bohot ziada sochna parta hai … then I can never find time to write responses that are worthy of all the discussion going on here …ab next review ke saath zara halka haath rakheye ga ..:) 🙂 I will watch this latest ep in a bit and have the review up as soon as I can 🙂


      • hahaha @SZ.. abhi tou aur deep discussion demand ho rhi hain in recent episode n bs yaar can’t help to let myself out from the depths.. 😛
        sorry did’nt know that this discussion is much heavy, will care about next time hope u’ll not mind 🙂
        @FZ, i was searching for u too 😦 but u were not here!


        • @Ayesha: Abhi tak ep dekha nahin hai .. so dont know, but ywah I can imagine that it will get deeper with its exploratin of all the darkness that lies within us …
          LOL,no, please feel free to discuss as much as you want,.. like you I too am glad ke we have something serious that makes us think … I was just telling you why I dont participate as much .. its easier to do a quick comment but takes longer to do justice to all your deep thoughts 🙂


        • @ayesha sorry yaar, been busy.. havent even caught up with todays ep yet..just started watching but what with listening to the lovely but somewhat heavy duty lines in beginning, that seemed to be going over my head, decided to come back to it aram se with the right frame of mind so I can do justice to them…., right now too much going on in my sukoon se dekhti hoon lol


          • hehe eEEeeec cant wait yar me bataon donu ko, kia huwa tha?? 😀
            @FA.. must watch it aram se it really demands aram se and this episode rocks the season!! epic tha was.. haha sakoon tou dekhny k bad jaye ga tumhara lol 😀

            @SZ.. soch lo ap khud offer dy rhi ho phr mujhe mat kehna lol 😀
            oh ohkk now got ur point but i know u have lots of other tasks to do and this time, u were more busy but missed ur ”suljhy huwe” comments in my ”ulty seedhy” comments *_* haha


            • @ayesha chalo ji! u couldn’t resist could u hahaha… chalo no more spoilers now lol
              mmm no more tree.. bechari naseeban!…waise on a positive note, hopefully we will get a better narrator for all the deep-rooted falsafas now! 😀


    • hahaha @FA seriuosly i can’t 😀 narrator change karwa k he rehna bs ab 😀
      but @SZ jo ap kahein humen qabool hai 😛 is bahany p humen zada wait nahi karwayen ge.. 😛 qn FA??


    • @SZ lol.. abhi tou dekha nahin hai mein ne.. aik mumkin tukka hi maara hai! lol.. i think numm ke baad yeh mumkinat sochne ki adat ho gai hai hahaha


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