Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai ~ Episode 1 Review


Written by Umera Ahmed, directed by Sakina Samo, and produced by MD Productions, the first episode of Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai aired today from Hum TV. I will be very honest and say that I was not really jumping for joy when I first heard the news about this adaptation. I had read the original story a while back and thought it to be an okay read, nothing that broke new ground or offered fresh insights. I had, therefore, planned on giving this one a pass for now and catching up with it later all in one go.

Well, that was then. Come today I found myself eagerly waiting for the first episode to air. So, what changed my mind you might ask? The promos! I have to hand it to the editors for doing such a fabulous job. The teasers were sharp, clips were chosen well and helped introduce characters in a very attractive manner. Adeel Husain’s brooding intensity was beautifully contrasted against Mikaal Zulfiqar’s easy charm. Sanam’s babe-in-the-woods look was nicely juxtaposed against Mira Sethi’s sharp demeanor. The humorous bits in these clips were the main selling point. Farah Shah and Mansha Pasha looked like they had a lot of fun, Adeel and Mira’s pairing looked fresh, not to say interesting after their crazy interactions in Silvatein, and Mikaal looked refreshingly different. I had thought Sanam Jung to be strictly average in her debut in Dil-e Muztar so was not really excited about seeing her here, but again the promos won the day. Throw in to the mix Sakina Samo’s fab appearance on JPJ, and there I was sitting down to watch the opener.

After all this anticipation I have to say I felt let down by the first episode. Rather than finding Romaisa naive or lost among her more colorful and loud cousins, I just found her to be, umm… for the lack of a better word…. boring. Sanam Jung’s performance failed to evoke any kind of empathy or sympathy from me. Farah Shah and Mansha Pasha were good, both in very different avatars, but they had way too many lines, and very loud ones at that. Many of the nicely executed moments, Romaisa and Aliya’s walk through the bazaar, Romaisa, Aliya and Shazia’s scene in the bedroom, the prize bond scene, Asiya shielding her ear when her mother was screaming in her ear, had their impact diluted because they seemed to go on forever. The scene at Aliya’s friend’s house was another one that bored because it went nowhere. I hope these long scenes do not portend another long drawn 23+ episode saga, as seems to have become the norm for MD serials these days.  

While the story seemed to go nowhere today, I like the way the narrative transitioned smoothly from one scene to next. Sakina’s attention to detail has to be applauded in terms of the overall look and feel. For once we were spared the OTT made up look of cast members, and the colorful clothes and loud jewelry were nicely synced with the various characters. It was good to see Farah Shah without the requisite three four steel grey streaks in her hair. Peeling paint on the walls, the interior of Aliya’s friend’s house, Romaisa washing clothes from water collected in big drums, shots of the bustling bazaar, and the liberal use of the exterior and interior of her very middle class house all added to the overall feel of the story, providing a much needed visual context for Romaisa’s present dreary life and distinguishing it from the radical change that is to come. Ilyas Kashmiri’s camerawork always leaves it mark and he doesn’t disappoint here either.

While this was only the first episode and its way too early for predictions, I hope the story shakes off the Cinderella hangover,  the pace picks up and we get introduced to Nabeel’s family sooner rather than later. 

Written by SZ~

Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai ~ OST

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  1. Is it SS’s directorial debut? The last I saw her was acting…how times have changed. Need to update myself fast.

    Loved Mansha in ZGH so might just take a look at this play too.

    • No, infact she did UA’s first ever TV serial Wajood-e- Laraib. Done a whole lot of other work as well, including another UA serial Amarbail, which failed pretty badly. You should check out Mansha in the telefilm ghoonghat .. shes fab there!

      • @SZ goes to show my knowledge about dramas lately. I did read your review of Ghoonghat so will def check it out…after the patties and all IA 🙂

      • Yes I too loved Mansha Pasha in Ghoonghat. But it is good that she is doing different roles and is not allowing herself to be stereotyped. She is sooooooooo different in MSKSH from ZGH that it is amazing. I think she has a lot of talent.

        • @FA – Mastana Mahi was directed by Roomi Insha not Sakina Samo. She played the role of FM’s mother.

          Mansha Pasha is really good actress but somehow she always gets sidelined. I feel she’s a much better actress then Sanam Jang is, but Sanam Jang always ends up with the lead role.

          • @ash ok! yes i did watch that but didnt know who had directed it..

            re Mansha Pasha: i think she was fab here.. u r right she gets sidelined, but seems like she will play a fairly important full-on role here.. def a show-stealer in 1st ep. It was also nice to see her as a more colourful character.. ive always seen her as a suljhi hui supprt role type..

  2. I loved the first episode of MSKSH. I think the characters were very nicely explained. Sanam Jang is good. She is shown as a very simple girl bordering on being stupid and this is well juxtaposed against Aalya who is crude, selfish, cheap and materialistic to the point of being almost comical.. Mansha Pasha was fantastic. She has played the role to perfection. I was also intrigued by the promos and was not disappointed at all.. Hope it turns out to be as good as ‘Kankar’ which was also fabulous. Waiting for Mikaal’s entry. Sanam Jang was a good choice for this role.

    • lol @ bordering on being stupid. I don’t think bordering. She is completely stupid. First, she lets them sell the house, and then they walk away with her prize bond money which i am sure she will not say anything about either.
      She gets no pity points.

  3. Great review SZ! Wonder how you read my mind every time :)?
    Was excited about this new show -the totally hatke story of poor girl-rich boy 😉 and even though this ep was a bit ho-hum, am willing to give it more time. Looking forward to the introduction of the rest of the characters.

    • After a very very long time, i was also looking forward to this drama, even though Sanam Jang is so so boring, but the first episode failed to impress.
      Why could they not balance out the introductions and show the guys in the first episode as well! 😦

      • @ash hai naa! i was so disappointed not to see the rest of the cast…or atleast some of them.. MZ, AH and MS.. kuch to dikha hi dete!.. i think that was biggest disappointment yday..
        it was bothering me so much i went and checked out if that’s how the originally story went.. read the first chapter and that was soo much nicer.. why oh why deprive us of all the flavours?? cant wait to see that on screen now!

        • @FA.. i was wondering that why it is making me bored bs murawwatan dekh lia 😛 but now happy n satisfied that yahan sb ko he bore laga 😀 haha.. completely fail to attract any more.. asal me i think our level has raised for something deeper after sannata so thats why such plays are getting vain to attract any more :/

          • @ayesha i enjoy a slighter lighter love chat too.. lol.. i really hope MSKSH turns out to be good – fingers crossed – hopefully with the rest of the characters in the picture we will get to have some good fun.. if anything some serious rants are also a bit of a laugh.. u should see the numm discussions..
            Love Sannata but need something lighter stuff to chill out with too.. that stuff is heavy-duty yaar lol..

            • if it turns out to be good, then the chats will be fun at least, and not just aggravation with yet another failed serial! 🙂

    • @Afia: LOL @ hatke .. indeed 😉 lets hope that even if the story is not hatke, the treatment and the actors will make this a worthwhile watch…

  4. I am a big fan of you reviews though I would be really mad if you stop reviewing Sannata for this one.

    For all the excellence of UA, this wasn’t even close to her best I don’t have much expectations from it. And the first episode was hardly impressive..too slow.

    • @Moiz: 🙂 Aah! Then Im glad my late review got you to comment 🙂
      No, not dropping Sannata, just couldn’t watch it yesterday,and as Im sure you know Sannata cannot be watched chalte phirte .. IA will have it up later .. and will look forward to your comments this time around 🙂 @FA: Sannata IA Numm se pehle ho jayega 🙂 You know the drill, keep track of your thoughts kyonke bhoolna mana hai 😉

      • lol @ the drill .. thats why i was surprised to this.. i was happy to see this but I was also like nooooo SZ not escaping sannata this week, is she?? lolol
        chalo phir supe-busy ho jao hashme numm night aane se pehle lolol ..
        sorry for being such a pain but cant help it.. ur blog is too much of a fun place to be!

      • @SZ haan yaad aaya!!.. re bhoolna mana hai: yaar bhoole bagher hazam bhi nahin hota yaar.. itna kuch hota kehne ko.. lol magar u know it by now im not the ”yaad aa gya to der ho gai soch ke bhi chup raho” type.. so no worries on that front.. keeping track of thoughts bass mere bass mein nahin.. lol

        btw that hazam just reminded me of ‘kiya biryani ke saath nimkol piyun gi?’ Mansha has obviously left her asar on me more than I thought she did.. she was in her element here…

    • @SZ yesss pleeaase dont give up on sannata! this is good but ur sannata reviews r just fantastic!!! plus we need u to spell stuff out for us every now & then lol

  5. I was waiting for the Sannata review and we got this.. lol
    havent read the book.. but yes it was the promos that were so promising, I was really looking forward to this..I really hope they live up to expectations..
    Wasn’t too impressed by todays episode, although Mansha was fab and Farah was good too.. but next week seems alot more fun with more characters..AH & all.. I was hoping that they had introduced some of those today.. feel a bit let down…
    Thank you for pointing out Cinderella.. in my head i kept thinking cinderella (esp with the bartan and all) or Allah mian ki ”waaayyy too much of a bechari” gae! jo BA pass hone ke bawajood FA fail se behtar hai lolol ..
    & btw wots with showing so many namoona freinds these days?? lol
    ”Ghar” was perfect! and so was the camera work.. not sure if that was the video i watched or my internet playing tricks on me, but i found the walk in the bazar was too jerky…
    @SZ And thanks for the review! It always add so much more to the experience..

    • @FA – HEllo! 🙂 So everyone’s expectations were clearly let down. I think the dramas just do not have that old charm to them anymore.
      I mean yes we shouldn’t judge from the episode but it does leave an impact afterall.

      It would be fun to see Mansha Pasha playing Rakaya, and Sanam Jang playing (umm whatever her name is).

      and where do they find these friends from! such losers. She didn’t want to order the food to begin with because she was being a kanjoos and then when she did she ended up using all of her money! LOL. the idiot Sanam Jang could’ve said, “nope i have no money.” People like her deserve what they get.

      Farah Shah i liked. So lively and into her character, after the Debbie downer in Numm and Aseer Zaadi.

      Waiting for the guys to make this one an interesting watch! 🙂

      • @ash lol at losers.. i mean so true abt ordering food.. latest trend in Pakistan naa!! honestly i had a bit of a culture shock when i went back recently.. i mean my mum would think her tauheen if she put out anything on mehman’s table that wasnt homemade.. lolol but
        & honestly kanjoosi ki tou hadd hi ho gai .. aur cold drink bhi piyo gi? aur itni sari baraf?? i mean mehman nawazi kahan gai??? lololol

        as for the push over of the century.. abb unn ke tou kia hi kehne.. but i think prize bond thingee.. she will be happy that atleast she has won something in life.. kismat badal rahi hai..

        lol @ farah shah as debbie downer.. havent seen aseerzadi, but numm she was fab i thought..always made n interesting watch..( been missing her like W lolol..) and here shes playing a complete opposite.. so nice to see the variation..

        • hey! Yea im not sure Pakistan mai kaise mehmaan nawazi hoti hai. I was also there a few month ago, and everywhere I visited, they served homemade food! 🙂
          Khair i dk, things in Pakistan are different i suppose.

          Kismat badal rahi hai, at least apne paise to le na.. lol Badale gi to Meekal milege na. 😉

          RE: Farah shah – yes dont get me wrong, Farah Shah was great in Numm in her limited role but she looked so grey and depressed, it was just sad to watch.
          She’s just a lot more lively in this play compared to that.
          And Aseer Zadi, i don’t watch either but the commercials pretty much give away the entire episode, and she doesn’t look like a happy camper in that one either! 🙂

          • re pak: jokes yaar.. mehman nawazi still there.. just style badal gya hai i guess.. mind you having such yummy food and some ammmazzzing places to eat out, i actually prefer eating out..saves time when others take you out and u tick these places (and the hosts) off ur list of must-go places… ssssshhhhh! lol.. such aisa khana khane ko tou taras jate hain yahan..

            ROFL@ Kismat badal rahi hai, at least apne paise to le na..agar itni tez hoti tou aisi naubat hi naa atai naa!… poori hai buddhhu kahin ki! lololol .. looks like we will be praying for some regeneration here too lol.. and also some brain cells thrown in as bonus.. lol

            • oh haan! The bahir ka khana! Pakistan is all about shopping and eating out! Pait kharab ho ya na ho, khana nahi chorna.. enjoyed it to the bits! So much better then house hopping to kabhi is rishetedar ke ghar aur kab uske.

              You are right, ab itni tez kahan se hoti. Viewers ne us par tars bhi to kaana hai na. Aik toh yateem aur uper se itni saray zulm…poor woman!

  6. Is dramay ka nam hona chahiye tha “Aik thi Cinderella”. 🙂

    Jo larkiyan yateem or khubsoorat hotin hain unki kismat bhi amooman yateem hi hoti hai. Urdu main aik kahawat bhi hai kay jo kussshakal ho wo kismat ko roye. Kisi ko agar puri kahawat yad ho to bata day.
    Mujeh ye Umeed nahi thi kay Umera Ahmad jo kay bahat mazhabi mani jatin hain kisi kirdar ko sitaray ko apna sahara samajehtay dikhayen gin. (Jamaat-e-Islami say ta’aluq rakhtin hain Umera Ahmad)
    Farah Shah or Mansh Pasha dono nay overacting ki hai..

    • ”Ik the Cinderella” if would’nt on aired on geo, it must be that 😛
      expect the title, serial is fully Cinderella 😀

  7. All those serials that were adaptations turned out to be disappointments, but thanks God I haven’t read the novel. Therefore it is unlikely that I will be severely disappointed.
    Mira Sethi and Sanam Jung seem to be typecasted. I hope, this is not the case with Adeel Hussain as well.
    The Bazar scene was rather difficult to watch because of wiggling picture.

    Farah Shah is rather too young for her role.
    As I have already indicated the story sounds quite childish. In case it is a love story, it will be for sure appreciated by the masses.

    • Farah Shah is not that old. But bc she seems to have gained weight, they are now casting her as a mother. According to Pakistani culture, somehow women age faster then men do.

      Adnan Siddique and Faysal Rehman can still be casted as heroes of the dramas while Farah Shah and Faiza Hasan will now be better fit as mothers.

      • @ash hahaha lets not forget humayun saeed.. in bin roye ansoo.. i mean when i heard that i was like hai drame ke naam aur veiwers reaction dekhte hue kion hero chunn liya lolol … i mean hum to bass aansoo pi ke reh gae..
        any idea whens that coming out??

        • @FA.. it will be on aired round about april 2014, within a movie of ”bin roye ansoo”.. both, serial and movie will released togther!

            • nhi yaar ”main mantoo” is another thing! ”Bin roye ansoo” movie is under project and the serial is getting late just for movie’s version..

        • LOL!! HS is another one.

          Well at least Mahnoor Baloch ko abhi bhi lead roles mil rahe hain. Too bad i cant stand her.

          As for Bin Royee Aanso, no idea but i summer 2014.. bohut lamba intezar. =\. Oh how I wish they chose someone else and not HS, cause i am a huge fan of MK but no so much of Uncle Hamayoun.

          • @ash lol@uncle Humayoun
            did u see the tuc MK show.. watched the show after this comment and i was laughing my head off when they mentioned ages.. and mahnoor tou bass woh aik aur hi hadd hai! lol

            pity @ Mk HS pairing! FK MK hote hote yeh kiya ho gya! .. gosh summer is a long way off! When is main manto coming out then?

          • So right about Humayun Saeed coming as ghabroo jawan.. And even Adnan Sidiqui.. He is coming in upcoming project of Farhat Ishtiaq Mere humdam mere dost with again Sanam Jung :O …Ary bhayee inko dekh dekh kar tou bare hue he… Seriously of all the things..koi young actors kam he kya..:(

            • @Rehmat really? chalo uss humdum aur dost ke anjam ka tou abhi se pata chal gya lolol I mean really kia in logon ki aankhon ke saath saath aql pe bhi parde parr gaye hain ?? lol mein tou bin reye ansoo ko ro rahi thi.. yahan tou aur bhi namoone line mein lage hue hain.. lol

      • Yes, they are not taking good care of themselves. They should have payed more attention to their appearance since it is the most important thing in showbiz. Mah Noor Baloch is still receiving young roles although she is far much older than Farah Shah.

  8. Hey SZ , good review , and like you I wasn’t too thrilled
    Watching ep 1 . Romaisa is Allah kee Gaye and naive
    To the point of being dumb.
    Farah shahs screeching was painful to the ears .
    Romaisa pls don’t be a doormat , itni mazloomiyat is
    irritating .

    • lol, as if she cares. Mazloomiyat dikha dikha ke hume pagal kar de gi pure dramay mai.

      Passes BA but cannot stand up for herself…Puhleeez woman, what century are you living in.

  9. Well i have to say that without watching at writer’s name one who’s used to read Umeira ahmed, can easily guess that who’s the writer 😉
    Awesome review again.. words chosen by U are perfect!!
    to be honest, all my interest in such plays is lost after UBFN n now Sannata,, i was searching for Sannata’s review yesterday n i have found this.. after reading the review,, i just ”dekhna he pary ga” 😛 kheir watched it.. It was good, by chance i have’nt read this book, though i have gone through almost all of her novels.. as far, the promos were too attractive and Sanam jung is too gud with her innocent expressions but dont know why, ab hazam nhi hoti itni massom as @FA points ”ALLAH miyan ki gaee”.. 😛
    But one of the biggest fact is that, most of our audience loved to watch such plays with a masoom, seedhi saadhi and ”cyndrilla” as @sofia said 😛 so, no doubt, it will hit the screens!! expecting more attention towards the actors as if there were lots of over-acting especially ”LCD wali dost” 😛 lol..
    keep on this @SZ.. Be blessed!! But dont forget Sannata!!

    • Kuch writers aisay hain jika koi bhi naya drama main bhi nam dekhay baghair aksar bata pati hon. Un main Amjad Islam Amjad, Nur-u-Huda Shah, Mirza Athar Baig, Younus Javed, Haseena Mueen and Asghar Nadeem Syed shamil hain. Younus Javed dialogues main karwahat kiy wajah say pehchanay jatay hain.

      • yUp they are!! but i never gone through the serials of Amjad Islam Amjad and Noor-ul-Huda shah.. which serials they have written?? Umera ahmed is also a bit strict and rude in her observations as she unfold the hidden facts that are painful.. so yes!! her bitter dialogues are enough to realized.. but its also a fact that her ”cinderella” will be different from others!! 🙂

        • Waris, Waqt, Rat, samundar, Din, Agar, Fishar etc. by Amjad Islam Amjad Each of them is a masterpiece in itself. Waris, Waqt, Samundar and Din are my all time favourites.
          Deewarein, Ajaib Khana, Adhoori Mohabatt, Tapish, Marvi, Asman tak deewar by Nur-ul-Huda shah

  10. Mediocre episode. Mansha pasha stole the show from Sanam jang. She was brilliant. Even her dialogues were zabardast ‘ to kiya biryani kay saath Nimkol piyoongi?’ LOL . Sanam looked just boring in front of the colorfull character of Aaliya.. Yes, it was too much of Cinderella but I am sure Umera Ahmed must have a point here. She must have a reason to show the heroine such a Allah miyan ki gaye. I also liked that they show Aaliya having only contempt for Romaisa’s stupidity. Looking forward to how this story unfolds.

  11. Ost nay sari kahani ashkar kar di hai. Cinderella ka prince 1 usay chor kar chala jaye ga or wo princ 2 ki taraf rajuh karay gi jo kay uska sal jor hai. 🙂
    Mansha Pasha khatarnak had tak overacting ka shikar hain. 🙂

  12. Hi Guys! So now we start out on another journey of ‘raves’ n ‘rants’……..since Numm is finishing! I am missing out on all fun with Sannata……somehow I get to see it only now n then……always think I am going to catch up……hasn’t happened yet!!

    @SZ: Agree with your review here. I too liked the promos of this show. Wanted to watch it for MZ and AH. Was not very impressed with Sanam Jung in DeM. Here too, I find her character of Romaisa very disappointing. Itni masoomiyat…..aaj ke zamaane main…..woh bhi BA pass ladki main??? How unbelievable is that!! She is looking pretty no doubt but I sincerely hope some spark of fire comes in her character somewhere down the line at least, otherwise all others around her will steal the show from under her pretty nose!!

    I liked Mansha Pasha a lot. I thought if it goes on like this she may be one of the show-stealers! Was surprised to see Farah Shah here. Oh, why has she let herself go like this! She used to be so pretty and she is not that old! Hope her character is not too cliched in this show!

    I found this episode just about okay. @SZ, like you, I had hoped for more and got a wee bit less. Of course, its only the first episode…..too bad to find faults with it, I know. I like UA, there must be more to her story than a simple Cinderella kind of fairy tale. I like Sakina Sammo for her acting, don’t remember watching anything that she has directed, so hoping that she is a great director.

    The rest of the characters introduced don’t evoke any comments as yet. Let’s hope that this turns out to be a great show and we have a great time watching it and of course commenting upon it!!! And one of these days, I am going to catch up with you guys on the Sannata page too….loved those episodes that I got to see….story hatke hai….have faith in Saba Qamar that she chooses her scripts well….loved UBFN!

    • @RR..U must comment for Sannata as if u loved UBFN, u’ll automatically love Sannata 🙂 agreed!! Saba Api is now making amazimg choices.. after Dastaan, UBFN, this is soemthing to watch!!

    • @RR: Looks like all of us are now searching for “the next one”! I am hoping that you will join us here, also gonna start Shuk, after Numm ends .. you watching that one?
      And haan, missing you on the Numm thread.. cant have you bailing out on the last two eps!

      • @SZ: I bailing out on Numm??…..won’t ever happen!! Like @FA, I lost a long comment on the first day you posted…..couldn’t get back to it immediately… I have posted my comment there…..can’t stop thinking about the mumkinats just yet!!

        Yes, all of us are on the hunt for the next one…..I am with this MSKSH till it goes beyond bearing….. I like MZ and AH…..hope for their sakes this show turns out well.

        I am watching Shukk. The story is just about heating up…..would love to read your reviews on that…..since the entire team there seems good…..who knows we might have something hatke as it goes along…..dekhenge!

  13. I have to say the promos did not excite me and neither did the story which was fairly evident from the promos and the now boring promo picture of one girl two guys or 2 girls one guy juxtaposed against each other (yawn). Sanam Jung was bad in DeM – I couldn’t even watch that one. She completely failed to impress in the 1st epi here – not that I expected a breakthrough of some sort – even Sakina Samo couldn’t get her to act 😉
    I know Farah Shah and Mansha are supposed to be loud characters but boy they were a tadbit too loud. But I have to agree that it is good to see Farah in a different avatar – thank goodness for that! As Fahad Mustafa said on the morning show – yahan per ladkon ki performance ki gunjaish hai bhi ya nahi – now I know he was probably completely peeved at his role in Kankar LOL!!!! (can’t blame him!) Like him I am also waiting for a play where men will have a spine and the story won’t be about “aik aur mazloom masoom aurat”
    This Cinderella story is strictly timepass. At least the original ANC was entertaining! I am sure we’ll get a few sermons thrown at us about respecting women and wives, and orphans etc. with a lot of telling as DB would say 😉 Khair we don’t expect any different from a UA/MD serial. Aab koi miracle tow honay se raha.
    The cinematography is beautiful and quality wise this should be a visually appealing product to watch compared to our Numm drumm dramas.
    Prediction wise – Mikaeel will die around episode 13-15. Phir mazloom aurat drama for about 7-8 episodes and then Adeel Hussain will come and rescue our damsel in distress in episode 24!

    • hey! 🙂

      Thanks for breaking down, what we should expect. I bet the drama wouldn’t be as bad, had they chosen someone else to play Roqaya.

      This story makes Kankar sound like a masterpiece and wow I hated that drama. At least this one has some eye candy! 🙂

      A drama showing a men with a spine sounds very interesting but we know not to expect that from any UA/MD serial.. =\

      • @Annie and @Ash: its been always a pleasure to read your comments 🙂
        I literally disliked both the novels on which kankar and MSKSH are made.. Kankar was terribly awful and i have no expectations from this one too LOL 😀 i totally agree with you @ash that if any other actor have played romaysa tou banda atleast acting tou enjoy karta.. Story tou v know kuch khas nhn he but lead actor yaar cmon and what surprise me here is, SJ is combine pasand of Momina and Umera..ahhh.. This same umera chose Sanam Saeed as Kashaf and she was brilliant 🙂 anyways i will only see for Adeel, Mansha and Meera 🙂

    • @Annie Numm ne Mumkinat prediction skills bohot tez kar di hain.. lol.. not too much guess work here.. Do hope there are some exciting twists and turns.. and no plain sailing and not too much dragging..the original story is only 100 pages or so long.. so we can imagine waaay too much dragging like kankar!.. hope they have some solid stuff to fill it out with this one..
      I thought they were doing brill on promos until the OST.. that OST practically gave everything away..
      As for chance for larke to shine.. Numm hai naa..with W’s spine regeneration and all.. lol…aur aurat ko mazloom tou dikhana hi hai.. Mard kahan dekhte hain.. 90% tou aurtein hi hoti hain I guess..

  14. As promised , here I am to share my thoughts on MSKSH. Not a huge fan of Sanam Jung after the rather blase performance in Dil e Muztar , it was the teasers that captured my attention. The teasers and the male protagonists, two of my favourites, Having said that, the first was as strictly average as first episodes come. I like the grounded, earthy feel to the play so far, there is nothing larger than life here , I love that! Parts I felt were a bit ott but I am looking forward to seeing more of Mansha Pasha – she is as versatile as they come so will be a pleasure to watch. Agree about Meeri Sethi and Adeel’s pairing especially after the sparks in Silvatein. All up, I will be avidly watching this one 😉

    • @Sabeen: Hey! I see we’re on the same page here 🙂 Chalo, lets keep our fingers crossed and hope this one gives us some good stuff to discuss. Silvatein was so much fun before it turned into a train wreck 😦

  15. SZ another fabulous review…I was waiting for yr Numm review when I saw this one. Yesterday I got to see the first episode. A Cinderella type to story to begin with and I am seriously fed up with all these goody types heroine, the spark is missing. Either they are shown over vivacious or very demure, can’t they be something in between, a bit sly, a bit naughty but overall with a good heart? Anyway I loved Aliya, she is cheap and loud but somewhere she is not as mean as her mother or sisters, she loves Romaisa in her own way…I will be watching the show because of her, the boys and of course Umera Ahmed to see how she treats this storyline….now hurry up with Numm review I have many points to rant about 😛

    • @Tinni: sorry to make you wait for the Numm review … at least you know ke next week wala will happpen within a reasonable amt of time 😉

      Glad to know you’ll be following this one.. a slow start but hopefully it’ll pick up soon …
      and yes! I so agree with you on why cant we see a “normal” heroine,… don’t know the answer to that, but hopefully one of these days we’ll get to see one!

  16. good to read your review after such a long time 🙂 spot on review like always and I have almost the same views about the first episode. Sometimes novels are much better than dramas, an example is ZGH but I hope it gets better in the upcoming episodes. Sanam Jung should improve her acting skills, Mansha was good but her scenes were too loud, khala was the best 😀
    looking forward to read more of your reviews 🙂 I think this is the only serial which I can follow these days, don’t have time for others.

    • @Abeer: Hello!! Fab to hear from you after so long! Haina I liked khala and MP too, just wished their scenes were shorter .. but chalo lets see what happens…. looking forward to our convos in the coming weeks .. so glad to have you join in again 🙂

  17. Hey, SZ.

    How are u? Havent posted often but I continue to visit here to check out the latest pak dramas offerings. Sad to note, there arent many interesting shows on these days. Havent watched Sannata but did watch UBFN which was fabulous! Reading ur reviews, getting to understand sannata is as good..will definitely give it a dekho.

    Tried watching this show-MSKS but got put off by the lead girl..she has a soft face but a hard voice and a very flat dialogue delivery…cudnt make it thru the episode. ANy other rcommndations? am still on the numm bandwagon though it remains patchy but FK and SS make it worthwhile-once in a while. Other than that, have started watching this lighthearted romcom-billo, bhaiya and babblu! totat timepass

    • @indepgal: Hey! IKR?! No drop everything and watch romantic/lighthearted dramas these days. That said, Sannata is actually really good and you liked UBFN so you’ll like this, but this is not the kind you watch have fun and walk away from .. this one you really have to watch when yuo are in the zone and then its fab .. all the layers of meanings and the direction and cinematograohy is fab … you should def catch up on it when you have time.
      Yes, Sanam J, heroine of MSKSH, is not a fave of mine either, but I like Mira, Mansha and Adeel H so will watch for them.
      Are you watching Shukk, that the only other drama I am following these days .. I will start reviewing it after Numm ends … other than that it is a pretty bad dry spell…
      How is BBB? Do you recommend it? Just the name was such a huge turnoff so didnt even try..

      • not watching shukk coz dont really care for the premise..did go the first 2 episodes but then it tested my patience. Have seen enuff of the suspicious wife, atrocious saas, chauvinist hubby , stoopid friends etc…

  18. Finally it aired with such nice promos and high expectations.. And first epi has nothing tht v can call as WOW factor.. Only thing which i liked was Mansha Pasha’s acting.. No doubt she was show stealer.. Sanam jung was total disappointment.. I thought DeM k baad kuch farq aaya hoga.. But she actually cant wait.. Romaysa ki masomiat pe pyar nhn do chaante lagane ka dil karaha tha.. And how the heck BA pass ko LCD kanhn pata ho..kuch tou drama haqqeqat k aage peeche ho..
    And yes no guys in first epi.. Too bad.. I thought 5 epis skip karke phr dekhongi but saw AH in precap tou ab dekhna lazmi he 😉

    • @rehmat lol at dou chante.. I just read the original afsana after watching the first ep to see if the original was any better..and if its really worth a watch… and surprisingly one really doesnt get that kind ”ullu” barae farokht feeling for this (original) character.. i mean yes u feel for her yateemi, mehroome and most of all miskeeni and mazloomiat (typical stuff).. and ys she is a push over..but there was no aql o samajh ki andhi factor… I wonder why they turned her into this total buddhu here?

      • Haina.. Matlab novel parhte hue bhi i was like khuda ki bandi khudaar banjao..umera ki kuch heroines are so strong in their character like Umamma in PK.. And some literally like romaysa.. Like u said isse bhi sakht zarurat he spine regeneration ki lol 😉 lol on ullu bare farokht feeling .. Too good 😀

        Yes yaar Mere humdam mere dost novel was ok ok .. Thought k actors ache honge tou dekhongi but haye rii kismat.. Koi ek tou acha hota hero ya heroine me se,. Tou bhi guzara hojata 😉

        • @Rehmat! yaar really true about Adnaan siddiqui in Mery hmadam mery dost 😥 dil khoon k anso rota hai.. after matae jan its gonna spoil..ahh one of my most favt novels AS… >_< hazam nhi ho rha :/
          haha Romaisa k liye ur description is cool jtna ghussa usy dekh kr araha tha fter reading ur comment its uran choo!! @FA.. haha ''ullu baraye farokht'' 😀

            • @FA: for the fans of the novel, MeJ was a huge flop.. also FK was supposed to star in it and he backed out due to visa/dates issue, and this news was made public. and MeJ started right after HS ended.. so you can imagine expectations were sky high from Farha Ishtiaq, and by that time ppl only wanted to watch FK … and they started the drama from a diff place … needless to say a lot of issues even before the serial started and then afterwards too SG was never convincing as the US born Pak.. I remember ppl even calling AH a parchi actor … lol …

            • Re mataejan: aha no wonder… Its mainly not betraying FK factor hahaha.. Aur HS ko beat karna tou… Achaaaa..!!
              I havent read the novel so cant compare… But yes its certainly not the watch it weekly type and def a watch it again one to read the lines better..
              Haan i was a bit annoyed at SG accent.. But i could live with it.. AH i really liked.. Magar FK ka muqabla asan tou nahin hai lol..But most of all the way it played with emotions..i thought it was really touching!

  19. @FA: do you remember that one breakfast table scene, where Abi comes home to tell his parents abt Haniya, and Uzair doesnt even let him say anything? Hajra says nothing in that scene, but the way she is sitting, so stressed ready to spring into action if the father and son went at each other, the way she just looks at both these men, ready to play referee, and the way she wills Aabi to back down from his argument for the time again, was just absolutely sensational… and a few other scenes when Aabi doesnt want to put the ring on his fiance’s finger and later the Hajra Hania scenes were so so beautiful.. kiya yaad dila diya!

    • @SZ hai abhi tou main ne dekha… Hina was fab! Even the phone call to mum before the nikah.. And when she says aabi mama ki jan, holding his face.. Ufff! And the ghar se nikL jao.. Aaj ke baad kabhi na aana.. Iss se acha meri aulad na hoti.. And the whole sequence knowing whats coming up next… Mere tou aansoo hi nahin rukte..
      And the whole shirt thing and looking at the sky.. Closing the eyes.. The situation and lines were just hai dil ko kuch ho jata hai!..
      I thought cinematography was brill too!

    • @sz aur haan wo uzair hajra maafi scene.. Mamta kaise maaf kare.. hB was in a league of her own..
      And def Haniya hajra scenes… Ro ro ke bura hal jo gya tha mera!

  20. @FA, as @SZ said, being a fan of matae jan novel, i was totally disappointed from the serial!!! adeel and sarwat, both have’nt enough chemistry to comprise the characters of haniya and ibaad.. @SZ, one of the most biggest fact is that this novel based drama had’nt given much time to fill the empty holes in direction.. @FA did u read the novel?? i was too much excited before it but after watching 2 or 3 episodes i left it with a heavy heart!
    @SZ, FK is not still eligible for each n every character if he were suitable for Ashaar it was not sure that he would be perfect as aabi.. but Adeel hussain?? he was not at all fit for Aabi.. and sarwat gilani (like u say she’s not at all pretending like a paki US girl) they could have made far better than these choices but i still don’t know that why were they in so hurry to dramatized it!! for me, it was totally spoiled by whole cast and direction!

  21. @FA.. ik baar novel parha hota tou mery wala haal hota >_< chalo acha hai u have'nt gone through it at least then u have enjoyed 😛 but i could'nt digest all these!!
    @SZ apne novel parha tha???

    • @Ayesha: Ji parha tha 🙂 but I enjoyed both in very very diff ways … I didnt like Haniya in the US at all.. but I liked her in PK … I loved Yamina in the drama and also loved Hajra ,… so for me they were to diff things altogether ….
      And yes, the first two three episodes were weak.. it got better gradually

      • @sz @ayesha ok must read the novel now.. Ur right actually haniya in US wasnt as ompressive… It was the H in Pak that had my sympathy.. She did really well there i thought.. Esp when she goes into his room.., takes out the shirt.. Looks at his photo.. That was done beautifully.. i thought AH did fine too… But the heart and soul was HB especially after Aabi’s visit.. The mourning mother…ufff! Too emotional! 😦

        • Lol.. SZ i have just watched first 3 episodes! 😀 chalo je qissa he khatam may be agy ja ke zada afsos na hota:P
          but SZ my feelings for the novels were too intense probably thats the reason for my disappointments!
          acha wesy @FA must read it.. u’ll enjoy it so much more than the serial 🙂

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