Numm ~ Episode 16 Review


Like its predecessors, this latest episode too was a pal main tola pal main masha kind of an installment. From scenes that were brilliant to average to mindbogglingly mediocre, within a span of about forty minutes we pretty much saw it all. Though the story is progressing steadily and much of what I had hoped for – Wali coming into his own, more focus on Wali as an instigator of change rather than a weak man caught between two wives, war of wills heating up between Wali and Baray Sahab, Mahjabeen standing up to Baray Sahab – is now happening, 1476522_628587603854890_2084358937_n2I am getting increasingly frustrated with the Neelam & Co. scenes. Seriously, which self-respecting tween would be caught dead acting like Minahil does – begging her sister for chocolates?!?! How old is she – two??? And just when it seems like things can’t get any worse, we have Neelam going all pouty during her phone conversation with Wali… no wonder the guy chooses to stay away and keep working at the mill. 

Despite all my aggravations, and yes, I am more than annoyed, with these supposedly cutesy scenes, and trying to figure out how Neelam got so big within a span of five months, why can’t Qasim find a job rather than mooching off of his biryani cooking friend, and why does chocolate cake cost more than vanilla in Pakistan, the reason I continue to watch Numm and find myself enjoying it is because of Sania Saeed, Fawad Khan and Usman Peerzada’s stellar perfiormances. Every scene of theirs has so much intensity and meaning and is so beautifully done that its hard to believe that this is the same Numm that aggravated so much just moments before.


Picking up from last week, still reeling from the import of Wali’s statement, Baray Sahab spent this entire episode trying his best undo what his grandson had done. What a sleight of hand Wali had pulled off! Had the old despot had even an inkling of what Wali was planning to do, he would have never handed over everything on a silver platter. What a fool his grandson had made of him, and he would pay the price for it… but that was later. For now he was going to deal with Mahjabeen.

1486915_628583583855292_1193661604_nBut even on that front Baray Sahab was thwarted. No longer the acquiescent vani, this new Mahjabeen is not afraid to look the feudal lord in the eye. Her head held high, Mahjabeen was not the one who blinked first. Gone was the vani, this was a wife and a mother confronting her nemesis – in as much as it was possible Wali had initiated the process by which she would be free, a woman with all respect and rights restored.

First Wali then his vani, both looking him in the eye and challenging him – this is certainly a first for Baray Sahab, and going by the previews seems like the next time that toy pistol is fired it wont be a hawayi fire. No, I don’t see Qasim killing Wali, I think its more likely to be Baray Sahab’s goons trying to get rid of the fitnas as per his instructions. Mahjabeen is wise when she warns her son to lay low, but Qasim being his father’s son, laughs off her concerns. It is easy for him to laugh off her warnings because to him this is still not real. Had he suffered through the pain-filled life that Mahjabeen did, he would not be sporting that casual an attitude.

1497752_628585750521742_1266261503_nWhile most of the time Qasim comes across as carefree teenager, reveling in his newly found mother’s love, his legal right to the Bakht name is still very much in question. Even an unthinking remark about Qasim’s singing bringing a bad name to the family name raises the question: what family? Though Qasim claims to be Alamgir’s son and by extension a member of the Bakht clan, the legality of that claim is still in question. I am hoping that the coming episodes will help clear the confusion surrounding Alamgir and Mahjabeen’s marital status.. were they or were they not…


Call me a sucker, but I loved the phone conversation between a much relaxed Mahjabeen, one who actually smiles, and a mature Wali who has grown so much from when we first met him. Gone is the confused, ambivalent Wali, the man we see today is confident and sure of himself. Putting his money where his mouth is, he has stood up to his grandfather, done right by both his wives, and is slowly but steadily introducing a change in the working environment.

960078_628581203855530_1976775331_nSo much of Wali’s outlook on life is a tribute to Mahjabeen’s upbringing. Theirs is a relationship that has evolved over time. There were those moments when Wali chafed at the ties that bound him to her, and at others he rebelled against her emotional hold on him, but they survived through it all. Now it is his turn to give back to her what she had been giving him all these years – love. Not the kind of love that is easily categorized as that of a mother, wife, lover, friend, rather this is love borne out of a shared experience. Unlike Neelam who demands more than she gives, Mahjabeen wants or expect nothing from him. Though he cannot return her all those years that she spent looking after him, what he can and is doing is to return her dignity.

The most poignant moment of the episode for me came after Wali ended his conversation with Mahjabeen and looked out the window. Though he had assured her he was fine, he did not seem all that good in that moment, rather it was as if the weight of the world had just settled on his shoulders. For as long as he can remember Wali has always had Mahjabeen around him; he’s been the center of her world and she his. But with the new entrants in their lives, first Neelam and now Qasim, their world is no longer the same. Though he wants to do the right thing and let her go, where would this leave him? She would walk away with her son, but wouldn’t he be left empty handed?


As I see it, his marriage to Neelam has always been a sham. Their incompatibility has never been a secret and his decided lack of enthusiasm about his wife or his unborn child has never been hidden. With Mahjabeen’s impending departure he would be basically left alone, without anybody around who understands him in all his complexities. Till now we had always seen Mahjabeen looking out of windows, longing for the time she would fly solo, but today for the first time ever it seemed like Wali was doing the same, albeit with a different thought. While Mahjabeen had sought an end to her imprisonment, Wali seemed to be prepping himself for a life long sentence.

960078_628581203855530_1976775331_nWith Baray Sahab sending his minions after Qasim and Mahjabeen, Qasim refusing to take Mahjabeen away and Wali retreating into his shell, it is hard to foresee a happy ending for anybody in the Bakht family. Amtul was right… the badbakhti has begun…

Written by SZ~


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  1. @SZ, Thanks for making the experience of watching Numm so interesting by your in depth reviews. The episode was so good for first 20 minutes with such powerful scenes and then suddenly became ridiculous with the entry of N and M.
    First the good part. today FK seemed more in element. He seemed so happy while talking to MJ, so at ease with her. And had such a sad expression at the end of the conversation that one wanted to go and console him. When MJ questions about N, he seemed more eager to please MJ rather than looking concerned about N.
    Waise what was that nonsense car ride of M and N. Till tha ttime , I was thinking, wah Numm team ne hamari duayan maan leen aur ek episode mein kam se kam us fazool family ko nahin dekhna parega magar hamari aisi kismat kahaan. Phir laga aisa fazool scene kyun hai, zaroor accident ho jayega shayad BS ki galti se magar phir mayoosi. Kuchh bhi nahin hua?
    And the worse was yet to come, according to FB page”Yeh Neeli ankhon wali NEELUM kitny cute expressions deti hai na? I must say the Kanza Wayne – Official has done well with the written character of Neelum. A very intense and contradictory character right? Loving the way their relation is progressing.” What the !!!!! Kaunse cute expression, kaunsa well written character, Kaunsa relation?? Are they living in some parallel universe which we are not privy to. All the fans who are still following Numm , do realise by now that W as his sazaa will have to live with N till probably eternity, we dont want constant reminders of it. Neither can they force us to like someone…
    Tragedy does seem to be round the corner. When BS says sab fitnon ko khatam kar do, it seems omnious as to where and how will the first strike happen… Not so worried about Q pulling a gun on W. The preview is just a way to divert our attention. I think that scene is more to show whose side MJ will take, I am sure Wali’s..:)

    • Ha ha ha to the FB extract !! I am not surprised though , for some Mahjabeen,s scenes would be a chore to watch just as for us ( SZ’s fans) Neelam’s scenes are torturous …

    • @PG: I’m gonna come and reply araam se later but your FB comment had me literally ROFL!! pehli baat.. from what angle does N have Neeli eyes?? And absolutely, nothing happening on the N and W front here in Numm.. in a parallel universe maybe! As for Q pulling the gun on W, nothing’s gonna come of that, on the contrary becharey ko MJ kA thapar parey ga… did you miss out on the spoiler @HB shared with us a couple of days ago?
      And yes, the whole N drama was too much … and didn’t she look like she was about to pop any second? Five months main itni progress??

      • @PG and @SZ: Hahaha about the “neeli ankhen”….but N always crinkles her eyes too much in the close up shots so probably that’s the reason we have not caught a glimpse of her “neeli ankhen”!

        Yeah, in five months she is ready to burst….itni jaldi progress dikha rahe hain, hence my conclusion in my comment about the story rushing to its finish line!!

      • @SZ aap bhool rahi hain….she ended up at the hospital in her 2nd month (I still remember the drolling-over-FK doctor telling him that) and its been 5 mths since Wali found out about Q’s presence (the jaidaad distribution started 5 mths ago)…so that makes her in her 7th months at least. My maths have significantly improved over the course of Numm 🙂 But she did look like she was about to pop…and she might just have from the stress Minahil would have given her if she didn;t have extra chocolates in her bag! :p

          • @AK: Thank you thank you for doing the math for us .. and also thank you for being my Numm watching partner yesterday 🙂 Made it so much more fun!!! I was thinking about your comments and laughing as I was writing the review 😉

        • @Ak hahaha there we go numm testing our maths… bass isi ki kasar reh gai thi.. ab hum ali bakht ki age bhi calculate kar rahe hain.. hahahah.. i was expecting some more age calculations this week but this is just too good!!! lolol

          • @FA for once I paid attention 😉 I found it absurd when i heard MJ say “suna hai larka hai” …2nd mth mein kaisay pata chala….then the big belly (which btw I am convinced looks smaller in the next wk’s promos – maybe she has delivered?!)). Phir someone said Wali started the process 5 mths ago so it made more sense. We kept saying the story is moving at a snail’s pace so they took it to heart and are moving it a frantic speed. Ab I am waiting for the traditional hindi movie line “20 saal baad” 😉

            • @AK ROFL @ bullet train speed & snail speed & 20 saal baad.. i do wonder if it is indeed Ali bakht walking in the ruins 20 saal baad???

    • @PG read your comment and agree with you 100% regarding Kanza …I am sure this serial is being made by relatives of Neelam and her caricature family….this actress ruined what could have been a smashing role or once in a lifetime character if this role would have gone to a better actor…..

    • @PG lolol @ neeli aankhein! did u see the Julia roberts one? I saw that and thought of u!…bechari julia ko pata chala tou uss ki insanely-insured smile shayad hamesha ke liye wipe out ho jai gi! lololol .. numm ko aik aur claim ke liye tayyar ho jana chahyei

  2. As usual agree with your in depth analysis . I too watch it for the trio and their story, Neelam and co are just too much to bare , not because the characters are bad , it’s the actors who has ruined it completely . There is a teen age girl in a serial meri beti , the girl who is playing it is doing a good job even though the character is not written impressively . The actors and directors can bring a dead character to life . Saania Saeed and FK are doing wonders in Numm . It’s a real treat to watch only them !

    • @sheema not watching meri beeti, but i always thought saira khan (i think thants her name – the one from mera naseeb) could’ve done well here.. good actors -in only sigh!
      def agree with ss and FK and lets not forget UP.. i thought he did brilliantly too

      • Syra would’ve been very good, but she has already played so many of these kind of girly girl roles .. she was like that in TNS as well.. I think going wit a new/fresh face was a good idea in theory but sadly ot didnt pan out quite so well in practice .. as @AK said … Numm casting dir first on the list of Namoona awards key contenders ki list!

          • @SZ @FA, probably all these insane comments on FB are written to create sympathy and positive feeling for N in the drama but the portrayal is so bad that these comments add fuel to the fire. The casting editor has a lot to answer for here..

  3. Hi Guys! Why no comments at all?? All of you practicing “restraint”?? Hmmmm…..all getting a wee sense of fatigue with this “pal main tola pal main masha” kind of installments doled out each week, as @SZ, puts it so aptly!!!

    @SZ: Hi! You are prompt and correct with your review as usual! Agree with your views. No doubt the story is progressing steadily now but each episode seems to be lacking in some way or the other….sad!

    Even the pictures you have put up of W on the phone with each of his wives, say it all….with MJ, there’s a softness, a sweetness….with N, a moroseness! I agree with you, the marriage between W and N is a sham….just a chore done with, for presenting BS with the much needed male heir….at least, none of us are able to see the “romance” here!!

    About the chocolate cake issue….I got the sense that probably Q was brought up in such straitened circumstances that on his birthdays he did not have the means to have any cake—vanilla or chocolate—so grew up yearning for such yummy treats! Now he is looking forward to fulfilling those dreams! This is what I think.

    Doesn’t MJ ask him to continue his studies in one of her dialogues in this episode? To W in the last episode he says “17 saal pehle tum logon ne meri maa ko mere baap ki maut ka zimmedar thehraya….” or some such thing, in this episode BS’s goon puts Q at 18 or 19yrs. All this probably means he is not old enough or qualified enough to get a proper job. Hence, he is loitering around as a carefree teenager, hanging around his newly-found mother. Maybe!

    @PG: The FB extract is hilarious! I agree with your “What the !!!!!” and all your “Kaunsa…s”!! But the admins of these FB pages are paid to do a certain job, what else can they do?

    The “order to kill” has been given, ab dekhna yeh hai ki kitni laashein girengi!! Oh BS and his lust for land! Tell me, what did the goon’s hesitation mean after he brings the news of Q —- means he knows and could convey subtly to BS that Q is the illegitimate offspring of Alamgir and MJ or has he understood and conveyed to BS the same thing that N thought about Q and MJ —- what construction would you guys put on the goon’s way of conveying and hesitating about Q?? Whatever, BS has still given him the go ahead with his “saarey fithnon ko khatam kar do…”. Let’s see!

    So HB’s / Q’s gun-toting scene is coming up to be followed with a thappar!! Hahahaha…..mazaa aayega! I somehow feel the story is fast running towards it conclusion….we have seen 16 episodes….there could be a killing/ killings in the next, 17th episode…..uske baad kya bachta hai….only the after-effects and pachtaawas, right?? What do you guys think?

    Until the next installment….

    • @RR, I am sure most of the viewers have become numm-b after watching the drama and trying to come to terms with the inconsistencies in the narrative. N seems ready to deliver in 5 months. W seems to be staying in the mill forever and ever. How come BS could not do anything in these 5 months. HOw come all those servants who used to give pal ki pal khabar to BS about W’s household as to who sneezed, whether the mali was present or absent, failed to tell him about Q.
      I think till now BS or his men do not know exact relationship of Q and MJ. Maybe he will order to kill Q and then it is revealed to him about who Q is really. He goes to save him and is killed (reminds me of umpteen hindi movies). But here it seems, someone else may get killed, maybe MJ..:(
      Waise the so called “well written character” of N, somehow has forgotten MJ exists. Like I mentioned earlier, she is right now in a parallel universe where there is only one fazool family. See how cleverly W is also avoiding them. She no longer wonders whether W is with MJ or the long forgotten Doctor baaji.
      I was wondering if all the senior actors refused to do any scenes with her as they realized they also looked equally fazool with her in the scene. See how cleverly UP, SS and even FK(at least in this episode) had no contact scenes with her for the past couple of episodes.

      • @PG: Hahaha about people being “numm-b”!! Absolutely agree with what you say… have pointed out some more inconsistensies in the narrative. How did team-Numm overlook these things?

        I wondered too about where exactly is W staying these days…..holed-up in his office at the mill itself?? Those days he was shown as returning home…..what’s with him now?

        You are right about N and family being in a parallel universe….cut-off from BS, MJ and W…..does make you wonder, doesn’t it??

      • @PG hahaha ur soo right abt avoiding scenes with N.. but Pls W more scenes with MJ.. i guess there will be one or two in next episode.. (but with Q too though)..

        @RR i am with u on choc cake.. bechara tarsa hua.. and then we have our spoilt vrat Manahil, still dancing around for 2 bars.. and N carrying em everywhere in her bag.. i mean really what the…?? and yes sawal yeh hai kitni lashein girain gi!!???

      • @PG: So @AK has done the math for us, shes 7-8 months along.
        Re the servants giving khabar to BS.. D and S always knew abt Q, remember the driver used to drive her to his house and Salima knew abt their secret trysts …and both of them were very fond of MJ, remember how kind she is to them ( not firing the mali etc), so they were not going to say a word to BS abt Q. Rukhsana, N’s maid/spy, was the only one who could’ve spilled the beans, but as MJ and W’s convo reveals, R has been fired, but Neelam has been told she has left b/c she was getting married, and n is staying with her mom so she doesnt know, so MJ and W doing their best to keep Q a secret. W wants the transfer of property to be finalized, signed and sealed and then get MJ and Q to leave the country as soon as possible.. and that is what he will suggest to MJ and Q in hte next ep, a suggestion that Q is going to reject …

        Re:BS’ goons not knowing abt Q’s exact relationship to the family, I m with you .. he doesnt know yet .. I think not more than 3-4 episodes left, possibly 20 in all…

        re: kitni laashen girengi… I think Q will be the one left alive … W will die ..killed by BS’ own gun… BS will be aiming for Q and W will come in the way.. W’s death will in turn cause BS’ death, shock/heart attack, something along those lines, or he might lose his mind … As for N & Co, I really dont care ke unka kiya banta hai … her “well-written” character is not speaking to me at all …

        W is indeed holed up in his mill.. Im sure there are some manager’s quarters there or some such .. he got the mill right around the time N got preggo and used to begone then too … remember he was gone the night N and R were starring in their version of a spy thriller and N injured herself .. and after learning abt Q I think he wanted MJ to have her time w/Q and N is away at her parents .. Im sure he’s visiting her, but not as much as she would like ..

        LOL @ avoiding scenes with N… mumkin hai!!!

        • @SZ @PG RE: BS’s goons not knowing abt Q : so what was that mmm ahaaaa stuff in the scene all abt? i didnt get that.. who does BS think Q is then? he seemed to be doing some ‘maths’ too lol.. BS is on to something? but what?

          before that scene i was thinking in my head BS wil get MJ killed thinking land will come back to us, but Mj’s will will reveal Q… but after this mmm-ing and ahahh-ing scene not too sure..

        • re kitni lashein girain gi: mumkin hai! what abt W trying to save Mj instead of Q? … filmy style.. lol …and yes BS going insane.. that will be good..khali khooli heart attack hua aur pharak gae tou suffering won’t be enough!

          • After reading all these mumkinaats even I feel W will die trying to save MJ and BS will turn like Amtul. Who cares what happens to N and family. The last scene maybe of Ali Bakht roaming the khandahrs. Not a bad ending, atleast W does not end up with N

          • lol@ khali khooli heart attack hua aur pharak gae..

            Tauba, Allah maaf karay lekin I just can’t stop finding faults with the play and sometimes unfairly overlook the good things about it. Sometimes I feel bad because FK is in it…:( jaisay kay meinay us kay saath loyalty ko dhoka dey diya 😛 Uff i can’t believe I just admitted that in public!!

            Someone said that it could be Ali Bakht waling in the ruins and I think so too. Bechara Wali BS kis bakhbakti ka shikaar ho jaye ga. You could see the frustration when he found out that BS was at his house with MJ. He realises he needs to let MJ go, she has sacrificed too much. Q’s words, which we heard only in the background when Wali was in the car, hit him hard…about how he was to be blamed the most for taking MJ away from Q. It is not an easy situation to be in. Aik tu bacha woh bhi 18 saal ka aur upar say taanay alag. Since Mj conitnues to remind Q, and us, about how the baat will not be chuppi huwi for long and how dangerous the consequences will be, I believe that someone will die. It won’t be Q but I don’t see Wali alive in the end. Like an Indian movie scene if only N is present and says nahiiin and comes in front of Wali to take the bullet…

            p.s. i am so not a sadist in real life…but N really tests my patience. Though her sad end could just be Wali dying

            • @AK lol @ admitting in public..
              lol re Filmy N with her Naheeeen saving W.. hai hai! all i can say Numm has disappointed us way too much on this front.. lagta hai dil ke armaan aansuon mein hi beh jaeying ge.. sigh!
              but u never know she might prove to be that karoron mein aik??

    • Aargh!!! Cant believe I lost my itna lamba comment 😦 😦

      Basically I was saying ke @RR indeed those two pics of W on the phone w/MJ and N are so telling and Fk was fab in those scenes, so subtle, and the direction was spot on… just that one glance out the window and it was like a mirror scene to MJ’s monologue to Amtul abt W being her saza ka saathi .. she had been mourning her loss, and here you have W mourning his.. difference is that MJ could actually verbalize her feelings to somebody (even if it was to Amtul who was not all there ) but W basically had nobody … an exquisitely done moment.
      similarly the chocolate cake moment .. I love the way those two scenes were juxtaposed … Q grew up without much luxury in his life and one feels sorry for him, but then W, who supposedly had everything, also grew up lonely.. he was pretty much banished away from the haveli and given under the care of a woman he barely knew….its scenes like these that make me sad abt the squandered potential of the story and the how the efforts of these fab actors have basically gone down the drain b/c of factors we are all to familiar with by now 😦

      • @SZ you have a very sensitive mind to understand the subtle gestures and a very sharp hand to express that. So true about the juxtaposition of the two Bakht child who grew up solitary. The birthday scene of a ten-year-old with no blood relatives around and Q longing some small things in life and that made Mj so melancholy – was a beautiful scene. Also, W looking at the window was so touching.

        • @SM: Thank you 🙂 But isn’t it sad that these beautiful scenes are buried under a pile of so many useless ones … so much so that the viewers, particularly those watching on TV without a handy ffwd button, pretty much miss out on all these moments b/c they are so aggravated with all the other nonsense they have to put up with … and then ofcourse the never-ending ads! I tried to watch the live streaming once and I can tell you I pretty much hated everything about it, b/c there were sound issues, ads popping up all over on the screen and then those long commercial breaks after every ten minutes … Given all this I’m not surprised that Numm has flopped big time…

          • @SZ This drama will be gud or rather excellent once its over as then we can edit all the millions of useless scenes and only retain the gems. I found W b’day scene to be more poignant as here was a boy who was a millionaire and still so alone. Although in previous episode MJ calls W as sazaa ka saathi but I feel they are shown more as zindagi ke sathi.

            • @ PG I was also thinking that we need to do some scissors to cut especially the N and co scenes at the end and keep the rest in our disks so we can watch fursat se sometimes as we do with our favorite books.

      • @SZ re window scene: sheer brilliance on ur part to pick up on that.. thats why i love ur reviews..
        Mj saying Q mere qareeb aya aur tum door chale gaye.. tum donon hi mujhe piyare ho.. ajeeb zindagi hai.. i thought these dialogues spoke volumes abt their never-ending saza…for both Mj and W…Mj ko biwi ka rutba tou mil gya magar shohar nahin mil saka..

      • @SZ: Agree with you about the chocolate cake moment…..I too loved the way the two scenes were juxtaposed… well the loneliness and deprivation of both the Bakht grandsons were shown…..agree with you about the squandered potential of this story…..well, if it was not for the presence of FK, SS and UP, who would have even watched this show till this point… their presence has been a boon to the makers of this show!!

  4. SZ a very good review and what a story is this team trying to show…I stand by my point that this story has gone haywire…firstly a lot of time was wasted showing Kasim and MJ and what exactly is wrong with the director? MJ has grown so old now that she needs reading glasses to read? Kasim’s birth and Badey Sahab not knowing about Kasim;s birth is biggest joke because he has lost two sons and a man like him did not know the birth of his grandson in a midst of all this? Badey Sahab not liking Wali’s ways is acceptable but will he take up arms against his own grandson because he does not like the same? That too his only grandson? Amtul not liking badey sahab and comparing him with white ant was acceptable as she lost her husband because of him…and his greed but then many years have past…Badey Sahab may be very authoritative but this twist of Badey Sahab going head on against Wali in every way possible including taking up arms is no no …no matter how power hungry a person may be he will not do certain things against is sole surviving family member….

    I will not beat my own drum but yes I have written a ff based on Numm and I think I have done a better job than this team….you can find the same at

    • @Tinni alot is still in the mist..and i believe (ok let me correct myself atleast I really hope) there is a logical explaination for all that that we will be revealed in coming episodes..if not then its not W N relationship in sham but the entire numm plot….lol

      i don’t think BS has ordered killing W.. I believe he wants MJ and Q dead.. If they die, the land W has transferred to MJ will come back to him.. But what he doesn’t realize is that he will loose W for good..

      • @FA that is what I mean…he will not kill W but Badey Sahab wants to take on MJ which will be directly getting into confrontation with W…any physical damage to MJ will mean direct harm to W…a man like him who is also a politician and a sardar must be weighing pros and cons on his every step, somehow this twist does not go with his characterisation….I am not very good with legal matters but he could have gone to the court or done something with the papers by which Wali would have difficulties in transfer of land but killing MJ or harming Kasim (though I think he is not actually aware about Kasim,s true identity which I find ridiculous) is direct physical attack to Wali and Badey sahib will not like to lose his position in Wali’s eyes…siblings take up arms against each other, father and son too fight but grandfather and his sole grandson? He may oppose, try to change wali’s mind even inform wali about MJ now mixing with a much younger person i.e poison his ears against MJ but no this is not acceptable….

      • @FA yes true. But then he is a badbakht man who could very well now consider Wali’s Ali (:)) as his next horse riding toy and might not shed a tear if anything happens to Wali.

        • @AK: You have hit the nail on the head with this perceptive comment!! Amtul did say about how this badbakht BS lost two sons “phir bhi sir par joo tak nahi rengi”, remember? So now that W’s Ali is on the way…..this W who is raking up enough trouble for him already could become totally dispensable to him, won’t evoke even a single tear as you say! Oh, this badbakht man! all he cares for is land and continuity of the male line in his khaandan!! No other emotion touches him!

    • @Tinni: I think the story is there, just buried really deep under a lot of nonsense…I agree with you and dont think BS will take up arms against per se, as you say it would go against his characterization .. rather W will come in BS’ way when he is out to get Q and MJ .. I think he will try to thwart W iindirectly in other ways, like we see him ordering his lawyers to slow the process down, and remember W getting annoyed with Shirazi abt doctored financials, I can bet you that that too is BS’ doing to make W distrust Shirazi, who has been his main man all along. If Shirazi gets fired then on of BS men can step in and hinder W’s plans every step of the way …
      Lets see how this final round of the story plays out … and I think Q’s story will be revealed in the next ep, when BS does find out abt Q.

      • @Sz re W annoyed with Shirazi scene: i felt it was the phone call abt BS that triggered it off.. i was thinking kahin ka ghussa kahin seems to be back!.. btw that shirazi sahab tou bass rone wale ho rahe the uss scene mein.. no?

  5. @Sz brilliant review as always and highlighting all that was left unsaid..

    What caught my attention was not just BS back doing his haat saaf with his magic tricks, but also Geo.. Yeh background sound phir se ghaib!!! Aik version mein hai and guess what next version mein ghaib!!.. ??? aur iss baar tou official version mein Wali ke dialogues bhi ghaib hain.. beat that!!??? Come on Geo.. pull ur act together, its been 19 weeks now.. !!!!

    and then the mehfil-e mauseequi.. lol, lighthearted and all.. but Hasir you really do need some riyaz.. im surprised Mj ne yahan thappar nahin maara.. and btw i think maybe why Goe decided to mute the background was because they knew there was serious khatra for damage claims for hearing loss from the viewers. ref : the final surr/taal/ ley in the mehfil-e-mouseequi

    In true Numm fashion some of the scenes were way too long (esp the friend one), but having said that, i thought overall it was nice to see the maan beta bonding and building a relationship.. I actually felt quite sad at the chocolate cake.. this boy obviously grew up deprived.. ironically, someone who was a waris to bakht clan, taras raha tha woh for a mere chocolate cake..

    and weve seen the mali, the tea, the clip, the nest and now this episode was all about chocolate.. hamara Q poori zindagi tarsa aur here we have M 2 chocs pe uchal rahi hai.. whats that all abt?? honestly!!

    and all our mathematicians, analysts, get all ur deduction skills ready we have plenty of mawad to recalculate ages!! lol

    @Sz totally with u.. how did N get soooo big?? bag mein chocs le ke phire gi tou aur kia ho ga..

    Anyway thats plenty of ranting.. there was quite a fair bit to rave abt too! firstly, we didnt get to see rukhsana, dawood and only a jhalak of Salima… so yay! btw looks like Rukhsana pbbly didnt have the shadi infact she was just fired!

    And the W Mj relationship, though simply over the phone, was really refreshing.. It @SZ re: looking out of window, i didn’t pick up on that.. thats what i love abt ur review.. we get to see so much more that we miss out on..

    And N talking abt the mill as her sowtan and then talking abt missing Amtul.. i felt it all reminded W of MJ.. The dialogues were brill.. if only the did get lost behind N’s pouting.. sigh yet again!

    the glipmse in the past: not sure what to make out of it.. we didnt really get any new info did we? I am really hoping Q is the legit and there was a nikah and all.. This kid deserves an honourable life just as much as Mj..

    That brings me to the Hashirs lil gossip.. and the thappar.. & the preview.. mumkin hai W pe Q ne gun uthai ho magar Mj ka thappar beech mein aa gya ho.. And yes Im with u.. its gotta be BS gun-dasa man (btw who still hasnt done anything abt N’s kuttas) will be behind any further shootings..

    Ab dekhte hain ke Ali bakht Wali bakht ke liye khush-bakht sabit hota hai ya bad-babakht!

    • @FA: LOL! Loved reading your rants 🙂 Ok, so since i am later to the party, seems like the popping of the stomach issue has been resolved, chocolate cake, check, Minahil a pain, check, long scenes, check, Rukhsana fired, but N told ke shaadi ho gayee , N fooled by MJ+ W, check …

      Re: the two versions of the video.. yes! once again … the vesion that aired had all the sound and stuf and the version they released online was sans bgs and fK’s voice was muted in the phone call scene .. so annoying had to watch it two times to make sure i didnt miss anything .. I will admit to ffwding the N scenes the second time around so missed the mill and sautan dialogues …her OTT pouting was really off putting!

      I too hope that the circumstances of Q’s birth are explained soon, and as I said above, I think next ep seems to be a logical choice for disclosing how Q’s existence has been kept a secret for all these years …

      • @SZ lol @ all the checks.. if only numm team used a check-list : actors, sound, editing, pani in the pool, etc etc..

        re the two versions: goe’s official version also didnt show the gun bit in the next weeks promo..honestly this is beyond me! what a joke!

      • btw just wanted to add the dialogue of the episode for me was in the MJ – BS scene.. majboor hona koi bohot acha ehsas nahin hai BS. abb aap bhi majboor ho ke dekhye..
        i thought that scene was absolutely spot on!! SS and UP acting zabardast!

  6. SZ beautiful analysis. Your reviews make it fun to watch. I did not like this
    episode much. You are right that W is preparing for his sentence. But he is trying
    to be an ideal man to his wives and to the workers. But he is ignorin Nelum’s need
    of his support. Giving property is not the only thing in life. He even does not try
    to be Nelum’s (good for us)! And the unresolved issue of W-Mj needs to be resolve
    before they seperate. I don’t think its gonna be that easy. Bs was talking about
    some Ponchayet and shikar. So there may be another ponchayet on Q-Mj. I don’t khow why but somehow I feel that W is more dear to Mj than Q. How ever this episode has raised new questions and makes Mj questionable. The questions are:
    a. W informed Bs about giving Mj property and then 5 months have passed and Bs

    couldn’t know a thing and he didn’t show any interest in these 5 months?
    b. What kind of husband is W that he keeps away from a pregnant wife?
    c. Why doesn’t Q questions Mj for his condition today?
    d. how could Mj gave birth in the given social condition and especially when his brother went out to find Alamgeer with a gun? and he didn’t seem to be a polished guy, rather dehati.

    • @SM: I agree with you about the hard to believe scenario abt Q’s birth and existence being a secret all these years .. so I am hoping that we see some explns coming our way in the next ep…

      Re: panchayat for Q and MJ … I dont think an egoist like BS would want to air his dirty laundry in front of those lower in status than him ( he is the richest and weilds the most power around). Another reason for not holding a panchayat would be that he does so, in effect he would be admitting that he, such a powerful feudal, was fooled by a MJ, who was supposed to a non entity thats out .. re: the shikar dialogues, absolutely, he has basically told his goons to shoot first and question later. So in effect a death warrant has been issued against them ..
      Re: paperwork .. I think @Ak is correct that it takes a while to get paperwork done.. also when BS named W his successor he had no clue what W was thinking .. and since W had all the legal rights and BS had handed over the propery to him publicly there was no reason for anybody to go report anything to BS.. as far as they weer concerned W was the boss and they were doing his bidding .. and BS would have never known all this even now, if W hadnt told him …. it is only after he walks away from him that BS calls his minions and gets them to look into property transfers … if W had kept his mouth shut, BS would’ve not come to know so soon..

      Re: W and N .. I think at best it was a marriage of convenience … We know W was never interested in the marriage and N never cared for him in the beginning either .. so both came into the marriage with zero expectations, thinking of marriage as no more than an obligation to their families.. Later N developed feelings for W but W never really reciprocated .. I dont think we there was any “romance”b/w the 2. despite what the FB page told us… I think he must have been visiting her regularly, but not living with her per se.. he;s not stupid , he knows that if he would stop visiting N, the BS would get on his case and suspicions would arouse, so Im sure he’s quite careful about maintaining the status quo ….

      • @SZ re the panchayat: BS says sadqa.. did i hear that right? i guess he’s referring to the giri hui lashein right??? this guy never seize to amaze me.. ugh!
        then panchayat aur shijar din ka acaha hota hai.. pbbly means he wants to make a show of it all.. sub ke liye khaas tour pe W ke lye sabaq??? what u think?

      • Hm…convincing. What I meant to say is, being an ideal man is not easy. No matter how fair you are on paper, people are biased in the heart. That’s why I think Mj-W has to mature even if only to separate. They have to be able to face themselves in deep inside to answer what the other mean to each. For example, W in last three episodes realized the form of love he possesses for Mj. He now can define their relationship and as such even when he is keeping himself away from Mj and getting ready for final sentence he is not confused. I didn’t find that clarity in Mj yet. Although she is aware of their socially acknowledged relationship and so has been respectful, subtle, submissive, delicate and responsive in her interaction with W. But I think her full realization is yet to come. She has been dutiful but hwer love for W has not yet transformed to let her define W’s position in her life. That’s why she has to go through some more suffering to understand that. Now Bs will strike the rebells. But there would be another fight back and that will be possible when love is fully transformed, understood and acknowledged.

        • @SM: Ah gotcha …what an interesting insight! I wish we could go there with the story, but looking at how the audiences have responded to even a little deviation from the accepted pairing, Aso to keep the story grounded in our scietal contextm I dont think we will ever see them come out and acknowledge even to themselves forget abt verbalizing to each other what they mean to each other … we as an audience are seeing an oblique acknowledgement in the way W has fought to give MJ her rights, and we’ll probably see more when he gives up his life for her (LOL I dont know why I am convinced of this ending 🙂 ) but I think that will be the that .. no deep gazing into each other eyes ala HS or even hand holding ala ZGH …

  7. @SZ I think i said it all over twitter last night!

    @SM I think the story was fast forwarded at a bullet train’s speed. My take: Wali found out about Q 5 mths ago when N was in the hospital in her 2nd mth. That’s apparently when he got the ball rolling with respect to transferring property etc in MJ’s name and the power of attorney to Neelam. They had to show that timeline because property transfer takes long and it would have been ridiculous had they, in their old-fashioned numm way, made an error and showed it to have happened overnight. Wali seems to have been away from his house all this while giving MJ space and figuring out the mill’s problems and N is at her moms house. In these 5 mths MJ has developed a deeper bond with Q though why she continues to praise the friend’s biryani and cooking skills every time is beyond me.

    I for one found it amusing when Q asked her about Alamgir’s hair. Can’t he see his hair is what et us to believe he was MJ’s son in his first scene?! I am so done with hair talk by now. Also the dialogue “yeh baat ziyada dair chuppi nahin reh sakti” MJ has said this over and over again for different situations.

    As for the FB page, they have lost the plot over the last few weeks, i.e. if it really is the official page. It has also started promoting a new play on the page..sirf yeh kehnay ki qasar reh gayi hai “band karo numm dekhna, humaray funny pictures dekho aur yeh lo niya drama dekho”.

  8. i was thinking abt the ost lyrics.
    mumkin hai mumkin na ho yun mera platna
    mumkin hai iztarab mein bhi kuch suroor ho

    we saw a fresh angle to this in this episode..

    before W was scared of his palatna because he was only thinking about himself.., scared of loosing out on his luxuries and mainly scared of waging a war .. but ironically, now his palatna may not be mumkin because he is not thinking abt himself any more.. because he has indeed started that war. This time he is scared of palatna for her sake!

    and the suroor has a new meaning now.. the sakoon he got out of giving haqdar their haq, and maan beta ko milana and most of all freeing her..The very iztarab in letting go of her is giving him suroor..

    Numm may have failed on many fronts, but the lyrics of the OST are sheer brilliance! full marks on that.. (and yes earns extra credits for engaging us working out all the mumkinats.. lol)

    • @FA, some of the best parts of the drama are 1) OST – extraordinary lyrics and the haunting music which make us think and think 2) Brilliant acting by FK, SS and UP. Any scene either of them is there becomes mesmerizing. Also Amtul’s scenes were great 3) the team which is editing the promos, each promo has been brilliant, moves the story forward but does not give away everything.4)Brilliant direction although only in parts.

      All this is what makes us watch this drama week after week

      • @PG so true: but let me add the 5th element to this list: SZ’s review, this forum and endless laughs on hillarious comments.. for me that tops the list for coming back to watch Numm every week.. otherwise unlike @AK I might’ve betrayed FK and got off Numm bandwagon lolol

        • @FA lol. I feel sorry every time I see any other play of his (i am guilty of watching some episode or the other from ZGH & Humsafar for time pass every now and then). I am watching this play for him. Its the first time in years that I am actually waiting for every episode unlike buying the DVD and watching it at home 🙂 He brought me back to Pakistani drams and I have only seen Humsafar, ZGH (very close to my heart for several reasons) & Dastaan in the last 10 yrs +. I have not seen any other play all the way to the end except these and some random episodes of KPKP and Akbari Asghari…of course only for him 🙂 Kaisay kood jaoon is bandwagon say 😉

          You are so right about SZ’s reviews. I am so glad I came across this forum. It makes the week go by very quickly. 🙂

          • @AK hahahaha.. hai kon zalim keh raha hai kood jao!! lol Nah honestly It was Humsafar that was the first one I watched after God knows how long and since then I’m hooked on Pakistani dramas… like u i was the DVD pe dekho type & it was Numm which was the first one I started watching weekly.. (started ’cause of FK and some promosing promos).., and since then (and the credit goes to SZ here) that I’ve started following a few others..
            btw recently started watching Humsafar with my hubby (the it hurts my male ego to sit & watch pak drama type hubby)… he had to go away on a business trip so plan was we’d catch up afterwards.. but he got sooo into it that instead of checking out the city (like he would usually being a travel fanatic he is), he was sitting in his hotel room watching Humsafar on the web.. by the time he came back 2 days later he had already finished!… so there u go asar door door hai! lolol

            • @FA seems like we have a lot of common besides love for FK 😉 Initially I saw a couple of episodes (best scenes of FK from ZGH type ) and found the one where Zaroon stays over Kashaf’s house and the bijli etc issue was so nostalgic. While our circumstances are different, I felt close to home given I too used to feel very conscious of everything in order at my mom’s house when my hubby visited even though he didn’t care at all! He too travels a lot but would never watch a Pakistani play on his own. Anyhow made my hubby watch a short clip and we decided to watch it together. This must be the first play for him after tanhaiyan. It proved to be a very good decision for both of us. We bonded further over many scenes and got talking about random stuff that you tend to either forget or have erased from your memory since it belongs to your past. Just random stuff from family to university to marriage. ZGH, despite its flaws which is only normal, proved to be the much needed catharsis to let go and shed some tears in a long long time. It felt good and my outlook has also become quite positive. It helped to have the hubby see it with me so he understands the change better 🙂 Since then I am a firm believer of making hubby watch some good stuff…of course my drama world is limited to FK’s plays so I really want him to see Humsafar though I know he will lose interest after Khirad is kicked out of the house. But FK’s romance has so much jadoo in it, even half the play is worth watching again with him 🙂

              Now that I have digressed much from Numm, I agree that I had forgotten about Numm’s OST for some time now. The lines you picked up about suroor etc, was just wow. I have always sucked at Urdu shairi so it helped a lot to understand the context and I agree with your view on it. I think I need to go back and listen to it. Its brilliant isn’t it? I am also guikty of watching FK’s recitation of the poem from one of the promos.

              I am also getting more convinced day by day that the Numm page is run by a female fan of FK…every other morning there is a killer photo of FK asking “aur sunaain, kaisay hain/kiya ho raha hai?!” Who does that except for a female fan?! Where is Numm in all that?

            • @Ak im back: just picked up on something: oh my hubby so not the watch pakistan drama type let alone ”the watch pakistani drama alone” type.. humsafar was his first Pakistani drama ever!!.. lol… hence my eyes phati ki phati aur kaan band ke band when i heard he was in his room catching up on humsafar online by himself.. lol… (theres a fair chance ur hubby might just sit through it too…lol)

          • @AK hahahaha ZGH great for marriage counseling!! Funny, on the express films thread we were discussing whether Kashaf should’ve gone to a professional for her problems..@SZ well our Kashaf doesn’t need a psychiatrist, she’s a pretty good councillor herself!! hahaha… On a serious note, yes I totally agree with u.. i felt the same.. only I wouldn’t admit to my hubby lolol sssshhh!!! (thats my rule number 1 gone out ofthe window lol)… & uff the nostalgia factor – para abt everything at mums house – spot-on! hahaha

            dunno if u got kids, but i was so touched by Matae-jan..written by the same writer as Humsafar, its pretty slow and all but too sentimental! everytime I watch it i’m litetrally crying! me, my girls, and anyone else ive watched it with… yes ive watched that one abt 10 times by now! me and my girls boiled our eyes out!… and unlike alot of stuff, its as clean as can be – so can watch it with ur family… so if u wanna bond with ur kids… kafi ziada hi tareefein kar din.. kahin dekh ke yeh na kaho yeh kia tha..??!!! word of warning : u do need some patience tho, pace is pretty slow.. and no FK in it sorry.. lol.. hopefully that wont count as betrayal lololol

            • @FA no betrayal….it would just need more patience on my part…aadat kharab ho gayi hai FK to dekh dekh kar. ZGH clicked for both of us because we found it relevant and realistic. Its like watching a movie with your hubby but one that is less fantasy and more reality. We had fun and its nice to watch a play with someone …miss the times when the entire household used to sit in front of the TV at 8. I do have kids but they are far too young to understand anything. I will get the DVD when I am in Pakistan next week (hoping I won’t miss the action on this page). I don’t necessarily like rona dhona but it is good for the soul once in a while and if its a good subject, its worth it. My mom suggested Durre-e-sharwar and Sher-e-zaat and I still haven’t gotten around to watching them. I did pass on the DVDs for Humsafar and ZGH yesterday to an Indian friend who was raving about plays like Tanhaiyan, Dhoop Kinaray, Sitar aur Mehrunissa. Raved about these plays so hope she likes them given how well -received they were all over.

              I have been tempted to go back to Urdu reading, something I haven;t done in a long time now. Hoping to get some nice novels when am home so let me know if any of you have any recommendations.

            • @FA: Where were you when I was reviewing MeJ and getting flak for it every week.. LOL!! It wasnt till Aabi died that the majority got onboard with it .. I am a huge fan of AH, so I loved it … also loved HB and SS in it … and I acutally think the spousal abuse issue was handled much better there …

              @AK: DeS is uploaded on YT in very good quality. SeZ I absolutely loved. Re: buying novels, most of the popular stuff is online, so if you dont mind reading online dont bother buying them …

            • @SZ yaar uss zamane mein drama khatam hone ke baad yak musht dekht thi naa.. didnt know bat this fab place.. Im a huge fan of AH too! cant wait for subh ka sitara.. but for me matae-jan was all HB.. she was just super! her callling him meri jaan…and ufff the ”jan lo meri jan, meri jaan hai tu!” everytime i heard that my daughter would give me a hug or a cuddle.. im gettin all teary again.. and btw u just gave away the spolier! ssshhh! lololol
              yaar for me uss ko khatam hone ke baad aik baar dobara dekhna zaroori hai.. then each dialogue weighs so much more.. luv it!
              and yes spouse abuse def handled well..

              @AK Im not into reading urdu novels.. only read the kankar one online.. I started watching it after abt 10 episodes and seeing im not the patient type, i went ahead and read the story…

              also for extended families settled abroad, I felt Bilquis Kaur is pretty good too…a bit OTT at times but hits the nail in all the right places..

              btw brill copy of mataejan on hum tv YT channel too.. and also SeZ..

              hai Pakistan jaa rahi ho?.. khoob maze karo yaar! but haan keep dropping by.. aapki mathematical skills aur comments ki kami reh jai gi warna lol

        • @FA sorry to have missed the most important and the brilliant thing about Numm, this forum.. where we can come and rant and rave about the drama. This is absolutely priceless..

        • @FA: rofl…you guys are just hilarious…I so wish FK gets to read our comments and realise our madness to hold on to this deeply flawed drama!!

  9. Again I am too late, but nevertheless here is one of my valuable comment of non-valuable kind:)

    Yes, this is quite funny that Baray Sahab had no idea about Walis intentions. Neelam and Manahil are extremely irritating characters, Neelam because of her pouting and affected linguistic styl and Manahil because of her insolence. Be that as it may, I have lost interest in this serial and has nothing else to say to it. Matam is far far much interesting than Numm. Todays episode was superb.

  10. @SZ: As usual another brilliant and interesting review of a not so interesting episode barring a few scenes which obviously had to have W and MJ…I simply loved W’s window scene after the phone call with MJ…he dint move a muscle and yet he conveyed sooo much…it’s sort of poetic….exactly like the OST of Numm….which is sooo haunting and fits in perfectly with this whole story.
    @FA,SM,AK,PG,Tinni: I agree with all of your comments….u guys mirror my feelings esp about this forum and everything else!!

    • @Tabs: Im so glad you also picked up on that teeny tiny scene 🙂
      And yes parts of the OST are now coming in to play ever so beautifully … @FA loved your reading of those lines!

  11. @SZ I made my hubby get me DVDs for both DeS and SeZ when he was in Pak a few mths ago. Its nice to sometimes watch it lying on your couch than craning your neck in front of the computer. I tried reading online but I am still one of those who likes the feel of the book in my hand. I am gradually converting to the kindle but like a book once in a while 🙂

    You guys are making me feel like Khirad “meri match bahut achi hai ” 🙂 Bas ab FK ho samnay tu kiya baat ho! The other day my hubby jokingly told my friend that bas he now hates FK since he seems to have taken over my life :p lol

    • @AK hahahahaha Im in stitches now! maths, match… wo bhi FK ke saath.. chalo num ka aik aur faida.. maths sharpen karein aur khirad jaisa bannay ke liye aik qadam aur aage! .. lolol
      im so with u on the hubby note..lololol

      • LOL! You ladies are too funny! Dont even start me on how much I hated Khirad in that scene! Doing math HW. when Ashar is sitting right there, seriously???!!!

        • @SZ I know!!! But you have to understand , Asher (FK) us ka tha na….humara nahin tha tu isliye hum drool karay ja rahay thay aur woh araam say homework pay homework!

    • @AK: Talking of husbands, mine is so fed up ke you cannot even begin to magine .. its a running joke that Sat is chashme-numm day b/c I play the vdo umpteen times, first to download, then upload, then watch for review, then rewatch for mumbles …

      And another funny story … I think I had mentioned once earlier on that nobody around me, apart from husband and a couple of very close friends, know I do this blogging stuff and all… they know I watch dramas but thats abt it … yesterday I was talking to my sister and she asked me if I was watching this latest drama, starring the HS guy … before I could respond she said haan magar tum kahan dekhti hogi … tumharey paas to time hi nahin hai! It would b ean understatement to say she would be shocked if she ever saw this blog and knew all the crazy stuff we talk about here!

      • @SZ hahaha i can’t stop laughing. Like I must have mentioned too on one of my first posts on your forum when Numm started, I have never contributed to a blog or anything like that. I am so anal about my online privacy etc. I had my blog a couple of years ago but took it off. However I have broken all my rules and probably dished out more info here than I ever would. I told hubby I was writing on this blog when he saw me laughing once in a while while furiously typing away. lol . I had to but while his pratical mind finds it absurd he also thinks its good since I am able to “talk” which he supports. He says when I know about something or gets excited about anything then i am very animated and a different person altogether. Given that I dont have a lot of Pakistanis where I am and no family, its great to be able to connect on this forum. So a big thank you! Ab is naam par aik aur patty kahoon gi !

        • @AK same eher.. never in my life commented on anything online.. and look at me here.. i said on another thread yday.. seems like im keeping my diary here..
          it so happened to me yday.. i was in the car.. saw this comment on my fone, and my hubby goes.. not again! i think hes finding a sautan in this forum.. lololol
          i was in hysterics while reading Aunn Zara comments and he really thought i had lost it completely.. and yes a big puppy shuppy to @SZ for bringing us altogether..

          • @FA lol at sautan. Your husband must be thinking “Pehlay FK kam tha jo ab yeh forum bhi aa gaya!” Mine def is! I somehow am not able to reply from my iphone or ipad so I have to come down at night when I really want to comment….i am waiting for hubby to comment on that soon 🙂

        • @AK: I so agree abt the “talk” part ..I am very much in the same boat, so all of you are like extended family now … and as @FA wsa saying on another thread, we share so many more details here its like it feels like a personal diary at times 🙂

      • @SZ btw I couldn’t stop laughing at “chashme-numm” day lol. If anything FK has brought many Pakistani women together 😉

      • @SZ hahaha sounds like my hubby.. thats why i ”forced” him to watch humsafar and now every time he moans I say but u know how addictive it is.. u ended up watching humsafar without me! lolol ..
        and ROFL @chashm-e-numm day.. i use head phones.. thats why i nearly lost my hearing after Q’s mehfil-e-mousiqui
        I was thinking that the other day.. how u manage, blog, fb and YT.. and everything else in life.. Allah aap ko mazeed himmat de take aise mazay mazay ke kaam karti rahain lol

          • Aww .. its fun with all of you guys 🙂 And totally worth it when after a very frustrating day etc I come to the blog and burst out laughing at all the comments .. the best way to wind down 🙂

            • Omg!! Ashar, Khirad, husbands!!! Th mumkinats of Numm must be getting boring LOL. Sorry been a little busy lately, but SZ knows how much fun we have had back from the HS Days, I’ve never commented so much or talked so much online in my life….it’s been so much fun over the past year. But yeah totally agree on this blog being a sau tan lol!! I have burst out laughing so many times and my hubbie just gives me the craziest look lol!!

      • SZ- buri baat hai- apni behen se itna chupana ;)?
        Reminds me of the time when she told you that she’s watching ZGH. “Tumhein yaad hai woh Humsafar wala larka ?” Lol Haan mere khyaal se SZ ko woh larka yaad hai …

        • LOL @Afia you remember that 🙂 shes not into Pk dramas, HS was probably one of the few she saw all the way through .. isliye woh HS wala hi usko yaad hai 🙂
          And hahaha who would know better than you ke woh larka mujhe kitna yaad hai 😉

  12. @FA reminds me of Sajad’s Ali song he sang for Coke Stusio “Bolo Bolo tum nay kiya dekha meray main , kiya dekha” sigh!! Hubby and I loved the rendition even before I saw the play. The ultimate sadness is that the Tuc ad he featured in was soon after I left the job at the company….warna aik aad tasweer tu le hi leyti FK kay saath!

    • @Ak hai dil ke armaan! lololol
      @AK @SZ yaar u guys too funny.. been trying to read the sannata comments but this is just too good! can’t get into the serious thinking mode.. aur maths homework pe homework k baad to ab aaj shayad bilkul hi mushkil ho lololol

      • @FA: in the same boat., re: Sannata .. I want to respond to you there, but abhi this is too much fun 🙂 LOL @ maths HW @AK: I get what u are saying abt Ashar being Khirad’s magar phir bhi itna ziyada nashukra pan?!?
        LOL how did A and K creep into W and MJ’s ongoing love story?!

        • @SZ sorry I crashed last night. As for nashukra pan, kiya kahein. Bechari ko mili na saza phir baad mein A ko ignore karnay ki!!

          @FA sawaal yeh banta hai that did your hubby watch it because of the whole package or because of Mahira? 😉 FK kay tu sab hubbies dushman hain 😉 Just kidding. Mission is on…after I am back from Pakistan inshaAllah.

          • @Ak yes had sweet dreams here too.. had too much drool over.. the patties, the shami kababs, FK and AH… tauba! hahaha

            lol @ Mahirah.. haan when i mentioned it to my freind that i was gonna try and get my hubby to watch Humsafar she was like there is no way in hell she would let het husband lay his eyes on mahira lolol
            anyway my hubby only watched the bit where khirad was all bechari again.. so hopefully less chance of that and more of following the complete package lololol

            @Ranjan @sk(original) join the sautan gang!! tauba! tauba! yet again! lolol no wonder we have no sympathy with N! lolol

            • LOL! You ladies are too funny! MK is such a sweetie ke its hard to hate her for being so gorgeous MA! But while on HS its so funny now when I look back, but while it was airing I did not like Khirad at all.. partly b/c she had A, and partly b/c something abt the character annoyed me .. I remember getting scolded for hating Khirad (thank you SK!!!) and then MK commented abt how we broke her heart and all … awww!! as @SK says all those good old days ki yaadein .. haiiii didnt know how we good had it then … I remember calling MK an average actress in HS, but now when I see numm I have a whole new appreciation for MK as Khirad!

            • Really I scolded You??! I have no recollection but I probably did lol!!!I just couldn’t understand why people were criticizing MK so much, according to her character she was perfect. Now setting so many other newcomers who stink, I’m thinking she was more than perfect!!!

            • lol@ appreciating MK vs numm.. hai how can u even compare the two yaar?

              awww the HS discussions sound like so much fun …btw ive been meaning to ask u this.. when did u start this blog? i mean which drama era..

  13. @SZ came home from warm weather to cold one .but I am very warm with this forum specially your review SZ . Beautiful while traveling I could not excess . But while reading the comment I am laughing and my husband is like looking at me and said you are crazy . Few days ago it was night and we were lost , and we ask for direction the person helped us was from Pakistan , (nice gentleman) to him my husband said my wife watches all Pakistani drama and then they both we’re laughing .
    I like the W and M talking on phone , was touched by the W look and the window seen. Both W and Q we’re missing their mothers love , W has M while growing up . Thank you so much SZ . Hope u do not mind me writing something that does not belong , but Kia Karu thodi adat si hogy hai aap sub ki. Per acha lagata hai.

    • @Ranjan: hey welcome back 🙂 loved reading your little story so heartwarming to see how shared enjoyment of Pak dramas and Bollywood films help in building bridges b/w ppl .. please dont apologize for sharing .. as yo can see we all end up sharing things that we might think twice about sharing otherwise .. LOL @ your hubby also laughing … good to have yet another friend join in our sautan club 🙂 I can totally see all our husband getting together to start their own forum where they discuss how to deal with their crazy wives 😉

  14. @FA: This blog came about during SeZ .. Aug/Sept 2012…
    I had reviewed HS (last three eps I think) KPKP, MeJ, BK, MP (Mora Piya ) earlier at another drama review site ..

    • hahaha i was just looking at that and laughing my head off.. chalo hum sub mil ke aik script tayyar kar hi lete hain abb lololol

      @SZ btw before i got on to the script bit i thought they wanted the thinking individuals with writing skills to inspire ppl for the numm fb page and maybe some others.. after all nothing good is on days….lololo by which btw i thought they were hitting at u directly…lolol.. impeccable writing and persuasive skills..!

      • hahaha they have more than enough “thinking individuals ” there already meri kiya zarorat hai. I am a disappointment to them because I never comment on the page lol

        script taiyar karne ki kiya zarorat hai ..cut paste al lthe various comments .. we have a whole script here .. Waisey, hats off to the writer of Numm jo itni bardasht se hamarey comment parhtey hain .. thanks Myra Sajid! 🙂

  15. @SZ hai hai kiya achi cheeze dekha di subah subah….Love love love FK and MK looks hot!! It’ll be great I bet. All the guests look cool.

    I had to push off hubby from the computer since it wasn’t working on my iphone. I showed it to him thought AFTER watching it 3 times myself 🙂

  16. @FA lol. Kabhi aap ko aur SZ ko inbox kar kay bata saki tu bataaon gi kay woh kiya kahani thi…

    SZ I have zero skills when it comes to youtube etc …how did you ever put FK’s face there?! LOVE it 🙂

      • @FA i don’t know 😦

        I know! If they are smart, they would show him in the first episode and get everyone hooked onto the show. It does look classy and MK and her guests all look very glamourous. What channel will it be on?

        • @AK aap ke munh mein ghee shukkar lol
          Still thinking abt u pushing hubby 4 dou soutans.. FK aur forum.. Wo bhi subah subah! Lolol

          • @RR Thanks.

            @FA Maybe watching it in Pakistan on my trip might just be more exciting….ziyada kareebi lagay FK say 😉 Though Im spoilt now watching everything without the ads!

            @SZ & FA if its FK’s episode , then I will watch it with chicken patties 🙂

            • @AK hai kia yaad kara diya phir se! lolol chicken patties ke ssath saath aik shami kabab FK ke liye remember… wo bhi India mein hai apparently lolol

              btw jiss bhi saturday lage ga, wo saturday FK ke naam hi hoga.. numm aur phir FK & MK together.. not just double-whammy balke Fk overload!!! hahaha

  17. Hello & salam SZ & everyone 🙂 …m really late to the nummB party this time, was missing the numm after-shocks and the very entertaining people & comments on this forum 😦

    But hopefully will catch up with the comments on previous episodes…I guess for me its like too much curiosity killed the cat- In this case too much chupana from the viewers n now revealing everything is kinda buzzkill 😦 i know abhi aur kitna chupa sakte they? lol they realized they gotta finish the story!!…its like after so many twists and turns, finally the story is going so predictable….only thing that I still look forward to is how will they show the W & MJ acknowledging THEIR relationship amidst all the skeletons tumbling out the closet (although some more fossils still need to be unearthed in the traditional Numm style), the filmy scenes, the dishun-dishun, Q, sugarmill (the 3rd sautan now), N & fam, etc etc…If they don’t do a proper closure /the voicing of MJ & W’s feelings/opinions abt each other NOW after they have learned so much abt each other and stood for each other, and just kill someone in the end to show us tragedy/heartbreak…it will be so UNFAIR to all poor us!! 😦

    SZ, I quickly browsed through your reviews I missed and as always you’re spot on 🙂 I so agree with your aggravations…its a pity we have to literally sort the the wow parts from the wth moments…Thank God for this forum and you!

    I agree with everyone who’ve commented and trust me the deviations in the comments are required now…itne NummB ke baad toh break banta hai 🙂 Just wanted to say although I may be the only one saying this: I really liked Qasim’s voice..haha except for the painful raag, in which he can really make all Baqt horses run far far away 😉 And W’s expression was brilliantly done when he hangs up the phone; the pain he feels and how he’s trying to carve himself away from MJ’s life. I just hope since WB has had a ‘hulk’ spine regeneration, he mans up and confesses the actual place he has for MJ at least to MJ if not for the others who really need to understand how much he loves/respects tht woman.

    And tonight somehow I went back and watched older episodes from beginning and it somehow seems to make more sense of the dialogues, the expressions, imagery, etc…I just cannot imagine how people would like Numm if they see it on TV with the ads, tech probs, n other things! But I felt that since beginning it was all abt MJ-W relationship! (Just happy to finally actually figure it out then fervently hope that it was 🙂 ) On that note, does anyone know if Numm is an adaptation of Maira Sajid’s novel or if it was just written as a drama? I would LOVE to get my hands on the novel/story! Watching old episodes reinforced my love for the story….AND our brilliant actors..

    Just wanted to say, missed all you intelligent ladies very much! 🙂

    • @YBM, even I feel, later on when this drama is watched , it will be a classic just for Wali and MJ’s relationship. It’s not just a love story but relationship story. All the dialogue less scenes and the looks between them are too good to be true and moves the romance to an ethereal level.
      I hope along with you that some time W is able to confess to MJ atleast what is her position in his life (to be a little cruel, i hope he confesses to N, who then goes and blurts it out to MJ)
      Mumkin hai Izhare mohabbat ho

      • @PG, so rooting for the izhaare mohabbat sigh..although it looks highly unlikely 😦 BTW, great insight and comments above…enjoyed reading yr perceptions 🙂

      • @PG lol @ cruelty.. soo wanna see the izhar-e-muhabbat but…naa i hope W confesses to MJ face to face.. and N over hears it.. I wanna see some serious mind-blowing chemistry here.. and N overhearing / witnessing this can drive her insane..

  18. Looks like I will be the last with my comments this time.
    First I enjoyed reading your review and all the insightful comments by everyone.
    It seems W and MJ relationship is back to being mother and child in this episode.
    Now again it makes me wonder if the Stormy Night really happened?
    I guess in true Numm style we will never know.

    • @db i too am still unclear if THE night happened but then I read on the writer’s page that once N was gone (to school) Wali and MJ became more man and woman (whatever that means :P)

      While I do hope Wali admits his feelings, whatever they may be for MJ, i do agree with you that the conversation on the phone was anything romantic and such a contrast to the scenes and tension post THE night. If you take Qasim out of the tension equation, even then there was an underlying tension between them both, something unsaid, so this sudden change was a bit strange though I have to keep reminding myself that 5 mths have passed since Q’s encounter with Wali. Its not coming together, Wali and MJ’s relationship.

    • @db I too felt tht they were making MJ too motherly.. what’s up with Q’s friend calling her Maa ji all the time..and all of a sudden MJ also starts acting like. 65 yr old dadi with the the two overgrown betas..

      @AK wht page are you talking abt? Sorry have missed out if it was discussed in the past..AK the timeline progression and the emotional turnovers have been too choppy for Numm..I usually try not to focus much on them coz I’m assured you guys will have it all spelled out correctly here 🙂 But yeah, here’s to hoping THE night turns out to b relevant and dignified, not just a plot point..

  19. @YBM: Welcome back! You were gone so long ke I thought we’d lost you 🙂
    @db and @AK: I checked with the writer and so there are two more eps left, so 18 in all, and in response to y question if wecould get a confirmation abt that night, I have been told that all confusions will be cleared in the last ep …

    • SZ happy to catch up 🙂 when you say writer, is it the FB page writer or the actual writer? I’m feeling bitter sweet abt only 2 more episodes remaining…it’ll mean they’ll go by jet speed to wrap things up, but good ke saare maslon ka khulasa hoga finally!

      This is just a thought…why don’t we all get together and write a story for Geo? It’ll be so awesome…at least it’ll be of good quality since the chemistry, math, continuity, history, etc will be top order lol…seriously we could meet up or actually have an online video conference…m not a writer by any sorts but it’s the entrepreneur in me getting excited 🙂

      • N haan, forgot to add…we’ll keep a condition that we’d like ONLY FK to be the male lead? That should be a good incentive? 😉 Anyone interested? We’ll make it Rants & Raves team 😀 invitations will be secret lol…m gettin excited like a child thinking of forming Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’!! So missed reading and commenting! 🙂

    • awww.. ok just two more chashme numm nights then! with all its ups and downs and all its only half way ups.. i must admit i will miss numm, the grand old duke, and his grandson and all (maybe even the 10,000 namoona army that gave us soo much to laugh abt)..
      @AK @YBM yess so right abt the bitter sweet feeling…
      @AK chalo u might just have to betray FK and watch something else in between.. hahaha

      @AK @YBM i agree the motherly notion oozing out every now and then, is really strange.. but I think they have really played with the viewers heads all along on that front..remember the bathing scene and all..

      re the stormy night: it’s gotta have a strong link to the story.. otherwise 2-3 episodes, and all the scenes promoted in the promos, plus the clip and the mali-talk making our damagh ki dahi, all for nothing makes absolutely no sense whatsoever..

      but then again its Numm and anything is mumkin.. mumkin hai mumkin na ho…??

  20. @SZ hahaha i have to admit that i did some “snooping” (ahem) and read the same….everything clearing up soon etc. I will miss FK for sure…then will wait for MK’s show and then….the movie…pata nahin kab aaye gi. Any other project that I may be unaware of? 🙂

    • looks like hashir’s thappar is on its way..
      & poor wali looks so sad!.. but there r some stares & glares.. sideways hi sahih. but atleast there r some!..

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