Sannata ~ Episode 9 Review

SannataOur perceptions shape how we make sense of the world around us, how we untangle fact from fiction and distinguish myth from reality. Most of what we perceive as true or right is based on socialized beliefs and culturally accepted norms. It is when there is a deviation from the norm – when people don’t behave the way we expect them to, when events take on an unexpected turn, or when the line separating fantasy and reality gets blurred to the extent it becomes immaterial – that the introspection process begins. Who is right and what is wrong … where do facts end and where does fiction begin … what do we let go off and what do we believe in? 

While questioning that which is socially accepted is hard, harder yet is believing in the possibility of perceived impossibility. We say it quite glibly: truth is stranger than fiction, but when push comes to shove taking that final leap of faith, and letting go of the familiar, is not so easy a matter. Add in to this already confused mix a fear of duniya waley and duniya kya kahegi and you have the latest episode of Sannata. Beautifully penned by Saji Gul and exquisitely presented by Kashif Nisar and his team of techies, and some very talented actors, this serial is gaining strength with every episode.

On the issue of where and how to draw the line between fantasy and fact, for Naseeban her lover is as real as can be – she’s seen him, talked to him, and felt his passion for her. But then in the next instant he is gone. What is she to make of this? Should she believe what her heart says – her lover does indeed exist – or should she believes what everybody around her tells her – her mysterious lover was nothing more than a figment of her imagination?

Finding herself at a loss for choices, Naseeban surrenders to what is socially acceptable. She marries her long time fiancé and tries to move on leaving  behind all that happened under the tree. Unfortunately for her though, much as she tries to forget the past it keeps coming back to haunt her, sometimes the winds speak to her and at other times a random boy at the dargah. How is she to make sense of this? More importantly, should we as an audience discount this as mere irrationality?

For me, whether Naseeban’s lover is fact or fiction is immaterial. It is entirely possible he is nothing more than Naseeban’s subconscious manifesting itself in a humanly form, allowing her to verbalize her thoughts, offering a way of questioning the staus quo. Whoever he might have been, her mysterious lover gives her something to hold on to, a ray of hope to help Naseeban get through life with someone who seemed to be a complete opposite of what she would’ve liked to have seen in a life partner.

Whoever or whatever this man was he never scared Naseeban. Perhaps unbeknownst to even herself she had already taken that leap of faith, wanting perhaps even seeing a glimpse of possibility in the impossible. Though everybody around questioned Naseeban’s mental facilities and felt spooked by her meetings with the mystery man, the important question here is why weren’t they equally spooked out by the harmful acts of those around them: people who knowingly desecrate nature, shamelessly pollute surroundings and ruthlessly destroy everything in sight, not even sparing the lives of their fellow humans. Why is it that the fear of the unseen scares us but that which is happening right in front our eyes doesn’t?

Juxtaposed against Naseeban’s is Ruqaiyya’s story. Unlike young Naseeban who was fearless and followed her heart, Ruqaiyya finds herself unable to make that leap of faith. Though Azam has clearly spelled out his intentions and the air is cleared between them, Ruqaiyya is held back by her fears. All her life she wanted nothing more than to be free of the suffocating confines of the dark haveli, but now that she is in the big city with the bright lights, she feels blinded by the light around her. Much as Azam sees Pari holding Ruqaiyya back, I wonder if it is not the other way around. Rather than Pari leaning on Ruqaiyya, this visit to the city has made it clear that in many ways Ruqaiyya needs Pari just as much if not more so. Ruqiyya is now using the younger girl as a shield to protect herself from succumbing to all the pleasures that Azam is promising her. If nothing else, life has taught Ruqaiyya that everything good comes with a heavy price. She is not delusional and knows she is much older to Azam. Their match, therefore, would not be looked upon favorably, particularly by Azam’s snobbish mother. I don’t think she would take too kindly to seeing Ruqaiyya installed as the only bahu in her palatial but utterly tasteless house. Hence rather than take a chance on a bright but unknown future Ruqiyya is leaning towards the painful but dearly familiar suffocation and darkness of the dilapidated haveli. Wonder what it would take for Ruqaiyya to take a deep breath and take a plunge into the terrifying, possibly exhilarating unknown.

Completing the triangle of three interrelated stories is Pari’s story. Unlike Ruqaiyya and more like Naseeban and even Husna, Pari is a free spirit. She is uninhibited and her indulgent Ruqiyya apa has spoiled her to no end. Now that she’s overheard Azam and Ruqiyya’s conversation, it will be interesting to see how Pari reacts. From what we’ve seen so far unlike her apa, Pari is not the kind to go down without a fight, nor is she afraid of challenges. Considering the spoiler that is already on the FB page, we know what is to come, but I am intrigued to see how this character evolves. The psychiatrist’s diagnosis of epilepsy confirms what we suspected, the trance like state that Pari entered into at the dargah had less to do with the surroundings and more to do with her medical condition.

This latest episode further solidified the groundwork for changes that are now to come and alter Pari, Ruqiyya and Azam’s lives forever – whether these changes are for the better is yet to be determined. Narrating such a layered story coherently is no easy task and the director is doing a fabulous job of allowing the characters to tell their stories. The actors are doing an amazing job. Yamuna Zaidi is impressive as is Saba Qamar. Nadia Afgan was excellent as Salma when she let loose at Sultana. Her improved relationship with her daughter giving her the courage to finally speak up. The scene where Naseeban comes and congratulates Salma was beautifully done. Danish Taimoor is very understated here, but his Azam is the perfect foil to the more  complex characters of Ruqaiyya and Pari. And yes, Sajal Aly is an absolute standout. Her subtly changing expressions and body language were fantastic as Pari got more and more involved with the song playing on TV. Now if only her kaajal could maintain its continuity. Finally a special mention of the DOP Rashid Abbas’ cinematography, Naseeban’s back story would not have been half as gripping as it is without his input. Overall another very strong episode. Clearly I’m hooked …

Written by SZ~

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  1. The writer seems to reject superstitious ideas on the one hand through the character of psychiatrist and at the same time he rather confirms them through Naseeban’s story (flashback).
    It seems chaotic to suddenly switch from present to the past.
    Boderline Personality Disorder explains most of Paris negative bahivour patterns including “intense emotions and mood swings, harmful, impulsive behaviour, relationship problems, considering people as either good or bad, suddenly changing her views about them because of minor reasons, the frantic fear of being abandoned (either holding them on or rejecting them), aggressiveness, inferiority complex” etc.

    The idea of Pair (Tree) being a higher living being is Hindu as the man beneath the tree indicates as well. This is another mushrekana idea that a necklace would protect him from troubles. The writer glorifies a tree, but condemns human beings because of their atrocities. He is metaphorically complaining about the strokes of fate he himself has gone through.

    “Asab wala pair” The producer along with the director tried to give it a “horror movie” touch. How do they want us viewers to react, may be as follows; Ooooohh, we are sacred!The girl who is playing young Naseeban has ruined the whole scene.

    What was so amazing about cheap song that she was looking at it with an open mouth? This is how a child behaves when he sees something totally new. How can two young girls from a conservative family watch such a morally inappropriate song?

    Waq tehar sa gaya hai” He might be referring at the backward and uncivilized thinking of its inhabitants. Ruqaiya and Azam are comparing themselves with each other and their worlds and defining their feelings as historical. “Or ap ko?” He wants to know whether she likes him along with his world. Pari seems to enjoy the new world in a childish way. Ruqaiya feels herself almost threatened by Paris charm. She sees a rival in Pari who might be intentionally playing her charm to attract Azam. Her innerself burns like hell out of jealousy. Again it becomes clear that it is a triangle story. For Ruqaiya Azam has become so important that she even ready to give up Paris medical treatment.
    Ruqaiya cries like a child who longs for attentions.

    Khala hai…” He admits that he is unable to completely heal the injured world of Apa Bi & Co.
    Main apko pagalon ki terha chahta ho” This seems to be the moment when Paris feeling for Ruqqaiya starts changing. Ruqqaiya on the other hand turns back towards her role as Paris “mother”. Azams confession removed her misunderstandings and calmed her.
    It must be extremely hurting that the whole attention was given for the sake of Ruqqaiya and she herself is worthless. Pris nightmare indicates that she is schizophrenic as well. Her evil self, whom she has been suppressing for so long, is eager to come out. This is what Pari is actually afraid of. She is afraid of her evil self.

    ( I consider the way Ruqqaiya embraces Pari as inappropriate. Girls at that age should sleep in different beds.)

    Whatever the tree says to Naseeban sounds hindu as well. It illustrates the man beneath itself as a personification of a superior being who will reflect himself in everything Naseeban will come across. This reminds me of an Indian movie called Paheli by Shahrukh Khan and Rani Mukerji. I hope, the writer has not taken inspiration from it.


    • @Sofia, Pari is shown as a child (the tragedy).. she cant’ behave like a grown-up or like normal girls.. and Ruqayya’s affection for her are shown here, more than like a mother or elder sister.. its the reason..


      • Firstly, I was referring rather to Ruqqaiya than to Pari. Secondly, my criticism is not necessarily on them as characters, but rather on their doing that can be easily regarded as “normal” or “acceptable”. In this context the reasons why they do it or do it not are irrelevant


        • ab Ruqayya bichari ne kia kar diya aisa?? pari was weeping, she was scared,, she is under-treatment tou kia usy chup bhi na karaye ab?? n it has CLEARED from the beginning that Ruqayya’s love for pari is endless, tou ap aisi objection qn karti hain?? i can’t understand.. this is not the reason to criticise..


            • hahaha nh u r not criticising me n mein ne apni bat ki bhi nhi mein tou Ruqayya ki bat kar rhi the 😛


            • @Sofia.. ”mohabbat tou be-dharak hoti hai’.. 😀 haha kidding.. bs yaar just love her character n mujhe buht acha lagta hai deep jana n deep sochna mujhe kia nuqsaan dy ge bichari Ruqayya appa ager door tk chali bhi jaon tou 😛


    • @ Sofia , cheap ? Moraly inappropriate song ???
      Why would u say that ? Its a really nice song !!!!! Nothing weong with it .


    • @Sofia interesting u said that, but I find the transition from past and present is done really well.. and re horror movie look: I get the feeling of enchantment.. the background score there with almost disney-like, jewllery box with dancing doll type music.. (ok im pbbly not making much sense, but it reminded me of the nostalgic jewellery box with its twinkling kinda rhythm))..i dont think we are supposed to be feeling scared, but rather enchanted perhaps. (enchantment: looks like thats my favourite word today.. sorry if i keep using it lol)

      re song: R was watching it reluctanty, which Azam pointed out.. and then her over-reacting to P’s dancing not only shows her jealousy towards her at the moment but more-so it points at her not accepting this as an acceptable behaviour.. As for whether its acceptable at all, like many households in our society in Azam’s world it was perfectly acceptable!


      • I agree with you that the scenes were done well. My problem is only the ABRUPT shifting from present to past and thereby letting the present scenes rather incomplete. Enchantment! I am glad to hear that.
        Ruqqaiya has been tolerating a greater part of Paris nonsensical behaviour, she has been even defending her in this context. Why should she consider it as inacceptable this time?


        • @Sofia Personally, i even find the transition quite meaningful and not abrupt.. eg from shrink’s office where we hear R bringing up the asaib, and then the idea being shunned away as nonsensical, we move on to the the past where this asaib business seems very probable.. so like SZ says the ”line separating fantasy and reality gets blurred to the extent it becomes immaterial…” I personally thought this transition was rather deliberate, and beautifully done.. getting the viewer to think and then rethink and then come to a point where and i quote SZ again ”the introspection process begins. Who is right and what is wrong … where do facts end and where does fiction begin … what do we let go off and what do we believe in? ” …

          later after we see Pari waking up after the nightmare.. and like u said perhaps it indicated another illness, her talking to herself etc, we see naseeban waking up after 3 days.. (perhaps talking to her sub-conscious or un-concious too..) ?? again tying up the past with present..

          lastly, we see the contrast.. R’s mother is standing up for her daughter’s khushi, and naseeban patting her back.. we are taken back in time where Naseeban was married off without her will..

          I felt it was all connected rather beautifully allowing viewer to ponder, compare and contrast.. but thats my personal opinion..

          re unacceptable behaviour: i was just trying to answer the question u raised that why were the two girls watching a (what u called a morally inappropriate) song, coming from a conservative background. ie R did find it inappropriate, hence we see her over-reacting. And as I mentioned, perhaps the ”over-reacting” also had the jealousy aspect behind it.


          • @FA absolutely correct analysation.. Ruqayya was listening n watching the song not with her full intention she was rather indulgent in her behave which Azam points out..
            n @Sofia, yehi tou me kehny ki koshish kar rhi hon kb se k ap jo criticism kar rhin hain wo apni jagah theek hoga but ye bhi tou dekhein k kuch normal nhi dikahaya gaya thats y some elements r over-reacting (as FA mention)..
            past n present transition is beautifully presented here, all characters are compared to each other in one way or the other so that it becomes easy to justify them in their own….
            Salma, does’nt matter how much she get upset by Ruqayya’s over-age, is not still ready to let her marry with such a budhha.. n FA rightly puts on that Naseeban had to get married against of her will, otherwsie, she could be have choices..
            n Naseeban’s story is not ye to be over, her past is here more for comparison in the contexts of Salma, Ruqayya n not the least for pari..


            • @Ayesha Irshad I sensed some jealousy there too, hence R lashing out on Azam, ”aap hain naa..!”..which then led on to his confrontation,.. btw i loved how P kicked the Tv on her way out.. its lil things this character does that makes her so intersting, showing her vulnerability..


            • Nhi there was no jealousy for her rudeness.. pari’s reaction was not appropriate according to Ruqayya like uski tarbiyat hai pari me aur us waqt uski tarbiyat per haraf arhaa tha.. if any one would be there, else than Azam, Ruaqayya’s reaction would be the same in any case, in front of any male..anything that would look awkward.. it was not for Azam.. ye just uski care the pari k liye..


          • @FA,, i think her jealousy was not before Azam says ”Ruqayya ye kia kar rhi hain ap,, wo tou bichari bimar hai ap ko tou ucka khayal karan chahye”.. before this, she was just showing her mother like affection n care like mohtaat hona.. n when Azam interrupts her, she felt like apni chez pe he huq jita rhi the tou Azam qn darmiyan mein aya.. it was not any kind of jealousy for her dance.. how could she jealous before Azam’s interruption??


            • haha truee the kick was lovely and her expression were during the song.. uffhh.. ”yaar tum donu chup nhi kar sakty, wo bandi naach naach k pagal ho rhi hai aur tum logon ki bateen he khatam nhi ho rhin”.. haha.. 😛


            • Ayesha tum Ruqqaiya kay kirdar ki bohat zayada gehrayi main chali gayi ho. Thori si distance par jao.itna qareeb say usay dekho gi to shayad wo tumhain kya ki kiya nazar aye. 🙂


      • This is a VERY VERY GOOD idea. Honestly, I will FOR SURE think about it.
        Your highness! Could you please enlighten me where did I actually dare to correct your Sannata story? SZ must be your relative. This must be the reason why your highnesses don’t mind her criticism.
        (Does anyone mind telling me how I can insert yellow smiley over here.)


        • APOLOGISE!!! If you mind but never mind to say that jb heery ki kaan me ik aadh koila nikal aaye to koi us koilay k nikalny pe shor nahin machata n jb kisi koilay ki kaan mein heera nikal aaye to us pe shoor uthta hai. did you notice aap kitni strange lagti hain dramay ko sirf tanqeed ka nishana banaty huwy. you know? sannata is like a heera iskay koily pe shor sirf aap macha rhi hain. that’s why I have to hit upon. warna me na kisi ki relative hon na hi kisi ko khuch krny ke liye apko esa kaha. just as a logic baat ki. Thank you! for calling me your highness but mujhy yahan kisi ko kaneez bnanay ka shoq nahin 😉


          • To yoon kahain na kay us “Heeeray par Koilay ki bochar kar rahi hon. Wo heera chunkay ap nay kafi mahnat kay bad kudayi kar kay nikalwaya hai isi liye apko itni mushkil pari hai. 
            Wo kaneezain hi hoti hain jo ap jaisi Queens ko lay dubti hain.
            Chalain ye to ap kay mazaq ka mazaqan mazak tha, tareef to sab hi kar rahe hain agar tanqeed na hogi to us dramay ko log acha kaisay kahain ga?. Waisay bhi meri kisi bhi tanqeed say agar ikhtelaf hai to khul kar izhar kar dain mujeh is say koi masla nahi hai.


            • Heeray pe koilay ki bochar kr bhi di jae to log diwana war koily hata kr heera hi talash krenge. dil ki gehraayon k sath maazrat apki agli 3 lines mere upar se guzar gai hyn 😛 or yeh drama hai koi growing up child nahin jo tareefen sun sun ke bigar jaega. jisay apki tanqeed ki ashad zrurat hai. na hi yaha writer ki shaan me personally qaseeday parhy jarhy hyn jo apko khof hai k writer sar pe na charh jaen. I am just unable to understant your pointless tanqeedz (just like upar ki 3 pointless lines) apki tanqeedz par khul k izhaar krny se mood spoil honay ka khatra hai jo ke me abhi kuch mudat tk spoil krny k moor me nhn hoon so leave this topic. 🙂 bye


            • one more thing to say kindly apni tanqeed ki wazahat kr dia kren k aap actually tanqeed kr kis par rhi hyn? dramay ki stry per ya dramay ki direction per. song wali tanqeed actually direction par lagti hy but you somehow relate it to characters of story… pehle k comments mulahiza kren to shirk wala comment… tanqeed dekhny me story pe lagti hy but you hit upon direction… wese writer director se mutmain hyn so you keep going on tanqeedz zahir hai apko haq hai apki raye ke izhaar krny ka khwaa us raaye k izhaar mein apko raai ka pahaar hi qn na bnana par jaye… 😉


            • Koila hata kar heera hi talash to kareingay hi magar sath main apnay hath bhi koilay ki terha kalay kar lain gay. Ab koilay par mazeed kuftagu nahi karni chahiye warna SZ kay is homepage par koilay ki KAN nikal aye gi. 🙂
              Mujeh nahi pata tha kay meray comments itnay BULAND-O-BALA hain kay jahaz ki terha logon kay sar say guzar jatay hain.
              Ye Drama to nahi bigray ga magar isi producer ka agla drama bhi isi terha ko honay or is say bura honay ka imKAN zaroor hai. Kehnay ka matlab yeh hai kay tanqeed behtari ki taraf lay jati hai chahe wo kisi insan par ho ya dramay par. Us par ghor karnay say insan chota nahi ho jata.
              Ab mujeh kiya kehna chahiye kay apko meri taqeed pasand nahi ati to main tanqeed karnay say Toba karti hon. 🙂 Yeh sirf aik drama hai is par tanqeed ko personal mat lain. Waisay main ab seriously soch rahi hon kay agli dafa na aon yahan comment karnay.
              Meri song par tanqeed song or kahani dono par thi.


            • @All wooohooo yaar kafi garma garam chal rahi hai yahah.. lolol

              let me just add one lil thing here, lets all take a chill pill yaar.. i dont think anyone is out here to attack any one else deliberately.. we are all here for just a bit of fun.. lets just all take it easy, take it as a pinch of salt and enjoy!! As much im enjoying the koyla heera guftugu, akhir koyle ki kaan aur rai ke pahar ka hamian kia karna.. lol


        • @Sofia: Sorry, aap ne pehley bhi poocha tha and I thought I had replied but I guess not, so my apologies .. in any case, the yellow smiley comes about automatically when you insert the colon and round parenthesis..and the yellow red smiley comes about with colon and upper case D. Hope this helps 🙂


          • Mera comment karnay ka maqsad sirf apnay khayalat dosron say share karna hai or mujeh is bat ka bakhubi ehsas hai kay ap main say bohat say log dramon ko mujh say bhi achi terha samajtay hain khas tor par SZ. SZ say to main apna muqabla kar hi nahi sakti. Na hi meri Angrezi itni achi hai jitni uski or na hi meray pas itna knowledge hai jitna uskay. Main uskay har article say bohat kuch sikhti hon. Itna kuch sikhanay kay liye bohat shukriya or baki logon ka bhi jin kay comment par kar bhi main dramay kay naye aspects say waqfeeyat hasil karti hon.


            • @Sofia, dear ab plz yahan se jayye ga mat.. as @FA said, yahan per enjoy karny me zada maza ata hai aur apka criticism apni jagah but let urself tension free n enjoy 🙂 pehly he yaha itny zada log nhi hain so i think hum sb ko ”mil jul” kr rehna chahiye na 😀 hehe lol


          • @Mind Artist.. ap bhi heery ki kan band kr dijye filhaal 😛 hehe n discuss ur views about the serial. don’t criticise on other’s criticism.. every one has the freedom of expression.. so, kindly ap donu ab achi bachiyan ban jayen 😀


  2. To the review;
    From wherever we grasp the history, there have always been majorities who changed their world. Their beliefs didn’t correspond with those of the society they were living in.
    The view that introspection starts with a deviation from the norm doesn’t seem to be applicable to the characters of this serial because are unable to differentiate the fantasy from the reality and those who are capable of it, are doing it because they possess more worldly knowledge.
    Yes, Ruqqaiya fears negative consequences if she marries Azam because of their age difference. Thus, she may deviate from the norm of her “social circle”, however not the rest of the society. Even in Pakistani society there are communities where the marriage, despite the age difference of the partners, is accepted because of religious reasons.
    Naseeban says that he doesn’t scare her, but her reactions contradict it.
    We get used to what happens around us. This is what we start learning from early childhood. The philosophical review has enhanced its mystery rather than solving it, but still it was informative.


  3. jsut “Wao” @SZ.. Brilliant review as well,, extra-ordinary and just to the point with all the perfection..
    Absolutely correct about Perceptions.. people’s perception seems to be mostly based on social norms and values.. sometimes we want to shape something in our own but we have to do this according to social norms just bcuz at this era, we have reached at that point, from where we can’t be be back or move, even if we want n wish..
    Indeed! This, duniya kia kahy ge n log kia kahen gy, takes us to the lose but still after recovering we start worrying about this Duniya and Duniya k log…. Really, Sannata is gradually coming close to the hearts of people day by day.. This story has different charm, love in difft shapes and angles, anger in love, jealousy in love, intriguies in love.. but the way these are presented, is just out spoken, more than ever seen on this screen..
    yes, sometimes, imagination takes place, but i think this serial has more knits to be opne than we can think or see.. Naseeban’s part is not yet to be over.. her tree-man must not out of the logic but it’ll be open though after some more time.. Love and Lover, can’t be the part of imagination and of such powerful imagination.. Although her imagination leads her to talk to a tree, but the tree was not replying her (if it could be taken logically).. it was her own inner-self which was answering her for all her questions.. obviously, one let himself free to society when choices come to end thats what Naseeban have to get married bcuz she has not left to the choices.. the Dargah boy shows helplessness and Naseeban’s ”koi bhoola yad aa gaya” was definately ths Bhoola.. it was not irrationality, even a leaf in this world is to be rational, than hoe such a sensitive man, a complete personality is to be irrational??..
    yUp right, her Lover has given her the way to live, the theory to live and a source to be ponder upon in her whole life.. Life never pass without a Source, and Naseeban’s guide was the tree-man than he could’nt be irrational.. he was rational but he don’t want to be..
    Shukar hai, finally, the tension relieves and Ruqayya smiles after a long long time.. all arguments find their place in both Ruqayya and Azam’s life.. Ruqayya’s fear were just bcuz of her love towards her family.. she’s extra sensitive for everyone and thats y she was becoming tensed especially for Pari..
    but @SZ how u put on that Ruqayya is using pari as her shield?? cant get this, plz make it clear to me..
    Pari’s reaction when Azam was expressing his feelings for Ruqayya was same of my assumption.. she did’nt react extremely just bcuz she’s not able to understand.. her simple anger in that scene was lasted just for one min when Azam ays that he loves Ruqaaya, a lil disturbed she get but still she’s not enable to such an extent to react againg for her Appa or Azam.. she’s not at this stage taht she can differentiate her love and Ruqayya’s for Azam.. Though her behave was a lil bit disturbin when in the last scene where Azam was driving them to back, her attitude to hug Ruqayya was like ”koi meri appa ko mujhse door nhi ly ja sakta”..
    Pari will love Azam not on her own.. her dis-order of split personality leads her to react to such an extent that ”Azam mera hai”,,, as she’s getting merge herself into Ruqayya.. its been assure to us from the earlier episodes (from 3rd epi) that Pari always tries to imitate Ruqayya.. she’ll never get hated for her Ruqayya appa, but just her un-concious (that is totally Ruqayya) will lead her to react ths 😦 it’s sad veryyy much..
    Pari’s sub-concious, un-concious and concious are fully coloured by a name ”Ruqayya” and along with all these facts as the psychiatrist reveals that there are several mental dis-orders in herself, so all will go on together for her such reaction.. and what I opines SZ is that, Ruqayya is not responsible for pari’s broken personality.. a girl who was very young and who loves her with all her heart, can never Pari but the circumstances do.. Pari has brought up by two ways or colours as Ruqayya Narrates in 3rd epi ”Pari ki zindage mein 2 he rang thy,, ik taraf siyaahh bhayanak nafrat ki aag the, aur dosri taraf meri be-lous aur be-inteha mohabbat ki roshni”.. and Pari has seen Ruqayya in allaround,, Ruqayya has shielded her from all the ups and downs of society and people.. she always save her from Appa bi’s rudnes, from Salma’s carelessness and like ”zamany k sard-o-garam”,, to that extent she can, but tragedy has to happen in every story just like it has happened, it its happening and will happened.. can’t blame Ruqayya for Pari..
    well, nice review.. enjoyed it to my fill and discuss it to my fill.. correcly said by u, superb cast and out standing piece written by Saji Gul.. a memorable on-screen play.. and Saba Qamar n Sajal has made it more beautifull Saba api is the beauty of Sannata and both look complete with each other.. the way Ruqayya was embracing her,,, uffhhh.. out standing and extra ordinary, too sweet and heart-toucing.. ❤


    • @Ayesha Irshad lovin ur Naseeban’s inner-self talking theory.. but whether a lover or a beloved can be irrational is debatable.. But I feel the question is whether this tree-man is real or just a fragment of her imagination (which seems pretty powerful!)

      re pari as a sheild: @Sz i was taken aback by that one too! but i guess u mean pari is accepting and adapting to the new world whereas R is not.. eg. the song: R didn’t know how to react.. but Pari took it as a piece of cake and went with the flow.. ?? @SZ yes more light on this pls!

      Im with u on P’s split personality andthat must be the reason why she hasnt reacted much.. perhaps?

      re who to blame: of-course R alone can’t be blamed, but she had created such a cushioned world around P that has left her with some major flaws.. kala safaid yes, but if that was the case, she wouldn’t still care for aapa bi. (like she said to the rishtey wali aunty a few episodes ago.. no matter what shes my nani and all..)


      • @FA.. she has’nt reacted much just cuz she’s is not able to understand both of them.. Ruqayya’s intellect is shown so much high from the very beginning n its the very thing for Azam feels himself attractive towards Ruqayya..on the other hand, Pari, instead of being an 18 years young girl, can’t behave n think like other normal girls as her world has always been so limited.. is she would be normal (which is not possible, bcuz, According to Aristotle, tragedy needs a mighty fall, and mighty fall takes place with some excessiveness or lack of something)…
        yes yaar she did!! exactly what i said, but it was the need of time otherwise she has to lose pari and she never afford to lose pari at any cost.. seems like as Azam’s: ”mohabbat khud gharz he hoti hai”.. Ruqayya was khud gharz for pari and Azam is same for Ruqayya..


        • @Ayesha Irshad Arastoo aur Suqrat bhi hamari mehfil mein aa gae.. kia baat hai bhai! aur haan mukarrar mukarrar!! hahaha

          re: mohabbat khud gharz hi hoti hai: i read that as Azam is only looking after Pari because he loves R and he knows without settling Pari he cant have R in his life all by herself.. so hes helping P in his khud gharzi.. whereas i dont think R’s muhabbat is khud gharz. She is thinking about everyone around her, especially Pari. She is hesitant in taking the leap to gain that muhabbat she’s been longing for from Azam. She is aware of the possible consequences and she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, especially Pari, chahe khud khali haat reh jai!… She was even willing to let Azam take Pari.. so no matter which way one looks at it, R’s muhabbat towards Azam or Pari, R’s muhabbat isn’t khud gharz.. As for her cocooning Pari, i don’t take that as khud gharzi either. Like you said it was the need of time. She fought constant battles againt ammai bi and all… i wouldn’t count that as khud gharzi.. infact jahan hum itna falsafa jhar rahe hain let me add my lil bit of falsafa.. muhabbat tab amar hoti hai jab wo khud gharzi ki had ko paar kar le.. aur mehboob ke liye qurbani dene ka hosla rakhe..

          R azam ki muhabbat mein itna beqarar ho gai thi ke she let out her frustrations like that (ref confrontation scene by the pool)? Does she love Azam more than Pari? but its the qurbani she was willing to give for Pari that said to me she loves Pari more..


          • awww Ruqayya ki jb koi side leta hai mera dil billiyon uchalta hai 😛 i just love her.. n sorry yaar my view was not making her khud-gharz at any cost i just re-utter her own words and Azam’s reply for her words but i just type it some what ulta seedha.. all ur views for Ruqayya are perfect and i also can’t blame her for any cost or any tragedy going here.. if she would ask to sacrifice Azam’s mohabbat for pari, she’ll def do that bcuz no one can be dear to her more than Pari even if Azam is here… truely said that ager usko khaali hath bhi rehna para tou wo reh jaye ge but pari per koi aanch nhi any dy ge.. for me also, she loves pari more than Azam.. and the way she let out her frustration was just like ‘aar ya paar’.. and her intention was also not wrong in questioning him as bcuz it was her right towards pari..


            • ohhhooo waoooOoo @FA.. suchi what a falsafa.. reallyyy perfect!! my falsafa is also milta julta to u that ”moahhabt tb mohabbat ban k amar hoti hai jb bhatti me jalny k bad koely se kundan ban jati hai jis mein waqt bhi lagta hai, aag bhi,, tapish bhi, aur kundan ban kr mohabbat in sb chezon se mubarra ho jati hai, phir mohabbat ki kismat me bs tareef aur sakoon reh jata hai”..
              haha bs Plato or aristotle ki he kasar reh gai the yar 😛


            • @Ayesha Irshad wah bhai wah kia falsfa jhara hai!!! hahahaha mukarrar!! mukarrar!!.. (ok ive moved on from enchantment – new word of the week: mukarrar!)


  4. @SZ I havent read any of the comments yet.. After reading ur review I just had to stop & say ” kamal ho ji aap”!!! wah!!
    If this was an adabi mehfil, we would be chanting mukarrar mukarrar!!! Honestly muqabla is getting real sakht between u and Saji!!
    Beautifully penned! A big round of applause for u!!!..

    need to catch up on some work.. will b back for the comments in detail later! (& yes im floored.. totally speechless!


  5. @FA i was missing ur mazy mazy k comments.. get finished ur work and make ur haazri there.. hahaha ur ”muqarrar muqarrar” is just as it can be spoken only b u 😉 😛 i’ve also removed lots of things from my comments as i wanna discuss them with u..!!!!!!!!!!!
    yeah u r right.. when i first read this review i felt myself enable to comment.. @SZ u have much talent of writing n its my sincere advice to u that u must take ur pen for writing u’ll rock… ur review seems as the preface of English books i have read.. ur talent is awesome and ur power of perception is also too much gud yar.. m damn sure that none of any other review, on fb, i’ve seen with so much power-full words, beautiful metaphores, the way u apply ur views to the people in general, and above all, ur questions that u raise for us, is marvellously out-standing.. keep it up Dear and its my greattttttt pleasure to be a part of ur blog.. a Big tHanX to U for this and for such a beautiful lake of words where duck of thoughts swims and trees of charming words are talking to each other.. 🙂


    • @Ayesha Irshad hazir janab! lolol
      re mazay mazay ke comments: awww u too sweet!
      waiting for ur rukey huway comments.. bring em on!! lol seriously cant wait!

      @SZ re ur preface: honestly it was waaayyyy too good!! wanted to touch upon some in my comment but that was just so beautiful that my words just wouldn’t do justice!

      @Ayesha Irshad re : beautiful lake of words where duck of thoughts swims and trees of charming words are talking to each other.. 🙂
      wah! mukarrar!! mukarrar!! lol


      • LOL guys! all this tree bird and duck talk is seriously reminding me of the great adventures of main aur mera Jonty .. 😉
        abhi stepping out for a bit but will come back and jump right in … Numm, Sannata, Tum…. way too much fun stuff going on!! But seriously you guys thank you so much for all the kind words and having the patience to sift through and find meaning in my words 🙂
        Milte hain zara der main 🙂


        • Hahaha re mr jonty: when naseeban was hugging the tree i had to rub my eyes to double-check if i was looking at N the naseeban or N the Neelum? That hugging did go bit OTT
          Havent seen todays numm yet.. Work and all…Gonna do that now

          Yes who says nothing good is on these days lololol


      • hahaha @FA.. yaar ur Muqarrar Muqarrar is proving this blog as an adbi mehfil i would like to refer me own name that if it would be a shaeyri mehfil ”irshad irshad” 😛 hehe.. u r also too sweet n just love to read ur comments not to ans rather than to enjoy.. seriously they make me smile on many of the points… 🙂
        @SZ… mention not and u r always welcome.. u deserves this appreciation bcuz ur words makes the serial more beautiful and do justice with every scene and event i captured, Moreover, with full weapons of logic and arguments.. Hats off to u!!
        hehe@FA that thought of lack was a lil trial to reward rhis review but its too small infront of this… haha enjoyed again ur Muqarrar plz continue to mention in ur comments it sounds so much cute 🙂


  6. i thought theres is some heavy-duty discussion going on so let me start with a lighter note (looks like this comment is also going to be a lamba one):
    Thank you so much for pointing out the palace with zero taste! Yes you know by now I am a right sucker for beautiful surroundings.. enchanting havelis, period details, lovely mountains, nature, sights and sounds, and all things pretty…I’m even into contemporary so long as it has character.. but here we have a rather boring, massive ghar with mishmash objects all chucked in rather thoughtlessly… no taste whatsoever! .. no wonder P aur R ki aankhein chundhya rahi hain lol

    @SZ I watched this straight after ur recommendation ‘Tum’ so I was still in Tum mode..When I was watching Naseeban’s bit (the most intriguing track voted so far), one word sprang to my mind – schizophrenia!! I mean poor girl is hearing voices, seeing things and imagining things and then believing them to be true!.. she needs to visit our dr. jahan aara!.. chalo woh nahin tou pari’s adhi darhi wala doc bhi shayad chal jae?

    Now on a more serious note, (ok not so serious)…if the tree-man happenned to be a woman i would have shouted out – mother nature! but he’s a man and i couldn’t think of a masculine term here… and seeing the kinda love we r seeing here mother nature just ain’t… ok seriously jokes aside: @SZ Im absolutely loving your reasoning and also the reasoning not to reason.. totally with u on all accounts.. but having said all that, i would still like to see a rational explaination for this saga..

    To me its a world of metaphors that the writer has sketched through Naseeban. Naseeban has indeed created this parallel world for herself.. she is not willing to simply compare stuff but rather transform them into what she thinks they should be… Our naseeban is an optimist but not a realist! lol

    Now what I found interesting is that she is trying to convince herself that she can survive through this (shadi and all but life in general) if she sees the tree-man in her husband (and everywhere else), but can she? … she ran off at the dargah looking for him leaving her husband looking for her.. Will this parellel world work for her the way she wanted it to work?.. will it help her escape the her fears and her emptiness – the sannata?

    The other way I looked at it was, Its the love for humanity, and beyond humanity she encountered that night and its this love for all creation that has transformed her into a new person. Mr Jonty senior (the pair) was saying to naseeban to look at everything around her in light of this love for creation and she will eventually find herself loving everything… even her husband..

    Now the cat is out of the bag.. After the long takrar-based thesis we can now all relax.. we know who loves who and why they were scared of saying so.. So mystery solved, job done. lets move on! except we have have Pari and why she didnt react.. perhaps it hasnt quite sunk in yet.. or perhaps its sunken into her sub-concious or un-concious(hence the dream) and hasn’t surfaced yet.. hence we see our same old Pari in the car.. hanging on to her R aapa.. but then again was she same old?We see her reacting, quite subtly though, as soon as our Azam says aap bhi toot ke chah rahi thin.. and buzdil matt banye.. but R’s warm embrace comforts her yet again!

    loved the aakhon aakhon mein batein in the car wala scene.. khamoshi ki bhi zaban hoti hai! i thought it was lovely.. infact that was the khulasa of last week’s amazing takrar..

    btw One more reason as to why we havent seen p reacting: perhaps she has felt R loosening up..With R’s jealousy towards P ref Azam aspect laid to rest Pari can pbbly feel the warmth radiating from her R aapa again ..? and perhaps her split personality has absorbed the blow and the R in her is taking care of this new inkishaf?

    I found myself totally ”spell-bound” by Sannata up until last week…but i must admit, this episode didn’t quite have the same feeling for me.. perhaps it was the not so enchanting surroundings.. or seeing a bit too much of N’s maan..or maybe i was still in trying to rationalize everything or should I call it the Tum Mode.. I can’t quite pin-point.. But having said that I am still well and truly hooked!


    • @FA.. i’ve some reference here, not totally for Naseeban’s tree man, but her talking and self-answering and the sounds she heard under the tree in the silence of night.. uffhh that was so scary n Naseeban ki himmat tou dekho 😛
      i’ll be back with that ”ruka huwa comment” hahaha.. pata nhi how much my reference would be able to justify the rationality but i’ll try my best yaar.. will there at evening in sha ALLAH!!


        • haha @FA.. uffhhh u r just shooo shweettt n cuteee n ur comments r more than cute.. i have irshad 😀 sorry yar it was not something to be awaited. chooti se tou bat the. n not so much important… mein ne esy he apko intizar karwaya 😦


    • n yes @FA.. just loved that ankhoon ankhon mein bateein, the khulasa of previous takraar really.. uffhh the way we debated it.. if it could be taken to our debates n their ankhon ankhon wali bateein, so, haveeli esy he ajati ankhon me baten kart karty.. hehe lol 😛
      n also the lovely izhar e mohabbat was soo much pretty.. ”tum keh qn nhi dety k tum pari ko pasand karty ho”..
      n yaar it was not so early, i was too sad for Ruqayya and finally i said shukar hai for the misunderstanding reveals.. now it’ll be more interesting on the behalf of pari that what should she’ll going to do after gradually feeling that her appa is now becoimg thori thori paraai 😀 cant wait for the upcoming episodes.. i wish roz lagta 😦


  7. SZ.. Now this what we call a lethal combo of excellent drama and amazing review 🙂 as every one have said it.. I am going to repeat that your sannata reviews are par to SeZ and Talkhiyan reviews..keep writing beautifully..

    This episode was literally one of the times when i was so engaged in watching that when precap for next week came i was like hain drama khtm, itni jaldi 😀 as @FA said most intriguing track is Naseeban’s.. Light effects during night scene between naseeban and tree were beautiful and spooky.. This girl is so fearless yaar.. The way that guy suddenly grabbed her hand n said aur tumhe mujh se kaun bachaega.. I was thrilled totally..aur vo larki aise araam se bheti thi jaise koi romantic way me haath pakra ho.. And here it comes all about love and that magnetic effect which pulls her to this place k after being unconscious for 3 days she ran to meet him.. Like you have put it nicely, @FA and @Ayesha.. There is indeed something more to it, and it seems like some interesting riddle.. But jo bhi i simply loved the dialogues of tree man about mujhe dar lagta he and that.. Such a bitter truth and how in amazing way they have told us.. *applause worthy* 🙂

    Coming back to ruqqaiya/pari/ azam track.. I was not expecting the misunderstanding to clear soon lol.. But surprisingly it was pleasant to see them interacting maturely.. Totally agree with u Sz on pari’s keep changing expressions such beautifully.. The dream they are showing, still makes me terrified, bg score, setup and husna ka chehra.. Koi be dekhe dar jayee.. Pari i understand beta 😉 now since the air is clear between R and A, i am so hoping they together make pari better.. But why do i feel pari will die in end :/

    Salma k lye 2 words ‘ ye cheez’ whatever naseeban said to salma.. I immediately said bilkul exactly:) she always needed ruqqaiya to gain tht self confidence in her and like wise ruqqaiya too needed salma to loosen burdem from herself.. Maa beti ka rishta yunhi tou itna pyara nhn he na 🙂 they both are each other strength in true sense.. Missed Amaa bi this week..

    So far so awesome !! Still shooki, pari’s father are yet to make their story unfold.. Looking really forward to this.


    • hehe @Rehmat, enjoyed ur ”pari i understand beta”.. 😛
      same here yaar! m getting amazed on nasseban’s bahaduri k muzahiry.. uffhh haha right the way she was sitting as if any romantic talk is going on n bs ucki bahaduri is a moral for all us darpook girls lol..kidding..
      u r right as it was my assumption too from the very earlier episodes, that pari’s gonna die but now i assumes that Ruqayya is also…:( one of them have to die to complete the ”ishq” concept..
      beautifully u said ”maa beti ka rishta aisy he tou itna pyara nhi hota”.. Loved it!!


      • So am i the only one not feeling scared then..? yes thrilled, but not scared.. aha! looks like i am pretty bahadur after all.. lol
        for me that was out of something like beauty and the beast.. im gonna use my word of the week yet again: enchanting! .. but yes our Naseeban is one bahadur gal for sure.. no muqabla there!!


    • @Rehmat u’ve added all the bits i wanted to add but mere comment ka tool-o-arz dekh ke i decided to leave them out earlier.. lol but im so glad u voiced them!

      I was not expecting the air to be cleared up between A and R this early either.. but it was nice to see it did and they didnt make us dwell on it for dass qistein like numm.. and hopefully we can move on to bigger and better things lol

      & salma’s scene and the maan beti track.. that was the one that touched me the most last week and it was a high contender this week too.. I’m loving this simple Allah mian ki gae Salma.. now in action with some spine regeneration lol..what i love the most this character is her sincerity, ..yeh koi dukan hai? & meri do betiyan hain.. now it will be interseting to see how long this lasts..but atleast for now i say yeah go girl!!!

      & yesss i soo missed Amma bi this week too!

      so thanks @Rehmat fo bringing these up.. dil ki baat keh dali!.. wo sab jo reh gai thin lol


  8. Peerless! Exquisite! incomparable wording! Just a heavenly beautiful Review. These words are DISPATCH of drama. Really enjoy your review SZ! Now, waiting for your reviews after every Thursday 10:00 pm (my timing for watching sannata 😛 ), will be part of my schedule. 🙂


  9. @SZ and @FA.. there’s a complication regarding the mysterious tree-man due to some deleted scenes, his character has become objectionable that whether he was a man or a Jin.. might be there was any mistake in direction or don’t know whats the reason behind it but @SZ u can confirm from the writer about this man so as ur question will be answered that he was not the figment of Naseeban’s imagination…

    i was sure from the first part of Naseeban’s story that she’s going to face some extra ordinary or out of the world like mythical or spiritualism… i’ve cleared that the tree-man was not her imagination thats y m easy to argue that Love can’t be irrational.. irrational things happen in our surroundings but if we go on deep-inside, rationality comes out of the same irrationality.. if Naseeban’s story,, on the surface can be taken as irrational, we’ll also see lots of rational elements there..
    its a perfect saying ”agaahi ka ik lamha he kafi hota hai”.. sometimes whole life pass and we can’t make ourselves aware of something and when time reaches, just one second it takes, and we realize sudden that becomes our Agaahi ka ik lamha..
    now what i wanna say is that,, i’ve gone through a book ”mann ki duniya” by: Dr Gulam Jilani Barq.. it was an amazing book in which i read lot of facts about spiritualism and a term ”cosmic world”.. sorry, may be i become some irrelevant here but i just thought that my reference will help u in further happenings of this serial..

    cosmic world is a world where our words, which we utter, as m uttering at this time, have shapes and forms like we have the shapes of box, circle, triangle and rectangle, we realize these shapes if they comes infront of us.. In cosmic world, every word has shape, power, energy etc!! so, every word and the speaker who’s uttering a word, has some special abilities and words also have rays to affect.. as we feel ourselves captured from this review, these words affect us in some way or the other,, as every one has a difft way of adopting things it depends on ourselves how much we can take fron any thing with us.. by referring it to Naseeban,, (words become more affective if the speaker is close to us, or someone we ant to listen).. Naseeban’s tree-man, though he was not her dreamy man or prince charming as he was shown an ordinary man, but in her life, his words were affecting her.. his words had such a power that make Naseeban force to go there.. what was the power that takes Naseeban under the aseeb-zada peir,?? it was the power of his words ”tum yahan dobara ao ge na”!!.. these words shape her world more powerfully than her mother’s strictness or whether the fear of Shabban’s reaction.. His power of utterance was so much (just for Naseeban) that she accepts his offer..
    Firstly, the reason of the sounds she heard, cries of women, babies and other people, the painful and roaring noice, was not to make it a horror touch.. his words had so much of power to naseeban that she even heard these words..
    secondly, the tree was not replying to Naseeban, it was neither her imagination nor her irrational thinking, rather it was the effect of those words which the tree absorbs from the man, and Naseeban’s own inner-self was trying her to get all the answers of her questions..
    The tree-man was vanished but where?? we have shown that when Naseeban gets faint and she was alone there, it does’nt mean that he has vanished himself out of the world.. might be possible that he has hidden himself in any corner of the world.. not possible for Naseeban to face him any more in her whole life but not impossible.. not for this serial’s sake but m saying generally.. so, irrationality goes on but behind something rational.. all the elements regarding Naseeban, were seem to be irrational but neither her love, nor her lover are irrational.. irrationality always dominates bt rationality..
    and the reference of cosmic world i have given here,(again sorry to all of u if my reference is inappropriate in this context) but i just thought that this is helping me out in this serial for so many reasons, may be it will help u also to make many things clear..


    • @Ayesha Irshad: I can ask @Saji Gul about Naseeban’s mystery lover, but I don’t see why we cant wait for the mystery to unfold on its own… isn’t is more fun to look at the various possibilities @FA can tell you we are now very good at predicting mumkinats 😉

      Baqi, I will come back and read and respond to the rest of the discussion in a bit 🙂


      • na yar m not suggesting u to ask but i just said that if u have any disturbance about his character so u may ask bcuz it was a direction mistake.. n m waiting with all my ulty seedhy predictions n i also dont want to see anything that will spoil the beautiful charm ov this serial..
        haha i can see all ur mumkinaat n jo fun mumkinnat enjoy karny mein hai its not in mumkin.. so m enjoying it to my fill and keep on enjoying all others views..


        • @Ayesha Irshad: LOL! I have no disturbance with the character at all.. nor do I think that he is anything objectionable or see it as a director’s mistake ..In fact, I am not questioning anything about him at all 🙂
          In my review I was writing about what people were telling Naseeban. and say that I dont think at the end of the day it mattered to her ke woh kon tha.. as far as she is concerned he was someone she loved.. and thats why I said even for me whether he is fact or fiction is immaterial.. b/c love, the kind Naseeban and Azam are talking about, does not follow any logic or rationale … I hope that clarifies where I was coming from …


          • ohhkkk ohkkk 🙂 i got it now.. soo sorry.. it was my mistake i first take it as u r also disturbed., i was not cleared that u r talking about other people…
            thank u so much for making me clear… sorry again
            n Love never follow any logic or rationale in any of the kind or term or for any person.. n ”mohabbat tou hoti he be-dharak hai”.. 😀


      • @sz lol re mumkinats.. Somehow i cant see them mumkinats making same effect here.. Lol

        Was in the middle of my numm full ofmy usual rants and raves comment but had to pop out.. Will catch up soon..

        Gosh seems like im begonning to keep my diary here at ur blog lolol


    • U don’t have to be sorry for giving such an impeccable reference. I really admire your influential, solid and prominent thoughts. Of course, words have power. Example can be taken right from this blog! ‘ Kahin koi lafz dil mein utar jatay hyn to kahin kuch lafz aag laga jatay hyn’ 😛


      • for above: bs bs i can understand 😛
        n yeah this blog has such power to capture.. thaNk u Again @SZ for such a marvellous platform otherwise all these predictions would be impossible to digest.. 😀 hehe


    • @Ayesha Irshad whats with the deleted scene? im lost? sorry if i missed something..

      and kia baat hai this is some serious heavy-duty falsafa yaar!!

      @SZ iss falsafe ke baad tou PHD pakki banti hai!!! lolol

      I can see where you are coming from and that makes the irrationality entirely rational.. and vice versa.. thats why i absolutely loved @SZ reasoning not to reason i-e , ”the line separating fantasy and reality gets blurred to the extent it becomes immaterial” falsafa..


  10. @FA… further episodes will surely clear this sorry i have mentioned there but there was a scene related to tree-man which has been deleted might be for some direction mistake.. well as @SZ puts on that wait for the upcoming episodes there’s lots of more to show n still many riddles to be solved… so lets wait for the best 🙂
    haha yeah seems like PHD tou banti he hai 😉
    n thank U for appreciating the falsafa 🙂


  11. Guys whats ur take on the waqt ki do tareekhein likhna, khalaa in the haveli and khwabon ki wusat, some beautiful beautiful lines there.. i think they deserve some exploring… no?


  12. awww @FA.. yaar u won’t believe that today i was watching it again, n the same dialogues catch me for a long while n I just feel myself lost in these lines, n also the sweet ”izhar-e-mohabbat”.. some?? I think they need more n more exploration 😀 so ho jayee phir another debate???
    i just loved their haveeli.. Azam was so true that wahan buht sakoon hai.. his mansion fails to catch up my senses as haveeli do ever, especially Appa bi’s palang and the morhaas..(my childhood memories r attached to that type of morhaas cuz daadi amma k ghar ye sary mujhse he toty thy lol :P), the tree under which pari is used to sit, the swing, the white curtain (same of my dadi’s kitchen 😛 lol), n etc..


      • @Ayesha – Irshad! pehle aap!

        waisey lovin ur haveli sketch.. i know that even though haveli is supposed to be in a state of disrepair, it has so much character unlike the shehr wali kothi lolol.. i wonder if they picked up that pheeka house on purspose to compare it with the haveli’s charm???…like i said earlier that palace with zero character is a real eyesore for me..


        • yeah u have already mentioned it.. haha yeah true may be it was the comparison like the comparison of characters here.. out of artificial glow, pur n sincere as Ruqayya, Nseeban bi, appa bi and salma as compared to Nafeesa..
          oh ohkkk so u m ready to take the start 😉


  13. So,, here’s finally this week’s debate 😛 hope that we’ll enjoy again..
    firstly, what I opine is that, Azam is angry with Nafeesa and Ashfaaq for the reason that they r exploiting the resources of Appa bi’s property n assets.. Ashfaq miyan, no doubt, did a great work to save the buisness but it has shown form the earlier episodes that he’s not sincere to Appa bi, completely and he’s depriving the off from their right (though to some lil extent) as Ruqayya narrates in childhood that ”woh jo karoobar sanbhalty hain, wo nanaa abba ka he tou hai”.. and they are shown always like the victims of inflation.. in 3rd epi, there r lots of reference, moreover, haveeli’s sangeen halaat (by which sultana is getting benefit). clearly shows that their resources r too much limited.. Azam, on the other hand, when came to know about haveeli and haveeli’s people, he felt a kind of sympathy for all of them especially the purpose of pari’s treatment can be taken in two ways, as his beloved’s lil sis, and as her own cusion, who needs treatment but halaat are not letting her to be cure.. and his insist to appa bi for pari’s treatment was also like he feels sorry for all of them and wants to try his best for all of them.. n at the same time, Najma’s care and style of brought him up is totally difft from nafeesa, so he has become more concerned for all of them..
    back to the topic: Azam, ”ye waqt bhi kitna zaalim hota hai na, kici k liye theharta he nhi hai, mager uc haveeli mein aisa lagta hai jesy waqt thehar sa gaya hai”…
    it reminds me Azam’s first meeting to Ruqayya when he compliments her, ”mager ap bilkul wesi hain”… nikalny ko tou ick buht sary matlab nikal sakty hain but as our concern is with Ruqayya n Azam only, (n pari obviously), so will take only them otherwise comment ka ”tool-o-arz” (@FA haha lol).. Azam is too younger than Ruqayya, he knows very well that there r lots of restrictions of society even his own parents that they’ll never easily accept Ruqayya as their bahu.. like Ruqayya to najma: ”apko dhachka nhi laga hoga mujhe dekh k, Azam ko samjhayen k ye sb mumkin nhi”.. if she, as a girl, far from this upper-class society can think about such materialism than how it could be possible for Azam that he dont know???..
    Azam, here (according to me), means that, waqt wahan thehar gaya jesi Ruqayya bilkul nhi badli, itny arsay bad bhi wesi he hai..
    his poetry ”wahan waqt ki band hatheeli mein,, din rat ka dhara gard sa hai”….
    like jitni marzi dair ho jaye mager ye gard nhi jaye ge din rat yun he rahy ge.. waqt apni hatheeli band kr chuka hai..
    n same, Ruqayya narrates in 1st epi, 1st part ”sb kuch gardish mein tha, yahan tk k dayan bhi, mager hum sb baraf ki tarah jam chuky thy”..
    Azam here, is longing for Ruqayya, and as he know already, the hard consequences, he’s a lil bit disappoint from his ownself like he wish jesy waqt mery liye qn nhi thehra,, waqt ne mujh pe zulm kia hai.. Ruqayya umar mein us se kafi bari hai, ager ye zalim waqt kuch theher jata tou mery liye itni mushkil na hoti..
    on the other hand, haveeli mein waqt rukna is like ”ap bilkul wesi he hain”.. like he asks ”wo apki ik joori daar hwa karti the, wo kuch badli yaaa”.. yani k pari is also as same as she was arrogant in her childhood.. Appa bi is as same in her strictness towards her grand daughters as she had earlier.. Salma’s ignorance and carelessness is same, and Naseban bi’s habits of talking in her own way.. hence, nothing has changed there, neither in their personalities nor in their way of thinking and in no way.. they are as same as they could be.. out-side world has changed but in haveeli, this thama huwa waqt jis ne wahan k makeeno ki soch, aqal, nazar aur khayalat sb ko munjamid kar dia hai, ic had tk k ab chah k bhi ink rawayyie flexible nhi ho sakty.. Appa bi n salma’s khatka k Azam miyaan pari pe is qadar mehrbaan qn ho rhy hain.. means that they could’nt think more than this k Azam ye sb apny liye bhi kar sakta hai, wo sb ka khayal apny dil se rakh sakta hai..

    Azam: ”is ghar mein aur us haveeli mein buht faraq hai, 2 bilkul mukhtalif duniyaaen, waqt k 2 bilkul mukhtalif safhy”.. yani k clearly he’s shwoing his tension like pata nhi ye sb kesy hoga, kitni mushkilen ayen ge.. etc etc.. 2 bilkul mujhktalif safhy like Salma n Nafeesa, both are totally difft how would Nafeesa accept a girl elder than his son in age, n differ in every aspect, n how would salma tolerate the risk of letting her daughter to marry with him.. so, these mukhtalif duniyaaen n ghar ka faraq seems to me for both of them..

    Ruqayya: ”hmm jesy waqt ik saath 2,2 tareekhien likh rha ho”.. she has seen a barson purana tv in haveeli ”us per aisy rang nhi aaty thy”.. she’s thinking jesy duniya buht agy barh gai hai aur mujhe peechy reh jany wali duniya ne apny rang me rang lia ho.. difference of time, her narration ”badal ayen tou ayen, mager hum kabhi haveeli se bahir nhi gaye”.. she knew already k bahir ki duniya buht mukhtalif hoge but samajhny aur dekhny me buht faraq hota hai na.. pehly wo just te samajhti the but ab ye sb dekh b rhi hai”.. on the one hand, she is talking for her own self, and on the other hand she’s thinking of Azam’s way of life style, totally differ from her.. so ye waqt jesy Ruqayya ko alag likh rha ho aur Azam ko alag…

    Azam:” lekin jo sakoon uc haveeli mein hai na, wo yahan is duniya mein nhi hai (Ruqayya’s expression should ne noted here), yahan tou esa lag rha hai hr koi tez door rha hai, kici ko pesy ne nikhatuu bana diya hai tou koi apny ikteedar k nashy mein dooba ja rha hai,”.. Ruqayya was not expecting that Azam would find any element of sakoon there as salma says ”Asaaishon me pala huwa bacha hai wo Ruqayya, yahan din pata nhi kic mushkil se kaaty hon gy ucne, wo tou murawattan bola nahi”.. jesy Ruqayya ko khushi+heerangi hoi k Azam wahan aa kr khush hota hai..
    pesy ki hawas n ikteedar ka nasha (besides from the present era, where every one is a victim of materialism and the selfishness of people all around) i personally think that he’s pointing his own father n mother.. jesy k dil mein un donu ka nam leke wo apny apko ye keh k dukh dy raha hai k mery he baba ko pesy ka lalaach hai jo unhe ne ap logon k resources ko aj tk exploit kia.. meri he maa ki ikteedar chahiye, like is ghar ka, society me show off karny ka.. n on the other side, haveeli mein aisa kuch nhi hai is liye wahan sakoon he sakoon hai..

    Ruqayya:” mager is sb k bawajood, lagta hai k pari ko ye dunia bhaa gai hai”… all her reasons to be sad, disappointed, frustrated, upset and being rude, can be put in these words.. she’s not angry with her as she knows that pari is innocent, no fault is her’s but.. pari ko ye duniya bhaa gai hai, jis shouq se wo tv dekh rhi hai.. Ruqayya’s narration in the last epi ”pari jin manazir ko dekh kr khushi se phoolo nhi sama rhi the”.. unfortunately, here, she’s fail to understand her own pari that bachy hmesha esy manazir ko dekh kr khush he hoty hain.. n jesi pari hai, usy tou ye sb khushi dy ga he iska ye matlba tou nhi k ye sb chezen Ruqayya ka nim-ul-badal ho sakti hain.. but Ruqayya is forced to think in this way.. thehry huwe waqt ne Ruqqaya ko qaid kar lia hai but ye waqt pari ko qaid nhi kar paya.. ager pari ko mouqa mila tou shayd pari wo thehri hoi munjamid duniya chor kr yahan aram se buht khush rhy ge qn k usy ye duniya jo bhaa gai..

    Azam’s asking: ”aur apko??”.. seems as abhi wo pari ki bat nhi karna chahta bs ye jan;na chata ho k Ruqayya apny apko kesy adjust kary ge yahan..

    Ruqayya:” buht rang birangi hai ye duniya, had se zada rang-birangi, yahan dekhny ko itna kuch hai k sochny ki koi gunjaaish he nhi hai”…… yani k she’s telling to Azam k this dunia is too difft from her own?? wahan ik ik manzar theher thehr kr chalta hai, wahan mosuam, badal barish ruk ruk kr barasty hain, itna ruk kr k kam se kam thori dair k liye unhe socha jaye, jee bhar k dekha jaye.. mager yahan??? yahan tou sb he manzar aur mosuam bhaag rhy hain.. sochny ka waqt bhi nhi milta k abhi kia hoga aur tb tk ik naya waqiya ho chuka hota hai..

    Azam: ”mein isi liye uc haveeli chala ata hon, uc haveeli mein buht khalaa hai, main ager apny khuwabon ko sadiyoun tk bhi bharta rahun na, tb b uski wussa’at kam nhi hoge”….. last but not the least…
    he said above k wahan buht sakoon hai mein is liye ataa hon, now he’s saying k mein wahan waqt ko enjoy krny, ruk ruk k chalta huwa dekhny k liye ata hon..
    jitna zindage mein khalaa ho khuwaab utny he gehry ho jaty hain.. yani Azam ki duniya mein aur ghar mein khuwaab dekhny ka waqt he kahan hai.. wahan itna khala hai, itni space hai k wahan aa kar koi khuwaab dekha jaye, ya apny khuwaab ko wahan lyja kr rangny ki koshish ki jaye tou sadiyaan guzar jayen ge mager haveeli ki wusaa’at kam nhi hoge..
    Azam k khuwaab,,, yahan tou uski so-called fashionable mom firstly usy esy khuwab dekhna allow he nhi karen ge jesy wo apny aur Ruqayya k liye dekhna chata hai, ager kar bhi dia tou un khuwaabon me rang bharna (esi duniya mein jahan gunjaaish he nhi hai) possible nhi hoga.. haveeli k sakoon mein usk ye khuwab uski sochon k sath sath parwaan charh sakty hain.. ” us nagar mein chanda jalta hai, us deis ka sooraj sard sa hai”.. sard soraaj aur us deis ka chaand usk khuwabon ko barha sakty hain kam nhi kar sakty mager ye duniya aur is duniya k tasks usk khuwabon ko maar sakty hain.. like ”zalim waqt” ”zalim samaaj” etc etc.. haveeli k daman mein buht jagah hai jesy k wo apny andar itny sary logon ko sameit chuki hai tou ager mujhe b sametna para tou wo haveeli sameit ly ge qn k wahan Ruqayya jesy log hain jis ne sb ko ik dosry se jor rakha hai… his khuwaab r def related to only Ruqayya n their wussa’at jo k usko chahiye, like abhi mein aur khuwab dekhna chahta hon mager yahan per nhi dekh pata shayd haveli k khalaa mein wahan k sakoon me dekh sakon..

    I think itna he kafi hai 😛 hehe i know guys its too long but jo jo samajh arhi the n was feeling for it, i’ve ”Mukarrarad” @FA… lol.. hope k parhny me (thori buht tou hoge) zada problem mat ho 😛


    • For your comment? Koi words hi nahen hain I’m speechles miss Ayesha you have so deep-rooted thoughts. Yeh writer ke liye mumkin hai k wo kis trah kbhi azam me dhal kr or kbhi ruqayya me dhal kr likhta hai but dekhny wala or story ko smjhny wala aksar sataahi baten hi samajh sakta hai. agar koi itna deep sochay bhi to sirf isi hd tk soch skta hai jo us se related ho but yahan to baat hi kuch or hai. 🙂 boht aala…. Aap ne to jese azam ko azam bn k explore kiya or ruqayya ko ruqayya bn k… writer ko to apny likhy ki mehnat wusool hogai ho g. 😀 and the way you fasten the dilouges of leatest epis to its… mmm…. like siyaaq o sabaaq 😛 Boht khob…. an alluring network you form between the scenes like jesa k apne kaha jb azam said
      “lekin jo sakoon uc haveeli mein hai na, wo yahan is duniya mein nhi hai (Ruqayya’s expression should ne noted here), yahan tou esa lag rha hai hr koi tez door rha hai, kici ko pesy ne nikhatuu bana diya hai tou koi apny ikteedar k nashy mein dooba ja rha hai,”.. Ruqayya was not expecting that Azam would find any element of sakoon there as salma says ”Asaaishon me pala huwa bacha hai wo Ruqayya, yahan din pata nhi kic mushkil se kaaty hon gy ucne, wo tou murawattan bola nahi”.. jesy Ruqayya ko khushi+heerangi hoi k Azam wahan aa kr khush hota hai..” I mean kis trah se aapne ek aam se comment ko (jisay hm jese aam aam hi samajh skty hyn 😛 ) uska ek maqsad sonp diya.. seriously wese… kitni baar dekha hai drama??? 😛

      Not only that, ye taana bana apk whole comment me buna huwa hai ye to bs an example hai… or network bhi wo jo be hungam sa nahin lag raha just like kisi makri ne boht khubsoortii se koi jaal buna hai just llike web shiney and well arranged…. Now I have to say that you are huge fan of sannata!!! just like k sannata apka koi childhood best friend hai jisay aap itna samajh pai ho or is way me smjh pai ho jesa shayad hi koi. Again saying very impressive Mind se related tareef karun to 😛 MIND BLOWING ap bhi reviews likha kren plz.


      • @Mind Artist.. thank u so much for such appreciation but its nothing like that seriously.. I think ”kuch zada he hogai” 😛
        This writing demands more than my words can say even m not able to justify it with my simple words.. the reason might be that m soo much attached to this serial as m deeply in love with it n my way ov perception becomes huge regards Sannata, its characters.. especially for Ruqayya.. her character is soo much close to my heart and all these were my own personal opinions, off course i may be wrong but i just try to enjoy discussing it rather that to make decisions that whether how much m right or wrong..
        Thank u once again but itni si bat se @Saji bhai ki mehnat wasool nhi hoi in sha ALLAH agy ja kar wo bhi ho jaye ge!! ameenn 🙂


      • @mind artist.. hai naa! the asbaq o sabaq aur tana bana tou bilkul hi hosh ruba hain!!
        it took me a while to come out of my speechless state.. lol (magar dekhain speechless ke baad kia speech mari hai! lol)
        @Ayesha ”nothing like that”??? itni inkisari?! its flippin brilliant!


        • hahaha @FA speechless he rha karo phir awesome taqreer k liye 😛 well i’ll call u for more inkisaari.. ur words seems more than brilliant feeling great that i have YOU for discussing it and the one who makes the air lighter for arguments..


    • @Ayesha Irshad.. kia khoob irshad kia aapne wah! wah! Subhanallah!

      Ab meri bari: ahhm ahhm …. tou ”Arz” kia hai: (arz se andaza laga lein abho iss mein tool bhi shamil hoga lol)

      hain dunya mein aur bhi sukhanwar bohot ache
      dekhte hain ke ayesha ka indaz-e bayan aur

      nawazish! nawazish!

      lolol mein ne socha suqrat aur arstoo to mehfil mein aa hi gai the, ghalib ko bhi thora jhinjhor lete hain.. lolol

      but now seriously firstly, sorry took a while coming back to you… and secondly and most importantly, yaar kia baat hai! just look at all ur referneces and and quotes.. abb is ke baad bhala kisi debate ki koi gunjaish rehti hai! chha gain aap iss mehfil mein ji!

      lekin chalo ill still give a shot: (word of warning: alot of it will be pure nonsense and what came to my mind at that instance and how read it between the lines)

      first of all, the song: aisi nazar se dekha uss zalim ne: now totally my own opinion.. when i first heard that.. it reminded me of Azam’s poem ”aankhon mein basa aik dard sa hai, yeh dard bara bedard sa hi”.. the ankhein and nazar, and zalim link that must’ve hit me… but we then see the focus moving away from song lyrics and the convo.. so the rest ofthe song is just some material for Pari’s indulgence..

      A: Aap mohtat ho ke kion dekh rahi hain? ..
      Azam is saying to R to let her hair down and relax. he has noticed she is not at ease in this/his world..

      yeh log nikal ke nahin aa jain ge:
      i read it as a subtle comparison it to all the all the aseb, the awazein and all the myths makeen of the haveli r surrounded in.. this indeed is the aseb of his modern world magar yeh chehre aseb ki tarah chimatte nahin hain..

      R: haan mein ne dekha hai.. haveli mein tha.. aise rang nahin aate uss par.. barson purana hai..Pari pehli baar dekh rahi hai:
      That Tv must’ve been there before Husna ran away and all the calamaties that took over the haveli.. R ne iss duniya ke rang uss waqt dekhe the. And that TV signifies ke Haveli mein uss waqt se waqt ruk sa gaya hai.. Uss ke baad uss haveli mein nae rang nahin aae.. Aur Pari ki dunya hamesha se sirf Kali aur sufaid hi rahi.. Uss waqt se iss bahar ki rangeen dunya ka koi aseb uss haveli mein nahin aaya.

      A: Yeh waqt bhi kitna zalim hota hai kisi ke liye tehrta hi nahin hai : Just at this point we hear the song in the background ”chain wain sabb ujraa -zalim nazar hata le..”
      love ur in depth analysis here..especially the link to the poem, Azamm being younger and the R waisi hi hai point…. but let me add this: i found the it intersting how the song lyrics were merging with the dialogues here.. highlighting Azams distress and frustrations.. What he mentioned at his first trip to haveli as a grown man, ”mein pareshan isi baat pe hoon ke mujhe koi pareshani nahin hai, ab shayad koi gham pal hi lena chahye..” And the biggest frustration for him is that he is asaishon ka mara.. samandar ke beech piyasa, longing for some khushi in life… aur abb uss ne muhabbat ka gham paal liya hai, uss ka chain ujar giya hai, magar waqt ne uss par nazar dali wi hai.. yeh zalim waqt ne jo fassle paida karr diye hain, he wants to bridge those..

      uss haveli mein waqt tehr sa gya hai, haveli iss ghar mein farq hai, do mukhtalif dunyaain, and song lyrics barbad ho rahe the ye apne shehr wale :
      Time seems to have come to stand-still since Husna’s calamity in the haveli.. their circumstances, their thinking, and all.. They r still living in a parellel world in the old Tv time zone.. whereas Azam’s modern world has all the ‘asaaishein’ (jiss ka wo mara huwa hai) but its moving at a very fast pace.. and yet again here, i felt the ”barbadi of the shehr wale” from the over-lapping Azam’s frustrations from his modern world.. (and then he we see him explaining these frustrations later on)

      waqt ke do bilkul mukhtalif safhe – jaise waqt aik saath do do tareekhin likh raha ho :
      now this was my fav line here – tareekh can be history or date..waqt do histories aik saath likh raha hai.. haveli aur ghar ke halat mein jo farq hai, it seems like they have no link whatsoever..nothing in common.. aik waqt mein do bilkul mukhtalif kahaniyan janam le rahi hain.. aur azam, R aur Pari abb in donon kahaniyon mein apni jagah talash kar rahai hain… but ironically, yeh pehli baar donon kahaniyan/tareekhein Azam ki entry, sheher ke iss visit aur Pari ke ilaj se aapas milne wali hain..
      And yes we are also two different different versions of the same story ie how haveli wale think A is interested in P but we are seeing is a different perspective on A’s side.. how he feels abt R and so forth.. so two different histories being written at the same time..

      And it can be that, waqt dou different dates likh raha ho.. Azam ki dunya mein aaj ki tareekh (date) hai jis ko aane wala kal banne ki jaldi hai, wheras Haveli is still standing still in yester years. Aaj bhi waqt aur halat Husna ke zamane mein hi hai.

      Azam’s frustrations, Azam’s frustrated with the fast pace rat-race, and it hurts him to see his father’s contribution towards their asaishein on havelis expense..

      R: Pari ko magar yeh dunya bha gai hai:
      Regardless of P never been exposed to this world before, she is not hesitant in accepting it.. she can see her settling in well with A here at this point.. almost reassuring Azam that he can think of a life with Pari there.

      A: Aur aap ko?
      Azam isnt truly intersted how P settles there.. his main concern is R

      R: bohot rin barangi hai yeh dunya. yahan dekhne ko itna kuch hai ke sochne ki bhi gunjaish nahin hai:
      yes i felt the link to the old colour tv here.. unlike the Haveli jahan abhi bhi Husna ke baad abb sirf kala safid reh gya hai, this world is full of excitement, hussle bussle, and colours itne vivid ke aankhein chundhya rahi hain..(that might be to do with the eyesore of a house he has lol).. but really theres so much going on that there is no time to think and reflect.

      P: naach naach ke bandi diwani.. tum apni baton mein lage ho:
      P is being sucked into this new ran birangi dunya.. shes loving the new colours in her life.. her ilaaj, the care, and so forth.. she is thriving.. but A & R are reminded once again that they dont have much time to reflect in this world.. all the other temptations and aseb of the modern world will suck them into it this world to..

      A: iss haveli mein bohot khala hai:
      A highlighting he would rather get sucked in the khala of the haveli than this world around him. i think by khala he is also referring to the difference in times we were talking about.

      mein apne khwabon ko saddyon tak bhi bharta rahun to uski wusat kam nahin ho gi: & song: meri angrai na toote too aaja
      Haveli is also symbolizing a world of fantasies.. its this world of fantasy where he has found the tabeer for his dreams.. with R in its focus, but through her everyone else who is connected. He wants bring his fantasies to life ie somehow bring the haveli out of the time-capsule its been stuck in, and somehow bring it close to the real world, in real time.
      and again interesting to hear angrai naa toote too aaja in background : ie if that does happen what will happen to his world that he has been fantasising.. Will R come to him? will his ultimate dream realize? or should that world of fantasy be left as it is?
      and also interesting to see standing up and dancing to ”too aajaa”.. being sucked in into her new fantasy world.. which R might have seen this ”aajaa” as entering Azam’s world.. hence we see her reacting.. she was calm before so long as they were all silently going with the flow, but P reacting to this made R react too

      So there u go: my extra lamba analysis with all its tool o ‘arz’ .. that PHD degree har hafte kareeb hoti nazar aa rahi hai..

      @SZ jab tima mile tou yaar aap bhi farmaein.. and everyone else too.. pls dive in!

      tasleemat! lol


      • btw had to round up.. was running late for something.. didnt have no time left to go back & read all my jhakk again.. so pardon any errors pls..


        • @FA..come on yaar!! don’t be excused.. there is no jhakk aur any thing which might be called out of the way.. it’s just awesome!! as it could be.. u have put all i have missed.. infact more than i had done.. so chill n be happy.. you are having all the facts that can be admired n seriouslyyyyy!! m lovin ur words. respect all ur thoughts n bs kia kahon.. speechless!! too gud yar!!


      • Hahaha nice shot gana analysis bhi best rahi chalo apke comment ne ganay ki selection ka reason bhi de diya. Husna, according to your comments, lagta hy k ab Waqt bn chuki hai. jahan bhi jo bhi time chal raha hai usko fit kia ja skta hy 😉 apki scientific analysis parh k bhi maza aya 😀


        • @Mind Artist re the song: kion nahin yaar! i actually thought that sequence was really cleverly directed and edited..impressive!.. so extra brownie points for the sannata production team here..
          Thats what amazes me abt this play… the depth and the detail..its not just the actors and the writer, the whole team is shining through.. if only the lucknow connection was cut out and they didnt select that pheeka ghar it would be absolutely perfect! lol .. but i can look beyond that so its ok..

          re scientific analysis: mein ne socha we’ve had arastoo, suqrat, ghalib.. spiritualism, falsafa, adab, literanture and all ….now since we are on falsafa of time, einstein aur science ko peeche chorna tou unfair ho jaiga


          • awww mera tou dil chahta hai hr hr award Sannata ko dy dun… wesy @FA u r right now i’ll be attentive for the next song 😀 waqai the selection of song was cleverly chosen… otherwise pory jahan mein yehi song reh gaya tha 😀


  14. hahaha @FA.. OMG!!! kia irshad farmaya hai with Ghalib.. yeah bs ik yehi kami the 😛 sho shwettt of u hehe thank u or arzing a shier here.. yar i was waiting for ur comments till the morning.. n Finally u are here..
    Ap zada chaa gayin bhaee…!! awesome awesome awesome.. kia he bat hai.. i was completely lost in Azam n Ruqayya, their expressions, the zero bomb of their accents thats y i ignore the song 😛 N now, by reading ur each n every word, the way u relates to it (chalo!! ik aur bahana mil gaya repeat dekhny ka) hehe.. its really so much cool n to the point.. well this time i think lots of our views are inter related to each-other..
    The description of these dialogues by the reference of Husna, all are correct, but this is called the way of perception na.. as i said that inki guftugu kafi sary characters me imply ki ja sakti the but my concern was mainly with Azam n Ruqayya.. but ur mingling of Husna here, is also an addition to my thoughts..
    Waqai, Azam was noticing that Ruqayya is not easy in his world, i agree!!
    just lovin ur ”tareekh k mukhtalif safhy”.. ”songs interpretation”,Azam’s ”aur apko” (we are same in it:P)
    haha n this ”ajaa”.. !!
    but ufhh pata nhi qn mera dil man he nhi rha that Ruqayya was feeling any type of jealousy with Pari there.. m just taking it as she was already disturbed as concious for Pari, so she become rude to her, her tarbiayat which she has given to Pari, does’nt allow her to remain such ignored to pari’s behave….. wo muhtarma bhi tou ik bar ki nhi sunti :/ sun leti tou thappar ki nobaat he na aati..!!
    but my Question is.. ager Azam ki jagah koi bhi (male) hota tou pari k dance per Ruqayya ka yehi reaction hota even though if she love any one else or not.. then?? tb jealousy hoti ya careful attention like a mother for her growing-up daughter???


    • @Ayesha irshad sorry yaar.. anyone on the numm thread would know i was going bonkers there last night.. couldn’t get into the serious thinking mode for our sannata discussion here..

      now how did i know that ”aaja” wil get u going hahahaha… ur right.. it was to do with her terbiyat for sure, but somewhere under her lashing out like that and her intense body-language suggested her deep-rooted frustration there.. again just how i felt it..and then we see this new ruqaiyya emerge – one never seen before (like A points out)..

      yes i thought we were pretty much on the same plane..besides u had covered most of the aspects.. its just nice to see different interpretations of the same lines..

      & i think husna was the constant used for time in haveli..that stopped the clock ticking.. oklet me rephrase that : this theory of relativity had one constant element for time in the haveli.. and that was husna.. ( lets not leave out einstein either.. lol)


      • oh ho no sorry at all plz yaar! n u can type only Ayesha instead of complete name, as there’s no any other ayesha here..
        Welcome to Einstein here 😛 hehe..
        Husna and pari are the tragedies for haveeli so ur einstein’s theory worked here yes 😉 and tragedy comes for a very short time but lasts for a long time (Aristotle:P) like u rightly points out that the clock has stopped the tick from Husna, now the tragedy is in the time (long time, where it has to be remain) and will change for a while like pari for the next..


        • @ayesha thanks for allowing me to call u by ur ‘first name” and let go of all the takalluf hahaha

          wah! kia door ki lain hain aap ‘tragedy comes for a very short time but lasts for a long time”… sums up the haveli circumstances perfectly!

          @SZ looks like we have moved on from maths ke homework pe homework to falsafa ke homework pe homework..lolol … !


    • Now your this question has just untangle the jealousy element confusion. Your are right agar azam ki jaga koi or male hota to ruqayya ko isi trah ghusa ata so its not jealousy. Chand lamhon ki muhbat itni commanding nahin ho sakti ke ishq pe asar kr sakay or yeh to certain si baat hai k love of ruqayya and pari is ishq wala love. I really like the way, you illustrate and explore the Sannata. is se pehle I was just watching it because mysterious chezen attract karti hyn mujhy so it was usual for me to like it. But now reading your well elaborated comments I’m loving in it 😀


      • @Mind Artist thats the best thing abt this place.. baat ki dil khol ke khaal nikal sakte hain.. (we even got some goood out of Numm lol).. btw did u see our last week’s takrar on the epic takrar between A & R? well worth a read!

        re jealousy & Chand lamhon ki muhabbat itni commanding nahin ho sakti he.. she did lash out afterwards on Azam.. that was indeed jealousy.. ”kia he yeh sub – tum keh kion nahi dete – mein badnaseeb hoon- longing for love??” and whats to say that it is chand lamhon ki muhabbat.. Haan her love for Pari is incomparable here, but her love for Azam has got to be pretty strong for her to over come all her reservations and lash out like that.. no?


        • @FA.. m accepting that it was her frustration for being loved by such a nice man n surely she was jealous in saying ”tum keh qn nhi dety k tum pari ko pasnad karty ho”.. but i was talking about the slap of Ruqayya to pari.. her jealousy at that point started from Azam’s concern, before it, pari’s dancing in front of Azam was like ”uski tarbiyaat pe haraf aa rha hai”.. in 5th epi , she scolds pari in a very hard way and ask her to apologize to Azam for her so much badtamizi and said ”bila wajah mery pyar se isy bigaar dia hai aur koi bat nhi hai”.. means k she’s here getting a lil bit sharminda jesy k ik mother concious hoti hai k log uck bachy ko badtamiz mat samjhein.. hmm?? what u say??
          n @Mind artist.. thaNk u for ur lovin the comments but here every comment is to be loved.. there’s no comparison, just lovely discussions,.. go through all the comments u’ll realize that this is a lecture or presentation room about Sannata, n me and @FA are giving the debates 😉 u’ll love with her beautiful comments too 🙂


          • @Ayesha.. i get u.. but thats exactly my point.. in the episode 5 scene u r referring to she told her off and under the circumstances handled the situation rather nicely – in a fairly-controlled manner, but here i felt we see her losing her self-control. She didn’t intend to hit her, but it was her sheer frustration, and we see this slip in her body language too, that made her slap her…no?

            point i was making above was that whether she was jealous at that particular point or not is immaterial.. the fact she was jealous at all shows that her feelings for Azam are pretty strong.. its not simply a case of chand lamhon ki muhabbat.. lol


            • @FA.. ab samjhe what u are really talking about.. yeah that was her disturbance that comes out and can be seen through her body language!!! she was not calm like before cuz at that time she was not in love with Azam but now she’s.. hmm!! 🙂 thAnkX yaar!!
              yes her mohabbat is not chand lamhy ki,her feelings are more strong than chand lamhy but weaker than pari’s mohabbat!! chalo kal aur b buht kuch mily ga 😀


  15. haha @FA is right sb beebay bachy ban jayen… n take part in this week’s debate 😛
    @Sofia,, @SZ,, @Mind artist!!!
    me ne FA are waiting for ur takes on this!!


  16. Hello guys 🙂 LOL! Yeh thread to kahan se kahan nikal gaya hai ,,, itni heeron aur koilon ki baaten.. mere to sab oopar se guzar gaya .As @FA rightly said lets focus on the drama.. har kisi ko apne khalayat ka izhar karney ka poora haq hai, lets not nit pick on each other and play nice 🙂

    And now to the falsafa … lol I’m still reading through the detailed word by word tashreehs ..itna diimagh to main ney apni pehli PhD main nahin lagaya tha jitna yahan istimal ho raha hai!! Let me read through and come back…

    But quick response to @FA: Yaar, I am so with you on the tasteless houses, repeated houses and all that .. agar main R ki jagah hoti to foran se pehle A ke proposal ko reject karti… Who would want to live in such a ugh house and that too wit hthat screechy saas! And whats up with pools in PK? Koi swimming tak to karta nahin, aur paani hai nahin wahan so what the point? Magar har dramey main rich ppl’s houses always have pools, SeZ, HS, Numm, etc .. apart from being an obvious status symbol why would you think ppl would want a pool there? I dont see a similasr hang up wit pools here so Im at a loss..

    And on the issue of this ep being relatively not wow worthy… I totally get you … and I think thats the big diff b/w watching weekly and watching stuf in one go .. In one go you are totally focussed and the little irritations dont bother as much . but when watching weekly, with so many other shows thrown in the mix, it does have a huge impact on the way we respond to each ep.. I have noticed as well how I respond diff to serials I watch in one go vs those i watch weekly ..


    • @SZ hey.. lol @ foran se pehla rejection & screechy saas.. bechari ke to kaan bilkul hi pakk jain ge taane ke saath saath screeching bhi hahahaha

      and yes i was thinking abt the pool too.. i mean theek hai looks nice and all magar hadd hoti hai bher chaal ki…kankar, matae-jan, aur kahan kahan… and this house has the jhoola next to pool too… i mean talk abt mishmash gone OTT…
      lol@paani tou hai nahin.. i think numm pbbly wanted to get the message across with the empty pool.. vani ke saath saath pani bhi bachao lolol

      and yes PHD ki 2nd degree.. not as easy huh?.. lol .. take ur time but do come back..lagta hai numm ke saath saath yahan bhi damagh ki dahi bane gi lololol


  17. @FA and @Ayesha I: Here’s what I meant by R using P as a shield …
    muhabbat khud gharz hoti hai ….
    I agree with @FA in her take on A’s interest in P’s matter .. he knows that finding a solution to P’s well being, ensuring that she is able to live on her own without R to protect her is the key to getting R to accept his proposal .. and going along with that let me propose here that hum insaanon ki muhabbat hamesha khud gharz hi hoti hai … be it consciously or subconsciously .. A is conscious abt what what he wants and is going about methodically to attain his goal .. and so does this make him a manipulator or evil or even selfish ..absolutely not .. we could call him all those things if he would only look to his end goal, R, without considering P, but he is very sensitive to the everybody’s feelings and bottom line, he is def helping P, no matter what his intentions ..

    R’s love for P, on the other hand, is very diff from A’s for her … unlike his conscious actions, she is acting unconsciously… she loves P, no doubt, but lets all not forget what P does for her as well.. she provides R unconditional love, unlike others in her family. Apa bi loves R, but wants her to behave a certain way, leave P etc, similarly her mother’s love too has always been bata hua. .. Salma has always been weighed down under Apa bi’s daants and her own issues about her marital life etc … N too, though affectionate, was always doing her own thing, also R had no other friends from among those outside the haveli …. So if we look at it that way, P was the only one that R could count on for always being there for her. We’ve all been discussing how much R has done for P, but if we turn the mirror around we see a very diff picture, and find ourselves asking if indeed R is doing all this, then who has taught R how to do all those things … P has! We learn to love only when others allow us to love them. We learn to give only when others take from us ….

    In many ways P has been R’s unacknowledged center of gravity (LOL reminds me of ZGH .. but let me not digress 😉 ) as much as has been R has been P’s . Now with A’s entry into their lives, it is as if a rock has been thrown in a still pond, and now the ripples are steadily growing, making themselves felt across the width of the pond. The comfortable equation b/w R and P has shifted. P now has someone else in her life, A , whom she is beginning to also trust and has feelings for .. R, therefore, finds herself very unsettled. For the first time, as we saw in the last ep, she questions her own motivations, and asks herself the hard question: what exactly does P mean to her… needless to say answers are not easily forthcoming and the realization that dawns is very unsettling, leading R to seek out her mother’s embrace..

    A’s entry, therefore, has opened up new avenues of thought. R is coming to the bitter realization that she was not the selfless person she had always thought she was. Before A, R had been very secure in the knowledge that she was the ultimate giver in their relationship with P, everybody else around was saying it too, that R has done everything for P, loved her like a mother etc .. We could say that subconsciously R had placed her herself on a moral high ground – in essence turning herself into the ultimate victim – Martyr/Saint R. Even in her takrar with A last week she kept taking it back to how selfish H (khudgarz muhabbat) had been, and how she, R, was so different. To her way of thinking she was the antithesis of H, regardless of how everybody treated her she took care of everybody, loved P when nobody else did , now after some soul searching she had also reconciled herself to moving herself out of A and P’s way, thus preserving her sense of victimhood. We see this play out further in the pool scene when she breaks down and says Ruqaiyya kisi ke pyar ke laiq nahin hai… P ko tumhari zaroorat hai main apne aap ko sanbhal loongi … what she is in effect doing here is throwing P’s name into A’s face b/c internally she is really struggling with this recent realization that she is not the martyr R she thought she was ..

    When A comes out and openly expresses his feelings for her, R reacts as if she has received a body blow (brilliant stuff from Saba Q there), and unable to figure out how to react she runs away. Later when Najma inquires about her behavior with Azam, R is unable to come out and say how she feels like a fish out of water in the city and in the palatial house. So she reverts backs to Saint R and rather than sharing her own insecurities, she turns the convo around and gives the impression that she is hesitant about A’s proposal b/c he would get fed up of her, she has responsibilities, Pari and the whole family, that she cant walk away from … It is very hard for Ruqaiyya to acknowledge that she is as fallible as anybody else, or that she has insecurities or is plagued by self-doubt and a sense of inadequacy when faced with the glitzy dizzying life of the city and A’s family .… And its here that I see R as using P as a shield … she is hiding behind her and the rest of her family to shield herself from pain … using the darkness of P’s soul to hide her own not so white self …

    In writing this about R I am by no means implying that she is a manipulator or whatever she has done so far, for P and everybody else, has an ulterior motive, no I am not saying that at all. On the contrary I think, if she were to read this, this would be probably news to R as well, b/c she honestly does feel she is doing it all for Pari and everybody else around her … and this is where I see the beauty of this script – in its study of human behavior and understanding of psychology – as it points to the darkness that resides within all of us, be it manifest or or not. At some level or other all muhabbats are khudgarz… difference is in the degrees …


    • @SZ oh wow!!! now thats really fresh!.. Saint R.. martyr.. victimhood!
      i never looked at R that way.. yes she was no miss perfect white.. but this is a really interesting aspect to her character and her psychology..

      and another intersting point i picked up from ur analysis: A’s mohabbat maybe bedharak but he is not going bedharak to win it over..which is actually proving to be the same for R.. they both fell for each other bedharak.. but aik doosre ko hasil karne ke liye bedharak nahin ja rahai, but, kafi soch bichar kar rahe hain donon… i found that rather interesting!

      & so right abt the brilliance of this script in its study of human behavior and understanding of psychology.. spot on!


      • @FA: pehle to tum ko gold medal milna chahiye ke you could even read through all ths rambling — lol thank you!! And a bottle of aleve is on its way 😉

        Totally agree … about bedharak and now soch bichar …and isnt it fab how each and every aspect of “love” as everything is so easily called in English, is being explored here!

        And I thought a lot before using martyr/saint b/c we tend throw around these words very easily .. but here I am not using them in a pejorative way at all, rather using these to help me explain her behavior rather than labeling her a such …


        • @SZ hahaha yay i gold the gold star!!! but really u deserve one yaar.. if u call urs rambling tou mera wale ko tou phar ke phenk hi dalo lolololol…

          and so true abt so many aspects & shades of ”love”…and english not doing justice .. but i still feel that no language can ever justify all of them.. urdu might be way more comprehensive, but we will still find unnamed shades…

          as for saint/ martyr i thought they were brill to express the what u were saying…infact i did laugh at saint R..reminded me of our pir Wali and pir manzar.. but ur context makes it absolutely clear!


          • @FA n @SZ.. now both of u are making me confuse if urs are rambling than what about my ghareeb comment 😛
            @SZ your points have made clear so many things!! really like ur explanation about these so-called pools.. but personally, it was making the mood so cool 😉 the reflection of water on Ruqayya’s face.. and the heart beat sound 😀 haha.. apart from joking, seriously every upper class family is showing with the pools n u are perfect in saying that its just too.. kia kahen ab bs:/
            waqai mohabbat always remain khud-gharz either in concious or sub-concious…
            but my side is with Ruqayya, whatever she could do, she did!! pata nhi why we forgot that human is human, we cant be angels or more than humans… Ruqayya’s character is just about a sensitive girl nothing more than it!!
            I’d liked ur side of Husna’s khud-gharz mohabbat and thats the thing which has made Ruqayya, more than sensitive that noe she’s becoming more concious about her family and Pari..
            All ur words are exact to the point and just brilliant excessive thoughts regarding characters!! hats off to u again 🙂


    • Yeh jo ap nay Ruqaiya kay baray main kaha (victumhood, Martyr Saint etc.), ham Urdu main is kay liye “Naik Parween” ka lafz istemal kartay hain. Ruqaiya ka apnay apko naik parween samajna or banenay ki koshish karna mujeh to bohat filmy lagta hai. Mujeh us main koi gehrayi nazar nahi ati. Wo sirf pretend kar rahi hai jaisay aksar filmon ki heroens kartin hain. Bad main karna to us nay wohi hai jo Azam chahta hai yani us say shadi.
      Muje nahi lagta Pari ko Ruqaiya say sachi Mohabatt hai. Pari ki mohabatt khud gharz hai.


        • @sofia, mohabbat ik had per jake hmesha khud-gharz he ho jatai hai as @SZ puts on that khud-gharzi breed in whether sub concious or concious..Mohabbat tou Azam ki bhi khud-gharz hai, Ruqayya ki bhi n Pari ki bhi..
          aur jahan tk bat hai pretend karny na karny ki,, tou jesa ucka character dkhaya gaya hai, it does’nt need to be pretend.. aur shadi tou hr larki ko he karni hoti hai chahy wo Ruqayya ho ya kici movie ki heroine tou ucy kia zarurt hai Azam k samny apni valye bana k pretend karny ki.. wo yeh sb na bhi kary tb bhi she has to get married one day!!
          n mohabbat n khud-gharzi can never be apart.. jahan mohabat ho wahan kici na kici point per khud-gharzi aa he jata hai.. jis se mohabbat na ho us se koi gharz he nhi hoti siry se!! tou Ruqayya ko blame karny ki koi zarurt nhi hai..


          • I saw this coming as soon as i read the Saint R in @SZ comment.. hahaha

            @sofia.. i like ur term ”naik parveen”.. lolol.. good one!
            but the mosts interesting point is, as SZ puts it ”internally she is really struggling with this recent realization that she is not the martyr R she thought she was ..”.. and its this inner struggle that has all the gehrai.. if not in her character, def in the script.. in understanding, exploring and portraying human behaviour and psychology.

            @ayesha @SZ im with u guys on the khud gharzi & muhabbat, and levels and the degrees, but isn’t insaan ghud gharz anyway, mohabbat or no mohabbat?? muhabbat karne se pehle to bhi to insaan khud gharz hi hai hota hai.. no?
            i mean doesn’t a lover cross the khud gharzi ki limit when he would sacrifice his/her love for the sake of his/her beloved… wouldnt that be beyond khudgharzi? if we say iss mein bhi khud gharzi hai ke isi se lover ko khushi aur itminan mile ga, tou haan muhabbat is always ghud gharz.. but then we would have to accept that there would be no such thing as ”selflessness” & that man’s love for himself would always be greater than the love for anyone else… no?

            @ayesha.. i just love ur love for R lolol that also goes to show love is blind hahaha.. jokes!! yaar we did see her pretend that teeny tiny bit.. no? lol..she’s def not pretending infront A to win him over, or for shadi, she was infact pretending to win herself over as a saint,.. to acheive the martyrdom and claim victimhood.. but like u said at the end of the day she is just a human..


            • Right @FA.. its just struggle that counts, her tries to make her self good is more difficult thats what i appreciates about her..
              haha no no i enjoy ur jokes n not in this case, in all cases mohabbat seems blind..
              Indeed!!! every man is selfish in himself but when some one becomes selfish for his own self we never blame but when it be a case of any one other, the selfishness comes out and like hamari ankhon me chubhny lagti hai..
              and every one tries to pretend in own self yaar not just Ruqayya is the one doing this.. yes the only fact to keep in mind that she’s a human being, her needs are also like the needs of normal people.. bs mein yehi sochti hon then i love her character more n more hehe 😀 thank u for loving my love for Ruqayya..!! 😉


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