Numm ~ Episode 15 Review


For an episode that should have been an absolute thrill ride – questions answered, mysteries solved, steps taken to remedy past wrongs, and spine regeneration pretty much complete – this latest installment was yet again a mixed bag. Ending on a highly suspenseful note, this latest installment of Numm began with a sequence that I can only describe as being inspired by a bad action film.

1454794_625558350824482_432532054_nI had been expecting a lot from the much awaited Wali and Qasim confrontation. The precaps from last week and the promo for this week promised a nail biter of a scene, with all of us, Wali included, getting a much needed verbal confirmation about Mahjabeen and Qasim’s relationship. Was he really hers and Alamgir’s son? If so, where had he been all these years? How would Wali react to the news that he was no longer the sole successor to Baray Sahab’s fiefdom? Most importantly how would this confrontation, between the badbakht men of the Bakht khandaan, impact the very profound relationship between Wali and his vani, Mahjabeen.

And, we did get answers to all our questions: yes, Qasim was indeed Alamgir and Mahjabeen’s son; yes, Wali had been unaware of what had happened in Mahjabeen’s life before she became his vani; 1477857_625556447491339_1586472273_nQasim’s existence had been a secret for all these years because he had been living in a gaon, and had been unaware of his mother’s whereabouts, and had only recently tracked her down. Qasim’s bombshell was enough to shake Wali, the otherwise self assured feudal, down to the very core of his being. For all those times when he had thought of himself as a victim of archaic traditions, here was Qasim, whose pain and suffering made Wali’s own frustrations seem so trivial in comparison. Wali had thought he understood his vani, she was after all his sazaa ki sathi, but today’s conversation revealed a whole new side to Mahjabeen. She was not only his vani, but also a mother. It was now up to Wali to right the wrongs of those before him. He had to take the first step and break this unending cycle of cruelty – the time for talking about change was over, it was now time to walk the walk.


While all this was really great and just what the doctor ordered for this badly flailing serial, I could not help but laugh out loud at the very mediocre execution of the entire sequence. To begin with, why the heck did Wali have to pounce upon Dawood. Where was the need for all the cloak and dagger stuff?? There was nobody at home expect Salima, and clearly she saw it all (from God alone knows where), since she knew exactly ke Wali sahab Dawood ko gunpoint pe ley kar gaye hain, so then why was Wali hiding in the back seat? The comedy compounded when Dawood was literally given a dhaka by Wali when they entered Qasim’s house. 1477857_625556447491339_1586472273_nWhy push Dawood into the house? Actually, let me rephrase: Why was Dawood even there? To wag his finger at Wali and Qasim? The confrontation between Wali and Qasim too did not carry the import it should have. Fawad’s gaunt appearance made it seem like he was going to keel over any minute. The final nail in the coffin was the classic expression on Dawood’s face as the scene ended. What was that smirk all about? Forget about Wali or Qasim, with the amount of attention lavished on him, Dawood was clearly the hero of that very important scene.

The scene which followed was one of those that have turned so many off of this serial – Neelam’s scenes. Why is this girl still in the hospital? How long does it take for a sprain to heal? 1471827_625557537491230_1109003394_nAnd why was Wali touching her forehead? Like us, did he too think to check for some head injury? ‘Cause surely there has to be a medical reason for why a soon-to-be-mother continues to pout and behave like a spoilt brat. Apart from all my usual Neelam complaints, this hospital scene was off in the sense that it seemed to come out nowhere, and was riddled with continuity issues. It was pitch dark when Wali went to Qasim’s house, but then when he was driving to the hospital it was daylight, his scruff was gone and lo and behold Fawad looked radiant, as if he had just returned from a much needed weekend at some vani/biwi free spa. Moreover, the  voiceover we heard in the car contained a lot more information than the actual Wali/Qasim confrontation. Was there another later meeting? Or did Wali go back in to talk some more with Qasim?


After all these important disclosures, I was rooting for an intense Wali/Mahjabeen one on one. Instead what we got was a very tepid scene, with our maid du jour, Salima, now with a sixties ki heroines ke style wala dupatta tied around her head. By now we’ve figured out that Salima is an important member of Wali’s household, but still, she should have excused herself and left the two alone. Khair, we know Salima was never hired for her deductive skills, isliye she did not leave the room and all we got was just a teeny tiny glimpse of that fabulous chemistry that Fawad and Sania share. The way Wali reassures and comforts Mahjabeen with just his eyes and the way he comes further in to the room, to respond to her unsaid concern was just fabulous. Why oh why do we not have more scenes between the two?!?!

Skipping over Neelam and her family scenes (by the way wasn’t that such a miraculous recovery from Neelam), to the brilliant Wali and Baray Sahab scenes, it is an absolute delight it is to see Fawad and Usman Peerzada together. It is only in scenes with the senior actors, Usman and Sania, that we see Fawad Khan shining; all his other scenes seem so very run of the mill, uninspired if you will. My favorite moment of the episode, apart from that blink and miss moment between Sania and Fawad, was the scene where Wali signals his coming of age in no uncertain terms. Gone is the laid back Wali who always addressed his grandfather deferentially, with downcast eyes and polite low tones. Today’s Wali is not afraid to go toe to toe with his grandfather and look him directly in the eyes as he softly but firmly informs the old despot of his decisions.


Today’s exchange between the dada and pota signaled a changing of the guards in the Bakht haveli. Baray Sahab is now realizing how wrong he has been in reading his grandson. More than his feudal genes, it is Mahjabeen’s tarbiyat that is shining through. Wali’s words and deeds pay homage to all the years that Mahjabeen put in. Now, as Wali goes about thwarting all of Baray Sahab’s plans, I am eagerly looking forward to seeing how this duel between the two pans out. Baray Sahab is not the kind of man who allows anyone to make a fool of him, even if it is his own grandson. Seems like the bad bakhti of the Bakht khandaan has begun in earnest. Baray Sahab has decided to take off the kid gloves and take on Wali as seriously as he would any other opponent. War has been declared. Who will be left standing at the end – Wali or Baray Sahab?

Written by SZ ~

Numm ~ Episode 15



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  1. @SZ It was a good episode in the scheme of things. At least it moved fast even though I, along with many of you, wished there had been more of MJ and Wali. FK was fabulous in the scene with UP. And for once MJ’s crying after Wali assured her that she needed no permission from him to meet Qsim made me emotional too. SS brilliantly conveyed the happiness and relief that one line brought to her. Kudos to both FK and SS for pulling off that scene.

    Somehow I felt that Wali could now relate to everyone’s dilemma of being a part of the system now more than ever before, in this case putting his hand on Neelam’s forehead and the expression on his face. Maybe he was feeling sorry for her (or for himself to be stuck with her)

    My favourite dialogue was by far Wali’s answer to BS as to why he was giving MJ her “right”. Both of them shined in the scene and finally I am happy to see Wali showing that its not just giving birth that’s important, upbringing and values instilled in you are important in equal measure, in this case unfortunately not by the same person. I loved the exchange between the two in the preview of the next episode. Hopefully and finally we will get to see a relaxed exchange between MJ & Wali.

    When Wali was driving back from Qasim’s house, the dialogues being played were more than what Qasim said. I thought it was bad editing again but then to give them the benefit of doubt, it could just have been an added element of surprise to stretch the scene. About Dawood’s expression….less said the better. It was downright “weird”!!

    Finally Neelam’s age has been put to rest. Woh finally baligh ho gayi hai! I am done wasting my energies on N’s family so like you i’d just skip that 🙂

    And let’s say thank you to the producers for adding yet another terrible actor in the form of Qasim’s friend.

    • @Ak ROFL at N is now baligh!!! lol really? kahan se?
      The namoonon ki fauj to bass barhti hi ja rahi hai.. i was thinking agar yeh sub drama school ke stuudents hain to yeh bechare bhi kafi saalon se fail ho rahe honge.. kafi saare to ab kafi umar wale ho gae hain lolol

      • @AK: I like your interpretation of Wali’s hand on N’s forehead …i would make sense that this gesture was intended to show W as stepping up to the plate and accepting all his responsibilities… but coming right after that very intense W and MJ confrontation and the voiceover in the car, this scene with N seemed completely out of sync…similarly W’s nightmare to seemed to have no connection to the scenes that followed before or after …

        • @SZ, I had another thought, maybe he wanted to strangle her and run off to Oxford with with the Doctor Baaji. There is a new Bakht (Q) for BS to torment and order around. What say??

  2. @SZ lolol i am laughing my head off!! so right abt the mixed bag.. ur spot on!!

    now was it filmy or was it fimy? guys Numm has beat us to the fimly we were dicussing last week!!! This has got to be the most filmiest episode by far!

    Wali hiding in the car??? all he had to do was threat him ”ulta latka doonga” like when he wante to disconnect the setellite link to BS.. He wasnt eve sitting in the back seat, hiding underneath?? FK was that some sorta trial thingee for the upcoming movie?? bollywood jane se pehle thora haath saaf kar lete hain numm ke set par.. lol

    another filmy number was the BS turning around in his sunglasses asking abt MJ.. Btw what happenned to his blazer today? it seemed 2 sizes too big!

    I am so glad u put up the Dawood’s smirk! That was absolutely hillarious! lol @ hero of the day! akhir kar he is the one who led W there and he is the one who saved Q! lol
    And it wasnt just Dawwod, Salima’s reaction after W Mj ijazat scene.. that was odd too! Agar khare hi rehne tha tou Mj ko kuch support hi kar detin.. whats with looking from kanankhiyan?? SS reaction here was priceless tho!
    And thank God for Rukhssana ki shadi ho gayee.. sub ko bohot boht mubarak ho..
    atleast we wont have to bear her any more.. one less namoona to deal with..

    now what was with the almari? i totally didnt get it.. Was it another one of time pass scenes or was it something i missed?

    And mad hatter’s tea party is over and our Alice seems to have transformed into sleeping beauty.. kitna so rahi hai bhai?? sona hi hai to dikhane ki kia zuroorat hai.. Honestly producction team hum N ko dekhne ke liye marr nahin rahai!!

    hospital scene with wali from the promos : what a disappointment!.. kia kia socha tha ke N ke saath hospital mein kia hua hoga… sub umeedon pe pani phir gya.. hai anti-climax!! whats with pir Wali ka shafqat ka haath on N’s sarr?? honestly im beginning to doubt the producers sanity too! lol

    Aur yeh neelum ke paas konsa phone hai jo itni ddor se perfect recording kar leta hai?? some super-sonic one?? she’s obviously in the know with the latest technology!!.. again the production team! please note we are soo not interested!!

    aur haan lagta hai doctor baji apna case leke BS tak puhunch gain thin!! Seriously – why would she do N’s tareef to BS??? ooper ooper N ki tareef andar ander w pe dorey? lolol

    ok scene of the episode had to be the BS W scene! I almost cringed at W’s statement abt middleclass and billi chheechre.. But it put everything in perspective when BS turned into a jangli billa himself.. the biwi ko muhabbat lotane ke liye was totally ahhaa moment! i certainly didnt see that coming! three cheers for wali for finally voicing it!

    ”Woh to ab roz aik surprise deta hai”.. Looks like the game is well and truly on!!

    well it all seems too good to be true.. W turning into the ideal man we were all so hoping for.. but whenever we see this happenning in a drama (or a film), 3 quarters way through, expect a serious twist!! If he carries on being the mr. goody two-shoes, im afraid he’s indeed asking for an exit strategy! (i hope not!!)

    • @FA maybe Dawood was smirking at the weak acting and the stupidity of the scene. This drama can get the award for “Most scenes which could have been great but were not”. Some were let down by weak execution and some by weak editing. Why oh why cant we have more scenes of W and MJ.
      And what was up with Salima in that 60’s heroine get up. I was so zapped when I first saw it. And why didn’t she go away when the blink and miss dialogue was going on. Totally destroyed the impact of the scene.
      I am still hoping that there is something really wrong with N , thats why W was so gentle with her or why the flirt doctor was now flirting with BS. Why the doctor baaji cant talk to N or her mother instead….
      Why so many scenes for Q and his friend….
      So many why’s and no answers

      • @FA Dawood smirking at the weak acting is hilarious. I think Dawood was suppose to show relief that W did not kill Q, but seeing the bad acting of Q I think he should have gone ahead and killed him :).

        • @FA: Your comment has me in stitches .. “disconnecting the satellite link to BS” – seriously! WTH was that scene all about?? Talk about James Bond going all wrong! And lol @ Dr baji and her oopar se tareef and undar se W par doray … Call me crazy if you will but I missed the dr baji today, infact a cat fight b/w her and N with W’s hero wali entry, complete with his gun-dasa waving would have been so much more fun to watch that that Q and friend scene … I guess it was important to establish that Q had come from the gaon looking for his mom.. but still …
          And yes!! that pir W and N scene .. as Parveen Shakir wrote:
          usny jalti hoi peshani py jab hath rakha…
          rooh tak aagai taseer masehai ki…………..and lo and behold N was up and about in an instant!

          from the promos I had seriously thought ke something major had happened going by FK’s jail se bhaaga hua qaidi look but alas …. as another baji, Salma baji says it oh so appropriately …

          • @SZ ROFL hai dil ki baat keh dali salma baji ne!!! After doing all day handi choolha for a dinner party, i just got rid of last of my guests.. had my feet up, catching up on all the commments..mashed as i was thinking to myself im so ready to hit the pillow when i got this message.. I almost choked on my coke when i realized what the link said.. hahahaha that is just too funny! what the coke wasn’t doing, u did it for me.. im wide awake now! lolol
            btw this gana dedicated to numm in general too.. no?

            • Oh totally! I had put it up for the Ashk finale review as well… kiya baat hai I think we have a new jori in town … FK and SA LOL!!!

            • hahahaha new jori in town!!! ab to FK bhi yahi gana gaye ga lolol
              waise age bari hai to kiya kam az kam KW se tou behtar hi hai lolol

          • @SZ so totally appropriate this song.
            Mumkin hai ke har episode mein dil ke arman asoo mein beha jate hai
            Mumkin hai ke har episode wafa e se dekte hai.
            Mumkin hai ke hamesha tanha reh jate hai.

            • LOL!!! Aur kuch faida ho na ho .. Numm has turned us all into great poets, fiction writers, mathematicians etc .. I guess not a total time waste then 🙂

          • @Sz just read Parveen shakir bit.. somehow mustve missed it yday.. yaar thats just spot on!!! Whata transformation – Our mr Wali has transformed from mr doing noting and lazing about to a mr factory wala siyasatdan, mr huband of two, aur + aur + aur + a pir and now also a maseeha !!! wah bhai wah!! spine generation thi ya full personality change??? lololol

  3. btw what was BS saying abt all those ppl who are at home with their families?? I didnt get that part.. and what has the ASP done? (rightly or wrongly)

    • I think BS meant that the police guy should have tried to stop the workers from getting their demands, and if they weren’t backing off then he should have killed them off. :/ typical BS’ bs.

      • Yes, I got the same sense too…it had been previously established that all policewallahs in this district served at BS’ pleasure, and now that this guy had displeased BS, by siding w/W, he was to be transferred. W later thwarted BS’ plan by ensuring that the guy was not demoted and got transferred elsewhere.

        What is fascinating here is how the writer has shown both W and BS showing no qualms about pulling strings, and one upping each other in this chess game they are playing. Like BS W also uses coarse lingo, bili and cheechre, showign that he is a product of a certain class and shares many traits and biases with the other men in his family, but when push comes to shove W stands up for the underdog … Now if only this drama had been done right, I would have loved to see how far W was willing to go and how much of his luxurious trappings he was able to give up in the cause of ensuring justice…but i dont think we will ever get to see all this, kyonke abhi to N aur M ke bohhot saarey scenes baaqi hain .. 😦

        • @SZ @Farwa B Naqvi aaah that makes sense now.. thanx!
          i found the billi chheechre / middle-class remark coming out of this new Wali rather distasteful to be honest.. but i can just about digest it as a pretext to BS’s pounce at MJ’s jaidad ki baat..
          naheeeeeen!! (totally 60’s filmy style) bohot sarey senes baqi hain – aisa to na kahein!!! lolol

  4. I can look past the poorly executed meeting of the Bakht potay because DAYYYUMM shit’s about to get real. LOVED the Baray Sahab >< Wali scene. Fabulous acting by Fawad. You could clearly notice the transformation from the reluctance and somewhat insecurity that characterized him in the beginning to a confident heir and the husband of two! Fab fab!

  5. Also I agree that Fawad falls short when he’s acting with poor actors such as the girl playing Neelam. Which is why I’m dreading his Bollywood debut opposite Sonam who is such a bad actor with really poor dialogue delivery. Couldn’t he have picked another project 😦

    • @Bint Ahmed: Your msg yesterday was so cute … that was what alerted me aaj kuch bohot zabardast hua hai 🙂 Sorry made you wait so long!

  6. Ok I liked this episode better than the last one even though some things don’t make much sense. I would still like to know how exactly MJ hid Q’s birth, when was he born and who the hell is Sultan or whoever who lives with him and took care of him all these years. I was hoping to see MJ’s brother’s reaction to her affair with A.
    And what did FK mumble to which Q said something like ‘jab apni asliyat pata chale gi ….’ or something? I didn’t understand that :/
    The missing dialogues were just a way to give more insight of the scene because two scenes were running side by side.
    Neelum ka hospital scene dekh k bari mayoosi hui, kia kia socha tha 😥 or hua kuch bhi nahi. BTW, FK k hath mai kia jadu hai k idhar unhon ne pyar bhara hath rakha or wahan Neelum madam tunn? I didn’t understand why he went to see her after seeing Qasim. Guess the scenes weren’t in sequence. Again.
    The W-BS scene, W-MJ scene and W’s dream of Amtul were ❤ ❤ ❤ SS' expressions were so amazing. So were BS' when W announced his 'decision'. It was so heart warming to see his regard for everything MJ did for him.
    Oh btw, no matter how annoying Salima is I still love her for her guts. Phapakutni LOL!

  7. I loved the episode though it was a BIG disappointment that the makers missed the opportunity to
    To exploit w and mj chemistry after w finds out about qasim. So much could have been done on that scene! Sigh!

    And I did not understand anything amtul muttered in that dream/memory sequence. Can someone will plz transcribe. Will much appreciate.

    • She said, ‘Tum Sikander Bakht ko jante ho? The greatest Bakht of all. Suna hai us k 2 bete qatal hue hain lekin us k sar pe joon tak nai rengi. You know why, because he is cursed.Us ne sare ghar ko ghair lia hai lekin mai use apne kamre mai nahi ane deti. Aik bar aya tha, us rat meri 2 kitaboun ko deemak ne chaat lia.’

        • @db: I have tried to explain the meaning of that scene in one of my coments below .. hope that helps.. W throwing up could be an indicator of how much he is affected by what he hears in the dream or plain and simple could be that he was suffering from a hangover .. too much “juice” can do that na 😉 Btw, after throwing up didn’t he get up to answer the phone, and therefore step right into his vomit? Ugh!! the things numm makes think about :@

          • @SZ,it was such an ugh scene. And what was the almari band karna aur kholna baar-baar. First the aaina and MJ’s fixation with her hair and now W and almari. All the scenes seem such a filler..
            Mumkin hai ant tak atleast ek episode aisa aaye jise dekh ke sab bol sakein, waah, kya episode tha
            Mumkin hai ane wale sab episode cartoon family free hon (shayd yeh zyada hi maang liya)

    • @Shaz you are right, the Kasim subject should have shown some sort of confrontation between MJ and Wali maybe a silent one struggling to bring words, Wali accusing MJ for keeping Kasim hidden from him too, some else is in her life other than him….and then followed by what they have shown….waise Salima ko bahar ka darwaja kaha hai nehi maloom hai kya, I would have loved to show it to her grrrrrrrrrr

    • @shaz totally with u.. iss fazool production team ko fazool actors ke sath fazool scenes dikhane se fursat mile to kuch kam ka classy material dikhaein.. seriously they keep missing out on these rare opprtunities.. how lame! sigh!
      @SZ i was so thinking that .. did he just step in his ulti? yukkk!! pehle comment mein likhna bhool gai thi lol.. lol at the juice.. perfectly plausible! akhir kar he had one heck of a day! BS ko file dikhane ke liye subha subha wakeel sahab ko pina parta hai, wali to aaj thenga dikha ke aaya hai! lol
      But i thought maybe he felt sick at the thought that his dada had something to do with his sons’ death.. and everthing that transpired..and dou kitabein could be J and W (he was also taken away from her after all)… wo uss raat gaye amtul ke kamre main aur donon betey marr gae..(aur whatever that dou kitabein meant meant.. ) btw why did he go in that room in the first place?

      • @FA: Do kitabein could be the two sons, or as I wrote in one of my comments below, could be her hubby and maybe an unborn child.. entirely plausible she was expecting her second baby and lost it in the commotion of her hubby’s death… And I think BS must’ve gone to their bedroom to inform and bharkao his older son about Alamgirs death.. and thats when he must’e stormed out and gone to shoot MJ’s brother… and yes, entirely possible W was taken away from her as well.. but I somehow think he was given in MJ’s care b/c A was not mentally stable by that point… thats why MJ said, aa ke hissey ki sab zimmedari main ne nibhaien…

  8. SZ,,,,I still cannot accept the fact that a woman has given birth and kisi ko kan o kan khabar nehi huwa…what was the real reason of Alamgir’s death…obviously for making pregnant his girlfriend…how on the earth nobody else saw Mahjabeen pregnant? and she gave birth to a male child that too of a son who has been killed and no reaction from Bakt family? Some serious problem in the storyline which is I just cannot digest…I have been crying hoarse wanting more and more FK and SS scenes together but the director’s love for those three caricatures is just amazing. He refuses to let go of his Ekta Kapoor style and if this was not a limited episode serial many of the viewers like me would have said goodbye as this story is not what it was projected be…it has lost its way in too much silence and screen presence of mediocre actors, too many blink and misses of wonderful or could be wonderful scenes…I feel sorry for Usman, Fawad and Sania despite sharing the same platform we are being deprived of their wonderful acting together

    • @Tinni, Not only this, but what about that barsaat raat scene. We are still hanging in suspense, was it actually shown or was it an editing blooper. And if it actually happened, what was the point of showing it. Are there any consequences of it or they do want to show a romantic relationship between W and MJ (that would be awesome if they can show some scenes between FK and SS).
      It seems such a waste of all this talent. Imagine how explosive the scenes could have been if they show these powerhouse of talents together. It seems a very concerted effort on part of the director to show one fazool actor after another and give them undue screen time and leave out the really good actors.

      • Yes PG I want to hit the director after each episode….ek story ko kaise kharab kiya jaye by highlighting unnecessary scenes and mediocre actors….yes we are also confused as what is really Wali’s relationship with MJ…Wali says he is a loving shohar but in reality how much of a shohar he is? Everytime Neelam says Wali I want to strangle her…..

        • @Tinni, join the queue. First she says Wali in such a stupid tone and secondly she’s monopolizing FK (that is more of a crime) If she can be the heroine opposite him, why not me.. sigh!!

        • @ Tinni: Lolzzz….I sooo agree with you on all accounts esp strangulating N when she says Wali….even I feel like slapping her….N’s entire family is just a bunch of irritating poor actors…why don’t they just kill them in a car crash or something…lol

      • @PG: I think its a safe bet to now say that it happened …W claiming to be MJ’s shohar is pretty much a confirmation that their relation changed that one stormy night ..

    • @Tinni True about the story getting lost somewhere along the line … Also agree with you about how difficult it must have been to keep a pregnancy hidden.. but i think/hope that this will also be revealed in the upcoming episodes … so far they have done an okay job of answering our questions, if only the answers were so entangled with scenes of N & Co …

  9. @SZ, spot on review as always. Lot of disjointed scenes but atleast the story is moving forward. I found the scene between MJ and W to be the most significant as it signified the shift in the relationship. And how softly and sincerely he replies to her. Simply loved W for his sincerity towards MJ.
    Did anyone understand Amtul’s dialogue in the nightmare. I understood only that Both his sons died and still it had no effect on BS. After that the background score completely overpowered her dialogue. If anybody understood it , please tell.
    The scene of the cartoon family seemed so fazool, but later on I was wondering will N record someone’s conversation otherwise it was as faltu and fazool scene like all scenes of that cartoon family.
    Is it only me who gets bothered so much by Numm’s official FB page. Today there is a comment, share ur favorite scene and then they show the cartoon family’s photograph. Huh??
    Also loved the comment of W when he tells BS”Ek shauhar ka apni biwi ko pyar” Expressions of BS were priceless in that scene. The story seems to be moving towards climax. But we are still on Episode 15, if the pace of story remains so, then another 3-4 episodes.

    • @PG I really want to know if the director is related to the members of the cartoon family, why is he highlighting them and why cannot we see more scenes between Wali and MJ and MJ and BS…I think other than Amtul MJ knows what a bastard BS really is…it is time she also settles her score with him for he is responsible for marrying her to a mere boy…

    • @PG: Have tried to explain the meaning of W’s nightmare/dream in one of my comments below, would love to hear others’ interpretations …

  10. Hey guys! I;m still travelling, on the way home from my thanksgiving trip, and have lots to say/add but just wanted to thank you guys for being such great company on what is otherwise begining to seem like a never safar 🙂

    Re: the nightmare scene .. here’s very rough recap..please ignore the typos etc ..

    Mj said ke BS ke do bete died but didnt bother hm in the least .. and its b/c h’es cursed .. and now that curse [his evilness] is spreading throughout the house.. that’s why she never let him enter her room.. the one time he entered, two of her books were destroyed by termites, referring, I think, to her husband and Alamgir’s death .. or could be also that she was preggo with a second baby and lost the baby that night and thus lost her mind …
    any other interpretations?

    Keep the comments/mumkinats coming ….milte hain break ke baad 😀

    • Lol, I just had to comment here. I just returned home after the Thanksgiving break. Numm’s story has moved a little further. And thank you for explaining the scene.

  11. @SZ Thanks, once again a very to the point review that helps poor soul like me to understand what is happening.
    Once again we end up with an episode that could have been a masterpiece but just about fizzled a spark or two and died out. Now we are left with more things to complain then be happy about.
    Lets start with the background score, I found it extra loud and in some scenes the music did not suit the mood and of course the dialogue was a strain to hear.
    Somehow I had never pictured W as the action hero flashing his gun around, the mild soft spoken spineless W who would occasionally let loose on MJ and the servants is showing so much anger as to abduct D on gun point to take him to Q’s place. Also how did W know that D knew of Q’s existence.
    The least said of the confrontation would be better. There was no chemistry and we did not feel the pain that Q was suppose to emote and maybe that is why W’s expression were all bland and not torturous as it should have been. Bad acting all the way including D and his now famous smirk.
    Well the hospital scene I suppose was just a filler, lets leave it at that.
    The interesting part of the conversation that N and BS have on the phone is N refusing to do BS’s bidding of keeping an eye on MJ. That tells me N is getting more confident of W’s love or she feels more secure of her position in W’s life to worry about making BS happy.
    The best scene by far was the BS and W’s match up, the spine-generation we were all hoping for did not disappoint me at all. Great dialogue and great acting by both of them. I loved the way he gets up and answers BS to the reason why he is giving MJ her fortune back.
    The dream scene was something I totally did not understand. I am not sure what it was trying to convey.
    In the first 2 episode we saw W listening and respecting all MJ had to say to then transforming abruptly into MJ covering for W’s permission for everything even meeting her son. But agree that MJ portrayed her emotion excellently and even W did a good job of speaking volumes by the look he gave her.
    Over all a OK episode could have been a lot better.

    • @db lots of kash aisa hota moments in this episode, and way too much of bekar acting, but i have to admit i felt the only person playing it well was Q.. Him being filmy was pretty understandable..his jawan khoon and josh and all… i felt for him.. apart from W going totally over-borad with the dhakka, W’s ”acting” was ok too..a bit out-of character, but ok.. It was the overall execution of the scene that didnt work/gel ..bechara dawood to beech mein mara

      i laughed at N refusing BS and suggesting khud yeh kam karin.. reminded me salma ” aap khud chak lein”
      I think she is confident because she feels she has the Qasim card in her favour.. she doesnt know the full story yet.. Qasim card aint no ace, its a joker! lol

      • @FA I think we have all underestimated N due to her bad acting but the character seems very smart and knows how to play her cards.

  12. @farwa thank you for the transcription.

    I think I finally figured what was the driver’s expression after w and q
    Encounter. He cld not believe that he was alive and that everyone else was alive.
    He had thought “aaj to maara gaya re”. Lol.

    I think w went to the hospital after q encounter to clear his head. To find solace in the company
    Of neelam. He wanted to the companionship without having to spell everything. And hand on her head was a loving gesture meaning ” I will take care of everything. I will not worries come to you”. He found solace in neelam’s child like company in the midst of all the complexities. Problem is we all hate neelam (or the one playing her) so much that we missed the point. 🙂

  13. Checkout the really funny poster on FB page of Numm where Q is saying “Papa” to W. I literally fell down laughing on seeing that. Hats off to the creator.

    • @PG: hahaha it was funny! LOL you must be their most frequent visitor 😉 but ok, I too will confess visiting it every so often to read the comments n all …but have to say Numm FB admins are very sporting in that they let everbody say what they want … during Ashk days nobody was allowed to say anything -ve, and anybody who dared to do so was promptly banned from the page .. and when the reviews got too -ve, the admins started writing their own reviews!!

      • @SZ and @FA, I was reminded of a dialogue from Dhoop Kinare”Haila itne saare Daddy” so here W says ” Itna saara Beta’ woh bhi pala palya….

  14. This was a better episode than most but Wali’s reaction to knowing who Q was, should have been followed by atleast one scene where he talks about Q to MJ. Any husband would atleast question his wife about such a big thing in her life. And given how men usually would react to such a news, he could have been shown a lot upset initially, later mellowing down.
    But then this is Numm, like Ashk was Ashk. :/

    • @afia i agree chalo some more of aankhon aankon mein hi aur baat ho jati.. We know our Wali is a man of few words.. I wouldnt have liked for him to question MJ.. that would have damaged the bond they had..if he was the questioning type and if he really had to question he would’ve questioned her before shooting off with a gun. What i would’ve really liked to have seen though is him comforting & reassuring her..

      @SZ been pondering on why they had to show salima in the W Mj scene.. perhaps it was to emphasize that its not a hush hush secret any more.. W & Mj have had alot of secret akela akela talks but things have now changed..?? mumkin hai…?
      but like u said why oh why we dont see more of these two like this? pir wali bakht hospital mein apni karamat dikane wale scene ke bajae Mj ke saat kuch aur karamad karamat dikha dete… sigh! hai dil ke armaan…!

      • @FA: I have no clue why Salima was in that scene, and what was up with the close up of sabzis being cut?? For a moment I thought MJ was gonna start demonstrating the recipe for aloo gosht!!

        OK, so lets start a convo about all the mumkinats.. all the changes that Pir Wali should bring in MJ’s life…ok, so here are a few of my mumkinats …..

        Mumkin hai PW (Pir Wali) MJ ka hair clip dhoond den
        Mumkin hai PW ko ek naya mirror laa den… since she cant see to clearly in the old one, ghari ghari baal check karne partey hain …..
        Mumkin hai PW MJ ko ek naya maali hire kar den…. that other maali is so useless .. kitne dinon se aaya hi nahin hai … I didnt like him much before, but now we need a break from heroine Salima and gangsta Dawood….

        • hahahaha PW nahin yeh to bagher ainak wala jinn bann gya! chhoo mantar aur clip, aur mirror hazir, aur salima and dawood ghaib! haan mali ka intezam karana pir sahab ke liye koi mushkil kaam hai.. un ke bohot se mureed drama school mein hain

          snap re aloo gosht! i was thinking hain aloo gosht mein bhindi??

          • Mumkin hai W kamse kam ek din ki chhutti de de sab naukron ko aur phir ghanto MJ se baat kare
            Mumkin hai W aur N ki happy ending ho magar ek guzarish yeh dikhane ki bilkul zaroorat nahin, waise bhi duniya mein bahut gam hain
            Mumkin hai MJ W ya Q ko bachate hue mar jaaye aur W phir uski yaad mein. Tab N ki shadi Q se kar deni chahiye, afterall dono humumr hain..

        • @SZ re ur mumkinat : seeing the list of faltoo additions.. u need to add the almari!

          btw seeing that its a filmy episode with a fairy tale/magical twist, that almari might be from narnia – ”the lion”, ”the witch” and ”the wardrobe”! aaj ki episode ka sher steps i2` and go far far away from N!

          • sorry my lil one hit the return key before i finished.. so here goes: aaj ki episode ka sher wants to step in the wardrobe to go far far away from N!…but sigh! someone cleared out all the sardi ke kapre.. so this ‘exit strategy’ didnt quite work out!

  15. Hi SZ Your review explains everything to me, ( I understand )finally Oxford graduate is using his mind and doing the right thing . He took long time he should have started before. I was touched by W is expression when M ask him that she can see Q and also with BS he says about M. He now understand M better. In drama Mohabat ruth jaye to. Humayun. Saeed at the end does a great job freeing the girl he had nikah with. End that drama with positive message. How was your Holiday , I am still in Holiday mood .
    Can you please explain to me about last episod . Saza ka sathi tha . Thanks again

    • @Ranjan: Glad you had a good thanksgiving 🙂
      Re: saza ka saathi.. MJ uses that term to describe her relationship with W. By tying them together in this cruel bond of vani, BS had basically condemned them to a lifetime imprisonment. Without asking for their consent they had been tied together and left to navigate the difficulties of this relationship by themselves. W could never be a carefree young lad like his peers, b/c he was not like them, he was already “married.” Similarly MJ too was never able to live like other girls her age… nobody around he was “married”to a ten yr old boy. It was under such adverse conditions that the two became close to each other … a relationship which was not like that of lovers nor was it one of friendship or of a maternal nature …,it was just different… and it is that she was referring to in the last episode.. If you go back to last week’s comment you’ll see that this was discussed quite a bit …. hope that helps 🙂

  16. Omg SZ my sides are splitting!! your description of the epic scene is perfect now that I finally watched it!! Daoood the hero….love it!! Yeh kya tha yaar, omg pehle gunpoint par or phir Dhaka or phir smirk!! What the heck was going on?? So could have been an amazing scene but like always ruined by unnecessary stuff!! Aur Salima looool!! And her never ending phone convo with MJ, how the hell did she know??
    Mumkin woh sub mind readers hai or hum sub pagal!!
    Only awesome scene was Wali and BS, at least he has grown a spine now and their battle is now the only thing worth waiting for! I ffwded everything else, fed up of both MJ and Neelum, no interest in either love story …sorry!
    But loving the comedy and comments:p

  17. Dear SZ and all, nice review and responses. Serious and hilarious. I somewhat liked this episode although could be much better, as you have all said. I still like numm than many other so called entertainment packages where people make evil out of the mother-in-law conveniently. However, I find Numm is losing the logical ground. Questions from me as many of asked: In the last episode we saw that Mj’s brother caught her pregnancy, so the fight between the two khandan must have been on this pregnancy. That is logical. Why doesn’t everybody know? Bs? As Q says he hates himself, then, he must be illegitimate. So the only legitimate relationship Mj has is with W. If Q illegitimate I do not find the hatred he should have for his mother. I was looking back to numm, the only scene where I thought Mj was relating to Q was the stormy night when child W, afraid of the storm took shelter to her. I think she was swallowing her tears because she was thinking of baby Q. In this episode also, we saw her mourn for Q when talking to Salima. I Other than that she as a character fell short to show the anxiety and passion of a mother.

    the fight of the nerves of the lions for the territory was the scene of the day. recognizing the love for a wife was fabulous. Sania was best in the W-Mj scene crying. the three jokers are more important to the Numm people, what can we do. We do not see more of classic work. However, I think W’s visit to N after Q says that he returns to N, to be an ideal husband. Now that he knows who Q is and he cannot be with Mj, I, for the first time saw a ray of love and softness in his eyes for N. BTW did you notice that Mj told Salima that ‘baqi sab jantehe sirf ye dono he nahi jante’. What does it mean ? I also loved the opening convo between Mj-Salima where Sania did a great job.

    I think its a love story that gives birth a revolution to change the system. A great story that could be pictured in a more artistic way.

    • @SM like Sz mentioned in one of the comments above hopefully we will get to know know more in coming episodes, and yes one can only hope! its numm so there is a big fat chance ke woh yeh bhi gol karr dein..
      I don’t think the fight was to do with the pregnancy as per say.. She had told in an earlier scene to A that her brother had found out.. so he had obviously let it go for the time being..and had probably agreed to keep it a secret.. i think the killings must’ve happenned much later on.. why and details- hopefully we will get to see later on..

    • @SM yes that baqi sub jante hain also got me thinking too.. what does that suppose to mean.. surely BS doesn’t know!
      I don’t think he is thinking i cant be with MJ.. the hence shohar biwi confrontation with BS.. why he went to see N just seems completely out of place.. the only thing i can think of was maybe he was grateful to N for bringing Q to his notice, otherwise he would never have come to know of Mj’s full extent of qurbani & plight..

      • @FA, thats true, only thing to be thankful to N for. But dont you think she has invariably brought MJ and W closer. After all the stormy night also happened after their marriage. N is acting as a catalyst for MJ and W.
        I would love her to taunt W so that he retaliates and defends MJ and N realises she can never break that bond.

        • @PG yes indeed! Neelum ji is the catalyst..shayad yahi sub soch ke aaj pir W ne N ke sarr pe dast – shafqat rakh diya!… jab madam N ko pata chale ga tou khud hi sarr pakar ke beth jai gi – W ki zaroorat bhi nahin pare gi lol
          lol @ the taunt… hai dil ke armaan!!

        • @FA got your point. But how can W think of being together with Mj and how a 17 year old son will accept his mother having a conjugal life with his cousin?

          However, promos show Mj defying Bs? I want Mj to stand for his son to give him the name. I want her to show some junoon for her unfortunate son. She has been dutiful to W. Now she should be dutiful to Q. Also, I want the whole Bakht family to grow some respect for the state system – judiciary and law enforcement. Don’t go to kill each other ghor sawar hoke that your forefathers have done. Is the law enforcement service of the state is a Bakht property?

          • @SM: Like you I too want MJ to stand up for her son, and I think she can do so, b/c W has accepted him, and that is the person whom MJ was the most concerned abt. Now w/Wali literally having her back I think she will find it easier to defy BS, and we see that in the promos, where her body language too, like Wali’s is very different.
            Re: the feudals showing respect for the law and order, considering their strong hold on the entire system it is highly unlikely, but if W decides that BS’ time at the top has come to an end, then he will and can use the law enforcement to make that happen. We’ve already seen how W and BS have manipulated the police, one for doing wrong, and the other for doing good… bottom line both are playing the system for now. Eventually, though, the hope is that W can bring enough of a change in the system that after a while there will be no need to play these games anymore.

          • @SM You are right.. it can look pretty odd.. but like we are discussing on the Sannata thread.. Mohabbat ”bedharak” hoti hai.. kuch nahin dekhti bas ho jati hai! lol

            And im totally with you & @SZ on Mj standing up for Q..Hopefully, now that she has Wali’s backing she can actually do something.

            But speaking of promo we also heard BS first threatening MJ abt khoon behna and then commanding his gun-dasa man ”saare fitne khatam karde” What is he upto? He seems to have a something nasty up his sleeves.. what’s he gonna do? order some killings? but who?

            going back to my ‘too good to be true scenario’ prediction, mumkin hai BS MJ ko marwein aur Phir Q BS ko mare, N looses the baby and goes poori mental, aur phir Wali disheartened ho ke wilyat chala jae – ie no more mr. fix the entire system, phir khel khatam paisa hazam,. end mein wali wapas khandar haveli mein ghoome..

  18. hello, someone please transcribe Wali’s lovely bit on Mj during his talk with BS. “Nahin BS, ek shohar apni biwi…..” couldn’t follow after that. This episode was FK all the way. What a superlative performance by him.

  19. Arre abhi to bas adhe hi episode hue hain (courtesy FB page) Socho, kitne aur mumkinat ho sakte hain. Mumkin hai Q ki shadi mad manahil ke saath ho jaye.
    Mumkin hai N dies of shock at seeing the easy camardiere of MJ and W..
    Mumkin hai Dr baaji keeps N in the hospital indefinitely…
    Mumkin hai W stops looking in almirahs and MJ stops looking in the mirror
    Mumkin hai MJ ka hair clip wapas mil jaye
    Mumkin hai sare fazool naukar aur dost or anybody (read fazool family) is drama se bezaar hokar chale jayen
    Mumkin hai hum logon ki koi to murad poori ho jaye…
    Mumkin hai is drame ki sad ending na ho (I want a happy ending but the problem is my happy ending may not match with the director and writer’s version of happy ending)
    Mumkin hai end mein W aur MJ alag ho jayen and i so wish W and n bhi alag ho jayen..
    The drama seems to be going towards a sad ending for all….:((

    • @PG: ROFL!!! @M and Q getting married! Did you see the latest edit on the Numm fb page?

      From your lips to team Numm’s ears … but yeah I too think it aint gonna happen … sad ending indeed … hum sab logon ke liye!! 😥 😥

  20. Which episode had the stormy night scene between W and MJ?
    Why is N family jaidad part of any deal? What are the ahsanat of BS on her family?

    • @Nosha: The stormy night happened about three four eps ago, when they were playing hide and seek with the hair clip ..

      Neelam’s jaidad is a part of the deal b/c BS had her power of attorney b/c when her father died she was a minor, and later after she got married to W BS wanted to just add her jaidad to his holdings without informing her, since acc to his logic she was now a bahu of the household so all her property was automatically theirs, and thids what W was protesting against in ths ep…acc to him N was now baligh and as such capable of making her own decisions and threfore her property should be returned to her,
      BS was a friend of N’s family, N’s dad and W’s dad were friends, and BS was therefore looking over her family’s financial affairs ever since their father died,

  21. Can someone tell me what W said to Q when he barged in with a gun….he mumbled something and then Q responded something about ‘asliyat’ ?

    • @Tabs: I too could not make out the exact words … My general sense was that W asked him why he ran away that day/what was he doing at his house and Q said something to the effect that when you get to know the facts then you are going to be ashamed of yourself/ your family??? perhaps somebody can help us out with the exact words here?

      • As far as I could make out, here are the dialogues from that part:

        Wali: Ghin aa rahi hai mujhay tujhe dekh kar

        Qasim: Apni asliat jaan gaya to yehi ghin mujhay khud say (honay lagi ?)


        • @NH thanx! i couldnt make out the Wali’s line either..

          but i think Qasim’s line is: Apni asliat jaan gaya to yehi ghin ‘tujhay’ khud say aae gi

          I guess he’s referring to W doubting MJ & Q relationship..???

          • Think you are right! Q was mumbling…. and your line does make more sense. Q however does go on to say he is ashamed of belonging to the Bakht khandaan…
            How’s that for analysis? 😀 😀 After all we are doing PhD here lol

            • @NH the only words i could make out initially in that convo (even after rewinding gazillion of times) were apni asliyat and tujhay khud se… thanks to u i could fill in the rest of the blanks… lol ..,(i thought they were saying gun instead of ghin, which was making no sense whatsoever
              and perfect analysis indeed! lol… Honestly, i would still like to hope (atleast) that Q isn’t illegitmate, its just the Bakht connection and the way he was brought up ‘unnamed’ that he is ashamed of….

      • @SZ: Thank you!!! I started watching Numm a month ago and found it reallly intriguing…this is the first time I am commenting but I thoroughly enjoy reading your excellent reviews, the comments and mumkinaats are just hilarious…:-D Very obviously what drew me towards Numm was Fawad Khan and I’m glad he has not disappointed his fans with his acting at least, his only problem is mumbling. As I progressed with the serial I could not believe that any serial could be edited so poorly I mean Numm for sure can get an award for the worst editing done ever!!! If not for your reviews I would have never known about the stormy night,some imp dialogues, W’s nightmare about Amtul and sooo many other things. What keeps me glued to this serial is firstly the fabulous acting by W,MJ and BS,secondly the mind blowing chemistry between W and MJ and thirdly it is so very different from the regular boy meets girl or saas bahut sagas which I am sick of!! I also have a feeling that serial will end on a sad note.

        • @Tabs, very true. Similar reasons why most of us are here 🙂
          Plus a BIG thanks to SZ for doing what she does so, so well. If it was not for her and all other friends here, the Numm experience would have been half… (for the editing belongs to the silent movie era… we having to assume more than always what the scene are. lol)

  22. Quite liked this episode and agree with you, SZ, that the scene between Wali and Qasim was too rediculous and melodramatic, not at all in keeping with Wali’s persona. Thoughtful review! This drama should now be drawing to a close, no more silences and songs needed!

    • @NH: I agree and lets hope Team Numm reads this ..
      Waisey exasperated as we are with Numm I agree with @SM ke this story is still a good change from the routine saas bahu shohar biwi stories were have.. If only they had done a better job with the overall execution, we would have singing a very diff tune here 😦

      • Very true; I think they started out well and the reason we are sticking with it is because it is good change from the usual stuff; also the basic storyline is strong and Sania Saeed and Usman Peerzada have done a great job with their roles and seem to be the ones “carring the drama on their shoulders” at this point with Fawad rising to the occasion most of the time. Some pretty silly stuff in this episode, found no trouble fast forwarding some of the scenes!

  23. Q shouldn’t be screaming to his step father like that ( as shown in the episode) 😛 😛 :P…such a badtameez beta…lol …afterall sugar daddy wali IS older than him by how many years I dont know :/ (maybe 9 years)…infact Q should be happy he has a very young dad to take care of him now :D…*goosebumps*
    this is the only drama i ve seen so far that gives ultimate respect to the maids and the driver …by their never ending part …but i must say i like the driver and his evil/shocking smile which was very random…that scene was hilarious!

    • @nk well we have perfect examples of how not to raise your kids here in Numm.. we have N’s bilkul hi nikli hui badtameez family and kids name-calling their own mothers.. to W to phir sotela baab hai, wo bhi thora sa hi bara.. lolol

  24. 1. Hey does anyone has doubts that Q is the real son of MJ and not a fraud?
    That would put some excitement back into the drama
    2. In the next episode preview we see MJ talking to W on the phone asking him to come back. Does this mean that W will run away from the country and take N with him?
    Hope not!

    • @db: LOL! if your scenarios and twists are to happen then that means another 10 or so eps of N n Co and Salima and Dawood, and now add in Q’s friend into the mix as well… do we want that?!

      • @db and @SZ, did anybody else also get a doubt that Q is a fraud. Afterall MJ had never seen him till a few months back. Anyway according to FB page, only half episodes are over. The friend scene was very fishy.
        But Numm has a tendency to make us think and think..and result is a big disappointment. Thinking audience………. who will always try to find sinister meanings and mumkinats which were never there.
        Waise if Q is a fraud then atleast I am happy that no barrier between MJ and W (N can go take a hike)

      • sirf adhi qistain? aur baqi mein more of the namoona lot???…. naaheeeeeeeeen!! (60 heroine style yet again!)… yeh shadi nahin ho saktiii!!!.. sorry zara jazbati ho gai – i meant please yeh nahin ho sakta yaar!!!

  25. @Tabs…thank you 🙂

    Hmm….when Wali said, “Aik shauhar aoni bv ki mohabbat lautaa raha hai”……do you guys think it simply means that he is paying her for the ehsaan she did on him…..or do you think it implies there are romantic feelings? I guess if it were the former, then Wali would have agreed with Baray Sahib’s comment where he reduced MJ to a khadima.

    SZ, are you sure that the stormy night scene b/w W and MJ was about 4 episodes ago cuz that’s around about when I got into Numm and don’t recall seeing it. Anyone know exactly which episode it was?

    • @Aisha: I went back and checked, it was ep 9.
      re: W, we have all debated his feelings for MJ to death here on this forum, suffice it to say that there are no feelings of ehsaan as in bojh utarna nor are these simple boy meets girl and they live happily ever after kind of love, more likely this his way of returning her dignity to her, elevating her status to that of a wife rather than the derogatory one of a vani, i.e, his pair ki jooti…

      And wow! you got into Numm just recently? How did you find the himmat to start something that most ppl have washed their hands off of? LOL!!
      In any case welcome aboard and we look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  26. Speaking out loud what he felt for Mj was a big step for W, as it relieved him from a long felt patthar on his heart. He would now feel free to face himself. I think he was confused till last week when he was pointed to Q. His realization came from the jealousy, the pain, feeling of being betrayed, feeling of passion and emptiness and anger after he saw Q in his gate. These array of emotions led him to act like a filmy hero. The emptiness was portrayed perfectly by Fawad in the last episode.

    W would have a clear vision after this revelation and after knowing Q. He now know what he is doing and why. We see a breathe of fresh air between W and Mj in the promos. I think this is also because of that revelation.

    • That would be perfect , the two of them could be sent away on that promised honeymoon . I do have some doubts about Q being the real son.

    • @Tabs

      Qasim….poor bakra… has suffered enough. Why rob him further by marrying him to Manahil?

      But I suppose things could be worse. For instance, the prospect of the evil maid being the nanny for Wali’s baby. It’s bad enough that N is the mommy and Manahil is the Khala.

  27. Even though I am commenting for the first time, I have been reading everyone’s comments since this serial started, which have made an otherwise dull drama more interesting… Also feels like consolation when other people share the same frustrations… Such poor story-telling really.
    One thing I wanted to say is that I don’t agree with the suggestion that something happened between Mj and W on that ‘stormy night’… It seems very out of character for Mj and even after that, nothing in Mj and W’s demeanour/ thoughts suggests that they think about that night or how it affects them. They just go on to other things, W with N ( and W even snaps at Mj when she calls him a few times) and Mj is busy with Q, it never seems like anything happened. I would imagine that if they wanted each other in that way, they would be thinking about each other more. Q seems to be the only priority in Mj’s life and I don’t think she harbours any feelings about being a wife and asserting her right on W. She just thinks they are ‘sazaa ke saathi’ and there is a complicated relationship between the two.
    Of course I loved W’s dialogue – ”shouhar apni biwi ko mohabbat lauta raha hai’ and hope that in the future episodes, there are more scenes between W and Mj where they think of each other more as husband and wife, maybe when Mj hears of W giving her her share as a wife, they may come closer.

  28. Here is my interpretation of why W puts his hand on N’s forehead in the hospital.
    He is now ready to acknowledge MJ as his legitimate wife to the world and this will bring a lot of pain to N. She does mention that my foot is hurting a lot before he puts his hand on her head and caresses her.
    I think W has come to love N a lot, of course the director as usual did a hack job of showing this development.
    Also all the struggle and success he has for the mill with BS is synonymous with the struggle he will have making things right for MJ.
    N does mention to her mom that right now W’s only focus is the mill.
    What do you all think?

    • @db, fallen in love with N. Story is fine but the actress is so bad that you feel like……Any other actress would have gotten the viewer’s sympathy but here you just want her to curl up and die and let W and Mj live happily everafter… But yeh mumkin hota nahin nazar aa raha.

      • @PG you are right this is not the vision of the story we want to see, but unfortunately for us this is what we will get.
        Also I have now come to believe that this is not a story of wani or two wifes or fedual lords. The are just catalyst to the real story of the slippery sliding relation between BS and W
        1. Starts with W loves BS and calls him dada – this was mentioned in one of the episode.
        2. The relation slips into obedience – we see him copulating to BS’s wishes to marry N
        3. Silent disgust – BS’s treatment of MJ
        4. W silently manipulating the situation just like BS does – mill union struggle.
        5. Open rebellion – fighting for MJ’s rights
        6. Hatred – The dream and throwing up scenes

        I think now we will see an epic struggle between BS and W for next (OMG) 8 episodes till the climax.
        Oh why do I obsess over this ridiculous drama?

  29. have a feeling that the audio clip recorded by Nz sis, will get played in front of BS and he will get to know of Qs existence and then shit will hit the ceiling and either MJ or W will die protecting Q

  30. Neelam was lying in her bed like a painted dummy. Again Kanza Wayne was overacting. She acts more like a prostitute rather than a girl from a respected family. It is either demand of her role or she has misunderstood its requirements.
    The guy who is playing Qasim hasn’t done well either. He was overacting and his dialogue delivery sounded quite fake, especially when he was crying and saying “magar mujeh apna na saki”. I couldn’t understand all of his dialogues because of loud background music. Fawad Khans acting was good in the same scene like almost always.
    Wali identifies himself with Qasim because of similarity of their situations. The scene in the kitchen between Mahjabeen, Salima and Wali was beautifully done.
    Last scene of could have been better without background music and slow motion. It was important scene, but both things reduced its important and made it
    Overall, it was a rather revolutionary episode. Walis character switched from victim to the hero.
    She was not only his vani, but also a mother
    I don’t agree. In the last scene of this episode he clearly defines her as his wife.
    he heck did Wali have to pounce upon Dawood
    He might have thought he had been working hand in glove with Mahjabeen. Wali suspected Mahjabeen of infidelity.
    It almost seems as if I am too late this time. Since nobody would read my comment, I don’t bother comment further.

    • @Sofia, i am sure everybody will read your comment as I find this forum the most exciting thing about Numm. It is fun to dissect and try to understand what does the director and writer mean. I am sure many of us would not have understood this drama or its dialogues without this forum.
      The less said about the bad actors in this play who are completely ruining it for the good actors like SS, FK and UP.

        • @SM: Roughly translated “fitna/fitney” refers to those things and or people that cause serious trouble.. hence when BS tells the servant to get rid of all the fitney he is asking him to “take care” of the trouble makers.. my guess asking him to kill MJ and or Q, if he knows about his existence.. lets see …

      • I have a good command of spoken and written Urdu. My problem was only bad acoustic during this episode. Yes, I enjoy exchanging thoughts on serial as well. However, the enjoyment factor depends on whether other commentators tolerate your views. I think, tolerance is the most important resource to expand our consciousness in every field including the field of dramas which is a part of literature.

  31. The episode was like a bad bollywood thriller. FK hiding in the car to threaten his driver( who would vomit out the biggest secret with one look from FK without the pistol and cloak and dagger operation). Mrs W in the pink thingy trying to play the innocent ‘ rose’ and sleeping beauty. What was the scene with her on the hospital bed sleeping and the tv playing all about? It made no sense! Next she opens her sleepy eyes and FK is standing with his back to her. She pouts and smiles ( filmy style of making us think how sexy/beautiful she is ?) Sorry N just does not have it. Try your best Mr Director but you can’t give that star/ talent quality if the actor does not have it. I almost collapsed at the cell phone recording of conversations. I knew the family was dim witted but this ???? Next time all those who want to play philanthropists and add drama students to lower the budget of the serial please take a proper audition before you go around hiring. The serial has been totally ruined I am sorry!And it is a shame that FK has sunk with it.

  32. Why is Neelum acting like duniya ki wahid preggo woman? Although she has become much more tamer……..err which is strange cuz u’d think the hormones have made her witchier……I was annoyed with her in the recent epi. Dude……you’re pregnant, you’re not an invalid ….that you need to have your hand held every qadam of the way. Director overdid her pregnancy…….we know that she’s carrying the next heir of the Bakht dybasty….but it’s still a human baby…..not a haathi.

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