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Rarely has the English language seemed as inadequate is it does when it comes to describing the various shades and textures of human relationships. One term – love – is easily used to describe a whole range of feelings. Hence a mother loves her child, a husband loves his wife, a lover loves his beloved, a friend loves her best friend and sister loves her brother. What is lost here are the nuances. Just one word falls woefully short in describing the complexities of each bond. The vernaculars, on the other hand, have a treasure trove of vocabulary to vividly describe the pleasure and pain, the beauty and brutality of human relationships. Hence the rationality of muhabbat is exquisitely distinguished from the irrationality of ‘ishq.

Adroitly charting its path, between that which can between controlled and that which refuses to be tamed, Sannata is an exposition of the various shades of love that exist within us and around us. Be it Pari’s dangerous obsession with Ruqqaiya, Ruqqaiya’s complex bond with Pari, Salma’s problematic relationship with her daughter, Bi Apa’s reluctant affection for her granddaughters, Naseeban’s fascination with her mysterious suitor, that unnamed yearning which brings Shauki to the dargah, all are manifold expressions of that which we simplistically refer to as love.


This latest episode drew us deeper into the complicated lives of the inhabitants of Bi Amma’s dilapidated haveli. Azam and Pari’s growing relationship has disturbed Ruqqaiya in more ways than one. Not only is she forced to confront the undeniable fact that Pari is no longer a child, but she also has been compelled to take stock of her relationship with Pari. It is easy to claim to be a mother, but when push comes to shove can she find it within herself to make a choice – who would she choose if she had to pick one: Azam or Pari? Difficult and painful as this situation may be, it is not without a silver lining. It is easy to be judgmental, as she had been for all these years, but one stumble and Ruqqaiya is forced to reevaluate her feelings for her mother. For the first time in a long time Ruqqaiya  seeks comfort in her mother’s all forgiving embrace.  

542257_1381527275416357_380456963_nPari, on the other hand, though all grown up in one sense is still very much a child in other ways. Unable to make sense of Ruqqaiya’s quicksilver mood changes and very much enamored by Azam’s charm and warmth, Pari is unable to make sense of her rapidly changing world. The visit to the psychologist’s office underlines Pari’s confusions very clearly. There is no one else in the world more real to her than Ruqqaiya and Azam. But where Ruqqaiya had initially represented a safe haven, now for Pari, all complicated and unfathomable pictures represent Apai.

Azam on the other hand, represents a knight in shining armor in Pari’s flights of fancy. From what we’ve seen of Azam so far, it seems highly unlikely that he had deliberately set out to star in Pari’s young fantasies. All he had wanted to do was to make Ruqqaiya and Pari aware of Pari as a person in her own right, not just an inanimate shadow that had no individual existence. Now that his well-intentioned plans seem to have backfired, I am eagerly waiting to see where this track leads.

And yes, speaking of interesting tracks, Naseeban’s story has to be one of the most intriguing ones I have sen in recent times. Whether her mysterious suitor is human or an other worldly being or merely a figment of her imagination, in the final analysis what matters is what he represents for Naseeban – someone who gives voice to all of Naseeban’s inner most thoughts. Needless to say, woh jo bhi hai he/it has my full attention.

Maintaining his grasp on the pacing of the story, director Kashif Nisar is doing justice to Saji Gul’s beautifully layered story. Once again the air of mystery around the tree scene was really nicely done, the sepia tones added much to the overall feel. DOP Rashid Abbas is to be commended for his camerawork. The look of this serial adds so much depth to the spoken words. The scenes, where the camera retreats as Naseeban’s story smoothly segueways into the present, or the manner in which we are drawn into the narrative with shots from the top, making it seen like along with Pari we too are looking down on the middle aged zamindar trying to make case for a third marriage, were beautifully done. The actors all deserve a pat on their back for making Sannata a standout.

In a serial with a lot of attention to detailing, the get ups and accents of those around the young Naseeban do not jive with the time and place of the story. In terms of make up, poor Nadia Afgan deserved much better than the perfectly painted raccoon eyes she was wearing throughout today’s episode. I was glad to see Sajjal sans her usual makeup in the scene with the psychologist. Rarely have I seen her look so vulnerable and young, and she nailed that scene. Among the actors, all made their presence felt, Nargis Rashid’s shiny silver wig notwithstanding. Lost among all these stalwarts is Ambar Wajid, Azam’s mom. The scene where she was screaming away at Azam was the one sore spot in an otherwise engrossing episode. I sincerely hope we do not have to put up with her for too long.

Overall this was anther happening episode as the pace continues to pick up with each new installment. Here’s to hoping that Sannata continues to build momentum and not stray off course – fingers crossed!

Written by SZ~

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  1. well refined review.. nice and kind words for such a brilliant work which is going on and proving itself.. absolutely correct that the word ”love” can be put in different terms and definitions as one can.. it’s a master piece written by saji Gul and directed by Kashif Nisar.. Saba api and sajjal are the perfect choices and they are doing well splendid job, the best of their career.. And one more thing, Pari, as she has shown much more than a child, she still have not developed such feelings for Azam for one can say that she’s in love with him.. No… she has just find a friend in him, a friend who’s taking care of her, but her love is just for her Ruqayya appa as it was shown in the last 2 mins.. Azam’s wrong way of making his place in Pari and Ruqayya’s world is the reason behind Ruqayya’s confusion not more than it.. Otherwise both still love each other with their full extent..
    waiting more n more desperately for the upcoming episodes.. 🙂
    a great warm best ov luck to all the team for an out standing job..!!


    • @Ayesha Irshad re Pari & Azam: Although she says he is her friend, its interesting to see she is foreseeing living with him..she is seeing him as her life-partner..(after R goes to kharoos budhdha) (reference shrink-talk) Perhaps she doesnt know it yet, but i think she actually does love him. Like @SZ puts it, its just another kind of love..

      As for R & Pari’s love, they sure still do love each other alot but this new element in the equation called Azam has disbalanced it. They are just finding themselves re-adjusting in this scenario… perhaps in a more realistic, more normal way


      • yeah Azam is trying to put things in more normal way but he is not aware of the extreme love between Pari and Ruqayya.. and in his effort, he has disturbed their lives in one way or other… but i don’t know why im not ready to think it that both Ruqayya and pari, none of them is seeing a life-partner in him?? Ruqayya knows very well that she’s elder than azam, (in 5th episode,, ”bari tou mein bhi hon,, meri izzat nhi karty??”) and pari cannot think ”love” for any one else than her Ruqayya appa.. in up coming episodes pari will do the same but still, at this time,, Pari is not serious for him.. in the last scenes of recent episode it has been cleared that Pari’s world is only Ruqayya.. if she developed the feelings of love for Azam than even in any pic why she have not find Azam?? she can say na out of 10 pics, one is of Azam?? but she did’nt..


      • @Ayesha Irshad @SZ Just got some free time today and it brought me to this thread again..wanted to check out the ”papers” properly & found myself going through the whole convo again.. so pardon me if i start going mad commenting

        so re the boat and bohot sary loag : i think i almost said it in this comment above so let me rephrase that: ”As for R & Pari’s love, they sure still do love each other alot but this new element in the equation called Azam has ”rocked the boat”. They are just finding themselves re-adjusting in this scenario, trying to balance things out…”


        • @FA.. na na no worres just 20 hours left then u have to come there.. haha no one is mad here 😛 even i think all we are, enjoying one another’s way of perception..
          yeah i have the same thought that ”buht sary log are pari and Ruqaiyya, both.. and one kashti is Azam”.. like ”ik miyaan mein 2 talwareen nhi reh saktin”..
          now all the picture is disturbed yar.. both Pari and Ruqayya, can never adjust their selves normally.. the tragedy is awaiting for both of them.. now finally ”ishq k imteehan aur bhi hain” is going to happen.. jsut watched tomorrow’s promo and it made me too sad.. Pari and Ruqayya are going far from each other for difft unusual happenings.. ahhh.. 😦


    • @Ayesha Irshad: so nice to read your interesting comments here.. It will be surely great to discuss Sannata with you all 🙂 it makes you to think and write more, nhn… But just like you even im loving this one 🙂


      • Aww So nice of u Rehmat.. thank u sooo much and yes surely it will be mine pleasure too, to discuss it with such cool and nice people like u and @FA..
        Im also loving sannata from the very 1st episode and trust me m always in search of some one who can discuss it with me hours to hours 😛


  2. A beautiful episode and an equally beautifully worded review!! Well done @SZ for explaining all that was left unsaid.
    Ur so right about the inadequacy in English language, but then again when you state such a range of feelings, can any language do justice?… I loved ur rationality of muhabbat vs irrationality of ishq.

    This had to be the most emotional episode of Sannata so far.
    I had never heard of Saji Gul before this, but I am totally blown away here with these amazing characters, an intriguing story and some of the most beautiful lines I’ve heard in recent times exploring love.
    I loved the takrar. So beautiful.. abhi ishq ke imtehan aur bhi hain!! Id like to say thanks again here to @Saji Gul for clearing some of the things in the previous thread.. now Im reading these lines in totally different light..

    @SZ I know you said Azam never deliberately wanted Pari to feel however she is feeling for him now (and i agree), but what I’m still confused about is whether he is actually genuinely ineterested in R? Up until last week it seemed that way, but this episode left me rather confused on that front.. If he is then why didn’t he voice his concerns openly (like he ususally does) when he saw the budhdha suitor? Apart from a few worried looking glares and one or two weightless tanzia lines, we didnt see any reaction from him. Infact he seemed more worried when he caught the chaudrhy sahab eyeing Pari..
    Also Ammabi Azam ke aane se kion khatki thin? what does she think his intensions are? does she think he is interested in Pari? or is it something else?

    lol @ ”yeh bhi to larka lagta hai” & ”yeh larka kahan hai” (from the rishta scene) … larka nahin hai tou kia nazar aa raha hai? apparently ashfaq mian ka beta hona classifies as another makhlooq lol

    Where the most beautiful lines belong to the main track, I agree the most intriguing track is Naseeban’s track….. Shukr hai we didnt have to bear with her amma from a pind in this episode.. but we did see her paindoo mangetar instead.. i feel if only they had not mentioned lucknow it would all still all add up… no?
    Now here is another issue i have with our dramas in general.. sometimes they end up going over board with giving us useless info which they can’t support/ sustain/ justify… be it lucknow in sannata or the age conundrum in Numm, viewers can make do without these meaningless connections. Also didnt naseeban say her maan used to make dolls??? and now we see her saying her friend made the gurya and maan makes bartan??
    Coming back to sannata, ”mein sub kuch hoon magar kuch bhi nahin!!” who is this mysterious man? totally my imagination over-working here but i have a feeling the dhol-wala has some connection here.. doesnt he have similar eyes?

    one can see where Naseeban must’ve picked up her talking to the plants and all from.. Btw on a totally seperate note : Neelum from Numm vs Naseebsan (& this mysterious man)… talking to trees.. kia asmeen zameen ka faraq hai lol … enchantment vs dimentia

    Thanks for pointing out Azam’s mum.. now she’s another one who sticks out like a ”sore” thumb! She’s been annoying me from day dot! I mean I know shes meant to be the baddie, but that screachy tone combined with some screaming is a lethal combo!! hamrein kanoon pe rehm karein please!

    Shrink scene: again another beautifully illustrated scene. Just when I thought Pari is weaning off R, we see thats not the case after all.. I saw the pictures interpretation as Pari’s world still revolving around R but I quite like ur take on their complexity… I would love to see what the shrink makes out f it now.. And Sajjal here: totally nailed it! goes to show how good an actress she really is if she doesnt go overboard!.. she scored some serious brownie points for me.. i am actually beginning to like her!

    But the scene of the episode for me was Saba and Salmas! How these maan beti came close, how R has been longing to feel that love! & how she is trying to re-evaluate herself.. the sarr ko god mein rakh ke rona.. uff!!! that really made me all teary… the emotional trauma shes going through.. beautifully played here by saba!

    The list of tareefein can go on and on.. for something i wasn’t so keen on at first, Im finding its a project getting stronger and stronger with each episode.. well done Team sannata.. i just hope the change of scenery (a rather boring interior of azam’s house compared to the enchanting Murree haveli) won’t affect the overall Sannata charm too much. and ofcourse, we dont want it straying off course either!!

    sorry yaar kuch ziada hi lamba ho gya!


    • FA.. beautiful description u have made about my most biggest serial.. well done.. 🙂 i have visit this site for the very first time and really feeling glad to read comments from all of u in too much details bcuz i also want to discuss it in detail as much as it can be.. for u have questioned about Azam’s feelings, yes, it’s a lil bit confusion in his behaviour.. I also think that still azam and Ruqayya have not developed some special feelings for each other.. I think he is attracted to Ruqayya but his position is not so strong so that he can express his feeling in front of Ruqayya.. He is younger than Ruqayya in age may be this reason is still stopping him to express clearly all his feelings.. and his behave with Pari, is just for Ruqayya’s sake.. he have noticed already in the first meeting that Pari will never tolerate if any one share Ruqayya, remember the photo session scene in which pari have not left Ruqayya in even a single pic or for a while.. he has noticed Pari’s attitude and now he’s trying to make a room for himself and may be that’s the reason he’s not clearing the situation to Ruqayya bcuz he’s confused whether how Ruqayya will react if she come to know.. Azam’s intention is not so wrong but the way he has adopted is a lil bit confused.. He don’t know that his attention towards Pari can be take in some other way, as Appa bi, salma and Ruqayya are doing bcuz his mind is broad and all of rest are limited with their thinking.. and yes, when Chahduary was staring at Pari, Azam became even more concerned but i think he was noticing the attitude of chahduary,, at that time his intention was not only for pari but also for Ruqayya..
      And that Dhool wala, and Naseeban’s mysterious man are not the same but their story is same, far more than a love relationship..some thing that leads to spiritualism.. and yeah Naseeba bi’s habit to talk to trees, plants, rain and clouds must have some connection with this man.. the environment in Naseeban’s story is soo much confusing na like something will happen now??
      enjoyed ur so much detailed comment.. i was getting afraid to do ”lamba comment” 😛 but m now satisfy that here i can also do 😛


      • @Ayesha Irshad awww so nice to hear ur detailed reply! honestly this blog is just the place to hang out if ur all into looking at and then discussing every little detail.. i only came across this place a few weeks ago.. thanks to Numm.. (Even if you are not into Numm (like most people), its worth reading the reviews and the oh-so-mad discussions!) And ever since I’m completely hooked!!

        Re Azam & R : i think R is clearly interested in A. She has said it quite openly in her narrations and with her behaviour.. But I am beginning to think that Azam might have been merely ”intrigued” by ‘everyone’ in heveli..he likes their saadgi.. he wants to help them out.. change their farsooda soch and and their halaat…especially where R & Pari are concerned..and perhaps both the girls have taken it the wrong way???
        He was probably more ”intrigued” by R at first. R pbbly misread this…and initially he was not taking Pari seriously because of her bachpana. But when he realized the complexities in Pari’s personality perhaps he found himself more intrigued..??? but by this time R has fallen for the mr knight! ??
        Looking back, I can’t remember Azam ever admitting any feelings for R openly. (or did he?) We get to see the glares every now and then, but r they really what we think they are?

        My main concern is that he has sensed the jealousy in R for sure.. if he feels for her in that way, why hasn’t he adressed it? Surely he doesn’t want her to go through that pain.. no?

        Now the takrar: its tashreeh can take pages and pages.. it can be read in so many ways… (i am itching to discuss that in detail here too..lolol) but in short Azam’s ishq ka imtehan, his little giggle at naap tol ke muhabbat and then comparing it with khairat bantna, and khudgharz muhabbat..can all imply just as well to R & Pari as to R & Azam..more confusion..

        On the other hand I do like ur explaination of why Azam might be showing his reservations and why he seems to have gone a bit cold.. perfectly plausible! but if this is the case i would have liked to have seen him voicing his concern, be it secretly, or in further takrars or any other way.. it just seems so out of character for him to just sit back quietly and let R be forced to marry off to this budhdha khoosath chaudhry…no??

        Re dholwala: i didnt think he was our mystery tree-man. Perhaps he is the one that Naseeban is trying to find at the dargah… and why?..i reckon this guy she is looking for has some sort of connection with the tree-man..maybe its just the hazel brown eyes that they both have thats made me think along these lines?? i said, this is just me running off with my wild imagination.


        • haha yeah u are right m not following Numm i just come there by chance, for Sannata.. 🙂 well, also glad to read ur detailed reply i think discussion must go on cuz it’s the best thing in which we share our views and adopts others views..
          But i think that Ruqayya is still not interested in Azam.. yeah u r right his intentions are taken in wrong way from both girls but according to me,, ho pari can be in love with Azam as she’s not more than a child?? what u say?? pari’s world just revolves around Ruqayya and if she knows the meaning of love, this is also just for Ruqayya.. she’s just taking azam as a kind friend who cares for her, who makes her smile, who consoles her when Ruqayya is being rude to her.. n the arguments of Mohabbat between Azam and Ruqayya was for pari.. it’s my opinion.. when Ruqayya says ”mohabbat bari naap tool kr karni chahiye”.. means that she loves pari, endlessly,, there is no limits for her love for pari and now when pari is going to attach with Azam, Ruqayya’s love and possession for pari is disturbing her.. she may be thinking that if she loves pari in some limits, these elements would not disturb her..
          and i think that Azam is feeling Ruqayya’s rude behave but if he’s not clearing it, may be one reason is that he thinks Ruqayya is a very sensible girl.. in 5th episode when he admires Ruqayya for her knowledge and the books she have read without any teacher.. may be he can’t imagine that Ruqayya can be jealous of pari or don’t want to share her.. as he don’t know na that Ruqayya and pari are more than sisters, best friends,, all emotions in their world are linked to each other..
          The Takraar between both of them was much more confusing as the more deep we think the more confusing we will find it na?? but im sure that Ruqayya was talking about pari, for her unlimited love towards parii and Azam was also discussing that she has done nothing wrong if she loved pari with too much extent..
          haha, noooooo.. i think Azam has analysed the nature of that dumb old man, the way he says ”dil khool kar sadka kheerat kia kijye buht sakoon milta hai’.. 😛 the way he was staring at pari by taking off his glasses.. sickkkkk.. I think Azam is quite sure that Ruqayya will never marry to such a dumb old man that’s why he did’nt take it seriously..
          hmm Naseeban’s story is too much complicated and the tree-man and Dhool wala must have some connection and there is one thing common in both of them.. ”spiritualism”..
          i like all ur imagination and thoughts regarding it and enjoyed a lot this discussion with u 🙂


          • @Ayesha Irshad awww I’m enjoying this just as much as you!
            The jealousy & the tears say to me R is more than interested in A, but she is choosing to back off for Pari’s sake. theres lots in the takrar that def suggests that.

            Why I think Pari can see A as her life-partner is because of what she told shrink.. ie she can go off and live with Azam once R gets married to the budhdha.

            A has seen R’s aansoo after Pari’s leap and embrace towards Azam and he seemed moved. but he didnt explain his behaviour.

            Yes he pbbly thought she would never marry him, but she did accept and we never heard anything from mr knight.. thats what bothers me.. yaha tak ke yeh log shehr bhi aa gaye.. R obviously feels worhless and out of place there too because yaha bhi chup ki chadar orh rakhi hai inhon ne (R’s narration)

            I will have to come back for my detailed take on the takrar I guess.. that will make one long reply otherwise lol.. need to catch up with some other stuff but im def coming back for that afterwards. That was just too beautiful to bypass without detailed inspection!


            • haha will wait for ur another Long reply seriously 😛 i also wanna discuss that Takraar…
              when pari says that ”theek hai chali jaye,, mein bhi chali jaon ge apny azam k pas”.. her intention was not like as a life partner?? her childish behaviour at that scene must be noticed that she can’t come out of her small world and if she says that she will live with azam after ruqayya appa will marry to that ”Bhuddha”,, her mean was not more than this that ”mera to ik he dost hai!! Azam”.. may be it must be as u r saying but when i see her childish behave which is clearly shown from the very beginning in the serial, i can let my mind to accept that Ruqayya can do this but Pari can’t yet..
              yeah if Ruqayya says ”han” to that dumb old man and now they are in city, there was a lil confuson seriously there and i also find myself bother at that pont..
              N come back soon dear m totally ready to analyse their arguments cuz still i have’nt discussed it with any one.. lol 😛


    • Hey @FA.. Jitne maze ke comments you write on Numm thread, yahan bhi you are equally cool 🙂 i actually for once thought that while naseeban bi got lost looking at that man in dargah.she was thinking about husna.. Couldnt connect the dots of something related to her story.. I am so looking forward what role shokii plays in pari life…


      • Rehmat, shouki will be Pari’s friend when she’ll run away from her house in search of her father, he will help her.. but surely his character will have much more details but how much it was in my knowledge i have told u 🙂
        what comes to my mind when Naseeban was crying in Dargaah, the helplessness of human being and now i think his mysterious man would have some connection with Dargah..


      • @Rehmat sooo nice to see u here! awww ab aap aa gai hain to maza aur bhi dobala ho jae ga! lol
        haan thats what i thought initially, but i think its a more prsonal thing than husna..

        @Ayesha Irshad is it something they have shown in the promos? (abt shoki).. (i have avoided watching promos for this play for Sz’s review suggested they giving away too many spoilers..)


        • @FA.. i have Visited Sannata’s page, where some pics were uploaded about all major characters.. I read about Shauki’s lil intro there, but he’s surely much more than it is..


  3. @Ayesha: Welcome aboard good to hear from you and read your take on Sannata.
    @FA: Naa, no worries abt lambi comment, loved reading it, have an equally lamba response in mind, but have to leave for now … will come back later and sit down to discuss this ep araam se .. meanwhile kuch aur yaad aye tau likh dena, warna baad men bhool jaogi 🙂


    • @SZ lol @ bhool jao gi..just saw numm’s promo for todays episode.. looks like we have some serious chance of bhool jaaing everything else for a bit!! pretty intense!

      but looking forward to ur equally lamba response!.. im sure that will help stepping out of nummland


      • aww guys i can discuss sannata for hours to hours and wherever i see something related to sannata i reach there to discuss :P. love to talk about it in much more details..


    • “reluctant affection”??? She hates her.
      I wouldn’t define obsession as love because of its negativity.
      Dhol Walas excessive emotions for Pari cannot be considered as love either. I have to say that in this context the writer has romanticized shirk. When feelings go into extreme, they are taken as shirk in religious terminology.


      • @sofia i agree with @SZ reluctant affection it is! The conversation b/w her & salma.. she almost came out with it there.. she does want Pari to get her ilaaj done, thats why she has risked R going with her. She is suspecting A liking her )or something), yet she had allowed Pari to go for her ilaaj, even after Husna’s saga. Amma bi doesnt like to accept it but she does care for Pari after all..

        RE shirk: i personally feel that dramas and media in general should stay away from glorifying or taking sides with any particular sect. Not sure how the story will pan out, but so far this play seems to have sufism as its base. And where the excessive emotion of love plays a key part in spirituality in sufism, its comes under shirk under certain other sects. I personally feel that religion is a very sensitive matter & its better if such religious matters are left to the scholars, and not portrayed on our screens like that. If religion is to be interwoven in the story it should have a more mainstream approach.
        Then again, in Pakistan we grew up doing tashreeh of the urdu literature in the curriculum where ishqe haqiqi over-lapped ishqe majazi and so forth…perhaps this is supposed to be considered mainstream???


        • I will still say that she hates her because she refuses most of her rights, but not as much as to prevent her recovery.
          I am not against addressing sins like shirk and crimes in serials since they are happening in our society more often than in any other. However, I am fully convinced that writers shouldn’t glorify them. Majority of people watch serials and learn from their content. False messages will lead to false behaviour. Media forms and influences our views a lot.
          Yes, love does play a key part in sufiism, but love for God and not for human beings. Islam was spread by amongst others Sufis such as Khawaja Muin al Din Chishti.
          There isn’t and shouldn’t be a thing like “Ishq” Majazi. “shq Majazi is in my view pure nonsense.


    • The most effective lessons which we learn in our lives are caused by stumbles as you call it. Yes, the love crisis brings her close to her mother.
      “enamored by Azams charm and …” To me it seems as if he is for the time being only a substitute for Ruqqaiya. If Ruqqaiya disappoints her, she turns towards him for consolation.


    • The new background effect (stars moving from here to there) is disturbing. Could you please change it? Thanks
      Besides, it iis somet imes confusing who is answering whom. In youtube for example you see the option “…in reply to”. Is this possible here as well?


  4. Hey Sz, great review !!!
    Azams mom is one hell of an annoying woman , don’t know
    Why she appears in several dramas , she’s terrible !!!
    Interesting episode !!!


    • Sadaf.. u must check this out if once u’ll watch it u’ll never get out of its charm m sure.. it has the ability to caught any one in its deepness and charm..


  5. Oh well i so wanted to comment on your review of epi 5-7 and by the time i watched epi 7, this week episode was already aired and so was your review posted, tou never mind will join in from here on 🙂 and btw SZ itna acha kaise likh lete ho.. Bohat Aala and MashaAllah for that 🙂

    Coming to episode… Sannata is getting heck interesting..most intriguing right now is Naseeban bi’s story… The background score, lightening gives so mysterious feel..truly amazing… The scene between naseeban and that ‘aaseb’ (according to her 😉 was something that actually makes you think.. And sahi he isi bahane thora dimag tou use hoga warna seedhi seedhi baaton me kya maza 😀 the moment when tree started shedding its leaves was remarkable… I was glad to see that naseeban was courageous from her childhood days..way she gathered strength to go that place to get taveez was brave on her part.. Me tou kabhi na jaa pati 😉 more nice is they are showing whole past in one go.. They are very convincingly keeping us in pure suspense 🙂 Team Sannata has done awesome job overall but regarding this track they have earned extra brownie point from me..

    I am just loving the little food of thoughts writer has shared and actually the whole writing is so enjoyable.. Thumbs up Saji Gul… Like the scene between Azam and Ruqqaiya about mohabbat..the dialogues there were simply classic.. For me as i am reading it its love sparks between them only.. Azam likes pari only for the sake of her ‘dilchasp’ read weird attitude… Wants to help pari out.. Cant see any hidden intentions so far.. Pari with the psychologist.. And telling about her dream.. Which really bothers her, her best friend now a day and her all time love ruqqaiya.. Sajal Ali was brilliant in that scene specially when she emotes on seeing those pictures as ruqqaiya.. Though i so disliked the doctor when he was saying ‘ ye bhi ruqqaiya apaa’

    Salma-Ruqqaiya scene was simply beauty.. It was so nice to see ruqqaiya asking those questions and relating to herself.. Expressions by Saba were too good .. I also like they are not dragging any useless galat fehmi or bla bla.. For example to me it seemed like salma realized her folly when she was crying about dil nhn lagraha namaz true that is..

    Direction, Acting, music everything is so wonderful that Sannata is getting on top in my drama list.. It was once silvatein that used to make thursday so cool and now its Sannata .. Makes thursdays more better:)


    • waoo @Rehmat ur comment is so sweet and nice.. feeling happy to know about ur thoughts and how much interesting na on which we, dofferent people, share difft views with one another.. hope that we all will enjoy the platform and must taken into account so much more things from one another.. 🙂 haha really enjoyed ur ”mein tou kabhi na par paati” 😛 i was also wondering that how much easily Naseeban was sitting infront of him for whom she’s not sure that whether he’s a human or Jadugar.. 😛 and absolutely correct, the background, lightening and mystery it is shown in Naseeban’s story is so much powerful which make to think more deep as u say ”seedhi saadhi me maza he kahan ataa hai” 😛
      Azam and Ruqayya’s arguments and discussion always sounds pretty good and this one was really a bundle of feelings and emotions.. but it was quiet confusing and just hope that may they’ll continue to do such Takraar then ”humein bhi itny superb cool words bolny ajayen” 😛
      haha the psychiatrist was just amazed to see the love as if he would never dealt with such a case in which any one say ”ye tou ruqayya appa hain”..
      yup right.. Sannata is just removing sannata in every one who used to watch it bcuz it has a different charm in which o find myself totally involved and the much more i watch n discuss it, more i love it.. 🙂
      Thursday is now just difficult to pass and it comes too late for me 😛


      • @Ayesha: hahaha on hume be itne superb cool words bolney aajaen.. I so wish 😉 and trust me ayesha your this involvement in drama also makes me to discuss hehe.. Ohh ok so shouki will be the helping hand.. Sounds interesting..yani this story has still so many layers hidden..
        I found that rishte wali lady so good in terms of acting.. Kya to realistic acting ki he.. Im interested in knowing that if the tree man is actually a gaaibi banda.. How would they justify that with logic…
        Plus yes naseeban looking at tht man in durga seemed like she got upset seeing the helpfulness of guy…


        • @Rhemat.. this story has thousands of layers which are hidden,.. and that’s the beauty of this serial.. just love it..
          haha yeah sultana’s acting is very cool and every one in this serial has given his best of acting.. Logic is something that can made one thing into lots of forms and the logic here is, according to me,, ”spiritualism”.. both with that tree-man and shouki..
          pari asks ”naseeban bi, tum isy dekh k rony qn lagti ho??”.. and she ans ‘ betiya! anso tou bhoola bhatka musafir hain’.. there are lots of meanings under this scene and hopefully we have to wait 🙂


    • @Rehmat i really like ur take on neseeban being courageous from her bachpan..

      re doctor : what caught my attention was adhi darhi.. i wasnt paying any attention to him until pari pointed out the adhi darhi! ..

      re tree man/ ghaibi banda : i think (or atleast i hope) that we wont be subjected to anything beyond logic… what intrigued me about Sannata in the first place was : where in the beginning we saw some scenes out of a horror movie, we were reassured soon afterwards it wasnt anything out of this world, rather something (like u said) justified by logic. For me that was a clear message.. but if god-forbid they start justifying the asebs or jinn bhoots or the aliens and UFOs, it will become such a waste!..


      • @FA.. I think the scenes which we’ve seen in the first episode was not like horror, jin bhoots and assebs without justification,. i think as the drama’s title ‘sannata” says lots about it.. those scens were probably referred to like ”khaali pann” that is the main theme in it.. ”sannata” and ”khaali pann” both are similar terms but they can be varies from person to person.. these are the terms for every one and this serial leads to the same thing.. M sure that it will never disappoint us.. 🙂


  6. To the clashing discourse between Azam and Ruqqaiya about love; she thinks, love should happen in a preconceived way whereas he was of the opinion it should be done spontaneously and fearlessly. Both were indirectly taunting each other. The whole exchange sounded very ugly to me because of its ambiguity.

    Metaphors has been used in this episode as well. I would respond to two of them:
    1)“Bay dhrak mohabatt aksar saylab ki terha aas paas kay kehait kehaliyan ujar daiti hai.”
    She is the Kehait which is being destroyed by Saylab which stands for Azam along with his behaviour towards Pari. To be precise; She indicates that his love for Paris is hurting her. He shouldn’t egoistically actualize his love irrespective of her feelings. His answers that it is not he who is being egoistic, but rather she herself. She defines his attention for Pari as love.

    2) Kishti metaphor; she refers to Azam who has entered in their life. She feels that Pari doesn’t need her anymore. She angry at Pari in two ways, for attracting Azam and for leaving her for him.


  7. “Tu mari kushi say jalay gi nahi?”: This question and her “Phir main kiyon?” makes one thing clear; She asks herself why she is jealous although she is Paris mother. She sees her as her mother. Subsequently, she realizes that she is not Paris mother as she has imagined.


  8. Why “revaluate” her feeling for her mother? Has she ever valuated her mothers feelings before?
    Pari is rather enjoying her rapidly changing world. Psychiatrists questions clarify that Ruqqaiya is center of Paris life, a center that reflects every picture (=aspect) of her life.
    I partly agree with Sz regarding Azam. For the time being he is only trying to help Pari improving her situation whereby he does not take into account that she may get involved in him. He may do it out of pity whereas Pari and Ruqqaiya may understand it as love. Ruqqaiya has already been doing it.


  9. @Sofia: Thanks for all your suggestions about improving the look of the blog..
    1; Re: the white stars.. these are supposed to be snowflakes, denoting the onset of winter, and its a wordpress feature, nothing that I am adding on my own. It will go away in a couple of moths .. waisey I thought they were a cute touch 🙂
    2: Re: the comments being posted in chronological order.. they already are… if yo notice all comments are date and time stamped and they are listed in the order they come in…. so he first comment on the post is at the very top and so on ….
    3: Re: the replies to comments … this feature is already in place as well… under each comment there is a reply button where you are reolying to the commentators on that particular thread.. there can be upto six replies to each individual comment. If you want to write an all new comment or begin a new thought then you can scroll to the bottom where it says leave a reply …. The best way to respond to comments is to address the person directly by adding @ in front of their name .. just like all of us are doing.. this way the person you want to talk to, knows that they are being specifically addressed…

    Hope this helps!


    • @SZ: Okay! I find them rather disturbing.

      2.Top begins right beneath your article. The first comment on the top is not the latest one. It is of 30th November.

      3. Good idea! Thanks


      • @Sofia: As I said before, the first comment under the post is the first one that was posted on this review … hence @Ayesha’s comment dated 30th Nov is posted on top (the review was also published on 30th Nov) b/c she was the first to comment .. I hope that clears it up now…


          • wesy @Sofia.. u are impossible..
            All comments are obviously correct by the arrangement they have been posted.. this review was posted on 30 Nov at afternoon and i was the first one to comment here and my comment is on the top.. as it has to be.. all other replies and comments by every one are also in order..
            kindly make urself chill for such platforms where difft people contribute and if it is not possible for u than u must have rightly been said ‘bye’.. so ”bye bye”..


  10. Dear All: have a sincere request to make here… Could we all please refrain from introducing arguments about religious matters into what is essentially an entertainment forum. None of us are religious scholars and nor are we here to decide what is doctrinally right and what not. Religion is something very personal, a matter b/w the individual and his maker.. we are mere mortals and it does not behoove us to pass judgement. There is nothing to be gained by arguing about the same thing again and again .. the idea is to discuss the drama on hand, share our thoughts and hear others’ viewpoints. The point is not compel others to necessarily agree with you…If we do not agree with a particular point of view then lets respectfully agree to disagree…

    With that out of the way, I have to say thoroughly enjoying all the insights that everybody is adding to this discussion. Looks like after a long time we have a serial that is giving us a lot of food for thought 🙂


    • @ SZ;Firstly, the main elements of this serial refer to religious persuasion of its characters. They are practicing Muslims and their religious principals are playing an important part in their life. Therefore, it wouldn’t make sense to avoid commenting them. I think commentators should be permitted to freely refer to them. This is what tolerance includes. However, I can understand, if you don’t want the exchange of thoughts in this context degenerate into a clashing debate about religion. I would keep this in my mind. However, I should be permitted to freely express my views on it. For me this forum would only make sense if it accepts and respects my freedom of opinion.


    • @SZ:”Could we all please refrain from introducing arguments about religious matters into what is essentially an entertainment forum.”
      Are you forbidding us to talk about religious matters that are clearly addressed in this serial? Yes, this serial is negatively portraying mysticism.

      “None of us are religious scholars and nor are we here to decide what is doctrinally right and what not.”
      Are you trying to say that only religious scholars have the right to discuss about religious matters that are addressed in a serial and ordinary viewers don’t?

      “we are mere mortals and it does not behoove us to pass judgement.”
      Are you trying to say that only scholars have the right to judge the religious content of a serial?
      “There is nothing to be gained by arguing about the same thing again and again “the idea is to discuss the drama on hand, share our thoughts and hear others’ viewpoints.” Isn’t it strange to say discuss about the serial and on the other hand forbid to discuss? Who is not hearing whose viewpoints? Who is compelling whom to agree with you? Aren’t you the one who disapproved my comment in German language? More than 30 thousand Pakistanis are living in Germany. Isn’t it disrespectful if someone avoids answering you?

      If your answer to most of my questions is yes then I would like to ask you one last question? In what world are you living?

      I hope my questions will make you clear how paradox your whole statement is. You are expecting respect and tolerance from others, but your own “refrain from introducing religious matters” deprives them of them . Respect and tolerance are based on reciprocity.


      • @Sofia: I am not stopping or forbidding you or anybody else from anything – have not used these words at all!! As for the rest you are free to interpret my comment as you wish. I’m not sure what German comment you are referring to – as far as I can see all your comments have been posted …I have no clue why you are bringing up German Muslims … nobody has said anything about them! Also never said anything about agreeing with me…


        • “…I have no clue why you are bringing up German Muslims … ” Mujeh gusah dilana koi asan kam nahi hai magar afreen hai ap par keh ap nay yeh kam kar dikhaya. Kiya ap logon kay han yeh rawaj hai kay aik bat kartay hain or bad main usi say mukar jatay hain. Main nay apko quote kiya hai magar uskay bawajood ap apni hi kahi hui baton ko jutla rahi hain. Aray baba main yeh keh rahi thi kay ap nay maray German comment ko APPROVE na kar bhi to Intolerance ka muzahera kiya hai.
          Respect and tolerance are based on reciprocity.Pehlay ap kud to respect or tolerance ka muzahera kar lain phir sath main dosron say iski towaqo kar sakti hain.

          Ab ka’yam rahiye ga apni bat par kay ap nay kisi ko is dramain par apni raaye kay izhar say mana nahi kaya. Freedom of speach ko roka jana bhi nahi chahiye.

          Yahan tan bat ko repeat karnay ka swal hai to aisa karna is liye zaroori hota hai kay agar kisi nay us bat ko pehlay na parha ho to wo dusri dafa lekhnay par usay jan lay. Ap bhi to apnay article main batain duhratain (repeat) hain to phir agar koii or karta hai to aiteraz nahi hona chahiye.

          Meri taraf say ab bat khatam ho chuki.


  11. @Ayesha Irshad sorry yaar had a long day, busy with some dawat shawats..
    anyway coming back to the takrar: i might be totally wrong here but heres what i think:

    muhabbat jiss ke naseeb mein nahin hoti woh kangla aur jiss se sanbhali nahin jati is ka diwalia..mohabbat naap toal ke karni chahye: Now what i think how R relates to it: she is now longing for Azam’s love but she feels woh uss ke naseeb mein nahin hai aur woh kaihn khali haath (kangli) naa reh jai. uss ko shayad nahin karni chahye thi…
    she also feels that the love between R and P is too much aur ab R se sanbhal nahin rahi.. and she doesnt want to loose Pari at any cost. uss ko ”naap tol ke muhabbat karni chahye thi.. agar hadd mein reh kar karti tou shayad aaj pari aisi na hoti….
    but it can also mean that she feels she needs to somehow bring a balance between the two muhabbats..

    Azam’s take on muhabbat bedharak hoti hai: now i feel iss ke do matlab ho sakte hain.. maybe he’s reassuring R ke uss ne jitni bhi muhabbat Pari se ki wo uss se kam ya ziada karna uss ke ke bass mein nahin thi..kionke muhabbat bedharak hoti hai.. uss pe kaboo nahin hota…
    doosra matlab: Azam apni aur R ki muhabbat ke hawale se baat karr raha hai ke uss ne soch samajh aur naap tol ke R se muhabbat nahin ki, wo to bass ho gayee…

    bedharak muhabbat aas paas ke khet khalyan ujar deti hai: R’s response can be read two ways too…uski bagher naapi toli badharak muhabbat towards Pari has affected Pari, herself and the whole disbalance in the haveli caused by Pari. At the end of the day she is the one who was responsible for her confused personality.she never thought of the effects and she shouldnt have been khudgharz….
    but she can also be referring to her muhabbat towards Azam aur iss muhabbat ke ehsas se janam lene wali jealousy se jo tabahi aa sakti hai…aur again muhabbat ko khud gharz nahin hona chahye…

    muhabbat khud gharz hi hoti hai, agar jagah jagah bant di jai to wo muhabbat nahin bheek hoti hai:
    Azam is probably justifying R’s bedharak mohabbat towards Pari..and saying haan masale aate hain magar kiya karein muhabbat hoti hi khud gharz hai.. she should stick to her guns and carry on loving her the way she does- jealousy ki kia zuroorat hai!) !
    aur agar uss ki khud ki muhabbat ke context mein yeh lines parhein tou it probably means ke us ko andaza hai ke iss muhabbat ke implications honge magar muhabbat hone se phle nahin sochti…meri muhabbat jagah jagah bati hui nahin hai..
    i also read this in another mumkin context: Azam is saying ke mein Pari ke saath hamdardi bhi apni (R ke sath) muhabbat ki khud gharzi main kar raha hoon.. R se muhabbat hai magar Pari ko bheek..(hamdardi)…
    but he can also mean here that A ia telling R has to be bedharak and khud gharz in her muhabbat (towards him) and if she carries on being the way she was with Pari, sacrificing her love & life for Pari, she will be giving her bheek…

    ishq ke imtehaan aur bhi hain:
    it could be simply a way to say lets carry on with the takrar
    or agar lagta hai pari se excessive muhabbat ka aik yahi imtihan tha tou aisa nahin hai.. abhi tou shuruat hain.. aage aage dekhain hota hai kiya!
    or even aap jealous ho rahi hain Pari se? wo tou aap ki apni hai… abhi se darr gai us ki mohabbat se?

    jangain mantaq se nain jeeti jaatin, kuch log mehnat karte rehte aur kuch ko fatah raste mein hi mil jati hai :
    R is saying tum yahan beth ke batein banao mera tou kal rishta aa raha hai!
    ya she pbbly she was striving for his love…magar shayad Azam ko raste mein Pari mil gai (Pari is the winner, or azam is the fateh?)

    there u go! lag raha hai abhi abhi urdu litrerature ka paper diya hai lol…i pbbly dont make much sense. kafi neend ka ghalba tha @SZ the coke up the notrils jagna effect has finally worn off! lol we are all eagerly awaiting ur lamba response..!!


  12. its amzaing seeing u guys observing each an every part of Sannata so deeply… its even opening new gate ways to look at my own created characters… once u start writing your characters start speaking for themselves… and when the appear on screen whteva they say.. whteva they mean its between them and the viewers only… im so excited to find u guy intrigued… plz pray for its success so more unique concepts can make their way to this business oriented screen…


    • in sha ALLAH Saji bhai.. it will be a lead for u as well as for us all.. we want to see something logical, deep and things which can be discussed, argued and to ponder upon.. its really our pleasure and luck that we are able to discuss it with all oue concern.. yes u r right Saji bhai even a single word can taught us a lots and u have open so many gate ways to us by this brilliant master piece.. even its every dialogue seems to have hundreds of threads and thousands of knits which will surely opened by u but for ur viewers its a big chance to learn and add more about lots of terms in its context..!!


    • @Saji Gul You have created some beautifully intriguing characters here and as you can see we are fully engrossed in ur lines too.. We would love to hear more about the original perception from you. Honestly, please do share that with us at some point (whenever u feel we the viewers are ready for it lol)!


  13. @FA.. haha reallyy enjoyed ur urdu literature ka paper n m also going to giving urdu literature’s paper 😛 N No need to sorry yaar bs i was waiting desperately for ue beautiful comment, hope that we’ll get a gud time regarding this ever green Takraar cuz loved it with full heart.. 🙂 n no way, ur comment is just wao and deserves a clap by my side its completely full of sense and thoughts yar don’t try to be so much humble its quiet pleasent.,
    hmm now come to the beginning part of this Takraar as it is completely word by word in my mind just like u.. 😛

    ”Mohbbat jis k naseeb me nhi hoti wo kangla aur jis se sanbhaali nhi jati uska diwaaliya”.. Najma ne shayd yeh alfaaz husna aur apny liye use kiye as if she was talking to pari about husna’s beauty and ”sughrappa”.. Husna ne mohabbat ki mager us se sanbhali nhi gai aur najma ko apny shohar se mohabbat mili he nhi so wo ”kaangli” in mohabbat.. (just my personal thought about its beginning)..
    Now back to Ruqayya as she said ” bilkul theek kaha apne, mohabbat bari naap tool k karni chahiye”.. Ruqayya, if longing for Azam then why she said k ”mohabbat naap tool kar krni chahiye??” if she had (possibly not yet) but the question is that if she is longing for Azam than why she has used such metaphor fro Mohabbat?? abhi tou ye mohabbat us hadd tk nhi pohnchi hoge na k wo ye sochy k mujhe Azam mohabbat na mili tou me khaali reh jaon ge..yes!! this was obviously for Pari k ”mohabbat bari naap tool k karni chahiye”.. jis had tk usne pari se mohabbat ki hai ab ye usk bs me nhi rha k pari ko kisi aur se attach hota dekh k chahty huwe b Ruqayya khush reh saky.. she tried a lot, her best k wo Pari ko khush dekh kr khush rhy but she’s helpless just as mohabbat is endless.. Azam ko shayad wo yehi jitaana chah rhi the k usne pari se is hadd tk mohabbat kr k buht bari ghalti ki hai, ager had me reh k mohabbat karti tou aj ye sb na hota.. attraction aur mohabbat me buht bara faraq hota hai na ager hum ye assume kar bhi lein k Ruqayya ko Azam ”acha laga hai” (me tou abhi tk ye man’ny me aa he nhi rhi :P) but phir b just for argument ager ye suppose kar bhi liya jaye tou filhaal wo Pari ki mohabbat kisi se compare nhi kar sakti.. she just can think maximum that ”kaash itni mohabbat na ki hoti” (not surely) but Pari aur Azam ki mohabbat ko still wo balance karny ka soch b nhi sakti..

    now ”mohabbat be-dharak hoti hai”.. u r really true in these both contexts that wo Ruqayya ko yehi batana chah rha hai k Pari se itni moahbbat kar k apne kuch ghalat nhi kia cuz mohabbat pe bs nhi chalta.. at that time, the mood between both of them were quite serious.. Azam felt that something is hurting Ruqayya and thats why he was trying to console her k mohabbat ghalti nhi hoti na he apne kuch ghalat kia.. in my opinion, pari ko mohabbat ki zarurt the, aur Ruqayya ne usy sirf apni nhi, duniya jahan k hissy ki mohabbat di but still usko mohabbat me koi ”imteaahn” nhi dena para that’s why she’s not accepting the situation..
    2nd: Azam waqai shayd apni aur Ruqayya ki mohabbat ki he bat kr rha tha bcuz that scene ” lekin ap bilkul nhi badli”,, ”buht heerangi ki bat hai k apne bagher school gaye itni mushkil kitaaben parh li”,, at both these points, his eyes show that he’s having a feeling much more than likeness and admiration.. as such he’s in such situation k wo Ruqayya se izhaar nhi kar paa rha abhi apni moahhabat ka bcuz halaat is not with him, ‘Ruqayya says ”mein bhi tou bari hon, meri izzat nhi karty”.. may be he’s trying to aware Ruqayya k ager kal ko wo Ruqayya se apni mohabbat ka izhaar kary tou Ruqayya tb ye na sochy k achanak qn, kesy, kb

    ”Mohabbat be-dharak hoti hai”.. ye bat Ruqayya ko yad rhy ta k wo apny ap ko defend kr saky..
    but i think that ”naap tool kar mohabbat karna” is not for Ruqayya and Azam.. it was purely for Pari..
    No come to, ”be-dharak mohabbat aas paas k sb kheet khalyaan ujaar deti hai”..
    she is not blaming her mohabbat for Pari bcuz she knows that it was the need of time.. waqai uski mohabbat ne pari, haveeli aur uski khud ki life ko disturb kar dia hai.. means that ”kheet khalyaan ujaar diye hain” so ye tou hona he tha.. mohabbat asaani se na hoti hai na ki jati hai.. buht nuqsaan deti b hai aur uthaati b hai same is the case with Ruqayya.. the actual reason behind this case is that, Ruqayya was also very young, 12 years old when she takes Pari and beging to brought her up.. 12 saal ki age me usko kia pata tha k din rat ager wo pari k sath rhy ge tou pari, pari nhi, Ruqayya ban jaye ge.. the possible disaster here is shown k Ruqayya ko kabhi salma se mohabbat nhi mili so usk ander jitni tishnaagi the usne wo mitaany k liye Pari ka sahara ly lia.. ab, jb k wo moahhabt k asraar-o-ramooz se waaqif hoi hai tou ”pani ser ”se guzar chuka hai”.. like ”moahhabt aas paas k kheet khalaan ujaar chuki hai”..

    she says,” mohabbat ko khud gharz nhi hona chahiye”.. then she admits k wo Pari k liye khud gharz ho rhi hai, she don’t want to be khud gharz mager wo ho rhi hai tou qn?? aisa bilkul nhi hona chahiye, but she never loved any one else k wo apny apko justify kr saky k mohabbat hoti he khud gharz hai.. Azam: ”mohabbat khud gharz he hoti hai”.. k ager ap pari k liye khud gharz ho rhi hain tou its nota a big deal qn k jealousi and khud gharzi are the parts of love..

    ”Mohabbat khud gharz he hoti hai, ager jagah jagah baant di jaye tou wo moahabbat nhi, bheek hoti hai”..
    All ur words are true to the point k koi bari bat nhi ager ap khud gharz ho rhi hain tou.. and ”jealousi ki kia zarorat hai” but i think he was trying to justify k jealous ho b gaye tou not a big issue..

    yup u r right k ager Azam khud pe ye imply kar rha hai k moahbbat hoti hai na khud-gharz tou shayd mein bhi ho jaon, but Ruqayya is taking it into Pari’s context k Azam ager pari se mohabbat kar rha hai tou wo bhi khud gharz ho skta hai, akhir me bhi tou hogai hun.. yehi misunderstanding leads her to being so much rude towards pari..

    hmm ur Mumkin context about Azam is also much more to think but still i will stand by my opinion k abhi (ager ho bhi tou) Azam aur Ruqayya ki moahhabt khud-gharzi ki had tk nhi pohcnhi.. but Ruqayya ki moahbbat for Pari, khud-gharzi tk hai.. So Azam may be meant that, ager ap pari ko itni mohabbat na detin aur khud se jury hr rishty ko mohabbat detin tou wo pari k liye ”beheek” ban jati.. mager apne pari se moahhabt ki hai usy ”kheerat” nhi di jisko hr kisi se baant lein ge.. n yes if Azam is taking care of Pari so he’s not doing ”hamdaardi” and ”bheek” to pari but just becoming ”khud-gharz” (thora buht) and making a room between pari and Ruqayya for his own self..

    “‘Ary ap kahan chali, abhi se meedan chor k bhaag rhi hain, abhi tou Takraar shrou hoi hai, abhi tou ishq k imtehan aur bhi hain”..
    Ahh.. these four lines can be put into thousands of words, and yaar m sure that ager hum donu collaboration karen so we can 😛 lol..

    coming to the point.. ”abhi se meedan chor k bhaag rhi hain”.. abhi usne pari se ik line he kahe hai aur Ruqayya ja rhi hai means thora tou bardasht karna pary ga it sounds like (me kha nhi jaon ga usy :P) waqai u said what actually i was thinking too, k ishq ka ye hi pehla pehla imteehan hai abhi apko buht kuch dekhna hai but in that time he’s not aware k usne aj tk pari k liye kon kon sa imteehan nhi dia.. ager nhi dia tou just ye nhi dia k ”pari ko kici se share kar saky” aur ab ager ye imtehaan dena par rha hai to strong ban k dein qn k is me bhalaai hai pari k liye aur possibly ”hum donu” Ruqayya aur Azam, k liye..

    ”ye jangeen muntak se nhi jeeti jatin Azam miyaan,, kuch log sari umar mehnat karty rehty hain, aur kuch ko fatah raasty me he mil jati hai, KISMAT Ki Tarah”..
    these words just captured my heart and i feel myself complete lost in her words that hoe much deep she’s thinking and at what stage of Ishq, she’s standing..
    what I feel, is that, Ruqayya: mein ne sari umar pari k liye mehnat ki, pari per mehnat ki, mager mujhe pari nhi mil sakti hmesha k liye (she never thought k pari aur Ruqayya kabhi alag ho sakti hain aur wo bhi itni jaldi as pari is just 18 years),,

    ”aur kuch ko fatah rasty mein he mil jati hai”,, Azam ne tou abhi Pari k liye us chezz ka passing bhi nhi kia jo jo kuch mein( Ruqayya) ne kia, aur ab pari ko tum jeet lo gy yani muntak kam nhi ai, aqal kam nhi ai aur mehnat bhi kam nhi ai…. Ruqayya, jo na khud pari se door ja sakti the na kabhi pari ko door jany dy sakti the, jis ne pari ki khatir shadi nhi ki itna socha k hum donu ik dosry k bagher nhi reh sakty, so ab kia huwa?? Azam ko Fatah mil gai (Pari) aur wo bhi rasty me..

    ”Kismat ki tarah”.. Kismat jb mehrbaan hony pe aati hai as she thinks k (Azam ki kismat buht achi hai) tou kismat hr fatah ka darwaza khool deti hai.. kuch logon ko(like Ruqayya) sari umar kismat se larna parta hai, mehnat karni parti hai tb ja k kismat un pe meharbaan hoti hai, aur kuch log (like Azam) sb kuch just kismat se jeet lety hain cuz Azam k liye Pari ko jeetna zada mushkil nhi hai.. so according to me, for ur question, (Azam is the Fateeh) just as Ruqayya is thinking..

    hehe.. sorry pata nhi kitna detailed tk discuss kar dia just hope that it will not tease u 😛 it is also sounding to me k urdu lit ka paper tha abhi 😛
    a great pleasure for me to discuss it with such an extent what i really feel n think about these golden words..!


    • no tease at all..loving it.. ur comment has totally have me fully engrosed! im gonna have to get back at it bit by bit lol
      btw loving the kismat connection.. i couldnt quite get that at first..


      • awww that’s so sweet of u.. haha true ”kismat connection” here sounds like ”takraar connectiin”.. thanx yar for cute comments.. 🙂


  14. @Ayesha Irshad wow! lovely reflection on the beautiful words tied in with some urdu ke ”israro ramooz”!! kia baat hai bhai! dil jeet liya.. extra points for those! lol

    re: Mohbbat jis k naseeb me nhi hoti wo kangla aur jis se sanbhaali nhi jati uska diwaaliya”.. i agree with ur take on najma’s thoughts.. but i didn’t feel that was that significant here.. what i thought was significant however, is what R thought of this.

    As for R feeling for Azam, i agree her feelings for Azam are no way comparable to that for Pari, but still i think she has fallen in love with him. Now why she said naap tol ke.. i feel she meant ke us ko shayad yeh mohabbat soch samajh kar mohabbat karni chahye thi ya shayad karni hi nahin chahye thi, ya itni nahin karni shahye thi ke us ko na milne par yun lage ke wo khali haat reh gai hai… i personally feel that these feelings are pretty strong for her to be feeling jealousy towards pari- the person she had loved the most so far! her excitement at the letter with the poem and then the disappointment to see that it was actually highlighting Pari, was the probably first time she realized the prince charming in not actually hers. her concern ke main iss dastan se mitti ja rahi thi aur main kahin naseeban ki bhooli bhati dastan ban ke naa reh jaoon.. she is not just having to share her mohabbat on Pari’s front but also losing out on her first (possible) mohabbat – hence khali haath


      • hmm that was too much confusing for me and still when i watch the repeat and Ruqayyas reference about ”ik kashti me buht sary sawaar ho jayen tou kashti doobny lagti hai kisi ik ko tou qurbani deni parti hai na”.. that was clearly for Azam but i can’t understand the background in which she narrates such a optimistic comment.. means she’s going to sacrifice herself for pari’s sake that if she would get married to that ”bhuddha” then she can clear the way for pari by her Qurbaani… im still so confused for this that just within a moment she says ”logon ki zindage me buht kuch ataa jata rehta hai, waqt, chezeein, jaghein,, mein chali bhi gai tou tujhe koi aur mil jaye ga”.. means that she’ll go with bhuddhaa and pari will find Azam in her life???


        • oh yea! ok here’s what I think:
          I was kinda on a similar plain as u.. Aik kashti mein sawar.. She thinks A & P are interested in each other, or atleast she can foresee it happenning. She knows that will be best for P..but she loves A & P too (to whatever extent). She feels if too many ppl stay on board in this love boat there will be constant pull & tug and it will destoy all the relationships. She can already feel the jealousy surfacing within her jo tabahi le ati hai!.. So pbbly best if one is offloaded.. and thats why she’s giving this qurbani (budhdhe se shadi) , so pari can find/have A for herself..


    • haha @FA so u r checking my paper 😛 ur comments also ”dil jeet lia” infact all this discussion is memorable yar and i just hope that now gonna have a great time for every Takraar 😉
      i accept all ur thoughts respectfully and i think we both have 50,50% true views lol.. if they can be summed up ”hum bhi kuch na kuch ejaad kar he lein gy”..haha..
      well yar only time will tell the real fact but it was ou Farz to discuss itna enjoy tou Azam n Ruqayya ne nhi kia hoga ani takraar ko… just hoping for the best to happen may be Ruqayya’s love is silent and as u say that she is not just having to share her mohabbat on pari’s front but also losing out oh her first mohabbat.. exactly what is..!! in up coming episodes more knits will open than we can have more better guesses related to it.. 🙂


      • lol @our farz.. that had made me laugh even the first time around and again today! and def we mustve enjoyed this more that R and A.. im not so sure if R was actually enjoying this tho.. wo tou bechari kafi karb mein hai.. lol

        its always lovely to see everyones picks up on bits they might’ve missed out i had never really questioned R not having feelings for A or its intensity, but after reading ur views had to go back and re-access.. and it made me look at things differently.. making the scenario more confusing yet more interesting.. and yes ur right, whichever perception is true, thats besides the point. its the excitement that adds to the overall experience that matters.. so yes def looking forward to more of such wonderful stuff from sannata!


  15. @FA: Finally! Here with my jawab 🙂 Sorry was caught up in doing diff things and unlike our other fave, this one needs serious thought so isliye wanted to do this when I was in the zone rather than chalte phirte 🙂 And oh haan, sorry for kharab-ing your neend yesterday .. totally not what I intended to! 😉

    To begin with, your comparison b/w the two N’s, Naseeban vs Neelam, is spot on and hilarious to boot! Enchantment vs dementia – wah!

    Re: Why Apa bi is khatko-ed by Azaam’s coming initially: I think it could be referring to quite a few things simultaneously. She’d gone through a very difficult time with Husna and in so many ways still carries those battle scars, and as such she wants to keep her girls shielded. Much as Apa bi daantos and calls her her grand daughters names, she is very protective of them. She is full aware that these girls have grown up very shielded, almost like being in a bubble, and have no clue about the world outside, so she is worried about them being easily influenced. She had only met Azam as a kid and see what kind of parents he has, so is naturally worried ke baithey baithey kyon aa gaya. Later as she gets to know him she lowers he guard and accept him hanging around the house, talking to the girls etc ..what do you ladies think?

    In terms of the range of words in the vernaculars, talking about Urdu specifically, we have words like mumta, muhabbat, pyar, ishq, unsiyyat, lagao, dillagi, all of which would be typically described as love in English.

    Hence while R might feel muhabbat for A, Pari feels unsiyyat, a closeness,a sense of affection for A. As we’ve seen P has never really felt fully accepted and loved by anyone except R. Even Naseeban who is affectionate towards P also gets aggravated by her time and again. R is the only one who accepts P as she is.. Now with A in the picture, apart from R, P has somebody else in her life who accepts her as a person in her own right, and does not keep seeing her merely as Husna’s daughter, and so P is gradually getting very attached to A. I dont think she sees him as a life partner or some such at this point, at least not consciously, rather for her he is the only other person, apart from R, with whom she’d rather spend her life with. Previously she had been very worried ke mera kiya hoga, if R were to get married, but now with A in the picture she is relatively more calm whenever the issue of R’s marriage comes up. This should not mean that she sees A as a substitute for R, if she had to pick one, R is always gonna be her number one choice (atleast up till now). In the case of R’s shaadi, issue even though P has somewhat reconciled to the idea in principle, there is no way that she will allow that buddha zamindar to take her Apa away. So far P has not picked up on the fact that A and R are interested in each other.. maza ayega jab P realizes that R and A are in love and she is out of the equation. P has seen herself as no.1 in R’s life and sees A as her savior, and will therefore have a hard time wrapping her head around thus new relationship, At some level this would be a dream come true for her, b/c bot h of her besties are together forever and she will never have to choose, but on the other hand R and A will share a bond, as a couple, one that she can never be a part of …This I think that will be a huge turning point in P’s life as she will see that as the ultimate betrayal from the two ppl she trusted the most, R and A….

    @FA: so this was part one of my never ending story….part 2 coming up … told you I had a lamba jawab coming up 😉


    • @SZ yay!!! i believe in der aae dururst aae! so no worries abt delays and all.. . and no worries abt the neend.. i was trying to wake myself up with my coke.. had to finish clearing up the ultimate mess after the dawat.. so thank you indeed for waking me up!.. (not that i could do much after getting all engrossed in all the lovely comments! lol)

      so u r in the ”R and A are in love” camp.. interesting! would love to hear ur take on the takrar.. we have our thesis ready for u to mark lolol .. btw im totally with you abt being in a thinking frame of mind before responding to this one.. u have my full-on jhakk maaring example above from last night to prove the point lolol.. when i was reading it today i couldnt make sense of half the stuff i had written myself! lol
      btw sorry yaar for taking over ur blog but Sannata has certainly provided us with way too much material to ponder upon!

      Re amma bi’s khatking: i got the feeling she has a specific worry..her khatka came out after Salma said ”aap ko yeh khatak nahi raha ke azam mian pari pe itna mehrban kion ho rahe hain? aagae hain ilaaj karane..” mein to usi waqt khatak gai thi jab wo pehli baar aya tha.. perhaps she thinks A is interested in P? and thats why she suggested that A’s maan wont let her tik jao there anyway.. ???
      as for why she is allowing it.. maybe, just maybe she thinks that if A is interested in P in the first place, tou adha masala to hal ho gya.. She wont have to find a suitor for this pagal larki..? but this theory is a bit difficult to digest seeing what had transpired with Husna..

      loving the lamba jawab! awaiting aapka part 2!


      • @SZ just wanted to check something before taking my laptop to the docs.. I am seeings ads in the comment threads on the laptop but not on mobile.. u mentioned in one of ur comments that word press recently changed a few things.. is this a word press thing? if not, i might need to get my system fixed.. (sorry for being such a pain..)


        • @Fa: The ads are from wordpress…I cant turn off the ads. But there shouldn’t be as many as you are saying … have you changed some settings recently? I know I dont see any ads on my screen, except on or two under the post…There was a time though when I was seeing too many ads, on every page including yt, and i had to change some settings. What browser do you use?..


          • @SZ Yea im getting loads on YT too!! i dont think i have changed any settings.. just double-checked and they seem fine.. i use google chrome.. just downloaded some ad-block thingee.. hopefully that will work.. Thanks yaar!


            • @SZ tools and extensions were all fine.. just downloaded a new ad-block extension and that seems to have solved the problem. thanks for the tip!


      • @SZ i think u’ve summed up my feelings true to the point about Pari feeling for A. I think used the wrong term – life partner. but what u’ve said is exactly how i feel.

        why do u think A hasn’t spoken up/ reacted to R marrying the old chaudry sahab? R has accepted and they have even come to the shehr, but hamare mr knight iss issue par abhi bhi chup saadhe we hai? kion?


    • @SZ its very exactly analysed by u and very logically.. m also having the same way of thoughts that pari has just seen him as a consoling friend in him far from love bcuz she can accepts ‘love’ regarding just for Ruqayya appa.. ur words ”unsiyaat” and ”affection” seems to be very powerful in this context as i was rather trying to named but could’nt..
      and yes u r right.. Appa bi is the victim of un-wanted happenings in her life so now she becomes over-protective for her grand daughters as how much she dislikes pari but she permit to live her in haveeli.. in 3rd episode when Ruqayya says ”paas he ik sarkaari school khula hai log apni bachiayan dakhil karwa rhy hain mein bhi pari ka wahan dakhla karwaon ge”, Appa bi says ”kabhi koi larki bhi ghar se bahir gai hai bhala”.. and ”ye ghar pehly bhi kisi k shouq ki bheent charh chuka hai ab dobara nhi”.. and the first morning of Azam in haveeli when appa bi asks him that whether he was not disturbed here, he also narrates ”appa bi plz pari ko koosny ki zarurat nhi hai, wo tou masoom hai”.. Appa bi’s expression were not difficult to understand as she’s thinking that Azam is in haveeli just for pari.. later, his time to time visits, his concern for pari, attention to pari and that fight with Peer, are not less to think that there’s something..
      @FA.. and @SZ.. i want to share one more thing.. it has been assure to us that pari always see herself as Ruqayya.. in her childhood several references were there just to memorize us that Pari is getting merge into Ruqayya.. in 3rd episode, when Salma comes to Ruqayya’s room and argue with her, Ruqayya was combing her hairs in two ponnies, pari also tries to imitate the same as Ruqayya was doing.. then, at Eid day (in childhood) Ruqayya assures to pari ”pata hai jb mein tumhary jitni the na tou bilkul tum jesi dikhti thi”.. PAri: mein tou bhool he gai mein tou bilkul ap jesi hon”..
      Ruqayyas narration: ”jaany kb! pari, Ruqayya Ruqayya ka tawaaf karty karty khud Ruqayya me zamm hony ki khuwaahish karny lage”..
      in one promo, pari is saying to Azam ”kaho tum sirf mujhse mohabbat karty ho mein hon asli Ruqayya, wo tou dayan hai dayan”…
      by above references and after watching this promo, i assume that pari will get herself confused with Ruqayya, as Ruqayya will be in love with Azam then she’ll also get in love with him just by her merging into Ruqayya.. she’ll never find the word Mohabbat for Azam as being Pari, bcuz Pari’s world is just Ruqayya, her ”zaat ka mehwar” is just Ruqayya.. and who’ll be make the situation worst, just her inner which is completely hidden in Ruqayya..


      • @Ayesha Irshad re P seeing herself as R : I=As i mentioned before, i have tried to referain from promos for Sannata so far.. but gosh that sounds like proper mind boggling stuff!

        picking up on that.. I actually found it interesting that after looking at the complex picture at the shrink, at first, she saw a somewhat ”chimgadar” in it, which she found either repulsive or scary, but def troubling .. so sub-consciously R apa P ki dunya se chimti hui hain and its something that freeks her out too (again sub-consciously)..


        • @FA..yUp yaaar.. Pari’s inner is totally Ruqayya herself.. i know i have gone through ur comment thats y i mentioned u specially.. that ”chimgadar” was her own narration but the pshychiatrist tries her to think mor and make another powerful image and she made it as Ruqayya appa as he was expecting.. Ruqayya appa is not only just stick to pari’s life even she’s in pari’s sub-concious.. Un-concious,, and even concious..
          In sub-concious,.. she shouts for Ruqayya appa when she ever dreamed off horror and that ”apny jesi aurat”.. she told her dream n say ” tum kahan chali jati ho, me tumhen dhondti rehti hun awazen deti rehti hon,, tum mat jaya karo”.. pari was in sub-concious stage but she wants Ruqayya here..
          then, in her un-concious when she was dancing at the dhool beat,, in her feelings like ”buht teez hawa chal rhi the”.. that was taken her to un-concious and she says”wahan koi gaa rha tha shayd wo tum thin”..
          and finally with her meeting doc’s clinic she’s absoutely in her sneses mean concious but still she see Ruqaya every where.. and when another expect our selves, remain with us this much, the person starts and tries to convert,, same will Pari do, she still can do this but she don’t need it yet.. when she’ll find that her Ruqayya appa is having feelings of love for Azam, she’ll automatically developed the same cuz of her own dis-order..


  16. And here’s my part 2 … 😉
    Here’s how I understood the whole Muhabbat convo…

    Since the conversation started off with a discussion about Husna and then went into Muhabbat can either make you kangaal or malaamal.. like @Ayesha Irshad, I too saw this as a reference to Husna, jis se muhabbat sanbhali nahin gai, she couldnt do justice to the unconditional love and trust her family showered on her and neither could she manage the love that she felt for Pari’s father… and because she could not sanbhalo both muhabbats, they both in turn cost ultimately cost her her life. When she came back after being humiliated by her lover, for whom she had walked out on her family, she was also rejected by her mother, the one who once loved her unquestioningly. So basically us ka diwalia nikal gaya b/c she was left with empty handed at the end of it all…
    Re: muhabat na mile to kangal, I too think there is a comparison being drawn b/w Najma’s barren life and Husna. For that matter even a comparison b/w Husna and and Salma works…

    R: muhabbat naap tol kar karni chahiye…
    More than the budding relationship b/w R and A, I think this references the impact that Husna’s be-lagaam muhabbat had on R’s own life. Husna lived life on her own terms and thought only of herself, quite selfishly,but while she paid for her sins and died, the reverberations of Husna’s actions continue to be felt by all those who lived after that, even till today. Apa Bi turned into a completely different person. Pari was made into an outcast right from the moment she was born, for no fault of hers, and then b/c R stepped in to save her, she too had to face Apa bi’s wrath. She could not get a proper education b/c of Apa bi’s fears that R would turn out like Husna. On her part R too gave unconditional and immeasurable love to Pari, and she never thought that this love would one dy bring to a point where she would potentially find herself in a situation where she would have to make impossible choices – be selfish and go after what she wants , i.e.A, or give in to her love for Pari and step out of her and A’s way…So yeah she’s cynical and def thinks that all consequences should be carefully weighed, b/c its not just your own life but others around you too who are impacted by your impulsive acts.

    A: muhabbat be dharak hoti hai:
    Here I think he presents an idealist’s point of view and argues that love should be and is blind, consequences be damned. Unlike R, who though she lives a very sheltered life has seen more darkness than A could even fathom, A thinks he knows clearly what he wants, R, and he wants her no matter what his own mother/family might think. Similarly he “loves” Pari, perhaps as a friend, a younger sister, a sister of the woman whom he loves, and so he wants to help her and has shown that no matter how many barriers there were, Apa Bi not giving permission etc, he remained steadfast and found a way around it all by snealing around his mother and father’s back and bringing Najma with him to take Pari and R with him. In this way he also introduces R to his family and shows her his readiness to share her worries and burdens. He knows R is committed to Pari, and would never get married if it means leaving Pari behind to face Apa Bi’s wrath alone.So in many ways he’s telling her to close her eyes, jump in and trust him to do right by her.

    R: Be dharak muhabbat sailab ki tarah… muhabbat ko khud gharz nahin hona chahiye..
    Again referencing Husna’s life… how her thoughtless, fearless love negatively impacted the lives of all those around her ..Husna’s father and her brother both victims of H’s bedharak muhabbat. Apa Bi, Ruqqaiya, Pari, and to an extent Salma, all still suffering the after effects of one so called be dharak muhabbat….and so now R is saying that unlike Husna she will think through everything … if Pari wants Azam and says the word, R will think very very hard …

    A: muhabbat baanti jaye to khairat ki tarah hoti hai, woh bheek hoti hai …
    Telling her that he doesnt want a woman who is committed here there and everywhere … hence his efforts to help Pari, so that when and if R enters into a relationship with him, she is 100% committed.

    A: (talking abt Pari) is ko har baat ki samajh aani chahiye.. warna log khilona bana kar khelte rahenge …
    Clearly saying that R should stop smothering and Pari and allow her to grow up.. R should not put her life on hold forever for Pari’s sake, high time Pari grew up and started realizing that she was not allowing R to live a full life .. and Pari should also grow up for her own sake, be able to speak up for herself and fight for her right to be acknowledged as a full fledged member of the family, not merely a dirty secret which needed to be hidden in the dark corners of Apa bi’s haveli…

    A: aap kahan ja raheen hain abhi ishq ke imtehan:
    Wants R to stick around so he can try to convince her to think for herself for a change, and not her life to Pari’s… and

    R: yeh jangen mantaq se nahin jeeti jaatein..
    She retorts that issues of such import cannot be rationalized, these are matters dealings w/people’s lives and emotions and these cannot be explained solved with logic and glib talk … there are people who struggle a lifetime to get what they want and there are others who get things handed on a platter. R has gone through life all alone, fighting all of Pari’s battles on her own without any support, and in the process alienated her own mother, she has no friends nothing, but if one compares her life to Husna, she had to do nothing, no battles to fight, nothing… everything was hers, al the love and happiness all handed to her on a silver platter … that she could not hold on to it was a whole other matter..

    And when she tells Najma about the impending rishta Azam is completely taken aback, b/c in his mind whatever he is doing for Pari etc, is all to convince R of his sincerity towards her…

    Done with my exam paper as well! LOL! 🙂


    • @SZ wah bhai wah! now one can see that paper is from a pro! beautifully written and logically structured! Aap to distinction le ke nikal gain! lol

      But really what amazed me is how everyone read it so differently.. When I didnt think much of Husna connection (and thought it was just to kick start the conversation), we see ur version has Husna at its core throughout…. And where I thought main focus of this talk was R & A’s muhabbat, with Pari more of a side dish, @Ayesha Irshad’s found the focus in Pari.. pretty amazing! I wonder what others thought and how many other versions would be out there!

      And yes, thanks for attempting all the questions.. kuch choice ppe nahin chora lol.. na Azam’s naseehat to Pari nor the Rishta talk… u just earned some extra credits too girl!! lol


      • @FA… i say na that thi context can be put inti every character i mean it has such a variety.. haha yeah she earned extra credit :P.. well hope that soon when story will more expand, all clues will get clear then n may be we all will be true in our own concepts..


    • @SZ after going through ur paper once again at a reasonable time of day, you have me fully convinced! it flows so well and makes perfect sense..

      just want to add one more thing.. In light of Azam’s muhabbat ko jagah jagah naa bantna, come to me 100 % committed and followed by allowing Pari to grow up and face the reality taqreer, I found Pari’s response pretty ironic and well-placed too. ”mein sub samajhti hoon, tumhari amman mujh se pyar karr rahi hain iss liye tumhain takleef ho rahi hai..”… she has picked up on the ”takleef”, but she hasn’t realized that its not the amman’s pyar, but R’s obsession that’s bothering him..


  17. haha our was that of urdu lit 😛 @SZ..
    hmmm ur comments are very much true.. as now i think that this situation and the takraar, the dialogues even each n every word can be imply to, Husna, najma, Salma, Ruqayya, Azam, pari as well as our own selves..
    Even most of us love something or someone unintentionally or endlessly, then we come to a stage where we have to think k ”mohabbat bari naap tool kar krni chahiye”..
    @SZ u have rightly been said that when mohabbat sanbhaali nhi gai tou husna becomes ”khaali hath” or ”kaangli”..
    yeah Ruqayya never thought that her mohbbat will lead her to such a stage where she had to make such choice, to leave pari.. but that’s what a story if ”ishq” demands… she’s thinking that pari has more choices but she has left with no choice for herself..
    waqai their mohabbat is be-dharak and ur view in this context is correct.. thanxx for adding more than our thoughts.. Azam is not aware that his all intentions are been taking into another meaning as no one can think that Azam can be in love with Ruqayya cuz they treat Azam like a child.. as Salma: ”asaaishon me palaa huwa bacha hai wo Ruqayya”.. so according to them his match can be with pari..
    true that Ruqayya is now thinking what she has to do for pari unlike husna otherwise the rahi sahe haveeli will also destroyed..
    waqai that ”log isy khilona samajh kar hmesha kheelty rahein gy”.. his intention was perfectly that now let her be independent on her own and realize that she’s no more a child.. u are obviously correct..
    rest of the both views are also truely summed up by u, and whatever they relates this discussion to whom of their member but i think that this is very much near to reality and in our own lives cuz waqai ”ye jangeen mantaak se nhi jeeti jatin”..
    thanxxxxxxx to @Saji bhai for beautiful lines he has written and give a chance to us to talk about it..
    also thanx to Ruqayya, Azam and Pari.. hehe lol 😀
    and special tahnx to @FA and surely to u @SZ cuz it has too much variety and given lots of points from both of ur regarding views..


    • @Ayesha Irshad awww ur too sweet! Ur welcome! & Thank you for being so passionate abt it and helping me bring out all the thoughts to the table like i did earlier.. warna tou shayad kabhi itna lamba paper na likh pati lolol
      & of course thanks again to @SZ for providing this wonderful platform (which pbbly appears to be hijacked by us at the moment lol) & to @Saji Gul and team Sannata for providing such amazing material..

      uff! this is beginning to sound like a good bye speech.. so lets better stop there cause there’s plenty more to come lol


      • hahaha badly hijacked yar 😀
        thank u so much for ur compliment i always take ur comments as one word ”cute”.. they seem too light, sweet and cute…
        hehe yesterday i was just thinking that if 4,5 takraar aisi aur ho gai serial me so surely we’ll make record of comments.. 😉


  18. @FA and @Ayesha Irshad: I’ve not had the time to respond to comments, but I am reading all the comments and thoroughly enjoying all the various viewpoints …and as you guys said, so interesting ke we all pick up on diff things and interpret the same lines so differently…looks like if Numm awards us MAs to yahan to PhD mil hi jaani chahiye 😉


    • @SZ yaar hum to Numm mein Phd ki baat karr rahe the.. degree to wo un bekaar drama students ko dish out karr rahe hain.. perhaps we deserve ”a nobel prize” here hahaha … i guess i just asked too much lol.. chalo double PhD se hi kaam chala lein ge phir!


      • hahaha @FA…. double P.hd.. sounds so much funny yar.. funny but true 😀
        thank U @SZ ur just parhna to our comments is kafi in ur bzi schedule 🙂
        u esy reviwes likhna continue rakho hum hain na to fix it where we want 😛 qn FA??


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