Kuch Nayi Kuch Purani ~ Some of my fave telefilms

telefilm collageBored with most of the stuff on air these days I decided to re-visit some of my favorite telefilms, many of which I hadn’t watched in years. Addressing a whole range of issues, these beautifully told stories were an absolute treat to watch. The fantastic performances and excellent direction with nary a stray step, ensured that my remote control stayed untouched for the duration. 

Ghar Aur Ghaata ~
This one was written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Shehrazade Sheikh, well known to us because of her recent serial Silvatein. I loved her work here and was surprised to read this was her first directorial effort. Nimra Buccha was fantastic here!

Shaali ~
Written by well-known feminist/women’s rights’ activist/poet Attiya Dawood and directed by Danish Nawaz, this telefilm addresses the issue of child marriages. Suhaee Abro, Attiya’s daughter, plays the lead role of Shaali. Many will remember Suhaee from the serial Sanjha.

Ri’aya ~
Written by Ibe Aas and directed by Furqan T. Siddiqui, this one touches on the issue of how religion is manipulated to suit personal agendas. Faiza Hasan does very well as a woman who learns to stand up and speak for her rights.

Kaalak ~
This one is memorable for Sanam Baloch’s heart-wrenchingly raw performance. I have watched this one quite a few times, but still I walk away with goose bumps every time – and to think this was her first acting gig! 

Burns Road Ki Neelofer ~
This delightful telefilm is a must watch for Faiza Hasan’s performance. Written by Fasih Bari and directed by S. Mazhar Moin, this telefilm won the best feature play in 7th Kara International Film Festival.

Zindagi Udaas Hai Tu ~ Ammi ~
The most recent film in this list, I stumbled upon this one accidentally and then couldn’t move away till it finished. Mohammed Ahmed’s script and Sania Saeed and Uzma Gilani’s performances were the standouts here.

Shanakht ~
Of all the plays listed here this one is my absolute favorite. Written by Mohammed Ahmed, directed by Mehreen Jabbar, this one features Sania Saeed, Yasir Nawaz, Nadia Jamil, Humayun Saeed, and Rashid Farooqi. My only comment about this one: Mehreen, when is Kahaniyan 2 coming?!

So these were some of my favorites…. Have you watched any of these? What did you think? Do you have a list of your favorites that you’d like to share?  Looking forward to reading your take on telefilms!

Written by SZ~


Kuch Aur Telefilms ~ More Recommendations

Saat Asmanon Talay ~ 

Haveli Ke Band Darwazey ~

Kal ~

Baray Shehar Ki Akeli Aurat ~

Zikr Hai Kai Saal Ka ~

Intikhab ~

Ehsaas ~

Behadd ~

Armaan ~

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  1. Wow Thanks for sharing these!! Haven’t watched many of these.

    Watched kalak a while back and uff!! that was one serious hair-raising experience!! Although i thought acting-wise fahad was pretty flat there.. but sanam.. well she was just in another league! Having said that i dont think i can ever watch that again.. it was way too depressing and rather creepy.,.but obviously powerful-enough to to leave me scarred for life lol

    Burns road ki neelofar.. i never thought much of the lead actress (don’t know her name) but i thought she did really well here.. i think her rather annoying, extra-soft, put-on-innocent-sounding voice totally worked here.. I loved the whole mood and light approach to an otherwise depressing subject..

    as for others i liked.. i watched FK’s ‘kal’ a while back. set in a library..think its an almost-charba of an english movie (can’t recall the name), but i thought that was a really good and engaging watch..pretty deep.. another one for the ”thinking audience” lol

    there was one other i watched years and years ago.. Putli-Ghar with nadia jamil, sajid hasan and SS.. where they r neighbours.. thats something i still remember..

    and one more: this was one creepy one but stuck with me.. cant remember the name but perhaps u can help me out here.. samina ahmed plays a lonely murde nehlane wali.. it was one chillng one watch!

    will def catch up on the rest recommended by you. thanks again SZ


    • @FA: Glad you thought the post was worthwhile, when writing I wondered if I would get even one response!

      Kaalak was indeed Sanam Baloch’s show all the way.. I dont think Fahad had even registered with me when I saw it the first time around.
      Kal, I liked and thought it had its heart in the right place, but it seemed to go overboard in its preachiness at times. FK and Saba Q were so young and you can see their raw edges quite clearly there. Some fun trivia.. Kal was written by Jawad Daud, and two other FK starrers from around that same time, Jeevan Ki Rahon Mein and Satrangi were also written by Daud sahab. Satrangi and Kal were directed by Anjum Shahzad, who also directed FK’s telefilm Armaan. Jeevan Ki Rahon Mein was Haissam’s first directing gig 🙂

      Faiza Hasan is the actress who played Neelofar, and she was indeed a perfect choice for that role. If you havent seen it, them you must check out Ri’aya where she is in a very different avatar .. will look forward to reading your thoughts about that one…

      Putli Ghar was also from around the same time as Shankht, not sure if hey were both a part of the same series Kahaniyan….a fabulous must watch series of indiv plays .. you can see many of them om MJ’s YT channel…

      And thanks for telling me about the Samina Ahmed play .. I have not seen it but will definitely look ot for it now .. and agar mila tau will definitely share here…

      Do come back and share your thoughts on what you thought about the rest of the plays listed above …


      • @SZ awww i think u did great doing this post and its so nice to see everyones recommendations..
        re kal: you r right the two r a bit amaturish but i quite enjoyed watching it..im not into preechy prechy approach but I thought this was done rather nicely..
        havent watched satrangi and jeevan ki rahon mein.. r they any good? will try and find em..
        i watched ghar aur ghanta yday. and my oh my!! i was blown away by the Nirma’s acting! she played it so beautifully.. although i kinda worked out where the story was going it was just wonderful watching all the nirma in this buddhi role.. not that two r the same but it reminded of one of uzma gilani’s role… i may sound a bit silly here but when we were kids (more like babies) there was some drama on at the time where uzma did a duddhi faqirni type role.. and me and my sis were so scared of this character that my mum actually used to scare us with uzma ki lani (thats what we thought her name was at the time lol) rather than some budhdha baba or bhaoo… lol.. pretty dumn, i know!
        will catch up on the rest..


        • @FA: glad to read you enjoyed Ghar aur ghaata 🙂
          LOL!! your anecdote about Uzma ki lani is soo cute .. loved it! Uzma G has a remarkable body of work and the variations and nuances she brings to every character are simply amazing. One of her telefilms that I remember from a long ago was Panah … way back in the ’80s when the Afghan refugees had first started pouring into Pakistan. I think I have a dvd for that one … will try to upload it and share it here for others who might not have seen it.


      • @SZ the Samina Ahmad play I mentioned earlier, about a murde nehlane wali – i remembered the name..its called ”baray shehr ki akeli aurat”
        found it on YT but in parts.. not sure how to share it here.


    • @Zarqa.. you put it so aptly “dry spell” it is indeed! Do come back and share your views on these and if there are some that you like, then please do share…


  2. Wow.. Now thats some really refreshing topic u came up with 😀

    Well i have watched a quite few of these.. Ghar and Ghaata..it was on novelette by Umera and as much as i like that, telefilm was equally awesome.. U said it right.. Nimra Bucha was exceptionally awesome.. That was a tear jerker for me..

    Shaali.. I saw on your recommendation and undoubtedly it didn’t made disappointed.. The girl who played shaali made her mark.. The subject was depressing though but it let its message passed through audience. :/

    Burnsroad ki Neelofar.. Again thanks to your utube channel.. Beautifully presented and wonderfully acted..faiza hassan and hina dilpazeer were treat to watch.. 😀

    Others i haven’t seen unfortunately but now will definitely watch.. Other telefilm that made me to tears was Muthi bhar Mitti.. That was by umera.. And amazing cast it had.. It was on before and after partition feelings the man had 🙂 do watch that


    • @Rehmat: Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the post and I’m relieved you liked the dramas I had recommended .. warna tum tau daant lagati ke SZ ne time barbaad kiya 😉

      Thanks for recommending Mutthi bhar Mitti … if I am not mistaken Haissam had directed that one, around the same time Dastaan came out .. I have seen it while flipping through stuff on yt but havent watched it properly. Now that you recommend it I will definitely give it a serious dekho .. thanks!


      • Lol naa always trust your choice so no daant to u atleast 😉
        Yes exactly thats the same by Haissam.. I will share the link if i can find that out. And thankyou for sharing other’s recommendations 🙂 a long list to follow.


  3. Thanks SZ, something to get me through the latest set of mindless dramas that are airing right! I loved Ghoongat, so I’ll definitely check these out!
    I’ve been on the lookout for this telefilm I saw a a while back on Ary Tv. It was based on a short story by Roald Dahl, called Lamb to Slaughter (although they did not credit the story of course *plagiarism*). In the drama, a woman murders her husband with a frozen leg of mutton & serves it to the detectives who come to investigate the murder. If anyone knows the name of that telefilm, please do let me know!


    • @UM: Yes, aajkal to kuch ajeeb hi season chal raha hai… not much out there that is a must watch.
      Oooh.. that telefilm sounds really really good .. I havent come across it, but will definitely search for it now .. do you who the actors were or who “wrote” it, or anything abt the director etc? Would make it so much easier to hunt down … Or if anybody else has seen this one then please do share!


    • @UM: Wow that sounds like one creepy telefilm! I actually read “she cooked her husband and fed him to them” haha how gross would that be!


  4. Salaams SZ, I have watched Kalaak and loved it. I miss the young Fahad Mustafa with his gelled hair and tan complexion. Now, he has a fair complexion and really silky hair which has ruined his look.

    I want to recommend all who visit this page and also to you SZ two telefilms: one is called Haveli ke Band Darwazay and the other is called Saat Asmaano Taley. Both star Fahad Mustafa and I assure all who watch these that they will enjoy them both.

    Here are the links:

    http://www.desidramas.com/dramas/ary-digital/telefilms-ary-digital/haweli-ke-band-derwazey-teledrama/ — Haveli ke Band Darwazey

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBkAuiXxrLs#t=145 — For Saat Asmaano Taley

    I am truly a Fahad Mustafa and Faisal Qureshi fan- both are very versatile actors, always a joy to watch. I also want to recommend two more dramas which star them both: Aashti on Hum tv and Sandal on Geo tv. If anyone’s not watched these dramas, these are a must watch. Here the links to both Sandal and Aashti:


    Aashti is about the illegal Bangladeshi community living in Pakistan and Sandal is about a woman with Polio and how she struggles with the two men in her life.

    Spot on acting by both Faisal and Fahad- please do watch:)


    • @Aisha Kazi: Wasalam.. thank you for taking the time to read and comment – lovely to hear from you 🙂

      Wow! Thank you so much for these recommendations and I really appreciate the links . makes it so much easier 🙂 I don’t think I have seen any of the four names you mentioned so will definitely check these out!

      Indeed, FQ is a fabulous actor, no doubts abt that. FM I used to like a lot, but in the past couple of years, particularly after he started JPJ, he seems to have become more concerned about his looks and less interested in his acting. Many of his recent projects have been pretty bad. Are you following his Mere Humrahi?


      • I am watching Mere Humrahi and despite the ordinary story, i am watching it mainly for Fahad. Despite his bad looks, there’s somehow this unusual grip to the drama. I really wish Haniya, instead of hiding from Ahmed that Ahad is troubling her, she would tell Ahmed about him. But it shows now that she depends on Ahmed’s sister to tell the family about Ahad. It would be nice to show that Haniya secretly records Ahad teasing her and show that as proof to Ahmed so he would believe her.

        I am sure you’ll enjoy Aashti- it’s a fast paced and heart-wrenching drama.

        I also putting three more links for telefilms of Imran Abbas- he didn’t make a great name in dramas but some of his telefilms are a joy to watch:


        — Sheer Khurma

        — Khatti Meethi

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSEnjw6GpeU — Tum Kahan Hum Kahan

        These are really cute telefilms starring Imran Abbas:)

        Hey SZ, I want to ask that the reviewers including you on this blog- do you guys get a salary for writing articles?


        • @Aisha Kazi: Thanks for sharing more recommendations .. again, haven’t seen these but will now check them out 🙂
          Re your query: this is my personal blog, so no other review writers here .. and nope nobody pays me to write anything. Each and every post is a reflection of what I think (good or bad) about a particular episode/serial.. 🙂


    • @aisha kazi i watched sandal.. im not a great mona lisa fan, but have to admit this was quite nice and fahad was one hell of a darzi! lol
      @SZ sorry whats JPJ?
      As for FM looks.. im glad im not the only one thinking that.. he’s looking awful in Kankar.. whats with so much make up? honestly in places he looked like a pantomime actor or even a khusra.. toba toba! lolol..


      • @Aisha Kazi: I have seen Sandal and not a fan of Mona Liza but that was a raally good serial. She did a wonderful job and FM nailed the darzi character!
        I used to like FM once upon a time but now he is so weird looking since he’s become a fair and lovely ambassador.
        Another one of his plays you should check out is Wajood E Laraib. I think this was one of his first serials, not too sure but he was really good in it. and also Mastana Mahi, with Mehreen Raheal and Sajal Ali.
        Now seeing him in Kankar and Meri Humrahi, all i can say is he has lost lots of fans.

        @FA: JPJ = Jago Pakistan Jago. Humtv’s Morning show.


        • I didn;t like Mastana Mahi because of the very slow pace but somehow, it kept me gripped.

          (kya dikha Fahad Mastana Mahi mai- with his long kurta shalwar-too good)

          Wujood e Laraib is definitely on my list to watch.


  5. Great list SZ! All these sound like must watches! You know, since there is nothing else worthwhile on tv. This is why most people are going back and watching dramas that have finished, over again.
    The Entertainment industry needs to take some serious action. I wish they would release all these new movies coming out worldwide, on youtube or something.

    Anyways back to topic! Of your list I have seen Kalaak, and Ammi. Kalaak was so so creepy! I never realized that was FM until the second time around when I saw the telefilm on your youtube channel.
    For a first time acting gig, Sanam was amazing! Must have been very difficult to play that character.

    Ammi was also a really good watch. Sania Saaed, and Uzma Gillani, heck even Shahood Alvi, at their best!

    It seems now a days telefilms are a lot better then serials. Short and sweet. And they actually have stories! 🙂

    Will check out the rest from your list, as they also sound pretty intriguing.


    • @Ash: Hey, good to hear from you .. been a while! Short and sweet is exactly right … I really wish producers would stop dragging out the serials so much .. no matter how good a story, it does lose its charm if it goes on forever .. :/


  6. @SZ: Hey, this post of yours was one great idea. Loved this. Brought back memories of KAHANIYAN days. I used to wait for those. Among others in that series Shanakht was one of my favs! I saw it again from this post. Yasir Nawaz, Salim Mairaj, Rashid Farooqi….memorable….as I saw it yesterday, I was amazed that I could remember each scene (except Sania’s dark lipstick, didn’t remember that)!!

    From there I trawled the net and saw Rehmat—Sania Saeed, Nadia Jamil ( Nadia is Rehmat, Sania’s maid)….these people along with Humayun Saeed, Yasir Nawaz & co. were one great gang those days….many memorable outings this team had! There was one another great fav of mine, unfortunately, I have forgotten the title/name of the play….if you could help…Samina Peerzada plays Sania Saeed’s mom….Humayun Saeed & Yasir Nawaz are friends….Sania likes Humayun and believes he reciprocates whereas HS falls for the older woman her mom and wants to marry her…its all about how Sania comes round to accept this relationship…ring a bell?? If anyone knows the name please share.

    Kaalak was amazing…SB’s show all the way…what a performance!! FM hardly had a role. Not very long ago, HUM showed it again. Gives me goose-bumps every time I watch it. Its a memorable one alright!

    Frankly speaking, didn’t like Shaali the first time I saw long time ago and I watched it again yesterday from this post…didn’t like it again. So many other plays have touched upon this child marriage issue so this was not path-breaking, somehow in that short span of time they have just about skimmed over it….can’t really put a finger on it but something about it I don’t like!

    FK’s Kal, I found very preachy too….but it was an idealist’s take, so ok! All the actors were good….they made it worthwhile to watch….not easy to do that with just one library as the setting for the whole play. So I must say it was good! Making a little detour, I don’t know how many of you watch Indian movies….there was one gem from what used to be called “art films”, it was called “Ek Ruka Hua Faisla” ( perhaps Kal got the seed of its idea from there). No other similarity between the two. The Indian short film was all about a jury deciding on the “guilty” “not guilty” verdict in a murder trial….all the jury members are confined to one room for their deliberations….amazing, unforgettable….the actors are all old now….if anything only one among them Pankaj Kapoor (Shahid Kapoor’s father) might be known to some on this forum and he was young those days! It was a b/w film.

    The others you have posted here, I have yet to see. I have seen and I liked Aashti. Seen it even recently when HUM showed it again. This is one good place to come to. Like a treasure trove!! Hope people keep adding to the list already here. Then we can totally forget about whats being shown these days and keep ourselves entertained with these oldies!!


    • @RR: I see your point abt Shaali not being a novel subject, in that we’ve seen numerous plays on this issue, I guess something about the way Suhaee played Shaali and the way the director’s sensitive handling of the topic hit home. That scene where the marbles drop from her hands when she is being sent off to her husband’s home, or when the first real farmaish she makes of her husband is that he bring some chawal so that she can cook them for her doll’s wedding made me really tear up. When I was watching this one this time around I could help but be reminded of Rehaai, and I think this one was much more effective in conveying the plight of the child bride much more effectively than that one .. of course that one then did go on to present a solution as well, although it sounded too much like a readout from Kashf Foundation’s manifesto… Did you watch that one? What did you think of it?

      Cant remember the one you are mentioning, but now its one more added to the list of plays Im hunting for…

      Also, did anybody here happen to see Cheekh? Starrig Rehan Sheikh it aired on A-PluS in the summer, in the series Bahar ka Shahkar or some such. I missed it, but those who saw it called it a must see…. I have tried to look for it, but seems like every other film from that series is online except this one.. If somebody knows of a link for this one please do share! Heres a link for he trailer ..

      And, havent seen the b/w film you mentioned but will look it up as well … and yes, Mr. Pankaj Kapoor is a fantastic actor, a class above the hoi polloi of Bollywood..


      • @RR @SZ @nargis rashid re kal: the hollywood movie i mentioned earlier is called ”the breakfast club”.. 5 high school students, all from very different backgrounds, in a detention on a sunday for the whole day, locked in school library..and how that one meeting changed their lives forever.. it’s a classic. the only difference i found was the topic they were supposed to write about. not a fan of charbas, but i really enjoyed how they used the same scenario to reflect upon the mulk ke halat & self-realization in kal.

        re rehai: now that was a 20+ episode ad.. i’m not a quitter but rehai, i gave up after a few episodes.. couldnt take it any more! so right abt the readouts from the foundations menifesto!


        • @FA: Ah! yes! Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, and the gang… great job connecting the two, I can totally see the similarities in their premise now!
          I too gave up on Rehaii after the first few eps …


  7. @All: I have updated the post and added in your recommendations.I am looking for some of the other ones that were mentioned in the comments and will add those in when I or anybody else can hunt them down. Meanwhile do continue sharing your faves 🙂


  8. Salaams SZ again, just a note on Kalaak, what I hated is that Fahad Mustafa,in the scene where Rashi Farooqi is about to cut Sanam Baloch bald, even when Fahad sees that Rashid Farooqi seems to be very angry, I hope he done something to help Sanam out. He just runs away.

    Also, current dramas that that I would say are worth watching are- Sannata, Aseer Ziadi, Shehr E Yaaran is interesting as every episode goes by and there is a sitcom which comes on Ary called Ek aur Ek Dhai starring Ali Haider, Ali Safina, Mansha Pasha, Ayesha Toor- has funny moments:)


    • Havent seen SeY ,,, AZ I need to catch up on, but Sannata I’m def watching, infact working on the review right now .. I had reviewed the first 4 eps earlier …


  9. @FA: Satrangi and Jeevan Ki Rahon are both youth oriented serials … JKRM is a coming of age serial about a bunch of college friends .. unlike his outing in ZGH, FK actually looked the part of a college student.

    Satrangi is about a group of youngsters who set out on a journey to explore Pakistan, and in the process end up discovering themselves.


  10. Hello SZ: Love your blog and am a regular visitor. As I have just recently started watching urdu dramas, I have not seen any of the recommended telefilms and/or dramas, however just wanted to say that “Ek Ruka Hua Faisha” (1987) is a remake of a beautiful American movie “12 Angry Men” (1957), Will revert shorty after watching some of the recommended titles.


    • Hi Nargis, lovely to hear from you 🙂 Thank you for joining in our discussion and sharing that pc of info abt Ek Ruka Hua Faisla … do come back to share your views abt these or other telefilm/plays you might have enjoyed, new or old 🙂


    • @Nargis Rashid: Hi, thanks for giving that tidbit about “Ek Ruka Hua Faisla”….didn’t know this. I caught “Ek….” much later on my uncle’s recommendation. Found it amazing. Is the American film just the same story? Would love to know.


  11. All: Here are a couple of othe good telefilms I had totally forgotten about 🙂

    Intikhab written by Faiza Iftikhar and directed by Adnan Ahmed

    and an absolute must watch Daur -e Junoon


  12. I have been reading your views since a long time but u seems very negative in your articles. Sorry for being judgemental but you should give some positive wayout as well because we dont have any institution here for this purpose. I often state that its the skill of some passionate people due to which this industry has developed. I often find you judgemental on different shows. If you critics you must have any solution or alternate for that u r criticising on. I often find u biased with some ppl in the industry. U seem to be a friend of sherzad instead of fan. As far as my exposure to to media is concern she lacks in many fields. Her play silvatein was a badly directed play.

    I would just request you to just be positive while writing articles. You cant force your point of view just because you have a platform. Go n do research on this art of storytelling. What are the genre, how the story is being told, the show is fiction or realistic. You should guide the viewers categorising the show that which genre and which type does it belong to.

    I can feel you are not fond of fiction things instead of unliking n hating them try to get to know know about how the content is developed.

    I hope you take my criticism positive. But do get well informed and do educate ppl


    • @Sundas: Thank you for being a long time follower, it always great to hear from silent reader.. glad you decided to jump in and comment 🙂 Thank you also for the detailed feedback…
      Just wanted to clear one thing… Shehrazade and I are not friends.


        • Asa Sundus….I read your comment a few days back and then the recent one.
          From my understanding we are all free to write whatever we like, anywhere on the net or elsewhere. This is SZ’s personal blog so if she likes/dislikes a play she is free to write it so. On the other hand we are free to do the same. Infact maybe you could start your own blog! Good idea na?


  13. @Sz I watched Zindegi udas hai tu-ammi and Shanakt. Loved loved loved them. For Shanakt, I was astound to see that your drama addresses such issues so beautifully that we do not dare to speak about. Zindegi udas hai tu-ammi was so subtle and sweet – the mother-daughter relation, the son-in-law – mother-in-law relation. Wow.


    • @SM: So glad that you enjoyed these ones

      Ammi left me somehow happy but really sad.. hard to explain.. loved that there was absolutely no judgement about either of the characters and the bond b/w the whole family was so beautifully shown and so relatable… after watching this one I was kind of left in a trance… not really sad but very reflective .. very powerful in its simplicity ..
      And Shanakht, wow that was a mind blowing one … incidentally written by same writer as Ammi, Mohd. Ahmed Sahab. He shared a bit of a back story about Shanakht on my FB page under the link for this post .. you can check that out there … Ghoonghat is another one from the same writer/director combo. Not sure if you saw that one.. very diff from these but equally engrossing.

      No, our dramas generally dont address such taboo topic, forget about doing it so exquisitely. This was definitely a one off. Most of our mainstream dramas tend to revolve around “safe” topics like shaadi, talaaq, biw. shohar, pyar muhabbat, etc.. which is one of the reasons why I was so attracted to Numm initially.

      If you get around to watching the others, do share your thoughts .. and if you have any recommendations you’d like to share please feel free to do 🙂


      • thanks for the fb reference.. awww these lil details add so much more to the experience. watched shanakht earlier today.. and was left with a dropped gob!! hai bechara!! i can imagine playing such roles must be pretty traumatic! i was thinking of that while watching and then the fb comments just confirmed it…


  14. I remember two really good ones which I saw some time ago:

    Tumharay Baad *ing Nadia Jamil, Faisal Rehman, Moammar Rana
    It was based on the Danish movie “After the Wedding” Very well done; the movie was really worth watching too

    Zikr Hai Kai Saal Ka *ing Atiqa Odhoo, Rahat Kazmi, Ali Kazmi
    Director: Sahira Kazmi

    This one is old but I really liked it; Nayyara Noor’s special rendition of Woh Jo Hum Mein Tum Mein Qaraar Tha for this drama was beautiful

    Both are online, the latter on youtube


    • @NH: Thanks for sharing your recommendations 🙂 I have seen Tumharey Baad, yes, a really nice one – thanks for reminding me .. I will check this out again 🙂 Zikr.. I saw recently and yes its another fab one 🙂 Do keep sharing any other good films/long plays you come across … I love watching these, particularly at times like these when we seem to going through a dry spell as somebody aptly put it!


  15. I also watched jikar hai kuch saal ka. A sweet one. the song was wonderful. I also watched another Rahat Quazmi serial of the 80s ‘Ehsas’. It revolves around a father and a ten-year-old son after his mother departs. A really beautiful one.


    • @SM: Yes, thanks for adding Ehsaas to a list of fab films .. I’ll find these and put up links for those who haven’t had a chance to see these … And please continue sharing your recommendations … there is so much stuff out there that it is difficult to watch everything and so its great to have a list of recommendations to follow!


  16. Just finished watching Kal and love it. Thank you sharing all these. I think Kal a must watch for everyone in Pakistan and everyone who grew up there. We may not be able to change our habits easily, but changing our perceptions and attitudes is not hard. One just needs to let go of false ego!

    The other one I liked is Armaan. The story may not be original but it is nicely done. Love Amna Khan and I think she has an impressive retinue of dramas in her work


    • Armaan: the recent remake? FK wali? If it is that one, yes that was fun… infact reviewed it as well… and we had a great time discussing the nitty grittys of that one as well… Do you remember FK’s atrocious yellow/green “gola ganda” outfit, as one reader had aptly described it, lol thats not one that’s gonna be forgotten in a hurry! 😉


  17. I wasn’t sure whether to come here or to the express telefilms thread.. Just watched Zahra and OMG!!! Im absolutely blown over!!
    @SZ by now you pbbly know what a sucker I am for sights and sounds, any thing cultural, and full of character..
    the crochet table covers, the kahwa mugs, the doors and windows, the paintings, the writing on the wall the chawdars, what a visual treat!!! and most of all …OMG that farsi.. even though i didnt understand 99% of it but it was such music to my ears..absolutely beautiful!
    ok the accents were coming and going, and some headscarves were so not from iran.. still i dont think i’ve been this overwhelmed by anything in a quite some time!.. absolutely loved it!

    btw watched daur-ejunoon the other day.. and uff just had to call my mum & dad afterwards!!…. & was that young faisal qureshi’s pic (the blown up bloack & white one) on the wall???


  18. @SZ. Just watched ‘Shenakht.’ Loved it! I was impressed by the authenticity of the characters and the realness of the setting. I was moved by Rashid’s reality of not finding his place either with Majid or with Naila – even though Naila was kinder. The ending scene portrayed the liminality of his existence in way that was touching. For a while when they [Shameem and Dilbar?] were talking about his marrying Naila and her parents not accepting them etc., I was wondering whether the story would take a turn like “The Bird Cage” [which was a remake of the French film “La Cage aux Folles.” ] I couldn’t help wondering if the same characters were set in an upper-class society how the story/characters would turn out. That so much was packed into a short telefilm in a way that doesn’t make the portrayal lacking in any way makes me admire the makers of this genre. Like the short story or novella it really is an art form. Superb! Dil bhar gayA. Thanks for the recommendation.


  19. I m on a mission to watch one telefilm per day..
    After watching Shanakht and Ammi, i was mesmerized by performances of our actors.. Yasir nawaz ne dil jeet liya with his performance.. aur Sania saeed aur Uzma G ki tareef krna tau sooraj ko charaagh dikhanay k baraabar hai..
    Kaalak is an average project, although Sanam baloch perfomed brilliantly.. Fahad mustafa ki acting kuch khaas nahi lagi yahan.. Climax scene uski acting ki wajah se flat lga..

    I saw this telefilm 2 yrs ago and really liked it.. link of first part is here


  20. SALAM & HELLO!
    I am a cross border fan of paki dramas. had been watching them on and off since childhood. I came across your blog looking for recommendations and after watching most of the above listed, I must say they were fabulous. Shanakht kal raatko dekha and believe me Yasir Nawaz character has still not left my mind. It was so intensely emotional. I thank you for suggesting them but I need a favor from you, to post me the link of all the parts of dabu from Mehreen Jabbar’s kahaniyan series. The one available on YouTube seems incomplete to me. Also if you could recommend some more old and new dramas. await your reply. Thanks once again


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