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Shukar Alhamdulillah!! Finally after a very long time I was actually able to make it through an episode without having to rewind a thousand times and straining to catch the murmurs and whispers. In terms of the sound quality and background score, therefore, this latest installment was a surefire winner in my book. This should not, however, be read as a thumbs up for the episode as a complete package. Though coherent in terms of narrative – the insightful conversation between Baray Sahab and his lawyer, and excellent acting by Sania Saeed and Farah Shah were all plus points – the inordinate emphasis on catfights and OTT theatrics from the khaandani bahu and her partner-in-crime Rukhsana left me sorely disappointed.

The one question that was answered from those horribly melodramatic confrontations between Mahjabeen and Neelam was that Wali was unaware about Qasim’s existence, image (5)and it is this secret that has held Mahjabeen a prisoner for so long in the Bakht household. If it was just her, much like Amtul, she too would’ve turned her back on all this madness and sought refuge in the deepest recesses of her mind. Unlike Amtul though, Mahjabeen is not a khaandani bahu, mother to the publicly acknowledged heir of the Bakht khaandan. Rather she is a vani, a woman handed over to the enemy by her own family members. More importantly, she is a vani with a dark secret. If Baray Sahab had gotten even a hint of Qasim’s existence he would’ve been dead long ago.

Though we still don’t know how Mahjabeen was able to keep Qasim’s existence a secret for so long, but after the filmi threats from Wali’s Star Plus inspired wife, she is afraid for her son. 1426718_618971131483204_1195205886_nThough Mahjabeen implores him to stay away Qasim laughs off her concern. Much like Alamgir, who lived life as he pleased and never knew what it meant to live on somebody else’ terms, Qasim too makes light of her warnings. Feeling more alone than ever, Mahjabeen can only look longingly towards the wide open sky. Will there ever come a time when she is freed of the seen and unseen shackles that keep her bound to the Bakht household?

Earlier Neelam had appeared like a breath of fresh air; she was bold, unafraid of questioning the status quo, but after seeing her in the past couple of episodes one is left to wonder if she is indeed any more different than the other feudals around her. Enjoying typical wadera pleasures, wallowing in the joy of owning property, getting her legs pressed, involving maids in gharelu matters, 1475817_618983124815338_542924652_nhave them spy on family members, and deriving pleasure from watching others squirm, she seems to be turning out to be more like Baray Sahab than his own flesh and blood, his grandson Wali. Now that she is pregnant, God help everybody in the household when the prima donna returns after araam-ing at the hospital, not that anything seems to be physically wrong with her! 

The most meaningful scene today was the one between Baray Sahab and his lawyer. Though the writer/director seem to have chosen to highlight the useless tussles between the biwi and the vani, for me the clash between the past and present, tradition and modernity, which is taking place between Wali and Baray Sahab is so much more interesting. 1456631_618974804816170_166167862_nBaray Sahab might have thought of the sugar mill as no more than a harmless toy to pacify Wali, but clearly he has underestimated his seemingly quiet and submissive grandson. I hope we get to see more of this track as now Neelam’s inheritance is also coming in to play. I don’t think Wali will take too kindly to his grandfather’s continued interference in the way he runs his business. The boy who played on his grandfather’s lap and looked to him for assistance is now showing that he is a man with his own mind. Wali’s transition, from his laid back foreign returned pants/jeans wearing avatar to the stiff-backed wadera, wearing starched shalwar kameez-es, has been handled very smoothly.

1456717_618978288149155_570355222_nFor a serial that I have been raving about for its subtle approach, the over loud scenes between Neelam and Mahjabeen were jarring to say the least – what the heck was that with the “boy” bit?? Neelam seems to be losing her marbles pretty fast! Moreover her “fall” was pathetically fake, and the maid attempt to spy on Mahjabeen walking by the pool was was even more useless. Another very poorly executed scene was the one at the hospital. We have more than enough problems with the portrayal of working women in our drama serials, was it necessary then to show the twit of a lady doctor flirting with Wali? Yes, Fawad Khan is pretty irresistible, but surely the actress in question could have tried to appear a bit less smitten?

imageFinally, a shout out to the the DOP for the lovely night time shots. The scenes, Amtul walking in the gardens, perhaps the only time where she allows herself to come out of her self-imposed shell, Mahjabeen looking up at the moonlight sky, and  her meetings with Qasim were beautifully shot. Also nicely done are the exterior scenes in Baray Sahab’s haveli. Overall, a mixed bag, getting there but hunooz Dilli door ast ….

Written by SZ~

Numm ~ Episode 13



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  1. @SZ As always, the review highlights everything about the episode. The pace was good and the story is developing quickly.

    A special shout out to the producers….we didn’t have our fill of bad actors/acting in the form of N, Minahil and Rahat, so thank you for adding more in the form of the new maid and “the twit” of a doctor who was swooning over Wali and looked no more than a first yr medical student. Further belief that the producers couldn’t see past SS and FK to find a good team. FK looks quite bored of it too(as FK and not just Wali) or this could simply be my imagination.

    BS is a sharp cookie. Not only has he manipulated his “khandaan ki babu” into thinking she is THE woman of the house and his chaheeti by “gifting her the house, he also holds her dad’s power of attorney. Effectively whatever he gifts is his and Wali’s to take back 🙂 I wish the producers had touched upon Wali’s breaking away from the family norm more than it just being discussed over morning tea, with a lawyer who had to have a few drinks before he could meet BS.

    You’ve drawn a good parallel between Qasim and Alamgir. Someone needs to start taking MJ seriously! She looking up at the sky and even telling N how she has sacrificed her life etc were beautifully performed. Her expressions were spot on. I found it difficult to sit through Amtul’s scene except for the part where she steps out at night.

    What did MJ say to BS when he commented that she is quite “bekhabar” these days? I couldn’t make out her response.

    My little kids play better hide n seek and spying games than these two women were. Please, I want my Salima back! I loved her concern for MJ too.

    Overall good episode…now only if it had more of Wali and yes i have to say it again, more Salima than the new maid.

    • @Ak she said ab zaroorat nahinn rahi shayad.. to which BS said iss ka faisla tum nahin hum khud karein ge
      & salima over new maid any day! like they hadn’t tried our patience enough already with N and her acting se aari family..

    • @AK: Yaar, too funny abt the new maid … okay so here’s my take on this .. insaan ko har haal mein khush reha chahiye, try not to complain too much about their lot in life .. ab dekho hum sab ne Salima ke itni buraai ki they took her away and presented us with an even bigger namuna… ab aa rahi hai na qadar Salima ki 😉 Clearly all those who say there is no profundity in Numm are missing out on these very important life lessons!! 😉 😉

      • @SZ lol. Yes you are absolutely right…a lesson we keep forgetting. Waisay, I became a fan of Salima soon after she “accidentally” spilled the juice on N 🙂 If not for her OTT exposure, she is the one person who seems to truly care about MJ (except Wali of course), understands the system and dislikes N (top marks for that) AND had the courage to tell N “ap nay itnay shauk say steak banaya hai, aap chakkhain” all the time covering her nose with the dupatta. I love her 🙂

        There are lessons to be learnt from every play, however badly it is made. Its how we look at it and what we take away. The one sad thing about this play is its cast, barring FK, UP and SS (I am not fully convinced about Amtul yet).

        @lol about the unborn child. Poor poor child.

        • @Ak I remember that.. that was woo funny .. ”ap nay itnay shauk say banaya hai, aap chakkhain” …if anything, apart from tarr tarr zaban, woman is def gutsy! i think thats why N decided to go for a new personal chamchi.. I mean afterall they didnt really need a new maid, did they?? or is salima officially promoted to Mj’s head-maid and there was vacancy for salimas role?…
          btw numm fb page also going on abt naukar role in havelis.. I mean please numm!! this isnt downton abbey! and if thats what u guys r going for atleast choose actors who can act.. not the just freebie drama students u r trying to help out for the sake of some lame penny pinching!!

        • @Sofia: If you are referring to my comment above then you must have realized that it was a strictly tongue-in-cheek comment… not to be taken literally!!

      • This review of yours is better than your previous ones. It proves that you are quite attentively watching this serial. Besides, I really appreciate the way you always find something appreciative in it. It must be very hard to dig it out. Just kidding! Why do you think Wali’s wife is “Star Minus inspired”? What was so meaningful about the scene between Baray Sahab and the lawyer?

        • @Sofia: Thank you for liking this review relatively more – much appreciated 🙂
          Re: my comment abt the W and BS scene I did explain my viewpoint in the review … Re: the “Star Minus (good one!!) inspired” comment, here I do not refer to a specific serial or anything.. rather I use the term “Star Plus type” in a broader sense (as it is used by many commentators these days) to refer to over the top melodrama as was evident in MJ/N scenes.. 🙂

          • You can make good jokes. (How can I insert a smiley here?)

            Thanks for explaining it to me. I couldn’t find anything melodramatic in M/N scenes, but rather in M scene in part one at 18:08. Besides, the Background music is creating a melodramatic effect as well.

    • So true about how BS has manipulated Neelam … I’m with you on that we should’ve seen more of Wali’s spine regeneration rather than being tarkho-ed with a one scene conversation with the lawyer.

      And yes, those hide and seek games were getting on my nerves.. how old are they again??? I am already feeling sorry for her unborn child!

  2. @SZ Shukar Alhamdolillah we got ur review! lolol and a brilliant one as usual..
    As much as I enjoyed this episode narrative-wise, I think there was way too much N and wwaaaayyyy tooo much of the salima asst turned N’s dum-chhalli.. between the two of them competition was really sakht for the most dehooda acting..
    i wonder if team numm completely ran out of budget after hiring FK and chose all amatures for the rest of the cast… i mean N’s family, the devil’s advocate, and everyone and anyone else…
    As I was watching the Q MJ scene I was thinking abt ur explaination of A & MJ scene.. jaisa baap waisa beta!
    Now do u think rahat knows something? she seemed really worried at the revelation?
    And W didn’t seem happy/excited at the news at first?? or atleast not how he should be..

    I agree W &BS track will be more interesting than the biwi vani track. Wonder what he will make out of him being a bait for N’s jaidad? And what will N do when she finds out ke wo sab faraib tha.. Why did stupid lawyer mention Rahat’s consent? Lagta hai subah subah kuch ziada hi pi li thi.. btw what is W doing at the sugar mill anyway? I didnt catch that..
    And the kurta.. yes i noticed that last week too.. thats not just the nightsuit any more.. bass ab bari bari moonchein chahyein.. Now we have mr & mrs wadera saaein in making lol.. i think the pair dabwana was out of character tho.. no?

    btw the Mj dream: I almost choked thinking OMG yeh tou abhi bata de gi to age kia hoga.. but that excitement was short-lived..
    I think for me, how W will react to Q track is more exciting at the moment.. I mean his cousin/step-son/ jaidad ka shareek.. but MJ’s matae jan – kul jahan……
    lol @ doctor flirting.. can u blame her really? but what was that stupid laugh all about? na news ki khushi na excitement.. N is more worried abt Mj &Q…honestly this couple has got to be the lamest couple ever.. calling each other horrible and fall flat romance..

    • @FA: LOL! Even I was going Shukar AH ke aaj review raat 12 baje se pehle ho gaya 😉 Ugh yeah .. way tooo many scenes of KW chewing her dialogues and the stupid spy games were really annoying … did they both think they were auditioning for lead roles in Law and Order or a James Bond movie? and that whole trying to peek into MJ’s room was the lamest pretext ever for a fall… and doesnt MJ have a room on the first floor (in PK parlance)? If so, then shouldn’t N be a little more hurt? Not even an obligatory filmi pati on her forehead? And why was she being asked to do bed rest?
      She’s only 8 weeks preggo .. us mein itna araam??
      And you are right, W seemed very uninterested, actually pretty bored, with the whole scenario.. lagta hai bohot ziada retakes ke baad FK ka bhi dimagh ghoom gaya tha.. and then the sonay pe suhaga doctor baji… ufff!!!

      Re” the pair dabwana, N is from a feudal background as well, so not so much out of character, just was interesting to see her hifi veneer slipping off here and there ..

      Re: Wali at the sugar mill, remember the 11th episode whewn W complains to BS about not doing anything other than settling gharelu squabbles and BS first suggests a possibiliy of a run for political office and then comes up with the idea of letting W manage a sugar mill … fully expecting W to be like other feudals and use this position as a mere time pass..

      • @SZ yaar bhale der se bhi aaye bass so long as yeh review aata rahe!
        lol@ law and order or james bond.. more like spy kids.. lol
        i think kafi logon ko kafi afsos hua hoga ke N bagher kharash ke hi nikal gai aur wo bhi khushkhabri ke saath! .. I swear when i saw that empty pool earlier I was imagining her falling into that and imagining worst possible injuries.. I know im bad naa! bass Allah maaf kare – Astaghfirullah! btw Whats up with the empty pool?? iss se acha garden mein hi dikha dete.. seriously numm ka budget bilkul hi zero ho gya tha.. pool bhi nahin bharwa sake lol
        re sugar mill: i remember that but what i meant was what has he done differently now thats bugging BS so much?

        ROFL@ bohot ziada retakes… i would love to hear FKs honest aapbiti after this…he was so totally not with it today..
        lol @ feeling sorry for the unborn child & life’s lessons .. too funny!

        • @FA, when I saw the empty pool, even I thought it was shown empty as N may fall in it later. At that time it looked to me that before N, MJ only might fall in it. 🙂 Waise, how many of us fantasized about pushing N in it…..

            • lol @ ”horrible”… chalo ji life lessons dene ke saath saath hamain ”horrible” bhi bana raha hai numm.. tobbaaa! lolol

          • Ok some explainations for showing the empty pool:
            1. They ran out of budget.. Sara budget Fk pe lag gya..Pani bharwane ke paise bhi khatam.
            2. they thought the ”thinking audience” could imagine the pani themselves..they have pretty strong imagination..they have been filling in the missing links, pani bhi bharr lain ge khud..
            3. After all other dramas got away with ainak without lens ( think it was dil e muztar).. And teacups without tea etc.. Why not try something bigger this time!
            4. More magic tricks from BS
            5. My bet : By this time team numm ko andaza ho chala tha ke unn ke liye Chullu bhar pani hi kafi hai. Pool bhara to serious damage ka andesha hai

            • @FA your explanations on the empty pool simply cracked me up. I think the fifth one is the most apt mumkinaat…

        • @FA: Oh, gotcha.. I think Wali was handling some mazdoor issues in a way that was not to BS’ liking .. so even as he had just ended his lecture on zamin and hum sab ka huq hai he went on to instruct the lawyer to ignore W and carry on with the older established practice of dealing with laborers’ grievances.

    • @FA: haha at almost choked…and so agree with u on lamest couple.. Totally pheeke hain dono.. And good one @SZ at retakes.. Poor fellow i must say

  3. oh yeah btw: while W & N are name calling in pre school playground , Q & Mj are having secret garden parties and N & her partner-in-crime (in every scense possible) are playing hide & seek.. we have BS practicing magic tricks.. iss haath de iss haath le… and even tera maal mera maal, mera maal mera maal.. lol

  4. Wonderful review and as FA has said your reviews are more engaging than episode itself.. A whole new world it is with every comment brings a new aspect to discuss 🙂

    It was actually much better episode than last week.. Though neelam and that maid left no chance to ruin it but thanks to some very beautifully done scenes and top notch acting i enjoyed this latest instalment. Bare Sahab is perfect example of how disgusting feudal high guns are.. His scenes are always interesting to watch and makes you wonder what next he will be up to.. I can so understand that lawyers situation.. Beechara waqeel 😀 and agree with u SZ it will be great to see more dada pota scenes than that chupan chupai game :/

    Talking of chupan chupai.. It seemed like i was watching some indian drama with all that spying and kaan lagana.. Hilarious i must say 😀 n how can neelam get unconscious by just striping.. It wasnt that big fall.. Kya tou phenkte hain ye loug

    Sania Saeed was as usual show stealer..the way she emoted during her scenes with kanza.. Specially the moment when mahjabeen talked about her punishment was simply classic.. How can one not feel about her.. Her acting bit is so justified..the frustration to get free, to meet her son..and then that hasrat in her eyes when she looked at moon.. Truly Beautiful!!

    Qasim is her only hope.. She just cant take any chance regarding him but precap for next episode seems so sad and frightening 😦 i quite liked the last scene between them.. So tender and full of warmth 🙂

  5. @SZ, Thanks for a great review. Thank god or rather Numm team that we were able to hear the dialogues without rewinding most of the time. If only, it continues. Apart from the silly maid and silly N’s conversations, I was wondering why N’s mother was so worried as to what she found out. Some grand “secret” that is not known to Gen X ala W and N. Seems that way.
    Also in her dream when MJ tells W that she wants to speak to him about Q, I got the impression, he knows but doesn’t want to talk about it. That brings us back to the eternal question (at least to me) who is Q? I saw yesterday, they tried to avoid addressing this issue.
    Is there something more that happened when Amtul went mad, the conversation she keeps remembering seems incomplete … maybe as some 10 more episodes to go they need to keep somethings under wrap.
    W seemed so uninterested when doctor told him about the pregnancy that one wonders what happened to FK. I really liked his reaction to the same news in ZGH (Some individual scenes). It seemed so natural and in character. Here it was like, acchha director ne bola hai to thoda muskara do thoda confused dikh lo. FK seemed really bored with the proceedings.
    I also hope they show more of scenes btw BS and W fighting about the issues instead of doing through third parties. That should make the show more interesting. It would also be interesting to know what does W think of BS having power of attorney for N’s father and surreptitiously taking back everything gifted to N.
    And What happened to HM. thats all we could hear in the last episode.

      • Sorry , i meant Honeymoon and the month long freedom from N.. Last episode she went on and on about it…. this episode she was into her Sherlock Holmes mood….Waise, i thought her idea was to throw MJ out of the house and W’s life. I think if she tells it directly to MJ, she will realize how much MJ also want it.. What was that about ” I want you to go mad and then die”

        • Oh, the honeymoon, (LOL our acros are increasing day by day 😉 ) I just talked about in my earlier comment ke with this pregnancy ki khabar doesn’t seem like madam Neelam is going anywhere

          • Consequences of N ‘s news:
            1. Honeymoon canceled. (cringing at the thought of seeing more of N and her new spy)
            2. BS over the moon with the idea of having a new toy (and of course at Wali’s”horse riding skills” :P)
            3. MJ thinking “ab tu jaanay do mujhay”
            4. Qasim thinking “MJ hasn’t had enough so let me take me have some fun too ”
            5. Wali “i am stuck between 2 drama queens…koi nikalo mujhay yahan say….londonnnnn”
            6. Doctor “let me keep N in the hospital for a fe more days (thank you Doc) so I can swoon over hubby some more”
            7. Minahil “yeh lo, another chance at over acting and being rude to my mommy when she’s excited about the news”
            8. N “does this mean I have to grow up and act my age? nahinnnn”

            • @AK brilliant consequences. As for N to grow up and be her age , today she her dumchalli acted as 5 year old. As someone said earlier, poor unborn child.
              Can someone ask the doctor to keep N in hospital for whole 7-8 months so that she can drool over FK and we dont have to bear her in the drama.
              Waise not complaining abt it, but when are servants allowed to stay over in the hospital.
              But we should thank god for Manhil free episode, you never know when may we be so fortunate again.
              In the precap, why does Q run on seeing Wali. I thought he wanted MJ to tell everyone about him. it looked as if “See Wali I am her, so fire at me as I am running and making myself so conspicuous and the story needs a push”

            • @AK lolol thats too funny!
              looks like with honeymoon and ghur sawari laid to rest, look like W will now have his new toy, the gun, to play with.. again offered by one and only BS..
              judging by the preview, thanks to this new khilona, hopefully we will be seeing less of our filmy N,her annoying family and her OTT chamchi next week and more of Mj, W, Q and Amtul..
              btw did we notice apart from being a Manahil free episode this was also Mj not looking in the mirror episode!

            • Yaar aap log sab bohot funny ho.. all your comments and hilarious interpretations and mumkinats make this whole Numm journey so much more entertaining – thank you!! 😀 😀

        • Lol I was also wondering ki ab honeymoon Kaisa hoga!, Neelum bibi to gayee Kama se. Maybe wali can take qasim instead and do some cousin bonding on who gets the jaidad and leave Neelum and Mj together to fight it out!!
          Lol at I want you to go mad and die!! Omg what a stupid dialogue!

          • @SK : LMAO @Q and W going away for a bromancing trip.. what if they go to London and never return… then N and MJ and their dumchhalis Salima and Rukhsana will all join forces, sniff them out with the kuttas BS was gonna gift N, and shoot down our two runaway riders with that huge rifle that N had learnt to fire.. BS will die of a heart attack after hearing this … the jaidad will be a matter of contention b/w the two ladies, but after another round of OTT spying and coughing they will decide to chill and divvy up the spoils b/w themselves. MJ will then be free ke jitna aur jab dil chahe asmanon ko dekhe, sitaron ko dekhe, mirror mein dekhe, balon ko dekhe… jahan chahe dekhe… and N will be free to make as many tree-friends as she wants …and they all live happily after 😉 😉

            • @SZ hahahahaha OMG im in stitches… uff!! thats just too funny
              funny u mentioned that too but the kuttas also seem to be the haddi for neelum.. like all the other gifts from BS that seem to be miraclously disappearing.. like the zameen, jaidad & the honeymoon… neelum ke haan khushkhabri aa gai magar kutte nahin aae!

            • LOL @ SZ I LOVE your ending!! kaash they would have handed us the script that was probably written in a drunken stupor like the lawyer dude

    • @PG: Yes, seems like there is a lot abt the past that is as yet unknown to us .. so we will have to wait for the mysteries to unravel. Yes, I think there is more to Amtul’s condition that we are being led to believe, I dont think she is “unbalanced” per se, but rather chooses to retreat from her very difficult present. I also think that Amtul probably knew about Qasim, since she and Alamgir were close. so there is definitely something more to her relationship w/MJ and the reason why BS calls MJ to come immediately to care for Amtul.

      and yes, W’s lack of interest in the news abt his wife’s pregnancy was very weird .. or maybe he saw that as an issue that was now going to impede his return to England. B/c pregnancy and then child means ke baahir a trip is now out of the question ….after all the woman who needs a 2/3 day bedrest after a slip can hardly be expected to survive a month long trip!

      The Qasim thing is a mystery in that nobody has come out and actually said anything but I think after seing MJ’s reaction today I am convinced he’s her son…

    • @PG hainaa!! I think Rahat knows something too.. she is the only one who seems to have a great deal of sympathy towards Mj.. no?? mumkin hai amtul told her aur mumkin hai she knows something because her NGO link..? .. i know its a bit far-fetched..

  6. Dear SZ you just said all I wanted to say…Neelam why? I mean I know Neelam is being played by a bad actor but her character in her own way was a rebellion against the system, she was opposing the fact she had to marry a married person but what is this? The director is watching too much of Star plus serials I feel. I must confess despite being an Indian I am running away from such serials by taking refuge in Pakistani serials to watch a better story told in crisp manner but I think I have to stop watching Numm….This Neelam is unknown to me….I, like her mother I do not support her in doing whatever she is doing….If Neelam understands Amtul then she should also understand Mahjabeen. The initial jealousy of sharing her husband should be taken over by the knowledge of seeing Mahjabeen a helpless woman tied by the shackles of age old custom.

    The FB page of Numm asks us to comment on how brilliantly the scene was executed…First of all is was very bad acting by Neelam ( sorry I don’t know her real name nor wish to know) why does she speak in accented Urdu/hindi? It was shown she studied in local school….if the episode has improved sound wise, I am very disappointed narrative wise….

    Another thing…If MJ and Wali are leads of this serial we would like to see them communicating more by having at least small scenes together….as viewers we also need to understand what they are undergoing under changed circumstances….

    • @Tinni: Agree with you on all counts .. Neelam’s character arc has been very disappointing :/
      Kanza Wyne, the actress playing Neelam, has reportedly lived abroad until recently hence the bad pronunciation, accents etc..
      and yes, we need more scenes of W and MJ together or even the other characters rather than the emphasis on Neelam and her family and her crony, Rukhsana.
      Re: the FB page, I did not see any brilliance in that scene, infact IMO it was a pathetic scene. From the lady doctor, who couldnt stop smiling around FK, to Kanza’s poor dialogue delivery, to FK who looked fed up and bored out of his mind, all of it was just plain mediocre :/

      • @SZ and @ Tinni, Sometimes or rather all the times it seems FB is trying to promote W and N scenes as brilliant and romantic. They should realize that inspite their loud proclamations people will not start liking N and W paired together. The impact of their scenes together just falls flat. Compared to some of the silent scenes btw w and MJ. Even the silences were saying so much. Like the scene on the terrace when he comes to return her clip or any of the dining table scenes with that hideous tea set.

      • If Kanza Wyne wants to be a good actor ask her to brush her accent and learn some acting….yes PG Silence is also appreciated if the two actors in one frame but here you get to see more of Neelam;s mother then of MJ and Wali and no congratulations to Neelam on her pregnancy, I wanted to see more of the relationship grow then producing children at the drop of the hat…

    • I couldn’t find any similarity between serials of Star Minus and Numm. This serial presents a mood which sounds neither Pakistani nor Indian. Only the fact that Neelam is bullying Mahjabeen does not give the whole episode an Indian connotation. Stretching the scenes occurred in Pakistani serials as well long before Star Minus existed. Watch Ashwaq Ahmads serials and you will realize what I mean. However, extreme use of loud background music could have come from Indian serials.
      Her real name is Kanza Wayne. Since Neelam had been going to an English medium school, her accent is justified.
      Here are some serials that I find far much better than Numm: Azeer Zadi and Matam (comedy, tragedy, irony all inclusive), Kadurat, Kakar, Shak
      Here are some of legendary serials in ptvs history; Waris, Waqt, Fishar, Rat, Agar by Amjad Islam Amjad, Hisar by Mirza Athar Baig, Ajaib Khana by Noor-ul-Huda Shah, Nijaat by Asghar Nadeem Saiyad, Sona Chandi by Munu Bhai

      • @Sofia lol I’m sorry but english medium or no medium.. her accent can not be justified.. I mean Wali was ”in” England for 8 years and his accent is fine! besides, everyone i know back home has been to an ”english medium” school, but no one has such atrocious urdu accent!.. and here its the directors/producers to blame for casting someone who cant speak the lingo..

      • Yes Sofia I am enjoying Aseer Zadi and Kankar too. I have studied in English medium school, I nor my friends have this kind of accent, so I don’t think this accent is justified. Star minus 🙂 🙂 I love it how you put it…I never really followed Indian serials for long as they do not know when to end and how to end ….Pakistani serials I have taken up watching with Humsafar…yes there are also some serials in Pakistan which was also not well made,,,,all said and done when are potentially strong storyline goes haywire you feel something should be done to bring it to track….

  7. SZ great review, but it was same old for me, I was bored and annoyed. Everyone’s acting stunk and even Mj just looks the same with the same expressions. It may be moving forward now, but they have tired us out with ek se upar ek namoona, that I just don’t care anymore.
    Wali and Neelum have no chemistry and surely by now they really need to be at the point as to what happened with Kashmir.
    Mj has been saying the same stuff over and over and coughing for the past century!
    Honestly FK has saved them and even he is not remotely at his best, would people really still be watching if not for him??
    At least when we watched ZGH which had issues everyone’s acting in that was commendable and direction and production was pleasing, here every other scene is let down by lame acting and namoona characters, fed up!!

    • @SK: ROFL @ namoona … usually in our discussions we tend to focus on the lea characters etc, but yahan to namoonon ne lead lay li hai … every episode introduces yet more namoonas … so which one do you all think is the worst offender as yet??? For me the that lady dr has been the worst one out of a really bad lot so far!! Who do you all nominate for the Worst Namoona from Numm award??

      • hahaha seriously we should have Numm awards at the end to acknowledge the worst acting, the biggest namoona, the lamest jori , the most absurd scene, the most pathetic analogy, the longest scene ever, the most repeated scene, the most faltoo context, etc.. now that will make one hell of a funny discussion..
        i saw u guys were discussing jori of the week in Aunn Zara.. well here jori of the week had to be N and her partner-in-crime!

        • @FA: Done deal! Please remind me towards the end of the serial about doing an awards post .. I’ve done a Humasfar ka chaleesvan post, a KPKP ka janaza post, and yeah lets do one for a “Namoona that was Numm” ..Been serious too long, a humorous post is now over due 😀
          P.S. SK .. after your classic Madamara, Namoona is another term that is going to become a part of our blog lingo now .. thank you 😀 😀

          • Another big useless namoona in this episode was the servant who gives food to Amtul. she just keeps repeating khana, khana, khana.. and one wonders why does she just not keep it and run away as she wanted to. Where did they find such actors? It must have been very difficult to find such namoonas and namoonis … and all in one serial….

            • @PG waisay inn freebie drama students namoonon ki to lottery nikal gai .. CV would say worked with FK and SS lolol …

            • @FA, lekin yeh to kisi bhi angle se drama student nahin lagte, student hote to kuchh Aacting to aati. isa lagta hai, producer director ke rishtedaar hain shayad.

            • @PG haan numm fb page says their production house is trying to boost students from unis doing drama as their semester and final year projects.. lagta hai in bechare namoonon ke pass hone ki koi umeed nahin hogi.. iss tarah shayd extra credits le kar nikal jain.. lol.. numm ne bhi socha hoga ke paise to hain nahin shayad zarooratmandon ki help kar ke bera paar lag jae.. lol

  8. Comment from a new friend @Aisha 🙂

    Salam All,
    I enjoy reading the multiple interpretations of Numm on this side; it enhances the experience of watching the drama and heightens the anticipation for the subsequent episodes.
    I watched epi 13 today and I wanted Neelam to die. That’s how much I hated her today and the fact that she evoked such a strong sentiment in me indicates that het acting is improving. She’s a newcomer and it will take her time to develop a niche for herself in the acting world. I feel that she needs to work on her diction such as enunciating her syllables more clearly and watching where she outs pressure on her words. For example….”karrayi hai…jaarayi hoon”…….should be “kar rahi hai”….”jaa rahi hoon”… that it sounds less rushed and more smoother. But again, if her behavior is making you angry, then it can be said the acting is improving….she’s getting into the chatacter. Also is it just me, or does she remind anyone else of Anushka Sharma at times?
    And not that it’s of any importance, but what was up with the very amiable, Dr. Nadia? I was thinking to myself, “tum doctor ho ya patient ki saheli?” ….lol.
    Apart from tackling the jahil feudal tradition of vani, I would also like the drama to address the “taboo” of the older wife-younger husband. From what I have read, MJ is 5-6 years oldet than Wali. If he’s 27 , then she’s 33…..and the latter us NOT old. If she’s in her 30s…he’s approaching the 30s. And it makes me cringe when Neelam says, “Women your age have a think for younger men dontchya’?” I think she has said this twice in the current epi and in the past she has made comments like, “Buddhi ghori laal rangaa.” Mahjabeen is not ancient and I feel like telling Neelam, “What are you, a nanhi kaaki? You sure act like one. The act of Wali consummating with you is mentally more disturbing for me than with MJ because it’s like being intimate with a bachi….because you act like a bachi. You can’t manage maturity…fine. But at least act like an insaan di puttar.”
    It’s bad enough when the elders in our culture make a big stink out of the girl being a few months to 1-2 years older than a guy, it’s worse when the you generation upholds the same attitude.

    • @SZ ….lol at the doctor baji. Doctor Saheli….maybe she’s a spy too.

      And how the lawyer said he has to drink to be able to tolerate BS….bwahahaha. Baray Sahab…such a remark….aap ki feudal shaan k khilaaf hai.

      • @Aisha: We’ve never really been told how old MJ was at the time she was made vani, so cant comment abt the age difference but love your daant to Neelam – so true abt nanhi kaaki!!

  9. SZ, you make it all so worth it. Your analysis are brilliant. Jo hum barikiyaan dekh nahin paate aap unhe bakhubi kehti hain.
    As an aside: contrived yes, but pichle char din se yeh kar raha hai ankhein ‘numm’:

    • @Sifar yes i saw that.. that brought a tear to my eye.. reminded me of my friends and family back home and at all corners of the globe…Truly beautiful!!
      amazing how this world wide web can bring together people from all over the world.. …just look at us!

    • @Sifar: Hey! Thanks for sharing this beautiful video with all of us here … Indeed in a very small way this blog and our being here and communicating like this is a testament to the power of technology, bringing us all together irrespective of our social, religious and political affiliations 🙂

      • Thanks SZ, for not minding this little detour from Numm. Your forum sure is a binder and that we are all here is the power of technology. On Numm, I hope it lives up to expectations… After 12 episodes I found it a bit downhill in the 13th. Not the way to go.

        • @Sifar: Hey, no did not mind it a bit, actually glad you thought of us and decided to share it with everybody 🙂
          RE: Numm… I agree its tanking and all I can do is shake my head in despair at the poor execution of a very promising story :/ Now, no expectations, just going with the flow and enjoying aap sab ke comments, which make it all worthwhile 🙂

  10. Hey SZ, saw the ep last night and was bored out of my wits 😦 So many other dramas on air which may not be ‘hat ke’ but entertaining still…much prefer those to this badly-made-had-a-lot-of-potential drama!

    • @Afia: Khair hai 🙂 We’ve sat through so many disastrous serials together tau is ko bhi nimta hi lainge … the discussions more than make up for the shortcomings, nahin 😉

  11. @Afia, so true…this is not ‘hat ke’ anymore…..All I want to say that this is not a documentary but a drama, a story, you do not have to show detailed sufferings, they can be mentioned and slowly shown how the characters grow, how they living within their system they fight the system and make their way….13 episodes are over(considering this is a limited episode serial) some maturity of Neelam was expected as she opposed the system from the beginning, Wali’s reaction regarding business and his personal life should have been a little more pronounced….

    • Agree Tinni that they could have easily shown some scenes of Wali dealing with the factory workers rather than just having the drunk lawyer talk about it. As DB of Dramapakistani would put it – this drama has too much telling and zero showing. What a pathetic waste of talent.

      • @Annie lol i think not even too much telling.. more like thora sa telling, zero showing and then leaving the rest to viewers imagining, calculating, deducing, decoding, speculating and the list goes on….

        • Arre bhai, why shouldn’t they leave it on viewers. After all we are “thinking, intellectual “viewers who have been sincerely following the drama for last 13 weeks and probably continue to do so for next 13 weeks also……. Is it really 13 more episodes…. Will all of us be looking for nearest psychiatric facility by then bcoz of our over thinking and over analysing… Mumkin Hai

  12. Hello! I am new to this discussion board. I have recently stumbled upon this board and I love the discussion taking place here about the show called “Numm”. I am a big Fwad Khan fan ( no surprises there) and he is the only reason I am watching this show. The show looks so promising. I am really hooked. (Though the cliff hangers and unanswered questions often leave me frustrated)

    I loved reading the theories about Qasim being MJ’s son. And going by the latest episode , it does seem possible. However, it was the pre-cap that intrigued me. If Qasim dies at the hands of W, wonder how it would affect MJ-W relationship (if it is ever given a chance to flourish). I mean even if he is not really a husband, how could ever live with a man who has killed her own son?

    As you can probably guess, I too fervently want MJ and W to have a HEA. She deserves it. But Qasim’s death at the hands of W, even if he does it unknowingly, leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    Too much of murky water. We need answers. But we are left with a cliff hanger every week.

    I am very disappointed to know that N and W has done “it”. I thought he couldn’t stand her and had feelings for MJ even if he isn’t aware of them. The biggest LOL moment was when we see N fit as a fiddle in the hospital after her fall. So if she is with a child, there could never be a HEA for Wand MJ.

    • Who is Qasim ? we thought maybe mahjabeens son but in coming episode he is killed by Wali. So why is he shown her son if the character is too short n useless. We thought he wud have a clash with Bare sab n Wali for his mother mahjabeen n property . Now what is left in the play ? will another BOY appear in mahjabeen life . The writer is spoiling her character in viewers eye…
      In coming episode mahjaben is telling Amtul k cheen leye os ne muj se , koi tou tha mere saza ka saathi… !!

      • @babar in the preview piblished by geo they only showed Q running and perhaps W aiming.. did they show him dead? and the Mj Amtul conversation, is that in the preview? can u share the link pls.. i havent come across this.. thanks

        • @babar sorry i think i must-ve missed it.. just saw it… wow! fireworks next week!! mumkin yeh aik aur khwab ho..? numm previews have been pretty misleading so far..which btw i like ’cause it keeps us interested.. so anything is mumkin..

          • @FA, even i missed MJ and Amtul talk right at the end. This makes my belief even stronger that Q is not her son but her nephew who she was able to visit or meet sporadically. And as you mention below the entire game seems to be played by BS. W may go to jail and everybody renounces BS and W when released from jail comes back to the ruins of the haveli….. mumkin hai aisa ho. Magar itni jaldi nahin hoga nahin to drama 2 aur episode mein hi khatam ho jayega….

            • I don’t want W to go to jail.:( Even though the show never promised a HEA but more a tragic one, I still keep hoping for a HEA. And I wish with all my heart that Qasim isn’t MJ’s son for it would all be very awkward.

              I am scared for W because he ran after that figure as if the devil himself was hounding him. And going by MJ’s “dream sequence” in episode 13, we do get an idea that W would not be too receptive about Qasim.

            • @db hai! i really hope not!! but in the preview black kurta scene comes first then the gun shot..
              @PG @BG rest-assured W won’t end up in jail, not for long anyway.. BS ke haath buhut lambe hain aur damagh buhut chalta hai.. besides if MJ happens to be Q’s only relative she will be forced to accept qasas since Bakht clan doesnt have any aurat/vanis to offer.. then again mumkin hai Q ke khoon ke badle Mj ki saza maaf ho jai? lekin like PG said yun tou 2 episodes mein hi khatam ho jai gaa..
              that preview has def thrown in some extra excitement!

    • no i dont think Qasim dies in the next episode, then his being in the story becomes purposeless,,,,, but many things are purposeless in this series…so mumkin hai …

      • @FA @maria. I think the shooting of Q by W maybe a dream sequence since I saw W getting up all distressed in bed in one of the promos.
        Also I do not believe W knows who Q really is. I think he is more in the dark of MJ’s relation to Q then we are 🙂

    • @BG: Hey.. welcome aboard, glad to have one more friend join in and add another perspective and introduce even more mumkins 🙂 🙂 Hoping to more from you on the coming episodes 🙂

  13. just wanted to add : I think that call to BS was also very significant..while Mj staring at sky.. something she can see but cant touch.. Bs basically ensuring her that wali ko zaroorat nahin bhi rahi tou bhi she aint going anywhere.. he will find someone else to care for.. no freedom.. she can dream on..
    Now : Amtul and Mj are in the same boat..Both having lost their men, seperated from their sons, serving life sentences…they share the same pain and mysery… i mean Amtul opened the play with her falsafa about aurat and jahalat ka kala rang (which btw was the same scene from last nights episode where amtul is recalling the conversation with J) …and at the end of the day this drama is supposed to be about the plight of a vani.. Its interesting now that Mj will have to care for Amtul… and having said that this series of scenes was really nicely linked together here..

    btw has anyone noticed, the only person where MJ shows her disgust is BS. Every single conversation with him, she has an almost sarcastic undertone..not even N phases her like that..

    As for this weeks mumkinat:
    MJ’s Brother killed A, J went to kill Mj’s brother.. then who killed J and N’s dad? mumkin hai N ke baap ko BS ne marwana ho power of attorney and jaida ke chakkar main.. but went horribly wrong and killed J too… mumkin hai BS ne Mj ke khandan ki jaidad bhi hathya li ho.. seeing no male heir was left there… Afterall he said ”iss zameen pe sirf unhin ka haqq hai jin ke abao ajdad yahan dafan hain”.. ie himself & now wali..

  14. @SZ this episod was much better than the last on . I like conversation of BS .i think he is slowly showing his other side, no wonder he gifted N the house. How come N mum is showing sympathy toward MJ .some how I feel that MJ will end up like Amtul and hope fully there must be some one to take of her ( servant ) hope they show more Amtul because she knows about MJ and A relation . In India when Raja had more than one wife , the wife used to bring servants with them and they used to play important role like who is nice and not nice to rani , some of them were manipulative ,which create problem ,so when I saw N with servant keeping eye on MJ,I thought trouble is on the way for MJ.
    I like the vedio connecting the people , tears in my wide web is bringing us together. hope we met in future.
    This time of the year I specialy like to Say THNAK YOU to SZ and all friend on this forum . You help me understand the culture and learn the very beautiful and sweet language. Imagery great full to SZ and All.

      • @Ranjan: Its always a pleasure to hear from you and a very happy thanksgiving to you as well 🙂 It is great to have so many friends out there in the cyber world, most of whom we’d never have met otherwise, so yes very grateful to the internet for bringing us together…
        Like you I too am afraid that MJ might end up like Amtul, but I’m hoping that there is more to it than that. Amtul is a strongly etched out character and that makes me think that there is more to her, and hopefully will play an important role in the way the story plays out towards the end ,,, Lets see!

  15. @SZ once again thanks for a excellent review, if possible please do keep it a weekly review.
    In this episode believe it or not I actually liked N’s acting. With the exception of her baby voice and diction she played the role of an antagonist to MJ very well. We may not like her character and what she is doing to MJ but she did act well.
    As for W’s acting was simply terrible. When given the news of N’s pregnancy all the emotion he showed was anger. I realize he was angry for not being told before, but every new father’s first reaction would be pleasure and a smile.
    The scenes between BS and the lawyer just emphasized the ruthlessness of BS all the more to me.
    I did not like any of the Amtul scenes because it did not tell me anything more only repeated was was already shown in the first episode.
    N and her mother’s conversation firmly confirmed what I had already suspected that her husband is somehow involved in this whole tragedy and I think both Amtul and N’s mother are in favor of MJ.
    I would really like to see MJ stop playing the victim and play a stronger role. I hate to see victimized women just laying back and taking all that is dished out to her. I would like to see her fight back and get back at them.

    • @db: KW’s irritating dialog delivery/accent/enunciation is just so of-putting ke no matter what she does, I just cant get myself to take her acting seriously …
      And yes, FK was looking really sick and off his game here… Now if the Dr Baji had had even an iota of sense and played her cards right, rather than just simpering at Wali she would’ve at once commented on how beemar the bechara W looked and more in need of a bed rest than his healthy as a horse wife (pun fully intended!!) and agar aisa kiya hota tau then she would’ve actually been able to spend more time with Wali … checking his pulse every twenty mins, check his heartbeat every ten minutes, checking his blood pressure every thirty minutes, etc etc .. I ‘m sure you can all see the endless possibilities here LOL!!

  16. Thank you SZ for your wonderful review. It truly depicts what we all feel. I am convinced that because of the fact that FK is expensive, so they decided to bring in a bunch of amateurs to complete the cast of ‘ Numm’. They gave the three main characters to UP, FK and SS and decided to bring in a parchi wali heroine, bongi behan and fazool mom with a few servants thrown in and voila! you have the cast of Numm– I was most irritated to see the doctor baji.. When will they show decent lady doctors???? I think ladies from the medical profession should do ‘ dharna’ against this injustice- and then they have added insult to injury by showing her flirting with FK. The other thing that irritates me a lot is the way ‘ N’ says ‘ Wali’- lips in a pout and with that jarring accent .FK has not done well in this serial and I don’t blame him. The director has not given much attention to this serial, it is very obvious. The way the repeated the sentence’ bibiji kuch sunaee nahi de raha’ atleast four times in the same scene and the fake( lame) falling shot shows that this is not the work of an individual who has taken interest in this venture. Which is a shame as not many producers can afford FK!

    • @yf: Loved reading your comment … LOL @ bongi behen, parchi wali heroine and fazool mom, and spy naukranis.. they do not belong here at all rather they should all be in a sitcom.. where they actually might be funny…

      Agree with the rest of your comment and the dr baji tau bas ab kiya kehne ..aargh!! You are right, N and her WWWali and the pout and nakhras are not coming off as endearing/cute/sexy at all… they are just plain annoying!
      And yes! whats up with all the repeated lines?? We’ve had this happen quite a few times now in this serial … editor sahab needs to wake up!

    • I am really starting to wonder why FK keeps on working in these 3rd class dramas? Esp. after hearing the news of his movie with Sonam Kapoor where he’s going to be playing a forgettable character, my serious advice to him would be to have his mom and dad approve the scripts he says “yes” to.

  17. What prompted me to watch this epi was Fatima Awan’s comment that it seemed more like Bulbulay (lol). I still couldn’t sit through it all – it was so bad! My husband thought I was watching a mystery show and I was like no dear you are sadly mistaken 😀
    N’s getup was all wrong in the ‘confrontation’ scene – first of all they should have made her look more like the picture here: and she should have been smacking on some gum. Then they should have had her watch some of the rushes of Aseer Zaadi where M’s playing the hilarious villain with so much conviction – talk about good comedy vs. bad comedy. N’s confrontation definitely falls in the bad comedy category. And that “fall” was totally hilarious! Even a 2 year old bacha can fall down from a tiny stair and not get hurt – yahan per tow muhtarma behosh ho gaaye LOL! At first I had thought she was 13 going on 20 but after the fall and making puppy dog faces at the hospital I would have to say she’s 2 going on 13. It would have been more fun if we had a mini-me type character playing N’s role showing how she is regressing in age as the episodes move forward. By episode 23 Wali would have 2 children in his arms singing lullaby to them. Oh what a perfect ending!
    Yeh M bechaari ko shopping per koi nahi laijata? She has shirts leftover from the Mughal era when she was with Alamgir and now even her hair that she probably hasn’t cut since that Mughal era is getting longer than her shirts. Uff that hair is getting hard to look at. And what was up with the servant leaving the bedsheet on the bed that she came to change? did it have a hidden microphone in there? Ridiculous! Looks like next week my “dishon dishon” prediction will actually happen. One character down, 4 to go!

    • @Annie ROFL.. I look forward to this ranting more than the drama itself.. U gotta give it to team numm for dishing out material for so much entertainment…
      Mughal era and alamgir.. uff too funny!.. shopping & hair cut ab kiya kehain..budget issues naaa!.. yeh bhi bari baat hai ke baal rang liye the..

    • @ Annie LOL !! FK singing to two babies! and clothes from the mughal era.. Ha ha Annie you are just too good.. We have aseerzadi on Hum and Numm on Geo. Saturdays are pathetic. I tell you they are just messing with the intelligence and taste of the viewers..@ FA yes there must be budget issues that is why Qasim is also not being sent to the Barber! aur baal;range the to isi lye to baara dafa baalon ki baat bhi ki aur chatees dafa baalon ko aenay may haath bhi lagaya

      • @yf hahaha.. barber sai yaad aaya, even W ke baal aur shave bhi har episode mein barhte jaa rahain hain.. agar barber pe paise bachte rahe to N ki moonchon wali farmaish (+ darhi thrown in as extras) bhi poori hi ho jai gi lol

  18. @FA: Found it … enjoy 😀


    Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan : A Requiem

    Now that dust has finally settled on Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan, memories of the absolutely whacko and madcap trials and tribulations of the annoyingly irritating but nonetheless lovable gang of four, Mujtaba, Daneez, Shimraiz and Kiran, continue to reverberate. It was Sunday, but it didn’t seem like it because there was no KPKP; no gritting of teeth at the fact that even though Kiran found time to change her hairstyle every two seconds, she couldn’t be bothered to do the same with her abysmal dresses; no annoyance at the zip zilch zero chemistry between Daneez and Mujtaba; no straining my ears to understand Mujtaba mumbling his lines; no wincing at Kiran’s over the top screeching and shrieking; no hating on Shimraiz for his ongoing plots against Mujtaba; no laughing out loud at the continuity and bloopers ; no …. nothing??!! What a weird way to spend a Sunday?! So for all those out there who missed KPKP on Sunday, this one’s for you….

    Following are some sequences/scenes in no particular order that made me go huh/what the heck just happened/did they really show this/are they serious/honestly/why??

    Turkey as USA – Really??? Enough said ….

    Shimraiz and his F-bomb – What the heck?? How could the editors let that one slide is still beyond me!!!
    A classic: Kiran spending the night on a bench in a random park, wearing an atrociously ugly red dress with high heels and a gold scarf. There was so much wrong here that I don’t even know where to begin. Honestly! What woman wanders around alone in a park late at night, then compounds that error by calmly going to sleep on a bench? Huh? I kept waiting for her to get raped, mugged, propositioned, arrested for soliciting, something … the mother in me was praying for her safe return home. Miraculously, though, she defied all odds and survived! And, not just survived, but thrived! Gold sandals were transformed into sneakers, gold scarf into a printed yellow one, and she managed to find herself a handbag, a folder, and some headphones, and was back again at Mujtaba’s house nice and early! Wah!!

    A similarly what the heck sequence: Daneez getting upset with Mujtaba, walking around randomly and then calmly going to sleep in what looked like a busy amusement park, complete with a giant Ferris wheel – waahht??

    Yet another Kiran moment: Upon learning of Mujtaba’s marriage, Kiran rushes to confront Mujtaba, wearing some gaudy huge earrings and equally ginormous necklace and a pink lehnga, probably from the 1950s. Again, what the heck was she doing running through deserted streets at night? If this isn’t a classic case of inviting trouble I don’t know what is; throughout I kept waiting for her to get mugged, dressed up as she was like a Christmas tree. Earlier, in the same scene, Sanam and Fawad were absolutely drenched – I realize it must have been extremely hot – but it was beyond gross to watch.

    The hardest to swallow scenario: Daneez and Shimraiz plotting against Tania. The whole bit about giving Tania drugs, photoshopping pictures, cyber-bullying, and finally pushing her to commit suicide – errrr, a bit much to digest! And, then Daneez’s overnight transformation into a “sweet” girl – sorry – didn’t work for me!

    Wait, no, I’m not done – no! I can’t end without highlighting some of KPKP’s really fantastic moments as well – here they are, and again in no particular order:

    The entire first episode – what a superb insight into Mujtaba’s crazy world. This was a perfect beginning, and I would actually rate it alongside Haissam’s latest Durre Shehwar’s first episode. It set up the whole scenario so beautifully. We got a look into why Mujtaba was the way he was, his frustrations with the socio-economic situation in Pakistan. It was a complete package in that it was beautifully written, directed, and acted. Sadly it went gradually downhill from thereon.

    The “hero entry” scene: Beyond brilliant is all I can say! This was Fawad Khan at his best – I would rate this scene alongside many of his heavy duty scenes in Humsafar. The lines were great and the director gave his cues, but really to go beyond that and elevate the scene is all credit to Fawad’s flair for histrionics and his impeccable comic timing.

    Dastaan wala Fawad Khan and Katrina Kaif scene: One of the best scripted scenes. Even though it was an over long scene and Kiran’s loud crunching of her chips was extremely annoying, the lines made the scene memorable, as Mujtaba nonchalantly dismissed that guy from Dastaan… an insider’s joke it was highly appreciated by everybody who got it.

    The saala- behnoi chemistry between Shimraiz and Mujtaba: Unfortunately there were very few scenes between Shimraiz and Mujtaba, but whenever they did come they were always fun. This scene, when Daneez and Mujtaba come to make nice with Daneez’s parents and Shimraiz is already there, was one of their best in my opinion. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of the Fawad-Mikaal pair in the future.

    The panga bolo scene: For some odd reason, for me this was one of the most romantic scenes I’ve seen on TV in a while, and I say this even as I’m thinking back to all the Ashar-Khirad scenes. Here, there was no Mahira, no QB in the background, it was just Fawad Khan, Aisha Khan was a non-player in the scene, and she might as well have not been there. The way he played it was amazing and demonstrated that one did not need to recite heavy-duty dialogues or get physical to show romance. A simple everyday mundane dialogue was fine-tuned into something else entirely.

    Shmiraiz at his best: When examing his bruises, post yet another unseen fist-fight with Mujtaba: Oh no! Ab main parties pay kaise jaaonga?! Absolutely awesome!

    Another memorable moment was when he dissed Kiran’s clothes – yes!!

    This then was my recap of the crazy journey that was Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan. Feel free to agree/disagree/reminisce about your favorite scenes. After all KPKP ka janaza hai, zara dhoom sey niklay…


    • @SZ awww thanks for sharing. U’r such a doll!
      OMG That is so funny.. i think im gonna have to watch that again now! Im glad to see I wasn’t the only one with these frustrations tho lol

  19. Hi SZ! Good to read your review. 😀 95 comments already? Woah :O I’m definitely late… Have been so busy with my exams’ preparation didn’t get time. 😦 I’m still taking some time out of my parhai just to skim through your review and procrastinate. AH! the best way to unwind :-p And see what I ended up doing- reading some of your old SeZ reviews :-p Fazool tax aur audit ne jaan khaayi hui hai! O.o But I must commend your old reviews, too, have been awesome just like the drama- a really thought-provoking piece by Umera Ahmed. I bought the novel Mainay Khwaabon Ka Shajar Daikha (which has the short story SeZ) for myself but ended up reading the other ones rather then SeZ. I don’t know why but I’m not a big fan of Umera Ahmed when it comes to short stories, though I LOVE her novels Peer-e-Kaamil and Amar Bail. They are so awe-inspiring and worthy of being read over and over again. Amar bail being my all time favourite… But what I heard about SeZ and for ZGH even that both have been dramatised better than the actual story (both being short stories by UA) and later when I read both I realised it too. ZGH’s actual story definitely had less romance than the drama. I don’t know why they crammed the post-wedding scenes full of those intimate ones. May be to give a tough competition to HS lol. Anyways, it was a bit drag towards the end. I know I’m totally going off the topic and being too verbose. But I seriously don’t feel like honouring numm with my such a long comment so I went off the ground by writing this whole irrelevant piece :-p Just needed to vent out my frustration by breaking the tedious routine of studying all day long and needless to mention checking fb intermittently.
    As for Numm, finally… Despite the fact that FK didn’t grace this episode with much of his presence it was still tolerable :-p However, I do find Shakk better than numm still hanging on to numm because of You-know-who (reminds me of Harry Potter). :-p Hahaha your lady doctor comment had me in stitches :-p Seriously… In HS when Mansha Pasha (as Ayaaz’s wife) came to Asher’s house in episode 17 (i guess) I observed her staring dreamily at Asher. I thought hamain pata hai woh bohut acha lag raha hai lekin bus karo ussay daikhna. See! Even Fawad’s co-actors cannot resist him hahaha. :-p
    Enough of this absurdity i think, should go off-line and get done with my 32 LSBF lectures that I had decided to complete. Guys, have great time discussing Numm. I just tried to break the numm monotony; shall come back sooner. SZ sorry for letting out my boredom here on your forum but I thoroughly enjoyed it. aur please sub dua karin meray papers achay hon. InshaaALLAH. BYE BYE 😀

    • @Fizza: first off, best of luck with your parhai and exams 🙂 Do come back and tell us ke kaise hue papers 🙂

      Re: SeZ, thanks for enjoying my sez reviews… ahh the good old days when e actually had a well-made drama to discuss 🙂 🙂 Agree with with SeZ being so much better than the short story .. ZGH as a serial my opinion was not as much of a winner as SeZ, though it was better than the short story, and was superbly acted, technically well made, and hd an interesting story line, the glaring inconsistencies, the timeline issues and big loopholes in the script made it less than superb serial for me. My frustrations with that erial are well-documented in my reviews, as are all the daants I got for daring to diss it 😉
      LOL @Mansha Pasha staring at fK in HS, did you see her in ZGH, OMG she was too funny there .. her smile was a permanent fixture in every scene with Fk .. too funny!

      Re: Shuk,I find it ok, nothing that I want to drop everything and watch.. and this from a hard core AH, SS and SF fan :/ I;m actually enjoying Sannata a lot more … basically what I am finding is that despite the fact that there 1001 and serials airing these days viewers are hard pressed to find well made entertaining dramas 😦

  20. Hi Guys! Already 109 comments!! I am very late this week!

    @SZ: First and foremost, thanks for the marathon answering session you have done at the end of last week’s thread. Kudos! In reply to your query…please don’t make this review bi-weekly…week-long wait is loooong enough….your reviews and the ensuing discussion on this forum make Numm-watching worthwhile!

    This week’s episode was just ok-ok. Story is moving alright….but even as it is unfolding, it is fast losing all pretense of being “hat ke” as some others have also pointed out. Whatever, we are all committed viewers of this show…waiting to know its end. N was totally OTT. Her maid was unspeakable. Definitely Salima was better. After that one little show of spirit…her “smile”…last week, MJ is back to being the tormented one. For all that guessing we all did about whether MJ will turn out to be the villain of the piece….aise koi aasaar nazar nahi aatey even from next week’s promo. The much touted “heroine” of Numm facebook page, N, is doing her best to play the vamp now!

    FK is giving a very lack-lustre performance….bored, un-inspired….poor guy does not have much to do beyond entering rooms and leaving rooms….the ladies of the show are hogging the limelight and screen-time….unless he has some spectacular role to play in the coming episodes, I think he made a poor choice in picking this show. He is truly a good actor but….

    One thing I didn’t get in the convo between BS and the waqeel….did BS gift a part of what was N’s dad’s property using dad’s POA without her mom’s consent to N??….rationalizing that “anyway all that was N’s was W’s anyway” kind of thing?? If so, what a wile guy he is indeed!

    @FA: loved your magic tricks…iss haath de…comment
    @AK: loved your “consequences” comment

    W fires the gun, hope he does not kill Q in the next episode before we even know who he is. By the way, the hospital scene shown in the initial promos is not the one we saw in this episode….here N is literally bouncing on the bed….there she is lying prone, wali is more considerate, her dress is different & so on….maybe there is one more such hospital visit….God save the baby!

    Waiting for the next week…

    • @RR: Glad at least some read my marathon answering session.. I was so late to the party ke had nahin so was trying to make up for my absence 🙂 but seriously all the comments are so great make this by now trying serial so much more fun…
      Baqi I do agree with all you said …and yes the serial is losing steam :/
      FK did look bored out of his mind and so much more in need of that hospital bed than his nautanki biwi
      Re: BS and the POA … Yes, he was instructing his attorney to transfer all of N’s dad’s land to W … rationalizing it, as @ FA put it very well, with his own brand of magic tricks!
      I dont think Q’s exit will happen this fast, unless and until we are in for an 18 ep serial, which seems unlikely given that it is a Geo serial…
      Re: the second visit to the hospital, I think it wont be a second one.. I think its day two or three of the bed rest.. and she looks more sbdued b/c it is after she and the DR are in a serious cat-fight, hair pulling and all, and poor N actually gets injured…Wali, who is away solving the probs of his mill workers, is never told what really happened, all he hears is ke bechari neend mein bistar se gir gayi … hence his solicitous attitude towards her… as for the baby, I think it gonna arrive along with those as yet to appear kuttas that BS was gifting N …

      • @SZ: Thanks for answering my query. You have mentioned in a later comment that the actor playing Q is Hashir….what’s his full name? Is this his first serial?

        • @RR: Don’t know much more about him..this was all the info I got. The end credits also give only his first name so I guess we can only request Hashir ke if you happen to be reading this, please do jump in and introduce yourself .. we would love to know more about you 🙂

          • Wow, this is so funny… My name is Hashir Bukhari, and I was just checking how the show was going. Must say, the audience is engaged, so it’s doing it’s job! 🙂

            • @HB Hey Hashir! Its lovely to see u here. Would love to hear more from you about the Numm experience for you, and maybe some behind the scenes gossip!! lol.. so far we haven’t heard anything apart from the famous FK thappar blooper.. And yes as u can see we, here at this forum, are truly engaged!!

            • @HB: Hey, Hashir Bukhari, are you really the guy playing Qasim’s role? Is this your first show or have you been on TV before? Would love to know more about you as @SZ has said in her comment. How and what we are engaged with will be clear to you if you visit this forum weekly!! Be assured, if nothing, you will be entertained at least!!!

          • FA: Thank you! =) Ohhh theres a lot of gossip. Abhi mujhe bhi thappar parey ga Sania Saeed sey.

            RR: Yes, there were two contenders for this role, and after lots of auditions, and politics (lol), I got it. This is my first TV show, I originally come from the humble realm of theatre.

            • @HB oh wow!! so u’ve just thrown in one more exciting element for us to conjure up some more and add to our list of mumkinats! (We were running out of clues since all the scenes from the promos are already shown now..) Please do join us weekly and we would love to hear some more gossip from u!! mmm Thappar by SS or Mj…?? u’ve got me thinking! lol .. lovin the gossip! keep it coming pls..

              btw good luck with all ur ventures in the future!

            • @HB: Hey! Great to hear from you – thank you for dropping in and taking the time read through our comments and responding to queries. LOL! I dont think there is any denying the fact that we are def engaged, but somehow I doubt the makers were looking for quite this kind of a response! I hope we entertained you as much as Numm has entertained us 😉

              Aah thanks for sharing the thapar tidbit …hmm wonder why MJ would raise her hand on her barson ke baad mila beta … lets see…
              Mumkin hai us ne MJ ke bannaey hui aloo gosht ki burai kar di ho..
              Mumkin hai us ne MJ ki best friend Salima ke 60s ke style waley dupattey ka mazaq uraya ho …
              Mumkin hai us ne W ke wohi panch shirts har waqt pehnney par aitraz kiya ho .. Mumkin hai….

            • @HB… btw pls any gossip behind the James Bond scene we saw in the last episode?? Would love to hear something abt that!

              @Sz ROFL @ the mumkinats just aw ur message alert.. why leave out Dawood yaar? he saved the day the other day…
              but seriously its gotta be something to do with W..
              mumkin he us ne W ki gun-handling-skills ka mazaq uraya ho.. shirts tou yaar safaid shalwar qamiz ke peeche chor hi din hain ab..

            • @HB hello and thank you for the input. A humble request – please move to the review for the latest episode where we, the commentators, did more justice to the play because the story finally moved on. 🙂 Appreciate the little titbit …keep them rolling. Like FA said, there is probably one scene from the teasers only that hasn’t been shown yet so we are all very curious.

              @SZ i agree about the kind of attention…..but then you have to agree, Numm seems to be a much talked about play for the many reasons we keep dishing out each week. 🙂 For me its FK, Wali, SS, MJ, story and UP….and of course lamenting on how such a wonderful, different story could only be put across in an average manner. Lol at the last mumkinat…except N takes the cake for the pink “dress” with her blow dried hair 😉

              Maybe MJ gets sick of N and along with Wali also got a spine regeneration done 🙂

            • FA: Hahahahaha “James Bond Scene”!! If you’re referring to the scene in which Wali comes to pay me a visit, that scene was shot in quite a hurry. Fawad was tired and wanted to go home (in his defense it was 3am lol) Well after doing his shots, he gave his ring to the director and took off. In the sequences where Fawad’s face is not visible, the hand of the director played the role of Fawad’s presence! Honestly, I was not satisfied with my performance in that scene. I had vicks in my eyes for the first time and the overall hastiness of the shooting resulted in a very below average execution.

              SZ: Numm entertained you? Man you must have such an exciting life. HAHAHA
              I haven’t even watched a single episode, it’s soo serious and, well, boring to watch for me. I definitely enjoyed the acting, because I love the craft!
              As much as I enjoyed reading your list of mumkinaats as to why MJ ney mujhe chund mari, I’ve gotta say FA is very close, it has something to do with gun-handling! 😛

            • @HB hahaha
              thanks for that!! now thats exciting!!

              Re the ring: some of us thought that was FK’s, part of his bring his own wardrobe to set deal.. so that theory can be laid to rest now! it was directors after all!

              and we r loving it because of all the entertainment at this forum! every week we are hooked at catching u guys out.. lol.. we r dissecting every scene to its limit lol.. seriously too much fun indeed!

              re the James bond scene: that explains why he was reaclling stuff that Q never said in the car.. lol.. i was beginning to think W skitso to nahin.. bechare ko awazein aa rahin hain.. (@ SZ yes, its the Tum affect showing up here lol )

              So the poor gun-handling is credited to the director?? lolol All FK fans out there, u can breathe sigh of relief! lol

              re mumkinat: interesting! i wonder who will be on the other side? I wish Q finds N troubling MJ and gets rid of her!! lolol

            • @HB re james bond scene: on a serious note, i personally felt u did pretty well emoting for a sari dunnya se naraz , zulm ka mara, maan se bichra, ”desperate” son.. i would blame the director for rushing it… perhaps 3 am isnt a great time to shoot such a crucial scene!!??.. and then the editing could’ve air-brushed the loose ends..

            • @HB I also liked you on the James Bond scene, because the character Q is too young to go to deep in his mind. and you played the innocence of a 17-year old boy and his anger and frustration quite well.

            • @HB: Theatre produces some very good actors! Hope you go on to become one of the finest! Thanks for sharing those little behind-the-scene tidbits. You mean FK gave the ring to the director to wear while shooting the “hand” scenes in his absence?? That was necessary, how else would we think that hand is FK’s!! Btw, could you also not eat for a week after the “thappar” scene was shot?? Just kidding!!!

              @SZ: Agree with you, definitely team Numm would not have anticipated the kind of attention their show is getting from all of us on this forum at least!! But we are definitely enjoying the whole Numm experience!! Btw, did you know your Express telefilms review has been posted on APDP facebook page?

              @AK: That’s definitely him! How did you manage to track it down? Agree with @FA, N se kaafi mutasir hue ho aap!! Sach mein Numm hamein kya bana raha hai!!

              @FA: Yaaaa…Y! For managing to guess the closest possible “mumkinat” with your “gun” waala guess….HB has given you credit for that! Way to go girl!

              Missed commenting last week….been under the wind lately…..enjoyed all your comments as a silent reader….that did keep my spirits up through the week….then HB did stir things up well and good….eagerly awaiting this week’s installment of Numm!

            • @RR like i told FA, if I had enough of FK to drool over, I’d be too busy doing that. Full marks on my research…and yes akhir N ka kuch tu faida ho 😉

            • @RR lol @not being able to eat after thappar.. btw sorry whats APDB?

              I noticed it says Middle-eastern origin in HB profile in the link AK hunted down.. I wonder if thats the case or we paks also come under middle-eastern banner on that site? lol..

              Nawazish karam shukria for the credit.. lol

            • @FA I simply put in his name and “theatre” and hit search (based on HB’s input). Simple. Yeh zaroor hai kai mein kursi say giri nahin excitement mein like N would have 😉

            • @FA: Hi! For some reason yesterday my attempt at replying to your query could not register here, why…..I don’t know! APDP is All Pakistan Drama Page. Its a facebook page. Yeah, even I did wonder about that “middle-eastern” tag! Usually that’s used for the Arabs…..all of us from our part of the world are generally classed as “south Asians”, isn’t that so??

  21. Good review SZ!

    The plot can’t seem to get itself together. They took so long to reveal the suspense that now its just not even exciting to know what happened, whose who? that its completely pointless to watch….but I’m still going to watch lol

    I still like Qasim 🙂 I love when he holds his mummy dear with reassurance that nothing is going to happen. If only that were true….

    • Hey @swirvey road … yes .. the problems on various fronts are all rapidly adding up and this ship seems like its sinking pretty fast … I think at this point most of us have given up on the serial, as I had said in my earlier reviews having just one or two aspects work is just not enough, for a serial to make sense everythign has to gel together just so and sadly that does not seem to be the case here.. my only stake here now is to see how it plays out… mumkin hai MJ and Salima mil ke N and Rukhsana ko khaali pool main dhaka dey den …. mumkin hai there is a cat fight b/w Dr aunty and N … mumkin hai W is cast in an episode of Law and Order… mumkin hai … 😉

  22. I also appreciated that Wali knows who Qasim is because then those scenes in the beginning episodes not reacting to Qasim’s name would have been completely useless. Again, I think its a secret between MJ and Wali because Wali probably grew up knowing who he is since it would have been so hard to keep Qasim a secret if she’s his “care-taker”. I think what will be shocking for Wali how she’s still in touch with him and aware of his well being.

  23. Just saw a comment on Numm FB page. “What should Qasim do at this stage of his life?” I want to answer “Stop hanging around your secret mother/ aunt, go study, work ,whatever…” And as someone mentioned, if he is going to die in next episode, what was the point of showing him in first place.. But MJ’s dialogue, Cheen liya use mujh se may not necessarily mean he is dead just that he is no longer with her…Maybe BS was able to persuade him to leave MJ for the jaidad..

    • @PG: LOL! That FB page is really getting you isn’t it!! 😉
      Like many others here, I too dont think Q is gonna die that easy .. abhi tau there have to be a few more twists in typical desi fashion before this whole sorry story comes to end ….And yeah, I also think that’s a double meaning conversation b/w MJ and A… Btw, dont you guys think that despite all the 100000001 problems, Team Numm got at least one thing right – the promos! We’ve seen so many promos, from right before the serial started, but here we are at week 13 and still no clue how the story’s gonna end….

      • @SZ, thanks a lot for your most entertaining reviews and replies. I am sure we are enjoying on this forum more than we enjoy watching the drama. And looking at the interpretations, probably we can come up with a better story than the writers.

        So let the mumkinaats continue…..
        Mumkin hai ek Neelam and Neelam family free episode ho…
        Mumkin hai ek episode mein w and MJ dus minute tak baat karen…
        Mumkin hai agle episode mein kahani kuchh samajh aaye..
        Mumkin hai drama ke end meindirector aur writer humein ek khushgawar surprise de…
        after all kuchh bhi mumkin hai…:))

      • Totally agree… one thing they seem to have done right is the promos.. lagta hai in true numm fashion saari editing ka budget bhi aik hi jagah yani promos ki editing pe hi laga diya hai… If only itni mehnat actual drama par bhi kar lete.. sigh!!

  24. AOA. Have been one of your silent readers for quite sometime now. Just had to say that your reviews are amazing, especially with reference to Numm.
    The name of your blog fits in perfectly with it. From episode 1, your reviews are raves about this 3rd class drama. And your replies to everyone’s responses are rants. So very cleverly you have placed your two feet on two boats, keeping everyone happy. (You should be careful in a situation like that, btw, and kuch to Khuda ka khauf karein.)
    In some previous review of yours, someone said aptly to you in a response, that you can even sell ice to the Eskimo. KH.

    • @UK: Good to hear from a silent reader. Thank you for reading my reviews so diligently and taking the time to analyze my raves vs the rants are of course free to make what you may of the serial or my writing or reviews, but with reference to your comment re: my equivocation on the Numm reviews, let me just highlight a few things from this latest review:

      “Shukar Alhamdulillah!! Finally after a very long time I was actually able to make it through an episode without having to rewind a thousand times and straining to catch the murmurs and whispers…”

      “…. the inordinate emphasis on catfights and OTT theatrics from the khaandani bahu and her partner-in-crime Rukhsana left me sorely disappointed.”

      “The one question that was answered from those HORRIBLY MELODRAMATIC confrontations between Mahjabeen and Neelam” (emphasis added for your benefit)..

      “For a serial that I have been raving about for its subtle approach, the over loud scenes between Neelam and Mahjabeen were jarring to say the least – what the heck was that with the “boy” bit?? Neelam seems to be losing her marbles pretty fast! Moreover her “fall” was pathetically fake, and the maid attempt to spy on Mahjabeen walking by the pool was was even more useless. Another very poorly executed scene was the one at the hospital. We have more than enough problems with the portrayal of working women in our drama serials, was it necessary then to show the twit of a lady doctor flirting with Wali? Yes, Fawad Khan is pretty irresistible, but surely the actress in question could have tried to appear a bit less smitten?”

      Do these count as raves in your book? They most certainly don’t in mine!

      • Aree SZ, dil pe mat le, yaar. See all of us in this forum, are here as we do enjoy this drama and also find certain things really exasperating about it. We also enjoy dissecting the play, rave about the good things (esp. drool over FK) and rant about you know what.
        So lets just enjoy the process…… Waise you were right in one of your replies, I have major problem with Numm FB page. They try to incept these ideas in our mind which make me go numb….

  25. PG: 🙂 Your FB comment made me go look on the page to see whats new there and found this … looks like we are all set for a great discussion tomorrow 🙂

    P. S Looking at the hopeless way in which W is holding his gun I wish BS had taken the time to teach his grandson a few other things in addition to riding 😉

    • @SZ, when I saw this, I was left wondering as always, N couldn’t tell him all this time in the hospital and this is her big chance to throw MJ out. Why is she telling him over the phone? So more and more questions and no answer in sight..

  26. @FA LOL!!!! I just took HB’s comment abt the thapar to mean MJ’s thapar to Q!! Numm ne tau literally dimagh ki dahi nahin lassi bana di hai!

    @HB Can we please get you guys to come share some stories after the final ep airs? Sania is a sweetheart, nahin marey gi… hum sifarish kar denge 😉

    • @SZ dahi or lassi we sure r having loads of fun!!!.. no? I dont think ive ever enjoyed watching a drama so much.. thanks to ur forum and numm dishing out all the mawad!

      • @FA: true that 🙂 I was trying to stay away from the blog for a bit and write Sannata, magar alas!
        Hopefully will have Sannata up in a bit 🙂

        • @Sz yes I was also trying some self-restraint but HB sure did stir things a bit!!..& that thappar titbit was totally irresistible lol
          Sannata! .. ok no self-restraint now!

      • I tell you! Forget about vani, feudalism, arranged marriages, illicit love affairs, blah, blah…. at the heart of it all Numm is all about aloo gosht and who cooks it better 😉 😉

          • @SZ @AK i’m in stitches!

            @AK Yaar N ki detective skills se kafi mutasir ho gai kia? fata fatt sari info nikal lin! wah bhai wah!! Numm ne kia kia bana diya hamein!

            • @FA lol. Haan, ab I don;t have enought to drool over Fk tu yehi sahi.

              I am surprised at HB’s comments on the play (other than the info on the “james Bond” scene. Does this mean he also belongs to our camp?! :p

          • @HB: You have it all wrong if you think Numm is boring.. watch the latest ep (15) and then tell me ke Num is serious .. the whole James Bond scene is comedy gold!

            • @SZ lol. HB you should also watch the scenes which have Neelam, Rukhsana the maid, Minahil scenes….in that order.

            • @HB if u do watch that scene, pls some more insight into the famous Dawood smirk and the much-discussed dhakka.. that will b good fun!

              im quite amazed u never watched it tho!

            • @FA mujhay bhi bahut ajeeb laga especially his comments on the play itself. Doesn’t sit well with me.

              Btw good question about Dawood. If only Dawood the man can come visit this page and answer that one 🙂

      • @RR: Good to have you back and glad to know you’re feeling better 🙂
        Ab need you to come back and explain to us how old Minoo is again… and why does N keep chocolate bars in her purse??

        Re, APDP, yes… they do share our posts occasionally 🙂

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