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In true Numm fashion even as this latest installment answered some long-standing questions, revealed new sides to characters we thought we knew pretty well, it also introduced a whole set of new questions. While I enjoyed the twists and turns and applaud the writer for holding our interest, I am just about at the end of my tether with all the technical snafus. After the first few episodes I had willed myself to overlook the newcomers’ acting, but now Fawad’s mumbling and Sania’s over-long scenes are also getting seriously annoying. Team Numm agar aur kuch nahin tau kam az kam meherbani farma kar mute the background score when Wali speaks/mumbles and trim some of Mahjabeen’s long walks. If not, then please mail me a bottle of Aleve before the next episode airs –  thank you!!       

image_5To return to this latest episode, after focusing on Wali last week, the spotlight was trained on Mahjabeen’s story. The mystery, the kaun, kyon, kaise surrounding Qasim was finally put to rest. Yes, he was Mahjabeen and Alamgir’s son. That Baray Sahab is in the dark about his other grandson seems to indicate that Qasim’s existence was a well-kept secret, one that Mahjabeen and Alamgir guarded with their lives. After Alamgir’s death, Qasim was kept hidden, leading Mahjabeen to sneak around to meet him. It is this love for her son that compels her to concoct an illness. As a mother I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for Mahjabeen to play caretaker to another woman’s son when her own child was left to others’ whims.


While Mahjabeen’s motivations might have been clear to her, Neelam has a very different take on this situation. Since day one it has been very difficult for her to wrap her head around Wali and Mahjabeen’s relationship. Even now, despite reassurances from Baray Sahab and Wali, Neelam continues to be wary of Mahjabeen’s status in Wali’s life – is she a mere vani or is she his wife? It is this insecurity that makes her goad Wali, lash out at Mahjabeen, and lead her to contemplate her own place in Wali’s life. Is she going to have to play the second fiddle to Mahjabeen for the rest of her life?


As for Wali, no matter what he might say to Neelam or how curtly he responds to Mahjabeen’s phone calls, the fact of the matter is that when he sees her he is gentleness personified. Though he warns Neelam to tread carefully as far as his relationship with his vani is concerned, the truth of the matter is that he himself is very confused and does not know what to make of it. When he is away from the house and alone with Neelam, he seems to enjoy indulging in light-hearted flirtatious banter with her. With Mahjabeen around, his behavior is unfathomable – not only to Mahjabeen and Neelam, but to himself even. Now with Qasim having entered the picture it will be interesting to see how Wali reacts to this new contender for not only Mahjabeen’s affections, but also Baray Sahab’s jaidad.


In terms of writing this was a very good episode, but the onscreen narration is really faltering. Like previous episodes, there were some really good moments. The scene with Sarmad and Sania was excellent, even though the lighting was all off. I loved the look Mahjabeen gave Alamgir when he talked about Amtul being a highly educated woman, one who could plead his case convincingly in front of the elders…. wonder what he would’ve said had he lived to see Amtul’s state in the present.


Focusing in on the painting of two women while Neelam contemplated her situation was a nice touch, but the fact that we had just heard the entire conversation just a few minutes ago rendered the whole scene redundant. What was the point of repeating it? Instead, why not have Neelam think back to her conversation with Mahjabeen’s doctor. It would have been nice to have heard, if not seen, what had transpired between the two. On that note when did Neelam run into the doctor? I also found the Mahjabeen and Neelam confrontation too OTT and filmy for my liking. Also clarified in this episode was the fact that Wali had indeed changed houses to please Neelam. Why and when that happened was strangely left out. Rather than all the long scenes, why did we not see them moving or talking about the move? Was this the farmhouse that Baray Sahab had gifted Neelam?

image (1)

In terms of sound, this was yet another mediocre episode. Apart from the inaudible lines, and the still loud background score, the scene where Neelam overhears Baray Sahab talking to his policeman crony was really badly done. In terms of editing, the Mahjabeen scenes in particular need a serious trimming. Again, the shot of Mahjabeen looking out of a window, with grillwork that evoked a sense of her being imprisoned and the look back to times when her freedom was almost ending, was well done, but the scene itself was painfully long, ruining the impact of that fabulous framing and flashback. In terms of acting, Sania and Sarmad are just too good together, and their brief scene together was the highlight of the episode for me.

Is it too much to ask for a better edited episode next week? Mumkin hai Numm waley mera review parh lein? Mumkin hai koi meri baat sun le?

Written by SZ~

Numm ~ Episode 12


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  1. WOW, I’m the first to comment 🙂

    SZ: as always, thanks for writing an awesome review! I agree with you that the director shouldn’t have made Neelam go into retrospect about that whole exchange of dialogue with Wali…its like dude we have so many questions as it is, they could have shed light on other pressing issues in the drama. Also, what was the purpose of the whole phone tag with mother daughter…how the heck are we going to gain anything from that scene? The Numm team really needs to get there act together….

    I thoroughly enjoyed today’s episode because it answered one of our main questions. “Pehle pata chale bimari kya hai”, there was some sarcasm in his voice…and from the look on his face, you could tell he’s thinking daal mein kuch kaala hai… For a minute, I thought maybe he’s thinking she’s pregnant..and kinda thinking back to “the night”. MJ better realize that Wali ain’t little anymore and he’s going to catch on pretty fast…

    I still think Wali knows who Qasim is because I find it impossible that Wali growing up with her and not having the slightest hint in who he is? It’s pretty obvious that she played a role in Qasim’s life otherwise he wouldn’t care to keep in touch with MJ.

    OMGoodness, I love the kid/guy whose playing Qasim. He’s such a good actor and it was so cute the way he teases his mom 🙂 Who is this actor?

    I’m totally on the NUMM bandwagon and I think the story is definitely going to take a toll when Wali and Qasim clash…. 🙂

    • @swirveyroad: hey 🙂 glad to know cwe;re on the same page re: the Neelam flashback and yes, you are so right, that phone tag and Minahil’s incredible rudeness to her mom was so off putting and a waste of time.
      Yes, I too think Wali is on to MJ, but I think he sees it as her ploy to catch his attention. I dont think he knows about Q, remember he was away for 7/8 years, so its quite plausible he wouldn’t know.. but again this is Numm, so anything’s possible, lets see!
      Dont know the actor playing Q.. perhaps somebody who knows could help us out here….

  2. @SZ, Thanks a lot for faithfully coming up with excellent review week after week. sometimes when I visit official Numm page on FB that they are trying too hard to push N on the audience by mentioning again and again how her and W’s scenes were too romantic(last week) and how we all loved N in this episode(this week). No doubt she was better in this episode but loved…. I think we all get the point that N is supposed to be the heroine that is why she is being pushed so hard. It also means she may end up with W :(.
    That leaves MJ. I have a feeling she may turn out to be vamp who is present in the household to destroy it in spectacular style. There does not seem to be any reason why she stayed after W went to Oxford. There has to be a reason behind it. It may also explain the scene in one of the promos where W is wandering in the khandahrs of the haveli.
    I am sure W knows about Q, but what and how much? Also Amtul knows something so who will spill the beans ?

    • @ PG Well N is no heroine for me because this story is about Vani and Mahjabeen is the vani here and secondly N is no actor, she irritates me instead of getting my attention and sympathies, I avoid seeing her as much as I can and I do not know why the FB page of Numm is promoting Neelam so much, I am unable to understand how Mahjabeen had given birth to Kasim and kept him under wraps so long for one he is a male heir, and belonging to this subcontinent this is impossible and secondly I am given to understand the society in which this story is set is fairly close knit for they have abided by the Vani ritual and if not so they could have hidden Mahjabeen the way they have kept her child hidden. In this story I desire to see MJ ending up with Wali not as a vani but as his full fledged wife getting her due respect as a wife should get and like you no Neelam for me please, she has a bright future with someone else maybe 🙂

      • @Tinni, I agree from any angle, N is no heroine in this drama however much the makers may want to promote her as one. I still do not feel any sympathy for her.

        • @Tinni: Indeed N is no heroine in any sense, but I think they are pushing her as a heroine in the sense that she is the one who ends up with the “hero” at the end. That said, I do not see a happy end for this story no matter who ends up with whom :/

      • @Tinni, I definitely agree with you about Neelam; she is quite annoying despite the fact that her acting has improved.
        However, I don’t think a love story between M and W is a good idea. I really cannot see those two in a husband and wife relationship, and while M should have a place in his life, it should be as a person he can always lean on. In my opinion, she is more of a mother to him than a wife.

        • A good wife is one who serves her husband in the morning like a mother does, loves him in the day like a sister does and pleases him like a prostitute in the night -Chanakya

          @SK I want MJ as a proper wife to Wali because it will then bring this story to a meaningful conclusion for Vani is a ill practice, it is illegal too I understand but still being practiced so it is time an educated person like Wali shows the pay how to respect such women….

      • @PG: I agree the FB page is very annoying in the way they are handling the publicity for this serial… The story is very different from the run of the mill predictable story lines and then add to it the 1001 other problems the interest in the serial has dwindled and I think they are trying to counter that by concocting their own khichri… All those pics and clips of FK from his earlier appearances and all are other examples of their blatant strategy to keep the FK fans engaged … needless to say I’m not impressed.

    • @PG I totally agree with you that we are going to see a about turn on MJ.
      The first half of the play the director managed to get all our sympathy for MJ now for the rest of the play he will morph MJ into a villain out for blood and revenge.
      I have no issue of her extracting her revenge from BS for he deserves to be strip off his ego, wealth and position as any one who does not respect a female and perpetuates a horrible tradition of wani deserves this faith. But I fear she is going to use W as her arsenal, destroying his and N’s life also. I have not liked W at all for his spineless character and his not standing up against BS and stupid traditions to give MJ her freedom, but he does not deserve what I suspect MJ has in store for him.
      On the other hand I have a strong feeling that W is also playing a game here. He definitely knew that MJ was pretending to be sick. I think going forward they will slowly reveal a different W to us also.

      • @db: Interesting theory and entirely possible!
        I think one of the reasons why we’ve all been watching this one so far, despite all the execution issues, is that none of us have a clue about how its gonna turn out. Personally, I dont see MJ as a villain, and dont see any heroes or heroines. I also don’t see any “love” here in the traditional/filmy sense. All I see are character caught up in situations beyond their control. and it is their responses, right or wrong, to the circumstances they find themselves in that makes for an interesting not to say unpredictable watch…

  3. Finally one mumkin has been laid to rest. Qasim is indeed MJ’s son but how exactly did they manage to keep it a secret given their repeated flashbacks of her being made a vani probably soon after the bloodshed. Well, hopefully that mystery will be solved pretty soon. Qasim does not look like a 17 year old to me, or at least there doesn’t seem to be at least a 10 year difference between W & Q. This leads me to believe that maybe Q was born before the “nikah” ?!

    Wali is anything but stupid and poor guy has to deal with N tantrums and insecurities and now MJ’s “harbas”.

    Whenever the scenes/story moves fast, I like the play better. Long drawn out scenes like MJ in her room at the beginning of the episode as well as N thinking back to her confrontation with W does add to the long list of issues the play seems to have. And let’s not forget Minhal’s scene with her mom…the first part, what was the point of that?1

    N will know by next week that MJ met Q…” boy” as she said it. She has finally something over MJ…how happy that must make her.

  4. Person I liked before in this drama but not now: MJ
    Person I might have more sympathy with now : N
    Person I’ve disliked all along: BS along with his theories
    Person I like : Wali but only coz I get to see FK when Wali is around….and coz he got a raw deal in life, no parents, obnoxious dada, one old devious wife/mother figure, one young ‘n pretty but “in a bad mood” wife, not to mention now a step son/cousin.
    People I want to see the least of: The multiple servants

    • @aifa Very well said. I agree with you point for point.
      I too have empathy for Wali. That’s the one character who has had an emotionally-deprived life. Everyone, in a way, has played with his emotion. MJ has been his anchor and he always feels her need around himself. SZ has said it well, and as always, about the gentleness of his character vis a vis MJ. Even when he is rude to her he does not mean to be. His rudeness is a sort of defence mechanism and he repents later. But will MJ too deceive him? Mumkin hai…
      Numm has been one of the most fascinating plays I’ve seen. Every week there is a new opening. Just wish it was more tightly directed and scripted. Ah and it was a relief to know I wasn’t the only one who thought FK mumbles his dialogues. I felt the same in some parts of Humsafar too and kept blaming the audio levels of my laptop, damning the manufacturer too. LOL.

      • @Sifar: Indeed FK’s mumblings have been a problem but not as evident as here lol! Have you see KPKP? The sound quality and editing was equally atrocious and for that too I remember sitting through multiple watches to make sense of the happenings there …
        I’m sure Numm brings back pleasant memories of those time for @Annie and @Ash!! 😉

    • @afia: MJ is getting upto all kinds of tricks to get away from W and that house and get herself admitted to the hospital so that she could escape and be with her son Q for a few days….she is not trying to get W’s attention or take him away from N….as is wrongly understood by N herself and probably W too….so what makes you hate her and transfer your sympathies to N?? I thought you always were uncomfortable with W and MJ being together….so why dislike her for trying to escape him? I did not understand your point.

      • Hi RR, No I was never one of those who were uncomfortable with MJ and W being together. Infact I loved their short term romance and wish it had lasted longer. I didn’t like MJ at all in this ep (not ‘hate’ though) coz she’s being devious now (for whatever end). On top of that she’s apparently had a full blown affair and mothered an illegitimate child – for a conservative like me, that’s a whole lot to swallow. Plus she irritated the hell out of me with all that fake coughing- if it was real I could have tolerated it.
        Neelum (the character, not judging the actor) on the other hand has not been devious till now. What one sees is what one gets.

        • @afia: Ok, got your point! We knew of her affair with Alamgir right from the word ‘go’, didn’t we? Again, if you compare MJ’s and N’s positions in the Bakht khaandan there is a vast difference….so each has to fight her battles in a different way… the tactics employed are different…..actually, both want the same result…..MJ wants to get away from W…..N wants her to get out of their (hers & W’s) lives…..if only the ladies knew how to talk it over… will all be so simple, isn’t it?? But then where’s the story in that….

        • @afia. Please do not take this in the wrong way, I too am very conservative and do not approve of a child born out of wedlock but I do differ on MJ being devious, I say more power to her if her deviousness brings down the people who practice and encourage this wani tradition. To me abusing and victimizing children into this horrible practice of Wani is a tragedy and a big black mark on all of us who do not speak out about it. That is why I hope she uses all her skills and evilness to bring down the Nizam and BS. Sorry I am using this silly play to bring out my feminism and social injustice to women.

        • @Afia: Re: MJ’s fake coughing, I watched Numm and then Shuk, and oh boy! By the time I was done with the two my ears were ringing with the overloud khaoon khaoon of both ladies!!

    • Haha good one about Wali! 😛 And yes I have sympathies for Neelam too. For MJ is turning out to be one creepy character especially after watching her give those evil smirks and all…
      But the pace at which the mystery is unwinding- can’t say anything that early. All the characters in the drama have mercurial personality, they cannot be judged so easily. :-/

      • @afia, @sifar, @Fizza: Contrary to all your opinions, I felt more appreciation for MJ in this episode….that she could do more than just give blank stares and studying her reflection in the mirror was a welcome change….her simple trick to escape from the house to go to her son was something I found very amusing and engaging… her little smile did not look evil to me but more impish!! I loved it!

        • @RR: With you on MJ showing more guts than any of us had given her credit for … and yeah that smile I think was deliberately shot that way to open up more mumkinats… ab dekhe aagey kya rang dikhati hain apni MJ baji 😉

    • and what about Q? i feel sorry for this kid too!! he was deprived of everything.. father was killed, mother imprisoned (or as good as) .. who did he grow up with?.. with what identity? wali had all the perks, but this kido didn’t even have that.. he was denied of all that was rightfully his!

        • @Afia and @FA: Agree, haven’t seen much about Q as yet, so hard to know.. but the way he seeks out MJ’s attn does make you feel for him… As at @Fizza says, the way the story is unwinding, it is vedry hard to make any calls at this point.

  5. Hello guys! @SZ: Good review. I am in total agreement with all your points this week! I liked this episode much better than last week’s! At least the story moved forward in the sense that one greatly vexatious issue of who Qasim is, was laid to rest!!!

    Oh SZ! You are still hoping that Team Numm would heed your pleas on all our behalf about the various “snafus”…..time you gave up I think…..but totally back you about at least muting the background score when FK mumbles…..can they at least listen to you on this one point if not on all?? Why does FK do this? Many of us had this same problem with him during his earlier shows too.

    Agree with you about all the filler scenes( all Minahil & mom ones, N’s flashbacks and annoyingly lengthy MJ ones)…..instead they can show us others more relevant like N & the doc’s encounter… you said, when did this happen?

    @PG: I also feel W knows about Q because we have seen in previous episodes that he has caught MJ mumbling about him on several occasions and never questioned her about Q……but as you put it “what and how much” is the question now!

    @AK: We are back at the issue of “age” of W and Q. Agree with you that neither does Q look 17 nor does he look 7 years younger to W!! But why do we assume this “age 17” for him……think about it…..let’s assume Alamgir and MJ ‘miraculously’ hid the pregnancy AND the childbirth AND that this boy Q was born well-hidden from everyone BEFORE the death of Alamgir (without Alamgir’s help MJ could not have managed the secrecy) then it will mean that Q was very much around before the bloodshed and the enforcement of “wani-hood” on his mother…..this could explain why Q looks older…..and the age-gap between W and Q will be lesser. Don’t you think so?? Another important detail that substantiates this view is the fact that since W was 10 years old MJ has been with him and under the hawk eyes of BS… any child born to her cannot be only 7 years younger to W….right?? My theory….unless Team Numm is going to confound us further by making this “age” issue as murky as the “age” issue of W and N!!

    @PG: Yes, I think MJ will have her “spectacular revenge” on this household and BS but not by turning a vamp but by her “spectacular revelation” of her pregnancy with W’s child…..what with N’s fall (next week’s promo) and ending up on a hospital bed….and probably ending up incapable of having another child….by being the means of fulfilling BS’s all-consuming desire/dream of a waris for the khaandan!!! Then BS will be as confused as W about the various relationships within his khaandan! Serves him right!!! Imagine what Amtul, who was a party to Alamgir’s & MJ’s secret, went through when they made MJ her “bahu”….no wonder the “highly educated woman” lost her mind!!!

    Now waiting for the next episode and looking to chew this one completely with the help of all our friends here… whole week’s enjoyment!

    • @RR, I think you are right, Qasim may have been born before Alamgir’s death. but hiding a Nikaah(supposedly) and moreover a pregnancy in a village sounds quite impossible. But this seems a more logical theory ( Probably I am being wishful here, logic and Numm in one sentence).
      But I still feel MJ would be shown as a vamp as this may be the most unexpected twist in the story yet.

      • @PG: Exactly!! That’s why we all tried our best to explain away Q in every other possible way….but we have lost that battle, haven’t we?? A “nikaah” can be kept a secret but how did they manage to hide a pregnant woman for nine months or at least after the initial 3 or 4 months in a society like theirs….and the delivery itself… is logic-defying…..but this particular “situation” has been “managed” in umpteen films and television dramas….so Numm follows that particular filmy formula and does not pretend to be different!!

        MJ wouldn’t mind being a vamp for BS or N but I think she does have some feelings for W, so she may not be shown as a compete vamp is what I feel. Let’s see. Whatever anyone may say….for me the heroine here is MJ!

          • @RR I don’t think they got married at all, MJ’s pregnancy without her marriage to Alamgir may have been the reason for the killings, for it was a disgrace to the family but it is strange in a society like theirs this was kept secret…and that too a male heir, BS with all his influence would have found it out and a dead son’s child being brought up in someone else’s household is something very difficult to accept for a patriarch like him. Like you I don’t mind MJ being a vamp for BS and Neelam and living happily ever after with Wali 🙂

            • @Tinni If my theory is not too far fetched, mumkin hai BS must’ve lost his rag after knowing that all this went on under his nose, without his consent..and mj’s brother’s rivalry fuelling the matter.. it might’ve been a pride issue?? Afterall these feudals do have egos bigger than their jagirs.. lol

        • @ RR lol @ filmy formula.. this episode was pretty filmy wasn’t it! with Mj’s smirks and harbas.. and hiding the pregnancy and the secret garden parties..

    • well whether N can bear a child for W or not shouldn’t phase BS.. like he said mardon ki zandagi mein aurton ka aana jana laga rehta hai.. he will get W to marry the third wife to bear a child.. masala to tab ho ga jab wali cant have a child.. phir tou Q ya Mj’s new pregnancy will come into action!

    • @RR: I was so thinking of all your mathematics when I was watching this!! 😉 Will wait to read more of your hisab kitab in the next episode, b/c I have a feeling ke we will be doing these calculations for a while.

  6. @SZ Brilliant review as always! I was too engrossed in the narrative this time to notice the minor details like the paintings that you highlighted.
    This for me was the first wholesome episode where I didn’t feel cheated or longing for more.
    As the episode was progressing I was getting quite concerned about MJ’s behaviour. the indian movie harbas and the evil smile with pani was something i just couldn’t hazam.. If they had left us in the limbo again without disclosing the real reason behind her silly behaviour I for one would have lost all my respect, not just for MJ but also for the writer! But thank you Numm (for once) for not putting us through that pain once again! otherwise bohut mumkin hai mumnkin na hota mera palatna..
    waise ufffff Kafi garhi hain hamari Mj baji!! nahin?

    I do wonder whether Team Numm has listened to our frustrations and gone back to the editing table and maybe (just maybe) tried to sum it up in fewer episodes? mumkin hai ke indeed ke 15 episodes mein khatam hi ho jai? but if we are only half way through well dunno what twists and turns to expect anymore!

    As for Q’s mysterious birth, here is my theory.. Mj told Alamgir ke bhai knows (i assume here abt the pregnancy).. so that means that her family probably tried to keep it a secret. We know her brother had issues with BS (the gavahi etc that we heard abt previousy).. maybe this brother wanted to use this new Bakht heir as a trum card against BS.. this could’ve been kept secret until ‘the right time”.. and whenever brother revealed this info, it backfired.. resulting in the killings.. BS didnt accept the Mj, A rishta because he was angry why he was kept in dark..and Q because of his ego.. at the end of the day Amtuls shadi was only allowed after his nazre karam.. Noew this revelation could’ve been a few years after Q’s birth which explains his age etc.. i hope they did have the nikah and Q isnt illegit.. i think im running away here with my wild imaginations! lolol… but there’s def more to the feud that meets the eye!

    I quite enjoyed W’s reaction to Mj’s bimari.. caring but suspicious a the same time.. btw who did he frown at after BS’s phone call and the aurat ke do rukh talk? MJ??

    Well well.. Like Salima wasn’t enough.. now here we have Salima’s assitant too!! and a worse one at that!!

    btw i couldnt find the next weeks preview.. can someone please let me know where to find that?

    got plenty more to say but mazeed dil halka karne ke liye will have return in a bit!

    • @FA: I agree with your theory about Q’s birth….must have been easy to hide a pregnant woman when her whole family is in on the secret…..yes, MJ’s brother could have used Q as a trump card in some dispute which backfired…..resulting in the bloodshed…..I too believe that Q was born before Alamgir’s death….this by far, is the most plausible explanation of Q’s birth! Good reasoning!!

      • @FA and @RR: I’m with you that the child was born before the vani happened, ab yeh sab kab kaise hua and how it was kept hidden is something we will have to wait to see..

        @FA: while everything else is mumkin, the one fact that is 1000% na-mumkin is that the serial will end in 15 eps .. it is Geo after all!

        Also, yes, I too was a disappointed that the dir decided to go filmy with this ep .. didnt gel with the overall narrative at all.. I hope this was a one-off and not going to be repeated again.

  7. @SZ Sorry for the impatient to read your review, as usual it was fantastic.
    Now for a few questions.
    1. Who was calling her and why was she repeatedly calling W?
    2. Did N delete her calls from W’s phone or did W know she had called repeatedly but did not answer her?
    3. Now tell me which 17 or more year old boy wants to constantly hang out with his mother? And how by going to the hospital is MJ going to achieve being with Q?

    Is Q really MJ’s son? They did not explicitly say that. Assuming he is, then the theory that he was born before her being married to W makes more sense, but how is that possible? This is really interesting, I love the way it is being played out, I take back all my complains of their vagueness in this instance 🙂

    MJ’s devious smile did not go well with the scene. It seems she is just acting up her illness for the purpose of spending some time with Q. But that smile was too creepy for that. But what it could mean is that she is now ready to get even with BS and will use any means or anyone at her disposal.
    Up till now we were all theorizing that W will free her and so and so…
    I liked this twist better that she will free herself from this ridiculous bond. I have always felt that she was too sharp for the subservient role she was playing and hated to see her moping for W. I hope that she will stand up for herself and give BS a good fight.
    But my suspicion is that she will use W as a weapon against BS to destroy him but in the event she will also destroy W and N. Now my heart really goes out to N. If it was not for her baby voice and diction she would have had all of us rooting for her.

    Wow now I am not sure if the Stormy Night happened as we all predicted. Unless MJ is a true villian and planned it for revenge against BS. My mind is going bonkers with all kinds of mumkinats.

    This could have really been a masterpiece if it was well directed and edited.

    • @db lol @ question 3.. not just hang out but uss ke haat se khana bhi khae.. in secret garden parties.. lol I guess he’s pretty deprived! as for what will they achieve in the hospital.. well maybe she will pretend to be ill and Q will pretend to be her nurse.. lol.. thats if we follow the filmy formula that numm has started following recently. lolol
      but yes story is def much more intriguing now seeing the spine generation finally starting to show its results on both W as well as MJ.

      • @db and @All I apologize for being MIA these past few weeks and being late with reviews, etc. Just been really preoccupied, so a huge thank you to all of you for answering and responding to each others’ questions and highlighting so much more that I had totally missed while watching!

        @db; to respond to your ques:

        1. Q was calling MJ, insisting that she spend time with him. For him it makes no sense tha now that W has N why is MJ hanging around there. He does not know that Mj had tried to get out earlier, when she had asked BS, and he also does not know this weird thing that W wants to have MJ around him, or at his beck n call. And MJ was probably calling him to say that she wanted to go away for a few days, or possibly ask him to let her go now that N was in his life.
        2. I think N deleted her calls, and earlier W too had scolded her for calling him repeatedly, thats why Mj had to come up with this charade of being sick to get time away from the house. In PK, patients are expected to have attendants who spend the night in their hospital rooms, and so Im imagining that MJ didnt really expect N to let W go spend the night wit hMJ, so then Q could easily spend time with her there ….

        3. LOL! No idea… why Q is so deprived on MJ’s attn.. wonder if they had sent him away to a boarding school somewhere and hes just returned, almost simultaneously w/ Wali’s return?? Any mumkinats on this theory??

  8. @SZ i woke up to ur review this morning and had to let some of my thoughts out of my system earlier.. now i need to hazam my big sunday brunch as well as the rest of the Numm episode.
    ok so what did Mj mean by ‘tum apni fikar karna seekho?’ (to alamgir).. btw i loved the scene. I think that was def the scene of the episode for me.. i quite like the lighting and all.. after seeing this i cant wait to see these two in Manto..
    As for Amtul’s parha likha hona… i can see why she had said mein parhna bhool gai hoon (to amtul) … akhir itni parhi ke baad bhi she knew Amtul couldnt do anything..the only hope she has from W now is that besides being parha likha he is also a mard from their mardon ka nizam.
    Now Mj baji and her harbas,.. yahan bhi lagta hai bechari ki kismat saath nahin deti.. darakht se girin magar koi haddi waddi nahin tooti.. sardi mein pankha chalaya magar thand phir bhi nah lagi.. well unlike our andaze her immune system is pretty strong.. kafi sakht jaan ho gai hain sitam sehte sehte.. lol Tou next harba : ‘ lets pretend!’..lets see how far this harba can take her…last time behosh hone ke bawajood wali bhai unko hospital nahin le ke gai.. khali khooli khansi se hospital kaise jaa sakti hain aap.. thori aur indian movies dekhne ki zuroorat hai bahan ji aap ko!
    I just cant hazam the smirk.. that moment was like ”please yaar we dont need farida auntie style 360 degree turn here!”… @RR yes it looked pretty develish but turned out to be impish!
    and i think our Fk made a lil error in his stress… did anyone notice? ”mera khiyal tha ke tumhain horrible se ikhtalaf ho ga”.. stress shoulve been on horrible not ikhtalaf.. i think too many scenes with KW r beginning to rub off on FK.. mind the distance please! lol
    & dada ki tarah bari bari moonchein.. now that will be some wali!.. i wonder what fk will look like in a typical wadera saaein look.. we saw him in the kalafzada shalwar kameez throughout this episode.. so this isnt just his nightsuit anymore lol

    N’s ultimate mission in life seems to be MJ ko hamari zindagi se door kar do.. newsflash! Mj bhi yahi chahti hai!! now that both these women want the same thing we might just get somewhere.. but hey there are 10 more episodes to go so this wont happen without 10 million twists and turns.. not to mention lon gazes and useless filler scenes..

    chalo der aae durust aae! 2 episodes late hi sahi atleast we get the explaination for nia ghar!

    for me what was really interesting was that W reffered to Mj mamla as territory..akhir raha na zamindar ka zamindar! Neverthless I was so glad to see him stand up for Mj, seena taan ke!
    And Walis smile at Mj.. If he didn’t know beforehand, he does now! after Mj’s statement meri bimari ki wajah se pareshani.. the smile was like bari ”khush-fehmi” hai aap ko.. ab to Salima achi bhali train ho gai hai.. sare ghar ko uss ne sanbhal liya hai.. lololol and then roz roz ka bimar hona! Our mr W knows whats going on under that ghonsla of black curly locks .. magar ”khush-fehmi” tou W bhai ko hai.. wo aap ke liye nahin marr rahi ap ke madde-muqabil khandani waris ke liye yeh sab drame karr rahi hain!
    And Q & MJ scene.. how could Mj think she could escape everyones beady eyes?? itna drame ke baad, sub ki attention ka markaz banne ke baad to sab se pehle to N ke kaan khara hone chahye the ke khansi kaise band ho gai? lolol.. thats another hard one to hazam..
    uff buhut lamba ho gya!! sorry for ranting on..
    i just think ke iss triangle par pythagaroas theorem apply karin ya Numm pe newtons law of motion.. this numm defies all.. lolol we all deserve an honorary degree after Numm (with all kinds of majors and minors and extra credits).. lol
    i feel kafi halki now after letting it all out of my system

    • @FA loved your reference to Farida (Humsafar), we are so going to see a vicious MJ. Actually I am looking forward to it. I know that sounds horrible but blame it on me seeing a lot f bollywood movies 🙂

    • @FA: On that parha likha issue, absolutely that was a very important line, and MJ’s smirk to A, when he thought ke just b/c his bhabhi was parhi likhi she could make a diff, was so important …MJ here represents that writer asking the question as to whether mere education is enough to overturn a feudal mentality and a system that has been in existence for centuries… this is the conundrum W finds himself facing as well.. liberalism/modern education tells us that education, ushering in a subaltern revolution, is the panacea for all social evils.. but is it really??

      Also, excellent catch on the territory line… it is these flashes of hidden gems that keep Numm interesting for me ..
      re: horrible … agree those lines were delivered badly, also I dont know of adults who go around calling each other horrible … weird would have a been a better word IMO … this seemed like N and W were name calling each other in a preschool playground!

  9. @FA, you nailed it. That smirk of MJ was so reminiscent of Humsafar’s Farida aunty moment. It was uncanny. Anyway, as mentioned in OST, one of the mumkinaat is ki kahin fareb ho…..

    • @PG lol @ mumkin hai faraib ho… @db aww don’t we all love bollywood movies! If that brings some life into our Mj.. bring it on! As I said she needs to watch a few more to become bit more pakki!! mind you this had to be the most entertaining episode so far!

  10. What is it with the long drawn out scenes of MJ strolling around the room every other scene! So annoying!
    Somebody get the woman a straightener! Her hair is a hot mess and its always in the way! Maybe N should let her borrow hers, especially after she threw the water on her, thats the least she can do.

    Couldn’t MJ come up with a better excuse to get out of the house. Like maybe use her two legs and just walk out! Wali and N were gone for almost a week , she could have easily left. I don’t understand the whole fake cough bit.

    Like all of you , i fail to understand how Qasim was kept a secret for all these years. Its kinda creepy how alike he and MJ look though, especially the hair.
    Alamgir is man enough to have a relationship with a woman and have a secret child, but doesn’t have the guts to speak up to his father and ask permission to marry her? Whats the worst that could have happen! O.o.

    If there was a more experienced actress playing Neelum maybe the drama / her scenes and the chemistry with Wali, wouldn’t be such a snooze fest. I happened to miss a few episodes and watched this latest installment, and wow she still sucks, as does her mother and sister! All three are so useless and add no value to the play.

    It took about three episodes to finally learn who Qasim is and how he is related to MJ, so i wonder if its gonna take another three , to answer all the unanswered questions and how he was kept a secret for so long.

    Im rooting for MJ and Wali at the end, bc contrary to what Neelum believes she’s not pretending to be sick, for Wali’s attention. He is clearly into her and well so is she (I think), plus Neelum just sucks, she deserves to die alone.

    The sound, OST , long scenes all very annnoyyyying…
    FK very very hot!!
    I wonder if they will ever go on that month long honeymoon of their’s…..

    Anyways, thanks for the lovely review! Hopefully the team of Numm will read this and work on trimming the scenes and muting the BGS! 🙂

    • @Ash lol@straightners.. You think N will let her have them? Isn’t she intimidated enough? baal range the Mj ne tou museebat parr gai thi N ko, if she gets them straightened tou kia ho ga!!
      As for the honeymoon, after the so-called romantic scene in the gaon last week, do you really want them wasting our time with any more of such fall -flat romance between W and N.. lol

  11. Hey Guys, MJ becoming Farida aunty??…..scary thought indeed…..Allah na karey…..well some such drastic twist has to come eventually to reduce everything to a khandahar as seen in the promos…..I thought it could be W killing Q in a jealous rage resulting in MJ’s death or N doing this…..well, well, well, lets see!!

  12. this drama makes me want to bang my head on the wall… when will the last episode air? i would love to know how it ends.. im a fan of MJ and W ending together miraculously. Had it not been N’s HIDEOUS acting, I might have stuck with this show a little longer. But she ruined the whole drama for me 😦

    • Hannah, all this is deliberate..I mean Neelum’s acting and accent. Neelum, her sister and mother actually are from Mars and it will be revealed only in final episode. Neelum and Co will take both Wali And Qasim to Mars.
      MJ and Amtul will be left alone in the Haveli. Sad really.

    • @Hannah – I think she pretty much ruined it for everyone! and baaki kasar Editor ne puri kar di by forgetting to shorten the scenes…sigh..

      MJ and Wali together at the end!! *Fingers crossed*

  13. Awesome review SZ.. Covered each and every thing so nicely!
    For the first time i actually got pissed off on Mahjabeen’s terribly prolonged scenes, poor editing and sound.. Even the saving grace like Alamgir-Mahjabeen scene and the ‘new’ twist of her acting couldnt do their parts :/
    I so like the story but they are totally ruining it seriously.. Just for fun sake but its also possible that she had miscarriage and Qasim bilkul hie koi aur he 😛 this would be a bollywood twist actually LOL..

    Lets see how much i enjoy falling of neelam next week.. Thats so mean of me but she had left no option, totally irritating with her spineless husband.. 12 weeks have passed and Wali hasnt opened himself.. Tired of seeing neelam’s chik chik and mahjabeen’s khoohn khoohn and those two mother/daughter… Wanted some good change now!!

    • I find the thought of being mother to an illegitimate/legitimate son from uncle and now wife to nephew very repulsive. What is the status of this marriage?

      • @Rubia, I agree it seem so icky having relations with both uncle and nephew so I guess there is some twist there. It maybe Q is not actually her son but mumkin hai at the end it is revealed that Wali is not BS grandson. That will really twist the story filmi style.
        If W is not the grandson and heir, then Q will inherit everything. Maybe that is MJ’s grand plan. To make this dhamaka announcement and get Q to inherit everything. That is why she may have been sticking around for so long.

  14. I have long been suspecting that mj has been manipulating things. In the entire hair clip sequence of things, even before the stormy night, deliberately leave her hair clip in fk’s room? And then on the breakfast table, in fk’s presence, she asked salma where her clip was? And this sets off the entire sequence where fk returns it to her etc. A And in those days only she also slept out in the garden. I thought at that moment too that it was deliberate. Does anyone else remember her clip in wali’s room before she first fell sick?

    • @Shaz, I agree with you. I also remember that episode, where it seemed for no reason MJ was moping around in W’s room. Sleeping on his bed and then leaving her hair pin there. It might have been deliberate. Actually this drama may make more sense, when we watch it again after its over. Then lot of unrelated and random scenes may make sense. Like u never know, mali was so much in prominence for around 3 episodes, may have some significance later on… as they have said Iss drama main sub kuchh mumkin hai

  15. I think a lot of ppl were in love with the idea of this drama and looked past the actual story to create a story in their own head. The real problem with it is not the crappy editing, and direction but the story itself. let’s all finally agree to that and move on to something better

  16. It is not a crime if you do little things to attract attention of your spouse or family members. Even if MJ had left the hairclip in the room deliberately she did not commit a crime, and her wanting to be with her son is also okay. But the biggest crime is the director is not letting go of the story yet, the narrative should be more open for the viewers to get to know what happened in the past, what is actual relationship MJ and Wali share, etc etc ….the focus of the viewers should be retained …..and eventually all the lose ends should be tied together….

    • I agree. Uptil now there has been no twist whatsoever. Qasim despite so many theoiries online, turns out to be MJ son. In fact, if it turns out that things were as portrayed, MJ affair n son with uncle and marriage to nephew. All this is real bad taste. How can one justify marriage to nephew, if there was hidden one to uncle. To me all this is a bit too much nauseating, if this is supposed to be the story.

  17. Ok so I am going to admit I found this a really weak episode. We had to many fillers scene. I for one didn’t need to see MJ smile it would have been enough for the phone call with Qasim to work that one out. The picnic scene with the servant watching again was totally out of sync with the drama. I always felt we were trusted as the viewer and now we being baby sat.Sorry about the rant but I have just been rewatching Humsafar from the start and its frustrating to compare the editing between the two.
    My point about Qasim is I think if BS had known about Qasim or could choose the heir apparent he would have chosen Qasim over Wali anyday. Qasim is spirited and strong willed all characteristics that BS loves. How strange life is had they both grown up together Wali would have been probably allowed to take a back seat in England with Qasim taking the lead.

    • @Shazch Cannot believe that Q is MJ’s son, if so then the relationship between Q, W and MJ is totally unpalatable.
      Anyways I am finding it hard to wrap my mind around all the relations, all I care is that BS gets his due from MJ by her ruining him, hopefullly without destroying anyone else.

        • @shazch and @db; I too think it would be totally out of character if MJ suddenly turns into a typicasl vamp … I think those creepy looks were a ploy on the director’s part to keep us all guessing …

    • @Shazch: I agree! Why was the creepy servant watching them like that. And they have way too much time to be gossiping. It is quite annoying how involved they are in everything except for what they are supposed to be doing.
      Clearly she is the one who goes back and tells Neelum about the “boy” . Its all very strange! WIsh they would move on, Wali dumps Neelum, accepts MJ and drama ends!! 🙂
      Maybe Qasim should come out of hiding and face BS. I mean what do you think MJ has in mind , how does she plan on destroying BS (BullSh!tter) 😀

      I think it would be wrong to compare Humsafar to Numm because the story is poles apart, different writer, editor, director and it all makes a huge difference with the end project.

  18. Can someone tell, where it is said Q is MJ’s son. I seem to have missed it completely. She and Alamgir talk supposedly about child. I did not understand when she says “NOt only the two of us we should think of the third one also” He says” Isiliye main chup hoon” But why should he be quiet?

    • @PG: you are absolutely correct in that nobody has openly come and said ke Q is MJ;s son, we are all going by MJ’s line when she says there are now three of us .. a standard way if talking abt a pregnancy in our desi dramas/films. IMO A said men isilye chup hoon, to say that her pregnancy was the reason he didnt want to upset the applecart by ticking off either her family or his.. and wanted to have the rishta settled amicably, without raising any heat on either side … sadly he was proved wrong 😦
      Any other explanations for this scene?

      • @PG & @SZ yes i didnt get those lines either.. and also tum apni fikar karna seekho (ti alamgir)? kaisi fikar? It was such a beautifully shot scene, if only we could understannd the lines too.. sigh!

        • @FA: I understood that as MJ telling A to stop thinking like a pampered feudal (remember her earlier refs to his fast driving and his careless ref to his dad’s high social status), stop relying on others to find solutions to his problems, and most importantly to stop thinking that just because he was so and so’s son that nothing untoward could happen to him.. he clearly thought that just b/c he was BS’ son nobody (read Mj’s family) would dare touch him… and she was warning him to be careful….

          • @SZ Ah Ok! that makes sense now. thanks! Also, i’d love to hear ur take on the feet shot in this scene.. it was so lovely but didnt know what to make of it lol.. perhaps phoonk phoonk ke qadam utha rahe hain ab?

            • @FA: On a aside, phoonk phoonk ke qadam rakhna reminds me so much of Mahira/Falak in SeZ .. that scene b/w her and Samina P was so so adorable!! Have you seen SeZ? remember that scene?

              And from sublime to the not so sublime, that closeup of feet coming towards each other was to imply an intimate moment b/w the two lovers .. I actually liked that old fashioned way of alluding to physical intimacy … remember those old movies where we were shown silhouettes of two faces coming closer, or two flowers coming together or a bee buzzing over flowers, etc… aah the good old days!

  19. @All: Okay, so here’s my question… should we still continue with weekly Numm reviews, or switch to bi weekly ones? Also, is there any current drama any particular that has you hooked and would like to discuss further?

  20. @SZ thanks for the link.. can’t wait! I wonder what BS is referring to..
    To be honest I look forward to ur review and the discussion more than the episode itself. That is now the highlight of the week for me. I think Numm is giving us so much to rant about… I’m loving it!! Would def love to hear ur take every week! Waiting for a week is bad enough.. 2 weeks wait to too much ho ga yaar!

    • Thanks for the feedback .. chalo agar aur koi nahin tau at least hum tum hi baat kar lenge 😉 Like you I too enjoy the discussions, math calculations and the weekly lists of mumkinats!

      Btw where did our friends YBM & Nur disappear this week? ladies, aap ko miss kiya jaa raha hai 🙂

      • @SZ awww Im sure there are plenty out here jo iss iztarab se suroor lete hain lolol.. seriously 80+ comments says we r still here!!
        I guess some of us might be busy with moharram and all..
        reply thread is missing on SeZ comment.. yes i watched it when it came out but can’t remember that scene. which scene are you referring to?
        Yes feet could show intimacy but i think there was a story being told there.. starting with A’s walk and finishing off with tender moments..
        btw saw u uploaded umrao jan and dil diya dehleez on ur youtube channel. been scouring the web for ages for these two.. thanks alot.. watched umrao.. loved it! been craving for a period drama for sometime.. lol

        • here’s the scene in ep 4 of SeZ .. around 25:59 … loved, loved SeZ 🙂

          I just checked the comments thread on sez reviews and they appear to be open from my end – weird! Please do try again. Here’s the link for the finale thread …

          Glad you’re enjoying the various dramas .. these are all dvds from my collection, had them all sitting so thought might as well share them with everybody else out there 🙂 UJA is a personal fave.. I know many censured it for the dancing etc, but I loved it. DDD was also one of those I enjoyed.. even though it seemed never-ending at times and Javeria’s OTT makeup was so funny, but with some judicious use of the ffwd I had a lot of fun watching it 🙂 Isnt it fun to watch the superstars of today in their bachpan and in some cases, pre plastic surgery and botox days! 😉
          Keep a lookout, many more coming your way ..

          • @Sz oh sorry i meant the reply button on ur comment abt SeZ (above) has missing..
            just watched the scene..i had totally forgotten that one! those two had such beautiful chemistry. love saminas choolha chemistry too.. so much expression in chai charhana..
            totally hear u re superstar/old days.. lol @pre-plastic & botox days,. started wajoode laraib and almost fell over when i spotted mehwish (i think thats her name from mere qatil mere dildar) !!.. add dental treatment to ur list too lolol

            • yes, that was Mehwish Hayat, she is also in the current Kabhi Kabhi, where she seems to have undergone even more changes 😉 Also check out Aisha Khan in Mehndi, her first serial, I think, and she was like 16/17 there and compare her to her most recent outing in Shuk – wow!
              The cutest are Sania and Atiqa in Sitara aur Mehrunnisa, and also check out Sania’s first TV acting in Ab tum ja sakte ho. Incidentaly that was also Mehreen’s first directorial venture, if I’m not mistaken.

            • @FA: haha! Funny you mention Mehwish Hayat in Wajood E Laraib. It took me a good fifteen minutes to finally recognize that yes its her! Wow she looks hella different in that serial Add dental treatment and some botox and its a totally different person.
              She didn’t have more then 2- 3 scenes in the entire drama though. Other then the funny looking MH, the serial itself was fab. I loved it!! And finished watching it all in three days.
              If you are currently watching it, would love to know how you’re liking it and what you think of it?

          • @SZ watched Ab tum ja sakte ho.. just wanted to mention (dunno if anyone else noticed this) thats the same house as Kashaf’s (ZGH) first house! Gosh honestly kia pakistan mein locations ki itni kami hai? i think the most annoying thing i’ve been finding in recent dramas is using the same location/house in all the dramas.. but this was like 15 yrs ago! abhi tak iss ghar ka peecha nahin chora!!! (even the dining table and beds r same bass thori si setting badal di hai.. wo bhi SS ne drame mein hi ki hogi HS ke saath mil kar lol!)

            • @FA: good catch on the same house.. I havent seen Ab tum jaa sakte ho in ages.. ab dekhna parega 🙂 And its not just the location and houses .. Dastaan wardrobe has shown up in a number of HUm TV dramas, Aunty Faridas nightie has been worn by a number of “westernized” TV moms .. I had posted a collage of the various actresses wearing that gown in one of my ZGH reviews … and the jewellery from AA was repeated again in KPKP … kiya kiya jaye in ka :/

      • @SZ ok wow! ab tum ja sakte ho will be next then!
        u got me thinking.. atiqa and noman from nijaat and, and also .. mishi khan and adnan siddiqui from aroosa… i was thinking these men are still appearing as lead heroes and auratain becharian sab kuch karne ke bawajood can’t really keep up.. (mummy aur aunty or bohot young hua to old wife roles)… except maybe mahnoor…us ki umar ki train to khair ulti hi chal nikli hai .. honestly, kia young male actors ka fuqdan ho gya hai pakistan mein??
        started mehndi but that filmy phuppo was doing my head in. couldn’t take it any more. But i’ve started watching shakk and mujhay khuda pe yaqeen hai.. now that u mention, need to check out young aisha. might just ffwd the annoying auntie scenes and just watch mehndi afteralll..
        btw the girl who played umrao.. who is that? has she done any other projects?

        • You’re right. The lead actors from back in the day are still leading today but the women are no where to be found, and if they are found, they are playing the mommy roles.
          Except Maybe Aisha Khan, she is still playing lead roles, except i think she should switch over to amma roles as well.
          I think you should continue with Mehndi. Its a really good play. Yes some of the characters can get annoying but at least you have the liberty to forward on youtube! 🙂 I think you will enjoy it.
          RE: the girl playing Umrao. She was a newcomer and never came back after this drama. Not sure why, but maybe SZ can enlighten us! 🙂

          Also check out Meri Zaat Zare Benishan if you haven’t seen, Wajood e Laraib and a few others I saw on SZ’s youtube page. Lots of old and not so old classics to enjoy! 🙂

          • @ash lololol Gosh i think Aisha will faint if she sees we r comparing her to atiqa and sania etc.. i mean shes still a bacchi compared to these ladies.. i mean uroosa, yeh zindagi and sitara aur mehrunnisa was on when i was still a kid at school.. and mehndi must’ve come out atleast 8- 10 yrs after that.. lol..But yes ur right shes beginning to look more ammafied now.
            Absolutely love meri zaat zarrae benishan.. got humsafar and meri zat dvds at the same time last year and been hooked on pakistani dramas ever since.. mainly playing catch up..
            wajood-e-laraib : just finished it. dunno why but it kept reminding me of SeZ.. maybe because of the spiritual was nice but i thought the story was quite predictable…btw fahad was another one who looked so funny..i was enjoying the baccha party more lol! and speaking of older wives roles, the heroine here was the older wife in hamnasheen and i think ive seen her as a buddhi in a clip of some other drama too.. now W-e-L can’t be that old!! and yet again adnan and faisal still the same.. ??

            • haha you are right! WEL and SEZ are kinda sorta similar. But then again its the same writer. Guess she isn’t very creative now is she.
              Yes it was predictable i guess but i still liked it. The quality and sound was very pooor but still…. lol
              and YES the lead actress is the same budhi amma from Humnasheen and wasnt Adnan Siddiqui her husband in that too? lol
              I guess women age faster? I mean she looks old now and WEL is from 2004 so about 9 years later.

              And even Farrah Shah whose playing Amtul In Numm, was so young and played the lead role in Landa Bazar . So I guess the womem need to take more care of themselves compared to the guys.

              Some other good dramas are Daam (no dvd for that) , Mera Naseeb, Mora Piya was also great. Do check those out as well! 🙂

          • @Ash and FA: totally with u guys on female actors getting older comparatively but still actors like HS, AS, FQ they also look quite odd coming as hero.. I mean cmon mujhe dekhte hui bhi sharam aati he.. Budhde lagte hain bilkul… I too loved WeL.. And thankufully it was just 13 episodes drama, which i could easily finished watching in 2 days lol.. And Wow i never knew MH was in that.. Thank you for telling that.. Will check out again 😀

            Mehndi too was really enjoyable.. My fav pair was of HS-AK.. Their track was more interesting as compare to others..
            Old dramas were such a beauty…so simple and close to reality!

            • @Rehmat totally agree those guys really needs to start acting their age… too ajeeb.. lekin mujhe yeh nahin samajh aati ke producers to kion nahin sharam aati??

  21. @Ash @FA and @Rehmat: On the comment about actors and their age, do check out Hina Bayat’s comment on this issue .. I think she had commented on the review of the first ep of ZGH .. worth a read 🙂

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