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After eleven weeks it is evident that Numm is a story that defies easy categorization. Not a regular love story, it is not a straightforward story of a corrupt feudal who changes wives faster than one changes clothes, nor is it our by now formulaic story of a man caught between two women, one whom he desires and the other who desires him, and neither is it a routine gharelu masley masa’il wali story. It is precisely this intriguing difference from the norm that has had me rooting for Numm from day one. But, and I know I say this week after week, just because Numm has a hatke  story, has depth and meaning, and boasts a stellar leading pair, does not mean that we the viewers have infinite patience and are willing to put up with a sub-standard product for too long. Surely it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that for a project to succeed it is not enough for two or three elements to work, everything has to gel just so. There is no point in having meaningful lines, if the viewer has to rewind a scene 4-5 times to make sense of the mumbling, which is being further drowned out by the horrible background score. Why have a brilliant scene which either goes on forever or is cut short so abruptly that it loses its significance? I realize its too late for some things to be fixed, but editing and background score are issues that can and should be addressed – ASAP!!

With this rant out of the way, to get back to an episode that shed more light on Wali’s character and focused on his take on all that was going around him. For the first time we hear Wali voice his frustrations. How long can he be expected to twiddle his thumbs at home and take care of gharelu politics? If that was what he was supposed to do for the rest of his life then why even bother sending him abroad for a stint at an elite educational institution? How is he to even begin explaining his family life to his friends? The old man though is as shrewd as they come. Anticipating these questions, and sensing Wali’s frustrations, he placates Wali with grandiose gestures, making noises about the mantle being passed on to him. On the other hand though, Baray Sahab refuses to let power slip out of his hand; as he bluntly puts it: two swords cannot be put together in one sheath.


Much as Sikandar Bakht sugarcoats it, the harsh reality is that grandson or not, heir to the throne or not, much like Neelam and Mahjabeen, Wali too is no more than a pawn in Baray Sahab’s master plan, details of which only the old despot is privy to. For now, the only options that are open to Wali are either be his grandfather’s stooge and run for political office, or live a somewhat autonomous life doing busywork, managing a sugar mill that for all intents and purposes is running fine on its own. And, since this is Baray Sahab, the master manipulator, even the sugar mill option comes with strings attached – take the khandaani bahu for a honeymoon abroad. For a man who had thought he was done with his obligations the day he married Neelam, or later when his grandfather made him his official successor, both options, politics or sugar mill, are equally repugnant. Nonetheless for now he plays along, opting for the choice that allows him time to rethink his next move.

Though Wali might not be too taken with the prospect of a forced honeymoon, Neelam is absolutely thrilled. Excitedly reporting the news to her mother and sister, planning shopping sprees and thinking travel itineraries, she misses seeing similar excitement mirrored on her husband’s face. It will be interesting to see how this relationship shapes up, for now I think Neelam is deluding herself and Wali is unknowingly leading her on.  In many ways his grandfather’s sending him away for eight years was perhaps the cruelest stroke of all. Now that he is back, it is very hard for a man like Wali to come to terms with the confusion his life has become. There is no way he can do justice to either of the two women in his life – no matter how hard he tries to be fair to both.

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 12.35.46 PM

The scenic setting of the grand haveli also brings Wali face to face with his mother again. A brilliantly played scene, with the crazy Amtul refusing to look her only son in the eye, while the well-intentioned son tries his hardest to let go of past resentments and bridge the gap between them. Ultimately the effort required proves to be too much for both as Wali storms off and Amtul is left calling for him to return. 1392054_610963235617327_910620961_n

Though Neelam is the only one with whom Amtul seems to open up, the fact is that Neelam is quite clueless as to the darker undertones of Amtul’s seemingly meaningless uttering. Her questioning look at Neelam’s childish pronouncement that she wouldn’t mind living in the haveli all her life, seemed to have flown right above Neelam’s head. Later too, when Amtul and Neelam are sitting out on the porch and Amtul talks about sunlight, locked rooms, madness, and revolutions, Neelam is left with a disquieted look. In a deftly choreographed move, Wali’s entry at the mention of revolution was one of those aha moments in the episode. Beautifully penned and executed sequences, the Amtul scenes were the pick of the episode for me – Farah Shah was fabulous as the haunted Amtul.

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 12.27.44 PMBack in Lahore, Mahjabeen is left alone to ponder over her life, which has been turned upside down by a storm named Wali. She, who had gotten used to living a colorless life was rudely shaken awake, made aware of the color, smell and feel of life around her. Unfortunately for her though, just as she was wrapping her head around all the changes, Neelam’s re-entry made all that happened seem like a dream. Now she is unsure of her place in this household. No longer in a caretaker position, but not really in Wali’s life as his wife, who is going to determine her new position. Wali seems equally confused and unsure. He calls her incessantly when she is not around, calls her out for her late arrival home, but then when she calls him, he is angry with her – what is sauce for the gander is clearly not sauce for the goose in this case. For now, therefore, she can only offer hollow platitudes to the as yet mysterious Qasim, and view her bangles, a sign of a married woman, as iron bands that keep her shackled to Wali, and imprison her within the chaardiwari of Wali’s house.

Overall, I am still intrigued by the Numm, but the sound and editing issues, and the slow pace are a huge turn off. Apart from the fact that I had to rewind scenes to understand what was going on, I was also irritated by the repetitive, never-ending scenes. Mahjabeen and her insecurity, self-questioning, etc vis-à-vis Neelam are valid concerns, but surely the director could have come up with more creative ways of showing these rather than relying on the now tiresome device of checking reflection in the mirror? The scene where Mahjabeen is returning a fallen bird’s nest back to its original spot was beautiful, and I had loved it in the promos, but here it seemed to go on forever. Is this the producer/channel’s way of padding to come up with a requisite number of episodes, regardless of the requirements of the story? Needless to say I’m aggravated but still on board … though can’t say for how much longer!

Written by SZ~

Numm ~ Episode 11


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  1. @SZ Brilliant review.. well worth the wait!!
    So its not just me rewinding the scene 5 times over to get to the bottom of it all lol .. This episodes left me so confused.. probably because I was too busy comparing Wali with Aunn.. I know I am mad!.. But Aunn has taken over as the fav anokha ladla in my books.. lol
    On a more serious note, actually this was the first time I actually felt for W. Poor kid had to watch his father’s murder.. .. his mother lost her marbles.. and then he was married off to the woman, in order to raise him, who was the cause (or so they say) why he lost them both.. & apne aap se nafrat ka ihsas…bottling it up all those years..poor chap! Atleast he is opening up now..Thanx to N
    And whoever predicted N’s dad’s role/ involvement in the phadda.. Well we heard a little something today.. he was there at the time!
    And.. Finally! It was great to see Amtul back. Poor Amtul and Mj donon ki zindagi guzar gai is bakht khandan ki qaid mein.. loved ur take on W and A relationship.. But why does she resent him though? is it because he’s also a mard? i read something deeper in ‘.. mein wo kion karoon jo tumhain acha lagta hai?’.. and ”ok SON! so I am ur mother’.. and then she goes on to say she likes N.. which seemed to really hurt W.
    I was really hoping u could shed some light on the ghonsla / nest & the eggs.. What does that signify? Is she carrying Wali’s child (mumkin hai, mumkin na ho??) And her falling over? whats going there? Any ideas? Its gotta mean something otherwise the whole 2 min scene seemed totally disconnected.. no? now thats really bugging me!

    & we see the good old pin back with her? Last we saw, it was with Wali.. no?

    also Qasim called him by her name ‘Mahjabeen’.. so mumkin hai he may not be her son after all.. magar mumkin hai ho bhi?? kon hai yeh Qasim?

    drum role!!,, this week. along with all the new mumkinat Numm has also given us our female Maula Jatt!!!!.. KW with the rifle! ufff that scene was just too… well.. I rest my case! I am lost for words!

    Having said that I think N (the character) has brought new light into the Haveli.. We can see her kind and soft side now.. She seems to be the only one who is open and upfront.. unlike everyone else who are living their dark lives behind band darwaze and khirkian.. I guess she is the one who has led W to open up and question his standing.. (ref : maid talk)
    btw where’s saleema? & Now poor Mj doesn’t even know that Saleema is the head-maid / housekeeper, hiring maids.. She is just incharge of the mahol!!?? Dunno who Q is but she should really consider his guzarish and run far far away..

    btw why R they going to London for a month? to relive his oxford days? or is there something else?
    these mumkinats r multiplying!!!

    • @FA LOL @ all your mumkinats – too funny! Actually in terms of narrative I found this to be a very coherent episode, it was sound which was awful. Agree, I too found the insight into Wali’s head and heart very insightful .. all those things I had thought about him were finally out, and he was no debauched wadera as had been mentioned in comments earlier.
      Re: W and A, and Amtul’s comment abt him being her son… I think it was another reference to their strained relationship. Yes, she is disappointed in him in many ways.. perhaps to her it seemed like W preferred MJ to her, and she felt rejected by him.. maybe she had expected him to take her with him after he returned from London… again mumkinats abound! Re: Wali, he is indeed hurt, when Amtul pointedly prefers N to him .. he takes that as an insult, particularly in view of the fact that he was making a real effort … again, this my take. Would love to hear how others read this scene…
      Neelam is indeed like a breath of fresh air .. and what makes it so interesting that W despite all his efforts cannot effect change in the haveli, but N succeeds so effortlessly… perhaps b/c she is not seen as threat by the powers that be … remember how even the driver is told not to give W the keys to car to drive around in the gaon …. wonder what secrets BS wants to keep hidden.. is he afraid that W might hear a diff version of what happened that night?
      Re: the nest, eggs, etc .. LOL!!! I hadnt even thought of eggs signifying MJ’s pregnancy! How did six weeks pass by so quick? I thought the whole nest thing signified her nkind heart, and her nurturing nature… hadn’t she also nurtured Amtul’s son… and this is a big leap .. maybe her brother’s son, Qasim as well???
      you seriously missing Saleema?? LOL ! At one point I was thrilled that this was S free episode, but then she showed up in the flashback .. just can’t keep her away!
      Re: London.. I think W is planning an exit strategy … ab dekho kiya hota hai, btw, last I heard London was Europe.. then why the huge deal about London vs Europe .. and N is probably the only person I have ever come across who has complained so much abt going to London … after all, chalo Europe na bhi huo tau kiya hua, its not like he was taking her to some godforsaken place!

      • @SZ Godforbid Slima ko kion miss karne lagi mein! lol i just felt so sorry for Mj when maid said salima ne hire kia hai.. I was like is salima the new mrs Hughes (downton abbey) of the household now?? and poor Mj ab sirf mahol ki zimedar tehrai jai gi?

        as for the nest if its just to show her kindnes, its ones of those trademark Numm flaw.. We already know abt her kindness and caring nature.. Please director/editor don’t waste valuable time like @Tinni said.. While we are at that, I think the biggest waste of time was the neelum /sis conversation.. I man its bad enough watching that family, let alone when it means nothing!.. that scene was far too log with way too many unnecessary details! I mean please we dont wanna abt ur marksheet and ur friend’s ordeal!

        As for England being in Europe.. he’s lived here long enough to work out English don’t think they r in Europe.. There is mainland Europe and then there is Britain.. So U think W is a Burger or a wannabe?? lolol It was so funny when KW said burger,.. i was like wo burger to tum kia ho? Agar W cheese burger hai to KW quarter pounder to hogi! tum se bara burger to mein ne pakistani dramaland mein to kam se kam nahin dekha hoga lolol

        re driver scene: i think W’s ghussa was played as the reason for delaying the news delivery abt Mj’s tabiat kharab..(if im making any sense).. remember the maid had said ‘drever daod’ ko khabr rasani ki zimmadari sonpi thi.. lol

        • oops sorry abt all the typos.. I blame it on Numm numbing my braincells lol.. I hope it still makes sense.. I believe Numm has trained us well to decipher all the matlabs.. lol
          (btw i typed it before and it didnt appear.. apologies if its published twice)

        • @Fa: true abt Saima’s role in the household …and her MJ thinks she is indispensable one LOL!!!
          And, yes, that whole Neelam/sis convo was a complete waste of time — why?!! The mother needs to take some serious parenting classes … what kind of a mom is she.. letting her children speak like this to her! Needless to say mera baccha is never gong anywhere near the likes on Neelam and Minahil!!
          Yeah, I figured that W knew abt the diff .. but the way N was going onabt it was funny, especially when she says suna hai wahan sardi bohot hoti hai … aajkal key internet/cable waley zamaney main who says things like that?!
          HAHAHAHA indeed N is the biggest kind of burger around .. again the viocab sounded strange coming from N… here the writer slipped up .
          Yes, your driver expln re: the delay abt relaying the news of MJ’s tabiyat sounds plausible .. magar Im still intrigued ke gaon main aisa kiya tha ke BS didnt W driving around on his own .. Does Q live there? Wasn’t MJ’s family from somewhere around ?

          And on an aside, loved reading all the comparisions b/w A and W .. too funny! Glad you enjoyed AZ 🙂 As I was reading your comments I was tinking abt what a huge difference it makes when you watch everything all togeher in one go, rather than watching it piecemeal … I find that I dont enjoy my English shows as much if I watch them weekly ..

          • re sardi in Europe: im pretty sure W said ‘kitni masoom hai meri dehati begum’ instead of meri piyari begum.. I guess he was taken aback by her stupid statement too!.. maybe thats what team numm is referring to being romantic..ishq ganne ke khait mein..(with GUNdasa and all).. it’s so not! lol

            • Oh! Makes a lot more sense!! Thanks!!
              Yaar, ab what to say of the Numm FB page..they are trying their darndest to sell this as a romantic drama when it is nothing of the sort .. they are also playing to FK’s teeny bopper followers by posting pics from his EP days and his earlier serials …
              What annoys me even more is that they are happily cuttting and pasting excerpts of my reviews and posting them as their words …

            • @SZ Really??? Well there u go! u r doing a better job than them!! someone said last week u r way too good and u should do this professionally! charge em for ur services man..get copyright! I think right now they are in dire need of ur services to decipher the codes for them too.. i bet they read ur reviews and think ”oh yeah.. we didnt see it that way either!” lol…

          • @SZ re: why W isnt allowed to drive on his own.. I think its the ”dushman” BS fears.. remember the W N convo in the car abt the bodyguards etc.. now who r the dushmans?? mumkin hai political enemies houn, mumkin hai khandani houn, mumkin koi bhi naa houn, bass khwamkha roab jharne ka aik tareeka ho lolol ya phir typical numm style time ka ziya ho.. what do u think?

            re watching together in one go: I guess I’m not one of the patient ones.. lol.. I find it hard to wait for a whole week (esp when it comes to our dramas).. thanks to ur forum I’m managing that for the first time in years.. and i’m lovin it!!.. unfortunately with the English drama its not so easy to find it all on youtube afterwards.. so must take a weekly dose.. I did watch the first season of downton on dvd.. and I think I enjoyed that the most! I think Jane Austin style period drama set in a grand, thing of the past oozing with splendour, desi mahol will make a suberb desi drama.. no? It has all the masala of our desi kahanis but zara hutke..

            • @SZ & @FA: is tht Numm FB page authentic? I find the things they post really sub-par any official FB page. Also, the things they write look like a 5 yr old trying to enjoy 2 min of fame. And I guess with them pasting SZ’s lines I doubt if they are the actual team…And if they are, it’s really very pathetic! First the basic technicalities, and now plagiarizing, that is way too much irresponsibility and chaos in the Numm production. Get yr act together man! Sabr ki bhi hadd hoti hai!

              The one I am talking abt is the one tht ppl usually post stuff from, over here..I guess there are abt 2-3 FB pages for Numm.

  2. Hey SZ , I agree , the sound needs improvement , I could barely figure out what they were saying . Esp the last scene was just mumble mumble.
    Seems like qasim is not MJs
    Son , otherwise why would he call her by her name .
    Was it just me or did u find Nelum acting very abnormal with he r mom in law , clinging to her and hugging her bilawaje , I found it odd .

    • @Deeba: Hey 🙂 yaar, at this point everybody’s guesses re: Qasim are equally valid .. have to say they’ve kept that mystery nicely under wraps, although according to the Numm FB page Q is MJ’s son .. ab dekho kiya hota hai. I personally dont think he’s MJ’s son, but again as FA says mumkin this mumkin that . yahan sub kuch mumkin hai 😉
      And yes, Neelam does tend to “play” (for the lack of a better word) with Amtul… kiya maloom kiyon … abhi tau can’t think much as I’m nursing a headache from the constant rewinding 😦

        • @NH and @FA: LOL that is entirely mumkin 🙂 Naah, I will continue, but just really frustrated at these perfectly avoidable issues with sound etc … baqi raha Neelam ki casting ka sawaal and KW’s acting and pronunciation, I’ve just switched my brain off on that issue and decided to take a leaf out of MJ’s playbook – suck it up and move on!

  3. Hi SZ! I’ve been lurking amid all your Numm/Aunn Zara but haven’t gotten the chance to contribute to this forum as I’ve been so caught up with school and all, but I’m really enjoying your reviews & all the comments! They add so much life into Numm!
    When the background score produces “fingernails on chalkboard” like noises, overpowering the characters’ meaningful quotes, I question myself, Why on earth am I watching this?! But as you brilliantly conveyed, SZ, it’s those AH-HA! moments that motivate me to continue. As well as the mystery element, sincethere aren’t much dramas like Numm & the story is unpredictable.
    Atmul & Neelam’s relationship is so unexpected & so intriguing! I love it!
    But with all said and done, Numm is becoming more of a chore to watch… the promos were quite misleading but tbh, they were far more enjoyable then the poorly edited episodes we are left to decipher from.

    • @UM: Hey! Great to hear from you 🙂 I completely agree with your sentiments re: Numm…. much as I enjoy it, dont know how long I can put up with the torture of deciphering all the mumbling 😦

  4. Thanks SZ, fro a brilliant review. As per FB page, the last scenes between W and N were the most romantic ever but ever after watching it 5 times, I for one could not figure out all the dialogues :)). Keeping in mind all the mumkinaat, anything is possible in this drama. How can Q be MJ’s son and no one knowing it? Will Q play a pivotal role in the story that BS may want him as the next heir…

    • @PG; I seriously did not hear anything romantic in that scene, except that they way they were standing made it look romantic …
      For you and others who are asking here’s what was said in that not-so-romantic scene”

      W: Europe main hum do haftey guzarengey, lekin us se pehley hum Londin main ek mahiney ka stopover karenge
      N: Itna lamba transit! Waisey tumharey dada ji ne sirf Europe key tix deye they
      W: Tum aam khaney se matlab rakho na
      N: aam?
      W: never mind
      N: London mein poora ek mahina, baqi sab jaghon pe itna kam waqt
      W: Jab tum London jaogi to khud samajh jaogi
      N: Burger, aisey lagta hai tum wahan paida huey they
      W: Wannabe .. paida nahin hua magar wahan pe aath saal guzarey hain
      N: Jo bhi.. Paris main poora ek hafta rahenge
      W: Ji zaroor
      N: Abhi to itni ssari taiyyarian karni hain
      W: Kaisi taiyyari?
      N: Main ne suna hai ke wahan pe bohot sardi hoti hai
      W Kitni masoom hai meri dehati (thanks FA!!) begum
      N: Shopping! Shopping karni hai mujhe
      W: Phir shopping… ek bat batao tumhari almaari pahtney wali nahin ho gayi
      N: garam kaprey chahiyen mujhe, tum behas main waqt zaya mat karo.. lekay tum hi jaogey

      Ab you decide whether its romantic or not! 😉

      • Even i was flabbergasted when I read that comment on FB page. Thanx for having the patience and keen hearing to decipher it. It seems the makers are trying to push the pairing of N and W as the most romantic ever (Ugh…). As they have said time and again the drama is for thinking intellectual viewer, maybe we are not “the intellectual ones”.

      • Wow! If these acc to them are romantic dialogues..the dialogues look so stupid in writing, I wonder how did FK & KW act out with these lines…

        SZ and FA, waqai aap logon ka dedication hai to strain yr ears and brains for the dialogues…Numm is not only for the intellectuals but also for ppl who can hear supersonic waves like bats lol

  5. SZ was waiting for this review desperately and yes once again you are bang on. The sound needs to be improved asap and understanding of dialogues is becoming difficult for us more for we are non Urdu/Hindi and Punjabi speaking so clear dialogues is very important.

    I was enjoying the silence initially when the serial started but now I want the story to move and mysteries to unfold as I do not want to see everything getting solved in a hurry at the end for the heck of it. Now we viewers should know who Kasim is and we can wait to see how wali reacts to Kasim…Amtul and Wali’s scenes were beautiful you could see Wali’s pain and the way he introduces Neelam not by saying your bahu but saying she is Neelam….not even my wife Neelam 🙂 I loved it….but there were certain unnecessary scenes of Neelam going hunting, the scene could have been shown without her dialogue, she is on the hunt we know anyway and I hate it when she opens her mouth…Wali gets impatient when he does not see MJ but when MJ rings Wali wants peace….I loved the comfort level these two share….

    Numm FB page asks us about the most romantic scene …..well for me it did not work for me, first for Neelam and second for sound….what a wastage of valuable time….

    • @Tinni, Apologies for the late review .. was out of town and didnt get back till pretty late last night …
      I agree wit you abt the last scene not being romantic in terms of what was being said, but there positioning was meant to get people excited I guess…
      That whole Neelam the gun scene went way above my head .. I totally could not get why it was so important, except that BS was indulging N, keeping her happy and engaged, much as one would keep a child occupied. And yes, I do mysteries now begin to get resolved .. we are done with eleven episiodes, so I;m guessing we’ve hot hit the halfway point.. so they should start to reel in some pats of the story.. lets see aage aage kiya hota hai!

  6. @SZ: thanks for an awesome review once again!

    I think there is only so much I can say in this week’s episode because more than half the time I was trying to guess what was being said…so there wasn’t much reflection on my end for this episode. When I was watching that scene when she was putting the nest back where it belongs, it made me think that MJ knows the feeling of being somewhere where she doesn’t belong and she wants to go back home(maybe possible to Qasim–her son) but in order to do that she will have to go through some more trials and tribulations. I still think Qasim is her son and the director is just messing with our minds by Qasim calling her MJ. By the way, that totally wasn’t Qasim’s voice on the phone which was a major turn off because there is an innocence in Qasim’s voice…and that totally wasn’t there.

    Can someone tell me what was being said in that conversation between Neelam and Wali when they were talking about…that whole scene and she mentions MJ..and the conversation trails off….

    • @swirvey road: Hai … seems like we are all equally frustrated with the sound 😦
      Here is the transcription for the W/N scene 1

      N: Wali..
      W: hmmm
      N:tumhen apney baba yaad hain?
      W: haan, kyon?
      N: Aisay hi .. tum kitne khush qismat ho .. main ne to apne baba ko kabhi dekha hi nahin .. na main janti hoon ke ye rishta kaisa hota hai
      W: khush qismat to tum ho roz ma aur baba ke darmiyan aik zordar jhagra hua
      N: kyon
      W: Woh nahin chahti theen ke woh jaayen.. magar baba jaley gaye.. phir jab woh aaye tau tumharey abbu or woh mere saamne …[too much mumbling ,,, if anybody else can decipher please hep]
      N: kitna mushkil hoga na yeh sab bhulana
      W: nahin, mushkil nahin hai .. kabh kabhar apnu shankht se nafrat honey lagti hai
      N Mama ney mujhe batay tha .. woh sirf baat karney gaye they, ke Mahjabeen aur uske bhai….

    • @swirvey road I like ur interpretation of the nest scene..
      & totally with u re Qasim’s voice.. I think these silly little things r driving me insane.. first they change W’s haveli setting in Lahore and now this.. I mean they have tried to make this for an intelligent audience (or atleast we like to think so lol).. honestly! what r they thinking!

      • Yes, what was up with that set change — I was so annoyed, and now this voiceover …mumkin hai I spoke too early and it is entirely mumkin ke I might not be able to make it through to the end ….

        • @SZ pleeeaase yaar aisa to naa kahin aap!! beech mumkinat ke iss manjdhar mein hamain akela naa chor dijye ga!! Honest we will need ur help to decipher the Numm codes… plus more so I think we are all absolutely loving the phd course here… now where else can we experience that??!!

          • @FA lol @phd course. We could have an online literature class going on here. 🙂

            @SZ my mind was totally numb till the end of last week with so many mumkinaats and theories. It was a good change to have a break between the episode and the review…:) I didn’t think for a moment that you are going to jump off this mumkinaat bandwagon, rather hoped all was well and you were only suffering from “numm coma” as i was and needed a break!

            Its not only the episode I look forward to but also
            1) Neelam bashing … “masoom dehati begum” from where?
            2)Background Score well-deserved bashing
            3) Minahil bashing – absolute no manners (which is ok as a character) but what terrible acting. But then how can you blame her….her on screen sister and mother as equally bad actors!
            4) Salima’s OTT exposure (though I still think she has more “balls’ than anyone else in the play. Where are you Salima?
            5) venting out our frustrations on MJ checking out her hair (has there been an episode where she hasn’t?!)
            6) going wah-wah on FK and SS acting
            7) throwing in as many mumkinaats as we possibly can
            …through your review.

            Its is very stress relieving and it makes me feel good that i have many like-minded, mumkinaat/sound/Neelam-frustrated, FK loving (some not) people who are in the same boat as me.

            • @AK ROFL reg the bashings. Sabr ka bahot muzahra ho gaya, abhi toh bashing banti hai lol. Agree tht it really is helpful to see like minded opinions here 🙂

  7. SZ, so glad to see this review; it is great as usual! You simply have to stick with us till the end of the drama! I too could not make out Neelum and Wali’s mumbling with about his father and what happened…. could not even make out as much as you guys did despite rewinding five times 😦 So thank you everyone!

    • @NH: Hey! Welcome aboard .. sorry, somehow despite my best intentions its hard to keep track and respond to all comments, so couldn’t say hi last week 🙂 Glad to have you join in our crazy Numm discussions 🙂
      LOL, no need for thanks, thats what we’re all here for .. I’m just glad to see Im not the only one losing my hearing 😉

  8. @SZ welcome back and like I said, let the mumkinaats begin for the next one week 🙂

    If Wali is 27 and got “married” at 10, then Qasim should be max 17 (if he is MJ’s son). He looks older though doesn’t he? and much more confident in what he wants…so much for the education and position Wali has.

    It was heart warming to finally hear something from Wali that is not based on conjecture. If you recall a scene with his friend who reminded him of his 2 wives, I feel his confusion/frustration regarding multiplied from there on and Wali’s question to BS about how people must view him stems from his interaction with his friend. Thank you friend for contributing something of real value to the play unlike the mali (as yet), Minahil etc. I actually feel for Wali and for all those who must be in a similar situation in real life.

    While I feel that Neelam is going to be the main woman in Wali’s life in the long run, for now he is obviously not happy with her and she certainly wouldn’t have been his choice for a wife. He said as much to BS and when he tells Amtul its Neelam, who could be anyone. She is not going away and is becoming a ticket to more luxuries from BS so he might as well live with it (and her!) Sometimes I feel Kanza might have potential (for acting) when she isn’t trying to act like a snob or is throwing tantrums but then she spoils all that very quickly. The “romantic” scene could have been so much more…I imagined Khirad or even Kashaf in a similar scene and realised just how much an actor makes or breaks a scene. Sorry Kanza, you got a chance of a lifetime with FK, or so would many think, and it just became too cheesy. Thank you FK for pulling it off to some extent though.

    To me the nest scene depicts 2 things: a) how MJ put together Wali’s life after everything that happened…she was the one who was provided the love and care. b) today MJ is in the same situation. She is lost, feels “homeless” and needs love and care.

    Its probably my over imaginative, mumkinaat-driven mind that feels that the crtitics’ feedback is getting to the producers, albeit a bit late. Everyone complained about the background sound and it vanished in one episode. Then people complained about Salima getting more screen space than the central characters and she disappeared for one whole episode!! In fact, we have someone new serving tea to Neelam even though Salima has accompanied the couple to the haveli. And in their haste to do so, the producers forgot to turn down the background volume today. Sigh!

    • @Ak lol @ mumkinat-driven-mind and feedback par amal daramad..
      re mali: yes this episode also made its mark as the first mali-(talk)-free episode in weeks!! lol

      • @FA haina? i think mali is just a filler and we read too much into him 😦 I would have rather “wasted” that energy on talking about FK. 🙂 You have to give him credit again…he is playing the character Wali as best he can and makes us hate him and feel bad for him at the same time.

        • @AK lolol.. totally agree… I guess this FK charm forced us all to prode Wali good and proper to extract every ounce of good out of his character, so we didn’t have to hate him… and how we even tried to convince ourselves that w is in love (chalo.. with either of the women).., guess we wanted some romance.. but hai hai! all Numm could deliver was the ms. mola jutt/dehati begum doing the burger chat romance.. sigh!!
          If it was anybody else I swear we would’ve hated him flat out.. and this self-realization taqreer ka bhi koi asar shayad na hota.. thats if we had bothered to stick it out for this long lolol
          I do wonder how we would react if FK played a full-on villain role.. would we truly hate him? or would we say what ashar had said.. ”tum se nafrat karne mein bilkul haar giya hoon..”

          • @lol at Asher” tum sae nafrat karne mein bilkul haar giya hoon”….i was watching the last episode of humsafar last night so this rings very true 🙂 I admit, it is because of FK why I even watched the play in the first place ( since I stopped watching plays 10 years ago, I have only seen FK’s plays and that too all in the last couple of months). So you are quite right, it is because of him that . I am pretty sure that’s why most producers want him in their plays …just like the Numm team. Ab bechara kiya karey agar dono biwiyaan us ki marzi ki nahin hain 🙂

            btw i loved him in akbari asghari too 🙂 it is hard to hate him…even though he will rock as a villain too 🙂

            • @AK In Akbari Asghari he still had the bechara simple village guy/comical thing going for his characrter.. I mean what if he played a full-on no-sympathy, hate-worthy villain??.. His acting skills r to bass kia kehne,.. tou sawal yeh hai ke kia hum phir bhi nafrat karne mein haar jain ge?..

            • @AK & @FA, if they’d give him a badass role I bet he’d do a good job at it. Although I didn’t like his comic acting in AA at all, I could see bits of malice/anger in the bad guy role. You know a full on villain character is also likeable (in terms of people rooting for the bad guy) if they glamorize the role as in shah rush in darr, baazigar, etc or if they make a role tht is almost impossible for viewers to imagine FK in…something like Saif Ali Khan in Omkara

    • @AK: You brought up the issue of W’s and Q’s respective ages and put a bee in my bonnet! I am going to let that bee loose into this crowd now….so here it goes—-

      First episode we get to know Minahil is four years younger to Neelam. Even if we assume that Minahil was not yet born at the time of her father’s death or just born…it makes Neelam either four years old or at least 3 years plus when her father died….right??

      We have been told both W’s and N’s fathers died at the same time in the same fiasco….right??

      This fiasco/tragedy happened around the same time when MJ was forced into vani-hood….right??

      We have been told W was 10 years old at the time….right??

      So by doing the math thus far we can say N is about 6 years or 6+ years younger to W….right??

      In this episode W states clearly he is 27 years old….that makes N 21years old or nearly 21…..right??

      My questions:-

      1. So what was she doing in a high school till this age….failing and repeating classes?
      2. W keeps referring to her as “bacchi hai”…..does a boy only 6 years older to you call you a “bacchi” ?
      3. N herself and everyone around her makes her out to be a nanhi munni which is ludicrous….why?

      W’s and N’s ages worry me more than W’s and Q’s!!

      So along with every other woe assailing Numm, this lack of grip on “timeline”, this lack of cohesiveness in what they have said before and what they say later is also a major flaw…..who is to blame…..writer, director, editor….who??

      • @RR Uff that was funny! I am pretty sure N must have repeated at least a few classes given how she has come on the right track after marrying W (according to Minahil).

        @PG hahaha reminds me of business school days….no way close to this degree!

  9. Hi Guys! @SZ: This week I felt you had quietly gotten off the Numm bandwagon. I hesitated to worry you out of a well-deserved escape….hahaha….but at least you had a weekend break….and come back fresh!! Without your review and the ensuing discussion….Numm mein mazaa nahi hai!! So good that you are back!

    I found this episode dull and lack-lustre. Just a mediocre installment trundling along dragging the wagon to just manage to reach the end of journey. I do not think Team Numm aspires to do anything more than this at this point of time. No point in complaining about the various shortcomings because they cannot / would not rectify anything now (they would have done so if possible before 11 episodes have gone by). My attitude towards Numm now is “chalo, chalo, aage badho, let’s just hear the whole story and be done with it”.

    The tragedy in maintaining this attitude is, even to hear the whole story you need to first HEAR!!! Even after multiple rewinds, the mumbles remain mumbles.How sad! I got some, missed some, assumed some of the dialogues— thanks a lot SZ and FA for providing the missing links.

    @ UM, agree with you that the promos were more enjoyable than these episodes. For eg, the so-called “romantic scene” actually looked promising in the promo but fell flat on its face in this episode!! Here I agree with @AK, Kanza got a “chance of a life-time”, professionally speaking to get a main lead role opposite a good actor and almost the “leader of the pack” kind of guy but failed to make good the opportunity!! Sorry for her!

    For me, the high-point of the episode was to hear Qasim address MJ as “Mahjabeen”! Can’t be a son or nephew, whoever he is! Dekhenge! By the way, right in the first episode, Minahil says that she is four years younger to Neelam, so N may not remember too much about her dad but for her to say “maine to apne baba ko kabhi dekha hi nahin” is a bit too much. Perhaps the production team lost the grip on the story/ timeline a wee bit there.

    @deeba, like you, I am a bit irritated with N’s interaction with Amtul, I don’t find it “cute” or “nice” but a bit OTT. All her “caring” and “consideration” disappear when Wali calls her!! KW’s interpretation/ depiction of Neelam is irritating in every way (or is it the director’s fault ?) Just imagine, I have trashed many a better one and still sticking with watching this girl!! Serves me right! All Fk’s and SS’s fault I say!!

    Here’s to waiting yet another week, just to know the story….hahaha!!

    • @RR lolol @chalo chalo age badho
      feel sorry for her? I feel sorry for the 14 crore awam and the rest who were deprived of a masterpeice!.. and who have to sit there tolerate her.. (if they r still with us that is..) lol

    • Lol @RR. ‘Chalo challo aagey badho’ it is for me from now on! Also dekhenge abt Qasim. Too bad they are making us really bear with so much BS to find out what happens next 😦

  10. As Annie said- bohat himmat hai aap mein to see this 5 times and then write a review….Numm is not deserving of one at all. coz all the episodes are more or less the same.
    Ooper se ab aap ne is ki transcriptions bhi shru kar di hain 🙂 Numm team owes you BIG!

    • 200% AGREE with you Afia!
      The Numm team owes SZ who has been busy numbing her brain rewinding the episodes to write her review and transcribe for all of internet world to read – editors mein bhi itni himmat nahi hai yaar! and on top of that she has to sit through N’s acting multiple times UFF! yeh torture nahi tow aur kya hai beeru?

  11. There is a serial called Aseer Zadi where MJ is playing a negative character of Badi Sarkar, once again of multiple marriages and a storyline which many of us are not familiar with but very very intelligent dialogues, spl those which are uttered by Bade Pir Sahab….but the best of all good production standards….

  12. @RR and Deeba: Agree with you 100%. Can’t see the chupko pana of N with Amtul as cute. It is so strange. Here is a girl who was, and still is extremely rude even to her own mother, she screams and yells at the drop of a hat and here she is shown with infinite patience hugging and clinging to a woman who is mentally challenged. Is it because N is mentally challenged too and so empathizes with Amtul??. A border line of idiocy May be ???! I loved the comment’ Maula Jatt’ for N when she is standing with the rifle in her hand. The posture and the body language were both quite repulsive and nauseating. From the ‘Are you serious’ to Barrey sahib to the Burger bit …she tries a lot to put on a ‘cute’ look which totally falls flat. The scenes are dragging…. The nest ,,,it took ages, then the rotation of the fan..on and on.. the servant mopping… safai… what was the meaning of all that??? Here we are waiting for the story to move forward, but we are offered all this to drag the episodes to may be 25 ??
    @SZ : I agree with Annie. It is your review which puts some jaan in the episode. You are trying hard to make some sense out of the jumble. I mean we are still not sure how and why did the ‘stormy night’ happen. Why did she go to his room? Did they or didn’t they? and if so why now… suddenly? I mean is it not part of story telling to be clear on important developments so that the interest of the viewers does not wander? The sound, background music and the mumbling????… sigh…

  13. @SZ First hope you enjoyed your weekend vacation. Glad to have you back, because without you I would immediately stop watching Numm.
    Let me echo everyone’s sentiment on your bravery to watch this episode so many times to give us the transcribe of N W conversation, that must be mind numbing.

    Now my thoughts on this episode, let me start on a positive note as there are so few positive moments in this drama 🙂
    I really liked N in this episode. I think the director was finally able to show us her vulnerability when she tells Amtul that she really enjoys being here and when she talks about her father with W. When she is talking about the dogs I viewed her as a happy and satisfied girl who knows she is loved and privileged and able to get anything her heart desires from BS. Her youth shines through here. Now only she could improve on her acting skills, diction and use a normal voice we could really get to love this character.

    Coming to the conversation of their fathers between N and W thanks for the transcribe both @SZ and @ FA what I gleamed was that both the fathers went to see MJ and her brother. Something bad transpired and I have a feeling that the 2 fathers were the culprit. Because of what W says is baat se man par aisa assar huan ke who hon na hon… And also W ‘s mother loosing her marble seems like more then her husbands death and also N’s mother is always very kind to MJ. There is definitely more to the story then plain killing of W and N fathers.

    Now the most disappointing scene was the supposedly romantic scene between N and W. The promos had hyped it up to an extend that my expectation was very high but it fell totally flat, no sparks or fizz there at all. FK is supposedly the king of romance but none of the Humsafar charm here. In the beginning I was hoping to see the romance build up between N and W but now by the 11 episode I am not sure if I would like to see any romance between N and W at all. In fact I would not like W to get any of the wife’s he does not deserve either. The blow hot blow cold attitude of his with MJ was very annoying and his always taking the easy way out in life makes me thoroughly dislike his character.

  14. First off thank you again SZ for listening and re-listening to the mumblings and numblings. I am sure not your favorite task after a weekend out of town 🙂 Even washing dishes and dusting sounds better to me!
    Some recommendations from my end – There was no need to show MJ putting the nest back in the tree. I think her hair is a good spot to perch that nest. considering that she keeps on looking at her hair constantly in the mirror, it would let her keep an eye out on those poor eggs and baby birds till their mama comes home. And maybe when the mama bird comes back and sees MJ taking care of the ghonsla in her hair, she will try to fight with her and we’ll hear and see some other emotion come out of MJ rather than “oh wali tum kahan ho, kya hua wali” in her what seems like fake emotional voice now.
    Neelum’s kuttays have been coming or in the making since the past 6 episodes. Lagta hai yeh bhi drama ke tarhan slowly walk kartay huay farmhouse aayen gai. I wish she would get her pet dogs and start talking to them and get out of the picture for a while.
    Since N is learning how to shoot and W has a gun now, I wonder if we’ll see a duel in the last episode *dishon dishon* story finished in episode 23 and MJ and Qasim live happily ever after with Salima.
    Things I enjoyed in the episode (*gasp*) was mainly the Amtul scenes. Thank goodness for those to balance out the N-W overload. Although N did seem somewhat normal in the first night time scene with W even though I could hardly make out what they were both mumbling. The so called “romantic” scene as you put it was FAR from it LOL! Boring would be more appropriate.

    Agree with @RR – right now it is “chalo chalo agay baadho” for me too. Not sure if after half the drama has elapsed that will happen.

    • @Annie ROFL @nest & kuttays.. thats just too funny!!
      Gun vs GUNdasa…the oxford grad vs dehati begum/maula juttni… dhishon dhishon..happily ever after with salima and drever dod… lololol
      i do wonder why Mj called W in the first place.. she def wanted to say something, but what???.. Im sure she didnt call just to check up on him..I have to admit i really felt for her when she (almost) cried after that call..As far as i can remember, this was the most painful expression from Mj so far…sad!.. having said that abb pls chalo chalo agay barho! lol

      • ROFL Annie! Yr comment was so funny I had to run to the bathroom to laugh out loud and not let my colleagues think I was nuts in the middle of the day! You take the prize for being the most irritated person coz of Numm lol. I love MJ but seriously, I was imagining MJ with tht nest; it would fit so perfectly and yea, give her a different occupation for a change.

        Here’s to wishing we see the N-W dishon dishon lol

      • @ FA, I thought she called W to ask for his permission to go visit (assuming he knows something abt Q) or to make some bahana regarding her having to go somewhere else for some work…but our Mr. W lashes out on her unnecessarily and she just doesn’t ask anything. Her expression was superb!

    • @Annie: Your recommendations are hilarious and make for a better storyline than what we are dished out each week!! Keep up the good work of adding to the Numm experience!

      • LOL thanks ladies for enjoying my recommendations.
        FA your reference to Maula juttni was hilarious! Except this one talks to trees and kuttays.
        Frankly after 11 weeks of sad MJ, I wish someone would slap her and tell her to snap out of it. Lekin nahi we have to watch another 11-12 weeks of this mazloom aurat syndrome.
        @YBM – not totally frustrated. At this point Numm has become more farcical than anything for me. Kind of like what happened with Ashk. Some people get “jannati asar”, I get “badly directed and acted drama asar” and start making up stories. (yes how sad is that!)

        • @Annie, please do share yr versions due to the ‘badly directed &acted drama asar’ lol. It will be a social service trying to make the numbed Numm takers laugh. You should seriously write sarcastic humor, you’re so good at it! 🙂

          Please from now on do include yr suggestions whenever Numm gives us stupid filler scenes like the nest! OMG I can’t stop laughing! 😀

          • Haha thanks @YBM for your support. I used to write some sarcastic humor back during the college days but then life happened 😉 Now it’s these types of dramas (Ashk being the last one) that bring out the best in all of us (lol)

  15. So glad to see your review SZ!! Hamesha ki tarhan amazing.
    The background score ugh! It took so much away from scenes that could have been productive. And then there were the unnecessary scenes and the dragging. The nest scene could have been so nice if it wasn’t too lengthy.
    The highlight of this episode was definitely Amtul’s scenes. Farah Shah is outstanding, partly because she managed to make her scenes worth watching despite the fact the KW was in them. Achievement!
    As for the ‘romantic scenes’ well….assuming that they were supposed to be romantic…FK is known for sizzling up TV screens with all the actresses he has worked with. I mean not all FK and SS’ scenes are romantic, but the chemistry between the pair is amazing. So the reason there was no spark in any of N and W’s scenes was KW. She is just ruining the entire thing.

    Coming to the mumkinats and all…I think the nest scene showed MJ’s journey to give W a proper home (because she definitely walked some distance to get to the tree) and now that he has one, she has lost her peace and has fallen from her place. Us k qadam ukhar gaye hain 😐
    As for Salima being absent from the haveli, N might have left her behind and made her in charge of servants. Then again if she was with MJ she would have been by her side after she fell. I felt so bad for her when W scolded her for calling him (jese wo to mari ja rahi hai na bat karne k liye). At least she has Q who treats her as a living, breathing person.
    Speaking of Q, I was so hopeful that they’d unravel the mystery this time but nooo…he can’t be her son, who the hell is he?
    I did like W being blunt with BS but the old man still didn’t fall for it and just offered him another candy. I also wish they would shed some light over the relationship between W and Amtul. Her answer to his ‘mai ap ka beta hun’, ‘to i am your mother’ might have annoyed him because in a way she asserted that he is the one who is supposed to obey her and not the other way round. And her liking N was the final straw because who could like N over him??? 😛 speaking of her, a softer side of her was shown, she is ready to come under BS’ umbrella where she can pretend everything is going her way and where she gets free dogs and honeymoon trips. But she still doesn’t come off as someone who has deeper insecurities, just seems more vain than she did before.

  16. @SZ: Thanks for the review seriously..Numm is not as much enjoyable without this forum. But agree with all the frustrations, I think its abt time to move the story forward at the right pace minus all the failing distractions.

    Before reading yr review, I thought that the story moved a bit forward in this episode maybe because our characters won’t take any action but REACT when something with Q pressurizing MJ to live with him, BS making N & W go on a honeymoon, Amtul being back, W insisting on a month in London, etc I thought we’ll have more REACTION to the action, but true to their purani aadat, Numm team never fails to expect more of the veiwers’ patience and intelligence. Too many things in this episode should have been shown earlier I think and wohi purana rona with the basic technicalities.

    Some of the things that were interesting to me: When W was describing his situation to BS, I was in splits thinking he discovered abt all the rantings on this forum lol…of course ek aadmi jiski do biwian ho aur jo din bhar kuch nahi karta looks like a big LALLU to us W.. I was like, Thanx for understanding that FINALLY..At least ab toh kuch karo na W bhai!

    I thought MJ’s expression when W cuts her off on the phone was beautifully brilliant! Kudos to SS.

    I probably am getting excited abt this but I have a feeling that the W & N’s fathers’ death and MJ’s bro’s death has a hidden story behind it that probably only BS & Amtul know abt, hence she was mentally affected and BS is hellbent on manipulating everything. I wish I could say THAT would be the twist in the story, but unfortunately Numm has so many twists that it is like a giant pot of spaghetti with too many loose ends!

    • @YBM lololol @ LALLU .. my thoughts exactly when i watched that promo before the episode.. I was like FINALLY! aaiyye idhar aaiyye Wali Sahab hum aap ko batate hain aap kaise lagte hain…lol
      I also think/hope there is a hidden story.. thats why they revealed it in typical Numm fashion.. adhi baat munh mein adhi pait mein.. adhi baat hum ne batai baqi adhi aap viewers 1000001 mumkinat khud assume karain.. i just hope there is some really juicy story-line in store & not a fall-flat romantic scene type anjam.. lol..

      @Farwa B Naqvi I’m liking ur nest theory.. that fits in well with this episode.

  17. Hi SZ glad to see your review and understand much better than to rewind and see again and again. Review and all comments are better for me to get the point. Abhi to main bhi har gai hu Numm se nafert Krna . The expression on SS face was exellent when W talking to her on phone. I was touched by that. I cannot imagine what will happen in real life if girl has to marry older person or younger . I hope MJ donot end up like Amtul. Now that she is getting lonley and she can not go to Q . W is rude to her . Hope to hear from you. Thanks again .

  18. Hey SZ! Thanks for the review as u know from twitter I was waiting for it 🙂 For me the highlight was when wali spoke and how. He reminded me of those people who everyone cares about yet they feel sorry for themselves. He proved that not only is he self aware but is least considerate of others. He wants everything to workout for him with least efforts from his side no wonder bade sahab doesn’t take him seriously. He is suffocating no doubt but he can’t blame it ALL on others without taking some responsibility. Qasim being Mj’s son. Didn’t he call her maa on phone? He may turns out to be an underdog and dethrone selfish wali for Bakht heir n finally change the cruel system ..poor guy has suffered much more than this spineless wali. I feel for Mj it’s heartbreaking to see that now she doesn’t even have the false sense of authority over house matters like she did n is reduced to nothing. I don’t feel for neelum maybe cuz I find her similar to wali they both forget everything when they have what they want the only difference is neelum voices when she doesn’t like anything and wali keeps grudges instead. I was so happy to see Amtul back. Wanna see more of her and wali interaction.

    As far numm as a show is concerned. All characters are so complex esp wali and I am glad fawad played wali there is no one who could have done it better don’t why people r stereotyping him when his roles has been so diverse in terms of characterization. Numm with all its drawbacks is still a better show than most of others due to unpredictable story n outstanding acting . Thank god YouTube pe u can forward useless scenes n it helps that so many good American shows r on these days so numm becomes bearable lol.

    Now my bit of mumkins.
    Mumkin hai wali ki frustrations uska forced to handle responsibilities of feudal lord in future ka dar ho. Mumkin hai k Mj, Qasim k ssaath run ho. Mumkin hai k nelaam ka Amtul ki tarah end ho. Mumkin hai ho bhi jaye numm ka proper conclusion mumkin hai confused confused rahe, confused confused hai.

  19. There’s not much to say but Thank You to all of you for doing such a great job and especially you SZ at translating, deciphering, and explaining!
    You must really love this one:) msybe you dhould do a Not review, and show all the new friends your immense talent!
    i liked it but it gives me a headache like all of you, I really can’t be bothered to rewind neither fo I have tge time so I basically just miss half of it!
    Wali actually saying more than one line was worth watching though and Amtul scenes were definitely good though!
    @ Annie thx for the laughs, reminds me of the Ashk days!!

  20. Review bohat lamba hai or us main alfaz ki bharmar hai. Aisay alfaz jo bator alfaz kay shayad parnay walay ko mutasir zaroor karain magar jinka matlab kuch nahi hota. Jomlay itna lambay hain ka parnay walay ko partay partay neend ajaye. Writer is bla maqsad kay dramay ki bohat gehrayi main chala gaya hai or natija ye nkla keh har tashree aik over interpretation ban gayi.
    Ye meri imandarana raye hai agar kisi ko buri lagay to meri taraf say paishgi Mazrat.

  21. „It is precisely this intriguing difference from the norm….“ Yes, exactly it is this difference that gives this serial a cheap mood and identifies its moral reprehensibility.
    On the one hand the writer despite his critics on background score etc. claims that this serial is “hatke story” and has “depth” and on the other hand he has not enlighten where the so-called “depth” of this serial exactly lies.
    The scene between Neelam, Amtul and Wali sounded toooooooo artificial, and put on. It had an impudent and ugly approach. Overall there was nothing appreciative in this scene along with Farah Shah in her stereotypical role of a mentally handicapped person.

  22. When I heard the OST for the first time, I fell in love with it. But after 11 weeks my take on the OST
    Mumkin hai agle episode mein kahani kuchh aage badhe,
    Mumkin hai kahani yun hi gol gol ghumti rahe,
    Mumkin hai aage se dialogue kuchh samajh aaye,
    Mumkin hai background music thoda halka ho,
    Mumkin hai W grows a backbone,
    Mumkin hai ek episode N free ho,
    Mumkin hai MJ Q ke sath chali jaaye,
    Mumkin hai W use jaane mein madad kare
    Mumkin hai hum bhi “thinking audience” banen.
    Mumkin hai is drama ke mumkinaat samajh aayen

  23. hahahaha.. so r we still returning for next episode?? well..

    mumkin hai mumkin na ho yun mera palatna
    mumkin hai iztarab mein bhi kuch suroor ho

    i think i’ll stiil give that iztarab another chance lolol

  24. @SZ long-awaited good review. However, I am going home. You were a good company. enjoyed being with numm and you. And I still like numm in spite of its shortfalls.

    • @SM: Hey! Apologies for the delayed response.. arrey aap kahan chaleen? How can you leave us like this in the middle of this engrossing story? I hope you can join us from time to time to share your insightful thoughts on this crazy trio…
      On a serious note, it was always great fun to read your detailed comments and you added so much to our disdcussions, ab ghaib ho rai hain tau we will def miss you!!

  25. Everyone has literally said it all… Still i want praise your review, hardwork and dedication towards it 🙂 your review is must for me to understand things more properly as in Bare Sahab-wali scene i thought bare sahab was indicating talwaar as wives… But now after reading the review and thinking again..talwaar actually makes sense of either bare sahab or wali… So thanks for that too 🙂

    No matter how many complains we have regarding sound quality, kanza’s acting and slow pace…there are some scenes in every instalment that lifts up the episode, like in this there were Amtul’s scenes, extremely catchy and with that Storyline is definitely intriguing… So i am still v.much hooked to it.. Lets see next week what limit does neelam cross and how wali reacts to that..

  26. So all the scenes shown in the 12 minute promo have already been a part of the 11 episodes. Now except for a few random shots from the teasers, I don’t know what to look forward to except for the many mumkinaats…

    • @AK we have the N attacking Mj while she is ill scenes and woh aurat tumhari lagti kia hai scene (from the promos) which i believe will be in next ep.) that will leave us with N in hospital and the ujaar haveli /qabristan & W walking upto it scene.. We willl be left with two scenes and our wild imagination to knit the mumkinats for the second half of the serial.. lol..
      In a way that will add to the unpredictability of the story I guess..lets look forward to that.. afterall that’s what one thing we like about Numm!

  27. @FA i know. I just wondered given we’re probably halfway there.

    I am curious to see if its just an interesting camera shot with MJ hvaing a midnight picni with Q or someone spying on them. As for N’s tumhari kiya lagti hai scene, i find it amusing the way she chews out the words. Also, I feel these scenes will be covered in the next couple of episodes.

    Poor MJ seems to have low immunity….falls sick every time she steps out in the garden.

    • @AK yes i thought that too.. this could b W who, like many of us predicted, is suspecting something and seeing this he might totally blow it out of proportion.. or what if its N who will get a card against Mj? or Saleema the raazdar jo pait ki zara halki bhi hai…!
      lol @ low immunity.. dont blame her.. aise zehni marz mein mibtala khandan ke saath sar zindagi guzari hai.. jo na ho kam hai lol.. last week she had the fan on in the sardi too.. jaan ke thand lagai hai?? lol.. darkht se gir gai, thand laga li.. what more does she have to do to get some attention in that household lol RUN AWAY?

      • @FA I am a fan of Salima now as you know 😉 Pait ki halki kum, chalak ziyada lagti hai rooting all the way for MJ 🙂

        lol @ jaan ke thand lagai hai. Looks like she’s trying every harba form an indian movie to get her knight in shining arour, W, come to her “rescue”.

        I continue to admire W for standing up for MJ or at least not saying anything bad about her in front of N. (ref. next episode promo)

        • @AK lolol not sure if u watched today’s episode but uff!! i was laughing throughout recalling your ”every harba from an indian movie”. hahahaha

          • @FA i just did! Lol. Full marks to N for catching on to MJ’s harbas unknowingly…. Akhir aik aurat hi doosri aurat ko pehchan sakti hai…esp in this case one drama queen to another 😉

            Waiting for SZ’s review to let it all out 🙂

      • @FA Totally hear you on MJ. It is kind of annoying to see her so hurt by what W tells her on the phone. Looks like she needs to grow a spine and leave him. The reason I liked her character was because she was so dignified even though she was only a wani. But look at her now getting over emotional about W all the time and begging to be insulted at every turn by W and N. She was the only character that I felt for in this play but now I feel her victimhood is being taken to another level. Though she has done the best acting so far.

    • @db: main yahan, main yahan.. I was trying to finish something else first, isliye got delayed with this review … will look forward to your comments and hopefully together we can all help sort out your confusions 🙂

  28. Salam All,

    I enjoy reading the multiple interpretations of Numm on this side; it enhances the experience of watching the drama and heightens the anticipation for the subsequent episodes.

    I watched epi 13 today and I wanted Neelam to die. That’s how much I hated her today and the fact that she evoked such a strong sentiment in me indicates that het acting is improving. She’s a newcomer and it will take her time to develop a niche for herself in the acting world. I feel that she needs to work on her diction such as enunciating her syllables more clearly and watching where she outs pressure on her words. For example….”karrayi hai…jaarayi hoon”…….should be “kar rahi hai”….”jaa rahi hoon”… that it sounds less rushed and more smoother. But again, if her behavior is making you angry, then it can be said the acting is improving….she’s getting into the chatacter. Also is it just me, or does she remind anyone else of Anushka Sharma at times?

    And not that it’s of any importance, but what was up with the very amiable, Dr. Nadia? I was thinking to myself, “tum doctor ho ya patient ki saheli?” ….lol.

    Apart from tackling the jahil feudal tradition of vani, I would also like the drama to address the “taboo” of the older wife-younger husband. From what I have read, MJ is 5-6 years oldet than Wali. If he’s 27 , then she’s 33…..and the latter us NOT old. If she’s in her 30s…he’s approaching the 30s. And it makes me cringe when Neelam says, “Women your age have a think for younger men dontchya’?” I think she has said this twice in the current epi and in the past she has made comments like, “Buddhi ghori laal rangaa.” Mahjabeen is not ancient and I feel like telling Neelam, “What are you, a nanhi kaaki? You sure act like one. The act of Wali consummating with you is mentally more disturbing for me than with MJ because it’s like being intimate with a bachi….because you act like a bachi. You can’t manage maturity…fine. But at least act like an insaan di puttar.”

    It’s bad enough when the elders in our culture make a big stink out of the girl being a few months to 1-2 years older than a guy, it’s worse when the you generation upholds the same attitude.

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