Aunn Zara ~ Episode 19 ~ Finale Review


Sadly all good things in life must come to an end and such is the case with one of the most fun series we’ve seen on TV in recent times – Aunn Zara. A huge round of applause for Faiza Iftikhar, Haissam Husain and the producers for having the courage to go against the prevalent mazloom auratziyada ansoo = higher rating mindset. The overwhelmingly positive response to this serial indicates that all major channels need to go back to the drawing board and rework their so called success formula. Not all viewers want to watch the same four/five ghissey pittey plots worked and reworked for the umpteenth time. It might come as a surprise to those in charge, but yes, there are those of us who do not enjoy long-winded lectures on ethics and morality, and neither do we enjoy crass and crude slapstick being passed off as humor. It is actually not that complicated as to what we want: a well-knit story with everyday, relatable characters, who, rather than being dipped in holier than thou white or shaded darker than black, are liberally painted in shades of grey. In short, all we want are stories of real people, not perfect heroes and evil villains, and Aunn Zara is a perfect example of such a story.   


The characters we met in Aunn Zara where nowhere near perfect – in fact far from it. Aunn was as flawed as could be, and Zara could never stand alongside all the sati savitris that abound in our dramas. Alone, and as a pair, both made plenty of mistakes, but somehow managed to fumble and bumble their way to becoming relatively more responsible. I say relatively because they still have a long way to go before either could be termed as mature. That, even after all that happened, Zara was ready to leap up and run out of the bedroom when phupo called, showed that this girl, smart though she might be, had still not realized that this behavior was precisely what lead to Aunn seeking inspiration from all those ugh saas-bahu serials. Later, when she did connect the dots it made for a sweet moment. Similarly, Aunn telling off his father might have looked heroic in the moment, but seriously, did this man-boy really think he could support his entire tabbar? Bhai sahab ne aaj tak ek naukri tak tau tik kar ki nahin, ab do do naukriyan kahan se karne chaley?? Nonetheless, it was this precise streak of immaturity and impracticality that made this couple so endearing. Osman nailed it as Aunn. His expressions and body language conveyed Aunn’s coming of age arc really well. I must admit though, I enjoyed his woeful expressions so much more than his lovelorn puppy dog look. Maya still has a ways to go, but she was good as the chirpy Zara. 


What made Aunn Zara a stand out was that this was not just a story of the main leads. Daadi Parveen Bano, Husna, Nighat phupho, Daday Jamshed, Pir Manzar, all had beautifully etched out characters. Nasreen Qureshi was simply magnificent as the crusty, tell-it-like-it-is daadi. I know I will be re-watching daadi’s scenes many more times. Along with daadi, the quietly elegant Husna was the soul of this show for me. I have to say I felt cheated that despite all those tantalizing glimpses in to her painful past, we never really saw a resolution for Husna, she just kind of stayed where she had always been. I hoped for much more for/from this character, but sadly that was not to be. That said, Hina was fabulous as Husna. Her bonding with Osman was very real and her scenes with daadi were truly special.

image_2The one track that held my attention in the latter part of the serial, as the Aunn Zara track became predictable and got of stuck in a rut, was that of aansa Nighat Parveen and Daday Jamshed. An unlikely pair, she the chhail chabili, relaxed, very rang ragili phupho and he the very sophisticated, punctual, and rigid army man.  Though I did not enjoy the way the mangni bit had been handled, and was annoyed that much like Aunn with his family, Zara too got away without really apologizing to phupho, I liked the proposal scene and Nighat’s subtle acceptance. Kudos to Faiza and Haissam for handling this middle aged romance very subtly and tastefully. Sabreen Hisbani was great as the OTT phupho, and Adnan Jaffer was perfect as the droolworthy fauji sahab.    

Another track that never got old or boring was the bromance between Pir Manzar and apney Aunn sahab. As the story unfolded it became very difficult  to pick as to who was dumber and who the dumbest, both seemed equally qualified for the highest honors. image

Be it their little dance on the roof top, or their samosa-chai meetings, Manzar’s spate of idiotic mashwaras, Aunn auditioning for Manzar, or their absolute dependence on each other for advice on every problem imaginable (and unimaginable!), Osman and Mukarram’s scenes were simply brilliant, and added so much more verve to the story. The other friend pairing, Zara and Shehna, did not get as much screen time. Though I am glad that Manzar and Shehna got together at the end, I missed seeing Shehna today. Mukarram was outstanding as Manzar, and Mahra Bhatty left her mark in a small role. Among others, Yasir Mazhar and Saima Saleem were yet another pair who made an impression as the loving chacha chachi. Along with Nighat’s two adorable girls, this was another couple we missed in the finale.

Coming specifically to the final installment, I found this one to a be a tepid, rather simplistic, all ends neatly tied, and everybody-lived-happily-ever-after kind of an episode. Rather than spending 17/18 episodes establishing Aunn as an immature man-child and then a rush to the finish in the last episode, it would have been great if the Aunn-Zara team had been able to strike to a happy balance, showing a gradual build up to the final resolution. I would have loved it if there had been enough time at the end to show the entire family together one last time, perhaps at Zara’s gaud-bharai or some such, giving us a chance to bid a fitting farewell to one of the most memorable TV families in recent times.

image_4Yes, memorable this gang certainly was! A huge thank you to Faiza Iftikhar for her fabulous story, which touched on many a relevant social issue, but was never preachy or moralizing. Another thank you to Haissam Husain and his technical team who did more than enough justice Faiza’s script. The ambiance of Lahore and the great locations were beautifully captured by the DOP Ilyas Kashmiri, adding so much depth to the onscreen narrative. The wonderfully talented actors did full justice to the writer’s story and their director’s vision. All in all, Aunn Zara was a great ride, one that I enjoyed a lot!

What did you all think? Will you miss Aunn Zara? Do you think there should be a sequel? Looking forward to your comments!

Written by SZ~


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  1. It’s already over??? Gosh it was such a wonderful show, i enjoyed it a lot, though i havn’t seen any episode after the 15th one, because of my hectic college schedule…

    Finally i have got a diwali break, gonna catch up with both AZ & numm, then will come back here……..Missed this place a lot.

  2. I am really, REALLY sad to say good bye to a drama which made me laugh. I would wait for Thursdays to come and at 8 I’d disappear to my room to watch it in absolute peace.
    The characters were all very relatable . The story held every character in its place. No one was an out of the loop character.

    Aunn was the tall, handsome but very flawed character and Zara was the beautiful , slightly naive leading lady. And they both clicked with the audience!

    These are the stories we love to watch . It’s ok to show the dark side of the society in our dramas to educate but the audience has had enough !!!! Itni bhi burai Nahi hai !!!! We love families, we love to be with friends and we also love to fight. But enough of fights, jealousy, extramarital affairs !!!!

    The thing which hooked me to this play was its intelligent humour. The things people r showing as comedy now a days are just BRAINLESS and heavily lined with sublime sexuality. IT’S PLAIN DISGUSTING !!!

    I’ll conclude my rant by saying that AunnZara not only entertained me but also introduced me to a new friend. That is this forum 🙂 !! <:3

    • @Spirithum: so agree with you on we love families.. This drama was so simple in its own way.. No saas bahu consipiracies, two sisters rivalry and as u said no extramarital affairs… It was literally enjoyable drama till it got dragged amd repeated but still will remember its fun filled comedy 🙂

    • @Spirithium: Indeed! If not for AZ, we wouldn’t even have met.. so yet another thank you to the AZ team! Yes, AZ and its brand of clean light-hearted humor wil be sorely missed 😦

    • very well said Spirithium! I was so sick and tired of the drag that our drama industry has become. A decade ago Geo tv took us to and thankfully Hum Tv brought us out of it. Now Hum is committing the same mistake and we’ll have to just wait and see who will think differently this time.

  3. someone needs to do a compilation of the best daadi moments. One of my favorite was when aunn tries to phasofy zara by singing “chartee jawanee” and daadi barges in and says ” aa kee kut puna macha rakhe a hai! main namaz pur rahee saan..” UFFF too cute

  4. Thanks for the amazing review, SZ.
    First of all, a BIG LOL @ your description of Aunn-Manzar bromance. Their friendship was special & something we’ve not seen on tv between young characters. These two boys always managed to make me laugh. Love them both. They had the best scenes & best dialogues as well.
    Dadi-Husna Jodi was special as well. The way dadi was Husna’s biggest supporter was so sweet to witness.
    You are right about Maya Ali, although she makes a good Zara but I remember in one of your previous reviews you had mentioned, you would really like see Maya Ali work with a Director other than Haissam Hussain, to find out what kind of an actress she really is, well I saw her work in the 2 or 3 new plays that she is staring in & all I can say is “Allah Mafi” . She is lucky to have worked with a good director in the beginning of her career.
    The rest of the cast was just amazing. They all looked like a real family as well, because of their excellent chemistry.
    The Strong screenplay was the backbone of this serial, so thank you Faiza Iftikhar. The Direction was perfect, so thank you Haissam Hussain. You both deserve applause for bringing something so fresh & positive to our tv screens.

    I know alot of people are requesting for a season 2. Would love to see that.

    • @Mona: LOL on ‘Allah mafi’ so nicely put and true too.. I found her same in every drama..nothing new at all.. Bring some variety girl :/
      Indeed dadi-husna jodi and aunn-manzar jodies were highlight of drama.. And it was great change to see such lovable saas bahu 🙂

    • @Mona: Loved hearing from you on this thread.. it was great fun to always read your comments and actually whenever I wrote these reviews I would always look forward to your response 🙂
      As for Maya Ali, indeed 100% agree with you .. she is faltering pretty badly in all her serials that are airing nowadays… waisey bhi this trend of actors appearing in multiple serials at the same time need to be severely curtailed. Its seriously confusing, not mention boring, to see the same 5 faces in every serial.

  5. Hey guys!! 🙂
    so its finally over! Well that took forever.. I guess i’ll now catch up and comment later!
    but enjoyed your review, i guess i won’t miss much even if i dont watch the last ep! 🙂

    • @Ash: hey girl ! where were you.. Missed you and ur hilarious comments 🙂 yes finally over and im glad that i skipped last 6 episodes as didn’t regretted that i missed something after watching last episode.. Will wait for ur comment 😀

      • @rehmat: i was taking mini vacas around the world and now i am behind in the drama world! 😛
        oh well, ill catch up slowly but surely. How have you been? 🙂
        I am not so sure if ill bother with the last ep. SZ’s review will do for me, but ill def make up a come back on the next review IA! 🙂

        • Great to hear that 🙂 all is well here too.. Yea take ur time as nothing such good going on now a days.. InshaAllah will look out for your comment 🙂

  6. i would’ve loved to see a dholki for daady and phuphee as the credits rolled. uff they made such an adorable couple!!!! i was smiling like an idiot at their scenes!

  7. I agree, I thought this episode was rather sedate – I wanted a slap stick ensemble cast finale with a few more whackings for Aunn.

    His growth arc was a little rushed but I guess he has nine months to get there. =)
    And even though he manned up to his father, I still have lingering doubts as to his ability to bring home to bacon (beef bacon naturally).

    My fond farewell here.

  8. Once again thank you for beautiful review SZ. I enjoyed it so much. Dadi ki language bout hansi ati thi. ( whether I get or not but she made laugh ) our Diwali celebration is going on , little busy eating goodies. Hope to hear from you.

    • @Ranjan: A very happy Diwali to you and all our dear friends who are celebrating 🙂 Eid certainly did kickoff the holiday season this year as Eid was followed by Halloween, now Diwali and then Thanksgiving and finally Christmas and New Year. Busy days ahead for all of us 🙂

      AZ was indeed a fabulous ride, though not perfect, but still so much better than most of the stuff on air these days. So apart from Numm, what else are you watching these days?

      • HI SZ thank you so much for wishing me .you are right one after another Holidays But I make sure that I read your review . You and Fatima Awam are so good to me I cannot thank you enough. I wish we can meet and have fun ,though I am not young like you. I am retired teacher.hope to hear from you tomorrow (numm review)

  9. Happy Diwali/Happy Halloween to all!
    I loved AZ in the first few ep but then it started to drag a lot. But I enjoyed the last 2 ep. I wish they’d edited some of the middle eps and made this serial shorter.
    That said I enjoyed all the interesting characters specially Dadi and Manzar. Some of the shots showing Lahore were done so well.
    Thank you to the entire team of AZ for actually giving us something ‘hatke’ to watch. And yes, I remember that you gave us ‘Aik nayee Cindrella’ too- also hat ke from the rest and my family’s all time favourite ‘Akbari Asghari’. Hoping to see more good things coming our way!

    • @Afia: Agree with you about the dragging, and the middle part becoming tiresome wit h the same old same old takrar. That said, overall, like you, I too enjoyed the serial overall …
      Btw, my biggest fear now is that since AZ has received universal praise we will be subjected to 500 clones of this plotline! Watch out!

      • I was thinking the same thing! new big thing will be Aunn Zara clones.. whats with this bher chal yaar!!!! Came across all these new lollywood movie promos on youtube recently.. I swear they all looked the same! infact some of them seemed so similar i thought they mustve changed the names and promoted with new ones..

    • @ Afia,
      Are we both related? Akbari Asghari happens to be my family’s favourite show as well. Who can forget KFC, Bay gee, Sheen, Kim, Batulaan & Shabo?

      Btw, it’s not just us, bad boy Asghar was FK ‘s favourite character to play. He recently said that while answering a question on BBC Asia.

      Agree with you on ANC & AZ being hat ke.

  10. Totally agree with you SZ on your all points… A very beautifully written review… Will remember this drama for dadi’s amazing one liners, husna’s s subtle ways and pure urdu, jamshed-nighat bickering, aunn’s pitaee, zara’s involvement with all ladies of home, manzar’s silly ideas, chacha-chachi love for aunn zara and them being great host in village.. 🙂

    Though i stopped watching after 14 episodes but love the story by Faiza Iftikhar and how every actor delivered such effortlessly and how it was beautifully shot by Haisam.. If i have to watch it again i will definitely see dadi’s scenes LOL 😀

    • @Rehmat: Thank you so much for following the reviews and joining in all our discussions.. makes the whole effort all worth while 🙂 Indeed AZ was over all fun and daadi scenes are going to re-watched many more times befoe we’re done with this one!

  11. Great serial, great story and directed suberbly! Agree with your review SZ, refreshing and different , still had great lessons but subtle and with a great balance of humour and emotion. Bromance lol had me in stitches, this and Armaan showed great friendships!
    Loved all the things everyone mentioned, and Jamshed and nighat Phupo were definitely the most awesome couple of recent times ! They should get the next years best couple award!
    Hina Bayat was superb and her scenes with dhadi so natural and emotional.
    I cried with hudna when Aunn stood up to his father, a real tear jerker moment for me!
    Alls well that ends well, satisfying enough but maybe Aunn didn’t get punished enough, would have liked to have seen a few thappars lol. They may love Zara to bits but one thing that is very natural, a son is a son and a daughter in law is just that! they could not even get mad at their own flesh and blood even when they found out all the stuff he did and misery he put everyone through but with Zara until they found out she was pregnant they were still saying stuff to her. Obviously it was a misunderstanding and they were very good on laws but phir bhi, the beta got off scot free!

  12. All good things must come to an end. I did leave AZ in the middle as the story started going in circles, but yes the characters I think will stay with us for awhile! Last year we had 2 normal dramas – Coke Kahani and Tanhaiyan naye Silsilay and this year we got Aunn Zara. I guess we can expect one Normal family drama per year from our industry?
    Absolutely LOVED the Husna-Daadi pairing. And as you mentioned the Manzar-Aunn pair was totally rocking! And totally enjoyed Fauji Sahab’s clumsy proposal – so well played by the two actors 🙂
    I was expecting a rushed last episode where everything would be wrapped up in 36 minutes. I think it’s become a signature style of Faiza to hurry up everything in the last epi – we’ve seen it over and over again. I was hoping as she writes more scripts, she will improve on that but it hasn’t happened yet. Overall a good ride for another wise boring 2013 and a feather in the cap for Haissam Hussain after giving us Dastaan, Akb Asgh, KPKP, and ANC. Looking ffwd to seeing what he has in store for us with Bin roye ansoo next year.

  13. I am going to miss AZ , the whole cast and your reviews! It was a good show and certainly would make in top 100 of Pakistani dramas if not top 50! My favourite were Nasreen Quraishe, Hina Bayat and Sabrina ( I think that’s her name!) but overall every character was unique in its own way and all the actors did justice to there character. The pace was but dragging in the middle but never mind we knew that already 🙂
    Recommended to so many people and they all loved it and I grinn when they said its awesome as if I have made that !! Ha ha ha ha …
    We’ll done team AZ… Looking forward to more from the same team but Ina different story off course ..

  14. Ive been laughing non-stop for last 3 days! Honestly I haven’t laughed that much in ages! Aunn Zara and then ur reviews had me in stitches!!
    Our prince charming form ANC now transformed into welll.. Aunn!..He’s gotta be the Iklota one around!.. one of a kind!
    @SZ I’m so glad u mentioned Dumb and Dumber.. Aunn/OKB reminded me of Jim Carey!!… u mentioned u weren’t awwwed by the romance.. to me OKB was like Jim Carey through and through who’d make u laugh even if he was crying..let alone romance lol…. totally agree the funniest were his solemn, woeful expressions!
    (ok i must be going mad ’cause so far i’ve compared Aunn/Okb to Edward Cullen -the vampire/humsafar parody (the blue moonlit scene) and Wali.. and now Jim Carey)
    ROFL @ Aunty Farida in the other review! that just reminded me of the male verion of farida ji in the humsafar parody video! that was hillarious!!
    And our agony aunt /zubeda apa potential replacement / pir sahab manzar bhai jan.. i totally loved him!.. even in the last episode sardi mein nahana??? manzar bhai and his analogies… truly remarkable! kahan se latey ho yaar!
    ROFL @ bromance..
    Would love to have a season 2.. so long as its not same old same old..
    As for u mentioning Aunn Zara being a movie, i think we couldn’t have enjoyed all the beautiful characters and their comical lives as much in 3 hrs flat! Having said that would love to hear ur take on recent pakistani movie craze too..
    I was watching downtown abbey yday, and was thinking would love to watch another Pakistani period drama..! apart from dastaan is there anything else out there?
    Anyway, seems like this season my dramaland was all about the khandan ke akhri chashmo chriaghs..Aunn, this Anokah Ladla was just out of this world!! Compare him to our other anokha ladla in Nummland.. Poles apart yet so similar.. no?? donon nikamme, donon laprawa and self-centered!.. Our Aunn was sooo much more fun though!

  15. One of the highly refreshing and hilarious drama… I still carve to see Dadi and her one liners.. Specially her scenes with zara’s dada.. At times i just couldnt stop laughing even after the episode ended… And re-reading reviews makes it more fun.. 😀

  16. Aunn zara was wonderful serials
    All characters were amazing
    Specially dadi’s roll..
    I wanna watch more episodes
    Pls make a sequel

  17. ur serial wz so beautifuly organised nd well set dt i used 2 watch it 3or 4 timez a day nd m big fan of zara, phupho, dadi nd aunn plz tel dm dt m big fan of dem all nd m dieng fan of dem i wna talk 2 dem if posble plz come back again wid aunn zara serial season 2.

  18. In my opinion the only good thing about this serial was Dadi of Aunn. Rest everything disappointed me from the cast, story, acting, pace to the lead pair. May be I am the odd one out but I didn’t get it at all.

  19. Am i the only one who thinks that Aunn should have suffered more for his brutality against all his loved ones.
    The transition back to the perfect whole family seems hasty. He should have suffered more at the hands of his mother, grandma and mostly his conscious.
    The series was good, extremely humorous, but it could given a more distinct moral at the end through the culprits suffering and ultimately the victory of the truthful and pure.
    Anyways, thoroughly loved this series till Aunn’s bullshit started (Im that much hurt by his actions!).

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