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After a few weak episodes, in terms of pacing, editing and other technical issues, this was a much tighter installment. Yes, the background score still needs some serious fine tuning, and the sound quality leaves much to be desired, but overall this was the first week where I sat through an episode without straining my ears, or getting exasperated with seemingly never-ending scenes. In terms of the narrative, Neelam presence was bound to stir up things and it certainly did!

Neelam’s re-entry in to Wali’s household has been eventful to say the least. Carving out a space for herself in her husband’s already complicated life is not as easy a task as this young besotted girl had willed her in to believing while she was away at school. Now that she is back, though still a child in many ways, Neelam is woman enough to pick up on the shift in the status quo between Wali and his vani. Her clunky attempts at taking over the affairs of the household, failed attempts to make an impression with her cooking, and her constant sniping with Wali, all point to the fact that pretend as she may that all is well with her life, deep within she knows that nothing is right. Wali, who just last week had assured her that nothing was going on between him and Mahjabeen, was unable to look her in the eye today and deny the undeniable – yes, Mahjabeen may be his vani, but she was also his wife. Baray Sahab’s acknowledgment of Neelam’s status as his bahu, even as he rudely dismissed Mahjabeen, and his very generous gifts might have won one battle for Neelam, but the war is nowhere near being won.   

The silences that were an integral part of Wali and Mahjabeen’s life are now a thing of the past. So habituated was this couple to each other that words were rendered unnecessary. A lift of Wali’s brow or a questioning glance from Mahjabeen and the other immediately understood what was being said. But one stormy night altered their relationship forever. Now try as they might they can never go back to the bond they had once shared. Consequently, Mahjabeen is left confused and unsure about where she stands. She had always known things would change, but never had she thought she would be left standing where she finds herself today. While Neelam finds her being there a constant irritant, her absence causes Wali’s eyes to search the house looking to find her. Caught between two opposing forces, there are no easy answers for Mahjabeen. Will she ever be allowed to breathe freely, live a life of her own choosing? 

Equally frustrated but even more confused, since both women look to him for answers, Wali is caught between the dictates of archaic traditions and that which his rational, educated mind tells him is the right way. But of course, as the wise know, it is well nigh impossible to ride in two boats at the same time. How long can he appease Neelam with sweet-talk, but then also expects Mahjabeen to be always present in the house, take care of his laundry, and bend over backwards to accommodate the whims of a very prickly Neelam. In his quieter moments he realizes he is being unfair to Mahjabeen, but his musings are of no real help to Mahjabeen. When push comes to shove Wali can only stand there and watch his vani being insulted by his bratty wife. Wali can be wishy-washy for only so long. He needs to arrive at a decision – soon!

For now, Baray Sahab, who is as yet clueless about what has happened, is thrilled with the reassurance that his grandson is picking up riding again, and formally hands over the rein of his empire to Wali. And here, Wali is faced with his toughest challenge yet. Now that he is officially freed of his grandfather’s iron hold, will we see a new Wali next week, someone who is not unafraid to speak his mind, and stand up for what he believes to be right? Or, now that he has the money, will he sit back and continue enjoying the luxurious lifestyle? The stage is now set for the real Wali to step up and make himself be known and heard.

Running parallel to Wali’s story is Qasim’s track. While Wali is the pampered grandson of a very well-known man, and has spent his life enjoying all the benefits that his family status bring him, Qasim comes from a much humbler background. Unlike Wali he enjoys no benefits because of his social connections. Mahjabeen might be related to him, but Qasim cannot claim a relationship with Wali and reap any social capital because of this connection. Due to as yet undisclosed reasons, Mahjabeen is forced to meet him in private, and despite the boy’s repeated exhortations cannot leave everything behind and come live with him. Thanks to the vani system she is duty-bound to live with Wali, unless he releases from that long-standing contract. However, that is much easier said than done. Much as he might resent/hate/be confused by their relationship, there is something undefinable about their bond – something that compels Wali to look up at Mahjabeen when Baray Sahab casually dismisses her as he would a servant, something about her presence in his life that makes him miss her when she is not in the house. Now that Neelam has entered his life, is Wali ready to let Mahjabeen go?

Myra Sajid is to be applauded for giving us such richly nuanced characters that one cannot help but feel for them. Though Kanza is yet to impress me as an actress, her character is so strongly etched that even as I detest Neelam, for all her badtameezees and white lies, I cannot help but feel sorry for the little girl hiding beneath all the bravado. In terms of acting Sania, Fawad and Usman Peerzada were simply fabulous. It is such pleasure to see them breathe life into Mahjabeen, Wali and Baray SahabAs for technical issues, the background score needs to be tinkered with a little more. All in all I found this to be an engrossing episode and enjoyed it. What did you all think? Looking forward to your thoughts!

Written by SZ~

Numm ~ Episode 10 


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  1. First of all Neelam is being played by a weak actress which is a pity. Neelam’s character is failing to evoke the sympathies she deserves, not even the sense of anger from us instead all she is managing to make us cringe and forward her scenes. What Neelam is doing, trying to bring the house under her control is something most young girls newly married would do, her desire to control her man and her house is not misplaced except we forget at times the person whom we are married to does have a life of his own, relations of his own, yes most of the girls want to become the most important person in one’s husband’s life but then this does not happen so easily…everything needs time and of course a lot of patience.

    While Neelam is desperate, Wali is confused, he is upset with Neelam’s ways as it is upsetting his peace heaven, he is missing his vani even more knowing fully well he should give Neelam a chance, trying to be patient with her while looking for solace in MJ presence…Neelam’s tantrums is making him miss MJ more.

    MJ is almost losing patience knowing fully well she does not have the right to as she is a vani and when Wali says the situation of the house depends her house, she is surpised…now who is Qasim?

      • I was so sure Qasim was her brother or her nephew, but I’m beginning to think he might be MJ’s son with Alamgir.

        Although, it wasn’t how I expected the story to move, I’m thinking if I were writing this story, MJ would have secretly married Alamgir (so that Qasim was not an illegitimate heir) and he would be BS’ other grandson having a rightful claim to the Bakht fortune. It would be explosive to see the confrontation between our all-too comfortable/pampered Wali and his rival to the Bakht name and money.

        As far as BS’ acceptance of Qasim, he could go either way. He could be livid and be out for blood (MJ’s and/or qasim’s), or somewhere in that steel heart, he might be affected by the knowledge that Alamgir lives on in his son.

  2. Hello SZ , great review as always .
    I agree,todays epi was engrossing,indeed.
    I felt a little sorry for neelum today,shes really trying hard to be a perfect homemaker and wali dampens her enthusiasm by not complimenting her ,instead he likens the aloo gosht to MJs ,,, bechari,itni effort kee to no avail.
    Btw who makes steaks in an oven ????

  3. This story is just the writer’s fantasy of a young handsome man being caught between an older mom-wife and a child-wife (and possibly the guy falling for the mommy character) and the Vani system was just used to satisfy this fantasy. What’s been shown is NOT the vani system since the vani is usually a very young girl given to a much older man in compensation for a crime her family committed against the man’s family. She is held as a slave, abused both physically and sexually. This is like any other story of a man caught between two women.

    • You do have a point Sonia but the man concerned in this case is educated having seen the world and who himself given a chance would not have got himself involved in such a situation. Whatever I have read about vani, whatever you have written is correct but Wali Bakt’s education, upbringing is coming into his way hence he treats his vani a bit differently…though this is a stry of a man stuck in between two woman but what we have to see here how he treats his vani and what measures he takes to stop such a practice in his community of which now he is set to become the head…

    • The vani system is a means of manipulation and also acquiring/solidifying power – it is a political tool for all intents and purposes.

      In most cases a young girl is married off to a much older man and is supposed to produce a child to replace someone else who was killed. This child is not necessarily meant to carry on the legacy, it’s more like even-ing the head count. Quite honestly, in the patriarchal society that propagates such jihaalat it is probably more about demeaning the weaker family by owning/controlling/abusing/defiling the daughter.

      See at the end it is still about power – between families, clans, zamindars. For that reason, the move has to be strategic. In Numm, marrying wali off to a younger girl probably wouldn’t have accomplished much. However, by making MJ his wife, they at once punished her, sent a message to her family (subjugating her by tying her in a bond that was meaningless, and demeaning), and secured a caretaker for Wali.

      A theme that has been depicted throughout is the shrewdness and formidable power that BS exerts. Making MJ a sterile vani was probably a very calculated move on his part. If he had married MJ off to another Bakht member even a distant one, she could have produced children tied to the Bakht khandan – I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have wanted that, after all she was not good enough for Alamgir.

  4. A beautiful episode and a crisp review. Numm is more beautiful because of your reviews and discussion. Numm people have overcome most of their drawbacks other than Kanza…..I personally don’t like characters like Neelum. the Character shows its world view – a very negative perspective. They think that the world runs on conspiracy and they are very much self-centered. They cannot imagine that there are people to whom life is more than ‘hasil karna’ and running the world your way. A person is as great as his thoughts. But, I am talking about the rights Neelum has as a woman that she has her man all and only meant for her. And she fights for her rights and questions W because she is being deprived of those. I like that of hers.

    W looked like a wounded tiger shining his claws under the calm. What’s his plan? Sanina – I have no wards to describe this talent. Her pain, confusion and inner turmoil was just visible with her calling him back – a small word ‘Wali’. Wish W would let her go!

  5. Finally things have started moving! I liked the pace of this episode and finally Wali admitting, without words, that MJ is more than a vani/riwayati majboori. I am not sure if he is guilty of what happened, or not that night, or because of his feelings/guilt for MJ. I am glad that he did say that he had a life prior to N and that is something she needs to accept.

    Wali is confused, we all agree on that. You have said it aptly that while he is by himself he thinks of MJ alone and also feels bad for behaving with her the way he does. He has put her down indirectly in front of the servants and even in the last few episodes before she fell sick. Having said that, I have never felt that he has berated MJ in front of Neelam which reflects his confusion/respect even more and obviously leads to N’s increasing frustration. For e.g. when N asked for the keys and Wali walked in, he pointedly asked MJ to send water with Salima, addressing MJ and not N. To some it may come across as him treating MJ as a hired help, but to me it just shows how he is unwilling (just yet) to put down MJ in front of N. I am also convinced that Wali knew that N had not done the cooking and so he pointedly compared it to MJ’s cooking. The smile on his face, especially when he enquired who made what from Salima, gave it away. If anything, he is not stupid. Like he said, he had a life prior to his marriage and obviously that included eating the same food day in and day out cooked either by MJ or Salima. How naive of N to think he’ll fall for it.

    He used the excuse of the laundry to have a little chat with MJ about N, her absence till late evening as well as MJ’s responsibility as always to manage the household, in this case peace where N is concerned. Wali is obviously restless all day in MJ’s absence and a part of it I feel also has to do with the phone conversation he overheard. Don’t forget he also heard her mumbling Qasim’s name earlier.

    I have always maintained that N’s character is a strong one, one every girl should be able to relate to. However, Kanza’s portrayal of it hasn’t won my heart or my sympathies just yet.

    MJ’s grand plan seems to have been about Wali getting married, her being redundant in the house and finally be able to walk away. However, that doesn’t seem to be happening just yet. BS wants her around, maybe not for long given a)she doesn’t seem to be informing him of the activities anymore b)the “riding” has begun :p c)Wali seems to have settled down “happily”. However, where Wali is concerned, that is not true.He still looks to her for basic things and only wants her to indulge N since he still doesn’t take N seriously just yet. He has gotten used to her and while he may respect her, have feelings for her that he hasn’t yet accepted, he is not at a stage to think of a life without MJ in it, with or without N’s tantrums. On one hand he is struggling to control N, indulge her and make her realise that she is the wife, and on the other, he finds it easy to expect MJ to understand and also snaps at her.

    N’s throwing up in the kitchen and Salima’s subsequent “khushi kay maray plate gir gayi” could be just her jumping to conclusions or lead to N in hospital scene from one of the promos. Looks like instead of MJ, N is headed towards being pregnant. I shudder to think how she will act if that’s true.

    • @AK: Agree with everything you say! I like how you articulate W’s stance so well 🙂 Definitely agree to MJ’s grand plan and great reminder of W getting curious of qasim.

      Reg N and Salima’s kitchen ordeal, I was in splits thinking how bad must have the steaks turned out that both N and Salima are trying every possible way to avoid eating those things! lol I especially like the way Salima puts a cloth on her nose the whole time, that was something! To do that in front of her ‘sar-phiri malkin’ who could easily kick her out tells me it smelled like dead rats! ROFL!

      • lol @ Salima covering her mouth. Frankly, I am beginning to admire Salima. That woman has balls! From spilling the juice on N (I am convinced she did it on purpose), to commenting on MJ’s dye, to covering her mouth in disgust and then having the gall to say “aap nay itnay shauq say banaya hai, aap chakhein” lol

        • @AK ha ha. I also like Saleema because she cares for Mj and contemplates her in times of sufferings. And definitely She spilled the juice purposefully as she overheard N bulling Mj. She gives a damn to N. She does have gutts! rare in that household.

        • @ AK Lol, Salima does have guts…she and Wali always seem to be on “chattees ka aakda” lol yay for saleema the cheeky maid 🙂 lol

    • @AK good analysis. I agree with you that W was saying who’s the boss in household management in the Mj-N Key scene. I overlooked it first. Mj definitely wants an exit, and that exit comes from establishing W-N marriage as settled. But I don’t think it is her grand plan.

    • @AK I agree with you N if would have been played by a better actress would have been much more stronger character and would have got our sympathies even. Regarding MJ wanting an exit, I am not too sure if that is possible even if Wali and N settles down well….their community may not allow it as Wali’s is not the only vani case there I am sure.

    • @AK Good analysis!. I think you summed up all the points I had in my mind bar a few.. food scene: W def knew..’to yeh bhi bibi ne babaya hoga..’ said it all.. Plus he knew steaks were 2 hrs away, but lo & behold, its the aloo gosht yet again.. lol (and thank goodness for that too!)
      laundry was an excuse for a lil chat… def agree..
      @Ak @YBM lol @ the sar phiri malikin and the guts & the ” to covering her mouth in disgust and then having the gall to say “aap nay itnay shauq say banaya hai, aap chakhein” .. That’s just too funny!

  6. SZ: Great review as always. I liked this episode as we had seen earlier that change was coming, but now it is here and the characters have to start finding a way to the irreversible equation of things. My spirit was dampened by last week’s episode not because of the shift in W-N’s relationship but the way it was shown last week. Like people said, it had totally ruined the character of W as superficial and gullible. Plus with so many technical and jerky progressions in the story I think last week’s episode was the worst.

    But hopefully, this week shed more light into why W must have done what he did when N taunted him. He is trying to play along with N hoping that the waters will be still but of course he will have to change his game. I feel like with W to do something, there has to be an external force in coaxing him into making a decision, that is either in the form of BS, N, or some out-of-the ordinary incident. I agree that like it or hate it, W himself knows that there is a bond of his and MJ’s and like you said he has to make a decision soon or otherwise he’ll be a ‘dhobi ka kutta’ lol

    I was intrigued by what MJ means by “mujhe samjhane mein waqt zaaya na karo Wali’ and her anger. Was it more like a subtle hint of W telling MJ that let N do whatever she wants so that it becomes easy for him and MJ to bear with her and implying that MJ also let her do that, so that she (MJ) can go about living the same way as earlier in W’s house? Basically implying that MJ also make a ‘samjhauta’ to live in the house with him (Wali). And MJ outrightly rejects the idea of accepting that W is ASKING her to do this so that everything remains calm in the house? So W says that the ‘mahol’ is in her hands and largely depends on MJ underplaying her role in front of N to avoid further problems. I felt like this was the first open way that MJ shows her irritation and disapproval of being told of how to deal with N.

    Also I think now we know that MJ is also emotionally effected by W spending more time with N. I’m curious to see whether it is that both W and MJ are falling for each other still and not realizing that as yet. I’m saying this because even though W was getting attracted to MJ, he didn’t realize that her absence would have a profound effect on him, while MJ is also going to feel the pangs of a helpless 1st wife. It will be interesting to see how W and MJ first realize how much they really love each other (albeit unintentionally), discover if there is really a way out with N being so possessive about W, and handle where their relationship will proceed..

    Also SZ, I agree that N’s character could have been a powerful one: a girl her age having to deal with so many issues just to gain her husband’s attention, especially when she also feels the strength of the bond that this ‘vani’ has with her husband. But just maybe, the story is more focused or actually based on the relationship of MJ and W (based on the lines of OST, the importance of their background stories, the dependability and bond of theirs, etc) and that’s why they kept a character like N that does not readily elicit sympathy from the viewers although if we think, she is also a sufferer in some way. That would also explain why the production chose KW to play N since it wasn’t important for N to be compelling enough that W goes to her in the end…That is the only reason I can think of apart from that if the production was black-magically induced to select KW for the role!! lol

    And thank God for touching a bit on the Qasim mystery! I am fairly positive that Qasim is a male relative/heir of MJ’s family that cannot be disclosed to the Baqt household, since his life would be endangered or the situation could get worse with Baqt household (mainly BS) demanding either Qasim be handed over to them or that MJ pay with being a vani for life for keeping it a secret.

    • @YBM: love reading ur comment.. I too liked the way mahjabeen came back with mujhe samjhane me waqt zayaa na karo.. It was absolutely class.. Its better to keep wali in his position lol… And very nice reason for choosing KW 😉 yes finally more light on qasim-mahjabeen bond.. You have a point on male heir bof mj’s family.. Let see how does mystery gets solved 🙂 🙂

    • @YBM @Rehmat re samjhane mein waqt zaya nakaro : mumkin hai W thought Mj was complaining like N when she mentioned duplicate groceries. mumkin hai W picked this up as wives’ rivalry streak, and wanted to play a bechara husband caught between two wives..(and i expect more of u so be the better one and let go).. But Mj has no sympathy for W here and reads it like I know I am only a vani.. meri kia majal use rokne ki! Mein ne use kab roka hai? .. Mujhe samjhane ke bajae khud ko samjhao ge to mumkin hai kuch faida bhi ho jai!!
      Mumkin hai it wasnt abt keeping W in his position, but to let him know that she knows hers!

      • @FA: this could also be the scenario but even if it was about letting W know that she knows her place.. The way she said it was very stern that made W quite numb.. Tht was interesting to see 🙂

  7. @SZ, an excellent review and I agree with you that this was the first episode one could watch without cringing at the background score and also less of N’s screeching and whining. Hats off to the writer and the director, her character is so strongly etched and written that even a bad actress is able to carry it off to some extent. Imagine if a better actress would have been playing it. Just caught telefilm “Behadd”, don’t know the actress but the girl who played FK’s step daughter in the movie was absolutely brilliant. Wicked and vulnerable at the same time. Now if someone like her was playing N, the entire scenario may have been different.
    Today W seemed more hung up with MJ. He might have treated her like a fixture and have thought of her a necessary presence to be tolerated in the household but today he seemed anxious on her behalf. Right from the beginning when BS asks her to leave, W’s eyes are following her only, trying to call her constantly and to entering her room on a flimsy enquiry (laundry??). Asking her to keep calm in the house seemed more like pretending in front of N that N is the boss, seemed more like parental indulgence of pretending in front of children that everybody is following their orders.
    One thing I am curious about which I find W is not that “Who is Qasim?” I would definitely like to know who is he and where does he stand in the grand scheme of things. I find it very strange W does not want to know or is that he already knows and knows that important place he has in MJ’s life. There have been two or three references (when MJ was ill, when she was talking on the phone yesterday etc.) when Qasim’s name came in front of W but he did not react at all. That does not seem to be in character with W so something is fishy.
    Speaking of fishy, the giving of grand gifts by BS to N also was little strange. The way he overindulges her at times looks like a clever manipulation. Maybe he wants her happy to give him what he desperately wants (an heir to W). But what if she is unable to do that, will his indulgences dry up or will continue. Personally her throwing up did not seem good news to me more like natural reaction to thoroughly bad made food.
    With this comes, another thought, if N cannot become a mother and MJ does will they make her give up the kid to N to bring up. A scary thought but realistically looking at it , there does not seem to any happily ever after for W and MJ. The entire OST talks about Maybe’s(mumkin) but the conclusion seems to be maybe this could have happened maybe that but finally nothing happened.

  8. Wonderful review to a boring meaningless drama.
    @SZ, your reviews are formidable. I’m sure you can sell ice to an Eskimo.
    Love your writing skills, but disagree with your analysis on Numm.

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s episode. The story progressed, BS made an appearance, I missed him in the last couple of episodes, and Neelum is back, determined to take charge of the house and lock MJ somewhere. Speaking of N, she seemed a bit too overjoyed on getting a farmhouse. I mean she is part of the feudal set up too, property and wealth shouldn’t be new to her. Then again, she really is just a kid. I hope she understands that the farmhouse is not the ‘faida’ she’s extracted from ‘nakhre se shadi karna’, it’s just to motivate her to produce and heir 😛
    As for MJ, I kept feeling bad for her throughout the show. The way BS talked to her and dismissed her later was really insulting. And I wonder what he wanted to say to her when he had to stop because of W and N’s arrival.
    As for W, he seems too confused. He is unable to describe the nature of his relationship with MJ to anyone, he wants her to remain in charge of the house like before and yet it seems that he doesn’t want to think about her at all. To his annoyance, N won’t leave the matter alone. He does try to protect MJ as subtly as he can though. Like when N was yelling at MJ to hand over the keys and he walked in, he pointedly asked MJ to tell Salima to get him water. N’s expression was…well I LOLed 😛 the lunch scene was brilliant. I think Wali purposely wanted to irritate N for ruining his day 😛 he has started to get into the feudal spirit.
    I am soooo curious about Qasim. Who is he and why isn’t Wali curious about him. Instead, when he hears MJ talking to him and earlier when he heard her murmuring his name, he seemed angry, at least to me. And I think he is perfectly aware that MJ goes to see him, just avoids getting on the subject. And part of his concern about MJ’s disappearance was this ‘andesha’ that she might have gone to see him. His expression was really weird when she told him she was on her way and disconnected the line.
    While he is trying to let N take her time to settle down, he is being really unfair to MJ. How conveniently he made MJ responsible for ‘ghar ka mahol’ when he knows how N behaves with her. MJ’s expression perfectly conveyed that she doesn’t want any part of this deal but the feudal lord is not concerned about that.

  10. So far this was best episode and to complete the circle is your review.. Thank you for writing wonderful reviews week after week 🙂

    A very gripping episode i must say.. Where i was irritated with double standards of Wali , i was happy seeing Mahjabeen laughing freely for first time and at same time i was in awe of strong willed Neelam… She no wonder is young but her mind is surely not of any kid.. Very high headed and sharp, i still cant feel sympathy for neelam may be because whatever mahjabeen is suffering, neelam or wali would always be considered less suffered! Her trying to get involved in house showed how much she wants mahjabeen to get totally replaced.. She is gona give more hard times to mj..but have to say Kanza looked really nice in eastern outfits..

    Wali i still cant understand this fellow,what does he actually feels or what he wants is yet to be discovered but for now i find him a manipulative player, who plays with both ladies according to situation..i so want myself to be proved wrong and wish Wali could give much needed freedom his vani.. Just two scenes of FK and SS in one frame and with very few dialogues but were so powerful specially last scene where mj gave back to wali.. Ohh i so loved that.. 😀

    Though mahjabeen was less seen in latest instalment but her interactions with Qasim were lovely… I felt he is her son with Alamgir may be thats why she was frustrated in the last flasback with alamgir…if he is her son.. It will be a super exciting twist …bare sahab mistreating mahjabeen was highly distasteful but again its her punishment and thus really need wali in action 😉 Usman Peerzada, Sania Saeed and Fawad Khan gave stellar performances… So looking forward for next week!

  11. @SZ: Good review for a good episode. I am in total sync with you this time. Liked this episode a lot, did not even mind the background score. A much “tighter installment” as you have put it. If only this is how it is each week!!

    Poor Wali is our very own Hamlet— always “to be or not to be”!! This week his concern for MJ was good to see but next week’s promo shows him being rude and angry with MJ for calling him while he is away from home (in this episode he was the one desperate to make the calls!!). So it will be back to square one as far as the equation between MJ and W is concerned. Perhaps Numm will end up being a sort of Shakespearean tragedy.

    Saw Qasim and his humbler dwelling but he remains a mystery still. His saying, “aap unhen mere baaray main bata sakti hain?” and “yahan se bhaag chalte hain” were enigmatic. W not reacting to Qasim’s name could mean the Bakht family knows about Q’s existence but do not know his exact relationship with MJ.

    @YBM: Perhaps your thought on this being an entirely W and his “vani” MJ’s story and N’s role and importance in the overall scheme of things not being a great one, hence a choice as poor as KW for the role, feels correct to me. After all they could not have given a newcomer like KW a role equal to Sania Saeed’s! So you may be right in saying N is only a third angle to the main story— something similar to Asmara in ZGH or Sara in HS( though to be fair Sara made a huge impact!). Will be interesting to see!

    @SZ: Just wanted to ask if you yourself saw the version of the episode you have posted at the end of your review?? The video you have posted has a good one and a half minutes worth of the drama missing. When BS hands over his gift (blue file), there are some dialogues before MJ returns to say that the breakfast is laid.

    Hoping another ‘good’ episode comes up next week!!!

    • @ RR: Exactly what I was thinking regarding N’s role..hers is something similar to Sara’s in HS…’Na peecha chudaya jaa sakta hai na sar pe bithaya jaa sakta hai’ OH how would I hate if Numm ends up being akin to a Shakespearean tragedy! It will be sad 😦

    • @RR: Yes, I did watch this link, and actually had a line in the review about editing error as I questioned the sudden appearance of the blue file … but minutes after I posted the review, a reader msgd me another link with the missing dialogues and so I re-edited my review .. since it was not an issue on their end …
      I so wish the various online sites could all post complete episodes, without cutting out lines as and when they please 😦 That said, did anybody notice that the various versions of the episodes, with/without bgs and diff sequence f events are gone this week!! Finally Geo heard our complaints on that issue at least!!

    • @Doll: Qasim’s character is still mystery.. We are just shown Mahjabeen meeting him secretly and enjoying his company but nobody knows who exactly he is lol 🙂

  12. Great review SZ of an undeserving drama…I would have fallen off this Numm bandwagon if it was not for Fawad. Will continue watching it coz he’s in it and I eventually want to know which wife Wali chooses (or maybe MJ will ditch him?). But this is a badly made show basically. We’ve been v patient with it but a lot of scenes don’t make sense (what was that weird scene where W is waiting for N in the car and she decides to make an unending phonecall to mom), some have to be explained by you before the average viewer even gets them…, faulty editing, bad acting, even Fawad looks bored coz he’s got nothing to do in the whole show apart from look blank and maybe sullen and walk/sit around and maybe think about riding….
    As a Lahori the most interesting thing in this whole ep were the grocery bags the wives carried, Neelum shops from Jalal Sons and MJ goes to the rival store Al-Fatah 🙂

  13. Hi SZ . Wonderful review, I waited whole day and didnot see the review and Before I went to sleep I said let me check and I totally agree with u. You have a great writing skill because people like me can get it by reading your review than to watch drama.i still think that Qasim might be her brother or was good to see MJ laughing while talking with Qasim and what W was trying tell N when they had argument while eating I did not get it.something about MJ thanks hope u donot mind asking questions. Hope to hear from u.

    • @Ranjan: hey!! Neelam told wali that she had made the food while it was made by Salima the maid.. So when he started eating., he said this taste is so like mahjabeen’s cooked food 🙂 and neelam got upset after listening this..

      Hope it helps 🙂

  14. It’s frustrating to see that wali is the only one whose decisions would have profound impact yet he is the one unable to take them and seeing other suffer cuz of his self centered ness is cruel of him. Before his hands were “tied” but now bs has officially handed him what he wanted so now is the time for wali to set things right n become little considerate towards poor Mj who has suffered enough at the hands of Bakht men. It’s clear in this episode that Mj lost whatever respect she had for wali and is little disgusted with his behavior too. She is not interested and wants out. Wali better take decision soon. All I can predict for him is that mumkin hai he sets Mj free, mumkin hai he Takes a stand, mumkin hai he becomes straight forward, mumkin hai he defines relationships, mumkin aa bhi jaye uske pass courage .. Mumkin a hai door door rahe door door hai.

  15. You summed up the whole episode pretty well, with all it’s nuances. But I must say I’m losing my interest in the drama. I just watch it for that one hour daily dose of “entertainment” for Saturday and of course for the man in the lead too( as cheesy as it may sound) 😛 Despite the fact that this week’s numm did not follow that usual slow momentum and had a greater dialogue content, it’s still losing it’s charm (at least for me)
    As for the episode, I couldn’t help myself but feel for Neelam at some places because of the endeavors she’s making to win Wali’s heart but all of them actually going down the drain! Also, Wali’s sort of bessoted attitude for MJ isn’t going down well with me. I know, Fawad is good and in fact adept:-P at doing romance on-screen. But somehow it’s a bit hard to imagine him at the end of the day with MJ. The age difference is not working for me may be…
    And lastly, a note to Fawad: please make your decisions much more wisely while opting for a project next time. I know you must have found something intriguing in the script but do not let your talent waste. Do not let go of the bigger projects you’re offered! You have fans like us who’ll remain glued to your dramas no matter how tedious and excruciating the drama gets:-S you need to treasure us dude! Aur please yaar Mol sign kar lo. 😀

    • I think it’s FK’s luck lol. He has done awesome music but that didn’t work for him, he chooses mature roles like this one and performs good and still that doesn’t work for him. He did a predictable romantic serial (which he wasn’t much enthusiastic about btw) and that earns him 5 stars. I think ‘serious work’ isn’t good for him 😛 personally I’m happy Fawad chose Numm. He needed a change.

      • But music did work for him- BIG TIME! He earned his initial fame there. And yes You’re right about Fawad stereotyping himself, he needed to go for something different. But at the end of the day, don’t you see him doing a guy stranded between two girls roles? Isn’t numm the same? If it was for a feudal lord or shedding light on the issue of vani I would have said okay this is something different now. Alas! It’s not. To be terse, I’m not much satisfied with his role either. :S
        As for the Humsafar thing you mentioned, if I talk on his behalf, you know he’d never agree that it’s his sheer luck. He once said- I’m not a cat and it’s not in my genes to land on feet. So yeah, never say it’s his luck, it might offend him. Hahahaha:-P

        • If you see his interviews about Humsafar, he has always admitted that he is surprised by the success of the serial and he initially thought that it would just be a saas-bahu saga but signed it because the team was great (he said that in an interview to Dawn). He works really hard and is an amazing actor, there is no doubt about that. The reason Numm is not what it should have been is because the end product is not that fine. Kanza’s bad acting, the bad editing, loud background score and lengthy scenes just take away so much meaning. Another thing he always says in his interviews is that the success always depends on the team, so if the team is good, a mediocre product can become a huge success and vice versa.

          • Haan you’re right, he did mention humsafar’s success being about luck too, besides other factors. I’m talking about the success that came his way because of Asher. And yes, I’ve read those saas-bahu saga waali lines too in his dawn interview. Anyways, I just made a reference to his ‘land on feet’ statement on a lighter note. This too was written in his dawn interview and that, too, in bold btw 😛 because when you went on about his luck his phrase just sprung in my mind and I felt like jotting it down here. 😛 you’re right, I did not mean to contradict you. It’s a deluge of Fawad’s facts gushing in my mind nothing more:-) And undoubtedly he IS a phenomenal actor- he pulls off all his roles impeccably. \m/

            • Ohh I don’t remember that phrase then lol. I hope you didn’t feel I was being rude, because I wasn’t 😀 one of the drawbacks of cyber communication *sigh*

      • I think fawad wants to work in meaningful project but somehow they don’t work for him mainly due to bad execution of those dramas. Do u guys get the feeling that fawad doesn’t like playing only romantic lead but unfortunately for him the audience likes to see him in those roles. Even from his interviews u get feeling that he didn’t think of humsafar as such huge deal whereas his role in akbari and Askari is dear to him so he wanted perhaps more credit for Akbar than Asher. I would love to see him playing a character similar to Christian bale’s in a movie prestige.

        • Yup! He isn’t for much of a romance thing right now. He even said romance achi cheez hoti hai per kuch aur bhi karna chahiye. Hahaha 😛 And as you rightly mentioned his favourite role which he says all the time is of Asghar’s. So yes, he does want to discover new avenues in acting.
          Having said that, I never heard him saying he was reluctant in doing Zaroon. I think he never was! I mean he did highlight the differences between himself and the character Zaroon but not this… He just mentioned about the age difference between him and the actual university students- like it’s almost 5 to 10 years now. Anyways, hoping he gets a different script with a promising team next time so that he’s able to prove himself in other genres conspicuously in front of the audience! Because as far as I know not much of the people are following numm…

        • Yes he is always very straight forward about the romance thing. In most of his interviews he has said that he’d like to do different roles but an actor in Pak has little choice since most serials are based on romance and gharelu jhagre.

          • No no, I did not feel at all that you were being rude:-D I thought it was the other way round so I just tried to clear the air 😛

      • FK is actually a very good actor..duh! like anyone needed to be told that :)…but what I mean is he can take to any role like a fish to water :)..I think he should make the most of his success and try different roles. I know many people would love to see him in all goody roles with his urban charm and all, but it would be a loss to not see him do the stuff that he is capable of. I don’t know if it’s luck or not, but he does make good use of his looks and charm, that comes second to the talent he has

      • He also seemed a bit hesitant in accepting a young/student role in ZGH. Surprised at how ppl could still accept him as a college/uni student at his age.. suggested he sees himself doing mature meaningful roles in the future…And I would much rather he evolves with time rather than still try and play the chocolate hero at Humayaun Saeed’s age.. lol.. not to say hes old (toba toba!), but its nice to see him planning out…. Now we all thought this would be a masterpeice..I can imagine the script must’ve been quite impressive! but I guess the rest of the team let him down. This role is very challenging and if it wasn’t for his and SS’s flawless acting (and not to mention, this forum) this would be a completely uncomprehendible end-product! Im glad he chose Numm and i for one would love to see him in more complex & intense roles (but less complex end-products).

        • I totally agree with you FA. I think it’s the team that has ruined what would have been a wonderful story :/ I’ll be honest, I was really awed when I saw the promos on Facebook, they were amazing! Fawad has improved with every project he has done. Proof is his takar ki performance opposite SS. BTW lol @ toba toba 😛

      • I also appreciate that Fawad did Wali and did it wonderfully. So we got to see the beautiful on-screen chemistry between F-S. Outstanding work by both in talking in silence. Expressing the confusion, attraction, bully, frustration, love and hatred, anger and joy all without a word. wonderful, wonderful. But somehow I get the feeling that he could not keep up the same performance in the scenes with Kanza.Especially, in this episode, when Kanza said ‘pakrai gae’ in the bedroom or in the garden, when he tried to hedayat her on the position of Mj. However, he is stellar when performing with BS, Mj even alone.

        • If only it someone else was playing N…sigh. He seems irritated in scenes with Kanza 😛 or so I like to think 😉

  16. @SZ great review as always!
    I just love this forum!.. It makes the 40 min episode worth so much more! Thanks guys!
    I think pretty much everything is said and covered. I’ll just add my take on a couple of things:
    It’s the first intercation we see of W and Mj after N’s return and how beautifully played it is!! W enters Mj’s room and overhears Mj say ‘koi zulm nahin ho raha…” Is this the underlying cause of W’s reaction/change in this episode? The hamdardi cum affection feeling kicks in again.. this time it seems much stronger? And the Mj calling W and trying to search through him where she stood now… the gaze, the search and then no answer.. beautifully played by SS! This was my fav scene in this episode.

    Mj coming back from shopping, The muqabla between Mj and N , who will Salima tend to first.. I enjoyed how Salima looked at Mj and waited for her approval.. Although N thinks shes won, ultimately it was after Mj’s approval.. N lets Salima stay in the last episode, but at the end of the day, it was Mj’s victory..
    I felt that N was playing the nice bibiji with Salima in this episode, but we can see her allegiance is with Mj.
    I think Mj’s hairatzada/ghussa look at W’s aap zimedar hain iss ghar ke mahool ki : Mj is thinking does he know something mein kahan thi? is he reading it wrong? He mentions shaam ho gai thi.. ie u r late.. or is it simply u keep N carry on and let her be.. and Mj’s eyes saying ‘ r u for real?’ mein keise zimedar ho sakti hoon?

    I also think Mj was trying to spend more time outside trying to stay of N’s face..

    What I didn’t undstand : (someone please explain!)
    Ok someone please explain ”why are they in a new house?” If it’s the BS gift/farmhouse, how comes N let Mj tag along to ”her” house? I don’t get why they had to move? the red haveli was so much nicer.. I’m confused. Did I miss a few lines?
    Oh & ive had it with the mali talk now.. whats this riddle? now even BS is going on abt him! Btw if we go by the mali/caretaker theory, is he appreciating Mj for the lawn and indirectly Wali’s settled life?

    What I would like to know:
    What was BS about to say to MJ before W & N arrived?
    Why was W with those few men in the garden? Is he taking over the BS role?
    (and ofcourse who is Q? )

    The mumkinat:
    Here comes the gun!!!! mumkin hai wali misunderstands Mj’s relationship with Q.. and kills either Q or Mj. If he kills Q mumkin hai Mj demands her freedom in badla? And if he kills Mj.. well we know he will be devatated afterwards…
    o-o And here comes the cough too!!! And I think N is preggo too… Ab yahan se kahan jain hum?? too many mumkinat.. N ko Mj ki bimari itni buri lage gi ke tension mein miscarriage hi na ho jae.. ??

    • @FA: nice to read ur comment.. I can help you in whtever i understood.. Sikander Bakht lives in some other haveli, Amtul lives there too.. where initial episodes were shot..while wali/neelam/mahjabeen in some other house… Bare Sahab gifted farmhouse to neelam thats entirely different place 🙂

      Hope someone else can make it more clear 😀

      • Yes thats right.. but in this episode they seem to be in a different house. Up until Mj-Q call and W walking in scene, they still seem to be in the red brick house/haveli. This was W’s Lahore wala ghar where Mj lived, and we saw N run away (and later returned), then the endless teas and breakfasts etc., the night, and all..
        But after the call scenethey seem to in a more modern looking house with white-washed walls.. What’s this all about? Did they think the viewers won’t notice the change? or did they edit out a scene that explains the move? or is it supposed to be the farmhouse? I just can’t hazam this!

        • Yes, the kitchen was entirely different than the one Salima and Daoud were fretting in when the caterer messed up BS’s dinner. And gone are the all brick facades that appeared throughout the house and the bedrooms of Wali’s original house. If this is an oversight , it is unforgivable, you can’t just switch settings without an explanation.

    • Honestly, I think wali will go after Qasim, and we’ll see the feudal emerge from the veneer of the oxford graduate.

      BS’ handing wali the gun was most definitely foreshadowing of an impending calamity! The teasers show a very disheveled, disturbed Wali, I always thought it was a scene showing him I the aftermath of some violence.

    • I think Neelum is not that bad, she was being rude to Salima because she was angry at MJ (ok that was hard to admit 😛 )

      I really hope Wali doesn’t stoop too low….but then again the mumkinat. :S

      • @ Farwa B Naqvi hahaha… Yes, I agree I don’t think N is that bad. She is just trying to affirm her hold in the household and is trying all the chaals she can think of..But she is quite naive and a bit childish.. abhi pakki nahin hui lol.. Her real problem is she can’t stand Mj.. full stop! And you can’t really blame her for that. It was just really funny seeing that shes playing all these chaals, and she thinks she is winnig, but the truth of the matter is nothing much is changing! It just felt like ke sab haat pair chala rahi hai magar aage nahin barh paa rahi bechari (or not so bechari).
        Likewise, I think while she is doing all this, trying to drive W away from Mj, its backfiring on her every time. She is, unconciously, forcing W to probe inside himself and connect with some of the deepest, and sometimes darkest realities of his life.

        On a seperate note though, I feel N is getting mixed messages. She was being told MJ is just a vani/servant and nothing else, when she accepts that Wali is telling her ‘i had a life prior to u too’ (and which btw isnt entirely true.. W and Mj thingee happenned after N came into his life), .. and then he goes all quiet when confronted that tum me usme aur kuch nahin hai….
        Then we see first her mum tell her ghar ke kam sanbhalo, gives her the menu aur akhir mein says tum kion yeh sab kar rahi ho, let Mj deal with the khana ki jhanjhat!! This poor (or not so poor) girl actually doesnt know what to do.
        Ok lthats way too much sympathy with N now! (She is a real brat afterall.. lol)

        • Yeah, she is asking Wali all the wrong questions, without taking time to understand him. Jaldbaz na ho to :p
          I agree with your 2nd point as well, everyone keeps telling her different things about MJ, sometimes she is just a Vani and at others she is in charge. And btw thanks for your other comments on this forum, you cleared up things I was confused about earlier 😀

          • @Farwa B Naqvi lol@ jaladbaz na ho to… To be honest Im glad shes a bit jaldbaz and jazbati otherwise our mr Wali had no chance of leaving his cloud-cokoo-land and face life.. & oh! how we all hope he does! lol.. and sooner the better! We feel a pang of sympathy for N but if her two bit suffering brings some peace in Mj’s life and shakes up our W, I’m all up for her more haath pair marna lol… I say ”go girl!” lol

            & no probs abt other comments.. I think I just had to let that out of my system.. lol.. I was scrolling down earlier and i think my comments were the longest..kafi sharmindagi feel ho rahi thi!

            • As long as they clear confusion, I don’t mind, I hope SZ doesn’t either. I’m commenting like crazy too lol.

  17. Can someone please add a link to the promo that shows Neelam in the hospital. I hope she has an off-scene lenghty there! (evil laugh)

      • @SZ: Thanks for posting the additional promo, I’m excited for the Q angle of the story..I think that whoever Q is, W will be introduced to his inner feudal and forced to exert his powers because of his problem/misunderstanding with MJ going to Q. I also have a strong feeling that N gets hospitalized for some other reason, which would be a plot point to a patch-up b/n W & N after a fight or something like that. I say that because the Numm team likes to keep us guessing where W is bending towards! The baby news wouldn’t come till the end, we’ll be on our toes guessing who’s the winner of the Bakht stable-games lol

        And lastly, Thank you SZ for this forum!! 🙂 I’m excited to see what happens in the end, coz it’s like a challenge to guess how the story would end and I like it! Usually I can very easily guess where the story is going to go, but Numm is artfully written so that we need a group of very observant and critically thinking women to decipher it. 😉 I bet guys are holding their heads in the hand and calling W all kinds of names ki ‘ Bhai! pajama mat ban, mard ban aur koi faisla kar!!’ ROFL!

        • @YBM hahahaha… pajama mat band & Bakht stable-games.. omg! thats just too funny!!!
          Well looks like N is going to hosp for whatever, and Mj is coming down with that awful cough again! (saw N shouting at Mj while shes coughing her guts out in her bed in a promo) Muqabla hai sakht!

          • @FA: ROFL @ the beemaron ka muqabla! Seriously N is dumb enough to think that getting sick could get her W..that is another possibility there lol

  18. Missed posting last week, I was quite annoyed with the episode and for the first time I really began to think this drama had begun an irreversible downward spiral. Like many others I thought we were giving the serial far more credit and reading way more into it than the feeble scenes actually portrayed.

    This episode was much better, but I still can’t shake the feeling that the director and writer may not be able to pull this thing together. The mistakes are seriously weakening the plot. What seemed like a captivating mystery has given way to too much ambiguity and inexplicable scenes/sequences.

    Despite these flaws, I agree with SZ’s review and was happy that many are reading the same thing I also perceive.

    A few thoughts:

    I don’t think Neelam is a side character, she is an important cog, but KW’s portrayal almost negates her true impact. Now, my other perception is that Neelam the character, is not the rebel everyone perceives her as. She questions Wali about the vani system/the identity of the “dushmans”, but I think it’s mostly to be contradictory. She has clearly stated that her issue is with MJ not Wali. She is not willing to share him with her soutan. She is content with being the mistress of the house, being the benefactor of BS’ farmhouse, she lol ks forward to the time that Wali’s baagdoor is in her hands like her mother promised. She is not looking to raise any revolutions, fight any injustices – she just wants sole rights to her man and the privileges that come from being the mother to the Bakht heir. In light of this, i just cannot feel for Neelam.

    • @Nur the rebel will be W not N. It is her inexperience and her sharp senses that she asks those questions. Other than that she is just a typical wealthy woman – she knows only self and nothing else. But we cannot deny her rightful desire that W will only be hers, this is the wish of every woman.

      • Yes, Wali will be the rebel (at least we hope), but in this situation really who else could it be? The most MJ could do is run away like Qasim suggests. Any bolder move would mean more misery if not death.

        Neelam might question BS, or act defiant, but I hardly see her taking on BS, and in light of her reaction to BS’ gift and his prior assurance that she is the only bahu, and a prized one at that, I don’t think she’s going to revolt.

        I wholeheartedly agree that no woman wants to share her husband, so her jealousies are understandable, but taking it out on MJ, is immature and stupid given that she knows that MJ is just the vani. It’s not a smart move – she should think of other ways of removing MJ from the equation. She is perceptive enough to sense the tension between W and MJ but oblivious to the fact that it is her own rantings that give fuel to the fire between W and MJ. She could so easily get rid of her by sweet talking BS and convincing him that W and she need time alone.

  19. I went through some of the earlier works of Sania Saeed – Ahat and ub tum ja sakte ho. She upholds the spirit of womanhood in those dramas. Fabulous.

  20. Bahut Himmat chahye Thakur sahab, Bahut Himmat!
    Only you can do justice to another average episode at best. I just plain cannot take Neelum and her strutting catwalks around the house and her bad Urdu and bad English! Every time she was walking like she was at a modeling show, I really wanted to reach out and go let me teach you how to walk woman! Aab acting ke sath saath uss ko chalna bhi sikhana paday ga.
    I didn’t watch last week’s episode and after watching this week’s, I realized I didn’t miss much by skipping it. So my rule of Numm is to watch every few weeks and see if we have gotten past the stares, Wali “not” reading books, drinking chai and juice, and aimlessly wandering the house or driving around because he has nothing better to do with his “Oxford degree”.

    • Annie, You’re so right about the bohat himmat part!
      Agreed with you on all accounts but I think I have more time on my hands so will watch all the episodes inspite of the growing frustration…

  21. @SZ I agree that this episode moved the story forward and was a more tighter episode but I was extremely disappointed with the episode.
    I have been hoping that the story line will tackle more the social issue of vani, but in the end I feel this story is just about one guy and 2 girls or wives. The sad part is that it is not very tastefully done also.

    I find MJ’s feelings of passion for W very hard to digest not because of the difference in age but because up till now her relation was that of a surrogate mother who cared and took care of W as a child now to show her having passionate feelings for him is not a digestible thought.

    Because of Q’s age I had assumed he was MJ’s nephew or brother but from the loving relation they showed in this episode I am sure it is her son. Again the age could be a critical error or glitch on the production side (why am I not surprised).
    From the conversation between Q and MJ about their relation not being told to W, I assume W is not aware that Q is her son but thinks Q is her lover. That is another low in this story line, it has reduced this story to just a lust and jealousy issue

    This episode opens with BS being rude and dismissive to MJ and W just sits and glares with not a hint of apology or any soft feelings for MJ. I really felt for MJ and wanted to slap BS and W at that time. Also we are introduce to another mystery about what BS was going to tell MJ. It seems MJ has been in touch with BS passing all the household info.
    I like mysteries but again they just throw random statements at us and expect us to interpret them.

    As for W I assume he overhears MJ talking to Q and is jealous that is why he is so distant with MJ the first time he comes to her room, and also her not being there the whole day is not about missing her presence but a dog in the manger attitude. I do not believe he loves her at all but just has raw lust or passion for her that he can not control. Eeeks!!!
    So sad when in the last episode I thought they loved each other and there would be a meaningful relation of a different kind of love played out.

    Also the lunch scene between W and N did not make any sense to me. From all the previous episode we see W trying to appease N all the time but suddenly he is slyly confronting N on who has done the cooking after she makes the effort to please him and do something for him. Not letting the white lie rest between them is kind of contradictory to his other behavior.

    And last but not the least scene between W and MJ in her room where W is extremely rude to her about N. He put her in her place saying your only job is to look after the house and not question what the bahu of the house does. He has really treated her like a vani here. Very sad and pathetic it is, and again my heart totally went out to MJ.

  22. Oh also forgot to add what was the converstion between W and N when she walks away from the lunch table. What made W ask her if she had a conversation with MJ?
    Just did not follow any of it.

    • I can see quite few of us are questioning the vani link in the story. I feel this story didn’t actually start with the vani in reality, but its actually evolving into one. Although Mj was a vani but she had never played a typical vani role in the bakht clan. BS had appointed her as a caretaker of W. There was alot of respect for her. She had BS’s trust and she was running the whole household in the Lahore waali haveli. She had her dignity. And there was no physical relationship with her so-called husband. But things have now changed. With N’s entry she seems to be losing the maqam she had in the household, W has now taken her into his ”harem”, W has even told her to let N do whatever she wants i-e let her take over the intizaam etc. , and in reality, after all those years she is ”NOW” being treated like a ”vani”, with a much bleaker chance of gaining her freedom back.. She was tied down by a contract and ,sadly, for Mj that knot just got tighter!
      As for the two-wives-1 husband-scenario, I think Mj knows she is a vani, W wants to treat her like a wife but ends up treating her like a vani. N knows that Mj is a wife, but doesnt want to share her husband. ”vani” is not her dictionary. So she’d much rather call her a servant or, better still, a nobody -& not have her around!…. I say MJ knows where she stands now because she says ”mujhe samjha ke waqt zaya na karo” when W tells her to let N do whatever she likes. She knows she is a vani and she has to accept orders and no right to complain.. Its a vani-wife-husband/jageerdar triangle.

      @db I think this whole episode was about N trying to take over the intizam… that night W sees the chabi hangama and then N settles the conversation by saying I ain’t goin nowhere, pehle mujhe iss ghar ka intizam sanbhalne do’.
      The lunch scene : i thought W’s smile and mentioning MJ was like ”ok so Neelum bibi aap ne intizam sanbhal liya? magar yeh khana bhi aap nahin bana sakin.. lol… Basically he was trying to say (not sayin it in so many words) that u can’t just walk in and take over everything just like that! He made it clear that Mj had always had a special place in his life, he doesn’t want to change that!
      N was trying to explain how she cares for him etc but all he could think of was why Mj wasn’t around..hence we hear him question N if they had any further conversation about the intizam that night, which could’ve driven her away. N realizes he’s worried that she’s left, so she plays along with it. But after seeing Mj has returned W takes N’s uss ko nikal dene wali baat as a threat and thats why he tells Mj to let N do whatever he likes… He has realized he needs Mj in his life & he wasn’t ready to let her go that easily…. (although i think he himself isn’t sure about her role in his life any more..)

      And also, looking back at the laundry talk, I just realized, that was not just a bahana to talk to her, but to let her know that he wasn’t happy that she was out all day and it is now ”shaam”! Mj says shaam tak laundry aa jae gi and moves on to shopping mein dair and shampoo nahin mila etc. but he makes his point in his reply. He only acknowledges ”haan ho gai thi shaam!”
      He had always reassured her saying ‘aap pe koi zimmedari nahin aae gi’ & and now he’s holding her responsible for the ghar ka mahol..!

      I don’t think he is in love as yet but I think being a typical jageerdar, he thinks Mj is a jageer ka tukra.. Her not being there was bugging him, because he is a good-for-nothing ”possessive” so &… Ok thats my frustration out for W now! lol

      • @FA: Great explanation of the scenes that I was wondering abt! 🙂 Makes sense of MJ’s retort in the end, and “haan ho gayi thi shaam!” I was wondering why were they having a parallel conversation, but thought it was another production blooper…lol So becoming used to overlooking their bloopers, because of the increasing number of bloopers and that now that the story is getting interesting! Nice shift in the story where MJ feels guilty and W gets a chance to question her. I think since MJ realizes her position as a vani more so now, hence she is surprised when W says she is still responsible for the mahol meaning that she is still in charge of the household.

        Also I want to believe the reason you give why he was so adamant abt letting N do whatever she wants. I actually like the way they are showing W to be contrary to his words and behavior earlier..its the road to realization, after instances of unnecessary ghussa, outbursts, unexplained expectations and the N sparring with MJ.

        Great job FA! You provided the missing links 🙂

      • @FA Thanks excellent analysis.
        But I still feel that W thinks of MJ as a vani and nothing more. He is a feudal and it seems from this episode that he will be drawn in deeper into the feudal system.
        He did respect MJ when he was younger as she was a surrogate mother to him, but now he is aware of his position and you can see the change in the the way he treats MJ. In the second episode he was consolatory upon N’s behavior, but slowly he is becoming rude or down right insulting to her, reminding her of her position in the household all the time.
        On the other hand he is struggling with his growing passion for her and now they have introduced a jealousy aspect to it which I find very distasteful. Jealousy is a very negative and destructive emotion.
        I hated the fact that ‘The Night’ happened, because I was hoping for a more mature and different love story. I was hoping that he would love MJ and fight against the system for her with the help of N. The deeper he would get involved in the system the more he would hate it and hate what it was doing to MJ and women or girls like her. I was hoping to hear how the vani system effected all sides, from the feudal’s to the politicians to village people and to the true victims that are young under age girls.
        I guess I was expecting too much after all this is just a love triangle drama 🙂

      • I think Wali isn’t sure how to use so much power that BS has handed him over. Plus he is a pedawar of the system so ultimately, as much as he hates to admit it, he will walk in his grand father’s footsteps. He wants to control both the women in his life and he is doing that. He definitely doesn’t love MJ, even if he does, his love for power will overpower it. Let’s see. I just hope I don’t have to hate Wali more than I do right now 😛

  23. Numm is now going against the wind firstly because of the low production quality and meagre performance of the three Ws of Akbar khan clan. And secondly because of the unexpected ‘night’ and awkward morning between W and Mj, as modern viewers we did not expect such sudden fall and subsequent reaction. I percieve it as foreceful and then acceptance. From the very beginning it had very closeup views of revolving personal feelings and relationship. And I agree that the language used by especially BS and N is very raw and uncivilized. But the social context has always been there. I think the language connects with the social backdrop. I loved episode 7 as I could see the big picture, I liked episode 2 because I could feel Amtul and MJ and they symbolizes the ‘woman spirit’ – victimized, oppressed and quietly fading in the dark, witout aspirations and dignity. I could feel Amtul and Mj’s silent everyday resentment against the continuous bully.

    I loved almost every dialogue of BS. They protray how men in that society percieves women. What power means to them and what he is capable of doing to keep hold of that power. There is no place for ethics, love for your son, liberty of choosing one’s life partner. Power comes with land there and life is sum of deals tied with land. Marrianges are designed to capture land and power sometimes in the form of social network. Now we see what he thinks about man in the clan. Power not only comes with land, weapon is also required. W is now brought into the center of power.

    We could see through BS, N and Mj in all these episodes but could not percieve W – what does he think? Why does he do so contradictory things. Why is he so amenable to Neelum and oppressing to Mj? W did not play any role this far other than becoming a man with his women. Now that he has given the crown, let’s see what has in his mind. What he does and even will he really be able to execute his plan.

    • @SM: Lets hope that the next half is W’s..Actually I think it will be W calling the shots now or somehow influencing how the story moves, since they cast FK and FK playing W is an assurance that W wouldn’t be able to get his spine regeneration going down the drain!

      • @YBM Yes W will be calling the shots now.. now that BS has handed him the power along with the gun! Whether they are gun-shots, shots of more liquor or the apedural shots in his spine … shot in the arm or shot in the dark, whether, its a clean sixer or backfires and he is shot in the leg.. they will all indeed be mr. Wali’s!…

    • @SM: yes now literally want to know about whats going on with Wali… We have been enough told about Mj/N … Even salima too 😉 ab wali ki baari aani chahiyae 🙂

  24. Hello from across The Border. I too have been a silent reader like many of us who are following Numm and decodiyfying it through this articulate forum. SZ take a bow, you are excellent! Even if at’s the cost of repeating what many others have said, I have to say, you’ve made the Numm journey more enriching, I began watching Numm a few episodes late, and the urge to get a grip on this compelling story landed me on your forum. I’ve been here since and reading everyone’s comments is as vital as seeing Numm every Saturday night. Hail the cyber world for that!
    Now, on to Numm, the reason why we all are here. For me it ranks among the best I’ve seen, despite it’s editing flaws. What I appreciate is the intriguing storyline. There never has been a predictable episode. Even the previews, quite delightfully, hide more than they convey and it’s interesting to see the episodes swinging away from what is projected. Granted it’s seems a one-man (oh okay, THE drool-worthy Fawad Khan) and two-women plot, but its strength lies in the way it’s been moulded. In most dramas by episode 10 one gets the drift and the expected happens. Not here, Numm is all out to surprise you. Numm is not your racy paperback, it’s like that engrossing hardback you want to savour over a long time.

    What can I say about the stellar cast? Everything that needs to be said is already there in black and white. Truly, the lead pair’s chemistry is excellent. They singe the screen every time they appear in the frame. In fact to state the obvious, Fawad Khan, as always, is enough by himself. It’s admirable how he gets into the skin of a character. He’s tried a different role and for me he’s been very-very successful in Numm. His eyes have always spoken. This time around his silence has been as powerful if not more. His feudal nuances have been perfect. SS as the vani is to the T and UP as Barre Sahib is so typically Lahori. Each character is etched beautifully. Neelam/KW, readers, has improved. In fact I found her quite endearing in this episode. She brought out her naive nature as well as the feeling of possessiveness for her man quite well. For the first time I felt for her character.

    The Pakistan television industry has such an immense wealth of talent in all departments. It makes us feel very poor that we can’t boast of one-tenth of that in our telly world. The strength of Pak dramas lies in the subtlety seen in its direction, dialogue delivery, and of course acting. The dramas are akin to a soothing balm as opposed to our over-the-top productions. And, yes, Fawad Khan……… the icing on the cake.

    • @Sifar: Welcome! 🙂 Well said about the subtlety part of Pak dramas.I like the shows that credit the audience with some intelligence and not show something multiple times with zoom-ins just to get a point across. My parents always say that Pak makes very sensible and morally appealing dramas and I wholeheartedly agree 🙂 Plus the Urdu! I get to see the beauty of Urdu words through these shows.

      Also agree with the ‘engrossing hardback’..I think because of the intriguing story and fabulous acting, I am all patient and enjoying the wait too!

      • Hey YBM! Thanks for the welcome. Thanks to Rehmat and Aifa too. Yes SZ’s forum has been a great meeting place. The discussion on Numm is wonderful. Am reminded of my Lit Hons class. Except, this is way better 😉
        We have all spoken how each character has his/her share of ordeals to deal with. I feel of all of them it is Wali who has suffered the most. MJ was at least 18 yrs when her life changed and Neelam is about the same age. But Wali was just 10 yrs. He was a child. A child who had been abused by the law of the community. He has grown up minus parental guidance. MJ was the only parent/wife/vani but she too dealt with him with the restraint her position demanded. In a sense Wali had no one to call his own. From amongst everyone, MJ was the only one he could turn to. She’s been his anchor and remains one for him, though Wali is oblivious to the fact. He feels for her, cares for her, wants her but can’t define his relationship with her so remains edgy.
        Some of us have been terming Wali’s attraction towards MJ as cringe-worthy lust, I differ, as I see it as a natural reaction between a man and a woman, who are in sync at a certain plane. Hypothetically speaking age has no bearing in a relationship; it shouldn’t it make a difference if the man is younger, provided he’s mature enough to handle an older woman. I understand it’s against societal norms but situations like this do occur and their success rate is as good-bad as arranged marriages.My grandma was 8 years when grandpa at 18 years feel in love with her. He waited 10 years before asking for her hand. He was firm it was her and no one else. And this was in the 1930s in the KPK region 🙂 My point is she was a child who he had played with, just as MJ had bathed Wali!
        All those wanting to move away from Numm, stay on. It’s riding on a tortoise, and them tortoise sometimes defeat the rabbit.

        • @Sifar Very well put, but I beg to differ on the point that W suffered the most. He was 10 years old and was not aware of the injustice. Yes he lost his parents but gained a surrogate mother who cocooned him in safety and love. This love turning to passion is cringe-worthy. It is not an issue of age also. There are lots of successful marriages that have older woman married to a younger man. If it was tastefully handled then we would see a different type of love between W and MJ, a love of a mother-son, brother-sister, husband-wife, protector-protected. A little bit of all that would be better then having a lust and passion culminating into a stormy night. It belittled their relation.
          This is just my opinion. Hope I do not sound very prudish.

          • @db. Lol. No you don’t sound prudish, Point noted. You are absolutely right in how you put it. Yes, there is passion involved now. But, was there a stormy night?! Or so the director wants us to believe. Is there a twist in that too? Mumkin hai, mumkin nahin 😉

          • @ Sifar & @db, you both make valid points regarding the W-MJ attraction and I guess both of you are in a way saying the same thing, except for the lust thing creeping in because of ‘The night’. Well, if it happened, then I think they need to show us later how, because we were not shown MJ develop any kinds of feelings for W. If it’s not a twist in the story, then in that case, it was not only handled distastefully but also showed MJ’s character to be a victim of a crime of passion instead of W, since it would be a gigantic leap for MJ to go from no feelings to having a physical relationship in one night, or for the lack of a better way of saying, MJ taking advantage of W’s attraction towards her. I think that is what db is mentioning as ‘cringeworthy’ here.

            And if like Sifar says, maybe it’s a twist and the director wants us to believe it happened, (which by the way is an interesting possibility!), then I think it will do justice to the way Numm has been made so far, and not have the abrupt night with an important link of MJ’s attraction towards W missing.

            @sifar, agree with the thought of hanging on to Numm but I think it will be a critically acclaimed serial rather than a hit one, where we all in SZ’s forum would love it because we are doing phd theses here, but a normal ‘tv dekhne wala insaan’ would think what a waste of so many mumkins it was! lol

        • Loved your comment- so well put (we can see the Lit Hons effect:) and totally agree with you on the love dynamics.
          Your Grandparents story is so cute!

    • @Sifar: welcome to this great world of discussions 🙂 thoroughly enjoyed reading ur comment.. Just like you i also felt for N for the first time specially in her last scene with W.. It was very realistic confrontation regarding Mj…its very intrigued about how the lives of these 3 will shape up 🙂

    • Welcome to Nummland/SZland!
      Even though I am skeptical about Numm, your comments made me be thankful for the still good drama being produced here. Each day my kids ‘n I look forward to some 8 o’clock drama to see while having dinner. Some are over the top but still good to watch ‘n relax.

  25. SZ totally agree that it was a much more tighter, engrossing episode. I also found Neelum somewhat tolerable, her dialogues were actually very good towards the end and asked all the uncomfortable questions that wali never wants to answer.
    I may not be excited these days as when it first came out due to the million issues it has. But I i I am still liking the unpredictability of the story line. I think Qasim is MJs son for sure now and this will definitely turn the story on its head.
    Anyways did I miss something regarding Amtul, as I did not see that part in my version???
    Can someone give me the link please, much appreciated!

    • @SK: hey! No u didnt missed anything.. There were no amtul scenes in this episode.. Just discussion is going on with her name being mentioned 🙂

  26. Apologies for tearing the convo away from Numm, but I love this vm on “Dastaan” and some of you might like it:

    and this on Humsafar is awesome:

    • thanks for the VMs Afia! At least this person knows how to blend BG score so it doesn’t drown out the dialogues – Hire him/her Producers! 😉
      And the Dastaan one always makes me emotional. What a FABULOUS performance by Sanam Baloch!

    • Great vms Afia! Love them. Totally makes me go back in time and remember the feeling of watching those amazing scenes both in Dastaab and humsafar!

  27. The beauty of having this forum is that after watching an episode u come here with the thought of expressing ur opinion and at the same time u have so many AHA moments while reading others’ reviews and comments that makes u think about so many more mumkins. If numm was a an assignment for class I bet we’d all have aced it with great interest. Imagine if numm was a Novel…we’d have finished it in a day.
    anyway coming back to numm the drama. I am starting to think that wali’s problem is that he cant think for himself hence the lack of self believe and courage. he was always told what he could do so he did exactly that, feeling like he has no option regardless of if he wanted that or not. BS told him neelum is ur wife and mj ur vani, he accepted that, then due to neelum’s taunts about mj he realized that he could have mj and in fact he WANTED her so that was the first time he was able to have what he wanted though it was something he should have stayed away from. he always looked for what was convenient for him .. in his head — mj wasn’t going to go anywhere u know cuz she is vani and she is the one person who I could be myself around and I want her in my life so as long as she is here I don’t care about others I will keep on acting and have best of both worlds. poor guy inspite of having oxford education and good intentions he can’t think outside his feudal system. now with an absolute power of feudal head his selfishness is gonna grow. tragedy is he is not a bad person but all he has seen so far is bad decision making in his family so he doesn’t have experience making right decision in fact he doesn’t know he CAN. IMO based on the conclusion would be that he will end up following his grandpa footsteps which in this case would be killing most probably qasim BUT the difference would be he’d realize that his actions destroyed so many lives esp MJ’s he’d hate himself for being the person he became and THAT REALIZATION would serve as lesson and he might end up redeeming himself by rebelling against the system and setting an example so future generations don’t suffer.

  28. Hello ladies,just stopping by to say hello after a long time 🙂
    Ive been reading the reviews and comments as much as I can but I refrain from saying anything because I dont want to be a buzzkill. I just dont feel for this drama like you all do and dont want to ruin the mood. I think some of you are a little disappointed like me to felt it was ok to comment 🙂

    Annie, I’m like you. Just watching randomly now and then and still dont feel like I miss much.

    I’m still on episode 7, have to force myself to watch. half the time I feel like I’m watching a music video what with non stop use of the title song and far off other worldly expressions on the faces of all characters. Sad, because I was so very very excited to watch this show that had so much potential. It was ruined with too many mysteries, way too many filler scenes and scenes counting grey hair in the mirror and practicing extempore with a tree!! 😛

    Anyway will shut up and maybe give Sannata a shot!

    Afia, thanks for the Vms, anything with FK is such a delight to watch! Will watch them soon!
    Can we just go back to humsafar??

    I had more energy for ZGH than for numm 😦 😦

    my apologies, if anyone is hurt, I just wanted to put forth my two cents and make myself feel better after feeling so disappointed 🙂

    • We have all had felt like quitting at some point but the discussions and intriguing concept/ story and esp wonderful acting by f and s has kept us from giving up. I am huge fan of f and s so I usually fast forward all the scenes which don’t have them.

    • Hi Aish! good to hear from you. Don’t be afraid to unlike a play- koi maaray ga nahin.
      I also wrote some more lines from the book on SZ’s HS page.

    • hey Aish good to see you here! I was wondering where are 2 Ash’s had disappeared to 🙂 Now if we can find the other one too – that would be great! 😉

      The discussions as you stated along w/ SZ’s reviews are much more entertaining and interesting than the 36 minutes on screen.

      • Hello Annie! Thank you for thinking of me! yes i have been a bit MIA. Took a trip to Pakistan and then another mini vaca when i got back from there, so now i am playing catch up with my work since nobody in my office was kind enough to do it! 😥

        Anyways I have not watched a drama in ages so I will try to catch up on that as well.
        Hope all is going well. Numm seems like it has everybody on their feet. Lots of discussions that I have been missing out on.. =\

        • hello Ash! Glad to have you back! 🙂 I thought you were staying away from Numm which is understandable (lol)
          Hope to read you soon!

    • Aish don’t worry, seriously a lot of us have been at our wits end at some point or the other with this one. It has a lot of issues for sure. I’m still watching but more fore FK and what he’s going to do about the vani issue!

      • Hello ladies,

        Sorry for the late response, but thanks so much for understanding my POV too. Numm is such a complex story, its hard to so easily give up on it, but at the same time it requires immense!

        Lets see how much further I progress. If not I will get my daily fix of Numm from here!

        Ash, welcome back!!

        Afia, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thank you so so muchhhhhh!! I will definitely read it. I was just telling another friend today about different parts of the novel that I learned about from you but were not shown on Khirad not unpacking and Asher seeing that when Hareem is in the hospital…and the hair fetish Asher has 🙂

        I thinks thats what is lacking in Numm..its not crisp!

        • Hey Aish! There’s plenty lacking in Numm- not just crispness 😉 yahan tak keh even SZ’s review of ep 11 is missing in action.

          • @Afia: LOL! Dont give up on me that quick 😉 If we could sit through 26 eps of tooti chapals and bijli ka bills, and how many ever episodes of [not] reviewable Istanbul ki gallis mainthand main saas ko ley ley kar ghoomna I’m sure we can survive Numm as well! 😉

            • @SZ I thought you were also going through Numm “coma” like me after all the mumkinaats and Neelam’s atrocious acting and dialogue delivery. 🙂 Good to have you back. Let the mumkinaats begin! 🙂

  29. I love reading the discussion here , Sz reviews are always good and there are always intelligent comments .However what I am not understanding is why people seem to be literally pleading the case for Numm . Shouldn’t the work stand on its own? I realise sometimes a serial gets better with time , or sometime you can have a few iffy episodes but in general good work stands by itself . Perhaps its just me so I apologize in advance.

    • @sadaf, I think more than pleading the case, everyone is awed by the story and the acting(sans the terrible KW) and really frustrated by the technical mess ups of Numm. Hence, we take it out here by going ga-ga over its greatness and pointing out how it could have been a masterpiece (like someone said before) if not for the irritating issues.

      However, I don’t think you can plead Numm’s case to the general public who like to see the masala type fast paced, happy & romantic serials. Can’t blame them too, Numm does require over-exercising some of our unused brain cells at times! Lol

  30. Hey All,

    I think everybody said everything possible about the episode but I’ll still add my redundancy…Neelam: well what can I say, she does not have my pity unfortunately. She’s going to have to work harder than that. Qasim: Man who is this dude? I mean for crying out loud that whole scene was about a quick 15-30 seconds and he was awesome if I do say so myself :). All I’m saying is that I hope he challenges Wali Bakht because that would really turn the tables. He seems more of a man than Wali. This is totally totally totally her son because had it been her nephew or brother or someone he would not challenge her to tell them, which means he is definitely a bakht child. Not only that, I think from SZ’s post how she compares Qasim and Wali side by side also is another reason why I think he is who he is. Does Wali know who he is? I do think he does because he would question her and say who are you talking to? Not only that, when she mentions him while she’s sleeping and Wali having that guilty look on his face showed that he knew well aware who he was, but he didn’t realize that she keeps in touch with him up until this episode which is what I think will start to irritate him. Maybe Sikhander Bakht doesn’t know about Qasim, but I’m assuming that this is something Wali found out in his youth somehow. Maybe this is a little secret between MJ and Wali.

    All in all, I’m just hoping there is a nice transition from what happened this week to what will happen next week…because it seems like he’s in England? or was that scene possible in flashback where he’s snapping away at MJ?….

    • @ swirvey road, great insight into the Qasim angle of the story and W knowing abt him! You have a good case for Q being her son with the things you point out but, wouldn’t it be weird if two guys of same age are battling for a woman who is mother to one and a wife (in every sense of the word now 😉 ) to another? Sorry but it will it a little yucky, no? Lol

      Another thing is Q’s age! Either he is an overgrown kid who is abt 15-18 if he has to be MJ’s son or the royal mystery of how his conceievement (if that is a word!) remained hidden from the Baqt family for a period of a good nine months!

      Your idea of W knowing abt Q seems very probable but would he be irritated if MJ meets her son? The way their (W-MJ)relationship had been, I don’t see W being a dork abt granting that one small favor to MJ..but he could be very angry, if it was someone who is trying to take MJ from him and in comparison has less right over MJ than W.

      Please don’t mind my direct address to you, I am just thinking out loud and it is not directed personally towards you. In fact, you are the first person that made me doubt if Q was a male relative of MJ’s family, which I was quite sure abt earlier! :S

      Oh n yeah, Q was good in those seconds he had!

  31. I stopped watching this because of Neelam..cant stand the way she talks like a retard..even a 3 year old can talk better than that..! For now I’ll just follow your site to find out what happens next

  32. I was thinking of Anna Karenina. Such a large novel. Sometimes you do get bored. But such a masterpiece. We could feel how every character in the novel breathes. every character is thinking while doing everyday work, while dressing, taking make up, when you are in a party, when you are in the dinner table. Every emotion that a person – a man and a woman can feel are pictured in this novel. I loved Anna Karenina. It is a intimate love story but it is about the society.

    I love numm because of its depth of characters and expressions. I guess this is the age of value packs. We want more in a thirty- forty minute packet. more charm, things happening fast, we don’t want to get inside a person’s mind. We want to see him in action. Even now we don’t see large novels. We like crispy, small novelettes.

    • @ SM, agree with you on the depth of long novels, but unfortunately in case of dramas, it is the limit of episodes they have. The problem is how would you move a story on if you want to show the emotional insights of the characters as well as cover the incidents of the story. That is why I think we are seeing totally different things happen with W in consecutive episodes where it gets a little hard to digest how could he have change of opinions so often.

    • @ Anna Karenina wow!! If Myra was reading I wonder what she would think.. lol
      I think yes if Numm was a novel I will totally relate to this.. but when they made Anna karenina the movie (1.5 hours and not 25 episodes) they still managed to get the story across.. Although I absolutely love the discussions here and the PHD thesis on Numm, I do think Numm failed as a televised project! The fact that we r having to understand what key events that happenned in the episode (eg the night) after rezading SZ’s valuable reviews and everyone’s comments, etc, says to me as a it failed to do what it set out to do.. I think this had a massive potential of a masterpeice ,like we all said, but sadly bad direction and poor editing has really let the side down.,.
      @Ak thanks for the link..Finnnalllly! duh like we didn’t already our Wali was confused! looking forward to tonight!

    • And despite the fact that both wives were not his choice, it goes to his credit that he is trying to be fair and good to both; he rightly puts more responsibility on the older one for keeping the peace. He is a well-written character trying to find how to balance the old ways with the sensibilities and values of the new age. It will be interesting to see what he is able to achieve when he finally comes into his own.

      For me, the only weak point this drama is the actress playing Neelam. Her enunciation leaves a lot to be desired. All in all, excellent drama in my opinion!

  33. Really enjoying Numm; the characters Wali and MJ express so much with their silences. I have not found this drama to be slow at all, in fact it has depth and feeling which is conveyed through meaningful expressions and outstanding cinematography, a feat not easy to achieve. I came across this blog by chance and your well-written reviews and comments from other readers have doubled my enjoyment of this excellent drama.

  34. @SZ Pleeeaaase hamain beech raste chor ke ghaib na ho jain ji! We need u to help us decipher the codes for Numm! I hope this episode didn’t disappoint so much so that u abandoned the Num Bandwagon.. Magar SZ ji 136 comments + more is screaming out ‘don’t abandon us!’.. we need u to be with us on this roller coaster of a ride!
    Team Numm pehle hi hamare patience ke meter ko kafi azma rahi hai, please aap to hum sub par ab kuch rehm khain lolol..
    On a more serious note though (not that we r not serious abt the review), I sincerely hope all is well.
    Looking forward to hearing from u!

    • @FA: awwww!! No, not chor-ing halfway at all! I was gone for the weekend and was so tired by the time I returned last night ke didnt get around to catching up with Numm. Abhi gonna sit and watch, will IA have the review up in a few hours… thanks for checking in though – much appreciated !!! 🙂

      • @SZ hope u had a good glad to know aap khariat sai hain.. and that Numm team ki harr ”mumkin” koshish ke bawajood u haven’t given up on Numm either!

      • SZ: Glad to know everything is fine on yr end. You are so punctual with posting, hence I was a little worried.

        Hope you had a great time! 🙂 You deserve a vacation after all the diligent reviews you write! Hopefully this episode should not be a damper after yr vacation..Looking forward to the review 🙂

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