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Nine weeks in and despite hitches and glitches galore – slow pacing, some atrociously bad acting and lax editing – Numm has me hooked. And, that says a lot for Myra Sajid’s intriguing story, Ahson Talish’s direction and the stellar acting by two of the three main leads. BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, this appreciation should not be taken to mean that either I or the other Numm viewers have the patience of Job. I am bewildered as to why the channel and/or producers think it kosher to have two versions of the same episode floating around? Aisa kab aur kahan hota hai?? Is this supposed to be some kind of joke? If so, its in very poor taste. So far we’ve seen different endings, altered sequences of scenes, and now the latest – episodes with and without back ground scores – yeh sab kiya hai?? I would love for someone to come forward and explain the rationale behind having two versions out there…

With this rant, against Geo/producers/whoever’s responsible for all the ghaplaas, out of the way, let me say that story-wise I for one found this to be an engrossing episode. 2512_604125812967736_1657805095_nWhatever awkwardness or confusions had existed in Wali’s mind, after that stormy night, seemed to have been laid to rest when he had stepped up to help untangle Mahjabeen’s dupatta in the previous episode. The sadly short but very cozy breakfast table scene confirmed that indeed, Wali and his vani had turned a corner in their relationship. Where there had once been a comfortable affection we now saw a different kind of nervousness, an awareness, and for the first time ever we saw Mahjabeen’s eyes smiling.    

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 12.31.38 PMUnfortunately though, Mahjabeen’s happiness proved to be short-lived. Neelam’s surprise entry pretty much ensured that whatever had happened between Wali and his vani now became a thing of the past. The rightful bahu of the Bakht khandaan was back and staking her claim in no uncertain way. Firing and later re-hiring Salima is her way of reminding everybody of her status in the household hierarchy. Only she has the power to do so while Mahjabeen can only stand by the sidelines and watch the whole drama play out. Grinning like the cat that got the canary, Neelam is absolutely thrilled at her first victory.

The contrast between the two women in Wali’s life could hardly be greater. Unlike his child-bride who is quick to fly off the handle, irrespective of who she is dealing with, the composed Mahjabeen is the epitome of calmness. Her mature handling of the gardner’s unexcused absence last week and this week stands in stark relief against Neelam’s OTT response to Salima’s minor transgression. And its not just the servants that Neelam is enjoying lording over, for now she’s also thrilled to have Wali wrapped around her little finger. Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 12.30.55 PMFor how long will Wali be happy playing the role of a uxorious husband is something that time only will tell. 

While some things are going Neelam’s way and she’s enjoying throwing her weight around, there is plenty of other stuff that has her womanly radar on full alert. Apart from trying to find the reason behind Mahjabeen’s newly colored hair, she is also suspicious of Wali and his vani’s new found coziness. Though Wali tries to fob her off, I doubt that a tenacious girl like Neelam will be as easily distracted by her hot husband the second time around. Seems like we have some fireworks coming our way in the next few episodes.

As Wali and Neelam figure out their, what promises to be a stormy, relationship, Mahjabeen is preoccupied with worries of her own. As it turns out the mysterious young man from a few episodes ago was not someone from her past, rather he is some whom she loves dearly in the present, and it was him that she had gone to meet last week. How and where this young man fits in Mahjabeen’s already complicated life is something we learn next week.

So far, I am happy with the way the story is progressing. It is to writer and director’s credit that the complexities of each character are being handled such that there are no heroes or villains. All we have here are human beings who stumble and fall, and feel pain and joy just like the rest of us. The pace was relatively better today, but there were still plenty of scenes that needed to be shortened. Salima’s crying really got on my nerves, so much so that if it were up to me she would have been sent home with the driver, rather than having her waiting for her brother and cry some more – alas Mahjabeen is a bigger and better person than my petty Salima-hating self! Similarly, Mahjabeen checking her hair is something that has been repeated so many times that I think by now even the most clueless viewer gets it – please, we don’t need to see it again and again.


In an episode with long scenes galore, it was a surprise to see that the one scene, the breakfast scene with Wali and Mahjabeen, which many had been looking forward to since the first promos, was cut off so abruptly. A few seconds longer would have added that much more impact to Neelam’s entry scene. Additionally there were also continuity issues. By now it is evident that Fawad Khan came to the set with four or five shirts, but to show him wearing the same blue striped shirt two days in a row does nothing for his character as a rich feudal.

That said, Fawad and Sania absolutely sizzle together, I so wish that the breakfast scene had been slightly longer. Sania’s expressions when she looks at her reflection, while toweling her face dry towards the end, were priceless. Yes, Mahjabeen is a hard core realist and does not believe in happily-ever-afters, but still in that moment her vulnerability was beautifully expressed. Yes, she knows Neelam is no more than a young twit, but to have that twit in the next room with the man who was with her just a day or so ago must be a bitter pill to swallow.

Watching Kanza perform alongside Sania is simply painful, and I’m being very kind here. For the first time in a long time Fawad Khan failed to impress – I guess there is only so much an actor can do on his own. Though he shines with Sania, all of his scenes with Kanza, which should have been sizzling hot and electric, sadly seemed flatter than a deflated balloon. I’m sure Kanza’s worked really hard, but playing the very complicated Neelam is no child’s play. The scene with Minahil Neelam and their mom was another one that had me gritting my teeth.

So yes, a mixed bag, but the story and the way it is unfolding has me hooked. What did you all think? Are you still on the Numm bandwagon? Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Written by SZ~

Numm ~ Episode 9

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  1. SZ, you write so beautifully it’s a joy to read your review.
    You’ve said it all….this drama is glitches galore and I hope Geo is reading this to take note. But inspite of all the glitches, I am still hooked. I can bear N’s acting but the painfully long scenes are a test of my patience.
    And I hope some online version of this drama would have some extra scenes of W and M- specially the full b’fast scene if possible. Jab itne versions hain toh aik aur sahi!
    Lol @Fawad and his 4 shirts- though the blue one he wore this ep is my fav coz he did some pretty cool scenes in this shirt for Humsafar. Is shirt se kuch achi yaadein waabasta hain 😉


  2. I dont understand y u think that Fawad Khan failed to impress? I mean he is trying his hardest to perform but the scenes and chemistry falls flat bcuz of that Kanza :S

    Over all enjoyed reading ur review 🙂


  3. And finally, here comes your review! You have no idea how much you made me wait for this. I’ve been checking this website since 10 pm last night and there you go- it’s been more than 12 hours now. Do not test our patience dude 😛 I think I’m pretty much done with this whining. Should move on to the review…
    Yes, the storyline’s getting really riveting. And as you just mentioned the beauty of this script is no heroes or villains, just normal human beings who stumble across different problems everyday. I’m satisfied with the way the plot is unraveling and finally bringing that guy back into the drama. If I’m not mistaken he’s Qasim, right? Out of the conversation MJ had with Qasim on the phone, all I could infer was that the guy was maybe MJ’s son.
    Anyways, I must say what a swift transformation for Wali. In the last episode the only woman he knew in the world was MJ, and when we see Neelam blowing in he doesn’t give a damn to MJ! Woah! Now what’s this? 😛
    Hahaha I had a really good laugh reading your comment on Fawad’s shirts. I think the best wardrobe he’s had by far was for Humsafar! He could have fetched some shirts from his home even since the drama was actually shot in Lahore (as per my knowledge)
    @afia: if I’m not wrong, you’re talking about Humsafar’s episode 20, haina? 😛


  4. Hi @SZ, waited all day for your thoughts on the episode. Another difficult to digest episode. sometimes I feel that the cause-effect relationship is lost now. Why was Mj worried about her air after dying it? The first scene was so touching. Mj’s hesitation, shame and unwillingness to confront W in private was apparent with the boiling water. But in the next moment she dyed her hair and was sizzled with W’s flattering. Did W talked to her to comfort her on the evening tea?

    Did anyone notice the difference between the two ‘mornings’? And SZ you have said it all about putting the same scenes in two episodes. I also think that the second mirror scene is also from episode 2.


  5. Superb review, absolutely Brilliant. I’m an avid reader and fan of your writing skills and wonderful reviews.
    Coming to Numm, I’m hooked. It’s character building. I can endure anything if can sit through complete episode of Numm.
    At times I feel director n writer are teasing the viewers. They can’t be serious or do they take viewers for fools.
    And Mahjabeen’s dark, thick, curly hair….I feel suffocated. Hope they put their act together. I still believe this drama has potential.


  6. @SZ as always your review makes me feel all is not so bad after all 🙂 Having said that, I cannot digest the fact that FK and SS are a part of a project where unfortunately a lot of effort is being put into spoiling their work and making sure the viewers lose interest. How can they repeat the same scene in 2 episodes?! MJ wore the same green dress, took out the same blue dress from her cupboard, checked out her hair etc as she did in the last scene. The only difference was that she dyed her hair as we could see in the scene after. I am so with you on cutting the chai/rang/dining table scene short. I waited so long for it but felt cheated 😦

    Minahil has to be the most obnoxious person I have ever met. Both Kanza and the girl playing her sister are doing their best to spoil their characters. I don’t find any flaw with their characters but their acting is atrocious to say the least which just makes you want to give them each, especially the younger sister, a thappar that they would never forget. Thank you FK for the “blooper”….I just hope there is one with Minahil there too 🙂

    I wonder if all the reviews and the comments have confused the producers. We said the bg score was over the top and they did away with it completely …. albeit for online viewers (maybe they figured its mostly people watching it on YT etc that are complaining the most). The pace was slow…painfully slow at times, so they upped it but to me it looked a little strange. This episode to me seemed to have no connection to the previous one except for the time when MJ seemed to be tense while making tea but that scene too ended abruptly and we moved on to the hair scene and bang we had Neelam coming home. Too fast and again feel cheated somehow.

    As for all those who thought Neelam was doing the wrong thing by challenging Wali, looks like she is quite smart and got exactly what she wanted 🙂 I found Wali’s behaviour absurd the next morning only because of the kind of character he’s been playing all along. It didn’t sit well with me, this relaxed and happy person…where did he come from? Was it only pent up frustration that needed to be unleashed for us to see the “real” Wali? I don’t understand what exactly has happened or developed between MJ & Wali given this scenario.

    Waiting for the next episode. I think Qasim is MJ’s son and the theory looks more believable given his suggestion that they run away in the next episode. I like the story line but don;t think the director has handled it as well as he could have. To me its FK and SS who are responsible for making it worth watching. They to me are the ones doing justice to the story. Is it not the director who also works with the editor?? Who is responsible for the finished product?


  7. SZ thanks for the lovely review. For the first time we got to see matured Mahjabeen nervous to face Wali. Her hands shake as she carries the tray to his room where he is watching the television as Lord of the house. His posture depicted that very well while the director is keeping us guessing whether they have done it or not as he refused to give us more closeups or linger on as he does for other scenes but it shows how Wali is comfortable with MJ around him. It is his territory and he is the lord and master which shakes considerably when Neelam appears suddenly, as if for support he keeps on darting a glance towards MJ as Neelam rattles on. The director does not keep us guessing about the consummation of marriage finally of Wali and Neelam as Wali would be less a man if he had not taken up the challenge.

    Now comes the battle of territories between the two ladies of the house. Though Neelam smirked I thought MJ and Saleema conducted a well orchestrated drama in final reinstatement of Saleema back to her job, as when Neelam was basking in glory of her new found authority, the smile MJ gave as she walked past her, shows us that she has done what she wanted to do

    The drama still has many more secrets to unfold and perhaps when wali takes over finally from his grandfather till then we have to patient I guess and bear Neelam’s child like voice and tantrums but I really want to see how despite everything Wali Bakt grows as a man and gives his Vani her due respect.


  8. @SZ: A very well-written review! From the comments that pour in, it is pretty obvious that viewers are preferring your written version of Numm to the actual drama as seen on the screen! I think that speaks volumes about how this show is turning out!! Sad indeed. I almost believed before it started that this could be a masterpiece….no way in hell….masterpieces never get made without an eye for every detail!!!

    As an ardent FK, SS fan I feel upset for the poor choice they have made. Even SS can get away to some extent because she does not need to romance KW or do so many scenes with her….her scenes with FK are redeeming them both. Just imagine FK’s plight….I agree with you that scenes that should be electric are falling flat!

    In this connection (a digression from the topic at hand), I remember an interview with Savera Nadeem, that I accidentally stumbled upon while browsing the net (don’t even remember the site now) where she says after making a few mistakes initially, for her now the team involved in a project is more important than even the script itself. A mediocre script could be lifted to the next level by a good team whereas even a top notch project with a bad team would turn out to be an utter failure! We are seeing how true this is with this drama.

    Who do we blame? Stopped wondering about this actually, all….Ahson Talish, Maira Sajid, editing team, Geo TV….are to blame….didn’t they see this whole product themselves before it went on air??? All the beautiful, poignant scenes and sequences are being abruptly cut short and boring, repetitive, poorly enacted ones are given undue length of time! How unsmart is that!!!

    To tell you the truth, I don’t mind Minahil, Saleema & co. Why should we find fault with their poor acting….they are not the “HEROINE”/ “female lead”….those poor guys are essaying bit roles….I can show generosity of spirit towards them….how much screen time do they have?? To me the one single major factor contributing to failure of Numm is KW….Neelam!!!!! She had HUGE ambition and nothing else while jumping on to this bandwagon.

    I have actually started wondering after seeing the abruptness in the sequencing of scenes involving W and N in this episode if the intervening bits had to be trashed. She taunts him, W has nothing to say/show/do (an angry fellow by nature)….only thinks of jumping into her bed…next morning all smooth as silk between them….what is he?—spineless or just wants to get done with the project assigned to him by BS and abandon this female once & for all?? This mindless snipping away of bits in between make for the feudal lord being seen in the same shirt on two mornings, I think. At least let them not cut away bits with FK and SS!!

    Agree with you @SZ, the story moved forward in this episode definitely, in jerks. A strange episode with a lot speeding up, a lot dragging it and innumerable fillers by way of repetitions, servant crying away endlessly, again MJ’s mali-talk and so on. I think the Numm team is swinging between wrapping it up in a hurry on one hand and having to keep to their commitment of airing a minimum of so many episodes on the other. Public reaction is getting to them.

    @farah.S: hahaha….about Numm being “character building”….we all still have tremendous capacity for endurance, thanks largely to the presence of FK and SS in Numm. Waiting for the next episode and Qasim!


  9. I have never thought of myself as a negative person but every week I find I have more thinks to complain about then enjoy in this drama, but yet every weekend I am looking forward to seeing the new episode. After every episode I tell myself you need to have your head examined that you want to torture yourself by watching some more of this useless drama.
    I think the only redeeming factor in this drama is SS’s acting and wanting to know her past plight and tragedies and hopefully some future happiness.
    As for FK I know we have some die hard fans on this forum who will not like my saying this but he has not given even 10% of the Humsafar performance here.
    He maybe extremely talented but to draw out your talent we need a good director, editor and producer. That is totally lacking here.
    Beside SS the only other thing that has kept me watching this silly drama is this forum. @SZ’s excellent reviews that makes me watch the drama again to see the stuff that I totally missed in my first watch and also this forums insightful and thoughtfully provoking comments that makes me comes to this site again and again. This is like a book club for me, that I enjoy more and more after each episode. So keep it coming.

    Now my thoughts on this episode. Lets start with

    In my opinion he is a very selfish and flawed individual who loves his luxuries, is easily frustrated and angered, always blames others for his shortcoming or misfortunes in life and takes it out on the weak people like the servants and MJ.
    I have never been able to figure out what he is thinking the looks he was giving MJ in the last episode to me seemed more of annoyance then love with the exception of the terrace scene and when he rescues her dupatta from the thorns.
    In episode 9 he left me more confused then ever. In the beginning he seemed reluctant and upset to have N come back, but he is very tolerant, meek and kind to her in the next scenes. Then he avoid to sleep with N (I assume he is feeling guilty after The Night with MJ, do not know if they had any more of those, maybe not) then when challenged by N he does conjugate the marriage, here again I am assuming this is the first time with N. The next day he seemed totally enamored by her and falling over backwards to play the maid for her. I totally took personal offense to this scene because we see poor MJ has to server him all the time and just after one night with N he is serving her so unfair 🙂
    My assumption and this may be entirely incorrect is that W has cut a deal with BS that he will accept N and give him the heir he desires if in return he will give MJ her freedom and dignity back. I so hopefully believe that he is pretending to be nice to N for now but will eventually really fall in love with N when she changes and becomes the million in one person that her grandma predicted. Then just when everything is going well MJ will drop the bombshell that she is pregnant and then this drama becomes a free for all …
    Now the only part that does not fit in with this assumption is W’s anger, and rudeness toward MJ in the previous episodes. I think the director is giving us one, one piece of a puzzle to solve, but then he throws us a curve ball by giving us a piece of another puzzle and tells us try fitting that piece in this puzzle.

    She is someone for whom we should have felt pity and a certain reluctant liking, but because of her poor acting and the directors complete inaptness to portray her as a precocious but vulnerable character we are just left hating her and being irritated with her. But if you were to see her character just as written in a book and not visualizing it on YT or TV we would understand why she challenges everyone around her, because she is immature, afraid and uncertain, unable to handle the growing love for her very mature husband, jealous of his first wife because she can sense his respect and feeling for MJ. What a waste of a beautiful role.

    Now what can I say about her. She is the saving grace of this drama. I never have an issue understanding her feeling, because she conveys it so well with her eyes and expressions. She is phenomenal! So this episode has cleared out the fact that Qasim is not her past but her present. I believe he is the person we saw with curly hair. I had also assumed he was her son, but the numbers do not fit well. He looks older then 15 years and if this was her child then it should be 14 to 15 years only. So I assume he is her younger brother or her nephew.
    I am hoping against hope for a happy ending for her, but know realistically that it will be tragic for her. I also believe the ending will be tragic for W too. In one of the promo I see someone walking on dead leaves and then we see a shot of ruins, which I believe is the ruins of the house they live in. There will be another calamity in the family that will end with someone dying and W will end up in prison for either his crime or he may have taken the blame for someone else. And his walking in the ruins will be the ending. How melodramatic of me.


      • lol I think u’d better read the detailed discussion of episode 8 my freind!.. yes that happenned last week and yes, I’d say most of us had missed the point.. lol


    • @ db I mustve missed the promo with the ruins. where can i find that?
      Totally agree with u…I find myself questioning my sanity too, but its this forum thats keeping me grounded. But having said that, I think with this episode I didn’t feel that. It was just nice to see some key mysteries finally beginning to unfold now.
      @db @RR As for W, I think they r just trying to show how easy he is with relationship with N compared to Mj’s. He is himself and happy for the first time. It doesn’t feel like a dirty little secret.. He couldn’t bare to have breakfast with Mj the morning-after, and had waited to complement Mj at the breakfast table until Salima had left, whereas he could announce that they wanted the breakfast in their room without a second thought. He needs that spine regeneration for sure but it’s the first time he’s feeling & enjoying the marital bliss i guess… Its the honeymoon period..
      I noticed he was still tense whenever Mj was around.
      I dont think the deal with BS involves Mj at this point.. He’s just a materialistic, spineless feudal.. As for being tolerant towards N, he’s learnt from her running away that sakhti won’t resolve much. I guess he was just giving her space.
      I was confused why all of a sudden he was on the couch..They hadn’t slept in the same room before so I guess he was ‘trying’ to act all gentlemanly? I found it strange that despite all of N’s hints he didn’t get it.. or was he just running away?


  10. @SZ superb review, as always!
    As agonizing and frustrating it is to watch the pathetic editing, and all the glitches and not to mention some atrocious acting, I think the mystery is woven so beautifully that most of us here are all still hooked on Numm.
    I wouldn’t say FK failed to impress. Ok the scenes weren’t all that electric, but I could just about tolerate N in this episode.. and all the credit goes to these two brilliant actors (FK& SS) that I didnt forward it as soon as I saw her.. & that’s rather impressive! . (Plus the fact she wasn’t talking to a ..)
    Having said that, I ‘laughed out loud’ at N’s chaal! them sandals dont do u no favours luv!
    I read in previous threads that some of us were waiting for the FK’s signature ”yaar”.. Well looks like they cut that out too.. (it was in the 12 min promo, in the ‘I didnt call u because of ur exams’ chat)
    I also felt the panchayat scene was out of place in this episode.. Ok they wanted to show BS presence etc, but still! can’t they come up with something else?
    btw last week there was too much of mali-talk.. this week is all abt the chai!.. lol loved the Mj’s chai tray scene.. Pity there was no sound whatsoever in the no bgs version…
    Note to the editor : Mute scenes do need ”some” sound.. and scenes with dialogues don’t need that as much.. Please strike a balance!

    @RR agree its such a shame that its not turning out to be a master-piece afterall..

    @SZ lol @ ”Mahjabeen is a bigger and better person than my petty Salima-hating self!”

    Any ideas why had W left the room to sleep on the couch? Had he freaked out at N throwing the shadi jora in his face? or was he just trying to be a gentleman? or was he feeling guilty?


  11. Do they Vali and Neelam Started married life ? He slept With her ??? I m little confused that because of the night he is making breakfast in bed! What is his feelings for Mahajabeen ?? He heard her Chanting Kasim Kasim in Sleep ..And does he affected by it …. Please solve the mystery!


  12. @Sz I agree a mixed bag. I thought FK was great in those scenes but I think W failed to impress as it unlikely that as a character he was going to fall head over heels with N after a night of passion.Yes it was likely and well within his character that if she goaded him about his male prowess he would want to prove her wrong but falling in love a big noo!!!!!!!!!!!However maybe as discussed before he spineless and likes an easy life hence a happy married life with N is perhaps more desirable.

    @Db so true about N she could have been a great character. We should felt sorry for her and understood her conflict but due to the poor acting we have no sympathy for her.

    @ FA “striking a balance” that is what we need in this drama and this is as @RR states the eye for detail makes a masterpiece and the infuriating part is that this had all the makings of a master piece!

    @AK you were right I feel cheated!I am so glad you warned me as I could have cried when I saw it!

    However like everyone else I am still hooked. SS was flawless and you could see her ultimate desire is to live with her brother/son.I am sure she said beta on the phone but this could be perhaps due to the age gap.Lets see what next week brings but there certainly does not seem to be any romance.

    @Sz i beginning to think option F with the twists may be a strong possibility.


    • I don’t think he’s in love as yet with either of the women.. nor do I think that he had a night of passion with Mj.. I’d much rather call that a moment of weakness..W was confused abt his feelings to the point that he was remembering the bathing scene beforehand..Mj’s distressful walk and W’s reaction in the morning, and him ignoring the hair clip on the side table, all say it was just a moment of weakness.. and the thorn scene and the breakfast with Mj was more like trying to accept and move on with whatever had happenned. I think for now, he’s just trying to make the most of the honeymoon period with N.. something he doesn’t think he has to be ashamed about..

      btw Mj didnt say beta on the phone, she said jaan. so its still open to all sorts… lol


  13. Hi, Just love this forum and the discussions that happen here. Sometimes that bring a new outlook to the scenes. The honeymoon period between W and N seems so forced and so out of character for either of them. There does not seem to be any chemistry between the two. It seemed so sad that he carried a tray for her and poor MJ waking up alone in her room.
    What if the scenario is built that N cannot conceive but MJ becomes pregnant, Then what will happen. Just a scenario to think about…


    • Scenario is a possibility infact if this happens it would be interesting. Either wali will free Mj after she delivers, he and neelum raise the child as their own, with this Mj’s memory will stay with wali or Neelum wouldn’t be able to handle Mj being pregnant with wali’s baby she’ll go crazy get divorced somehow resulting in ruining reputation of haveli which Mj would have to pay for, making wali ending up all alone.


  14. This is why I enjoy this forum so much. We all respect each others views but are not afraid of going on the top with ours.

    @FA In spite of agreeing or not with your views I find them very interesting and it makes me think from a totally different perspective. So thanks.

    @SZ Since this is your forum if you agree we could all put forward our theories of how this drama is going to play out and then have the fun of voting who was the most imaginative and who came most close to the actual story. That way we can all stay bonded and find something to enjoy from this drama as we are committed to seeing it no matter what.

    @FA Here is the link to the video of the ruins. Please keep in mind that this could be my total over imagination.


    • @db thanks for sharing. oh wow! W looks pretty distressed, esp in that four poster bed and the curtains blowing scene… yep def not a good ending for him then!
      Looks like we have lots in store for us, not just from the mystery unfolding from the past but progression in the future too..


  15. I love this blog/review and all the commenters! This is what makes the drama NUMM a success 🙂

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode(minus all the nuisances). Personally, I think Fawad Khan doesn’t really like Neelam, but he’s starting to understand how immature and short tempered she is. Obviously, he took the advice that MJ gave him(in the beginning episodes) to the heart. Where she says “rishte jazbaat se nayhe samajne se bante hain” or something along those lines. I’m not sure what the director is trying to imply but it seems like that Neelam is more of the antagonist. I should be feeling sorry and helpless for her but I don’t unless we do later on…

    For some reason I’m satisfied that Neelam had to ask for the intimacy from Fawad Khan versus Fawad Khan approached her in that angle(I still believe that MJ didn’t go to him that night b/c of her desires). If Neelam hadn’t created an argument then more than likely they probably wouldn’t have consummated their marriage.

    I like the fact that he decided to sleep on that couch because more than likely he was either feeling guilty, missing Mahjabeen or felt that if he can’t get MJ then he doesn’t want Neelam either.

    I think Qasim is her son because usually sibling relationship isn’t that lovey dovey. Even if there is a huge age difference, once your sibling gets to high school age, he’s usually not going to be a big baby and say I want to live with my sister.

    It’s so sad that Mahjabeen had thought about how they were in the bedroom having breakfast. It pinched me just as much it pinched her. I just hope they show that she is a strong woman because of the all tragedies that she’s gone through. I know there is anger built inside her because when BS had announced that wali was getting married and she said “sirf appko haq hai faislay karne ka” you could tell that there was resentment and bitterness in her voice. So I hope htey show that MJ will speak up this time for her rights and leave with dignity.


  16. I am loving Mj more because she is a person down to earth not a saint. Also, the drama of Mj and Saleema was for a good cause to resume Saleema’s ‘roti ruji’. Saleema has an important role in the plot, I think. And I think, because without the dialogues it is all about how we think it is. Comparing the two ‘mornings’ after W and Mj and then W and N, the signs tell that there might be kind of mild jabardasti though unsuccessful with Mj, hence the difference in mood of the two involved in the respective mornings.

    I don’t think W fell for N. Rather this episode and the earlier two episodes told us how W neglected N. N is no fool. Even if she was appearing an MBBS final prof, a husband would call her new wife at least to encourage. W does not want another drama of a runaway bride, entertains N. He could lay on the couch in his room to leave N alone in the bedroom. But he used the couch on the living room to give a message?

    On the other hand, N is stupid and could not catch the drama of Mj and Saleema. She is taking control over the household apparently but losing her husband. Poor girl.


  17. If not for your reviews, I would have given up on this drama already. Something great to be said for being in it all together. 🙂
    Though I agree with your annoyance over Salima’s weeping (servants are usually the most stoic ones in the entire household, in my experience), I rather like her character going from room to room innocently dropping news in the course of her daily duties, being the thread that connects the two corners of the house. She serves the role well of being a silent greek chorus of sorts, one who sees all, even comments on it in underhanded ways, and most likely understands a lot more than she should. A real point of tension in this episode for me was wondering what would become of the household if she really had been fired. We need Salima to stay!
    Nice touch to have Neelam actually challenge Wali to sleep with her, in the coarsest way possible. Wali clearly wants none of it, but since he just wants to meet everyone’s expectations, he’ll take it anyway, I guess. Wali is the classic victim of an abusive situation. His pained face watching N’s petulance when she came home was poignant.
    As for the two different versions and inconsistent scores, I only saw the one, but, as I’ve said before, this drama is totally riding on Fawad’s name and this new inconsistency proves it even more. They cut corners, took shortcuts, did the least amount of work they had to do b/c they knew they’d be guaranteed a viewership no matter what. Laziness is the sole culprit here. And poor FK, sitting on his laurels, not doing a damn thing, not doing what his brilliance and intelligence was designed to do, b/c no one bothered to write a script or give him any direction. Abuse of a natural and national resource is what it is.
    I can only hope and pray that someone comes along to give him the story he deserves to play.
    Lastly, my bet is that Qasim is a brother. She calls him Jaan and he addresses her with Aap, but he’s too old to be a son.


  18. Forgot to mention: the book Wali was reading, in case anyone sweats the details like I do, was _Code of the West_, which is apparently a Western blending the tale of King Arthur with a story about cowboys. An amzn reviewer said of it “Desperados, feuds, jealousy, rebellion, chivalry, love, and sacrifice are all part and parcel of this adventuresome, highly enjoyable tale”. If only Numm itself were such a tale…heh.


  19. Thanks for the review. I was waiting for it in hope of finding a good reason to stick with this drama other than for the sake of Fawad and Sania.

    I really don’t know what to make out of numm anymore it went from being promising to confusing in one episode. This episode made me hate Wali’s character. Poor MJ. After all she had done for him, he repaid her in the worst way possible. I felt like a fool trying to give him so much credit earlier which he doesn’t deserve. this episode after last episode made Wali seem like nothing more than a gutless, highly selfish, weak and shallow guy oops baby with no character. his attitude was highly disrespectful towards MJ. it was disgusting to see him move on or “calmed down” his frustrated childish wife so fast. MJ and Wali relationship was meaningful and deep whereas wali and neelum’s is like a fling. if this is not what makers intended then they failed miserably to convey otherwise. we knew eventually wali and neelum would have a relationship but that’s not how it should have been. they ruined wali’s character for me. it would have been much better if they had not made him marry at all or just had him engaged only to keep the focus on wali and Wani and not on homecoming of attention seeking annoying wife and her irritating family memebers. this show has made me appreciate the value of the proper production team so much, actors are so vulnerable at the hands of makers. no matter how noble concept is if not executed right it falls flat. Never had I thought that Fawad and Sania could be wasted like that. Disappointed.


    • Agree with you on all accounts. Wali is acting like a gutless, hapless wimp. His character lacks consistency and I’ll say integrity.
      Aren’t we being naive..reading too much on this sham story. I’m truly disappointed and feel cheated.


  20. Just a thought, does anybody wonder if MJ is a negative character. i mean she has suffered a lot due to the feudal customs and in some way she is trying to take revenge. Maybe she is just using W for getting her own freedom. Sometimes I find her smiles are hiding a personality of steel behind them.
    Also I don’t think Qasim is her son as then he would be grandson of BS. Wont he have known about it and done something about it before now. And does W know who exactly is Qasim, seems so as there was no question about it after he heard her mumbling his name. What do you guys think.


    • @PG hmm…Mj turns into a monster ……..and only that way we can explain her attitude and smile to W at the morning tea table. ‘mumkin hai ki ie fareb ho’ and later on we will see ‘mumkin hai mujpe rahem ho’


  21. @PG not that it crossed my mind about the identity of Qasim but on 2nd thoughts if Qasim’s father was Wali’s uncle who has been murdered and if Qasim is born to MJ after her lover’s death, knowing the love for a male child our sub continent has, it is surprising to see Qasim is not growing up in the Bakt household…bastard or no bastard. I feel Qasim is MJ’s nephew from her brother’s side whom MJ is quite close to, maybe has brought him up when Wali had gone abroad to study etc etc….

    Now coming to Wali being spineless or too feudal unable to give up the luxuries of life as many of my fellow viewers in this forum have stated. To some extend they are right as Wali has been brought up that way and he is expected to react in certain ways which comes to him naturally but at the same time we have to understand that Wali is having an inner turmoil, his education and his upbringing are clashing somewhere. Wali is supposed to treat MJ as a shit which is very normal for a Vani… even his grandfather told him to do so indirectly…she is nothing but a vani….inspite of that Wali treats MJ with much respect, as we have seen in many episodes….in his own way he respects her and now for being demonstrative with MJ about his physical relationship I think MJ would not have wanted that as it will make her position in household very precarious, I mean MJ and Wali would not like BS to know that not only Wali is sleeping with his Vani (which he can always) but also treating her as his wife!


    • I used to think the clash in his upbringing and education was the cause of his inner turmoil as well but this episode changed my perception about him. There is no doubt the only person he is emotionally attached to is Mj mainly because she is the only one whose expectation he doesn’t have to live up to and there is no one who knows him more than she does so he feels secure. whenever he gets exhausted from listening to bs orders and playing husband to neelam he finds solace in Mj presence. His problem is that he is confused about what wants, needs and is suppose to do so intimidated by consequences of his actions he tries to adjust keeping his selfishness intact.


      • @sara yes he’s emotionally attached to Mj and all, but Im not sure thats where he always finds solace. We have seen him taking all his frustrations out on her too. He respects her and that feeling will remain there; Neelum or no Neelum.. But at the end of the day Mj is one dark aspect of his life, which just got darker..Her presence has been a major cause of his frustrations too..


        • @FA Mj is a dark aspect in his life because of her being a vani, now take the vani aspect out and look at her impact on wali’s life. She not only raised him She is the only one with whom he feels free to express the way he wants, be it showing respect, taking out his frustration, caring for her, desiring her even ditching her it’s all him we get to know real wali through his interaction with Mj. otherwise wali comes across lame guy desperately trying to pass his grandpa’s feudalism 101 class. The character of wali is ruined for me after this episode now I believe the reason for his frustrations is no one but him. he is coward and selfish and too egoistic to accept that. Deep down he knows he had a chance to set everything right and he didn’t. when he completed his education everything was in his favor he was the only grandson to an influential BS if he had firmly told BS his decision to set Mj free and insisted on marrying the girl of his choice BS would have accepted after some empty threats, after all he accepted his own’s son decision to have a love marriage, given that wali’s marriage was fixed long ago so wouldn’t his dad’s would be too? If BS didn’t do anything to his son inspite of having another son left then what could he do to mr wali, the only heir to his empire. Worst could have been his luxurious life taken away from him so what. It’s not like he would have died without sipping tea from those hideous looking yet having more character than wali cups. It would have been worth it for the sake of mental stability. Wali is no victim out of three. Main difference between Mj and neelam is that one was brought in the house as a result of revenge whereas other was married, both were forced nevertheless . Wali wasn’t forced he gave in.. What do u think?


          • I am not sure Sara if he has the right to set a vani free of her chains because it is a custom where to avoid any more blood bath this sort of arrangement is undertaken…needless to say in the part of the world where wali stays this is in practice, even if his grandfather allows him to marry a girl of his choice imagine the reaction the society in which they live will react to see if a vani is released….is wali bakt ready to handle that kind of situation? Facing his grandfather is one thing and bringing in a revolution single handedly is another hence his inner turmoil and hesitation because remember what he told Neelam before their marriage it is not so easy even with his kind of education..for me this story will work if Wali Bakt gives MJ a public recognition of being his wife and not just a vani,,,,his true wife..maybe I am saying this because I do not like Neelam knowing fully well Neelam does have a point in opposing MJ maybe a better actress would have brought it nicely but this is not working on us and Neelam is not getting any sympathy


          • @sara No doubt Mj has played a major role in W’s upbringing and any good in his character might as well be attributed to her efforts, but when I say darkness & cause of his frustrations, I mean their relationship. As much as he respects her as his governess/caretaker, the vani/wife/nikah/child marriage link has always been an embarrassment for him. hence he doesn’t want his friends to know etc…And now, this relationship has become even more complicated… We see all these frustrations, conflicts, complications and confusion mirror in W’s character… And unfortunately, the vani aspect can’t be ignored. In the Bakht household, this vani was as a governess and not a wife at all. That’s why we saw Wali’s frustration growing when he was confronted with the reality of the wife rishta with Mj. He just didnt know how to handle it.. be it the thappar, him lashing out on Mj or the thinking of the bathing scene on the night..
            Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Mj, herself, is responsible for W’s flaws and frustrations, but its the conflict in the haalaat and the system that doesn’t let him find that solace in her..
            As for him not standing up for anything, we established that in the beginning he is in dire need of that spine regeneration lol..inner termoil or not, one thing we do know abt him is that he likes his easy life and he ain’t giving that up for nothing! He was selfish then and he is selfish now.. I just hope the on-going inner turmoil finally makes him more of a ”real man” who can stand up to these challenges, rather than finding the easy way out all of the time & jumping into bed to prove his mardangi..
            @Tinni I understood that BS was willing to let her free once he’s done with his maqsad. He had told Mj earlier after the shadi that she had to stick around with W for a bit longer, until things had settled down.
            What’s sad for me is that her freedom was very close indeed, but this new relationship with W has somewhat jeopardised her clean exit & now if she is preggo indeed, the only happy ending for her would be if Wali gives her & her child the rights, and her a much-deserved ‘honourable’ status of a wife.


            • @FA very good analysis but I dn’t think BS will ever want to release MJ from being Vani…his society will not allow it, one vani released and others will cry foul and more so for BS is somewhat patriarch of the people there…Vani is a convenient arrangement and who gives a bullshit as what kind of life a vani is having or facing….

              Regarding Wali growing is backbone, I think that will still some more time as Wali is ashamed of MJ ..maybe he is not at fault of this arrangement but like any human being he is ashamed of his family or for the act done during childhood…many of us still cannot confess many of our deeds during our childhood…it is very tough and wali is going through that process and with some more rebukes from Neelam will set him free and make him take some tough decisions in life


            • @FA I don’t understand what difference it makes if vani was set free before or after wali’s marriage. Is it a custom? And if wali was embarrassed and frustrated about whole vani thing and cared about BS and society so much then why didn’t he think of consequence when he slept with her. I assume wali knew she would leave soon and didn’t have those feelings for him so Wouldn’t it be perfect for him if she was gone with her relationship with wali still being platonic, end of chapter. But I don’t think he really wanted that. I don’t buy that it was a moment of weakness for him he is not that stupid to put himself in line of fire I think this was his heart desire from long time to be a husband to Mj, and neelam taunts and absense somehow gave him courage to act as one. He didn’t think of Mj for whom it would have been better had he sacrificed his love for her to set her free but no how can he be so selfless. Also if system is the culprit then how can it accept vani as a wife even if wali gives her the rights. I just don’t know how wali is gonna redeem himself after complicating matters so much. Fact is all three of them r suffering cuz he was too weak and selfish to take a stand. Now he is little too late to set things right without causing damage to someone.

              @tinni u have solid point.

              P.s I just wanted a intense romantic story between SS and FK amid dark circumstances but numm team is hell bent on giving us tragedy and headache lol


  22. Just started watching Numm n was completely blown away by the actress playing mj! What Raw talent! Pls let me know some of her other good plays.

    Fk looks fab! Acting wise, he needs to bring his A game to match mj. The scenes with him n mj are amazing! Superb chemistry. Until now, the show has kept my curiosity going as to what’s really going on in that hh. It reminds me somewhat of old BBC shows depicting the tranquil countryside estates which looked very peaceful n boring on the surface but gave rise to violent acts of crime n passion. I found mj s smile when N allows the maid to stay back, a bit sinister. It was as if there’s is a deep secret bw her n the maid with something cooking in the back ground. Like when she tells her she cant stay on now n that she shud hv been more vigilant, it is as if they are hatching something else which had the maid left, wud HV been adversely affected…i hope the show does spring such a surprise on us . it wud be worth our patience. Also, I loved that one shot of W sitting in the lounge watching tv with his one arm draped over the sofa – his feudal ring highlighted n the other holding a cig when mj wake in with the tea…. That said it all abt their equation. He will forever be the feudal who she Will serve irrespective of them having a non platonic relationship. He is the lord who takes her looking after him as his right.

    BTW, I thot vanis are normally young virginal girls …but here mj must hv been 20+ when she was married to the young W. Don’t think Qasim is there son coz the elders must HV ensured she wasn’t expecting before marrying W


  23. This episode left me confused. I hated, hated, hated Neelum’s homecoming. She is such a whiner. And the fact that her family tagged along annoyed me more -_-

    Like many others I was really disappointed to see the breakfast scene cut short. But I did love the look on W’s face when he saw Neelum. I was surprised to see the change in his character. There is a stark contrast in his attitude towards Neelum and MJ. With MJ, though he is respectful, there is an air of dominance, the feudal streak. With Neelum though, he is ever so polite and meek. I don’t know whether he is genuinely smitten by his childish wife or just trying to be mature to keep his marriage smooth. He was definitely angry when Neelum was trying to order MJ around and fired Salima.
    The couch scene confused me a lot, the transition was too abrupt. The hardened look on his face when Neelum taunted him about MJ suggested, once again, that he does not like Neelum commenting on his relationship with MJ. This time, he tried (successfully) to distract her gently instead of lashing out though. Contrary to what others think, I don’t think that he is guilty about what happened between MJ and him, he just doesn’t want anyone to comment or speculate about his feelings for her. The ‘room mai nashta’ scene, though, was out of character. Wali might be polite and nice but he isn’t that gentle.
    The scene between weeping Salima and MJ was definitely rehearsed. Neelum, immature as she is, thinks she controls everything when she actually doesn’t have any authority.
    As for Qasim, I think he is MJ’s nephew and her only remaining relative and for him she is the mother figure in his life. Despite Kanza’s irritating accent, pouting and acting, I can’t wait for next week.


  24. Salima scene: i think the turning point for Mj was when she heard N say ‘trailer’ and ‘aage aage dekhein..’.. Thats when she really started her game. And I think Mj’s smile at the end was more like ‘ok now I get ya! so thats how you wanna play it? bring it on!..’
    I think what Mj really wants now is to get out of this household & go to Qasim, esp after N’s return. Although I don’t think Salima scenario was a fully planned drama, I think she might start working on one for her own exit..??


  25. Regarding Salima, did she not say to MJ “mein nay socha” when MJ confronts her post the juice accident? Looks like Salima had decided to take matters in her own hands in making sure MJ sticks around (remember her going on and on about how nice MJ is post “the night”). It did not come across as a clumsy act on Salima’s part in this conversation.

    I would like to think that MJ is being shrewd and that’s what the smile was all about, but it could just be for Neelam’s immaturity and bachpana. If not, she will be contradicting herself with her taking nonsense from Neelam in the following episodes like a doormat. Maybe that is what she wants….to leave but like this?

    I have to say though that between all of us, we can come up with a perfect story and get SK to direct it and of course have FK in it. Perfect recipe for a successful play 😉


    • I was thinking the same thing. Between us we all can come up with a much better script with prob N being bumped off in the next episode and focus on MJ and W only 🙂


    • re salima’s statement, I was thinking that too..what was salima really upto? and Mj’s statement ‘sochne ka kam tumhara nahin hai..’ ..then she proves sochne ka kaam khud Mj ka hi hai.. lol
      If only the Numm team dissected the details like we do.. sigh!
      lol @ the perfect story.. that would be one hell of a project!


  26. On the other hand the smile also meant ”bechari bacchi! you didnt have to do all this just to prove ur the boss….I already know that… magar lage raho!!”


    • lol @lage raho.

      I know if it weren’t for the reviews and the million theories thrown in, I would be lost by now. At least after reading these, I want to watch the show just to see which one of us hit the nail on the head 😉


  27. I want to add one more thing : I do not think Ahson Talish did a fabulous job overall. I think its to the credit of SS and FK that many of the scenes are so fantastic. Take those out and we are left with ridiculous acting and irrelevant fillers. Add to that the background score/sound (or lack of) and editing glitches, the likes of which I haven’t seen in a while. Failures in continuity of scenes happen frequently but using the same scene in 2 different episodes for 2 different scenarios is sheer incompetence. This is just so sad for a fabulous, off-the-beaten-path script and amazing actors.


    • @Ak I came to the same conclusion regarding Ahson Talish in this episode. I wish Sk had directed this rather than a cameo role.The flashes of genius we see purely belong to SS and FK and Myra Sajid’s writing.


  28. What does W do all day. MJ manages the house and the gardens. I do not see W even looking at the accounts or doing anything else beside smoking, drinking, getting angry at the servants and glaring at MJ. What a waste of the Oxford education.


    • hahahaha.. I was thinking that too.. He is pretty useless isn’t he?! Abt time he made some tea lol… BS ne kaha ‘beta ghur sawari mein lage raho.. and now he has an aryal ghori and a budhi (i think i just went a bit too far there lol ) but really what a waste of the Oxford education!
      but come to think of it..N is calling Mj budhhi ghori when poor girl doesnt know she, herself, is being referred to as an aryal ghori..


      • LOL! In defense of Wali though, the best education in the world can’t take away the effects of child abuse. Marrying a boy to an older woman at 10 is abusive, even if that woman is a saint. And if this is how FK is playing his motivation, then I’d say he’s doing a great job. The pain, the confusion, the unpredictable bouts of anger, the need to make everyone happy and not knowing what he himself needs to be happy = all hallmarks of someone who has been taken advantage of at a very young age.


  29. This was an utterly confusing episode and if it wasn’t for the reviews and comments I really would be lost. Ii was very aggravated SZ with all those things you mentioned, respective scenes and the long never ending salma scenes, omg if it still wasn’t for the unpredictable story and FK I seriously would have given up by now, it’s getting beyond annoying!
    Nerl cannot say a dialogue to save her life and minahil just continues to be rude to her mother, yes we get it ..what was the point of that minahil scene …it was the same dialogues!
    I hope this starts getting better, direction and production rise I serispily am not impressed!
    The intrigue and mystery surrounding mj and what is going to happen to her is keeping me glued and of course all these wonderful comments and theories:).
    I think qasim is an illegitamate son that bade Sahab doesn’t know about. She called him meri Jaan and previously Alamgir had said something about her not worrying in her condition!
    Oh and how lame was the wali tea romantic scene with Neelum.. No sparks at all! He definitely was right about acting is all about reacting! In zgh his and SS scenes were fabulous , and we used to complain sbout things there, that wax a much ckassier and well presented drama. If I see mj looking at her hair one more time I will literally scream!


  30. Really enjoying reading the comments on this episode! (More so than the actual drama) A few of you mentioned the opening scene of MJ’s shaky hands taking chai to a sprawled smoking Wali with a cheesy Bollywood scene on the TV he’s watching. What do you all make of the angle of his cigarette dropping when MJ enters the room? Was he about to quickly extinguish the soota as we saw him do before out of respect in her presence or did the suddenly flaccid cigarette signal something else?


  31. I came up with two theories(one maybe completely absurd):

    Qasim is sarmad khoosat son. Mahjabeen is clenching her fists/shaking when she starts to reminisce the past. I think she’s angry because sarmad khoosat couldn’t convince his brother to get him to accept MJ in the family. Not only that but the fact that he couldn’t say out front that MJ is carrying his child. Then she storms out to go see her son. This kid is definitely a Bakht child or I really don’t understand his significance in the story. I mean if it’s her brothers child why would she only keep in touch with him and not anyone else in the family?

    The other theory: this is sikhander Bakht and MJ child, just goes to add how many tragedies she’s been through.

    I think this drama is completely mind boggling


    • Yes I also think it’s her child with alamgir, but then how nasty would it be if she gets pregnant by wali too…ummm how would those kids be related exactly? Let’s hope that the night we think was really wasn’t or that she does not become pregnant! Uhh to many theories to comprehend…the mind is boggling!


      • @zarqa point well made about the abuse thing I personally
        was really annoyed at the direction of w falling in love so quick
        but I may just give him the benefit of the doubt .

        I want to see Mj and Qasims story unfold now but I am convinced Mj will end up pregnant now thanks to Sz


        • I tend to think Wali doesn’t really know what love is. His only example of it has been MJ. And that’s just a ball of confusion. So what can love be for Wali but simply confusion.


  32. @swirveyroad uggghhh that will be totally wrong.. he cant be sikandar bakht’s son.. 3 generations.. uuuggghhh nooo!!! thats not possible!!! that would be just way beyond disgusting!.. lol
    I agree though.. Qasim might be a Bakht child..He could be Alamgir’s son..he doesn’t even have to be illegitimate.. maybe they had a secret nikah? & that explains clinching her fist scene ie will this child face the same fate? but then again, like someone mentioned earlier, him being a male child why he wasn’t accepted by BS, or why he was supposed to be a secret..
    However, if he is her brother’s son, then Wali’s father had killed his father.. & Mj was caught in the they would have that link.. more family fued??
    @shazch i agree Mj willl def end up preggo.. they can’t have the night (so vague at that) and no consequences..
    I saw a clip in promos where N is in hospital.. she might have a miscarriage and some complications.. unable to concieve etc..or what if N has a girl but Mj has a boy… and then bakht family might have to turn to to either Qasim (if he is indeed a Bakht child) or this W’s child with Mj as the waris..
    btw where will Amtul come into action? she’s a powerful character.. she’s bound to bring back some twist.. no??
    re: ‘mind boggling & theories’.. like i said earlier, the lyrics of the ost just nail it… mumkin hai this & mumkin hai that,.. its the million and one mumkinat thats making this play worth-watching..
    @AK i love the OST too.. if only they used it properly in editing.. sigh yet again!!


  33. Well has anyone thought on this lines.
    W and MJ are in love but like the lyrics say tumhe chah kar be chah na saku.

    I think in the beginning of this episode they show MJ taking tea for him after that they show the breakfast scene. Now we do not know the time line between those 2 scenes. I think there were many nights between those 2 scenes and W and MJ have had quite a few ‘The Nights’. I say this because the breakfast scene was very cozy between them no awkwardness. Also when N surprises him he keeps looking at MJ as if apologizing this intrusion. Another reason is that he definitely tried to avoid sleeping with N, making the excuse of reading. I think the next morning he has breakfast in his room with N is because he is ashamed to face MJ.
    The only thing that does not jive is his adoring looks to N in the morning and the cup of tea service.
    From the promos of the next episode it seems he is concerned that MJ is missing. Maybe it will become more clear in the next episode if he loves MJ or not.
    My gut feeling says he is nice to N to keep her from being rude to MJ and running away again. He does love MJ but will never be able to vocalize it.


    • I really didn’t understand what that beginning tea scene was about, can someone explain ? The scenes are just way too vague. The mystery element has now gone overboard, and I don’t have to watch a scene 4 times to see what the point was.


  34. Numm is failing to impress me. I can’t take it seriously anymore because it is trying to take itself too seriously and the the veneer of pretentiousness and creating a ‘different story’ is wearing thin. SZ, am sorry but I disagree with your assessment

    I was intrigued because I thought it was going to be a story about feudalism in today’s day and age and about the vani system – FAIL on both accounts. Even after I accepted that, I don’t think I want to waste my time on domestic politics, regressive values and the battle of the two wives.

    It’s very unfair of the director to rely solely on his stellar stars and despite their excellent performance (though am not a fan of Wali’s character) that is not what makes a good drama. Repeating scenes is a big No No, the editing and pacing are completely out of whack, the beautiful but now overused soundtrack is now a bathroom break cue…..

    AS for the breakfast scene, it had the potential of being so wonderful but – and here I beg to differ- they should have made it shorter. If they held if even for a second longer am sure Fawad and Sania would have burst out laughing. Also if I see another scene with people haranguing the help am done. I have said it before and it really bothers me when people use the poor as plot points. It shows all the characters (save MJ maybe) in poor light with a lack of humanity. Also, it shows a complete lack of the writers imagination.

    I am un-hooked. The only reason for me to want to stay is to this forum!

    And like I said, am not taking this seriously anymore. And on that note, did anyone notice Wali watching Salman Khan? I didn’t peg him as a Sk fan =P
    Quick, Bollyqueer, where are you? We need a pop psychology analysis on the Salman factor stat!

    Would have been so apt if they showed him watching Sahib, Bibi aur Ghulam.


    • don’t give up just yet …. if u watch the 12 min promo u’ll know that feudalism and vani were in the background and they were going to focus on concept of forbidden love between wali and mahjabeen. their relationship and not so straight forward characters are the reason we are all hooked. it’s the unpredictability of story we want to know what happens at the end. however, the team is definitely failing in story telling due to bad editing and direction.

      lol @ wali being a salman fan i guess he has thing for the eyes and that song somehow fitted his situation, poor guy can’t express in words so relied on song ..if only it wasn’t playing on tv haha. I bet FK was trying hard not to laugh while shooting it.


      • @Sara: I agree, the song was used, very clunkily though, to make a point .. just wish they had chosen the original qawwali version rather than the very sad Bollywood version …


  35. @FA I actually went back and counted the mumkins in the ost (love the song). There are 16 possibilities so basically it means the makers may not be sure how to move the story forward and may go for any possibility.


  36. @sk it was to show the sheer terror of Mj remember the fallout from the last time she had a romantic relationship with a Bakht man.I also think the dabang scene was to show the contrasting and conflicting man w is.He is happy to read complex book but can easily revert to his desi feudal lord self hence cigarette and film.At the moment I am interested in W character not just because of Fk but because he is so flawed. However I will be bitterly disappointed if if this N thing isnt an act or easement on his part.Does anybody think that the next part is going to be key in keeping us hooked ie I can see people turning off in droves if the Qasim story doesn’t add up.


    • U got that right..wali is something. even though slow pace and editing sucks in every episode yet most of us can’t wait for next episode for mystery to unfold.


  37. @PG lol 16 times a million.. each word probably has das hazaar sub-meanings lolol.. what’s zehr and whats the dard? and zehr kis ki ragon main? and kon de ga zehr? all open to even more mumkinat.. lol..
    @amusingmuslim lol@sahib, bibi ghulam..

    Yes that cheesy song did put me right off after poor Mj’s kanpte hath scene. War & anti war and code of west versus the cheesy bollywood song & to top that salman khan!!. .. man this guy has serious issues.. multiple personality disorder! lol

    I just went back saw it again and it says to me they want us to believe we are not just talking abt one night here.. Mj is not comfortable with this yet she is serving the lord-master of the house.. & then the drop scene with the cigarette ash..

    Did anyone notice how Mj stopped stirring the tea and the astonishment, pareshani and boarder-line ghussa on her face at the breakfast at ‘sahih to keh rahi hai’. As if she couldn’t believe her ears..did she think he meant sahih to keh rahi hai pehle kion nahin khayal aaya?.. and her eyes saying ‘yeh khayal mujhe kab aya tha.. yeh to tumhara khayal tha.! Dekho pls! don’t you blame it on me this time bakht boy-o!’ But then she was first, much-relieved and then flattered after understanding that it was a genuine tareef.. Goes to show her sub-concious is constantly on guard! You could almost see the tareef going down with the tea and slowly sinking in.. i thought that smile was epic!. beautifully played & captured!


  38. After reading everyone’s excellent analysis here is my conclusion
    1. I still not sure why MJ was forced into this vani stuff. I think she was old enough to run away.
    2. She was a surrogate mother to W, it may be a little hard to swallow but after his marriage she develops passionate feelings for him. I think even before ‘The Night’ happened we see her feelings for W has changed by her anxiousness of W not returning her calls and not coming home and her sleeping in W’s room. I guess we will never know who initiated the night in question, we all have our own interpretation.
    3. I think W after returning from Oxford started having stronger feelings for MJ but does not know it till N points out to him and he slaps her because she is telling the truth and he just realizes it. His face tells it all. He is not able to accept these feelings and lashes out to MJ, her illness finally breaks him down and he finds his passion growing till it culminates in the stormy night. The next day he is confused and upset so goes out for a drive to clear his head. I think after he returns he has made amends with himself and accepts his feelings for MJ and continues a relationship with her but never speaks of it verbally.
    4. Now enters N back into the household bringing a storm of conflicts and negative emotions. I think W is nice to her to hold back this negative emotions, and he is feeling guilty about his love and relation with MJ.

    Lets see how this story progresses in the next episode. Will he be able to vocalize his love for MJ? I personally do not think he ever will.


  39. The worst exchange in the last episode was between fawad khan and neelam when she storms into her room complaining that he doesn’t care about her or miss her and he begins to explain to her that he didn’t want to disturb her. He speaks for a good 2-3 minutes and the actress playing neelam stares at him with a glassy look on her face like she is high on some drug or sleep walking. check it out here at 0:40:


  40. How difficult it is to articulate the message through expressions! They spent 4-5 episodes only to build on the 4 main characters. Still it is not always clear what are motifs different characters behind their actions. Other than the low production quality, I love this drama. So, now the love between the two has transformed and hence the seed is planted for rebellion. Let’s see how it flourishes to destroy everything and everybody – the system.


  41. I did not like Kanza’s performance from the get-go, especially alongside talented actors such as Fawad Khan and Sania Saeed. I truly wish such an important role was not given to a complete newbie. There’s a reason newcomers begin low on the ladder and climb their way up (unless they’re extremely talented with acting, which is sadly not in Kanza’s case).

    I can’t imagine how this drama would be resolved; this is not the kind of show that would attempt to satisfy its audience with an empty happy ending. Knowing that, I’m still going to continue watching this if only for the sizzling chemistry between Fawad and Sania and the characters they play.


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