Numm ~ Episode 8 Review


Wali: Woh… Us din najaaney…. main ghussey mein aap se kya kuch keh gaya…
         Mujhe aap se is tarah pesh nahin aana chahiye tha ….
         Agar aap ko meri koi baat buri lagi ho… tau aap ….

I am plenty aggravated with this installment – the beyond loud background score, the constant repetition of the once lovely sounding but now extremely annoying OST, inaudible dialogues, never-ending scenes, and Wali seeming in desperate need of the dry-cleaner to return his clothes asap – but all my complaints melt away when I think to the fabulous Mahjabeen and Wali scenes, out of which the exquisitely done three and a half minute opening sequence was the pick of the episode for me. 

Last week we had seen Wali re-thinking his harshness with Mahjabeen. Though he didn’t say the words, the repentance was all there in the gentleness with which he took care of her. This latest episode opened with a very hesitant Wali literally willing himself to walk into Mahjabeen’s room and deliver the apology he knew he owed her. Though she would never rebuke him, but after all these years Wali knows her perhaps better than she knows herself. He knows his angry words have cut her deeply. Though Mahjabeen would never admit to it, Wali knows he has hurt her very soul – only words can ease the the pain that words have caused.

But, this is Mahjabeen, not Neelam. A glib “I am sorry” would not suffice. Mahjabeen and Wali both know all too well how meaningless those three words are… hence, though inelegant and incoherently strung together, this apology, without the requisite “sorry”, was that much more heartfelt and carried so much more import than the one Wali had offered Neelam just a few weeks ago. This one was for Mahjabeen – the woman he respects more than anybody else in this world. His relief, at her acceptance of his apology, was palpable as he watched her rest, both so much more at ease after clearing the air.


Though the world made many a guess about the nature of their relationship, theirs was one which was best left unnamed. When we first met them, there was friction no doubt, but nonetheless there had been a purity about their bond, forged as it was out of intense pain, unvoiced affection and tremendous respect. But now that there are intruders aplenty in their once private world, Mahjabeen and Wali’s relationship has changed. The sparks of awareness between them cannot be ignored. That all sparks have a fleeting moment of glory before they fizzle out is an undeniable reality. Will Mahjabeen and Wali’s relationship meet a similar fate is a question open to speculation.

For now winds of change are affecting both, as they look to the past to make sense of that which is staring them in the face. Wali, who as child did not think twice before running to Mahjabeen seeking shelter from scary thunderstorms, now thinks twice, thrice and four times about returning a mere hair clip to Mahjabeen. On her end, Mahjabeen, who was in forced into mothering someone else’ child, cannot ignore that this man freeing her dupatta and gazing at her ever so intently is NOT her son… she is NOT his mother. Robbed of enjoying a full life with the man she loved, she can only look up longingly at birds free to fly where they want. With her wings cruelly clipped by archaic customs and cruel keepers of age old traditions Mahjabeen can only meet her loved ones secretly. One can only presume that the faithful servants are in on the secret, she does not tell on them and and in turn they do not say any thing about her meetings to Baray Sahab or Wali.

Neelam, though away at school, is still not that far away that she cannot sense the change. Her sobbing, when presumably Wali does not respond to her overtures on the phone, speaks louder than than the little white lies she told her sister about Wali being in constant touch with her, the truth a little bit more darker than the rose colored fantasy her teen aged mind had constructed. Add to that her bratty sister Minahil’s reporting and Mrs. Neelam Wali is all set to surprise her beloved hubby with what looks like is going to a be very unwelcome visit.

Yes, this was an absorbing episode, but I would have to stop short of calling it thoroughly enjoyable. Despite Sania and Fawad’s brilliant acting, Myra Sajid’s compelling script and Ahson’s fabulous story telling skills, I have to say that watching Numm is turning into a challenge. The editors need to stop padding the episodes with filler scenes, and start trimming overlong sequences. And, please, please, please, some one needs to take mercy on us poor viewers’ ears. The OST needs to stop playing as if its on a loop. Moreover, I had to really strain to hear what little dialogue there was … buried deep as these lines were under the blare of the horribly loud background score. At this point, there are not too many of us who are still into Numm and enjoying the ride... bas itni guzarish hai ke hum ko aur hamare sabar ko itna mat azmaiye!  

Written by SZ~

Numm ~ Episode 8


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  1. SZ, after reading the first para, I figured the Numm folk had broken your spirit! Or you had succumbed to the over wrung repetitive scenes and soundtrack!
    Ah, but ye are made of sterner (rather kinder) stuff! =)

    This episode was a continued awakening of MJ who as you said, now realizes the shift of balance in the relationship. Some of the scenes were lovely and sort of plod the plot along though I think we are going to have to sit through Switzerland’s GDP worth of cheese – storm laden clouds bursting, fire burning in the background, musical hair clips – before anything of note happens, say by episode 20.

    I wish the editors would stop using plot points to just convey one narrative thread. Really guys, we can handle two or three plot points in one episode and it would help the pacing.

    • @Amusing Muslim: Lets just say years of steady drama watching have made me lot more patient .. and honestly despite all its shortcomings I’d rather watch and back this than the same old pehli nazar mein pyar, two sisters and one guy, and evil saas bahu dramas …
      And yes, that said, I am pretty frustrated as well with the same old same old here…

  2. There is a reason why I love your reviews of Numm episodes (beside the fact that they are thought-provoking and insightful) and it’s that you can aptly translate the almost painfully long wordless scenes, the lenghty stares, the seemingly endless pondering walks! Looking at these characters, I think to myself: “vaah, kia zindagi hai, kuch kaam na dhaam, sochon main gum hain sub kai sub!”
    Seriously, I really want to like this drama serial but man, it’s like watching paint dry! I must be a glutton for torture, as week after week, I wait for the Next installment. Pathétique I know…. But it’s that I’m hooked to Wali and Mahjabeen’s story. Also, Sania and Fawad are as always giving a stellar performance. I’m hanging in there baring the Neelam scenes, gritting my teeth all the way… Hope not to be disappointed for my saintly patience! 😉

    • @Red: Great to hear from you and thank you for enjoying the reviews 🙂 LOL! At this point I think all of us are losing patience..lets hope and pray that there is indeed a reward for all of our combined saintly patience 😉

  3. awesome review!

    Didn’t he return the clip on her dresser? Why did we see the clip on his dresser again? Did I miss something?

  4. I’m right there with you on this episode. The apology scene with the few dialogues and all the unspoken gestures/body language was definitely one of the best scenes. My next favorite scene was Wali freeing MJ’s aanchal from the thorns – so much was said without a word. The symbolism of him freeing her from the thorns was so apt. Especially in light of their relationship.

    Mahjabeen kay hissay mein to sab nay khaar hi khaar likhay thay, lekin kisi ko yay andaaza nahin hua, kay uska aur Wali ka rishta bohat gehraa hai.

    Today was obviously the turning point – their relationship has been irrevocably altered. It is now evident to Mahjabeen what Wali was struggling with and the storm has now touched both of them…they’re never going to be the same.

    I guess we should commend the director and writer for handling the situation so sensitively/discreetly. We had the requisite rainstorm/lightning trope, but other than that it was only subtle clues that hinted at what had transpired between them. Wali waking up to the hairpin on his nightstand, after he had returned it to her earlier. Mahjabeen leaving the room (his room), with her dupatta trailing, her slinking (almost scared/confused) in her chair at breakfast when he walks past.

    I’m sure W & MJ are confused and feeling guilty, making for some monumental regrets. There is a ray of hope, though, from the last scene where he helps release her dupatta from the thorny plant, and from the teasers, we see that Wali compliments her on her hair and I believe she smiles back at him. I’d rather they not treat it like the dirty little secret between them. I think showing Wali’s concern for her in the most recent two episodes goes to show her place in his life, and it was that realization of the bond that may have buoyed the other emotions.

    I think Mahjabeen really didn’t consider any other feelings, seeing as she was never free to, but now things will change for her. I still think she will have no choice or any kind of self-determination, but this unnamed relationship has given way to new emotions. The irony though will be they won’t be a blessing, most likely these emotions will feel like a curse or a burden.

    • @Nur: I’m not sure if I’m as optimistic as you are about their relationship… remember Neelam barges in on them in the next episode, so at the most MJ gets that one smile from Wali and then bam!

      • Yep! I agree. Whatever understanding they have will be short-lived, and quite frankly I think that will be the extent of their “relationship”. I have no optimism for poor Mahjabeen.

  5. Also, meant to add, that since W&MJ have acted on their feelings (yes, i am assuming) and it’s only episode 8, I wonder what else is in store?? In the big scheme of things, it is rather early in a 16-24 episode serial. Neelam is back next episode, so I think the number of W&MJ scenes are going to be impacted. Hmmm, I hope the next 10+ episodes are not devoted to Neelam’s shrieking!

  6. Salam SZ, I was waiting for your review this time more so than ever…I feel your irritation but agree that whoever is watching Numm is because of FK and SS and “their” story if you will.. I know all of us were waiting to see the W-MJ relationship grow but I felt like they (the Numm team) thrust too many W-MJ coming together scenes down our throat in one episode, which again will sadly be short lived owing to N’s return in the next one… I’m wondering if the sudden change of pace in the story telling is due to the people not really “liking” Numm and the crew deciding to put in everything in one episode to desperately hold on to people. This could have been a stellar episode if they didn’t do too many of the W-MJ scenes altogether in just one episode, it’s like ‘kai saalon se baarish ke intezaar mein finally baar aa gayi’

    Another thing I felt was the sequence was chopped off again..I saw N come into her room crying and then hugs her friend…what was that for?She hadn’t known anything from Minahil then, no? In the Youtube version, I saw that earlier to Minahil telling her about their visit to w’s house..I thought even the clip on W’s side table when he wakes up was one of the misplaced scenes, but later realized what happened..I’m confused though about why she was there..was it that the tables were turned and she was the one scared now or she went to W coz she really felt something for him..

    The opening scene was my fav scene too. When W apologized, I felt like that was the most sincere and realistic scene very nicely done. I was going like “About time you did that W” lol The light moment they share then with “Nai Nai kuch zyada nai ho gaya” was cute and gave me a clear idea of how their relationship had been honest and easygoing with each other in the past.

    Nevertheless, the amazing story and SS and FK’s acting keeps me coming back..I think I’m still into Numm hook, line and sinker!

  7. Great review SZ.
    I am glad I was not the only one putting two and two together viz a viz Wali-MJ’s relationship. Oh wait did that really happen or am I imagining things coz I want it so/am I sucker for romance or was that just faulty editing?/ clip hai- nai hai/ kon kidhar? artistic directon or choppy editing? kya patah?
    But loved(!!) the romance in this episode- baqi toh aap ne sub kuch baja farmaya.
    Fawad Khan – Sania Saeed marvellous.

    • Ok..wait…What the what?

      I am all for underplaying and obtuseness but I totally missed it! Granted I wasn’t paying much attention today and when the OST started honking in the b’grd, I left the screen because I just assumed they would be watching the paint dry but good grief this was a seminal moment (no pun intended!) and with all the keech-taani of the narrative, I missed it!

      I was left with the same qs as Afia. Had to watch it again to make sense of it….

      • same here! I thought it was an editing blooper since the editing has been below average. I always thought their relationship was platonic but now the hesitant scene at the b’fast table makes sense…. oh boy I am not sure what to make of it now. Hmm…esp with the whole MJ bathing a young W scene right before it.

        • Exactly Annie! Through out the episode I took this as a blooper. But now after reading totally different take on this scene, I presume it was supposed to be that way probably because when I fix the jigsaw it’s actually making sense… And to be very honest I simply cannot digest it! I don’t know but they somehow made it look like a scene from a star plus drama :O .Till now MJ seemed to be a woman of self-composure and patience but seeing her succumb to her instincts somewhat shatters her image. nonetheless even the strongest of the people have their foibles…
          Anyways even if this theory is correct, still the scene in which Wali frees her dupatta is totally disconnected from the context. It’s as if everything had been normal. I have no idea what’s going on!

          • yeah I am not sure what they are trying to convey here. Making MJ out to be someone who is looking for a ‘one night stand’ doesn’t gel with the persona of hers they have created so far.

  8. I really likes this episode. Despite of the obnoxious OST and superfluous scenes that do nothing for the narrative.

    While I do agree that the pace is slow, I really think it wouldn’t have worked had we rushed through story. The fact that the story is unfolding slowly, gives more space to showing how the MJ and W relationship is changing – IMO I’m more accepting towards a change in the nature of their relationship as we are seeing the “small, small” things that are affecting how they view each other. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, the silence, the stares, the hesitations, the questions, the doubt. Wah maza aa geya!

  9. @Nur agree with you about how it ended up. I agree with @SZ about all the short comings. It was a pretty straight forward episode. Nothing much to say. Expressions of Sania and Fawad were a delight to watch, but the story was not well woven like the previous episode. At the beginning, I thought W-M realization would led us to hope out of the inherent depression of the drama. But at the end of the day it led to more depression as none of them considered it as a rightful thing. I did not understand two things. First, why there was this fury, pain and hatred? on M’s face when she was pondering on Jahangeer-Alamgeer duet? Is this because she is now struggling with her dignity and self-esteem because she cannot look into his eyes in the same way as before? or what? Other thing is that what led to it. It did not seem to me that it happened as a usual outcome out of love. Rather it looked like more of the demand of the atmosphere – slip of a moment – a disgraceful thing.??? Depressing

  10. Well there was the clip of course but also W’s ring nestling against it that he slipped on and I suppose had removed during THE night!!! Well hopeless romantic that I continue to be I am also imagining a whole lot of things from this scene hehe :). And I felt this particular episode was filled with various instances of symbolicism some of which have already been pointed out and some that I forget. Will see it again to refresh my failing memory!! Lol.
    And thanks once again dear for doing such a good job of reviewing. Absolutely perfect!!

  11. Looks like I have a complete different interpretation of this episode. I thought MJ goes and puts the clip back on his table as an invitation. In the morning W wears the ring and ignores the clip which could be taken as he chooses to be the feudal lord, and MJ’s nervous waiting at breakfast and then her misery tells me that W did not accept her invitation. But what puzzles me is that she goes somewhere with the driver and that is another mystery thrown our way again with out solving the older ones. From this episode it seems Qasim is not her brother so again who is he?

    Also I have a hard time understanding this wani issue. In my mind the situation should be that one is a victim the other is an aggressor, but here both are victims. Why did she even agree to marry a 10 year old boy. Wouldn’t that be considered as child abuse. Her personality shown in the flashbacks does not suggest that she would meekly go into such a relation. Also if BS was against her marrying his son how come he lets her marry his grandchild?

    So many question but no answers are forthcoming soon.

  12. It is a pleasure to read your review! i really like how you translate even the intricate depictions in the drama, like Mahjabeen staring at the sky, they fail to make some sense for me. But kudos to you, you elaborate them so well. I think the drama-makers should be grateful to you for putting some meaning to their seemingly vague scenes.
    Surprisingly, I enjoyed watching this episode and didn’t feel like skipping the scenes while watching online this time- less Neelam factor maybe :-p However, I still did not manage to fathom Wali’s feelings for MJ, they’re still ambiguous! The way they synchronized the ‘baadal dialogues’ at the breakfast table when Wali said: 2 4 din se aaye huaye hain lekin baras nae rahay, and MJ went like: Yeh zaroor barsain gey.
    I thought they were trying to show Wali’s brimming feelings for MJ (correct me if I am wrong)
    The story is getting engrossing now, I’m looking forward to how will Wali’s inflated balloon puncture when he’ll see Neelam back home, but they need to unearth the mysteries at a bit faster pace. It’s like the Atif Aslam look alike guy’s story is long lost, they’re not even unraveling the mystery behind MJ’s-ONLY-hairclip and now the queer old house that MJ visits; my head has reached it’s saturation point to retain all this conundrum- drama thora taiz chalao bhayeee! And yes, you’re right about the inaudible dialogues, one cannot simply make out what they’re saying without the ear plugs on :S
    Also, a note to the editor: Please keep the scenes in proper order. I did not understand how the hair clip that Wali had placed with MJ’s hair brush got back to his bed side table in the very next scene. Matlab what was that? Is the place haunted? They need to refrain from making such bloopers.
    Anyways, Fawad looked ethereal through out the episode (as always) MashaaALLAH MashaaALLAH! 😀

  13. Hello everyone. @SZ great review as always. You have a way with words that makes one want to watch the play if they haven’t already 🙂

    I liked the way the episode progressed in terms of story and unless they intentionally wanted to keep the pace slow, the producers could have had more of Wali-MJ together as opposed to the long driving scenes etc. Having said this, I am left very confused post the storm scene.

    While I am all for Wali-MJ “romance”, I am not sure something actually happened the night of the storm for 2 reasons. Firstly, I find it very strange given their characters that MJ will end up in Wali’s room with so much still left unsaid between them just because of a storm. If it was Neelam, I wouldn’t be questioning the assumption at all. Also, while MJ does leave disoriented with her dupatta trailing behind her, I am not entirely sure it was Wali’s room she was leaving. The only scene which does lend evidence to the theory that she was in the room was the dining table scene where she was more uncomfortable than she has ever been. However, after that I did not find a single shot where it felt more than just the same uncomfortable silence and exchanged glances as before. Even the dupatta in the thorn scene felt more like one of the first few scenes of the episode.

    Secondly, given fairly poor production values at certain occasions, it could very well be an editing flaw. It feels so out of place, the ring & pin on the bedside scene. It feels more like a scene from before he made an attempt to return it.

    BUT it may have just happened! I am so confused 😦 The play continues to keep me hooked and make us all theorise…if I was the writer I would be having quite a laugh just now!

    Fawad and Sania are superb with their body language. Its been a while I have seen any play that has such few dialogues and so much conveyed with few words and brilliant expressions every time!! What a talented cast…and that includes them and UP not Kanza.

    • @AK you have point there on M’s personality. At first I also thought that. But, the sequence of scenes lead you to the extreme assumptions. It might be a production blooper or might not be. I still don’t understand why M was trembling with fury on Alamgeer-jahangeer Mughal duets!

      • I think last time she had fallen for someone in this family she had to pay a life sentence.. like she had said before, this time she has nothing more left to give…
        She is scared of Bare Sahab’s reaction and her fate. And that BS won’t approve of this relationship, especially after she’s seen W’s reaction in the morning.

    • @AK agree with you on the MJ in W’s room theory…I had initially thought that it was an editing blooper too, but like you said the breakfast table and also the dupatta scene where as soon as MJ senses W’s presence she stops working and is like bracing herself while it also looks like W is kinda getting ready to say something to her ( I’m assuming of whatever happened last night). These two scenes point towards something happening the night earlier….although I greatly want to believe that it was just that MJ went to his room for comfort or just slept beside him (i know it sounds weird), rather than them actually doing something. Even in that case I would assume they would still be embarrassed (for the lack of a better word) coz they had never ever been like THAT to each other. I don’t know…it’s just that it doesn’t fit with their characters…especially we are never shown that Mj is also developing feelings for makes it look too impulsive and contrary to MJ’s nature

  14. Qasim would be MJ’s son from her ex-boyfriend as she mentions in her flash back scene to sarmad khoosat that she cant hide this anymore and he says something like in this condition. My prediction. The curly haired guy in the previous episode who was offered Kheer could be the son…

    • I can’t see how MJ would be able to hide a pregnancy, considering the entire feud was unfolding before everybody’s eyes – you can’t hide that! She was offered up as the vani in the truce, this had to have happened soon after the killings, wouldn’t anyone notice that she was pregnant? Also, in their patriarchal, feudal societies a kunwari woman being pregnant would be punished by death – these people are known for their honor killings. Dilawar was her brother, but I think Qasim may be her nephew.

      Plus, curly-haired boy looks like he is 18+ years old, she has been raising Wali for 15 years, so her son would be 15. That guy’s way too old!

      If the writer makes these errors this series is going to quickly go down the toilet. Already, as I am struggling with who initiated their “affair”/one-night stand, I think the writer may have failed in the execution of what could have been a very touching/understandable moment.

      I am getting paranoid about this series, given all the references people make back to Ashk and other GEO serials.

  15. OK!! wow!! I had totally missed the point! I was all confused after watching last night’s episode, a bit disappointed to be honest… with a million questions.. but now it totally makes sense!! Thanks guys for spelling it out for ppl like me!. I think we have a fairly iintelligent group here, but if even so many of us are struggling with understanding this, no wonder the masses are simply clueless.
    I watched the whole episode again afterwards, and this time I had a smile plastered on my face, unlike the the first time when I was like ”what?? & but?? why???…”
    eg. apart from the clip and bedside table issue, I couldn’t at first understand why salima is going on and on abt how good Mj is etc.. But now I believe she knows what’s happenned..
    I was totally mesmerized by wali kid scene with MJ.. Poor Mj.. who didnt know how to react to this husband cum scared child scenario.. beautifully captured!
    I wonder though how W could go ahead with it all after thinking of that innocent MJ bathing him scene? Too grey… no? It actually made me cringe. Or am i reading it wrong?
    Did W follow Mj? He seems to be on the same roads.. And Mj knows he will be there soon for lunch.. If they weren’t even talking to each other, I doubt he has called her to tell her abt lunch..? Has he found out something there that made him change the way he was thinking that morning? Am I reading too much into this?
    Like someone else pointed out, we know her brother was Dilawar.. who is Qasim? maybe another brother? And where did she go? maybe to see the boy?
    What’s with the gardener? what’s the message behind that? Any ideas? I loved the line ”aa raha hai to pohunch kion nahin raha?’ ‘and ‘bagher batae chale jate hain’
    And W’s reaction to this.. But this gardener issue went on and on in this episode didnt always make sense…Please shed some light someone.

    • @FA, now to think of it, yes Salima was going on and on… Mali issue was also stretched to the nth limit- I think to no end. My guess is that they are just trying to show the type of life MJ has- dealing with servants, housekeeping etc.
      Bathing scene- yes made me cringe too- they should have added the ‘boy scared of thunder’ scene but let the bathing scene be. I also didn’t get how Wali would be thinking about that particular childhood memory…?
      No, M or W weren’t following each other. M knows where W goes. It must be his regular routine; hence she knows when to expect him back. She on the other hand probably uses that time to visit whoever she visits.

  16. Brilliantly written review!! But I have to agree with you this one is trying my patience now and next week when N comes back, I don’t know how I’ll be able to sit through the episodes. They are not making it easy for the viewers. It is heartbreaking to watch the MJ-W scenes because you can’t really give a name to their relationship just like they can’t so thanks you two for experimenting but the other part of the cast and crew were far from putting in their best effort unfortunately.
    Let’s see how long I stick around for the ride without going “are we there yet?”

  17. Who bathes a 10 year old boy?

    This forum has some very smart reviewers. After reading about MJ leaving W’s room I went and saw the episode again and yes it seems like MJ did go to his room and the next day it seems she wanted W to openly accept her but he does not and walks away.

    I guess showing the scene of W as a child coming to her for comfort was synonymous to her going to him to quell her rising desires and awareness of being a woman.

    I do not know if I should be surprised that MJ went to his room. She is old enough to know that the outcome will not in anyways be good for her. Up till now they had portrayed her as a submissive but proud person. Looks like her need as a woman won over and now she is just a mortal human who probably will end up with no love dignity or self pride.

    I am sadden to see that what could have been a beautiful relation is now reduced to raw passion in the night and a dirty secret during the day.

    Further more from the promos W will fall in love with N so MJ will be left with nothing.

    • I was wondering the same thing – the boy is old enough to bathe himself! eww was the only word that came to mind and that was a random memory as @Afia said to have during the garaj baras scene.
      I for one was hoping for more of a gradual buildup in their relationship and not a one-night stand.

    • Yes, the bathing scene was unnecessary and didn’t fit. I can understand that she took care of his as a child, but of a thousand memories that they shared that was probably the least significant.

      I don’t think Mahjabeen went to his room. She opened the doors when it was raining and then they flash to the next scene. I think Wali followed her out like he had done earlier onto the rooftop and I think he took her back to his room. Maybe that’s my justification/rationalization, but it would be so inconsistent with her personality for her to have been the instigator. I never considered that she would have “propositioned him” – that thought makes me sad, it does seem like a dirty little secret then. I don’t take issue with her having normal, mortal desires (especially since as a vani she is a wife) it’s just that I don’t think she would have gone down that road.

      Let me adjust to these inkishaafaat….. I still am not 100% that she went to him.

  18. OK, so as we dissect this, what did you think of Wali waking up and putting on his ring? Going along with my perception that he initiated their “encounter”, my immediate thought upon seeing him put on his feudal ring first thing in the morning was a silent admission that he too was like all the other feudals and now had taken advantage/benefit of his rights to his vani/first wife.

    Man, I still think it’s Wali who was the instigator – after all he was the one who was struggling the most with their relationship, and staring at her!!

    • I don’t think putting on the ring meant all that much-just a routine that he follows. Aur waise bhi it doesn’t look as if Wali took advantage of MJ at all. She is shown to have affection for him. Doesn’t she stare right back at him when he does the same? The feeling I got out of all this was that both are v curious about each other now and intrigued as well. They respect each other so what happened that night is not all that surprising.
      And even if Wali is the ‘instigator’, isn’t it ok? Men generally are.

      • I guess I wasn’t clear, because I was thinking out loud/trying to figure things out. I would be perfectly ok with Wali being the instigator – as I think he was the one who saw this change in their relationship. I think I have a bigger problem with Mahjabeen approaching Wali, given that in this relationship of him being a child in her charge, it might seem unfair that she chooses to change the relationship. Granted I also think where they were 15 years ago, is very different than where they stand now.

        I think like you, Afia, I have been for them sharing a romantic relationship. In the big scheme of things, i am happy with this progression in their relationship if it comes from mutual understanding – both realizing they harbor feelings for the other. I don’t think Wali “took advantage” of her, at least that’s the optimistic romantic in me. I think they turned to each other.

        • Just came into mind that the flashbacks of wali being scared of thunderstorm coming to Mj and esp of Mj bathing him n drying him had connection. could it be that Mj opened the door for wali who could have been standing outside drenched in rain so she smiled at him for still being scared and accompanies him to his room to dry him and wali being so in love couldn’t contain one thing led to another. That’s the only way I could understand how it could have happened lets just say without sacrificing dignities.

  19. The way this serial is being played out we will never know. I think the director is only directing this drama for the imaginative and mature audience and not for the masses

  20. Hi Guys! @SZ: So all the “aggravations” are finally getting to you!! Great review as usual. To tell you the truth, I liked this episode. For two reasons, first, this one had the least number of Neelam scenes, second, got to see W and MJ more. Both made for a calm viewing with no fast-forwarding/ gritting teeth required. Short-lived peace as she will be back with a bang next week!

    About the “hair-pin on the nightstand” issue, I agree with @db and @AK—nothing happened that night between W and MJ, is what I feel too. In a moment of weakness, she did go to his room whilst he slept, left her hair-pin next to his ring, in yet another moment of confused weakness, couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything beyond that and slunk away in confusion and guilt!! W wakes up and knows what brought the hairpin back. Their expressions, next morning says it all—one cringing with shame in her chair, the other knowing & giving a “no comments” look adding more to the other’s sense of shame!

    I think it is this sense of shame and realization that her “awakening” as a woman had reduced her to this, brings on that moment of fury while thinking about Alamgir-Jehangir inter-change. Angry and frustrated that what happened then is responsible for her being brought to this brink where she stands in fear of losing her pride, dignity and self-esteem!!! Sad indeed!

    So Dilawar is the brother, then who is Qasim? Living in that house MJ visited?

    It is so great to read the various comments here, lot of insight, amusing takes on the issues, theories-galore—NUMM is definitely entertaining all of us here. Hope it keeps giving us this pleasure along with its usual “aggravations”!!

    • @RR yr prediction sounds more natural to the story and it makes sense of the things that happen afterwards. It also gets the MJ bathing W scene in perspective, where W couldn’t have done something after thinking about that, while MJ got courage to go to his room after her flashback. I had hoped another episode with some more MJ scenes to clear the air between themselves regarding their emotions and answers to the mysteries would have helped us, before bringing N back into the house..creates TOO much mayhem for us poor viewers lol

    • I too want to believe that there was nothing weird about those scenes, perhaps MJ just wanted to check that Wali hadn’t passed off with fear :-p OR may be it was supposed to be a blooper. I think we all are reading too hard between the lines. And if the scenes were mistakenly ordered that way, I wonder the production team will be sitting with their heads in their hands reading our reviews and cursing themselves for this error. Considering the extent to which those few minutes in the drama have been austerely postmortem-ed by everyone here, they are inclined to act this way. I think we need to stop scrutinizing it further and let things unfold themselves in the next episode.

    • I’m loving the Numm experience more by the minute! like @RR said theories galore!
      I don’t think there was a blooper. They way these scenes were promoted beforehand, (and I think this episode had the most of those pre-promoted scenes), I would assume that this episode was the most crucial episode. This was supposed to be embedded in viewers’ minds.. leading to clear indication of what transpired. (which it pretty-much failed to do). Something did happen for sure. The emphasis on ‘badal barasna’ and ‘aa raha hai to pohncha kion nahin’ and then most importantly, the hulya of Mj when she walks out of W’s room that night…her popatta trailing and alll.. all say something happenned..
      Now who lead who on and the series of events leading upto it.. that remains a mystery. I really hope in the next episode we get to know what actually happenned i-e how on earth, right after recalling such pure and innocent memories, they could end up doing what we think they did!..

  21. “Mahjabeen can only meet her loved ones secretly. One can only presume that the faithful servants are in on the secret, she does not tell on them and and in turn they do not say any thing about her meetings to Baray Sahab or Wali.”

    Where did you get that she has secret lovers? I thought this epi established that the Atif Alim lookalike was her brother, the nakamma who Wali’s father spoke about to Alimgir??

    The burning question from this episode is how did Mahjabeen’s hairpin get back into Wali’s room after he had placed it on her table? Was this a flaw in the timeline of the scenes (given similar mistakes we’ve seen so far, this would be my guess) or was it meant to imply that they had spent the night together in Wali’s room?

    And if the deed did happen, I have to say, how utterly cringeworthy that flashbacks to M giving Wali a bath as a boy and a scared boy Wali crawling into bed with M could possibly induce feelings of…conjugal bliss…in either of them! In those flashbacks M is clearly his Aya, nothing more nothing less. How could such memories possibly allude to romantic feelings?

    There is something very wrong with the entire equation here. I fear the annoyingly loud music and muted dialogue is the least of it.

  22. @Nur Having thought more on the subject of who initiated the intimacy (can not believe I am still thinking of this episode) I do believe MJ went to W. If every scene has a double meaning then when she opens the door to the rain and smiles I would take that as she is ready to rest all her inhibitions and take the bold step to satisfy some of her old prematurely interrupted and dormant desires.
    Besides I do not think W has the spine to act on his desires as he has a lot to loose in terms of material things and we do know after every thing is said and done he does like his luxuries.

  23. Oh one last thing the anger and frustration on the flashback scene could be that the man she loved was forbidden to marry her and the man she is married to is forbidden to love her.

  24. Just read back to previous comments and it appears you guys already covered what I just commented on. 🙂

    Anyway, one bright side of this whole debacle is that we’re finally seeing more of the workings of Wali’s mind and heart. The episode prior to this one was where Wali came out and really showed himself, IMO. Since a lot of us would have already given up this drama were it not for FK, the full character development of Wali is a reason to keep watching.

  25. Hi SZ great review . I am silent reader, this time I said to my self that I have to thank you . Your review is so thought provoking. And I read everybody’s too so it helps me to understand . I am an Indian and donot know much about so many customs because I donot live in India . I read about Dhoop Kinary , saw the drama and I fell in love with pakistani drama . I learn to under stand. language a little bit. Numm drama has make me understand so many things and I am learning and appreciating things which you take for granted.
    I donot understand the relationship between W and M. Is he feeling guilty ?and N is so annoying . Can not understand when she speaks. thank you and hope to hear from you

    • @anjan: thank you 🙂 So glad to hear from you and happy to know you’re enjoying Pakistani dramas, so much so that you are actually making an effort to learn the language – kudos to you! If there is any thing that seems unclear to you (apart from the obvious ambiguitiers that have us all confounded LOL!) or if there are words that you find difficult to understand, please do not hesitate to ask … I know all of us would be more than happy to help you out!
      Looking forward to more conversations with you as we continue … welcome aboard!

      • SZ thank you so much . I made the Urdu word book for my reference.and it is such beautiful language .and if you have listen to old hindi movie songs there all Urdu wordings .aap ka Bahutu shukria . Thanks again for welcoming me .

  26. Hey SZ , great review as always and I’ve enjoyed everyone’s views and suppositions .
    I think qasim could be MJs illegitimate son .
    Also this marriage needs to consummate ASAP 😉

  27. @SZ my heart sank when you said you were aggravated but I am glad you are keeping the Numm spirit up. I’m with Bint Ahmed on this Ioved the long looks. Fk at his best.

    Which camp am I in?Well I think something happened. I think MJ went to check on Wali and one thing led to another. At lets not be too harsh on MJ how many women would go weak kneed at FK!However I agree with@ FA the writer missed a huge trick. This could have been a pivotal moment with two such strong actors. A legendery scene which we all would have talked about.It’s all very well treating us as intelligent audience but don’t rob us off the romance!We could have understood Mj’s rationality or even her base desires

    I totally agree the shower scene was so off key.Thank god for Sania’s fantastic acting in the child thunder storm scene wali scene. She looked so terrified . She knew if someone saw them hell would break lose. Again you can imagine this scene would have looked so wrong and Sania not got into the soul of the character.

    However I have a confession to make. Kanze is back and I find it terrifying that the drama is going to deteriorate because of her acting. How I wish Fk had slapped her a bit harder and out her out of action and we could have someone who could act. Also I think I haven’t minded the long Salima scenes as their is less air time for Neelum. We may all start missing Mr Jonty!

    Did anyone feel that the reaction to the night before was due to a fear of rejection on both parties.He saw her looking depressed and she in turn so him walk away?

    • @shazch my friend, let’s spend a few moments on the newspaper scene since we waited for it with anticipation 🙂 Couldn’t have been better. Now for the “baal rangna, sahi tu keh rahi hai scene” 😀 That way we will also hopefully be done with the repeated scenes where MJ is checking her hair out.

      I am so with you on the thappar. That has to be my favorite scene/blooper ever!! (I am generally not so mean but I just cannot help it) Kanza needs diction and acting lessons ASAP. Unfortunately for us, we are stuck with her 😦 Like i mentioned in my comment on the previous episode, Salima over Neelam any day!! WB will end up with Neelam eventually and if it wasn’t for Kanza playing her, I wouldn’t mind it at all.

      My question: why did he look so normal when he woke up and didn’t give the pin another thought? It looked like a regular morning and given that the directors imply everything in this play by expressions, glances, stares, brooding looks etc, why no reaction to the pin? That confuses me and just doesn’t sit well with what seems to have followed after. Also, the thorn scene looked like the first few scenes between them and to me nothing to imply something went wrong (or not) in the bedroom the previous night. Having said that, I am tired of theorising and want to wait for the next episode (and then maybe a few more given the pace of the play) for things to make more sense.

      I agree that Sania was fabulous in the thunder storm scene. Fawad’s apology and mere suggestion of a smile while having tea in the morning in his room (or did I imagine it) were just too good. Its like one can almost read their thoughts…or maybe not. SS and Fawad have made this play for me and have proven yet again that “less is more” with their fantastic body language and expressions. Ab agar Kanza (I won’t say Neelam since its not the character which is a pain) baat hi karna seekh lei 😦

      @SZ you are too good with your analogies and interpretation of objects and scenes used to convey a thought for e.g the free birds vis a vis MJ’s situation. I am so glad I found this forum. Like someone said, you all are a bunch of very intelligent women who would make any Literature/Drama teacher very proud. 🙂

      • Exactly my thoughts and especially ur comment about feeling like u can read their minds. We r too engrossed in this show hehe

      • haha AK, I know although I was waiting for the newspaper and the rooftop partial door-blocking scene, which BTW were great, the way the things are implied after THE night got me off track. And lol @ thappar blooper 😀 I saw that blooper finally and trust me he gave her a good kaan-ke-neeche wala thappar! lol…That was pretty heavy thappar even for a blooper!

    • @shazch and @RR: LOL! I’ve been listing the same aggaravations every week, just that this week, the video Id been watching had terrible sound, and i had to rewind scenes at least 4-5 times to understand what people were saying, and by the time I was done watching and writing I was left with a full blown migraine.. needless to say I wasn’t a happy camper at the end of it all 😦 Rest assured though I am still one of the strongest advocates of this serial 🙂

      @shazch: Btw, not sure if you saw it already, but @Afia did post another excerpt for you on the Humsafar thread 🙂

  28. Let me start by saying that I am a silent reader of your reviews, your analysis are so in depth and whatever questions I have about the episodes are answered in the comments so even without participating I feel included and have my opinion shared. One thing is for sure that people here are more appreciative and patient about numm than any other forum in fact other reviewers seem to have give up on it or lost interest, for which I don’t blame them. pace is too slow and this shows relies more on symbolism and requires attention to details that not many are accustomed to seeing in desi dramas. Now coming to this episode, it showed most of the scenes from the 12 minute promo that intrigued me so much that I waited patiently for the drama to start. Counted days while rewatching promo countless time so I can finally see my most loved fawad and sania shine together. So finally when the show started it of course gave more reasons to stick with it and had bigger purpose. Since all of u have wonderfully analyzed what happened in the episode so finally wali had the guts to show his affection for Mj mostly through his looks that Mj definitely caught. I loved the morning breakfast scene where wali comfortably hiding behind newspapers checked Mj out fawad was brilliant. I am still confused about the “night” I wanna know who initiated who followed who, did Mj just gave in sensing wali’s desires to fullfill her duty as to not refuse boss’s order or she reciprocated his feelings. I badly want to see what happened that night I rather have director show instead if us imagining it . Mj going to wali room seems out of character whereas wali going to Mj is understanble given his earlier scenes and flashbacks scenes at that time were disturbing if we think about what conspired after them. I can’t wait for next episode I really hope numm makers don’t let us down with average drama when we r trying to make it a masterpiece.

    • Hey Sara, welcome to the group of interesting speculators! 🙂 I felt the same way about this episode regarding so many scenes from the promos..It was like too many dishes after a long fast, where your are stuffed with so many flavors that you really couldn’t savor any of them..It is like all of W-MJ’s best-romantic scenes are done already! 😦 And of course, THE night! That needs to be clarified ASAP!

      • i know I had that feeling too about having seeing all the romantic scenes at once I even had a mini heart break about not knowing what to look forward to in the show anymore.. but now I can’t wait for clarification of THE night.

        • @sara: hey! lovely to hear from you…. chalo acha hai ke Numm ki wajah se we get to hear from many of our silent readers .. ab please no more silence! 🙂

  29. @ YBM lol… re fast & too many dishes. I think we were so engrossed in these much-awaited scenes that we missed the whole point lol .. & we really do need the clarification this time!
    Funny enough, as I finished watching the first time, i was like.. hmmm am I wasting my time watching this? Great acting and all but what actually happenned? but now after indulging in this discussion, can’t wait for the next episode!
    I also noticed, N’s & her sister’s ‘shadi ke baad bachcha’ chat followed the night sequence.. Will Mj get pregnant?
    And can someone please explain the significance of the Maali. My mind is working overtime trying to decode the Maali talk.

  30. Man everyone said everything that is possible that could have have been the outcome of that mysterious night. I totally overlooked the scene and didn’t look much into it. I just thought she went to return the pin to him and that was that. However, after reading everyone’s comments I went back to the episode and something definitely happened. She had her black chaddar on in an appropriate manner “jab badal baras gaye thai” and then when she comes out of the room her chaddar is on her forearm and she fixes her dupatta as she is walking away. Had she have to put the pin down and check up on him her black chaddar would be on her shoulders where it usually is. I personally would have liked him going to her because I guess a lady of her caliber throwing herself at him is sad and she’ll never earn her respect that way. I think she did come into his room but for other reasons(not desire) because then what would be the significance of that entire scene where he’s afraid of the thunderstorms. Obviously man is man, one thing led to another. The most unfortunate of it all is that he passed by the breakfast table, just to show her that this is reality.

    • @swirvey road I was also thinking along the same lines..She pbbly went to him for other reasons. We estalblished in earlier episodes that she was used to going in and out of his room for whatever reason. And after recalling this memory of thunderstorm,she pbbly just wanted to check up on him. And like u said one thing led to another and so forth.. and ended up ‘comforting’ W in a very different manner this time around.
      but i still can’t stomache how W can go ahead with it, right after the bathing memory flash.

  31. @All: Hey guys check out this YT video I just posted under my review .. this one is the official geo video which was released earlier today. Apart from the amazing picture quality, this one is minus the OST and the background score .. and OMG I have to say what a huge difference! If I had seen this “silent” version before my review would not have started off with a listing of my “aggravations”!

    Also, a very warm welcome to all the silent readers who decided to take the plunge…Loved reading all the comments and insights .. I’ll be back in a bit to join in 🙂

    • Ok, this is better but only marginally. Think I will wait for the ‘official’ version next time round but what’s with the all or nothing deal here? I do hope this wasn’t the aired version because the antidote to not having blaring sound is not no sound!

      Also it would have helped if the terrace scene was followed by thorn scene and then stormy night. Would have created a little more build up. And whhyyyy is Wali looking so pissed off all the time? Come on, there have to be more ways to show being tortured! (just read all the comments here! =P)

      Though I have to say you can see the plot unfolding a mile away now……

    • @SZ Thanks the speech was more clear, but with out any background music it was very dry and awkward.
      Anyways I noticed one more thing that after ‘THE Night’ the next morning when she leaves for her rendezvous she seems reluctant to go. Also from her and the chauffeur’s conversation it seems she has done this many time, and when she returns she mentions to Valima to get lunch ready W is on his way. Looks like they want us to think that she has been meeting W secretively for some time.

      If what I mentioned above is true then this get more and more complicated by the minute. It is totally frustrating how they just show us random scenes and then leave it to us to imagine what happened. I personally do not think this is a well directed drama.

    • Thanks @SZ for sharing. Video quality is good, but I’m not sure I like this version better. There is way too much of the total khamoshi. It doesn’t have to be mute! These long scenes with no sound whatsoever is more ajeeb… Come on Geo, please! pull urselves together & strike a balance!!!! You guys r really testing our threshold..
      It would be really nice to listen to the lyrics in SS and Fk voice like the 12 min promo & the last episode. few verses here and there.. again no overkill of that either please!

    • Eid Mubarak to you too 😀 Hahaha seriously! I refreshed my mail box all day just in case the notifications weren’t coming, but I think everyone had been busy with their bakra and stuff :p

      • @afia qazi: Hahaha…great…about “stirring things up a bit”!! All of us have become so used to the chatter on this thread that silence feels abnormal!!

        @Fizza: I kept checking my mail box too thinking the notifications were not coming like you said!!

        Everyone is just too busy with festive celebrations, that’s all the reason, so no worries. Eid Mubarak to all friends here. Have a great time!

        • Sorry guys! It was a crazy busy week and I didnt have the time to respond to comments till today … but it is a lot of fun to read all the comments and yes, I’m with you all… I also do wonder ke sab log kahan chaley gaye when there are no comments!
          And on that note, I wonder why we haven’t heard from our friends @Bollyqueer and @SM .. hope everything’s all well on their end..

          • Thanks SZ that you remember me! Was busy with Eid, kids, assignments….. and a bit shy to dig deep into the matter. But was following you all. So now the tide is against Neelum, quite a contrast from where we started. Although, I am always with Mj, this time I want to look into Neelum. We don’t like Neelum because ‘Numm’ doesn’t want us to like her. But think about a girl, 17+, dreams of a Prince, suddenly was forced to marry a man. A man, who indeed is a prince, but of the old days for whom it is usual to live in ‘harem’s. I found Neelum not foolish to get out of the car and get the bus. It was her self esteem that she felt insulted that her husband riding a car like a lord with his two women sitting behind. She is a rebel to the ‘system of the men’ at her capacity in the diner table, at the wedding night and later at Lahore Manson. She showed sharp senses when talking to her mother at school. But again, if she is that sensitive she wouldn’t behave that bad to Mj. I think, she felt insecure due to Mj,and her young age that made her behave like that. A complete contrast is the ‘Treetalk’. What made her not grow up. Is there another story? And think about what W is doing in her absence. Poor Girl! However, Fawad did an work of art in delivering the sensuality of W. And for me the most touching scene was Mj giving shelter to little W at the stormy night. The most artistic scene was W putting down the infamous ‘clip’ on the dressing table. Loved the music of thunder and rain.

    • Salam and Eid Mubarak to you as well 🙂 It is tomorrow here. lol @ everyone being quiet! To stir things up a bit more, let me throw in another speculative theory about THE night.

      So here goes theory #9873498348374: MJ goes to W’s room to check on him (the flashback of W being scared of storms). W invites MJ to sit/come closer etc etc. In the heat of the emotional torrents, removes MJ’s clip, places it on side table. Confesses his feelings for MJ or tries to convince MJ that they both share a very deep bond and should uninhibitedly give themselves a chance to let that bond bloom into something beautiful. MJ is numb/surprised for a while but W insists that they need each other as they have been burdened by unnecessary suffering from the past..MJ disagrees and is not convinced (her doubts reg her status, BS, feudal society, N, etc etc) and walks out shocked at the turn of events.

      Next day at the breakfast table, W is angry/sad that MJ is not willing to give them a chance (or that nothing happened 😉 ), hence walks away…while MJ is embarrassed/shy/anxious that W is taking it to the heart…Now W starts to attend to MJ’s needs hence the dupatta rescue, and also the compliments on hair scene in the next episode. to gain MJ’s favor.

      I propose this theory because

      #1: All our previous notions are hard to agree with MJ’s character and her ability to suffer for others’ mistakes albeit with dignity.

      #2: Highly unlikely a possibility of one night stand between two complex characters who not only have emotional baggage but a lot of practical things ala consequences to consider.

      #3: W’s anger at N in the next episode when he says “Kuch bhi nahi hua jiski wajah se chillaya jaa raha hai” He gets angry for two reasons: First N accusing him of something that he didn’t do, second that MJ does not even consider the idea of really being in a relationship with him.

      #4: Back to normal routine in next episode between W and MJ at the food table scene reg complimenting on hair, basically W trying to still gain MJ’s attention.

      #5: W eventually turning to N for comfort and relationship in later episodes due to MJ not responding to his advances.

      #6: My silly head, high expectations from the storyline, a dull Tuesday with a lot of dumb projects thrown my way 😛

      Have an awesome Eid everyone! 😀

  32. MJ’s extremely anxious and then dejected look at breakfast after ‘The Night’ and then her emotion filled near to tears next scene tells me she was the initiator and she was rejected by him, or it happened but did not end well.

    In the next episode promos N does tell W that if nothing as yet has happened between him and MJ then it is because he is not capable. Another theory to reflect on.

    • Neelam is being her typical jealous, insecure, badtameez self. She’s probably playing mindgames with him to make him angry enough so he reveals if anything happened. Anyone who knows anything knows you don’t taunt a man (and in her case her feudal husband) about such sensitive topics.

  33. I went back and watched the episode again, and I am quite confident that if anything happened between them, it was on Wali’s instigation. And quite frankly I do thing they crossed that line. I don’t think the writer or director are going to revisit those scenes. They are writing for a thinking audience, and the whole story is shrouded in mystery, so I think they have placed enough innuendoes and scenes to tell us what transpired. The only clarification we will eventually get will come with how the story proceeds, ie, MJ is pregnant, or they are somehow found out because someone discovers their secret – Neelam/ BS/W blurts it out at Neelam’s constant goading.

    It is W, who is seeing MJ in a new light, constantly staring at her, evaluating her, she is going about her business as usual. When she invites him to sit in her room, when she comments that it is going to rain, she is perfectly normal. There is no “nazrein churaana”, no awkwardness. And when she is on the rooftop I think she’s looking up at the sky at the storm clouds, lost in thought, but W’s attitude surprises her, she has a confused look on her face and she uncomfortably slips by him.

    Wali is struggling with his emotions. She may have gone in his room to check in on him (which I don’t think she did – I think he found her in the drawing room staring at the rain), but I don’t think she harbored any ulterior motives. Plus, I think if that was the scenario they wanted to show the director would have put it on the screen, I think it was deliberate that we see Mahjabeen staring outside at the run and not towards W’s room.

    At breakfast, she slinks into her chair and can barely make eye contact with him, and then he walks by. I saw shame/regret on his face, consistent with someone who might have done something unexpected in the heat of the moment. If she were the instigator I don’t think she would have been able to face him.

    Her beseeching looks seem to be trying to find an explanation from him – why? How? What now? I don’t think W himself can make any sense of it, that’s why he avoids her at breakfast. He looks like he’s going to approach her before her dupatta gets stuck, but he is hesitating. I think, like the beginning of the drama, he wants to apologize to her, but he can’t bring himself to. He has altered their relationship but he probably doesn’t have a justifiable reason/explanation.

    I thought it was very interesting that Neelam taunts him in the next episode, calling his very mardaangi into question, by saying: “tum is qaabil hi nahin ho”. I think that too is a deliberate hint to the audience that what Neelam through in his face, actually has happened.

    Anyway, I just wrote a novel, but this is the scenario that makes the most sense to me and doesn’t require too many extrapolations or blame faulty direction/ editing/ writing/ characterization.

    • @Nur I agree with your theory. i always read Mj’s staring back to W’s stares as a confused, rather scared, looking for answer, ‘yeh iss ko kia ho giya hai’, and hairatzada looks. & not ‘oh I think im falling for u too’ types. Like you said, her smiles and coversations have been normal. She only stares back when she’s found him staring at him, and that only to understand what’s going on in his head.
      Having said that, I feel on the breakfast table, before W walks off, I read his expressions as disgusted, not sorry. That could be because he has habit of blaming others for his own doings..?
      I do think there is a connection in Mj and W going out. W’s driving scene is way too long. He seems to be on the same roads. and his reaction has changed after he has returned. It could be that both of them went out to clear their heads. But how does Mj know W is on his way back for lunch, when they weren’t even talking. We have seen that W doesnt have any specific aane jane ka time. When I saw Geo’s no sound version video, it seems like he’s following someone, & not exactly contemplating.
      Its the Mali connection thats been really bugging me. They were going on and on abt the Mali. Its bound to have some deeper meaning. woh aaraha tha, aur finally pohunch gaya. In the morning, W is watching him intently too. So here goes my theory: if we analyze the mali situation, its Mj who has played the mali role so far, looking after W and the household. Mali’s chutti and bimari all synonymous to Mj. She’s even doing the gardening.. It could mean that Mj W ke paas puhunch gai??? …Having said that, Mali roles had reversed in the last few days, when W was looking after Mj and even offering so-called help around the household. Mali is back could also imply Mj is expected to be (back) dealing with her responsibilities as ususal, and life should go back to normal… but can it really?
      @Nur And like you said I don”t think they would go back into further details of the night. They have established that Mj was in W’s room and it happenned. The story will just move on to the consequences. If that is indeed the case, it was bad execution. bathing scene was totally misfit into the scenario. and majority of the audience failed to get the point. Like @schaz said, the writer missed a huge trick. It could’ve been an epic scene with such brilliant actors! sigh!..

    • @ Nur, I would love the story to go your way..that will make it interesting to see what unfolds later. I agree with a lot of yr interpretations of W and MJ’s expressions, stares, and behavior.

      I’m waiting to see how W reacts to N’s taunt since unfortunately another thappar is out of the question. Coz like you said, she is treading on a very unsafe territory, pointing at a very sensitive and personal topic this time

      • Im with you guys in your reading of the episode .. but I don’t think W and MJ’s drives are connected. MJ, I think, went to her family/brother/friend’s house to clear her head and take a break from the oppressive haveli, whereas W went on a long drive, maybe to the haveli to gain some perspective on his actions of the night before. The reason why the roads might have seemed similar is that both went to the gaon.. remember W and MJ’s family lived in he same area, if not the same exact gaon.

        Re: the bathing scene, I agree that it was a turnoff, but I think it was the starkest way of illustrating how radically their relationship was going to change that night. Wali might not have thinking that exact scene, but the director might have chosen to illustrate his thougts this way, where W is looking back to the role MJ had played in his life up until that point… Again just my reading of the scenes .. lets se what the next ep brings …

    • @Nur: Yes, I too read MJ as questioning W, kind of asking him where they go from here .. and W is as usual confused and has no answers and walk off… and yes, Neelam will taunt him, but W being the loser that he is will lie to her … and when/if MJ turns up preggo then there will be hell to pay!

  34. Hi everyone, my first post:)
    I’ve really been enjoying Numm and especially everyone’s responses to it. I have a different viewpoint on this last episode. I don’t think that M and W met that night. It’s not in keeping with their characters at all. It seems to me that on the rooftop Wali hesitated so much at the thought of returning her hairpin that it’s possible that he took it back after he returned it. That’s why upon waking he expected it to be there. Also in the 12 minute promo there is a brief scene where M is holding her hairpin and she has not yet colored her hair, so hopefully she “finds” it early in the next episode. At this point Wali is struggling with his feelings towards Mahjabeen and she is bewildered by his mercurial emotions. I can’t wait for these two to get together and I am fully behind their romance but I don’t think it has quite happened yet…ah, the mystery of the hairpin!

    • @Yasmin: Hey! Welcome to our wacky discussion group! I dont think we’ve ever dissected a play as much as we have Numm LOL!
      I think I am with all those who think something happened that night .. but then again this Numm so anything is possible, hopefully tomorrow’s episode will clear up at least this mystery!

  35. We will never know who initiated the Night in question. I think the director has left that to our interpretation. And I think we all have done equally good and insightful dissection of all the scenes.

    We would all want W to have initiated as we feel MJ has had enough tragedies in her life and we feel for her pride and dignity, but realistically speaking who knows.

    All I would like is that the scenes not to be so vague that it is hard to decipher what the director is trying to convey. In fact I like a play that lets you contemplate and this could have been a very good and powerful play if it was better edited and directed. I can even live with the background music and OST playing all the time.

    I even do not mind them revealing the story slowly, but this is not a mystery play and shrouding things in secrecy and not revealing the characters properly is what is most annoying in this play

  36. @AK I will say it again newspaper (sighhh) and I cant wait for the hair dye thing as well.

    . @SZ thanks for pointing out Afia’s excerpt I hadn’t set notifications on that thread and i have now.

    I was worried that some people were losing interest as we didn’t seem to have has many comments last week but 91 comments on Eid week shows we are all still committed.

    Ok lets do a quick poll to see what we hope(not think) happens
    with the following options now and see as the drama unfolds if our mind changes:

    A) Neelum and Wali live happily ever after.
    B)Majhabeen and Wali live happily ever after.
    C)W and Mj have their romance but W sets Mj free.
    D) They continue to co-exist as they are.
    E) Mr Jonty falls on Neelum crushing her to death( Only joking this isn’t a real option)

    O.k so I choose C (and of course E if I had special magical powers) feel free to add your own options.

    • @shazch Loving the poll!
      lol @ E – don’t we all wish that!
      I’m all for B – to add to that I wanna see Mj with all the rights and status, and most importantly, the much-awaited heir! That should stir things up a bit for BS & his feudal mind-set. And N either crushed to death by mr Jonty, sent to a mental assylum, or simply divorced lol.. basically out of W’s & Mj’s life, whatever it takes.

    • @shazch:LOL! Love the poll! Ok, so let me stir the pot a bit more and offer another completely different option:
      F: MJ is preggo with W’s baby, W and N do not know of this and are on their way to set her free when their car crashes and they die. BS hears the new, keels over and dies of a shock induced heart attack, and lo and behold MJ’s baby (who just happens to be a boy) is the new heir to BS’s jaidad. MJ, having suffered so much, decides enough is enough and sells the land and moves abroad with her son and Amtul to start a new life…

  37. I personally like the suspense in this drama. It really makes us think outside the box instead of predicting what happened. Plus I think we all get the basic idea that there is definitely something there between mahjabeen and wali and it’s just not a Aya/care taker relationship. At least we can all agree on that right? 🙂 which is the main point of the director. The whole intimacy part is just to throw sparks.

    I vote for C, because I just think that mahjabeen has a right to go back to her family. She definitely served her punishment for all these years. Unfortunately she will have to go through some more misery before we can get to that point.

  38. no matter how bad the editing or direction is no one(at least on this blog or the few viewers they have) is going to stop watching Numm after seeing this last episode 🙂

    If anything I think the Numm team are pretty wise 😉

    • Thanks for sharing @Fazfar!
      For those looking for a link, here is the YT link 🙂

      and here’s the daily motion link thanks to @Fizza 🙂

  39. Eid Mubarak to everyone!
    It seems like every scene, glance, stare, expression has been thoroughly dissected and commented on!
    Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to watch it again but the first time I watched it was very confusing indeed!! The review and all the comments though have given a very good expianation of stuff I missed:)
    Whether we think it happened or not ( lleaning more towards it happened due to the huge zoom in on the ring on his table) still riveting stuff and Neelum coming back will surely nip it in the bud!
    So I think the director did a good job in leaving it to our imaginations lol I’m not totally comfortable with the relationship being like that and obviously they are not either so it is exciting to see what will happen next!

    • Was this episode 9 for real?!? The version i just saw had scenes from the previous episodes as well as zero sound. Between wanting to bang my head on the wall in sheer frustration, i have a millions reasons, and itching to slap both neelam and her sister, i could barely sit through it. What an anti climax to the lovely last episode. Sorry for posting this here….i was just too frustrated…HAD to take it out!!! 😦

      @schazh our scene felt like such a letdown….i want to cry 😦 Please someone tell me there is a different, better version out there.

      • @AK: Is this what you saw? Yes, no bgs, and repitition of checking the grey hair scene, but there seems to be a lot of progress in this ep.. I’m still watching and halfway through so dont know what happens at the end .. but thought Id share the version I was watching… and yes a tight thapar perhaps three or four to Minahil and Neelam!!!

        • @SZ, Yes!! such a torture. But I did find one that has bg score, including the doorbell ringing!! (Had no idea why Wali was rushing to the door!)

          Check this one out

          The scene where MJ goes to her cupboard to take out her blue dress and check out her hair is the same from the last episode. How can they let that pass?!! Minahil has to tbe most badtameez girl I have ever met! Neelam is a close second! I really want to believe the thappar blooper was FK’s frustration 🙂


            OK, finished watching… yes, that version that aired has the bgs, but hte version geo released online has none .. but the content is the same. The the link above has yt links as well.. I actually found the episode quite interesting. Apart from that one repeated scene, there was a lot new that happened. will be back with the review in a few 🙂

      • @AK, even with the background score, this was a bad one 😦 N also repeated a dialogue from past! Sorry I’m frustrated too..waiting for SZ’s review to make it feel a little better

        • I know 😦 I am sure after reading SZ’s review, I’ll be back for more 🙂

          I did feel disappointed because of a) extremely poor editing b) neelam/her sister and their pathetic acting , c) a disconnect from the last episode d)different Wali to what we have seen so far…apparently Neelam’s strategy worked 😦

      • i must admit I actually enjoyed this one.. I watched the Geo’s official no bgs version, (which i wasn’t really impressed with even last time), and there were loooaaads of editing errors, but despite all that, I thought the story moved forward pretty nicely, especially as the episode progressed. I could even tolerate N most of the times!.. A few more clues into the Qasim mystery, I think the way that’s unfolding, it is rather delicious.
        I must watch the bgs version now lol, hopefully that will b even better.
        Cant wait for your review @SZ!

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