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After having skimmed through comments on Facebook, I am left to wonder if I am the only one around who still finds Numm to be one of the more engaging and engrossing serials on air these days. Despite the still loud and mismatched background score, some overlong scenes, and below par acting of a few actors, Numm, because of its story, very well-etched characters and excellent acting by seasoned artists, continues to fascinate me. After having focused exclusively on the Mahjabeen-Wali-Neelam track for the past few weeks, this latest episode picked the  story from last week and shed more light on the kind of power wielded by Baray Sahab, explaining much about Wali’s frustrations and his inability to break free of the shackles of feudalism.

While it was already established in an earlier episode, via the panchayat scene, that Baray Sahab was considered a leader by the prominent zamindars and elders of the surrounding areas, 1185731_583495668364084_153937636_nlast week’s episode highlighted the fact that it was not only the rural folk who sought Sikandar Bakht’s counsel, but savvy politicians too came to Baray Sahab with their problems. Even though they were active members of the government and Baray Sahab just another rich feudal, nonetheless it was to him they turned with their complaints about impending agricultural taxes. It was he who calmed their fears, quietly assuring them he would take care of matters in Islamabad.

This week, the celebration at Wali’s house underscored the extent of Baray Sahab’s political influence. Within a matter of days, the shrewd operator had not only managed to get the problematic bills overturned, but accomplished this with such delicacy and finesse that the parties involved never realized they were being played. The barely veiled references to Pakistan being a rentier state, the debate about the dual nationalities of a majority of Pakistani officials, the entrenched older order’s resistance to change, the easy dismissal of the younger generation’s demand for an overhaul of the system, the carefree attitude of these corrupt politicians, as they sat around joking about the buray halat of Pakistan (as if they had no hand in adding to the same), all served as a pithy commentary on the prevalent political situation.

image_4The fact that Baray Sahab exerts so much influence, not only on the local and the provincial level, but as far as Islamabad, sheds light on why it is not so easy for Wali to simply walk away and start a new life. At least as long as he is in Pakistan, there is no easy way out for him, hence his biding his time to leave. From his later conversation with his grandfather it seemed that his marriage to Neelam was a part of his agreement with Baray Sahab. As long as Wali toed the line and produced the requisite heir he would be allowed to take a breath or two of his own free accord. 

Though that may have been how Wali understood the arrangement, and Baray Sahab cleverly dangling the PhD carrot in front of him, the fact that his grandfather specifically asked for Wali to be present at the dinner and the way he was seated, Wali-partyas if in front of an examining committee, and the way he was being whetted clearly indicated that Baray Sahab, as well as his cronies, saw Wali as Sikandar Bakht’s heir apparent, in ways not just related to zamindari. That Wali could only look on in disgust, as these elected representatives gloried in their success at having duped the system, laughing about how they would be first ones to jump ship as soon as the tides turned against them, spoke volumes of how different he was from his grandfather at least in this aspect. But then again, even as he spoke big, wasn’t he too contemplating a future abroad? Was he any different from his grandfather and his cronies? An extremely pertinent question, brilliantly posed by the writer. 

While he might differ in some ways, in other ways Wali is just like his grandfather. Quick to fly off the handle, he lashed out at Mahjabeen last week, and in all likelihood had a go at Salima again this week (going by how jumpy she was around him), about not keeping track of how Mahjabeen ended up so sick. imageUnlike his grandfather, however, Wali is not so far gone that he cannot feel remorse. His self-questioning and guilt was quite evident in his 360° turnaround with Mahjabeen. His concern for her health, him rising as a gesture of respect, when she entered the room to meet Neelam’s mother, point to a resurfacing of the old Wali. How long will it be before the darkness overtakes this gentleness remains to be seen.

Meanwhile in Murree, Neelam appears to have mulled over quite a bit about her relationship with Wali. 1380419_596237120423272_9759785_nWhile on the one hand she appears to have grown emotionally and speaks of compromises, on the other hand, one wonders that while she talks like an adult, is she really mature enough to walk the walk? A girl who cannot even share an imaginary friend, how will she share a living breathing husband, not to mention one she has a massive crush on. Seems like Neelam has a few more weeks to ponder over her situation. Meanwhile Wali is busy playing nurse to Mahjabeen, a fact that does not escape Sikandar Bakht’s experienced eye. Ever so gently he reminds Wali yet again about “riding” and inquires if he has any “news.” Wali’s expression says it all. Can Wali manage to strike a balance between his obligations and his desires? Will he ever be able to do right by both, his vani and his wife?

Finally, a huge thank you to whoever was responsible for not torturing us with the OST today. Listening to the beautiful words in Fawad’s sonorous voice was so much more pleasant, although the brooding scenes could’ve easily been shortened. Now if only the background score people could get their act together. In terms of acting, Fawad and Sania continue to excel, and Kanza continues on her faltering path. The actress playing Minahil (sorry still don’t know her name!) is another who makes her scenes such a chore to watch. With pluses outweighing the minuses, I’m still on the Numm bandwagon and enjoying the ride. What about you all?

Written by SZ~

Numm ~ Episode 7


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  1. Great review SZ !
    We still aren’t told who qasim is and isnt wali curious about qasim ?
    Neelums sister is such a precocious brat !!

    • @Deeba: Thanks 🙂 I think Qasim was MJ’s brother, who probably was killed in the fight with Alamgir and Jahangir, and I’m guessing thats the reason why Wali’s not questioning it, he seemed more concerned about the fact that she was re-living a very difficult moment of her life… what do you think?

      Aargh! Minahil ki tau baat hi mat karo, that brat needs a serious lesson in how to behave with adults. The way she talks to her mother is beyond belief! Uff, shukar karey meri beti nahin hai!

  2. Yay! You posted your review! Like always I enjoyed your insight and agree with most everything you wrote. I most definitely am still on the Numm bandwagon – it is the only drama I make a point of watching. I started and stopped many others and what with being busy have even missed a few episodes of Aunn Zara now.

    Numm continues to engage me, but in reading other people’s comments and talking to some of my drama-watching friends it hasn’t seemed to catch on with a lot of people even the die-hard FAK fans. I honestly am engrossed, so I could care less what the masses think. I have chocked it up to people wanting simple, pretty, predictable love stories, a la HUMTV – meh, to each his own 🙂

    I did find today’s episode slower than last week. I thought the long, brooding scenes were excessive and they could have condensed the entire episode in 20 minutes and gotten into the growing relationship between M-W.

    Baray Sahab’s scenes with his cronies was apt and necessary to juxtapose Wali’s thinking and positioning vis a vis the feudal system and his own “enlightened” education.

    @SZ: you are so right that although Wali questions the system and running away, in essence he is doing the same thing too. His deal with Baray Sahab seems to be that he will carry on the family legacy if he is allowed to live in London and pursue his PhD.

    I am a little concerned about the pacing – given that Neelam has only 5 weeks left, obviously time is passing quickly and as her mother mentioned she should be back in Lahore before you know it. I don’t see how they can expect to built the M-W relationship in such a short time given that they have made minimal progress. Although next week’s preview seems to indicate a shift in the way Wali views Mahjabeen, I don’t think Mahjabeen has had any such epiphany. I wrote my take on the M scenes in Wali’s bedroom earlier today for last week’s review, where I think that Mahjabeen’s feelings have not changed, she’s only concerned about the impending doom that she senses.

    Did you find it curious that Baray Sahab seemed to react quite strongly to finding out that Mahjabeen had been sick for a day or two and he wasn’t informed? I guess his spies really do have to report EVERYTHING that goes on in Lahore.

    I’ll be back for more…. this one’s long enough for now 😉

    • @Noor: and yay! fabulous that we heard from you right away! I was so glad to read your comment today, cause when I didnt see your comment for a while I thought we’d lost you 🙂 Yes, agree with your take on the bedroom scene, that it is Wali who is changing and evolving, MJ is still not quite there yet. But as you said, let see what next week brings.
      Yes, the scenes are now beginning to stretch, but I wonder how much of it is Geo trying to maximize the number of episodes. They did this with Mirat-ul Uroos and ofcourse quite famously with Ashk, in both cases, stretching scenes here and there went on to become four or five extra eps in each case. Lets hope and pray that Numm does not suffer the same fate!
      RE: the Baray Sahab scene (I’m so tempted to shorten his name to BS 😉 ) I took his concern more in the sense that he realized that Wali had been paying more heed to MJ, hence his “suggestion” to shift her to a hospital, but when Wali shot that down, Baray Sb was very quick to remind him about “riding” .. but yes, the sewrvants do report everything back, thats why Wali threatened them with “ulta latka doonga” in the 5th or the 6th ep.
      LOL! No worries about typos.. hum sab ek hi kashti main sawar hain 😉

      • @SZ: Aww thanks!! Always glad to be back on your forum!!! I was busy last couple of weeks so I couldn’t get on and post. This is the only forum/blog I write on so even if I don’t get to post, I try and read!

        Although I also thought BS’s comment about ghor-savaari nahin chhornaa was a cloaked reference to producing an heir – I think that it has a literal meaning too! Today BS asked him how his training was going and he said he hasn’t had a chance to go for a little while. I think Wali probably takes riding lessons/equestrian stuff and BS probably encourages it. I definitely think that there is a cloaked second meaning too (vis a vis Neelam), especially since he already compared her to a wild horse that should be let loose. I think Wali and BS probably share a mutual interest in horse racing/riding so the metaphor was appropriate for him to illustrate his point.

        • Oh absolutely! That scene, a few weeks ago, about ghur sawari mat chorna, actually had a black horse/stalllion (?) in the background as they were having that convo, so yes, W def has an interest in equestrian sports. I think that is the beauty of these lines, that they can be read any which way posible and they all seem to work in their own way.Same goes for the characters as well, they can be read in myriads of ways, no right or wrong, hence making for great discussions! 🙂

  3. Also, went back and watched the preview when Neelam throws the water at Mahjabeen and in an earlier scene she mentions that “15 saal say to aaya ka kaam kar rahi hai, aur ab achanak character badal liya” which makes Wali 25ish.

    I still think Mahjabeen was most likely 18-22 when Alamgir was killed, because as an elgible, respectable girl who lived in the gaon she would have been married off young. In her earlier flashbacks she seems like a chanchal, playful young girl. Obviously, since she was secretly meeting Alamgir, her family still hadn’t clued in. All these suppositions would make Mahjabeen 8-12 years older, so she would be 33-37 years old. It maybe irrelevant to some, but I know a lot of people are turned off by the age difference as they think she is 20 years older.

    • I think more than their actual age difference, what is more important is the way W and M view each other. I have seen couples with 20 + yrs of age diff, but they seem well-adjusted to their relationship. I guess here it is their previous history that seems to be turning people off, although I have been wondering why do we want to read everything in absolute terms. Why does M have to be seen either as W’s caretaker or his wife? Why not see M and W with a diff kind of a relationship, a co-dependency if you will (no, not using that term in the strictest psychological terms), where initially it was M who looked out for W and now its W who stands behind M when Neelam is insulting her. So there is resignation, affection, respect, anger, frustration, and more such conflicting emotions in this relationship, but none that can be classified a either a purely maternal feeling or a Bollywood type head over heels love here. With Neelam now having entered the picture, this relationship is now evolving into yet another phase and it remains to be seen where the writer goes with it…

      Also, in reading comments from last week, it was interesting to see different view points on the way the serial would end… so here’s a thought: Why are we assuming that Wali will live to enjoy a happily ever after with either of the two ladies.. what if he were to die?

  4. Hey SZ, Hope you’re feeling well?
    Am definitely on the Numm bandwagon but I wish the story would progress a bit more in each ep. I find Usman Peerzada’s scenes boring but then that’s just me. Neelum’s scenes also don’t help. Sometimes I find the script a bit strange- not making sense or a bit disjointed (specially Baray Sahab’s dialogue)…
    But FK’s in this so will be watching till the end. Eagerly waiting next ep coz that has some W-MJ interaction 🙂

    • @Afia: Hey! Thanks, much better now 🙂
      Yea, they should edit a bit more strictly.. but then we do know Geo.. I had hoped they would do better with this b/c of their new management, but so far looks like same old same old … dekhte hain kya hota hai.. filhal key liye fingers crossed!

    • @Afia, although I enjoy the cloak of mystery surrounding the drama, I also think that there are often holes in the episode and some tighter editing is required. Part of writing an intriguing mystery is to weave a web, by sontinuously adding questions – but more importantly answering some of those questions along the way. We need to be given little morsels to chew on until the next bite. I don’t want everything to be strung out and then “solved” in the last 2-3 episodes. Resolving some of the past and the identity questions (Qasim, curly-haired boy, Allah Rakhi) will better help in developing the characterizations of W, MJ, Neelam, BS et al.

      And yes, I am looking forward to the MJ-W interaction – I’m not looking for chichora romance, but I want to see them develop an understanding of their relationship, not just through the vani rishta, but the acknowledgement of their bond/codependence/shared experiences. Out of all that if love blossoms (too optimistic a word for anything that would happen between them) I welcome it. I don’t feel like we are going to get a romance, I think there will be smoldering feelings and unacknowledged emotions.

      • As much as I’m enjoying the mystery, sometimes I feel a sequences are a bit disconnected… At times i’ve found myself totally clueless about cirtan things.. Its only when i’ve gone back & watched it all over again, or read the review and the discussion that I could decipher.. Unfortunately, for the masses who are watching it on the tele don’t have that advantage.. So i can understand the frustratration. Eg. As much as I loved the scene and the kamal ki acting, I for the life of me couldn’t work out ‘why’ the hell Wali was shouting his head off at poor Mahjabeen in the last episode… it was only this forum that helped me out of mysery.. Thanks guys!
        All in all I do think some mysteries are being solved slowly, but they come with more mystery packages.. and to be honest I am loving that!

  5. Since it’s the only drama I’m following religiously nowadays, can’t say much about how others are going. But what’s most captivating about the drama has to be the well-etched characters- especially Wali and Mahjabeen! I cannot completely understand the complexities of W’s character just yet. But you (@SZ) provide a thorough analysis of the nuances even. It’s interesting to read how you perceive things in a unique fashion.
    Now getting down to yesterday’s episode, I think this pot on the stove had all ingredients to it: engrossing, boring, mind-boggling and perhaps a bit dragged too at the same time but still ready to eat. Albeit, on the brighter side, giving us less reasons to fast-forward some scenes which has been the case hitherto. I must appreciate the veracity of the numm verses/ lyrics they play in the background. Like when Wali is doing his usual chore lying on the sofa and we hear his voice wafting in the background as ‘ mumkin hai aa bhi jao tum meray khyaalon mein, mumkin hai door door raho’ to whom were these lines dedicated? The context made me think MJ!
    Also, why is he hidding MJ’s illness from Baray Sahab? Wierd, isn’t it? He tried to evade baray sahab’s question when he inquired about MJ’s reason for not picking up the phone and later tentatively stated she has this seasonal flu since past two days. And at the same time he doesn’t want anyone to look after MJ but him! Huh! So baray sahab is not wrong with his might-be-brimming suspicions. After all, where there’s smoke there’s fire! Good luck Wali, just few more weeks to relish in the amorous bliss, your sweetheart’s returning soon 😛
    It’s so good to read everyone’s take on the drama. Enjoying the journey on numm band wagon whole-heartedly! 😀

    • @Fizza: LOL!! @Wali should enjoy amorous bliss before the new wife/sweetheart (?!) enters the pic.. hahaha now that’s a thought scary enough to put the fear of God in anybody’s heart! Seems like there’s more W-MJ interaction in the next episode. 🙂

  6. HI SZ – hope you are better now and strong as horse. 😉

    You’re kidding right? People don’t like this drama? This episode was terrific! This is what I was waiting for! Strongest scene was Bade Saheb and friends that touched on the most pressing aspects of Pakistan today – control in the hands of the feudal lords, emigration to greener pastures (though this is across the board), the chess game of bills and politics, taxes, fleeing youth and Wali’s assessment of the power structure and not realizing his own hypocrisy in wanting to run away to ‘gora desh’.

    And what do you know, looks like Wali is actually making progress towards spine regeneration – actually saw a glimmer of a back bone. Please, please Ahson Talish, give us more scenes like this – brooding and smoking can only take you so far – although if you had Wali reading Ahmed Rashid or Ayesha Siddiqa instead of the Anti-war book I’d give you a standing ovation and it would really really work well in Wali’s defense (and my help temper my dislike!)

    Although am curious, some commentators talk of decline of feudalism as a result of urbanization not really any proletariat protest. True?False?

    Shout to FK – brilliant use of defensive body language and postures. Nice portrayal of being defensive and deferential at the same time. Also props for not haranguing the help this time.

    Someone please tell MJ that when you are sick stay in bed – I was getting the creeps when she walked up to Neelam’s mum and sister and was coughing and hacking away in the kitchen! Germs germs everywhere….

    • @A musing Muslim: haha.. good one! Yes, doing much better, thanks! Not sure though about being strong enough to do whatever horses do, particularly in Numm land! 😉
      Told you to give my boy Wali some time! LOL @ him reading AS or AR. I have my issues with both of them, but yeah he’d have been much better off reading either of them.
      re: decline of feudalism, if talking about the European context, I’d go more with the urbanization thesis and rise of capitalism, etc, but in the South Asian context, particularly in the case of Pk, I would say there is no decline whatsoever in feudalism, if anything their hold on Pakistani society is stronger now than it ever was …

      • Don’t worry the Numm ‘ghodas’ are only brooding not breeding..yet….

        I had read the feudalism and urbanization thing re: Pakistan but was skeptical about it and now you’ve proven me right.

  7. Hi SZ. Good to have you back. Hope your are fine now. I think not only me, everyone was missing your response on our comments. I am with amuzingmuslim this time. I just loved the episode. Wonderful! Fawad has been perfect as Wali. And I think till now Numm is his best performance. BS brings the social perspective to the drama. the drama zooms in with Wali and Mahjabeen and zooms out with BS. Beautiful combination. Three lead roles are not Wali, Mahjabeen and Neelum but Wali, Mahjabeen and BS. Neelum is the catalyst. the hammer on the nail. However, Neelum is a self-contradictory character but I will come to her later. And I agree with you guys on BS’s shock on not being informed regularly. Usman Peerzada is lucid as BS. Such a delight to see him curving the tricky moments between Wali and BS and the dinner table scene in episode 2.

    This was an episode to dig a bit deeper in Wali.I do feel pity for the young boy who was orphaned and found himself in a awkward relationship with a woman who was believed to be in the middle of the bloodshed. His entire life is shaped by that bloodshed. He grew up with expected complexities, being a feudal blood, tamed by the goodness of Mahjabeen – to be a quiet and solitary man, without a real friend other than Mahjabeen. Yes, I felt, in the course of time he found a strange friend in her to whom he can open up and with whom he could be bitter to express his frustrations. She has been his shelter in times of pain and anger and frustrations. But the underlying relationship that brought them together was kind of blanketed to him!

    I figured that from episode two Wali started learning about Mahjabeen, her status.And still he is learning. I could see that he was a bit amazed to learn that she was not his biwi but a vani. Then Neelum’s continuous hammering and at last slapping her made him understand that Mahjabeen is his weak point. He could understand that the two woman cannot share the same roof at that moment of time. He does have some plans. I hope it is to change the status of Mahjabeen.

    However, you guys must be tired of my porlonged chewing……….

    • @SM: As always a very thoughtful comment, and I agree with you on the way you read Wali, I too had noted in my reviews of the earlier eps, that it was Neelam’s arrival that shook him to core and he was forced to come to terms with a very difficult to digest relationship, one that he would have happily ignored forever. I think intellectually he knew that she was his vani/wife, in the strictest sense of the word, but beyond that she was just Mahjabeen, somebody who had always been around as far as he could remember.. I think we’ll learn more about their past relationship when the writer tells us more of his relationship he had with MJ during his teenage years and the years before he left for London. We met him just as he had returned from London, and saw him rebelling against her hold on the household affairs from the get go. But with Neelam’s arrival, as we’ve already seen he is forced to confront his feelings for MJ. His first instinct is to lash out at first Neelam and later MJ.. He made nice with Neelam and is now in the process of apologizing to MJ, in his own particular way.
      And yes, from ep 5 onwards, there is a change in Wali, and he has something brewing in that feudal head of his.. ab lets see what he’s planning and where he’s going with them, and what role does BS play in all of this ..

      And please dont worry about long comments, we all love to read and share .. and Numm is certainly giving us a chance to really sink our teeth in to these characters and try to suss out their thoughts and emotions. Actually, in reading these comments, it feels like being a part of a book club, where every reader brings a different perspective, adding a whole other dimension to the book being discussed! Here’s to hoping Numm stays the course and we can keep having these conversations 🙂

      • @SZ re book club..thats exactly how i felt when I came across your blog.. I actually went back and watched all the episodes again…. I’m loving Numm even more now..! I just hope Team Numm keep up with it.

        • @FA: Aww! I’m so glad that our conversations helped add to your Numm experience 🙂 And exactly .. from your lips to God and Geo’s ears! 😉

      • @SZ: I’m only speculating, but I don’t think they will show his teenage years – for the purposes of the story, I think they just want to juxtapose his innocent childhood with his cynical/conflicted adulthood. I think those teenage years would have been awkward on many levels and although they must have affected the dynamic, it doesn’t necessary fit in with the overall narrative. In real life it would have definitely had an impact – imagine a teenage boy going through puberty and becoming conscious of the opposite gender and then he finds out that he is married – imagine the conflict, confusion, anger.

  8. all i have got to say about this serial is it full ov nothing but crap. .fawad khan should have continued with the same charm ov his doing romance n doing ladies as was in humsafar dastan zgh etc. . this one got him so weired in my should carry on with what they are best at i.e the romance in fkays case. no offense please!
    in the curent play he has hardly any good things to say. . no doubt the actor has got nothing wrong with his abilities n talents but the character given to the guy doesn suit him. . he as a lover boy looks more charming to me than this quite lost wadera with the issues ov gaoun to go with :/
    better he do another romantic project to catch up on his place in my head once again :/

    • @allena: Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts… Although I’m enjoying Numm, I know of so many friends who are getting just as bored with it as you… and like you would rather see FK in lover boy roles… but koi nahin, I’m sure FK will be back soon in enough in those kind of stories as well … till then, as one of my friends puts it, there’s always Humsafar and ZGH dvds 😉 What else are you watching these days?

  9. n my suggestion to wali here is one.divorce mahjabeen,two.divorce neelum n last but not the least, get a life hahahah 😀 like he should go out or back to london there at OU n find for himself a pretty lady oooo 😉 lol

  10. Hello everyone. I have achieved yet another “milestone” by watching Dastaan. Am I the only one who hadn’t?! Having seen this episode of Numm while ‘recovering” from the therapeutic affect that Dastaan left on me, I was a bit disappointed. Only because the pace was too slow and while I would pick Salima anyday over Neelam, I still don;t want to see so much of her non-value added presence. I am so happy that Wali is growing up, or so it seems. As someone said, the spine regenration process may have started.

    It was touching to see Wali tend to MJ. BS’s (I have been calling him BS since last few weeks :)) reaction to not being informed about MJ’s illness was amusing. Looks like things are changing in the haveli. I am so not looking forward to Neelam’s return and am willing to put up with a few more slow episodes without her just for that.

    The background sound was so different from the last 6 episodes that it is clear someone has finally read the reviews. I still think it can be handled better.

    Lastly, I cringed when Minahil gave a shut up call to her mom in front of Wali. I imagined getting a tight slap if I ever even thought about it as a child that age….shudderrrr

    • @AK: Glad to know you enjoyed Dastaan.. its one my favorites! I’m sure you’re not the only one who’s just started catching up, I actually have a friend who’s quite adamant about not watching Dastaan. The reason being that she’s afraid that it will not live up to her expectations, b/c she’s heard so much about it!
      Yes, agree with you that scenes need trimming, some scenes can be done without, and sound could be still improved upon, but at the end of the day, I’d still rather watch this than the other more glitzy and technically superior, but ultimately soulless serials ..
      and yes!! Minahil was begging for a tight slap there .. What a useless mom and what bakwas betis she has raised!

      • I agree with you …i’d rather have this than any of the other dramas that are too predictable. It has drama, suspense and intrigue that holds you captive and makes you come up with a million theories at the end of each week. Nothing is straight forward!! After watching Dastaan, that had absolute brilliance in its casting which resulted in the drama that it was, I just wish the producers had invested in good actors besides SS, FK & UP. Its not a handful of big names that can make a drama but a good team. It took me a second effort to watch Neelam’s scenes, especially with the tree. To me its not only her Urdu but English dialogue delivery as well that is below par. Its a lovely character but sadly I just cannot feel for it yet 😦

        Minahil is begging for a slap and some more. 🙂 Again a character that is a contradiction to the feudal setup but poorly played by the girl. Everyone besides FK, SS & UP need acting lessons….even Salima in my view is better than this girl. The story is the saving grace of this play. Like it so far and will be back for more.

        I have to add though that since I came across your blog a few weeks ago, I am hooked on to the reviews and the discussion. I have never commented on a public forum like this one and here I am writing stories!! Kudos to you again 🙂

    • Since Dastaan was mentioned – I just wanted to say that I started watching Kankar a couple of weeks back (I skipped some and caught up with the rest rather quickly), and surprisingly I am actually enjoying it now. Sanam Baloch has hit the ball out of the park – her expressions, her timing, her delivery, and UA’s characterization are excellent – I think this is one of her best roles ever.

      As discussed extensively before, UA falls prey to certain sterotypes and tropes, but I think she has done a great job with Kiran who is a woman strong enough to speak out and refuse to be abused. I love that she is adamant about her stance. A lot of people have taken issue with her character. I think those people espouse the more typical mindset of a woman should wait it out/put up with it for the sake of her marriage; give the guy an “endless” number of last chances. I can’t remember a single scene where I disagreed with her attitude/response.

  11. @SZ: Hi! Good to have you back. Did wonder about your being MIA. Now we know why!! Good review as usual. I am still definitely on the Numm bandwagon. Actually, I found this episode less of a drag as compared to the previous one (maybe because we had a little less of N). Dreading her return to the scene of action!

    We got to know a little bit more about some things yet the story has not moved much. I hope they will start unraveling the main story a bit more in each episode. I liked the convos between W and BS– the body language, the spoken/unspoken words, the subtle under-currents–all made for a few good minutes of watching. This juxtaposed against all other scenes with Salima, the other servant, Minahil & her mom and even N–all forgettable.

    @Nur: I would place MJ’s age at 18-19 at the time of the Alamgir fiasco. As you rightly pointed out a girl from her background would be married by that age, 20 and beyond would be considered too old for such a girl. This would make her only 8-9 years older than W–more like a sister and less a mother. Good you brought this up, it puts their relationship in a better perspective!

    @SZ: Agree with you why should one look for either the maternal or the Bollywood type love angle between them, but at the same time a “vani” let loose after all these years in their kind of society–what dignity will she have left to her? So more than a physical relationship between W and MJ, what would give her a better standing is somehow making her an equal in society and standing rock-solid behind her as if to say “all ye beware, I am her man, mess with her at your own peril”–this would give her dignity and restore her place amongst family & friends! Can W find a way to do this?? Wishful thinking!!

    @SZ: About the serial ending–whether it would be W himself bidding adieu–why should the lord and master of all & everything come to such a pass?? Let’s see.

    Waiting for the next episode and looking forward to some more peace & quiet in the W household with N still away safely at Murree!

    • @RR: Glad to hear you enjoyed this ep better that than the last one, I was actually thinking abt you as I was watching this episode b/c you had asked abt the point of the BS and his cronies wala scene last week. By the time I got around to reading everybody’s comments it was too late to respond, but I hope this week’s scene elaborated on the significance of last week’s scene 🙂
      RE: the vani being let loose, I dont think theres any chance of that ever happening, Wali might try as hard as he wants, if he wants to do that is, but this where custom and culture will definitely prevail. The best case scenario for her (which I don’t think will ever happen) is that Wali sets her up in a separate house and continues to give her the protection and security, or as you aptly put it stand behind her like a man, ensuring her a dignified, independent lifestyle.
      RE: Wali’s demise, oh there are myriads of possibilities.. a purani dushmani, a present day political opponent, a mysterious plane crash, Baray Sahab orchestrating W’s death b/c he had strayed too far off the prescribed path, Wali being thrown off the be-lagaam ghori, as in crazy Neelam going on a shooting spree leaving everybody dead… its dramaland anything is possible 😉

      • @SZ: Yeah, you are right, this week’s ‘BS & cronies’ scenes brought out the significance of last week’s scenes! BS is quite a fox! I still hope he is not villain enough to do away with his only grandson if he strays from the path chalked out by grandpa–as you have said could be one of the scenarios for W’s demise!!

        You are right when you say this blog does remind one of a book club. All of us are having a whale of a time adding so many more dimensions to Numm than poor Maira Sajid could/would have thought of!! Hope this drama continues to intrigue us like this.

        • @FA: thanks for sharing this! I had only seen the top half of this pic and had never realized he had a gun in his hand! I wonder if this is to be used against MJ when he comes to know of all her secret trips? Or lol! I wonder if he’s gonna turn this on himself when Neelam and her taanas get to be too much 😉

    • @RR: I agree with much of your insight about their relationship. I think the age thing is necessary for perspective, and making her more like an older “sister”/ babysitter/cousin/peer changes the dynamic and could help explain the attraction. Not that people with 20 yr age differences don’t fall in love, as SZ mentioned.

      And yes, the ideal situation would be for Wali to restore her dignity, acknowledge her as his wife (since the elders made her his wife) and protect her. If in all that he acknowledges that he is her husband and gives her those rights too, I would be happy. Although MJ may not be looking for an emotional/physical relationship, at the end of the day, he is her husband and he is the only one who could fulfill that void in her life.

      Wali already has another wife and shariah allows him more, but MJ only has one chance at a marital relationship. If her husband (even one who is 8-10 years younger) chooses to give her conjugal rights and emotional support, should she deny herself because of some societal biases (against age, vani)?? This is why I support him taking her as his wife – I don’t want him to subjugate her by virtue of his feudal rights, rather I want him to realize that this woman has been through so much loss and pain and humiliation and yet she has done so with grace and dignity and been there for him. I want Wali to be there for her. Do I think this is going to come to pass? No, I don’t. I think they are going to dance around the subject, feel all the emotions and the ties, but never really act on it. And if they were to have a physical relationship I would want it to come out of love/bond not a one-night stand, drunken mistake, him missing Neelam. I know I’m asking for too much… 😦

      Not that the be all end all for me is a conjugal relationship for them, I would be satisfied with him standing up for her and protecting her, but I wouldn’t deny them that if it came our of a mutual decision.

  12. Hi. I came across this forum yday, while waiting for the new episode to upload, And I’m so glad I did!! I really enjoyed the reviews and the discussions and especially the insight into minor details and the deeper meaning. I acatually went back and watched the episodes in light of the discussions.. I’ve never commented on a drama before (infact i dont think ive ever commented on anything online..).., but I just couldn’t help it this time.
    What I’m loving about Numm is the depth.. the ambiguity in dialogues and situations and the analogies.. I love the fact that some things are left unsaid and for the viewer to ponder upon..

    I think this episode was all about Wali’s awakening.. W has come to realize that Mj is also being hauntend by her past, and that she is not that same composed-self inside as she appears to be..much like W himself. And he can empathize with her. I think that is whats bringing him close to her. But he’s unsure and reluctant because of its implications… We see that he doesnt go back in Mj’s room.. and the brooding poetry words ‘mumkin he is zehr ka asr door door ho.. mumkin he mimkin na ho mera palatna.. mumkin hai door door raho, door door ho’

    I think the BS & co conversation with W about ”double nationality” has much deeper meaning. He’s been brought to realize in last few episodes that Mj is also his wife (albeit without the usual social status). He would not leave Mj alone when shes in her ‘mushkil halat’ .. and these masaail are ”apne khare kiye hoe hain”.. The fact that he said he will strive to save his house has got BS thinking… This conversation has also made W rethink about him settling abroad.. He has hesitance and reluctance in his body language when BS is telling him about planning his move. Even BS notices it. And it is also ironic that they are talking about the change and revolution right when Wali is going through that himself..

    In this episode the scenes do go on and on a bit, with too many unnecessary details.. eg the broken glass and servant’s kitchen scene…And some flaws.. eg Wali getting up from breakfast table and then going off to feed the med to Mj was a bit abrupt and out of blue and their recations were totally normal… and then theres a blooper..Mj is sitting with N’s mum and sis when Wali goes off to take BS’s phone call. By the time he finishes Mj is asleep… ???

    Totally agree with everyone here abt the OST.. the poetry on its own without the OST worked sooo much better…. but perhaps not every verse was to be included.. Just the ones that really hit the nail. And btw the words can be interpreted in two ways.. is he thinking about her pain? is the zehr their past (the bloodshed) thats haunting them or is it his feelings that he thinks he might be developing for her..

    Numm has that great feel because so far its been following the rule ”less is more” please please please mr editor, don’t spoil it by filling in unnecessary details just to make up extra episodes..

    (I think ive gone on and on a bit too much myself.. lol)

    • @FK I agree with your analysis on ‘Mushkil halat’ and of course you can make two meanings of W thinking scene. But as you said that’s the beauty of the drama. W’s standing is not yet clear. But his body language in the mahfil shows a kind of resentment and disgust towards the people and the system to me of course. And I also don’t think he is in love with M. But he might be giving the relationship a thought as a way out to drag M out of the hell.So true that he is still waking up.

      • @SM I agree he’s def not in love with Mj, but he has felt something that he, himself is unsure about and whatever it is, initially he is hesitant in taking it forward.. When I say close, it doesn’t mean love. Lately, he’s been running away from her, almost resenting her. But seeing her weak side has made him empathize (and sympathize) with her, creating that soft corner for her… she’s not just a spy for BS, but in reality, a victim, more like himself.

    • @FA: Hey! Glad you found us and decided to jump in and join us in our discussions – have to say you fit right in with your very interesting and insightful comment – welcome aboard 🙂 Enjoyed your take on whats transpired in Numm so far.. You certainly have an interesting reading of the dual nationality dialogues…I hadn’t thought if it that way at all, but now that you bring it up, hmmm … certainly food for thought here. Lets see what transpires!
      Meanwhile, now that you are here I hope we will continue hearing from you as we continue this journey with Numm 🙂

      • I usually wait for the serial to finish and watch the whole lot together in a couple of days, rather than following it for weeks and months.. Numm has gotta be the first drama in years that i am following on a weekly basis.. & I’m not used to this long 7 day pause.. but these discussions are like a life-line.. helping me get by till the next episode. lol.. & seeing that I’m pretty hooked on Numm, i don’t think I’m disappearing anywhere soon lol.. & again I’m so glad I found this space!

    • This is one of my fav comments here lol. You have pretty awesome observations 😀
      As far as W-MJ’s relationship is concerned, Wali is bound to feel affection for her, not because he realises the sacrifices she had to make, but because of the way she brought him up. Whatever issues Wali has are because of the system he lives in, not because of Mahjabeen. She might have been the only way out for him when he was younger, the only sane mind around who would listen to anything he had to say. So there is nothing romantic about their relationship but Wali definitely holds her in high esteem and can’t ignore her, even if he falls head over heels for Neelum.

      • awww thanks @Farwa!
        And I’m loving ur take on the daughters upbringing.. I think baar baar donon behnon ki badtameezi ke display ke peeche bhi kuch hai.. aur iss ka baar baar zikr bhi ho raha hai.. we saw BS appreciating Rahat for her daughters bebaki a few episodes ago.. and even Wali saying about Manahil ‘acha bolti hai’.. shayad baad mein bhi kuch story mein fire dalne ke liye use ho.???.Wali had set the rule number one – no battameezi in the house.. (ep 2)..
        I think its the feudal-blood streak.. the one that Wali also keeps unleashing every now and then.. I think because they lack the male figure in their household they think they r the rightful heirs to this attitude! lol.. but because its not tamed by figures like moqa-mehel-shanas BS and ever so gentle Mj, its completely out of control.

  13. I think the reason why people don’t like this serial is the lack of glamour in the script. Though Geo has tried to add some with the stupid background score and pathetic OST they composed from the most amazing poetry, it just didn’t work.I dunno how people can’t see the mysterious beauty of this story. And then there are the subtle scenes where you have to figure things out on their own and people don’t quite enjoy working their brain like that I suppose. Kanza and the bandi playing her sister’s acting is a major turn off but the rest is good enough to keep me hooked.

    This episode was kind of long, not much developments, we only got to catch up on the bits we might have missed earlier. I liked Bare Sahab’s scene at Wali’s. I agree with what you said about the emphasis on Wali’s presence at dinner, it was kind of like his training session. They see him as an immature young man who’ll grow up to think maturely – just like them. And yes he was being a hypocrite. Ghar bacahon ga. Sure.

    The changes in Neelam were positive and I would have developed a liking for her if Kanza wasn’t playing the part.

  14. Oh and the ‘ami chup karain mujhe bat karne dain’ scene! Apparently mummy was so engrossed in collecting funds for her NGO that she forgot she has two kids to raise. Both her daughters don’t know how to behave, they are a public embarrassment. And I found her reaction so unnatural after she got the shut-up call from her daughter. She just kept on smiling, not even a hint of embarrassment.

    I so don’t want Neelum to return. I hope she fails and has to stay at school for another year 😛

    • @Farwa: I think the mother is simply “numb” to her daughters’ behavior 😉 Minahil is beyond badtameez!When she came to MJ’s room looking for Wali, she didnt even bother saying salam to MJ, and then added insult to injury by ignoring MJ and asking Wali about her health. Earlier too, when Wali had come to visit with Ammo, even then Minahil had embarrassed her mom, but she just kept on smiling vacuously. And Neelam madam ki harkatein tau we all know quite well! We know Neelam was away at the boarding school, but I wonder why Ammo was not involved more in her younger granddaughter’s upbringing.. any thoughts?

      • Aray han! I forgot that part. The sort of badtameez she is, skipping salam is not so astonishing. What bugged me was the fact that she felt free to strut around the house and peak into rooms to find Wali. If Neelum would’ve been home it might have been ok but in her absence….then again, like we agreed, she desperately needs to learn some manners.

        • As for Ammo playing any part in her grand daughters’ upbringing, I constantly had this feeling that she was just there…you know like old people live together but they are cornered and have little influence over the family. In this case Ammo losing authority isn’t so unnatural, because it was Rahat who supported the house after her husband died and so she made all the decisions. And she is a bad mother since, (and this is my observation, tell me if I’m wrong) she threw away Neelum in a hostel because she was a tough child instead of addressing her problems. And apparently, she didn’t have much time to concentrate on Minahil as well.

          • While I agree with you that Ammo had limited say in the upbringing of her granddaughters, I cannot help but think that she might have been an overindulgent grandparent. With her son being dead and Rahat, working on her NGO, I think quite frankly she could have a lot of say in raising them – when sitting wih Baray Sahab, she seemed like the matriarch of the family and in every interaction that we saw, Rahat was poite and inclusive. Ammo’s claims that Neelam is “croron mein ek” and so special (more than Manaahil – though that may not be a stretch) shows that she might have seen Neelam through (very foggy) rose-colored glasses. Neelam has not shown any signs of being compassionate, polite, cultured… why does Ammo think she is so great? On top of which, she is immature, rude and jealous. I have yet to see a redeeming quality. All she did was whine and cry with Ammo and throw tantrums with everyone else.

            Neelam’s issues at the end of the day, except for the few remarks about questioning the feudal system, have to do with having a sautan and having to share Wali. Frankly I think she questions it because of its direct impact on her life – rather than the sweeping effect it has on the peasants/poor/gaon-walay/women. As she put it last time, “mujhay Wali say koi masala nahin hai…”, it’s Mahjabeen that is the problem. I think she was quite pleased when Baray Sahab assured her position as Wali’s only legitimate/real wife and the mother of the heir. I didn’t sense any protests from her.

            I wouldn’t want to share my husband either, but if Neelam was at all intelligent and shrewd, she’d realize that she could easily relegate Mahjabeen to servant status, by winning Wali’s heart and subtly pushing MJ aside. If she wins over Wali and takes her place as head of the household, MJ would become dispensable. And no, she wouldn’t have to cook and clean, that’s what servants are for, all she’d have to do is administer those tasks – essentially give the orders.

            Quite frankly, I think Mahjabeen wants out that’s why she asked Baray Sahab, the writing was on the wall and she was bound to be the third wheel. And MJ seems like a woman with a lot of pride, roz roz ki zillat sai behtar hai kai woh kahin aur chaleejayay, aur phir Wali aur Neelam kay beech mein uska kya kaam hai?

            Although I agree with most here, that Neelam’s *character* is the most interesting and relevant because she “questions” the system (which as I said earlier, I think is only to the extent that it affects her) – I think Maira Sajid failed a little in her characterization. She really needed to show some good qualities to create sympathy for the character. As I see it so far, Neelam can’t really be redeemed in my eyes – and any remorse at the end of the drama will be too little, too late for me.

            • Ohk. You are right that Ammo could have played a part while Rahat was away, but from what I’ve gathered, Neelum has always lived in hostel and the ‘attachment’ both Minahil and Neelum had with Ammo was limited to complaining and tantrums, like you said. As for her being on the front, in most joint families, elders are on the front but they aren’t the decision makers. In Neelum’s case, there was no decision to be made wese bhi, it was all decided before N and W’s fathers died.

              As for Ammo’s emotional comment about Neelum being ‘caroron mai aik’, I won’t put the entire blame on Maira for not working enough on the character because I strongly believe that Kanza failed to represent many layers of Neelum’s personality because of her pathetic acting. She was too busy pouting. Maybe if a capable actress was playing Neelum, we would have seen something in her to appreciate. All we know of her is not because of how Kanza acted her out but the remarks of other characters about her. I’m sure she’ll play a big part in deciding whatever happens with MJ, once she settles down.

              As for MJ, she definitely wants, and needs, a way out. No matter how many sacrifices she has made, she has a good deal of pride and even if Neelum wasn’t as bad as she is, she would still have felt a need to move away from Wali’s life.

            • @Nur: I agree with Farwa about Neelam’s character and wonder how much of Neelam’s character coming off as ineffective is b/c of KW’s lack of acting skills and her inability to portray the complexities of her character… remember she is still only a teenager, so though she acts all grown up and all, the way she’s treating MJ or for that matter even W underscores her immaturity…. if only another actress was playing Neelam!

  15. I have to say Rahat has a big heart in wishing good health for M 😉 . She should pray that Allah kare ki M mar jaye instead…………to get rid of the permanent headache. BTW I was touched when M was whispering about Qasif and Salima was pacifying her saying ‘sub thik ho jayega’. M does need some counseling. Fifteen years of bearing the nightmare inside is bad for health…

    • @SM: I had enjoyed reading the comment about Rahat last week, but after watching the way she allowed Minahil to get away with her rudeness I am wondering if she realizes the extent of Neelam’s paranoia abt MJ. In an earlier ep she kept telling N that MJ to sirf vani hai … I think R is such a product of the old school of feudal thought that for her MJ is no more than a glorified servant, somebody she could never see as her daughter’s rival.
      LOL! Indeed poor MJ needs a therapist, and for that matter even Wali and Neelam need one desperately! But then have you seen the therapist in Kadurat? If thats how our PK writers think therapists’ work, then lets just say MJ is better off muttering in her sleep, Wali should continue with his brooding and smoking routine, and Neelam can carry on her conversations with Jonty! 😉

      • @SZ I am only watching Numm. And I am actually doing a research for my degree ;-). So no other shows. But I watched some of your drama some months ago and I loved them. e.g. meri jaat jara e banishan, Quaed e tanhai and Dastaan.

        • @SM: these research periods are exactly where one gets into trouble! LOL! I used to only watch serials once they had ended, like somebody else also commented.. but it was during my research year abroad that I got hooked onto YT and watching dramas weekly … be careful .. these dramas are pretty addictive 😉 You havent watched Humsafar???

  16. Fawad loyalist since 2003, but I am definitely NOT enjoying the ride. This drama is as atrocious as Ashk was. =/ Unfortunately, I stuck out with that one and I’ll continue sticking it out with this one until the end….even if I fast-forward through it. =/

  17. I was thinking about BS this time. An intriguing character – a perfect resemblance of the society he belongs. He has an intrinsic charisma and leadership (not in a good way) that Alamgir and Wali inherits. He is intelligent and shroud. These qualities help him play a critical role in the power enclave that he beholds. BS designed the mahfil at Wali’s place to introduce Wali to the clout. the party being a celebration of his success on stopping the tax bill to pass is also meant to hint Wali about how long his reacg are and how Wali is a part of all this and what he wants of W. BS has his plans for W and so far he could make W walk his chosen path. I wonder why BS accepted Amtul and denied M as his daughter-in-law. I believe he had some plans for Alamgir which could not be realized if M was to be his wife. It might be that BS assaulted/insulted M’s brothers which ended up in the blood feud. However, there is another commitment of W to BS that was implicit in the marriage is giving his heir from Neelum. And W is reminded often through a crude metaphor. BTW I loved the resentment W showed when looked back to BS on the ‘riding’ issue.

    Apparently, it seemed an unwise decision to leave M with the new couple despite knowing the initial reactions of Neelum. But it might be that their is a political motif in that decision too. May be M belonged to a different political/power enclave (weaker than BS of course) and letting her go may mean that that power group becomes active against the Bakht family enclave. ————-a lot of imagination work done 🙂 . Life to BS is sum of the deals he makes and enjoying the success out of the deals. If W is playing the chess against BS, Chaal bahat samajhke Chaalna hai.

    However, Maira Sazid weaved the mesh of power structure of Pakistan and the mind that it possesses at the regional scale very realistically through BS – a perfectly portrayed character. To me M represents the mass – oppressed and marginalized. W is the agent of change. Beautifully juxtaposed against the very private emotions and epistemology of M, W and N. Wah wah.

  18. I think episode 7 had too many fillers. I normally love a thought provoking drama but it becomes hard to enjoy a drama when at every turn they give us a mystery without solving any previous mysteries like who was the curly haired boy, who is Qasim, what actually transpired in the feud that killed so many people. What favor did Wali do for his grandfather so now he will return the favor by sending him abroad.
    I also feel maybe Neelum’s dad maybe part of this feud. Any thoughts on that.

    • @Sz” Darkness overcoming the gentleness” my favourite line in your review so far! What an apt description. That is exactly how I saw it the fiery anger contrasting dramatically with Wali’s gentle spirit and then you put it in the review!A tale of two men is how I feel about Wali.Also hope you are feeling better?

      Now I wonder if the people who are enjoying the story are the people who don’t mind a long novel and the one’s who are struggling prefer short novelettes? The reason I feel this way is I don’t mind reading long novels and enjoy a book that builds on characters and creates suspense. Speaking about books did anybody notice the difference between the books that Neelum and Wali were reading again showing the difference between them?

      @AK I watched Dastaan a few months ago. I absolutely loved it but I couldn’t watch it again as I found it too traumatic but it is a masterpiece.

      Speaking about Book’s club I agree that it how this forum feels like.Maybe we should have a character analysis or a subject to discuss every so often.Personally I was reviled by the comments made by BS’s friends but also understood Wali’s internal turmoil. A lot of people who are born abroad or study abroad want to help change Pakistan. One of my internal discussions is how would I survive if I lived in Pakistan?Would I evolve or would the culture overtake me?I honestly believe I would struggle would I succumb to giving rishwat, would I be pushing to get first in queue. It is food for thought.My sister in law once said to me it is actually easier to bring up children abroad as they are different
      as they know they are muslim. However when you live in Pakistan most people are muslim yet they ignore the most basic islamic ways. (I think I am beginning to sound like Bano from Dastaan I blame you AK for reminding me!)So do I understand Wali’s need for escape before he turns into some dark overlord yes I do.

      Can also someone clarify what does MJ say to Salima when she refers to wali as “chote saab on the bed.

      • @shazch lol at blaming me for sounding like bano:) I loved that drama because it proved therapeutic for me and i felt lighter having shed all the tears i hadn’t in a long time. So i will happily take any blame for bringing it up 😉

        I think M says “kam bola karo” when Salima tells her that Wali had called the doctor. Is that the part you were refering to?

        I moved out of Pakistan 2 years ago having lived all my life there. I find it challenging to educate my children about Islam and Pakistan given that schools back there reinforce your teachings through Islamiyat and Pak Studies. But it is sad to see how our country is being treated by many, including the very feudels shown in this play. Their words sound and feel very close to truth and that is one reason why i like the drama too. Without following the traditional formula, there is a message in the play and i believe Wali is the agent of change as well as the voice of all those who are as confused as him. Want to get out but also want to do something good for the country, especially protect them from the feudel types. He is going through a change process whereby he is growing and waking up to both his feelings for the women in his life as well as his expected contribution/role in the setup. This to me is not a play about MJ (vani) or even BS but Wali and many like him who are going through a confused state of mind in the current situation.

  19. Salam and hello everybody! As always a very good review SZ and amazing discussion as well by all the ladies here..(I’m assuming ladies coz of the highly intelligent analysis of the human psychology that is.. lol!)

    SZ I really like how you give a fair and crisp review without letting any bias (for the lack of a better term!) for the way the story should have moved ahead, interrupt while reviewing. I say this because I’ve noticed that you do have some expectations like the rest of us, but your review is a perfect example of how reviews should be…I wonder, have you ever tried to officially review something, coz trust me you are very good at that 🙂

    I think this time I just agree with so many comments here…I was hoping to just point out the things I agree with, but I HAVE to mention some of the interesting points that people have brought up..

    @ SZ and Nur – Thanks a ton for confirming the age gap…I for one kind of had an inkling that it wasn’t much of an age difference between W & M, but was getting sidetracked by people thinking their relationship to be like a mother-son’s which most definitely is not the case. Agree big time with it being in the grey area; something that cannot classified as black or white, I agree it is like a comraderie that they both share since they have been there for each other somehow in the past..

    @SM- A very good point about the importance of BS in the story…I do see how the story zooms out with him; I also think he is sort of a trump card that the story hasto bring any twists or unexpected turns later on owing to his determination to get things done successfully may I add to his bidding.

    @ FA – I hear you! 🙂 Exactly the way I felt when I stumbled upon this forum…This is actually more interesting than a book club, something like everyone taking a dip into the ocean and coming out with a new thing every time! Couldn’t find a better analogy than that…Also agree with W empathizing with MJ based on his recent encounters with her, I’m waiting to see how they are going to show the change in MJ towards W..Although the BS and Co. scenes point towards the political butchery in Pak, I do agree that more emphasis of those scenes was to metaphorically relate to what is currently the mind-state of W..

    @ Shazch – Bingo on the two types of Numm-takers (I’m inventing new words now! smh)…I was thinking that too. I am one up for long novels and love the Numm kind of story telling…the later the climax in the book, the more intriguing it is to me and that is why I am full on captivated with it..I like how they are building on deliciously slowly. I agree, for others it will require some amount of patience to move along with Numm..

    @ AK and Shazch: It is really so true about the way some things are back home unfortunately..I am originally from India, having lived most of life there, a die hard Indian that my Pak friends here choose to poke me with “Pak is better” jokes..But so true that regardless if you are from India or Pakistan, you do get overcome by some negative culture because you think it is your “jaagir” whereas anywhere else you are more conscious of who you are and how you have to be in order to fit in…Sorry for deviating from Numm, but that was another thing I strongly feel about..which brings me to another point; Pak does have a undisputable place in terms of dramas 🙂 simply more mature with characters being more realistic…and simply awesome storylines!

    Agree with everyone about KW family’s stupid dynamics, but I just have a personal pet peeve about hating them so definitely with you on giving some tight thappads to both N and M lol!

    Woah…I just wrote a book now! Sorry but couldn’t help myself from writing!

    Happy watching everyone 🙂 Looking forward to stage II of spine regeneration 😉

    • @YBM lol at “tight thappads to both N & M” 🙂

      Pakistani dramas, and for me as a Pakistani some indian movies, hit close to home at times. Its ironic how we all face many similar challenges in life. As long as we all can relate, ponder and take something out of it, even something as simple as entertainment, its all good 🙂

      I am eagerly awaiting Wali’s look at MJ from behind the newspaper…sigh! 🙂

      • @AK Thanks for clearing the MJ scene and it’s strange it just shows how brilliant dramas are at the moment. The fact that they allow us to shed tears that we hold back from the rest of the world. Or appreciate the strength and simplicity of the love between a husband and wife such as Humsafar. I also agree that it is easier in Pakistan with the Islamic studies but unfortunately people have the knowledge but don’t practice the simple manners of Islam. Also interesting point about the show not being purely about the Wani business and the fact it is about the conflicted state of mind. Oh and I agree big big sigh I can’t wait for the newspaper scene as well?

        @ YBM love the “Numm-takers” . I’m glad you agree about the “jagir” business and the fact that it is part of a sub culture in India and Pakistan. I know when we fly to Pakistan ,people will line up in an orderly fashion and as soon as we land in Lahore they will start pushing and shoving children and elderly people just to get to the front.

        @SM in absolute agreement BS is important in the drama. He is actually the only one who is not conflicted. He is clearly of the old guard and a master of manipulation.

    • @YBM: And along with @db, apologies to you as well.. welcome aboard.. love how you’ve jumped right in and fit in so well with the rest of the gang … thanks for sharing your thoughts.. have enjoyed reading your comments 🙂 Thanks for your kind words .. I’m glad you’re enjoying the reviews and the ensuing discussions .. Re: reviewing officially… yaar, I’m quite happy with our little group here. I enjoy the intimacy of small numbers and the intensity of our discussions..
      RE: Pak dramas being more mature, I guess they are, but aajkal looking at the majority of whats airing one does wonder about the kind of stuff people like to watch … surely there is more to life than two sisters going gaga over the same guy, shaadi, biwi, saas and evil nand??

      • @Shazch and @AK, agree with you guys…I sometimes think living far away from our native countries really helps us appreciate and realize our identities as Indians/Pakistanis or Desis 🙂

        @ SZ thank you for welcoming me into yr numm gang 😉 .I guessed you really liked the group here because of your interaction with everyone. I think I wouldn’t have fit in if it wasn’t the warmth and the intense discussions among the small group of people here..I’ve never commented on anything before but Numm and yr reviews have made me jump right in! 🙂

      • @ SZ, Regarding what is being aired on TV these days I feel like they taunt human intelligence by being so predictable that I can pretty much guess what happens in the whole thing from first two episodes…Unfortunately, viewership does have a big impact on the kind of shows channels make. For that, I sometimes muse that for every 10 typical masala dramas they should make one sensible or touching show, at least for the sake of “Art” so that we are assured that we are evolving and growing as newer generations. In india such shows I think used to be in late 90’s or early 2000’s. Now there is nothing that you could watch without zoom-ins/outs gazillion times at all the characters faces and other stupid storylines…GAWD, I can’t take that at all!

  20. @db Like SZ said, Qasim must be Mj’s brother.. I am guessing here but the Curly haired boy might be Qasim’s son.. If that is the case, if Mj is given the freedom to move on at some point, she would pbbly have him to turn to. Theres a clip in the promos where she seems to be with this boy in more humble surroundings, pbbly his ghar??.. That would also make an intersting equation i.e. both Wali and this larka would’ve lost their father in the fued, aur Mj bechari had to pay for Alamgir’s death with her life sentence as a vani..
    I hope it turns out that its not a life sentence afterall…

    • Thanks for clearing this for me. But I am still at a lost how to read Wali’s moods.
      In episode 1 he seemed to resent and be ashamed of MJ, Then in next 2 or 3 episode he was very respectful and considerate to MJ, after that for the next few episode he was extremely rude to MJ and in this episode it looked to me that he was reluctant as first to be around MJ and then he rushes to suddenly give her medicine and take care of her. Boy it sure is hard to read such conflicting emotions.
      Even with Neelum he is so wishy washy first he can not stand her then after the slap his apology looked so genuine I thought the romance will now start, but he returns and blows up on the servants and MJ showing hw unhappy he is about the Neelum situation. Then after the car scene where he gently answers her question of missing Neelum I think now he will start liking Neelum but in this episode it seems that he does not even call Neelum, I am assuming Neelum is lying to her sister as she tells her tree friend don’t talk to me see if I care.

      • @db my thoughts exactly! I was really struggling understanding his mood swings.. but after much evaluation, i think that is all to show how much of a complicated, confused, frustrated, and a rather emotionally unstable man Wali really is! and his various ‘shades of grey’ .. He’s got the temper, and he’s quick to blame others for his own misdoings.. the hypocricy, and the selfishness. But he’s also soft-hearted to some extent. he cant see tears and pain.. He atleast likes to think that if it came to the crunch, he would do the right thing.. whether he actually has the spine to do it is another matter.. Come to think of it, is the FK charm the only good thing about Wali?? lolol

        This is how I finally came to understand his mood swings:
        In the first episode You’re right, he did seem to be ashamed of Mj, But he is also frustrated that he’s not a baccha anymore, yet treated like one.
        Guy is frustrated anyway, but N’s entry brings confusion and more frustration about his relationship with Mj.
        Next few episodes he showed respect towards Mj, because he felt sorry for N’s behaviour towards her, and more so because he could empathize with her when Mj reminded him that he was only 10 when he was brought to her.
        They were both equally shocked and horrified to hear that N could be thinking of something else of their relationship. Hence the lashing out. It was Mj who made him realize that what he did was wrong and that ‘masail ka hal jazbat main nahin, aik doosre ko samajhne mein hota hai’ and (btw this and that exchange of looks explains their own rishta (jiss ki bunyad bhi ghalat thi).. Hence the sorry to Neelum.

        We see him taking the ghussa out on the driver. Hes actually angry with himself but lets it out on others. He sees N crying in the car which angers him even more but finds someone to blame.. this time Mj, saying she couldn’t handle her.. this was also a good opportunity to stop the constant guarding/ reporting to BS.
        And now he’s feeling sorry and empathy for Mj again when he sees her in distress. Hence her teemardari…
        I think he is talking to N. You can see he is at ease and quite happy discussing how many times he’s chatting to N. He seems genuinely happy. He’s following mj’s and Amoo’s advice to try and understand her to build any relationship.
        For now, it seems like he has come to realize that both of them (N &Mj) are his ”zimadari”.
        If I am indeed right, i have to admit it took me so long to decipher the codes, I think with regular TV viewing it would be near impossible to grasp..That’s why I think it needed some bridging.. If it was all just to bulid up various layers of his character,7 episodes might be a bit much…??
        OMG I can’t believe I’m writing all this.. someone who had never even commented on anything online up until a couple of days ago.. lol..

          • @db: Welcome to the blog! Apologies, I have been MIA for the past two weeks so have missed out on saying hi to you 🙂 Thanks for reading and joining in the convos… @FA: Thank you for helping out db.. your comment distills the essence of much of our past discussions so well 🙂 @db: To add to FA’s very thoughtful and wel written comment, I would suggest that if you havent done so already do read through our earlier, admittedly very detailed dissection of Wali and MJ’s convoluted relationship. And with the latest episode, lol looks like we’re in for further discussions of their relationship .. will look forward to reading your take on this latest ep 🙂

  21. I am definitely still enjoying the ride! Yes there are issues with it and it is a little slow but the fact that I have no idea what where this is going and the plot is gripping keeps me tuned in. The tree and Neelum are definitely getting on my nerves and there was definitely a little too much of Salima in this episode but I still am getting a sense of changing personalities and developments in attitudes and relations. The story is moving slowly, but that’s the type of drama this is, slow but deep.
    Everyone pretty much said it all, but the dinner was a very interesting scene Onondaga how wali thinks and perceives his feudal upbringing. He himself is also a hypocrite though. His changing attitude towards Mj is another important factor, why is he being nice now, there could be so many different answers!
    It is fun reading everyone’s comments and all the different viewsalthough I am so late with mine. The fact is this drama makes you think and many people don’t want dramas like these, they want it banged into their head what is right and what is wrong and black and white, evil and good and that is why all these other average run of the mill dramas do so well and are being continuously made.
    But I am enjoying this and hope to keep up with commenting, been a bit busy lately.
    One thing though I did get flashbacks of Zaroon though taking Kashaf to her parents house in that lovely sweater of his saying” sahih mulazim mein aapa”
    Change your sweater FK!

    • lol @ the sweater! It totally reminded me of the Hum TV interview he did with Fahad after the success of Humsafar. The he was sitting and answering questions from the in-laws felt like he was doing a boring tv interview.
      And can one of his thousands of fans gift him some Dark Washed Jeans Please! And tight/tapered pants are a big no-no on straight men! Ugh…

      • Lol on the tight tapered pants! I was trying to justify them by thinking that dress standards are different in Pakistan – but yes the too-tight jeans and the raised collar I often see in PK dramas just make me cringe. And also please tell me why all branded shirts have logos 3X the size they would be elsewhere, everytime I see the Ralph Lauren Polo horse it’s a 5-inch logo emblazoned on the chest.

        Watching Fahad Mustafa in Mere Humrahi and he had on a pair of khakis with a dark blue button down shirt and the pants were waaaaay too tight – it completely messes up the fit.

        We need to send some well-cut, dark wash jeans as you suggested and some casual shirts.

        Also, “love” ;P the slogan/graphic tees – do these people understand half the things they wear? I’m not picking, and surprisingly I think they still dress better than the Bollywood heroes, that stuff just blows my mind given how big-budget those productions are and that designers are clamoring to outfit the stars – but that’s where I also think they lack some western sensibility when it comes to dressing. I hope that didn’t offend anyone – maybe it’s just that we don’t “get it” because of being abroad.

      • @Annie: I so agree with you on that grey sweater .. totally dating back to that JPJ show! And that blue zippered pullover dating back to Ashk and the Amna Isani dawn interview … And with you and @Nur on those pants.. wth is going on with those! seriously we need to pass a hat around for bechara FK!!
        @Nur: LOL!! Have you ever seen what FM wears on his morning show? that poor guy needs a serious clothes intervention…

  22. It is such a pleasure to read you!!! have just discovered you and have gone through each and every review of yours of numm despite having horrible deadlines to meet and to beat!! And no don’t go by facebook comments. I am as hooked on as you are and agree with each and every comment of yours.
    By the way I am Indian and catch numm on youtube.
    have become your admirer.

    • @padnats: Hey! So glad you found us and thanks for taking to time to write such a generous comment – much appreciated 🙂 Hopefully you will continue reading and if you have the time do share your thoughts on this latest episode! After the way these editors are testing us, I dont know how many of us are going to last till the bitter end … 😦
      Oh and I’m in the States so like you I too watch all these dramas on YT 🙂

  23. I am late to the party!! 😉
    Loved reading all the comments! Wonder if Maira Sajid is reading all this and going “LOL! I can’t believe these guys are thinking so deep!” or if she’s going “Wow! we have an intelligent audience!” 🙂
    I am not surprised to hear that people don’t like this drama. Apart from the dreary look and some bad actors, it requires a lot of patience to sit through the long scenes and if you have 50 other channels to cater to your needs, then this one just doesn’t have the Oomph factor to hold people’s attention. It’s mainly people like us – Youtube watchers- who eagerly await for the episodes to see what’s going to happen next where we can conveniently forward N’s tree hugger moments. Quite frankly I watched one episode of AseerZadi and I was totally LOL’ing at Sania’s getup and body language – totally waiting for when the camera would zoom in and out 3 times on her 😉 I am sure she totally enjoyed playing the Bollywood vamp there since she normally plays “Numm” kinda roles. Our audience LOVES that type of stuff – straight forward good vs. evil, we know what’s going to happen before it happens. This drama has turned the notion of the audience being aware of the story before the characters are made aware on its head and that’s a HUGE problem! Pick any other drama (or most) and I am pretty sure most of us can give a good synopsis of how things will play out in the next 10 epis.

    I personally enjoyed the BS-W scene when he’s asking her about MJ and going to the UK. The body language portrayed there was fabulous! I am glad FK is doing this role because as others have said, if it was some other guy, I would be go “loser!” 😉

    • So agree with you on ‘ Aseer Zadi’ Annie. I saw one episode and was shocked to see SS dressed up more like a prostitute than the wife of a peer! It is a very transparent Indian soap wrapped in a Pakistani dressing.. quite unsavory! The various wives etc..silly really! I would take Numm any day instead of that atrocious play. Slow, deep and thoughtful.. Numm is about conflicts and complex situations. It has to be slow because they cannot rush into showing how an almost mother -son relationship changes with time and how that can effect human emotions. But yes.. 90% of our viewers will go for dramas like ‘ aseerzadi’..sigh!

    • @Annie: Re: AseerZadi, I had such high hopes when it first beegan.. but sadly all complexity has been sucked right out of it, simplifying a dark and complex story into a bland uni-dimensional good vs evil and a silly simplistic love story as you rightly mentioned… After their recent Khoya Khoya Chand, Kadoorat, Rishtey Kuch Adhoorey Se, and AZ, I think MD needs to go back to the drawing board and re-configure their strategy.. high production values can go just so far ..
      @yf: Yes, I too have problems with AZ, but I dont see how Sania’s dressing can be compared to that of a prostitute?

  24. Everyone has been saying negative things about Neelam, but I kind of like her. In the second episode, her scene with Wali’s mom, who is definitely mentally disturbed, was amazing. The way she extended her friendship and bonded with mom-in-law said something beyond what is apparent about her character. We must remember that Neelam has been brought up in a privileged environment and she is a bit of a brat, forced to face some very unexpected circumstances in her life. I think we should give her a break and learn to love her brattiness!

    • I feel Neelam can be a very strong character but the actress portraying her is not very good. The character is almost ruined. There should have been sympathy at her plight and some amusement at her antics but it just seems like a caricature. Lets see how the story goes further.

  25. I agree if only Kanza could pronounce the dialogues . maybe I am crazy but even tho Neelam is batamees and chooses to be nasty y to Mahjabeen , I actually feel sorry for her. Most of her dialogues actually make sens where as Wali and his mother oops Vani seem to be stuck in the 1980s or further back in time. Wali and Mahjabeen seem to wander from room to room doing nothing ,don’t they read books or have computers or …gasp …have jobs .?

    • That was one thing I get annoyed about as well. Neither Wali nor Mahjabeen have a life. She is doing the gardener’s work when he is not there. He does nothing .. Nobody really knows where he is when he comes home in the middle of the night. Goodness. I envy the amount of time they have but despise that they waste it!

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