Numm ~ Episode 6 Review


Six weeks in and Numm continues to spin its web, its gossamer thin silken threads drawing us deeper in to the darkness that lies behind the grand facade of Wali’s haveli in Lahore. A deceptively slow paced episode, this one offered many an insight into three very complicated lives. Ostensibly these three live, breathe, function and feel just like the rest of us, but that’s where all similarity ends. Nothing in their lives is anything like we have or will ever experience.


 Wali, Mahjabeen and Neelam inhabit a whole other reality. Nobody is allowed into their private anguished worlds. They have secrets they cannot share with their friends, their struggles are their burdens to bear, and though they appear free to go about of their own volition, if truth be told they are no more than prisoners; buried under the unseen weight of archaic customs, outdated cultural practices, and the insidious mix of feudalism and politics, these three do not breathe a single breath of their volition. From the heir apparent, to the vani, to the khandani bahu, all are like puppets whose strings until recently had been superbly manipulated by the seemingly invincible Baray Sahab.

What Baray Sahab has not realized as yet, is that he was premature in his celebration of Wali’s coming of age in the last episode. 1375306_592930247420626_882619955_nWali has definitely cut off the umbilical cord, no question about that, but whether he has done that to follow blindly in his grandfather’s footsteps, and uphold the feudal legacy, along with its attendant ugly baggage, remains to be seen. We’ve seen him question the system, but how far is he willing to go to change it, and can he even change anything so deep rooted, is something that time will tell. So far the only place Wali has really flexed his zamindarana muscle is when dealing with Mahjabeen and the servants. The way he is quick to fly off the handle at those on the lowest rung of the power structure says a lot about the feudal blood running through his veins. Yes, who better to yell at than those who cannot answer back – shabash Wali, you do your cruel ancestors proud!

Though Wali the feudal made quite an impact in this episode, what is so commendable about this story is that we are also privy to his vulnerability. His friend’s unknowing joke about Wali having two wives hit a raw nerve. One can only wonder at how much this bitter truth, image_19his being married off to an older woman to uphold a bizarre custom, must have impacted Wali’s teenage years. An ugly, dark burden to bear, when he still has difficulty wrapping his head around this relationship, how can he expect anybody on the outside to understand his relationship with Mahjabeen? Frustrated with his inability to share the cause of his worry, he lashes at out, in now familiar manner, at the hapless Salima. Much as I hated Wali for being so cruel to Mahjabeen, I felt his inner turmoil in that moment. Fawad continues to impress with his take on the various shades of Wali’s character. 

While Wali has had years to come to terms with the unfathomable realities of his life, Neelam is a rank newcomer into the darkness that the permeates the lives of the inhabitants of the haveli. She is like a breath of fresh air, somebody still naive enough to question the status quo, one who brings an indulgent smile on Wali’s lips, if only for a fleeting second, then its back to him hiding behind the dark glasses. Though her arrival stirred up quite a maelstrom in the shadowy corridors of the haveli, the person at the middle of it all, Neelam is no more than a very confused teenager. Like Wali she, comes from a world that no one around her can understand. image_18Driven by loneliness to share her feelings with imaginary friends, one is really made to feel for this girl/woman, who is in the throes of her first crush, her husband. Unlike her husband, who rarely shows any emotion, she is thrilled to hear him say that he will miss her. Whether a mature man like Wali is really smitten by this young child’s charm, or is saying that to placate her is something that’s open for discussion. For now, Neelam is basking in the glow of what she thinks of as Wali’s affection for her. Kanza’s been facing a lot of criticism for her portrayal of Neelam, and while I echo all that, I have to say that for the first time I actually felt Neelam’s character come alive. Kanza was convincing in the car scene, and then later at the tree scene, aside from her enunciation,she did a pretty okay job.

Feel as one might for Wali and Neelam’s predicament, it is Mahjabeen who is being pushed beyond all limits of human endurance. She’s already paid the highest price and has nothing left to give. Why is it then that everybody around her is bent on extracting their pound of flesh – even Wali, the child she raised and thought she knew so well. image_5How much more does this woman have to endure? The window into her past illustrates how her relationship with Alamgir played out. No longer the carefree girl we saw in the earlier episodes, this girl was much more concerned about the delay in solemnizing her relationship with Baray Sahab’s son. Unlike before, Mahjabeen did not seem as easily persuaded by Alamgir’s charming consolations, the furrow between her eyebrows seemingly a permanent feature by this time.

The sense of impending doom that she had felt then, is back to haunt her again, as Mahjabeen frets over the almost overnight change in Wali’s behavior towards her. Her repeated visits to his bedroom, seeking answers and perhaps some solace, was beautifully done. photo 3That she left her hairpin there and Wali’s nonchalant response to finding it indicates he is used to Mahjabeen walking in and out of his room. Since his childhood she’s been his primary caretaker; even now she is the one in charge of keeping his life smooth, down to ensuring his clothes are properly cleaned. He might have been a complete ass with her, but at the end of the day is still concerned when he doesn’t see her around. His checking in on her, his concern and the change in his evening plans all speak to the very complicated relationship they share. The range of feelings that Sania brings to her character is simply amazing. I say this every week, but have no problems reiterating that I am simply in awe of this woman’s talent.

image_16Superbly written and very well-directed, Numm continues to go from strength to strength. Sania is amazing and Fawad brings something very different to the table; the chemistry between them is crackling and their living room confrontation was smoldering. The very deliberate emphasis on Mahjabeen’s name spoke volumes of Wali’s determination to limit this woman’s hold on him. While all other aspects are working, and thank god we did not get innumerable versions of the same episode, the loud background score is a huge buzz kill. Along similar lines, while I think the OST is one the best ones around, its over use is absolutely killing its impact. We do not need every scene explained to us via the OST lines – please use it sparingly! Also, some scenes were over long. I think Sania is brilliant as Mahjabeen, but the editor needs to use his scissors judiciously with her scenes.   

While this latest installment offered us a closer look at Wali, Mahjabeen and Neelam’s lives, it also left us with plenty of food for thought: Whose name was Mahjabeen mumbling in her sleep? Is he the young man we saw visiting Mahjabeen? Why did Wali look concerned after hearing that name? Who’s Allah Rakhi, the lady whose grave Wali specifically looked for and offered fateha at?


Looking forward to reading your take on the episode and hearing your thoughts on the questions we’ve been left to grapple with!

Written by SZ~

Numm ~ Episode 6

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  1. @SZ: I am really enjoying this serial! the pace is a little slow, but this makes those few wow scenes even more wow! It is so nice to see fk outside his typical shohar facade….sania is amazing! couldnt agree more about the ost though! Ab bas bhi karein yaar! aisa na ho ke itne mazedar gana boring or annoying ho jaye…just from hearing it so much! also agree that the sania brooding scenes could be shorter. we get it. lets move on, shall we? kanza is growing on me. …slowly, very slowly.. but her urdu is terrible! she chews on every word. yeh aisa kyun karti hai? they should have had her voice dubbed in by someone else (like they used to do for Katrina Kaif, in bollywood.) then at least i wouldnt feel like fingernails scratching a chalkboard everytime she speaks! but it speaks to the strengths of the ensemble cast, script, and screenplay that even this doesnt ruin it! i am HOOKED! excited for the ride!


  2. Oh SZ- you are too nice – the eternal optimist for this snooze fest of an episode….
    Time spent reestablishing what we already know. Since I was bored stiff this time, here is how I predict things will go down:

    Though MJ had awoken from somnambulistic slumber she’s now sleep walking (and talking!). She will have an awakening of sorts (and to all the folks who think she’s fulfilling maternal duties, you are going to want to take that back for your own sakes) and then wind up dead probably in child birth because that’s what you do with complicated characters and to enforce status quo.

    Wali for his part will transform from disliked character to finally doing the right thing (um 20 episodes too late) and say in his best paternalistic timbre – Bas! This stops with me – which will be convenient since they killed off the main character anyway….
    Also there have to be other ways to show his turmoil – beating up on the help is now getting overdone – to the point where Salima would be spitting in his food…

    Neelam, I hope, will be the one to awaken his conscience, mature into a mutually respectful relationship with MJ and will survive to be NGO running wife and mother….

    Who was starting the wagers? I’m in….


    • ROTFL!! Oh I am def on the M dying at the end bandwagon 😉 oh 20 episode too late is so typical of all of our dramas these days – my excitement dies out around epi 12 since things go into repeat mode. Here they gave just started earlier from epi 5 and 6.


    • You think Salima hasn’t already?! Boy doesn’t know not to mess with the cook of all other people. “Yeh salan mein kya hai?” might just be a perpetual question in the Bakht household. I’ll be getting to you on the wagers, I want to finish watching the episode first.


    • Lol @ spitting on his food…I really hope N does something like amazingmuslim says that will compensate us for bearing through the woes of KW’s painful acting!


  3. Awesome review for another Super Slow episode. I don’t think we’ll ever find the editors of this drama! Maira Sajid has written a pretty darn good script which has so many mysteries surrounding it – I am impressed. I am guessing Qasim is either M’s bro who was killed or the young curly haired dude who’s possibly the other younger brother. Don’t think those mysteries will be revealed any time soon as we’ll get more Sania “thinking scenes for 5 mins straight” ugh!
    Can we just get a transcript of Neelum’s tree hugger dialogues because boy I just don’t have the patience to listen to her. And I know the writer has given her some powerful dialogues since nobody really speaks in this whole drama (besides B Saab). As for the graveyard I was wondering if he went to Ammo’s grave since none of those names were from his family that we have learned so far.
    This one is really trying my patience but I am sticking around for the ride and the discussions that ensue 🙂


    • LOL true about nobody really speaks in the whole drama besides Baray sahab 😛 Even my ammi mentioned the other day about Fawad (watching his bus ride scene with Neelam) : Bechara itni achi shakal ka hai, per pooray dramay mein mun yun hi banaya hua hai- bolta nae hai :-p


      • seriously I am so tired of the long gazes and silences and people just walking around. Are we supposed to read their minds 20 out of the 35 minutes of the episode while the annoying OST blares in the background? Art ke naam per dhoka hua hai mere saath.


    • @Sz As per usual brilliant review. I am really surprised at the negative comments on this episode Yes the episode could be sharper but we saw Wali firing up and yes in the typical feudal lord manner he took it out on the servants but I think there is more to come. Watch out Badey saab.

      I agree Kanze seemed better but I am going to sound mean when I say that the scenes may have been better as there was only a tree she had to interact with. Up against FK and Sania she is woefully inadequate. I think she is supposed to have a child like quality and there is an element of mental illness. The fact that there seemed to be a meeting of minds when Neelum met Wali’s mother seems to indicate a disturbed mind.
      I also liked the fact that Wali went to check on MJ it spoke volumes about their undeniable link.

      @Sadaf I felt exactly the same that Mj is behaving like an insecure wife she just doesn’t know it yet!

      @Ybm welcome to the group and totally agree lets hope it does not descend into predictabilty.


    • @Annie I don’t think it was Ammo’s grave. He looked cross and at that moment he hated everything around him, even his life. Why would Wali have such expressions visiting Ammo’s grave?!


  4. I agree with you SZ, the editor needs to use his scissors judiciously and I had no patience to sit through Neelam’s scenes talking to the tree. Yes her scene with Wali is good and Wali maybe is not used to being asked if he will miss someone. I think people around him has forgotten he too has feelings and not expect him to be prim & proper always, maybe Neelam touched that chord somehow unknowingly or is he wishing he could also shed all his inhibitions and be like Neelam throwing tantrums? For that is what he did with MJ on his return. While MJ’s suffering is silent, Neelam leaves no stone unturned for all to know she is suffering but caught in the crossfire in true sense is Wali. Too much is being demanded from him emotionally and mind you though he has a frown on his face, he is not that old, at his age, boys are turning into men and pursuing their careers. Since I do not read Urdu, I thought the grave was Wali’s father’s but then who is Rakhi and if Alamgir was MJ’s BF then who the hell is Kasim? This episode also did not throw any light on the mysterious man who had been visiting MJ…god when with the knots open…the episodes should be a little more faster with better sound quality definitely…


  5. Your review is too good for an otherwise snail-paced episode. Thank GOD there weren’t much of neelam’s scene in this one. MJ scenes however were badly edited and really long to sit through, as you mentioned too. This time again they are making us hang up impatiently for the identity of that suspicious boy and his link to MJ. He might be Qasim if I’m not wrong. But what I didn’t get was why is Mahjabeen so frequently visiting Wali’s room for no purpose, sitting there idly or even dozing off! Like doesn’t she have a mirror in her room? If not, I think Wali (or Barey Sahab) should get her one :S I finally realised while watching that Neelam’s (or Kina Wyne’s) immature demeanour/ acting was most approprate for that tree scene. as in I can picture her talking to a tree with such an accent and making a baby face, but not to Fawad or Sania Saeed for that matter! :p And of course, they stop playing the entire OST incessantly, it’s losing its charm for the audience!


    • Agree with you on all accounts. Mahjabeen scenes were too many, too stretched, too slow. Libya simply can’t act, and background music is nuisance. Despite these flaws this drama is interesting and surely worth watching.


  6. Dear SZ, how I long to read you after the difficult, rather slow, stretched but intriguing episodes of this drama! Every second dialogue of the drama seems to carry two meanings and I find it quite difficult to understand and interpret sometimes. However, this episode was not that twisted. But the depression is getting on my nerves. They need to show some hints of hope and happiness like a peeping sun from the clouds.

    I have to complain about the background music. Sometimes I wander is it a thriller or a social melodrama because of the music. Why create an artificial tension with the loud music when it already has so much inbuilt tension in it. And the title song is loosing its appeal from over repeating. And sometimes I hardly hear and get what is being said. Sometimes it feels like some scenes are only there to fill up the time slot. like the garden watering scene, too stretched ‘tree talk’, garden night walk!

    Now, Sania and Fawad have been so skillful in portraying their role. I just love Mahjabeen’s face reading. I have said every scene in this drama can be interpreted in two different ways. I thought, Mahjabeen has a superficial prestige in the household. But, the other side of the coin is she is surrounded by Sikandar Bakht’s most trusted crews. the expressions that Salima gave to Mahjabeen when bringing the cup of tea in the morning is just insulting to a sophisticated woman like Mahjabeen . And Mahjabeen was a bit scared having been discovered in the morning in Wali’s room by the maid. No wander, she is disgusted at them and maintains a distance through her commanding attitude towards them. How much Sikandar bakht trusts her is questionable as he created the web of spies around Wali’s manson more to oversee Mahjabeen than Wali. From that point of view, the small servant characters like Salima, Daud and Bashir are significant. Because they have witnessed the sequence of mishaps from a third person’s viewpoint. Not from the point of view of the victims – Wali, Mahjabeen. And they might know a darker side of Sikandar Bakht.

    Sometimes, I thought Mahjabeen might blame herself for what has happened which inspired her to be loving and good to Wali in the past. But we saw that she does not blame herself for everything. Rather her instincts tell her that she will be held guilty again. I am not going to talk about Wali yet. We can’t see through him yet. But I felt he is rather cold to his youthful new wife when being apart. At this moment the drama is too much winded up. It should reveal some of its mystery to keep viewers in it and should be a bit more paced.


  7. Hello everyone. @SZ You have beautifully summed up the episode and more. I wholeheartedly believe that Neelam’s character is supposed to have spunk while being enduring at the same time. However, KW still hasn’t managed to win my heart with her acting skills. So much of a character is determined by the level of acting and expressions put through. Sadly, that’s not the case here and what should make one feel and relate to Neelam’s presence, especially the scene in the car, is actually making me want to forward it. Her talking to the tree took a lot on my part to sit through.

    Mahjabeen has so much pain and anguish written on her face that even the long drawn out scenes are bearable. What a contrast to Neelam’s scenes! It took me a while to figure out she was in Wali’s room in the first scene but I did not really understand why she had to go and use the mirror in his room later. I finally figured out that it was this pin on Wali’s bedside table that is shown in one of the promos with him looking at it (quite stressed) and apparently, as pointed out by someone, holds some significance. Maybe for Wali it is a reminder of MJ’s presence in his life, as if he needed more reminders 🙂 I don;t for a moment believe that there has anything but a surrogate mother/child relationship between the two till now.

    The gardener scene as well as MJ’s walking out to the garden etc could have been chopped to make it crisp. Was the long scene of BS important?

    I have come to terms with the sound quality and am trying to look beyond that since despite the reviews being shared on FB pages of Numm as well as that of the director’s, it hasn’t changed for the better. Having said that, the drama still holds my attention because of a) intriguing storyline b)brilliant portrayal of their characters by SS & FK and even UP, and c)OST. If it weren’t for the above, I would have been quick to term it boring and slow.


  8. Salam & hello everyone! 🙂 My first time here, but its so entertaining to hear all your points of view; makes Numm all the more ineteresting! And SZ you are an avid observer and a great writer 🙂 I enjoy reading your take on the reviews here…Just few of my pointers about the show thus far…

    I feel that W eventually starts to develop feelings for MJ based on the promos (I’ve rewatched and reassessed all of the Numm promos ever made, while waiting for the next episode! lol)…and I think that W himself gets confused and hesitant of the new change in him (which will come later)…I’m not so sure of MJ though, but it will be interesting to see…I don’t mind the suspense and the many missing things that we so so ardently discuss and predict here, it is a testament to the brilliant story telling and not making it obvious for the watchers! I think that is one of the things that sets Numm apart from the run-of-mill tv shows.

    Yup, that pin looks like a big thing! It is shown in the promo when W is sleeping and interestingly, he has his ring with the big fat ruby or red stone along with MJ’s hairpin on the side table. It is the same pin that W is holding in the promo when he kind of enduringly stares at MJ when she passes through the door with W blocking it. BTW that is one of my fave scenes which will be in the turning point of W-MJ’s relationship

    Contrary to others I found this episode better than previous 2 episodes where they were dragging to just get the unnecessary details out of the story and now I feel like we are getting to sink the teeth into the actual story and the main characters and their inter-relationship. I think it’s going to get more interesting from here…

    Agree big time with everybody about KW and family’s terrible acting, sound and OST’s messed up use, and the long unnecessary scenes to fill the air time…I don’t mind the slow pace as long as they are unfolding the story in the right mysterious ways.., But seriously it is a treat to watch the scenes of SS & FK; both acting so good that you feel sorry, angered, unsure and can relate to whatever they are going through in their screen lives!

    I doubt if MJ is going to die coz in the promos especially the 12 min promo, it looks like N accepts or adjusts to MJ’s reality in their lives and talks about MJ meeting her brother…saying something like “MJ unke bhai se milne gaye they” or something like that…I am 101 % sure the Atif lookalike is MJ’s brother and I think that becomes one of the things that W and N do for MJ in reconciling her with her family…but we never know, they can add any twist to it!

    And ultimately I do think that more than the feudal side or the Men-women positions in the feudal society, Numm is beautiful exploration of the delicateness of personal relationships and their intricacy as well as the coming of age of the characters by portraying how they deal with their own situations, the people they care/start to really care about, and the changes they make to impact theirs and the lives of the people involved.

    I am willing to forgive all the other little annoyances as long as they don’t make it predictable and continue the mystery and always leaving us a room to anticipate what happens next. It will be interesting to see how they will unfold the stories of the pivotal characters in Numm! Happy watching everyone!

    Nice to have virtually met you all here 🙂


    • @YBM beautiful analysis. I take your way taking the story. And yes indeed I hook to it because it is much more than what you just see and you get to think about it and interpret. And many of us interpret it in different dimensions. A nice crunchy biscuit with the cup of tea for entertainment.


    • Lovely reading your comments YBM! welcome to the not so numb group 😉 Looks like you are also intrigued by the story (props to Maira Sajid) and the acting of SS and FK keeping you hooked.


    • Thank you guys for the heads up 🙂 your comments are equally interesting to read as well…if we all could put our heads together, I’m sure we would come up with an interesting storyline for a new show lol


  9. Inspite of all the negatives attached to Numm, I still look forward to it and am hanging on to any good scene that comes our way or any little progression in story there is (and there is little). So will keep watching…
    I thought there was a blooper in this ep, did you guys catch this or am I imagining? MJ opens her hair, leaves the pin in the room and walks out into the garden. The next morning when she wakes up on the bench and walks around, her hair seems to be pinned up a bit, not completely loose. Small stuff but thought would share.
    Interesting that MJ is so bechayn with Wali gone, that she spends one night in the garden and the next in W’s room. I doubt she’s still in love with Alamgir- probably just ponders about all that has happened and how.


    • Hahaha keen observation about MJ’s hair :p I was thinking along the same lines as to why was she so agitated with Wali’s absence; sleeping first in his room and then on the bench- he’s not a kid! Bechara Wali keh k thak gaya hai k bara ho gaya hai now she and baray sahab should stop looking after him like he’s a five year old. Anyone commented about Allah Rakhi I presumed she was ammu, nae?


    • agree with you on the “hair” blooper Afia 🙂
      And M’s bechayni reminded me of our parents when we would not call them, return their calls, or come home late at night, and they would stay up all night (until we got home) waiting for us.


    • @Afia, it takes more then one pin to hold back MJ’s hair so maybe she had a few pins in her hair and leaves one behind! 😉

      She’s bechayen bc she wants to see Wali around her all the time so when he leaves especially without letting her know she becomes restless.
      So what if she is / was his caretaker and raised him. At the end of the day she is still his wife, even if it as a “vani”


  10. I really think Mahjabeen is behaving like an insecure first wife . falling asleep on Wali’s bed then outside in the garden . The leaving of the pin to me it points to something very different from Maternal instincts.


    • Really? I don’t think she thinks of herself as a wife just yet.

      Her distracted behaviour is more a realization that shes not needed anymore – that’s what I think she wanted to talk to Wali about.

      The hair pin is just a prop for them to now project their feelings on to no?


      • when the servant opened the door she was expectinhg someone else …Wali, she falls asleep on his bed ,then she falls aslep in the dark garden her looks of ilthijaa towards Wali when ever neelam is rude or anything happens Sem to point in a different direction but I could be wrong .


  11. What a difference a good copy makes. For the first time I’m beginning to see what you see in this drama SK. Yes, it is still too slow, yes, the music is still annoying, but watching a good copy really helps to see the subtle details. Like the heaviness of Mahjabeen’s hairpin for instance, her restlessness of sleeping everywhere but her own bed.

    Neelam’s tree talking aside (just what the heck is that about anyway? Are we to believe that she’s a little touched in the head….she certainly seems to mimic the expressions of a special needs child sometimes… which case, isn’t it an even bigger injustice to marry off a somewhat disabled child to an already married man?), I’m thankful that this episode gave us more of Mahjabeen. Of course, in words, Wali was a jerk, but there was lots of weight in his simple motion of going to check on her and being troubled by her restless sleep-talking. You really have to look for the good in this drama, and I found a little of it in this episode.


  12. @SZ: Hi! Great review as always. Agree with @amusingmuslim, you are “too nice” and an “eternal optimist”. For my part, I am unable to have the same generosity of spirit. Still definitely hooked because of Maira Sajid’s intriguing story, FK and SS!

    I found this episode to be a drag! Again agree with @amusingmuslim about “time spent re-establishing what we already know”. Gone is the crispness of narration. Agree with people saying its being stretched to “fill air-time”. Loud, continuous playing of the full OST in the background is getting on my nerves already. Wish SS stops her brooding and starts voicing her thoughts.

    One thing that got repeated more than once and has become clear is the fact that Neelam has just five more weeks to complete her higher secondary school. All her baby faces, baby talk, tree talk is becoming beyond bearable for me. Could forgive her if she was indeed “touched in the head”/ “special needs child” as @Zarqa put it. Surprising, such a child misses her husband!! KW continues to be my pet peeve!

    Qasim could be M’s older brother who killed/ got killed in the Alamgir fiasco, she seems to be pleading with him to forgive her and let go. The lady in the grave seems to be a mystery (no one told us Ammo’s name, or have they?)! Hope they don’t stretch and make us wait till 20+ episodes to start clearing up all these mysteries!

    Somehow, I still feel there is some ‘killing’/ ‘killings’ to come and not natural death/ deaths. Wali’s ravaged face in one of the promo scenes bespeaks some grave, unbearable tragedy. Of course, one can never know from the promos. I think it is still too early to say which, if any, of these two wives will survive. Perhaps neither will! I can’t see this story leading to a happy ending for any one of the three main characters.

    What was the point of those boring baray sahab scenes in this episode, does anyone know??


    • the boring B. Saab scenes are to fill space and make it into a 24 episode drama. Remember we got that really long withdrawn scene of him talking to the village people with no sound a few epis ago which was also totally unnecessary. We’ll get more of these random scenes sprinkled throughout the drama since the story is really about 3 characters and the director needs something to break up the M-W-N scenes.


    • LoL so agree with you. She does seem like a ‘ special child’. Do you think Neelum has a border line IQ? She sure acts like one?


  13. Numm is getting more intriguing by the day. Great review SZ as you said it was deceptively slow but we are still learning so much about their characters and their situations. Wali and his inner turmoil and Mjs reaction to walis new approach towards her were interesting to see. How Mjs is taking this can be interpreted in so many ways, an insecure wife, a worried caregiver… What exactly is she? What did the hairpin signify?
    I love how we are not told, but to think and interpret it the way we wish.
    Personally I don’t see it as a romantic connection, as someone else mentioned Mjs feels useless now after spending half her life looking out for this kid who is now an adult and can’t seem to stand her.
    It he fact she still has so many memories of Alamgir and the romance it’s been showed to us with regular flashbacks makes it a little difficult for me as a viewer to think of her and wali as a couple. I mean it was his uncle! I just can’t see it sorry!
    I am sure something does happen, but it will probably end before it starts. I am literally willing neelum to come back to stir the pot, as am sure her sister will report back about the medicine feeding in the next episode.
    Looking forward to next episode and maybe some sound improvement…. Pretty please??


  14. Your review was a better read then this episode, apart from Sania Saeed,s mastery of acting ….and how can I not mention the Tree and Neelam,s scene, wah !!! absolutely brilliantly done, I was in awe of the scene, the scene was very well done by the …TREEE …wah wah … now who ever says trees dont have feelings and soul must see this scene….the pain was so obveious on the tree,s face…eerrr I mean trunk…clap clap
    Nothing else to say as you said everything, there is something intreguing about Numm and no its not at all about FK for me


  15. Mahjabeen was wise to seek permission to leave the new couple alone to let the plant grow. Sikandar Bakht was not so wise to keep her in it. But hence the story starts.

    I never thought MJ needs to wake up. She is always conscious about the woman inside and we have seen that in different metaphor. her mocking smile when Sikandar B asked for her consent (not really asked) on the marriage was her indeed her anguish. Her tears going down the sink after the marriage was over signifies how she sacrificed her only hope and embraced an already prolonged solitary life to be more solitary and now even worthless. It cannot be a mother-child relationship for MJ, as she was given the identity of his second class wife and the role of an Aya. It is a role playing thing. She never addressed Wali in the common rightful commanding way that a mother does. It is the turtle in the shell which she created herself because she fears the consequences! And the turtle comes out when Wali and others are not around. Now that she has sacrificed him to the de jure wife, she will be more in her shell and would want to leave the mason to go and live at Sikandar Bakht’s place. Also because she is sensing the trouble that her presence is bringing in the lives of the new couple and the change in Wali. And being a woman of good heart she would not want to ruin another woman’s (girl) life.

    Wali, not Mj to me is going through the change now in last two episodes. It is logical that Wali figured the relationship as surrogate mother – child as it was beyond his understanding at that early age and he was in need of such a shadow over his head. I am not sure in which direction he is moving.

    YBM is right to say that the story more of a individual scale focusing on the interplay of feelings deep in the minds of the lead roles. But it also has a birds eye view perspective and involves the system on which it stands. No matter how hard he tries, even if he takes her as his rightful wife, he cannot change her ‘numm’. Mj will remain a ‘vani’ to the society. The struggle for dignity will be lost.


    • Wonderfully said. I’ve been waiting for someone to bring up the fact that Wali was essentially a victim of abuse, being married, albeit in name only, at such a young age. He doesn’t know the correct place to put whatever feelings he has for MJ, and is obviously drawn also to this strange crazy girl he’s now bound to. But, of course it’s not a simple love triangle, because, as you say, the whole construct is at work here.


  16. I was so looking forward to this drama, but am thoroughly disappointed with WB just glaring all the time MJ just looking pathetic and Neelum should have been give the task to keep shut and just look cute.
    I think WB is out for revenge. He will pretend to like MJ for some reason and the hair clip is sure to have some significance.
    What I hope to see is WB getting over his victim phobia and coming to realize that MJ did a great job on him and giving her her freedom.


  17. She irritates me so much! Neelum ruins it completely! Oh how I wish I could just remove her from this very thought provoking serial! sigh! What was she doing??? Her expressions and trying hard to be cute mannerisms really difficult to watch. I try to skip the scene whenever I can! Apart from her very atrocious acting, why did they put that scene anyway? I wish the Director could have done this differently. Even writing a diary (ZGH) would have been better 🙂 Has anyone heard of a Convent educated girl talking to a tree and saying ‘ I am sorry’ and ‘ why are you laughing at me?’ No wonder she is ‘karoron mein ek!!
    The story though moving slowly is quite gripping. What I like about the script is that it is different. The complex situation between W and MJ is also something new and so, very interesting as the story unfolds.( I agree with you SZ ..too much use of the OST!) Needless to say both these actors are superb and the story keeps you guessing …


  18. Hi All! Apologies for having been MIA all this week. I was sick all of last week, but thankfully am now on the mend and IA will have the review up LATER for this latest ep and join in the ensuing convos .
    Meanwhile thanks for keeping the thread active and sharing your very insightful and thoughtful comments. Thoroughly enjoyed reading all the various perspectives.Have to say, whether we love it or hate or or fall somewhere in between, Numm is certainly giving us plenty of food for thought!

    Finally, a quick shout out to the new readers and commentators: Great to have you all join in and add in yet another perspective to our “not so numb” discussions as Annie put it so well 😉 Looking forward to hearing more from you this week!

    See you all in a few! 🙂


  19. So it’s probably too late for me to be commenting on this episode given that the new one has been uploaded.

    I just wanted to add my perspective on the scenes when Mahjabeen interacts with Wali. I think she is definitely reacting to Wali’s change in behavior. But I don’t think it is as a result of being a jealous first wife. His change in personality is foreboding of the impending doom/disaster she sees ahead. She was already stripped of her respect 15 years ago when she became Wali’s wife through the wani rasm, but Neelam’s jealousy/degrading attitude and Wali’s changes spell will further take away any respect that remains. Aur har shakhs ko apni izzat pyari hoti hai – khaas kar Mahjabeen ko to zyaada hi afsos hogaa kyoonkay woh pehlay say hi bohat kho chuki hai.

    When she goes into his room she undoes her hair and examines herself, probably taking stock of the effect the years have had on her – she has given up 15 years to this system and what does she have to show for it other than her gray hair. She flashes back to the scene with her pleading with Alamgir, and he promises that no one will harm her as long as he’s alive. She soon falls asleep on Wali’s bed, but she’s not thinking about Wali, she is lost in her past with Alamgir. When she wakes up she has a little smile on her face – I think it’s the thought of Alamgir and his love that put that smile there. In this dark haveli, rooted in this arcane system, the only place of solace and light must be her memories. She is surprised to find herself in Wali’s room and she rushes out.

    Wali’s marriage to Neelam has awakened an awareness of the confused relationship between W and M, but I don’t think M is contemplating a future with Wali – I think it reminds her of her tragic love story with Alamgir . I think she is considering and contemplating the life she would have had with Alamgir, had the outcome been different.

    For Mahjabeen, Wali was a distraction/responsibilty/duty, but for Wali Mahjabeen may have been a caretaker and a constant, however, 15 years later, all grown up and able to understand/see that relationship (in part, no thanks to Neelam) has made him painfully aware that this woman is his wife or at least attached to him in an undeniable relationship. It makes sense that Wali would be more aware of that relationship because in the patriarchal society they live in it is the husband who has rights to the woman/wife, while in most cases the wife’s job is to comply and submit.

    Traditionally men have controlling rights to all facets of their wives – their love, their money, their future, their bodies. At the end of the day, Wali is part of the feudal system and that system guarantees him full access to all that he rules over. This is why the 60-yr old feudal/zamindar/villager can choose, marry, and consummate his relationship to a 12-year old all within the rights awarded to him by his society. To clarify, i don’t think Wali is looking to control/own Mahjabeen, but he can no longer deny that his system has given him the rights to do so, and she is a part of his life. I think the more compelling aspect of this story is that Wali is emotionally connected to Mahjabeen, and his maturity and marriage have been the catalyst to him realizing that there is an inexplicable bond between them, that is both palpable and also scary.


    • Oh, I should add that although I have given my perspective of the feudal system and how it treats women, I think it is deplorable and unacceptable. Child marriages, forcible marriages are absolutely detestable.

      And yes, all those years ago Wali was a victim, just as much as Mahjabeen. However, I truly think his scars come from losing his parents and Baray Sahab’s treatment of him as he is exposed to the system. For all intents and purposes Wali was only expected to think of Mahjabeen as an aaya and caretaker and I don’t think Baray Sahab ever expected him to know her/treat her any differently. Any change in that relationship will be alarming and most likely enraging to Baray Sahab. It’s Mahjabeen who is supposed to suffer, pay and submit for her mistakes.


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