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Baray Sahab: Faisley karna acchi baat hai lekin us se bari baat un faislon par qaim   rehna hai. Waisey tum ne sahih raasta ikhtiyar kiya hai… bhai, Neelam agar parhna chahti hai …. tau zaroor parhe…. why not?

Wali: Main bhi soch raha hoon ke apni PhD start kar hi loon…

Baray Sahab: Hmm… lekin… us dauraan ghur sawaari nahin chorna. Ab tum chotay nahin ho, tum samajhdaar ho, baray ho gaye ho. Jab chotey se they tau dada dada keh kar meri gaud main chalaangen maartey they, mujhe pakarte they, mujhe yeh chahiye, mujhe woh chahiye…..

Wali: Aisey kiya dekh rahey hain Baray Sahab?

Baray Sahab: Apna mustaqbil dekh raha hoon….

This exchange, between Wali and Baray Sahab, has to be one of the warmest, not to mention the most “normal” conversation we’ve seen so far between any of the characters in Numm. image_41It was heartwarming to see that the two actually had a relationship, one where they talked to each other like friends rather than the adversaries they had seemed to be in the past episodes. What we saw today was not the outcome of something that had happened a day or two ago, rather this bond had been forged over years, going back to when Wali was just a child and Sikandar Bakht an indulgent grandparent, who rushed to fulfill his grandchild’s every desire. Since then this relationship had seen its fair share of ups and downs.

Numm1The Wali we had met 4-5 weeks ago was someone who was frustrated and angered by the imperious demands of a feudal lord; his loving grandfather nowhere to be found as we were introduced to the hardhearted autocrat who had no problems informing his grandson that time had come for him to sing for his supper. The luxuries, the high flying lifestyle, the bells and whistles he took for granted, all came with a price – he had to marry because it was so decreed. Feudalism had claimed yet another victim. After Jahangir, Alamgir, Amtul and Mahjabeen, it was now Wali’s turn.

This episode marked a turning point in Wali’s life. He might have been a boy when Mahjabeen was made his vani, and he may have been ambiguous when he was informed about his marriage to Neelam, but the man we met today, the one in whom Baray Sahab saw his future, is no longer confused or unsure. This is a very different man, confident and sure of himself and his future course of action.

Wali, an extremely private man, one with a very strong sense of self, did not take 524521_587638701283114_21988877_ntoo kindly to being told off so unceremoniously, first by his chit of a bride, then Mahjabeen, followed by his mother-in-law, aur tau aur even the principal at the high school had the temerity to tell him how to deal with Neelam. Amo’s very loving reprimand was probably the last straw on the camel’s back. Done with being dictated to and called to task like an immature child, Wali grew up and became a man in this episode. 

Cutting off the metaphorical umbilical cord, no longer seeking approval from the two eyes who had looked out for him through his growing up years, this Wali is not afraid to look Mahjabeen straight in the eye and assert his authority. The boy she raised had grown into a man she did not recognize. image_13Even if he had to fortify himself with liquid courage, this had to be done – enough was enough. He who was a feudal scion was not going to treated like a boy anymore. The quiet menace in Wali’s voice, as he directly addressed Mahjabeen, perhaps for the first time in his adult life, marked his steely resolve. No matter how torn he might be on the inside by his treatment of Mahjabeen, this had to be done. Not only was he laying the law down for the servants, but also making Mahjabeen’s position in the household very clear. The scene with Wali seated like the lord and master of his domain, Mahjabeen standing in front of him like a nobody, and the servants quailing in the back, was simply brilliant. A superbly triangulated composition, this scene was fabulously executed  by the director, his DOP and his two gifted actors. This was by far my most favorite scene of the episode – loved it!

image_30Neelam might think she now has Wali’s number and revel in the fact that he seems to be warming up to her, but methinks she’s once again jumping the gun. She might think all her transgressions are forgotten, but somehow Wali does not seem like a man who forgets easily.

Interestingly enough, even as Neelam is beginning to think Wali is hers, the other woman in Wali’s life is gradually waking up from deep slumber – conscious to the fact that she is still alive. Checking her appearance and noticing the silver in her hair, this is perhaps the first time she’s actually seen herself in years. image_16This colorless Mahjabeen, who lost her sense of self the day she introduced herself to her ten year old “husband,” is a far cry from the vibrant girl who had once smiled easily. The pain she suffered, the losses she bore, and the family she was forced to meet on the sly, all those years seemed to have passed by in a haze. Now, after so many years, it is Wali looking her in the eye, talking to her like she’s a real person, that serves as a wake up call. Mahjabeen did not die the day she became a vani  – she does still live. Things have come full circle… the real story has just begun.

Read within this context, the scene between Wali and Baray Sahab then takes on a whole other meaning. 1231260_589981411048843_1678293187_nWas this merely an exchange of pleasantries between a grandfather and his heir, or was it something else entirely? Sikandar Bakht is nobody’s fool, he sees it all and knows more than he lets on. The back slapping, the smiles, were all about the autocrat expressing his joy at Wali’s coming of age. He is  thrilled that his grandson has stepped up to the plate and taken on the mantle of responsibility, making decisions of his own accord rather than looking here and there for guidance. Baray Sahab’s advice, don’t forget to ride, is equally meaningful. Wali’s marriage to Neelam is not just about the here and now, it was about ensuring the future. He can send his wife off to study and pursue the same path himself, but Wali must never lose sight of the ultimate goal – perpetuating the feudal legacy.

Yes, this was another very intense episode. Myra Sajid’s story and screenplay is brilliant- every word, every nuance, every scene has special significance. Ahson Talish has done an excellent job bringing this very intriguing story to life. The two actors, Sania  and Fawad keep raising the bar higher with every episode. While Fawad has dialogues to help him with his portrayal of Wali, Sania breathes life into her character with almost no lines. image_21It is hard to take eyes away from her face as she essays Mahjabeen’s anguish so very beautifully. These two are simply stellar together. Completely lost between these two dazzling stars is Kanza. Neelam’s is such an important character, a pivot around whom the story revolves, but all the important scenes with her in them are falling flat. Similarly the scenes with the actress playing Minahil are painful to sit through.

While Numm continues to impresses with its narrative, direction, pacing, etc, it is really faltering in the sound department. The background score continues to be a source of annoyance and now added to it is the bad dubbing and sound patching. I realize it is hard to maintain sound quality when shooting outdoors, but then the dubbing needs to be done with a little more finesse. The pivotal scene between Wali and his grandfather lost so much of it impact due to the really poor patching in of Fawad’s dubbed voice. In the graveyard scene too, it was hard to make out what Fawad was mumbling. Another important scene, Mahjabeen and the young Wali, also had sound issues. Please, could someone look into this?! Apart from these peeves, I’m hooked!

Written by SZ~

Numm ~ Episode 5 


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  1. A very well articulated review ! You certainly have the charm and skill to write the review which always make me see beyond what I see on the screen:) wah ! Maza aya.
    I am just mesmerised with Snaia Saeed’s ability to speak with her expressions , she gives me goose bumps as I just get into the trance of her character … Only Sania would have done this role , no one else has the skills and art to portray the inner turmoil of her character then Sania …. Wah wah Subhan Allah .,
    It’s becoming more and more difficult to bare Neelam and Minahil and Mummy too …, strong characters have been butchered by below average performance. Although I try my best to give credit to the girl playing Neelam but seeing that Neelam is the most important character of the story with some super impact full diogues , I am not ready to compromise on a very mediocre performance. I do feel sorry for the actor .

    • SZ fab review as ever!
      @ RR I am so glad you mentioned the bow! What was all that about! I also laughed all I could think was why?!!!!!!!!!!!It was something a 5 year old would wear.

      @Atika interesting point about Wali being the younger version.The story would be brilliant with that subplot and it will explain some things. I also I agree that there was a relationship between the death of N and W father’s which M is involved in. Did anybody else find the conversation between Barey saab and Neelum’s mother intriguing? I think there is some further revenge afoot? Something that involves M?

      Also ammo comments regarding N stating she was in million and that W will realise later. I think he will as she will bring M and W together somehow.

      Personally I also loved the servant scene. The triangle as you quite right described SZ was amazing. FK and Sania were amazing. His ice cold fury against her anguish and silent embarrassment. My favorite scene was M in the car. Again the range of emotions had me mesmerised. Somebody said M is awaking from her slumber I also think the same applies for W.

      @SZ I am so glad you got the horse analogy. I thought I may have mis interpreted it.

      Now does anybody else feel that the director leaves the room when the three witches (N, Rahat and Minahal )act. How can you have such beautiful “compositions” as SZ put and then have a graveyard scene with N laughing. I just don’t get it.

      • I seriously think those 3 ladies give such bad takes that they don’t have much of a choice but to pick the least worst out of them all. We do see the director sahab in quite a few pics with Kanza on the Numm FB site so he’s def. there.

        • @shazch: I agree with you and think all the scenes involving Fk and SS scenes are done by the director and the rest are left to an AD or someone… actually a common enough practice here.. particularly in the case of those well-known directors who churn out dramas like there is no tomorrow..

  2. How interesting that you found the conversation between Bade Saheb and Wali warm – I read it as more “don’t forget your place son” and is it me or did the whole ghoda dialogue now take on phallic undertones?

    Wali has finally awakened his inner feudal lord. Also how is that for serial fulfilling prophecy: The Marlboro man is getting his PhD. =) Thought the dude looked totally weary and exhausted –except when giving the help a verbal hiding. None of his wives arranging a hot shower?

    Sania, is as usual brilliant.

    Maybe it’s time to take a break from beating up on Neelam (because sigh, what’s the point?) to beating up on the sound guy and editor. Fade and mix people, fade and mix….

    • @Amusing Muslim: LOL! You didn’t read to the end! I started off by saying it looked warm, almost “normal”, but if you read through, I do bring it back full circle to the same conclusion as you, phallic undertones and all! This was a beautifully written scene which could have been easily seen as just a normal bonding sequence, but as you also noted, one with a completely different subtext 🙂
      Re: fulfilling the prophecy… we are only 5 eps in what looks to be a 20 + eps serial, I would hesitate to say anything is fulfilled at this point, too early in the game in my opinion. But then again, who knows what the writer sees as the arc of the character. One thing is very clear though that Wali is def not our run of the mill hero, there is plenty of darkness here.
      Yes, he was tired and exhausted, but I see it more of the result of an inner struggle.. b/c I don’t see this a the “real” him as yet 🙂
      Lol @ his wives not getting him a hot shower .. and if the dude thinks two wives are a hassle, beta jaa kar le PhD … you have no clue how easy you have it! 😉

      • Apologies! I was speed reading – maybe Sania isn’t the only one who needs to awaken from somnambulistic slumber. And we agree for a change. =)
        Prophecy was only re: PhD. Ya lets see how he survives that and 2 wives…
        Dare I guess more screen shots of FK typing on a laptop? 😉

        • @A musing Muslim: hahaha here I have to say ke agree with you in that he’s a total feudal … bari bari baatein karna is ki aadat hai .. dont think we will ever see Wali with a laptop! Even if he does do a PhD he will probably hire a minion to type up his stuff, or maybe even Mahjabeen .. after all woh kis din kaam ayegi 😉

          • @SZ I just read this. Mahjabeen ka mazak maat udao! Baraye meherbani. Haha! Thank you for the smiles after a long day at school. 🙂

    • So true what’s the point of beating on her. I’m not certain if I should be embarrassed watching such a third rate portrayal in a drama series I find in other respects very solid or if I should feel embarrassed for Kanza. Again, did anyone catch her laughing in the kabristan before the camera zoomed into her face.

  3. A Brilliantly written review! It is because of your review that this complex drama makes so much sense! You bring everything together perfectly.

    Both Sania Saeed and Fawad Khan are magnificent but Kanza is just such a hot mess with her pronunciation and acting. She is beyond terrible. Whose idea was it to ruin such a great play by casting her.

    It seems the heat we wanted to see between Wali and Majhbeen is cooling down even before it started.
    But hmmmm i wonder who walked into her room right before the episode ended. Good cliffhanger
    And why is Amtul missing for so many episodes. She was an interesting character.

    • @Ash: Thanks! yes, missing Amtul and her craziness and her reading selection .. she needs to come back!
      Yeah, no idea who that was .. of course what is more intriguing is that the TV version did not have that scene at all! It will be interesting to see where the next episode begins!

  4. Excellent review and very well written indeed.
    Engrossing episode. BUT I feel you are Reading too much between the lines.
    Please tell me how Neelam’s deceased “Daado” was related to Bare Saheb and secondly is Neelum related to Bare Saheb. Kindly can some one help me here.

    • @Farah S. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂
      Neelam;s grandmother is not related to baray sahab. Her son, Neelam’s father, and Wali’s father were friends and they had arranged this match between their children as perhaps a way of strengthening their friendship.

  5. can someone please tell the producers to fix the sound? Correct me if I am wrong, but lip sync was missing in a couple of scenes, for e.g SS talking to the boy(brother?) and even to you g Wali. Besides, the scene in the graveyard also had variation in sound so one could barely make out Neelam’s question to Wali. Same for the conversation between Baray Sahab and Wali. Is there anyone reading the reviews out there?!

    For me the negatives are poor sound quality along with terrible performances by Neelam and her sister. I am done giving Neelam the benefit of doubt that her “acting” is partly the portrayal of her role as an immature teenager. I am convinced now that she lacks skill in that area and what makes it worse is the level of acting that SS and Fawad are performing at in the play.

    Not only the laptop, i am also looking forward to Fawad’s regular famous ” yaaar” that is so enduring. 😉

    • @AK: Hey! welcome 🙂 Yes, agree with and have been pointing to these issues in my reviews as well .. now if only somebody from Geo was reading this!
      LOL! the yaar will definitely come, being that this is FK’s drama that phrase is a sure shot guarantee! 😉

      • haha like i said, can’t wait. 🙂 I just love the yaar…i remember we barely used the word and my parents would reprimand us if we used it by mistake. But he has made the word oh-so-wonderful and enduring 😉
        And Sadaf, like someone else mentioned, I am totally new to dramas having stayed away from them for years after IBA…work, marriage, kids and now away from Pak. I saw ZGH and Humsafar a couple of weeks ago when I found it was the right time with kids in school and no guilt trips over the “chaska” of dramas 🙂 I had no idea that we have such wonderful writers reviewing the dramas and so much interest is taken in talking about them now. So much has changed! It gives one a good feeling to be able to share thoughts, a good laugh and of course FK’s acting skills with mostly like-minded people. Kudos to you 🙂

        I hope to keep exchanging views with you all. 🙂

            • @AK: All good no worries 🙂

              Glad you’re on board and enjoying our discussions. There are many here like you who’ve come back to Pakistani dramas after a hiatus, we also have friends who’ve just been introduced to PK serials and then there are those who’ve been following PK TV serials for a long time. No matter how long anybody’s been watching or where they live, what brings us here and makes our discussions so much fun is that we are all equally passionate about these dramas and enjoying analyzing them.. we can be very serious and have intense conversations or just share a good laugh over FK’s wardrobe, we also agree and disagree with each other, but ultimately its all in good fun and about sharing thoughts and ideas with like minded friends 🙂

  6. Awesome review!I must say you have a really good grip on your expression dude :p you elaborate even the nitty-gritty details too well mashaaALLAH. Though it’s the first time I’m writing it to you I’ve always been reading your reviews since the Zindagi Gulzar Hai days. And as always this one is bang on target! As for the episode, it is only me or the one aired yesterday on television was actually different from the one on the internet? I mean isn’t the video on the internet unedited (which has the NUMM water-mark)? The concatenation of events was a bit jumbled up, and the Geo installment ended on a different note with Mahjabeen sneaking a plate of mithai for an Atif-Aslam-look-alike suspicious guy :p Can anyone tell me, who he was? And yes, did anyone catch the blooper for the scene when Fawad hits Kanza Wyne? I’m amazed to know that the slap was so brutal to impair her gums to eat for many days :O GOD! FAWAD KA GHUSSA! :p

    • I saw the blooper video and at the expense of sounding mean, i actually laughed out at Fawad’s reaction. Poor girl. Frankly that’s the only time I have felt for Kanza otherwise she is doing injustice to her role. I am convinced that there may have been someone out there who could have played the immature brat that she is better than her.

      SZ your reviews are excellent. For me the episode doesn’t end at the of airing but after reading some wonderful analysis. Kudos to you

    • @Fizza: Hello, good to hear from and glad ke aap ne chup tori and decided to join us 🙂 Thanks for following the reviews,
      You are absolutely right in that there are two versions floating around, with the sequence of events completely messed up. Don’t know why Geo is trying to sabotage its own project. I have never seen two “official” versions of an episode ever before!!
      The video on the internet is not unedited as far as I know. its the version that Geo releases officially after the episode has aired on TV. Hence its free of annoying ads etc. Initially they were the same, but starting from last week, where there was an extra scene, Wali and Neelam in the car, there have been discrepancies. And this week’s episode was very different – hope somebody fixes these issues!! As it is this is a complicated story and then all the other technical issues and now these two versions .. not helping the Numm case at all!!

      • Exactly! They need to sort it out urgently. Also, there was no Sania Saeed’s grey hair scene in the drama as opposed to the internet video. In addition to that, Fawad also mumbled ‘chalain?’ in the kabaristan scene which wasn’t there either. Lol Spotting these differences make me sound like a complete psychotic but his appearance pricks up my ears unconsciously, can’t help it :-p Anyways Jokes apart, this drama is pacing up really well- hope it sticks to the momentum and doesn’t lose it’s viewership. BUT remember Fawad- we’re always there for you! :-p

  7. Oh and did anyone see the big bow on Neelam’s white top? What was that all about?
    @Fizza, Fawad ka ghussa tha kamal…shayed he was also tired of her acting skills 😉

    • LOL true @AK! The irksome way with which Kanza yelled “Maaro gey?” was sufficient enough to trigger anyone’s over-secretion of adrenaline 😛 Hahahah iss mein Fawad becharay ka koi kasur nae! I can still recall her muffled voice, itni zyada baar blooper daikh lia hai :S And oh yes! I noticed the BIG bow sticking out too :p

    • oh when Neelum turned around and I saw that gigantic bow I couldn’t help but laugh! Maybe an outfit that doubles as a Halloween costume? With the blue tika and ghastly makeup she was totally ready to go to a H-costume party!

      • Oho, itni obvious si baat kyon nahin samajh rahe ho.. Neelam was Wali’s present to unwrap! Baray Sahab is not the only one who can do the feudal double talk, Aunty Rahat bhi kam nahin hain! She wanted to make sure ke bechara seedha saadha masoom sharif Wali got the message loud and clear! Its all about ghur sawari here! 😉

    • Nah! It was: Oh! Sorry sorry sorry, I missed your gaal! It will come like this, okay?
      You’re taking it from the top? 😀 * yeah yeah I know cramming his words is so cool*

  8. Hi there. I am new in your drama world. But obsessed with Numm and your reviews. This episode was quite difficult to understand for me, especially when I went through your review SZ, I perceived it in a different way. I thought, Wali slapped on Mahjabeen’s face through his words in front of the servants. And I felt that she was trembling with the sense of being assaulted by the ‘Wali’. Sania’s work is a pleasure to see. This drama, in spite of its weaknesses as you have been discussing for the last five episodes, stands out for its art of expressing human mind in the face which cannot be expressed if you try to say it in words. Such a beauty in that sense.

    I did not get the feeling that Mahjabeen is unaware/forgetful of her relationship with Wali. The way she meets herself in the mirror (in the 2nd and 5th episode) and in her ride to home (fifth episode) convey that her sense of self is not dead. She is as alive and as sensitive as anyone else. But, it seems to me as it is her way of saying ‘no’ to the system as she has been seasoned by all that has happened to her life, and to others’ life. The conversation between Bare Sahab and Mahjabeen about Wali’s marriage in the first episode to me is a good example. Also, I think that the Black Shawl that she wears all the time is significant as it symbolizes her way of putting a veil between her and her environment and Wali.

    • @SM: Hey! Welcome aboard! Thanks for following my reviews – so glad to hear from you 🙂
      Loved reading your take. Excellent reading of the black chadar!! You are so right!

      I dont think we are reading the situation very differently. I agree completely with your take on the verbal lashing.. it was meant to assert Wali’s authority on every member of he household. And like you, I don’t see her as being unaware or forgetful of her relationship with Wali at all… how can she, when it is all around her, and she is very aware of whats happening around her as well. What I meant was that once she became a vani and met the kid, she knew that her life as woman, a creature with emotional needs and wants, had ended. She knew that Wali was her “husband” but he could never really be one in the fullest sense of the word, hence she willed herself to forget that part of her existence. Even after Wali returns, for her he is still the child who’s grown up under her care, hence her asking him about the khana kha liya etc.On his part, Wali does not see her a woman in the sexual sense. He knows he’s married to her but cannot see beyond the woman who raised him, hence the unconscious respectful gestures etc. With Neelam’s arrival, the story starts to change, b/c she makes them both aware of their relationship. The fact that an outsider can actually see them as a pair is what jolts both of them. And then with the living room scene, where he scolds her, he treats like a regular everyday woman, one for whom he does not lower his gaze and does not snuff out his cigarette and drinks in front of. I;m not quite sue what version of the episode you saw, but in the version that aired, the scene of her going to the room and looking at herself in the mirror and her hair was right after the Wali losing it scene. Hence my connection of the two, saying that the relationship b/w the two had now changed, and she was now seeing her as a woman. He no longer sees her as a guardian caretaker and she is now aware of him in a while different way. If you notice in the preview for he next ep, he actually addresses her by her name, something he had never done before. Does that make sense? Whats your take on their relationship as it stands now? Also, would love to hear what everybody else thinks.. As it always is in the case of art, there is no one right or wrong take .. so all readings are equally valid or invalid! 🙂

      I really wish Geo would get their act together as far as these various versions of the episodes are concerned. In a screenplay as meaningful as this its really important that scenes follow each other in sequence. The video that I have posted comes straight from the Geo people, complete with their watermark etc, and the version that airs is also put out by them,,, I;m really confused ke yeh kya masla hai!

      • Thanks for your reply SZ. I am in love with the character of Mahjabeen and the way it is being unveiled through small scenes. And if the young man is Young Wali, it is a new color to her character. We see her heart through her love for the nature portrayed on the scene where she was trying to fix a birds nest (OST). A Cinderella girl! I see the danger of leaving a woman of a rival group with a boy alone who will become the center of power in the future in the clan. Mahjabeen had the opportunity to create a Frankenstein out of a young boy with a delicate and wounded heart. But she did not. Rather she nurtured the delicate heart of the boy with great love and sincerity. She is a woman of good heart.

        • @SM: Thoroughly enjoyed reading your take on how MJ raised Wali.. and I think its her tarbiyat vs his hereditary that we will see Wali struggle with throughout.. it’ll be interesting to see which side wins.. the idealist in me wants MJ’s tarbiyat to win and have Wali change the nizam, but the cynic in me says that’s unlikely .. what do you think?

          • @SZ thanks for your comments. Maira Sazid has set a medeaval story in 2013 and in the setting of an upper class of the society. So, she must have thought to bring about change. At this point of time, we don’t want to see an educated man roaming around with two wives in his two sides. I firmly believe, the turmoil in Wali is giving birth to a modern Wali who can bear the pains to bring change.

    • @SM: loved reading your take on Mahjabeen and her nuances that explain to us about how she is going through and how she went through… As SZ once said if this drama will ever be remember about it will be only Sania saeed’s perfect depiction of Mahjabeen.:)

  9. Well …. An Excellent review … WoWWwW You’re so Awesome … I mean the way you analysis things I just LOve it 333 Very well done first of all ..Hats Off
    I just wanna say I Love the whole Episode but the scene b/w Wali and Mahjabeen and Wali’s Servant cux Mahjabeen was nothing at that time in front of Wali thats why i ma saying Wali’s Servant at alll Wali Behaviour Lord-ness I mean JUST sUPERB iT’S MY FAVOURITE SCENE …>333 I want some more Dialogues from the writer :/

    • @Nosh: Lol, itna ghussa? 😉 your comment is right here .. sometimes takes a min or two to show up 🙂
      And thank you for reading and enjoying the review – much appreciated 🙂
      Yes, that scene was fabulous indeed!

  10. Well ……… Continued OMG I must say Fawad Khan ka Gussa is the best ever in Paki Heros YES he can kill the man when he is in gussa with his sexy angry eyes … I feel bad 4 Mahjabeen at that time she was like nothing poor Woman ….I am struck Mahjabeen has a SON too What is this now ??

  11. @SZ: A very well-written, thorough review as usual. Agree with you on all counts. The best scene of the episode was definitely the “superbly triangulated composition” as you have put it. Felt upset for Mahjabeen there–being reminded of her status in the household so brutally and the expressions that flitted over her face made the whole thing so sad. FK and SS were brilliant.

    What beats me is the team that could come up with so much brilliance could have miscast the female lead and other important characters mouthing important dialogues so badly!!! As @Ash put it Neelam, her sister & her mom are “beyond terrible”! They took up the major portion of yesterday’s episode, I found it difficult to sit through their scenes, for the actors themselves I was embarrassed. Media/critics back home must be ripping them apart. Finding it very difficult to give the benefit of doubt to Neelam and her family–watched Neelam closely–not one expression–mourning/happiness–she did not get one single expression right. Agree with @Bollyqueer, she almost laughed in the kabristan, ridiculous! The way she ran to give news of Ammo’s death, with her big,white bow and all, was downright silly. If Neelam is shown as being in the final year of her senior secondary school, as I gather from what we have seen so far, she must be at least 18 or more, which in those parts of the world is legal marriageable age for girls. She is old enough to want Wali all to herself and cunning enough to give hell to her “soutan”. Definitely not a child!! Her reaction on seeing M during mourning and her mother’s reaction of running after her made her seem a toddler!! Unbearable!

    I remember in all the live shows after HS and ZGH, FK kept saying “acting is all about reacting” so one’s work depended on the co-star, I wonder now if this is the reason in most of his scenes with Neelam he is keeping his dark glasses on–two car journeys, bus journey, kabristan–and keeping a bland, straight face. With SS he does not need them! I remember Ashk days–Neelam Muneer is way better than Kanza–various media sites were awarding the “most phuss jodi” title to FK/NM. I wonder what they will come up with now! There is no chemistry at all between N and W. Sad for FK, sad for Maira Sajid & Ahson Talish too. Imagine they are eventually going to redeem Neelam & make her appear to be “karodon mein ek”! OMG!!

    Poor sound quality, dubbing are a problem, yes, but I found the narration/sequence of scenes a bit jumpy in this episode. Neelam is in black and mourning in one scene, next we see her in blue, jumping around, playing coy & silly in almost the next, after all how much time is supposed to have passed?? Already over her ammo’s loss??

    All in all, many things taking this drama serial high above the rest on-air shows now and many taking it way below the others. Hope it can pick up.

    • @RR – nice comment!
      haha @ the bow, silly indeed! Was it supposed to symbolize something… ahem ahem … ;).
      Interesting take on FK wearing his glasses in most of Neelum’s scene and not in Mahjbeen’s. It must be a pain to act out the scenes with her because she is so so bad =\
      She makes Neelum Munir / Fawad Khan jori look like jori of the year.

      Neelum is shown as a very immature , over emotional girl. One minute she’s whining and crying about something and the other laughing away. She is unstable and now all she can think of is her relationship with Wali.
      Once the kabarstan scene was over I think she was done mourning Ammo’s loss and had moved on, especially after she made Wali promise her to bring her there often.

      • @RR: Completely agree with your sentiments about the miscasting if certain important characters .. but what to do now? I guess we’ll just have to suck it up and live with it since this mess cant be undone 😦

        @Ash: LOL! Never thought Id hear you say that FK and NM could be viewed the jori of the year!

    • @RR I was literally LOLing on your comment about neelam,her acting and her bow on her dress..too good yaar.. The way she turned back and walked such idiotically with her bow I cracked into laughs k Kya yaar itne intense drama me we are also gifted with some comic stuff 😉

  12. Amazing review SZ as usual. You make sense of many jumpy abrupt scenes!
    Ok, here are my concerns: how come a superb director like Ahson Talish shows not a single well dressed lady from at least a middle class back ground at Amo’s soyum? Please have a look at that scene again. Masi type women reading pathri’s. Not a single friend of the woman heading an NGO sitting with her on this solemn occasion? Apart from the three ladies of the house and the entrance of SS for condolence no other lady matches the status of the house hold. What are they trying to show ? only women from the lower strata of society attend soyems and read Quls? I would have expected Rahat’s friends and young friends of the two girls to be with them…or have the two badtameez girls driven away all cultured educated people?
    Also when they go to the grave yard no one reads Fateha. WHAT?? You make a journey to the graveyard to just go and throw petals in a dramatic way while the girl is only pouting and hiding her laughter? Both of them come back without reading fateha on Amu’s grave!!
    Minahil is signaled by her mother to bring something for her brother in law and she signals back ‘ no’, mom reprimands with eyes and eyebrows ,, daughter decides to ignore …I thought hospitality and giving great respect to the son in law was one of the important traditions of a feudal set up. Rahat seems to have failed to give a decent upbringing to her girls I must say! No comments on their acting talents… The three ladies shock you by the insipidness of their performance. My heart bleeds. One advice to FK…stay away from the name Neelum! First a ‘thandi’ jori with Neelum Munir in ‘ Ashk’ and now a thandi jori with ‘Neelum’ aka Kanza.
    Some scenes were brilliant but I agree with you on the sound quality. It is very irritating to miss crucial dialogues and it ruins the over all impact. Please work on this asap to redeem what SHOULD have been a super duper serial BUT for the casting!.

    • the no Fateha thing caught me off guard too.
      The soyam scene I thought was okay. I just assumed it was at Rahat’s house in the gaon and hence only the ladies from the gaon came to the soyam. Doubt any of her more cultured friends would have trekked to the gaon for a soyam. As for the girls, I really don’t think they have any friends. Neelam for sure (remember the tree?)

      As for the sound thing, I initially saw the episode that has the watermark on it and it had bad sound. I don’t think it was a fully edited version. If you watch a copy of the episode that doesn’t have the watermark, the sound is not bad at all…although the video quality is greatly compromised (but the bad video thing is every drama, every channel, except Hum). I seriously think that the watermark wala episode was uploaded by mistake.

    • @yf: Thank you 🙂 Yes! Agree with all the concerns/issues you note… I was aggravated when I was watching them, but then thought I was letting my bias again Neelam and her khandaan cloud my judgement … glad to know you all felt the same way 🙂
      @Atika: you raise an interesting point re: the girls’ lack of friends .. A while ago we had a discussion on one of our threads about the lack of siblings, friends, relatives, etc in our dramas.. its almost as if our hero heroines have nobody else around them other than the four or five main characters .. if you notice most of our hero and heroines are conveniently shown as only children… and the consensus was that either the budgets dont stretch that much and there is a lack of character actors in our TV industry, just not enough bodies to cast in these supporting roles. If you watched ZGH then I’m sure you remember that in a serial based on how a father treated his daughters, we never saw Kashaf’s step-sisters!

    • really enjoyed reading your comments YF! I was also wondering why the poor ladies were sitting at the soyem and there was no “family” there! so strange! Sometimes you just wonder if the drama is directed by Ahson Talish all the way through or he had multiple assistants because some of the scenes are so badly setup.

      • I agree with you Annie. I think Ahson Talish has only done some scenes and left the others to his assistants. Any Director would have taken one look at the soyum shots and understood the huge mistake. Also even though I agree that Kanza may have come with a ‘parchi’ AT as a committed director should have insisted on getting a better actress. KW could have been the younger sister Minahil. It is best to ease new actors into small roles initially to gauge their acting talents, instead of giving them major leads on a dish straight away. I felt the same about Shaharyar Munawwar. His dialogue delivery was still very rough at the edges but he was given major male lead in many dramas just because of his looks. Sadly, the same can’t be said about KW. She lacks in that area too. She is quite a disappointment

  13. Why is everyone assuming that the younger guy is one of Mahjabeen’s relations? From the first time I saw his glimpse in the promo, I’ve thought of him as a teenage Wali. That’s my take on it anyways. Wali’s always had a temper on him and after he tried to put all the household staff in their place at the beginning of this episode, it felt natural for Mahjabeen to think back to other times when he has been upset with her. It makes sense to me that Mahjabeen and Wali would not have been allowed much interaction while he was growing up. Think about a 17 year old guy, with all those raging hormones and all, and knowing that this woman is technically his wife. Baray Sahab probably wanted to limit his interaction with Mahjabeen once he was sent away to school. The few times when he’s back at the haveli, I can imagine that Mahjabeen would not be allowed to see him much. But considering she raised him, she probably still wants to see him and talk to him. Thus the whole conversation about “mujhse milnay ka dil nahi karta” and the subsequent “hum hamesha chupp kar kyun miltay hain?”. I doubt Mahjabeen would try to sneak one of her brothers into the haveli or that they would ask such a question of her. That doesn’t jive with her character.

    • @Atika: you could be right, I watched a version of the video where the scene with the young man was kind of cut off , so I went with the assumption that he was her brother — also I think their matching curly hair misled me 😉 but now that you bring it up it does make sense and I have seen the scene again, and your analysis seems correct. If that guy is indeed a younger Wali, then wow we are in for a even better twist in the story as to how they ended up at this point where we saw them in the first ep …
      Hoping you will continue joining in our discussions and sharing your thoughts!

      • i have a theory regarding Mahjabeen too. I think she’s related to Neelam somehow. I just can’t figure out exactly how. Initially I thought she must have been Neelam’s phuppo but this episode threw me off a bit when Ammo mentioned that Neelam’s dad and Wali’s dad were friends. However, I think back now and I think my theory is still sort of plausible since we don’t know exactly HOW Mahjabeen’s brother found out about her and Sarmad Khoosat. Depending on the details, he could have killed him in a rage. Also, Ammo saying that they both died together makes me think both their deaths were related to the Mahjabeen incident. Baray saab ke toh 2 betay maray gayey uss din. not fair if he gets only one vani. I think Neelam’s marriage to Wali is also part of the deal somehow. Not sure how baray saab is going to settle the score (as he was mentioning to Rahat on the phone). I think Neelam finding out about Mahjabeen’s story will also bring a nice character arc. What do you think? there are just too many unknowns right now and i’m getting a bit impatient. They need to tell us SOMEthing soon.

        • @Atika: Not sure about the other stuff, but we do know that Neelam and Wali’s marriage is definitely a part of some deal. If you remember Wali does N in the first ep that his and her desires did not count for much here since this marriage needed to happen, it was important for maintaining the status quo. And much as they both might hate it, the system was something that neither of them could change overnight,

  14. Hey SZ- finally got sometime to write…I for one did not enjoy this episode much. The scenes seemed disjointed specially after Ammo’s naseehats, when FK’s scene of telling off the servants comes – I didn’t quite get his sudden anger. Were we told why he was so angry in that scene? Coz at the end of the naseehats he seemed pretty calm. You say that he’s grown up and assumed the mantle of a feudal lord but they could have given some justification for the anger.

    Some scenes were too long, like the soyem (painfully long shot of he villagers gathered), even M’s journey in the car, throwing petals in the graveyard.

    Then we weren’t shown how Wali decides to send N to school- it seems even N doesn’t know yet but Baray Saab does.

    Anyway, I had a let down feeling after this week’s ep. Hope the next is better..

    • @Afia: yes, it did seem like a disjointed episode, dont know whats going on wit the editors. Wali’s ghussa, the way I understood it came after being reprimanded by so many people, everybody offering him free mashwaras and naseehats on how to handle Neelam. If you remember in the past two three episodes we’ve been shown that Wali has a tendency to take his ghussa out on the servants whenever he gets scolded or feels frustrated with the going ons in his house – remember how he scolded the gardner when Neelam did badtameezi with him inside the house in a previous ep, and then in the last ep he got mad at the driver when Neelam’s mother tried to samjhao him…. at least that’s how I understood his anger …

      And yes agree with you and @Atika and @yf the soyem scene was ridiculously long and and the graveyard scene with no fateha and tons of flower throwing when the qabar was already loaded with flowers were long….actually now that I think about it all scenes with Neelam and her family are really just wasted…

  15. The audio is just really bad and am fed up of the background music!
    This is such a great drama but can someone please do something about sound!! Ugh arent they reading everyone’s posts??
    Great review btw SZ, I also loved the triangular confrontation! It was superbly shot and FK and SS were brilliant!
    The talk between grandfather and grandson like you said “almost” felt normal. But those feudal undertones omg made that whole convo mean something else entirely! I just felt it was really weird, wali didn’t really seem very comfortable at all.
    Anyways the story is still gripping and keeps us wanting more, hoping the production team is listening though as they may very we’ll lose viewers over the bad audio.

  16. Hey, hey SZ, ladies and gents (I hope there’s some!). As Sheema correctly points out your reviews are a starting point for digesting the entire episode. As much as I wait for the next episode, I equally (if not patiently) wait for reviews!

    And yet another week, and yet another episode that is hands down Sania’s. Before I get to Mahjabeen, though, I’ll reflect a bit on Wali. Wali reminds me of the boys I grew up with in boarding school. Privileged, spoilt, and lacking substance. There’s no denying he’s good looking, well-educated (ostensibly), liberal (give or take this one), and perhaps even mature yet nothing discounts the fact that he’s a product of his surroundings. He is just as feudal as Baray sahab, he’s just as controling, he’s just as arrogant, and equally if not more so wrong and strong. The mistakes these men have made have ruined so many lives lekin phir bhi yeh apnay faisalon say baaz nahi aatay. The moment things don’t work his way he takes it out on someone else, be it his wife, Neelam, the infamous thapad, the driver, Dawood, and now even Mahjabeen, someone he respects but for some odd reason cannot accord her an appropriate place in his life. Apna sara gussa mulazimon aur Mahjabeen par utarnay ka kya faida? Are we meant to feel sorry for him? Fawad Khan’s acting is spectacular and there is no denying that he adds depth to Wali with his smouldering eyes and quite demeanour but am I the only one who’s take a dislike to this character? Baray sahab, as despicable as he might be is a man of principles and abides them, which is worthy of respect, after all, one can always respectfully disagree, but Wali neither elicits my respect nor my sympathies. I’m confused as to how am I supposed to react to him, maybe it’s a case of waiting and seeing par aasar acchay nahi lag rahe barhal let’s see.

    Which brings me to the highlight of the episode Mahjabeen. Berang, colourless as you said is how I saw Mahjabeen up until now. This is an astute observation, SZ, and one that shouldn’t escape any of us. As has been mentioned by a lot of you Sania’s expressions do so much for Mahjabeen’s character. This is a woman who’s outwardly calm, composed, and confident but inside she’s insecure and not just about her fading looks but also about her position. It would be foolish to think that the zamindari can survive with her because it can’t. As much as she’s a victim of the system, it is on her shoulders that the system sustains and perpetuates itself. For a brief moment I thought Mahjabeen would be happy and cheerful with her male visitor but even then it seemed she was resigned to the status quo, to maintain it. I’m curious to see more of that storyline (he’s a better actor than Kanza that’s for sure). Enough has been said about W-M’s confrontation so suffice to say this is not the end. What I was hoping and what we (sadly or not) missed was the interaction between Mahjabeen and Rahat/Neelam. I really want to see Kanza move past her bitter hatred of the former and actually talk to her, ask her how it feels, share her feelings with her. I think both those women are in a place to be each other’s hamdard’s if nothing else. Kyunki har samjhota to aurat ko hi karna hota hai na (don’t bite my head off I don’t subscribe to this way of thinking and also the point really is moot) so they might as well move on.

    And if Kanza still has any doubts about MJ’s (hereafter I refer to Mahjabeen as MJ) position then she should pay heed to her mother’s words: “Ek aayah say zayada hakook nahi hai uskay paas. Woh toh bahut kabilay reham aur bezarar si aurat hai.” Indeed, if there is one person who’s thoroughly harmless is MJ. Her haunting silences especially in the flashbacks pertaining to the vani are very evocative and telling. I’ll have to end by saying how much I enjoy the few moments between Minahil’s expressionless face and Kanza’s horrible talafuz when Sania and Fawad are on screen. Imagine if they’d have spent sometime with the casting and soundtrack/editing and this would have been a stellar drama. Oh well, if wishes were horses as they say.

    • @Bollyqueer: always look forward to read your comment.. V.insightful I must say.. I don’t feel for wali or neelam either only Mahjabeen is one in true sense who has been suffered .. Lost her carefree days as a punishment.. May be as story progresses situation can change as we’ll 😉

      • @Rehmat Yes, MJ seems to be the one who gets the most sympathy. I hope the director doesn’t make her the villain at the expense of the Wali-Neelam plot.

    • You make some valid points but to have no sympathy for wali at all is a bit harsh! And it’s not coz it’s FK! A ten year old getting married, come on! His formative teenage years must have been so embarrassing as he realized who exactly Mj was and why she was in their house, you don’t think that can make someone bitter and frustrated.The point is he is now a grown man and she is still there, obviously it is not her fault either. I do agree now it is his chance to make some correct decision and not carry on the same feudal customs. He should have the guts to defend her and release her from this idiotic custom…technically they are not even married! The nikaah was probably null and void a long time ago LOL

      • @Sk I agree. Poor guy. And just because it is Kanza who is playing Neelam, I am all for Wali falling in love and having a happily-ever-after with Mahjabeen.

      • Come on SK! He won’t even have noticed the marriage till his late teens and by then he’d have become (if nothing else) used to MJ. Bitter and frustrated as he might be why take it out on third parties? Why not his grandfather? What’s stopping him? Although now that you put it like that I can see how it’s difficult for a 10 year old, yes. 🙂

        • Actually, currently reading American Dervish which also has a 10/11 year old dealing with infatuation of his mom’s friend who lives with them. While the situations are different, there is a certain loss of innocence at that age. Would be interesting to see if the writer and director explore that at all….

    • @Bollyqueer – I agree with you that Numm is Sania serial. I think its important to separate the character from the actor.

      Mahjabeen is the only character that intrigues me. I want to know more about her back story, what circumstances led this ostensibly strong women to bow down to feudal diktats? Does she feel guilty for the blood shed? Responsible for Amtul’s condition? She isn’t subservient to Wali, seems to be respected by everyone, and is now insecure and questioning her role. She is allowed to be complex, complicated and contradictory.

      Sania plays her with a dignified gravitas and her silences (though getting repetitive) are true to her characters internal strife. Sania can convey so much through her nuance in her emotions that shadow her face.

      As for Wali, oh dear, let me count the ways I dislike thee. Arrogant, spineless- unable to stand up to anyone, quick to anger and establishing the pecking order. All this reeks of a feudal mind set and that too of someone who is supposed to be living in this day and age with an Oxford education mind you. Why do people think he’s the victim here? He is the perpetuating the system by not saying or doing anything to change things – ok even not the whole system – how about for yourself and your life? At the cost of repeating myself, the only thing you understand about the motivation for his inertia is his love of luxuries.

      Although I liked your juxtaposing his character with Wali’s…*shakes Bollyqueer by the shoulder* how is he a liberal? For what ? Smoking and drinking? Slapping the wife and putting down the proletariat? WHAT?

      FK plays him well I’ll give him that – steely gazes, smoldering looks, effective body language. It’s tricky to play an internalized character without resorting to voice overs – Thank God the director is not going there but leaves his characters to emote.

      Neelam’s character is actually the only one I like, she’s belongs in this century, questions her circumstances and fights them – however immaturely. She is putting the questions out there and she has the best lines. She’s being immature about MJ but that too is actually in character.

      As for Kanza, B for effort, and injecting life into the serial and being animated. I guess the others have already expressed their disappointment with the casting choice but here’s hoping for your sake kiddo. Can’t be easy to stand up to such a stellar cast. Now please go to school, at least for a few episodes……

      *Gets off her soapbox*

      • amusingmuslim, I like how you read the character ‘Wali’. In the first four episodes, we could look into his mind through his flashback thoughts. But, in this episode, there was a blanket over his thoughts, which made it difficult to understand what was the realization that changed him and in what direction. Does he want to make a ‘Harem’ as suspected by Neelum in the very first show?…………….Does not feel like that.

        Again, a delicate and modern mind that is expected from an Oxford graduate was not apparent in Wali’s way of telling Mahjabeen off who’s the boss. Its a very old fashioned and patriarch way of exerting authority over woman of the households. Same with slapping Neelum. At this age, men are more sensible to their female counterparts. He needn’t have to be brutal to express authority.

        The opening verses of the show ~
        “Padke jo may jaat paihchanu jaat na baadli jaye
        Baat jo baddistan se nikle baat na baadli jaye”

        keeps roaming in my mind. Is it the only truth of the drama or can Wali change it? Wali is the central character because, it is he who has the opportunities to act in favor of change. Is it this change that he is undergoing in episode 5? Is it this change that is visible his exhausted expressions? Confusing………

        • Thanks SM. I think you are meant to be confused because Wali is too. Confused and conflicted about MJ’s place and position in his life, annoyed with Neelam for suggesting he has marital relations with MJ. He’s also allowed to be complex, conflicted and contradictory.

      • @amusingmuslim Haha! Fine, I take the liberal back! I only meant in terms of his nazariya, which from time to time is conflicting for him. He knows what is right but he’s forced to or still does the wrong thing sort of a thing. You have a valid point though. Have they shown him drinking yet? I forget. It’s amazing that he gets away with slapping Neelam without much drama. What surprised me the most was Rahat’s reaction to it all?! Seriously your daughter ran away from marital abuse (if we can call it that two days into the marriage) and all she can do is give her a lecture on this “nizam”. Really?! *consider myself shaken*

        And agreed, Neelam is the only one who wants to live in the present. Can we discuss you gunning for the underdog?! :p Poor, poor Kanza, not only does she have such stellar costars she also has to put up with being slapped twice. Bechari. I have a feeling both MJ and Neelam are going to surprise us.

        • Thank Godness you replied – thought I had offended you or worse for having (virtually) shaken you by the shoulder- a that! =P
          Did you miss the amber liquid he was nursing?

          But more importantly to your point – “He knows what is right but he’s forced to or still does the wrong thing sort of a thing” EXACTLY!
          But you still don’t understand what is holding him back.
          I’m just hoping that this gets explored and you get some hint of Wali’s motivations.
          Crossing fingers for surprised from Neelam and MJ too.

    • @Bollyqueer: I;m with you on your reading of Wali,, he is not a likable fellow here at all, and as you rightly say, actually worse than baray sahab in many ways, b/c of the polish he has acquired from his years abroad, the exposure to an urban environment etc, so one does expect or want him to be different. Mahjabeen’s upbringing has done a lot to temper the beast, but he has popped out.. and now the complexities, contradictions and conflicts will start as @a musing muslim puts it, and I think he will become increasingly cruel and the games hes gonna play even deadlier.

      @SM: That couplet in the begining did indeed tel us whats at stake in the story here .. can people change who they really are? can the mistakes of the past be rectified in the present for the sake of a better future? Interesting questions, lets see how the writer and the director have chosen to answer them!

      • @SZ You think? I was thinking he’s going to abandon them (at first) now I think he’s not the abandoning kinds, he’s in this to play and win. As Neelam said “rahanay do aandar ka mard jaag jaye ga.” Lagta hai woh jaag gaya hai. At least from the looks of this episode.

        @SM and @SZ That was a haunting statement especially when see through all the “horse” innuendo. Incidentally the saying begins as the camera pans to the horses or ends either/or.

        • @Bollyqueer: Abandoning them would’ve been kinder … yes the genie is out of the bottle now for sure … and yes hes been shown drinking.. first when her was with Neelam and in the last ep he had been drinking before the MW servant daant and then as MJ leaves he reaches for the glass again …

  17. Fantastic review SZ… Makes episode more interesting to watch as read ur review first then saw the latest instalment.. Totally agree with you and everyone mention points 🙂

    Best moment for me was when Mahjabeen gave that ‘who cares ‘ look to Wali after he finished ordering servants.. Sania saeed was simply fabulous in that particular scene.. Her outer look was all cold without emotions infront of wali but in solitary she was real thoughtful her.. The flashback showed her painful state of mind then and how far she have came accepting everything with full patience yet maintaining her grace… I like how they relate past moments to current ones in totally opposite way.. That wali and this wali.. A total turn over… Fawad khan was perfect with those straight looking in eyes to dialog delivery to attitude…. Definitely the best scene of episode.

    Those 3 exceptional ladies all moments were nice though but acting k bare me bohat kuch kaha jachuka hai LOL tou will mention about soyam scene.. Ufff I have doubt it was directed by someone else.. Those poor ladies doing tasbeeh with no ambiance as such created just black clothes and light makeup… Worst scene I must say.. Graveyard scene me probably I was lost to find something emotional that I didn’t notice neelam’s smiling/laughing 😀 need to see that again.. Voice quality for sure sucks.. I almost force headphones into my ears to hear properly or rewind multiple times..thank goodness I’m watching online , can rewind as many times I want, tv me tou Kya khaak samajh me aata hoga :/

    Couldn’t understand the purpose of scene where Mahjabeen meets that guy.. Totally confusing yet full of mystery.. Looking forward to see who is that lucky champ jis k lye kheer banrahi he 😉 amoo scene with neelam and wali was really good..
    Nasreen Qureshi made her impact with just 3 scenes..

    Bare Sahab- Wali conversation was really interesting.. You can enjoy as we’ll can take sub context meaning… Mostly sub context dialogues are rather serious but this for a change I actually enjoyed 🙂

    Can anyone share the precap for next episode… I didn’t see that..

  18. SZ, your review is a must read after each episode,everything just makes more sense:)
    Neelam , if you must wear a teeka at least make a proper beech ki maang so that the teeka doesnt look tairah and skewed like yours !!!
    The sisters crying scene at Ammus death was so bad!!!! C grade acting!!! when neelum tries to make a sad crying face it almost looks like shes smiling ! horrible acting !!!

  19. Sometimes I get a very raw feeling of the serial. The ‘ghorsawari’ thing of bare sahab, comparing women with horses and the specific horse sketch on the wall of the dark manson …………….all talks about primitive human instincts and very much indicative.The way the men of the serial view woman is distasteful. Why only men? look how Rahat reads the role of women in the Nizam. For a working woman who raised her daughters alone (without their father), her take on women is a shame. What about other things of life? Dignity? It might be, at the end I will find that I have wasted my time on this drama.

  20. I know its been mentioned somewhere but the version I saw today online had the following order: Car, Ammo’s speech on shaadi to Wali & Neelam, Baray Sahab on phone with Neelam’s mom, Wali’s conversation with Baray Sahab, Neelam’s blue dress scene with her mom and excitement on Wali’s phone, big bow jora scene, soyem, graveyard and then the mysterious boy’s scene.I was so confused earlier about why Neelam was so excited about Wali’s call after a tragedy and this version put things in perspective. While a few things make more sense in this sequence, I am very upset at Geo or whoever is to be blamed for the mess that they are trying to make of this drama. First there is a sound issue and now this. Is someone trying to sabotage the drama on purpose? :p

    • I am one of those conspiracy theorists that believes that Geo tries to ruin their own programming on purpose. I still remember they aired some old award show in place of MZZB when it was garnering them huge ratings, did the same thing with Aik Nayee Cinderella. Now with Numm, they are trying to sabotage it in any way possible and will probably air some award show around episode 20 or so.

      • really? How sad is that! I recently started watching plays again after ages. Humsfar and ZGH have spoilt me and I wanted to see Numm because of FK and Sania Saeed to be honest and maybe that’s why I am tolerating some nonsense. I feel for FK and SS both. I don’t think they deserve this and Its a shame that their brilliant performance is being marred by such issues.

        • Hum TV really pays attention to their dramas look and feel even though they don’t have a lot of quality work they put out on a regular basis. But dramas are their main attraction (source of income). With Geo, news and foreign bought programming is how they make money so Pakistani dramas take a back seat and thus we see over and over again their below average production values.

    • oh wow! thats really confusing. I wonder why there are so many dif versions of this ep floating on the internet.
      The one i saw had the horse scene at the end , and then Sania Saeed checking out her greys.

      I was wondering why Neelum was so happy all of a sudden as the death had just happened but figured there must have been a time lapse. Guess that wasn’t the case afterall.

  21. Thank you SZ for writing the review for this episode and making some sense out of all the bad sound, editing, acting, and the list goes on. It was almost torturous to watch this episode because I could not hear the dialogues 80% of the time. Your review really saved this epi because the only thing going for this drama right now is the acting by the 2 leads, and the intriguing story line otherwise I would have given up on it by now. Otherwise the producers have left no stone unturned to make this into a flop. I am sure their efforts will continue as it is Geo after all.

    coming to the story – I have this suspicious feeling after watching the M-W and servants scene that Wali is going to play a game with M and won’t really fall in love with her. He’s going to have some hidden motive behind it – I am not yet sure what, but his “love” won’t be genuine. After the way he treats M in that one scene (brilliant acting by the way and such a thappar worthy performance by FK), it seems very unrealistic that he will give her the amount of respect to consider her as his wife.
    Apart from that there was really nothing worth writing about in this episode except for Baray Sahab’s continued love for comparing horses to women (ugh), Wali probably getting a PhD in how to grow a spine and act like a man, and the Atif Aslam look-alike was hilarious 😀 Totally did not get how “chup chup ke milna” in the house backyard can be considered “chup chup ke milna” 😉

    • @Annie – LOL! @ thappar worthy performance by FK – two thumbs up!
      and its been settled then – Wali is currently doing a PhD in
      “Procedures and Treatment in the Anatomy of Spine Regeneration” using the classic methodology of outsourcing to minions, and pontificating over smokes and scotch.

    • Have been reading the complaints of the bad sound.but to be fair, the sound while watching on telly was fine- atleast nothing that would catch ones attention….

    • No way Annie ,I just had not thought of that possibility hmmm That sounds incredibly cruel to a woman who has been his rock in hard times or perhaps he as yet does not know her part in his father’s death?
      Lol at your estimation of the producers ….;)

      • @Sadaf – After this episode and the preview of the next one, I am getting the feeling that we won’t be seeing FK playing the typical hero here. I think he’ll be your hypocrite feudal flip flopper so common in Pak. They have put FK in there to throw us off. He is playing the feudal baddie without the scary googly eyes and 80s mustache. If it was Noman Ijaz or Fahad Mustafa, we would be seeing bad guy from a mile away.
        Or you could be totally correct and this could be just another love triangle like the previews have us believe. 😀

    • @Annie LOL! Well said! I too felt he was being overtly asshole-ish putting Mahjabeen in the same category as his servants. One could look at the bright side and say he was “protesting too much”, putting her in her place just to keep Neelam from losing her marbles yet again. I absolutely hate the idea of him using M in the way you describe. Don’t know what to make of her little smile. Was she proud of the fact that he had finally grown some? Wasn’t she hurt at all by his words directed at her? So frustrating not understanding any of these people’s motivation completely. LOL at the Atif Aslam look alike, wth?

      • @Zarqa – I don’t think she smiled (at least I didn’t see it). We see her thinking about him being a young boy and then reflecting back on what he just said “ulta taang doon ga” – we would call that a very “tehzeek amaiz ravaiya” toward someone who has raised and supported you since the age of 10. You are right, it is tough to gauge if she’s sad at his behavior because she has learned to control her facial expressions so well over the years.
        I am having a hard time believing that he’ll go from “ulta taang doon ga” to being genuinely lovey dovey toward her.

        • @Annie, Depending on which version you saw, there was a fleeting whimsical smile on her face, which I read as her thinking ke main ne itni mehnat ki, but genes and heredity won and here he is behaving like what his father or grandfather wuld behave, i.e, take your ghussa out on the weakest ppl and those lowest on the food chain. But what is even more interesting is the way that scene ended in the online version, with Wali loosening his grip on the cigarette case he’d been holding on very tightly to, and slowly loosening up his very stiff posture and reaching for his drink…there was an inner struggle b/w the Wali that Mahjabeen raised and the one who had played on his grandfather’s lap .. for now the feudal had won, and I think it is going to be a constant battle b/w these two sides of his ..and we are going to be as conflicted and as confused as he is by his constant ups and downs.. not a likable person for sure!

          • @SZ – ok so I totally missed where the smile was. Very keen observation about the cigarette case 🙂 But I agree with you that (I hope) we are kept guessing about his motives and intentions to make the narrative more fun rather than knowing that it is a love triangle and how it will play out. I am leaning toward him being more of a flip flopper in the true feudal sense.

          • Great observation about the cigarette case. Hard to fathom how the thought that Wali has become his genetic fate would bring a whimsical smile to Mahjabeen’s face. I for one would LOVE to see the battle within Wali. If only they could take out the bits of Mahjabeen trying to push food onto the chupkay milna valla man or her riding in the car seeming to listen to the blasted theme song end (why must they play the whole song every time??) so the scene would move on, perhaps they’d have some time to really show Wali’s struggle. More flashbacks showing the building up of their relationship, more conversations between them, less posturing, less staring into the distance is what I’d like to see. I’m not looking for a love triangle, just some WORDS spoken between them.
            Also, what does horse-riding have to do with doing a PhD. Why would one need to be reminded to ride a horse? Why not just have BaDey Saab say what he meant: that Wali will be responsible for all he sees and he shouldn’t let a PhD get in the way of his lording over the land. See, this lilttle choice made by the writer shows that he/she equates being obtuse and indirect with metaphor and intelligent writing. Talking around what one means is not the same as effective use of metaphor and obtuse writing doesn’t equal intelligent writing.

            • @Zarqa: The horse riding bit referred to Wali not forgetting to procreate .. as in do whatever you want to do and allow your wife to do whatever she wants to do, but dont lose sight f the fact that this marriage is about ensuring the future of the khandan ..
              On numerous occasions Baray Sahab has equated Neelam/women with wild horses who need to be handled firmly etc,.. the rider/owners job can let her run as fast and furious as she wants to but never lose sight of the fact that its he who calls the shots ultimately …

            • Okay, now this makes sense. Would have made even more sense as a metaphor if there wasn’t aa actual horse waiting for Wali in the distance 🙂

  22. Gotta say I’m amazed at how you manage to focus on the good in this drama. All I can think is that Fawad was placed as bait to get us all to watch a lukewarm, frustratingly slow-moving, perhaps well-conceived but certainly not very well-executed story. Guess it must be the atrocious production quality and distracting soundtrack clouding my judgement. Hanging in there to see the Wali Majjabeen dynamic develop, and hoping like mad that Neelam and her mother’s role becomes smaller.

  23. Awesome review! I dunno why people think this story is so slow and all. It is so different in every way, the story line, the direction, acting etc. Numm is the only show I enjoy watching other than Aunn Zara. There is meaning in each and every scene, dialogues or no dialogues.
    Coming back to the episode, I was astonished at Wali’s behaviour with Mahjabeen and it was easy to see that it hurt him to treat her like that but he just couldn’t tame the inner feudal. (BTW, I adore the way he calls her Mahjabeen 😉 call me a sucker but it sounds so endearing and respectful at the same time)
    The things I hated though, were Neelam and Minahil’s acting and the background score. The score in the 11 min trailer that is on FB with Mumkin Hai’s narration in Fawad and SAnia’s voice is so awesome. Why couldn’t they have used it? As for Neelam, she is such an amazing character and Kanza is totally ruining it.
    Sania and Fawad were absolutely amazing. How I pitied her. She has been forced to sacrifice so much 😦 Apparently Wali has started giving time to Neelam, but she isn’t blind to the fact that ‘he is married and usey pasand bhi bohat karta hai’. And yes I hated the bow.

    • Mubarak to you! for actually remembering! .. Lol
      It’s been what 3 years? Wow time flies! and aj thak is se acha drama nahi bana iske baad!

      They should just repeat this forever, instead of all the new crap thats coming out.

    • @Afia you are an angel! You have cheered me up today I had some really sad news yesterday and I will read it tonight to cheer me up!x

      • Shazch- sorry about the sad news and glad this might help- inshallah will do more ahista ahista. Was it you who wrote a few days back also about being cheered up by this Numm forum? I guess we all need to get away from everyday stresses and this really is great for that. (No SZ, that’s not the only reason I come here!)

    • Hayeee kya yaad kara dia 😉 humsafar has got to be the most memorable drama ever for me! I still remember it went on air from 24th September to 3rd March. Brings back good memories 🙂

  24. Correct me if I am wrong, but the 12 min promo seems to have been shot in bright light while the episodes are mostly dark. Could be just video quality but I would prefer the colours, sound and video quality of the promo.

  25. @SZ Thank you for your kind comment. This forum is starting to feel like a second home! I totally agree Wali is not supposed to be like able.I think he is confused and conflicted. He is at a cross road and the choices he will make will define his character. This is the aspect that really fascinates me. It always confused me that how can someone educated with western principles and lets not ignore what Islam teaches us behave in this Feudal Lord manner but clearly it must be trappings of wealth and social status that hold so much weight. Also to deny all this is to deny their upbringing.Truthfully how many of us would have the courage to do this?

    @Afia no it wasn’t me that said that earlier the week but I have found that this site is brilliant as a destresser.

  26. @ SZ Afia’s briliant excerpts have got me thinking why don’t we start watching after NUMM finishes and we can also dissect the episodes I feel like I missed out the first time. Yes we all know the ending but I’m sure we would still have plenty to discuss!

  27. I was thinking about Rahat this morning. She has two faces. I thougth she is a very intelligent woman. Not a joke to run an NGO! I think she is not what she apparently seems. And she is a modern woman which we can see in her upbringing of her children. They did not grew up with the traditional values of respecting the elderly, and be selfless and all. Rather the sisters are carefull about their surroundings and they were tought to be driven by self interest and they are individualist. That’s why Neelum is suspicious about Wali and Mahjabeen and she exerts her intolerance towards Mahjabeen. It is her self esteem and coucsiousness that inspires her to ask the plain and straight forward qustions.

    Talking about Rahat, she is not what she seems in her dialogues of ‘Baro se Barquat’, tradition, respect and reliance on elderly of the family and clan etc. I think she is a very calculative woman. In the first episode when she said to Mahjabeen that

    ‘Tum bahat samajhdari se apna kirdar nivaya Wali ke tarbiat se le ke Neelum or Wali ke shadi tak. tum ek achhe aurat ho’

    I felt that she was giving the message that – your duty was to raise him. and he is now grown up and married. yours duty ends with it. Now remain a good woman and keep apart from my son-in-law. He is my daughter’s now.

    I thought her as a calculative woman because of the conversation between Neelum and her in the school (episode 4). It seemed like its all about how to capture the keys to power and wealth and securing a good grip of the ‘lagam’. But again, she never get rid of her fudal mind because – only way to hand the ‘lagam’ is through producing a waris.

    She hasn’t been honest to her daughter even. Rahat tell everyone what they need to hear. She reminds Mahjabeen about her role in the household. She talks about traditions and all with Bare sahab because it matches his taste. And then she needs to comfort her daughter by saying that Mahjabeen is nodody. She inspires Neelum to take control! She doesn’t say anything about the significance of husband-wife relationship, love, duties, generousity ——-nothing. All is about taking control and whatever you need to do for that. But she has a lovely cloak of sweet voice and upholds an image of a ‘victim’ of the system too.

    However, Neelum is aware of her mother’s character and so does not fully trust her. I get a feeling Rahat played a role in all that happened in the past.

    • @sm I love it that you stated that you were thinking of Rahat. It just shows how we also think about the characters and I agree there is more to the character then meets the eye but unfortunately she is so badly played that the viewer can not pick any nuances from the character.
      I am no expert on Pakistani dramas but I haven’t seen these three ladies in any side roles. Can anyone enlighten us who they are?

      • Thanks @SHACh and @RR. I agree with you on Rahat’a acting. @SHACH evfen I am not expert on Pakistani dramas and I am not from Pakistan. But love this forum and Numm.

      • @shazch – not sure about the mom and sis, but Neelum was in another play that came last year called Saare Mausam Apne Hain – her dialogue delivery was just as bad there too – you can check out a few clips (at your own risk) here:

        • @Annie thanks for sharing this and yes I did watch a few bits. It’s like when somebody tells you not to look and you still have to. In fact it infuriates me even more clearly her acting was awful so why take her on such a big project? Now I know why FK was so unapologetic when he whacked her by accident! Frustrated methinks!

          • LOL @ FK being unapologetic! I think it’s pretty clear that she def. came through some reference. I had looked forward to watching the above Hasina Moin play but boy when I heard her in the promos, I went “eek” who the heck found her?

    • @SM – great job in analyzing Rahat’s character. Now if only she could have read your comments BEFORE acting in the play, we might have gotten a semblance of a nuanced performance. Otherwise her character seems very one-dimensional and at times unnecessary. I usually ffwd her conversations with bade sahab because they seem so boring and bland.

    • itna vadda illegitimate son! 😉 the curly hair does tell you that he’s related to Sania somehow 😀 I am still going for younger bro

    • Hi Guys! Awesome comments all of you, @SZ, @ash, @Bollyqueer, @AK, @SK, @amusingmuslim, @Rehmat, @SM, @Annie, @Shazch, @Sheema, @Fizza, @Zarqa, @Farah, @Nosh, @Atika, @yf, @afia qazi, @Sadaf, @Farwa, @Pino, @Aish–we are becoming quite a large family….thanks to @SZ for starting us all off and getting us into a tizzy of ideas/thoughts/theories/angles with her great reviews! Kudos, @SZ!

      @AK: I saw this same link sometime back, after seeing the way the atif-aslam- look-alike and Mj were sitting with each other, felt it cannot be a brother/nephew, cannot be a younger Wali because from that age to his current age not that many years could have passed as the boy looks well into his teens, so he cannot have forgotten those moments so quickly and become different towards Mj. In the link, just after they show the two sitting together we see Wali waking up with a start—so wondered if it could be someone else altogether!! Let’s see.

      @SM: I am in complete agreement with your analysis of Rahat and her daughters but alas! the lady playing the role is inept in displaying the two-facedness and craftiness of such a character! So as viewers we can only wait to see this brought to light through the story as it unfolds.

      About whether Ahson Talish is directing the whole or letting his AD do parts of it—my thoughts are these–many well-known directors do this, agreed, but the buck stops with AT, unless he approves, those scenes will not be included, if the main director gets all the accolades of a “hit” drama then he alone must get the flak for the “misses” too, after all the product is brought to the viewers only under his name with all expectations that go with his name, so in my opinion he cannot be excused for bad ones like the soyam scene, from facebook pictures he was very much there for the graveyard scene, which was another miss!

      If I take it further, AT alone is responsible for the finished product—editing, sequencing, dubbing, sound—everything that affects this drama is his job, Geo tv can be blamed only for broadcasting faux pas!

  28. Hi, SZ 130 comments already!!:)

    Wonderful review! Dont have much to say. I wasnt really blown away by this episode. it seemed like too much happened and most of it had no connection to the previous episodes. And I’m not exactly sure when/how N started developing feelings for W. Was it the slap that did the trick? 😛

    She goes from feeling abused to I cant wait for him to call in a blink of the eye, and its more tragic since her ammo just passed away.

    Annie, thanks for the link. I couldnt find a decent link either.

    ZGH, used have a gazillion links online within minutes of the show airing. Its just not that easy with Numm. Also, I LOVE the title ‘numm’.

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading the discussion here. Fervently hope there is more to Wali’s character, N’s catalyst role and M’s backstory.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that was younger Wali too.

    • Hayeee no way! I had this feeling too that he might be younger Wali, but he’s not even close to Fawad in looks let alone being his xerox :/ And if he IS younger Wali, why on this earth would he be fussing over meeting Mahjabeen secretively, I mean he should not be interested in meeting her on the first place.

      • Hey Fizza, most likely he is not Wali, but I think the younger wali might have liked M simply because she was the only one who looked out for him. Later on I’m sure he was embarrassed by her once he realized what her place in his life was. but if we think along those lines this 17-18 year old mystery man child cannot be Wali. I only thought of Wali because they were so comfortable with each other like their relationship goes back many years. I’m sure there is a more creative explanation for who that guy might be 🙂

        Sm, its definitely a flashback. the camera freezes in black and white too at the end of the scene!

  29. Can I ask an extremely irrelevant question? Why does this thread has comment timings that doesn’t match to our PST? like right now my clock says it’s 7:29 PM but I know my comment is definitely gonna show a different time! :S Is this website linked to some other time zone? :-p I’m asking just out of curiosity- no offence 🙂

  30. Numm is as awesome as always, so i won’t go about what was so brilliant, rather let me just tell you what annoyed me the most…and it annoyed me soo very much that i could mash my laptop for showing me this!
    who in God’s name cast the girl who plays neelam’s sister? as if this wasn’t bad enough, they had to go and cast that terrible “actress” who plays neelam….she’s the worst of them all! God killed everything she was in….i so wish the casting for neelam’s family was done properly, including her of course! i could still stand the bad background sound if neelam, who is such an essential character in the story, was played by a real actress rather than some weird floozy. *feeling super irritated*

    • I totally agree with you Tazzo, its extremely irritating to watch those 2 sisters , seems like they’ve come thru some heavy duty parchee/sifarish !!!

      • Amen to that sisters! my husband wanted to watch Numm and I told him “HUGE BIG WARNING” the Neelum girl cannot act so proceed with caution! I doubt he’ll be able to sit through this one by ignoring her.

        • it’s such a shame ladies; if only these were better cast the show have been perfect….it feels like the team didn’t have enough budget after casting fawad and sania, and hiring the director and DOP, so they settled for less than little with the sisters…..

          btw Deeba and Annie, have you guys watched a telefilm by fawad named “behadd”? if you haven’t plz do try it, awesome acting by fawad once again…and in this you will not be able to find a single character cast wrong…meaning super duper acting girls!! 😀

          • @Tazzo – lol @ not having the budget to cast better actors 😉 Seriously there are so many able stage actors who would probably give an arm and a leg to be part of TV. I am sure Sania could have recommended at least a dozen considering she’s part of a theater company.
            Have seen Behadd multiple times 🙂 LOVED LOVED Nadia Jamil in it (not that I don’t love her anyways and sat through that horrible drama she did with Humayun Saeed for Hum Tv a few years ago just because of her! Also sat through most of Durr-e-shehwar because of her ha!) The only problem I had w/ the drama was the sterile kitchen 😉

  31. Neelam is on a hospital bed is in the OST then that final shoot picture without Mahjabeen I am taking bets as to who dies Kanzaa or Mahjabeen ? Any takers?

    • @sadaf, i think something will happen to mahjabeen (sigh!) and wali and neelam will end up being together (double sigh!). In the 12 minute promo i think, neelam kind of extends an apology to wali saying someone told her he had only gone to see mahjabeen and then they both smile, she links her arm with his, leans into him and puts her head on his shoulder. (Romance?) Probably from one of the last episodes. I find it hard to believe that Pakistani drama will show a young man, a feudal, falling in love with an older vani/woman. Not sure if the audience is ready for it either. 😦

  32. Why sigh? As a woman probably near Mahjabeen’s age I think it would be double Zulm for her to have to actually get intimate with this Man child (who lets face it is only attractive because Fawad is playing him )that she helped to raise almost (but not quite ) like a mother. I dont know about anyone else but there comes a time when mere physicality is just not enough ,a woman needs a strong emotional and mental equal.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with your last statement. The sigh was because if my theory is correct, i feel for mahjabeen’s character. Sab kar bhi neelam say har gayee…

      In one of the teasers where neelam is saying “aik minute mein tumhari biwi ban jaati, aik minute mein maa” could have been delivered so much better. As per general consensus, while neelam’s character is strong, kanza is spoiling it for me right now and that’s why i just don’t want her to be the on standing in the end . Sorry for sounding ridiculous 🙂 I increasingly understand just what it means to have the right casting to make a drama successful. All 3 women of the family are doing grave injustice to the roles that I feel otherwise have a lot of potential. Who wouldn’t want to be like neelam!?

      I just want to take a deep breath and forget about episode 5. So much has been said and so many theories circulated that I can’t wait for the next one to air. Happy viewing everyone:)

    • I agree completely. Wali is just not at the same level as M mentally and emotionally. That only comes with age and the experiences she has had to deal with. She needs someone better than Wali. At this point in the serial, Wali is no great catch :P..

      I’m waiting to Wali reveal whats inside of him. He needs some layers and unraveling of them. Right now I’m disappointed in him and I’m appalled by how insensitive he has become considering his life was no stroll in the park either. Self defense mechanism doesnt quite cut it either.

      Ive said this before, I really want M out of that house. With all its darkness she will only sink further in it. Its a black hole. I hope Wali lets her go and she finds a strong reason to live happily. That house has way to many unhappy memories there to get a clean start. She is in that house, the house where there must be so many memories of the love of her life (wali’s uncle)..him everywhere but yet he is not there and she is alone. I’m sure she never thought of being in that house without him much less betrothed to his nephew!!

      Try as I may i just cannot accept M with W , on so many levels I find it hard :(..But I’m still trying ..lets see 🙂

      • I agree the agree the greatest kindness that Wali could show to M is to set her free !Although I personally wouldn’t mind seeing the romance between M and W as no one does romance better than FK but the harsh realties of life are the relationship is not going to work. Too much has past.However there is an undeniable link between M and W.
        @Sadaf Lets hope its Neelum and soon on the hospital bed!

  33. My take on the scene in which Wali gives hell to the servants is that his anger is directed towards the servants, not MJ. Why he’s suddenly angry at them is not shown, probably got edited out badly, hence I fail to see the connection. But they must be passing info on to BS.
    Although MJ had already told one of the staff not to tell things to BS, they probably didn’t listen to her-hence the dialogue “tum meri hasiyat jaante ho is ghar mein etc”. W agrees to that and then says that he’ll take matters into his own hands, thus the hell given. MJ is sort of happy to see him take action/responsibility/be grown up etc.
    But I might be totally wrong too 🙂

  34. @SZ i have started watching Aseer Zaadi upon your recommendation to somebody else and I am loving it. Is there any way you could start a thread on it?

    • @shazch: Oh, so glad to hear you’re enjoying it .. ji bilkul, IA will review it and start off the Aserezadi thread.. just give me a couple of days 🙂

      • @Sz fhank you for recommending it! I don’t think it is something that I would have watched myself although I do love Sania.

    • Hi Shazch, im watching aseerzaadi too . im a little confused , why does the 3rd wife have to bear kids and why are the first 2 declared baanjh?? didnt understand this logic.
      and i cant seem to take the big pir seriously because everytime he speaks he sounds like alvin and the chipmunks!! whats with his voice??? its too funny!!!

      • @ Deeba to be honest I am not sure why this is case. Although my parents are from Lahore as I was born and bought up in England so sometimes the Peerism is missed on me!Can anyone shed any light in this or do we give the drama writers artistic license? I have seen the big pir in another two dramas and he his actually really good actor but I also felt the same I thought it was the sound quality on you tube!To be honest I am taking this drama too seriously as I have had to suspend belief but I am really enjoying it!

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