Aunn Zara ~ Episode 14 Review


All Star Plus and Pakistani drama serials wali saas-es and bahus need to take a hike. Their evil saazish-es and old school chaalein: yahan ki wahan lagana aur wahan ki yahan sunana, all have been made to look like child’s play by the newest phapha kutni(a) in town. Ladies and Gentlemen a huge round of applause for the beeba baccha turned Aunty Farida ka jaa-nashinhamara aur apka apna Aunn!

Ab we all know ke staking a claim to Aunty Farida’s throne is no easy task – Khirad aur Ashar se pooch lain, kiya cheez theen woh… and so our [not so] bechara and [not so] masoom Aunn also used up quite a number of his admittedly limited grey cells to come up with a scheme worthy of winning him this ultimate title. Although Aunn claims to have accomplished this all on his own merit, a little birdie told me that his BFF, Pir Manzar, helped him out considerably here … ab yeh alag baat hai ke in donon ke dimaghon ki phirki phiri hui hai … so its more a case of blind leading the blind, but khair for that one fleeting moment Aunn was happy. Happily puffing away on his cigarette, he saw himself as this genius who was going to set the ladies of his house right. Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out ke apna Aunn is way out of his depth here… seems like ek baar ki pitai se baat nahin bani … he needs another one!

While Aunn’s same old same old, mujhe Zara ke saath waqt guzarna hai, refrain is now getting tiresome, there were thankfully other happenings that saved this episode from becoming completely boring. Poor Nighat got jilted rather rudely in front of the entire family. While my heart went out to her and to the oh-so-very dignified fauji sahab as well, I don’t get why this family keeps on repeating these ghaltis again and again. The confusion, the overhearing, aadhi adhoori baat sunna and then baat se baat banana was funny the first time it happened, but to have it happen again and again makes it so very un-funny and not to say predictable. Nighat and Jamshed were not children that the adults in the family took it upon themselves to arrange their shaadi, blithely going along with their very “mature” bahu’s advice. Everybody in the family knows ke Zara can hardly manage her own life, how could they all go through with her hare-brained mangni ka plan? Does this family see no difference between throwing a surprise birthday party for a child and a surprise engagement for two middle-aged adults? I’m sorry, but couldn’t buy into that scenario at all. We’ve been calling for Aunn to grow up, but it seems like he’s not the one at fault… poora khandaan hi aisa hai!

The one sweet moment came at the very end when Husna did some soul searching. Why is it that she is the only person in the family who takes the time to look inside herself? The rest of the family just seem to be very wrapped up in going ons in the here and now. I think its high time that Husna stops keeping things bottled up inside and stop living a lie. Aunn’s harkats are only adding to her grey hair count, why can’t she see that her son is not a child any more. She is not doing him any favors by not coming clean. Telling the truth will not only set Husna free but also allow Aunn to become a man.

Aunn Zara continues to be one of the very few good serials on air these days, the kind where you look forward to the next episode, waiting to see what happens next. That said, rather than its 20 episode run, I really wish this one had been between 15-17 episodes, making for a tighter narrative. While the story is still fun and I laugh at Aunn’s idiocies, enjoy daadi’s particular brand of home grown wisdom and humor, and feel Husna’s pain, it is time for the story to wind up. It high time Aunn got over himself and he and Zara moved on with their lives. Among the others, Husna deserves some kind of a closure, Jamshed owes Nighat an apology for his behavior and the entire family owes both of them a huge apology, and Manzar and Shehna need to get married – lets hope we are not kept waiting till the very last episode for these things to happen. So far Haissam, Faiza and the very talented cast have done a fabulous job keeping us engaged and entertained. Lets hope the story stays its course and does not run out of steam towards the end – fingers crossed! 

Written by SZ~

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  1. Spot on SZ! Good to have you back on AZ – we missed you last week. =)

    Think that Aunn might have tuned in to some Ekta Kapoor serials to get a quick saas-bahu 101. That said, I think its interestingly subversive that the male character is doing all the scheming….

    The plot points are getting predictable as you called out and while I wanted to really give Aunn a whacking of my own in last week’s episode and tell him to grow up – all that pouting was getting a bit much – you’re right – the whole clan needs a dose of that too.

    your heart can’t help but break a little for Phuphu and like I’ve said, props to Husna’s character for being so self aware – something the others can use a dose of.


    • @amusing muslim: LOL! Indeed Star Plus srials ka asar hai yeh! So hwho do you think is watching these in the household? Husnsa doent seem the kind to watch saas be kabhi bahu thi types, she’s seems more of an AnB type serial watcher, who would empathize with all the mazloom aurats and say hai meri bacchi kitna zulm ho raha is pey. Daadi seems like she watches 50’s-60’s era black n white Urdu n Hindi films, songs n all. The only candidate seems to be Nighat… I wnder if thats why shes so possesive about Aunn? Because after his marriage he’s forgotten all about phupo … ab to sirf Zara hi Zara hai 😉


  2. You’re so right, much as I like this show, it needs to wrap up. I’m getting super irritated bu Aunn’s harkaten and whinning. The cutest scene was when Dadi is trying to ignore Zara but eventually relents on the nth question. Way to go Zara!


  3. Missed you last week SZ. Glad you’re back.
    Please don’t say anything to my Aunn. Zara is the main culprit here. She & her hateful father need to keep their mouths shut & their tempers under control. This was the second time uncle Jamsheed has insulted Nighat & he should be ashamed of himself. Jamsheed & his daughter need to apologize to Nighat, asap. They don’t realize how lucky they are that she is married in such a loving family because the way Zara treats Aunn, if this was some other play, she would have been sitting in her father’s home by now. I’m so glad Aunn is teaching her a lesson.


    • @Mona: I love reading your comments on AZ, was looking forward to reading what you thought of apna Aunn’s phapha kutn(a) harkats this week 😉 LOL!! youre just too cute in your defense of Aunn. I hope OKB knows what an AC he has in you 🙂
      But yes, absolutely, Faiza has done an excellent job of showing that nothing happens in a vacuum, and it takes two to tango. So if Aunn is wrong then Zara is equally at fault as well.
      Re: Jamshed and his rudeness to Nighat, remember Jamshed wasnt rude to her out of his own accord. The whole situation was such that he was absolutely shocked and stunned … but I think fauji sahab has begun to realize his rudeness, so I wouldnt be surprised if we see a an apology, Jamshed style, in the next episode. What do you think?


  4. Great review. Love this drama. Hey SZ can u tell me some more good dramas of this season besides AZ. And are you watching aseer zadi and darmiyan?


    • @Zara and @Hina: Hi ladies 🙂 Apart from Aunn Zara, I’m really into Numm and enjoying Aseerzadi as well. Darmiyan I have watched in bits and pieces but it hasn’t impressed me enough to follow it religiously. Apart from these are plenty of other dramas around which many other are enjoying.


  5. Oh, no. Please no whacking. I rather enjoyed Aunn in his villainous avatar – excellent point, amusingmuslim, about the subversive element and gender reversal.
    The turn of character might seem like a road-block in Aunn’s ‘coming of age’ arc, but trust me, there’s interesting times ahead.
    As usual, a very interesting analysis, SZ! Always a pleasure.


    • @OKB: Hey! Fabulous to hear from you 🙂 Ok, theek no more talk of whacking, but ab if Aunn keeps up with these harkats and if daadi is pushed beyond her limit then anything can happen! My advice, tell Aunn to steer clear of daadi whenever he sees her wearing her leopard print dupatta 😉
      Jokes aside, you and Haissam have done such a fabulous job with Faiza’s Aunn.. and that pitai was so much fun to watch! I hope you were able to escape that with just a few minor bruises… those char char angoothis seemed really dangerous when daadi was showing them off to daadaji!!
      Looking forward to more of Aunn’s fundas!


  6. Terribly missed you last week :s but welcome back !
    All the SaaSes take a back seat as saada Aunn takes the crown ! He looked liked the cat who ate the canary when he was laughing his head off at Zara .
    This episode belonged to Nusrat ma’am and Hina Khwaja . Honestly I couldn’t take my eyes off of Hina in the green dress and the soul searching scene was the scene of the day ! Goes to show we should all behave as an impartial judge towards our own deeds.


    • @Spirithium: Yaar, bas work deadlines n all 😦 Hopefully no more ghaib-ing 🙂
      Agree with you totally… Aunn and Zara are the main leads and make AZ such a fun watch, but it is Husna and daadi who are the heart and soul of this show – love watching these two lovely ladies!


  7. Exactly my comments when i saw Aunn scheming like one of our “pakistani/indian nands”. I agree with you wholeheartedly that the whole family needs to sit down, communicate with each other and solve these misunderstandings.

    I have said it once and I’m going to say it again, Zara needs to understand that the reason why she is here is Aunn. Many might disagree but the woman is the one who makes the ghar jannat/jhanum for herself and others. Zara, who appears to have taken up the job of making Aunn grow up, to beta”pehlay apna girayban mai jhanko”.. She is still unaware of marriage norms and madam “chali hain aba ki shadi karwanay!”
    Husna should open up and tell Aunn. I’m unable to see the reason why is she not telling her feelings to anyone?!

    Enjoyed this episode and your “tanzia andaz” to the fullest.. Keep it coming 🙂


    • @Amna: Ji yeh review aap ke liye hi likha tha, kynoke I had told you I would try to do one this week .. glad you enjoyed it 🙂
      Indeed Zara needs to re-set her priorities, but then Aunn also needs to mature in the way he balances his relationships.. and this is what I like about Faiza’s approach here .. its not just about assigning blame on party or the other, all are equally at fault, in a nice way though! 🙂


  8. Wonderful review and pertinent analysis.
    However I’ll disagree on one point. Manzar and Shehna should’together married. No way, there is no match, Shehna seems to have a class and sort of style. Manzar is just a riff raff without any positive descent attribute. Moreover their union or lack of it on’t have any affect on the main


  9. Excellent review SZ..totally agree with you…
    This week even dadi’s act couldn’t save episode for me, literally a bore one! Where on one side I want to smack aunn for his idiotic immaturity and on other side equally intolerable is Zara for the way she maked shhhh dadi and husna last week.. Juma juma aath din nahin hue shadi ko and Bari Amaa bi banti he.. :/

    Poor jamshed and nighat became highly embarrassed and here I was rooting for them as a couple 😀 last scene was the only one that I liked.. Husna thinking about her behavior and insecurity was well done by Hina Bayat.. This lady has got brains to think about her acts and to rectify them as well… I just need aunn to realize his mother’s pain and to give her respect she deserves. Not only husna but to dadi and phopoo as well.. Zyada hie bighar gaya he kash dadi ki chapair aur mil jayen tou maza aajaye 😉


    • @Rehmat: as OKB tells us, there are interesting things in store, so lets keep our fingers crossed! 🙂 and wow you’re really angry at Aunn.. I was too, but after remembering her four four rings I had to rethink the whole pitai business… hopefully he will sudhro quickly now!


      • Yea fingers crossed for something different and interesting 🙂 hahahah yea those four rings were killer.. I always love interaction between dadi and dada.. They are rock stars 😀


  10. Faiza Iftikhar take a bow! What a well written episode with nary a false note to it. Even if you have the most loving susral in the whole world all it takes is just that teeniest bit of misstep to ruin everything and the awkwardness that follows was so well projected. Your family is your only ‘real’ family and Husna does a great job at explaining that to Zara. You are right in that the drama should be wrapped up real quick. Even the best 18-20 episode dramas I’ve seen recently seemed repetitive, forced and outright unbearable at some point or the other. The PTV walas of yore had their math right when rarely did a drama ever extend to beyond 13 episodes. But I guess when economics is the king, artistic considerations must sadly take a back seat……….


  11. The best character and dialogues are of daadi. She is so hilarious, i wish she would beat Aunn up with some Bata chappals, because he is hella annoying and worse then all the girls combined.

    I am surprised at how he comes up with these tactics and stories to plot against everyone in the house.
    Maybe he should spend less time doing that and more time shopping for new clothes. He wears the same 2 striped shirts throughout the entire drama.

    It did suck though , watching Nighat get stood up once again. Jamshed is so mean for no reason. If he was not up for it he should have calmly said no.

    I hope they would quit dragging this serial. The same jokes have become very corny now.


  12. Personally I really enjoy the drama. I find it hilarious and look forward to the weekly installments.

    I also agree Dadi is my favourite character with Nighat coming a close second.Aunn’s tactics show how someone who appears subservient can wreak havoc in a family. Although I have really enjoyed the “Aunn the saas” the drama actually has the


    • an serious theme i.e the importance of the male in any family dynamic. How often have we heard the saying a “son is a son until he takes a wife”. I loved the fact that Husna had the self awareness to realise her actions were wrong. However the key thing is that unfortunately most men don’t have the self awareness and it is through their lack of thought that the bahu often gets blamed!


  13. So I had gone off Aunn-Zara for a bit, because the episodes began to drag a bit. Aunn’s repeated attempts to consummate his marriage got a bit boring and one-sided, and the rest of the cast wasn’t doing enough to sell me.

    Then this episode happened! This is some of the best sitcom writing I’ve seen in years, and this episode was a really good example of careful storytelling. I thought the two nested misunderstandings in the family were handled really well, and in particular, the Nighat-Jamshed subplot had the potential to descend into a bit of slapstick. Instead, it turned into a sensitive moment and a turning point for all the characters.

    I’m especially impressed with Aunn’s face-heel turn moment (or as you put it, his Farida Aunty turn, lol). To watch him sow discord and misunderstanding in the family is really fascinating (especially as he seems to just be getting lucky with most of it). But while I’m impressed, I’m also kinda disturbed. His cluelessness is part of what makes Aunn endearing, and to have it be replaced by a guy who’s actually successful at manipulating his family emotionally seems wrong somehow. It better be worth it in the end, lol.

    Special props to Osman Khalid Butt who is doing really great work in this show. (Also, I just watched his Husmafar parody, and OMG, I had tears down my face…DYING!)


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