Ek Kasak Reh Gayee ~ Episode 1 Review


The first episode of EK Kasak Reh Gayi aired on Geo today. Produced by Erfan Ghanchi and Imran Sheikh, directed by Dilawar Malik and written by K. Rehman, this serial boasts a star cast which includes names like Javed Shaikh, Hina Bayat, Sanam Saeed, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Naila Jaffrey, Azra Moheyuddin, Sara Khan, Taifoor Khan, and Mehak Khan. 

Today we were introduced to Paras, who lives with her widowed mother and college-going sister in her uncle and aunt’s house. Paras’ uncle and aunt are ultra conservative and object to almost everything she and her sister do. On the other hand, we have Rania, the indulged only daughter of a rich father. Paras and Rania are poles apart in terms of their social background, upbringing and approach to life. Though there is nothing in common between them, these girls are connected to each other through their relationship with Bia and her brother Shehryar. Paras works in Bia’s company, and Rania is in love with Shehryar.

As a first episodes go, this one was an average opening. The writer and director did well to introduce their characters and set up the context, but I was very irritated by the easy resort to stereotypes and the unproblematic reinforcement of binaries. The dialogues were heavy-handed and preachy, and the over-loud background score was irritating. In terms of pacing, I’m not quite sure what bus was leaving when, but everybody seemed in a hurry to get on with it. There was too much crammed into one episode and at time scenes seemed rushed.


As far as the cast and crew go, Ek Kasak had initially sounded like a Talkhiyan reunion, with Hina, Sanam, Mehak and the Naveed Alam, the DOP, all together in the same project. But that’s as far as comparisons go – Talkhiyan was a winner from the get go and this one is nowhere near that. Sanam’s Paras was relatable but nothing out of the ordinary; she actually sounded like Kashaf’s long lost sister at times. Mehak, who’s fabulous portrayal of a very haunted Zoya I will remember for a very long time, was okay here. I hope we get to see some more of those Zoya waley flashes of brilliance from Mehak as the story progresses. Hina is good in whatever she does, but here her Bia seemed off-color. Also, not exactly sure what was going on with the lighting and camera angles, but I have never seen Hina look this washed out before. Mikaal, Sara Khan, Naila Jafri and Azra Moheyuddin were all adequate. Javed Shaikh’s maulana sahab, with his long gown, fake beard and the OTT headgear was a little too over done for my liking. His dialogues were enough on their own, there was no need to turn the maulana sahab into a caricature.

In the unlikely event that I had gone gaga over this first episode, this handy dandy synopsis from the Geo website would’ve surely put me off: “The saga of a young assiduous, self confident girl whose life in its self is a challenge. After the death of her parent she is forced to live with her (TAYA) along with her two younger sisters. Sanam has a dream of making it big on her own which his religiously strict uncle javed sheikh doesn’t approve, even if it means to go out and work day and night which she finds in a multinational company of hina bayat. Her life changes when she marries Hina’s brother Meekal and takes a turn foe worse when she finds out that he is suffering from a kidney disease.”

Given that so much of the story has already been given out via the tear-filled promos, and now this spoiler, incorrect details and all, does Geo really expect people to tune in for the first five six episodes? I’m not so sure I will. Even if I do, it would be primarily because of the cast… thanks to Geo and its spoilers, I already know this story is not my cup of tea! 

Did you guys watch this one? What did you think? 

Written by SZ~

P.S. The Geo spoiler is a straight copy paste from their website, check out http://www.harpalgeo.tv/details.asp?id=453

Ek Kasak Reh Gayee ~ Episode 1 

36 replies

  1. You are right SZ , average first episode , typical story .
    Btw I find the name paras very funny , reminds me of a saras!lol
    The maulana is a nightmare like all molvis , Allah bachaye hamey in idiots se !
    Mehaks dark circles look very unflattering , she should do something about it .


    • @Deeba: Yes the maulana and Mrs maulana need to stop being so busybodies .. I know the writer meant well and was trying to show how ppl misuse religion etc, but the way it has been depicted here is seriously off putting!


    • Pairas musalman nam nahi lagta. Goe tv is bat ko riwaj day raha hai kay Musalman Hindu or Isayon walay nam rakhain. Geo tv nay Pakistan kay culture ko kharab karnay main koi kasar nahi utha rakhi.


      • @Anonymous: Thank you for taking the time to comment and sharing your thoughts. I have allowed your comment this time around, but just to let you know I have a zero tolerance policy against those who make disparaging remarks against other religions and cultures. Aap sirf dramey par apna izhar-e khayal karen, us ke ilawa doosre mazhabon or riwayat ko beech main ghaseetney ki koi zaroorat nahin. Agar aap agli baar is qism ka comment karen ge tau woh delete kar diya jayega.
        Thank you.


      • Paras, which is a name of Gujarati origin, means ‘the stone which converts iron into gold’. It is a unisex name, that is, it can be used as both a girl or female name and a boy or male name

        I agree with SZ….. this is not the forum to discuss these petty issues …. I can give you 1000000000 examples of MUSALMAAN names used by Non Muslim ARABS as those names are derived from ARABIC language and doesn’t have COPY RIGHT to any religion…Naam ka matlab acha hona chahiyee …I can go on and on with VALID EXAMPLES and ISLAMIC RULING on names…SZ you want me to ..lol ….
        Anonymous is also a name used by all religions !!! :)))))))


        • @Sheema: Appreciate your backing me up on this issue!
          There is plenty of negativity and hate mongering from petty minded individuals in so many other spheres of life, lets just keep our drama discussions here free from all this nonsense 🙂


  2. I was irritated and disappointed , if I was Sanam and the script was shown to me I would have said only this ” Been there , done that ” …. Kiya yaar Sanam , why did you sign this project as its very very similar to Kashaf , story may be different but the character is almost the same , it’s an irony that if one actor is hit doing a particular character he or she gets offers to do the same , I would say I prefer Mina to Paras . I agree on heavy and fake dialogues , Sanam looked off colour , along with every one . I am sorry to say another disappointment in terms of story from a Sanam’s projects and in this one her acting is not what it use to be . Me not happy as a die hard fan of SS.


    • @Sheema: Can you even imagine how bad the scripts must be if our usually so selective stars are doing this kind of stuff?! I really really hope producers and TV channels start thinking beyond these ghisi pitti storues and put out new stuff, otherwise a huge chunk of the audience, that has come back to watching PK dramas after Humsafar, will go back to watching other stuff…there is no dearth of quality stuff out there …


  3. Agree that it was a very average first episode. Looks like the same “ghisa-pita” storyline. @Sheema, like you, I feel like asking “kya yaar Sanam….”! Kashaf’s hallmark from the word go was confidence, aggression almost bordering on rudeness…..Paras looks “off-colour” and subdued….hope it does not later develop into Kashaf part-2.

    @SZ, like you, I might give it some more time, primarily because of the cast and the fact that this writer-director duo have given quite a few hits in the past. Perhaps this will go on to surprise us in some way or the other. I like Sanam Saeed, hope her role does not disappoint completely!!


      • @SZ: These are the ones I have heard of, there may be many more. They have done a lot of work for PTV. I did this research at the time of Hum Tv”s drama Nadamat (2012)—same team— Erfan Ghanchi, Dilawar Malik, K.Rehman, Naveed Malik! Those days I used to watch anything with Sanam Baloch in it. Nadamat had her along with some other “greats”. I remember the first few episodes were sooo…dull, sooo…slow, sooo…boring, bad lighting, bad camera angles and so on & on, that I actually stopped watching it, SB or no SB! Later I kept up with the reviews & so on, some were trashing it, some were wowing it, towards the end some rating sites were giving it 9.8/10!! So something must have clicked with the viewers. It is considered one of SB’s hits.
        1. Nadamat — Hum Tv
        2. Wafa Kaisi Kahan Ka Ishq — Hum Tv
        3. Tumhe Kuch Yaad Hai Jaana — Geo Tv
        4. Tum Yehi Kehna — PTV
        5. Landa Bazaar — PTV —- this is considered a “huge” success & incidentally first big hit of Farah Shah ( Amtul from Numm).
        6. Boota from Tooba Tek Singh — PTV

        Starting from 2012, this list goes backwards chronologically. If you check out these shows/dramas the cast in each includes some of the biggest names in the Pak television industry. Compared to them, the cast of “Ek Kasak….” are newcomers so one can see their temptation to say “Yes” to this team. Something works for this writer-director duo!

        After my Nadamat experience, I just want to stick on to this a little longer (perhaps they have upped their game in 2013!) to see if something good is yet to come!!


        • @RR: thanks! this list helps a lot!
          I did actually watch Nadamat, and like you was sorely disappointed after the first few dark (as in literally dark, bad lighting) and depressing episodes. Din’t care what their ratings said, it was just bad! Waisey bhi if one goes by ratings then Talkhiyan was a flop, but I personally think its one of the best serials I’ve seen in the past few years.
          Their older ones, Landa Bazar and Boota, I really liked and actually remembered Farah Shah from there – so definitely a memorable series. Seems like their quality and content has paralleled PTV’s downward slide 😦


  4. OMG!! They just told the whole story.. For me, the episode was too boring and slow.. Nothing new to offer.. the make up and lightning were just urghh!

    I think Sanam is being typecaste.. She is playing the same role of the determined girl.. Mera Naseeb, Daam, ZGH and now this (not sure of her character in Maat e Jaan)..

    Not so eager to watch this drama now..


  5. hehehehe – I don’t know where you find the time or patience to watch this stuff 😀 Let’s make better use of our time shall we 😉


    • Yes mam 🙂 Wouldve skipped this one after the rotey-dhotey promos, but the fact that it was apni Zoya’s first big serial after Talkhiyan, made me want to check it out .. she’s also made her entry in the silly Yeh shaadi nahin ho sakti, but that one is beyond my bardaasht…
      But tell me honestly, didnt that Geo synopsis just make you want to run to your tv and watch this one 😉


      • I love it when you gals post the Geo synopsis! It keeps me laughing for days!!! I remember when you and DB would do that on the DP site – oh so FUN!! 🙂


  6. I happened to catch this on tv while doing some science diagrams for my kid’s HW- and for that particular situation, it was a good time-pass. Didn’t have to watch it at all- just listening to what was going around in the background 🙂 So was surprised when I saw you reviewing it. Also surprised that all these good actors decided to do this serial- what a waste. I really want to see MZ do some good substantial work coz he’s got such potential. I guess they have to choose from what they are offered.


  7. Apni Zoya is not as great as Talkhiyan, Her voice keeps reminding of her voice/commentary in the background of a scene. The latest episode was of 5 minutes for me as I forwarded everything. The back ground score is so so so so irritating, the Aaaaa Aaaaaa is as annoying as Aaaaa Aaaaaa Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Ghum …lol
    I am very disappointed with Sanam , looks like half hearted effort…she is generally great with mother daughter interactions as in Mera NAseeb and ZGH , here it looked very fake and hastily done , who to blame…may be meri hee nazar kharab hai, nexty time I will take off my specs to watch this show ( my eye sight is -5.75 and -6..lol )


    • LOL Sheema,, yes 5 mins is exactly what it took me as well to watch the second ep 🙂

      You know a while ago, in one of his interviews Mohib Mirza was asked about how he chose roles/ why he he did certain characters, and he had responded very honestly ke look most of the stuff one gets offered is humdrum, but you have to put in your time and practice your craft for the few brilliant roles that will come your way. As an actor, he said, you work for those two three roles, baqi the rest of the stuff he described as dihari lagana (putting in your time), because an actor has to survive as well….
      ….and we all know how only one or two serials, among the hundreds produced every years, are actually worth remembering …

      Waisey, good idea … chashma off for this one and few others 😉


  8. I totally agree, there was nothing new about the storyline, i saw the first episode and decided i can’t watch this drama anymore as it seemed like watching a poor version of zgh. Paras’s character is exactly like Kashaf except paras is more positive. Javed sheikh is playing the character that is similar to Kashaf’s dad in zgh where he is shown telling Paras and her mother that she hasn’t taught paras any manners in talking to elders and goes out late night with guys. Also, how hypocritical to show Javed sheikh as a religious Muslim when in reality, he is the total opposite, dancing in weddings and mehndi events. These type of shows can only make fun of Islamic ideals.


  9. I watched the first episode and didn’t even realize think about watching the next one. I think this is one of those I might revisit in 4-5 episodes.

    Also, I saw absolutely no chemistry between Shehryar and Zoya. Mehak’s acting was so flat, and her expressions were ‘odd’.


  10. i watched the first ans second epi and it was fab :).
    Acting of Jawed Shiekh is awesome. the story reflcts the true picture of society..
    dialogue delivry of Sanam Syed is quite good..


  11. well the episodes were good especially the title song is brillient..
    really im so anxious to watch the next epi.. 🙂
    Story is quite good and its a mind catchng storyy..
    Naila also act well .. thumbs up (y)


  12. It was ok, a little boring! Sanam definitely reminded me of Kashaf but a toned down version!
    Don’t think I will have the urgency to watch this.
    Javed sheikh was over the top ..I mean seriously ott!
    Was nice to see mehak again, but looks like she’s after the guy who’s not interested.
    May catch it off and on just coos I like sanam and mehak, but other than that, didn’t really attract me at all.


  13. All tv maulvis need to go die somewhere! Seriously they make religion sound like a punishment with their BS!
    Javed Sheikh’s character is way too OTT! He needs to bring it down a notch, and the woman playing his wife going on about “oh thank God , God didn’t give me any daughters” Its too bad you were born as a daughter to some other woman.
    Bloody idiots.

    Sanam Saeed is def being typecast now, this role is a bit too similar to her Kashaf.
    For me, her character in Talkhiyan, Mera Naseeb, and Daam were really good!! She was great in both the serials.
    I feel like shes signing every other serial now. This drama has a good cast but the story is very weak and the promos and OST have given away too much for someone to stick around and watch.
    Mikaal looks bored and Hina Bayat needs to get rid of those bangs. Not a good look

    One thing i don’t understand is why Mehak Khan’s father does not like Mikaal.

    Prolly check in after about 10 or so eps to see how its going.


  14. Just saw 1st episode and my goodness it was extremely bad… From bakwass bg score to typical story ( thanks to geo ppl) not thinking to watch it again.. Almost sab ki roti dhoti shiklain dekh ke thak gayee only refreshing was zoyee’s smile 🙂 acting me javed sheikh was not that good..his attire was huge turn off .. You can show maulvis with double standards but why with such gown and topaa.. Sanam saeed was also ok ok.. Didn’t find her top class.. !! Ahh seems like now a days these kinda dramas are on hit 😦


  15. I don’t think it was popular here in India. Kab show aaya, aur kab chala gaya, kisi ko pata hi nahi chala. And yes, Paras seems like Kashaf 2.0. Kind of a tragedy, no? When you have such a stellar cast, one would expect a lot better.


    • What I am going to say might make some friends think that I watched this episode of EKRG with”chasms off”… I thought it was not that bad an opening but sure not great as we expect from that class of artists, I will wait for couple of epi.to decide to watch or not… I hope we all remember Preet na Karoo koi which looked so boring & child like but as it progressed it turned out to be one of a kind, so let’s brace our horses for a while for EKRh ….. Like SZ mentioned about Mohib Mirza, actor have to survive they can’t wait for only juicy roles, it’s like all other working situations some work you like & some don’t but you have to do what one can for living…. Javeed Sheikh is clad exactly as Junaid Jamsheed & Mulana Tariq, if their attires are except able then his too willbe😷
      The lighting is extremely bad all actors look washed down, eye make-up is horrible or too cheap spreading all over, background music is awe full and editing need to improve….

      @SZ what happened to Udhari reviews, I think it is a great drama with lot to talk about, plz can we have new review on it cuz I love read what all have say about that sensitive issues…..
      @ SZ what happened to


      • @Shamim Hasan: Hello ji! LOL! Aap dekh lein .. I couldnt bear to watch it after a couple of episodes . it was a no go for me .. 😦 Do share your thoughts if you continue watching.

        Re: Udaari: Yes, I had planned to watch and review but then got so wrapped up with other stuff that I couldnt keep up .. and now the drama about the drama has really left me with a bad taste in my mouth .. so much has been said that I think I need to step away from it for a bit… I will review it but give me a few so that I can catch up and do an overview ..


    • @Shreya: Hey! Good to hear from you.. and thank you for updating us on how it fared in India. Here too it came and went without creating any noise. I know a lot of Sanam fans were really disappointed because they’d been eagerly waiting for something good from her, but unfortunately this and then her other one Kadoorat both failed.

      Do keep in touch ,, would love to hear more from you abt the reception of various Pakistani dramas in Zindagi.


      • @ SZ I love it when you add ji with my name😊…. I am hanging on to Udari cuz it has a social issue of child mulastation which something I want to know what reaction viewers will show in this issue…. Pamra has already has issued a show cause notice to humtv for show such a drama… “Child abuse casts a shadow the length for of lifetimes” Herbert Ward….. And ” The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing about it” . Iss drama per bahot ley dey ho rahi hey in my circle of friends some r in favor of some against but in my opion if we can’t sweep the dirt under the carpet to make it look clean the dirt is still there….. I am going to watch couple of more episodes to see what is the out come….. You too watch the 5th n 6th episode……


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