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Throughout this latest episode Neelam kept goading Wali – every word she uttered, every gesture she made, every expression that ran across her face, all designed and calculated to aggravate and punish Wali. Who did this man think he was? How dare he tell her to behave? Neelam might have been forced by circumstances to marry an already married man, but if Wali thought that her entering into this union indicated her willingness to settle into a marriage of compromise, 1002221_583532221693762_242712991_nthen he has definitely been proven wrong. Fiery and fearless Neelam has absolutely no intentions of toeing the line and playing her assigned role of an acquiescent bahu of an izzatdar gharana.  Far from it! She is relentless and continues to push every button and testing every limit to make life miserable for Wali. He should not have ignored her earlier protests, now he would have to pay! 

What Neelam seems to have forgotten in this game of one upmanship is that she is not dealing with an equally immature man. Wali might appear to be a soft spoken, gentle guy, but that’s all the on the surface. The urban lifestyle, the distance from his grandfather’s rural haveli and zamindari, 1175389_583532241693760_1948072481_ncoupled with education at elite institutions, his stint abroad, and over and above all Mahjabeen’s gentle upbringing might have tempered the beast inside, but it has never been far from the surface. There have been many a signs – the clenching of the jaw, the steely glint of his eyes, the curling of his fists, the rigidity with which he holds himself, all pointing to a very complicated man, one who is perhaps hiding even from himself. Wali is as sophisticated as they come, as urbane as a man could be, but strip off the glitzy packaging and out pops the very traditional, much dreaded feudal – for whom nothing is more precious than his izzat.

Neelam is young and naive, and never has her immaturity been more apparent as it was in this episode when she out played her hand. Rather than biding her time, planning and hitting where it hurt the most, Neelam was too hasty and too rash. 1209141_583535985026719_394881802_nLacking the life experience to understand the many layered complex relationship between Mahjabeen and Wali, last week she unwittingly forced them to confront their real nature of their relationship. This week she once again started down the same track. While there is much Wali would might be willing to overlook, but a slur on his honor and character is something else altogether. He might hate his relationship with Mahjabeen, but then there is tremendous respect and unvoiced affection in this bond as well. To have something so intense and so personal spoken about so trivially was sure to infuriate Wali. To say that the slap shocked Neelam would be an understatement, but that it actually happened is something that shocked Wali even more.

At the heart of it all, most of Neelam’s complaints, no matter how she spins them, arise out of her insecurity vis-à-vis Mahjabeen – Wali’s first wife. 1208565_583541871692797_475442282_nHow much ever others try to convince her otherwise, Neelam remains fixated on the fact that she is the second wife. Ironically enough, it is thanks to her non-stop reference to their “marriage” that Wali and Mahjabeen are being pushed to re-evaluate their relationship, as two adults. Mahjabeen being the more mature one has already realized that she and Wali have turned a corner and can never go back to their earlier, carefully negotiated status quo. She had always known Wali was never hers, but still now that the time has actually come she cannot help but look back to an earlier, yet another forbidden relationship. With nary a word she has suffered so much, borne the burden of somebody else’ crime with so much grace – how much more can be asked of this woman? How much more can she humanly give?

Three episodes in and Numm keeps going from strength to it. I love the way this one is being unveiled, one gossamer thin layer at a time. A uniquely told story that relies more on the visual narrative rather than the spoken word, I am thoroughly enjoying the little gestures and subtle nuances that hold so much meaning. Wali’s smoking in Neelam’s presence as compared to his snuffing out the cigarette in Mahjabeen’s presence speaks volumes of how he regards the two women in his life. Mahjabeen’s fleeting, almost unnoticeable touch on his shoulder, urging Wali to accompany Neelam on her foolhardy bus trip, and his silent giving in to her wish, when he would rather have not gone, made for an exquisite moment. Kudos to Myra Sajid and Ahson Talish for resisting the temptation to over tell their story with explanatory dialogues. 1185731_583495668364084_153937636_nI like how the past has been beautifully woven in with the present and the two stories are being simultaneously narrated, creatively but with enough clarity so as to not confuse the viewers – very well done! Qasim Ali, the DOP, continue to make an impression with the way he plays with lights and scene composition. Rather than relying on the excessive use of closeups, I like that frames are opened up and we get to see so much more of the lovely setting, adding so much more to the ambiance and old-world feel of the story. The entire trip from the haveli to the Lahore house was really well executed. Another scene I liked was the panchayat scene, once again loved the setting and the shots, but here the editor was over-indulgent and let it it go for too long. 

In terms of acting, Sania Saeed is just amazing. I cannot think of any other contemporary actress who could have done such justice to Mahjabeen – Sania is FABULOUS! 1208565_583541871692797_475442282_nFawad Khan’s Wali is an excellent match for Sania’s Mahjabeen. They barely say anything to each other but they are magical together! I missed Farah’s Amtul today.  I hope she will not be forgotten and we get to see more of her here. I have said this before and will say it again, acting alongside such powerful actors is not a joke, and for that alone I think Kanza deserves a pat on the back. She conveys Neelam’s anxiety and bravado to the the best of her ability. That said, her shrill voice, slurring of words, and over done reactions are sticking out like a sore thumb in what is shaping up to be a fabulous project.

1236636_583535348360116_1314891029_nAnd finally, how can I end without a mention of the surprise cameo by Sarmad Khoosat. Minus the gandasa and the wig, Mahjabeen’s lighthearted interlude with her mustachioed secret love was just what the doctor ordered in an otherwise very intense episode. It was great to see the two together after ages – can Manto come soon enough? Meanwhile I am happily enjoying Numm – two thumbs up!!      

Written by SZ~


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  1. Great review! I always like to read your reviews before watching the drama… Sania Saeed as Majhabeen is truly flawless!
    On a very unrelated note – Where can I watch Pak movies (i.e Chambaili, Seedlings/Lamha, Josh)? I’ve been deperately looking forward to watching these movies! Thanks!


    • @UM: Thanks 🙂 Would love to hear what you think of the ep itself — do come share your views once you watch it!

      RE: the new movies, they haven’t yet been released on dvds as far as I know. Apart from Seedlings, which was shown in NYC last year at a film festival, I dont think any of these movies will see wide scale release.Main Hoon Shaid Afridi is the only one that I;ve heard of that will be released widely in the US/UK. guess our best bet is to wait for the dvd release whenever that happens!


      • Thanks for the response! That’s too bad… I was really looking forward to watching Seedlings 😦

        Yaar, since school has begun, it has me all tied up lol! I’ve been keeping up with your blogs but unfortunately, not with the discussion. So far, I did find this story slow, but I love how beautifully it’s unraveling. My only complain so far is, the lack of finesse in the acting of Neelam. Proper casting for her character would have really refined the drama.


  2. Another fantastic review!
    The episode was on a bit slower side for me – a bit of editing would have done wonders but enjoyed the haveli-to-Lahore part the most. It was quite interesting to see the rigid Wali compared to the over the top 2nd wife.
    Neelum is just obnoxious period. I am so glad she finally took a bath and changed her clothes after coming to Lahore. I literally was resisting the urge to scratch myself when I saw her in the same black/maroon clothes in the first scene. And then seeing Wali chain smoke made me think OMG how much must her clothes have stunk that she’s got on for a week! EWWW after she changed clothes I was able to tolerate her a bit. Uff what a nasty woman Wali has married. I wonder if she even brushes her teeth since she keeps on gritting them so much. Her mother and Daadi definitely did not teach her any manners or hygiene rules. Bachpan mein pitaai laagi hoti tow yeh naubat na aati. I think our wish will be granted and Neelum will disappear for a little while next week and spare us the anxiety attacks that her acting causes. Again more power to the cast and crew – I would like to salute them for having the tenacity that I don’t have.

    Totally enjoyed the Sarmad Khoosat with the hideous mustache cameo 😀 Just wish they had given Mahjabeen a different look (straightened her hair maybe) to show a different time. Again AWESOME acting by the 2 main leads which makes me coming back for more and to see how their relationship unfolds. Sania Saeed’s just beyond Fab.


      • i took it as the director contrasting Wali’s very lenient behavior with Neelam, putting up ever so patiently with all of her childishness and rudeness, when he was normally hot-tempered and quick to fly off the handle over a very trivial matter …
        Anybody else with a different interpretation? please feel free to jump in! ….


        • Or maybe he’s aping Ashar and wants his garden like the one he had in Humsafar 😉 And malis are the easiest people to vent off your anger on in FK land- malis and wives.


          • Don’t forget Zaroon and his OTT flowery garden in the final episode of ZGH 😉 Almost seems like this is FK doing his community service bit.. isn’t he one of the ambassadors for Earth Day in Pakistan ?


    • @Annie: Thank you for saying all the things I didnt have place to say in my already over long review, and saying it so well!!! *Claps*
      Yes, Neelam should be sent away to school ASAP!!


    • Yes Annie- couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the red black outfit (and it’s not even an outfit 🙂 again! How cud she stand those clothes for all those scenes is beyond me.
      And so true about the chain smoking. FK does it in all his dramas and it’s getting too much frankly- Someone close to him better think of his health and soon!


  3. All Wali/FK wardrobe haters take note he gave you at least three wardrobe changes! Time for Neelam to take note.

    Annie, you are right, I was cringing seeing her in the same clothes for over three episodes now….guess its a character I don’t care trait….Also loved Sarmad K cameo! Me thinks the muchi suits him actually…..

    Anyone think Wali was mumbling a little today?

    Sigh, I know you are commending her SZ, but how much stronger the character would be if played by a good actress and she’d have our sympathies to boot. If wishes were horses….

    Overall, things are unfolding nicely so will be watching.


    • @A musing muslim: Not commending her, just saying that she’s trying her best and is putting in an effort, no small feat when you look at who she is pitted against .. that we don’t like her efforts is a whole other deal… Also not so sure that we are supposed to sympathize with Neelam or like/dislike other characters – they’re all equally flawed and have grey shades. Yes, Neelam’s gotten a rough deal, but then who around her has a good life? All are equally miserable. If anything it can be said that she has it relatively easier in that everybody is making a huge effort to accommodate her and is putting up with her badtameezis….


      • Ok I’ll give her a B for effort. =)

        Sure you can like/dislike characters, what they do and how they react to situations. Same like people no? A good writer enables you to understand the characters motivations and creates characters that are flawed – like real people and also ideally be able to place them in a larger context.

        In that sense I like Neelam’s character for at least having the tenacity to stand up and say something about the situation. Of course I don’t like that shes not doing it in the most mature fashion but that’s who at 16 (0r 20 whatever) yrs of age she is.

        And in the same breath I don’t like Wali’s character for exactly not being able to stand up for himself, and despite touting Oxford degree, unable to question not just his role but in a larger context feudal hold on Pakistan today. And I see dark feudal tendencies rising in him which are equally reprehensible.

        These are my interpretations of the characters and to some extent my expectations of them, you know for a story set in the 21st century


        • @A musing Muslim: Loved reading your take on Wali and Neelam, and yeah since we have no clue of where the story is headed, we are all pretty much putting our own spin on what we see happening here.. I think the writer/director have done a great job so far of setting up the context and introducing their flawed characters, ab lets see where they take them from here .. hopefully this will be a compelling enough story that will keep us hooked for how ever many weeks…


  4. You said it all my friend! Enjoying this show for all the lil reasons you mention. Love the SS- FK combo, what a treat to watch two good actors in a well made show.
    Like Annie said the village -Lhr journey was a tad long drawn par chalo koi nahin…atleast FK had some cool clothes this ep 🙂

    Being insecure is an awful feeling and it’s gonna do Neelum in eventually I am guessing.

    While watching the show I was trying to tell myself (don’t ask why) this guy is Ashar- this guy was Ashar- but I just couldn’t connect the two at all….I really wanna see Humsafar again 🙂 but scared of the pagalpan that may ensue :/


  5. SZ simply loved your review and you have touched all the points. Mahjabeen has accepted her fate and now too settled to change her status. Her face barely gives away her feelings and she accepts everything as her ill fate for we know now she too had a different dream which got lost or killed in this feudal system. As if nothing excites or saddens her anymore except in her own privacy. Her picture of sitting in the darkness of the garden is very haunting. Wali I guess always knew he would be required to marry the 2nd time but given a choice he would have done it with a different girl. He is on the crossroads of his education and his legacy, as you said SZ waiting to burst and one day he will I am sure to bring about the changes of this age old customs and rituals. Neelum is just too good at times and too irritating at the same time. I just want to close the show once she starts her cranky way. I specially hate her when she lashes out to Mehjabeen, towards Wali I do not have any complain as she rightfully thinks their fate would have been different if Wali had turned her down. The scene of the episode was the bus ride and the scene when Wali returns home and sees Mehjabeen sitting in the dark, he knows what may have happened at the same time he slows his step just to show her he is back, more out of respect and habit maybe…..Acting wise no complaints whatsoever except I which the music could be a little lower and the lights a bit brighter inside the house 🙂


    • @Tinni: Thank you for the detailed comment – loved reading your analysis … indeed Neelam is such a fabulous character — makes you so infuriated with her one second, but then in the next you do get a sense of her fragility. In many ways Neelam is like a precocious child who has been seated at the adults’ table, and now everybody has forgotten her age and is expecting her to behave like an adult, which she is not… that said, she is really testing everybody’s patience. The fat that Kanza lacks the experience to play Neelam with all her complexity is indeed very frustrating and as @yf put it, not many were all that upset with that slap! Harsh but true!


  6. Kanza sticks out like a sore thumb in an otherwise fantastic serial. I am sorry but she is just not up to the mark. She is shrill with a deadpan face. Her voice is very irritating and can some one tell her to please change her pink pyjamas?? they must be stinking by now! Why did they not choose a better actress for such a lovely character? FK , sania and usman on one end and Kanza on the other ?? What an anti climax! What were they thinking? She is not even good looking if that is what went in her favor initially. Just does not have the ‘star’ quality. Shrieky, irritating and stupid! first time in my life I did not mind the ‘domestic violence’! Thanks FK ! Had been wanting to do this when ever she shrieked and yelled in her girly voice thinking she looks ‘cute’! She does not!!


  7. SZ, awesome review of an equally awesome episode! This show is getting better with every episode!

    Pretty much everything has been said here already, nothing really to add.

    The one thing that disappointed me was that Neelam could have been layered but she is turning out to be just black and white. I didnt know there were promos other than 12 minutes one, so I just watched some of them. I was surprised to see that she never really changes. I’m hoping that I’m wrong about that. Her situation is equally bad and like Wali pointed out they’re all in the same boat so I was expecting her to grow up out of lack of choice. But probably not.

    Having said that though, I think she is valuable just because she is constantly stirring the hornets nest in an otherwise brush everything under the carpet type of household. I’m glad its forcing them to face their situation. Otherwise they are all complicit and complacent to some extent.

    I’m annoyed by the way she treats Majhabeen. I get that she is really insecure (and thats a horrible situation to be in more so because you are not the first woman in your husbands life and you wont be the only one who truly understand him inside out, nor be first for him ) but she is a total badtameez because she is awful even to the domestic help. It annoys me how she has no concern for anyone. I think bade saab just made everything 10 times worse. Also her mom, try as she may, both her daughters are ill mannered. I wonder if they will explain that ?

    Majhabeen, what can I say…just a fabulous character. She is all about giving and reconciling with fate which is really hard to do.

    Neelam has a true confidante in Majhabeen but she totally fails to see that. I dont know if they can always be friends but for now they both have a common enemy: the wani system. But I suppose for Neelam she hates both wani on the outside and not being the first wife on a personal level.

    I really liked the confrontation between Wali and Neelam. I hope they both hash out more. When Wali says I made a compromise too I was really hoping Neelam will realize she is no prize either :P, but of course she doesnt care about that. I hope Wali plays back that conversation in his mind because then it would be very obvious to see what really is bothering her about their marriage. But he is probably too annoyed to think about her issues and concerns.

    I was quite surprised that she didnt slap him back, but when I watched it the second time I felt like it was right that she didnt. The emotions flitting across her face after the slap, I felt she acted well there. Pain and surprise, she did ok.

    But somebody please her tell you can be angry and not screech 😛

    Jeez, my posts are long even when I feel like there is nothing much to add 😦


  8. I also feel that Wali will eventually see what badtameez his younger wife is to everyone but him and maybe that will somewhere cause him to fall out of love with her though I’m sure it wont be the only reason.

    And there may be a time a self introspection and horror and self loathing for Wali as he realizes there is a feudal lord in him somewhere and that he is not very different from his ancestors in being ok with having two wives and maybe being in love with both of them. Its not right or wrong to love two women in his situation but I think it will take him by surprise as he thinks he is better than that.

    I really like the bus ride, think it will make strong memory for them!


    • Very interesting thoughts Aish enjoyed reading them. I hope like you that the characters grow and learn to become better versions of themselves but I am getting the feeling that won’t be the case here.


  9. It is definitely getting better and more interesting with each episode, so many things we could discuss and talk about,who is right, wrong, majboor. Should you blame the system or the people or not standing up to it. In that fact neelam who may not be acting well but is still fighting for her rights. Wali and mahjabeen have just accepted their fate and that’s it. Inevitably it will all blow up in everyone’s faces, the sham of vani is actually sickening. He does need to accept her as his wife nor does she need to. It is not a marriage, a child can not get married and a nikaah by force is not valid at all. That is what I hope is the message we get from this, she should be free to walk away. I mean she loved his uncle, and she has looked after him like a mother would. I am actually not looking forward to seeing a romantic relationship develop. I feel sad that sacred nikaah contracted is being misused so badly, and again two adults alo being forced ie wani and Neelum. I really hope this Is is highlighted, it is a very sad state of affairs.
    Thanks SZ again for a great review! Oh and am loving the ost by the way!


  10. Oh my Allah! Nothing escapes you does it, SZ?! This was certainly a slow episode. And as rightly noted the director and editor have used physicality to propel the narrative. The scene that stuck me the most was Wali smoking. The very fact that he has no problems lighting a cigarette and smoking in front of Neelam (which is shown twice!) says so much about their relationship, and without any words exchanged! Humari tehzeeb hume yehi sikhati hai ki baday-boozorgon kay samnay koi aisa kaam na karen jissay unhay apni izzat mein koi kami mehsoos ho, aur yeh izzat ka darja, yeh makaam sirf aur sirf Mahjabeen ka hai. See it from Wali’s point, he grew up with an overbearing and feudal grandfather, a mentally unstable mother, and perhaps, the only constant in his life is Mahjabeen. I am seriously waiting for them to interact more than seeing Neelam and Wali’s star-crossed romance. Let’s be real Heer and Ranjha this ain’t. The editor does an excellent job of them exchanging these stolen moments but that is exactly what they are, stolen. Not that I want to see them develop romantically, not at all actually, but I do want to see Mahjabeen accorded some respect in that house especially from the new addition. Chahay jo bhi kaha lo she has a stronger position as opposed to Neelam, from Bade sahab to Wali and even the naukars, everyone knows this and there can be no changing it, in fact, I think, the more Neelam rebels, the stronger Mahjabeen becomes.

    Now, this isn’t a small little world of women (on that note have you noticed how Neelam’s entire family is made up of women and not really strong ones at that, it seems there is no other man to challenge Wali and Sikander Bakht?!) yet if Mahjabeen wanted she could easily take down Neelam. Her childish antics at first were understandable but now are rather painful to watch (and not because of the horrible acting!). I just hope the director doesn’t make this into sob-story for Neelam by villanizing Mahjabeen (Please, lord, have mercy!). Has anyone noticed how everyone lives in the past? Wali’s mother (not that we’ve seen much of her) is haunted by her memories, captured like a prisoner in those vivid flashbacks. Mahjabeen, who constantly reminds herself ki mein yahan kaise aaye thi. Umeed yeh thi ki ghar say doli niklay go, yahan to shayad janaza nikla. Even Wali is stuck in his past. Mujhe lagta hai ki wahan sab apnay mazi kay aks mein yah jee rahe hain, yeh usko kisi tarahan badlanay ki koshish kar rahe hain. The only people who want to live in the present are Baday sahab and Neelam. Usman Peerzada is excellent. The interaction between him and Neelam was rather telling too, here’s a man who can bend Wali Bakht to his will yet he can hardly control Neelam. Subtle ironies of life, eh?!

    The bus scene, I think, was well done. Very reminiscent of Kashaf’s voiceover induced bus ride from Zindagi Gulzar Hai. The photography, camerawork, cinematography, even the editing reminds me of dramas from back in the day. It’s beautiful to watch and complements the mood of the story very, very well. I guess gothic sensibilities are far from lost in our age. Finally, Sarmad Sultan Khoosat! HELLO! This was a surprise for me and a pleasant one at that. I am actually super excited for Main Manto, where he’s paired with Sania again. If Pakistan had a Sanjay Leela Bhansali it would be Sarmad Khoosat. Hands down. Waise don’t you think Mahjabeen comes from an equally established family? Established doesn’t necessarily mean wealthy. I mean she doesn’t seem like someone who isn’t aware of her surroundings.

    @Aish I agree Mahjabeen can be such an asset to the young couple’s relationship yet for some odd reason Neelam refuses to see this. Ego and pride are indeed her middle name.

    Loved the episode and your hawk-eyed review. Haha! :))


    • Enjoyed reading your comments! Most respectful men usually don’t smoke in front of parental figures, but have no issues smoking in front of their wives. He obviously holds mahjabeen in the utmost of high respect, but jeez what an awkward relationship! How will they ever show him as a husband to her, when she’s literally been like a parent…this is a massive task to show the transformation of their relationship….I hope it is done well if that is where it s heading!


      • I think it will be romantic but thats what I’m dreading, like you. To me, with whatever we have seen so far, she is a surrogate mom who was forced into it. So if the relationship becomes non – platonic and less ‘spiritual’ its going to take a lot to convince me. Right now I just want them have a relationship thats deep and pure and more spiritual.


        • Thoroughly enjoying reading all the very detailed and thoughtful comments 🙂 Thank you all for taking the time to pen down your thoughts ever so eloquently… Its fabulous to see how all of us have picked on so very different, but important details. Clearly Numm has all hooked and whether we like or dislike these characters, they certainly have us intrigued!!

          @Bollyqueer, loved your take on Mahjabeen and Neelam and Wali’s equation – indeed a lot going on here, considering that one person screeches non-stop and the other seems to be numb to all that is happening around her, while the third smokes like a chimney and weighs and measures his words a thousand times before saying anything. Loved your insight about all living in their pasts .. even Neelam’s mother is shown to be a victim of the system here. Yes, the family is indeed ovder run by women, but ab yeh to hona hi tha.. when the men are either too busy being killed for their transgressions or seeking inteqaam… I think that is another reason why Wali looks so weighted down most of the time.. ab bechara apne kamzor kadhon pe teen families ka bojh utha ke phir raha hai, Mahjabeen’s, Neelam’s and Sikander Bakht’s … no wonder the man has no time to go buy new clothes for either himself or his two wives!!!
          Wah SSK compared to SLB — I like!!

          @SK and Aish: The promos have made it pretty clear that the relationship b/w Mahjabeen and Wali will become a conjugal one once Neelam leaves, so purity or spirituality there;) I guess what remains to be seen is the finesse wit which the writer/dir handle the transition. @Aish: I completely agree that if only Neelam could get over herself then she has a friend for life in Mahjabeen, but then agar aisa ho to story kaise aage barhe gi? And again thanks to the promos we’ve seen that despite the passage of time Neelam refuses to grow up as far as her jealousy of Mahjabeen goes… btw, don’t you all love the fact that despite all the promos etc, we are still pretty much clueless about how the story is going to unfold – love the air of mystery surrounding Numm – thank God for this being an original script!


      • @SK Most respectful men don’t smoke in front of their wives either. Come on! But that is one awkward relationship. Can you imagine being stuck in that house?!

        @SZ The amount of attention FK’s clothes get on these forums, if only boy is reading these comments. We really need to send him a care package. Some Club Monaco here, some American Apparel there. Spice up his wardrobe! Haha! Kanza could definitely use another pair of sweat pants. :p


  11. Ohhh ……. SZ Wonderful reveiw I really in LOve with your words … 😀 I just wanna say I am happy that we have a show like Numm .. It’s really amazing with amazing story direction and actors <333 Sania Saeed Fawad Khan and the Gal Kanza and every one they all are amaizng … about Kanza as Neelum yes she is spoil kid and inscure as well she can'tix her self with Wali's First Wife which is her Right we can't say nothing about Mahjabeen I feel bad for her some time but she is Wali chacha's Love so why they Chose Wali ? for this sacrifice I feel pity 4 all three they are innocent 😀


    • @Nosh: Thank you .. glad you enjoyed the review 🙂 Indeed, I too am really looking forward to learning more about Mahjabeen’s mysterious past and her doomed love affair .. its intersting though that so far all three have been presented as victims of their circumstances, but now that that the preliminary context has been established I an waiting to see how these people start interacting and evolving … I have a feeling that by the end of the serial we might end up feeling very diffrently for each of these characters .. fingers crossed that this one doesn’t disappoint!


  12. My first comment – yay!

    Great review, and I love Bollyqueer’s comment, very interesting.

    I can’t express how much I’m loving this drama. It’s not your typical run of the mill saas-bahu-shohar drama. The story is different, the ambience and the characters are altogether different, complexed, real. Sania Saeed is a brilliant actor, especially the moments where she has no dialogue, the viewer is instantly gripped by her face – whattay expression! Fawad too has showed great skills- I’m sensing he’s trying to portray a conflicting personality, with his face with his body, and he’s defo succeeding. As for Neelam, I’m still trying to figure out whether I feel any sympathy towards her. The acting is making it hard, with those OTT expressions. AND I must add the editor, cinematographer have done a brilliant job.

    I’m also hooked to this drama, as opposed to other dramas, I can’t predict where the story line is heading. I’ve also lured my husband into the land of Numb ;).


    • @SA You’re too kind. I have to say though I secretly do enjoy a good saas-bahu-shohar drama. Humsafar anyone?! Arrey, everyone is numb in Numm. Haha!


      • @Bollyqueer: LOL @ “Humsafar anyone?!” We have some hardcore Humsafar aficionados here … pretty much every thread has a Humsafar mention or two and we even have a permanently open Humsafar thread (you should definitely check that one out if you would like to share your thoughts, I’m sure many would join you there ) .. so yeah safe to say we “like” Humasfar here 😉


    • @SA – yay indeed!!! Glad to have you on board 🙂
      Yaar, ab what to do with Kanza as Neelam …. even though I too am not enamored by her take on Neelam, and from the promos it seems like she’s gonna stay the same screechy person, I have to say ke I have begun to feel bad for her, bechari sab log us ke peeche par gaye hain 😦 Reminds me so much of the time when Noor Hasan was universally hated as Khizar. I don’t remember reading a single kind remark about him!
      And a huge round of applause for convincing your hubby to watch this one …mine doesn’t even want to “hear” it (I watch this on my laptop), and keeps telling me lower the volume, b/c the over loud background score hurts his ears!
      I hope you will not be a stranger now and join in our conversations from here on!


  13. @SZ: Just finished the episode. Wow! I really enjoyed it and your review! I too am having a hard time swallowing Kanza. Who would have been better?


    • @BSK I think Ayesha Omar would have been amazing as Neelam but she’s a bit too old to pull off the college (inter/first year) type roles now. You must have someone in mind too…?


      • Ayesha Omar would have been great, but we just saw her as Zaroon’s loving sister .. might be too hard to swallow her here as the bitchy Neelam. Another option would be Ainy Jaffrey, from Aseer Zadi or even Ishita (I dont care much for her otherwise, but I am liking her in Aseer Zadi) apart from these two, I really can’t think of other suitable options … Mawra, Urwa, Sohai, Maya, Sajal, all would’ve failed to do justice to Neelam, not to mention how overexposed they all are …


        • yep I agree that either Ainy Jaffrey or Syra Yusuf would have done well in this role. They have a bit more experience under their belt and could have learned better dialogue delivery and controlled histrionics from the actors around them. I wouldn’t have mind Sajal either because she can emote, but she’s in every other drama these days.


  14. Great review as usual! Discussion that follows is very interesting! For me coming to this thread is as much of a weekly highpoint as the episode of the drama itself!! Way to go, guys!

    My feeling is Numm will perhaps be a tragedy. As others have pointed out, dark, feudal tendencies lurk just below the surface in Wali. He may surprise himself and turn out to be just like his father (who killed to avenge his brother’s killing, as seen from the flashback). The question is who will overstep the line and goad Wali beyond all limits— Bade Sahab/ Neelum?? Whose ill-treatment will he set out to avenge— Mahjabeen/ Amtul??

    Promos do show the blossoming of feelings between Wali & Mahjabeen but I don’t see Bade Sahab and Neelum allowing them to get away with that. In one of the promos we can see Wali with a very altered appearance, sad and ruminating, hence my feeling this could be tragic.

    All in all a great drama to follow. Cast & crew don’t disappoint (except Neelum).


    • @RR: Hey! Thanks 🙂 Glad you jumped in and joined in our conversations as well… all the more merrier! Enjoyed reading your thoughts on the possible directions this story might take … Re: the end, I think you have it right… Numm, if it stays true to the spirit of the story, will be a tragedy, ’cause given the complexity of the twisted relationships its hard to see Wali living willingly choosing over the other or living happily with both.. So lets see where the writer and director take this one…

      Also, has anyone thought about who is gonna die here and when … the promos have shown Wali and Neelam returning from a graveyard .. Is it Ammo, Baray sahab, their fathers, Amtul, or even perhaps Mahjabeen?!?!

      I have to say the promo editors have done a great job .. we;ve seen so many [romos but still no hint at all of where its all headed!


      • Hey SZ, which promo shows them returning from the graveyard? Could I have missed that scene after having watched the promos twice???? Please share

        As far as the episode goes, I enjoyed it although it was a little slow. However, I’m not minding the slow build because I am so immersed in the characters and acting.

        I have many conflicting thoughts about where this is going, but most are contradicting, so I must say the writer has done a great job in keeping the suspense. I too see this as a tragedy, and when all is said and done, my instincts say that it is Mahjabeen who has suffered and had to bear the consequences of her love for Barey Sahab’s son, and she will continue to do so. Wali has suffered, but somehow I think they are going to redeem Neelam and they will get a happily ever after.


        • @Nur: I just ffwd through all the promos and could not find that scene where Wali and Neelam are walking out of the graveyard, will look for it later. Meanwhile, here are a couple of pics of the director, the cast n crew during the shooting at the graveyard .. I will def post that promo if I can find it again!


        • @Nur: I too have a sneaky feeling that they will redeem Neelam and give “her” a happily ever after and let Mahjabeen go one way or another. That will be soooo…unfair to her. However incongruous the situation between Wali and Mahjabeen, I am still hoping some true happiness comes her way after all her suffering. Let us see!


  15. This drama is mesmerizing!I loved your first two reviews but decided that I would watch the episode before I read your review so I would have my own interpretations and wouldn’t be influenced by your comments but I totally agree with all your comments!Kanze is trying really hard but her enunciation is awful and I often have to replay to hear what she has said. Fawad has definitely upped his game and matches Sania in every scene.
    My personal take is that Wali wants to make the marriage to Neelum work as this fits in societies norm. However Mahjabeen is his soul mate she understands him better than anyone else. Also as Wali has been studying an Oxford could the distance and the time apart changed the relationship between Wali and Mahjabeen?I agree with you totally that it is Neelum has altered the status quo and there is now no going back.
    I also agree with RR that this is a tragedy I can’t see a happy ending for anyone but time will tell!Lets hope the next episodes are as intriguing as the one’s we have seen so far.


    • @shazch: Welcome! glad you are no longer a silent reader!! Thank you for reading the earlier reviews and enjoying them – much appreciated. Glad that we’re on the same page here and enjoying this one. I agree with you on Wali wanting to make his marriage work due to societal norms, and also agree with your take on Mahjabeen and Wali’s relationship, except hat both of them are no where near that realization as yet.
      Agreed, Wali has just returned from what I’m assuming were a few years away, so perhaps this is the first time he has actually viewed Mahjabeen as a woman in her own right and she too is also seeing him anew as a grown man, rather than the child she raised. Wali’s marriage being the catalyst that has brought on this dawning awareness. Ab, lets see what happens as the characters start interacting with each other and the “num(b)-ness” starts wearing off … they’ve all been living an anesthetized life for too long .. hopefully Neelam’s shrieking and screeching will shake them out of their stupor and energize them .. Wali has already spoken more in this ep than he did in the past two … lets see when we hear from Mahjabeen!


    • @ Shazch: I agree with you! I definitely think that time and distance has altered the relationship between Wali and Mahjabeen. Their initial bond was formed by the circumstances of his father;s death, Amtul’s breakdown and the absence of another guardian figure.

      It was hard to ‘take’ the flashback scene when Mahjabeen is cajoling a young Wali to be a good boy at school – seemed very maternal, especially when we know that they will develop feelings for each other. But then what choice did she have. Here is a 10 year old who was upset, traumatized and probably scared, she needed to speak to him at his level. It’s hardly like she could say: Ajee suniyay, aap school mein dil lagaa kay parhiay.

      I’ve said this before, uss waqt ka taqaaza aur thaa, aur ab aur hai.

      I also agree that Mahjabeen is his soul mate – and their relationship transcends love. I would be perfectly fine if they didn’t ‘go there’ – but at the end of the day they are bound to each other through horrors, tragedies, dependencies and loyalty.

      Not that I have decided what I want for them, but I think I put it in perspective, by looking at those relationships that are transformed through circumstance. There have been many a sister-in-law that marries her sister’s husband (who she considered a brother for years), after the unfortunate death of her sister. Often these compromises were made for the sake of surviving children. There are many marriages that come out of tragedies – some are consensual and unfortunately some are forced by famiies. I am not justifying or rationalizing, but some people are disgusted with the what they see as the ‘Oedipus factor’ – I don’t think Wali thought of her as his mother ever. She was his rock and his support.


  16. Am I the only one who’s ready to see some romance blossom between Wali and Mahjabeen 🙂 ? I for one don’t find it that weird at all….she was thrown into a situation where she had to take care of him and now he’s a different person, grown up etc so if sparks fly- great !! Looking forward 🙂


    • @Afia, yes, I would like to see the romance! I know I seem to be sitting on the fence a little bit, perhaps it’s because I know that they will have to pay a very steep price for their feelings. Every instinct in me says they are soulmates, but I also see this as the beginning of the end for them and I think one or both of them will be destroyed in the process.

      @SZ: very perceptive comments about Wali’s marriage being the catalyst to these growing feelings and them going through life in an anaesthetized state. I do think they were just going through the motions of life and coping with circumstances.


      • I think Neelam is the catalyst too. I just having this conversation with another friend. She will bring back the smiles and happiness into his life, ease out some of the darkness. Doesnt being in “love” make you want to spread cheer? I’m sure that the optimism falling in love brings with it will make him see Majhabeen in a whole new light and hastein hastein pyaar ho jayega. But my feeling is Neelam will come back just in time and it will remain unkahi unsuni forever.

        Also what was bade saab saying to Majhabeen when she says I think we should the leave the two of them alone? He says you will have to do this only for a little bit longer and then what? Does he plan to remove Wali informally from her life forever?


      • And most likely there will be some chai involved because FK’s characters rarely fall in love with their wives without that cup of chai 😛


      • Nur, You paint a bleak picture for M and W- now you have me worried- so want them to be happy 🙂 chalo dekhte hain…waise you’re right someone’s gonna get hurt eventually.
        Aish, bring on the chai!


        • @ Aish and Afia:

          The mention of chai makes me wish the world was a little smaller and that our little group on Desi Rants could get together at a little cafe, and have these discussions face-to-face over a cup of chai or coffee.

          I thoroughly enjoy the insightful, intelligent and sometimes silly (read: FK’s wardrobe) discussions we have on the board. More than any other review site, I find the comments to be cerebral and thought-provoking while still having moments of indulgence and humour. I love that everybody’s is so polite and considerate.

          Desi Rants has defnitey been a big reason why my return to Pakistani dramas has been so enjoyable! Thank you to all!


          • Nur, you’re right about the cerebral and thought-provoking insights/comments – sometimes they are so deep, I wonder if even the writer/director thought that hard about the situation – let alone the actors…but really hope they did.
            Really enjoying this virtual chai khana- and yes it would be awesome to have it for real. Aap sub Lahore aa jao!


      • I am with you Nur on a tragic end for Mahjabeen. And with Aish that as soon as M and W will start realizing their feelings for each other, Neelum will barge back into their lives, but the damage to Mahjabeen’s conscience would have been done by then.
        I just hope it is not a filmy end with Mahjabeen dying after delivering the heir to the Bakht khandaan.


        • Ok I can remain silent no longer .. Are SK and I the only ones totally creeped out by Mahjabeen having him raised him like a son and now their rishta changes …..?


          • Actually, I have a sneaky suspicion that Afia and I and the other M-W proponents are in the minority. I think most people are creeped out by it, as I stated in my comment earlier for I think that although it is a very odd relationship, things have changed.

            I honestly don’t think she raised him as a son – she was a necessary guardian, filled a void. There situation was odd, unconventional. Not that I am trying to convince you or anyone else, I can see why people are grossed out, and I get it too.

            It’s just that at this stage in their relationship he is a grown man and she is his wife (at least by the vani custom). She probably never thought of him that way, or he of her; but Neelam keeps bringing it up and now they have to address this relationship between them. I don’t think it’s something they suppressed, I actually think it’s the first time they have thought of it as such.

            If he acknowledges her as his wife then, she can’t exactly deny the relationship either. And this ‘miserable sentence’ that was placed on her acquires a new dimension. If they see each other in a different light and they are each other’s spouse does she have to deny her feelings or his interest in her. If baray saheb forced this marriage on them and they choose to make it real, why can’t they be happy? This is a man who knows her and knows her circumstances, can he not share her grief and her happiness?

            I honestly am behind this pair, but not for some romantic chemistry, rather for the reason that they are bound by a deeper bond.


            • Ladies, yes, I too am with Nur & Co. on this issue 🙂
              Nur you and shazch have put it beautifully .. this is a very different relationship, not a regular mother son one .. and here’s a thought, would we have felt it as odd if the case were reversed, where Wali was the older guy and Mahjabeen the younger one… then would the 10+ yr diff have bothered us as much? We seen so many such stories around us where a young girl is married off to an older man, but somehow we’ve been conditioned to take that in our stride. Here it seems strange b/c we saw a scene with her sending him to school, but apart from that we really have no inkling about how Mahjabeen feels for him. And that to me is the beauty of this story… that we are being taken as intelligent viewers, invited to step in to Wai and Mahjabeen’s haveli and explore its mysteries by ourselves.. no easy answers and no spoon feeding! A huge risk in these days of dumb-ed down stories, but kudos to the writer/director/actors for bucking the trend… now lets keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t go offtrack!


          • Oh dear, I think SK, Sadaf and I are in the minority! Not you Nur and Co 🙂

            Nur, for the most part I get what you are saying. I also fee that whether or not she played a mommy role is complete speculation. She may have done what humanity demanded of her and nothing more. That remains to be seen. If thats the case, then maybe I can cross over to the other side with a really convincing story and a good director. However I will be totally on board if they dont go down the romantic route and show us a deep strong bond. Thats what I want more than romance.

            I also feel that completely closing that chapter where Wali breaks all traditions and lets her go whole heartedly will also be very liberating for her. She will be stepping into the light. But that also raises the question of whether a bird that has been caged for a long time really survive in the world when freed. Anyway I feel that they dont have to necessarily be bound by what they have been through, they can be liberated by closing the door on that part of their lives and moving on.

            I want liberation for her, with or without Wali. Bas 🙂

            SZ, its not the age gap thats bothering me here. I dont care if there is 20-30 whatever age gap. Its the role that was played. I cannot , try as I may, imagine how you can fill the role of a father/mother/aunt/uncle/grandfather/grandmother/whatever kind of guardian and then associate love and all that that includes with that child just because they grew up and circumstances have changed.If that makes me judgmental then maybe I am. Thats why I’m hoping fervently they dont go that route.

            I’m trying to put myself Majhabeens shoes and see this from her POV but I’m failing. I cant imagine myself raising a child and then falling in love with him. And if I were the child I would be grossed out even then. Again hoping real hard that she played no such role. Like you said SZ, we dont know yet. I hope she was always the wife that he used for guidance but never acknowledged as wife …that way it would be a bit more acceptable for me.Especially because he is going to change. I’m really counting on the story writer and director to make this believable and touching and not gross. At least for me.


            • @Aish: Tomorrow cannot come soon enough!!

              Loved reading your thoughts .. you’ve presented your POV so well that I can completely see where you’re coming from and empathize with it .. I guess for me, I have seen/read about people in not exactly the same but similar circumstances .. a ward falling in love with her guardian, who in turn had always seen her as a young girl .. Also, importantly I think we are trying to understand Wali and Mahjabeen’s relationship in terms of a typical love story, which it is not .. I dont think there ever will be that kind of a spark between the two.. that spark and chemistry will come with Neelam… this is a very different relationship where “love” as we understand it doesn’t really come into play. So far the marriage is unconsummated, lets see how its gets to that point where Wali starts to see her as a woman, I think that is something that I think we’re all waiting to see 🙂

              And along the same lines, the upcoming Hum/MD mega project Bin Roye Ansoo is also about a girl who falls in love with her much older cousin, who in turn had always seen her as a much beloved younger cousin/sister… don’t want to give away spoilers so will stop here. Of course the context here is very different and that’s why I can see why you would feel that way, while I can swallow Numm, with all its weirdness, the story of Bin Roye really creeps me out!!


            • SZ,I hear ya!! I cant wait either!! This show is so interesting and forces you to think out of the box, its not often that you come across shows like this!!
              You’re completely right. Its a completely different sort of love between then when it blossoms. It will be deep as well as bear scars. It would have already overcome many hurdles that you typically encounter after the honeymoon phase is over. For them , the honeymoon will come later. Whereas with Neelam it will be a I could have danced all night type of love..

              I feel the same way as you all. Its going to be tragic. For Neelam, Wali and Majhabeen. Everybody will have a just a few moments of happiness :(..fingers crossed for a better ending!


          • @Aish, I can understand your take. That’s why I think this drama is so nuanced. It makes us question the system, their relationship, the actions of the outside players – namely, Baray Sahab, Rahat Akbar Khan, Ammu. This awkward situation was created by others and Wali and Mahjabeen have paid the steepest price and been affected the most. For the most part, others have continued with their lives (Baray Sahab et al); Wali, Mahjabeen and Amtul still continue to suffer.

            I also agree that Mahjabeen still loves Wali’s uncle, but in life there are many grieving widows/widowers who go on to love/marry again, and still continue to love their first spouse/love. Baray Sahab/vani system punished her and stole her right to have a marital life, I think this drama brings it full circle and will show how this barbaric custom will give way to an immense bond and be thrown in the face of the very people who initiated it. I am eagerly awaiting Baray Sahab’s shock/anger at learning of their relationship, althuogh I think that’s when everything will come to a head, I anticipate his reaction will be priceless.


  17. Thanks SZ for the warm welcome and I am with you AfIa! I also believe relationships and situations change and the silent chemistry between and Wali and Mahjabeen is amazing. Afia can I ask did you do some roman urdu translations for Humsafar? You name seems familiar!


  18. @Nur. I agree whole heartedly with your comments you are spot on with the odd relationship but the strong bond they share. If someone had described me the story I too would have been grossed out! However the story telling and acting is amazing and it has taught me not to be so judgmental! In a strange way it re emphasises our religion a man can marry and love an older woman but our culture has made it taboo. Also Nur you are right that some people will struggle with the Oedipus element but I think again that you are spot that Mahjabeen filled a void she wasn’t Wali mother. I also wonder If Mahjabeen blames herself for the series of events and therefore as her penance she accepts responsibility for Wali.

    I also love the fact that you can share your thoughts on this site and find like minded individuals who understand the world isn’t black and white!I also agree that I would love to share a coffee with you all! By the

    @ Afia unfortunately I can’t read urdu and I only watched Pakistani dramas as a child but then by pure accident caught episode 19 of Humsafar on Rishtey and I saw the scene with Ashar and Khirad bridge scene when he was expressing his ” forgiveness” and I couldn’t work out why she wouldn’t take him back! I didn’t even know who Mahira and Fawad were but I was blown away by their acting!So I then back tracked and watched the drama in two days. Obviously became hooked and spent ages trawling through the internet trying to find an English translation and then came across your excerpts. Which I absolutely loved and you are to be congratulated on .You will laugh at this I even googled your name to see if there were any more excerpts by you! Do you plan to do anymore?(Please,please please do more!)

    A question for you all is when Mahjabeen asked Barey saab to let Wali and Neelum live independently did you feel that it was her way of using ” her get out of jail card”. I felt she thought I have served my punishment and it was her time to be free?


    • @shazch: Interesting question re: Mahjabeen and Baray Sahab.. the way I saw it, I don’t think she was asking for a way out as in set me free, solely b/c she has no other place to go. In such cases, the girls’ families pretty much give up on their daughters once they are made Vani, and if Mahjabeen were to return to her parents house they would refuse to recognize her. I think this was more about trying to not become the bone of contention b/w Wail and Neelam. She’s already been through one such horrible situation, where a fight over a woman had deadly consequences. And she would def not want to be at the center of yet another scandal. I think she’s smart enough to have recognized that crazed glint in Neelam’s eyes which promise that she will stop at nothing to hurt Wali and make his life miserable. And Mahjabeen just doesnt want to be around to see all that, b/c she knows herself well enough to know that she will not be able to stop herself from stepping in and speaking up, just like she couldnt stop herself from going into Neelam’s room and asking abt Wali…… These are just my random thoughts, apologies for my incherence… hope I make some sense! Would love to hear what others think!


    • Shazch, I am flattered that anyone would google my name- you just made my day- so much so that I went and googled it myself 🙂
      So you’ve read everything that’s on this thread? :
      chalo might try doing some more someday…

      I don’t think M was trying to get free/ want out by suggesting W and N be independent. I think she realizes that N is the ‘real wife’ -so to say – and hence W-N should be living together without M hanging around. I don’t think she’d know what to do with her life if she gets complete freedom from Wali.


    • I feel like she asked Baray sahab if she could leave clearly because of Neelam’s presence and attitude towards her. She is intelligent and Neelam has not hidden her disdain for her at all – has told her directly and in front of Baray Sahab. Meray khayal say to ab Mahjabeen sochraheen hein kay rahee sahee izzat laikay khamoshi say chali jaaein to behtar hogaa.

      She clearly feels like a third wheel in the relationship and doesn’t know what role to play – Wali has stated: Meri maan bannay ki koshish mat kijiay and Neelam has said meri saans bannay ki koshish na karo, tum meri sautan ho. She was only trying to take care of the house and the occupants as she always has but it is clear she is not wanted and not even tolerated by Neelam. In her eyes, Mahjabeen may not have a choice but to move on. That itself might have been liberating, but if she has lived this way for the last 15+ years, now where does she go. On top of which, I don’t think the vani system gives the woman an option to walk out – it would weaken the system/treaty and its hold. Plus, she would carry the vani stamp like a scarlet letter. Nobody would touch her with a ten foot pole.


  19. @Nur: Love the idea of a chai khana meet 🙂 Kaash kabhi aisa ho! Would love to meet all you dear friends and hang out… and lol who knows even have a Humsafar marathon! Now that would be fun – can you even begin to imagine the conversations that would happen?! Whether we agreed or disagreed on it, it was THE drama that brought many of us back to the world of Pak dramas! From your lips to God’s ears! 🙂


  20. @Aish and Everybody: Does any one here remember the Fahad Mustafa/Mehreen Raheal/Sajal serial Mastana Mahi? How do you think the Mahjabeen/Wali track compares to the Sajal/Fahad Mustafa track? Would love to hear your thoughts on comparisons and contrasts … the second half of the serial, when the story moves to Larkana, was seriously messed up!


    • SZ..:(:( I havent seen that!! FK in Humsafar was the reason I started watching Pak drama. Havent watched much else 😦

      But I really want to know what you and everyone else thinks of it..

      As far as bin roye aansoon..Its really common ..(that doesnt make it right) for children esp girls to fall in love with the gaurdians..they love the protector and the feeling of being protected..thats how they see the whole relationship..there are quite a few law and order SVU episodes on that topic..but of course there it is really bad because the ‘gaurdian’ is just inhumanely taking advantage of that innocent love and trust the ward bestows upon the warden :(..not sure how they are addressing it in bin roye..or Numm for that matter because I feel that might be a factor for Wali.

      @ Nur, the shock on bade sahaab’s face will be really satisfying to watch!! but I think he will die before that!

      on that note..I’m off to watch todays episode!!:)


      • @Aish: Oops, I thought I had responded to your query re; Mastan Mahi,,.my apologies!
        The reason I thought of MM was because of the similarities with Numm .. and how weird sounding relationships come about in feudal setups..
        In that one too you have a young feudal whose family is active in politics (much like the Bhuttos) and he goes abroad to study, and after a few useless twists marries a girl he loves there, all fine and good till he tells her that he is from a political/feudal family and he is also nikah-ofied to his first cousin who is no more than ten or so .. to make a long story short, they come back to PK live there and this young girl is brought up by this foreign returned bahu much like her own child, since very conveniently she cannot conceive…. once the girl gets to 18 or so it is decreed by the guy’s mother that he has to marry this kid whom his wife had pretty much brought up … so you can see many a similarity with Numm in the way the shackles of the feudal system are set up .. you should check it out .. I think its on YT .. and interesting enough to watch in ffwd mode .. the end was really bakwas, but the questions it raised were interesting.
        It starred Fahad Mustafa (from Kankar) Mehren Raheel ( who I actually liked here!) and Sajal ( the girl who played FK’s step daughter in Behadd). Let me what you think of it, if you do end up watching it 🙂

        and lol @ comparing our desi serials to Law and Order SVU.. hadn’t ever thought of making that comparison!

        Here’s the OST for MM..


  21. @usha nigam: Hey! Welcome aboard 🙂 Fabulous to hear from another Numm fan! LOL! It was crazy drama but we here sure did enjoy every episode 😉 Nothing, not one eyebrow lift, not one long gaze went unnoticed.. I wish you’d been here then .. no matter how silly some of the scenes were and how bad Kanza/Neelam’s acting was, we sure had fun 🙂 Don’t know if youve had the patience to read our long discussions but they make for one heck of a read!

    And lol on the issue of making fun of FK, its all out of fun and shows how totally we are into everything he does, says or even wears!
    And on that note, dont know if you’ve seen this video that I had made, poking fun on FK’s wardrobe repeats – check it out!

    And now that you’re here dont be shy, jump right in and share your take on the good, bad and ugly of Pk dramas!


    • Oh thanks a ton for your reply.
      I love your review.It’s bang on.I toh love everything abt your blog, the whole thread.Love the way you guys discuss everything and everyone.And my FK fixation……oh my God i love that MAN.
      What an actor!There is nobody as good as him in our film industry. He is at par wd our God here i.e Amitabh Bachchan.I times I feel he is better than AB.
      You guys are so lucky to have him.
      I am one of his crazy fan.And you know he is the age of my son in law.
      Thanks again for your love.
      And i m really grateful for that.


      • @Usha: Hehe you’re in good company, plenty of us here are similarly afflicted as well 😉
        And bhai ab FK hamara kahan raha .. being good neighbors, aap ke paas bheja hai hum ney.. ab us ko khayal rakhiye ga and take care of his health, bechara bohot nazuk hai .. and haan he’s on loan to you guys tau please dont forget to return him, zara jaldi se 😉


      • Really enjoyed your comment Usha…seems you too are going through the FK effect! And no issues of age here 🙂 Once a lady called FK at a live show and told him that “I want a son-in-law like you man!”
        What other show of Fawad have you seen?


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