Aunn Zara ~ Episode 12 Review


Beware of the wrath of leopard printed dupatta wearing daadiskiya pata unko kab kiya bura lag jaye, unleashing their inner tigress without any warning! Just ask Aunn. Aaj tau jitni uski pitai hui hai, jitni besti kharab hui hai utni tau shayad hi kisi ki hui hogi. Lulled into a false sense of belief, ke he was the apple of her eye, he had never paid attention to the significance of his daadi’s choice of head coverings. He thought no matter what he did, or badly he faltered, she was the person he could always rely on to stand by his side…. after all hadn’t she been the one to take on his boss when she thought he was ill-treating her grandson?!


Well guess again! Aaj tau Aunn sahab ke hosh thikaaney aagaye… not just daadi, but even his beloved sadqe waari going phupo, both beat him up black and blue. Wonder of wonders, even his previously balaaein leti Ammi refused to come to his aid, rather she just stood there and in fact egged the other two ladies on! Kiya zamana aa gaya hai? Did somebody say child abuse?!

I specifically use the term “child” abuse because that’s what Aunn exactly is – a child. Firstly going along with Manzar’s stupidder than stupid plan, to escape what he had previously thought of as the suffocating affection of the womenfolk in his family, he picked a random girl and announced that he wanted to marry her. Once that rishta got pukka, he developed cold feet and was ready to call it off. Later, forgetting that he had almost walked away from it all, he convinced himself that he was in love with Zara and vice versa. Then to top it all of, it took over a month, thanks in no small part to Pir Manzar’s idiotic mashwaras, before this anokha ladla’s marriage was finally consummated. And, barely had the dust settled on his own valima, ke Aunn sahab decide ke he was now mature enough to play matchmaker between Shehna and Manzar, leading to a whole other round of misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Throughout this entire saga, Aunn has never, not even once, stepped out of his of me-myself-and-I world to take a second look at those near and dear to him.


Never has he paused long enough to see the tears behind Husna’s smile, or the loneliness underlying daadi’s incessant chatter, or the brittleness of Nighat’s chulbula facade. No, he remains blissfully unaware of everything, always a taker never the giver. Even as he lay in bed nursing his bruised ego, not once did he spare a thought to the underlying cause of the whole shebang. To a large extent, the fault lies with his overprotective family. In their efforts to shield him from the harsh realities of life, they have gone too far the other way. Now, all Aunn can think of is how he’s been wronged, and going by by his fierce expressions in the car, this guy will probably not rest till he’s taught his family a lesson. Sigh!! Ni Aunn tu kab bara hovega?!

While Aunn-Zara is a thought provoking commentary on how we as a culture tend to be over-protective and over-indulgent parents, hindering rather than helping our children mature and evolve into responsible and productive adults, image_8what I am thoroughly enjoying here is the way a serious subject has been skilfully packaged under the guise of humor. Daadi’s non-stop threats and abuses were just fabulous! Zara and Husna’s conversation, both talking at cross-purposes, was brilliantly done. Manzar of course is in a class all his own. I now understand why he and Aunn are best friends – both are equally shallow and self-centered. Rather than being concerned about Shehna’s plight and what Aunn was going through with his family, all he could think about was pushing his case to Shehna. Manzar, ni Mazar, tu ab bas baaz aajaa!

In a story that pokes fun at the non existent concept of private space in our social setup, it is hilarious how everybody here knows everybody else’s business. Aunn and Manzar have no secrets from each other. Shehna and Zara share every little private detail, Nigo has no qualms about eavesdropping, Zara wastes no time in reaching conclusions after she spies on her dad gup-shupping with phupho, and even our very private fauji sahab has a crony who is allowed to dig around in his private affairs!! And then Aunn has the temerity to complain about lack of privacy and wails about chhapaas?? Kaun kis se kiya shikwa kare, yahan tau sab hi ek se barh kar ek hain!

It is Faiza and Haissam’s particular blend ghum and khushi and tears and laughter that makes Aunn Zara stand out among the rest. Each and every character has a story to tell, and telling it ever so beautifully are the very talented cast members. Magnificently led by Nasreen Qureshi’s off the charts performance (wonder how many Rooh Afza glasses for this much energy?), this was a lovely episode that worked on many levels. Osman was fabulous as the bewildered Aunn, still clueless about how much of a royal mess he’s managed to make of his life. Hina was exquisite as the tortured Husna. Sabreen was a lot of fun as the OTT Nigo who decided to let it all out – pata nahin kis kis ka ghussa nikala becharey Aunn par! Adnan Jaffer was as immaculate as ever as Jamshed sahab. A little lost among these, Zara’s laughter at Aunn’s misery was not only cruel, but overdone as well; though she is makes a good Zara, Maya needs to continue polishing her acting skills.

In an otherwise immaculate episode, two things didn’t gel quite as well. The restaurant scene, though funny, was not only too long but also a bit absurd. All those guests just looking around, and not one person got up to inquire, neither did the management to step in? I didn’t quite buy that one. Later, while Aunn was nursing his injuries in the bedroom, his face looked pretty beaten up, but when he went to work the next day his face was absolutely clean… kaisey?

Written by SZ~

6 replies

  1. Wonderful review to a wonderful episode SZ, thank you.
    I totally agree with your comment, ‘ always a taker, never a giver’ about Aunn. I think he knows that too. Infact he brags about it as if its nothing to be ashamed of. Didnt he say the exact same thing to Manzar when he got married, “I don’t know how to give love to anyone, I’ve been at the receiving end of it all my life”, or something like that.
    The scene at the resturant was the highlight of today’s episode. I was laughing & crying at the same time. The beating looked so real, I started feeling sorry for my Aunn. I hope for OKB’s sake, the thapards were fake.
    Manzar was a riot again. The way he told Shehna his family is much better than Aunn’s was hilarious.
    I’m glad all the misunderstandings were not dragged out till the last episode & that’s a sign of an excellent screenplay. A big shout out to the writer, director & the entire cast. Can hardly wait till next week.


    • So glad the misunderstandings were not dragged out either! i was scared that would end up happening but thank the lord , all cleared out in this one! Well, all except one! 😉


  2. See? The dupatta was the clue all along to dadi’a inner sher. =)
    Dadi and Phuphu to get special mention for guerrilla warfare tactics.

    This episode was off the charts hilarious slapstick but still laugh out loud funny. Aunn was most convincing as the bewildered child and right you are about his child-ishness. Zara on the other hand actually gets a glimpse into Husna’s world which was quite touching.

    Also stop beating up on Manzar yaar ( though he escaped one this time), hes the reason things are getting so muddled up which you’ll admit is half the fun.


  3. Best episode by far ! I laughed myself silly on the restraint scene . Excellent acting by all . The thapars were definitely real as confirmed by OKB when I asked him on Twitter.
    I am thinking after the whole misunderstanding thing, Sunny may wants to move in another house, he seemed angry enough and ny the determination etched on his face, I think he is planning some thing . Can’t wait for episode 13!!!!
    The gel of khabhi khushi khabhi ghum has been done brilliantly by the writer and director. However I feel Zara needs to work on her dialogue delivery a bit as she tends to slur the words a bit.


  4. Poor Aunn!!! They literally beat the crap out of him, and Shehna! Woh to fazool mai maari gai.

    This has to be the funniest episode to date! Daddi and Phupo do not believe in any kind of mercy , so do not try to get on their bad side! and all over a stupid misunderstanding, with one thing leading to another!
    These women are def a trip and half!

    The sad parts (Husna’s) dukhi dastaan surely throw the fun n games off but i love how its all so subtle and no loud crying and mazloom aurat scenes!

    And Fauji does not know what has hit him but he is surely falling for that crazy nighat parween! Well he has no idea what hes about to get himself into…
    I mean the daughter was not even that sick, he had to come twice?

    Also, how did that sofa make it back into Aunn’s room?? Didn’t he ask to get rid of it?

    No comment is ever complete without the mention of your very well written review! you do such a well in analyzing the depth behind each episode because I sure as heck miss out, too busy laughing at Aunn getting his arse kicked!


  5. in this whole tense environment, aunn Zara is the best way to lighten up your mood 🙂 seriously by far the best episode. daadi and phuppo in the restaurant were best, bechara Aunn :p I feel pity for him 😉 a great package of humor, every scene is beautifully directed except Zara’s laugh, it was overdone. Agree with you on the last part, his injuries did disappear the next day!


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