Ek Kasak Reh Gayi ~ OST

EK kasak

No, no, don’t be confused! This Sanam Saeed/Mikaal Zulfiqar serial has not started yet, nor is there an a firm air date announced. Rather, this post is different from my usual ones in that I have a question and am hoping you all will help in figuring this one out.

The melodious OST for Ek Kasak Reh Gayi was released a day or so ago. The problem is that ever since I first heard it, its been stuck in my head, and not in a good way. The tune sounds tantalizingly similar to something I might have heard  a few years ago, perhaps in a Bollywood movie. Try as I might though, I have been unable to put my finger on why this sounds so hauntingly familiar.

Have any of you heard this one? Does this sound familiar to you all as well? If it does, can you help identify the original that inspired this version?

Thanks in advance for your help! 
Written by SZ~

Ek Kasak Reh Gayi ~ OST

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    • @Sh519: Hey! Thanks for sharing your guess 🙂 This Zeher song is actually a plagiarized version of a Pakistani song from Imandar, sung by Tasavur Khanum, what a fabulous singer!!

      Here’s a link for the original 🙂 Check out Nisho and her eye makeup!!


  1. I didn’t like it all, koi aurtoon Wala drama lag raha hai and ost bhi depressing .. It does sound like suna suna . If the story is what according to the channel described in one site , then all I have to say is , been there done that …. I am sure acting wise it would be good . Kashaf part 2 ?????


    • @Sheema: hahaha @ aurton wala drama lag raha hai! Might as well add roti hui aurton wala 😉 Yes, I have almost hopes from this one … my only interest here is in seeing Mehak Khan in her second outing after Talkhiyan; actually this seems like a family reunion of Zoya, Bibi, Appo, and their cameraman Naveed Malik… baqi sab khair hai 😉


      • Baqi sub Khair nahi it’s more like baqi haair phair hai !!!
        I don’t like if an actor repeats the same kind of character again and again , I don’t want to see another Kashaf.
        Agree with you about the reunion part ..


        • @Sheema: I dont think this one is like Kashaf… Kashaf had no problems walking out on Zaroon when she thought he was cheating on her… here I think this is a more conventional wronged wife role, who does eventually go on to become strong. Me thinks this one is a watered down version of Khirad and Kashaf put together. Let’s see…


          • Lol who want’s a watered down version of K and K especially when I never liked the 2nd K initially. But who know- might be good…
            Couldn’t place the song at all but seemed depressing.


  2. Here is the Original Version Of the Ghazal by Runa Rizvi, ‘ghazal written by the renowned Urdu poet Basheer Badr and set to tune by her father Ustad Rajkumar Rizvi’.


    • @Smd: Thanks for sharing! I have to say I enjoyed the live version so much more … I wonder who sang the OST since there is no credit given to the poet, composer and the singer here .. wonder why?


  3. I think its ‘Ayiye aapka intezar tha, der lagi aane me tumko shukre hai phir bhi aaye to’, I don’t to which movie this song belongs to though.


  4. Sorry i had no clue at all…i couldn’t judge if i have heard it before but its too sweet on ears.. the melody does sound like old songs used to be but song is not clicking..and thanks for sharing this interview, it was nice to see her answers about dramas she have worked in and her costars 🙂 lol on her role being psychotic 😀


  5. Somehow I feel this OST is so much suitable for Numm! I wish PK had more effective media managers such as the ones South Korea enjoys so that dramas like Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Numm, Malaal etc could be spread properly…this would have brought much more revenue in the industry. Oh I am blabbering now, strayed from the topic.

    I love this song, kinda addictive……I have no idea about the story, however I will watch it, only because it has Sanam Saeed…that girl is a power house! mshaAllah kya acting hai! I found her by far the best actress of her time and age.

    and about the melody, I don’t know if it was taken from one single bollywood song but it feels like it has bits and pieces that match with very many bollywood songs….even then this feels soothing, and original 🙂


      • @Tazzo: Hey! Good to hear from you! Really? You think this would have been good for Numm?? I associate the original one so much with Num that can’t even think of any other song there LOL!!!
        And good to know you’re also a Sanam Saeed fan .. would love to know what you think about her Kadoorat .. are you watching that one?
        And what about Numm? Would love to hear more of your thoughts!


        • Hey SZ! Nice to have e-met you 🙂

          I am a huge fan of Sanam Saeed! But unfortunately even her presence could not attract me to Kadoorat coz I have a feeling that the only thing worthy in that drama is Sanam’s performance, and nothing else to enjoy…and that is just not enough for me to be hooked and tune in every week….btw how do you like Kadoorat? Is it any good apart from Sanam’s role? I find your reviews very useful, I kinda agree with almost all your takes on every action :)…but Kaddorat is already way into their episodes reading all the reviews might not be a very good idea now since my exams are going on, so a little heads-up would be very welcome 🙂

          I am watching Numm, it gives me the shivers! It is soo good! 😀 The build up of the angst gets me every time and the conflicts are played out so nicely. What I love about the drama as much as i love the the story and acting in themselves is how the story is told, through carefully cast glances, small gestures, body movements, etc….just as you said 🙂 awesome! i am looking forward to the nest episode and the rest…can’t wait to see how they progress from here.

          p.s. i stumbled upon your site when i started watching Numm! I really needed to discuss this drama with sb so i was looking for blogs that do PK drama discussions…yours is the most logical and beautifully written which makes it quite a smooth read, the best site! so got hooked! 😀 I have this weird habit of reading about what others found interesting about particular dramas, it makes me enjoy the dramas even more. I found what you thought about Numm to be the closest to what I felt about Numm as well, with you being able to put into words the exact feelings so much more exquisitely, i love it! I’ll be following this as long as PK continues to make awesomeness. Cheers!


          • @Tazzo: Hey!
            Re: Kadoorat, lets just say you are a smart woman in staying away from it .. I tried and tried to like it, but apart from Sanam it really has no redeeming factor at all… I can usually put up wit a lot, but this one just is in a category all its own… I have stopped watching since the last ep and will check back in a few weks to see where its going … you might want to wait and watch it later in ffwd mode, just for Sanam.. she’s fab!!!
            And thank you so much for reading and appreciating my reviews …. So glad you found us and decided to jump in 🙂 I am really into Numm and I guess it shows in my writing! 🙂 So how come we’re hearing nothing from you on that thread?? We not only enjoy sharing our thoughts but reading others’ as well, hearing different POV’s is so much fun, and at times makes you look at things in a completely diff way… do jump in!! Would love to read your detailed thoughts 🙂 .


            • Yeah, you would inshaAllah see me there from next week…in my defense, i just found you 😀
              Re: Kadoorat, thanks a bunch…i think i am gonna wait 😛


  6. It sounds like a lot of Nadeem-Shravan’s songs, in particular Aapke pyaar mein (from Raaz) and another one that I cannot put my finger on (maybe Bahut pyaar karte hain from Saajan?). Not an original song, but nice in its familiarity. Looking forward to the Sanam and Mikaal combination, first episode notwithstanding!


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