Numm ~ Episode 2 Review


Neelam …
Neelam is ghar ki bahu hai 
Mahjabeen sirf vani hai… 
That is it!

Well! Well! Neelam’s entry into Wali Bakht’s already complicated life and household has stirred the pot in more ways than one! Rude, ill-mannered, childish, immature, rebellious, high strung – so many ways to describe Neelam Wali Bakht’s behavior in her first few days as Wali’s new bride. Unlike the others, who have perhaps no recollection of when they last took a single breath without Baray sahab’s permission, Neelam still remembers what it feels like to lead life as a free individual, hence her chomping at the bit. Numm3What is interesting though that even as Neelam is rebelling, her anger is not directed at the age old customs or that she has been forced to marry an older man, rather her ire stems from the fact that she is sharing her husband with another woman. No matter how well Mahjabeen’s relationship with Wali is explained to her, and however many times her higher status in the household, vs Mahjabeen’s much lower one, is reiterated, Neelam cannot get past the very basic fact – she is the second wife.

At the other end of the spectrum is Mahjabeen – a woman of very few words, mature, empathetic, yielding, resigned – everything Neelam is not. Her maturity comes from having spent almost an entire lifetime imprisoned within the four walls of the grand haveli. NUMM7Even as Neelam goes on and on about her being her sautan, all Mahjabeen can recollect are the times when she played mother to a fussy ten year. Though married to Wali, she knows that she is no more than a glorified maid in a family where social hierarchy determines a person’s worth. The way she was waits on Baray sahab, Wali and Neelam, at dinner time, underscores the harsh reality of Mahjabeen’s so-called marriage with Wali – she is indeed no more than a vani.

Right in the middle of the maelstrom is Wali, a young man who’s life experience far outweighs his age. Like Mahjabeen he is a mature man of few words, contemplative, resigned, controlled, and tortured by memories of a past he cannot erase. Numm5Though he is embarrassed of, and resents his relationship with Mahjabeen, it is with her that he shares the closest bond. She understands him perhaps better than he knows himself, and in turn he respects her the most. His snuffing out his cigarette the minute he saw her standing beside the pillar, rendered his terse apology almost unnecessary. His body language earlier, the way he came to stand behind Mahjabeen, as if he had her back, when Neelam was taunting her, had already spoken volumes of his bond with Mahjabeen. The way his shocked eyes flew to search Mahjabeen’s face, their unspoken communication, after Neelam’s unthinking shocker at the dinner table, sealed the deal – Wali and Mahjabeen may not realize it yet, but Neelam’s arrival has changed their relationship forever. 1170813_580343502012634_1673352111_nThat they are married is something that can no longer be pushed under the rug and conveniently forgotten. Rather, thanks to the new bahu’s constant jibes, this aspect of their relationship is now front and center in both their minds – Mahjabeen is not just a vani, she is Wali’s wife as well.  

Baray sahab, the man orchestrating the drama, is pretty happy with the way his plans have worked out so far. A charming, easy going and patient man for those who don’t know him well, he demands nothing less than absolute compliance from the residents of the haveli – even his only grandson is not spared and is sacrificed at the altar of archaic traditions. What Sikander Bakht fails to realize is that Wali, Mahjabeen and Neelam are not lifeless pawns in a chess game, to be moved wherever and whenever according to his whims. That the three have played along so far has been something that he cannot take for granted for the future as well. Though he understands the larger stakes, Wali has already begun questioning his grandfather’s decisions. He might seem easygoing and accepting of all the changes going on around him, but something about the steely glint in his eyes promises that things will change. Whether for better or worse, remains to be seen.

For a story that moved along rapidly, the onscreen narrative was deceptively leisurely, and I for one loved the contrast. There was no sense of rushing through scenes. nUMM6Myra Sajid’s screenplay is beautiful, where she has resisted the temptation to tell all. Little things, from Amtul’s choice of reading – The Inheritance of Loss, My Feudal Lord, The Adventures of Amir Hamza – to the director and DOP’s framing and composing of scenes, to the actors body language, facial expressions and the small, almost noticeable gestures, all come together to create fabulous moments where words are rendered unnecessary. The scene where Neelam was reading to Amtul, while the servants tittered away outside, was exquisitely handled. Ahson Talish must be commended for daring to be different, using a very complex approach to tell a very compelling story.

Among the actors, Sania Saeed is absolutely stellar, and Fawad Khan has upped his game that much more to match her caliber. Their scenes together are outstanding. Farah Shah, as the tortured Amtul is really impressive. I can’t wait to find out more about her journey from a loving wife to this crazed woman we see today. Usman Peerzada was very effective in his two-faced role. He was the charmer with as much as ease as he was playing the despot. Flailing badly among all these stalwarts is Kanza Wyne. Except the fact that she looks the part, there is not much else convincing about the way she plays Neelam. A beautifully conceived character, I wish Neelam had been played by someone more experienced. 66785_580554138658237_1419458939_nAlong with Kanza, her screen mother and sister too failed to impress. The scene where Minahil was talking to Baray sahab was painful to say the least. While I am happy to see new faces, I wish somebody had spent time teaching these new actors to enunciate properly.

Overall, I enjoyed this second episode, as it continued to build on the momentum generated by the previous one. Just a note to the sound people and the editors. Though the background score sounded a lot softer as compared to the first episode, it needs to be toned down further; the onscreen narrative is compelling enough without the jarring music. In terms of editing, the second installment began with an abrupt jump from the first episode. While I liked that we didn’t waste time on a wedding that would’ve added nothing to the overall narrative, the opening would’ve been a lot smoother with a bridge scene connecting the two episodes. These peeves aside, with the foundation now set and characters introduced, I’m intrigued to know more of the haveli’s secrets, find out more about Amtul’s past and see how the writer and director develop Wali’s two very different but parallel relationships, one with the vani and the other with Baray sahab’s bahu. Looking forward!

Written by SZ~


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  1. Agree with you SZ a much better epi today than last week’s. Apart from the forward able “saali” parts everything else worked and gelled together really well. I find it interesting that even though the story is not creepy the director has added a creepy element to it with the first meeting of saas and new bahu and Wali’s dream sequence. I am kind of enjoying that. Looking forward to how the vani-Wali relationship moves forward – there was more empathy from Wali toward SS today than the anger we saw last week.
    I wish Neelum gets some new clothes then her black shirt and pink pants – she’s been wearing it for two episodes now and they must have started stinking. Sugarmill owner Baray saab must have bought her more than just workout clothes at her wedding. I did enjoy her scene with Farah Shah reading and feeding her cookies, that was the only time she wasn’t gritting her teeth when talking.


      • I am guessing his childhood pre-wedding to SS wasn’t so rosy. The dream sequence was def. intriguing and well edited with the scene that followed.


    • @Annie: Yes, Neelam needs new clothes asap! Along with a pair of flat shoes .. she’s been wearing those silly heels since the first episode, even when she was jumping on the bed in her dorm!


      • I am so glad I did not see the heels with her yoga clothes! Yikes! As Aun’s daadi would say acting achi Nahi hai tow Feeha Jamshed ke Kapray hi pehan lo!


      • Lol! i didnt noticed those heels, have to watch the episode again to see how were they..i was so lost in her poor acting and face expressions 😛


  2. Lovely review!! .
    How HOT did FK look in the white Shalwar Kameez and blazer on top!! 😀 😀

    This episode was def a bit faster paced then the first one and we got to know a little more about the characters.

    Neelum is a piece of work for sure but Wali is not gonna take her immature and rude behavior for too long.
    I do however like her bonding with Amtul. Really interested in knowing what led her to become well i guess psychotic?
    Glad to see Wali acknowledge the fact that she is his mother but clearly they don’t share a close bond. He has yet to go meet her or spend some time with her.

    As for the actress playing Neelum, she is beyond bad! They should have not taken a newbie for this role. She just seems to get worse n worse in each scene. Its a pain to watch, and ruins the flow of the drama, where people like FK and SS are just amazing. The scene where he goes out to smoke and SS is also standing there was my favorite.

    I also do not understand why the Baray Saab is so obsessed with Neelum, and reiterates the fact that she is the “bahu” of the household. Wali Bakht doesn’t seem to care much.

    I liked this episode better then the first and looking forward to see how the story progresses from here on. Wali and Majhbeen become close. Amtul’s story.

    Also, Kudos to the DOP! Loved the shot from the dark room to the outside light, when they were looking for Amtul. Very artsy.


        • HAHA! That also means we’ll see Everything he owns in his wardrobe! Wonder if the ring belongs to his father or grandfather 😉 baba aap ki ring borrow karloon drama mien pehannee hai , they don’t give us a budget to buy clothes and accessories aur aap ko pata hai mien saari income Sadaf ke hath pe rakh daita hoon aur uss ne abhi taak mujhe new PJs buy Nahi Karay. Saray paisay SILK ki marketing per laga diye.
          Baba “acha itni long explanation na do, yeh lo ring buss kisi ladki ko na dai aana”


          • hahaha @Annie: too good!! Btw, he did have a new pair of beige shoes .. ahista ahista wardrobe is expanding, one pair of shoes, one pair of pants at a time 😉


            • Spot on! Amazing review. Especially your observation that Wali seems to care about Mahjabeen. I didn’t notice that before until you mentioned the cigarette part! By the way, the above two comments are really hilarious :p can’t agree more. From the humsafar times we’ve grown accustomed to watching his black, white and red T-shirts and now I guess we’re going to get a fair share of his leather jackets ( which he loves btw since he’s been wearing them to many concerts in 2012 :p) as for the shoes, Sadaf does need a credit for allowing him for some new stuff to add to his wardrobe. but I’m quite sure he does generously place all his income in Sadaf’s hand- bechara pehlay hi kehta tha that he’s spent A LOT on SILK! OH and yes! He’s bought a new Gucci coat too :p Ah! Poor Fawad. He doesn’t know that even his wardrobe is under constant scrutiny hahaha :p I think I should spare him now 😀


            • SZ Aap ki nazar se kuch nahin chupta! I failed to notice the beige shoes 😦 and neelum’s heels 🙂 but her other clothes are crying out to be changed!!


          • @ All: Hilarious comments! believe me you all, i didnt notice anything at all.. so poor in observing clothes… meri tou chehre se nazar nhn hat’ti.. rings and coats tou dur ki baat hai 😉 but i kinda like him more in jeans than in shalwar kameez lol 😀


            • lol.
              hilarous commments and observations.
              loving it as much as the drama.Same here yaar chehre se nazar nahi hat ti.


          • I liked the shalwar qameez, but not the blazer. I know that it’s a look, but it just didn’t jive with the whole young, Oxford grad persona. The blazer on top of shalwar, is an older man look.

            I am happy to see the shalwar qameez in this drama, because I loved Hasan in the saaf-shaffaaf safaid shalwar kurta.

            In the OST, there is a scene when Wali and Neelam are on the bus, and he’s wearing shalwar qameez with a cream/beige shawl and his sunglasses. He looks perfect 😉 !!


            • @Noor: Yeah, echoing Annie, this is the standard politician/wadera formal wear. I know of friends from these backgrounds who wore something along those lines, going traditional for their shaadis, and then a western suit for valima etc. I actually liked the change from the typical sherwanis…. we already got that look in Ashk and Zgh 🙂
              Btw, did you see FK wearing a blazer over a SK in pics from a recent private event? They went viral a week or so ago .. check those out…


    • @Ash: Baray Sahab is on the Wali-Neelam bandwagon b/c Neelam is the “right” bahu for his very “respectable” family, the one he sees as a fitting mother of his grand kids. By contrast, Mahjabeen is a majboori… he had to accept her as a part of the deal he signed with her family. Unlike Neelam she does not have the proper lineage and Baray Sahab would just about die if she were to bear Wali’s children, a possibility that seems highly likely based on the promos.


  3. SZ, reviews good as always .
    Sania saeed is on a roll, this
    is the 3rd drama I’ve watched since yesterday starring her !!!
    Khair , she’s a good actor so no issues .
    Neelum can’t act for nuts .
    FW is looking cool as always 🙂
    Looking forward to see how the story develops ! So far so good !


  4. What a story! I like historical stories and this story is based on age old custom which is illegal but still practiced in some parts of the world. Being from the sub continent I know that in the past our kings mostly and also businessmen married no. of times to annex territories or trade, irrespective of their religion, Hindu or Muslim this practice was very much prevalent till our countries got independent and many practices declared illegal nevertheless still practiced. The whole packing of this drama is spell binding, the way the story is unfolding, you feel bad for Mehjabeen one moment, then you feel bad for Wali being pushed by his grandfather to take wives and follow customs which he does not want to and of course Neelam, very irritating at times but nevertheless you end up appreciating her spirit and her want for freedom, her connecting with Amatul, Wali’s psychic mother, somewhere she feels for her despite herself. Mehjabeen is nothing but a housekeeper which both Mahjabeen herself and Wali to some extend accepts(though he mentions her as his wife couple of times till refuted by his grandfather who reminds him she is nothing but a vani) but Neelam makes all the fuss pointing out to Mahjabeen again and again that she is the first wife and she is the second fiddle. The last scene in which Neelam tells bare sahab the stark reality and the expression of bare sahab took the cake! I just loved it 🙂 My irritation towards Neelam vanished the moment she spoke those words. Acting wise, no complains and Sikandar Bahk’ts last expression was best of all 🙂


    • @Tinni: Hey! Welcome to our discussions .. glad to have you join and share your thoughts 🙂 You are so right, the despite all the laws being passed against them, these archaic customs continue to prevail in our countries. Moreover, often seen as having come from this religion or that, once you get past all the rhetoric you see that all these have nothing to do with any kind of religious tradition, rather its all about preserving patriarchy.

      Yes, Neelam’s words were indeed a bombshell.. loved how she calmly proceeded to stuff her mouth with another spoonful of biryani and then calmly walked off, while poor Mahjabeen was jumping out of her skin and quietly scurried away – I thought it was brilliantly directed and acted scene .. how cool was the camera angle where we saw Mahjabeen Wali and Baray sahab traingulated …. brilliant stuff!

      Re: typos: No worries yaar, we all are used to those and pretty good at getting the gist of the comment 🙂 I hope you will continue visiting and sharing your thoughts with us 🙂


  5. Absolutely loved your review! To say that this is a chilling drama would be an understatement. The camerawork, the Aitchison College like haveli, the haunting soundtrack (sometimes at the inopportune moment), and most of all Sania Saeed’s acting (but I’ll get to this momentarily) made this a stellar episode. There are two words with which I can describe Numm: riwayat and kirdar, and something tells me they’ll come back again to haunt us. Although the episode begins on an abrupt note, I actually liked that they skipped the wedding, as you said it wouldn’t have added anything to the story. Like Humsafar, the wedding was not a happy or joyous occasion balki yeh siraf ek waqti samjhota tha jo do loogon ki marzi kay khilaf kiya ja raha tha. The encounter between Neelam and Mahajabeen was a good place to start, it would have been even better if we didn’t have a screeching monkey playing Neelam, which only makes me wonder since when have our dramas opted for the shrill and shrieking antics of an Ekta Kapoor production?! On the same note what’s with the background music? Although I like the OST, they really need to tone it down, the mellow and contemplative feel that, I believe, the director is going for is lost with the constant music.

    Iss kisht kay baad aisa lag raha hai ki kahani “simple” nahi hai. Uss ghar mein har insaan kisi na kiss tarhan say mazloom hai. Talking about mazloom, I was floored by Saeed. Flawless! It’s like she’s accepted her fate, one that she’s made peace with and come to terms with a very, very long time back. Jaisa aapnay kana it is one thing to be mature, yielding, and understanding, it is completely another to be resigned, and that feeling of resignation, of defeat, of laachari (for lack of a better word) is perfectly articulated in Saeed’s performance. Just the way Wali Bhakt and Mahajabeen interact with each other, especially with the new addition, is crucial to their relationship. In fact, I cannot imagine that house functioning without her. So, it was a welcome relief to see Neelam’s mother commenting on her indispensable role. As for Wali Bhakt’s mother, I haven’t made up my mind about her just yet, there’s something very sinister there. I mean koi aaisay hi to pagal nahi ho jaata na.

    All in all an excellent second episode. I cannot wait for next week’s episode. Sorry to go on and one but I had to do justice to your time and effort on the review.



    • @bollyqueer: Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the review 🙂 Really enjoyed reading your detailed and thoughtful comment – and please .. no apologies for the length .. its fabulous to read the detailed analysis of the various aspects of the episode. We all love to read and write lamba lamba, so you’re among friends here 🙂

      Yes, I agree Kanza’s acting leaves a lot to be desired .. but i guess we’ll just have learn to live with it 😦

      Oh yes, excellent observation about Neelam’s mother and her comment .. but I have to say after that comment I see why Neelam is as crazy as she is .. Maa ko bhi kuch khaas sense nahin hai … did she forget that this woman is being tested to her limits? After having spent her entire jawani raising another woman’s child, for not fault of her own, now she has to standby and help with the preparations of is wedding .. where this chit of a girl will live a life that she never got to enjoy! So yes, I found that conversation to be like a double edged sword, nice in one way, but then really twisted in another .. would love to know more of everybody’s thoughts on this convo…

      The background score is really bad … no two ways about it. I loved the first twelve min promo with no music.. that’s how I feel this very intense story should be told.. there’s already plenty of drama going on, no need to spoil it by adding mismatched and loud music. The OST, as you rightly say, is fabulous, but playing it in the wrong spots is killing the effect. I hope somebody can fix it, before it starts ruining the intensity of the serial. …


      • the scene where neelam’s mother is interacting with bare sahab, there was just one attitude of hers and that was only acknowledging bare sahab for whatever he had done, is doing and will do.. she have accepted everything quietly and adopted too.. so that scene with mahjabeen showed her personality that how she is happy that someone else too have adopted the traditions unlike her daughter..


  6. Loved your review!! i actually like this second episode. even it was more like a watching a horror drama when wali’s dream sequence was appeared on screen also that night scene b/w Neelum and Amtul but i liked this one. FK was looking definitely hotter in that salvar kammeez.Sania was awsome as always!!! i was hoping more scenes of mahajabeen and wali. i love the intimacy b/w them and of course!!!! by judging from the dressing and dialogues of next episode’s clip, i think neelum is going to get herself a LOUD SLAP ON next saturday!!!!!!


    • @Blue: So liked your comment! i also love that dream sequence, it was beautifully shot and scary too! hahah yea me also thinks slap coming next week 😉


    • @blue: Thank you 🙂 Glad to have you on board and so engaged with the serial. LOL@ the horror drama.. I think the horrible back ground score has more to do with conveying that scary effect …
      I think we have plenty of Mahjabeen Wali scenes in store for us, bas yeh zara Neelam school to jaye … I;m also surethat we’ll get plenty of intense scenes b/w Wali and Neelam, its just that the actress is so bad htat we cannot root for her at all, nor do we feel any sympathy for her .. after all woh bhi to bechari acchi hai, completely out of her depth here, and much of her screaming and shouting is more of an automatic defense mechanism coming into play here… magar despite understanding all this, I cannot feel anything for her 😦


  7. Enjoyed the ep. and the review 🙂 Nothing goes past you my friend! Thanks for letting us know what Amtul’s been reading – I didn’t get the one in the 1st ep and the amir hamza one even though have heard the story many times. My Feudal Lord was a fun read but over-rated I think- not that I should discuss that here :/ apologies!

    Anyway, am loving SS and her understated performance. Even FK has to remain quiet a lot of the times but will eventually become more vocal as the story progresses. It was hilarious when Neelum refuses to share a room with Wali after the wedding- poor FK is doomed to have screen wives who want nothing to do with him. But on a serious note, am loving this show for all the reasons you have already mentioned.

    And the Lahori in me loved the Aitchison referance- 10 yr old Wali is shown to be a student there. This school actually caters to the kids of most such feudals,

    And yes, Fawad’s fav brown jacket made its appearance 🙂 Have seen it so many times, it’s almost as if we are friends now!


    • ROFL @ FK’s screen wives wants nothing to do with him, so so true i wonder how he feels shooting such scenes , sochta hoga fir se wohi scene??? Lol

      Khair afia aap fikr na kare pehle nakhre dikhati hain par baad mein fida bhi ho jati hain 😉


        • @Annie: pataa nahin, jahan tak mainay dekhaa hai humsub ko FAK ka bukhaar ka asar bohat jaldi huaa hai. LOL! Mazay ki baat hai is aalam-e-bukhaar say nijaat kisi ko nahin chahiyay 😉


            • @Annie and all: hahaha! Waisey have to say, she might have been the most standoffish of all, but apni Kashaf had no issues on that front whatsoever!! Clearly, she was worthy of her top position in the univ!!! 😉


    • @Afia: Aah!! Thanks for the Aitchison reference! Being a Karachite I had no clue, and was actually hoping that somebody would help us out — so glad we are such a mixed group ke together we can pretty much nail all the references and subtleties etc! 😉


  8. Excellent review SZ, you described everything very well.
    I’m liking neelum’s character, her childish antics and constant taunting made me smile, only problem is the actress isn’t able to do the justice with her role.
    Apart from her everyone is brilliant especially FK’s deadly glares gave me goosebumps, i didn’t see him giving such glares before in any other drama.

    With neelum in the picture story is getting interesting, can’t wait to see how Wali’s n Mahjabeen’s relationship will change from here.

    Overall I like the episode except the “saali” part who the hell goes for honeymoon for 6 months :O ??? can’t decide which actress is more annoying she or Kanza.

    And of course how can i forgot mentioning FK’s same old clothes. Please get a new wardrobe.


    • @Huma S: So true! That saali gets the award for uttering the most inane things ever .. poocho madam tumhen kiya problem hai? Why couldn’t she ask these questions from her sister later? Also that whole tongue sticking thing was pretty silly as well :/ Hopefully we won;t have to see her any more .. ek behen hi kaafi hai hamarey liye .. dont need a double dose!!!


  9. Enjoyed the episode and your review is brilliant. You caught every little action and expression!
    This drama is so different, and is being narrated in a very unique way. So many secrets, intrigue and mystery make it more like an American show where slowly things will be unravelled.
    Obviously FK is making it a big draw, he is simply excellent with his acting and expressions. Just the look in his eyes say so much.Him and SS are brilliant in their even silent scenes!
    Neelam is obviously the weakest link, but will overlook that as it it is her first shoe, and her character is understandable where she is coming from.
    I am looking forward to this a lot, it has really pulled me in!


  10. Wow.. here is some amazing discussion going on.. totally loved those hilarious comments on fk’s wardrobe.. @Annie,@Ash,@Afia and @SZ you all are rocking guys 😀

    Back to episode and review.. they both are directly proportional to each other, as awesome the episode was,review also tops the bar 🙂 Liked second instalment more than first one.. it was more intriguing and interesting. i was happy to see no wedding extra scenes and we were directly landed to bride’s room with no bride as such LOL.. i liked the fact you SZ pointed that Neelam is more angered towards being 2nd wife than to these traditional customs.. well we have to listen her blabbering about being ‘doosri’ through out whole drama, so ab ispe sabar kar lena chahiyae 😉 her interaction with Amtul was scary.. i was about to close my eyes as what will Amtul do with her but next scene was more like astonishing seeing neelam combing her hairs.. and right at that moment Wali’s dream was so in sync with the ambiance that night created.. and to make it lighter was mahjabeen searching for amtul and finding her in neelam’s room. a perfect way to end the night, loved that sequence! It was indeed one ‘hehe’ moment when amtul said “meoow” and neelum fed her.. seemed like neelam actually got some pet to play with :/

    Wali and Mahjabeen are people of few words well till now… those small gestures he showed for mahjabeen were so brilliant, among them i love the dropping the cigarette one most..he is being brainwashed by bare sahab and it will eventually result in worse but as for now i like his respect for mahjabeen. loving their scenes so much! FK and SS are having beautiful chemistry!

    Seeing Mahjabeen as Vani is so painful, the scene where she had flashbacks of how she came to this place was sad enough… seeing how girls are married as titled vani was depressing and the flashback which showed how wali actually listens to her was nice touch.. her being keep standing like head servant 😦 this vani tradition is seriously sick to the core!!! Sania Saeed have portrayed so awesomely that one had to feel the pain of vani!

    Seems like the slap to neelam is coming in next episode 😉 she literally is true example of laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahin mante… so looking forward to this mysterious and interesting drama!


    • @Rehmat: Enjoyed your detailed analysis 🙂 It does seem like the slap will happen pretty soon. I am wondering if that is where Wali decides to send her off to school to continue her education, which in turn, then leaves the maidan saaf for Mahjabeen and Wali’s relationship to blossom… lets see! I like how we are all left guessing here .. such a refreshing change from all the novel inspired dramas!


  11. @SZ: I love reading your reviews almost as much as watching the dramas. I need to say that this was one of your most insightful, perceptive and entertaining reviews ever!

    Stellar episode and amazing review! I am so into this drama – I was intrigued from the very first time (months ago), when I saw the long promo, and this drama has not disappointed.

    Very few lines for Wali and Mahjabeen and yet every glance is a window into their emotions, their pain, their history. I am so behind this tentative, confused, broken ‘couple’. I don’t know what I want from them – but I think no one else could understand them the way they understand each other.

    My mind is replaying so many scenes and the irony is that not much was spoken yet so much was conveyed in glances and by the setting in the “haunted” haveli.

    Best scenes: Wali wakling into the room when Neelam is yelling at Mahjabeen, Wali putting out the cigarette; Neelam combing Amtul’s hair, conversation between Mahjabeen and Neelam’s mother; Neelam’s convo at dinner with Wali and Sikander (Mahjabeen’s shrinking away at the scene). WOW! I think I loved every minute.

    I think the director and writer have done an incredible job at synthesizing this play – great narrative, impeccable direction. I need to give credit to phenomenal acting by SS and FK! They are exhibiting so much depth of emotion despite so few lines. KW still such a disappointment, however, Neelam is an intriguing character – I hate her but she definitely gives you pause and makes you react.

    @SZ: brilliant pick up of the fact that she seems to be protesting being the 2nd wife more than the feudal system that has determined her fate. If this continues, she will lose empathy from the viewers (if anyone can sympathize with her, once they get beyond her histrionics!).

    I also just rewatched the OST (12 min one) and by far one of my favorite scenes is when Wali helps untangle Mahjabeen’s aanchal from the thorns – what a wonderful metaphor for their relationship – love FK’s intensity and SS’ awe in that scene!

    I hope Numm continues to be a highlight of my weekends!


    • @Nur: Wow! Thats’s a huge compliment, am really touched – thank you!!

      Glad that so many here are as into Numm as I am .. I have been reading so many comments about the slowness and the dullness that I was really wondering if I was losing it! 🙂

      Absolutely agree with you that KW is a huge put off … Although I am thrilled to see a fresh face and glad the producers desisted from taking the same old Urwa/Mawra/Sohai/Maya/Sajal, etc and took a risk, but agar thori acting bhi sikha dete to kitna accha hota … or if Sania S had taken her aside and given her a few pointers…but I guess all that didnot happen and a fabulous character like Neelam is being wasted on an inexperienced actor. Btw, I also found out that Kanza is not new as such. She has appeared in Haseena Moin’s soap Saarey Mausam Apne Hain ….

      But oh well, SS, FK and Farah S’s scenes more than make up for Kanza’s shortcomings … as you said each and every scene of theirs is to be savored and watched moer than once. There is so much packed into those silent glances, ke bas kya kehne!!

      Yes, lets keep our fingers crossed for this one!!


  12. @Fizza: Hey! Good to hear from another Numm follower – welcome aboard! Aww.. so glad to know that my review helped you pick on some of the subtleties … I think thats what makes these discussions worthwhile and fun. We pick up on so many little things that we might not have otherwise, and more importantly also see things from different perspectives after reading the various comments .. Hope you will continue joining us as we continue with our mixed bag of serious and funny comments 🙂


  13. Hola ladies 🙂 long time..FK always manages to rekindle my addiction to this place!

    SZ, fabulous review as always!

    I really wanted to comment on the first review too but by the time I watched it everybody had moved on 😛

    As far as the show goes I agree with most everything you pointed as well as what everyone else here has pointed out too. This show is definitely very intriguing.

    I know everyone is irritated with the actress who plays Neelam..I feel she is ok. She is supposed to be an annoying immature brat, so I think since she has made everyone hate her she is doing an ok job 🙂 I’m very curious about why she is so taken by Wali’s mom. I think she does on some level connect with her like she does with her grandmom (both dish out somewhat unworldly advice). They are disjointedly connected with her reality and I think she likes that IMHO. I’m guessing there is more to this than meets the eye..thats probably also how she and Wali form a bond.

    I think SS is effortless in her role. I had never heard of her till the promos of this show aired but she has been impressive from the get go. But I badly want her to iron her hair. Its really getting to me 😛 Please Wali, let your first gift to her be a hair iron!

    I think Wali and Mahjabeen share a “old foes” sort of relationship and comfort with each other. I dont think Wali has anything else in his heart for her other than the fact that she is always there. I think he hasnt consciously weighed what she does for him and everything will change the moment he does. Thats when the appreciation will come into the picture.

    For me its a little gross to see how this woman who has raised this boy will eventually develop feelings for him but I’m morbidly curious.I’m thinking that we will get to ‘see’ her thought process and that will make it beautiful.

    Also very anxious to see how Neelam goes from hate to love in her feelings for Wali. And how she will accept Wali not loving her anymore. If that happens I hope she moves on to better things in life.

    I think Wali is a little too accepting of his grandfathers rules. He could easily break away from the whole thing but he doesnt and I’m curious to see how his journey of self discovery unravels. There is a ‘selfishness’ (if you can call it that) here as he too happy with the comforts of his life to give it up. I will be disappointed if its all about his wives and nothing about their feudal world. I hope he thinks about his ways too and how he has also somewhat contributed to this.

    Wali’s mom is to put it simply a fascinating character. I hope we get to see more of her story too.

    Anyway enough bak bak for now 🙂 Happy to see such a big discussion going on !


    • @Aish: Sania Saeed is simply put one of the best actresses we have in Pakistan. Talking about Sania In an interview Sarmad Khoosat had said that for him acting, particularly among the female actors in Pakistan, began and ended with Sania Saeed. After a short hiatus she;s back again and you can actually see her in four serials these days .. Numm, Darmiyan, Aseerzadi and Zindagi Udaas Hai Tu…. Re: her har, lol she has straightened her hair for Aseer Zadi 🙂

      Re: Wali, IMHO though his grandfather put it in material terms, I don’t think Wali is sticking around for the ghar and gaari .. as he tells Neelam in the first ep, it would be very easy to walk away from the marriage, but the price for that would be very high, and perhaps would have to be paid by future generations, just as Wali and Mahjabeen are paying the price for the misdeeds of their elders…. this is just how I am understanding Wali’s acceptance of this marriage, but lets see what developments future episodes bring us. Its been a long while since there’s been a tale of such complexity on our TV screens.. Like you I too have tons of questions along similar lines .. lets see how things unravel!


    • Hi Ash! I agree with you on the Neelum front. She is trying…and managing well to put her point across- so some marks for that! If anything it’s more the director/casting director’s fault than hers.
      Sania Saeed is fab- hair and all which is almost like her trademark now 🙂 I don’t think I’d like her with straightened hair! I also enjoy watching her on screen with FK coz she’s about my age and it’s interesting 😉


        • Gustakhi maaf 😉 I thought you might not like that comment the sec I hit on ‘post comment’ but then it was too late 🙂
          I think I should stop spamming this thread!
          P. S. Hope you’re liking this bharpoor FK drama ? After Humsafar, this is the first thing I’ve really liked.


          • yes it totally hurt my hi shi for me ! 😦
            JK! 😀

            I am actually really enjoying this one but are you telling me you didnt like the ever controversial ASHK!! Come on, that was a fab show. better then ZGH! 😉


            • Hola, SZ, Aish, I mean Ash, Afia :)! Long time ladies!! FK bring everyone back together every time 😀

              Afia, lololol about the age comment! While it is really interesting to see the older woman love story, I see you have more reasons than one 😛

              SZ, I think for me after the disappointment of Ashk, the other FK movie with the daughter story, and ZGH, I’m really scared to think about grey characters and I’m not sure if the writers will stick to their story or give in to TRP demands. Its why I’m purposely turning a blind eye to complexity and layers this story is trying to portray and trying to see it simplistically. The whole surrogate mom like figure -changing feelings is a very very dark area so I’m hoping they portray that beautifully in a way that we understand Wali and Majhabeen and not judge them harshly for the decisions they will make eventually. My guess is Neelam will walk out on her own and leave them to live happily ever after if they want to show a happy ending.

              As far as Wali being quiet, youre right. It came out all wrong, I’m sure it goes beyond materialism. Thats just a small part of it. I didnt quite catch what Neelam’s mom said about her husband. I’m thinking that her mom had a lucky escape and Neelam and her sister didnt have to grow up in a household exposed to these archaic customs since their dad died. There was no question of real bahu and wani. But Wali has seen all this, grown up in the midst of it and has subconsciously been conditioned to see from it the “inside” . So that probably makes it all much harder to break away from especially while his grandfather is still alive and dominant. I think if he had continued living in London or wherever he may tried to change it or escape from it. But now that he is back and since he somewhere inside does love his grandfather in spite of his twisted ways(my guess) it will be that much more difficult to change it.

              Also, when they are looking for Wali’s mom and they come into her room and turn on the light, Neelam has a twisted smile on her face. But during the day she seems to genuinely care about Wali’s mom. I am confused by that too. I hope her concern for the mom is genuine.


  14. It’s probably too early for me to admit this, as we are only 2 episodes into this drama, but I am officially obsessed with Numm.

    Some things were mentioned in the responses that made me realize that I must be missing some promos so I went back and found the teasers posted to the desi rants channel. i think many of those clips have just fueled my interest in this drama, though they have also introduced so many questions, concerns and doubts.

    I’m thinking that Mahjabeen was in love with Jehangir’s brother, Wali’s uncle, and due to whatever bad blood, the brother was murdered leading to the feud. I still contend that Mahjabeen is at most 10-15 years older (another site suggested she was 30 yrs older). than Wali. As we see with Wali and Neelam, the girls are often quite young when they get married in these vadera households.

    Seeing the chemistry between FK and SS, I am intrigued/accepting of the couple. However, the other clips, make it seem like Wali will develop genuine feelings for Neelam as she is his rightful/ordained wife. I see this as causing further misery for Mahjabeen, as I don’t think she can compete with Neelam’s position being as she is “sirf vani”.

    Personally, that makes this a losing proposition to me. I know the circumstances of the W-M relationship are odd and unconventional, but I think those very circumstances are what bond them to each other more than anyone else. And that is what I want to see on my screen. I don’t want dancing and flowers and lovesick stares, but I want to see him defending her, looking out for her, acknowledging her. I want him to break the vadera cycle and own up to his responsibility of giving her the position of his wife.

    I know some find it sick, because she raised him, but I don’t think she had a choice, amtul’s psychosis left a void, that she had to fill. She was part of the haveli, and no one else was around to take care of Wali.

    Any change in feelings for Mahjabeen will arise from the fact that this Wali is a different person and these are different times. Us waqt ka taqaaza aur thaa, aur is waqt kay haalaath aur hein. I don’t know that Wali can ever give Mahjabeen her rightful place or love that a wife is deserving of, given their prior relationship, but he could at least stand up to baray Sahab and defend her as his wife, and not condone her treatment as a servant/vani. He should demand that she be accepted as his first wife and ensure that she is respected and comfortable.

    If I were the writer, Wali would gradually accept her as his wife too, and they would have a child/children together. It would turn the system upside down, but it would show bow this Oxford-educated man challenged the status quo and helped to liberate this woman from a “death sentence”.


    • @Nur: Thoroughly enjoyed your reading of the characters and your thoughts on where the story might go from here. I agree with you for most part, but I somehow think that given how gritty the writing’s been so far, I dont think we are in for happy ever afters …. I think Wali has been written as a very human character, very grey of you will, so while he will try his level best to do good but will flail and falter, not like our run of the mill doodh ke dhule huey heroes… dekhte hain kiya hota hai!
      Arent you glad ke itne arsey baad we actually have a story with layers of meaning, one that actually pushes us to think and question rather just sit back and swallow a simplistic black white narrative.


    • Nur, Hola! long time!

      I really like your theory that once upon a time Majhabeen may have been in love with Wali’s uncle. And if that is true and it comes to the forefront I would love to see this couple handle it in a mature manner.

      Also, like you I really hope Mahjabeen is liberated from her circumstances and there is some justice to her life’s struggles!!


  15. Ooh Am I too late to comment? Guess no! :p it is SZ’s review after all 😉

    I agree with your review on all points. The drama is slow but as it is different in more tab just one way I really enjoy watching it. Why doesn’t Wali talk? I miss FK’s voice here A LOT!

    The concept is very different and thank God for a new and a different Character for FK, so far I think he is really doing a great, great , great job! He always does wesey:D

    I agree with everyone here, the night scenes and the gloominess of the Haveli have been so well-captured that there really are times when I do feel the suffocation of the characters living in this house and their limited lives.
    Sanam Saeed is doing a great job! I have always loved her! She’s so cute!

    I am a little annoyed with Neelam and her ‘baby’ sister ( pun intended)!
    I am loving the conversation about the wardrobe..Oh yes Neelam needs some new PJs! New T-Shirts and yes of course lesser make-up! But FK looked so cute in those Shalwar Kameez and black coat !


    • @Heela: You said it! Never too late, ever 🙂 I am so glad to hear from you on this thread. After you said you were gonna check it out, I had wondered if you would like this one, given that its so different from FK’s usual serials .. so, its good to know that you gave this one a serious watch and are enjoying it.. looking forward to hearing from you ever week now 🙂
      LOL @missing FK/Wali talk … we are surely giving the guy a very hard time here .. kapron pe aitraz, uski TV biwiyon ke behaviour pe aitraz, and ab uske na bolney pe complaint … bechara !!! He’d better never come across this thread 😉


  16. Excellent review of equally excellent episode. Sania Saeed is just exceptional, an actor we should all be proud of Kay she is from Apna Pakistan … She is just flawless , no matter what role she plays. All the newbies should just watch her to learn how to act , even if they don’t want to learn just watch her and get inspired ….
    The episode was very well done, the story is moving in good pace. I guess the casting director should have done there homework to cast better actors for the characters of Neelam and her family as a whole.Kanza ( or what ever her name is ) is trying too hard to deliver her lines and she is chewing the words as if by doing that it will come out more convincingly …. It’s more annoying that way. She is trying which is a good thing, may be it will improve with time, but by that time Neelam ka character bilkul he fana na ho jaye as the character itself is very challenging.
    Fawad Khan is finally out of his comfort zone of playing chocolate husband !! He is brilliant and very suitable for the character of Wali. Usman Peerzadah is the same usual , I don’t find his acting that good, like his personality but acting …hmmmmm. He is no Samina Peerzadah ..ha ha ha …
    Looking forward to this serial as the cinematography is very enchanting and the story is gripping . Well done team Numm.


  17. @SZ Thank you for the review and the suggestion. numm looked so dark and sad that I might have not started it..the halaat are already too bad for us to watch dark and gloomy entertainment but here I really liked the message. Aur phir FK ka serial hai, Kesey miss karti :p
    True! He better not! He’ll be very disheartened to know how interested we all are in his closet/new shopping :p and yes, his ever-problematic on-screen wives. Khirad bichari ney isko koi hard time nahi diya compared to the rest 😉


    • @heela: LOL, you forgot Khirad’s ego problems and how she refused to eat peanuts that he offered her?? And her reading the ulta magazine? I think ironically Kashaf was the most seedhi of his wives in that matter, nahin?


  18. Haha yes! Lekin, remember she put on that attitude when she heard him on the phone with his friend, then when he does not answer her salaam and all.. :p


  19. Hi SZ, as I promised here is my take on the 2nd Episode.

    Because I’m not familiar with Vani tradition my favorite is the dinner scenes, it sum up what the drama is all about. How everyone shocked & speechless over Neelum’s statement and then Mahjabeen slowly withdraw behind Bade sahab, they nailed it! It’s my Aha Moment.

    Great performance by Sania Saeed, Farah Shah, Fawad Khan & Usman Peerzada.
    And though I still Irritated by Kanza’s acting, the shouting, bulging eyes & grinding teeth are just too much & not convincing at most parts. But, I must say that Neelum-Amtul scenes are good, at some points I could see Neelum become a psycho as well hehe.

    Now, will you excuse me.. gotta keep up with the 3rd episode.


    • Hey! Lovely to hear from you here 🙂 Yes, that scene was fabulous indeed .. one of my faves from that ep!
      By now so much has been said abt Kanza’s acting that it seems best to just take that as a given and move on … after all we do have two of our best actors in action here so I’m quite happy with what I am seeing on screen here.

      Looking forward to hearing more from you after you’re done with the latest ep 🙂


  20. Hello. I’m a newcomer to Pakistani dramas (Numm is only my third show) and I’m glad to have found a blogger who is insightful and notices such details in a show.

    I’m in episode 10 of Numm right now and I still can’t fully absorb the complexity of Wali and Mahjabeen’s relationship so I hope reading your reviews would give me a better idea about that. Thank you very much~~


  21. @chocobana12: Hey! Welcome aboard – great to hear from a new friend:) My apologies for not having responded earlier.. but here I am now. Thank you for reading the reviews and sharing your thoughts. I see you are very much on the same page as we are in terms of your take on the various characters. I hope we will continue hearing from you and that you will join us in our convos as we pick up our discussions again 🙂

    What else have you watched, or are watching these days?


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