Aunn Zara ~ Episode 11 Review


Finally!! Aap sab ko bohot bohot mubarak ho…. aakhir-e kaar Pakistan ki sab se bari tension khatam ho hi gayi! Thank you Faiza and Haissam for putting us out of our misery, both Aunn and I will remain eternally grateful – for very different reasons of course!

No, but seriously, I don’t think I could have sat through one more episode of Aunn and Zara not being able to move on with their lives. But now that they have, I am back to feeling the groove and thoroughly enjoying the new direction this story has taken. With her beautifully knit script, where every scene is there for a reason, Faiza has outdone herself here. Barely had the dust settled on Aunn and Zara’s ma’mala, ke the busybodies of Aunn’s family found themselves a whole new funda to get worked up over – honestly in khawateen ko bhi na koi chain nahin hai, har dafa koi na koi baat pakar kar hyper ho jati hain.

Misinterpreting the silly games that all newly-weds are wont to indulge in, first Husna, then daadi and finally phupo, all are now convinced that Aunn has turned into a monster, read following in his father’s footsteps, and mistreating Zara. While the three ladies fretted on about how and where they went wrong with raising Aunn, hamarey hero sahab remained blissfully oblivious to all this tension and was seen happily crowing about his success in lording it out over his family. Beta, Aunn, kaha tha na Pir Manzar ki baaton pey mat lagnaa, abhi tau tum ne sirf trailer dekha hai … wait till the full on implications of daadi and ammi’s naraazgis hit you! Aunn’s shocked reactions were absolutely priceless when, perhaps for the first time ever, the women in his family refused to cater to his every whim – loved it when daadi lost her temper with Aunn and the dining room scene later was nicely done as well.

Alongside the main track, we also saw more of an elaboration on the attraction between Nighat and Jamshed. Reluctantly, almost despite themselves, these two opposites are slowly building a base for a future relationship. Sabreen Hisbani and Adnan Jaffer have sizzling chemistry and their scenes together are great fun. Today we also got another tantalizing  glimpse into Husna’s painful past. I am really enjoying how creatively Faiza and Haissam are unfolding Husna’s story, no easy resorts to flashbacks, dream sequences, or long dialogues from them. What we get here instead is an indirect story being told through the way Husna reacts to Aunn’s behavior with Zara, and how determined she is to not have Zara suffer the same fate as her. Husna’s has to be my favorite track in the whole story, I just wish it could move faster though…. Hina Bayat is magical as Husna.

Running a close second to Husna, is my other favorite, Parveen Bano. How fabulous is Nasreen Qureshi! Her portrayal of daadi reminds me so much of my own equally crusty grandmother, never afraid to call a spade a spade and no hesitation whatsoever in defending the perceived underdog. Daadi’s invitation to Zara, to confide in her, and her immediate displeasure at and censure of Aunn’s nalaiq harkats were beautifully done.

All in all this was a very happening installment. Haissam and Faiza deserve a round of applause for their very delicate handling of THE moment. Though I felt it went on for a trifle too long, I appreciated that there were no tacky dialogues or cheap innuendos. Also, a special mention of Haissam’s aesthetic handling of intimate moments. The scene where Aunn and Zara were pulling each other’s hair, had the potential of becoming awkward, but it came off as such a natural, playful moment – beautifully executed by Haissam, Osman and Maya.  

From Aunn’s moment of triumph to his uncomprehending exasperation over his family’s change in manner, this was Osman’s episode to shine, and shine he did. Barring those never-ending gazes that have yet to work their magic on me, Osman was stellar here. Maya is the perfect Zara to Osman’s Aunn, and is generally doing a good job. It was good to see Mukarram back for a couple of minutes. Needless to say even in those few minutes, Pir Manzar was a riot. Seems like he has definitely set his sights on Shehna – may the Lord help her! 

From the likely union of Manzar and Shehna, to a strong possibility of a linkup between Nighat-Jamshed, to all the confusions and misunderstandings that have started making their presence felt in Aunn’s household, seems like there’s quite a bit yet to happen. Picture abhi baaqi hai mere dost looking forward!

Written by  SZ

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  1. You are so right ! The episode left me wanting to see more. Osman was outstanding as the flabbergasted child when scolded by daadi . This episode belonged to Daadi n Husna !


    • @Spirithium: All I can say that I am soo glad that somebody up there heard and paid heed to my very heartfelt complaints before the episode started 🙂 Yes, Aunn, daadi and Husna were all pretty fab in this episode!


  2. Brilliant review to this fun filled episode. Thoroughly enjoyed the latest instalment of
    Aunn’s household. Characters are conical yet so real, plausible and relatable.
    I really appreciate the chemistry among the ladies of this house hold and I would recommend other female writers to watch this this lighthearted positive family drama.


    • @Anwar,suhail: Thank you – glad you enjoyed the review 🙂 Indeed, all characters are very real as are the situations they find themselves in, well for the most part 😉
      LOL! from your lips to God’s ears!


  3. Return of dadi’s leopard print dupatta! Loving it!

    Full marks for smart writing and clever solution of marriage conundrum. Hopefully that is the end of long sighing glances (we’re looking at you Aunn) and more on Husna. Close up of spinning wheels was nicely done…..


    • @amusingmuslim: Excellent catch on that closeup spinning of the wheel, I was going to mention how well the spinning wheel was used to represent the churning of thoughts in Husna’s head, but then somehow it slipped my mind as I was rushing to finish. Thanks for reminding me!! 🙂
      hahaha! I thought of you when I saw the leopard print dupatta! Do you think Nighat bought her this? Doesn’t seem like Husna’s taste runs to such prints!


    • @ amusingmuslim,
      I loved that shot too. Excellent.
      It reminded me immediately of Dastaan, when Bano is contemplating leaving Hassan’s house, & her little kid is sitting in the dark playing with the rattle.
      The sound of the rattle & the look on Bano’s face, still gives me goosebumps.


      • Hi Mona – The more I see of Haissam’s work, the more I grow to like it – all his frames seem very dynamic with movement and great misc en scene. Always a treat. Probably has to do with his theater background?

        Dastaan was brilliant and very poignant questioning of Pakistan of today. A must see for everyone on the other side I say. That scene in Dastaan was pitch perfect. I loved how he would frame Bano – it was almost like in all the post Partition shots the whole framing changed to be darker and more claustrophobic.

        I can’t seem to find any good interviews with him though about his creative process.
        Anybody have any leads?

        Am currently catching up on DeS and love the cinematic feel of it….


  4. Wow! SZ you truly make each episode more enjoyable by the way you review it – even for us who are a part of it!! 🙂 I fell in love with the relationships of these women when I read the script and having Haissam as it’s director was the icing on the cake. As actors we really bonded – and it shows 🙂 Thankyou for liking Husna – it was difficult to play such a restrained character around the others who were so over the top – and oh, was I tempted to let loose! But I reserved it for all the off set madness we indulged in (almost made Maya and Osman cry one day because they thought they had ‘hurt’ me) hahaha!
    Husna’s story will unfold as will the reason for her and Daadi’s love for her – keep watching this tale of love and laughter. Picture waaqai abhi baaqi hai Meray dost!!


    • Hello Hina Bayat!! 🙂 Sorry to be barging in so late, but I just wanted to say that I am a great fan of your independent, smart and logical woman roles in HS and ZGH. I’m a newbie to Pak serials and learned your name last week, hence have not watched other works of yours, but I looove your very natural and convincing acting. Keep up the good work! 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised to see you comment on SZ’s forum I think a couple of days ago and just wanted to say hello. It’s really sweet of you to comment and talk abt yr experiences and I wish you all the best for current & future works 🙂

      I agree with you on SZ’s critiquing of shows; they’re very positive and observant. SZ’s reviews being read by the other side of television is a testament to her great reviewing, along with the ardent commenters on this forum. I was telling SZ a few days ago to do it professionally so that more people could enjoy reading and commenting on her reviews..

      P.S. My mom looooved yr sarees in ZGH, kudos to yr designer and you, for carrying them off with style 🙂


  5. Great review SZ! Thank God the bed-sofa scenes are done with now- was getting increasingly more cumbersome than entertaining- specially when watching with kids- I kept wondering what my elder daughter is making of all this? But anyway, we all still love the show 🙂
    More than the A-Z track, I enjoy the Dad-Phupo track and like everyone else I love the Dadi- Husna team. But omg @ the khichri these women are making of a simple situation! Look forward to more…


  6. Loved how the story is unfolding. just when we thought that the greatest masla of Aunn has finall been solved when the poor boy finds himself in such a mad situation.. Dadi, ami, phuppoo?? yai to teen ka tarka lag gaya!!.. LOving nighat/jamshed track.. Can old people also have such sweet innocent love?! Pir manzar, ap apnay mashwaray khud apni zindagi ar apply kyun nai kara rai?? Sunai na ja kar Shehna ko love songs..!!
    AZ is back on track.. and so am I!!!

    Thanks for such a lovely review SZ.. Ap ko bhi mubarak ho!


  7. An enjoyable episode with equally amazing review. The ‘moment’ which was turning uncomfortable but today it was shown in such nice way that it bought smile to my face.. And i instantly said Shukar mere khudaya 😀 since the couple is so enjoying love in air, i love the fact our 3 musketeers are taking all this in whole wrong way… Which makes it so hilarious LOL… It was shocking to see Aunn reacting so badly with ladies and tbh khoob bura bhala kaha but as soon as it got revealed k ye tou sara peer manzar ka plan tha and i was like abey yaar samose khane se iske zehn me aise hie ideas kyn aate he.. Silly dude :p

    Pair of the day is nighat and jamshed sahab… First scene where his friend in interrogating jamshed was super funny… Poor fellow is so confused.. Im literally loving their track more than AZ for sure.. Husna-Dadi are one exceptional bahu/saas.. Their scenes have always something different in them.. The understanding they share makes it look so awesome…love it when dadi is more conscious about husna’s hurt when nighat split the beans.these small nuances makes them lovable and top jodi 🙂 really looking forward to husna’s story.. Hina Bayat and Nasreen ma’am pull out their roles so effortlessly.. So happy to see such actors in our industry.

    This whole bunch of misunderstanding is getting interesting. Instead of those sazshi galat fehmiyan we have this funny situation which is equally realistic and relatable 🙂


  8. Khair Mubarik SZ. Aap ko bhi bohut Mubarik ho.
    In your last couple of reviews you seemed really annoyed that why can’t those two get on with some action in the bedroom. You really wanted them to get it over & done with. The scenes that I found romantic & sweet, you thought they were repetitive. Bhai, aap tu bohut hi zalim neqlay. You didn’t want to give any time to my poor Aunn, so he gets to know his wife a little better.
    Wonderful episode. Dadi, Husna & phupho have not had a good marital life themselves, so they can not see how madly in love AZ are. I loved the scene where they had teacups in their hands & were gossiping.
    Manzar is back! With his totally useless mashwaras. Yayyyy!
    Can’t wait till next week. A big Thank you to Faiza Iftikhar, HH, & the entire cast & crew of this amazing show.


    • Actually Mona, I am pretty sure everyone else was just as annoyed! As cute as Aunn might be, it was getting a bit repetative with the fighting and sleeping on the couch or one thing or another going wrong . Obviously we all knew where it was headed so they should have just got on with it.
      Not sure how much he really got to know his wife in that time span bc she spent most of the time escaping from him and hanging out w the ladies! 🙂

      Anyways glad its done and the story can move on to bigger and bigger things!! 🙂


    • @Mona: Awww, sorry for being annoyed about your favorite scenes in the past few weeks – lets just call it a technical problem with me ke I couldn’t get in to the romance the way you did. But, hey look we’re back to being on the same page now .. ab tau mujhe koi problem nahin hai! 😉
      All kidding aside, thank you for all your comments .. much as we might disagree, your passionate comments are always so much fun to read .. keep ’em coming! 🙂


  9. Lol apko bhi mubarak ho…Finally after 2-3 not so happening episodes AZ is back on track, thoroughly enjoyed watching this one.
    Last 10 minutes were pure bliss, loved the way Dadi lost her temper, Aunn’s reaction, and ammi & phuppo not paying any heed to Aunn’s tantrums. So funny
    Im liking this style of telling Husna’s story… & ofcourse i’m loving nighat and jamshed track it’s more interesting than AZ <333


    • and the best part of the last ten minutes was the dining table scene, where daddi couldn’t stop laughing at Nighat’s very funny comment! Poor aunn was so dumbfounded!
      But seriously Aunn, how can you not like Curry?!?! Get with the program buddy!


  10. So it took eleven episodes for them to finally do the deed! FINALLY!! Never seen Zara happier though. I bet she now wishes she hadn’t wasted so much time nakhre kar kar ke.

    Finally Mr. Aunn can die a happy man! but not so soon, now his entire family is hating on the bechara for reasons he does not even know!
    I have to agree with him though, why would the mom just barge in! she should have knocked and when did she see Zara crying?? Maybe they should ask Zara for clarifcation. And now the powerpuff girls of the household are jumping to all sorts of conclusion.
    Just like Zara is with her dad and Phupho. They really shoud communicate a bit more or just try to be straight forward about everythig…sigh

    Needless to say this is currently my favorite drama on air! Everyone is so perfect for their role, whether it be the crazy pupho or “Pir” Manzar. Every scene is just so much fun to watch.

    Looking forward to two more shaadis! Jamshed / Nighat and Manzar / Shehna

    Ofcourse no episode is complete without your review!


    • @Ash: LOL on powerpuff girls… indeed they are kinda like powerpuff 😀 when zara was totally normally they thought she is expecting and now when she is in actually love they are thinking larki ka rang he pheeka par gaya he.. hahaha this is funny 😀


      • I also didn’t see the crying.. maybe an error???
        And i can’t understand one thing.. At one time pheeka parna is going “that” way and now its pointing to “Aunn’s pitai”.. Ladies of AZ make up your minds!!!


  11. After a while I finally enjoyed watching this show. For a while the pace was too slow and I didn’t enjoy watching it because idler uncomfortable watching it. I’m just glad that they resolved the problem. After Aunn yelled at his mom he said “he would have been ashamed if his mom walked in a minute later” what did he mean?? OKB is GREAT as Aunn but I think maya could improve. I don’t like the facial expressions she makes. Like when Nighat was talking to her about Aunn, maya always makes weird expressions.


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