The Proposal ~ Zindagi Gulzar Hai Style

zgh collageGiven the innumerable mediocre serials airing these days, all revolving around the same ghisa pitta 4-5 plots, it is is evident that our TV channels/producers have run out ideas and don’t quite know where to go from here on. So, hey, how about this suggestion: Take the concept of dubbing Turkish serials, turn it around on its head… and voila! we end up with a Hollywood film starring our very own Zaroon and Kashaf!

Don’t think I’m making any sense? Well, check out this fabulous fan made video that I stumbled across on YouTube today … itna mazedar ke aap sab ke saath share karna tau banta tha!!

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with the making of this video, all credits rest with the maker and original poster D MYRA.  

Posted by SZ~

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  1. LOL! Wow this is amazing 😀 kya kya dhoond ke nikalti hain app SZ.. maan gaye apko! aise videos tou har superhit dramas ke ban’ne chiyaye nhn 😉

    jokes apart, this video made me recall lovely discussions on zgh and beautiful chemistry between Z and K.. !


  2. Now this is what I call a creative Dimagh !! Lol types … Infact rather then showing Turkish drama make the INSPIRED story serials ! I like Sandra Bullock and I always saw Sanam as our version of Sandra !! Pata nahi kiyon … So thoroughly enjoyed this .


  3. WOW…so creative, enjoyed it alot…after watching this i really wish someone make a “The proposal” inspired serial/movie with Fawad and Sanam Saeed <333.
    Seems like faraway dream. Sigh.

    Thanks for sharing SZ it made my day 🙂


  4. although i am not a fan of these videos, this was a pretty cool mash up! Even the dubbing was not as off as most! Someone really took their time with this!

    Maybe they should work on making similar movies, instead of longdrawn boring dramas 🙂


  5. oh LOVED it!! What a neat idea 🙂 a kosher version of the Proposal trailer lol
    Go Myra D and thanks SZ for finding this one on YT! Really enjoyed the “we’re getting married and Alaska moments” 😀
    Ah our dreams of seeing normal people on screen are now restricted to dubbed videos *sigh* At least we have Aun Zara to smile about this quarter. Varna tow Syra Yusuf ko bhi “mazloom aurat” ki line mein laga diya after her marriage. Where is our spunky girl from Tanhaiyan and Coke Kahani gone? oh producers thou art cruel.

    @Amna – here is the direct link – enjoy!


  6. LOVE IT!!! brought back wonderful memories of Kashaf and Zaroon, and their undeniable chemistry.

    @SZ: leave it to you to find a gem like this one! I, too don’t care for mashups or most fan videos, but this is awesome!

    Honestly, though ZGH fell apart at the end, the great scenes were after all great for a reason. I truly think SultanaS was able to extract wonderful performances from FK & SS!!! They are exceptional actors, however, there was something so real and natural about them in ZGH, especially SS, that I feel it was the perfect alignment of the stars. They were so at ease with each other.

    I must admit a month back, while in this drama drought, I went back and watched their scenes with my finger on FF for all the other side tracks.

    Zaroon meeting up with her in Badin, convincing Sir Abrar to help him, getting her to agree, the wedding night conversation, and their tapdance/courting. Their explosive conversation when she suspects him of cheating, and sadly the measly 2 minutes of conversation when they finally makeup and admit their feelings. I know I am biased, but Zaroon and Kashaf will be a favorite couple of mine for years to come thanks to FK AND SS!

    Here’s to hoping we see them together in a drama that showcases their talent once more.


  7. Hey SZ!

    Thank you so much for the warmest welcome on the last post 😀 I just came back and saw everything. You are so sweet. You absolutely have no idea how much missed this place too. Have been crazy busy with some things these days that I hardly get time to visit my favourite blog 😦

    This video, you shared is too good! The person who has chosen the scenes has done a mind-blowing job and then the editing and all.. WOW! thanks for sharing it with us.

    As far as your idea about the Turkish soaps goes, i think it really makes sense. We should really leave behind the saas-Bahu, gali-muhalla love stories. there are a million more plots, many areas unexplored. Our actors are too talented to be made to work on the same scripts.

    p.S I just got to know today that NUMM has already aired. For a Fawad Khan fan like me, not knowing this was so sad 😦 It’s time I go ‘like’ all the Pakistani entertainment related pages on facebook. I really NEED updates now 😛


    • @Heela: LOL @ not knowing an FK serial had started! Yaar, bas ab jaldi se free ho jao and join us all… Just a heads up, Numm is nothing like the other FK serials… will look forward to reading your thoughts once you’ve caught up!


  8. hahaha..this is awesome!

    Does anybody which show/movie the scene with FK in the orange shirt when sandra/Kashaf says we are getting married is taken from? Maybe its another FK show I can watch 🙂


    • @Aish: hey! Glad to have you back! Thats from Humsafar, when Ashar goes to Sarah’s house to apologize for his nikaah and has breakfast with her .. I’m sure @Afia or @Ash or @Nur or somebody else knows the exact episode (3/4?)!! 😀


    • @Aish – Welcome back friend! 🙂

      the red not orange , 😉 is indeed from, Humsafar both 3rd and 4th episodes! ends on 3rd and continues on 4th! Looks like someone needs a refresher on Humsafar! 😉


      • Hi SZ and Ash!! 🙂

        I’m ashamed I didnt recognize this from Humsafar. I definitely need a revision in the course!! Although in my defense I usually FF Sara’s scenes. 😛

        I say this again, I can never tire of Humsafar. I still watch my favorite scenes!! 🙂


  9. Hi, I am from India…..watched ZGH on youtube and was blown away….very rarely do we come across serials like this and am not a watcher of any serials…..but on my friends insistence I watched thhis and have become a great fan of FK and a greater fan of SS. very sorry to mention here but I dont know what it is about Mahira khan which puts me off…..FK and SS pairing is the natural one and the Humsafar one was a filmy one….even the chemistry….SS is such a pleasure to watch…her expressions…emotions….after a long time feels nice to see real acting…..all the best Sanam… also come across as a genuine and nice person to me….though I have never met you but just watching you at various sites you give out wonderful vibes……God Bless you.


    • @Laksh: Hey! My sincerest apologies for my very tardy response to your very warm and lovely comments. Haven’t been well hence the delay in welcoming you to our little DRNR family – consider yourself a part of the gang now 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed ZGH. Im sure you’ve read all our various thoughts on the serial and enjoyed the various perspectives 😉 What else are you watching these days? Since you are a Sanam fan, have checked out Firaaq? If not, then you must do so, so far its going really well … and then but of course join us in our “real time” convos 😉 For me the discussions that follow are just as much, if not more, fun and add that much more to my enjoyment of a particular serial. So I’m hoping that you will not be a stranger and we will hear more from you in the coming weeks 🙂

      Meanwhile here’s wishing you a joyous diwali and hope you’re having fun with friends and family .. kuch mithai hamari taraf se bhi kha lena 🙂


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