Kadoorat ~ Episode 7 Review


Seven episodes in and Kadoorat remains unable to rise above its mediocre script, filled as it is with logic defying scenarios and loopholes galore. Were it not for Sanam Saeed’s outstanding performance I would have absolutely no problems bypassing this serial, but thanks to my antihero heroine, I find myself  tuning in week after week to follow the further misadventures of Mina & Co.

This latest episode. like its predecessors, continued to reinforce Mina’s overall evilness – there ain’t no mountain high, ain’t no valley low, ain’t no river wide enough that can stop this crazed girl from extracting her revenge from her step family. Be it asking her father to arrange for her marriage to Daniyal, or convincing Shaheen to marry her dad, or even fantasizing about murdering Alina – apni Mina can and is doing it all. As if all this is not crazy enough, but what makes this even more absurd is the strangely placid reaction by her family. Atiqa has always been weird but her reaction today was off the charts – woman, what’s wrong with you?!

Alina is another useless character who does no more than shed tears and cry on her elder brother’s shoulder. Bibi, agar itni hi mohabbat thi tau why didn’t you let Daniyal send his parents to formalize the rishta, when he had asked you earlier? Moreover, even as she is whining, about Mina snatching Daniyal away from her, the minute she sees the love of her life with Mina she starts another crying jag, this time because she thinks he is cheating on her. Later, after the drama has subsided, we see Ms goody-two-shoes accompanying Mina one her visit to her psychiatrist – say what? What gun did Mina hold to Alina’s head to make her go with her? Clearly if ever there was a case of a someone desperately in need of a hobby, Alina is it. This woman needs to do something with her life! Why doesn’t Mahmud appoint her to take care of that marketing sharketing department of his!

On Mahmud, I have to say he has to be one of the most confused and poorly conceived characters in recent times. Is this how mature adults behave with their grown daughters, as if they are three year olds? The way he handled Mina’s “demand” to marry Daniyal was beyond unbelievable. In all his conversations it sounded like he was talking about an inanimate object. Not once did they stop to think that Daniyal was a flesh and blood person and he might have a thought or two to add here. It was left to Daniyal to point out the obvious. No wonder Mina is such a confused girl – clearly the apple hasn’t fallen very far from the tree.

Shaheen’s is another character that had a lot of potential. The gleam in her eye and the mysterious smile on her lips when she agreed to help Mina made it clear that this girl is nobody’s fool. Though she says otherwise there is a deeper motive attached to Shaheen’s acceptance of Mina’s outlandish plan. Now, even if I shut my brain off and go along with this scenario, that this girl can somehow seduce Mahmud, the very badly executed office scene would still be very hard to swallow. There was nothing right about that scene – dialogues, direction and acting all were well below par. Mina’s suicide attempt was another scene that failed to leave any impact whatsoever.

Another scene that I watched with horror was the one in the psychiatrist’s office. Rather than a serious psychiatrist’s office this one is now beginning to resemble a mohallay ka dawakhana where everybody and anybody can stroll in any time. Here is my very humble request to TV channels/producers/directors/writers: Mental health is a very serious matter and there are multitudes of people suffering from a variety of emotional problems, please be aware of your responsibility when depicting such issues. Rather than raising awareness about the importance of seeking counselling and getting help, what we see here is an extremely irresponsible depiction of what therapy is all about. Also, the last time I checked, doctor/patient confidentiality is key in such cases, but here we see Alina very calmly sitting in the office while Mina is rattling off her complaints. Even if the purpose was to show Alina’s obvious discomfort at all the lies Mina was spewing, I wish they had chosen a setting other than the doctor’s office. And why the heck was the doctor happily discussing Mina’s issues with Alina? Hasn’t Mina made it clear enough that she absolutely hates Alina??

So yes, no prizes for guessing I am still not on the Kadoorat bandwagon. Though there are twists and turns galore, sadly they are so nonsensical that they fail to leave a mark. The acting remains average to below average and the story telling could be so much better. For me the only merit-worthy thing about this serial so far is Sanam Saeed. The vulnerability and the range of expressions she brings to an otherwise very hard character is something I am really appreciating. How tender was that scene when Mina was pouring melted wax on her palm – beautifully directed and acted, this was the scene of the episode for me!

How many are you still following Kadoorat? Loving it? Hating it? Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Written by SZ~

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  1. I watch this show in bits.The reasons I dont follow regularly are exactly the same you have discussed.Angeline is another actress that is doing good otherwise Momal sheikh she does need some acting classes.Imran Aslam a good actor but such a waste.Sanam Saeed she slone is carrying the show ion her shoulders and doing it flawlessly.


    • @Ruba Agreed! Its really difficult to watch this show and take it seriously .. Safe to say all of us here are following it just for Sanam!


  2. First read your review then watched the episode and found the review equally justified! as much as im loving minah’s character, same goes with alina’s character but in terms of hate… gosh what is this girl…pehle tou she claims minah is baddie and she will snatch danial, having trust issues with danial on such an idiotic thing…very next day she is coming with minah to doctor :O and precap shows she trusts minah so much.. WOW! i can find everything except logic.. clearly alina have no brains.. its not about being good, rather about using sense !

    i was laughing seeing mahmud sahab’s expressions when he saw shaheen all dressed up… still in this age, bhai sahab ka dil kafi jawan hai 😉 no wonder minah read her father so clearly.. atiqa talking about qurbani of things.. oh hello isnt danial a human being? you said it so perfectly SZ… found it terrible!! :@

    Sanam Saeed is only one who is attracting the viewers… i loved her variety of expressions.. specially when danial says tum mohabbat ke bare me kuch nahin janti.. the change in her expressions was to watch out for.. amazing it was… she was brilliant there and in last scene too 🙂


    • @Rehmat: I so agree with you, abba jaan kaafi tharki mizaaj wale lagtey hain .. I actually find him a very creepy character…. Mina needs to stay away from him!


  3. I was about to ask you Kay where is Kadurat’s review ??? … You summed it up nicely . Like many I watch it for Sanam and to see what else she can do in terms of acting in today’s episode. I dont know about others but I have failed to hate Minah … ( Sanam playing the role has everything to do with it !!) can not stand the nice family for one second and Minah don’t even think about getting married to Daniyal …hero failed big time in my opinion to be hero .. I could go on and on but don’t want to be harsh here .
    I totally agree with you about Mental illness and the way our dramas portray the psychiatrists and therapist is no way near how it works in real . I work with people with mental illness and I can tell that having lunch with your doctor is no way possible ! Lol .. Unless the Dr is your family friend and not on duty !! Otherwise he might be disciplined for breaching the patient /doctor relation and confidentiality . How Minah is feeling towards the doctor is very natural as he is the only one who quietly ( suppose to) listens to her , but dactor sahab should try to follow the code of practice .
    Loved the candle scene , better then Minah pulling her eye brows … That was giving me creeps .. Bhai Sanam for Minah why ruining your beautiful eye brows !!! We know you are an exceptional actor :)))
    Everyone is trying too hard but some how the essence or soul is missing in the show , the average viewer might not feel connected to the story . Apart from Sanam , girl playing Shaheen is doing well. No one else is leaving any marks here including Imran ( forgot the last name ) BTW I think they Aleena and Asad needs psychiatrist as well ! May be they have Mianhfobia and is in critical stage ! They need depot injections :)))))
    I like the camera work in this serial , technically very appropriate , didnt like ZGH background score in the resturant scene at all .
    Sanam is truly a no nonsense actor , you give her the script and she would deliver more then what you might expect ! Wah wah jeeti raho .. Pat on a back .. SHABASH .. Mogambo Hota toh kush Hota !


    • @Sheema: Yaar, I took a short break from Kadoorat,more for my sanity’s sake than anything else — yaar kiya drama hai, na sar na pair.
      RE: not being able to hate Mina: yes, Sanam plays her beautifully, but its the illogical script that fails to argue its case for hating Mina – a very poor job by the writer IMO.
      And yes, the entire family needs severe help .. sab ke sab gone case hain!


  4. Hey,I am from India and have recently started watching Pakistani serials.Started with Humsafar And Zindagi Gulzar Hai and moved on to this one now.Loved Sanam Saeed’s acting in ZGH,therefore watched her other serials as well and started watching Kadurat because of her only.
    I totally agree with all the points that you have raised in your reviews.this serial does lack focu, good direction and has a lot of technical deficiencies.they are dealing with such a sensitive issue but handling it in a very novice manner.this could have turned out to be a very good drama touching our hearts if it had been executed properly.
    I watch this serial just for Sanam Saeed,she is a powerhouse of talent,but here it seems she is being wasted with a poorly written script.though she is doing a good job of carrying the entire serial on her strong shoulders.all the other actors fade in comparison to her.I wish they had dealt with the trauma and the angst that Minah is going through with empathy and in a more sensitive manner.Having studied psychology and being well aware of how counselling is done i can say with full conviction that the way the psychiatrist is not doing his job as it should be done.After seeing the episodes that have been aired i think the the only person responsible for Minah’s condition is her father.All the other characters are sketchy and not written properly,they seem confused esp the stepfamily. I dont understand why they hate her so much,they were the ones that got everything and she was left alone and isolated.if we see from Minah’s point of view then her actions seem justified.
    I could go on and on because every episode leaves a lot to be desired in terms of acting.screenplay,script,characterisation,etc.Having said that I will continue to watch it for one and only Sanam Saeed.Kudos to her.
    I hope my views will be taken from a viewer’s point of view only and not as from somebody who is watching from a different point of view because i believe basic human feelings and emotions are universal and bound by borders,they rather cut across the whole world.

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to express.


    • @ Sulaima Siddiqui: Hello! Fabulous to hear from another fellow drama fan. As far as I see it, borders are immaterial when it comes to discussing matters of art or as you aptly put it universal human feelings and emotions. Lets leave politics for politicians and focus on what are here to discuss – our favorite dramas 🙂 Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and insights. We are a pretty detail oriented bunch so tend to discuss everything at great length – just jump right in 🙂

      Absolutely agree with your take on Mina’s dad — I think I’ve said this before as well, that rather than Mina it is her dad who seems to be the root cause of all issues, and it is he who should be seeking help not he daughter! Glad that both you and @Sheema are equally disturbed by the way the whole therapy issue has been handled – really disappointing!
      Also, is anybody else grossed out by Mina’s dad? The way he was sitting by Mina’s bedside and stroking her forehead, in ep 6, was positively creepy This has to be Deepak Perwani’s worst acting job ever! Hope he never gives up his day job!

      RE: the loopholes in the story: Yes, as I was responding to a comment above, the script is really problematic and the writing is beyond weak. I have to say that such a mediocre project does not reflect well on MD Productions; this is really shoddy work and not up to their standards at all.

      And if you are a Sanam fan, you HAVE to watch Talkhiyan….it is absolutely brilliant in all aspects.Other Sanam projects you might want to check out are Mera Naseeb, Daam and Mataa-e Jaan.

      Are you watching anything else besides Kadoorat? Have you checked out Aunn Zara and the newly started Numm?

      I hope that you will continue visiting and sharing your thoughts 🙂


      • Glad to get a reply so soon and i am thrilled to join the bandwagon.I have watched Mera Naseeb, Mataa-e Jaan(dont know what it means) and a few episodes of Talkhiyan but did not continue coz i have read the book on which it is based and it isnt fun watching if u know the story.Daam i havent watched but now that u have recommended i will definitely watch it.
        Havent watched Aunn Zara(what is it about?).the ones that i am following nowadays are Mere Harjai,Kankar,Teri Berukhi,Dil-e-Muztar and some other the names of which i cant recall now.I have watched the first episode of Numm.it looks promising,lets see how it turns out.and yes i have also watched two episodes of Aseerzadi.It looks interesting.
        My cousin from Pakistan recommended Maat and i have 8 episodes.rest gradually i’ll watch.
        I just couldnt stop myself from analysing this particular serial Kadurat and i am glad i did so.
        I’ll continue to visit and share my thoughts.


        • @Sulaima: Aunn Zara is about a regular everyday family, the story revolves around the only son of this family and follows his misadventures. Its a very well done romantic comedy. I have been reviewing that one weekly and you might want to check out a couple of those to see if you’d like to follow it. Daam is definitely a must watch!

          LOL@ your comment about leaving Talkhiyan b/c you’d read the book. I am laughing b/c then you’d better never read Urdu digests and all, b/c most of our current dramas, including Humsafar, ZGH, Kankar, are based on already published writings.
          Would love to hear what you thought of the latest ep of Numm:)


      • P.S.in my earlier comments i meant to say’i hope my comments will be taken not as from someone who is watching in a different context altogether but only from a viewer’s point of view coz i believe basic human emotions and feelings are universal and NOT bound by borders.’

        Regret the typos.happened because i am very lazy when it comes to editing.:)


  5. not gonna watch kadoorat anymore 😦 don’t know where the story’s going and seriously Sanam Saeed shouldn’t have done this role, It doesn’t suit her.


  6. Thank God i gave up on this masterpiece of a drama! Watched about five episodes until i couldn’t take it anymore. Everyone who is a part of this drama except Sanam Saeed are unbearable!
    Not sure why she would partake in such a project that has no potential and the story is so problematic.
    Moomal Sheikh, Deepak Parwani, Imran Aslam,. pretty much all of them are such a pain to watch!

    More power to you for actually sitting through it and then reviewing it! 🙂


  7. Ufffffffff……. Episode 8 is more torturous then the previous 7 ……that’s it …no more ..a new love interest for Asad Sahab , lecture on hijab ( hijab day today !! May be that’s why … I am a hijabi too never in my life I came across in an interview asked about it or to take it off …. Only in Pakistan we are conscious about the REPUTATION … British Airways don’t care about there’s and so many other MULTINATIONALS …oops forgot they are in FOREIGN land so they don’t bother about these things) I don’t see the addition of this dhamakay daar ,character and actor too , would benefit the story line . Danyal and Aleena are just too much to handle and infact the whole family is pathetic …. Sanam is testing her fans loyalty 😦 and its getting very difficult to keep watching it for her sake despite her flawless acting ….


    • @Sheema: Your comment inspired me to go watch this one, I had planned on giving it a miss this week, and all I can say is aaaarrrrggghhhh.. what was the ep all about???
      To begin with Mahmud sahab needs to fired from his position as a dad ASAP… there are many people out there who have no business being parents, and lets just Mahmud just pushed his way to the head of that group. The way he dealt with the secretary issue is just beyond words, his explanations to his son were beyond infantile .. then his and Shaheen’s track … what the heck is that all about .. the way it has been handed by writer. director and actors is just beyond crude. The fact that Deepak cannot act to save his life just makes it all the more painful. Alina and Daniyal are both losers who deserve each other.. Imran Aslam’s character is another one who is beyond understanding. Where and how did all the hijab conversation fit into the story??? I see it as a lousy ploy by the writer to play to a certain kind of an audience, but really it was in very very poor taste. The whole chai /poison thing was so silly ke had nahin … how did the dr. know to ask about chai?? The poison could’ve been given with any other kind of food as well. Adding on to her other earlier weird handling of situations, rather than seeming upset about the whole poisoning issue, Atiqa seemed quite chirpy — wow! As for the final scene… over dramatic and over long.
      @Knubbyah: you were smart! I too am done with this one … I’d rather watch Talkhiyan again and again than sit through this one!


      • I am still cringing , DP should just stick to make shalwar kameez, bhai acting ka peecha chod do , you are a good designer yaar ab aur kiya Chahiyee ???
        The scene of office , I wish firing was that easy toh I would have fired half of my staff .. Lol ..only in Pakistan … Sahi Mai baap ka maal . Asad really doesn’t acknowledge Minah being any part of Mehmood’s life , infact non of them even Mehmood Sahab … I agree with you SZ he is Fired being a Dad . Even Minah is just being silly , there are better ways of talking revenge .. The writer should have thought about what she really wants to convey , as at the moment it looks very confusing , is it about poor Minah or poor family ???? and this new character is just so annoying .. the last scene looked so fake , Minah could have easily ran away when Asad was putting her in the car . Just wasting my time here I guess . And Yes I am also watching Talkhiyan yet again ! what a shame such a waste ..


  8. I’m assuming that you have stopped watching this series.
    I’ve now officially stopped watching. It has gotten so stupid and weird and bizarre (Yes, Shaheen successfully achieved getting nikkah with Minah’s father and the father had no say in the situation). SO stupid…. seriously… what were the writers thinking????

    Anyways, Sanam Saeed is really a lovely actress, but this show just didn’t do justice.


    • Yes Maria well said , we all had high hopes for this serial and it really failed to impress apart from Sanam,s some scenes and her wardrobe ( love khadi I presume its khadi !!) the story just lost the grip , the direction lacks vision , the acting sucks big time by every one especially the two couples … The secretary is just awful to watch .. All in all despite being Sanam in it it fails to keep us interested .


  9. @Maria: Yes, I had to stop following this one for for the sake of my sanity. I will, however, confess to watching this last ep, b/c of the comments about it on the various fora, and needless to say was beyond disgusted. The fault lines in the script, which were clearly visible right from the get go have now turned into gaping holes which cannot be filled by the most brilliant of actors.
    On a related note, I am at a loss to understand why has the concept of nikaah been turned into such a joke in our dramas. So we have Kadoorat, then the new silly one Aasmanon Pe Likha and the silliest of all Rishtey Kuch Adhoorey Se .. Is it that easy to get a nikaah done? Are we being told that ppl in Pakistan are absolutely clueless abt the sanctity/responsibility/enormity of the nikaah contract?


    • A lot of the drama’s do bring to light situations that are actually happening in Pakistan, but are hidden in the background. So I suppose nikaah has become one of those focal points.

      There is another drama that is on called Aseerzadi, which has this story about a Pheer that has wed three times – the third wife being the ‘real’ wife because she is the one that gives birth to the child whereas the first two wives can’t give birth. And this third wife (mother) is carrying out the same tradition on her own son having him wed the first two women just so he can marry her niece the third time so she will have kids.


    • @Sukeina: hey! Good to hear from you .. did you follow Kadoorat till the very end? I stopped watching this after the tenth or so episode b/c it just did not make any sense for me ..but would be very interested in knowing your take on the way it ended …


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