Aunn Zara ~ Episode 10 Review


As I watched this latest episode two thoughts kept running through my mind:

a) If ever this was a story crying out to be made into a movie, Aunn Zara was it. Faiza’s spicy script, brimming with humor, romance and drama, the array of colorful characters, situations that lend themselves to song and dance interludes, and Haissam’s talent for turning the most mundane situations into magical, larger than life ones, all are ingredients that should’ve been blended together to make a succinct 2+ hour movie rather than a 20+ episode serial.

b) TV channels should seriously consider returning to the days of 13 episode serials, if not 13 than no more than 15. This latest trend of stretching serials to increase advertising revenues is turning even the best told stories into drag fests. By now, even the most un-savvy TV viewer knows that after a first few happening episodes, stories slow down to a snail’s pace, crawling till they reach the last four or so episodes and then boom! things start happening at speed of a lightning bullet… and by the finale all live happily ever after. FFwd button zindabad!

This latest installment of Aunn Zara was entertaining, with many a sweet moment, but in terms of the larger narrative, the story is now in need of some serious dhaka – Aunn continues to be frustrated and that’s that. Picking up from last week, our hero sahab managed to surprise everybody and secured a job, apni qaabliyat ke bal boote pe, thus keeping his end of the bargain he’d made with Zara. In return, rather than being awarded the gold medal he thought was his for the taking, all the poor guy ended up with was a patronizing  pat on the head, a rookha sookha, no khana involved, lunch date with his wife. 

Zara’s carrot and stick act might work in the short term, but surely even a beeba baccha like Aunn can’t be that stupid and continue to be placated with inaams doled out in form of lunch dates, or is he? In either case, Aunn needs to stop with the never-ending thandi saansen and longing glances, the gajra on the random guy was funny though, his wife should also try to stop being a Ms fix-it-all, trying to solve everybody’s issues except her own. Osman and Maya continue to charm as Aunn and Zara, but after so many weeks of running around in circles, I now find their scenes repetitive and boring. Today, the lunch date seemed to go on forever. Don’t quite know what twist Nighat phupo’s shak will bring about, but ab this qissa needs to move on – enough already!

Unlike her laadla nephew, aanisa Nighat Parveen is not one to let grass grow under her feet; before Jamshed sahab could return her shopping back from last week, madam khud hi pohonch gayeen golf course apna samaan lene … much as he may protest, Jamshed too seems to like Nighat’s increasingly frequent chakars around him and his house. I have to say at this point, it is the older pair’s story that is keeping me interested in this serial. Adnan Jaffer is fabulous as the faujisahab and Sabreen impresses every time she stops overplaying Nighat. Another track, I wish we saw more of is that of Husna and her absentee husband. I hope we aren’t made to wait till the very end to see what went wrong between this couple. Surely this woman deserves more of a life than merely cooking day in and day out! 

My peeves with the pace aside, the one thing that cannot be faulted is Haissam’s attention to detail. Aunn zipping up his pants very casually in front of Zara indicates how much they’ve eased up with each other since the early days. Contrasting this scene to the earlier one where Aunn freaked out when he realized he was actually holding Zara’s hands, speaks volumes of their particular kind of marital relationship. Now if we have a writer-director combo who can convey so much with almost nothing said, why the need for dragging and reiteration? Haissam and Faiza, enough of these long-winded serials, could we please request you two to come together for a movie now?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Well said SZ , agree with you about the pace , as at the end I felt like saying ” baaaas sirf itna Saa ”
    Very few scenes of my favourite Daadi and Nee Husna !!! But having said that , Aun Zara is like part of my routine now bhalay kuch na bhi ho in the episode .. Lets see how long this drag fast would go .


  2. SZ , u r right , dhakka needed asap. Finally the silly sofas out of the room but the sick kid had to sleep in their room , why ?????? Why couldn’t she sleep with her mother ???
    Zara , dear , have some pity on Aunn , before he literally explodes!!!! Lol 😉


  3. Thanks SZ for this wonderful review. You’re right, AZ should’ve been a movie. Infact on DP I once wrote that throw on a couple a songs & an item number & you have an excellent feature film. I hope the talented combo, Faiza Iftikhar & HH are listening.
    I loved this episode. Loved the lunch date. The scenes between Phupho Nighat & Jamsheed Sahib were fab. She knows exactly how to push his buttons. Phupho’s dialogues about all budhas looking alike were hilarious.
    Even if the story does not move forward I’m still enjoying AZ alot, week after week. I think it’s still the best play on tv right now, until something good comes up.


  4. The drama was good from the begining.. i just loved every bit of it.. However now it only revolves around *he wants to sleep with her and she doesnot allows it*.. Watching the drama with family and watching scenes like “sofa hata do ” doesnot looks good at all.. And plz faiza and hassam, where in the world man cant sleep with his wife?? even after months of marriage, they cudnt sleep with each other?? huhh
    Plz end the bedroom scenes, i cant watch the drama with my family now


    • @ Wanna Be Happy Always: totally agree with you.. i watch it alone still i feel uncomfortable.. can understand how it would be watching with family :/


        • @Wanna Be Happy Always: Hi! Great to hear from you 🙂 I think this where focus on other characters would help dispel the impression that the serial is only about the consummation of Aunn and Zara’s marriage…after all as we all agree there is so much else going on here!


  5. Well Written Madam !!!
    But it is getting a bit frustrated now !!
    I mean seriously jitna marzi pappu bacha AUN is he should Man up now !!
    And the way to do is too stop trying !! that is the only solution !!
    If that is not gonna happen then i fear it is gonna get boring !!


    • @Zaid: Hi – welcome to the blog, good to hear from you 🙂
      LOL!! Aunn bhai se kaafi shikayat hain aap ko! Lets hope and pray ke things start moving soon and in ko kahani thori aage barhay 🙂 Do keep writing and sharing your thoughts .. always good to get a male perspective!


    • @marium: thank you 🙂 good to hear from you and look forward to reading more of your thoughts on the further adventures of Aunn and Zara 🙂


  6. Hello fellow AZians! SZ well analysed as always.
    I agree that this story deserves a 72mm reel i.e the cinema screen. There is a plot, a story, and above all the characters ; main and side, aare well drafted and add to the story rather than ebbing away.

    Though the pace is slowing down, i dont Care! AZ is the only thing worth sitting in front of the telly. I love dadi’s simplicity, phupho mohtarma’s silliness, Husna’s dignity and the childish antics of the love birds. The drama has one ingredient which others dont , and that is it humour.

    I agree, that the bedroom scenes are a bit too much to watch with the family.
    Never the less, cant wait to find out phupho ka shaq kia gul khilata hai..:)



  7. Actually, I think it works better a serialized drama, than it would as a film. The pacing was much better in this episode and the it allows for both the sweet moments and madcap misunderstandings to unfold.

    Not to say that the talented writer-director shouldn’t team up for a film….but somehow despite good story lines Pakistani films seem to fall short somewhere….


    • @amusingmuslim: Yeah, somehow Pakistani films always seem to fall short of the mark, but I hear things are changing and Main Hoon Shahid Afridi is a very well-done film.. anyone here seen it? Would love to hear more about that one!


  8. I agree, this would have made a great movie!

    The pace of a drama is always going to be slower though. Most “seasons” of a show also last 20-25 episodes. So complaining about that is sort of like saying why can’t novels be short stories. Kind of silly, nah? The format, the purpose, the structure of the genres is completely different.

    I agree that there is slowness in most dramas, but this one, contrarily, has A LOT happening in each episode. In this episode we got the Phupho’s misunderstanding upon seeing Aun leave the restaurant and further development, as you said, of the love-hate thing developing between Phupho and Zara’s father. And we also got Zara seeing Phupho at her father’s house. And Phupho’s hilarious conclusion, upon learning that Zara’s father liked light colors on a woman, that he wanted to keep the light colored jhora to give to a girlfriend. LOL!

    So, lots of information was exchanged between characters leading to most misunderstanding what they saw. Which is the hallmark of great comedy. I know folks are anxious for the consummation of Aun Zara’s marriage, but that consummation is really beside the point. It’ll happen soon enough. What we don’t know, and what will keep us tuning in, is what will happen to the rest of the characters. Will Zara ever find out the truth about Aun’s father? And how will she react? Where will Phupho’s misunderstanding lead her? And can we please have more of Dadi and her delicious punjabi? Love her!


    • @Zarqa: Agree with your analogy of a novel vs a short story, very true! My comments were from the perspective of someone who would like to see more of the other, equally interesting, characters that we have met here… and indeed, please more of daadi and her salty lingo and more of Husna’s story, and oh yes, more of the very hot fauji sahab!


  9. this week more than aunn-zara, i enjoyed jamshed/nighat scenes,they were really interesting with top notch acting from both side.. dadi giving her special appearance is enough to see the episode with smiley face 🙂 jamshed and her father scene was too cute LOL :D… just missed husna this time, khali ek scene se dil nhn bharta 🙂

    pace needs seriously a dhakha.. can we really have a mercy.. that please let aunn sleep with his beauty and spare us or rather me with that *not-so-romantic-glares* ( well according to me they are irritating to T )

    misunderstandings are turning out funny.. looking forward to see what and how zara and nighat come to conclusions!


  10. I did enjoy this week’s episode and as you said the Jamshed/Nighat angle more than the younger couple going in circles. Mainly because the acting is so great and we rarely get to see 40 something romances done tastefully. Nighat’s description of Golf was HILARIOUS! Well done Faiza Iftikhar. I am glad that Daadi’s has a thinking brain cuz the daughter surely doesn’t.
    Zara and her Dad suffer from the same disease – they seriously don’t know how to express themselves and run away at the first sign of showing emotions.


  11. you are right, there’s an urgent need of dhakka 😉 but I think it’s a problem with all of us that we can’t wait for something, we want everything to happen in one episode. please don’t mind that, it was meant for everyone. anyways excellent review once again 🙂 really loving fauji sahab’s and nighat phuppos story and yet again shout out to the writer, director and all the actors 🙂 brilliant work!


    • @Abeer: Loved reading your comments on all your missed eps of AZ 🙂 LOL! Nahin yaar, no minding anything here… true we are being be- sabraa.. magar yeh dono bhi to hamare sabar ka imtehaan ley rahey hain na! But, yes all said and done, still a lot of fun and our comments should not take away from the fact that it is a very well-written, directed and acted serial!


  12. SZ, not seen MSAH, as its not released here yet, having said that , the thought of watching HS for 3 hours with Mahnoor Baloch giving me shivers ….. Good reviews on the content but not great reviews on acting and missing the soul … Well aam public likes it as it has ALL THE MASALA … Poor Shahid Afridi should sue ARY as they were constantly saying that ” Shahid Afridi kee zindagi par banai hue filam!!!(more like Mohammad Asif to me …lol women, drugs, Dubai , ban )


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