Aunn Zara ~ Episode 9 Review


After having gone round in circles for the last few weeks, Aunn and Zara are finally on the same page… OK, so not quite on the same page, but at least now they know where they stand with each other.  The short trip from shehr to pind seems to have done the trick, a much needed taaza hawa ka jhonka, which helped this young couple to turn a corner in their relationship and make their feelings clear to each. Zara, who seems to have inherited her father’s take-no-prisoners attitude, is quite resolute in her decision to not succumb to her husband’s considerable charms till he demonstrates his ability to shoulder responsibility. Aunn, mutter as much as he may about his circa 19th c vision of a perfect wife, has no real choice but to accept Zara’s challenge and prove his suitability as a man that Zara can wholeheartedly accept and respect as her husband.

This latest episode showed relatively more progress in terms of moving the narrative along. Not only did the lead couple exchange more than two uninterrupted sentences, but seems like Manzar and Shehna’s relationship has also been quietly simmering on the back burner. Nighat phupo and Jamshed sahab’s encounters of the feisty kind also are leaving quite an impact, both parties equally singed. Jamshed’s unthinking barbs hit Nighat where it hurt the most and left her in an introspective mood, perhaps for the first time in a long while. But then again, Nighat is Nighat, hard to keep this woman down. One awkward, hesitant apology from fauji sahab and aanisa Nighat Parveen is taiyar for yet another sair. While I’m all for this pairing, the mother in me shudders at what would happen to Sophie and her younger sister if their mother would remarry and move to fauji sahab’s house. After all yahan tau there is a whole household filled with female relatives to take care of the girls, magar wahan kaun dekhe ga in bachiyon ko? Much like her spoiled self-centered nephew, Nighat too needs to stop all her shopping trips and start thinking of others around her. Sabreen is coming into her own as the very colorful phupho. Adnan Jaffar’s seemingly stern, but actually soft-hearted Jamshed is the perfect foil to her lively Nighat.

Speaking of Aunn and his self-centered ways … wow! Aunn is indeed a piece of work. Thoroughly pampered and spoilt by the women in his household, this boy/man is yet to grow up. The complete ease with which he accepts a monthly stipend from an absentee father, never questioning his absence from their lives, speaks volumes of the insular world he inhabits. He has no qualms in looking to his family for support, but is completely clueless when it comes to being sensitive to his mother’s pain. The amount of suffering Husna has endured over the years was all beautifully expressed in that one abruptly disconnected phone call. For me, this was the scene of the episode. Running a close second was the scene where daadi lamented about missing Zara. Nasreen Qureshi is truly a scene stealer; no matter how big or small her scene might be, it is hard not be affected. While Aunn and Zara sweet little love story lies at the heart of the serial, it is Husna and daadi who provide the much-needed soul to the story.

Now that Aunn and Zara’s deal is all settled, I hope the story will move at a more even pace. With Aunn starting a job, I hope he gets busy with work and we are spared Aunn’s endless sighing and longing glances. Osman is fabulous when it comes to the lighter moments, but as for those long hot gazes… well, lets just say that Aunn is no Ashar. Maya too seems to lose the plot when it comes to the more intense scenes. The moonlit night scene did not come off as romantic at all, and the ghostly blue lighting did not help their case much either. What did work well in the pind was chacha and chachi’s very warm and thoughtful hospitality … so much so that even goats got a room in case it rained at night! 

Rather than working only on the lead pair, Faiza and Haissam have done a fabulous job in fleshing out all the characters here. None of them are perfect by any stretch of the imagination, all have their fair share of flaws. This serial is special in how its characters are neither cynical nor judgmental of each other. What we have here instead is an unsaid acknowledgment of familial bonds and humorous acceptance of each other’s shortcomings. Yes, it is all about loving your family, crazy as the gang might be! 

Finally, not sure how many noticed this, but for once we had a proper ending to an Aunn Zara episode! So what was that phone call all about? Naukri mili ? Or, did Aunn mess up this interview as well? What do you guys think?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Aunn and Zara , pls.pls get on with some action in the bedroom . Poor Aunn , I feel sorry for him and Zara , for Gods sake stop running to Daddis bed every night !!!!! Sheesh….
    I really hope aunn gets the job !!!!!


    • @ Deeba,
      Your comment made me laugh. I hope Aunn gets the job too. Then Zara will have to keep her end of the ‘unbreakable vow’ they made, otherwise she will have to deal with us, Aunn fans.


      • @Annie: Talking about handling such “delicate” issues aesthetically, do you remember that unforgettable, read horrible, scene was between Rohail and Zebu in Ashk, where they sat in the coffee shop exchanging memorable dialogs like tum ne is ke baarey kabhi nahin socha … kab socho gi.. kabhi na kabhi to sochna hoga … aargh!!!


  2. Another well cooked episode. Only one flaw I found for the first time and that was the editing.Nighat went on shopping on the same day as AZ went off to pind. So how is it that she returns from shopping after AZ’s moonlight date??


  3. Agree with you on the extensive use of blue light. It looked too much artificial.. The dropped call scene.. well “ronghtay kharay hogai thai” i guess. That one scene told us everything of the pain Husna has been feeling for years.. I was so angry at Jamshed.. His words were a spear to Nighat (and I guess to anyone’s heart) but the next moment, the shooping spree was a laugh for sure! Chahch chachi were a spark!

    looking forward to how Aunn and Zara grow up!!


  4. Thanks for the review SZ.

    I think you missed the point. Why are you comparing Aunn-Zara to Asher-Khirad?
    A-K were two mature, responsible adults & good human beings, whereas AZ are very young, immature, spoilt, & self centered. Miss goody two shoe, Zara, is a little better than Aunn, as in, she’s more sensitive to what’s going in the house, but still not mature enough.
    The story is about a man-child & how he matures to become a responsible adult. I don’t want Aunn to mature too soon. First of all, there would not be a story left ( & I want AZ to continue forever) , & secondly, it would look very unnatural if they mature too soon.

    I loved their little date under the moonlight in the pindh. I think its a punjabi thing. I loved their trip to the pindh & all the relatives there. I thought it was very well done, with them sitting on the steps. I don’t know why you did not find OKB looking romantic? He looked rather fine to me, hayeee. OKB performed really well in that scene, whereas Miss goody two show spoilt it for him.

    The scene where Husna is talking to her husband brought tears in my eyes. Hina Bayat’s acting was brilliant. Surely no woman deserves a fate like that.


    • @Mona: Great to hear from you 🙂 LOL!!! No, no, never meant to compare Ashar and Aunn! Sorry, if it came off as sounding that way … you are absolutely right in that they are two very diff characters. My issue was with Aunn’s brand of romance not being convincing enough, for me at least … Baqi to yes, no doubt he does look pretty fine!
      I actually really liked whole pind outing, reminded meso much of our visits to my grand parents’ gaon as kids and how much fun we had their with their characteristic open rural hospitality; loved all the chacha chachi and extended scenes.. just that “blue” moonlit scene did not work for me .. but I was very glad ke finally the two got a chance to lay their cards on the table and talk it out ..


  5. Agree with you SZ on – finally getting a proper end to the epi and the tender moments sprinkled thruout the craziness that are so special and well acted. I enjoyed chacha and Chachi too they are just so adorable together 🙂
    Ok I was trying to figure out if the blue light was on purpose or they couldn’t get the lighting right and Aun Zara ended up looking a bit Zombie-ish. Usually Haissam is spot on with lighting that I am guessing that scene was hard to shoot due to atmospheric issues lol overall a much better epi than last week’s.


  6. Hey SZ, thanks for the review- finally read it today after the net was restored (monsoons playing havoc here). Enjoyed the ep and all the little things you and others mentioned but I wish things would move a little faster…


  7. very well written review but thats not a new thing..:) thoroughly enjoyed reading i
    it was good to see A-Z finally talking on some issues specially Zara, they were much needed as those coy smiles by zara were loosing their charms just like those gazes of aunn are really a thumps down… so agree with you SZ on those blue lights, i was remembering “jaduu” 😛 deal was super cool…atleast is tarah aunn baat tou manega job karne ki.. nahin tou this dude is least bothered!

    Hina Bayyat stole the show with just phone call scene… i loved how husna was so calmly talking and her expressions when call was cut… too cool! amazed how zara noticed husna’s khamoshi 🙂 aunn needs to be a man for sure!

    Chacha-chachi are rocking couple, village trip was a quick one but beautifully shown.. keeping goats in big room to get save from rain was nicely written!

    good to see nighat phopoo is some serious expressions too, jamshed and nighat scene was refreshing one..:) n i love the bg music played in their scenes!

    and akhir kaar episode ended on a question mark note 😉


  8. I dare to disagree with “Taao Jee:” unda to avein hai juri sohni h lol Hamara munda b kaafi sohna hai .:) Coming back to the episode as usualy i enjoyed it thoroughly.Ma\ya and OKB are just too cute


  9. Sigh..late to the party as always.

    Anyhow, this episode got the story going and lays some groundwork for back stories of the other characters not to mention shows man-child in poor familial light –Not to mention terribly ghoulish in blue lighting confirming that if he exchanges that puppy dog expression for fangs and a cloak he would make a perfect vampire!

    Girl-child on the other hand is wising up to family tribulations and about time she yielded the whip. Minus a few nakras she’s quite alright. Also must say her Fauji father is really the one to watch.



  10. finally got time to read your reviews and as always it brings back the whole episode in my mind and lightens up my mood 🙂 thankyou for the amazing reviews and just one word about AZ, fantabulous 😀


  11. @SZ The blue scene: two words : ”Twilight Saga” ! All I could think of was OKB’s Humsafar parody u told me abt yday! ”a cradle-robbing vampire with enough hair-gel and body glitter to put the entire Kardashian family to shame. married to a zombie with textbook daddy issues…” Was that scene twilight saga parody or what!!! lololol And now come to think of it our OKB does resemble Robert Pattinson.. does he not??
    I said to myself earlier I will resume tomoro.. and I certailnly won’t comment now.. will just wait till I have watched the end and speak my mind in the last thread.. but lo & behold! here I am again! WARNING ! this show is totally addictive!
    Just watched Numm and throughout todays episode I kept comparing our two anokha ladlas.. yes Nikamma.. yes thoughtless.. yes amma ka koi khayal nahin.. off to honeymoon.. I guess I just couldn’t take W seriously today!! & Neelum vs Zara role too!
    I’ll try some self-restraint now.. let’s see how long that lasts!


  12. I don’t know why, but I’m feeling a little irritated by Zara. Why is Zara so hell-bent on living a traditional lifestyle with her cooking and cleaning in the house while her husband is out earning money? It just felt kind of catty for her to not want to work herself but make her husband work.


    • @AB, I guess she just wants to soak up all the piyar muhabbat from the ladies she’s been longing for. Plus she’s in a household where women are supposed to do ghar ghirasti.. she pbbly just wants to score all the brownie points at home lol… Plus more importantly, she wants Aunn to grow up and own up to his zimedaris.


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