Mere Humrahi~Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai~Darmiyan: First Impressions

triocoverphotoWith dust barely settled on special programming for Ramzan, Eid ul-Fitr and Independence Day, TV Channels have wasted no time in cranking out new offerings at a dizzying rate. This week, so far, we have seen the debut of three new serials – Mere Humrahi, started on Monday on Ary Digital, Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai, Tuesday on Hum TV, and Darmiyan, Wednesday on ARY Digital. Two other serials, Khoya Khoya Chand and Aseerzadi are expected to air from Hum TV on Thursday and Saturday respectively. Numm, the Fawad Khan starrer and probably the most eagerly awaited of all, is expected to begin on Geo starting the 24th. Another one, Ek Kasak Reh Gaee, Sanam Saeed and Mikaal Zulfiqar, is also expected to start soon from Hum TV. While I may not follow all these serials, I did check out the first episodes of the three new serials that began this week. Here are my first impressions….

Mere Humrahi


This serial, which aired on Monday from ARY Digital, is a maiden offering from Fahad Mustafa’s production house Big Bang Entertainment. Written by Sana Fahad and directed by Furqan Khan, Mere Humrahi is “different” in the sense that rather than one guy caught between two girls/sisters, here we a have two guys and one girl. The cast consists of a blend of experience and youth. Munawwar Saeed and Ismat Zaidi play parents to Khalid Malik and Sonya Hussain, Ahsan and Haniya respectively. Haniya is happily engaged to Ahad, Shehzad Shaikh, and their marriage is about to be solemnized when Ahad suddenly starts having second and third thoughts about this whole shaadi business. As he thinks more about his impending marriage and the changes it would bring to his life he develops cold feet and informs Haniya he needs more time, barring which he would be happy to call off the wedding. The episode ended with a hysterical Haniya weeping and begging Ahad to reconsider his decision.

As first episodes go this was a very unimpressive start. There was no element of surprise here since the promos have pretty much given away the story. As for the actors, we did not see much of Fahad Mustafa, Ahmed, Ahad’s older, more mature and responsible brother, the third angle of this love triangle. Both Sonya Hussain and Shehzad Shaikh fell far short of the mark. Shehzad did not look and act anything like the immature, carefree, impulsive and spoilt man he is supposed to be, and Sonya’s Haniya was equally unconvincing. 

The entire episode seemed to consist of a few very long scenes. The “nightclub” sequence was hilarious to say the least, and the climax scene went on forever. The heavy deluge coupled with Sonya’s over acting and Shehzad’s non-expressions made for a literally painfull watch. The precaps have already shown what is going to happen next, leaving no suspense for the next episode. Lets hope the promo editors take notice and stop revealing upcoming twists and turns. 

Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai 


The first episode of this serial aired on Tuesday from Hum TV. A huge improvement over Monday’s serial, this one showed the stamp of a more experienced team , comprising writer Seema Munaf, and director Barkat Siddiqui.

The story revolves around Shakeel and Sajida Syed’s family, consisting of two sons and a daughter. Mikaal plays Shaiq, the older brother who gets married to his first cousin Narmeen, played by Aisha Khan. The raison d’être of Mujhay Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai is an as yet unknown transgression committed by Arham, the younger brother played by Ahsan Khan. We are not told what really happened, but whatever Arham did was enough to cause a permanent rift between him and his father, causing a lot of stress in the family. Through various conversations we also get hints of some latent tensions between a very bitter Arham and his newly wed bhabhi.

As an opening installment this was a good introduction to the story and its characters. Aisha is a fine actress and it is good to see her play a more complex, non-mazloom character. Ahsan is a good actor and was quite effective in conveying Arham’s disturbed state of mind, but in many places his reactions were too over exaggerated. Same was the case with Shakeel’s sahab’s character. If Arham’s harkats were so despicable and objectionable, then why was he still living in the same house? And what the heck was going on with Shakeel sahab’s auburn hair and the strangely shaded black and white beard??? Though Arham occupied center-stage today, it seems like Shaiq too has a lot of issues simmering beneath the surface. Moomal Shaikh, who plays Areeba, is paired with Ahsan Khan and it will be interesting to see how she fares here. 

Apart from some heavy duty dialogues, and Narmeen’s outburst against Arham and her complaints about Shaiq always being against her, which were strangely out of sync with the rest of the episode, this was an engaging watch. The serial has begun on a intriguing note, but lets hope that the writer and director do not drag out the suspense till the bitter end, waiting till the last episode to reveal the mystery – that would not be fun!


darmiyan 3Of the three serials, this one had by far the best opening scene – Aliya at the graveyard and then walking back home, memories of a sepia toned past haunting her every step. This was a beautifully directed sequence, the past and present blending together seamlessly, kudos to the editors for a job well done. Syra was pretty amazing in those opening frames. She is a pretty girl, we all know that, but the DOP managed to catch not only her outer beauty, but a part of her soul as well – beautifully done!

After a stunning opening, the episode lost its creative edge and became much more routine in its story telling. In fact some of the scenes afterwards, Aliya’s attempted suicide and the mother consoling her afterwards, the overlong engagement party sequence, particularly Farishtey’s hunt for earrings, Rehan confessing his love to his friend, seemed quite disconnected in terms of artistic sensibility. And while on technical details, could someone please lower the volume of the loud background music. That said, the story moved along at a decent pace and I look forward to seeing how the writers move the narrative forward, connecting the past to the present, so that the actual story can take off from thereon. 

Darmiyan marks Syra’s return to TV after her marriage, and I for one am glad that she is back. One among the very few actresses who are very selective, it is good to see her back in action and giving it her all. Apart from Syra, Sania Saeed is the big hook here, so I am looking forward to seeing how her character shapes up. 

Overall, these three first episodes were a mixed bag, all with their pros and cons. Which ones did you watch? Did any one pique your interest? Which ones are you likely to follow? Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Written by SZ~

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  1. If I ever get back to following serials, may start with Darmiyan. Always like watching Syra, and looks intriguing. Will probably catch up in September. Thanks for all the info! Am only following AZ, and behind even on that!


  2. I only watcvhed mere humrahi and yes I agree with you;Shahzad and Somya both did not leave an impact as their expressions were plain.Fahad’s character was not shown much so i guess there must be very much to reveal and I agree again the promos give out the whole story.I have not watched “mujhe khuda ape yaqeen h” and “darmyan”.never got a single trailor of dermyan i had been reading about this and was anxiously waiting to see Syra after marriage and It would be first after tanhayyan.I will watch this.


  3. In the same boat as SK. Watched bits of Darmiyan and the story seems pretty run of the mill at this point so lets see how things shape up. If I have very little interest from episode 1 I am not sure how I’ll be able to sit thru 23 plus. Only reason to watch would be Syra’s return.


    • @Annie @SK @Ruba: Agree, Darmiyan seems like a serial which will watched primarily for Syra.
      @Annie: The basic story, as is usual with ARY, is up on ther FB page and it does sound very routine… my main interest in the story arises from the fact that it is co-written by two new writers (I think) so I want to see what they bring to the table…


  4. I watched all 3 and these are my thoughts..

    humrahi I personally thought was directed very well, I liked the direction better than the other two but the actors are lame and wish better actors were part of this cast. The promos reveal the story but it is still interesting so I may continue to watch 2-3 more episodes and then decide if it’s worth it.

    darmiyan story seems different and there is an element of suspense. I like all the actors in the play too but direction is horrible. Sorry have to disagree from your review, the scenes were stretched out for no reason, and the camera had too much close up of poor syra, and horrible loud background score and I have a feeling once the suspense is revealed it will turn out to be a typical story, Adnan promises Farishy to marry her, they fall in love, but his mother may play dirty poor girl rich guy card, typical neighbors pointing fingers, girl’s reputation at stake and girl dies. Adnan Siddiqui married wife and kids and Syra will take avenge her sister’s death. Honestly if this is the story it is same old typical….but let’s see, for now I am watching it.

    Khuda pay yakeen – I liked this the best of the lot. Different story, the characters are acting suburb, decent direction, excellent OST and full of interesting suspense to keep us audience glued to our TV sets.

    by the way have you watched Khoya Khoya Chand? I liked the first episode. Fresh faces, romance in the air, good direction…. Seems nice.l good opening..


    • @Pino: Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂
      Agree with most of your issues with Darmiyan. As I noted in the review, apart from the first scene, the graveyard to the gali to Syra looking around the house and spying the stuffed toy, I too thought the rest of the episode was pretty ordinary. I had similar isues like you did, the long scenes and the overloud bgs. . As for the story, ARY has very helpfully revealed the basic plot line which is pretty much what you have said above, so not much suspense left here either, Dont you wish these FB pages and channels would stop the all-too revealing promos and giving away stories like that??
      I saw Khoya Khoya Chand and didnt much care for it. I thought it was too filmy, and I didn’t much care for the whole stalker angle. Ahsan following Maya around in bazars and taking her pictures all came across as rather creepy.
      Of all these so far, Mujhe Khuda Pey Yaqeen Hai seems to have most suspense. Lets see how the next two three eps pan out.


    • Pino Jee all i can say just wait and Watch Darmiyan 🙂 there is1 a thing which will shocked u may be , s1o stay tuned 🙂


  5. I finally watched all three as well. I would have to say they all fall into the “time pass” category of dramas. I was super annoyed by the number of times Haniya said Ahad’s name in the first episode. I felt nauseous afterwards…


  6. LOL @ Nadia. I know exactly what you mean by an overdose of Haniya saying Ahad in the first episode of Mere Humrahi!

    Good roundup SZ! I watched MKPYH – for once, there is NO written preview so there is at least some level of suspense. The video I was watching had rather terrible sound quality (not that you needed much to hear Arham!) but somehow the storytelling was average.

    Haven’t yet watched Darmiyan but as Pino said, it is typical story, so nothing new here… It seems to be a play on Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan – only that the younger sister has returned to take revenge! Let’s see…

    Have yet to catch up with Khoya Khoya Chand… not that I am too inclined after the filmy promos LOL!


    • I agree with you ladies.. that whole Ahad Ahad was enough to drive anybody nuts. Not surprised at all that he decided to break it off with her!
      Agree with you in that Mujhe Khuda Pe .. has the most promising story.. I just hope that the director handles the suspense well and dies not drag it out to the bitter end. Fingers crossed!


  7. Of the three I have only watched MKPYH and just watched first episode of KKC. I am intrigued by MKPYH, although I do not like Ayesha Khan (I know I am in a minority and she is rather popular), she just did not click withe me in KPKP or her telefilm. I hardly find her the ravishing beauty they claim she is (I know standards of beauty are different for different people) – not that I have an inclination to pretty people – Sanam Saeed doesn’t qualify as the “std desi beauty”, yet she is one of my absolute faves!

    KKC is meh… I liked Sohai in Tanhai (that’s also a drama that fell apart near the end!) and of course I am enjoying Maya Ali, so i will give it a chance.I’m not a huge Ahsan Khan fan so it’ll be odd to watch two of his at a time. I do feel for him in MKPYH, and am curious about his character.


    • @Nur: the others you can probably catch up on yt later, sometimes serials are so much better when you can watch them in ffwd mode.
      Re: Aisha, I’m on the same page as you as far as looks go, but the again each to his own. As far as her acting goes, her recent work has not been that great, IMO, but iff you go back a bit you will see that she has dine some really good work earlier. Vasl was a very good serial of hers. I know there are many other good ones of hers that I can’t think of right now, but Im sure our readers can help out with names etc.
      Re: Ahsan Khan, I so totally agree with you! He is one of our better actors for sure, but I really wish he would cut down on the amt of serials he does. There was a time last year when he had six or seven serials on air at the same time.. abhi bhi he has three airing .. Khoya Khoya Chand, Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai and Gohar-e Naayab from PTV.


  8. i was waiting for your review SZ on Darmiyan as it is my very dear serial as Head Of Content :)Thanks for good analysis , Some sequences are prolonged by Director’s treatment , he dont wants to go ahead with fast forward scenes , it was a difficult task for all of us to ground the Past in one row in just some epis , because we have to move on from past before the actual present story , hope you will like the further developments 🙂 will be wait next week for your another great review


  9. Finally done watching all 3 weekday dramas..and got an idea what way our tv industry is actually going.. Both Mere Humrahi and MKPY started on wedding preparations, i had a feeling k aray abhi tou dekha tha aisa hie same..

    anyways my thoughts on MR: totally idiotic drama, suddenly day before marriage Ahad realizes now I can’t marry and reason was totally senseless.. haniya showing her mehndi to ahad like crazy was so irritating.. even i got fed-up.. phir bechare ahad ka kaya kusoor..itni chipkuu se acha hua peecha chura lya 😉 rain scene was horrible like anything.. such creepy feeling i had watching that scene.. haniya’s begging didnt got well :/ agree with you SZ, both Sonya and Shehzad were disappointment!

    MKPY was ok ok.. it didn’t intrigued me as what Arham has been going through.. dont know why.. Shakeel’s sahab beard was freaking funny.. i was so lost into in multicolor bread that couldnt concentrate on his acting or dialogue.. Aisha Khan was strictly ok and same goes for Ahsan Khan.. will watch on and off..

    Darmyan was better than both.. first scene was really amazing.. i could actually feel farishte’s death and her love for aaliya.. only thing that was distracting me; was over usage of toofan.. i was like bus bhayee.. kab khatam hoga.. :S the peep in past was nice.. but yes engagement sequence took ages to finish..! does love at first sight happens in reality too :O ? saw in Khoya Khoya Chaand too and in Darmyan too.. found it totally unrealistic..! this i will give a second look.. or may be will watch when Sania Saeed enters.. Javeria Abbasi was really good and so was Syra! her comeback and she have became more prettier!


  10. My pick of the three would have to go to Darmiyan , then Yaqeen and then Humrahi. Love Syra’s return and she did more than justice to her role so far especially the first few frames. Darmiyan also seems to have a mysterious element that draws me to it so will definitely be following along to see how it unfolds.
    Yaqeen – Ahsan Khan’s acting sees a marked improvement these days and it’s always nice to watch Aisha Khan on screen. Again, I will be watching this one to see what led to this whole talkhi between Arham and his father and the bad blood between him and Aisha. I have already watched epi 2 and while Aisha retains the acting finesse, I have developed a soft corner for Arham having me convinced that he has done nothing wrong. Not so sure about the ambience and background score which totally takes away from the play.
    Humrahi – agree with your review. Performances are flat and emotions lacking everywhere – totally unimpressed.
    Will be hard to keep up with all of these and others but lets see 🙂 Glad I saw your reviews , atleast got to know about these 3 plays!


  11. Following all three on and off. No sorry just two. Mere Humrahi and Khuda Pe Yakeen.

    They both suck. Mere Humrahi’s lead actress should really think about taking acting lessons. All she does is yell and scream. And 4 episodes down and we are still on the first day of the drama. How can a drama not move past a single day even after 4 episodes…and FM should start running a fair and lovely campaign. Those bleach creams are working magic on him. Gross!
    epic fail.

    In Khuda pe Yakeen, what is Ahsan Khan’s problem! he needs serious help. Aisha Khan’s role kinda reminds me of her character in KPKP.
    and again Moomal Sheikh..ugh.
    the only thing I like about this drama is MZ.
    and how can i forget to leave out Shakeel’s creepy beard! what was the person in charge of that thinking!! or not thinking..

    Basically the new batch of dramas all pretty much suck except Aunn Zara and now Numm!


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