Kadoorat ~ Episode 4 Review

KadooratFour weeks in and I’m still waiting to connect with Kadoorat. Even if one puts aside the faulty premise and takes the story at face value, then too, apart from Sanam Saeed’s fantastic performance there’s not much else to recommend this one. Like the previous three episodes, this latest one too focused on emphasizing how evil Mina was and what a threat she posed to her unsuspecting, innocent family, read victims.

Picking up from where she left off, Mina continued with her mission to make life miserable for her step-family, all of whom she sees as having robbed her off her father’s affections. Here, she picks on her step-sister the most, because from Mina’s perspective it was Alina who took her place as daddy’s little girl. Alina, with her unchanging caught-in-the-headlights expression, makes for an easy victim. The scene where Mina was all decked out in Alina’s jewelry was very well done, but the minute Alina asked for her locket back it was easy to see where this was going to end. For Mina it is very simple… its all about robbing Alina of everything she holds near and dear – be it a locket, or the boyfriend who gave her the locket, all equally disposable and dispensable for Mina.

Asad, not as gullible and easily scared as Alina, tells his parents of Mina’s threats, but not surprisingly Atiqa, who seems to be living in some kind of a la la land, once again makes excuses for her step daughter (she does this later as well). Mahmud’s response though made for the funniest moment of the episode: “marketing sharketing” as a way of keeping Mina occupied and out of trouble — what?? What does this say of those thousands of students who work so diligently to specialize in marketing?!

This week also introduced us further to Daniyal, Alina’s boyfriend; turns out his family is well known to Mina. This then begs the question, why didn’t Daniyal’s parents step in when Mahmud was having a hard time with a young Mina? From Mina’s warm reception it seemed she and Daniyal had been back slapping buddies, if so then why didn’t we hear his name mentioned in the first couple of episodes? Along with this other questions remained unanswered. As Alina tells Daniyal, Mina has spent a lifetime snatching things from her… really?? when?? Rather than taking Alina at her word, wouldn’t it have been better if we’d actually been shown an incident or two to back up such an allegation. Moreover, if Mina has been doing these harkats all along, then why did Mahmud wait all these years to take her to a psychiatrist? And why does Atiqa keep saying that she says now trying to undo Mina’s childhood ghalat fahmis? Needless to say I’m quite confused by the very confusing timeline.  

Overall, this was another hodge podge of an episode. The story didn’t move much, except to cement the belief that Mina is evil personified. Watching today, I wished once again that this potentially very interesting concept had been re-worked a bit more, to make the story more coherent and the characters more believable. In terms of acting, Sanam was a standout and Junaid Khan was likable as Daniyal. Moomal Shaikh sported the same hurt/confused expression throughout, and both Deepak and Angeline remained very unconvincing. Imran Aslam looks miscast as a young, rich executive, but he’s a fine actor and I look forward to seeing how his character shapes up. In terms of direction, there were some scenes – Mina looking around Alina’s bedroom, Mina draped in Alina’s jewels, Mina asking the maid to dress up – which were done well, but then in others, the overuse of the staircase as the staging ground for so many accidents, there seems to be a a lack of creative imagination.

What did you all think? Will the next episode prove to be the charm?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Excellent review, SZ. You know, this drama serial reminds me of another one written by Zoha Hasan – Thora Sath Chahiye starring Fahd Mustafa, Beenish Chohan, Savera Nadeem and many others. Believe me, almost ALL the characters in that serial were Mina-like. All of them were psycho, bent upon taking what the other had, and insanely jealous of each other. We never find out why they are this way, and in the end, all of them die, either at the hands of each other, or commit suicide. This serial positively reeks of that soap…


    • @DB: Hey! Fab to hear from you! Glad to know we are on the same page with this one 🙂 Oh wow! I had totally forgotten that very sad serial …. agar woh yaad aaya hota tau I might have never started this one.. you are absolutely right .. I remember being equally perplexed/puzzled as I watched that one … ok so now it makes a lot of sense .. thanks for reminding me!


  2. Uffff ! What an episode 😦
    Agree with your review ” sola aanay “!! . Sanam is exceptional she is making everybody looks like a bystander in the drama so far when it comes to performance , the kitty Kat sorry Alina annoys me to bits , even if Mina was NORMAL any sister would have wanted to kill that cry baby !! I don’t like Junaid khan at all as his dialogue delivery is so poor and in haste , who made him a hero is questionable as dialogue delivery is the main thing I have been told and to be honest in my opinion he is just as not convincing just as the mummy Dady pair … My question to the writer is ” what does family wants from Mina ” … They all seems to be either scared , fed up or annoyed with her , never seen the love for her from anyone , including Dady dear . Anyways my respect and admiration for Sanam as an actor is increasing day by day , SHABASH!!! ( Zordaar pat on the back )


    • @Sheema: I’m with you girl .. this is one confused drama …at times it seems that the writer herself is not sure about the characters and their motivations …and then the actors, other than Sanam, are also miscast and seem totally at a loss about their characters.. I will give it one more week after that I’m washing my hands off of this one!

      Btw, how come nothing from you on AZ? I am waiting to hear more of your family stories 🙂


  3. Nothing to this drama except Sanam Saeed. She’s totally owned the character of Mina and i fail to understand how and why they are trying to make her look evil and all others victims, when they are clearly the ones who are wrong.

    Why is Aleena so annoying. How is she a grown woman and so scared of another woman around her age. She cries about anything and everything, and the necklace she was dying over was pretty ugly. Asad threatened that she will take over the business?? Last time i checked it was her father’s company not his.

    The funniest scene had to be, the servant lady decked out in her jewelry, and then walking around the house all day like that. I mean she looked like a fool!

    I dont understand the character of Atiqa. Is this all an act or is she actually trying to make things work? If so, then why did she rat her out about the milk. If you want to make nice and get her to like you, then why did you have to bring up the milk at all. Sorry no body feels bad that you choked on it! 🙂

    Let’s see how the arrival of her friend in the next episode makes things even more difficult for the step family.


    • @Ash: totally on you with bringing up the milk thingy…moment she said k mene doodh pya tha and minah laye thi i was like she is one big looser :/


  4. Sanam was spectacular today. I remember jab ZGH hai was on air, i said the role of kashaf was tailor made for her but today i have to say she has moulded herself into mina. The very fact that despite the fact that she is evil we still are rooting for her is a testimony of her great performance. Another thing that i will mention is thankfully an actress who is not doing roles of damsel in disterss and some sati savitri…….. Love sanam. Other actors continue to disappoint me. Mainly momal because after mina she has most scenes and she fails to act. I cringe everytime i see the romantic scenes between alina and daniyal……


    • @ume azhaan: I agree, Sanam is the only saving grace of this very sad serial. RE: Mina being an evil person, as I replied to Sheema, the writer herself seems to confused about it .. If she’s evil then why do the rest of her family seem like such losers? I laugh every time Mahmud comes on screen, he always seems to have some idiotic thing or the other to say .. do you remember his comparing Mina’s going away to the hostel to a rukhsati ?! And yes, Moomal is pretty bad here… in her defense, I do think she has improved slightly since then… But yeah overall pretty hopeless all around 😦


    • I agree 100000% … As a die hard Sanam fan it’s a real test to go through this torture of scene with the girl who is playing the sister,s role…..and yes the so called ROMANTIC scenes are more like ROBOTIC scene s for me….


  5. hi Sz
    i had a few questions..i wanted to ask about a few dramas..
    can you tell is sanjha a worth watching serial ..and what about shehr e zaat and talkhiyan..are these shows good and worth my time..specially do tell about sanjha if u hav seen it..
    thanks..looking forward to your reply..


    • @Saraah: hey!

      Sanjha: This was a serial i fell in love with from the first episode …it is beautifully shot by farhan Alam. The story revolves around the issue of human trafficking. Its slightly slow to begin with, then picks up along the way. It is beautifully shot and Resham, Imran Aslam and Suhaee Abro were really good. The biggest problem with this one was that it derailed pretty badly after the half way point and then it stopped making any sense, I remember Samira Fazal telling me that she had to change her script after she was told that the subject might get very controversial.

      SeZ: I personally loved this one. I think it is Mahira’s best work to date and Sarmad directed this one beautifully. My reviews for this serial are here on the blog. There were many who thought it was dragged out etc, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one! If you like serious plays then you should definitely give this one a shot.

      Talkhiyan: This one is a must watch – no questions about it! I think it is one of the best serials to have been made in last five if not ten years. A completely different subject, amazingly written and superbly directed and acted. I cannot praise it enough. This one too I reviewed from start to finish, so you can go through those if you like.

      I hope this helps! And do let me know which ones you ended up watching and which ones you liked .. I’ll wait to hear back from you! 🙂


      • Thanks for your reply SZ..
        So i’ll surely watch Sez and Talkhiyan..i think i’ll give sanjha a miss..I recently watched many dramas loved Bilquis Kaur, Matae Jaan, and Bari aapa they were awesome..actually i was interested to know about sanjha bcz it was the same writer who wrote bari apa and khamoshiyan (both very mature and awesome serials), but as ive read on other forums as well that the story derailed towards the end so i think i’ll not watch it as i wont be missing much..actually i love talkhiyan’s ost and ive read the god of small things so the drama seemed good..i’ll definitely read the reviews and watch talkhiyan and i have heard so many good things about Sez that now im willing to watch it..
        Can you recomend me some serious dramas like talkhiyan or art dramas you say..and have you seen Aik nayee cinderela and Meri behan maya..would love to know about them (ive heard so many good things about both these serials)..both of them seem interesting..
        Thanks once again..will look forward to your reply 🙂


        • @saarah: Aik Nayee Cindrella stands out for Haissam’s outstanding direction and the fairy tale like world that he has created .. I didn’t follow it avidly week after week, but there were many who loved it. Meri Behen Maya was one that I could not stand at all …you might want to give it a shot if you’ve heard good things about it .. I could’nt watch it after giving it a go for two weeks ..
          do come back and share your thoughts on SeZ and Talkhiyan…
          RE: other dramas … I would recommend Jalpari .. its another one which did not really create waves when it aired, but definitely worth a watch, the only Neelam starrer I can wholeheartedly recommend.


  6. Thanks to your all covered up reviews that i didn’t bothered to see first two episodes.. just started watching from ‘kaisi lagi meri entry’ scene , all because of our brilliant Sanam Saeed 🙂

    i quite agree with all what you stated..just 2 episodes and i was literally fed up with Alina-Daniyal scenes..move on guys.. we got it that Alina baby is scared of Tigress Minah LOL.. every phone call / meeting and she talks the same thing and with same expressions whether its romantic talk, chitchat with brother or complaining to mummy.. i too like minah wanted to screw her up.. 😛

    I actually could feel for minah..and her logic to Atiqa for not bringing her back home made sense.. srf bolne se kaam nahin chalega bibi.. kuch karke dikhana tha na.. and why this lady atiaqa gives such a fake smile… telling about milk to mahmud was seriously one disgusting act IMO…. why do i feel there is something cooking up on her mind LOL.. 😛

    Mahmood sahab..i am clueless about this father.. actually no he is just hen packed husband thats it.. how terrible was when he picked atiqa’s handbag.. and mujh se biwi ki bhook bardasht nahin hoti.. budha kahen ka.. now coming to most irritating part of episode.. ‘koi marketing/sharketing pe lagadain ge ‘ or wht ever the dialogue was..it sounded like some local kinda work.. yaar izzat se bolo.. marketing is one creative job and using it like this :O utterly disappointed!

    Asad…uff ek flashback yaad karke karke pagal he hojaega… even he is scared.. Shaheen was right Ek Minah sab pe bhari hai LOL.. way to go girl!

    precap seems interesting..i really dont want this drama to end in minah turning all goody.. just need a logical ending.. which by far its missing!


    • @Rehmat: Hey! Glad to have you have back after the Ramzan break … now if only our dramas could also shake off their summertime blues .. we really need something better than this one!
      So agree with you about the same flashbacks playing again and again! Seeriously fed up of them now! Also Mahmud, Atiqa and the rest of the family need to get their act together .. honestly, the rate at which they are going now, I will be actually thrilled if Mina ends up punishing each and every one of them!
      And what did you think about our Jaanu baba aka psychiatrist? Why doesnt he tell Mahmud that he is the one who needs treatment, not his daughter!


      • @SZ: hey thanku so much:) seriously yaar our dramas now a days are no less than nightmares except a few ofcourse… One pagal family minah have.. Oh yes i missed commenting about psychiatrist… To be honest i went down to memory lane n started recalling jano baba and bibi 🙂 well he seems one sharp man,have expectations from this character only.. Hahahahaaha yea mahmood sahab defo needs treatment 😉


  7. Been trying to watch Kadoorat for the past 4 weeks just for Sanam and Deepak Perwani. But I think i am done with this one now. The characters are just not well thought out enough. Nothing makes sense. The psychiatrist part should have been the highlight but the writer seems to have forgotten about their sessions. They should have based the show on her psychiatric counselling. Would have made a much better plot then showing Mina scaring off Atiqa with a plastic snake and other childish stuff.


    • @Knubbyah: I’m with you ..finally washed my hands off it .. I might sneak a peek up at some point to see what becomes of our dear Mina, but for now I too am done with it.
      What else are you watching these days?


  8. Your review is as accurate as it gets! I really want to love Kadoorat just as much as I love Sanam but it’s just not happening 😦
    I think what irks me the most is the tacky dialogues – from Atiqa’s overflowing ‘mumta’ to Daniyal’s ‘ghori-ghora pyar’ for Alina (lol). Overall, it give the drama a very immature appeal.
    I think I would like to see a more vulnerable side of Mina — although there are many reasons to empathize with her, it’s hard to do so as she is shown to be purely evil and nothing else. I do really like the interaction between Mina and her therapist.


  9. I swear i looooooooved reading the comments here.
    I know i’ll be watching this drama coz om Sanam and i wanna know wht actully happens. Im personally very happy wth mina’s character and quite exited for er her friends entey. Also i find this serial differet which is y im only watching this one.
    Im sick and tired og Alina and danyal, un ki mohabbat jaye bhar main.
    I wish we had better actors for those charcter. And have to say other than sanam i like watching Imrans scenes, not bcoz he has exiting scenes but he is very natural.
    Last but not the least yeh mama ji ki kaise ‘MAMTA’ hai? She is so freaking wierd.


    • @Iqra: LOL! Glad you are enjoying the discussions here, and even more glad that you decided to join in with an equally interesting comment 🙂
      Yes, like you many of us are watching this one for Sanam and wanting to see how Mina fares in the end .. baqi to as you said, not much else going on here ..

      This week’s ep was pretty boring, so I decided to skip the review, but if you guys would like read biweekly reviews, do let me know!


      • I like the idea of a biweekly review! Still want to be updated with the opinions of you & commenters but I understand that Kadoorat (for now) is not giving enough material to discuss!


  10. From the trailers that have been put on Hum TV commercial ads, I’m wondering what exactly Asad will end up doing to Mina… because they have shown some scenes where he grabs her and drags her to the car and drives her away. And when she returns, she’s telling her father that if he knew what Asad did to her, he would want to kill him right away and the father yells back at her saying, “Jooth bhol rahi ho. Hamesha se joothi thi!” So……. looking forward to that scene! But loving the acting of Sanam Saeed. I just love how evil she is, and what the end of this drama will be like (maybe she dies? Maybe she finally realizes she was in the wrong the whole time? Hmm…)


    • @meiko: Hey Good to hear from you 🙂 Hmm.. interesting point you bring up … lets see when that scene happens. Yes, Sanam’s Mina is an interesting character for sure, but don’t you wish the story and the rest of the characters were better written? Its so frustrating to see a good concept being wasted away like this 😦


  11. @Kadoorat followers: Hey guys, so after a two week break I decided to check and see ke story kahan pohonchi and the first scene of the 6th ep really grossed me out … why the heck was Mahmud sitting there by Mina’s bedside while she was sleeping, touching her face and kissing her forehead?! I understand that she’s his daughter and all that, magar phir bhi.. .I’m now convinced Mahmud is a creep! What did you guys make of that opening scene? Anybody else thought it was creepy?


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