Aunn Zara ~ Episode 7 Review


This is probably the first time with Aunn Zara where I walked away without a satisfied, wah kya episode tha feeling. Though there were plenty of lovely moments sprinkled throughout – loved daadi ji’s reminisces about daada ji marhoom’s tariqas to manao her, smiled at Manzar’s unfazed chichorapan as he line-maaroed Shehna, and felt apna bechara Aunn’s frustration as he ran from pillar to post trying to find ways to jump-start his badly stalled pyar ki kahani – nonetheless the been-there-done-that-feeling lingered throughout. The slow pace, the fact that nothing “new” happened today and the by now all too familiar random ending, all came together to make this the one that fell just short of the finish line.

Continuing from where he left off last week, now that he’s made up his mind that he is interested in Zara, Aunn continued to bumble his way through to make his place in his wife’s heart. Again following pir saeen Manzar’s advice Aunn decided to take Zara out for a movie date. Sadly though, much like the frustrating khandaani dinner last week, this time around too ulti aanten galey par gayeen as the evening ended disastrously with Zara getting her forehead stitched. Bechari Zara! The one good thing that came out of this fiasco was Zara’s unexpected defense of Aunn….seems like fauji sahab’s tomboyish daughter is just about ready to lose her heart to the khandan ka eklauta chashm o chiragh, Aunn.

Of course, before any of the dil lena aur dil dena business can even begin, there are many a slips between the cup and lip. First daadi ji unknowingly plays the villain in this yet-to-start love story, and then Aunn messes up the plot even further when he places flowers next to a very allergic Zara’s nose. Given the whole lack of privacy bit, it is by default then that all the romantic encounters between our newly-wed couple take place in the bedroom, and here much as Haissam might try otherwise, unfortunately now, after five or so weeks since Aunn and Zara’s marriage, all these scenes shot within the confines of that one room are beginning to look the same. The scene where Aunn fretted over his decision to apologize seemed never-ending, particularly since the punch line, Zara’s allergies, had already been revealed in the promos for this episode. Also, there was a similar scene earlier in the episode as well –  where Zara had snuck in to Aunn’s bed after escaping from daadi’s bedroom – granted that the context of the two scenes was different, nonetheless there was this sense ke abhi tau dekha tha …

Apart from Aunn Zara’s dhaka start story, we also saw Manzar trying his very best to patao Shehna, who I must say has a very level head on her shoulders. I am really liking Mahra Bhatty here, and Mukarram Kaleem never fails to bring a smile to my face. I love all his scenes with Osman Khalid Butt as well. Infact, the Aunn- Manzar pair is so much more fun and actually share more chemistry than the Aunn-Zara pair; today their hot and heavy breathing and the OTT angst was a bit too reminiscent of Bollywood at its cheesiest. Though Maya Ali is getting better, very likable as the chulbuli Zara, she is not quite there yet. Her emotional exchange with the superb Adnan Jaffer, when fauji sahab proposes a separate living arrangement for Aunn and Zara, failed to make an impression.

What did make an impression, and a very strong one, was how creatively the scene between Husna and daadi ji, Parveen Bano (!), was shot. Rather than relying heavily on closeups, as Haissam seem to like to do, here we saw a very agitated daadi’s reflection in the mirror as Husna calmed her down, reassuring her that Zara was not lost. I love the finesse with which Husna handles the easily excitable daadi. Unlike her boisterous in-laws, this quiet woman does not cause too many ripples but still almost always manages to get her way.  Faiza’s done a fabulous job writing these two very contrasting characters. Along with Mukarram and Osman, Hina Bayat and Nasreen Qureshi would be my other nominees for the jori of the year award.

Overall, though still fun, I found this episode to be more lethargic and less engaging as compared to the previous ones. Here’s to hoping the pace picks up appreciably and we can go beyond Aunn’s continued attempts to win Zara’s heart – yaar Zara ab bas bhi karo aur Aunn ki apology maan lo… we all need to move on!

Written by SZ~


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  1. Haha and I seriously thought I would be the only one to say that it felt like I was watching an Aamir khan/Juhi chawla movie 🙂
    This was def OKB’s episode. I have a feeling he’s done this kind of bit in real life too probably with his significant others lol he seemed so much at ease playing the puppy dog face Aunn. And these people seriously need some privacy herr koi room Mein without knocking Chala ata hai! Jaisay bedroom nahi koi hotel Lobby ho.
    Yes enjoyed the Daadi in the mirror scene. I was hoping for a more Dastaan’ish romance but ended up getting BW instead mainly due to Faiza (I think) being heavily influenced by that genre.

    • @ Annie,
      Thank God I’m not the only one who got the feeling that OKB has done this before in real life too, ha ha. I wasn’t sure if I had the courage to say that, so thank you for saying it out loud before me. Considering his ease & that sweet look on his face, he probably read the scene & went, ‘ piece of cake, been there, done that’.

        • Wait, which scene are we talking about here – because aside from the animated gestures (strictly sometimes), Aunn is poles apart from who I am in real life.
          I mean, I don’t know whether I should be flattered or terrified, re: the comparisons, lol!

          On a more serious note, thank you, SZ, for your detailed critique which is a pleasure to read each week. Re: the ‘been-there-done-that’ feeling, I think that’s to create a slow-building chemistry between the two leads, and not have an episode where hey, presto! they’re suddenly head-over-heels for each other. But that’s just a personal opinion.

          Thank you, Annie, Mona and everyone else who’s been so kind with their comments regarding my character. And SZ, looking forward to your next review, and thank you once again for your positive critique of Aunn!


          • Yay! Aunn replied. Team Aunn rules.
            The scenes we are talking about ( the ones we feel you’ve done in real life) are the ones where Aunn is trying to make nice with Zara, with the puppy dog face. That’s all. No need to worry.

          • @Osman: Hey! Fabulous to hear from you! Thank you for taking the time to read the review and commenting – much appreciated!
            Re: your comfort with certain scenes: LOL! take it as a huge compliment, that you make it all look so natural and effortless 🙂
            I agree with you in that the mellow pace of A-Z’s relationship is so much more believable than the typical ek raat main pyaar hogaya and the silly declarations of I cannot live my life without you etc. That said, I hope we are not made to sit through the next however many weeks watching Aunn trying to win Zara’s heart while Zara continues to rebuff his every move, and then wait till the last couple of episodes before the two finally realize their feelings for each other…Now that would not be fun 😦 I don’t think any of us Aunn fans would like to see our bechara hero get shut down episode after episode!
            I hope you will continue reading and drop in from time to time to share your thoughts and add to our discussions 🙂

        • @Mona and SZ – enjoyed reading your comments! 😀 Glad we all agreed haha!
          @Osman – thanks for commenting! it was totally a compliment on your effortless puppy dog face.

  2. Thanks for the review SZ.
    Poor Aunn! My heart went out to him as he spent most of the episode trying to make nice with Zara. If you ask me, the accident was all Zara’s fault. She is the one who started the fight. I wanted Aunn to scream at her & remind her of what she said in the car but I guess Aunn is a better person than I am.

    Loved the little scene between Husna & dadi. Husna is so wise, cool, calm & collected. She knows exactly what’s going on in the house. I loved how she covered up for Zara not being in bed with dadi & told her that she had sent Zara to her room.

    Re, your comment about all the romantic scenes in the bedroom, well where do you want them to be? These two are living in middle class, joint family, with only one bedroom to themself. The story is a modern day romance, where the problems between a newly wed couple are not due to evil mother in laws or sister in laws, but due to the immaturity of a young couple.

    • @Mona: your unquestionable adoration for OKB/Aunn is soo sweet .. yes, I too was angry at Zara, but then she redeemed herself by jumping in to defend Aunn… so hisaab barabar, nahin? That said though, by the end I was getting quite annoyed by madam’s nakhras … she really needs to chillax and give the poor guy a break .. kahan milte hain itne shareef aur seedhey shohar aajkal!

      Re: my comment about the bedroom, I agree with you and indeed that is the refreshing part about this serial that its a huge shift away from the saas bahu paradigm, my point however was more in terms of how similar all the scenes appear visually just because they are shot in a very small space, and no matter how creative the director tries to be eventually all scenes end up looking like each other …

      • @ SZ,
        Oh dear, is my adoration for Aunn that obvious? I thought I was being subtle. That means I need to calm down a bit.
        Coming back to all the romantic scenes being in the bedroom, we have to remember that this is a very average family with middle class values. The little privacy they get is in their room, that no one bothers to take permission before entering. I don’t think we are going to see a display of affection between them in any other room or place (these two dont have enough money to go for a honeymoon, sigh), besides their bedroom because that’s all they have, poor Aunn (sorry but no matter how hard I try, I refuse to feel sorry for Zara after today’s episode).

        • @Mona: hahaha… no worries my friend.. I do enough fangirling of my own so its easy to recognize the “symptoms” of the similarly afflicted 😉
          I apologize I wasn’t clear before in my response to you.. I wanted to say that I absolutely agree wit hall your points about the middle class household, lack of privacy etc, and so the bedroom becomes pretty much the only place where this young couple can talk about private matters, and there too as @Annie pointed out becharon ko koi akela nahin chorta, so thats all fine and understandable. My comment was not a critique or a criticism, more of an observation that because so many of their conversations happen around the bed and sofa that it just makes it all look the same. Baqi to we are on the same page with regards to how realistically and aesthetically the bedroom scenes have been done 🙂

    • @Mona – i agree with you! Thank God for Husna! At least someone in the house has a brain!! Love how she takes care of everything.
      Also think it was really sweet of her to cover up for Zara!
      i thought Zara went back to her bedroom to play nice, but ufff she was still as mean as ever to Aunn.. =\

  3. Slow episode. The whole apology thing was toooo dragged. Yet there were so many scenes that made me LOL. I simply love Aunn, poor chap, he tries so hard and fails so miserably each time. As for Zara, it’s very refreshing to see a confident, bold girl who is NOT evil. Very rare in Pak dramas these days. I hope I get to see some cute romantic encounters next week.

  4. Yes this ep wasn’t as great as the last one but still good fun nevertheless. OKB was adorable when trying to patao his wife, specially when he finds her lying on his arm. But bechara was in for another rude awakening.
    thanks for the review- enjoyed it!

  5. Oh, how I too voice each of your review’s word, SZ. 7 episodes swoosh, I dont really have the slightest of an idea why I find myself sitting through the seemingly never ending commercials, waiting for a freezing point worth holding onto for the rest of the week. Yet, no such luck. It gives the entire episode an incomplete apparel, regardless of how brilliant the actors pull their roles or how well paced the story moves forward. This thing really needs to be looked into and sorted out.

    • @Ayesha: Hi! Great to hear from you 🙂 Yes, don’t quite get what’s going on with the editing … It would be fabulous if somebody from the AZ team could come and help us understand the underlying logic behind these seemingly random endings…

  6. Btw I didn’t much care for the jibe at Sahir Lodhi- whatever one thinks of him, there’s no reason to make fun of the man at every given opportunity.

  7. Hello everyone! It’s been a while and each week I want to thank you all for watching AZ and commenting on it. It makes our efforts (good or bad) worthwhile. I really enjoyed playing Husna because she represents the earthy wisdom of our women who enter a family, own it and spend their entire lives holding it together. I truly love the Dadi-Husna jori too – and off screen too it was a pleasure working with Nasreen apa. Everytime she felt down and out I made her have a glass of Rooh Afza – and then boy, was she bouncing off the walls! Hahaha! Off set too “Husna” handled “Amma” fairly well 😉
    Thanks to Faiza and Haissam I got the chance to experiment with an unusual character – hai taras jaati hoon achay role ke liye!! As Husna would say “baraaye mehrbani apni duaaon main iss naa-cheez ke liye achay ki Dua zaroor keejiye ga” 🙂

    • @Hina: Awww thanks for sharing such a lovely story about you and Nasreen Qureshi.. its always good to hear that our celebs had as much of a ball making the show as we are watching it .. I think good chemistry and off the set really translates into magical moments onscreen 🙂
      Re: your comment about lack of good roles .. does this mean the present drought of good dramas is not going to abate any time soon? 😦

  8. Finally caught up on the latest episode! Have to agree with you guys that it was a bit on the slower side and seems a bit repetitive now. I understand they want to take it slow and not be head over heels overnight but they should change up the scenarios and locations.

    I felt the bedroom scene was way tooo long, when Aunn places the flowers on her pillow. I had a feeling either she would throw them on the floor while sleeping or end up sneezing a storm.
    This was a painful episode for bechari Zara. Pehle she gets injured in the car accident and then the flowers…
    Loved Osman K and his expressions, trying to apologize to Zara without anyone seeing him, but wow Daadi can talk till the end of time. She has the worlds stories to tell.
    I swear the ladies of the house need to be sent on vacation and give the two some alone time. What ever happened to Phupho’s daughters? bohut hi farigh ghoom thi rehti hai.. Maybe she should take care of her own children sometime.
    The over protectiveness is becoming a bit annoying. Let the kid breath!

    Wonder if Manzar and Shehna will hook up, bc at this point she doesn’t seem to be in it but they make a cute, and then maybe Aunn Zara and Manzar Shehna can go on double dates! 🙂

    Hopefully the next episode picks up and has shorter scenes compared to this one!

    • Hello,

      Great drama and great review. I think if an actor makes it believable for the audience that “been there, done that” he has succeeded in his role 🙂

      By the way I was wondering, how do these celebrities find your review and reply? Is it really them? There are many other sites that review their plays and perhaps even a more professional review but I never see any celebrity respond or post there, only here… Sorry makes me a little suspicious if its really them.

      If it is really them, how do they find your blog? Do you market it? Just wondering…

      • Yes, it is really us!! Hahaha! And I’ll tell u why – bcoz most other reviews are simply recaps of the episode but the review by SZ reads between the lines, picks up on the subtle nuances, aesthetics and technicalities unlike the rest. It is very fulfilling for those involved (actors, directors, production team) to delve into the viewers minds and see how they receive what we have done. U all give us that opportunity and compel us to connect with u!! Desi Rants N Raves has built up its following on this side of the box too 🙂

      • @Pino: Hi! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment – much appreciated! Re: your question about whether these celebs are real or not .. Hina’s already responded. Re: your query about how do the celebs find the review and reply… same way you found us and commented 🙂

        @Hina: I’m beyond humbled and flattered by your very kind and generous words. Thank you, that’s pretty much all I can say…

        • @Hina – Good to know it’s really you 🙂 You are doing a wonderful job with the character – as always 🙂
          I have enjoyed your SEZ as well as Talkhyian. Continue the wonderful work!

          @SZ – continue the wonderful reviews! You should review more plays though…

          @Aun (sorry don’t know your real name) – This is the first play of yours and Maya’s that I’m watching and I must say both of you are so natural. You are like a breath of fresh air in this industry, I got tired watching the same 2-3 actors over and over again in every drama. Continue the great work and hope to see you in more plays.

          • @Pino thanks for your encouraging words. I’ve been lucky with scripts like Talkhiyan and Aunn Zara otherwise one has to make the best of what’s there in the limited options for someone like myself. Characterisation is seriously lacking in scripts – something that was the hallmark of Pakistani drama 😦 but we live in hope and give our best so that our viewers are not disappointed 🙂 keep watching and commenting please 🙂

            • @hina khwaja bayat I know I am 20 weeks too late,…I came across this blog recently and I am hooked! Love to read the insights and then the discussions are icing on the top! Just saw her review for the final episode of Aunn Zara and had to take the plunge.. And now I AM HOOKED! Thanks Team Aunn Zara for such delightful entertainment!
              Dunno if u r still following this but had to say u rock lady!! loving u as Plain Jane Husna.. Loved u in SEZ and ZGH & the hatke roles in Talkhiyan aur Aik Nayee Cinderella for sure, but my fav has gotta be ur role in Tum ho ke Chup.. loved the farsi!! and loved the urdu with the farsi accent even more!!! Looking forward to seeing u in more versatile roles.. Please producer jis out there, hamari mann-pasand Hina ji ko mazeed kamal ke hatke roles se nawazein..Hum aapke mushkoor o mamnoon rahein ge lolol

            • @FA I am humbled by your generous words and kind wishes! It means so much to have our work appreciated and our efforts acknowledged by you, our viewers, because it is you who we perform for! Do keep me in your prayers – because I can’t bank on the producers for that! Hahaha!! Stay bLessed!

            • @hina khwaja bayat just saw ur Husna’s little dance in episode 8.. soooo refreshing! Again that was something new from u!
              also loved ur bajre ka kutna in thalli!!! lovely yet again! pehli dafa is action ka matlab samajh mein aaya! keep it coming lady!

  9. Enjoy reading you review SZ.. Love your writing style. I must say Aunn Zara has got me laughing my head off.. And i really mean it !! A standing Standing ovation to the enire team.. Keep it coming guyz!!! 😀

    • @Amnasalam: Thank you! Welcome aboard 🙂 Always great to have new friends join us in our discussions. Indeed AZ is a riot… what did you think of this latest episode? Looking forward to reading your take 🙂

  10. @SZ re: kamre tak mehdood…Ur comment reminded me of phuppo jis statement in the second episode.. kamre se nasharyat… lolol .. I guess thats the ordeal for this couple.. its either the kamra or the whole tabbar!! they have no luck with dinners, movies or even hospital.. lol

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