Kadoorat ~ Episode 3 Review


This latest episode of Kadoorat continued along the same plodding path as the two before. Apart from Sanam Saeed’s sensitive portrayal of Mina there was not much else to be applauded here. While the overarching plot line still sounds promising, lack of rationale, ill-conceived characters, editing bloopers, and excessive use of flashbacks made this episode a pretty ho hum watch.

This latest installment revolved around the first few days after Mina’s return. Many changes have taken place in her absence. Though Atiqa claims she spent each day of the last ever so many years trying to convince Mahmud to bring Mina back, today’s evidence lead to other conclusions. She and her children are by now firmly ensconced in Mahmud’s life and affections. The business is now run by Atiqa and Asad; in fact as Asad tells it, it is they, him and his mom, who are responsible for expanding a previously small operation. As for relations between Mina and her step-siblings, its not just her resenting them, Alina and Asad seem equally wary and resentful of her. I realize that Mina was very mean to them as a child, but after she was gone, didn’t the step-kids have the whole shebang to themselves? Given that Mina never visited in the intervening years, I, therefore, cannot understand the huge chip on Asad’s shoulder. Alina’s complaints to Daniyal about Mina’s behavior too seemed out of sync with what we’ve seen so far. For me, rather than her step-siblings’, Mina’s resentment holds a lot more merit. It was she who not only lost a mother, but after his remarriage also lost her father and was kicked out of her own house. Alina and Asad on the other hand, not only gained a very loving father, but also moved up the social ladder quite effortlesslyAs I see it, no matter what Asad might say or think, he is where he is today because of his mother’s second marriage. 

Alina too failed to elicit any sympathy from me. Other than behaving like a twit, complaining about being bored and asking for gossip, why was she holding off on telling her parents about Daniyal. It was quite obvious the two had talked about marriage before, so then why place the blame for the delay on Mina who had just returned? Bechari bacchi… I totally felt for Mina as she cut a very lonely figure, an outsider looking in on a scene where everybody else belonged. Though she’s all grown up now, the child within her is still hurting and insecure. For me that party scene made for the one bright moment in an otherwise average episode. Sanam’s expressions and body language conveyed the sense of loneliness and hurt so very beautifully.    

I think I would have been kinder in my assessment of this episode had it not been for the whole psychologist angle. Yes, I know I was questioning this two weeks ago, but that was then, when Mina was a child. I was totally dumbfounded when out of nowhere daddy dearest suddenly realized there was something off and Mina needed help! Say what? Where was Mr. Mahmud all those years? Didn’t the school authorities send him reports about Mina’s behaviour? Wasn’t any help provided to her then? No wonder the poor girl is as messed up as she is .. with a crazy dad like that how could she be any other way. Rather than Mina, its her dad who needs help. The way he screamed at her, after her admittedly stupid stunt with the snake, and told her to go to her room was really bizarre. Mahmud sahab, your daughter is not ten anymore…

Mina’s harkats, no more than juvenile pranks, so far, seem to indicate that even as she talks big and threatens to usurp Asad from his position within Mahmud’s company, she needs a partner-in-crime to help carry out her “revenge.” Enter Shaheen, her impending arrival promises to stir an already shaken pot. It will be interesting to see how the writer and director play out the dynamic between Mina and Shaheen. Will Shaheen also get caught up in Mina’s devious plans for revenge?

Kadoorat is a story that is a lot more interesting conceptually than is coming across onscreen. To begin with, the excessive use of repetitious flashbacks, even of conversations that happened just minutes ago, is now getting tiresome. The characters, particularly that of Mahmud, don’t seem to follow a logical pattern of behavior. Alina and Asad too seem angry without just cause. Asad and Mina’s exchange in the office, complete with loud dramatic music in the background, was too OTT, given it was their first meeting. Imran Aslam is a fine actor, but here I was not impressed with his angry young man act. Moomal Shaikh too did not leave an impact as the pseudo meek Alina. Angeline Malik and Deepak Perwani both seem lost here. Junaid Khan didn’t have much to do today, so will wait to see how his Daniyal develops, and same goes for Adnan Jaffer as the psychologist.  All in all, I’m still waiting for Kadoorat to make an impression; fingers crossed for next week.

Written by SZ~

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  1. Hai !!! How did you know what I was thinking ??? You are too good to diagnose and analyse rationally and objectively ! Well done SZ:)
    Coming to the episode , I was thinking what different Sanam would do here , being the same kind of negative or dark role she played couple of time .,. But nahi ray !!! She was exceptional in this ordinary episode, everyone looked irrelevant and as a side kick in the episode . The expressions, the naughty child , the resentment, the anger, frustration, joy of making the enemy annoyed , determination to take revenge, the playful daughter and a lonely heart …. all these emotions were played superbly by Sanam , I didn’t see any trace of Fizza, Kashaf or Bibi here ( I am so glad as usually actors have the same expressions while playing the different role )
    The psychiatrist visit is too little too late, see that’s why psychiatrist dont make that much money in Pakistsn… Lol .. Jab jana thaa tab toh Gaye nahi , and dactar sahab’s diagnosis seems 15/16 years late !!
    I felt for Mina and the BAICHARAY perfect children looked like sour losers to me, what are they moaning about ? I was quite annoyed as there attitude is more like Kay dafaa he rehti Mina toh acha thaa .
    All in all Sanam and only Sanam was all over the episode and in my opinion despite the story being good the execution is quite poor.


    • @Sheema: LOL at your reasoning about why psychs dont make as much money in PK, wah kiya point hai! But seriously, I think this was a great opportunity wasted by the writer/director to educate the aam junta about the importance of seeking professional help to deal with the emotionally distraught , rather than turning it into a farce which this has now become.


  2. Hey! Was waiting for this review. Finally the much demanded psychologist is here but as you said a bit too late. I couldn’t even believe the type of diagnosis he was trying to make and the conversation with the dad. And the dad! Uff unko kia bemari hai, pareshani hai, why cant he just shave? I businessman running a successful business looks more like a depressed sleep deprived homeless person. :/
    The only reason I’m watching the drama is Sanam Saeed. I think the psychiatrist has an important role to play, even if its late. Also, from the flashbacks, Shaheen sahiba looks more of an opportunist. let see how things unfold. Once again, like Silvatien, I feel this drama has a good plot to keep the audience interested but poor execution might not let it be a blockbuster.


    • haha! koi serious beemari hai na to isliye apni beti ko abandon kar ke doosron ke bachay paal raha hai.

      yes looking forward to how the psychiatrist fits into this entire story but i really wish Mina would stop lying so much.


    • @Anon: I agree, it does seem like Adnan Jaffer will have a significant role to play here, and i say that not because of my faith in the story but because of my faith in the actor. Adnan is a very committed actor and I cannot see him signing on for a bit role in the play .. lets see how this character pans out ..


  3. Thanks for the review SZ! I’ll skip on this ep but am still updated. Actually did try to see it but the no. of times the bijli went and the wifi got cut off I decided rehne hi do.


    • @Afia: No need to rush to check out this one .. araam se watch a few eps together so you can ffwd it and enjoy it a lot more than we are at this moment … :/


  4. This show has a lot of scope but the actors and mediocre writing are letting it down. Sanam is marvellous but rest of them seem so uncomfortable. I don’t like the actor playing step brother. Mainly because i think his personality does not matches the character…. Momal sheikh was really bad and that is putting it mildly. Overall the actors fail to convince us in favour of their character except sanam saeed. Let’s give it a liitle more time before finally giving up. Fingers crossed.


  5. Ok seriously this drama is a hot mess! Matlab ke, what the heck is going on in here.. Not a thing has changed, the mother with the same dialogues, the father obsessed with his wife and the useless step siblings.

    Whoever let Moomal Sheikh become an actress. She is so beyond bad, i am sure i fell asleep a few times when her scenes were on air.
    And if she isn’t bad enough, Imran Aslam, another pain to watch. Why does he love making those constipated faces. Pehle to shakal achi nahi uper se expressions making it so much more worse.
    and how dare he take over Ashar’s office! ufff.. >:-(

    Itne saal guzar gaye, but Mister Mahmud saab didn’t even bother upgrading his wardrobe. The same ol grey shirt over n over again…

    Why is that everyone aged except Atiqa.. and why would she bother begging Mahmud to bring Mina back, jab ke she has all the peace in the world for herself and her kids at the house.
    Mahmud’s dialogue “apni beti ko nahi dekhoonga toh kisko dekhoonga” about Aleena really pissed me off. He yells at his daughter for her useless pranks, shows no concern but is madly in love with his step kids.

    A part of me hopes that Daniyal ends up getting married to Mina and not that stupid Aleena.! bhuhaha.

    Mina, really needs to quit having those stupid flashbacks. the same old 2 scenes over and over again. Ab toh mujhe cake se bhi nafrat hone lagi because of that flashback!


    • @Ash: Yaar, your comment really cracked me up — you’re really funny when you get going!
      Re: the flashbacks, absolutely ,,. they already had Zhalay there, why couldn’t they shoot a few more scenes with her .. thori vareity hi ho jati!


  6. Ok for some reason I actually like this episode, perhaps because there was so much of Sanam to watch 😉 but overall you are right about almost everything, the step siblings, the psychologist drama Mehmud sahab put up. The first thing I uttered was: ‘jab 10 sal ki thi tab doctor sahab yad nahi aye?!!’ He is the most pathetic father. He should be thankful that his daughter still loves him so much and doesn’t turn her revenge mode on every time she sees him.
    As for the siblings…absolutely NO sympathies with the two jerks. They get EVERYTHING that belonged to Mina and yet they have the guts to complain about her behaviour and ghar k disturbed halat because she has returned. Did Alina herself made an effort to go and talk to her sister? As for the brother, he wouldn’t have turned the business into an empire if it wasn’t for Mina’s father! He wouldn’t have had the business at all. Alina has the PERFECT life, rich and loving family, a good looking boyfriend and an innocent, miss-goody-two-shoes reputation. Apart from Atiqa no one has tried to understand what Mina must have gone through all those years away from home. As for the grand dinner; it was HER party, yet no one cared if she came late. Sanam was so perfect in the scene. Perfect depiction of the disturbed child still alive inside of her.
    What I think is, while this is an amazing plot, the writer didn’t really try to understand the psychology of the characters she created and just wants to make Mina look completely evil. I hope that’s not true, but so far this seems to be the case.


    • Interesting point you bring up! I think Mina should seek revenge from her stupid arse good for nothing father! He cant see beyond his wife and two step siblings and it was entirely his fault for sending her off to boarding schools.
      The jerk siblings have the nerve to complain about Mina coming back and ruining their peace when they are the ones who took over her house and father. And come to think of it when they were complaining Mina had done nothing at all to them.
      I hope she seeks revenge from them all and ends up marrying Junaid Khan.


  7. didn’t get time to watch any of the dramas properly in ramazan 😦 few days before college reopens so I’m trying to catch up with all the missed out stuff.


    • @Abeer: Awww.. We’re all pretty much in the same boat, so no worries 🙂 Will look forward to your comments once you’re all caught up 🙂


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