Aunn Zara ~ Episode 6 Review


Manzar: Arz kiya hai, kiya roz garajte ho, baras jao kis din.. samjhe?
Aunn: Nahin… tashreeh karo
Manzar: Jo garajte hain, woh baraste nahin, bhaunkney wale kutte kaat-tey nahin hain
Aunn: Yeh kiya bakwas hai…
Manzar: Baat ki gehrai main jaa….

Not quite sure who died and left Manzar in charge, but going by how he runs to pour out all his woes to Manzar and the rapt expression on Aunn’s face as his sagacious friend doles out idiotic relationship advice, clearly our anokha ladla thinks pir baba Manzar knows it all! Indeed, one does have to hand it to pir Manzar sahab – don’t know if his garajna barasna advice is of any use to other followers (if any!), but Aunn clearly thinks his friend’s mashwaras are the best thing since sliced bread. From the initial what-the-heck-does-that-even-mean, to aha-the-light bulb-finally-switched-on, to wow-you’re-brilliant-my-friend, the gamut of expressions that ran across Osman’s face in those few seconds were just excellent. Working with Faiza’s strong script and superbly directed by Haissam Hussain, Osman Khalid Butt and Mukarram Kaleem are magnificently mad here! 

Do dil mil rahe hain… magar chupke chupke 
Sab ko ho rahi hai khabar… magar chupke chupke 

Whether it is thanks to pir baba Manzar’s totkas or the power of suggestion or perhaps there actually is a teeny tiny spark of attraction trying to make itself felt, whatever the case maybe, it is so sweet to see our nazuk mizaj hero and the latth maar heroine start feeling that something special for each other. The coy exchanges, sidelong glances, semi-arduous gestures, aadhi adhoori baatein, baal sanwarna, mailey kaprey uthana, all beautifully executed vignettes highlighted the growing attraction between our eklautey pan ka sataaya hua couple. Though they both jumped into marriage as a way to escape the same malaise, but both had different expectations from it. Zara wanted a bhara pura susral sans the machar like pesky nuisance of a shohar, and Aunn wanted nothing more than to be left alone. What they get instead is not simply a fulfillment of their desire, but also an added bonus in the form of a relationship between the two. Try as one might to ignore the other, annoyed as they are with each other, there is something between them that cannot be denied. Both Osman and Maya are very believable as a young couple trying to wrap their heads around the nitty-gritty of a marital relationship.

And on relationships, Nighat’s attachment to Aunn though creepy makes for a lot of funny moments. Sabreen Hisbani plays Nighat with a lot of verve and gusto, but at times she tends to overdo the fast-talking chamak challo bit. Today though she was hilarious as she marched up to Fauji sahab’s house demanding Aunn’s safe return. Aunn sahab tau ja chuke they, magar Aunn’s phuljhari si phupho has certainly caught the straight-backed samdhi sahab’s attention. And now that her undue attachment to Aunn has rung alarm bells in Zara’s dad’s head, I can’t wait to see if he makes good on his threat to have Aunn and Zara move away from the clutches of his damaad’s over-possessive relatives. Agar aisa ho tau it would be great to see a twist in usual desi formula: the beta thrilled with the idea of living on his own (and after that failed dinner date attempt who can blame him!), while the bahu tries her best to continue living with her in-laws – now that would be fun! 

As for the failed dinner date, bechara Aunn! Uski tau sab tadbeerain ulti ho gayeen… kahan ka romance and kidhar ka romance… uski biwi sahiba ko tau poorey khandaan ke siwa khana hi hazam nahin hota?! Apart from the hilarity of the situation, the sing-song in the car was really fun, it was interesting to see that while Aunn is the pivot that binds the family together, their love for him could very well be the factor that rips them apart, as the various family members have begun to position themselves in anti and pro Zara camps. Though Zara’s gesture, inviting the entire family to dinner, might have have dashed Aunn’s hopes of a romantic evening, in hindsight it probably defused a potentially problematic situation. I wonder how long it’s gonna take before the battle lines are drawn.

Before I end, a huge shout out to Nasreen Qureshi – she is brilliant as daadi. Her recollection of her very rangeen jawani were too funny. Fabulously written, directed and acted, that scene was the pick of the episode for me – just too good!!

Overall this was another out of the park episode as Team AZ keeps upping the bar every week. Looking forward to another engaging installment next week!

Written by SZ~


28 replies

  1. Uff I can’t get over the daadi and Zara,s conversation about going to movie with ” DADAJI” but whose DADAJI was hilariously done …. I am in total aww of Nasreen Quraishee… Fantastic !
    I couldn’t stop laughing when Ammi suggested Zara to drive car in future as exactly the same situation happened with me , MIL always wanted me to drive when ever she visited us, initially I thought its my “driving skills “which is better then her son and she is admitting it !!! Lol later she innocently said ” gaadi Mai toh mera baita aaram kar lay , Sara din naukri par Hota hai ” and I was like ” lo kar lo baat ” ….
    This drama is full on entertainment with out getting heavy on naseehat and fassehat and yet very normal and relatable events are happening , my only objection is the flow of story , some how it’s slow and kind of repetitive in some areas , but having said that the AZ team is so brilliant that one can tolerate that . Everyone is doing a great job … Thanks a lot for AZ , one can genuinely laugh and smile later thinking about it … I still smile on the dialogue in episode 4 where Aun fell from scoter and Dadi blamed ” zaroor teray sohray nay dhai laanay bhaija hoga ” …. It’s so hilarious to me as one of our old lady relative use to ask who ever went to her house “jao baita bhaag Kay dhai lay aoo” and that bhaag Kay journey was 20 minutes walk up and down ! So yes I love this serial and everything about it :))))))


    • @Sheema: Yaar, you have to keep sharing your thoughts … so much fun! Loved reading the driving anecdote… as they say in Pakistan “yeh to lol ho gaya”!
      I agree the pace seems to have slowed down, as we’re now watching one day at a time rather than bigger chunks of time, but its been a fun ride so far — lets keep our fingers crossed for the rest of the serial!


  2. Fabulous review SZ. Thank you.
    You had me LOLing at ‘ who died & left Manzar In charge’? My sentiments exactly. I loved that Manzar & Aunn had alot scenes together in this episode. I must admit, I’m enjoying Aunn/Manzar alot more than Aunn/Zara.
    This has to be the best episode yet. I enjoyed alot of scenes today, Aunn getting ready to meet up with Jamsheed sahib & Zara fixing his hair, the car ride to hell with Aunn getting his nose almost broken again, all of Manzar & Aunn’s scenes, Aunn blurring ‘garaj & baras’ in front of dadi & Husna, (BTW, do you think they understood what he meant?) of course the pillow fight at the end.
    Waiting for next Thrusday already.


    • @Mona: Hey! Me too!!! I too love Aunn-Manzar so much more – I think they should win the Lux most charismatic pair of the year award!
      and yeah thanks for reminding me .. agree wit you and @Sheema .. the phooldar shirt scene was so funny .. all episodes so far have so many god scenes that it is hard to pick one over the other!
      Re: the garaj baras and Aunn’s family .. I guess they got the drift, kinda, given the i silence that followed ..Phupho ki tau waisy hi kaafi overactive imagination hai …methinks she must’ve gotten that and so much more! 😉


  3. I am in total love with Daadi and Ammi, I love love Nasereen Quraishee and Hina….now this is another HUTKAY role for Hina , as Mummy Daddy types role toh she has been doing for ages…love the saas bahu relationship , very very naturally done, as in my Ammi,s era this is how it use to be , not all hate hate or not all lovy dovy mummy jee types. For me them two should get the JODI award !!! Aun and Manzar,s scenes are always the highlight of each episode , Manzar is full on chichora and Aun is kaafi zanani thanks to living with all female house hold. I find it funny , strangely some of other reviews I read where people found the serial vulgar , which I find strange ….. I wouldn’t go to that extreme , it’s the jumlay bazi which can be taken wrong way depending on what sort of taste or mind you have. I am toh Bhai enjoying every bit . SZ I recommended my brother to watch this show as he is married into Punjabi family and he got CULTURAL shock when he visited hIs sasural!!!! He enjoyed the first two episodes very much , his favorite is chachaa chachi Jodi !!! Lol ……


    • @Sheema: Hina and Nasreen, the two ammi-jis here are indeed a very sweet jori, infact this is one serial where there are so many joris vying for the top spot. I like the dada-dadi jori as well, the Shehna-Manzar pair, and what about the phupho-fauji sahab pair? Lets keep a running count going and see which one emerges as the winner by the end of the serial 🙂
      Yes, I too have heard and read about people complaining about some objectionable parts, to this I can only say that these people don’t fully comprehend the meaning of the word. For me vulgar is an apt word to use for all the shamelessly OTT ostentatious shows that are being aired these days, all in the name of religion… now that is what people should be complaining about rather than uselessly nitpicking every time we see a man and woman together in a single frame …

      And lol @your brother’s story! Do any of our other readers have similar stories? Would love to hear your stories about similar cultural shocks 🙂


      • Loved your review (superb as always). and love the drama. All praise for it and nothing less ! thank you for saying that we should be concerned about this preaching of religion by so called tv hosts and actors. It is getting ridiculous day by day!


      • Don’t make me start about the BLOCK BUSTER ramzaan transmition by so called scholars ……they should be banned, Iftar and sehar time is for prayers and dua as both times are precious for the rozaydaar , to sit and reflect not to see the kind of rubbish in the name of religion, thus giving bad name to most holiest and culturally celebrated time of the year where at that time family gets together to join hand in prayer. Allah ka shukar we don’t watch those shows , and I sincerely pray to Allah in this ramzaan to save our people from the hypocrites who uses Islam and its rituals and obligatory prayers as a commodity to sell and make monitory benefits from it , shame on them .


  4. Just started following AZ and it seems like it’s gonna be another blockbuster by Haissam and faiza iftikhar. Osman Khalid and maya Ali are too good as aunn and zara and hats off to nasreen qureshi, I’m in love with daadi’s character 😀 manzar ke mashwarey are awesome and the way aunn reacts to them, HILARIOUS 😀
    Really loving the combination of humour and romance excellently written by faiza iftikhar, seriously I was sick of all the saas bahu stories! Shout out to all the actors and the director too! Brilliant work and hoping for more amazing episodes in the coming weeks 🙂
    In the end thanks for the amazing review 🙂 I hope I get time to catch up with what I have missed in the past episodes.


    • @Abeer: yay! now we get to hear from you on two threads 🙂 I’m glad you decided to follow this one as it is indeed a refreshing change from the usual rotey dhotey dramey… here’s to hoping it stays the course!
      And do come back to share your views on earlier eps also .. would love to hear some of your favorite moments 🙂


  5. Excellent review SZ – spicy like the episode 😉

    There were quite a few heartwarming moments in today’s episode. I really liked how Husna helped Zara out in the kitchen, how Daadi thinks the world of apni Zara, and how Zara asked Husna to come to dinner with them. Very well done tender moments between all the mad-cap comedy situations.
    This week I really enjoyed Zara’s father’s lines. “iss pooray shehar mein koi aur bhi yeh ghatiya shirt pehaan sakta hai?” on stating that Aunn’s phuppo is on his mind, his friend suggesting “ishq ho gaya hai” lol (that’s what I thought too btw :)) and the reason was totally opposite! LOVED IT!!!
    Everyone is so perfect in their role 🙂 Even Zara has started growing on me in with this episode as she’s shrugging off her Cinderella persona a bit.
    I am glad Hina took up this role. She’s so so perfect for it!! And I have to say Manzar at least gave SOME good advice by telling Aunn to show some love toward Bhabhi – I was shocked!! 😀 Otherwise his garaj baras and kuttey bhonkna was HILARIOUS!!!
    And oh yeah OKB is much better at comedy than romance. His “aur shirt kaunsi” was more funny than “aww worthy” 😉
    Looking forward to more!! I just wish the end of the episodes are not so abrupt!! ugh! It’s almost like someone else is editing the ending while the rest of the episode flows so well.


    • @Annie: Thanks 🙂
      Indeed, the tender moments were just as beautifully done as the more comic ones. I too enjoyed that ghatiya shirt line .. so true! But isnt it so interesting that even as Aunn complains so much about his father-in-law he still goes to visit him and wilingly spends time with him. There’s a relationship that I am really looking forward to seeing develop – Aunn needs a father in his life and the army dad too must be loving the idea of a son, one with whom he can share so much more than he can wit hhis daughter … ab yeh alag baat he ke Aunn is a thora hatke type ka beta!
      Re: endings, I agree completely.. infact wrote about it in my last review that the episodes seemed to lack properly defined freeze-points and it seemed like the narrative is arbitrarily cut wherever and whenever the editor feels that time is up….


      • I am sure Aunn is enjoying having some sort of a male figure in his life stuck between so many women and his crazy friend. Maybe major Saab will teach him a thing or two about being a man 🙂
        Yes I remember you had mentioned the abrupt endings last week. I was really hoping they would have fixed those by now.


  6. Hi SZ,

    Your review was spot on! I’ve been following your blog for a quite a while & I love it! I would love to hear you thoughts on the telefilm Behad (w/ Fawad Khan).


    • @UM: Hi! Lovely to hear from one of our silent readers. Welcome… glad you decided to jump in and join us in our discussions 🙂

      Re: Behad… lets just say ke I was not one of those who went gaga over it. Apart from having major issues with the story line and the characterizations, I felt no chemistry between the lead pair. On the production/technical front there were continuity issues galore and the sound was patchy; direction wise I was not entirely bowled over by Asim Raza. The one huge factor that kept me from walking away was Nadia Jamil – she was FAB! Im a huge NJ fan so I watched this one for her and she did not disappoint for even a second .. and yes, Nadia Afgan was the other big saving grace… baqi sab khair tha …

      What did you think?


      • I’m glad to be a part! 🙂 You have a great eye for detail!

        I actually found Behad very refreshing in terms of casting (NJ was amazing!), mood, atmosphere and the soundtrack.
        However, I definitely agree that there was a lack of character development and even character believability. Nadia Jamil’s character, Masooma readily accepts this new man in her life and does not even look back to her deceased husband. And of course, lo and behold, Fawad Khan, the saving grace of the mother and daughter pair – which was a little too cookie cutter-like for me.
        Other then that, I appreciated the foreshadowing elements – such as when Masooma mentioned her daughter had a watched a video on sexual harassment.
        Also, Poppy’s grey hair left me very confused…lol.


        • @UM: I agree with you on the pros and cons you have noted .. absolutely loved the soundtrack .. Nindya Re was a favorite of mine before this as well, but now I will always associate it with this telefilm and NJ and same goes for the Zeb and Haniya track that bookended the telefilm. .. oh and yes loved the way Feeha had styled Nj .. I wanted all her clothes LOL!
          Re: Nosheen Ali, she has grey hair in pretty much all the recent stuff I’ve seen her in be it the Baraat series, Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay or even her blink and miss appearance in ZGH, so I guess that wasn’t as much of a surprise .. now Im wishing that I had been around at the time to write it up and we could all have had a serious discussion .. but oh well!
          What are you watching these days?


          • Oh yes! How could I have forgotten to mention my huge fixation with the “Behad wardrobe”? lol.
            Well, following along with you – currently I’m watching Kadurat (only for the sake of Sanam Saeed) and Aunn Zara (such a refreshing comedy!) and I just finished up Dil-e-Muztar. I’m also watching Ullu barai farokht nahi – which I’m not too big a fan of, however, when I start something, I like to stick with it until the end.


            • @UM: Sorry missed out on your response earlier…
              I actually liked Ullu when it first began, but then I went away for a bit and lost track of the story, so somehow haven’t been able to get to it .. Would love to hear your take on the latest eps of AZ and Kadoorat …
              Oh and are you watching Dil Mohallay KI Haveli? It was highly recommended by a couple of friends and so started watching it only recently.. very different and fun .. you should give it a shot if you have the time 🙂


  7. Hey finally caught up with this one!! Loving the different story! Aunn and Zaravare fantastic…great job by Okb and Maya?
    Love all the supporting actors too! Hb is in a totally different get up, really nice to see!
    Looking forward to more…what a madcap family!


  8. ROFL Pir Manzar aap ke kiya kehne!!! oh the garajna barasna had me in hysterics!! this duo has got to be the best and yes they def desreve the lux award!! & then @Sz u say ..who died and left Manzar in charge..”,Uff I don’t think Ive laughed this much in ages! My husband is convinced i’ve lost my marbles!
    The gari sing song session simply brill!!
    The dinner… hai Bechara Aunn!!
    The Hairstyling and change shirt.. a totally awww hahaha scene..
    Woh is the pakistani horror drama (which by the way is hopelessly yuk!) , Aik nayee cinderella is the disney movie (good effort), Aunn Zara has gotta be a perfect romcom!!!
    @SZ @ sheema Must recommend it to my sis-in law.. she married into a Punjabi family,.. and what culture shock she had! from the khanas to the lingo.. she took quite a time understanding they weren’t arguing all of the time.. it was just the usual chit chat, thats how they talked lol.. (and btw bro in law who married into a pathan family… that was even more fun &
    My family from khi with their bamahawra urdu and all, me growing up in Isloo with freinds from all kinds of places… While we thought our urdu was great our cousins in Khi would laugh at us on our ”haanjis” and the punjabi twang.. and now abroad with friends from even more mixed marriages etc and my kids with the english twang.. I can totally relate to the culture shocks … …and I really enjoy when I see this mix on screen.. One of the reasons I totally loved the Kuch Piyar Ka pagalpan bhi tha and biquis Kuar! Hans hans ge pagal ho gae the! Hope we get to see more of this..


  9. I am indian…. And first time i am watchig any serial … And u know what this show is brilliant…
    Fight between aunn nd zara
    way of talking of aunn’dadi
    zara’s father
    nd aunn ur r awesome…. :)))


    • @Aditya dalania: Hey Aditya! Welcome aboard! Lovely to hear from you! Glad you’re enjoying this show… any favorite scenes? What do you think of Manzar and Aunn’s bromance? Would love to hear more from you 🙂
      Are you watching Zinsagi Gulzar Hai as well? What do you think of Zaroon and Kashaf’s fights? How do they compare with Aunn n Zara?
      Looking fwd to your response!


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