Kadoorat ~ Episode 2 Review


The previous episode had ended on a suspenseful note, and it had seemed like the narrative was beginning to take some kind of a coherent shape. Sadly though, that one well-done scene had flattered to deceive. Rather than building on the momentum generated by the cliffhanger, the story continued along in the same hiccuping manner. In terms of events it moved pretty fast, but when it came to clarifying and explaining characters’ motivations this latest installment left me as confused as I had been last week. Apart from Sanam’s entry, that too with the punch line given away in the promos, I was sorely disappointed yet again.

Beginning with Mahmud, I’m not quite sure what to make of this guy. Though he claims to have remarried for Mina, he let it slip today that he had married Atiqa for his sake. Many a times during the episode Mina seemed more of an afterthought, and that too in terms of how she was making life difficult for him, Atiqa and her kids. Sending her away to a boarding school therefore was more about Mahmud keeping his sukoon rather than out of any concern for his only daughter. The way he happily welcomes Atiqa in his office and hands over his business affairs to her says a lot about their loving relationship – this is by no means a marriage of convenience.

As for Mina, though she is presented as an OTT weirdo, who seems to derive pleasure out of torturing others around her, I have to say I empathize with her. In many ways she is right… her life did turn upside down the minute Atiqa and her children stepped in uninvited to her house. What surprises me is that apart from her dad, and the less said about him the better, there is complete lack of any other kind of family support system, a daadi, naani, an old family caretaker, to help her through this very tough period in her life. To give her credit, Atiqa is shown as well-meaning and honest in her attempts to win her over, nonetheless if seen from the child’s perspective the step-mother and siblings are her enemies, and this belief shapes her ugly attitude towards them. Atiqa does attempt to reason with Mahmud, to keep Mina home, but once the decision is made we hear no more from her. In fact we barely see any concern from her as she happily sets about creating a comfortable life for herself, both in Mahmud’s office and his house. As was apparent from Sanam’s entry, Mina never came home even during her vacations. What kind of parents let a child stay away for so long?

The boarding school where Mina is banished to, has to be one of the most ill-chosen, under-equipped places in the world to send a child as mentally disturbed as Mina. The warden and the principal are completely incompetent when it comes to dealing with an emotionally needy child like Mina. In fact I would say the boarding school environment, teachers students do much more harm to Mina’s psyche than could have happened at home. I had hoped that we would get more of an insight today as to how and why Mina turned into such a dark child after her mother’s death, but sadly got no answers. All we got was a constant reinforcement, in so many ways, of how evil Mina was. All I can say is that even as I cringed at Mina’s nasty tricks, I could not but feel for her as I watched Mahmud play happy families, with his loving wife and other two “normal” children, with nary a concern for the “problem” child he had conveniently banished from home – so much for the “loving and concerned” dad!

The episode concluded with a time leap and we saw Sanam making her much -awaited entry. The older Mina seems to be a hardened version of the younger, still somewhat contrite, child. All traces of softness are now completely erased as the story will now focus on a Mina who now has several years’ worth of pent up resentment which will manifest itself in a variety of ways. Given the predictability of what will happen, I will probably watch this one for Sanam Saeed and see how she and the director Aabis Raza add interest to what is now a very black character.

Written by SZ~

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  1. Aray yaar Abhi toh dhaika bhi nahi and your review is making me cringe !
    I work with people with mental illness , 99.9% of them had battered or disturbed childhood , no matter what you do ,the pain and agony a child goes through in his / her early years can never go away , most of us move on in life but some holds on to it. I have all my sympathy for Mina( yeah yeah because of Sanam too ..lol ) as what her dad did to her was no less then an emotional abuse which is as bad as any other form .
    I will watch it later to see ” phataa poster nikla hero ” entry of Sanam !! I just love her to bits :)))))


    • @Sheema: Love the ” phataa poster nikla hero ”analogy lol! too good and so true!
      I absolutely agree with you .. my sympathies too are all with Mina. The dad is the culprit here, but I have a strong feeling that we will only be shown Mina as the “bad girl” … I hope I am wrong and the writer has an ace or two up her sleeve, but after having seen these two episodes I somehow doubt that …
      Will wait to hear more from you after you’ve watched the ep 🙂


  2. I agree! Meena is an OTT wierdo, but she is like that because she is suffering from the trauma of her mom’s death. Children like that need love and nurturing, but what her father thought was best for her was just to put her in some random boarding school? He could have atleast a tried a little harder to make her better, maybe get her to go to some child therapist? because she clearly needs some therapy and love, but instead he put her in a boarding school all alone. I have nothing against her step mother, but did she even try to get close to her all these years that she was in boarding school? Maybe she could have gone to visit her regularly, and tried to comfort her and get close to her. She is a child, her shell would have cracked eventually, but the step mother didn’t do anything to get close to her. So all in all, I don’t feel bad for her children at this point either! They didn’t have to live in isolation that meena had to live in. And, I absolutely loved sanam saeed’s entry, even that little prank. I kind of feel weird saying I liked it, considering it was not a very nice thing to do, but taking in account all the bitterness harbored in her, I kind of empathize with her.
    P.s. I think that friend of hers is only with her to get benefits out of her, meena thinks she is a real friend but she is not. So, there is pretty much no one who understands her and unconditionally loves her at the same time. Now, that’s just sad!


    • Even I enjoyed the prank and why was everyone so shocked !!! It was a prank …they are all very uptight and scared looking , I guess Mina would have it easy to make them more scared …. Loving the wickedness …..lol ..


    • @Shai: Hey! Welcome – lovely to hear from you .. indeed you’ve penned down exactly how I felt about Mina’s family .. surely she wasnt born evil, but her family is very complicit in the way she turns out. Indeed, like you and @Sheema, I thought the prank was just that – a prank, infact Alina/Momal’s reaction was a tad bit OTT… khair lets see how and where this goes from hereon .. I hope we’ll continue hearing from you as we continue with Kadoorat!


  3. ” Kaisee lagi meri entry ” was more towards us fans !!! Ha ha ha ….well entry say pehlay exit ho Gaya :(. …..not very impressed with the flow of the story, direction and story telling seems knitted very loosely , some artificial looking ,feeling less scenes between wife and husband , kids were better …. And what a Daddy …..I fully agree with your analysis SZ, he is more concerned about his SUKOON with his new PERFECT and normal family then looking after his own daughter, he claimed that he still remembers his wife then how can he abondon her daughter like this ??? Hostel an hua Guntanamo Bay ho Gaya for the child 😦
    But it’s okey , I don’t care about the story anymore as promos gives out everything , I am going to enjoy Sanam,s wicked acting !!! She is revolutionary when it comes to bring icy expressions , you can feel the chill ……
    No matter what people would say but Mina is made into a devil by her own father and step family didn’t help either by playing victim all the time. It’s a fictional story , so I would try to enjoy it as it is , not going to try to find reality or sense…


    • @Sheema: your comments are always so much fun to read.. loved the Guantanamo bay bit – how apt!
      I agree with you in that the story, if it doesnt improve radically, will have to be thrown out the window as we watch this one mindlessly. Coming as it does from Hum/MD I had high expectations, but given their recent crop of dramas I have had to rethink this assumption.. sigh! Really disappointing!


  4. Excellent review! Again. Daddy dearest is definitely one of the most selfish dads on television. He doesn’t care about his daughter at all. It’s like Mina is the step daughter who is disturbing his family life and so he had to send her away. He sounded so cold when he said, ‘mai samhjoon ga meri beti pehle rukhsat hogai’. What kind of a father says that?!!! The missing pieces of the puzzle annoyed me a lot this week, I’d like to know exactly why Mina was shunned away, why she never visited home during vacations and all that. And I can’t help but resent Atiqa and her children along with Mina, because no matter how good they are and all, they did take everything away from Mina, she lived a life in isolation while they carved a perfect life of their own. Atiqa and her kids got what they needed from this marriage, and Mehmud did as well, Mina was the only one who suffered. But then again, if her own father isn’t concerned, why should they try hard? Sanam was awesome, even her innocent prank gave me the chills. 😀


    • yesh who says that about their kid child! “mai samjhoonga rukhsat ho gai” FAIL!!

      it was not so much atiqa’s fault, as it was the father’s but after she left they lived a pretty comfortable. I mean she took over his entire business for crying out loud and he is so lame, acting like its his first marriage and he’s in the honeymoon phase “haan jo marzi karo, jo marzi karo”

      I am actually looking forward to Mina taking revenge!! They all deserve it!


    • @Farwa: Seriously!! I’m so with you and @Ash, which father says such a stupid dialog.. I have no clue what the writer was thinking when writing such a line, and even of she did write it, I wish somebody on the sets had had the wherewithal to change it .. that line pretty much underscored all that is wrong here ….
      And yes as for the rest of your comment, absolutely agree with you!


  5. Everyone was so excited about kadoorat but for me it’s not upto my expectations! The story seems really good but the way the drama is going kuch samajh hi nahin aa raha 😛 I really liked sanam saeed’s entry and I’m gonna watch kadoorat only because of her acting and I hope the upcoming episodes are up to our expectations 🙂
    P.s. great review as always 😀


    • @Abeer: Hey! Lovely to hear from you on this thread as well – thanks for your comment 🙂 Indeed, most definitely not up to expectations 😦 And I think you’re not alone in wanting to watch only for Sanam, I think many will following this one only for her .. lets hope the story improves!
      I hope you will continue sharing your views as we continue with this one!


  6. yep! its all the selfish fathers fault! he has some nerve calling the step kids his own and getting rid of his blood child!
    is a hostel in pakistan just for kids with “special” needs. I dk but it seemed all weird, as if everyone whose kids have issues, they drop them off to a hostel.
    why the heck did she never come home in all those years???

    I think i will keep watching to see how SS’s character pans out but the beginning has been pretty bad so far, and the rest of the actors should really give acting a break. Oh also looking forward to seeing Junaid Khan as well.

    Thanks for the review! Hit the nail on the head with this ep! 🙂


    • @Ash: LOL! It seems like we have a hate daddy fest going on here…. will be very hard to overturn all the damage he’s already done, but lets see how and if Mahmud sahab can redeem himself here .. fingers crossed ke kuch to bun jaye is hopeless character ka!


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