Kurkure Kook Off 2 ~ Episodes 1- 4 Review


As a rule I’m not one for cooking shows – food is not my thing. I do not live to eat nor is spending time in the kitchen my idea of fun. Moreover, to be very honest the few times I’ve watched random cooking shows I’ve been quite put off by the inane chatter of the chef/host, and the extravagant dishes, with their 1001 ingredients are a huge turn off. To make a long story short, I’m not a fan of these types of shows, which is why I was quite surprised when I got so into this one that I watched the all the four Kook Off episodes back to back.

To begin with this one is not a typical cooking show. Yes, there are contestants, who whip up a variety of dishes in order to prove themselves worthy of the grand prize, and the show also boasts of two celebrity judges, Chef Shai and Chef Saadat, who evaluate the merits of each dish based on appearance and taste (although oddly enough there are never any closeups of the final products). While all this is well and good, what makes this so fun is to see some of our popular TV actors turn into bumbling sous-chefs, trying their best to help their partners win. It is this twist that makes it very entertaining for viewers like me who have no real interest in the dishes being prepared.

Having watched Nauman Ijaz play one feudal lord/baddie after other, and seeing Mehreen Raheal play the pouty ex-girlfriend to death,  it is so much fun to watch them in their “real” people avatar. Mikaal Zulfiqar is another one who really cracks me up with his inane sense of humor. Azfar Rehman, now that he has a free pass to go meddle in others’ business, is hilarious, and Sanam Jung and Juggan Kazim are relatively subdued but equally entertaining. Ahmed Ali Butt is the perfect host for such a madcap show. He is thoroughly entertaining as he eggs this one, puts that one down, and gently pokes fun at the third one – no one is spared his humorous wrath.

Bored by the so called issue-based serials and put off by the loud slapstick that is presented as comedy these days, I find Kurkure Kook Off 2 to be a good weekend watch.  The videos for these shows can be found on YouTube and on the Kurkure Pakistan FB page. Have any of you guys checked this one out?

Written by SZ~


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  1. Had full intention of checking this out but Ramzan has been busier than any other month 🙂 But will do so eventually! And Ramo’s even more interested in seeing this – was trying to find out the times etc…


  2. checked it out and not too shabby 🙂 It’s good to see Noman Ijaz not playing Saaein. He actually has a good sense of humor and needs to do a comedy ASAP! It’s nice to see these guys in their actual avatars. Mikaael is fun to watch.
    And I thought Mehreen Raheel loves to cook – wonder why she’s not using those skills on the show.


    • @Annie: Hey! how’ve you been? Busy with rozas n all?
      Shukar hai ke Im not the only wacko who enjoyed it 😉 Indeed, very refreshing to see these guys in their normal everyday personas .. now would it be so hard if producers/directors cast these guys in different kinds of roles rather than pigeon-holing them as the stereotypical baddies or the crazy girlfriend etc. Re: Meekal, I have to say he and Azfar are two of my faves .. both so crazy mad!


      • And it just hit me that they are trying to keep Norman Ijaz in the show as long as possible – daal Chawal as a fusion recipe?? Say what!
        Sanam’s new title as zehreeli nagin was hilarious!
        Mikaael is so good with comedy we saw it in the telefilm too. Hope he pairs up with Vasay soon lol


  3. Just caught up with this show and i love it. My biggest problem with pakistani celebrities is that when you watch their interviews, you don’t get to see their personality. On this show we get to see the fun side of these celebrities. Mikaal and Nouman Ejaz are the show’s life…….. They really have a great sense of humour. Sanam, Mehreen and Azfar also give some memorable lines from time to time………suprisingly Juggan seems a little to serious……. Lovely show. I had a smile throughout……


    • @Ume azhaan: hey! how’ve you been – long time 🙂
      So glad to hear that you also enjoyed the show.. absolutely, I think the stars’ being themselves is one of the reasons this show is so much fun to watch… Did you catch the latest episode? Meekal’s impromptu thumkas were so much fun and Nauman was equally hilarious. Even Juggan seemed to have loosened up now that the pressure to win has eased off.
      @Annie is so right… Meekal should do more comedies… dont you ladies think a drama about four bachelors living together and all their mad-ventures, with Nauman, Ahmed Butt, Meekal and Vasay Ch thrown in for good measure, would be so much fun to watch and such a refreshing change from the same old same old being rehashed on our screens these days….


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