Silvatein ~ Episode 24 ~ Finale Review


Silvatein, a Six Sigma serial that began on a very high note but then got derailed somewhere along the way, ended on a very sappy and completely unrealistic note today. The final shot, the two lovey dovey couples chilling out at the beach, the multitude of silvatein in their highly complicated relationships all happily straightened out, hardly did any justice to all that had gone on in the past 23 weeks. For me, this sweet little scene was case of of too little too late and failed to leave any kind of an impact. 


After going around in circles for the last month or so with the peerni and taveez track, Natasha finally got her comeuppance. I was quite happy to see her realize that the hole she had been trying to dig for her sister had almost turned into a grave for her young, innocent daughter, but then the way in which the entire family forgave her was something very hard to digest. Clearly Zaib and Rayaan are bigger and better people than I could ever aspire to be. Hamare Chotu sahab was rightly upset, but I couldn’t believe it when he happily blamed Natasha for making a fool out of him and his feelings for her! Yes, Natasha was an idiot, but Chotu had been an idiot right alongside her, allowing his brain go on a never-ending vacation as he happily put up with Natasha’s idiocies, one after the other. Sorry Chotu and Natasha, contrary to all the rona dhona you guys indulged in today, I think both of you still have a lot of growing up to do. 

As for Zaib and Rayaan, even though they made up and mouthed the requisite I-love-yous, the very valid concerns that Rayaan had raised in the last episode were never adequately addressed. For Zaib it was still about Natasha – the only person in the whole world she cared about, Rayaan seemed to figure nowhere in her main aur meri behen saga. I’m happy for Zaib’s sake that Rayaan accepted the lame explanations she offered, because none of it made any sense to me. For being such a mature couple, the way they handled their relationship in the past few episodes was very immature to say the least.

The complicated relationship between the two sisters was also neatly resolved in this finale. Natasha finally got the message that Zaib was not as bad as she had believed her to be for all these years, and by the end was best buddies with her sister. What surprised me was that even after indulging in so many shady acts Natasha just expected to be forgiven after her apology. How? Why? No! But again, as I said before, these people are all excellent candidates for sainthood, because a mere mortal would be hard pressed to forgive and forget instantaneously as Zaib did. 

Even as I am annoyed with the ending, I guess this was the only way to tie up a needlessly dragged story. What could have been a beautiful 15-18 episode serial was stretched to such an extent that to bring it to any kind of satisfying conclusion would have required another few weeks. Nonetheless, the big takeaway here for me at least was the very important role parents play in shaping their children’ lives. Bad and over indulgent parenting, playing favorites among their children, led to Zaib turning into a bully, which in turn led to Natasha hating her to the extent that she was willing to play with Zaib’s life. In sharp contrast to the girls’ parents we had Rayaan, Muneeze and Bilal’s mother, who brought up three children, all of who grew up to be well-adjusted adults. This message, along with other worthy insights into human behavior and our relationships all got sidetracked as the cliched two-sister formula took over the subtle nuances and all we were left with a constant refrain of ghar, jaidad and juice pi lain.   

Despite all its shortcomings what kept me hooked was the fabulous acting by the cast. Shamim Hilali was magnificent, her performance as the dying mother was something I still remember. I missed Vasay Chaudhry in the finale, but hope we will continue seeing more of him onscreen. Maheen Rizvi was effective as Muneeze, I wish though that her character had been more clearly defined. Rabia Noreen was apt as the senseless mom to her equally silly daughters. Mohamed Ahmed is a very good actor who was completely wasted here. We never really got any sense of who this man was and what he really thought of the going-ons in his daughters’ lives. Parveen Akbar was a delight as the meddling phupho. I wish we had seen more of her towards the end and seen her reaction to this whole peerni mess that she was indirectly responsible for introducing.

Among the actors we did see today, Aamina Sheikh was excellent as Zaib. I disagreed with much of what Zaib said and did, but Aamina made it difficult to ignore her character. Adeel Husain’s quietly controlled Rayaan was the other major reason why Silvatein became a must watch for me. Daniyal Raheal was a pleasant surprise as Chotu – he totally owned his character. As for Chotu’s partner, as we watched Natasha evolve, from a silly twit flirting with the neighborhood Romeo to this malevolent woman, it was hard to believe that this Mira Sethi’s first performance. There were many places where she did falter, but all in all it was a great debut.

Another debutante, Shehrazade Sheikh, the director, gave a good account of herself. Though she seemed to have lost her grip on the narrative in the latter part as the pace became very lethargic, and there were many places where scenes could have been shot done more creatively, overall it was a good first effort and I look forward to more of her work down the road. Samira Fazal remains a perennial favorite, and even though I’m frustrated with the way Silvatein turned out, I look forward to her next project. In the final analysis Silvatein was a mixed bag. There were many a times when I thought it was best serial on air, and then there were weeks upon weeks where I would just wonder ke yeh kahani kahan ja rahi hai aur kyon jaa rahi hai…. 

As I sign off, a thank you to all the readers of this thread – your comments and our discussions that ensued added so much more to the Silvatein experience. So, lets hear it from you all, whats the final word on Silvatein?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Did I enjoy SIlvatein? Well I enjoyed about half of it and the rest of the half I wondered whether I’d missed something coz I couldn’t make head or tail of it.
    Waise I don’t think Zaib got into the marriage just for her sis. She was intrigued by Rayan initially in the US and later they did have some good times together. But somehow Rayan forgets all those good times and suddenly from caring hubby turns into nasty guy throwing wife out of the house. Kaise?
    The last scene was v disappointing. Chotu and wife’s conversation was the pits- from “I am leaving you” to “hehehehe” in 2 mins? Kaise?
    Totally bummed :/


    • LOL so true about Chotu and Natasha’s convo at the end! I couldn’t even tell if he was serious or just playing at being angry.

      Agree with you about Zaib and Rayaan – why was it all about Natasha? I really wish Zaib and Rayaan’s relationship was explored properly without the Natasha angle. They had so many issues they could have worked on – Mahajabeen, Rayaan’s kid who never ever made an appearance after they got married (actually forgotten his name).. was hoping we’d see Zaib as a stepmom to that kid but it was all The Natasha Show from thereon.


  2. First of all I am sooo happy to see your review! 😀 *virtual hugs*

    Moving on to Silvatein, couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said. To be honest, I’ve felt hugely let down by the track from after when Zaib got married.. everything was just a mess. Zaib and Natasha’s relationship just dragged.. we had Natasha go from hard-done-by-sister to seriously-evil-and-just-hateful to once again, the poor-victim-let’s-all-feel-sorry-for-her. I just feel the character development was really lacking something, though the actress did a great job because I hated her guts the whole time lol..

    Same with Zaib’s character really – she started off being so real, and then she turned into a complete saint. I couldn’t digest it I guess. But I do love Aamina Sheikh’s acting and therefore enjoyed watching some of her scenes.

    I dunno.. I loved these characters at the start of the serial, but I just feel like instead of growing and developing, they just went on a downward spiral of unrealistic nonsense. Maybe it was because the serial D-R-A-G-G-E-D.. I definitely for one got sick of seeing Zaib go to that place where the little thug kid lived (I forgot its name) and then the same dragging of Natasha going to the Pir’s place. Oh and while I’m at it, why did Mikaal come back? As much as I liked him in the start, him getting all chummy with Zaib again whilst Rayaan was there was just unnecessary. =/

    And then as you said I found it extremely hard to relate to how saintly the characters were… how quickly everyone forgave Natasha, especially when she caused her mother in law’s heart attack and then with the taveez stuff/Shanzeh. How can they forgive her so easily?

    A couple of things I liked though:
    – Zaib and Rayaan’s jodi, they look well good together lol and I did like the proposal and the simple shaadi etc.
    – MUNEEZEH! Why on earth was she not in the final episode? I thought she was one of the most real characters in the drama, said it how it is and genuinely made an effort with Zaib.. also put Natasha in her place which I really loved her for. Wish her husband and kids made an appearance.. would have been more interesting than what we did have dragging on.
    – The message regarding the taveez/pir business and wanting to destroy someone though taveez — very necessary in this day and age.. I have heard way too many stories regarding how common this has become, somebody needs to send home the message that it should stop.
    – Phupo — she was well funny lol

    Okay I will stop there because this post is almost as long as your review *blushes*.. But one thing I will say is I enjoyed all of your reviews and loved reading them, at a lot of times even moreso than the actual drama itself LOL.

    Now to find something else to watch.. any recommendations? 😉 xx


    • agreed!! Where was Muneeze and Mikaal!

      And yes Phupho was hilarious! Wish she stuck around for a little longer.

      you should def check out Aunn Zara. Its one of the better ones of the lot.


    • @Shopaholic: *Hugs back* Hey! How’ve you been? Its fabulous to hear from you – indeed its been too long! Loved reading your detailed comment – all so so true! Indeed the pirni/taveez message was such an important one, but sadly the way it was dragged out meant that by the end of it all we were all so fed up ke ahan ka message kidhar ka message .. we all just wanted the misery to end. I’m actually still bewildered a to how and where it all went wrong 😦

      And now that Silv has ended, plz dont be a stranger .. would love to hear more from you… sadly not much one can recommend from whats on air these days, but yeah you should definitely check out Aunn Zara, a hilarious comedy .. I have the YT links up for the eps under each review …Do give the first ep a shot… Will wait to hear what you think 🙂


      • I’ve been great, how about you? I really missed you. Maybe that’s why I stopped enjoying the drama, as I had no reviews to agree with at the end lol

        Definitely dragged on far too long.. I was almost glad it was the last episode because I thought the madness of Natasha will finally end! Can’t take anything away from the actors though, they definitely did a good job with what they were given!

        Awww will do! Shall check it out for sure, thanks for the recommendation ladies 🙂 xx


        • @Shopaholic: Aww – sorry! I was away on vacation and then took a while to settle back into a regular routine .. but I’m here now and would love to hear from you on other threads 🙂


  3. okay i dk what i missed but when the heck did Zaib get pregnant?

    Natasha an evil vamp, and overnight decides to become the nice guy? Well of course because they had to wind up.
    Finally Bilal grows a pair and stands up to his idiotic wife but some parts of his anger were just not convincing enough. Oh well just glad the mess is finally over.

    Why drag a drama so much and then rush the last episode without explaining so many things.
    After all that had happened and half the episode spent in the hospital, Rayaan still wondering if his wife is leaving or not.? .
    Has Natasha ever cried this much in her life! For the love of God, control your tears. On the other hand, Rayaan looked so cute when he shed a tear! :’) .

    Like you’ve said in your review if the drama was condensed into 16-18 episodes this would have been a really good show, don’t understand why they had to stretch the crap out of it.

    oh well, the last scene was cute! 🙂


  4. i enjoyed the part bilal tells natasha to SHUT UP,!!,he should have done that ages ago!!
    both sisters were as stupid as their mother!


    • @Afia, Ash and Deeba: LOL! Ladies seems like we’re all similarly annoyed wit hhow we were let down wit this drama – but have to say, jaia bhi tha, jo bhi problems the, we all did manage to stck it out to the bitter end, Whether we loved them or hated them, the crazy gang of Rayaan, Zaib, Natasha,Bilal, and Mikaal did manage to keep us entertained … so lets give it up for the actors, the director/writer duo and the rest of the crew who made Silv a must watch on Thursdays!


  5. Though i havent watched last two episodes but still want to share my bit of experience of 22 weeks journey 🙂

    Started on brilliant note, by the mid it went extra amazing and at the end it just missed the route but never the less, it was one totally hooked drama.. i agree with you SZ that if they kept it till 15 or so episodes, it could have rocked.

    What i liked: chemistry between all four leads, their acting, the realism in first half, natasha’s crush ki acting 😛 , friendship between zaib and meekal, natasha aur zaib ki bongyaan in start, phopi ka meekal ki investigation karna and to ask him to bring proposal :D, chotuu ki cuteness, his way of saying janoo/madam LOL, romantic sparks of our elder couple, rayyan ki sayaani baatien, behnoo ke kapre 😛 , zaib’s practicality, her way of saying ‘mujhe sharmana nahin aata’, natasha ka kisi zamane me hamdard dil, cool mother of rayaan/muneeze/chotuu ( i just loved her the most), muneezae ki khari khari sunana to natasha, muneezae’s comfort with zaib and the song.. 🙂

    What i disliked: dilawer ko extra coverage dena as in it could have been shortened, carelessness of amaa/abaa regar ding their daughters, the dragged track of taviz, natasha being so selfish, zaib becoming extra goody two shoes,

    Clearly liked things are more so obviously it has to be good one, my like list also includes direction and writing fact 🙂 i was actually waiting for zaib to get natasha back or teach her a lesson but chalo jaisa tha, acha hua khatam hua 🙂

    SZ, excellent finale review (Y)


    • @Rehmat: Loved the way you listed all the pros and cons …. so clear to see why we fell in love with it in the first place – it had so much going for it! Khair chalo, at least we got a few good laughs out of it and learnt a valuable lesson or two along the way.. so I guess cant be all that bad 🙂


      • Indeed… It did gave us some laughs, much needed lessons and few tears specially when zaib went to washroom for crying :)…. So yea silvatein will be memorable…
        And awwww thanks alot… U liking comment. Means alot!


  6. Nonetheless, the big takeaway here for me at least was the very important role parents play in shaping their children’ lives. Bad and over indulgent parenting, playing favorites among their children, led to Zaib turning into a bully, which in turn led to Natasha hating her to the extent that she was willing to play with Zaib’s life THATS THE POINT —- My two thumbs up for you —


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