Kadoorat ~ Episode 1 Review


The first episode of Kadurat/Kadoorat, the latest offering from MD’s Productions went on air today. I had been looking forward to this one for almost a year, since the first set of “behind the scenes” pics first started floating around on various media related FB pages. That Kadoorat had intriguing promos (great job by the editor) and featured Sanam Saeed in the lead role ensured that I, along with many others I’m sure, made it a point to watch this opening chapter. 

The first installment set up the basic premise, wherein we were introduced to Mahmud, a recent widower, his wife Zainab had passed away in a car crash, and his preteen daughter Mina. Concerned about his daughter’s well-being, Mahmud enters into a zarooriyat ki khatir marriage of convenience with Atiqa, divorcée with two children, Asad and Alina.  Kadoorat opens with Mahmud introducing Mina to Atiqa, Alina and Asad. This episode cataloged Mina’s increasingly rude/angry/violent responses to her new siblings and step-mom.

While this bare bones outline might sound like this was an interesting opener, I was left unimpressed. Even if I overlook the fact that it bore a striking resemblance to Zard Mausam, another Aabis Raza/MD Productions project with the same child star in a somewhat similar character, the fact that the online synopsis left nothing to the viewers’ imagination rendered this first episode pointless. As for the story itself, to begin with, I have yet to come across such an awkward and insensitive way of introducing a grieving preteen to a new set of step-family members. Given that we are provided no sense of how much time had lapsed between Zainab’s death and Mahmud’s re-marriage, it was difficult not to empathize with Mina’s immediate response. Why the rush? Why the insistence on having Mina accept her zabardasti ki family? Forget about Mina, even I would have rebelled! Later, when her childish belligerence takes on a sinister, almost psychotic turn, Mina’s transformation, from a sweet, loving child to this very disturbed girl with a dark personality, is extremely abrupt and left unexplained. I wish we had seen some more of Mahmud and his daughter’s life together, before this abrupt entry of a new ready-made family.

Mahmud’s new wife Atiqa is depicted as an educated, working woman. Her ex-husband was an aggressive, insecure man who divorced her on the flimsiest of excuses. Beyond this basic fact, we know nothing of Atiqa’s background or why and how she met Mahmud. The fact that she didn’t even know how Zainab had died till much later was perhaps indicative of how rushed this arrangement had been, and if this was indeed the case, then we should have been provided a reason for this rushed marriage. Even after the marriage, we are given no sense of passage of time even in this episode. From Atiqa and Mahmud’s conversation it seemed that they had been married for a while, a few months at least, since Mahmud expresses his frustration at his daughter ongoing behavioral issues. In this scenario, where Mahmud and Atiqa are shown as very mature, sensible adults, both genuinely concerned with the welfare of all three children, why doesn’t either one think of a child psychologist for Mina? What we get instead is that the same father who was initially concerned enough to remarry for his daughter’s sake is now seriously contemplating sending Mina away to boarding school.  Arrey bhai sahab, agar yehi karna that tau shaadi karne ki kiya zaroorat thi .. pehle hi bhej dete! 

Apart from the glaring loopholes in the story, and the loud background music, what I did enjoy was the interaction between the three children; director Aabis Raza does a commendable with the kids’ performances. I also liked the way the flashbacks were shown in a sepia tone, making them stand apart from the narrative in the present. Angeline Malik looked and acted the part of a concerned mother, whereas her partner, Deepak Perwani, did not.

So yes, I was disappointed with the first episode, but will hang in there for at least a couple more weeks to see if the story perks up a bit, particularly after Sanam’s entry. Did any of you watch this one? Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Written by SZ~

Kadoorat ~ OST

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  1. I haven’t seen the episode yet . I agree with your comparison with Zard mausam as I did feel its the same kind of base plot but ZM was of middle/lower middle class family and this looks like the upper !
    My interest lies in Sanam , what is she going to do in this one , although I must admit seeing the promo I could say she is not doing anything different or something which she hasn’t done before , but even then it’s a treat to watch her playing her character with conviction . I personally don’t enjoy seeing her as vamp or psycho but she is the best when it comes to playing negative or dark characters.
    I love DP’s clothes and outfits but my opinion about his acting abilities is not favourable ! Same goes with Angelina , the rest of the cast have failed to impress me in the promos.
    Thanks for the review as I won’t rush into breaking my Ramadhan routine of avoiding serials !!


    • @Sheema: Indeed there are a multitude of differences b/w the two serials, but for a few minutes one did get a dejavu kind of a feel. Yes, I think most will continue following this b/c of Sanam. Lets hope it gets better in the coming eps. And LOL! yeah this one is not worth breaking your Ramadan routine for! YT it later, I have a feeling this is the kind of serial that is best watched later, b/c then you can ffwd a lot of the annoying parts 😉
      So are you still in PK or back? Hope the trip is/was enjoyable!


      • I did catch it ! So annoyingly done .. I know they tried to just quickly give us the back ground but please not in Maggie noodle style ! I would personally blame the father character , the poor girl not only lost a mother but a father too , she would become psychic … Not everyone can accept what ever comes in there way , some takes time and a lot of ground making before going through the final decision , the Dady dear didn’t even bother to tell the girl before hand .
        No I am back from Karachi and you wouldn’t believe I asked like a tharki fan to all my neices and nephews who know ins and out of Karachi burger side ( ha ha ha ) ” Sanan Saeed say mulaqaat ka scene ho sakta hai ” don’t even ask Kay mera kiya record lagaya hai nawjawan nasal nay .. Hai hai BISTEE ho Gaye !!


        • @Sheema: ROFL @ your “bistee” having just returned from there I totally get what must have happened! On a serious note though, isnt it so sad that the same naujawan nasal that knows all the latest Indian filmi songs, can give you an up to date listing of all the top US TV shows or know all the going-ons in Hollywood is so oblivious to whats happening in our own entertainment industry.:(

          And yes, totally wit hyou on the Maggie noodle style of introducing characters … so aptly put!


          • I know what you mean ! I had to scream Kay bus Karo yaar I am your Khala/Maami/ baaji … So true about the kind of programmes and books bacha party reads over there , I saw my nephew aged 13 reading Khalid Hussains new book and he proudly told me he read all the others too !!! But still I love my new nasal Karachites .. They are so full of it .. Ha ha ha .. You can’t win against them .. But tell you I felt like selling paksitani drama as if they were foreigners ! Ha ha ha


            • Indeed Karachi Karachi hai! 🙂
              As for selling Pakstani dramas to Pakistanis – absolutely! you’ve gotten the crux of the problem here … in this mad race for TRPs even as production houses are racing to out do each other in churning out one preachy serial after another, they are losing a huge chunk of the audience who want to have nothing to do with these shaadi related gharelu masley waaley serials. Surely, these big name production houses can afford to take a risk or two and give is at least one serial a week that is somewhat experimental and aimed at the a different kind of audience…


  2. Just watched the first episode.

    Very weird indeed. The father (Mehmud) should have talked to his daughter (Mina) and made her understand and come to terms, before going ahead and remarrying another woman with 2 kids.
    You can’t just surprise a grown child with 3 new family members right after their mom died. There is no way they will every accept them, except okay Mina is kinda psychotic with the whole knife, and locking that girl in the room thing she pulled. She’s the one who needs to be locked up till she grows up.
    But i feel like he should have talked to her , and made sure she was okay with it. Then he has the audacity to tell her, he married for her sake, when he clearly remarried for himself only! 😉

    Atiqa’s husband, another psycho path!! He freaking divorced the woman for no bloody reason!! It’s like he was looking for a reason, couldn’t find one so just said okay enough of this madness ” talaak talaak talaak” I think he was jealous bc she is more educated then he clearly is! But seriously what a nutcase! Methinks he is Mina’s real dad, dono psychopaths.

    Too many loopholes in this first episode that i hope they intend on clearing later on. Atiqa married a stranger it seems, since she didn’t even know how the first wife passed away?!. I wonder what they talked about in their first meet.

    Thanks for the review. I decided to watch the episode after reading your review and you were right about it all!
    Deepak Perwani’s facial expressions do not go w his dialogue deliver and Angeline Malik is trying way too hard to be the saint. Give it up and live your life woman, try not to get stabbed again!

    Looking forward to Sanam Saeed’s entry although i am not liking her character very much.. =\


  3. Hey great review!! Even I wondered why Mina wasn’t taken to a psychologist, given her behaviour and the seemingly open minded family she belongs to. Surprisingly, Atiqa’s children seem quite well-acquainted with the situation. So there’s a lot of confusion about the relationship between Mehmood and Atiqa. There is so much contrast between the two that it just leaves you wondering how they would’ve fallen for each other. It didn’t seem like Aabis Raza’s work at all; all his serials move at a slow pace. Maybe they wanted to introduce Mina ASAP. That being said, I can’t wait for Sanam’s ‘entry’ next week 😀


  4. iT WAZ AWSOME .i HAV SEEN THIS.Ilove this 1 episode specilly when mina said to alina that i will give u my precious doll if u will catch me n then ran into a store room when alina caught mina,mina throwed her doll in the store room n lock alina.


  5. Hi SZ, I caught this on TV by chance and thought of you so had to watch it 🙂
    Yes, all the ques you raise (or some atleast) came to mind. Then I thought may be they are trying to build some suspense here and don’t want to divulge all just yet. Who knows? I hope the loopholes are taken care of soon.
    The kids were good.


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